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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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street. it's a giant thank you to boston. >> she's been updating us. she had issues with her prosthetic but she did say tom brady was cheering her on and posted on facebook today, thank you for being my inspiration. thank you, adrianee haslet-davis. jim sciutto is up next with "the lead". thank you, brooke baldwin. july fireworks could extend well past the fourth. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump saying he hopes there isn't violence if the republicans deny him the nomination reigniting cries that he is inciting or at least not denouncing violence. earth-shaking destruction, people searching for more victims in the rubble across oceans and continents as hundreds killed, thousands injured in ecuador. where could the earth rumble next? plus, keeping us in the dark about america's darkest day. should the government declassify
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the secret pages of the 9/11 report that could be hiding a close ally's role in those attacks. welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jake tapper. donald trump wants to jazz things up by injecting a little showbiz, he says, into the cleveland convention. you know, because a contested convention isn't riveting enough and trump also hinting that the guy at the helm of the rnc, reince priebus, might lose his job. sara murray is live. he's acting like the nomination is his, really, when it comes to the convention. >> reporter: that's right, jim. he's certainly not the republican nominee and i may not be the nominee when he winds up in cleveland but he sounds awfully confident about being able to hold sway about what goes on at the convention in cleveland and certainly sounded confident today here in new
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york. here in the big apple, donald trump can almost taste victory. >> we love this city. you look at the other folks that are running, they couldn't careless about new york. >> reporter: hours ahead of the new york primary, trump appears poised for a big night. >> the polls are what they are. they were bond anything that anybody has seen. >> reporter: but his rivals keep hammering the front-runner. today, ted cruz already moving on to maryland. >> maryland is a battleground. maryland is going to have an outsized voice as the nation is looking to maryland to decide, do we nominate donald trump and happened the election to hillary clinton? >> no. >> or do we unite behind the cruz campaign and beat hillary clinton? >> reporter: while john kasich stumped in new york where he hopes to pick up a few delegates. >> that's what he does. he feeds into their anxieties and their fears. there's no question there.
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does he have any solutions for how he's going to deal with it? i don't think so. >> reporter: as the fight for the delegates rages on -- >> it's a rigged system. it's a crooked system. it's 100% crooked. >> reporter: trump says he's not interested in wooing supporters from behind the scenes. >> look, nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best plans and best resorts in the world. that has nothing to do with democracy. >> reporter: the gop front-runner is issuing a harsh warning to the republican national committee to straighten out a process that has sometimes left him stumped. >> they better get going because, i tell you what, you're going to have a rough july at that convention. >> reporter: and he's warning his supporters could be upset if a contested convention doesn't go his way. >> i hope it doesn't involve violence and i don't think it will. but i will say this. it's a rigged system.
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>> reporter: but rnc chair reince priebus is shrugging aside trump's complaints. >> i find it to be rhetoric and hyperbole. >> and trump already appears to be planning ahead, suggesting to "the washington post" that he may not keep priebus around if he's the nominee and saying he wants to bring a little showbiz to the gop convention. with an eye on the general election, he even tested avenue nickname for hillary clinton. >> crooked hillary. she's been crooked from the beginning. >> reporter: now, donald trump did something else that he is hoping will pay some dividends for him in the general election. today he met with his national diversity coalition from a number of states hoping to bring in more african-american or hispanic and muslim supporters not just in the republican primary but also in a potential general election. of course, some of the things that donald trump has said in the past may have their work cut out for them, jim. >> sara murray, thank you.
