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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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crisscrossing the state, trying to woo supporters. trump is focusing on new york areas, far from his manhattan home. ted cruz is visiting the wyoming state gop convention saturday in hopes of sweeping delegates there. and results are expected any moment now. for democrats, 247 delegates are at stake in new york. bernie sanders just landed in the big apple after meeting with pope francis earlier today at a vatican guest house. and hillary clinton is thousands of miles away on the west coast. she just wrapped up a rally in los angeles. tonight she will be hanging out with power couple george and amal clooney for a big money fundraiser. sarah side yer, tell us what's playing out there. >> reporter: we are inside this event. turned out hillary clinton came to the crowd, the crowd came to her hoping to listen to what she's saying.
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most folks in the crowd were here supporting hillary clinton, hoping she's going to be the democratic nominee. she talked about things like climate change and said look, there are some republicans that need to come to the college, listen to scientists, if they're not scientists to understand what's going on. i have a big cheer from the crowd. she talked women's health and right to choose, that got a big cheer. talked about salary and disparity in salary for women. that also got people hyped up here. but she really went after republicans. she did not say a single thing or name her competitor in the democratic party, bernie sanders, but she did talk about republican frontrunner donald trump and made a big distinction between what he thinks and what him and other republicans think. >> i don't think there's been a more important, consequential
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election in quite some time. why do i say that? because you could not have a bigger difference, bigger difference between us and the republicans led by donald trump and ted cruz. everything i have fought for my entire life, everything i stand for in my public service, everything i will do as your president is exactly the opposite of what they say and how they treat people. >> reporter: she said i keep mentioning what donald trump said about not allowing muslims into this country because i want to make sure the world sees another narrative coming out of america, this is not how americans are, not what our country was built on. she said this country was built on immigrants, on the backs of immigrants, that got a cheer from the crowd as well. she's going to move on, pam, to a fundraiser, she did one
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saturday, she's doing one here at a-lister george and amal clooney's house. that has gotten criticism as you know from bernie sanders' camp and protesters saying what's with the huge amounts of money that is required for you to attend an event like this. that was in contrast to her talking about pay equality and the effort people have to make, how she will lift people out of poverty. pam? >> sarah sidner, thanks so much. to discuss what sarah reported on, political strategist jonathan at that seen oh challenged hillary clinton in the contest for a senate seat in 2016. also joined by cnn commentator, hillary clinton supporter maria car donna. maria, i will start with you. a ticket to this event can cost more than $350,000. new yorkers vote in three days. what they're seeing is hillary clinton raising millions at fund
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racers across the country. is this not what sanders talks about when he says clinton's campaign is funded by big money? >> he can try to talk about it. this fundraiser is for the democratic national committee. they raise funds for democrats, for democrats to win across the board, up and down the ticket to make sure democratic values, the same values hillary clinton is talking about day in and day out, about breaking down barriers, making it easy for middle class families, working class families to achieve the american dream, to make sure there are pathways to opportunity for every demographic in this country and for everyone that's been left behind, those are the things she's fighting for. that's where the money is going. frankly her message is working. >> how many families could pay to go to a fund-raiser. does that send the wrong message? >> not at all, these are to raise funds so that these
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democrats can run for office. many times they're outspent by republican counter parts. hillary clinton talks about taking big money out of politics, getting rid of citizens united. until that happens, why should we unilaterally disarm, let republicans raise all this money when democrats can raise money to put in campaigns and fight for those values and middle class families have the voices that up until now a lot of times have been missing. >> jonathan is biting to talk. i want to go to the new ad released by bernie sanders targeting the fund-raisers, then weem talk after. i promise. >> $27. >> i think it is the best $27 you can spend. >> the average donation given to bernie sanders. >> $27. >> make college tuition free. >> better care of veterans. >> for women's rights. >> health care for all.
