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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  April 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." happy new york primary day. whew. for the first time in decades. the vote here actually matters. i want to put this into perspective. it was 1988 when i started in this business. god, that's embarrassing. state of new york had a me this- meaningful primary considering its place on the election calendar. 95 delegates at stake for the republicans here. 247 at stake for the democrats.
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the republican front-runner donald trump of course voted for himself this morning as candidates do and listen to his reaction. >> it was a great honor, really, who will have thought? it's a great honor and i think it's a great honor for new york. new york is a special place. we're going to make america great again. thank you very much. >> there you have it. donald trump poised for a very big win. ted cruz, john kasich already looking ahead. beyond new york. as this place ain't going to turn out so well for them. instead, the campaign stops are in pennsylvania and maryland. still a big day for them though. this morning, governor kasich tweeted this. new york, we are facing some big challenges. we need a presidnt who's ready on day one. on the democrat's side, the clintons both casting their ballots this morning and afterwards, hillary clinton asking voters to do the same.
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>> i had a great time going around the city in the last couple of days just seeing a lot of old friends, meeting new people, and i encourage everybody to come out and vote before 9:00 p.m. tonight. that would be terrific. thank you all very much. >> bernie sanders also making a stop in new york today calling on people there to grab their friends. grab their family members. and vote for a political revolution. even folks on the street getting their last chance to have a wave and a handshake. i love new york. jason carroll also loves new york. he's on staten island today. miguel marquez is in lancaster in upstate new york. by the way, guys, they could not be more different. jason, i'll get to you if i can. trump expected to win big in this state. how big? >> reporter: well, he's hoping for a huge victory and he certainly needs one if he wants
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to capture all of those 95 delegates up for grabs. you know, trump is way ahead in the polls. way ahead of ted cruz. hoping to stop ted cruz's winning streak. trump feeling confident this morning and his campaign has definitely hit a few rocky points with several changes in the campaign structure. a new field director after his field director had to resign. he said he wasn't forced out. he said he didn't it on his own. as you also know, there's a new political director in power. definitely some changes along with his campaign simply because a lot of folks are saying this is a man who did not have a healthy ground game. did not have a strong ground game. that's why he saw losses in colorado and places like wyoming but in terms of new york, expecting a big win here in the state. as you heard him earlier talking about going out and voting, trump feeling very confident about tonight's outcome. >> i think i'm going to do well. i mean, we'll see. who knows?
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it's politics. you know that better than i do. but i think we'll do really well. it feels really good. great support. you see all the people over there all positive. no hecklers, no nothing. so i think we're going to do really well. >> reporter: again, trump sounding positive. sounding confident this morning. again, ashleigh, he's wanting to capture and sweep all the votes. the 95 delegates up for grabs here in the state. if he's able to do that, what that does is it gives him the momentum. the much-needed momentum going forward with places like connecticut, rhode island, and maryland. >> a lot of contests ahead and they don't all think the same. without question. all right, mr. city slicker. aisle going i'm going to leave you there in staten island and then go to miguel marquez in lancaster. they call you city slickers upstate. it's a very different dynamic up there. walk me through what things are like where you are, miguel. >> reporter: yeah, they say
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upstate is the center of the state. so they believe that they're the ones and we're outside of buffalo. it's the second largest city in the state. it does break down mainly along democratic republicans. they're fairly even throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs and in this race, i can tell you, it's different already. 35% of the total vote turning out. they already have up around 15% of the total vote turning out. this is also the only upstate county that votes from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. like they do in the city. and they expect by 9:00 p.m. to have a very, very big turnout. you can see in lancaster, they've had several hundred voters come through here today. they check in here and go to various voting districts here and vote to these privacy screens and then they actually run their own votes through a machine here. they expect very high turnout here because you have three new yorkers in this race and it is
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the first time that new york for both democrats and republicans in the primary hazm has mattere about 40 years. they printed out far more ballots than they think they will need but they are ready to go if they are needed. ashleigh? >> if you're close to buffalo, that's wolf blitzer territory. we'll check in with you throughout the day and thank you, jason carroll. gentlemen, i'll move on. when donald trump is poised to win the primary today in new york, a lot happens. he's already got his sights set on the high on the other big contests. going high. that's what he wants. it's all about the winning road, right? and he's bringing in some high level people to help him close that deal. he's the guy who wrote the book. "art of the deal." you need the guys to work with you. joining me is katrina pierson.
