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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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caused by many factors, including declining coal prices and natural gases, renewables. coal consumption in oacd countries will drop 40% by 2040. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. happening now in the "newsroom," hundreds dead and a thousand injured after a massive earthquake strikes ecuador. the rescue under way to rescue those that are trapped. >> do we have a government that represents all of us or just the 1%? >> and john kasich tells our dana bash donald trump should act like a professional. >> do you think the system is rigged? >> well, no. i think it's the way it works.
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>> "newsroom" starts now. hello. i'm fredricka whitfield. crews now scrambling to reach survivors after an earthquake killed at least 235 people. the first pictures of the rescues coming in to cnn right now. take a look at this. we understand this to be a little girl who is on that stretcher being pulled out of the rubble of a collapsed building. it reportedly took them hours just to locate her under need that fallen concrete. scenes like this are playing out across the quake zone right now. the earthquake struck equador's central coast. there are no reports of any americans killed. joining me right now, cnn latin america affairs editor rafael romo. so these rescuers really are up against a very tough situation with these giant pieces of concrete, buildings that have collapsed.
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>> yes, that's a very good point. just to put it in perspective, the earthquake hit just before 7:00 p.m. last night. there are great areas in the country that are essentially in communication with the rest of the country. now, the epicenter was in the northwest part of ecuador but the best known city international has been affected and we're getting images like this one, a bridge collapsed on top of drivers, people trapped in their cars and at least one person died there. officially, fred, at this hour, the number of fatalities stand at 235. there's more than 1500 people injured and we have six provinces that are under a state of emergency right now. but again, it seems to me that it's too soon for authorities to get a real sense of the magnitude of this catastrophe. a lot of the coastal areas, they have had torrential rains for
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the last several weeks because of the el nino phenomenon. we already had unstable ground. add to that, this earthquake. we have these images coming to us. already countries have promised help and are sending help. water is a great necessity. right now authorities have already sent 10,000 soldiers and 4600 police to help in the rescue efforts. that's the priority right now. it's less than 24 hours after the earthquake hit. >> wow. these are incredible images. this is really devastating for so many people when you see the images of the collapsed bridge and those crushed vehicles. your mind can't help but take you to san francisco years ago with that very huge earthquake. but this indeed with the many thousands of reinforcements you mentioned, it really is going to take quite the effort to reach as many possible victims who
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might be alive in all of this crushed debris. >> one quick final point, these are images from the city that is the size of chicago, 2.7 million people. >> thanks, rafael. appreciate it. meantime, here in the united states, it's the final countdown in new york, just two days before that state's primary. from the center of this delegate-rich race, cnn jeremy diamond is live where donald trump is meeting with people at the new york military academy and bren is in brooklyn where bernie sanders holds a rally in just a couple of hours. sanders strategy seems to be following the money. specifically, clinton's money.
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sanders told dana bash how he believes clinton's wealthy donors have tainted her policy decisions. >> can you point to a decision that hillary clinton has made as senator that shows she favored banks because of the donations she received? >> as a matter of fact, she voted for a bad bankruptcy legislation. and whether that is a result of contributions from wall street or elsewhere, no one can say that, dana. but what i will also repeat to you is the most important issue is what is your stand on wall street? you're not going to have a government that represents all of us so long as you have candidates like hillary clinton depending on big money interest. >> let's go to brooklyn. we've seen huge crowds and this has become the norm, has it not, especially for bernie sanders there in new york. is the campaign expecting the
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same? it sure looks like it so far. >> reporter: you are absolutely right. they are expecting huge crowds as they are getting used to here in their home town of brooklyn. thank goodness for gorgeous weather. that's only fueling the crowds. we actually talked to a bernie campaign person. they were lining up at 9:30 this morning. he's not speaking until 4:00. remember, last week in manhattan, he had an estimated 27,000 people -- well, that's certainly going to pale in comparison as you see here especially since there is a bigger space to field. fr fred? >> brynn, what about this emboldened statement that is being made about bernie sanders on the two-day event with george clooney in los angeles and in san francisco raking in millions
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of dollars and bernie sanders saying, this is a reflection of her policy making. >> reporter: definitely. it's something that bernie sanders has served as a talking point really from day one in his campaign. it's something that resonates with voters not only here in brooklyn today that we talked to but also across the country. just yesterday, one hillary clinton went to that fund-raiser in california, which you mentioned not too long ago being held by george clooney. they were throwing $1,000 bills at her motorcade. >> brynn gingras, thank you. a lot of money in the form of dollar bills being hurled in the streets there in los angeles. okay. so fresh off his loss to ted cruz in wyoming, donald trump
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wrapped up a raucous rally into new york, claiming that the system is rigged and that's why he didn't push harder for delegates in wyoming and fired yet another shot at hillary clinton using his latest nickname for her, crooked hillary. >> you know the story. it's crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. and i'll tell you what, we are going to beat her so badly. >> joining me right now from staten island, jerea jeremy dia. preaching to the choir with voters already deciding who they want to vote for? >> reporter: it certainly seems that donald trump has officially branded hillary clinton. he brought this crooked hillary up yesterday in watertown, new york, and now in staten island.