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money is at the center of the fight between the democratic presidential candidates ahead of new york's primary. senator bernie sanders questioning wall street's influence on hillary clinton. this, as we continue to wait on sanders' latest tax returns promised any day now. both candidates are crisscrossing across new york determining who gets the 247 democratic delegates at stake. let's bring in jeff zeleny in long island, new york, where there will be a rally tonight. >> reporter: a big rally planned on the east river and another sign of the enthusiasm for bernie sanders, no question about it. but elections are not won on crowd sizes alone. that's one of the challenges here for bernie sanders, is the turnout here in new york tomorrow. one final pitch in the fight for new york. >> please, come out and vote tomorrow. i will work hard for you. thank you all very much. >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping to expand her lead and
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extinguish bernie sanders' momentum. >> they don't consider us fringe anymore. >> reporter: the new york primary in its 247 delegates is the biggest prize until california in june. the winner will ensure the contest goes on. >> i never count any chickens before they hatch. we're going to work hard. >> reporter: and campaign hard, she did, after losing seven straight contests to sanders, clinton took a page from her two winning senate elections. she danced, she preached. >> i feel blessed and grace is all around us in the sanctuary. >> reporter: and she dispatched her husband to cover twice as much ground. on the eve of the primary, sanders took to the streets of new york, too, starting with a picket line. after drawing another big crowd on sunday on the familiar blocks of his brooklyn childhood. >> our parents would take us to
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prospect park but i was never here speaking to 20,000 people. so thank you all very much for being here. >> reporter: but sanders needs more than big crowds. clinton leads by 239 pledged delegates. sanders is vowing to fight until the convention in july. an alarming prospect for party leaders eager to unify democrats. on cnn's "new day," sanders said the burden of bringing the party together is not his alone. >> it's a two-way street. the clinton people are also going to have to listen to what these people are fighting for. >> reporter: many sanders supporters we've talked to in new york agree. >> i will vote for her but not with the joy and that sense of courage. bernie is bringing up that feeling of america. i wish that hillary would kind of say, you know, i think i have something to learn from bernie. >> reporter: showering her motorcade with $1 bills. the protesters were standing
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near george and amal clooney's home where the highest ticket was $350,000 per couple. back in new york, the rough and tumble primary playing out on a debate stage last night in brooklyn got downright physical on "saturday night live." now, jim, that is one of those that spoofsters that is reality. secretary clinton has gotten used to the fact that bernie sanders is going to be around for a while regardless of what happens tomorrow in the primary, he's still staying in this race until california in june. something to keep in mind, new york has a closed primary which means only democrats can vote, only registered democrats can vote. none of the independents who have come in which have helped senator sanders in contests before this. that's why the clinton campaign is so confident about tomorrow. jim? >> everything but the head lock.
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jeff zeleny, thank you so much. let's talk about this with s.e. cupp with me in washington, cnn political commentator mark lamont hill and joe borelli, donald trump taking aim on reince priebus saying if he's the nominee, he might dump him as chairman of the rnc. is that just a threat or is that a realistic possibility? >> well, i don't know. members of the rnc vote separately on their own for reince priebus. you know, that said, what has the rnc done to be proactive that some of these processes in these states are rigged. >> s.e., should the rnc be out there more explaining how this works? >> i think reince has done a great job and i think this fight has only made reince look good and the rnc look good and donald
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trump looking petulance and whiny for not doing the hard work at ted cruz has done. he's an elected official and that's a fact that doesn't matter to donald trump or he's unaware of it. but welcome to what would be the most totalitarian, opaque and punitive white house in american history where a president simply removes an elected official who won't do what he wants. it's chilling, actually. >> mark lamont hill from the other side, do you enjoy watching this? >> i am loving every minute of it. every time s.e. cupp says something i want to say, it makes me smile. donald trump is a gift that keeps on giving and part of that is because he doesn't seem to understand the rules. he says he's going to get rid of people like "the apprentice." you can't do that. they are actually elected. reince priebus has done a fabulous job. i don't agree with his politics but in terms of building
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research against hillary and bernie, they have a great infrastructure and i think they are doing better than the democratic party in that way. so i think it's a bad move and what it looks like is, if people don't agree with me, if people don't like me, i'm going to get rid of them. it's going to hurt them down the line. we're going to go toll -- donald trump doesn't know what will happen if he doesn't win his party's nomination at the gop convention but he's not sounding too optimistic. >> well, i hope it doesn't involve violence. >> did donald trump just cross the line again? ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats
