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tv   Americas Choice 2016 NY Primary  CNN  April 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> buffalo, new york a great town. this is a big night for donald trump and a very big night for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. lots going on. the polls are about to close in new york state. in fact, they should be closing right now. with the polls closed cnn projects that donald trump, donald trump the billionaire real estate magnet will win the republican presidential primary in his home state of new york. we don't know how much he will win by. we don't know the delegate count yet, but we do project that donald trump will be the winner in the republican presidential primary, a huge win, a huge win for donald trump. we also have a key race alert. on the democratic side we are not able to make a projection. look at how tight it is. this is an cnn estimate on the democratic presidential primary based on exit poll information. hillary clinton at 52%, bernie sanders at 48%.
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very close according to our cnn estimate based on these exit polls. remember, though, these are exit polls. they are estimates based on voter surveys as voters left polling locations throughout today. the final outcome may be different. very often those final outcomes could change. we expect the numbers to change throughout the night, but you can see how close it is based on the exit poll information. let's look at the republican side right now because we have projected that donald trump is the winner. jim acosta is over at trump headquarters. let's talk about it. i a sum his supporters are getting pretty excited. >> reporter: yes, they're getting very excited and we are jammed inside the lobby of trump tower here in manhattan. you can see behind me the trump campaign officials are here and trump family members, the campaign manager corey lewandowski is standing behind me. we expect to hear from donald trump any minute now.
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they're getting the cheers going here and i can tell you from talking to people inside the trump campaign all day long over the last couple of days they see this as a turning point in the campaign. yes, they know that what happened in places like wyoming and colorado and wisconsin were set backs for this campaign, but they see what's happening here in the new york primary tonight and his home state is a reset for this campaign as they look forward to some favorable in the northeast and then moving out west to california where donald trump owns properties out there as well. they see the next couple of months as being crucial to getting to that magic number of 1,237 and, yes, there are worries inside the campaign they won't goet to that number so we know they're making preparations to go after the delegates. donald trump has said he's not going to wine and dine those people, he's not going to put them on trump force one, but they do want to try to sit down and talk with some of those
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jittery, nervous party regulars inside the gop who they know here inside the trump campaign have expressed some deep reservations about what some of what they've seen so far during this campaign, but one thing i heard from a top trump delegate official earlier today is what they're hearing from party regulars is that they don't mind donald trump's anti-establishment message, what they want to see is a professionally run campaign and they think they're going to get the start of that later on tonight. >> trump will be speaking very soon we're told. big win for donald trump. very close on the democratic side. >> that's right. as we told you earlier this evening we are going to be having the empire state building change its colors according to who we are projecting will win and since cnn has projected donald trump will be the winner of the new york republican primary we are turning the empire state building the dark
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red that signifies donald trump in this color scheme that we have. we also have the democratic contest to call as well. but dana, no surprise that donald trump won the state of new york, but the fact that it's being called so early suggests a very strong victory. >> absolutely. first can i say i feel like i'm in a movie. that's so cool we can see that. it's a very new york thing. >> you thought the magic wall was cool. >> yes. donald trump, the fact that it was in a second after the polls closed does give a sense of how well he's going do, but it's time to look at the delegates. not to take away from his victory, but every single delegate is so crucial for him. if he can get close to that 95, it will make a very big difference going forward, not just for here, but next week. he's got a lot of states where he is expected to do quite well in the northeast and in the mid-atlantic so the feeling
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inside the trump campaign they hope is that as jim was talking to people i spoke to as well, tonight, next week, the inside stuff that's going on in florida with the republican national committee meeting this week where trump advisers are going down to speak to reassure the party even though the leaders have having public spats, the feeling is the party will look at him and say that's the front-runner, that's our guy. >> i want to turn to our executive editor, mark preston, the democratic race too close to call. the exit polls show a very slim margin of victory for hillary clinton, but too close to call as of right now. what do we know about the democratic voters who went to the polls today. >> let's look at the generational and policy differences between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. let's look at the age of voters. hillary clinton picks up the support of voters 65 and older.
