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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 15, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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word for it. he same type, to just see a little bit of hope, i think we all felt privileged to witness that. >> you and your team have been doing an amazing job for all of us, our viewers in the united states around the world. thanks very much for doing this great, great reporting. that's it for me. the news continues right now on cnn. here we go, happy friday, thank you so much for being with me. of course you are watching cnn. the alliterations abound to explain how combative cnn's presidential debate got. examples, brooklyn brawlers, democrats duel, hometown hostility. all to decide how bernie sanders is in it to win the presidency. despite his delegate deficit in polls like this latest one showing hillary clinton's dominance in new york. look at that, double digit lead she has. it's pivotal delegate rich primary, just four days away. remember those friendly debate
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days when senator sanders decried questions on secretary clinton's quote/unquote damn e-mails? that's a thing of the past. the fingers are pointed. the eyebrows are raised. ladies and gentlemen, the gloves are off. >> does secretary clinton have the experience and the intelligence to be a president? of course she does. but i do question -- [ cheers and applause ] but i do question her judgment. i kwer a judgment which voted for the war in iraq. the worst foreign prol policy blunder in the history of this country. >> senator sanders long interview with the "new york daily news" talk about judgment and the kinds of problems he had answering questions about even his core issue. when asked, he could not explain how that would be done.
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>> do we really feel confident about a candidate saying that she's going to bring change in america when she is so dependent by big money interests? i don't think so. >> this is a serious difference between us. what i want to start by saying -- it's not a laughing matter. 90 people on average a day are killed or commit suicide or die in accidents from guns. 33,000 people a year. i take it really seriously. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> you know, wait a minute, wait a minute. i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight prior times -- >> excuse me -- >> secretary, senator, please -- >> wow. what a debate. i couldn't turn away. i couldn't turn away, wolf blitzer. you were in the middle of it. you did a phenomenal job as the
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moderator. congratulations to you, my friend. i also tip my hat of course to dana and errol. i think at one point you said, you know, if you keep screaming or yelling on top of one another, the audience won't hear you. what was it like up there? >> well, the audience in brooklyn at that auditorium there, they were having trouble once they started going back and forth speaking at the same time, certainly the viewers at home. so i just wanted to remind them, unless they have the patience, let the individual speak, one at a time. the audience at home is not going to hear them. they're going to just be frustrated and angry at both of them. fortunately, after i admonished them at that point, for the rest of the debate, they were pretty good. they went at it. this was a debate. they have different points view. a lot of undecided voters out there. it's important they know precisely where they stand on some of the important security issues out there. i think it was pretty good after that. at one point, they really got into it and i just wanted to
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warn them, you know, be polite to the viewers. respect the viewers who can't understand what they're saying if they both scream at the same time. >> was there any moment that surprised you the most or sort of made you, you know, really turn your head and look up? you've done this a few times. what really stood out for you last night? >> i was -- i guess i was -- on some of the most important issues, they were very, very forceful. i think what surprised me the most is when i asked that first question to senator sanders about hillary clinton's judgment, is it the right judgment to be president of the united states, i was surprised how hard he came out of that. and he said yes, she's qualified, yes, she's got experience, but look at her judgment, look at her judgment on that, that vote to go to war in favor of the iraq war. look at her judgment in supporting free trade agreements that have hurt american workers. look at the judgment in her support for wall street. all of that.
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i knew he was going to be tough but i was surprised at how tough he was out of the gate and then how tough she was coming right back at him. talking about his judgment. and that sort of set the scene for those two hours. >> final question, just quickly because it felt like really the audience played a role in the debate last night. you would hear them, you know, jumping in. can you just explain to the people at home who's seated at those debates. >> there were about 1,000 people in that building. and you tried to distribute the tickets evenly between the democratic national committee gets some tickets. but between the two campaigns, they get an equal amount of seats. so clearly the bernie sanders supports, the people who got the tickets from their campaign, from the sanders campaign, they were a lot more vocal than the hillary clinton supporters. a lot of the hillary clinton supporters, they were there in equal numbers, but they were not as -- they weren't shouting as much as the bernie sanders supporters. the bernie sanders supporters,
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many of them are a lot younger. they're very passionate. they strongly believe in what he's proposing. free college education. universal health care for all. all of those issues really hit home to a lot of those people, especially the younger people, and they made their views known. they came ready to go. the hillary clinton supporters, they were there in equal numbers but they were a bit more subdued. >> wolf blitzer, thank you so much. thank you, thank you, we'll see you on "the situation room" at 5:00 as always. after the presidential candidates answered those questions, there's now one overarching question remaining, which democrat won the debate? let me bring in the daily beast washington bureau chief jackie kucinich and cnn washington correspondent jeff zeleny. so nice to talk to wolf to get that firsthand perspective. seriously, every second, i was truly, truly compelled. and i think one of the tweets, it was pointed out to me this morning, he tweeted, i'm not sure i've heard two candidates yell at each other at such
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sustained clips for two full hours and they're both over 65, that's stamina. i mean, it's tongue and cheek, but it was impressive. >> wolf needed a whistle at some point. i think that would have helped break them up. no, this was intense. it shows how high the stakes are here in new york. >> it's changed. >> it's changed and it was very clear they're both kind of sick of each other and the stage wasn't -- this race is no longer big enough for the both of them. it's sort of, it's end time. and clinton wants to wrap this up and sanders wants to make the case why he should keep going. >> he came to play, it seemed to me. he thinks he can win. she couldn't think general election. she had to sharpen her elbows. >> no doubt, and this is what bernie sanders has been doing in these rallies. he has these big rallies across the country, across new york. there should have been no surprises from the clinton campaign and there weren't. she was ready for everything he said. but vice versa. i think the -- he seemed to be a little bit more rattled last night i thought. for a couple debates ago, i
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thought he was in her head. last night, it seemed she was in his head. he was a little bit i think unable to make his case at the beginning to a broader audience. his supporters are always going to love him about the, you know, wall street, the speeches, whatever. i'm not so sure that he was able to really expand his appeal though. and that's maybe what he needed to do last night. but, you know, who was the winner? i think it was a draw. a total draw here. and, you know, i feel sorry for the undecided voter in the middle who's like, mm, how do i make sense of all this. >> i really in particular have done a lot on gun violence in this country and we're going to talk to the daughter of the principal at sandy hook who was killed. because she was name checked twice. we'll talk to her later on. this is when dana was really pressing clinton on the goldman sachs transcripts. people have said why don't you release them. this is part of that exchange. >> secretary clint, the question was about the transcripts of the
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speeches to goldman sachs. [ applause ] >> look, there are certain -- there are certain expectations when you run for president. this is a new one, and i've said if everybody agreed to do it, because there are speeches for money on the other side, know that. [ audience booing ] but i will tell you, there is a long-standing expectation that everybody running release their tax returns and you can go -- you can go to my website and see eight years of tax returns and i've released 30 years of tax returns and i think every candidate, including sand eshs and trump, should do the same. >> so jackie, she pivoted right from the transcripts to the tax returns, take a look at my web side and you can see and thus then news was made because sanders then said okay tomorrow, meaning today, i'm releasing one. >> well, i mean, so jeff was talking about how hillary and
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sanders said -- i thought this was a moment where hillary clinton still doesn't have a good answer on why these transcripts aren't being released. she's been asked this question many, many times. it needed to be done. but she clearly practiced this answer. because she immediately pivoted to something sanders didn't have and, you know, donald trump for that matter. >> right. >> so but will she release these transcripts? i don't know. she clearly thinks there's something in there that's damaging and they'll be able to go after her. >> it's an issue in the democratic primary though. i'm not sure it's an issue in the general. >> do you think people really care? >> i think the question is why hasn't she released them. i'm told the most damning thing is she sort of praises goldman being sass. if you're given money to give a speech, of course she's -- you're not in there to burn the house down. the campaign does not want an ad to be made while this democratic primary is going on of her speaking friendly to goldman sachs or bank of america or
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whatnot. >> what about the tax return promise? we're already halfway through the day on friday and we've got nothing from sanders am campaign. >> i just talked to a top adviser of his campaign and he said they'll be out by the end of the afternoon but only one year, 2014. i'm told the thing to look for is how much money they gave to charity or how much they didn't. senator sanders is not a wealthy senator. he's one of the lowest in terms of money and wealth. i think it's a case of disorganization. as opposed to not wanting to disclose. he's had a long time to disclose. he's been in public life for a long time, you know, whatever. >> it's a tradition. it's not necessarily something that's required. but, you know, everybody does it. >> okay. there was a powerful exchange when it came to gaza and israel. here you go. >> health care decimated. schools decimated. i believe the united states and the rest of the world have got to work together to help the palestinian people.
