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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  April 20, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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and a new troupe of trump advisers will be here. >> i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the "the situation room." the next continues next on cnn. >> all right. here we go. you're watching cnn beginning here with breaking news. three officials in michigan now facing felony charges in the investigation into the water crisis in flint michigan? the man who supervised the city's water treatment plant along with two state environmental officials. these are the first now to face criminal charges that have now been handed down in this investigation thus far. michigan's attorney general says there's more to could. let me promise you we're all over this story and we'll take you live to flint in a couple of minutes. first, forget brotdsway. that was so yesterday. new york setting the stage for the november general election making the road to the presidential nominations a whole lot smoother for donald trump
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and hillary clinton. these new yorkers and party front-runners won their home state primaries by empire state-sized margins. secretary clinton receipt rival bernie sanders by double digits. as for donald trump, he won with his largest lead thus far in this race. today the billionaire tweeted this about the critical delegate count and his closest rival ted cruz here. tweeting ted cruz is mathematically out of winning the race. now all he can do is be a spoiler. never a nice thing to do. i will beat hillary, he promises. as for senator cruz, today he downplayed his third place finish and focused on the races ahead including pennsylvania. >> there's a reason donald wants all of the lap dogs in the media to say that the race is over, because the three weeks that preceded yesterday there were a total of five states that voted. utah, wisconsin, north dakota,
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colorado, wyoming. in all five we won a landslide. that's their telling. manhattan has spoken and pennsylvania will quietly file into obedience. you know what. i've got a lot more faith in the people of pennsylvania. >> let's go to indianapolis. chris frates is there live, trump rally just about to get started. we heard ted cruz mention pennsylvania. one of the five northeast states with primaries on deck next week, but, you know, when you talk to the cruz camp, you talk to the trump camp, they both talk about why indiana is so important. tell me why. >> yeah, brooke, i mean, it's pretty obvious because we're seeing donald trump here in indiana and that's his first after the big wins in new york. we've heard from one of his senior advisers, a guy named paul manafort who said if ted
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cruz loses here in indiana, he should get out of the race, so the trump folks really trying to make this a must-win state for ted cruz, and if you look at the demographics here, the demographics are good for donald trump. there are a lot of folks here who don't have college degrees, who have manufacturing jobs. that is a demographic that works for donald trump, has worked for him in neighboring states like michigan and going forward, you know, that's the kind of math he needs because, remember, 57 delegates at stake here in indiana. he's got a shot at winner take all, and that will be a big building block to getting to that magic number of 1,237. he's expected to do very well in the states up in the east next week, but to do well here in indiana will be huge and it's going to be a battleground, the club for growth saying they are going to spend $1 million here in indiana against donald trump. remember, they have spent money against trump in utah, wisconsin, for example, and trump lost there. the other thing to note here, a little unusual for donald trump. he's going to sit down with
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republican governor mike pence. mike pence hasn't endorsed anybody yet. he's open to that and also open to meeting to all three of the presidential candidates. in fact, he'll meet with ted cruz tomorrow. so donald trump doing something he's not always doing which is doing a little courting of the state's political king-maker, so it's a little bit different of a look for donald trump here in a number of ways. brooke? >> chris frates, spelled it out perfectly why indiana matters. thank you, sir, for that. we'll stay tuned as mr. trump is about to take to the podium. meanwhile, how will mr. trump do in indiana? hard to say because there's not a lot of polls to give people a clue. let's bring in david gregory host of the david gregory podcast and former moderator of "meet the press." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> first of all, hearing chris frates, indiana and battleground in the same sentence, who would have thunk. >> right. >> but i'm curious from you, we like to chew on numbers and polls. why is there so little polling in indiana? >> you know, i actually don't know the answer to that, why there's so little. i mean, historically in terms of
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presidential contests, it's been a long time since we've -- we've seen indiana matter in may in a presidential contest. >> maybe that's why. >> yeah, and i think that's part of it. the reason why it's a good cruz state potentially is because of the conservative base there, more conservative electorate unlike new york say that's got a more moderate republican electorate so that's why it could be good ground for ted cruz on a more conservative message and, of course, trump will compete there, and he's come off of a string of setbacks including a loss in wisconsin with an overwhelming win in new york and now you're seeing this change, a change in tone and now starting to get cruz out of the race. the reality is, as we talked about this morning, that trump is in a very good position to win on the first ballot. even if he doesn't get to 1,237, he's in a position to get close and maybe close is close enough to negotiate to get some of the unpledged delegates his way. >> we know it's mathematically impossible for ted cruz to clinch prior to cleveland.
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as you point out, trump want to win on that first ballot. if it goes to that, cruz obviously wants a second ballot. let me just play a little sound from senator cruz. >> the math is virtually impossible for donald trump. donald trump is not getting to 1,237. nobody is getting to 1,237. the reason donald is so scared is the last three weeks and in particular the win in wisconsin put the nail in the coffin and made clear donald doesn't get to 1,237. he knows that, which means this race is headed to cleveland. it's headed to a contested convention, and at a contested convention i'll come in with a ton of delegates, donald will come in with a ton of delegates, and it will be a battle to see who can can earn a majority of the delegates elected by the people. >> trump says he can't get there. cruz says he can't get there. what would the ted cruz camp strategy be to ensure a contested convenion and ballot number two? >> well, first of all, he's got to start winning some more.
