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tv   Americas Choice 2016 NY Primary  CNN  April 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. big victories for the front runners in new york state. the home state favorites, donald trump and hillary clinton back in the win column. moving closer to their party nominations, we want to welcome
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our viewers. i am cnn's wolf blitzer. the. >> as you know, we have won million more votes than senator cruz. millions more votes than the governor, and close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. we are really rocking. >> for hillary clinton, she tries to leave a hard charging bernie sanders behind. >> it is humbling that you trust me with the awesome responsibilities that await our next president. and to all of the people who
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supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> while the two front runners celebrate, the rivals spent the day on the road in pennsylvania maryland which hold primaries next tuesday. hundreds of delegates are at stake then. jake? >> checking in with the campaign reporters, some some cases around the country. starting with jim, who is with donald trump, the big winner on the republican side this evening. jim, donald trump, giving a speech this evening that was much more restrained. much more temperate, referring to senator cruz, instead of calling him liar ted, instead, calling him senator cruz. >> that's right. i think donald trump's critics
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would say he sounded downright presidential at trump tower. he did not call senator cruz lying ted. referred tol the governor as governor kasich. the new convention manager for trump, he really pushed back on the notion that he and others in the campaign are tamping down on trump's rhetoric. they say, paul met forsaid he is setting the tone for the campaign. this may be the tone over the next couple of months. he dismissed that there is
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turmoil in the campaign. he said they are working together just fine. and finally, getting back to the delegate process, the one that donald trump refers to as crooked. and rigged. he would like to get rid of it next time around. it was a way to extend an olive branch to the rnc. we will have to wait to see how that develops, donald trump has events in indiana and maryland. a big night tonight, jake, there is little room for error for donald trump. he has to rack up big wins to clinch that magic number of 1297. donald trump jr. feels he will get to that magic number, but his dad is not faking anything for granted at this point.
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>> jim, with the trump campaign, the other big winner on the demdrattic side, hillary clinton. who represented new york state for eight years, briana, a big victory for the former secretary of state. >> a big victory in her home state. she told the crowd it was personal. she thanked new yorkers for having her back. she said victory is now in sight. that is what we are hearing that refrain, the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch. and there is more that unites us than divides us. even as hillary clinton said, sharp words coming from her campaign director, she said there is no question that some of the rhetoric that berno
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sanders and his campaign is puts out is destructive. it wasn't productive for the parties, as hillary clinton is offering olive branchs, ru seeing some of her campaign ads, with sharper words for bernie sanders, warning him not to hurt hillary clinton as she does now appear certainly more poised to be the democratic nominee than sanders. >> here in new york. any response to the strong words from the clinton campaign director, about what she says is
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bernie sanders to the strong words destrektive behavi idestr. >> we did hear from senator sanders himself for the first time tonight. he flew back to vermont to recharge his batteries, speaking as he stepped off his plane. he congratulates secretary clinton had her victory, he did point out in the next breath, there was all types of voting inregulariti inregularities. >> we lost tonight. there are five primaries next week. we think we will do well. and we have a path toward victory, which we are going to fight to maintain.
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thi thank you very much for being here. >> we think we have the message that is resinating throughout the country. we have come a long, long way. we have taken on the democratic political establishment. we have won many, many state primaries and caucuses. we think that message that we are bringing forth, that we have got to change our corrupt campaign finance system, in which billionaires are able to buy elections, and all the wealth is going to the top 1%, we have to deal with the broken criminal justice system. our plan is, i just came back from pennsylvania, we have two great rallies. we have had previous rallies in
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pittsburgh and philadelphia. and we think that we have a very, very strong grass roots movement, that will be knocking on a lot of doors and making a lot of telephone calls. at the end of the day, i believe that grass root activism wins elections. >> he has 6,000 people tonight at a rally in pennsylvania. it is clear that message hit the ceiling, in new york, he was hoping to close the gap with senator clinton. nobody expected a 15-point loss to her. the reality is, the math is in in senator sanders' favor. he is off the campaign trail tomorrow. he said he needs time to recharge. he is back in pennsylvania on thursday. he believes that is a good state for him. a bit of perspective here. we see it back and forth, between the cam paps.