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jeb bush was known as low energy and ted cruz and lying ted. he needs to be able to lynch the nomination and been slamming the rnc, talking about how it would be a rough july if he doesn't get the nomination. certainly he's saying that, you know, he could play the game to be able to get these delegates but it seems like he doesn't -- just doesn't want to. >> i don't want to play the rule game. i tell you what, we live in a democracy and it's all about getting the bosses out. >> so there you have it. donald trump has warned about a rough july and talked about how the potential for riots in the past talking about the rnc convention. today, donald trump says he doesn't think there will be and doesn't think there should be any violence during the
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republican national convention this summer. >> jeremy diamond, we'll check back with you from staten island. thank you so much. coming up next, peter king of new york weighing in on the presidential primary race in his state and he's making clear his feelings about senator ted cruz. >> you called him a phony once before. >> yeah, a phony, fraud and probably other things, too. ever since the government shut down and talking to people in washington, seeing him in action and then the whole remark about new york values, i just don't trust him. i don't think he should be president.
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less than 48 hours before new yorkers head to the polls about a crucial primary that could hurt presidential candidates on both sides, it's a race for delegates with 95 up for grabs among republican democra democrats about democrats. peter king has been in office for nearly four decades and i started off by asking him about the battle for his state and how pivotal of a role it plays in this year's nomination process. >> we've never seen a real republican primary and
11:15 am
democratic primaries. campaigning is having an impact, people are talking about it, certainly donald trump has been john kasich keeps appearing and is going to make a better showing than people may think. as far as bernie sanders and clinton, it seems that hillary may be stretching the lead and the turnout he's been getting at washington square park, that was monumental. it's bill clinton that is going to be on long island today and going to hempstead, chelsea clinton has been here. ted cruz has made a few forays. not too successful. he's out in wyoming.
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trump and bernie sanders as they liven this up and any time bill or hillary is involved, they makes it exciting. >> how do you think it's going to turn out on tuesday? >> i think it's going to turn out better than people thought. i certainly think hillary is going to win. bernie sanders has the base and enthusiasm. and there are good numbers for her and as far as the liberal base of the party, that's basically washington square park located, too, near greenwich village, lower manhattan, those people with bernie sanders, the angry left, if you want to call it that, or dedicated left, i think in an ordinary time, that
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would be hard for hillary to get them back voting for her in november. maybe donald trump will get them back to work. it's interesting, again seeing that size turnout and seeing that the base of the party, the liberal base of the party definitely seems to be with bernie sanders. >> and how about you, you're a republican, you supported marco rubio and then you've had some strong sentiments about ted cruz and donald trump. have you made up your mind about who you are leaning toward? >> no, i really haven't. i vote on tuesday. as far as endorsing anyone, not yet. ted cruz, i can never endorse ted cruz. i have too many differences with him. >> you've called him a phony before. >> yes, probably other things, too. ever since the government shut down, talking to people in washington, and then the remarks about new york values, i just don't trust him, i think he's really tapped into something and
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they have the potential to reach voters, republicans ordinarily wouldn't be able to reach. blue collar people, people in the neighborhoods, people who voted for ronald reagan, that type of voter. then he needlessly, by attacking john mccain, president bush and mocking a disabled reporter, those all cross the line. but if he can clean up his act and get more substance two what he's saying, because of hillary clinton's high negatives, so far he's not been able to put that together. as far as john kasich, john kasich is qualified and can make a very good president. i just don't know if he is within shouting distance. i hope john stays in it. who knows what will happen at the convention. >> you hope john kasich stays in it because his influence does
11:19 am
what in terms of giving republicans choices, is he kind of a stabilizer when it comes down to issues or even his demeanor. why do you hope he stays in it? >> yeah, i think to even be considered at this stage at the convention, assuming the convention becomes deadlocked, especially now that paul ryan is out of the race has taken himself out, it would have to be somebody who has run. and the others have already dropped out to reach back to any of them. so john would be a legitimate alternative. certainly, again, if donald trump can't get it, john kasich would be a far better alternative than ted cruz. i think ted cruz would hopelessly divide the party. and i'm not part of a stop trump movement. i'm not getting into that. if he doesn't make it, if he can't make it, there's a tremendous amount of people who would not want those votes to go to ted cruz and john kasich would be a legitimate alternative. >> and there's more in the next hour. we'll have more of our
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conversation with congressman peter king as he stresses his concern on how the race has divided the republican party and his thoughts on why he decided not to make a run for the nomination. all right. stay with us. all day tuesday, especially for our special coverage of the new york primary. still ahead, north korea weighing in on u.s. politics. why a top official there is calling donald trump absurd. that exclusive interview, next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number.
