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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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who you voting for? >> i'm really honored and putting that vote in today was really something terrific. have a good time. >> we're feeling very good. there is a large voter turnout despite the impediment of 3 million people not being able to participate, i think we're going to be just fine. >> thank you so much. >> just i urge everybody to come out and vote before 9:00 p.m. tonight. that would be terrific. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. the presidential race here in the united states is in new
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york. it's a new york state of mind right now. it's primary day with millions of new york voters expected to make their choices. a choice which could have a very profound effect on both parties and where we go from here. the battle lines are drawn and the three candidates with new york roots are looking for some hometown magic. donald trump and hillary clinton cast their primary votes this morning while bernie sanders went head to head out on the streets of new york city. here's what's at stake today for the democrats. new york has 247 delegates up for grabs. right now, hillary clinton has a lead in pledge delegates by more than 200. and a 700 delegate lead when you add the super delegates. for the republicans, there are 95 delegates at stake today. donald trump leads the republican delegate battle right now but senator ted cruz has been closing the gap with a string of victories over the past few weeks. polls close in new york state at 9:00 p.m. eastern. please be sure to stay with cnn for complete coverage throughout
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the day and the night. our jen graf is at a polling station in brooklyn, new york, right now. brynn, what are you seeing there? is the turnout expected to be a factor? >> reporter: well, it's actually quite good turnout at this particular polling place. we're in a bit of a llull right now so it's hard to see that behind me but might be because of the lunch hour. it was certainly busy this morning. the line was out the door down the street at one point so maybe we'll see that again when dinnertime rolls around. as you said, polls stay open until 9:00 a. and since it's more quiet, we have a way to go around. as we loop around a little more, that's where the electronic ballots are cast and paper ballots further right to where i'm standing. and you said it, wolf. this is a battle ground.
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this is bernie's hometown. it's hillary's home turf. the question is who are they coming out to vote for? right now, as our number stands, 1650 people have come to this particular polling place. a large majority of them are democrats. 1557- to 92 republicans. we're learning about who they decide for and why they made that decision. of course, we'll get more information about that coming up, wolf. >> as bernie sanders suggested, a lot of people probably would have liked to vote for him. they can't vote because they didn't register as democrats. this is a closed primary. only registered democrats could vote for the democratic candidates. only registered republicans can vote for the republican candidates. a lot of bernie sanders supporters out there and i'm sure you have spoken, brynn, with everyone. they feel left out. >> reporter: that's true. that shows the excitement around this particular election.
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you can't come in unless you're registered democrat or republican and, of course, you have to vote for your party but i will say when people do come and don't have either affiliation and don't know what to do, the nice people are handing them affidavits to the board of election. their vote is mattering. we're not sure if it's counted or sort of the process after that but certainly people are trying to figure that all out but it's important to still come out and vote. of course, wolf. >> brynn is our new cnn reporter. good to have you on our team. thanks very much. donald trump is counting on a big win today in his home state to change the conversation. his campaign knows that the path to 1237 delegates. that's the magic number in the amount needed for the republican presidential nomination goes right through the empire state on this day. let's discuss the race. joining us are cnn politics executive editor mark preston. how big of a win does he really
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need tonight? there are 95 republican delegates at stake in new york. he'd like to get as many as possible and there is a possibility if he does really incredibly well, he could wind up with almost all of them. >> he needs the number in order to get to 1237. if you look at the numbers right now, he has to win about 62% of the remaining delegates that are left on the board. a win in new york would help chip away at that. but he also needs momentum. momentum that will propel him into the five states that will vote next week. those include rhode island, connecticut, maryland, delaware, pennsylvania. a big win in new york. similar type of voters in these states would help donald trump. >> if he does well today, that would certainly help the polls there and ted cruz is actually in third place right now going into the race. and obviously, that could change as the republicans go out and vote. but he needs to emerge today and
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next week in relatively good shape to keep this going even if he's not able to mathematically himself on the ballot get to 1237. >> what ted cruz doesn't want to happen is lose so decisively in new york that it does affect him next week. people see a slowing of momentum in his only path that's a contested convention and we pretty much know that's the case. if you look at what he needs to win outright, he would need to win 89% of the remaining delegates. wolf, that's almost an impossibility. but ted cruz when we made that comment about new york values a couple of months ago, he was sending a message. new york voters were not necessarily the voters he was counting on. it's coming back to bite him. >> the polls show john kasich carried his home state of ohio and actually in second place going into the elections. into the primary today. but he really hasn't won anything since ohio. that's the only state he's won and he's way down in delegates. mathematically, no chance of getting the nomination on the first ballot but staying put. he's staying in this race.
