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tv   Americas Choice 2016 NY Primary  CNN  April 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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donald trump and hillary clinton scoring big in a very important victory tonight on their mutual home turf. we're talking about new york state as hillary clinton put it, there's no place like home. both the republican and the democratic front runners now poised to claim a big new haul of delegates that would move them even closer to their party's nominations. we're awaiting the final tallies to see exact lly how many delegates they will win. right now a key race alert, let's look a where the votes stand right now. take a look at this on the republican side first, 83% of the vote is in a huge win for donald trump. almost 60% of the vote, john kasich, the ohio governor, distant second place with 256.2%, ted cruz with only 14.9%. you saw the vote tally just change, 83% of the vote is in.
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trump is ahead by 242,000 votes. on the democratic side, 86% of the vote is in. hillary clinton is way ahead right now. she's ahead by almost 223,000 votes. 57.3% to bernie sanders 42.7%. a very, very impressive win for both hillary clinton on the democratic side and donald trump on the republican side. anderson, good night for both of them. >> no doubt, big wins for both. we heard from hillary clinton just a short time ago, and wolf mentioned how she began her opening remarks. let's play those before we go to the panel. again there's no place like nce- home.
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but this one's personal. >> and let's turn to our panelist, it was interesting to hear both hillary clinton and donald trump both sort of pivoting to a more general election and also, sort of striking, i don't know for hillary clinton, much of a different tone, but certainly for donald trump. >> i thought it was a different done for both of them to a degree. you know, hillary clinton tonight gave a great general election speech. and that's what, you know, she was talking about america is great. she was -- >> and comparing herself to donald trump. >> to donald trump, making not so vailed references to his, to be his proposals on temporary ban on muslims entering the united states and on and on and on. and i think when donald trump, what we saw tonight was somebody who had a specific message on his issues, very focussed, very short, very disciplined. and i think that's clearly the influence of his new team --
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>> right. >> and the new phase of the campaign they're in. and paul, who's his new senior advisor had a press availability with reporters earlier this evening, and when she spoke about, said look, donald trump has always been disciplined, but this is what you're seeing now is a more disciplined donald trump. i mean, and so it's very clear to me that they understand they're in a new phase of of this campaign, and donald trump refers to it as being presidential. i'm not so sure that's what it is, i think it's being a more focussed candidate. >> i want to return to hillary for a second because i -- the thing that struck me was a line almost the the beginning of the speech. we had a little discussion before she came out about the need to try and unify the party and she, the first shing i was said was more of of that unites us than divides us. and that's the posture she needs to take from here on in. she shouldn't return to old debates. she should be focussed on moving into the general election and
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drawing those contrasts with the republicans that unite them, rather than antagonizing the sanders supporters, she will need to win a general election. >> and one of the things that was interesting to see was the coalition of voters that got behind hillary in new york. if you look at the exit polls, this is a state that has a lot more liberal voters than prior states, and whose hillary been struggling with? progressive voters, it's reassuring for a campaign going forward. >> in fact we heard in the exit polls, there was a lot of voters who wanted policies not just supportive of barack obama's policies and president obama's policies but more liberal than him. >> and a lot of those folks backed her. she wiped the board with bernie sanders. and bernie sanders should have done better. i mean, he was really a peak bernie sanders in many ways in this state, but couldn't overcome hillary clinton's advantage there. i thought she did get a shot to bernie sanders in the beginning when she said listen, she's won
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all across this country, north, south, east, west, we have her from the bernie sanders campaign that she was a regional candidate and she wouldn't do well outside of there. so you know, i thought this was a very big night for her. and she'll probably have a bigger night going forward. >> bill, ever since ohio, new hampshire, the kbe was can bernie sanders broaden the coalition. reach out to african americans in particular? he has failed to do that. not that he hasn't reached out, but he's failed to garner significant support from a wide swath of african americans. why do you think that failure is there? >> look, hillary clinton served the people of new york very well as the united states senator. and i think tonight they return the favor to her. i mean, it's a huge win for her, pivotal win for her. i thought her speech was excellent tonight and this is pivotal for both parties and bernie sanders had some disadvantages in new york, sanders supporter, you know, i'm disappointed that he didn't come within the ten points where i think he really needed to show the strength kind of to move
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forward, look, i just say this, awfully hard to overcome the history of the clintons particularly with the african americans and latinos and for some -- >> do you think this is a turning point tonight? >> i think it's a turning point tonight. i think you're going to see -- first of all, this is not over. i think the thing continues. let me tell you, the sweetd side of this for me tonight is the california primary is really going to count like the new york primary counted. and this is going to go through june 7, i think before we know who's the nominee in either party and, you know, bernie has worked on broadening that base. >> the math. >> it's going to happen. >> but the math, bill, california primary's going to happen. that's for sure. whether it counts is another matter. >> you know, look, i'll give it to john king, i was watching him with the numbers just about ten minutes ago, right, and if you look at in pennsylvania, rhode island, connecticut, coming up we have the states that are coming up that it's unlikely she's going to have the full -- i don't mean to be dumping on hillary, i'm not.