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katrina p. >> good to be here. >> i don't need to tell you about the important delegates your guy hopes to sweep. first question out of the gate, is he going to sweep all 95 today? >> you know, i think we will. we're very confident. the state of new york and donald trump go hand in hand. he absolutely loves the state. and i do. i think we'll have a clean sweep today. >> with that said, it has not been a great 24 hours just in terms of your staffing in the campaign. stewart jolly, big field guy. off the campaign. this is following a couple of weeks of bad headlines and some rejigging of how donald trump runs things when it comes to try to win this contest. don't you think that can be damaging 24 hours before people are going to vote before seeing someone jump a ship? >> not at all. i think what we're seeing here is mr. trump engaging to move forward not just to lock up the nomination, but preparing for a general election. i think a lot of people are happy to see some of the individuals that were brought on
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to the campaign and, you know, expanding the communications team. spending more money. that's always a wonderful sign in politics. so i think a lot of people are actually happy to see some of these changes and people leave campaigns all the time for their own reasons. that has really nothing to do with the election in new york and moving forward. >> you always get the headline though when someone leave it is campaign. >> always. >> you're the one that has to do the mop-up. >> it's always a conspiracy. >> you mentioned the big money. i'll get there in a minute. i don't want to leave this whole rejigging of who's running what. up until now, corey lewandowski has been your guy running the guy and in comes paul manafort and then mr. willy and all of the sudden, there are other people running the show. but there's still all the loyalists, right? rick willie was going to have the last guy to jump out and instead, that's not going to happen. and there are a lot of people, by the way, very loyal to those leaving. i need to ask you a very serious question. do you expect anyone else to
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jump ship because they don't want to report to the new guys? >> i don't see that at all. here's the misunderstanding in the media and we talk about campaign loyalty all the time but the individuals on this campaign not only are loyal to each other but they're first and foremost loyal to mr. trump. at the end of the day, everyone a part of this team is committed to helping mr. trump be successful. and a lot of these campaign shifts are due to people moved around. michaelglass used to be the campaign manager and corey is still the campaign manager. we're filling in gaps in these areas but i understand the media likes to make a story out of everything and this is a campaign expanding preparing for a general election. >> we don't like to make a story. we like to find them and follow them and this is a big one. especially the notion that donald trump is hiring guys who have been around for 40 years. paul manafort is a vet. he was on the ford delegate effort when ford was trying to
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win delegates against reagan. these are old guys coming in with the old ways and roger stone was considered to be one of them. so here's the big question about paul manafort's old partner, roger stone, who used to work for donald trump but left the campaign on good terms. behind the scenes, sources in the campaign say roger stone is over donald trump's shoulder all the time. he's advising all the time. he's on the phone with donald trump all the time. but he doesn't work for the campaign. he's known for dirty tricks. he's got nixon tattooed on his back. is that so he could do the dirty work and leave donald trump to be clean? >> no, i don't think so. and in fact, roger stone hanlt been a part of this campaign since early on. no affiliation with the campaign. absolutely. i think i would probably know if that were the case but no, not at all. mr. trump is very serious about this campaign. he's very serious about winning and locking up the nomination.