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>> make wall street corporations pay their fair share. >> keep us out of unnecessary wars. >> ensure a living wage. >> get big money out of politics. >> for the poor. >> for the rich. >> give 27 to transform america. >> i am bernie sanders, i approve this message. >> jonathan? i have my $27 here, it would take 1200 people. i will hand it to you. start a fund-raiser. $27. this is what it would take, what the average contribution is to bernie sanders' campaign. 1200 people to get into that fund race are. maria and i have great affection for one another. what i am going to say this indicates the problem with the party. underscores the politics hillary clinton represents. bill clinton sold off the white house and the democratic party to big business, to corporate
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contributors, to wall street. i tell you what, with the help of his batman, terry mccauliffe, they opened the process to allow wall street donors to come in, buy access. that's where it started. you can go back and track it. that's why nafta passed, one of the worst trade agreements that hillary and bill clinton supported. the notion we shouldn't cut it off, that we have to continue that corrupt politics is belied by the $27 average contribution. bernie sanders has raised more money than these small contributions, that shows the power of individual americans. you see it happening in california, the power of the 1%, the power of wall streeters, the power of the people that hurt this country, created policies that hurt average americans. >> i have to let maria in.
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you made bold claims. >> first of all, all of that is ridiculousness. the problem is not with the party, the problem is with the system. hillary clinton and many democrats who do raise money and go to high level fund-raisers talk about getting rid of money, taking money out of politics and getting rid of -- jonathan, can i finish? i didn't interrupt you. thank you. so democrats don't have to unilaterally disarm, then we will not have the means to fight this fight across the board and up and down the ticket. so let democrats get elected. let's make sure the supreme court is tilted toward getting rid of citizens united, then the system will be fixed. >> really quickly. maria, i am going to stay with you. hillary clinton as we know is up in the polls in new york by 17 points on the last poll.
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she was also up in the polls in michigan and lost in that state. do you think that she's being overly confident, that she's going to win new york and that's why she's out in california this weekend? >> no. at least she's in the country. bernie sanders is not even in the country. it is not a criticism of going to meet the pope, as a catholic, that's terrific. but that doesn't matter. the focus is she's fighting very hard for new york. she is not taking any vote for granted. she has been campaigning there vigorously the past several weeks. it is her home turf. she feels confident, at the same time she is not taking anything for granted. her campaign said they believe this race is closer than what the polls show. i believe she will win. i think it is up to bernie sanders to blow her out of the water. if he doesn't do that, it will be difficult to prove he has any reliable path to the nomination. >> before we wrap up, i want to go to you, jonathan, about
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bernie sanders' defense of palestinians in the democratic debate. you said it was a powerful moment for you. this is something virtually unheard of from a democratic presidential candidate, particularly ahead of the new york primary. >> i want to say in response, the notion that you unilaterally disarm is nonsense. bernie says if we go to the people, we can raise money. i am going to try not to -- i actually cried when he said that. >> and you're jewish. >> i lived in israel seven years, half my family lived there, i have been involved in the fight for palestinian rights for many years. what bernie sanders said was extraordinary and we have never heard that from a presidential candidate to say that we must treat palestinians with dignity and respect and that israel attacked gaza in a disproportionate way. it is contrast with hillary clinton who wrapped her arms around one of the most dangerous world leaders, benjamin
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netanyahu, who i think is along with donald trump a pathological liar who unleashed an assault on gaza. hillary clinton has been proisrael in a negative way, supporting a right wing government, matches with her warhawk kind of policies. bernie sanders did the most amazing thing. he recognized the palestinian people. the rights the palestinian people have. the notion that until the united states plays a role that supports palestinians, that recognizes their dignity, we can't have peace there. i sat at home and i cried. >> final word quickly, maria. >> hillary clinton would not disagree that palestinian people have rights. i think what she is focused on, she has demonstrated this, she's the one that negotiated the cease-fire between the palestinians and the hamas government by the way and israel. she's the one that has
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experience to see through real peace, which is what everybody on both sides deserves. >> watch what hillary clinton said in response -- >> you can still watch the debate. a lively discussion when i have you both on. meantime, both bernie sanders and the pope are giving details of the meeting. what they discussed up next. and the pope visiting with refugees and bringing some of them back to the vatican.
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bernie sanders met briefly with pope francis and shook the pope's hand. sanders describes the meeting as extraordinary. they were staying for a conference on economic and social issues. pope francis shot down any suggestion his handshake with sanders was political. as for sanders, he says he praised the pope, despite the fact he has conflicts with the
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catholic faith. he spoke with our ben wedeman. >> it is not a secret that my view on women's rights, on gay rights, contraception, is different than the church's. in this world what we have to do is work with people to transform our energy system to keep climate change from wreaking havoc on the planet is extraordinary. work with people in areas you can, where you disagree, everybody knows what the disagreements are. let's work together where we can. >> reporter: in the reporting leading up to the conference yesterday, there was an indication that there's an element within the vatican.