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i mean, cruz is right, and in that sound bite he makes a compelling argument. it is hard for trump to get to 1,237. it's not impossible. it's virtually impossible for cruz to get there and kasich, it's been impossible for a long time. >> yeah. >> for trump it's hard, still possible, but it's also easier enough for him to get close, and if he's close, he can negotiate for delegates to come his way on a first ballot. that's what's important to remember. cruz is right. if he can get this to a second ballot or beyond, it's a whole new game and you're right. the trump camp is concerned about that because then you can have all kinds of different factors around electability and cruz and his team have proved to be very adept at their organizational strength and potential organizationizational strength on the floor of a convention, somewhere we haven't seen in decades, of course. trump is now trying to catch up. this is all about arguable momentum and keeping people engaged in thinking people it's not over. not for us to pronounce it over but just to lay out the facts of what's going on moving forward. cruz has to do something he's doing in wisconsin, expand his
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support and he's got basically a good egg in new york and has to go to other states in west including indiana in the midwest to show that he can reach beyond that core strength of evangelical christians as supporters and win a bigger piece of the republican electorate. >> final question just quickly on john kasich. who does it help or hurt that he stays in? i mean, i know you talked to governor romney on your podcast recently and he said, you know, because cruz and kasich would be battling it out on that first ballot at a contested convention, that's what he said to you, correct me if i'm wrong, that then trump would be able to get it on the first ballot. >> right, because he divides the vote. >> right. >> you can argue -- trump probably wants both of them in at this point. i think it's cruz who doesn't want kasich in, and for good reason. only won his home state. you can't be a distant third and then say to the party you should really nominate me to take on hillary clinton, you know. i think that's pretty thin argument, but he's going to stay in as long has he has money and as long as there's an unusual condition of having such a
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significant anti-trump movement in the party then perhaps he'll stay in, but at this point i think he's really hurting cruz and his ability to go one-on-one with trump. >> david gregory, as always. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> sure. >> meantime, donald trump, yes, he's on the attack. it's become one of the hallmarks. front-runner's campaign, really the counterpunch, especially when ted cruz is in the crosshairs. >> so lyin' ted cruz talked about new york values. lyin' ted, lyin' ted cruz, we call him lyin' ted. >> lyin' ted! lyin' ted! >> he is lyin' ted. you know, i came up with the idea, but have you to spell it right. it's l-y-i-n', hold the bible high and then he lies. >> that will go down as the
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pre-manafort/trump era, as in paul manafort, the new convention manager. since he's been hired his tv appearances have been less angry and last night in his speech i heard no mention of lyin' ted. >> senator cruz has been mathematically eliminated. we have a million more votes and we've won close to 300 delegates more than senator cruz. >> from lyin' ted to senator cruz, that is what we may end up calling post-manafort trump, and although he and trump truly know what the plan is there, we know manafort was hired to focus on the delegates, particularly in the scenario of a contested convention. what about those in the party who have already written trump off? south carolina congressman has decided to skip the convention all together and joins me now from capitol hill. congressman, nice to have you on. >> brooke, i'm sorry, you said
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that i had written trump off. is that the introduction? >> you tell me. i understand you are a rand paul supporter, but hits rip the band-aid off and talk trump. tell me how you feel. >> i'm going support whoever the nominee is. just because i'm not going to cleveland doesn't mean i've written trump off. thought maybe i misheard that. >> glad we got that on the record. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> why have you decided not going to the convention? >> a media outlets trying to make a big deal out of it. a lot of us are sick of the politics and would like to stay home for a couple of days. i'm not a delegate. a lot of us are not delegates. some people think that members of congress are automatically delegates, we're no. i was asked to be a delegate and decided to let some grass roots people from back home to do that, so mostly a lot of us are tired of the politics and happy to let other folks go to
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cleveland and pick our nominee so we can back whoever that happens to be. >> what about house leadership? heard specifically from speaker paul ryan, encouraging republicans just like you to attend the convention. here he was. i'm sure you've heard this. >> i think we should go. i think this is our convention, making our nominee, so i think everybody should participate. >> so why -- why, congressman, buck party leadership? >> i'm not bucking leadership. i just don't want to go. it's not part of our job. again, we don't pick the president. the delegates will pick the president. i'm not a delegate. it might be historic time. it might not be. i'd still rather stay home than go to cleveland. again, it's not that we're buck leadership. it's not that we're against any of the candidates. there are just some of us who are ordinary people and who are happy to let other nokes go and participate in the process so that we as a party can pick our nominee. >> of course you're ordinary people, and, you know, you're ordinary people who represent extraordinary people, of course, back home in your district, so why not then go represent your
11:13 am
district? i understand that you don't have to be there, but to be part of the process. this has been an unprecedented political cycle. why not be there and stand strong? >> the role of a delegate is a really important role in our party and it's an honor to be a delegate, an honor to be invited to sit and try to be a delegate from the folks back home. i'm more than happy to let the grassroots people put up the sign and put up all of the work for all of the candidates happy to do that. i got enough opportunity to represent my district here in this building. i have no difficulty letting those good folks go to cleveland. i don't think it's a slight to anybody. it's not a challenge to anybody. it's simply someone making a decision to stay home and work as opposed to go to some large political conference in cleveland, ohio. >> just final question. you were very quick to clear up feelings on trump. you will, you know, support whoever the eventual republican nominee is. i know, as you mentioned, you
11:14 am
supported senator paul. are you leaning any way thus far? >> no. i've actually enjoyed this role as disinterested third party. big rand paul supporter. not picked between trump and cruz and even though i had a chance to do that. i'm more than happy to support white house reservation whoever the good folks in cleveland decide to pick. >> congressman, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> coming up, we talk democrats. where the bernie sanders campaign is charging forward vowing to fight to the finish. hillary clinton now sending an olive branch to some of his supporters, but can she bridge the divide? a formerformer ncaa president, f the sanders campaign, joins us. >> the attorney general in michigan saying, quote, this is the only beginning. we'll take you live to flint. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn.