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he's very serious about going after hillary clinton in the general election so he can implement his policies to make america great again. there's all kinds of people out there who claim to have some connection to mr. trump or who want to stay relevant by saying so and i don't think this is the case here. yes, there are a lot of veterans who are out there that are now talking to the campaign and working for the campaign but that doesn't necessarily mean somebody like a roger stone is still in the mix. >> when he tells cnn he is still in contact regularly with donald trump, is he lying? >> you know, that's a question you'll have to ask mr. stone. he may send over messages but that doesn't mean mr. trump is talking on the phone with him every day. i think we can all agree that mr. trump is extremely busy and doesn't get to sit on the phone all day. but i'll also say it's important to understand that the campaign is transitioning now to grow to be successful in locking up the nomination and really preparing for a general election. and i think that's the most
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important part here. >> the growing. yes. i want to just loop that back to the other stuff. the money. it does look as though this campaign is growing. $20 million according to politico to come out of the meeting that's being shifted off to paul manafort and his demts for the upcoming contest. the stuff ted cruz was doing for months and months. this is paul manafort's specialty. $20 million is not an easy ticket your boss likes to write. insiders told me personally this is a cheap guy. he is not one to part with cash. and up until now, he's been depending on the free media and then sort of his own concepts of how the campaign should work but that's changing. so tell me a little bit about that money and what's going to be the focus of that money in the next upcoming contests. >> well, we do have states coming up that are quite big. look at california, for example. it's going to cost money to compete there and mr. trump
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wants to be successful in california as well. >> or something else? >> definitely ads. definitely ads. >> how do you advertise delegates? >> you don't advertise to delegates. >> well, we have an election coming up. one of these guys are delegates. >> this is the key. this is the key. paul manafort and his deputies are critical in delegate scouring. so where do you spend money to scour delegates? >> well, no. they're going to have to get out there and have more people out there on the ground to continue the effort. but of course, we have to do ads in california because we do want to do well in the ashleigh, thia game of margins now. we want to do really well moving forward so this money is allocated to continue to get mr. trump's message out there. by pass the media filter to be successful within the margins and that's very important and yes, the delegate system is very important which we've seen in
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the past in places like colorado where you have these state party systems that are actually punishing through the delegate system and leaving trump delegates. we don't want to see that happen anymore. that's the purpose that paul manafort brings is to watch that system intricately to make sure we have what it takes to be successful and we are very confident we are going to receive 1237 before the convention. >> all right. so last quick question. just a one line answer here. he said 7/11 instead of 9/11. that is a critical faux pas in this state. in this city and it's his city. you want to respond to that? >> well, i think after you've done several events over a short time period, people misspeak all the time. a slip of the tongue. >> it happens to me all the time. thank you so much for being with me today. we'll look forward to talking to you, especially after today's results. >> great to be here. thank you. >> katrina pierson live from dallas.
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and now hillary clinton. >> too many schools have moles and rodents in the classrooms. our grid is a mess and our ports need improvements and all of that comes at a cost. it can take nearly as long and i want you to hear this because i was shocked when i learned it. it can take nearly as long for a freight train to cross the city of chicago as it takes to get to chicago from a factory on the west coast. these delays raise the price of everything from food to furniture. potholes and traffic jams cost commuters an average of 1500 dollars a year in maintenance and fuel. to say nothing of the hours lost on the road.
9:16 am
and then there are tragedies to put squabbling aside and do their jobs and meanwhile there are a lot of trained skilled union workers. we've got to do something about it. not just yell about it. not just assign blame. but actually roll up our sleeves and make a plan. see it through and put people back to work rebuilding america. >> there's hillary clinton in washington speaking live right now at north america's building trade unions.
9:17 am
it's the 2016 legislative conference she calls it. other congressional members and industry leaders there as well. and i think her money is what's going to happen in new york. it's all about the margins for hillary clinton. we're going to talk about that in a minute. also up next, no doubt, today is new york's primary critical for donald trump and hillary clinton, but will the wins they're expecting really seal the nomination for these front runners? they're hometown heroes here but so is bernie. we're going to break it all down for you in a moment. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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nice live look at brooklyn. i love seeing democracy at work even if there's just two guys there but it's very broad, broad view here. hundreds of delegates at stake when you think about dems and republicans. poised to be the key place for the first time in decades. no candidate reaching the number of delegates needed to lock up the nomination yet. new york's 95 republicans and are huge, critical, must wins for both sides to help put the new york factor in perspective. i'm joined by political analyst
9:22 am
david gurgan. all of new york politics commentary. when we talk about the hometown heroes, there's three of them here. there's bernie, hillary, and trump. >> they are convinced that they're going to have a very good night. >> they're 17 points away. doesn't donald trump have to sweep the whole damn state to
9:23 am
really claim and move forwards to a real nomination to work tit for tat and state for state? >> they had a string of losses and they want to sort of reset it. go into a series of states and the important majority that will enable him to claim the nomination without a messy fight at the convention. and the home state and a comfortable lead because of the way democrats allocate their delegates but she also needs a win and either a loss or a barely squeaking out kind of win would be a real problem for the campaign. >> that's the question for you, david. a big margin. a win for hillary clinton with a big margin. doesn't that give her to say, bernie, you're damaging the brand going forward? >> like the surfaces of who
9:24 am
cares, they're both the headlines but underneath, there's a lot of excitement because in fact, bernie has been closing. he's not as close as he was in other states but if he finishes within points of her state, that will give him momentum and it matters in the other state and if she rolls up the margin, it puts brakes on the train. it matters a lot. but on the trump side, i must tell you, you know, there's a view among republicans that the person with the most votes at the end of the day going into the convention should get the nomination. 62% say that in the new poll in the "wall street journal" on nbc. trump now, if he rolls up the score here in new york, he'll have well over 2 million votes ahead of cruz coming out of new york and that says a lot to other republican voters. it's not just the delegates. it's also what's the score? what's the raw vote look like? >> i've got to ask you about the mechanics of election that we don't usually talk about. >> thank god. >> this is fun too.