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if you look at the math, everybody talks about the math, unlikely sure how the poll number of pledged delegates necessary before the -- >> but obama did do it. >> she will be. she will be way ahead of her -- >> absolutely. >> and this was his big shot. tonight. >> and just to be clear, just to be clear, barack obama also needed super delegates because there have been very few nominees and candidates who actually get to that mark that's needed and they all need super delegates. >> let me just, tonight was a great night for hillary clinton. you know, i think -- >> absolutely. >> what we saw down as the campaign neared this election day, when you saw a candidate smiling, having fun. whether or not she was talking about having hot sauce in her purse on the breakfast club or eating sun ddaessundaes. i think dan was talking about the fact she ran the race like a mayoral race in new york city. and you saw her counting the pavement. and i think that people need to
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realize that this hasn't been a coronation for hillary clinton. that's one of the things that people were talking about. she had to work hard and tonight was her night. >> let's play some of donald trump again just to hear his tone, the way he presented himself and talked about that, let's watch. >> we're really, really rocking. we expect we're going to have an amazing number of weeks because these are places and they're in trouble. they're in big trouble. when you look at pennsylvania -- when you look at indiana, when you look at yand and rhode island and so many places, we have problems everywhere you look. we are going to solve those problems. >> kelly, i mean is that the donald trump you want to see more of as a trump supporter in as this race continues? >> absolutely. that is the donald trump i want to see. i think that's the donald trump we will see. i think we're finally seeing someone who thinks that he's the presumptive nominee, likely is, tonight he won by 35 percentage
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points. that's where it currently stands. that's more than any poll basically was predicting. he's finally at the place where he thinks he's got this up. everyone, we were all sitting here saying thxd be a turning point for the trump campaign. he just lost with wisconsin. he won dramatically tonight. i think he's comfortable and i think that's the donald trump we'll see going forward. >> you also see the impact of david who said, you see the impact, the team that he has hired. i mean, he has now a bigger team in place clearly they're having a heavier hand in advising. >> no doubt about it. i mean this is someone who came on to the political scene, never having run for anything. never having been a part of the campaign would dominate. it took everyone bli surprise. and now you're seeing the well-oiled machine really hammering out how it should look as he goes into his nominee position. >> the test -- >> it's interesting to see the contrast between hillary clinton's speech and donald trump's speech. i mean it looks like donald trump came out there as a rookie, sort of struggling with
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this. trying to be very good. hit the issues whereas hillary clinton is a seasoned professional. it's like the bad news bears versus the new york yankees, she knows what she's doing. she's laying the ground work to go after -- first, unified the democratic party. behind her, gave homage tro barack obama, bernie sanders, and pivoted to the republicans and laid ground work to the issues she wanted to talk about in the general election. >> bad news bears fan as a kid, they did win. >> yeah. >> what we saw on hillary clinton tonight was a typical politician. and there is such -- when i watch the democrat debate, i saw such a passion gap, i bernie sanders who was passionate and organic and real, hillary clinton had the same poll-tested focus-group tested lines. donald trump is passionate. he took the political scene by the storm. hillary had the poll test line she gave perfectly tonight, that's not what america's looking for. as an outsiders election, that'll -- >> we will get that tonight, and the country is looking guard to hillary clinton and donald trump
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on the same stable. i think you have to give donald trump more credit than we are because donald trump won tonight in new york. and didn't spend any money on the air waves. donald trump literally ran a race for president of the united states and didn't spend any money on the air waves, and won by 35 points. i don't know what that's a testament to, but it shows that donald trump has found something, he's found a vein in this country. she's found a vein in the republican party. and i think that hillary clinton may be the last thing standing between donald trump and being president. >> it is interesting just as we watch more votes connell in, each at 90% right now. hillary clinton, with 57.5% of the vote. and they're both about 200, donald trump's what, 264,000 votes ahead of his nearest competitor. hillary clinton is 244,000. >> there's a 20% threshold to
