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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm pamela brown in for poppy harlow on this saturday. thanks so much for watching, and three things we're watching here on cnn, donald trump, he's at the podium at a campaign rally in upstate new york, and hillary clinton. take a look. she's in los angeles, and we'll hear from her in the coming minutes. and this hour we should get the official results from the wyoming republican convention. there are some delegates to hand out there. but something happens three days from now that might decide who will be the final two candidates for president of the united states. the people of new york will vote. it's their state primary tuesday, and it is not a small
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affair. on tuesday, new york voters could either push donald trump and hillary clinton far forward, maybe make them unbeatable, or they could throw the whole deck of cards up in the air again. the democrat, hillary clinton, is on the west coast right now and through the weekend raising money, and the republican donald trump rallied supporterses in syracuse, new york, just a couple of hours ago, and right now he is speaking in dexter, further upstate on the shores of lake ontario from our report sir now. common theme, running through trump's appearances and speeches. what is he focusing on there this weekend? >> reporter: well, donald trump is poised to win new york and its 95 delegates in the upcoming primary and because he has such a large lead, a poll released this week has him up 29 points to kasich, which is putting ted cruz in a distant, distant third place. ted cruz, of course, not even in new york right now. he's out in wyoming.
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with that huge lead, that has shifted trump, from his usual slamming the gop opponents to slamming the actual gop delegate process. at a rally earlier today in syracuse, he called the process dirty, and he hit the republican national committee saying that they need to fix it and quickly, predicting if they didn't, they would have huge problems come july at that convention. now, of course, that's not the first time that he has insinuated some kind of situation happening for the party at the convention in july. he said just a month ago that there might be protests if he was denied the nomination. now, the rnc national -- the rnc chairman reince priebus, excuse me, he responded on cnn yesterday saying that the process is the normal process, and that it's been the same for years, saying that he should have learned the process ahead of time. pamela? >> all right, tough to hear you there. clearly, a loud crowd. where donald trump is speaking, and in dexter, new york.
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kristen holmes, thank you for bringing us the latest there and let's actually listen in to donald trump and hear what he has to say. >> my family sometimes, ivanka, melania, my kids they say, they say -- dad, why are you doing -- you don't have to do this. you have such a -- i built this great company. i took $1 million and built a company that's worth more than $10 billion in a fairly short pert of time. i have some of the most iconic, and tremendous cash flow and say it for one simple reason, and i couldn't care less about it. i'll let the kids run it. let the managers run it's it's so simple. let me tell you, i'm doing this, because that's the kind of thinking our country needs. we have 21 -- [ cheers ] we have very soon 21 billion -- think of it. were we have $21 trillion -- trillion! nobody even knows what the hell
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is a trillion? nobody know what's a trillion is! you know, not so long ago, you never heard the term trillion. now it's like routine. so we have 21, very soon, that horrible omnibus budget, by the way financed obama care extension. finance d people coming in from ceia, we have no idea who they are, where they are. no paperwork, no documentation. so here's the story, folks. here's the story -- many -- we're going to end up -- don't worry about it. trust -- you know when i first did this, when i first came -- they got to go. no, no. they got to go. this is beyond the wall. they fly them in. okay? this is beyond the wall. they fly over the wall. look -- look -- we're going to be now the smart country. we're not going to be the dummies anymore. we're going to be the smart country. we're going to be the smart country and we're going to have to send them back.
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with have no idea who they are. there's no documentation whatsoever and we'll help them build a safe zone in syria someplace and i'll get the gulf states, who, by the way, are not carrying their weight. they got a lot of money. they're not taking the migrants. you know, there's no migration going into the duffel statthe g. they're going to pay for it. i have a bigger heart than anybody. it's a problem. >> okay. you hear donald trump in dexter, new york, and hillary clinton is on the eother side of country actually attacking donald trump. let's take a listen. >> -- in our country. so here's what i believe. i believe that we've got to keep our eye on what is at stake in this election, and for me, that means how do we knock down all of the barriers that stand in the way of people! [ chanting "hill re ining "hill]
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>> i have to say -- we've had -- we have had a very spirited primary campaign. [ cheers ] which i -- which i think is great, but just remember, it's not enough to say what's wrong. you've got to tell people what you're going to do to make it right! [ cheers and applause ] we don't need another diagnosis of the problem. we need solutions, and that is what i am offering. and so let's talk about that. number one, i think when you're talking to folks about what you want to see in your next president, you need to say, there are three big tests anybody asking for your vote should have to meet.