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well, i hope it doesn't involve violence. i hope it doesn't. and i'm not suggesting that. i hope it doesn't involving violence and i don't think this. it's a crooked system, 100% crooked. >> welcome back to "the lead." you heard donald trump saying there that he will keep his fingers crossed that riots do not consume the cleveland
1:16 pm
convention. that scenario, violence erupting should trump be denied the nomination is something that the candidate has hinted. some say even threatened as a possibility before. have a listen. >> i think you'd have riots. i think you'd have riots. i'm representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people. >> i want to bring back our panel now. joe, if i could go to you first because you're a trump supporter, some people interpret trump's comments yesterday and prior to yesterday as, in effect, to cloak threat. if you deny me the nomination, listen, i can't control my supporters, they are so devout, this might happen. >> you can interpret any way you want. however, he is channelling the anger that a lot of people feel. 500,000 people in georgia voted for donald trump on the expectation that their vote will matter and someone will go to
1:17 pm
the convention and support donald trump. >> is that a role for the candidate of the president of the united states? >> he has 2 million votes ahead. if the people sending delegates to the convention are siphoning them off and going to other candidates, yeah, i think he has a right to be angry. >> first of all, is it a fair characterization of these statements? he doesn't say, go out and carry out acts of violence. does he share responsibility? >> of course he does. if he could back in the good old days, he'd punch someone out that protested. i think he's more than hinted at it. i'd love to know from joe if he's so convinced that donald trump does not believe now that there will be violence, what changed his mind? just a couple weeks ago he was sure there would be riots at the convention. what happened? >> i'll tell you what changed his mind. tomorrow we're going to win the vast majority of 95 delegates. after that, we pivot to the
1:18 pm
northeast where we win the lion's share. you see ted cruz adapt there and take on maryland. by this time in two weeks, we'll be saying donald trump is the presumptive nominee. >> why all of the whining? if you know there's not going to be any violence or chaos, why even talk about it? why even address the colorado delegates that the campaign wasn't smart enough to get. >> look, colorado didn't have open and transparent elections. south dakota, for example, had 2,000 party voters. we live in a democracy and we have a strange expectation that we should be able to vote and our vote should translate into something. >> mark, i want to give you a chance to pipe in but i want to change the subject just for a moment because i think these numbers are key. we've talked a lot about the possibility that the party
1:19 pm
doesn't love the idea as the candidate and you have all of these scenarios if there is no majority reached by cleveland. there's a new poll that says only 20% of the republicans say that it would be acceptable for delegates to choose a nominee who has not run in the primaries. this idea of a white knight candidate, 71% say no. i'll ask you, mark, and then the others, does that kill the talk of sort of a candidate coming in to the rescue because despite dissatisfaction with trump and cruz? >> it was a nonstarter anyway. if there were a republican politician with the capacity to speak to the extreme of the party, center of the party who everybody could agree on, she would already be running and there wouldn't be a need for a donald trump in the first place. mitt romney has already lost. paul ryan has already lost. these people are not -- there's no candidate in the wings waiting to come up. the truth here is that the republican party at some point has to resolve this issue and
1:20 pm
they have to do it in a way that reflects democracy. is it democratic for the perswh doesn't get the most votes to win? absolutely not. the fact that he has a few more delegates, does that mean he's going to be the nominee despite they do, by the rules, have a right to recast votes? donald trump doesn't like the rules. that doesn't mean that the rules are -- the rules might be unfair but he doesn't have to play by them in the cycle. he should be the nominee because i think he's probably the person who's in front at this point and will continue to be in front. they've got to work this thing out. it's not going to come from paul ryan. >> mark, s.e., we have live pictures of hillary clinton on the campaign trail. she's at an ice cream stop visiting voters in new york. interesting comment coming in from george clooney. he called the high-dollar fund-raisers for clinton obscene, though he said that they were a necessary evil. at the same time, bernie
1:21 pm
sanders, while he hasn't held a fund-raiser ties for his own campaign, he has routinely raised money, the same bankers and others that they have gone after hillary clinton for. >> as bad as we have it on the gop side, we've got it bad, this is a pretty shameful debate to be having. i don't think -- if bernie sanders or hillary clinton really thinks that this is the issue that voters care about, which democrat, which candidate has spent more raising money for other democratic -- i mean, that's just not -- that's not where voters are. so both of them, i don't think this is a good look for either candidate to engage in this particular debate. go back to the issues. >> mark lamont hill, s.e. cupp, joe borelli, thanks very much. tune in tomorrow for special all-day coverage of the new york primary. part of president obama's
1:22 pm
signature immigration policy in jeopardy is as the supreme court hears arguments that could split apart many families. and the 9/11 commission report and what it could say about saudi arabia's possible involvement in the attacks.