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that does not make me anti-israel. that paves the way i think for an approach that works in the middle east. >> thank you, senator, thank you -- >> you know, again, describing the problem is a lot easier than trying to solve it. >> there comes a time -- there comes a time -- [ applause ] when if we pursue justice and peace, we are going to have to say that netanyahu is not right all of the time. >> he was a lot more to that exchange. she was forceful in her answer saying listen, i helped broker the peace deal in 2012, although she's been criticized for not going far enough. how extraordinary, jeff zeleny, was it to hear bernie sanders, you know, jewish, talking the way he did about palestinians and palestinian children? >> it was pretty unbelievable. he's lived in israel for a time. >> has family there. >> right. i thought that was one of the more -- i mean, it wasn't as
11:13 am
central to this race probably as income inequality in wall street. i think in terms of being interesting. i think of where he would go if elected to lead the country. i thought that was a fascinating exchange there. it shows he's given a lot of thought as well. he's been on big committees in congress. he's traveled the world. i did think she sort of was like -- almost said you're being naive here. she almost said those words. so i'm not sure voter that moved by that. i do think it raises the question of what exactly is his foreign what would he do on this in particular. but i think -- i would like to hear more of that exchange actually because that is -- we've not really had a central foreign policy debate on the democratic side. >> hillary clinton is a hawk. >> sure. >> and without a doubt. this was another contrast, very clear contrast, between these two candidates. in some other ways are sort of around the margins. this was very, very clear. >> okay, thank you both so much. jackie kucinich, i'm holding you over the break because i want to
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talk to you about something we just turned around here. coming up, this is one of the most heated exchanges on the debate on the topic of specifically gun control. we'll talk live to the daughter of the sandy hook school principal who was murdered that day, why she says bernie sanders owes her an apology. also breaking news, another major earthquake hitting japan, a 7.0 magnitude. we have the latest on that. and just in to cnn, the nba announcing whether it plans to pull the 2017 all-star game out of charlotte, north carolina, in the wake of the state's controversial law that denies protections to the lgbt community. stay with me. lots to talk about on this friday. you're watching cnn. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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welcome back. you're watching cnn "newsroom," i'm brooke baldwin. the head of the rnc reince priebus firing back right here on cnn just a short while ago.
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>> it was the same system that put abraham lincoln into offers. i think the system is working and all the delegates bound to the candidates will stay bound to the candidates. no one is losing any bound delegates. we're going to get together, we're going to be unified in cleveland. i know there's drama. i know there's going to be work to do. i get it. i'm not, you know, oblivious to the world that i live in. >> all right, let's begin there. matt lewis, cnn political commentator, conservative writer is with us today. senior contributor for the daily caller bob cusack is here, editor and chief of the hill, and she's kind enough to stick around, daily beast bureau chief jackie kucinich. nice to see you all this afternoon. bob, coming off what you just heard reince priebus say, you know, acknowledging that yes there is drama but yes they will be unified in cleveland, the system is working. is this his inner voice, is that
11:20 am
what he's saying to himself before he goes to bed every night because of everything else, all the noise, or is this really what's going to happen? >> he's in a very difficult spot, there's no doubt about it. he has the toughest job in washington. i don't think, brooke, this is going to, you know, priebus says they're going to be unified in cleveland. i don't think they're going to be unified. it's going to be very difficult to be unified in cleveland. and this story line is not going to go away because when i sat down with donald trump early this week, i mean, he's really mad. i know the rules have been set for months, but he thinks that the process is arcane and it is weird that the average joe in colorado just didn't get to vote. so they both have good points but the bottom line is this conflict is going to continue for weeks, if not months. >> well, we've heard from donald trump now. he's written this opinion piece for "the wall street journal," you know, blasting this whole process. let me just quote part of it. let me ask america a question. how has the system been working out for you and your family? i for one am not interested in defending a system that for
11:21 am
decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people. matt, my question to you is, you know, really since wisconsin, with him writing this opinion piece in t"the wall street journa journal", we haven't seen him going on in on in any sort of news conference. he's not on the sunday shows this weekend. this has all been this new paul manafort era. i wonder if this is part of a new turn the trump team is taking. >> i think it clearly is. you know, he's not on twitter as much. different strategy. and he's putting the system on trial. i think maybe the medium that he's using, write things versus spouting off or doing twitter, but the message is very consistent. he's always been the candidate who is putting the system on trial. the candidate who is going to be a rebel in a way. who said that the game was rigged. that game could be the economy. or that game could be the delegate process. and so i think that part of it
11:22 am
is very consistent. and the problem that reince priebus is going to have is that although i think priebus is absolutely right on the merits, you know, it's really hard to argue with what donald trump says. it's a bumper stick, the game is rigged, the fix is in. americans who are accustomed to almost direct democracy now have expectations. the air kayic system that republicans use, you know, now being put on trial. >> we know a number -- kasich, cruz and trump were at the big gop gala last night. it was 1,000 bucks a plate. they all stood up there and spoke. jackie, want to ask you about ted cruz. apparently his opening line was "i haven't built any buildings in new york city" and he was waiting for applause that never came. while he was speaking, the chatter continued. i'm looking at your face. >> there wasn't any love lost for ted cruz. he weren't really caught on in new york. the polls show.