9:25 am
wait until you hear this stuff i'm about to tell you. i think up until now, we haven't talked about contested conventions since the one that you were in. honestly, i was pretty young. i think i was in first grade. i hate to say it. but the '76 convention, there's some amazing reporting coming out from the new york times about some of the things that were done to woo getting delegates. there's very few rules to get a delegate on site. here's a list of past things done. a state dinner with queen elizabeth was offered. cocktails in the east room of the white house for delegates who would maybe be friendly to a candidate. personal visit from the vice president, nelson rockefeller and this is my favorite one. obviously reagan, right? a dinner with john wayne and jimmy stewart. honestly, look, this is decades ago but is this the same crap that would happen today? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> are you kidding?
9:26 am
>> because who cares if you get to have dinner with jimmy stewart. >> look at the clintons in the lincoln bedroom. you don't have many perks to give out in the presidency anymore. you didn't see any steps in there, did you? >> i don't see. >> i remember in '76, we also went for the media. we had reagan. i was in the ford team. and we had reagan at 6:00 before the convention started at sunday night and he had a great big ral rally. we brought in air force and boom. >> that's cool stuff. >> we worked him out on the network. and won. that was very important. it goes back. there was a lot of harsh training. >> a lot more important than offering dinner with jimmy stewart. ronald reagan offered the
9:27 am
pennsylvania delegation and make him my vice presidential pick. that's more in line with what you might expect but that's serious horse trading that's going on. so everything gets thrown into the mix. >> it was a terrible idea. >> i was doing math and i think i was in fourth grade. >> you weren't even born. >> you're adorable. david gergen, you're always welcome back whether you say those lovely things or not. you, i'm not sure about. coming up next, clinton hoping to wrap up this nomination today. so is this bernie sanders' last stand? if you say that to a bernie sanders supporter, he'll clock you. he's got money. he's got a message. and he said the message is more important than delegate math. we'll talk about the path forward for both of these hometown heroes. ms of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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this critical contest in new york. senator sanders on the street. that's what you do in new york. you're on the sidewalk all the time. a total of 247 democratic delegates are up for grabs. and senator sanders is the underdog in this one by about 17 and that's a lot. but he has that so he can win if the voter turnout is large enough. that's why he's out in the streets and the clintons out of new york this morning casting their ballots where they live, chappaqua. so two different folks hitting the streets for two different reasons but the same price.
9:33 am
for more on the democratic battle for delegates, i want to bring in our man in miami. miami beach mayor hillary clinton supporter phil levine, phillip levine and jonathan tacini. >> you can call me anything you want to, ashleigh. >> i saw your sticker. >> i am an early bird. >> i vote and i wear it for two days. >> what was great about it is that was the most exciting vote i've had in my lifetime. >> what? what? >> to go and vote for bernie sanders, i took a picture of it and i tweeted it out. it was. because i sat there not just -- >> did you vote for hillary or barack obama? wasn't that a big deal? >> but this candidate and what he represents is the most candidate in my life because he is talking about the political revolution and the things he stands for are things i've worked for the last 34 years. not to denigrate about other candidates but in terms of
9:34 am
excitement going on to vote for bernie sanders, it was great. >> a lot of people, mayor, say the same thing. and there's this 17 points or so that he needs to make up and do some pretty serious magic by 9:00 tonight. >> i can tell you this. i voted in florida and we had quite a win in florida and i think jonathan is going to vote for hillary in the general election but clearly what secretary clinton is ahead in the polls but that doesn't mean anything. she knows she has to get out the vote. the more participation, the better secretary clinton does because -- >> bernie says the more turnout, the better he does. >> this is bernie's home state. he has to win today. >> so is secretary clinton's. >> he said it himself. but one thing bernie will get is the participation prize. but secretary clinton is going to get the blue ribbon. >> did you hear that? thanks for coming out.