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it was eight years ago today, here in pennsylvania, before the pennsylvania primary, hillary clinton said that barack obama is not tough enough to be president. he of course, won the nomination. we think the heat can dissipate. it probably will in this. the one factor could be donald trump. sglm she said that in radener, pennsylvania. if memory serves. the campaign manager being aggressive. talking about how they will take it all the way to the convention. bernie sanders being very aggressive. giving an interview, saying we
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will reaccess. perhaps -- >> it wouldn't be the first time in a presidential campaign. it sounds like maybe weaver is being more idealistic and optimistic about the campaign. it is entirely possible, maybe even probably that bernie sanders does take it all the way to the convention, to try to get some things out of the democratic party, and the flat form and positions, thing that is he cares deeply about p wouldn't surprise me at all. the question is whether or not he will continue to compete hard, you know, through california, if sanders suggested that he doesn't do as well in the next several contests. there is no reason to think that heel do that well in the next contests, given the fact that we
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are talking about the northeast, and even when she was running against barack obama, hillary clinton did well. >> walter mondale hasn't secured the number of delegate, he was 50 delegates short, and went on to get the nomination in any case. >> stand by, guys, i want to go to john king at the magic wall. this is a contest between hillary clinton, and bernie sanders these are strictly pledge delegates. those numbers will change. they include the ones in erk nowe are able to assign so far. as we- assign the delegate, it means a big win for hillary clinton in new york.
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42% for sanders. and the question is, where do we go next? we stay in this area. this is why they are confident. rhode island is an open primary. it is a relatively small baskets of delegates. the clint on campaign, if you think about that contest in 2008. come back to the democratic primary this is barack obama, winning the african american vote, and the darker blue is hillary clinton, bernie sanders tries to sell his message. this is the key test for senator sanders. if he loses with the blue collar message, if he can't win in pennsylvania, you expect hillary
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clinton, there we go, african american voters and latino voters, to do well here. hillary clinton believing that if she continues this track up here, she believes that math is insurmountable now. more so next week. donald trump has done well in this area of the country. donald trump thinks a big win tonight, ted cruz, shut out in new york, kasich, getting a handful of delegates, can trump win 80 to 90% of the delegates, if he does he has a chance to get there or get close by the
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convention. >> can donald trump win enough delegates to win a contest econ?
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york state republican presidential primary. john kasich, 25.2%. and ted cruz, 14.8%. 93% of the vote is in. at a speech, he is complaining. >> it is impossible to catch us. nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. that is going to happen. you watch. because the people aren't going to stand for it. it is a crooked system. a system that is rigged. we will go back to the old way. it is called, you vote and you win. >> crooked system. you heard him say. the system is rigged. >> hollywood, florida.
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what was going on over there in hollywood? they are important moments for the republican party? >>ful wo, the very process that donald trump decries, understands that could make or break his nomination. new york to florida. committee members are meeting here, it is important to know what they can and can't do. they will be meeting to discuss rule changes, they can make recommendations, why this matters is because these 168 individuals are all delegates and serve on the rules committee. that is why donald trump's team has come down here, why john kasich is coming down here. if there is an open convention,
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that rules package could dictate how the floor proceedings play out. no major changes expect thd week. there has been fighting among the committee members, underscoring the intensity of the battles that are happening right now. we look forward to the possibility of it. go over to the cnn delegate analysts. mike shields, the notion of a contested convention, donald trump looks like he has the best chance. way ahead, may have the popular vote. on the second or third ballot. it is anyone's guess. >> a duel campaign. to try to win the primaries. to elect delegates and try to persuade delegates. they are going to go down there, they are all down there t start
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making their case. i can bring the party together, i can do this. that is important. the rules package as vetoed on by the rules committee has to go to the full floor of the delegates and be voted on. there has to be a major of delegate, that is why that selection marts so much. no matter who they are bound to, they veritable plethora to vote on the rules package. they will vote for rules that favor questions -- what goes through your mind, when you hear language against the party from the front runner right now? >> we are talking about it, it is grass roots politics. a couple of things important to keep in mind. 95% of the delegates on the