11:23 am
this wasn't supposed to be his best state. his new york values comment certainly didn't help him. but yeah, it is sort of sad for ted cruz that he was openly shamed at this dinner last night. people were leaving and just kind of ignoring him. >> so there is that. let me talk about john kasich. because we've just turned around some sound. john kasich was just speaking. this is a town hall in watertown, new york. you probably are all going to hear this for the first time so let me set this up. a college student has just asked him how he would make her feel safe in regard to sexual violence, harassment and rape on college campus and apparently the governor did list a number of measures they've enacted in his home state of ohio, encouraged sexual assault victims to seek justice and then he said this. in our, in our state, we think that when you enroll, you ought to absolutely know that if something happens to you along the lines of sexual harassment or whatever, you have a place to
11:24 am
go. where there is say confidential reporting. where there is an ability for you to access a rape kit. where that is kept confidential. but where it gives you the opportunity to be able to pursue justice after you have had some time to reflect on it all. and we need -- we are in a process of making sure that all higher education in our state -- and this ought to be done in the country that our co-eds know exactly what the rules are, what the opportunities are, what the confidential policies are, so that you're not vulnerable, at risk and can be preyed upon. i have two 16-year-old daughters. and i don't even like to think about it, you know. [ inaudible question ] i also give you one bit of advice, don't go to parties where there's a lot of alcohol, okay. don't do that. >> okay. as a woman, and i'm looking at
11:25 am
you, fellow female talking here, listen, i feel like he gave all this excellent advice. i feel like he should have stopped before the last comment. >> kasich does have a tendency to sound sort of like the '60s dad. that's what that sounds like. i don't think it was malicious. >> yes. >> or not malicious at all. i don't think he meant to be politically incorrect there. i think it was an honest answer. he's got two 16-year-olds. i can totally hear a lot of dads from ohio saying the exact -- >> saying, honey, don't go to the party where there's alcohol. >> i think it would have been better, brooke, as you said, to probably stop. a lot of people think he's trying to give advice. this is also not your typical medicare or energy type of question. so a little bit out of his element there. i think it would have been better if he had stopped but at the same time i don't think this is going to hurt him. >> bob cusic, matt lewis, jackie kucinich, thank you. coming up next, just in to cnn, the nba announcing whether
11:26 am
it plans to pull out of that 2017 all-star game in charlotte, north carolina. this is all part of the law that denies protenses to the lgbt community. we have that next. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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the nba will not move next year's all-star game out of charlotte, north carolina. let's go straight to palo sandoval who's been monitoring
11:31 am
that in new york. what did the nba commissioner say? >> it's a significant message for the tar heel state. what we're getting here from the nba commissioner earlier today, just a few moments ago, as he addressed reporters, was he was resolute about the league's position. at the same time, he also said one of the reasons why the game will move on as scheduled in about ten months or so, the nba all-star game, will be because if it would get yanked out of the state, then it could send a mixed message, given there's a north carolina team that is in the nba playoffs. i want you to hear directly from him about the specific position from the league when it comes to why the nba playoff game will stay in the tar heel state. take a listen. >> the law as it now stands in north carolina is problematic for the league. there was no discussion of moving the all-star game. what the view in the room was,
11:32 am
we should be working towards change in north carolina. i have been working very closely with the charlotte hornets, with fret whitfield who's the president of the team and together with ownership down there to seek to effect change in knock knock. >> so hearing directly from the nba commissioner there, brooke. again, just to close this out, saying the league is in a complicated position but at the same time one that could potentially provide a constructive opportunity for them to work with state lawmakers who, by the way, will meet before the end of the month, and of course there is always a possibility of potentially putting some pressure on them to bring in a potential -- so the story not over yet. >> all right, polo sandoval, for now, thank you very much on that. coming up, one of the most heated exchanges of the night in brooklyn at our cnn debate between brohillary clinton and bernie sanders. in regard to gun control. specifically the lawsuit after the sandy hook tragedy a number of years ago.
11:33 am
we will speak to the daughter of the principal who was killed in those shootings. she was name checked twice. and what she would say to bernie sanders. stay here.
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our most advanced formula for joint health and comfort. cosamin -- proven by more research than any leading joint supplement. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. the debate was full of substance, emotional. to one particular person, it was infuria infuriating. the daughter of the principal who was killed in the sandy hook elementary school mass shooting in 2012. the validity of the lawsuit is an extremely polarizing issue
11:38 am
for both bernie sanders and hillary clinton. there was a powerful exchange they had over precisely this last night. >> when asked whether he would support the sandy hook parents suing to try to do something to rein in the advertising of the ar-15, which is advertised to young people as being a combat weapon, killing on the battlefield, he said they didn't deserve their day in court. i could not disagree more. finally, this is the only industry in america, the only one, that has this kind of special protection. we hear a lot from senator sanders about the greed and recklessness of wall street. i agree. we've got to hold wall street accountable. >> thank you. >> but what about the greed and recklessness of the gun manufacturers and dealers? >> i want you to respond but also to this, you recently said you do not think crime victims should be able to sue gunmakers
11:39 am
for damages. the daughter of the sandy hook elementary school principal who was killed back in the 2012 mass shooting says you owe her and the other victim's families an apology. do you? >> now, i voted against this gun liability law. because i was concerned that in rural areas all over this country, if a gun shop owner sells a weapon legally to somebody, and that person then goes out and killed somebody, i don't know it is appropriate that that gun shop owner who just sold a legal weapon, to be held accountable and be sued. what i do believe is when gun shop owners and others knowingly are selling weapons to people who should not have them. >> so senator, do you owe the sandy hook families an apology? >> no, i don't think i owe them
11:40 am
apologies. >> one of those family members is erica here. we've chatted many times before. you were name checked twice in that debate there. nice to have you back erica, thank you. >> it's great to be here, brooke, thank you. >> you were watching. you heard your name. or i guess round about, brought up into that whole back and forth. what did you make of senator sanders response? >> honestly, exactly the same thing that he has been doing. it's the same realtoric over and over. every time he is pinned against a wall and asked a very direct question, it's time and time again that he just spits out nra talking points. the question is very direct, do you or do you not owe these families an apology, and he's continually saying he does not, but he's like wobbling back and forth on the issue. and the issue is whether or not these gun manufacturers and dealers should be responsible and that's a bill that he voted for. he voted that in.