9:35 am
>> bringing out the feeling of america. i wish hillary wound kind of say i have something to learn from bernie. >> i will vote for her but not with the same joy. what does that say? >> i can say this. when you have donald trump or ted cruz in the republican ticket in the general election and secretary clinton is out there, those women, those african-americans, the hispanic population and the americans that are for democratic principles including the bernie sanders voters and supporters, they're all going to get behind secretary clinton and let me say, i really agree that senator sanders has brought a lot to the table. it's important that we unify the
9:36 am
party and we need the support from his people in the general election. >> going forward, i don't think secretary clinton would say this but come on already. if our margins are big tonight, you've got to allow the brand to flourish and get bigger for the prize with the general election. >> i don't agree with that. >> how not? >> bernie has enough money to compete throughout the contest to the convention and i think we'll do that. elections bring out volunteers and enthusiasm. i do not think it's good for the party for bernie sanders to get it. >> even if he's saying show us your damn taxes and we're talking about a general election here. >> i still think that he will be the nominee. i think it's good for the party to have this debate. i think bernie has defined this debate. he has defined what the debate should be in the democratic primary. it is good for the party to have this dblt and i think this will continue to the convention.
9:37 am
primaries are tough things. when barack obama and hillary clinton ran in 2008, people were having the same discussion. how are we going to define the party? >> it's etch a sketch. >> i think what's amazing about the democratic party whether it's senator sanders or clinton, they are fighting about how they can help the american people more. >> you two are so delightful to each other. >> i believe it. but senator sanders added so much to the great debate and we look forward to see his support. >> we'll see if he can be the biggest part of the platform. i think that's the big issue as we go forward. >> all the way to the convent n convention. it's good to have you and thank you, tacini. we heard from the candidates and the pundits. up next, we go right to you. to the polls. to the voters. because y'all are the only ones on this day and any other primary day that really, really count. you both have a
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this is a very important primary. a lot of delegates up for stakes. chris joins me now from one of the better bureaus in brooklyn. give me a feel for how it's going. have you talked to anybody? >> hey, ashleigh. this has been a very busy polling place in brooklyn. we're in a lull but i can tell you all day long, very steady
9:43 am
here. the line sometimes out the door and around the corner. 1650 people have voted so far. most of them democrats and only about 90 republicans so far. this making it a very important place for the battle of brooklyn. bernie sanders native son of this borough versus hillary clinton whose campaign headquarters just up the road. hillary clinton feeling very good going into today leading by double digits hoping that she can put a big victory on the board tonight and help make it mathematically impossible for bernie to catch her and up to bring in john abazino, a democrat in brooklyn. >> i voted for hillary. and did so with conviction. she's got the background. she's got the experience. she's got the economic policies that i think we need to continue to further the things the president has attempted to do with employment coming down.
9:44 am
it's a very difficult time obviously with all of the threats that have occurred in the middle east and other parts of europe. >> talk to me a bit about why you didn't vote for bernie sanders. >> while there are things about bernie's approach that do attract certain democrats like myself, it's the economics. i just don't think are sensible enough. from all that i read, i don't think his economic policies can be worked through. that we will have the money to pay for all the things he wants to do. so not a practical enough approach. >> reporter: okay. there you have it, ashleigh. a brooklyn democrat going for hillary clinton. i talked to other democrats going for hillary as well so we'll see as people continue to stream in, this is going to be a bell weather spot. we'll keep our eyes on it and report back to you as we start to get some results out of brooklyn, ashleigh. >> that is one really well informed voter.
9:45 am
i got to tell you. tell him he's impressd a lot from brooklyn new york. >> i'll let him know. >> thank you. coming up, breaking news on the iphone. do you remember the iphone that was retrieved from the san bernardino murderers, the terrorists? and all the fighting back and forth about who was going to help get the data off of the iphone? we've got some pretty interesting information about that coming up next. when yaren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar?