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i'm brooke baldwin. well, after a seven-state losing streak hillary clinton has said, announcing victory is in sight. she is closer than ever to clinching the democratic party's nomination after cruising to victory in the heated new york prima primary. the result clinton 58% and the sande sanders 42 this was victory. polling problems particularly in brooklyn gave senator sanders some serious concerns. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> i am really concerned about the conduct of the voting process in new york state, and i hope that that process will change in the future, and i'm not alone about my concerns. the comptroller of the city of new york today talked about voter irregularities and about
11:20 am
chaos at the polling places. >> joining me now ben jealous, a former naacp president, tremendous leader and bernie sanders supporter, ben jealous, nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> you talked to senator sanders and others in his camp and they say, listen. we know maybe the math isn't on our side but we're going to that convention in philadelphia in july. when you look ahead, ben, to next week and the primaries, four of the five contests are closed primaries, something that might have hurt him here in new york. how does he win? >> well, look, you know, we win by campaigning, by earning each vote, by really fouring forward with a campaign that's of, by and for the people. she has been closer before. she's had a delegate lead of about 300. now it's down less than 250. just under 200. she picked up about 33 last night, so, you know, this continues to be a very close race when you just look at the
11:21 am
pledged delegates and frankly getting to that lead spot. what we know is that no one is going to clinch this based off of pledged -- you know, pledged delegates, and so we're going to run now like she did in 2008. we will run right until the very end. >> hmm, hmm. senator sanders did extremely well when it comes to the youth vote, especially 18 to 24 where he has had a real problem is with the african-american vote. it was an issue here in new york, despite ads like this released by spike lee. here's a look. >> people of color have a deeply vested interest in what bernie sanders brings to us in this election. >> people like michael brown, sandra bland and my father eric garner. >> they are not just hashtags and trending topics. >> i mean, obviously, a number of prominents, yourself included folks are supporting him, but what is the problem here. why can't he quite get the black vote? 75% to 25% in clinton's favor in
11:22 am
new york. >> look, this is her home state. she's run for senate twice. she has a lot of relationships and the reality is -- >> but it's not just new york. >> no, that's right. that's right, but it did trend down a bit from the midwest. we were hoping that it would go up some, but, i think what's real is that the clintons have not been able to take the black vote for granted. we have contested it and pushed up to 35% in some places. you saw in that video activists like harry belafonte, he and i and lifelong activists are used to stepping out on faith and bringing people with us and having to, you know, even fight within our community to get folks to try something new, to try a new way. what's clear though when you look at the exit polls is that people still continue to trust bernie more. when you look at head-to-head polls and quite frankly as a friend of mine said trumpzilla is back and in the head-to-he
11:23 am
had polls we have the candidate that's most likely to beat donald trump at the polls next fall. all of these will be important questions going forward. people, yes, they want to vote for someone who will win in the primary but more importantly they want to vote for who will win next fall and we still have the best candidate to win next fall. >> what about just on tone, you know, some harsh criticism coming from jen palmieri, the clinton comps director saying senator sanders, quote, his tone has been destructive to the point that he's not productive to democrats and not productive for this country. how would you respond to that? >> well, first of all,ien is an old friend, my first boss in washington. >> okay, there you go. >> when she was the secretary for leon panetta back in the home district and i've known jen for a long time, love her and think she's great. i think she should watch her tone, because the reality is that the young activists who have flocked to our campaign are the future of the party, and in calling our campaign destructive, you are also sending a bad message towards them and we need to frankly
11:24 am
embrace the activists in our party, embrace the young people in our party. it is their energy that's going to make sure that we win next fall. >> and when you talk to some of these young folks, and i've been to bernie rallies and heard them to say to me, listen, if he doesn't get the nomination, i may not vote in november which is not something as a democrat you necessarily want to hear. i know you can't preverdict the future and you can't crawl into bernie sanders ahead but if and when he doesn't clinch the nomination, it is in fact secretary clinton, she even spoke to senator sanders last night and had a message of we need to be unified. how should he tell these faithful followers to support secretary clinton? >> the party will have to be willing, you know, to meet -- you know, to meet folks halfway. whoever loses, whoever goes in, you know, with fewer -- whoever goes in there as the loser, if you will, the party's going to have to be willing to dance with them. we saw this back in 2008 when
11:25 am
there were a lot of clinton supporters that said that they were not going to support anybody, but this year what's different is that the issues are quite frankly about clean races, about getting out of these things that george clooney called obscene even thought the party was at his house. you know. folks, young people are going to want to see a party that they can trust, that they can believe is actually responsible to the people if they are going to vote for me. they have very high standards. they are smart and they have done their research and so it's not just like bernie can say, you know, follow the democrat party and people will. folks have to see a party that's worth following, and frankly our party, as it does from time to time needs to clean up its own axel. >> senator sanders on our own air saying it's a two-way street. ben jealous, great to see you. thank you very much. >> always good to sigh, brooke. >> thank you. coming up next we'll talk to a
11:26 am
veteran journalist on his take on the new york primary, secretary clinton's victory, what it means for her hand plus the very first criminal charges handed down in the flint water crisis. the attorney general says this is only the beginning.