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get any delegates so cruz will likely come out of this with nothing. >> it's huge. won the table until those five states. perhaps cruz can do well in maryland, pennsylvania, well meaning get some delegates. probably not going to win those states, and they're putting the focus increasingly in indiana. >> the miss tack ted cruz made criticizing new york values. one is pride in the state of new york. >> worst political line. >> we need bury that line. >> it's interesting, in terms it of pivotal, how much the narrative has changed even among ourselves. the last two weeks we've been talking about, cruz has a great operation and is in there getting all those delegates and trump is really fading and it looks like the trump thing is bad. he tonight, donald trump is back on track and back on top. and back on top. >> donald trump plays a great
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outside game and he did very well tonight, ted cruz plays a very good inside game and he's, and he's grabbing delegates -- >> but not tonight. not tonight. >> and the whole gold. this was the outside game, it's working behind the scenes at these caucuses in these states, in these processes and she's very, very good at that. and the question is can he take enough way to start donald trump from reaching the magic? >> delegates of the people when, in fact, tonight when the people spoke, these are delegates of the people, he will likely walk away for zero. >> as you look, not in new york. >> delegates of the people where there are dell ka ses sins. >> if you look at the states coming up, these are really good states for donald trump. and you mention, you mentioned indiana. indiana on may 3rd is going to
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be a key state. and tonight, paul actually came out and said that if ted cruz didn't win indiana, he should drop out. >> and other states, maybe they'll do well in california, it's a very, you know, narrow path they have to pick up delegates here and there. but listen, give trump credit. let alone new york just gave him the kind of momentum that's been hard for cruz to stop and anyone. >> can i say something that's back to the democratic race clool are creately, sincerely, bernie sanders i think has been remark nbl his stamina.
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and spends the rest of the daze campaigning. >> and an hour speech tonight. its been really an impressive display. >> he campaigned in new york -- >> bragged about that. why don't we take a break? one week from tonight, another super tuesday with five contests in the northeast. question of course, will trump and clinton be able to complete their victories, the campaign, much more after this break. the e-class has 11 intelligent
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the john deere ztrak z535m with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to very exciting night in new york state. let's get a key race alert right now. look at the republican side, 90% of the vote has now been counted in new york. donald trump the big winner. he has more than 60% of the vote. that's a lot more than a lot of polls had suggested. he's winning by almost, 272,000 votes over john kasich who's in second place. ted cruz, a very, very distant third place. 95 delegates at stake, donald trump would wind up winning almost all of them will get an update in a moment. she's almost 60% 5. .5% to bernie sanders 42.5%. she's winning by almost 250,000
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votes, 90% of the vote has been counted in new york. big night for her as well. let's look ahead, a week from today. there's five contests including a very big contest, john, in pennsylvania, lots of delegates at stake there. >> the interesting part for the republicans is you look at the donald trump victory tonight, focus on new york as we pull out the map and take a look. he won in this part of the country, he's winning in this part of the country, it is safe to assume that the current polling suggests that this is donald trump country right now. the interesting part is, 17 of the delegates you win next tuesday night, 54 already committed to be going to the republican convention. what you want to be if you're donald trump and might need unbound delegates is to win and win by a big margin so then you go back. >> does pennsylvania go with the front runner? >> pennsylvania it never matters is the problem we get to this part of the campaign if you look at 2012, see what happens, the vase over. go to 2008, the races is over. that's what this campaign is so
8:22 pm