11:41 am
and he's continuing to defend it. but then will wobble back and say well, you know, if they sell 10,000 rounds of ammunition, then maybe. and last night i believe it was 6,000. then maybe. i mean, my question to him is what about sandy and lonnie phillips who just filed suit over 4,000 rounds of ammunition that was sold, you know, they're standing up, they're asking for an apology and they have yet to have a sit-down with him. >> in aurora. >> yes. >> do you know, i mean, has senator sanders or even the campaign, have they ever reached out to you, erica? >> i have not heard a word from sanders or his campaign. i would love to. >> i know you are wholeheartedly supporting secretary clinton as our next president. but i also -- i think i know you well enough to know that if sanders called you up and said, i'd like to give you a meeting, i think you'd take it. my question would be to you, what would you ask him or what would you want him to know? >> i would love to sit down with
11:42 am
him. i would love for the soto family from sandy hook to be in the room with me. i would love to be with sandy and lonnie phillips in that room. and really just sit down and ask him where exactly do you stand on this, because you're wobbling back and forth. it's like he's teetering, you know, from one side of the issue to the other. and, you know, consistently saying that he doesn't support what the families are trying to do, but then in his very next sentence, he'll say, well, in this particular case, then that might be okay. >> well, let me just spell it out a little bit for viewers. basically with this lawsuit involving some of the sandy hook families, they're suing the gun manufacturer, suing the people who sell the gun, essentially arguing the military grade weapon used to murder your mother and these first graders should never have been sold to a civilian. senator sanders has said, as he repeated last night that a gun store owner shouldn't be held
11:43 am
liable saying, you know, this lawsuit would set a precedent, it would go after mom and pop shops. but of course, you know, a gun shouldn't fall in the hands of a bad person. all of that said, where do we go from here? >> i mean, he always goes back to his defense for the so-called mom and pop shops. but the reality is the mom and pop shops are a common origin for guns that are found on the black market. so why should they not be held accountable? you know, i definitely would like to get a more firm answer on what he defines as mom and pop. and, you know, what happens to guns that are traffics through those stores. or the straw purchases that happen through those stores. you know, and that's something that i've heard him call attention to previously. but, i mean, fact of the matter is, that is a very common thing, at these mom and pop shops. >> final question, i just want to end with the most important piece of all of this, which is your mother. and i know you are so totally outspoken, you are so active
11:44 am
with every town, every town for gun safety. you know, you reach out to the latest victims of gun violence. but mother's day is just a couple of weeks away. cannot imagine what that's like for you. how will you honor your mom? >> like i have been for the past several years. i will -- the day before be marching across the brooklyn bridge with some of the most loving and supporting activists that i have ever met in my entire life. >> saying what, thinking what? >> it is the 4th annual brooklyn bridge march that moms demand action does. and it's really just, you know, a call to raise attention to the issue. and i'm going to be standing with moms who have lost their kids and other kids who have lost their moms. and it is the most incredible way to honor her.
11:45 am
and just show my love for her. on a day that i really wish she could be with me. >> erica lafferty, thank you, we'll be right back. (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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the gloves were definitely off in brooklyn. really the most fiery and compelling democratic debate thus far this season. hillary clinton and bernie sanders duked it out, with just days to go until the crucial new york primary, that is tuesday. just look at some of the headlines here out of new york's papers. brooklyn brawlers. bern belts hill. and brooklyn battle. it was a much different tone from secretary clinton and senator sanders first debate six months ago. let's rewind. >> i think the secretary is right, and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails! >> thank you, me too, me too. [ applause ] wait a minute, wait a minute, i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight prior
11:50 am
times -- >> excuse me, secretary -- >> i have said the same thing -- >> secretary, senator, please -- >> -- seattle, let's do it -- >> if you're broth screaming at each other, the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. so please -- >> i believe -- >> -- talk over each other -- >> wolf getting in there, the referee. here he is, cnn's senior media and politics reporter dylan buyers is with us. on the debate, and why do you think this debate, the tone, has taken such a contentious turn now? >> well, let's just, you know, how fortunate for new york city that it got as contentious as it did at this point, right when the democrats are here in new york for two weeks. >> yeah. >> look, i think what's happening is there's a lot of contempt between both campaigns and at this point between both candidates. it's been brewing for some time. for hillary clinton, she thought that she was going to have this thing locked up. she certainly didn't think a 74-year-old democratic socialist
11:51 am
from vermont was going to be giving her a run for her money and narrowing the gap in the polls. she's sort of constantly having to come back from her desire to pivot to the general election in order to address the bernie sanders problem. i also think she fundamentally believed that he doesn't have a lot of meat behind his lofty policy positions. it's hard for her as someone who is so experienced and gets so into the weeds on the specifics of her policies, to see him doing so well with these sort of broad promises, as we saw in the new york daley news interview, he can't always back up. for sanders, he feels she's being dismissive of this movement he's created, and it's carried him this far and could carry him even further. she stands up on stage and i think she feehe feels she's dis that, as if his dreams are
11:52 am
improbable, and i don't think he likes that either. >> just a note on the stamina side, factor in, he hops on a plane, flies to italy, gives a speech in vatican city, and comes back for the primary on saturday morning. ahead of the primary on saturday morning. that said, i know you were watching all of this resonate on social media. who won according to social media, what were some of the big moments? >> well, look, think as you said, this was by far the most conscience debate of the cycle for the democrats. the first eight debates could have been like this, i mean, wow, it would have been fantastic. look, there were a lot of moments. for me, the key moments happened when these candidates who seemed very prepared for the two hours seemed to slip or try to estraight certain questions. bernie sanders really didn't have a solid answer for just how he thought wall street money had influenced hillary clinton. there was clearly a lot of backlash to that among hillary
11:53 am
clinton supporters. by the same token, hillary clinton didn't really have a good reason for why she wouldn't release the transcripts of those wall street speeches. and i think an already gal vannized bernie sanders fan base really felt like they could go after her for that. but fundamentally, don't think this debate for all the drama, i'm not really sure it moved the needle. i'm not sure it moved the needle in the state of new york and i'm not sure it moved the needle nationally. i really think the democrats and independents who are voting democratic are rallying behind and have rallied behind their candidates. it's going to take a lot more than what happened last night in order to move the dial on that front. >> we did just get a quick note. we know how many people tuned in to watch the big debate. 5.26 million viewers tuning in. dylan byers, thank you. coming up, it is also getting quite heated, has been for quite a while on the republican side. latest this war of words between front-runner donald um interestp
11:54 am
and the rnc chair reince priebus. minutes from now, donald trump will be speaking live. packed house, plattsburgh, new york, we'll take it live when it happens. show me movies with romance.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. today marks three years since that boston marathon bombing. the explosions changing the city. the great people of boston. among them, former transit officer dig donahue. involved in the shootout that stopped the tsarnaev brother's reign of terror. we spoke with him about going beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: the boston marathon finish line signifies a new start for dick donahue. >> pride and perseverance. >> reporter: an opportunity for a man who by all medical
11:59 am