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more than seven of ten of those voters supported the former secretary of state. let's go to the other end of the spectrum and look at younger voters, 18 to 29-year-olds supported bernie sanders. seven of ten supported sanders. should hillary clinton become the nominee those are voters she's going to docttry to bring. let's look at two issues. who would better handle gun policy, hillary clinton 56%. we know hillary clinton has made this a big issue. we saw that in the cnn debate just last week, but on the issue of wall street which has been the call for bernie sanders, 59% of those who think that wall street is hurting the u.s. economy is backing the vermont senator. only 41% say that hillary clinton would be the person to handle wall street. so there you go, a division among generational as well as
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policy differences. >> very interesting. i think i saw some exit poll numbers earlier in the day suggesting that it's something like 65% of democrats who voted today think that wall street is bad for the economy and also something like half of the republicans who voted today think that way about the economy. it's one of the ways that we've seen this overlap in anger over some issues where you have actually trump and bernie sanders having some issues on which they agree. >> that's right. it's the populus strain that's going through the republican party and even though trump is of and for and about new york, he's never been about wall street. it's not his thing. in fact, he's been for him considering the fact that he's a mogul here. >> we have a key race alert. >> thank you. let's get to a key race alert. we project donald trump is the winner on the republican side. very early, only about 1,000
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votes count so far, but you can see he's way ahead so far. ted cruz in third place, only 13.6%. less than 1%. very early on the republican side, but we have projected donald trump will win the republican presidential primary. on the democratic side also very early. these are the original numbers still coming in right now. you see hillary clinton with 60%, bernie sanders 40%, but this is still very early. our exit poll information shows it's a close race and we're not able yet to make a projection on the democratic side. we'll see what happens. anderson, over to you. >> a big night obviously for donald trump. you're a supporter of his. how do you feel. >> he said last week that i'm unwilling to defend a system that empowers the party over the people. tonight the people spoke, they did so commandingly. you see donald trump getting possibly over that 50% margin, could take every delegate in new york perhaps, certainly looks like he's going to get over 80.
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tonight is a tremendous victory and i think the tide is turning in the race. he's going to probably win connecticut, pennsylvania. he's doing exceedingly well and tonight the tides are turning. >> i'm curious to see what donald trump donald trusays in victory speech because he's made a big deal about the system is rigged so what is he going to say here? if this is his message that we have to beat the establishment, whatever that is, what is your vision to replace it because a scream that the system's rigged in every state where you don't win in order to show some kind of consistency you have an obligation to say what the system should be. he's never done that. what kind of reforms is he proposing because if he's saying it's not fair that i don't win, that's not good enough. >> he wants every person to have a vote. that means the 1 million voters in colorado get to speak,
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wyoming gets to speak. he wants everybody in the republican party to get to vote. >> the amazing thing about trump kind of watching him now is he's like there's all these rules and it's so terrible. i'm like welcome to the federal government, dude. if you ever become president of the united states you will not -- you cannot imagine the level of rules. it's just not as easy to do the stuff that he says and he's learning that himself on the campaign trail. >> on the political side the president has to unity a diverse country and so far every time it looks like donald trump is going to win and going to be the nominee, he self sabotages. >> for a long time though that's been claiming he can be more presidential. do you believe that? >> i have to give him his due here. i'm not sure strategically that given the fact that he is
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flirting with that 1,237 and he made lay on one side of it or the other, setting up a con trukt that says if he's the clear front-runner and doesn't get the nomination that there's something wrong with the system, that seems sound to me. i think he can be faulted for not knowing the system. >> these folks also have -- within the party have to look at all of these polls that suggest that large numbers of republicans think the right result would be the pest who has the most delegates gets the nomination. >> it doesn't matter that he doesn't know the rules, he's winning. >> it's true. he's had a huge victory and right now he's the only republican who has a math mattical real chance of