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don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. some breaking news for you about that san bernardino attack and the investigation into it. the law enforcement officials who have been working on it are telling cnn that the hacking of the iphone used by one of the terrorists, those murderers, yielded pretty interesting new data. the hacking was its own story. how difficult it was to get in there but the fbi did it with the help of someone else and now at least a few things have been filled in. some of the missing pieces of the puzzle. cnn justice reporter evan perez has been working on that with his sources. you actually had some of the
9:50 am
puzzle pieces. what did they tell you? >> reporter: location data. additional more specific data about where this phone was during the time after the attack that occurred in san bernardino. this is key because they had already gotten some information from the cloud. from the icloud and from the cell phone towers in communication with the phone. this is a lot more specific. that really helps these investigators to try to bridge the gap on some really missing pieces of the puzzle. there were 18 minutes they were not able to figure out exactly where these people were and what they were doing so this is helping them try to figure that out. they're still analyzing some of this data. look at it. this hour, the fbi are fighting over this very issue of encryption and whether there's anything useful on the phone . the lack of big pieces tells them a lot. it tells them these terrorists were not in touch with isis supporters elsewhere and not
9:51 am
another person involved in this attack that they should be looking for them. it's helpful to get into this phone of a private company they were able to hire to do this. >> i am still mystified by those 18 minutes because while they did find maybe there wasn't contact with isis, they haven't found out why these two murderers, terrorist murderermu were wandering aimlessly. i think it would be a good fascinating answer. great job as always. always getting the good stuff. thank you. coming up, take a good look at these three pictures. do you recognize them all? could you name them? like real fast if you had to in a quick oral exam, but you might be shocked when she hit the good old streets of new york city and showed these pictures and a few choice other ones and conducted the instant test. it's next. if you have allergy congestion,
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i'll see if you can in a flash guess who it is. got it, got it? quick. james danforth quail. that's obscure, especially under 30. ahead of this big contest in the big apple, randi kaye played candidate trivia and some were spot on and let's say others not so much. have a look. >> reporter: new york city central park. no better place to test voters knowledge of the candidates. >> ready to play some candidate trivia? >> let's go. >> reporter: who is this? >> ted cruz. >> armed with an ipad full of photos of the five remaining candidates on both sides, we
9:57 am
were impressed, at first. >> reporter: you're in, who's this? >> ted cruz. >> reporter: we didn't hear a lot of love for ted cruz. >> you know anything about him? >> i know a lot of things about him that i don't like. >> reporter: but everyone recognized him except this woman. >> i can't believe i just forgot his name. >> ted cruz. >> reporter: did you just get help over here? everyone recognized donald trump. >> unqualified. was that too much? >> reporter: first word that comes to mind? >> just a joke. >> reporter: who's that guy? >> lord have mercy, donald trump. >> reporter: ohio governor stumped folks the most. >> who is this guy? >> jeb bush? >> reporter: no. you don't have to apologize. these guys had to work at it too. >> reporter: who is that?
9:58 am
>> with the k. starts with a k. >> george k.? >> k-not going to win. that's it. starts with a k. >> reporter: it's not george. >> it is k. kevin. >> reporter: nope. then finally. >> kasich? >> reporter: whoo-hoo! >> this woman likes kasich and still wouldn't remember his full name. >> he seems like the sanest of the three front runners because he's not nuts. >> reporter: can't remember his first name? >> kasich. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders scored well. everyone knew faces and most had good things to say. >> my man, bernie. >> reporter: what's the first word that comes to mind when you see him? >> my candidate. >> that's two words. >> reporter: first word? >> genuine, honest, man of
9:59 am
integrity. >> reporter: hillary clinton. >> i'm with her. >> reporter: we tried to stump some with vice president joe biden who once considered joining the race. is that guy runing? >> no, but i wish he was. >> what if i told you that was our vice president. >> there you go. >> reporter: when we tried to fool the group by including our own anderson cooper, this happened. >> that's anderson cooper. is he running? somebody owes somebody a coke. >> reporter: candidate trivia. all part of campaign 2006. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> adorbs. anderson was quick to point out he's not running but i think he would win if he did. that's just me talking. throughout the day at cnn and special coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. now stay tuned for the big daddy. wolf blitzer.
10:00 am
his show starts right now. who you voting for? >> i'm really honored and putting that vote in today was really something terrific. have a good time. >> we're feeling very good. there is a large voter turnout despite the impediment of 3 million people not being able to participate, i think we're going to be just fine. >> thank you so much. >> just i urge everybody to come out and vote before 9:00 p.m. tonight. that would be terrific. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. the presidential race here in the


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