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number one, can you actually produce positive results for people? can you actually make a difference in their lives? number two -- can you keep us safe here at home and continue to lead the world with our values in the right direction for peace and prosperity? and number three -- can you unite our country? and -- [ cheers ] -- on every one of those tests, i think our future depends. so let's quickly take them. can you make a positive difference? well, that's why i have laid out specific plans, because i want you to know what i will do as your president. i don't want you to be in the dark or surprised. so that's why i've said, we're going to get more good jobs and infrastructure, advanced manufacturing. >> hillary clinton speaking in los angeles, california. this is her only public event there today. later tonight she will be attending a fund-raiser hosted by actor george clooney.
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and to discuss all that is going on today, tara setmayer joining us, a conservative made it pretty clear she's not a fan of donald trump. also with me is jeffrey lord, a donald trump fan sashgs porter, who worked for the reagan white house at one time. should be an interesting discussion. >> making it more than perfectly clear, hillary has. >> exactly. >> but i am a fan of jeffrey lord. >> so. >> that's good. maybe a civil discussion. so, tara, start with you, here, because donald trump holds a massive lead in the polls as we see, but he's clearly, you know -- focusing on new york right now, and he's been trashing, though, this delegate system that we've seen play out in wyoming today. colorado last weekend. do you think that his argument will gain traction, particularly if he wins the new york primary? >> i think it gains traction with his supporters. i don't think it gains traction with people who are outside of
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his, his core group. so -- you know, i think it's also, if you're -- you know, to attack the process is a rather weak argument. he didn't have a problem with the process when he's winning. so he's got a -- she doesn't have a problem with the results when he wins. only with the process when he doesn't. to me that's very sour grapes, sore leoser. the caucus system in wyoming, what happened in colorado, these have been in place for many, many decades. colorado had that in place from 1992, and then went back to a primary process and went back to a caucus to save money. guess who makes those decisions? the state legislature, and guess who elects the state legislature? the people. guess who can vote in any precinct or caucus operation? any registered voter. so this is nonsense. absolute nonsense that people are disenfranchised if you're a registered republican voter you have every opportunity to participate in a caucus at a precinct level and on up into the state level. he's just whining and complaining because he was
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out-organized and is losing the delegate battle. >> jeffrey is that true? >> no, it's not true, and one of the things -- let me take what tarp ra said right there, that this simple went back to 1912. well, let me read you a short statement. i went before the people and i won. now the national committee and a portion of convention, made a majority only by the aid of delegates not elected but chosen by the national committee are trying to cheat me out of the nomination. it's not me they're cheating, it's the people, the rank and file of the republican party. that statement was made by former republican president theodor roosevelt in 1912 accusing the republican national committee and republican establishment of the day using precisely the rules that tara is citing of cheating him. so donald trump is not the first to go down this road, and, yes, this system is susceptible to manipulation. i've been a member at large of the pennsylvania delegation, and there's nothing in the world that could have kept me from cheating on my commitment in the day to vote for george h.w.