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clenching the nomination the old fashioned way which is getting it before you get to the convention. >> he's about to celebrate tonight one of the biggest victories of his campaign. give him his just due, but look at the numbers. if i told you that 40% said they were concerned or scared about a donald trump presidency you'd say that must be a democratic number. no, that's a new york republican number. so on the very night that he'll have this enormous victory, four out of ten are saying i'd be frightened if he were the president. >> you saw some similar numbers like that in wisconsin, a state that he lost surprising it's that high in new york which is his state. i think the fear kochcomes from fact that he's been able to have his coalition in the republican party 33 to 40%, but he hasn't turned toward the general at all, let alone uniting the party. you need to expand and win
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independent voters, african-american voters and women voters. >> do you think we see the same donald trump we have seen all along? does he start to try to make a turn. >> he said i can be more presidential and we're still waiting. he's a charming guy. >> since the re-tweet happened of heidi cruz, which was a mistake, since then what has happened that has made him look unpresidential? nothing. >> engaging in bribery and fraud. >> no, he said repeatedly that the system is rigged against him and i think that's the case when we look at georgia -- >> we have another key race alert. >> let's get this right now. more numbers are coming in on the republican side. donald trump we projected he's the winner of the republican presidential primary, but look at this. a few thousand votes are in. very early. he's got 69.5%. john kasich in second place as
6:14 pm
of right now with 18.3%, ted cruz 12.1%. very early, but remember donald trump we projected is the winner. on the democratic side only 2% of the vote is in so far. hillary clinton has a pretty impressive lead, but this is very early. she's at 62.2% to bernie sanders 37.8%. she's almost 10,000 votes ahead, but once again this is very early. our exit poll results show this was a close race, but that is an estimate based on exit poll information. we're waiting to hear from donald trump. he's getting ready to speak over at trump tower in new york city. we're waiting to hear from hillary clinton. we'll have more coming up right after this. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever.
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ donald trump is projected to be the winner on the republican side. the democratic side, hillary clinton will also be speaking
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over at hillary clinton headquarters in new york. we're standing by to hear from her as well. we'll be hearing from bernie sanders. very close race on the democratic side. on the republican side not very close at all, although we'll see how the delegates in new york state are set out. let's look at the republican side, very early, only 3% of the vote is in. donald trump way ahead, 68.9%. john kasich at 18.5%. ted cruz only 12.6%. very early, but an impressive lead in new york for donald trump. on the democratic side, 7% of the vote is in. 61.6% for hillary clinton, 38.4% for bernie sanders. she's ahead by more than 32,000 votes right now. 8% of the vote is in, but remember still very early. the exit poll information shows it's a close race.
6:20 pm
let's go to john king right now on the republican side. the key is how he will do in these congressional districts. if he wins all 27 districts it is huge tonight. >> this is only 3% counted but donald trump near 70 pr%. we have every reason to believe based on the early results we're seeing that donald trump will end the night with a 507% plus win statewide. that gets you the at large delegates. one of the things that we're going to have to do is take the congressional district map and overlay the state and get a sense is donald trump getting over 50% in each of these congressional districts. if you go under 50% then the winner gets two and the second place finisher gets one. do kasich and cruz pick some delegates. that's one thing to watch. look right here. as the map fills in for donald trump, we do have new york county known to most americans
6:21 pm
as manhattan. no guarantee john kasich is going to win manhattan, but there's one congressional district right here, if john kasich were to hold that if he's at 45% he would get two. it looks like a possibility of kasich picking up some delegates, but if you look in the bronx, donald trump in the early vote anywhere 70%, you come down here to queens, 65%, you come down here, i think kings county has a ring to it. brooklyn is what the world calls this. 75% there. donald trump running very strong out here. richmond county, statton island donald trump running above 85%. if you look, early results so far, now you see donald trump at 70%. i don't have any question he's going to crack 50%.
6:22 pm
the question will be congressional district by district to see if he gets 95, but it looks like kasich may take three, four, five away. >> these are the counties. let's go to the democratic side. >> we have some small counties coming in. sanders running ahead out in the rural areas, but that's one of the things he wants to do among the rural democrats to get some votes out there to offset what he expects to be hillary clinton's advantage down here in the city. so far new york city coming in all for hillary clinton. let's go through as we look. up in the bronx, 28% of the vote in. she's at 70%. that's impressive. democratic congressional districts, democratic rules, you get a bonus in the districts with a heavy minority populat n population. if you look in the manhattan area, hillary clinton at 66%, in queens at 60%, brooklyn, 58.