standards shouldn't be alive. >> i bled out on scene. i lost something like over 90% of the blood in my body. >> reporter: it was the early morning of april 19th, 2013. just days after these explosions changed the city. >> i partnered up with another transit police officer and we began the hunt and we eventually heard a call for assistance from watertown police officers. we happened to be a couple miles away and went to their assistance. >> reporter: he was out of his jurisdiction and just learned his academy classmate, the m.i.t. officer, had been killed. what happened next, he says, is a blur. >> i remember being on scene, just briefly, and the next thing i remember is really kind of waking up and this incredible fight inside me. >> reporter: that's where
12:00 pm
doctors told him he had been in a massive shootout with the tsarnaev brothers who carried the report says he was probably shot by another officer. >> i sustained a gunshot wound to my right leg. i had over 40 minutes of cpr. 46 blood products. and i had six to eight hours of surgery. >> reporter: if they hadn't gotten you to the hospital fast enough, would you be here? >> i would not. >> reporter: he spent two months at mt. auburn hospital in cambridge, determined to rehab and heal. nearly two years later -- >> right now, this is what i choose to do. >> reporter: he put his uniform back on. the transit officer was promoted to sergeant but his injuries began to take a toll. >> i'm in pain all the time. >> reporter: makes it hard to do your job? >> it does. it makes you one step slower. i wouldn't want to put anybody's life or safety in danger. >> reporter: he's since retired. >> i can't look at the past with bitterness and regret. can only move forward. >> reporter: that means embracing each day with his family. his 3-year-old son and a second son, due on the anniversary of
12:01 pm
when he almost lost his life. cnn, boston. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. any minute now, republican presidential front-runner donald trump will be taking the stage. meantime, mr. trump has been all over new york, rallying against the republican party and the quote/unquote rigged delegate system his supporters fear may deny him the nomination. the head of the rnc talking to cnn just a little while ago saying, you know what, this system, is not broken. >> it was the same system that put abraham lincoln into office. i think the system is working and all the delegates that are bound to the candidates will stay bound to the candidates. no one is losing any bound delegates whatsoever. we're going to get together. we're going to be unified in
12:02 pm
cleveland. i know where there's drama. i know where there's going to be work to do. i get it. i'm not, you know, oblivious to the world that i live in. >> let's go to the site of the trump rally. jason carroll is standing by. our cnn national correspondent. looks like a pretty packed house interest. talk to me about what you think he'll say. >> think what we'll hear is much of what we heard yesterday at another event in long island. where he once again did not let up on this whole issue of delegates and what happened in colorado in terms of being shut out of delegates. we're going to expect him to have something to say about that when he takes the stage in just a few minutes from now here in plattsburgh. as you know, he also wrote about it in an op-ed in "the wall street journal," calling once again the system rigged, calling the delegates double agents. you know, i spoke to a number of people who were out here. they actually agree with him on this issue. they say they believe these
12:03 pm
rules need to be changed. as one of his supporters told me, she said, i do not believe the rules should be changed at this particular time. trump still holding a very commanding lead here in the state. he also got a big boost from the new york post. the new york post editorial board endorsing trump. calling him the rookie candidate. saying at some point they expect him to pivot in terms of the issues, in terms of his mannerisms. translation, become more presidentia presidential. we've heard it before. trying to be more presidential. this is something i heard trump say way back in the day, back in february, at a rally in south carolina. it struck me because he told the crowd there, a story about his father. his father said when you're dealing in business, try to smooth over the lumps a little bit more when you're dealing with people. so that's advice he got way back when, when he was dealing in the business world, before he was even running for president. so can he make that pivot?
12:04 pm
i think that remains to be seen. brooke. >> smooth over the lumps, jason carroll. we'll take picture as soon as we see trump there. meantime, ryan williams, former spokesman, welcome to all of you. just because jason carroll brought up, m.j., on "the wall street journal" opinion piece that mr. trump has penned, talking about the system, is it right for the people of the country, what specifically did he say? >> this is donald trump going to war against the gop establishment. help he is clearly frustrated by what happened in colorado. i think there's a growing concern ted cruz is starting to narrow that delegate lead, delegate gap, rather, and donald trump in this "wall street journal" op-ed is making the case not only that he is being cheated but the supporters and voters are being cheated. i'll just read one part of that op-ed out loud.
12:05 pm
let me ask america a question. how has the system been working out for you and your family? i for one am not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people and i can tell you, brooke, this is a message resonating in a powerful way among trump supporters. when i have traveled to places like upstate new york, western pennsylvania, two states where trump is expecting to do well, i have come across trump supporters who have said, look, party is really conspiring to, one, stop trump from getting the nomination and, two, somehow stop him from getting the nomination at the convention. and they have told me, you know, if this is something that happens, then they actually might never support the republican party again and would never vote for a republican again. so, remember, these are the kinds of people that trump does very well with, people who are angry at washington and really believe that there needs to be a change in washington. >> so on that, on the people's passions and how it's resonating in some parts of the country,
12:06 pm
jeff is a trump supporter. let me ask you, with this "wall street journal" piece, he's not on twitter quite as much anymore. he's again this weekend not doing sunday shows. again, we're not seeing, you know, these sort of long free flowing news conferences that mr. trump has been holding for months and months. seems like something's changed. the message is the same. but the strategy seems different. what's going on here, jeff? >> well, we're transitioning, obviously starting to think about the general. we've heard talk about being and looking presidential. i think everyone has seen that now for quite some time. especially if you saw his family on this channel, you know, a few days ago. but with the delegate system, it is broken and it's a mess. and the republican party seemed to want to really promote the idea, going back to a year ago, that it was going to be different this time and that people's votes would matter. and what the paub thought, public thought would matter. now in case of fire break glass
12:07 pm
here, switch and forget what we said because we thought you would choose who we told you to choose. since the public is choosing who we want you to choose, the establishment doesn't like that, and now we're finding out, well, your vote doesn't matter, what really matters is what these background deals for these delegates is how the system's going to get played and they're disenfranchising voters and upsetting a lot of people. there were people posting pictures on the internet of them burning their republican party cards so it's not going to be good for the party and not going to be good for victory in the fall. >> people who weren't aware of the process, how you don't actually go to the polls. a lot of folks agree that does seem odd. but the rules are the rules. i'm just wondering, m.j. says she's talked to people where this has really resonated. how much of this is, this isn't fair and the ruleses should be changed and i'm right versus this is whining and he should play by the rules? >> this is nothing more than sour grapes from trump and his campaign. the trump campaign was made aware of the rules as every
12:08 pm
other campaign were when they were passed months ago. there's different rules. it's up to the campaigns. it's their responsibility to understand the rules and play to win. trump is not winning because he's not put together an effective campaign. >> he seems to be doing pretty well now. >> look, he's been winning at the polls but in terms of this other part of the process, electing who the delegates are, his campaign was caught completely flat footed. stories out of colorado have his campaign handing out misinformation, typos, the wrong delegates on their slate. this is poor organization. for a guy like trump who has based his candidacy on being a great business man, someone who can take the fight to hillary clinton, his campaign is is now being exposed as a paper tiger, a weak effort that can't organize and is not in any position to carry the republican party in november. >> okay, let me move along, we were talking about donald trump's campaign manager. we talked to his criminal defense attorney yesterday now that we know all the charges have been dropped against corey lewandowski with regard to that simple battery charge.