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first ballot are bound. the outcomes are critical. on the second. then the particular environments do matter, because more of them are unbund. 95% of those delegates will be bound. >> a lot of people say that is his only one. if it goes to round two or three, it is over. >> the new team beating good cop, bad cop. sdonald trump saying that i are dirty tricksters as far as, he is trying to make friends, even he concedes to people in private conversations that donald trump has one chance. a lot of those people a sig
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significant number. >> that is not happening this time. >> once they run out of money. when you see consolidation in the past. it is because of of the candidates stopped getting money. you have candidates raising money, they will bernie sanders is raising millions on line. as long as they have they have been doing this for a long time. >> the question for governor
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. >> record turn out on the republican side. ted cruz, a third place finish
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for him. far behind the front runner. looking at what ted cruz had to say earlier. >> this is the year of the outsider. i am an outsider. bernie sanders is an outsider. both with the same diagnosis. both with different paths to healing. millions of americans have chosen one of these outsiders. our campaigns don't find our fuel in special interests, but directly from the people. the those who haven't given up on the hope that tomorrow can and will be better. ronald reagan and jack kennedy were outsiders. they both represented a new vision in a new generation of ideas. jack kennedy looked forward,
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instead of back to the first half century of world war. he knew that america could dream and build if we were set free. not tanks for war, but rockets for exploration. ronald reagan looked out to us, the most powerful force for innovation that world has ever known. we found bill gates and a young steve jobs, they had vision, and the freedom to build a new world that at the time, only they saw. because they were free. they challenged the way and changed the way that all of us live, work and interact. now it is our turn. this generation must look inward to see who we are, after years being beaten down. years of being told we couldn't, shouldn't or wouldn't. this generation needs to answer
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a new set of questions. can we? should we? will we? >> apparently, not a lot of wide eyed youth staring at ted cruz, 14 or so percent, a bad night for him. in terms of a path forward, do you hold on to the notion that there is a way that he can win in any other way? >> i think it is, if you look at the speech. he is trying on a new look. speaking in pennsylvania, reading between the lines, he is name checking democrats, trying to appeal to blue collar workers, who may be concerned with ted cruz being too idelogical. >> counter to what, he is a guy sticking to principles above
9:32 pm
anything else. >> i don't think the presence pel has changed, he is realizes he needs to show versatility. he tried the whole way. the most conservative didn't work from the south. he has to try something new. job security, freedom, trying to broaden it out. here he is, going into the blue collar states, we may not bring car manufacturing back to michigan, can we bring high industry stuff, can we have that vision, contrast with donald trump, who just want wants to bring gm back from mexico. in terms of being an outsider, donald trump tends to get those. >> ted cruz was the outsider, he was the guy that -- donald trump
9:33 pm
came n and blew up that imagine because she is more of an outsider. when you look at the truth that ted cruz is completely meshing himself in the party establishment. in the local party apparatuses. he looks like the ultimate insider. >> you know what i found remarkable, politicians try to identify with someone else to try to get some of their aura. >> he wrapped himself in ronald reagan and john f. kennedy. he said, on -- john f. kennedy was not an outsider, ronald reagan was not an outsider. he was once an actor. two terms of governor of california. he is making it up.
9:34 pm
>> i think that speech was an equivalent of a young boy getting dressed in his dad's closet. >> you saw him pressing, trying to be something that he is not. ted cruz is the constitutionalist who shut the government down. he is not a consensus builder, ted cruz is not kennedy and reagan. >> he needs to convince on the second ballots, some delegates are members of congress, who ha been skept about ted cruz. and the northeastern states, where he can pull off victories, and cut into donald trump's lead. and where people see more views.
9:35 pm
>> if you were in iowa, you saw the evan gjellical ted cruz. >> and we have had a lot of ted talk. if you look at the exit polls, not just here but throughout, donald trump dominates the outsider. bernie sanders is an outsideir, and omit the guy who is the outsider of all outsiders. that was peculiar. >> and what a politician would do, stand there with a new suit on, in front of two flags and give a speech. i think in the beginning, he framed it in the way that ronald
9:36 pm
reagan framed his speech. again, i think he needs an editer. he hasn't figured out what they message is. he hasn't figured it out. >> hillary clinton. more on that coming up. it's time to prove ourselves as men!
