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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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so you're not going to vote for him. and remember this, lying ted. >> lying ted! lying said! lying ted! >> and you know, they are always saying, would you endorse trump? and it's like, well -- like he's tortured. i don't care. i want the people. i just want the people. these guys, it's so phony. like, do you ever watch political campaigns all my life i've watched them. i've always been fascinating. and they will be fighting and fighting and saying horrible things about each other. it's vish noucious. the one that loses, he's going to be a great governor or senator or president. i don't think i'm going to be doing that, folks. you know? i don't think so. number one, i don't think we're making any concessions, i'll be honest. and you know, we're doing so well, we're leadin by millions
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of votes. we're leading by hundreds of delegates. i think we're going to make it without having to rely on the bosses. you saw what happened in colorado where people are picketing and going crazy? well, in colorado -- and i said, don't waste my money. here's the nice part. i'm self-funding, right? and i've spent less money just about than practically anybody and i'm in number one position by a lot. don't you want that for your president? don't you want that? i spent less. you know, we went up to new hampshire. we won new hampshire. that was my first big -- we won it. and i spent $2 million and jeb bush spent, oh, i don't know, many, many times that. and i came in first in a landslide and let's not use names but jeb bush was -- wow, did he get beat. and then i went to south carolina and all of the bosses
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came out and they were all like pushing one guy because the one guy had a lot of contributors. i won in a landslide. told him nikki haley was for him, everybody was for him. she's very weak on borders and she's very weak, very, on illegal immigration. you know what folks, we're going to have strong borders we're going to have strong voters and we're going to have the wall. we're going to have the wall. 100%. are you ready? are you ready? are you ready? are you ready? build that wall! build that wall! >> you better believe it. you better believe it. >> all right. all fired up.
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what you see is what you get. that's what donald trump is saying in poughkeepsie, new york, from the name calling to spending anything less than his opponents but still coming out front and then, there again, is talk of the wall. let's talk more about this rally donald trump just two days now ahead of the new york primary. cnn chris frates is joining us and trump stumped earlier today jeremy diamond. chris, you first. there was a lot of chanting going on and seems very excited there in that crowd a couple of days ahead of the primary. >> yeah, that's exactly right, fred. he's firing up his crime here. we've seen black lives matter protesters and going forward, remember, donald trump has lost a couple of contests now to ted cruz. just recently in wyoming yesterday, cruz took all 14 of
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those delegates and trump continues to rail against this idea of a rigged system and that's because ted cruz has been winning at the state conventions and trump saying, you know, there should be primaries, caucuses, people should vote. but ted cruz is doing very well where organization matter and that's in places like these state con venges. here's what donald trump had to say about the whole system a little bit earlier today. >> when it's up to the bosses, we didn't play in colorado because i heard that was going to be for the bosses, for the rnc. don't forget, i'm self-funding. the game was rigged. that's what you have to do, take them on trips, put them in hotel rooms. i'm winning with the voters. and we're winning big and i think we'll get to the 1237. >> reporter: so there you have donald trump explaining that he can still get there and it's
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going to be huge but ted cruz took the opportunity to take a poke at donald trump on twitter. if we can put that tweet up here, i'll read it to you. it says, donald, over 1.3 million people voted in utah, north dakota, wisconsin, and wyoming. you lost all five in a row by huge margins. #nowhining. and i'll tell you why, fred, because he's not, if you believe the polls, going to do well here in new york. he has a double-digit lead and he has 54% of the vote. ted cruz at 15%. he has a lot of ground to make up here. donald trump could win all of the delegates. 95 delegates at stake here. he could win more than 50% of the vote statewide and each of the congressional delegates, that would be huge for them. you can hear him firing everybody up. >> oh, my goodness. from ted cruz, those are fighting words.