12:09 pm
he revealed something about a run-in with the former breitbart reporter michelle fields at that trump rally in march. here he was on cnn. >> reached out to michelle and i've provided my phone records to show that and never once at any time in this incident has she ever contacted the campaign directly and that's a disappointing part because she had an opportunity to clear this up and if she wanted to have a conversation, she could have reached out to me directly or the office. that never took place. >> so, m.j., i just wanted to put a button in all of this as we were talking when this was coming down yesterday. so we learned he did reach out to michelle fields. >> yes, corey lewandowski saying he did once try to contact michelle fields after he learned there were some questions being raised about what happened that night but that he couldn't get through to her and she never contacted him. so this is a little bit of, you know, putting the responsibility on her, you know, she had called me back or tried to contact me back, maybe that apology would have happened yesterday. we were talking a lot about whether that apology might be
12:10 pm
public, but it seems like his attorney believes that that is a wait and see kind of move right now because they want to know if michelle fields will take more action. >> okay. and let me just finally end on something a little lighter, because it's friday. and we've been watching all these candidates, crisscross, you know, new york, they've been at jewish delis, eating pizza. governor kasich was on seth meyers last night. listen this is sort of like, you know, what you don't do is very egregious to new yorkers, using forks. take a listen. >> you heard about the pizza, right? >> what happened with the pizza? >> it was so hot and i made a terrible mistake. >> oh, no. >> i pick up a fork. >> come on, man. what's wrong with your politicians? >> well, it was so hot. >> ryan, jeff, what is this, like pizza eating 101? i don't know if this moves the dial whatsoever for john kasich.
12:11 pm
i don't know if that's irrelevant for now. what do you think? >> look, food faux pass have been an issue for years. i remember when i worked for romney he got dinged once for peeling the cheese off his pizza. there is always the debate over which cheese steak to get in philadelphia. so campaign food issues are nothing new. they're kind of the side show that pops up every election season. >> jeff, you get the last word. >> well, i guarantee you won't see donald trump using a fork to eat his pizza and with what ted cruz said about new york values, and now john kasich, and the fork, forget about it, donald trump deserves about 100% of the new york vote. >> forget about it, jeff dewitt, m.j., thank you all so much. coming up next here in new york, the gloves were definitely off on that debate stage in brooklyn. senator sanders, secretary clinton, trading barbs insults car kasems days before the primary. we'll talk about some of the moments with our very own
12:12 pm
michael smerconish. also ahead, at least six former "apprentice" contestants joined the "never trump" movement. why he likes trump as a person but doesn't exactly want him in the white house. and live pictures, speaking of, we're keeping a close eye on the event in plattsburgh, anticipating the rally with donald trump. you're watching cnn. you both have a
12:13 pm
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12:16 pm
does secretary clinton have the experience, of course she does, but i do question her judgment. >> president obama questioned my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state. >> do you regret your advocacy for the crime bill? >> my husband has apologized. he was the president who actually signed it. senator sanders -- >> what about you, senator? >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness, they must have been really crushed by this. >> my question was about the transcripts of the speeches to goldman sachs. >> when everybody does it, okay, will do it. >> secretary clinton, you just heard it, it everybody else does it, she'll do it.
12:17 pm
we will release our taxes. jane does our taxes. we've been a little bit busy lately. >> there are a lot of copy machines around. >> i remainen would of the poor members of the united states senate. >> senator sanders doesn't agree with how you are approaching something, then you are a member of the establishment. >> interesting comment but you didn't answer the question. >> i did. >> no, you didn't. >> yes, i did. >> i think we're going to win this nomination to tell you the truth. >> this is great. >> let's talk politics. cnn political commentator, host of cnn smerconish, michael smerconish. first of all, we're just chatting, talk about a back and forth. i was riveted. every second. at one point, wolf's like stop screaming over one another so people at home can hear you. dana bash, really pressing secretary clinton on why not release the transcripts. what do you think is at play?
12:18 pm
>> i think she doesn't have a good answer. for me, it's reminiscent of donald trump not releasing his tax returns. that flame seemed to have been turned down on him. people don't seem to be demanding it. my view of both issues is sooner or later, they must reveal that information. so why not get to it sooner and the longer that this is allowed to metastasize, the more significant i think the concerns as to what could possibly do in those speech transcripts. i think she's got to do it. >> you mentioned trump, to his point, he's been saying the system is rigged. i'm curious, though, to you think american nominating systems, do you think they're dying a slow death? >> i hope they are because they need to. look at my home state. boy, get ready for pennsylvania. after we get through new york on tuesday. because donald trump is complaining about colorado and he's saying there is really no direct participation -- >> we don't go voting in colorado, it's the delegates. >> in pennsylvania, it's a beauty contest. 54 of the 71 delegates are
12:19 pm
absolutely unbound. donald trump could win pennsylvania by a landslide and roughly two-thirds of those delegates can go do whatever they choose on that first ballot. they're not even bound on ballot number one. >> he has a point. >> he does have a point. now, to ted cruz's point, these are the rules. there's no mystery. none of this was changed seemingly with an eye toward donald trump. because when colorado changed its rules, no one expected, you know me, i'm the last one who expected we'd be hear having a conversation about donald trump. so it wasn't with malice aforethought about him, but yeah, a lot of change. can i say one more thing about the rules? i want to say something nice about the trumps. because i thought that anderson's town hall with the trump family was the best moment of the campaign for donald trump. i am sympathetic to eric and ivanka having to navigate the new york rules. it's b.s. you have to eight months in
12:20 pm
advance change your determination? that is ridiculous. >> so there you go. >> yeah, thanks. >> with that said, if you don't mind sticking around, donald trump has just taken the stage. oftentimes he makes news off the top of these rallies. let's he's dr ae's eavesdrop fo >> we're going to stop it, folks. we're going to bring back jobs no new york state. we're going to bring them back fast, very, very fast. you know what i've been doing, we were in albany, rochester, rome. our rome as opposed to the other rome, right. but and you look at the numbers. what i've been doing, i've been asking people, give me some numbers, let me see how we're doing, how are we doing up in plattsburgh. so here's some numbers. united states industrial production, right. declined for the past seven straight months. our gpp is like zero. if in china their gdp dips below
12:21 pm
7, 8, 9%, you know what they do, it's like a major catastrophe. ours is zero. we're down to practically nothing. it's a strong-looking guy right there. yeah. that's okay. that's my kind of a guy. he's got the flag. he's got the whole deal. good job. good job. only in america, folks, only in america. thank you. that's true. the number of people with a job in plattsburgh has been -- has really, over the last 15 years, it's really gone down. there are nearly 3,000 fewer people right now working in your community than they had in 2000. not good. come on, folks, what's wrong here, what's wrong. you know what's wrong, you need
12:22 pm
leadership, that's what's wrong. because you got the right people. we've got the best people. the unemployment rate in plattsburgh right now is higher today substantially than it was just six months ago. so who left -- >> all right, we're going to pull away. plattsbur plattsburgh, new york, donald trump. he's been all over the state new york ahead of the all-important tuesday primary. finish my sentence. >> okay. >> if donald trump doesn't win the nomination and it's a contested convention fight, blank? >> you know that line that says -- you got me on this almost. help hath no fury like a woman scorned. just change female, put in donald trump. because i can't see the scene where he walks out of the stage with someone else's hand and raises it in the air for the corre