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welcome back to "the lead." supreme court case over immigration and the powers of the president. outside, protesters on both sides staging demonstrations and inside we heard justices weigh in and perhaps signal which way they are leaning in organize
1:27 pm
arguments. pamela brown is joining me now. pam, the president thought that his policies would be the centerpiece of his presidency. >> that's right. inside the courtroom today, jim, the justices seemed closely divided on this immigration issue and if it does end up being a 4-4 split following the death of antonin scalia, that would be bad news for the president and millions of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. because the president's programs would remain blocked. the fiery debate over immigration played out on the steps of the supreme court with hundreds of protesters from all across the country. inside, the justices listened to intense arguments over whether the president has the authority to not only shield more than 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation but also grant them the right to work and
1:28 pm
receive benefits like social security and medicare. the eight justices appeared divided along ideological lines. the conservative justices seemed to side with texas and the other 25 states suing the administration for executive overreach. justice anthony kennedy said it's as if the president is setting the policy and the congress is executing it. that's just upside down. >> i think if the executive, the president has the power to do that, that should trouble every american. >> reporter: justice ruth bader-ginsburg said inevitably, priorities have to be set. this immigrant came to the u.s. from mexico illegally in 1995. had he two children here who are u.s. citizens and has spent many years as a community volunteer in sacramento. >> when i came here, i came with
1:29 pm
my uncle and that was it and the hopes that i can bring a life to my family. >> reporter: if the administration loses this case, campos and million others will remain in legal limbo. several justices are grappling with the question whether the states have the legal grounds to bring this case forward. texas said it would cost it millions of dollars to issue driver's licenses to the protected immigrants and that gives the state the ability to sue and the president's programs would be able to go forward. >> so 4.3 undocumented illegal immigrants covered under this case. if the case is lost, the president loses the case, do they get sent home? >> well, not necessarily. so most of these 4.3 undocumented immigrants are considered low-priority targets.
1:30 pm
so right now, dhs is really focused on high-priority immigrants, so they would remain in the status quo while dhs focuses on the high-priority targets and the programs are not upheld, they won't get the work authorization and it would be a setback for them. >> 4.3 million people. pamela brown, thanks very much in. too close for comfort. russians flying too close to a reconnaissance plane and the russians saying they did nothing wrong trolling the u.s. about it on twitter. 25 grams of protein... bold flavorful sauces... and savory mouth watering sides. it's the perfect balance of delicious and nutritious.
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close calls on the high seas and at high altitude. just days after a russian fighter jet buzz the the "uss donald cook," a russian jet flew within 50 feet of a surveillance aircraft wing tip high over the balance particul baltic sea. officials say it risks military confrontation. the two russian fighter jets sped by the "uss donald cook" within yards of the destroyer's bridge ignoring repeated radio calls to the pilots in english and russian. it is just the latest in a series of fly-bys the u.s. has deemed unsafe and unprofessional. this one, the commander of naval forces in europe told cnn was unprecedented. >> the behavior that we saw from the pilots engaged in this operation was very different in its aggressiveness, lack of
1:36 pm
proximity to the ship. >> so close that secretary of state john kerry warned publicly that the "cook" could have shot the russian jet down. >> it is reckless, provocative, unprofessional and under the rules of engagement, that could have been a shoot-down. >> reporter: the fly-bys follow intense moments and it is not the first. in june, the russian jet flew within 1600 feet of a u.s. guided destroyer in the black sea. that was followed by similar fly-bys of u.s. aircraft carriers and jets. in all, there have been hundreds of intercepts between russian and u.s. aircraft in the past couple of years. in the case of "the cook," u.s. officials tell cnn, they quickly determined the russian jets were not a threat. ship's instruments indicating
1:37 pm
they were not armed and did not employ targeting radar to lock on or light up the ship. >> those ships are very sophisticated. we can make decisions about whether they live or die from great distances with great speed. but we don't want to do that unless it's absolutely necessary and it's absolutely supported by our rules of engagement. >> reporter: the russian defense ministry told state media that russia acted, quote, in accordance with international rules. the embassy taking a more lighthearted tact saying, keep calm when the russians are in town. these aces know how to fly. i asked the u.s. navy if the rules of engagement would have allowed the crew to shoot down the russian jets. a navy official said, "every commanding officer is empowered to make the decision regarding the self-defense of the ship and
1:38 pm
its crew. again, in this case, the commanding officer rec fized that the flight patterns were unsafe and unprofessional but did not feel threatened and therefore did not engage with tactical weapons. well, president obama leaves for an official trip to saudi arabia tomorrow. it's not clear that he's going to get the warmest welcome. the mid-east super power is threatening to sell off tens and billions of dollars in american assets if the u.s. congress passes a new bipartisan law that would allow victims of 9/11 and other terror attacks to sue foreign governments, including saudi arabians. the white house said today the president will not sign that bill as it stands. will president obama release 28 classified pages of the 9/11 commission report that could indicate saudi royal family ties to the worst terror attack ever on the u.s. i want to bring in david axelrod, the host of the podcast
1:39 pm