unusual. especially on the republican side. and so the point is for trump, he wants to go in and win and win big so his campaign can circle back to the uncommitted delegates and follow the rule of the voters. here's the question tonight, kasich will pick up tle, a handful of delegates in new york. he's going to get shut out in new york. new -- >> third place. for ted cruz. >> i'm sorry. shut out in new york for delegates. the question for ted cruz is can he find a way to cherry pick the delegates. i'm going to show you the congressional districts all red are republicans. can the cruz campaign getting to to what its done and pick up the congressional delegations and john case fruk ohio was born out here in western pennsylvania. he wants to do the same thing, but when you look at this, only 17 delegates get allocated to somebody next tuesday. trump wants a big win. the next biggest prize is in our
8:23 pm
neighborhood, again, republican district out here in the western part of the state, a republican district that reads through the lines comes down to here. republican district out here on the eastern shore, can ted cruz target or does donald trump run the board? he's going to get 90 tonight, maybe 91. can he get 75 or 80% of the delegates next week? if he does that, he's in his math to get to 1,237, hard, but better. >> big, big night for donald trump. let's go over to jake and dana, jake, you guys are there in new york. the home state of donald trump, the adopted home state of hillary clinton. huge wins for both. >> that's right. and the last time there was a new yorker versus new yorker general election was i believe 1944, fdr and governor tommy. one of the things, da that, that's interesting about that nice from 1,237 delegates on the republican side and 2,283 on the
8:24 pm
democratic side as we call it a magic number. it's really just a majority. mark preston, how are the candidates doing with the new york results? how many delegates are they going to take away from the state? >> jake, let's talk about the republicans first. big win for donald trump in new york. # 5 delegates at stake. let's look at the number here, he has picked up 7 # delegates as we speak right now. john king was just saying earlier, it appears that ted cruz is going to be shut out, but year to deal right now, donald trump has 837 delegates, ted cruz has 553. john kasich at 147 delegates. interestingly enough, jake, this is the first delegate win for john kasich since he won ohio back on march 15 president. the magic number is 1,237. donald trump is 400 away. let's look at democrats, quickly right now. right now, hillary clinton has picked up 109 pledged delegates, bernie sanders has won 70 tonight. but let's look at year to date number, very important right
8:25 pm
now. 1900 for hillary clinton as we speak at this moment. but, how was that broken down? she has won 1,413 pledged delegates, on the other side, bernie sanders you see has 1,185 total delegates. 40 are super delegates. let's just break those apart for a moment. hillary clinton has a 268 pledged delegate lead over bernie sanders. however, it is the super delegates that are really helping her with expanding that lead right now. 447 more super delegates than bernie sanders. she needs to get to the imagine you can number of 2,283, jake. >> all right, mark. and then of course the super delegates are always controversial. when we raise them because they are not necessarily committed. they do change their minds as we saw in 2008, there were many super delegates committed to hillary clinton and barack obama started winning races and they started chajing their sign
8:26 pm
sides, but they are also, according to to the democratic national committee rules, part of the equation. >> they are very much so. and the republican side just looking at the numbers actually seeing them in black and white, i think that if donald trump does get the nomination before the convention, which as we've said many times tonight is possible, we're going to look back on tonight and say, this was the turning point that let that happen. not just because of the obvious, the wrong numbers, it looks like he is going to get around 90 delegates which is almost all the delegates here, but because of the momentum that it starts and you cannot underestimate what is going to happen one week from tonight, jake, which is other states where he is poised to do incredibly well which will keep that momentum going, keep the narrative changed and keep things looking much better for donald trump. >> indeed donald trump has some other states coming his way that in which he should be very well. as the republican race heads towards a possible contested convention, there was a party
8:27 pm
meeting in florida that became very important and it was rather contentious. will that meeting change what happens at the convention in cleveland? we're going to go there and get a live report just ahead. stay with us. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ and i want to remind you that no one's the same without the game. take @youwishcommish8 for instance. he writes, "as commissioner of my fantasy league, i'm thinking about moving the draft up... to next week. too early?" commish, the season is a ways out. months in fact. no rosters are set, the draft hasn't even happened yet, and not a single free agent has been signed. so, it is too early? ...yes it is. dial it back, commish... way back. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"