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9:41 pm
suggest. jake? >> it is a big number for hillary clinton. more than one million is actually more than voted in the republican primary in new york. and of course, ted cruz. hillary clinton spoke about the need to unify the party. sending out to a message to supporters of bernie sanders, there is much more that unites them then separates them. if hillary clinton is on a mission to unique the democratic party, where are voters that are really not as of now, buying what she is selling? >> we have seen throughout the campaign, that bernie sanders as well as the -- look at the new
9:42 pm
york democrats from the exit polls today, 18 to 29-year-olds, went to bernie sandered. look at the member liberal wing of the party. look at that number, again, sanders, wins that as well, 56% of the vote. hillary clinton 44% of the vote. wall street, a big issue for bernie sanders. bernie sand erds wins that eight percentage points, the last number solidifies the problem that hillary clinton is having with liberal voters and younger voters, two keys that shy will have to build back support in. assuming she wins the
9:43 pm
nomination. >> there is going to be a lot that hillary clinton will have to do to try to unite the democratic party, as donald trump will have a lot of work to do on his side. brutal and contentious primaries. for hillary clinton, she will have less work to do, for lots of reasons. one is because, the party is less divided. i think it is not just a democratic talking point. as of now, donald trump will do a lot to energize the base. the numbers that mark just showed on wall street. how much hillary clinton has trouble, it could pose a problem for her. there is a big swing voter.
9:44 pm
we talked about it over ten months, the sick of big institutions -- that should concern the clinton campaign. there will be a contest. >> how big of a deal is that. kwloung people with bernie sanders. >> whether it is trump or cruz, she will rely on the republican candidate to organize that vote for her. that will help. one thing that wasn't as appare
9:45 pm
apparent. the big concern fimay intoing go a. >> i can reach out to those voters. >> it looks like they will try to make it looking at the hype threatical matchups. one of the things, if you look back in july of 2008. a third of it voters said they weren't going to back your -- >> in the end, in that area if.
9:46 pm
>> to get the younger voters. how do you do that? >> hear her starting to do that this evening. this gets back to at some point, bernie sanlders. >> you see that hit how does it arveg her some the numbers are
9:47 pm
improving. i tell you something, the questions that you are asking are the reason why, if i were hillary clinton, they will be hospit hospital -- they will be -- donald trump is he knows no boundaries on the attack. i independent voters look at the
9:48 pm
numbers. it question is has hillary clinton discontinue enough, with young people, overwhelmingly among independents. i think it will be. >> more importantly, talking about the disenchanted demthe kras, many young bernie sanders supported barack obama in 2008. they are ready to campaign. barack obama is the most popular
9:49 pm
democrat. the most popular democrat is barack obama. she is going to have to answer by brit me mills, and ben ghazi. it will happen. >> three times more votes than than -- we have to take a break. will it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. . >> reset what is going on, in new york, on the republican side, donald trump, the big winner of the over 60%, 60.5. kasich, the second place. and ted cruz. third place. a record turn-out for a republicans in new york state. you can see the numbers.
9:54 pm
and on the demcrate being record, a big turn-out. many more democrats are registered to vote than republicans. only registered democrats and registered republicans can vote. talk about the race to the nomination. 62% of the remaining delegates, he ends the night, he will get 90, 91 out of new york.
9:55 pm
five contests next week,ul here in the mid atlantaic region, where you have to say donald trump is favored. past the 75% mark, the 1237. he would end may, then, the g t gust -- that would be cruz's hope to narrow it, the main point, keep trump he can sweep the rest of april, come in to
9:56 pm
indiana, get a win. watch it play out. winner taken on west and ted cruz, out here in the wed. even if it sheriff's departme department -- we will update you with the numbers right after this.
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>> i could think of no where i would rather have this victory. >> important victories on their mutual home turf. >> nothing to do with a pol stigz winning his home state tonight. >> sanders, the candidate, the cause can still win. >> we are going to to just fine tonight


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