6:23 pm
so in the city area hillary clinton doing quite well so far which is the base of the democratic vote, but we have to see the part of the state you're familiar with, buffalo here, watch if senator sanders, we see a tight race. >> let's do it the old fashioned way. let's go to jake and dana because they're watching it very closely. jake. >> thanks. we're looking at donald trump and the numbers coming in and is he dominating. 80% of the vote of the republican vote. let's go to our cnn politics editor mark preston. we don't know the exact number right now, but it does look like donald trump is having a dominate evening. why? what were the republican voters looking for? >> let's look at the quality right now. quality is that new york republicans were looking for specifically. the number one quality was a candidate who could bring about change and if you look at the numbers donald trump wins that.
6:24 pm
68% of the voters went for donald trump, john kasich barely gets two and ten of those voters and ted cruz down there at 13 percent. as we told you earlier this evening, six in ten republicans wanted an outsider as their nominee. donald trump overwhelming wins those voters. 85%. ted cruz only picks up 9% and john kasich picks up 6%. perhaps the most important quality though is heading into november is who can defeat hillary clinton, donald trump at 56%. it really does give us the reasons why donald trump easily won his home state of new york tonight. >> very interesting. thanks. that's interesting also about the number on can defeat hillary clinton, assuming she's the democratic nominee. we expect that donald trump is the outsider. we see him feuding with the republican national committee every day, we expect him to have a reputation for bringing about needed change, but the idea he's the most electable, that's not
6:25 pm
an issue that the republican voters have cared that much about in had election cycle. >> any time john kasich opens his mauouth talking about why hs still in this race is he's the only one who can beat hillary clinton and in this case it looks like new york voters did not say so, but i think that's what happens when you're as dominate as dononald trump appes to be here in new york tonight, across the board across the state. we'll see how he does in every one of the 27 congressional districts whether he can run the board and get all 95 delegates. if those numbers are any indication, he could come really close. >> we have a key race alert. >> let's go to the democrats. look at this. 15% of the vote is now in. hillary clinton has a commanding lead. 60% of the vote is now in. 61.8%, 38.2% for bernie sanders. we have not projected a winner
6:26 pm
on the democratic side. exit polls showed it would be close. hillary clinton has a commanding lead. on the republican side donald trump is the winner. with 7% of the vote in he's ahead by 25,000, 67.6% for donald trump and 19.5% for kasich. we're standing by to hear from donald trump momentarily. more coverage coming up after this. those new glasses?
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take a look at this. live pictures coming in from trump tower in new york.
6:31 pm
a very happy donald trump getting ready to deliver a victory speech. we'll have live coverage coming up. we projected he's the winner of the republican race. you see trump with 65.1% of the vote to kasich 21.2% and ted cruz 13.7%. trump still maintaining an impressive lead. on the democratic side we have not projected a winner, but right now with about a quarter of the vote in, hillary clinton has a nearly 100,000 vote lead over bernie sanders. she's at 61.1%, 38.9% for bernie sanders. 24% of the vote is in, but we have not projected a winner in the democratic contest in new york. anderson. >> thanks very much. when you look at trump's victory in new york, it is extraordinary. it's not a wave of support, it's a tsunami of trump support.