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>> he's staying in this race and hoping in new york that he gets enough of the gasoline that's able to pick up enough delegates to keep his campaign at least viable to his supporters. specifically in the states that are coming forward. john kasich though in many ways is not looking at winning this at 1237. he would have to win 142% of the remaining delegates which is an improbability and possibility. what he wants is the contested convention and wants donald trump, ted cruz, to bang heads and knock around so much and john kasich to come out of it in cleveland saying i am the uniter of the party. >> the former new york city mayor rudy giuliani had to say earlier this morning on cnn. listen to this. >> i also believe he's within 2030 of the nomination. they have got to give it to him. >> it's not the rule. >> i know. but they've got to change other rules. why not that rule? >> that's a fundamental rule though. nobody knows rules like you.
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you were an attorney. but that's the magic number showing you have the right percentage of 50% plus in delegates. that's not like a procedural rule. >> i'm not sure about that. you could be elected mayor with 42% of the vote. there are plenty of places with pluralities elections. >> plurality is enough. >> just because it's a rule doesn't mean it's fair. >> he voted for donald trump even though he encysinsists he' formally endorsing him. is that realistic though? that the rnc could wind up, the rules committee a week before the convention to change the rule so you don't need the 1237? if you are short, you get the nomination? >> that's the fight we play and the folks supportive of trump say within 20 or 30 delegates, should he just basically be given it? rudy giuliani is correct it
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might not be fair because he's gotten so close but the rules are the rules. the deck of cards was already shuffled before the game began. and i think that is enough that donald trump to have to get to 1237 or take it to the convention and win it in a contested convention fight. >> it could be a long night for you and me. the entire cnn political team that will be covering all of these elections throughout the day and into the evening, well into the evening. thank you very much, mark, for that. coming up, can hillary clinton clinch a win in new york and end some of the bernie sanders ones and these are live pictures of a polling station in lancaster new york. that's right outside of buffalo. much more on the coverage of the new york primary right after this. those hot dogs look good. oh yeah, hebrew national.
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voters across the state of new york are heading to the polls. look at this. we have some live pictures in. voters in brooklyn and staten island. the turnout will be a key factor and watching that closely right now. hillary clinton is hoping today's new york primary will mark the end of bernie sanders' winning streak which has been impressive in the last few weeks.
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hillary clinton and her husband. they voted at an elementary school in chappaqua, new york. afterwards, she headed to a trade union conference here in washington, dc. she promised to support organized labor and took aim directly at the republicans. >> the republican front-runner for president actually says wages are too high in america. now i've said before, i do not know who he's talking to. because americans deserve a raise. yet republicans and governors and the legislators across the country are waging a relentless assault on workers rights. >> joining us now from new york is cherlain mccray. a strong hillary clinton supporter. thank you so much for joining
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us. what are your expectations. how do you think secretary clinton will do in new york. >> i went to vote for her this morning and it was really most qualified candidate for - president in history. and i'm so happy to be voting for a woman. it's quite something to vote for someone who has a different perspective on some of the changes we need. some of the changes in terms of the minimum wage, pay equity and family leave and the list goes on. she's a bold progressive and a bold progressive who knows how to get things done. >> senator sanders was out in mid-town manhattan earlier today who spoke with an independent voter and they vote in the primary and registered republicans can vote in the
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republican primary and senator sanders took the opportunity to criticize the voting state. >> they were independents. i lost the right to vote from the democratic primary. that's all. you're paying for the selection by the state and have a right to vote and that's a very unfortunate thing which i hope will change. >> what do you think of the argument that senator sanders is making? >> i think that everyone should have an opportunity to vote and we need voting reform. we need it desperately. there's no investment in anything that has to do in this country for years and years. we need early voting and early registration. there's so much we need to do. and that's why we need a strong progressive president that gets work done and that's hillary
10:17 am