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all right. let's get the latest alert. let's look at this on the republican side. 93% of the vote is now in. donald trump maintaining a huge lead over john kasich and ted cruz. he's at 1%, kasich a distant second, very distant second, 25.1%. ted cruz, way down in third place, only 14.7%. look at this, trump is ahead of
8:32 pm
kasich by almost 275,000 votes, a very, very impressive win. he's going to wind up with almost all of those 9d 5 republican delegates. in new york, on the democratic side, hillary clinton also very impressive win for her tonight. 90% of the vote is in. she's got 57.6%. bernie sanders only 42.4%. she's ahead by almost a quarter of a million votes over there as well. big night for both of them. the road to the gop convention now is still complex by no means a done deal, but it's very important night tonight for donald trump. >> very important night because donald trump is going to pick up 90 roughly, that's our ball park estimate, could be 91, it could be 91. ted cruz picking up zero. that's a net gain, donald trump over second place ted cruz of 90 delegates. why does that matter? here's the three quarters, mark. 1,237 to clench, donald trump is almost 75% there. wolf, let's assume all the polls
8:33 pm
are right and donald trump wins them all next week. sweeps them with 75 or 80% of the delegate take. then he's out past the 75% mark. he's past 950, let's project this forward. we give trump new jersey and west virginia. cruz has indiana, we can change that to second if you're having a debate. i lechts give to to ted cruz. cruz continues to win in the west as he's done. we could get to california for the scenario roughly like this. trump, close to 1,100. in this scenario, if we wins 70%, 172 delegates at stake. big state of california. if trump wants 70% of these, by no means a short, cruz is going to compete, maybe kasich is still active in the race. but if trump can get his campaign in gear, you could see a scenario, 65%. just gets him to 1,206 public this gets him to 1,206. suppose this momentum carries through to indiana.
8:34 pm
trump can take this as well. now we've got him up to 1,017. can he compete out in washington or oregon and change the math there? there are ways we are giving you scenarios, but it's not hard to get donald trump to 1,175 or 1,215 or get trump up into the 1,220. unless cruz starts to perform in the northeast and the mid-atlantic which he has not done. the likelihood is that donald trump is either going to get to 1,237 or get to 1,175 or more, and that starts a very interesting conversation. >> he does, and we'll have more on that in a second. i want to check in with phil, he's down in hollywood, just outside of miami, the republican national committee, some of the leaders have been meeting. . they're making decisions, very significant, what are you learning? >> well, wolf, for the trump campaign obviously a huge night, donald trump heading to indiana
8:35 pm
tomorrow, but for his team, want focus is right here. the entire upper echelon of his newly expanded operation heading here to meet with republican leaders on thursday. and there's two main reasons according to people i've spoken to, wolf, why they're doing just that. first is they want to try to convince 168 republican national committee members that they have turned a corner. this is a campaign that is very real and could reach that magic 1,237 number before the convention. the other convention that's far more important, they're sending two top lawyers down here to talk about the specifics of the rules that may guide this convention. they want to know what these 168 members are planning and how that might play out when they get to cleveland clooempbd and and there's a good reason. behind the scenes in if the last two weeks, members of the republican national committee have been fighting, and these could open up the convention to more power for each delegate. or more power for the one convening the actual convention. there are a lot of issues to dig through here in the trump campaign, keeping a very close
8:36 pm
eye on what happens here in florida. >> phil matingly in hollywood, florida, thanks very much. we have republican party experts who could better help us appreciate what's going on. mike shields is with us. he's a cnn delegate analyst, former chief of staff for the republican national committee. former fec chair, former council for the republican national committee, john king is with us as well. i guess the bottom line, if trump gets that close, doesn't get to the magic number of 1,237, but is almost there, is there any conceivable way he would be denied that republican nomination? >> sure, the delegates are going to slow the and you have to have a majority. you have to have a majority to win the rules fights, you have to have a majority to win the nomination fight. if you don't get to the 1,237, you're going to have vets, you have to get there. there are a enough unbound delegates if he gets close enough he could win them over, but he's trying to win them over to get to a majority. you have to have a majority of the delegates to get the nomination. >> even if he's that close, that