12:23 pm
victory shot for 2016. can't imagine that. >> final question, on ted cruz, you know, last night they had this big gop gala. all the democrats were in brooklyn. this was a $1,000 a pop plate here in the city. and ted cruz gets out. all the different candidates speak. we have a little sound. >> -- to stand as one, to stand united. and let me know. right now, you look at the polls -- >> i mean, you know, where i'm going with this. do people realize somebody is speaking? >> i speak to a lot of groups. that's my worst nightmare. >> clinking, talking, waving, not listening. that doesn't bode well for him. >> tuesday will be a tough day for cruz. tomorrow will be better for ted cruz in wyoming. enjoy it because tuesday's
12:24 pm
probably, you're going to take some licks. >> okay, see you tomorrow morning. 9:00 eastern, right here on cnn. michael smerconish had something good to say about donald trump. coming up next, at least six former contestants on "the apprentice" saying some of them really like mr. trump but they say he's not fit to be president. we'll talk to one of them live next. he boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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you know, one of the criticisms that's been leveled at donald trump his entire campaign, that it's just one big
12:29 pm
reality tv show. often an allusion to his run for 14 seasons as the star of nbc's "the apprentice." today, six co-stars of that show was telling trump yes, you're entertaining and no you should not be elected president. >> we stand united as former candidates on "the apprentice" not to denounce donald trump the man but to denounce donald trump the presidential candidate's message. >> you don't make america great by dividing people. you don't make america great by creating an environment where you think it's acceptable to physically harm someone for exercising their constitutional rights. >> let us choose kennedy over kardashian each and every time. muhammad ali over mccarthyism. that is why i defiantly stand up. why i defiantly speak out. and why i defiantly stand before you today. >> joining me now, one of the
12:30 pm
apprentice alums and support of this message, a runner up on season six of the show. james, nice to have you on. >> hi, brooke, how you doing? >> i am doing well. let me ask you, why did all of you apprentice contestants, you know, decide to company together and to do this, to speak out about trump as a group? >> i'll tell you, i have actually been asked to do an interview about 12 times in the last nine months. i've declined every single one of them. i was watching the race like everyone else. but now it's getting serious. he's a gop front-runner. as apprentice alums, we've had a unique experience with them that the average person hasn't had. so i think it's a responsibility for us to actually come out and voice our opinion. whether you're for him or against him, i think it's a responsibility. >> how do you feel about him? >> so i like donald trump as a person. i'd have a beer with him. if i was starting a company, i would absolutely hire him.
12:31 pm
as the president of the united states, i would definitely fire him. >> wow. so with all of your time and your experience with mr. trump in a way that none of us have, can you tell me a story or interaction with him that shaped that particular view? >> well, on the apprentice, i remember one episode we had, we had a little -- little back story with governor schwarzenegger at the time and i talked to mr. trump about being an immigrant and living the american dream. i talked to governor schwarzenegger about that. donald trump really appreciated that. now when i'm hearing some of the statements about immigration and deportation, it doesn't sound like the person that i knew back then. and that's where i have some of these problems. >> who are you liking, if i may ask? >> right now, i'm leaning towards hillary clinton. >> did you watch the debate last night? >> i did. >> and so what did you think?
12:32 pm
last question. >> well, it was a fantastic debate. but i've always -- i like bill clinton as a president. he did a great job i think in terms of qualification, of leading our nation in a global society. hillary clinton is fit for the job. >> okay. james sun, runner-up on season six "apprentice," thank you. another major earthquake hits japan, 7.0 magnitude. we'll talk to someone on the ground in tokyo next.
12:33 pm
12:34 pm
12:35 pm
12:36 pm
want to come up here on some live pictures from new orleans, friends, family members, former nfl player, will smith. the new orleans saints. attending his wake. you can see people walking past. right there is his casket. he was shot and killed after a fender bender saturday night in new orleans. we can also tell you wife who also suffered a gunshot wound to her leg, she had some time alone there just a few minutes ago. the public viewing will last for five hours.
12:37 pm
now, to jap be, some breaking news there. tsunami warning lifted after a 7.0 earthquake hit off an island in southern japan. one instagram user sent this to cnn. you can see the light fixture shaking. this is a hotel in the region. today's quake is the second one now in two days. after shocks we're told they're still coming. freelance journalist mike fern joins me now from tokyo. mike, let's just begin with what have you felt? >> we, we felt quite here in tokyo, building shook for several minutes. there was a warning on television just before the quake hit. obviously, no reports of any damage in tokyo but a very different picture in kumamoti prefecture, nhk television reporting more than 370 people have been treated in hospital. we're seeing pictures on local media of badly damaged
12:38 pm
buildings, car es collapsed, a bridge. also reports from the kumamoti city office saying it sent firefighters to tackle several blazing buildings around the city there. >> mike, just quickly, if we're talking about the second quake in two days, is this just totally rare for japan? >> well, quakes are nothing unusual in japan. there are quakes every day. large quakes obviously are not that common. and the quakes that we've had this time around, the largest intensity since march the 11th, 2011. so this really was a surprise to the region. it's very hard to predict where the next big quake is going to happen. it did take some people quite by surprise.
12:39 pm
>> all right, mike fern with us on the phone from japan in the wake of this second 7.0 magnitude quake. refugees coming to america in hopes of building a better life, but many of the refugee children struggle with school work, struggle with just trying to fit in, and that is something this week's cnn hero understands. >> there's so many things stacked against them. for you to be successful, you're competing against all these other people that are already like ten steps ahead of you. how are you going to catch up? and how are you going to contribute successfully? we're getting people from all over the world to company together to do something great. >> you can watch the full story, just go to cnn while you're there, please take a moment, nominate someone you think is extraordinary who could be the 2016 cnn hero. cnn next what donald trump things about last night's democratic debate between sanders and clinton.
12:40 pm
we'll show you what he just told the crowd there in plattsburgh, new york. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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i watched that debate last night. anybody watch that debate with hillary and bernie? so hillary said "i have millions votes more than bernie." which is true, i have to say. although i don't know, i hear bernie, he wins, he wins, he wins. he keeps winning. he keeps winning. week after week. bernie is winning. winning. and then i listen to the pundits. and tonight bernie sanders won again for the seventh or eighth or ninth time in a row.
12:45 pm
okay, and you know what, that's okay. because i feel sorry for him in a way. he wins. and then you listen to the pundits. but he can't win. you know why, because it's a rigged system, folks. >> back to the rigged system. mr. trump opinion piece in "the wall street journal." i think this is something we'll hear about for the next couple of months depending on how the delegate math goes in the republican race. donald trump speaking at his big rally in plattsburgh, new york. back specifically to the big debate in brooklyn who came outen top, was it clinton, was it senator sanders, was it perhaps new york? senator sanders was born there. secretary clinton lives here. the two gave the empire state a lot of love among all the shouting. >> i was so honored to serve as the senator from new york for eight years and we worked hard to really keep new york values at the center of who we are and what we do together.