6:32 pm
>> absolutely, because he came in and knew the temperature of this electorate. we see in state after state from south carolina to nevada to new york, people are angry at the federal government, not only that in most states the majority feel betrayed by the republican party. so donald trump knew that that's what people want. >> there's donald trump and melania trump. he's not starting to speak yet. we'll bring you his comments alive. he's walking around there at trump tower. it is from here though i mean he's got a lot of states which are very favorable for him and so when you talk about momentum and the next couple of weeks, it looks very good for donald trump. >> when we look forward to next week and you have pennsylvania and maryland and connecticut, we are going to see the same sort of victories and he's going to be an unstoppable force and i think this whole conversation of an open convention may become mute. >> donald trump says he thinks he's going to get 1,237 before
6:33 pm
the convention. >> look at his face. say what you want to about donald trump, nobody has criticized that family. you have to imagine he goes to new york, he's a young guy, he's an entrepreneur, and now he gets to walk through them with his family. if you're trump, you're happy today. >> look at the time of when this occurred. he needed this moment to happen now. he's had a rough couple of weeks. this was the best time to have a new york win. >> let's listen in. >> i have to say to the people that know me the best, the people of new york, when they give us this kind of a vote and it's just incredible and i guess we're close to 70% and we're going to end up at a very high level and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected, even in their wildest
6:34 pm
imaginati imaginations. so i want to thank everybody here. i want to thank my family. i want to thi thank chaud [cheers and applause] >> i want to thank my team. my team has been amazing. it's a team of unity, it's evolving, but people don't understand that. the press does understand it, they just don't want to talk about it. just keep talking. it's very important. keep talking. this has been an incredible evening. it's been an incredible day and week. we went all over new york state. new york state has problems like ever other state in the union. jobs are being sucked out and they're being taken out of the
6:35 pm
country and we're not going to let it happen any more, we're going to stop it. behind me i have to say we have some of our great businessmen of the world. karl is here someplace. the great steve roth. steve's building a big building on central park south. i said, steve, congratulations on the building. he said donald it's nothing compared to what's happening with you. is that right? so we're proud of him. but we have our great leaders and it has been really something. it has been really something amazing. believe me, we are going to use our great business people to negotiate unbelievable trade deals so we bring our jobs back and we don't let our companies go to mexico and all of these other countries any more. we're going to keep the jobs here. you're going to be very proud of this country very soon. we're going to build our
6:36 pm
military bigger, better, stronger than ever before. [cheers and applause] >> nobody is going to mess with us. that i can tell you. we're going to take care of our vets. our vets are great people and we have forgotten our vets. illegal immigrants are taken care of in many cases better than our vets, that's not going to happen any more. that is not going to happen. we're getting rid of obamacare. it's going to be repealed and replaced. it is a total disaster with premiums going up 35, 45, 50%. it's going to probably end of its own volition. we're knocking out common core. it's going to be over and we're bringing education locally. local communities are going to take care of their educational needs and people have been waiting for that for a long time. so with all of the things that
6:37 pm
are happened today, tonight and over the week, i'll tell you what, this has been an amazing week. all over new york state we went to syracuse, we went to albany. 20,000 people. we went to rock chester. we went all over. the people of this country and the people of this state truly are great and amazing people. we are going to be so strong again. we're going to be really -- i mean legitimately so great again and i just can't wait. so we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. [cheers and applause] and we've won another state.
6:38 pm
as you know we have won millions of more votes than senator cruz. millions and millions of more votes than governor kasich. we've won and now especially after tonight close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. we're really, really rocking. we expect we're going to have an amazing number of weeks because these are places and they're in trouble. they're in big trouble. when you look at pennsylvania, when you look at indiana, when you look at maryland and rhode island and so many places, we have problems everywhere you look. we are going to solve those problems. and one of the big problems [cheers and applause] one of the big problems is the economy and jobs and that is my wheelhouse. so again, i want to thank everybody. it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes. you know, it's really nice.
6:39 pm
[cheers and applause] trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! trump! >> nobody should be given delegates which is a ticket to victory and it's not a fair ticket and even though we're leading by a lot and we can't be caught, it's impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. and that's what's going to happen. and you watch, because the people aren't going to stand for it. it's a crooked system. it's a system that's rigged. and we're going to go back to the old way. it's called you vote and you win. so we'll be going into the convention no matter what happens and i think we're going to go in so strong and over the next number of weeks we just saw a poll come out of california which is an unbelievable poll, but we're going to go into the convention i think as the
6:40 pm
winner, but nobody can take an election away with the way they're doing it in the republican party. by the way, i am no fan of bernie, but i've seen bernie win, win, win and then i watch and they say he has no chance of winning. so they have their super delegates. the republican system is worse. so i want to just thank everybody. i have great, great admiration and praise for the city of new york and the state of new york. i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. so we love you all. have a great evening. we celebrate and tomorrow morning we go back to work. i'm flying tomorrow morning. i'm flying tomorrow morning to indiana. i'm going to pennsylvania. i will be all over. so we're going to celebrate for about two hours. then early in the morning i get up and we begin working again.