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the man who is considered the international eyes and ears for kim jong-un is calling out donald trump saying that the suggestion to allow south korea and japan to develop their own nuclear weapons is, quote, absurd and illogical. will ripley has more from inside north korea. >> fred, a north korean official i spoke to said trump's suggestion that south korea and japan could arm themselves with nuclear weapons is potentially dangerous and only encourage north korea to fully develop its weapons arsenal.
11:25 am
few north korean officials understand american politics like this diplomat and former ambassador and reports back to north korean leadership. >> translator: we're not really interested in the u.s. election, he says. we don't care who becomes the next u.s. president. whether republicans or democrats take power, it has nothing to do aout it. u.s. politicians have always had a hostile access the internet. state media doesn't cover details of the u.s. presidential campaign. the average person wouldn't even recognize any of the candidates. in recent months, each has spoken out against north korea's nuclear and missile programs. >> good to be with you. >> donald trump shocked people when he said that japan and south korea could arm themselves with nuclear weapons.
11:26 am
>> japan has a problem with that. maybe they would in fact be better off if they defend themselves from north korea. >> with nukes? >> including with nukes. >> reporter: what is north korea's response? >> translator: it's absurd and illogical. it would tell its allies to have nuclear weapons. isn't this a double standard? pyongyang has not officially responded to trump's remarks. last week, north korea propaganda adopted the voice of abraham lincoln scolding president obama and even in a country known for rhetoric, he believes trump's ideology is dangerous. trump's remarks give us a deeper look at america's hostile policy against my country, he says. simply put, america's hostile acts against us are making the situation on the korean peninsula worse. he warn as policy like trump
11:27 am
would only escalate north korea's nuclear arms race. >> north korea reached out to the united states and asked for peace talks but washington rejected that request when north korea refused to put its nuclear program on the table saying even if a deal was worked out. >> will ripley, thank you so much. still ahead, bernie sanders supporters showering hillary clinton's car with dollar bills protesting her big buck donors and fancy fund-raisers. we'll talk about all of that next. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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11:31 am
few of the celebrities that attended a fund-raiser at gloeoe and amal clooney's house. the cost to sit at the table was $353,400. clooney's neighbor, a dollar store mogul, invited people to attend at his house. the amount of money he helped raise for clinton is obscene. here he is on nbc's "meet the press." >> they are right to protest. and it's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree. >> you know, it's interesting. our camera caught you having a
11:32 am
conversation with the protesters last night. what did you say to them? >> well, it was the funniest thing. i went over to try to talk to them and said a corporate shell, to me that's one of the funnier things you could say about me. you sucked as batman and you kind of got me on that one. and then i walked away. that was basically it. but here's -- i think what's important and what i think the clinton campaign has not been very good at explaining is this. and this is the truth. the overwhelming amount of money that we are raising -- and it is a lot -- but the overwhelming amount of money that we're raising is not going to hillary to run for president. it's going to the down ticket, to the congressman and senators to try to take back congress and the reason that's important and the reason it's important to me is because we need -- i'm a democrat. if you're a republican, you're going to disagree. but we need to take the senate
11:33 am
back. because we need to confirm the supreme court justice. because that fit vote on the supreme court court can overturn citizens united and get this obscene, ridiculous amount of money out. that's why i'm doing it. >> let's talk more about this with our political panel, a political columnist. gentlemen, good to see you. >> hey, fred. >> ellis, you first. george clooney himself said it is ridiculous, but is it necessary? is that what it's come to, that in order to win the white house or win a seat in congress, you've got to raise a lot of money. >> it sure helps. i mean, one of the lessons is there's a lot of different ways to get there. yeah. there's way, way too much money in politics. bernie sanders, as it looks increasingly likely that he will not be the nominee, does leave us with an interesting model for
11:34 am