1:17 pm
>> there are a few members of senate more outspoken about the role the pope plays in the fight for not only economic justice, but talking about the need to create a moral economy, what we have now. where so few have so much, so many have so little. in my view, not only immoral, it is unsustainable, certainly in terms of climate change if we don't boldly address this crisis. i worry very much about the kind of planet we leave our kids and grandchildren. >> why do you suppose the other people running in this election and leadup to the election weren't invite, hillary clinton, ted cruz, donald trump. >> you'll have to ask them and you'll have to ask the vatican. >> now, there has been some talk that you sort of abandoned the campaign trail to come over here to rome. how do you respond to that criticism? >> if anyone has been following me in new york state the last week to talk about abandoning
1:18 pm
anything, we have been doing rally after rally after rally. we had 27,000 people out in washington square park. we are going back for another rally tonight, working very hard for the next few days. we will have talked to over 100,000 people in upstate new york, in almost every borough of the city of new york, we have been working very, very hard. i did feel that getting this invitation from the vatican, given enormous respect for the pope, is something i could not refuse. >> no photos were taken of that meeting. sanders arrived in new york a short time ago. don't miss tomorrow's state of the union. bernie sanders talks to cnn about the fight for new york at 9:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn. after the pope met with sanders, he made an emotional visit to greece to meet with hundreds of displaced refugees. in a gesture, practicing what is long preached about welcoming my
1:19 pm
grants, he came back with 12 refugees. they rode on the plane with the pope. you can see them here disembarking. they were selected in a lottery process and were in a camp for those considered to be most vulnerable. more than 40 confirmed dead, who knows how much higher that number will get. southern japan, a second powerful earthquake hit a few hours ago. people are afraid and rescue work is very difficult. cnn is there and we'll bring you there after this break. (ricky gervais, vo) verizon is the number one network in america. i know what you're thinking, they all claim stuff like that. yeah, but some of them stretch the truth a little bit. like this. faster, more reliable and better coverage than ever. and it shows the coverage there. uh, oh, hold on. oh! map is not a depiction of coverage! well, then what's the point? i'm speechless. (vo) only verizon has the largest 4g lte network in america. now get up to three hundred dollars with the verizon trade-in event.
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southern japan, it is a disaster area this weekend. two powerful earthquakes two days apart. more than 40 confirmed dead, but that number is fluid, so many people are unaccounted for, and crowds of frightened people are packed into evacuation centers. cnn matt rivers is inside one of them. >> reporter: we are inside one of dozens of evacuation shelters that have been set up here in the kumamoto region for people displaced as a result of the two different earthquakes. you see people inside two different tracks. on one hand, people have had
1:24 pm
their homes destroyed and have nowhere to go. the reality is that most people in this evacuation shelter are here because they're afraid to go home. they're not sure maybe there would be another aftershock. we have been here about 12 hours, and felt several different tremors on our own. that certainly has people here very spooked, given what we've seen over the last two days. frankly, these people were able to make it out of a very difficult situation where others were not so lucky. we know that at least 40 people died as a result of both the earthquake on thursday and the earthquake early morning on saturday, and because of those two e, the amount of rubble and destruction that's gone on in this area is immense. that's the task facing rescue workers right now. you see the trucks behind me, these are from the japanese defense force that will be sending some 25,000 of its members here by the end of the
1:25 pm
day tomorrow, that would be sunday here local time, to help with rescue efforts. they face herculian task, there's a lot of debris to go through to find anyone that might be alive trapped in the rubble. a very tense situation, nervous situation here for people in southwest japan. matt rivers, cnn, kumamoto, japan. >> thank you to matt rivers. yoming delegates are being chosen now as we speak. we expect results at any moment. could the loser be more important than the winner? donald trump is now painting himself as a possible political martyr, taken down by a corrupt system, up next. ncial company t, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot.