6:41 pm
thank you everybody and thank you new york. we love new york. we love new york. thank you very much everybody. thank you. [cheers and applause] the winner of the republican new york primary, donald trump with a dominate lead. i have to say dana bash, listening to donald trump we've been talking for the last couple of weeks about how he has become a more disciplined candidate, how he has been saying fewer things that get him off message and we heard that man this evening. he did not refer to lying ted. >> no. >> he referred to senator cruz over and over and over. he did not refer to john kasich even by his first name. he called him governor kasich. he stuck to two basic messages in addition to expressing gratitude. one is that the trade deals have been bad for the economy and that's why he's doing well in places like new york and why he
6:42 pm
thinks he will do well in pennsylvania and in indiana and rhode island and other places and then the second issue which he's been talking about quite a bit is how he says the system, in this case the election system, the republican primary system, is rigged and that is one of the other messages that he's been delivering. it helps paint him as an outsider at war with the elites. it helps him should he get to the republican convention in cleveland without that magic 1,237 number of delegates he needed. but that donald trump you heard this evening, that is the donald trump pivoting to become a general election candidate. >> i could not agree with you more. even when he did talk about the system being rigged, it was on a much more subdued level because he realizes and maybe more importantly the people he is now surrounding himself with realize that he has to work within that system to get the delegates, to keep the delegates he has now as
6:43 pm
they're actually being formally elected and chosen throughout the states that he won and to continue to win them going forward because the system is what it is. so he's trying to kind of walk a fine line as he does try to give off an air of somebody who is going to be the nominee. whether he is or not, that's a different story, but there's no question that this was a fundamentally different donald trump, candidate donald trump,ened a i think fair to say maybe less reality tv show donald trump. >> we've been hearing those of us who have been covering donald trump now for almost a year have been talking to people who know him and many of them say there are two donald trumps and this is the second one, the first one causing a lot of for his party, offending a lot of party, this is the second one that many people prededucted he would pivot to. >> we heard donald trump. he spoke for eight minutes.
6:44 pm
he's the winner in the new york state republican presidential primary, but now we have a major projection on the democratic side. take a look at this. hillary clinton is the winner of the new york state democratic presidential primary based on the actual votes that have come in, based on the exit poll information that we have, cnn now projects the former secretary of state is the winner of the new york state democratic presidential primary. they're going wild over there at clinton headquarters in new york. very excited over there right now. hillary clinton is the winner, set the seen for us. we will be hearing from her soon. they just heard us make the projection. >> >> reporter: you can see and it's hard to hear you because the crowd here is so loud, but they're listening to the projection on cnn and very excited. this is her home state and there's nothing like winning in your home state. a supportive crowd. we are expecting that tonight is
6:45 pm
going to be a family affair with bill and chelsea clinton on stage with secretary clinton, something we actually have not seen since new hampshire, but a lot of the enthusiasm here also i'm told comes to the fact that you have many campaign staffers some of whom are from new york and they have invited their families. so it's a very invested crowd. i should also tell you as the sheridan midtown here is bumping this is where hillary clinton celebrated her 2006 reelection to the senate and of course as we are awaiting her speech her, she will be celebrating ten years later a win for the democratic nomination in the new york primary. >> a win for hillary clinton state. let's go to jake and dana. >> thanks. earlier this evening when we projected that donald trump
6:46 pm
would be the winner of the new york republican primary, we turned the top of the empire state building deep red. that was the color that cnn had designated for donald trump. now let us turn the top of the empire state building the color blue that we have assigned to hillary clinton. hillary clinton dark blue and there you see at the empire state building dark blue in honor as a projection of the vik victory of hillary clinton. this is a big victory for secretary clinton. a few weeks ago there were people who thought it's possible that she might not even win her home state, but at the end of the day she did. she knows the state very well. she's campaigned her statewide several times starting in 1999. >> a huge victory for her. especially since youen ha thinkt