how democrats can get this done with small donations. i hope other people try to copy that, honestly. >> and we're talking about $27. bernie sanders made it very clear that the average donation, $27. >> impressive. >> they've made millions. brian, this particular fundraising technique of hillary clinton involving amal and george clooney, it's not new and ron n ronald reagan and all that, is this an issue with taking issue who have deep pockets and how influential they may be when it comes down to running for any national office? >> sure. well, and that's been sort of the theme of this election. and you know, there's -- like you said, there's nothing new with these expensive
11:35 am
fund-raisers but in a year where big money interests as bernie likes to point out are so unpopular, man oh man does this highlight the difference with where the establishment folks are, behind hillary, and the folks behind bernie and thrown their $1 bills at hillary. just like socialists throwing good money after bad. use monopoly money, guys. why are you throwing big money at -- >> and then running in the streets to grab the dollars. that's what i was waiting for. i want that follow-up picture. we don't need anything. >> honestly, part of politics is theater and that was throw me something -- it was like mardi gras. they were throwing something you want. >> i know. and then the follow-up shots, where you see people jumping up and down, there's still money in
11:36 am
the street and no one is grabbing the money. okay. let's talk about how you see all of this playing out in the course of the next few days. we're talking about new york first. you know, how the tenor on both sides really has changed. money aside, you know, brian, we're looking at the talons coming out. you hear sanders and clinton going back and forth over policy versus a vision. what is it that if there's a way in which to tell, you know, who is making the most influential argument to voters. is there a way in which you can kind of predict or see, you know, what new yorkers are going to be thinking about as they go to the polls on tuesday, who's the loudest talker, who is most influence and who has the best ideas? >> the thing about new york is
11:37 am
that you have the rust belt state that is the upstate region and then you have the city and the surrounding sort of metropolitan areas which are -- could not be more different. >> yeah. >> in terms of these candidates, it looks like trump and clinton are doing well. of course, sanders trying to -- all new yorkers, all hometown people with big personalities. hillary sort of in an adopted way. all of these people have their constituencies. so they all have their own constituencies and it looks like trump and clinton are likely to carry the day. trump, you saw him earlier in staten island, which where he is a rock star. just sort of solidifying his support there. and hillary -- i don't know. hillary fundraising out in california taking a break seems to be taking it for granted, although she's leading by quite a bit. maybe that's okay for her. >> ellis, i guess the one who has made the most noise, right,
11:38 am
i think everyone will agree and in recent months we're talking about donald trump. for the second week in a row, he is silent. in terms of not being -- not being on the sunday talk show, he has made his public appearances with rallies, et cetera, is that an indicator of a seismic change in the way in which he is conveying his message or, you know, his platform on what is happening here? >> you know what it is, i think finally there are some grown-ups in the campaign. >> yes. exactly. some of the fans that have been shoved around a bit and he seems a little more focused. but you know what, he is donald. he doesn't listen to instructions well. he shoots from the hip. all the stuff that people like about him makes him volatile and very frustrating for professional and political people. he's probably going to win on tuesday in new york. >> okay.
11:39 am
simply put. we'd like to hear more from you. we have a lot more to talk about. brian, ellis, thank you. see you soon. also coming up, a dispute between the u.s. and russia intensifying after a new incident over the baltic sea. matthew chance is live from moscow. >> reporter: that's right, fred. u.s. officials are fuming over what they say is another dangerous run-in with the military over the baltic sea. the kremlin is denying it. live from moscow, coming up.
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all right. u.s. officials are fuming over what they call another dangerous and provocative run-in with the russian military in the baltic sea. they say in an aerial close-call, a u.s. reconnaissance plane was barrel rolled by a russian plane that came within 50 feet of the plane tip. matthew, what is moscow saying about this incident. >> there's this account that the fighter jet that interjected the reconnaissance plane and did a barrel roll is not consistent with the reality.