clinton. >> in some states, the democratic primaries are open and can get out there in vote for the presidential candidate. you think that should change in new york and would you like to see it open or remain closed? >> i think open is better. i really do. >> that's your opinion on that. you agree. that's not going to happen this time. we'll see if that changes in for years. and you have described senator sanders campaign in your words getting desperate and what example is that of the desperation do you see? >> i think this latest episode with the fec and accusations of misconduct is one example and i think if there's a problem with that. he should have gone to the media and not to the dnc and all of this accusations he tends to
10:18 am
make which i take away from the serious issues we need to be talking about. whether or not she should release a speech she made years ago really takes away from the things that we should be talking about like gun control and how to unify this country. >> because i don't know if you listen to it but in the sirius xm radio interview, he accused the clinton campaign of distorting his record misrepresenting his positions. i don't know if you heard that but your response? >> i did not hear that. i did not hear it. >> so you don't want to respond to that. >> no. >> in general, you're a new yorker. what do you think of the tone? this campaign, how it's clearly escalated over the past several weeks and months culminating almost last thursday of the democratic family in brooklyn. i assumed you watched that
10:19 am
carefully. >> i did. there's so much at stake now with this election and i'm happy we are here in new york and it's a diverse state and we're getting so much attention. and they really asked the ha questions. i think that's what is escalating the emotions a bit because bernie has shown he doesn't have solutions for many of the problems we face and some of the problems he's brought up. he just does not have solutions. and that makes it tough. makes it feel threatened. hillary has more votes. more states. more delegates. more super delegates and she's got so much tremendous enthusiasm out there for her and may be quieter. not as theatrical but i felt it yesterday at the rally and felt it last week at medgar. it's amazing and i know she's going to be the next president. >> and first lady. a strong hillary clinton
10:20 am
supporter. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. take a look at this. we get more live pictures coming in from new york as voters head to the poll in this state's crucial primary. earlier, bernie sanders took a stroll through the streets of new york city before hitting the campaign trail in pennsylvania. the pennsylvania democratic presidential primary is a week from today. there's been a sign he's giving up on new york and already moving onward to talk with a strong bernie sanders supporter. the former naacp ben jealous is standing by live. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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right now voting under way in new york state. live pictures coming in from
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lancaster, new york, just outside of buffalo. a total of 342 delegates. democrat and republican. they are at stake in the state's primary today. critically important day in the race for the white house. senator bernie sanders is looking ahead to one of the next big states out there in the presidential primary calendar. we're talking about pennsylvania. he's holding a rally in erie, pennsylvania, in the next hour and made one last push for votes and sanders and hillary clinton. they have new york ties. she was a senator from new york state for eight years and he was born in brooklyn. ben jealous is a former president of the naacp and a bernie sanders supporter joining us from baltimore. right now, ben, thank you very much for joining us. what are your expectations about today's democratic primary? >> we are surging and we're surging because people have really come together across
10:26 am
races. we have these young activists throughout the state who are door knocking joined by older activists. this campaign from the beginning has been fueled on faith. we stepped out there. folks said we were a joke. as recently as two months ago, we were down 48 points in new york. we'll do much better than that. we could actually win. but we will come in much closer than most folks thought was even possible. >> do you think you will win? because as you know, the senator has kblancomplained that only registered democrats can vote. that independents can't vote because they didn't register as democrats before the deadline. that clearly is a source of a lot of support of the independent voter out there. >> the deadline was last october. which is one of the most extremely long deadlines that you'll see in any state. here, i'm down here in baltimore. we're south of the mason dixon and you could sign up to vote through the 21st.
10:27 am
you could sign up to vote and do your early voting at the same time. for new york to require people to have changed last october is a bit crazy, quite frankly. it's less more, quite frankly, typical new york voting laws that challenge the status quo. we see democrats shift and surging with black men and beating hillary with two points and men who are 54 and, you know, down to 18. so a much older. not just voters under 30 but 55. we could win but this is all about turnout. it will all come down to who turns out, who shows up. but things will be closer than we thought possible. we frankly expect to draw even unearned delegates in this state. >> pledg delegates you're talking about. even though she has a significant lead among those so-called super delegates.