6:47 pm
the ten year mark. she ran in the new york primary, but as clinton supporters remind us, barack obama didn't really compete here because what was the point. she was a sitting senator. this is something that is incredibly sweet for her, important and we'll see what happens when it comes to the proportionality of it, whether or not bernie sanders can rack up some delegates. at this point give her her due. she has a hometown win. >> we'll see what the margins are. we're expecting to hear from the former secretary of state a hillary clinton. we're going to take a quick break. more coverage after this quick message. ♪ ♪ there's more than one route to the top. the lexus ls and lx... each offering leading edge comfort, safety
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donald trump is the winner in the new york state republican presidents shl primary. we're waiting to hear from
6:52 pm
hillary clinton, she'll be delivering a victory speech soon. we'll have live coverage. in the meantime, let's go over to john king. the important delegate allocation on the republican side, democratic side, that's critically important on the republican side first. >> and we do know this, they worked hard. they're a great part of the organization. they are quite certain now based on the early results, based on the analysis that donald trump project not only the winner, but will win with above 50%, up near in the # 0%. donald trump will win above 60% statewide, he gets the 14 at large delegates, all for donald trump. because of the above 50%. now the question is for the other 81, three for each of the 27 congressional districts and we're going to have to watch as the results come in. as you see this come in, you tap into the counties. you have to draw the lines at the districts, look at what happened, 49% here. 49.8% here. when we put the congressional map in later when we get them,
6:53 pm
we have to see if trump, enough of the counting, the 51s bring them up. let's move over to a place we know quell. buffalo, 67%. at the moment, trump is on track. he's not only going to win 50% statewide, but he's running up impressive numbers. he is going to get close to 95 which is all 95. ly say this, one county shaded for ted cruz, it's a tiny rural county and only 1% of the vote is in right now, seven votes to 43. we'll keep an eye on that. donald trump said he was thrilled to get the support of the people who know him best. if there is potentially one, you can decide what degree of a scar it is. it's in manhattan right now that donald trump calls home. john kasich is actually beating him by a little more than 300 votes with about 80% of the vote in. not a lot of republicaning voting so far in manhattan. we'll keep an eye to see if it changes. but if there's one scar on an impress of donald trump win in new york tonight, it'll be in his backyard of manhattan. what would that mean?
6:54 pm
kasich would get a couple, let me pull this back out. a lot of -- this area stretches into several districts, there's one right here in manhattan, so it's possible three, four, five delegates for john kasich base on the if that stays like that, we have donald trump somewhere in the ball park wl 90, 90 potentially more delegates as we count the votes in new york. this is very impressive. very impressive for donald trump. two weeks from wisconsin, ted cruz, obviously beat him in wisconsin, this is filling in. just a slam dunk. >> and 31% of the vote is in. he's got 62%. that's very, very impressive. senator ted cruz, it's almost mathematically impossible for him to get 1,237 on the first ballot. does he have a point? >> he does. let's go over to the delegate map. ted cruz has to win in the 90% of what's left close, it's just inconceivabl inconceivable. i'll give you this here. donald trump, i'll give him all 95. let's give him 95 for now.
6:55 pm
ted cruz is on track to get a goose egg tonight. that's 95 delegates and he's going to get none of them which leaves him back here. then project forward to april, this is giving donald trump 75% of the delegates next tuesday night, let's see if ted cruz can pick something up in pennsylvania. let's see if they'll fix him up in maryland. at the moment, donald trump and we assume he gets momentum, he was already leading in if the other states next tuesday. then donald trump is out here passed the 75% mark. ted cruz is still way back here. it is mathematically near impossible. there is that much of a chance. put a piece of paper through the possibility of ted cruz getting there, it's not going to happen. that's assuming ted cruz gets 90% in california, he's done well out in the west here, but it's just ted cruz knows this. you've heard from him in recent days, his only chance is at a contested convention, the challenge now is to keep donald trump with a big win tonight, big potential wins -- >> five states next tuesday. >> there's a possibility, if you look at this map here.