11:44 am
they say they spotted this aircraft heading high speed towards the russian borders and flying near international air space and towards the baltic sea. once they have done that, they say, the u.s. plane changed course and moved away from its course towards the u.s. border. they are saying there were no emergency situations and certainly nothing done that was illegal, according to international law. but you've seen that video and a few days back there was an extremely close encounter, very similar to this one, also in the same area on the baltic sea. the russian fighter jets passed within 30 feet of the destroyer causing ripples on the sea so close to the surface of it. so clearly, russia is using this
11:45 am
kind of aggressive tactics to mark its territory, russia considers it to be its backyard and they are going to be approached in this aggressive fashion. we've seen it time and again, fred. >> is that another indicator that it could continue to escalate or at least this is not the last of these kinds of close calls? >> it's going to continue. is it going to escalate? the intention is not to attack a u.s. vessel but both sides waiting for the others to blink. it could result in some accident and that's the big danger. >> matthew chance, thank you so much. all right. still ahead -- >> do you think this system is rigged? >> no. i think it's the way it works. >> john kasich went one on one with our own dana bash. why he says donald trump needs
11:46 am
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11:50 am
morning. >> donald trump is on a tirade against the republican nominating system. he says the system is rigged, the vote is no longer a vote. what do you think? do you think it is rigged? >> no. i think it's the way it works. it's like saying i made an 83 on my math test and i should get an "a" because i think it's rigged that you have to make a 90 to get an "a." come on. act like you're a professional. be a pro. >> the next six contests. >> yes. >> starting here in new york. >> right. >> are in the northeast. >> right. >> to the mid-atlantic. those are really tailor-made for your brand of couple passionate conservativism. if you can't win in these states, what's your rational to going to the convention. >> i don't have to win this state. i have to accumulate delegates and have momentum going in.
11:51 am
i am not going to whine but because i was ignored for so long, there's coke, pepsi and kasich. kasich, kind of interesting but we're going to get one of the known brands. now it's coke, pepsi and kasich and now we have to cross the b rubicon so people know who i am and to me it's to accumulate delegates and go into the convention as the person standing to beat hillary. >> i know the heart of your pitch is that you can beat hillary clinton. >> right. >> but the fact of the matter is, it is a hard sell if you get to the convention and say, you know, vote for me even if you've only won one state. >> no question it's an important state of ohio. >> yeah. >> but we know you can win ohio. you're the governor.
11:52 am
>> not going to have you as a delegate. >> seriously. >> dana, seriously, we are going to nominate someone who can win in the fall. why do i win in the fall? because we have been able -- we, our team, has been able to put a message that appeals to blue collar conservative democrats and independents. i will make the democrats have to fight in places they haven't fought for decades and that's going to be appealing to people. maybe if they said if you don't win this state, that state, you're out, that is their choice choice. i'm having a great time still. >> i see. >> he's having too much fun. also revealed in the interview, governor kasich has picked up a major endorsement. nevada governor brian sandoval is now backing kasich. sandoval joins two former governors, george pataki of new york and meg whitman in the days
11:53 am
and weeks ahead. coming up, we'll hear from donald trump live. also, straight ahead, president barack obama schooling an nba mvp on, what, the three-pointer? shooting hoops? we'll tell you why, next.
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all right. golden state warriors star steph curry met with the president of the united states. curry and president obama are in a new psa encouraging mentorship and as any true mentor would do, president obama showing curry how to properly play connect four, as you just saw. >> make sure it's on your fingertips. >> make i should shoot lefty. >> you could try that. >> it's part of president obama's my brother's keeper initiative. all right. with all of the presidential candidates descending on new york this weekend, "snl" wasted no time taking advantage of it.
11:58 am
jul julia louise dreyfuss was part of it. >> you've been pretty vague in the past but how exactly are you going to break up the big banks? >> you mean a big bank breakup? >> you break them up! >> how? how? >> once i'm elected president, go to big banks, sit them down and they will be broken up. >> what? no. no. you can't yada yada at a debate. also, you yada, yada over the best parts. >> not to be outdone by elaine, they duked it out. and i mean literally duked it
11:59 am
out. >> secretary clinton, we'll start with you. you recently stood by governor cuomo as he signed a $15 an average into minimum law. >> wolf, i have said from the beginning that it should be a combination of 12 and/or 15. >> you didn't say that. >> yes, i did. >> no, no, no. >> yes, it is. so more straight ahead in the "newsroom" right now. all right. fresh off ted cruz in wyoming, donald trump kicking off a rally in poughkeepsie, new york. >> goes over here and starts lying more than any human being
12:00 pm
i've ever seen in my life. so you're not going to vote for him. and remember this, lying ted. >> lying ted! lying said! lying ted! >> and you know, they are always saying, would you endorse trump? and it's like, well -- like he's tortured. i don't care. i want the people. i just want the people. these guys, it's so phony. like, do you ever watch political campaigns all my life i've watched them. i've always been fascinating. and they will be fighting and fighting and saying horrible things about each other. it's vish noucious. the one that loses, he's going to be a great governor or senator or president. i don't think i'm going to be doing that, folks. you know? i don't think so. number one, i don't think we're making any concessions, i'll be honest. and you know, we're doing so well,


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