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tv   Americas Choice 2016 NY Primary  CNN  April 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> i could think of no where i would rather have this victory. >> important victories on their mutual home turf. >> nothing to do with a pol stigz winning his home state tonight. >> sanders, the candidate, the cause can still win. >> we are going to to just fine tonight in new york.
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special coverage of the new york primary. after watching ted cruz pile up, he won big at the voting box and the voting machine. >> even though we are leading by a lot. it is important to catch us, nobody should unless they get the delegates with voters and voting, the people are not going to stand for it. it is a crooked system, we are going back to the old way, you vote and you win. >> clinton says, her victory is now nasight.
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>> going guard forward, more voices remain to be heard. tomorrow, on to maryland. >> ted cruz and john kasich, trying to deny her a first ballot conviction. a closer look at how they did it. it looks like 91 big yount -- a
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thousand votes, he closed. and help reducing in the big win for the 41. you soo a the for bernie.
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in the urban areas, by e -- in queens county, 61% to 38%. in 99, stalen ilapped, 52 percent winning in the african american community. moving forward, clinton and jump, they believe. they will be a big night there as well.
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>> what do thinks look like moving forward? >> a good night. at this point, ted cruz, has not picked up any. today, right now, donald trump, 847. delegates. for weeks and weeks, you need 2 1237. clinton, 139. bernie sanders, picked up.
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ks plain it hillary clinton, approximate she is the super. >> donald trump is the only one who has a chance, a chance of getting to 1237 before the convention? >> it was a big night for him. only 85 delegates tonight. republicans.
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even if they got 85 delegates, doesn't mean they do well next week, and do well in california, june seventh, see how it plays out. >> assume he gets to 1237 -- >> you know, you have a period of time, after june seventh, this is california will be important. you have four weeks before the convention. we will know his delegate count. he has a i tell them i would be a better -- even on the fairness
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argument or the slots aurmtd, to people saying, if i am 50 away, you have to do it. the rules are the rings, you to will have a stronger argument. >> i believe there will be hell to pay. it is hard to believe. trump would say, i did my best. >> i wonder how bad ly badly --t think i would pick up the
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consler saying. everything, on the other hand, ted cruz a hurdle to overcome. the first year in the senate, he may it to go to all the he could be talking to -- >> he is critici he is. >> if you are saying the process is rigged, the people who opened
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a dine participated and elected in that process. you can't predict will they -- >> believe that, if you win most of the popular vote, you should go into the you can-- we need a
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gago back. >> you don't give him the nomination, second missing a lot of memorying of new hampshire, we probably should stay aa this is the most election the voters of new york, have the like-minded as of in the five
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stage. everybody in new york likes donald trump. he did well in new york. we will have a lot of these questions answered. starting to talk about it now. campaign has turned 180 degrees in a couple of days, came out, gave a short speech.
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>> delegates are worried when the right next. >> donald trump came in, he had noamapda was saying, what is he going to do, he may can reach the mark. we are not having the that man's
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next week. >> coming up. the party faces
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. >> key race alert, donald trump t impressive win in new york. wins all almost all of the
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delegates, winning by 300,000 votes. 60.5% of the vote. 25% for kasich, and 14 for cruz. dollald trump, listen to how he reacted. . >> it is really nice to win the delegates with the votes, it is really nice. nobody should be given delegates, which say ticket to victory, and it is not a fair ticket. even though we are leading by a lot and can't be caught. it is impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and
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claim victory, unless they get them with voters and voting, that is what is going to happen. the people aren't going to stand for it. it is a crooked system, a system that is rigged, we will go back to the old way, you vote and you win. we will be going into the convention, no matter what happens, we will go in so strong, over the last couple of weeks, we have a poll out of california, we will go into the consension as the winner. nobody can take an emerge, by the way, i am not fan of bernie. i have seen bern ie they have their super democrat, the
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republican nationalal committee for a rigged system. they have a lot of work to do? >> no question. sharp, relentless. the moves we have seen by the trump campaign. how much work they have to do, it is want just the trump campaign. it is ted krae easy r and c member decide new rules,
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there has been a a serious of fights that won't out it isn't a a, how that convention run, we haven't seen an open convention right. if they don't, the intensity, from donald trunk will want go away any time soon. >> how smart is it to set the
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scene for, whatever may happen down the road? at the convungz? >> short term gain, he is the rnc 168 numbers, to what tune? >> it making it harder. it does make it harder if he is within 50 or 100. it makes it harder for them to. >> yes, that is what they are doing.
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it will be franulent, taken from him. come there, with fewer than him. i think it is smart. the whole campaign has been sort of donald trump versus everybody. i think it worked for him supporters feel embadttled. they dismiss it. every xhechbt they make, they say, this is rhetoric. to some extent. he planted the rings too say, it is if you are closest, you
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should get it. the chairman of the republican party, does not to say that del who you may not up in a negotiation bit. you don't want to to. >> at some point. he may leave the -- he may be
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the last one to give, running against the party poo-bahs, and they have to accept it. comes in, leading it delegates, it will next ex -- this is the
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fight we continue to get to override. >> if he can't pin -- >> knowledge it is common sense.
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maybe, he tried to go that seems to be deliberate -- >> fund racing question. no run er runner they will put up, etch behind trump. >> at some point, they will to, i reviewed jim baker whoo ran, hiked and jump ed.
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the it is not about funding or anything else it is about alienating the base of your party. >> you know, what the republican party we think that that vi vibewill there be any wiggle room?