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bush. >> and tara, know, there are people who argue, these may be the rules, but it removes the people from the process even more than it could. what do you say to that, though? even though these are the rules? >> right. i think the argument about primary, direct primary versus caucus systems in the presidential primary nomination process has been going on a long time. but, again, if you're paying attention, then you know what the rules are. you know who's making those decisions. i mean, what happened in 1912, there have been things that have changed since then to back away from any kind of delegate manipulation and things like that, but i think when you start to question the integrity of this process, you're questioning the integrity of the local citizens who are party loyalists. i mean, we're not just talking big bosses smoking cigars in a back room. we're talking average people concerned about their party, concerned about the system, who go and at their own expense, their own time and participate. so i think you have to be very
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ca care of the casting aspersions on folks in colorado or wyoming going to these state conventions and participating because they have an interest in the integrity of the process and you can't change the rules half way through. these rules have been in place a very long time. it's transparent. the trump campaign was well aware of them and agreed to them months ago. but i think they never thought they'd get this far and weren't prepared and are whining about the rules. >> interesting, in wyoming, we spoke to some delegates i haven't been wined and dined, just want to be part of the process. taking a closer look at the delegate process coming up. stick around. here talk more later. as we all well know by now, this tuesday, a battle for new york and the stakes couldn't be higher. it could all come down to this -- ishs the new york primaries, all day coverage tuesday only on cnn. and we've got much more on this tonight as we go to break. live events in new york and california, with hillary clinton and donald trump.
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republican front-runner donald trump is rales against the gop and the rigged delegate system reporters fear may deny him the nomination. he wrote a scathing article in the "wall street journal," colorado selected its delegate at a party consequence rather than by the voters. the head of the rnc tells cnn the system is not broken. >> it was the same system that -- that put abraham lincoln into office. no. i think the system is working, and all of the delegates that are bound to the candidates will stay bound to the candidates. no one is losing any bound
12:17 pm
delegates whatsoever. we're going to get together. we're going to be unified in cleveland. i know there's drama and there's work to do. i get it. i'm not oblivious to the world that i live in. >> and i want to bring in politics reporter m.j. lee to discuss for of this. again with this op-ed trump made for the "wall street journal" and in it he expressed his apparent disgust with the rigged system and also really went after lis opponent ted cruz. how did he lay out his case? >> yeah, that's right. what we are seeing is donald trump openly waging war against the gop establishment. clearly he has had a rough couple of weeks. he was very frustrated by what happened in colorado, and this is why we have seen the campaign hire someone like paul manafort to manage the delegate process. i want to read a part of what trump wrote in the "wall street journal" op-ed. let me ask america a question. how has the system been working out for you and your family? i, for one, am not interested in
12:18 pm
defending a system that for decades has served the interests of political parties at the expense of the people, and the main message here, pamela is that trump is trying to make the case that not only is he being cheated but that his supporters and voters are being cheated. >> and the "new york times" says reince priebus spoke to the rules committee and said don't change rooms ahead of the convention. they meet a week or two before he doesn't want it to appear they're changing rules to stop trump. talk about that. what kind of rules are we talking about and how strong was this urging? >> right. reporting from jonathan martin at the "new york times." he says that rnc chair reince priebus texted certain members of the party's rules committee basically to say, do not change the rules. he texted them to also say when the party has its spring meeting in florida next week, just stay away from altering the rules to make it appear as though the party is trying to stop trump
12:19 pm
from getting the nomination, and he's doing think because a narrative is forming among trump supporters some of the republican base, that the party is conspiring to stop trump from getting the nomination. in my own reporting when i've gone to places like upstate new york, western pennsylvania, trump supporters told me, look, i feel like this is the thing that is happening, where the party is trying to deny trump what he deserves, and that if they see a process take out this summer where trump heads into the defense with the most delegates but comes out of the convention not as a nominee, then they are really done with the party. they will never support the republican party again. >> interesting. great reporting there. thank you so much. and by the way, tonight hillary clinton will be hanging out with george and amal clooney, the power couple is hosting-raiser at their posh home. tickets are very expensive.