12:46 pm
i love being in brooklyn. this is great. >> i grew up in brooklyn, new york. the son of an immigrant. who came to this country from poland. with your help, we're going to win here in new york. thank you. >> with me now, new york native harold wolfson, deputy mayor here in new york under mayor bloomberg. welcome back. >> thank you. >> i love this line, i'm going to steal your line you wrote, you can screw up out of town but the stakes are higher when the curtain rises on broadway. curtain has gone up. the curtain has now fallen. how did they do? >> i think bernie sanders needed a bit a knockout. he's behind on points. it's sort of late in the match. and i thought he did fine but he didn't get a knockout. >> knockout punch? he didn't feel that? >> he didn't have one of those moments where, you know, rubio was attacked by --
12:47 pm
>> christie. >> and basically his campaign ended. >> yeah. >> you almost needed something like that from bernie sanders last night against hillary clinton and it didn't happen. >> what about, you know, a lot of people are talking about how this really felt like bernie sanders came to play and he truly believes he can win. at the same time, maybe a month ago, secretary clinton was thinking ahead to november and now it's like slow your roll, i need to work on this guy to my left. >> nobody is taking your foot off the gas here. >> no. >> they are both very committed to this obviously. i think bernie sanders clearly wanted to throw a knockout blow if he could. but, you know, secretary clinton was ready. i think she perried most of the blows. i think she came out of it with at least a tie which is if you're her what you're looking for. >> we've been talking about breaking up big banks and wall street and gun violence, about what the conversation on israel -- i want to ask you, president obama made news about what was his biggest mistake while being in office.
12:48 pm
it was the day after the takedown of moammar gadhafi and how that would fall on hillary clinton's shoulders in this race. she addressed that last night. >> let me say, i think we did a great deal to help the libyan people after gadhafi's demise. they at the end when it came to security issues, wolf, did not want troops from any other country, not just us, european or any other countries, in libya, and so we were caught in a very difficult position. >> so, david axelrod, listen to that, and he took to twitter. unless he genuinely feels none, shouldn't hillary clinton express some regrets on libya? do you think that's fair? >> i think when bernie sanders hits her for the iraq war vote. >> over and over and over. >> that resonates more with the voters in new york than the issue of libya. i don't think libya is going to resonate. there will be some people in new york who are still unhappy with her war vote way back when.
12:49 pm
but i don't think libya's really an issue in the democratic primary. >> you allude to the knockout punch. we have the latest poll numbers. this is the latest "wall street journal"/nbc poll. hillary clinton at 57%, bernie sanders, there you go, at 40. do you think the dow moved at all for him? >> no, he was probably -- she was probably maybe 53, 54 when he walked in to that debate last night. i don't think he did anything to get the number lower. >> from what i can tell you about, you're a bit of a basketball fan? >> i am. >> my final question, who has the best performance, hillary clinton, bernie sanders or kobe bryant? >> stef curry. getting those 73 wins. >> thank you so much, howard wolfson, we'll talk again for sure. >> it's all about the wins. still ahead, donald trump, he says it's all about the wins as well. launching a new round of attacks. calling the primary process a
12:50 pm
rigged system. we're going to watch that rally for you in new york. also ahead, some say he has the best job in the world. some being me. bill weir gets to go all around the world, take beautiful pictures, tell amazing stories. the latest adventure coming up next.
12:51 pm
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the black rhino is one of the most critically endangered species on the planet and cnn's bill weir had the magnificent experience of seeing one in the
12:55 pm
wild. it's a story he tells in this week's episode of "the wonder list." >> these guys can somehow track a beast across what looks like naked rock. they know the characteristics of sand particles, looking through the slightest little variation disruption. oh, i think we're close. oh, there it is. there it is. this is pretty incredible. that's one of the world's last truly black ripe owes. >> there are so few they know them by name. this one is called don't worry.
12:56 pm
as a deterrent to poachers, game wardens have removed his most distinctive feature. >> if a poacher follows this guy for three days and finds out you guys took the horn off as a deterrent, isn't he just going to shoot it anyway and take whatever is left of the number? >> there's definitely evidence that supports that, which is heartbreaking. >> bill weir, so you're in -- explain -- set it up for me, first. >> first of all, i wanted to do a story about the ethics of big game hunting. we're living in this age of mass extinction. we saw the fallout when cecil the lion was shot by the minnesota dentist. the man who paid $350,000 to shoot one of the last black rhinos and we wanted to see both sides of that argument, how does this exist. so the rhino is particularly endangered because in many places in asia, the horn, even
12:57 pm
though it's made of the same material as your fingernails, is a status symbol. it's on par with gold in terms of cost, twice as expensive as cocaine, so these animals are being slaughtered by poachers to feed that black market. you've got conservationists who say photo tourism, we surround these animals with animal lovers with cameras, we can protect them. hunters say the same thing. as long as you let us shoot a couple a year, that will create a value that will incentivize people to keep this creature from the poachers. so it's this fascinating, very passionate debate about how humanity handles the last few species in africa that are in such trouble and which will go extinct first, big game or the big game hunter. >> in one of the countries they have totally outlawed -- >> yeah, it's like the switzerland of africa. lots of diamonds.
12:58 pm
>> now near south africa. >> sort of above south africa, and they have animal lovers at the head of state. the president and his twin brother who runs environment, they put in this hunting ban. they think hunting for fun, we should evolve past that. if you need to hunt to survive it's a different story. but that experiment will determine how much of the rest of africa goes. where their priorities are human. they're worried about ebola or hiv or human development, not worried so much about the last few thousand rhino. that's the other thing that's interesting when you go to these places. we think of these things as animal-loving fans. we watch discovery channel, national geographic, we watch these shows and it's very different when you have to live next to wild elephants and rhinos and lions, and when all the wealth you have in the world are these five goats, you know, that you're hoping makes it through the night. so it's a fascinating journey, a safari unlike any other.
12:59 pm
>> i had never been on a safari myself in my life. i was in africa twice lasted year and i saw a black rhino. when there's a black rhino in all the safari vehicles, you know something is up when you see everyone circled around. it is stunning, it is magnificent. i had goosebumps looking at these animals and being in their habitat. what did you stumble upon, these amazing scenes on safari. >> we came across a leopard eating a baby impala. two lionesses climbed a try to try to get the leopard to drop it. >> circle of life. >> but then you run into realities. these are killing machines. >> yes. >> and you think how can a planet of 7, 8 billion people still maintain these pockets of wilderness. it's a huge question. but i hope you'll learn a little something about the fight sunday night. >> glad you're telling the
1:00 pm
story. make sure you tune in, "wonder list" sunday night 10:00 eastern and pacific only right here on cnn. bill weir, thank you, thank you, thank you. and thank you so much for being with me here on this friday. keep it right here, my friend jake tapper is up next. "the lead" starts now. thank you, brooke. each party doing a great job as beating themselves up. "the lead" starts right now. he says the system, the same system that has him in first place by a large margin is rigged, and today donald trump is doubling down on his war with the republican party. a bare knuckle fistfight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, but with just four days until new yorkers vote, did either side draw blood? plus nagging heartburn gone, but at what cost? the new serious warning about drugs that many of you probably have in your medicine cabinet right now. >>