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>> as it stands now, 847. ted cruz. you see hillary clinton, a lot of news being made. >> spoke to him late night night. a chance to talk to him about the role at the convention, his own, as well as donald trump's complaints about the process. >> the rules are the rules. we are going to follow the book by the rules, that is how the convention will be run. it is important that it is done
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exactly that way. >> are you concerned about how messy this could be? in the second or third ballot? >> as you can tell, i am busy with my day job. this is something, outside of our control. it may well be someone gets 1237 delegates before the convention, this open convention question is closed. maybe we will have an open convention. we will deal with the -- >> that is the rules, we are going to follow the rule book. make the delegates -- >> are you okay with that? >> i won't be skipping it. i have never heard that before. if they are a delegate, they better not skip it.
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>> i don't think it is right to have someone parachute in who has never run for the job. i think we should ought to consider who campaign, involved in primaries and calk cuss.
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1,100, 1,200, backing up aggressively. the rules are the rules. press conferences in the last couple of weeks, the states make up the rules. backing up on that issue. trying to show that parties should unite behind the nominee, behind our nom me. come to the convention, he believes that party has to be united if it has any chance of winning. >> if he gets 1,100. there will be a gap before the convention, there are delegates, what does it look like?
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>> what will happen is, from june 7th, there will be a fast and furious effort now, how they go about doing that, will that include plane rides, and tripping, and fo golf courses, could any of the donors do the same thing for ted cruz? it could happen. they are going to try to put a structure in place the week
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before the convention will be just as wild. the scenario, whether it will melt down. >> tonight, paul, in his availability with reporters said he was not talking about changing the rules for this convention. going forward, we have to change the rules to make sure they are more fair, he didn't say, we should change the rules at this convention, which i think was a nod to the return national committee. they have to engage in this process if they are short, they will engage in the process. >> one of the things that donald trump may do as well. you have the i think you will start to see donald trump taking on aggressively hillary clinton as well. a lot of delegates want to see
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that. they want to see how the republican front runner. throwing it against the wall to see if they stick. it is a perfect match up for the antiestablishment message in general. >> heading to another super tuesday. another one. one week from now.
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>> i am going forward, because more voices rimain to be heard.
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on to diagonal ware, rhode island and beyond. >> she has the advantage going n and tonight, plus 31, a net gain. she mentioned the states coming up next week. the new england states, conkorngs rhode island, pennsylvania, maryland and delaware, the state of rhode island, the smallest basket of delegates, she believes, she will win maryland, and delaware, connecticut, if you go back to 2008. barack obama won three of those
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states, connecticut, delaware and maryland. if they do that, that is what hillary clinton is counting on. you come to the democratic race, she is at 260 right now. in her pledge delegate lead. she believes she will run the board next week. if she does that, if bernie wins rhode island, you can hear this coming from the clinton campaign. and the sanders campaign. you heard the quote, see how the next five guy and access. in the clinton campaign, they believe, if they can win four out the five, resisication sets in.
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she has 487 right now in our count. as long as she keeps winning, they can change their mind, don't count them now. that is fair, don't vote until the convention. if she keeps the 487 she has right now, if you count the super delegates, hillary clinton needs 32% of the delegates, she won tonight. she is going to win 32%. with the remaining delegates, because of of the democratic party rules. as long as she keeps winning, the math is an overwhelming way in her favor, she believes next week is a giant exclamation
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point. >> she is well on her way, thanks, john. on to pennsylvania. super tuesday, how will it turn out? the predictions from the political team is next. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames,
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. welcome back to our continuing coverage, everybody else has gone home, we are still live. big night for donald trump, and hillary clinton and the race moves forward, a number of states, when you look forward to tuesday at the polls, donald trump is leading by 20 points, tonight, times five, next tuesday going forward into indiana. >> i feel like hillary clinton turned a corner, he got comfortable in her own skin.
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the speech tonight hit all the right notes. i have seen more personality than i have seen before. >> sglp it was june 4th, when barack obama clinched that nomination. we will see something like that soon, today, she put cracks in the glass ceiling, awesome night for hillary clinton. she worked hard as a candidate. kudos to the bernie sanders campaign it is time for them to come together. >> no more showering the
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motorcade with dollar bills, no more, on the clinton campaign side. talk about contrasting issues, the country is where we are. women's health care, climate change, talk about the issues and raise the level. >> no more ralph nader talk. >> coming into hillary, a huge, impressive victory in new york. now, we move forward. there is still 1675 to be decided. california, here we come. >> the math tonight is really impressive for donald trump. i think he is the only candidate that will get to 1237 for the
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convention. i think that at some point in the not too distant future, bernie sand anders his team will have to choose how to p proceed, i think the tone has to change in the democrat ic race. does he want to gp forward, pushing an agenda, and not necessarily attacking hillary clinton. the fact is, that he is.
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and we have seen donald trump saying he wants to change the rules, donald trump, i think that is the kind of -- >> if you are ted cruz, you are not thinking that next tuesday is you are looking for may. if you are bernie sanders, you are looking for may, they want to skip past next tuesday. >> john kasich. we have not talked about. struggled in wisconsin. another mid western state, where he did not do well here.
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special coverage of the noeew yk primaries continues. # show me movies with romance.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay in los angeles,
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where it is 11:00 at night. >> great to have you with us. you're watching cnn's special coverage of the new york primary. big wins tonight for donald trump and hillary clinton. cnn projects the billionaire businessman will take the empire state by a wide margin. even though trump was heavily favored in his home state, this is perhaps his most significant and important win so far. >> let's take a look at the numbers, then, shall we? trump far and away the winner with 60% of the vote as you see there on your screen. ohio governor john kasich in second with 25% and texas senator ted cruz in third place with 14%. trump is projected to add 89 delegates to his total, bringing him to 847. here's the thing. here's the goal. he's trying to reach the magic number of 1,237 so he can clinch the party's nomination before july's convention. ted cruz will not win a single delegate in new york because he


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