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is just three days away and hillary clinton is thousands of miles away from the big apple. right now, clinton is rallying supporters in los angeles, and she's spending the whole weekend in california with a series of high-profile fund-raisers. let's go to correspondent sara sidner los angeles. sara, tell us what really fired up the crowd during clinton's speech. >> reporter: several things. mostly right now she's been talking about donald trump and going after his idea of stopping muslims from coming into the country, saying that she doesn't want him out on the stage, the world stage, saying these things without having someone come forward to show the rest of the world that that is not who americans are, that we do not act like that as a nation, and she said it's very hard to build coalitions with the very people you need to help in the fight against terrorism when you are shaming them and when you are treating them poorly. she also was talking about ted cruz, going after his comments on sending police into muslim neighborhoods saying that's pretty much a police state and i don't think that's what americans want.
12:25 pm
getting big cheers from the crowd there. so far also talked a lot about women's health, and the pay inequality for women saying that has to change. and also being very clear about u.s. supreme court and saying the senate needs to do its job and go ahead and look at the supreme court justice that president obama has put up. you're getting a lot of cheers from the crowd, but also you have three people who have been taken out who have been trying to protest here, each one of them started to hold up a sign and immediately the crowd reacted, booing them and chanting, "hillary, hillary, hillary" this crowd obviously very interested in what she has to say and not interested in anyone interrupting what she has to say. pam? >> all right. we hear her speaking behind you. let's's listen in. >> -- one of our biggest assets in the world. and i want you to know that i will go anywhere to find common
12:26 pm
ground with anybody to solve our problems. i -- i am not going to be reluctant at all to do that. because i believe that we can solve our problems, but it's going to take persistent effort. and i have seen how president obama has been met with hostility by the republicans at every turn. you know, he inherited that economic mess from the republicans. i don't think he gets the credit he deserves for digging us out of the ditch they dropped us into. >> all right. so hillary clinton still speaking there in los angeles, and sara sidner later on tonight, clinton will be attending a fund-raiser at george and amal clooneys' home in sin city, and this is not without controversy. why is that? >> reporter: look, the bernie supporters have said this just shows that she is in with those big money investors, the big
12:27 pm
moneymakers. she doesn't represent the 99% and why they've been so angry. you look at the numbers and see how they're looking at this, hey, i can't afford $33,000 to show up and be invited into this home. also, $353,000 having to fund raze that or bring that in to be able to sit at the table with her. consternation about that. talking to folks here who showed up to listen to hillary clinton and says we know how fund-raising works. if that's what he wants to do for her and if you want to show up for events like this, she's been all over the country. they don't feel offended. >> sara sidner thanks so much and hillary clinton's opponent bernie sanders has been in vatican city and met briefly with pope francis and shook his hand. santers described the meeting as "extraordinary." the meeting occurred at the vitt kinn guest house where sanders and his wife stayed. he praised pope for leadership
12:28 pm
and inequality and the pope shot down any suggestion the handshake of sanders' was political. live to what he told reporters on the papal plane. >> translator: it was manners and not getting involved in politics. if anyone thinks that greeting is getting involved in politics, then i recommend they look for a psychiatrist. >> reporter: and no photos taken of pope francis and sanders meeting, meantime, sanders arrived back in new york moments ago. you won't want to miss the "state of the union" a fight for new york. at 9:00 a.m. eastern, only on cnn. and after that quick meeting with bernie sanders, the pope made an emotional visit to lesbos greece. the pope returned to the vatican a few hours ago with 12 syrians. the families rode on the papal plane with the pope, and you can see them disembarking from the
12:29 pm
plane right here. they were selected in a lottery-type process, and were in a camp for those considered to be the most vulnerable. the pope's trip there was extremely emotional. before leaving the pope prayed saying all the men, women and children who have died after leaving their homelands in search for a better life, many of their graves bear no names, to you, each one is loved and cherished. and turning back to politics, wyoming's delegates results expected to be announced at any moment. ted cruz is in the state campaigning, and donald trump isn't even putting up a fight there. a live report from the convention, up next.