10:28 am
the fact is that he's already campaigning today in erie, pennsylvania. isn't that a sign he's maybe already moving on and some suggest giving up on new york. >> i think that's crazy. she's down in dc talking to her donors. the trade unions that have supported her and he's in pennsylvania talking to voters. the reality is that voters are going to the polls in new york in both campaigns that have responded by focusing on winning the next states. but one thing that's, i think, best about our campaign is that you'll never see him divert for a fundraiser. you'll never see him, frankly, make a call to a donor. i've traveled with him state to state. we focus on the people because we're funded by the people. >> because a lot of her supporters say in addition to raising money for her own campaign, she's always raising a lot of money for other democrats. house races. senate races. down ballot races. and they complain that bernie
10:29 am
sanders is only raising money for his presidential campaign and not doing anything to help other democrats. what's your reaction to that? >> first of all, that's not true. we have begun to raise funds for down ballot folks and funded week to week. we do week to week fund raising. quite frankly, we haven't seen that money that she's raised go to down ballot candidates yet. we've seen a third of it go into fund raising. funneled back to her own campaign and raised concerns with the dnc about this. we've never seen this before. usually, this money is held in a locked box for down ballot races but instead it's being funneled back in about a third of it into her campaign to help, frankly, acquire new donors for her campaign. and one of the most disturbing things that the lawyer for the dnc is the lawyer for her campaign. there seems to be a clear conflict there. all of that stuff will be fleshed out but to be clear, when we raise money online for
10:30 am
down ballot candidates, we send it to them. we have not seen her campaign do it yet. >> basically, so far you went money to the democratic candidates that endorsed bernie sanders. that's the criticism. you've heard that. >> well, i mean, what we've also seen with all of these super delegates is most of the democratic folks who are in office and super delegates pledge to her before this race even started. and so there's a bit of that on both sides but again, we raise money week to week. $27 is the average contribution so we won our campaign very differently. as you see us, quite frankly, should we win and we come out, of course, we'll be raising and quite frankly, i think the candidates will feel much better about the sources of the funds because they won't be coming from $350,000 per couple fundraisers. they'll be coming from the very people who those folks will be representing en masse in office. the people of this country have
10:31 am
so far made 17 million individual contributions to this campaign. >> ben jealous. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, a shake-up inside donald trump's campaign on the day of the new york primary. so what's behind the changes? and will it help him or hurt him moving forward? [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. many polls across new york state are open since 6:00 this morning. that's been decades since the new york played such an important role in the race for the republican nomination and it's also a crucial test for the democrats this time as well. miguel marquez is in a polling station in lancaster, new york, not far from buffalo. miguel, upstate new york in
10:36 am
particular is a key part of the race for the republican presidential candidates. what are they expecting? >> reporter: it's heavy today. in a typical primary, they've got about 35% of the eligible electorate turning out. as of this morning, they had 15% turn out. when they get busy this afternoon, it's out of work and much busier. we're in lancaster outside of buffalo place. you know they've had hundreds of people come here so far today. it's a bit of a lull now because it's lunch hour but they cycle them through very, very quickly. they are fast here in buffalo. to their various voting districts there and then to the privacy screen so that they can actually vote. we're seeing high interest because there's three new yorkers in this race. donald trump has great ties to buffalo. he was here last night. he has ties to the real estate community here. hillary clinton started her senate campaign here in 1996. has very strong ties here and
10:37 am
bernie sanders has been here several times as well. upstate. the state's largest city playing a huge role in this election and the vote clearly getting out. wolf? >> thank you very much, miguel. enjoy buffalo. a cnn political commentator and the executive director of the black caucus. the former communications director for the ted cruz and the political commentator and scotty hughes with the u.s. radio network. she's a donald trump supporter. amanda. who has the most to gain tonight? >> well, i think donald trump. not just because he's probably going to win new york but what i'm looking for is how he handles his win. all over the air waves in the run-up to the primary, his surrogates and members of his campaign has been accusing other people of fraud and even bribery and dirty tricks. all this kind of stuff. so donald trump coming after a win. what does he do with that
10:38 am
momentum going into the states? as he rises to the level of being a candidate that will finally campaign on the issues or is he only going to make this about smearing others and if he continues too that, i think he will continue to repel delegates from coming over to him because no one has seen him able to rise to talking about the issues and going into a general election against hillary clinton where we saw hillary clinton and bernie sanders really get into debating over a minimum wage and financial services industry and can't put donald trump against hillary clinton in that environment. >> scottie, what do you make of the reports that there's a shake-up inside the trump campaign he's moving to a new level? older campaign staffers are moving up and new ones coming? >> i think this is called growth. these are natural growing pains as we get ready to go into a convention. i do think mr. trump because he is reflective of the popular vote is still going to make that magic number and there's a good chance we're not going to have a
10:39 am