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he's ready to get into the mix there. so jeremy, you know, donald trump, you just heard him, he's still using that name calling from lying ted and now there's a new one for hillary clinton. he really is speaking to his supporters, is he not? or is he trying to send his message, you know, much more broadly and trying to steal clinton supporters or ted cruz supporters by this kind of name calling or is it just, you know, play, you know, schoolyard brawl? >> well, i think we've seen so far donald trump's prowess at being this massive brander and i think he's certainly looking ahead to the general election talking now about hillary clinton being crooked hillary. it looks like that is sticking. he was talking about that first during a rally. he tweeted it out this morning and again talked about it in staten island and now we're
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hearing him in poughkeepsie. it's what he is trying to brand her as if he faces her in a general election. he's is looking towards the general election and he's certainly ready and prepared and hoping that he's able to be the republican nominee and take hillary clinton on. this kind of crooked hillary stuff is the same thing we're going to hear from donald trump going forward if, in fact, it does turn to a general election between the two. >> jeremy diamond, chris frates, thank you so much. appreciate that. the republican race for president has grabbed the nation's attention but its divisiveness has one republican leader very concerned. we're talking about peter king. i'm asking him if he sees the republican party being broken. >> these are tough times. in the past, there was reagan, ford, a tough year to fight. but basically they had respect for each other and their
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positions were not that far apart. they did represent different segments of the party but that was within the conventional structure of the republican party. now you have donald trump who until recently wasn't a republican. he endorsed john kerry back in 2004 and then you have ted cruz who calls the fellow republicans liars and led the move to shut down the government and makes a point to say that he's fighting everyone in washington. you have the traditional republican mold. the only one within that is john kasich. if it's trump or cruz, and not only that, their supporters intensely dislike each other. certainly trump and cruz do. neither one of them gets the nol nation and if they don't get it and as close to what i've seen because of the dynamics of it and because of the cast of characters involved. if it comes down to trump and cruz, i would support donald
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trump in a heartbeat over ted cruz. if it's john kasich, that could be a different story. >> and i remember a while back there were rumors about whether you would throw a hat in the ring. any thoughts or. >> reporter: grets whether whether you coulden the republican? >> as you watch the debates, certainly it's an opportunity that you could have. the fact is, i didn't run. maybe if i had more money or more support on the ground, different groups i would have. the fact is, always a long shot. i put my name there, went to new hampshire seven or eight times, vermont, rhode island. just to see if lightning would strike. but it didn't. and so i got out of the race last summer in fact i announced on cnn i wasn't running. but i would -- again, it could have been a place like someone for me in the party and work
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within the republican structure and i thought marco rubio could have been that candidate and again it didn't happen. it is what it is. ted cruz did in his own way and bernie sanders has on the democratic side. and nobody else cares. i'm glad you asked the question but if you don't do it, you don't do it. >> sometimes you have to reflect before you look forward. he's a good sport about it. more on my conversation with new york congressman peter king in my next hour. he agrees with ted cruz when he calls for increased monitoring of muslim neighborhoods. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton is hosting an event in staten island and bernie sanders is in brooklyn. for the last few days, sanders has been doubling down on his attacks against clinton's wealthy donors. here he is on "state of the
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union" with cnn's dana bash. >> can you point to a decision hillary clinton made as senator? >> she voted for a bad bankruptcy legislation and whether that's a result of contributions from wall street or elsewhere, no one can say that, dana. but what i will also repeat to you is the most important issue is what is your stand on wall street? you're not going to have government that represents all of us so long as you have candidates like hillary clinton depending on big money and democrats. >> let's go live to brynn gingras. what's the campaign expecting today?
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>> reporter: we have live entertainment ahead of bernie coming on the stage at 4:00, so just under an hour. we spoke with supporters and one person was from norway. that's how global this is reaching, bernie's message. he says he's a huge supporter and part of the reason why he says that is because of his campaign contribution policy. many of the rallies we see bernie take a minute and stop and let the crowd answer how much the average campaign contribution is to his campaign. and everyone yells $27, which, of course, pales in comparison to hillary clinton just yesterday attended a fund-raiser held by george and amal clooney in california and there were a group of supporters throwing bills at her motorcade as she headed to that event. this is something that people are really passionate about.
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one gentleman said that they thought it was hill layhilariou >> i would cross over or not vote at all. >> i think it's going to change the tide. >> certainly we are getting ready for the 4:00 bernie sanders rally. >> brynn, you deserve a gold medal today. those speakers are really booming. thanks so much. we'll go back to you when they have to switch deejays when there's silence in the area. thanks, brynn gingras. still ahead, breaking news out of ecuador. a massive earthquake and the race to find survivors.