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moments ago john kasich talked to reporters while grabbing lunch at a deli here in new york. he was asked whether he thinks the gop nominating process is
1:29 pm
rigged. a question that led to a testy exchange with the reporter. take a listen. >> no, i don't think. >> let me ask you this, that show we had on tv, was that rigged, if somebody didn't get picked, did they say this is rigged? i don't think so. >> governor, if you get to the convention in cleveland. >> there's no if in there. there will be when. listen, at the end of the day i think the republican party wants to pick somebody who actually can win in the fall. can i finish? i'm answering the question the way i want to answer. you want to answer it? here. let me hold that. let me ask you, what do you think. >> i think you should answer the question. >> donald trump has not been shy about calling out what he thinks is a corrupt system, including the delegate selection system in wyoming. officials there are expected to announce delegate results soon, and cruz is poised to pick up most if not all of them.
1:30 pm
with me to discuss, cnn political commentator tara sat meyer and jeffrey lord, otherwise known as the dynamic duo. jeffrey, first to you. you support donald trump. trump rallied against the system during the rally earlier. let's listen, talk to you on the other end. >> i am complaining because it is not fair to the people. when you look at what happened in wyoming and what's happening there, when you look at what's happening in colorado where the people never got a chance to vote, they're going nuts out there, they're angry, the bosses took away their vote. and i wasn't going to send big teams of people three, four months ago, have them out there. again, it is so funny. >> jeffrey, why didn't we hear the complaints earlier in the campaign he knew the rules
1:31 pm
before now? >> all things in due time. when you have a colorado republican voter burning his republican registration an youtube video that goes viral, that ought to be enough to say something is up. i really do think, and i was talking earlier today with someone else who has been with republican campaigns, there's a problem here and it has to be addressed. obviously at this point it is too late to address it for this campaign, but calling attention to it is a very good thing. >> right. tara, on that point do you think this is a spotlight that needs to be shining, even though these are the rules and people have accepted them for all these years, do you think donald trump is doing a good thing shining a spotlight on them? >>. >> he is losing due to rules when he threw his hat in to run for president. it is a tough job.
1:32 pm
it requires more than flying in on a private jet with rallies, ginning people up, flying out. there's an actual apparatus and structure involved in becoming president of the united states. something else, jeffrey brings up this guy that burned his republican registration card in colorado, brings it up all the time. the reason that guy was unable to cast his vote as delegate for donald trump is because he wasn't eligible. he didn't even know that he needed to be elected at the precinct level. he just showed up and thought he is going to show up at the state convention and have opportunity to be on the slate. that's not how it works. whose fault is that, that he didn't know his own process. then he wasn't turning around and using it as if oh, it is because the party bosses took it away. no, 60,000 colorado ns had the opportunity to participate, did participate. millions, whoever is registered voters in colorado could have participated at the precinct level to select their delegates. that's how it works.
1:33 pm
jeffrey, you're from pennsylvan pennsylvania. in the 1820s, the idea of caucus originated in pennsylvania. it started back then. >> history lesson. >> jeffrey is bringing up history, figure i would turn it back around, further back than 1912. that's what people don't understand. it is not something untoward. historically in our country, this is the way the system and process worked. >> these rules are no secret, jeffrey. you have been through this before. you can learn the rules, learn how you play the game. cruz, meantime, is touted as having a strong ground game. could walk with as many as 23 delegates today. doesn't seem like a lot obviously, but when it comes to a race like this, every delegate counts, why isn't trump fighting harder for the delegates? >> i think he is fighting hard for the delegates. i think this is why paul manafort is there. >> he wasn't in colorado. >> these are strategic decisions
1:34 pm
you make in any campaign, where you're going to go, where you're not going to go. senator cruz is in wyoming, not in new york. it would seem to me he would get more delegates in new york if he could win new york, but he's obviously made a decision, running a bad third in polls, he is not there. good for him, that's his strategic decision to make as donald trump makes the same kind of decisions, any candidate does. >> jeffrey, why is donald trump then whining and complaining about the fact he won't get delegates in wyoming or in colorado when he had opportunity to go there himself and pitch to the people of colorado why they should choose him. he chose not to because he doesn't care about them. that's insulting to them. he has a private jet, he can fly there all he wants. >> tara, you make decisions on what's best for the campaign at the moment. obviously the best thing for him is to be in new york. >> why? >> he is poised to win significantly. that's what you do, tara.