brokered convention and after july, he will definitely be our nominee. but just in case, this is kind of like an insurance policy. wolf, you get a team in place and people exactly where they need to be. i think mr. trump is very optimistic hoping the people's vote would actually matter and we continue to not have these delegate shenanigans and kasich already boasting that he has the majority of the delegates in indiana and the primary hasn't happened yet. these shenanigans would not necessarily shape the republican party with the effect it is today but it's coming out some of the state primaries and the state parties have their own way of thinking that might not necessarily be reflective of the people who vote as republicans in the state. >> angela, i know you speak to democratic party insiders behind the scenes. who would face the biggest or represent the biggest challenge to the democratic nominee whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders? among the three remaining republicans. >> you know, wolf, i think
10:40 am
that's quite a toss-up. i think folks don't like ted cruz or donald trump. i think the reality of the situation is ted cruz the starting to seem more reasonable because of how far donald trump has been but most of us know that ted cruz's policies aren't that much different from donald trump's policies. the main difference is that there's a little bit more meat and substance which from my vantage point makes it a little more scary. so the reality of it is either one i'd say, you're picking your poison. >> amanda, you've taken a look closely at the numbers. ted cruz, let's say he comes in third today. the pulse suggests he might and doesn't do well in the next five states in pennsylvania and some of the other states that are coming a week from today.
10:41 am
>> maryland and delaware continue to add and turn back their way. when they go to indiana, california, oregon to comply with the mail-in ballot and favors campaigns that are more organized. if they can survive the next two weeks, then play well in the final contest going into the convention. momentum will be on their side when it counts the most. >> scottie, i want you to react. >> this is interesting. you have to use the word survive that's never a good word with the campaign and when two campaigns look to cause chaos within a party that will divide, you can actually see what their goal is. we have to go up a great machine. in the end, i hate to get the primary counts but people motivated to the polls but right
10:42 am
now, mr. trump has a larger popular vote and every time delegates aren't necessarily, you don't pull the same shenanigans in november. >> very quickly. >> one quick point. the field organization does matter a lot. i agree with you, scottie. and ted cruz is the only person that's built a national campaign with field activism in every state that can go toe to toe. >> congratulations. he's a politician. >> that's why you have the republican party. >> stand by. there's more coming up. it will likely be on another story we're following right now. president obama's final visit to saudi arabia as the president of the united states. this will be the fourth time he's visited saudi arabia since taking office. but it might be far from a fond farewell. tensions between the gulf state and the u.s. are causing some international and domestic problems for the president. we're going to tell you what's going on. set the stage when we come back. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us,
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john kasich is campaigning at a restaurant in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this is the day the new york primary week from today.
10:47 am
another very important primary that would be in pennsylvania. kasich campaigning there. today is also a very busy day over at the white house here in washington. president obama's preparing for the trip to saudi arabia. scheduled to leave later this afternoon, tensions between the u.s. and the saudis have been building over a bipartisan bill to let families here in the united states of 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia. the government atop officials there the president explained why the white house is threatening to veto that legislation. >> if we open up the possibility that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments, we are opening up the united states to be continually sued by individuals in other countries. >> but as our diplomatic editor tells us, that isn't the only issue straining the u.s./saudi
10:48 am
relationship. >> we meet at a time of great tension between the united states and muslims around the world. >> talks of shaping relations with manations, the crowds love him. less than two years later, the same city of president mubarak overthrown in the arab spring uprising. how obama responded to the fall of his allies set the tone of his relationship with the region since. >> it wasn't so much they fell but so much how the u.s. went by and that is really the beginning of this schism. >> a schism that grew with the u.s./iranian nuclear deal. the saudis were furious. >> they believe that barack
10:49 am
obama has sold them at the out of his own with iran. the arch enemy. >> in response to all of this, saudi arabia ramped up his armed forces overtaking russia to become the world's third largest defense and security spender. and last year, formed a 34 nation sunni muslim coalition to follow saudi's lead. >> as a result of the mistrust of obama, they have developed a domestic foreign policy and on the attack in yemen and other places and trying to counter. the americans have really lost control. >> where they needed control the most solving syria, saudi's new king is a very impatient ally. he wants assad gone now and iran's influence removed. >> to change now with the new
10:50 am
>> both sides needs each other. saudi arabia needs u.s. weapons. obama wants regional stability. the time if riyadh is not about divorce but easing the estrangement. >> nic robertson joining now live from riyadh. will the trip repair that relationship, which as you correctly point out, has been strained? >> reporter: wolf, i think the best to hope to do is kind of sort of give the saudis and the gulf states something of what they want which is a missile defense shield against ballistics missiles of iran, try to give the united states something it wants, a stronger partner on the syria issue, the peace talking there breaking down and a stronger partner tackling and fighting isis in the future but what, you know, this issue of stability in the region, trying to get that at a time when the saudis feel they're being let down is tough. they feel they're alone and
10:51 am
following their agenda. we have seen what they've done in lebanon. cutting funding there. the crown prince in jordan a day later, the government shuts down the muslim brotherhood offices. talks about executing more than 20 prisoners. and in the past couple of days, closed down its diplomatic mission in teheran. saudi arabia is exerting a very strong influence and expectations on the allies in the region, wolf. >> they pay lip service to the iran nuclear deal but a you point out they're very angry about it. thanks very much. nic in riyadh, saudi arabia, for us. up next, dozens dead and hundreds injured. we'll have a live report after this. nother anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®.