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we're following breaking news out of ecuador where crews are scrambling to reach survivors after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed at least 238 people. these pictures show emergency workers pulling out a young girl from the rubble of a collapsed building. it reportedly took them hours just to locate her underneath this fallen concrete. there are no reports of any americans killed. joining me right now, latin american affairs editor rafael romo with us now. wuf got bad weather, lack of communication, crumbling infrastructure. this is really hard. >> we're talking about a one-two punch situation here.
12:18 pm
the ground was unstable and added to that, there is a bridge that collapsed in the city killing at least one person. officially, the death toll stands at 238. take a look at this map. in the province of manabi. a 19-year-old man died when a piece of concrete hit him at a shopping mall there. the earthquake hit just before 7:00. many stores were packed with lots and lots of people. >> and this comes on the heels of a very significant earthquake in japan. >> that's right. i was looking at the data in
12:19 pm
this situation in japan and in the span of about 25 hours, there were three earthquakes. there was one that hit thursday at 9:26 p.m. and then on saturday, this morning, at 1:05, there was a third one that was a 7.8. they are talking about aftershocks and foreshocks because it was just a series of earthquakes that hit essentially the very same area in 25 hours and they are talking about 41 people killed and as many as 91,000 people that had to be evacuated. >> oh, my goodness. terrible situation. thank you so much. i know rescue teams around the world really are being mobilized in these two very different locations. to help those impacted by the earthquake, visit
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all right. "the new york times" is reporting the u.s. plans to step up its military campaign against isis. it would increase special operations forces advising syrian rebels and might add more army attack helicopters to fight
12:24 pm
off militants in iraq. ash carter said u.s. forces would help but not replace iraqi security forces or syrian rebels. cnn military analyst lieutenant rick francona is joining us now. how do you see this playing out as an addition of more smart forces? >> i think it's a good and smart strategy but if we're going to adhere to the president's admonition against boots on the ground, i think they are relaxing that restriction because this is truly boots on the ground. they are talking about adding another 200 special forces to the 50 that are already in syria. that's a quantum leap. but what that tells us is what they are doing is working. the syrian rebels on the ground working with the kurdish counterparts have really been able to do a lot of good against isis because they are able to control american air power much better. on the iraqi side, in addition to the helicopters, that's a
12:25 pm
real dangerous proposition because if we're going to use attack helicopters to support the iraqi invasion and the retaking of mosul, that's going to take american pilots in the threat envelope of threats that isis has. >> low flying and slower moving targets very dangerous. secretary of state john kerry and president obama or saying that the u.s. is winning is really making some ground in this fight. take a listen to the president this week. >> today, on the ground in syria and iraq, isil is on the defensive. the 66 coalition, including arab partners is on the offensive. we have momentum and we intend to keep that momentum. once again, we're sending a message. if you target, we will find you. >> it really says momentum. is that the same as saying
12:26 pm
winning? >> no. winning momentum is semantics. we are having success against isis but a lot of that speech is the capability of the kurds and both the syrian kurds and iraqi kurds. they are taking ground back from isis. we see iraqi forces with some success. they are moving up the eufrates valley. they have to make the pivot and really put the resources necessary to drive up the tigress valley and go into mosul. isis has had more than a year to prepare the battlefield. they are going to have to go house by house, street by street for everything that's been put there, obstacles, suicide bombers. it's going to be a very tough fight. isis knows they are coming and they are getting ready. >> lieutenant rick francona, thank you so much. all right. we'll be right back. it takes a lot of work... to run this business.