8:37 pm
close, only a few votes shy, few delegates shy, there could be a contested convention? >> i think you're absolutely right. make mikes an important point. 1,237 is an important number. there are 100 unbound delegates who will decide in cleveland who they're going to support. people forget, in 1976, jared ford won over ronald reagan relying on a pool of unbound delegates. he's going to be, if trump is short of the 1,237, how short and how does that compare to the 100 unbound delegates? >> if he's almost there, john, just a few delegates shy, but he's got two or three million more votes, popular votes than any of the other republican candidates, how's that i think go to fly? >> that's the political argument though that mike, that we usually think it ends on june 7th, it won't end on june 7th it drimp is 1,175 or 1,202, then we're going to have been 150 unbound delegates. you're going to have 150 competitions, donald trump's going to be calling those delegates. he's going to sway them.
8:38 pm
his campaign will be meeting with them. ted cruz will be meeting with them. what we will have many elections between june 7 at and the convention to see how many people donald trump can win over. i think that's the fascinating part if he gets close. now if he wins 54 in pennsylvania, am i right? 54 unbound delegates in pennsylvania, donald trump wins by a large margin, he will go to them and say, they have a moral obligation to vote for him. but then we're into the great unknown. >> he keeps saying that the system is rigged. you've heard him say that repeatedly in recent days. there's going to be a meeting of the rules committee a week before the republican convention in cleveland. they could make some critically important discretions there. couldn't they? >> well yes and no, all they can do is make recommendations that are thwarted to the delegate rules committee. they can't make any changes this week in florida. so first of all, just that's a big misunderstanding i think. secondly, to say it's rigged, the other side of of that would be okay, let's change it so you don't need a majority anymore and rig it for another candidate. you're going to have a group of people, cruz supporters web grassroots peoples and party will be oute raged. the idea that it's rigged,
8:39 pm
people's positions are related to where they are on the campaign. if trump gets to 1,237, he's going to love the rules and defend them and say we shouldn't touch a thing. some is appealing to people's sort of moral kpas kpaz on what should we do if someone is close more than attacking the rule system, i think. >> michael, one of the trump advisors said that the campaign was lying to become delegates. you're a former council for the rnc. you worked at the fe krb, how do you investigate that? >> this is like two dimensional chess. the first level sl what we're talking about tonight. who wince the states? who has a lead among bound delegates? the second level of the chess board is electing the actual delegates who were over in cleveland. and that takes grassroots political effort. and that's where ted cruz so far as excelled, in fairness, donald trump has a chance to catch up in that process and do better. the fec does not have jurisdiction over those kinds of issues, that's grassroots politics. >> yeah, well in new york, i
8:40 pm
think he will do well. the state party is going to select the delegates. and so i think, a smashing victory is going to be hard for the state party, but ted cruz will be on the ground. he has 32 county chairman. be interesting to see how they duke it out in new york. >> as the rules from the last convention, if they're carried over to this convention, and that's what the trump people want. rule 40b enacted to stop ron paul at the last convention. only ted cruz and donald trump will be eligible. but if we're at ballot four or five and neither trump nor cruz have done it and reince priebus say we'ring not playing with the rules, there'll be no mischief, but how would what, a dell began the on the floor could move to suspend the rules kasich, paul ryan, or anybody put in the nomination? >> you gave the reason for the kasich candidacy for right there. if you have enough delegates to block each other out, eveningly you'll have to have another name, neither of the other two
8:41 pm
can win. >> basic presumably is still in that contest even though he has not done all that well so far. stand by, the clinton campaign say us the nomination is in sight right now. they're calling bernie sanders districtive. we have details. stay with us.