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yet another deadly day in afghanistan's capital. suicide bomber detonated a vehicle filled with explosives
10:56 am
in kabul and a private parking lot. it blew off the back wall of a building, second attacker entered the building and later died in a gun battle with security forces. in all 28 people died. more than 300 injured in the bombing. the u.s. state department condemned the attack saying, quote, this incident underscores the harm taliban own others inflict on the afghan people, attacks like these deepen the support for people and government of afghanistan and their efforts to bring security and stability to afghanistan. our senior international correspondent nick peton walsh is joining us. you recently returned from kabul and reported extrens iensively the region. looks like it is going from bad to worse. >> reporter: there's a great wolf seeing nato and u.s. troops leave combat role they weren't
10:57 am
ready. now a practice insurgencyinsurg. this wasn't any old building, it was a government service of bodyguards to look after afghan vips targeted. typical at theic of the taliban, one attacker in a huge truck of explosi explosives, so much it shook the capital and blew off the back wall and dozens of casualties. 30 death toll, may rise. in the parking lot, the secondary attacker went inside and did seem to take a number of hours until afghan security forces there at the very heart of their infrastructure were able to kill that second attacker. bear in mind the number of injured quite taggering really. 327 according to health ministry 0 initials and one of the first counts and may suggest it further rises. most deadly attack since 2011 by
10:58 am
some accounts when a mosque was hit killing over 60 but also remember, wolf, john kerry's recent visit, well, that, too, marked by some degree of violence. he left the airport when four rockets landed near the u.s. embassy. the taliban keen to show they can penetrate the ring of steel. it's designed to show fear, show that while they have greater reaching capability in the provinces around kabul, taking territory particularly in helma helmand, the capital is not impregnable to them at all. they can make residents feel deeply concerned. and of course, today a substantial loss of life. many injured and more terrified, wolf. >> as you know, nick, you were just there reporting from kabul in afghanistan. the afghan military, u.s. spent billions and billions of dollars training them, arming them. what is the status of that military right now?
10:59 am
they seem to be losing lots of ground to the taliban. >> reporter: there were so many constant assurances, wolf, by u.s. and nato officials when they were there that the afghan military security forces would hold ground and now saying they didn't have the backup of troops there, a desire for air power in there to help them out and one simple fact nobody can avoid. last year, the deadliest on record. 5,500 soldiers, police and other security personnel killed in 1 year alone and staggering total of 9,000 injured, as well. that is many say why they're facing set backs now that certainly taking a toll on the training program. the u.s. admit that themselves and that two thirds of people not turning up or being lost in afghan security personnel numbers down to absenteeism, desertion if you will. there's a crisis in morale and
11:00 am
security and seeing on the streets of kabul today, wolf. >> nick paton walsh, thank you for your excellent, excellent reporting. that it's for me. the news continues next on cnn. hi there. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a big day here on this tuesday. this is the first new york republican primary in generations that counts. in fact, voters right now playing a direct part in who the next presidential nominee will be for both parties and as new yorkers are out and about casting the ballots, two of their own fighting to be out ahead. republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton. both today voting. both also face rival who is are coming off of a string of victories. talk about momentum there. while secretary clinton needs a