"the ax files." it's great. you should listen to it. you spoke with ben rhodes, the president's deputy national security adviser for strategic communications and he spoke about possible saudi knowledge of 9/11. here's a brief clip from the interview. >> it's not that it was saudi government policy to support al qaeda, but there were a number of very wealthy individuals in saudi arabia who were contribute sometimes directly to extremist groups, sometimes to charities that were kind of ended up being ways to launder money to these groups. so a lot of the funding -- bin laden himself is a wealthy saudi. >> later in the interview he said that there was at least a lack of attention to this kind of money going to groups such as al qaeda. so it was not explicitly saudi
1:40 pm
policy supporting al qaeda and 9/11. was he saying or implying that someone in or tied to the saudi royal family knew about 9/11 or was directly supporting al qaeda in advance of 9/11? >> he did leave that door opened. he talked about how far flung the royal family was and left open the possibility that there were members of the royal family that were among those who are funneling moneys to extremist groups. and yes, it was very, very clear. and remember, ben rhodes is interesting. not just because he's been working with the president on national security for the last nine years dating back to the campaign, but he also was a staffer on the 9/11 commission and helped write the 9/11 report that has come back into question now because of some pages that are not public that relate directly to this issue. so he was talking around that a
1:41 pm
little bit. but clearly gave the sense that there were people around the saudis, around the influential circles there who may have been involved. and, you know, i asked him, did he have their -- have there been blunt conversations about this and he said we've had blunt conversations with them and made the point that the saudis see these extremist groups to them and they've become partners in counterterrorism which they weren't back in the period before 9/11. >> that's right. set their sights on saudi arabia before they took action. now there's this legislation before congress that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue foreign governments, including saudi arabia, for attacks that killed americans on american soil. we've seen on the campaign trail that both senator sanders and clinton have expressed support for this legislation. is this a law that the president
1:42 pm
is likely to sign assuming it gets through both houses of congress? >> you know, he's indicated his opposition to it. and the saudis have been very tough in speaking about how they might react in terms of unloading american treasuries and some other steps they might take. so, you know, this is one of those uncomfortable areas. you cover this beat. you know that there this is one of those uncomfortable areas where our national security interests may not align with what makes sense to the broad number of americans and in the midst of a political campaign, that becomes even more fraught. but i would think the president would think long and hard about that. >> all right. onto domestic politics, of course, the pivotal new york primary coming up on tuesday. and i have to ask you, with your background, you've been at a campaign or two before, what's your prediction on the democratic side and republican side? >> you know, this one doesn't
1:43 pm
seem all that mysterious. if you look at the aggregation of polling in both the democratic and republican primaries, hillary clinton seems to have a double-digit lead over bernie sanders and there's no sense of that diminishing going into the final day of the campaign. and donald trump seems to be running away with the republican primary, which is meaningful because if he gets over 50% of the vote under the rules that are established in new york, he could walk away with all or most of those delegates which would put him back on track to get the majority that he needs or potentially get the majority that he needs to win on the first ballot. my view is, if donald trump doesn't win on the first ballot, he's not going to be the nominee of the party. so this is very consequential. >> david axelrod, thanks so
1:44 pm
much. >> thank you, jim. rescuers are searching through piles of debris in ecuador. plus, the terrifying lengths that isis will go to to develop a chemical weapons program. that's right after this. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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this just in to cnn. a tragedy during u.s. ambassador samantha powers trip to cam maroon. an armored vehicle struck and killed a 7-year-old who darted into the road. she w met she met with the boy's family to express her deep regrets over what happened. more massive earthquakes struck two continents over the weekend. in japan, at least 43 people are dead as a result of two quakes that hit japan's southwestern region, first on thursday night and another one on saturday morning. hours later, a powerful -- even
1:49 pm
more powerful, devastating earthquake struck ecuador, magnitude 7.8, to be exact, claiming the lives so far of more than 350 people. let's go to boris sanchez. he's on the scene live in ecuador. so boris, you see these quakes so soon after each other. does the quake in japan and the one in ecuador, any possibility that they are connected? >> reporter: it is simply too early to say with certainty, jim. there's a lot of research in the area called remote triggering. keep in mind, both of these places, japan and ecuador, are on the pacific rim of fire where there are volcanos and seismic activity. the research is still i its infancy to figure out whether what happens in one area affects another. there will be some time to determine whether they are directly linked. i want to paint a picture of what is going on behind me, though. this is an area called manta. the building behind me used to
1:50 pm
be a beauty shop and optics store and neighbors tell us there was a couple that lived inside that they believe was trying to escape when the quake first hit. they got stuck in the stairway and did not make it out. the neighbor is not living on the street because he can't get back into his apartment. it's simply unsafe. scenes like this one playing out all over ecuador, a country that has a long road to recovery. the desperate search for life continues here on the west coast of ecuador. now, a race against time as rescuers dig through debris and families pray their missing loved ones will not be part of the growing death toll. hundreds of people have died since saturday's devastating 7.8 magnitude quake. according to tweets from ecuador's government, 120 rescuers from mexico and 53 from cuba arrived before dawn today to offer aid. teams from colombia, spain and chile are expected as well. the task before them immense.