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the convention is a lot like colorado's where party leaders elect delegates instead of voters. senator cruz is likely to dominate in the state and spoke earlier. ana cabrera was there. ana, only 14 delegates are up for grabs there, but in a ris like this, every delegate counts. right? >> reporter: that's right. and ted cruz is certainly hoping to increase his delegate numbers after today in a big win in wyoming. we're seeing a lot of these t-shirts floating around here at the convention. cowboys for cruz. obviously playing on the ranching theme in wyoming. a very rural, conservative voter base for the republican party, and so ted cruz sees this as a victory for him. now, there were earlier delegates elected at the county conventions in this state and he really did clean up the majority of those and has already been awarded nine of those pledged delegates. there were 12 already that have been handed out. one was unpledged.
12:34 pm
it's still possible additional unpledged delegates will come out of wyoming, but 14 delegates are at stake today and ted cruz was the only candidate to speak to this convention crowd. so it does speak to the expectations game from all of the campaigns when you think about that. ted cruz, focused on energy. talking about bringing coal mining jobs back to wyoming. talked about reining in the epa, freedom and gun rights. lots of cheers on those issues and also went after donald trump. listen. >> i am thrilled to be here with so many wonderful patriots at a time when our country is at such a moment of crisis. and i'm here today with a word of hope and encouragement. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even flaprint that on a baseball cap. but the real question is -- do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place?
12:35 pm
>> reporter: obviously going after the message that donald trump has been touting and perhaps these t-shirts, cowboys for cruz, is also the cruz campaign answer to the apparel donald trump has been sporting on his side of the aisle. interesting to see what happens here in wyoming. we're expecting results here within the hour and will keep you all posted. pam la. >> i'm sure you will. ana cabrera, thanks. we'll check back in with you than note. one candidate noticeably about sfrent wyoming. donald trump. dismissed the state altogether arguing the process just isn't fair. with me to discuss, tara setmayer and cnn political commentator and former reagan white house political director, jeffrey lord. great to have you both back. jeffrey, you support trump. we've discussed this. earlier trump explained why he's not in wyoming. i want to play some of what he said and get your reaction on the other side. >> i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to
12:36 pm
wyoming many months before to wine and dine and essentially pay off all of these people, because a lot of it is a payoff. you understand that? they treat them, take him to dinner, get them hotels. the whole thing's a big payoff. has nothing to do with democracy. >> so, jeffrey, though, isn't this part of the process, appealing to these delegates, convincing them you're the best candidate? you were in the reagan administration. hasn't this been going on for years and years? >> well, this kind of thing has been going on for years and years, and perhaps that's part of the problem. i phleb 1976, i think a delegate from the midwest a affirmer, in the middle of 9 forthe ford/rea fight, was invited to have dinner with the queen of england at the white house. he went and i believed switched his allegiance to gerald ford. this can go on all the time. the question is, is it proper? rules what you can and cannot
12:37 pm
do, ethics rules et cetera. those rules simply don't apply. >> but so he may not like the rules, but we're at a point in the race where every single delegate counts. seems donald trump has been throwing in the towel in certain states like colorado last weekend. and wyoming this weekend. given the fact he has such a large lead in new york, ahead of the primary, do you think that's a smart strategy, jeffrey? >> want to concentrate on where you win. people can agree or disagree on a strategy. his strategy, pla to his strengths. marco rubio campaigned in florida, alas, to no victory. john kasich campaigned all over ohio and he's the governor of ohio. so this is the right place for donald trump to be. he's there today. should be there. if he is going to win convincingly in new york he needs to do this. >> tara, to you. cruz might win in wyoming but
12:38 pm
donald trump could well win the new york primary, we said he's up in the polls. what would that mean nor ted cruz if donald trump wins? how significant is, are the results from the new york primary, in your view? >> well, i think it depends how much he wins by. this whole circuitous argument, well, donald trump's not concentrating in wyoming and didn't concentrate in colorado but is in new york and up 20, 30 points in new york in some places. why not concentrate, at this point moving forward, it's very close in the delegate map. that's what matters. so this whole dismissive attitude about wyoming, the people of wyoming should be very insulted someone running to are president of the united states can't be bothered to show up there and ask for their vote or couldn't bother to show up in colorado and ask for their vote and participate in the process that he agreed to participate in when he decided to run for president. so i mean, either -- this was a flippant decision and donald trump decided to run for