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coming off of the new york primary hillary clinton says victory is now in sight. berens says not so fast. his campaign is vowing to stay in the race until july, until that convention fighting for every single super delegate. clinton's communications director as we mentioned moments
11:31 am
ago says the sanders campaign has been destructive to the point that it's not productive to democrats and not productive for the country. we just talked to a sanders supporter about that. let's flip the switch and talk to pulitzer prize winning journalist carl bernstein, author of "a woman in charge." here we are. i just spoke to ben jealous who said those words about being destructive, essentially saying back to jen palmieri, the comp director for clinton feels the same way, roles are reversed. >> first of all, hillary clinton needs bernie sanders and she needs his following, his movement, especially if donald trump is going to be the nominee. he's going to run a slash-and-burn campaign, and without those young people and also sanders has moved hillary on the issues where she never wanted to be. >> yeah. >> but her positions on the issues are now really sanders'
11:32 am
positions by and large, and to call that destructive, if that's destructive, she's self-destructing. >> wow. >> i don't think she has self-destructed. >> right. >> but having her spokespeople say things like that is really not the way to go. >> i think you're right that she would need the sanders supporters. >> no question about it. >> and we were just talking to ben about that, but at the same time, you know, bernie sanders, he says he and jeff weaver, the campaign manager saying, you know what, they are going to philadelphia. >> of course they are. >> going to the convention and so what -- what's going to make bernie sanders stop and say, have a little cumbaya moment with hillary clinton and say i'll help you snout. >> if she has the votes at the convention, he will embrace her, i would think, and that's the idea, but in embracing her he has to bring the party together. he's got a great role to play at this convention. >> huge influence over all those young people. >> absolutely. >> look, she also has this
11:33 am
server elephant in the room, to use a cliche, hanging over her. there are a lot of rogue fbi agents out there running around while we're speaking here saying terrible things about what the server thing shows. whether or not there's going to be an indictment of hillary clinton, and i certainly doubt there will be an indictment, but it's going to play big at the end of this investigation, and when it does, she's going to need bernie sanders for that, too, to say we don't give a damn about your server as he said once before. i'm tired of hearing about the damn server, but donald trump may be her most formidable opponent. we have always underestimated him. he's had the best ear for the electorate in this election campaign, partly because he is saying, look. things are broken in this country. he might be, as i once said, a neo-fascist in his approach, but nonetheless, he has identified things that are broken in this
11:34 am
country and people know that he's right when he says things are broken. >> in this post-paul manafort/trump era, how he stood up there, flanked by the flags, giving his victory speech, i almost had to do a double take when i heard him say senator cruz instead of lyin' ted. much more subdued, calm, in charge, talked about wanting to work and earn votes and talked about jobs. it seems like, you know, on message the same but it's a shift. >> that's a shift. i think manafort is a very clever guy and that the commuteariat. >> how do you mean? >> same trump message, still no substantive programs and talking about being an ashorian strong man in the likes of juan perrone or some other neo-fascist so we shouldn't be so quick to say oh, that's presidential because he doesn't come out of the mud slithering. that's all he did last night.
11:35 am
he didn't say anything terribly different. he just used better language. >> wow, carl bernstein, your perspective. thank you very much. >> good to be here. >> coming up, cnn's special correspondent, jamie gangel, she sat down with an exclusive interview with rnc chair reince priebus who has perhaps one of the toughest jobs in politics right now and she will take us behind the scenes to see what he is doing navigating republicans through the year of trump. plus, the first criminal charges handed down today in the flint water crisis. the attorney general says this is only the beginning. more after a quick commercial break. came out today thousands of people to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving.
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flint, michigan. the news today that the first criminal charges have now been filed in this investigation. we're talking about three officials. one is a sitting worker and two state employees face multiple fell nil charges. the city worker, by the way, was a former water plant supervisor, and his charges include tampering with water and willful neglect of duty. the two state environmental workers, tampering with evidence, including lead water samples and test results, misconduct in office and violating the federal safe drinking water act. >> these employees of the department of environmental quality had a duty. they had a duty to protect the health of families and citizens of flint. they failed. they failed to discharge their duties. they failed, they failed in their responsibilities to protect the health and safety of families of flint. they failed michigan families. indeed, they failed us all, and
11:41 am
i don't care where you live. >> failed us all, he says. the attorney general saying, quote, no one is above the law. just this past monday governor snyder drank the water to show that it's safe. says he'll do that for the next 30 days but the flint community remains kept call and furious. governor snyder, by the way, will be making a statement on the charges filed just moments from now. we'll bring that to you live, and meantime let me bring in jean casarez, extremely serious criminal charges, tell me more. >> o very serious, five-year felonies, four-year felonies and two and a half years of e-mails that investigators have and are going through at this point. let's look at the two employees of state, michigan department of environmental quality. their names are steven bush and also michael presby and they were charged with a um in felonies, one being misconduct in office, defined that a little bit, they mised will federal and state authorities but here's one
11:42 am
that's really the heart and soul of it. it's tampering with evidence, saying that these two men falsified the lead levels in the water that were then publicly disseminated to the members of that community saying, no, your led levels are fine, everything is okay, and this is what the prosecutor is asserting at this point with these charges and also conspiracy, that they had a joint agreement together to say we're going to change these levels, not going to tell anybody, we'll let everybody believe that the led levels are okay. also the third defendant is actually a local employee. mike glasgow, who was the plant operator, the supervisor at the actual water plant that he misled federal and local authorities, falsifying reports to the michigan department of environmental quality and the epa so it goes on and on, and you were just talking about how the governor was drinking the
11:43 am
water. >> yeah. >> let me gif you the converse to that. the virginia tech researcher that busted that thing wide open by doing the testing of the lead, he said the lead levels continue to be higher than the federally accepted levels. >> and the governor says he's drinking the water for 30 days. by the way, we'll hear from governor rick snyder momentarily here. we'll be responding to the news today on the criminal charges in flint. jean casarez for now, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> meantime, cnn's special correspondent jamie gangel, she sat down for an exclusive interview with the man in the middle of the most contentious political campaign in recent history, rnc chair reince priebus. how he navigates the year of trump next.