1:51 pm
drone video shows the tops of buildings leaning precariously. ecuador's president with some of the troubling scenes this morning, posting photos to his official twitter account. >> translator: the resources have arrived. this is an enormous tragedy. >> reporter: six coastal provinces are in states of emergency. no doubt the road ahead is uncertain for entire communities here where livelihoods and neighborhoods are crushed in an instant. the other big question here is the death toll. earlier today it sat at 272. this afternoon, the minister of security told us it is inching towards 350 but that's not an official until. that's a ballpark figure and it is, sadly, expected to climb, jim. >> sad news, boris sanchez on the scene there in ecuador. the united states is sending more troops to fight isis in iraq and take back a key city
1:52 pm
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back. hundreds more u.s. troops are heading to iraq and even closer to the front lines there. on is surprise trip to iraq, ash carter announcing that they are sending additional troops as well as apache attack helicopters. they will take part in the plan to retake mosul, iraq's second largest city and an isis strong hold. there's growing concern that isis is gets its hands on chemical weapons.
1:57 pm
cnn's arwa damon is in baghdad and she filed this report. >> reporter: every few steps, mohamed needs a break. his lungs can't take it. his body shakes. a month after he was exposed to a chemical attack, he still needs shots every day to control the symptoms. this man was also exposed. he had a small blemish that spread and grew into this. and this reads, the first martyr of the chemical attack. she came into this clinic alive, the doctor remembers. >> translator: she was crying but she was wounded and the chemical was all over her body, like black greece. >> reporter: the town has been hit by numerous chemical attacks. one of the strikes happened
1:58 pm
right here and there's still a very distinct chemical odor, a bit hard to describe. hundreds were injured, describing trouble breathing, burning eyes and blistering skin. experts say it was some sort of homemade mustard gas, possibly combined with something else. because of security concerns, this man does not want his identity disclosed. his background is chemistry. >> translator: look at this book. it's the same one we used for training in how to protect the iraqi forces from gases. i found this book in the market and it has very dangerous information. >> reporter: for example, details on the chemical makeup of lethal gases and how to store them. mustard gas, he says, is among the simplest to concoct. >> translator: anyone with a degree in chemistry would know how to prepare. >> reporter: isis has foreign
1:59 pm
operatives with expertise. >> if we compare this with the attack less than a month ago to the attacks maybe five, six months ago, we saw a difference. we see that they have moved forward with their chemical capabilities. >> reporter: the u.s. has bombed mosul university's high-tech chemistry lab but the chemist says there are plenty of other facilities isis could potentially be using and the advance of their capabilities poses a serious threat both here and beyond. and jim, part of the concern is that the u.s. is unsure at this stage what kind of damage it may have done to that facility at mosul university and to other facilities that they have struck in other parts of iraq. and no one knows exactly to what length isis will go when it comes to trying to defend mosul, jim. >> an alarming prospect. arwa damon, thank you so much.
2:00 pm
please stay safe. that's it for "the lead." i turn you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, ending trump's slump. after weeks of watching ted cruz snap up delegates, gop front-runner donald trump is predicting a big win in his home state of new york. could that put him back on the path to the nomination? showbiz. trump says the last gop convention was boring. he says the gathering needs some showbiz. but may be warning of a showdown saying his supporters will be angry if he's denied the nomination. neck-and-neck. bernie sanders pulls almost even with hillary clinton in the latest national poll but with clinton's big delegate lead, is sanders putting it all together too late? and rush hour