6:56 pm
955, there's a possibility that donald trump issen even closer to 960 somewhere in that ball park by the end of april. then there are 502 delegates left. >> how does he get to 1,237? that's the number he needs in cleveland to avoid some sort of contested convention. >> let's just put this out a little bit. put it all the way out to june. donald trump, new jersey winner take all. donald trump wins in west virginia. ted cruz continues his success out here in the west. this scenario gives indiana to cruz. watch this and pay attention as we go. as we go out here now, donald trump could win 70% in california. that's a tough task. if he can win big in new york tonight. if he gets momentum, he's going to spend tv money in california, if he does that, i just got up to 1,211. 70% in california, that would get him to 1,211. can he get there? take indiana instead of ted cruz? that gets you up to 1,222.
6:57 pm
washington or oregon, somehow come back and win washington instead of ted cruz. you know, unlikely, conservative base state there, but that gets up to 1,236. but look, this is a scenario, but just think of where we are. now we're trying to tinker to see if he can upset this state or do better in that state, but it's not hard. it's not hard. the best way to put this, it's not hard to get donald trump to 1,210. it's not that inconceivable to get above 1,175 and 1,200 and get donald trump just over 1,237 or so close that if he's at 1,225 it would be near impossible to see the republican party. and remember, that would be after june 7. they would have time before the convention if he's at 1,020 or 54 noncommitted delegates in pennsylvania. hey, i won the state in 50% 37 you have to come to me. you go to the unbound delegates to guam.
6:58 pm
the vir inislands, you lobby marco rubio delegates. cut a deal with john kasich. where donald trump is on june 7th, then have time before the convention and if he's above 1,200, above 1,075, try to make some deals. >> june 7th, that's when california, the biggest prize of them all. let's go back to new york on the democratic side. take a look at hillary clinton, we projected she is the winner in new york. she's trying to get to that magic number of pledged delegate, although she has an impressive lead among the super delegates. >> projected 5248. we at least so far, half of the count at 53%. and the vote totals right now a more generous win for hillary clinton. you see bernie sanders winning a lot of these counties upstate, including your home county up here, 5148, it's more competitive up there if you look at it the. but bernie sanders doing what his campaign said he needed to do which was do well upstate. although in the urban areas, come over here to rochester,
6:59 pm
it's narrow, but hillary clinton winning there. move over here, let's look at syracuse, bigger margin for her in syracuse right there, 26% of the vote in. the bulk of the vote of course is down here in the city. and if you come down here to the city and look at it the, number one let's start out here in the suburbs and come down. westchester county, now the home of the clinton's 66%. you move down here, you come into the bronx, she's getting right now with 70% counted. 70% of the vote in the bronx. come into queens, 60% of the vote in queens, in manhattan, 66%, again, i love kings county is the name, but most people call this brooklyn, getting 60% there in brooklyn. base of her national campaign headquarters, and you come out here to staten island. 53%. in urban new york, in all of the boroughs where you have african american vote, the latino vote, the traditional base of the democratic party. this has been the demographic lock, clinton has had in the race, and sanders has been unable to pick and what the clinton campaign will argue tonight is especially if if you
7:00 pm
remembers like this hold up, wolf, not only add to the delegate lead, they believe when you project forward again, into pennsylvania, into maryland, into delaware, you have the african american base that she will have a good night tonight, a very good night next week and the math becomes pret -- >> stand by, i want to the go over to jeb, state college pennsylvania, that's where bernie sanders spoke tonight. it guess they're disappointed, what are their expectations now? what are they hoping will be the final result in new york state, jeb? >> no question, wolf, they are disappointed. they are looking at the margins to see what in fact they will be. they will hope this will be the a single digit race. polls going in, but they were hoping it would be much narrower than this. no one today in the last several days was expecting victory, bernie sanders as he was talking about this tonight, was talking about that closed primary. was talking about all the voting issues in brooklyn, but the reality is here, they needed more than a moral victory, they needed a matheca


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