1:35 pm
ted cruz is not there today. john kasich is there. you know, if john kasich can be there arguing with some reporter in new york, i don't understand why senator cruz can't be there. the answer is you can't be in two places at one time. we haven't reached the beam me up scottie for political campaigns. >> he could go, he could fly into wyoming, could have gone to that convention and flown right back. there's no reason to continue to do this unless he is setting up the narrative to play the victim when he doesn't win delegates. play the victim and whine when he loses. >> you don't want to mention that donald trump is, gasp, ahead. he is winning. >> the game is not over. >> he is going to keep going until he wins that nomination. but he's ahead. there's no question. >> let me ask you this, tara. trump is poised to win new york according to polls. you never know until primary day comes along, but what would the
1:36 pm
path forward be for ted cruz after that. >> interesting about this, even though donald trump will win new york, this is not news, how much he wins by is something that we'll pay attention to. let's say that donald trump wins all 95 delegates in new york, which i don't think he will, say he does. you count the last four contests, ted cruz is net 33 delegates. this is a delegate race. so he's won -- ted cruz won 128 to donald trump 97 say ted cruz doesn't win another delegate, take wyoming out of there. ted cruz is still net 33 delegates. then include wisconsin, then donald trump would still be behind 45 delegates moving forward. so this whole thing about he's winning now, but the game is not over. when you're in baseball, you have seven games in the world series. you don't cut and run, i won three in a row. new york yankees and came back
1:37 pm
to beat the yankees in the 2004 alcs, you don't end the game now. you have to get there. >> all right. >> we need the majority of delegates. which he doesn't have. >> appreciate the lively discussion. thanks so much. the dynamic duo. this tuesday, it is a battle for new york, the stakes couldn't be higher. could all come down to this, the new york primaries, all day coverage only on cnn. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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new outrage in nigeria at the plight of more than 200 girls kidnapped by boko haram militants two years ago. the country's lawmakers are now demanding security officials brief them on the case. the demand comes on the heels of cnn's report showing the first proof of life video. 15 of the missing girls in boko haram custody are seen in it right here. cnn senior international correspondent has this exclusive report. >> it has been two years, not just here but around the world. two years since any evidence was
1:42 pm
given by captors that they were alive until cnn obtained this video. lined up against a wall, an off camera voice asks what's your name. is that the name your parents recognize? where were you taken from, the voice asks. chibok school, the date was the 25th of december, 2015. this video was obtained by cnn from a person close to the negotiations to get the girls released. for the parents, it is a glimmer of hope these girls are still alive. two years ago we met mary and these others after the abduction of their daughters, and more than 200 other girls. we asked them if they recognize
1:43 pm
any of the girls in the video. >> they lean closer. another girl is identified. one by one, they name all 15 girls. but one mother realizes her daughter isn't there. the off camera voice asking the questions is familiar to cnn, that of a boko haram spokesman. a source close to the negotiations between boko haram and the nigerian government say the video was provided by the terror group as an ask for a show of good faith. nigeria information minister told cnn they received the video and are reviewing it. >> as part of the video, the questions were asked in a
1:44 pm
controlled environment. after two years in captivity, the girls in the video were under no stress. there has been literal transformation to their physical parents. >> is your government negotiating with boko haram for the release of these girls? >> there are on-going talks. we cannot ignore leads, but of course many of these investigations are, you know -- cannot be disclosed, you know, openly because it could also endanger the negotiations. >> we took the video to a classmate of the girls. she was home with family the day the other girls were kidnapped. for her safety, we're not showing her face or using her
1:45 pm
name. she told us there's no doubt these are some of her kidnapped classmates. >> these two, watching the video i am reminded how we played together, do chores, do our homework. >> she says seeing her friends again will likely give her nightmares. >> sometimes still if i hear news about them, i have bad dreams, i wake up crying. >> the video ends with a girl addressing the camera with a message to the nigerian government. we are all well, she says, pointedly. perhaps suggesting girls not seen in this video. she then delivers what sounds like a scripted plea, urging the nigerian government to fulfill unspecified promises. for the mothers of these girls, rapidly becoming women, far from home, the video is overwhelming. they say they just want someone to bring their daughters home.
1:46 pm
with this sense of renewed hope has come a renewed in vig racial of the campaign to hold the government accountable for why it is taking so long to find these girls. nigeria senate as a result tell us because of cnn reporting passed a bill, summoning the country security chiefs to give an accounting in front of the senate for the search for the girls. that will be early next week. whether that accounting will lead, though, to further action and whether it will lead to the girls being brought home safely to their families remains to be seen. >> powerful, gripping report there. thank you so much. for more information how to help girls around the world receive an education and impact your world, go to we'll be right back. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch.