12:39 pm
president for the hell of it, or he just decided to ignore the rules, and figure out, oh, if i'm actually going to run for president and win, this is how it works. this whole circuitous argument, well, now the delegate system is corrupt, but not in florida or other places where he won, this is nonsense and because unfortunately, you know, jeff's got a tough, a tough job of defending a candidate who just doesn't seem to want to accept the fact that he actually lost. he's getting outworked and in somewhere like new york, which we expect him to win, if he doesn't make 50%. guess what? it will probably be because he didn't have an apparatus in place to make sure voters were registered when they needed to be six months ago if he wanted to witswitch registration. that's what a campaign. >> does let me ask you, jeffrey, you're a donald trump supporter but i mentioned earlier you were in the ronald reagan administration. did you have the same view then as you do now, donald trump coming out against the system
12:40 pm
saying it's rigged? >> ronald reagan had qualms about the system when he ran in '76. this kind of thing has been going on a long time and i think one of the benefits here that donald trump has brought to this campaign is getting people to look at things differently. i mean, a quick non-political example and in foreign policy, nato. should nato parter ins pay more? now everybody is suggesting perhaps that's the case. what he's suggesting in this case, there's a problem. the delegates system needs to be reformed. as i mentioned, i've been a member of the pennsylvania delegation by appointment. one of those appointed members of the delegation, and i had no -- i could have done anything i wanted, if i chose, to go against the nominee or the party at that point, who was going to be george h.w. bush. that wouldn't have been fair to the people who appointed me, but could i have done it? yes. was there a lot of room for mischief? yes. i do think that these states will have to take a second look at all of this when we're done, because this is a problem, and
12:41 pm
donald trump has accurately pinpointed that problem. >> tara, hold those thoughts. coming back to you in the next hour and i want to hear what you have to say. the conversation will cons. tara setmayer, and jeffrey lord, thank you very much. we have to turn now to maryland where there was a 911 call that ended with two firefighters getting shot. a horrific story here. all the details, up next. zulu-6-9er... clear for take off. roger that! see ya!
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a heartbreaking story out of maryland. two firefighters shot after responding to a 911 call, and one killed while another remains in serious condition at this hour. colleagues are mourning the death of john ulmschneider. he lined the beltways a a stlut their fallen firefighter described as a husband and father. cnn correspondent nick valencia is joining me now with the details. what have you learned? >> reporter: pamela, the vin gatien is still in initial phases but so far investigators do not believe the firefighters were intentionally targeted. this all, if you can imagine, could be a horrible mistake. one firefighter is dead, another recovering from four gunshot wounds. [ sirens ] friday night, prince georges county, two firefightersee spond to the call of a medical emergency from a resident concerned about a relative. >> they knocked on the door. and received no answer.
12:46 pm
so they begin to force entry so they could render care. >> reporter: as they try to open the door, their met by bullets. both furse responders are hit. the family member who made the 911 call is also wounded during the shooting. >> sadly, fire paramedic john ulmschneider succumbed to his injuries. >> reporter: the firefighters killed, john ulmschneider a 13-year veteran of prince georges fire and ems department. his colleague, 19-year-old volunteer kevin swain was rushed to the shock trauma unit in bought mo and underwent surgery. he's expected to survive. >> the relationship and the circumstances behind the shooting are unclear. >> reporter: investigators are still unsure exactly why the shooting unfolded. so far, there is no indication the firefighters were targeted. police say the man accused of firing the shots is cooperating with investigators as they try to figure out what happened. >> thankful for your thoughts and prayers in this very difficult time as we prepare to
12:47 pm
honor the life of one of our firefighter paramedics. and it was a short time ago a local fire department tweeted out a message from that surviving firefighter, kevin swain saying, simply, i'm all right. as for the man who's alleged to have opened fire on those two firefighters, he's in police custody cooperating with police. he is yet to be charged. pamela? >> hmm. what a tragic story there. nick valencia, thank you very much for that. coming up on this saturday, new developments in the case of that deadly shooting of beloved new orleans since star will smith. what the suspect and lawyer are demanding, right after a break. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much,
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. the defense attorney for the man who killed will smith is demanding more investigation. the defendant's lawyer wrote a letter accusing the new orleans police department of being incompetent. this comes as family members, teammates and friends prepare for will smith to be laid to rest today. cnn's martin savidge reports.