11:44 am
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
okay. this is about to be fascinating. just to set it up, the rnc's top brass is getting together in florida to talk about july's republican national convention in cleveland. you've heard us talk a little bit about that just recently. the rules are expected to be a crucial part of the conversation, and at the center of it all the guy in charge, rnc
11:48 am
chair reince priebus, and before today's meeting he sat down one-on-one with cnn special correspondent jamie gangel, sort of unprecedented access to this man. >> yes. >> does he think he have the worst job in the world? >> he should. if he doesn't, he should. >> yeah. >> but here's the thing. his life has been divided into two parts, before donald trump. >> wow. >> when he was the savior of the gop. he brought them out of debt. he brought their technology up to date. he had candidates elected across the country, and then donald trump came along, and he's been in the middle of this firestorm. >> yeah. >> so he's never done a profile like this before. we went home with him. we asked him about whether there are any shenanigans going on, but we started by asking him something that he did not want to answer. we'll see what does he really think of the three final candidates. >> let's watch. >> i want to do a quick
11:49 am
lightning round are you, okay? >> word association. >> oh, great. these are -- these are trouble. >> here we go. i say john kasich. you say? >> great governor. >> ted cruz. >> smart. >> donald trump. >> big. >> meaning? >> everything he does is big. lots of attention. >> you have no -- you're laughing. why are you laughing? >> these are -- these are like the unchartered waters of being chairman of the rnc, spontaneity is not usually your friend. >> and that's the least of his problems. >> hey, it's reince. >> reince priebus, the mild-mannered 44-year-old lawyer from wisconsin, has the toughest job in politics this year, working 20-hour days. >> you should come. >> reporter: preparing for the possibility of a contested convention. >> no. i think the system is -- is
11:50 am
working. >> reporter: and navigating the gop through the year of trump. >> the system is rigged. these are dirty tricksters. it's a crooked system. the republican national committee, they should be ashipped of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> reporter: non-stop damage control. >> i find it to be rhetoric and hyperbole. this is a very normal system that we've been using many years. >> sometimes you can't fix it. sometimes you can just take a seven-alarm fire and make it a four-alarm fire. it's still burning, but it's not as bad as it was. no one should feel sorry for me. i signed up for this. >> reporter: you are the man in the middle. you have donald trump doing his thing, and then you have the gop establishment, whatever that is. >> yeah, that's a word that apparently no one can quite define. >> yeah, i understand it. >> all those people over there who are in the on the same side
11:51 am
as donald trump. they are saying, well, it's all your fault. how did you let trump -- why didn't you get rid of him? >> yeah. well, look, being in the middle, you have to accept the fact that there is is 11,000 opinions. i mean, so -- i'm so used to it, that i don't -- i don't even care. it doesn't bother me. >> you're not pulling out your hair. >> not -- no, i'm not. people assume oh, are you -- you must be miserable. you've got a horrible job, but i don't see it that way. that's not what i'm saying. i'm not pouring baileys in my cereal, not sitting here trying to find a johnny walker. this is fun. >> reporter: in fact, the day we spent with him, he raised $1.2 million with just a few phone calls. >> let's talk about money. >> reporter: took a brief break for hoops. >> all right. i'm going to take you guys down.
11:52 am
we have a shot off this wall. there we go. come on. >> reporter: and showed off his prized possessions. the gavel. >> the gavel. this is when i -- when i actually won in 2011. >> reporter: ever tempted to use it? >> oh, yeah, well -- i don't have to try that hard. is this the chair that clint eastwood spoke to at the convention. >> reporter: really. >> this is the one that -- >> so when this all happened, you know, i obviously was perplexed when i was watching it. >> reporter: you and everyone else. >> and then when i leaned over -- because i was down behind the stage most of the time. i leaned over the balcony to look and see the center teleprompter and it was blank, and i thought oh, my gosh, there's nothing on that screen. he's just winging it, and then i remember going back. i left, went back behind the stage and i told the chief of staff at the time and i told him get me the chair. >> reporter: he also keeps three
11:53 am
items nearby he says are critical for getting through the day, the greek orthodox liturgy and the republican party platform. >> this is my safe zone, the platform. >> reporter: and this. >> and i've got the brewerers' schedule on top, because i will put on mlb-tv and that have in the background if i need to not watch the news. >> reporter: other escapes. time with his family. >> try to eat with cameras in your face. >> reporter: and he plays the piano really well. ♪ >> so i just goof off, that's what i do. that's how i plea. >> reporter: priebus admits he's always been a proud political nerd. as early as third grade he was lobbying classmates to support ronald reagan, and he even used the gop to woo his wife. you went to prom together. >> yeah. >> reporter: but, sally, on your first date, he took you to a
11:54 am
political dinner. he took you to the lincoln day dinner. >> right, swept you off your feet. >> right. >> reporter: what kind of first date is that? >> it's crazy. i think he tricked me. i think he tricked me, and i ended up at the political event, which i didn't know about at first because he told me we were going to the movies, but, you know, we made it. it was pretty boring. it was pretty bad, but we did go to the movie afterward and we had a great time. >> reporter: and he says you can't say you didn't know what you were getting into. >> right, right. i did. >> reporter: that said, neither one ever thought their lives would be consumed by the roller coaster of donald trump. >> reinse is very strong, has a thick skin and lets it roll off his shoulders. he's tough and doesn't tolerate a lot of dramas.
11:55 am
>> reporter: including rumors that he might try to convince one of his best friends speaker paul ryan to be a white knight candidate in a contested convention. >> he would kill me, and i wouldn't do it, and i agree with him. i -- are i don't -- you have to want to actually be president of the united states. he doesn't want to be right now, and he's not going to have a floor operation to get it done. it won't happen. >> reporter: he said if i do that, he'll kill me. >> yeah, yeah. >> yes, i would, yes, i would. >> reporter: an old political pro told me to be rnc party chairman, you're either the bravest person in town or the craziest person in town. which is it for him? >> it probably requires a little bit of both would be my guess, especially these days. reince, i'd put him in the brave et category. >> reporter: brave or craze, priebus insists his only concern is being neutral. for the record, are you conspireing against donald trump? >> of course not, of course not. >> reporter: is there a plan to
11:56 am
steal the nomination? >> no. there's nothing to steal. i mean, either you have the votes or you don't. >> reporter: and you will be at peace if he is the nominee? >> i'm going to be at peace with whoever the nominee is because i know that whoever the nominee is going to beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: for the record. >> yes. >> reporter: most frequently asked question, what kind of name is reince priebus? >> what did he say. >> reporter: half german, half greeks, but the greeks win. they control the family, and he points out that he named his two beautiful children jack and grace. it's god. >> that's fascinating. getting an inside look, pacing around in the office, the wall shot with the basketball, the wife being tricked not political dinner and when all is said and done, who knows who will be the nominee, do you think he'd have a beer with trump when it's all over? >> i think he would. in fact, he's not pouring baileys in his cereal. he's not, you know, doesn't go for the johnny walker.