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1:51 pm
rubs 9/11 survivors the wrong way. >> i am shocked what's going on. do the saudis have that much influence on our government? are they really calling the shots in washington, d.c.? are we really not able to pass legislation in congress because of the saudis? it is unbelievable. >> he chairs the middle eastern studies of the london school of economics. this is his new book, isis, a history. let's talk about the threat from the saudis we discussed, particularly what assets are they talking about folks selling off, why do they see that as deterrent to the bill before congress. >> first of all, the saudis owe billions in assets to the united states. particularly invested heavily in securities in the past ten years or so. you're talking about really a significant, massive sums of money.
1:52 pm
secondly, i don't think it is an ultimatum. i think this is particularly a threat on the part of saudi arabia that what's been happening in congress is more of a political act as opposed to a legal case designed to discredit saudi arabia and they're terrified, saudi leadership, if the bill passes in congress that their billions could be frozen in u.s. courts. it is a serious matter to saudi arabia, and by the way, i don't think this is a bluff. the fact that the foreign minister comes to washington and delivers the message on part of the leadership of saudi arabia tells you how serious the matter is being considered by the saudi leadership. >> and president obama, we know, will be in saudi arabia wednesday to talk about the current terror threat. do you think that a face-to-face meeting with the king could
1:53 pm
diffuse the tension? >> you're correct. president barack obama will be arriving in saudi arabia wednesday. he will be holding several meetings. we do not know if this contentious issue is on the agenda, but i am sure it is. as you know for your own american viewers, american, saudi relations have been strained the past few years. the saudis believe the obama administration has abandoned them because of the nuclear deal with iran. they believe that the obama administration has sacrificed the strategic relationship with saudi arabia -- you have a context, a poisonous context. that's why the president has been trying to meet with saudi leaders and reassure. this question, the congress bill, for american viewers, the obama administration finds itself to be between a rock and hard place. the rock, the pressure of the
1:54 pm
families that lost loved ones on 9/11, and the harder place that this is a strategic relationship with saudi arabia that american diplomats and soldiers could also be taken to legal, in legal cases if congress passes the bill. that's why the obama administration is trying very hard to reassure the saudis and lobby congress so that the bill does not really go all the way in the u.s. policy in the next few days and weeks. >> thank you so much for coming on, share your perspective. >> thank you. coming up on this saturday, another state makes their choice for republican presidential nominee without a popular vote. we are awaiting results from the gop conveion in wyoming. plus, hillary clinton is not the only big name draw as a big bucks fund-raiser. those stories in the next hour of cnn newsroom.
1:55 pm
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the genetic level. this is precision cancer treatment, an approach to care that may help patients like christine enjoy the things that matter most in their lives while undergoing treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here. that's definitely something worth celebrating. learn more about precision cancer treatment at appointments are available now. a near fatal accident nearly derailed the career of a gifted violinist. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. john jay gupta has her turning point. >> rachel knew what she wanted to be at five years old.
1:59 pm
>> i started signing in kindergarten with violinist. >> at 17 she was the first american to win gold in violin at the international joe han sebastian bach competition. until a train ride in 1995 changed everything. >> as i was exiting, doors slammed shut on my straps of the bags i was carrying. the train started moving. i had to decide to be dragged, or try to free myself which may flip me under the wheels. >> she wiggled free but the train severed her leg. she endured more than 45 operations. >> i am grateful to be here, that they were able to put me back together. >> six months after the accident, she returned to the stage. the following year she performed at the democratic convention. 21 years after she was injured, rachel has released her 30th cd.
2:00 pm
continues to perform across the country, added mom to her repertoire. >> there's a myth that you have to undergo angst and tragedy to become a better artist. what about all of the positive, wonderful moments in our lives. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. welcome to the cnn newsroom. i am pamela brown in for poppy harlow. coming to you live from new york at the site of next week's presidential primary, one that comes at a critical juncture in this campaign to say the least. while all of the candidates certainly have new york on their minds, much of the action today is out of state, on the republican side, ted cruz is looking for 14 state delegates at the gop convention in wyoming. as soon as we get the results, we'll bring them to you. and of course this comes as donald trump doubles down on accusati


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