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we're following breaking news. police are investigating whether a british airways plane was hit by a drone as it was landing at heathrow. detectives are investigating after an object hit the front of the passenger plane as it approached heathrow's terminal 5 at around 12:30 p.m. frederik pleitgen is live. what more do we know about what happened? >> well, we know that both the british airways as well as the london metropolitan police believe it was a drone that struck this aircraft. they say the aircraft, which was a fairly small airline, an airbus a-320, was coming in to land around 12:30 and a small object hit the front of the aircraft. at this point in time, the plane was carrying 132 passengers and
12:31 pm
five crew members on board and indeed was in its final approach. only about a couple hundred feet off the ground. the pilot says that he believes that what struck the aircraft was in fact a drone. and now both the police here in london as well as the airline themselves are saying they believe that could be the case as well. but what we know is that the police have been investigating the incident and no arrests have been made just yet. but certainly this is something that they are taking very seriously. now, as for the aircraft itself, fredricka, it was evaluated after this happened and they deemed that the aircraft was fit to fly and it has actually been flying since all of this happened. >> has anything like this happened before? >> well, you know, that's a very good question because it actually has. especially around heathrow airport, this is something that is a grave concern to them. they say that they've requested some sort of study or some sort of survey about what could happen if in fact an airliner
12:32 pm
was struck by a drone. they say that they've had 23 incidents where drones came close to aircraft in the past six months alone, including one incident where a 777, which is a very large airliner, took off from heathrow airport and had a drone about 70 feet next to the airplane. so very, very close. through this study, they want to find out, for instance, what would happen if it didn't hit the front but the engine of an aircraft, get sucked into the engine. what would happen then? could it indeed be a very bad obviously for the safety of the plane? but it is a recurring problem and something that pilots have been complaining and talking about for quite a while, especially around heathrow airport and certainly something that is going to be taken even more seriously now that apparently this incident that has happened. the police are still investigating and will see who might be behind all of this and how it could come to this.
12:33 pm
>> fret pligd pleitgen, thank y. appreciate it. two days before new york's primary. donald trump is holding a rally in poughkeepsie. republican front-runner doesn't appear to be taking voters for granted. he continues to hold numerous campaign events around the state. let's bring in our political panel, ron brownstein, political analyst and a contributor and historian at princeton university. good to see both of you. julian, you first. trump is expected to win big in new york. does he need to sweep with this 95 delegates at stake in order to keep him in first place? >> well, i think it's very important he's in first place and even he would remain there and allow cruz to gain some strength and legs to his
12:34 pm
campaign, especially with what happened in colorado. i think this would be very important to change the media narrative and give a boost to trump supporters going towards california. >> ron, talk about momentum, we've been talking about this and putting so many candidates at an advantage. it's ted cruz who really says he's got the momentum right now given that he's done so well in some of the most recent races. but new york, you know, the polling is just not showing very favorable potential numbers for ted cruz. >> you know, i think the evidence is very clear that in a modern primary system, what really exists are states that favor one candidate or another based on the patterns of support that they have developed and ted cruz's problem is that what we saw in wisconsin increasingly looks like a one-time anomaly. he was able to broaden his coalition more than he has been able to do. it was the first state with an exit poll that he won voters who are not evangelical christians
12:35 pm
and what we're seeing in the new york polling is that in falling back to the 15, 20% range among voters who are not evangelicals, after new york follows the week after, a series of northeastern states which, again, there are very few of those evangelical christians central to his support and could be facing a rough stretch with donald trump. there's very little chance that either of these candidates are going to overcome donald trump's lead among delegates. the only real issue is that donald trump reached that first ballot majority or not and that remains on the edge. >> julian, what is the strategy here for donald trump to kind of shift the dialogue, talk about and continue to keep hammering on the point of the system being rigged? he's not talking issues. he continues to evade the issues. but what is this doing? simply drumming up his supporters, setting the stage for something else poe technically if there is a brokered convention? what do you think is going on here? >> trump is weak on organization
12:36 pm
in the same ways that he's very strong in terms of the media. and he realizes that this is one of his great areas of vulnerability. the first thing he's trying to do is push back these challenges that are taking place to select delegates that will not be favorable to him. the second thing is to set up the argument for the convention. supporters say this has to be a legitimate process and, finally, if things go really poorly for him, it sets up an argument for a third candidacy. so i think it works onany fronts to overcome this weakness. >> ron, donald trump has made it a business of the name calling on the campaign trail. he's got a new name for hillary clinton and in fact she actually responded to his new nickname for her. this is what she had to say. >> i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults about me. i can take care of myself.