8:42 pm
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welcome back, comments being
8:46 pm
made by the clinton campaign about the sanders campaign in the path forward are making headlines tonight. let's go to brianna who's standing by. what are the campaigning saying? >> yeah, anderson, pretty starts lg words coming from hillary clinton's communications director, certainly eyebrow raising, she said talking to reporters a short time ago that senator sanders and his campaign have been destructive. that was the word she used and basically said that the rhetoric that we have heard from sanders and his campaign is not productive for the party and for the country. so clearly warning bernie sanders not to be a spoiler as the clinton campaign is really portraying the democratic nomination all but wrapped up for hillary clinton. victory is in sight. we have heard her say that tonight and that is what we hear as a refrain from her top ieds aids. >> thanks very much.
8:47 pm
hillary clinton had a great night, gave a speech that was laden with language about unity, so why go out and you know what this reminds me of a week ago after the republican primary. destroy bernie sanders and new york and that's what touched off a series of events that cascaded out of control. i just don't understand what the strategic thinking is behind them. >> it's confusing message, right? hillary clinton is out there being magnanimous and her campaign is calling bernie sanders saying he's engaging character attacks and he's destructive and then it's bad for the democrats. >> one of the things that happened after they floated that idea they were going to disqualify bernie sanders is they baited him into being, he made those speeches, right, after that happened saying that hillary clinton was unqualified, and he had some bad kind of days
8:48 pm
after that happened. so it could be it. >> sanders, what do you make of it? >> look, i have to agree, this is really unfortunate to take this, particularly tonight. i mean this is a celebratory tonight for the clinton campaign. it disappointed night for the sanders campaign, but he's come back to vermont to regroup and then move forward. so, i mean for this kind of tone, it's really, really unnecessary unfortunate and i don't think it reflects bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> van jones said it earlier, we have to realize that politically, i think that race is over. the pathway has been narrowed so much that bernie sanders, this wasn't something that he wanted to win. this was something that he had to win. and now what hillary clinton did in her speech, she was extending that olive branch. but, we're talking about these comments that were made and we
8:49 pm
have to understand that bernie sanders campaign, they too -- it's ownous on them to come together. the character attacks, the judgment attacks, all of those things. >> do you think the ownous, there is part own esz on the sanders campaign. >> on both of them to stick to the issues. if they're going to move forward, stick to the issues and keep it positive and start focussing on donald trump. >> but the sanders campaign isn't saying that it's disruptive or disruptive rhetoric, we're sticking to the issues. clearly the clinton campaign doesn't believe they're sticking to the issues. >> there was something said earlier by i think the response destructive, but it was in response to something that jeff said earlier they are evening on msnbc. if hillary clinton had all the delegates necessary to secure the nomination, that they would still continue to try to get the
8:50 pm
nomination away from her. >> i would disagree with that strategy. i don't think that's going to happen. >> let's take a quick break. now that donald trump and hillary clinton won new york, what are the odds they face each other? new numbers from odds makers, that after the break. they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class one of our most sophisticated cars ever. because when you're setting a new benchmark for refinement, it is the small stuff... that makes the biggest impression. the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. t-mobile does data differently. so it can do more for your business. when work takes you across the globe, your unlimited data travels with you to 140 plus countries and destinations at no extra charge. and that's not all. because with t-mobile there's no overages. ever.
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now that donald trump and hillary clinton have scored big wins in new york state, let's see how the political odds makerer handicapping the presidential race. they now give donald trump a 69%
8:55 pm
chance of winning the republican nomination. that's up five points in the last 24 hours. there's no changing the odds for ted cruz, 30% chance of winning the republican nomination. who will actually win the white house? odds makers now give hillary clinton a 75% chance of victory, that's up, up to an all-time high for her drufr is olding stead. 15% chance of being elected president. these numbers keep changing as the race moves forward. go to to check out the pivot of political prediction market. coming up, new insight into donald trump's strategy in the battle for delegates. with a contested convention potentially looming. and bernie sanders vowing to fight on, even after his loss in new york. our correspondents are getting new information, stay with us.
8:56 pm
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