11:57 am
i took a peek inside the fridge in his office. >> yes, do tell. >> if it gets too rough, let's just say it's well stocked. >> getting the scoop, this woman. jamie gangel, thanks so much for sharing that. >> thank you. >> i appreciate that. next, we're minutes away from donald trump's speech at a rally in indiana. we can also tell you though that there are some protesters gathering outside. why this state could hold the key to the nomination. stand by for that. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®.
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and we continue on. you are watching cnn on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. let's fin with the race for the white house. might have gotten a tad more clear after donald trump and hillary clinton really trounced
12:02 pm
their opponents in the new york primaries. for the democrats, secretary clinton is closer than ever to clinching the nomination, winning 58% of the vote and 139 of the pledged delegates up for grabs, and it was a sweet win. she said new york was personal. >> in this campaign we've won in every region of the country. >> from the north, to the south, to the east, to the west, but this one's personal. >> for the republicans, it was a crushing victory for donald trump in his home state, adding 89 delegates to his total but the celebration short lived. >> i'm flying tomorrow morning to indiana. i'm going to pennsylvania. i will be all over so we're going to celebrate for about two hours and then early in the morning i get up and we begin working again. >> well, right now he is there
12:03 pm
in indiana holding a rally in indianapolis, the state's may 3rd primary could matter more this go round than it has perhaps ever. i have ryan young, live outside the indiana state fairgrounds where donald trump is expected to speak any minute. i'm hearing shouts. i'm assuming those folks behind you protesters. set the scene for me, ryan. >> yeah, we're definitely out here live and the protesters showed up in the last half hour. if you look at the crowd here, the protesters here, can you see the line they have created here. they decided to make sure that the anti-trump protesters say on this side and lined up here and chant as much as they want. here on the other side you see the state troopers lining this area making sure folks streaming in by the way to see donald trump can go up this way. seen a couple interactions between this crowd and that crowd. people saying we want to support you and others saying trump must go. that's the conversation out
12:04 pm
here. actually an announcement made in the last 20 minutes or so from the trump campaign. there's speakers on the outside where we can hear the announcement. the announcement said simply this. if there's a protester on the inside, please hold up a side and say trump, trump, trump and somebody will come and get them. the whole idea is they don't want any cleanse between the two groups and that's something they have stressed already. brooke in. >> two pictures there in indianapolis. we'll stay in close contact with you and wait to see mr. trump speaking there as well. thank you, sir. for now, even after donald trump's big blowout in new york, still remains to be seen if he can clinch that nomination ahead of a potential contested convention. the breakdown as it stands now, trump leads cruz and kasich with 847 pledged delegates and still needs 390 more to reach that 1,2p 37, that magic number, that threshold or else it will be a fight in cleveland. >> we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television. senator cruz is just about
12:05 pm
mathematically eliminated. >> you know what? >> what's that response? >> the math is virtually impossible for donald trump. donald trump is not getting to 1,237. nobody is getting to 1,237. the reason donald is so scared is the last three weeks, and in particular the win in wisconsin, put the nail in the coffin and made clear donald doesn't get to 1,237. he knows that, which means this race is headed to cleveland. it's headed to a contested convention. >> with that said, let me bring in, she was up late last night, she is back with us, cnn chief political correspondent dana bash along with the republican national committee member randy evans. randy is in south florida at the final gathering of the rnc before the convention in july. nice to have both of you on, and dana, let me turn to you first and ask. we just heard the sound bites both from donald trump and then ted cruz. they are both right, right? >> yes. technically ted cruz is incorrect in saying that donald
12:06 pm
trump can't get to 1,237 before the convention. mathematically donald trump still can. he's the only candidate in the race who still can. ted cruz was eliminated from that mt. in the call. >> as of last night. >> as of last night. that's the mathematical answer to your question and then there's the realistic answer to your question. and it is going to be very, very difficult for trump to do that. a senior cruz aide said to me this morning, you know, look, is it possible. it's also possible for me to leave my hotel room and go run a marathon but it's not going to happen, and so, you know, it's -- it's going to be something that this campaign is obviously working very hard on and they are not going to give up, particularly when it comes to the biggest delegate, you know, bunch in california. >> right. >> which is the very last option on june 7th. >> i'm trying to -- all these states and everything in my
12:07 pm
head. >> yeah. >> next week, randy to you, we know that next week is primarily northeast states which would be a tad more, you know, trump friendly and then the midwest and then indiana. let me ask you about indiana because that's where trump is here today after his big win in new york. why is indiana so important here? >> well, because i think indiana gets him a chance to actually put it away. indiana is a state that some have said -- leans towards cruz due to the demographics. on the other hand, i think if trump can -- if donald trump can come off a big win in new york and a big win in the northeast and then he wins indiana, i think he's well on his way to the 1,237. >> let me stay with you because we are -- we'll call you a delegate guru. i imagine you have reince priebus on speed dial or perhaps it's vice versa. we just saw this extraordinary day in the life of the rnc chair care of our special correspondent jamie gangel, and i'm just curious in your
12:08 pm
conversations with him and how well you know him, what do you think keeps him up at night with all of this? >> well, i think that it's worked so hard to build a winning team for the fall, and he wants to make sure that republicans come together after the convention, that we don't let the divisions come too deep so that they are too difficult to overcome. remember, the very reason we moved the convention up from august to july was to give us more time to put the party back together, to heal wounds and focus on the general election against probably hillary clinton. and so i think to see all those plans in place and they are designed to achieve a specific purpose which is to give us the best chance to win and then to face the possibility of a contested or open convention or even a recessed convention where we have a stalemate and we have to reconvene. those have got to keep them up at night. remember, we only had the hall in cleveland for a week and only have the hotel rooms for a week. if we can't get it done in a week, we're either sleeping in tents or on the way home without a nominee.