12:37 pm
i look forward to running against him if he turns out to be the republican nominee if i am the democratic nominee. >> all right. ron, hillary clinton, you know, she's, i guess, has taken a lot of hits all week long, not just from bernie sanders but donald trump, too. is this an admission, so to speak, donald trump saying that it's going to be hillary clinton -- he may potentially be up against come general election? >> sure. and you know, running as donald trump would be a miserable experience in many ways for hillary clinton because he has shown that he will do or say anything to drive media narrative. on the other hand, if you're hillary clinton, a new poll out again, she's looking at historically, extremely high negatives and it would be setting off alarm bells if not for the nakt ted cruz and especially donald trump are looking at comparable and even higher negatives among voters. while running against trump would be a grueling experience, i've described it as crawling
12:38 pm
over broken glass for six months, it would be one in which she would be favored more than she would against any of the republican nominees simply because he's facing such resistance against the group of the core of the millennials, college-educated white voters and so it would be difficult but she would have the comfort of knowing that she would be the favorite in that race. >> julian, how do you see it? potentially the two -- i mean, donald trump and hillary clinton, they are both being saddled with some polling that gives them high negatives. how do you see it unfolding if it were the two of them duking out the general election? >> they wipe out the disadvantages that each have with unfavorability and with scandal but what she brings to the table in contrast with trump is the record of experience, which has been at the core of this campaign. both campaigns, actually, which i think will really be
12:39 pm
highlighted if donald trump is the nominee. as opposed to cruz, it's more about someone being very, very far to the right compared to where the electorate is. >> all right. julian, ron, thanks so much. >> thanks, fred. coming up, a firefighter killed by someone he was trying to help but the shooter is not being charged. we'll explain why, next. growing. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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the man who shot two maryland firefighters as they were trying to help him will not
12:43 pm
be facing any charges for now. another wounded friday night as they responded to a call for medical help at the man's house. nick valencia is with me with much more on this. what are police saying about how to move forward? >> according to investigators, this all could have been a horrible, horrible tragedy. this man opened fire and critically wounded a paramedic released from police custody. he didn't have to bond out. there were no charges there. that got us interested in looking deeper into maryland's use of deadly force. under maryland law, there is a duty to retreat if you feel like your life is in danger. meaning, if there's a way out of a situation, you have to take that way out. there is an exception and that has to do with one's home. if you're at home and you feel like your life is in danger, you can use deadly force. it's called the castle doctrine. that may help this individual from facing any charges.
12:44 pm
>> if you're in your house, you have in duty to retreat. so if you have a reasonable belief that someone is trying to get into your home, under circumstances that would lead you to believe that they are there not for good reasons or bad reasons or criminal reasons, you can use deadly force. so you do have a duty to retreat but not in your home and that's where it's called the castle doctrine, a man's home is his castle. so there's no requirement that you retreat or avoid deadly force if you're in your home. >> ultimately, it's up to the state's attorney to prove that it's not self-defense. the first responders announced that they were there to respond to the 911 call and whether or not the man who fired the shots heard him. that's up for debate. but this could be in legal limbo for months. >> and what more can you tell us about the firefighter who was killed? >> we have a memorial on tuesday and funeral on wednesday and another paramedic who was critically wounded, he's telling
12:45 pm
his colleagues, when can i get back out there in the fire truck. they said, you're a firefighter. you never think that something like this is going to happen to you. it was a shock when you heard about it and this friend of his says it was a deeper affect on him when he realized it was someone that he knew. these first responders got shot. >> understandably. thanks so much, nick valencia, appreciate it. all right. disturbing, dangerous and provocative. that's what u.s. officials are saying about a couple of close calls with russian jets in the baltic sea.