12:52 pm
>> reporter: just outside new orleans, nfl players and coaches pay their respects to a saint. number 91. will smith. >> rest in peace. >> reporter: on the street where smith died, fans celebrate his life, in true new orleans style. smith died a week ago, gunned down while arguing with another driver over a minor accident. the exact details are still in question. his death shocked new orleans and beyond. the coach of the saints declaring our city is broken. >> is it? >> i think that shawn's initial reaction was one of emotion, he wasn't looking at the facts and circumstances of this particular case. >> reporter: according to the fbi, murders are down 65% from a peak in 1994. that year 424 people were killed. last year it was 165. landrieu is bothered by the focus on just one. >> i will say, though, and i mean this with great respect, there's been a lot of attention
12:53 pm
paid to this particular case. the next day there was another young man killed in the city that nobody is talking about, and hundreds of people killed before that nobody seems to know or care about either. >> reporter: if he sounds frustrated, he is. on the very day smith died, voters in new orleans rejected a property tax increase to help pay for 400 additional police officers. >> i have been to more funerals than i want to be to. >> reporter: father bell terry is frustrated too, keeper of the murder board, a sign on which he writes murder victims' names. will smith was one of six he added thursday. >> i added gerald smith, norman lyons, rynell kimbrough, dawn scott, will smith, and bryant bransfeld. >> reporter: he also writes their ages. >> 25, 33, 31, 38, 34, 31. that's a waste, isn't it?
12:54 pm
>> reporter: back at city hall, the mayor surprises me with his own murder board, with not just names but faces of every murder victim that's died since he took office. >> who made this? >> i made it. >> why did you make it. >> because it is the most important thing that i do. i talk about trying to keep the city safe every day. young men who lose their lives and women through gun violence, but mostly young men. >> reporter: both the mayor and minister know people are shocked and saddened by smith's death and they also hope finally ready to work together for change. martin savidge, cnn, new orleans. the two fraurns for -- frontrunners, one of them, hillary clinton isn't on the east coast, she's on the west coast. in a minute, live to los angeles
12:55 pm
where the hillary clinton campaign is asking for a very big donation to sit at a certain hollywood table. that's next hour in the cnn newsroom. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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we want you to meet a cnn hero whose passion helps survivors of war with soccer. >> there are so many things stacked against them, for you to be successful, you compete against all these people that are ten steps ahead of you. how are you going to catch up, how are you going to stand out, how are you going to contribute successfully? we are getting people from all over the world, from all different faiths to come together to do something great. >> for more on this story, go to well, you're in the cnn newsroom, i am pamela brown in for poppy harlow. thanks for being here with us. the all important new york primary is three days away, only two candidates are campaigning in new york where 95 delegates are at stake. donald trump and john kasich are
1:00 pm
crisscrossing the state, trying to woo supporters. trump is focusing on new york areas, far from his manhattan home. ted cruz is visiting the wyoming state gop convention saturday in hopes of sweeping delegates there. and results are expected any moment now. for democrats, 247 delegates are at stake in new york. bernie sanders just landed in the big apple after meeting with pope francis earlier today at a vatican guest house. and hillary clinton is thousands of miles away on the west coast. she just wrapped up a rally in los angeles. tonight she will be hanging out with power couple george and amal clooney for a big money fundraiser. sarah side yer, tell us what's playing out there. >> reporter: we are inside this event. turned out hillary clinton came to the crowd, the crowd came to her hoping to


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