12:09 pm
>> oh, boy oh, boy. let's hope that won't happen whatsoever. >> dana, to you, as i'm watching this live picture and the whole crowd is gathering in indianapolis. they are waiting to see donald trump speak. you know, the tone was different last night. >> very. >> i want to just talk about that. no more lyin' ted cruz. it was senator cruz, talking about wanting to work for your vote, talking about jobs, although still maintains the system is rigged. will we see more of that moving forward fade? >> i'm really fascinated to see what he does in this rally to answer that question? >> yeah. >> because it's -- it's hard to fathom a donald trump. hard to give a victory speech which was very different than what we've seen when he was in mar-a-lago in florida the several evenings where he had press conferences and he was extremely, you know -- >> the wine, the meat. >> insulted everybody, all about his marketing and all about his name, and now he really appears to be kind of getting the idea that he's not just marketing himself the way he has for his
12:10 pm
entire adult life, what, for the past three decades and his company, but he's actually -- he needs to be a candidate, somebody who is bigger than, you know, his own brand, but the one thing i will say is that, you know, randy obviously is a member of the rnc, doesn't want to, you know, kind of go there too much. >> yeah. >> i just want to underscore what he said about reince priebus, the rnc chair and everybody who is around him. they really did alter the calendar, altar the rules a little bit going into the entire 2016 race with the sole purpose of uniting the party early. that's why -- that's why the convention is usually like around labor day. it's middle of july. that's one reason. they tried to at least limit the number of debates and change the amount of delegates. a lot of the big states could take and allow them to do more winner take all, and i don't want to say it backfired, but they never in a million years
12:11 pm
imagined this kind of scenario with donald trump. >> randy, can you respond to some of that? maybe you never saw this coming/tell me about -- we know that you're in florida for a reap. some of the private meetings begin today. i believe ted cruz will be there today. talk a little bit about that. >> well, we have both senator cruz and governor kasich here. they will talk to us a little later this evening, but i really do think we're at a critical moment in the campaign. i think if donald trump runs the table in the northeast and if he were to win indiana, we would -- i disagree whoever said they didn't think it was mathematically possible, i think it becomes mathematically probable that donald trump goats 11,237. remember, we have a couple hundred unbound delegates. >> that's right. >> and at the end the unbound delegates look for the winning team. >> that's right. >> because they know for years they have been on the inside. they have got an ultimate outsider about to go to the white house, how do you get back to the inside, push him over the top so he gets the nomination. i think you'll see a lot of that start to happen and it will
12:12 pm
start to take shape i think in may and we may make it to june in terms of the process, but i think we're going to start to see a clearer picture as the next two weeks unfold. >> just so i'm clear. you said mathematically probable, trump reaching the magic number prior to july? >> if we see these -- if we see these polls continue in the way they are and the delegates, basically i run ten models, a computer model scenario to see when is it going to be -- for example, last night i was the first to say and then a.p. corroborated it, that ted cruz had been mathematically eliminated from the 1,237. what i said this morning is in eight of the ten scenarios currently leading to the end of the cycle, in eight of the ten, donald trump gets well past the 1,237. he actually gets up around 1,250, 1,255 so we'll have to see how that plays out. if that turns out to be true then a lot of the worries will go by the wayside. the bigger challenge then will be putting our party back
12:13 pm
together because these kinds of primaries are always deep and divisive, but at the end, you come together when you look and see who the other option is. >> yeah. >> and can i just really quickly underscore what randy just said about those unbound delegates. >> right. >> you've been talking a little bit about it because the entire -- all. delegates in pennsylvania, which will be next week, they are all unbound. i believe it's 54. that is -- >> 54 are unbound and then we have the -- >> yeah. go ahead. >> 54 are unbound and then we have a small number, i think it's like 14 that are actually bound. they are state, but 54 are unbound and that goes with the ben carson delegates and the rubio delegates and all of the other delegates that are unbound. >> trying to understand all of this at home, unbound meaning pennsylvania could be go one way. >> they don't have to do -- >> they can ally whoever i want. >> they can show up at the convention and say i want to be with the winning horse and if it's donald trump, they say i'm
12:14 pm
going with him. >> see you in cleveland for two weeks in the tent. >> thanks, absolutely. >> i kid can, i kid k.thanks for the time. randy in florida for us and back to flint, michigan. breaking news out of flint. michigan governor rick snyder expected to speak any minute about the felony charges filed against the three officials in the state's water crisis. the attorney general saying this is only the beginning. we'll take you live to flint coming up next. you're watching cnn.
12:15 pm
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12:16 pm
okay. want to take you out of commercial break because we want to catcher bit of this. this is the governor in michigan rick snyder responding now to the criminal charges related to
12:17 pm
what happened in flint. >> if these accusations are correct, this who take it to a whole new level, and one of the things we clearly want to pursue rp is the truth. the citizens of michigan deserve it. the citizens of flint deserve it. we've been fully corporating with this investigation and we'll continue to do so. i'm going to purr any wrongdoing and hold people accountable. already today director cray has been suspended without pay. the two individuals that work for the state of michigan, in terms of the context of that. we have some constraints on our action due to civil service. with respect to director cray himself, when he was appointed to head the deq, he made sure that the people that are mentioned in these charges were not involved with the flint water situation anymore. in addition director cray asked the michigan state police to
12:18 pm
investigate employees involved in the flint water crisis and the deq, and that investigation has been ongoing and has been focused in on looking for any potential cases of misconduct and will be continuing through this process. he's actually asked the state police to incorporate any new evidence that may be coming out of the investigations that it's going on with the attorney general. one of the other things i would want to note is we have tens of thousands of dedicated hard working state employees, and i hope this doesn't put a tarnish on the great work that they are doing every day to serve of the citizens of michigan. i very much appreciate their hard work, and this is a case where hopefully the accused misconduct of a handful will not create issues with tens of thousands of good hard working people doing the right thing to make michigan a better state. with that, i will stop and see what questions you may have.