12:46 pm
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u.s. officials are fuming over what they call another dangerous and provocative run-in with the russian military in the baltic sea. they say in an aerial close call, a u.s. air force reconnaissance plane was barrel rolled by a russian jet that came within 50 feet of the aircraft's wing tip. just a few days before a russian jet buzz the "uss donald cook" as it was sailing in international waters in the baltic sea. brian todd has more on what is being called a dangerous >> below the bridge wing. >> some call this striking runs
12:50 pm
without the firing. u.s. officials still furious over the buzzing of an american navy ship by russian combat jets. america's top diplomat calling the incidents in the baltic s ridiculous, provocative. >> that could have been a shoot down. people need to understand that this is serious business. and the united states is not going to be intimidated. >> in wave after wave, russian jets buzz the uss donald cook at certain points coming within 30 feet of the ship. >> no margin for error, right? >> that's correct. you are talking feet. we're not talking yards or miles. we're talking feet. and basically, if this pilot, you know, sneezed or looked a different direction and the plane went another way, bang, it could have hit the ship. >> the russian jets were not armed. russian officialers are defending their actions saying these fly-byes are in accordance
12:51 pm
with international rules but analyst say, we're in a very dane jgerous period. the uss cook was operating in international waters but only about 70 miles off the territory where the russians have military ports. that, plus the capabilities, of the american destroyer likely got under putin's skin. >> this ship has the most advanced radar capability in the fleet of the united states navy. ennot only can detect missiles but can also shoot down missiles. that is probably what irrated the russians, that it was in the seas and close to their shores. >> using their ramped up military to provoke the u.s., push every envelope, all with a clear pressage, we must be respected. >> putin's narrative is one of strength, right? at home, he got us off our knees. international internationally, we are capable of standing up to the united states. >> the danger of course is a
12:52 pm
miscalculation or mistake that causes a provocation and u.s. officials are now worried about a possible intelligence breach. during the fly-bys, the helicopters came very close to the uss cook. probably taking pictures of the radar, weaponry, communications on board to give to russian commanders and defense contractors. >> coming up, did president obama violate the constitution when he let millions of immigrants avoid deportation. the u.s. supreme court decides on this major case next week. what's at stake? next. we get it. you're smart. they give awards for haircuts for dogs. awards for scientific theories. i've got a theory. nobody cares. but people care about cheese. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese.
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one of president obama's during his second term and tomorrow its fate lies in the hands of the u.s. supreme court. the justices will hear coral arguments about the president's use of executive power to bypass what he considers to be congressional inaction on immigration. of people. will affect millions- supreme court reporter, arianne, what are the issues the court is considering and what is at stake? >> reporter: it's interesting. it's over a year ago that president obama unveiled what he thought would absenter piece of his next term and that's immigration reform. the executive actions were meant to shield what could be millions
12:57 pm
of undocumented immigrants from deportation. but that all came it a screeching halt when texas and 25 other states sued trying to block the programs from going forward. and a federal district court judge in texas agreed and did block the programs from going forward nationwide. the administration says, look, we have broad discretion here. we have the ability to prioritize but the states came back and said you might be able to prioritize but you can come back and make law. in a usual move the house of representatives have been granted 15 minutes to argue and their lawyers say, look, obama went to congress and he was frustrated by congresss inability to move and what did is try to bypass congress and he capital do that. that's the argument. >> so will the death of scalia
12:58 pm
affect the outcome? >> well there are two programs. one targets parents of those citizens and residents and another targets noncitizens brought here as children. if the court does go 4-4, then it's left to uphold the lower court decision and that blocked the programs. but this case has an unusual threshold issue here. that is the administration says that the states don't have the standing or the legal right to be in court. and if the court dismisses on standing, that would be the program's would be allowed to go into effect and the supreme court would have ruled on the issue without really getting to immigration itself. >> and when potentially could there be a court ruling? >> well the death of justice scalia has skewed everything but we will expect by the end of probably the end of june, early july, we will hear from the court on this. >> all right, ariane devogue,
12:59 pm
thank you, from the newsroom. we have so much more ahead and it all starts right now. hello again, everyone. the final countdown in new york where the candidates are holding campaign events in a last push to woo voters ahead of tuesday's primary. donald trump just ending a campaign in papa poughkeepsie, new york. oh, yeah, sounds so much better now, now we have a lull in all the music. so tell me about what is happening there. >> yeah, i was ready to send it back to you and let me start dancing at that point, fred. yeah. it is getting rowdy here and it is about to get more rowdy. we are seeing the journalists who travel with the sanders' campaign coming in so that's a sure sign he is about to take the stage. he is expected to at 4:00. but this crowd, whoa, i got to
1:00 pm
tell you. 27,000 people in washington square park last week. i got to say we are close to that or at least definitely more than that at this point. i've got to give the sanders supporters a lot of credit. because it is extremely hot out here for this spring day. but that's actually probably fueled the crowds. many of them starting lining up. these are die hard supporters ready to vote. so far we heard from celebrities, including justin long and indie rock band called grizzly bear. they are all pushing that vote for tuesday. get out and give bernie sanders your vote. fred? >> all right, brynn. thanks. so now, from poughkeepsie, we heard it earlier as well, getting that crowd going. they were chanting even. what else is happening?


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