12:19 pm
>> governor, were you questioned as part of this investigation, and if so, by whom? >> with respect to this investigation, i have not been questioned or been interviewed at this point in time. our office has been cooperating. as i mentioned earlier, with this investigation. >> sinclair broadcast group. do you believe the three government employees failed michigan families? >> well, again, i don't want to speculate. this is the process of investigations going on. we already had one of the individuals under investigation with respect to steven bush and that process hadn't been completed yet. we're going to continue with that investigation and also include the investigation of mike prizby. >> jonathan carlson with wyxz detroit. with all due respect some lawmakers, including those in washington, have called on you and people in your administration to face charges. do you think that is still fair and do you think other people should face charges in addition to the people that were charged today? >> well, again, that's the point
12:20 pm
of having these investigations happen and cooperating with them. there's -- there's the investigation by the attorney general. there's an investigation by the u.s. attorney, and, again, we're fully cooperating and supporting those two investigations in particular. >> governor, if i can follow up on that question, do you feel you did anything criminally wrong here? >> again, i don't even want to try to get into that speculation. i don't believe so, so that point here is that this is much to my point about how i ended this, about saying i'm concerned about how this could go over with 47,000 employees in the state of michigan that are working hard every day to do good things, and so i -- i think it's critically important that these investigations go forward, that as they find potential issues of wrongdoing they be brought forward, that we go through the due diligence and the due process of determination what actually happened because people deserve the truth and deserve the answers.
12:21 pm
they want accountable government and they should get it. at the same time, i also want to make sure that we're not casting a cloud over tens of thousands of state employees that are working very hard, and the same thing might be true of, you know, anyone in government service because they play an important role helping people. >> governor, do you know how many state employees have been advised to retain criminal defense attorneys and what do you say to a large number of state employees who are very, very worried that this net is going to catch them. they could be charged, and how do you deal with potential morale issues. >> that's one of the challenge points, and that's one of the issues director cray is doing as we speak. again, he's making sure he's communicating with the deq, both in terms of addressing the suspension issues but also talking to employees about making sure that we continue to do good work for the state of michigan, for the people of michigan.
12:22 pm
>> governor, fox 2 news in detroit. clearly there's bureaucratic breakdowns in this process, but what was your reaction when you heard there may be criminality in. >> it takes it to a whole new level, just as i said. again, you never want to see that happen. you never want to see a situation like flint happen. to say there are criminal charges, but, again, these are the initial parts of this. these are charges, and we need to let due process work. >> were you surprised? >> again, i'm not going to speculate on all this. what i want to do is make sure we're following through to make sure that the investigations are cooperated with fully, and we get the truth for the citizens and we see justice is done. >> governor, as i understand it, the state has to provide legal representation during civil proceedings involving state employees but is not required to during criminal proceedings. none of these employees have been criminally chargeled. do you think the state should continue to pay for their legal representation, and if so, why? and if not, why not?
12:23 pm
>> yeah, to put that in context. our ability to actually suspend them without pay was triggered by the criminal charges being filed as provided under civil service. with regards to the legal counts in question my understanding is that that's a function of the department director and the -- the way this is being viewed is the investigation is not complete, so those costs are being covered at this point in time, and that was a function of the state police investigation. that was previously begun back in january, and as those -- >> okay. so governor snyder responding here. you know, not really able to say a whole lot as this investigation is going on from the ag and also the u.s. attorney into the flint water crisis that dates back a number of years. bottom line headline, if these felony charges are true, he says it takes to a whole new level. jean casarez, let me bring you in quickly to put a button on all of this and remind us what's at stake.
12:24 pm
what's happened? >> well, prison is at stake for these three employees that have been charged, and it takes to another level because the lead just didn't get into the pipes which got into the drinking water that -- >> tampering. >> that they knew or should have known what was being done, that they tampered with the evidence, that they changed reports and led the people of the community, of flint, that they must be wrong, seeing the dirty water, smelling, having medical issues. i mean, it was -- >> changing the water level, changing the documents, correct in. >> yes. falsifying -- prosecutors saying falsifying and changing the documents to show and tell the community there's not too much lead in your water. you're okay. you're fine. prosecutors are saying that's what they did. misconduct in office, that they mislead the community, that they allowed the water to be that way, and these are five-year felonies, four-year felonies, very serious, and -- and in regard to the question about, you know, could the governor be charged. it's sort of interesting because in the civil complaint, there
12:25 pm
are so many defendant, one being the governor, but the director of the michigan department of environmental quality, water quality analysts, water treatment specialists, director of communications, emergency manager, director of public works. >> yeah. >> so when they say the charges are not finished yet. >> the net could widen. >> prosecutors say it could widen. >> the net could widen. jean casarez, thank you. we promise to say on what's happening in flint. next back to politics. donald trump expected to speak any minute now a day after his big win in new york, in indianapolis. we'll take you there live. also, the other big winner, hillary clinton, offering a bit of an olive branch to bernie sanders' supporters after her home state victory in new york. can democrats unite after this increasingly nasty primary fight? you do all this research on
12:26 pm
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bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. hillary clinton says victory is in sight after she won double digits percentage-wise in the new york primary. as for senator bernie sanders, he says he is not quitting any time soon. >> to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. under the bright lights of new york we have seen that it's not enough to diagnose problems. you have to explain how you'd actually solve the problems. >> next week we will be
12:31 pm
competing in pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, maryland and delaware, and we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> let me bring in former executive director of the congressional black caucus angela rye and former obama administration official van jones, both cnn political commentators. nice to see both of you. let me begin with you, van. i believe your quote was you can't uncurdle milk referring to senator sanders. you have been very sympathetic for him. for his efforts. now what say you? >> well, i mean, i'm a good strong progressive so i've been very excited by sanders and what he's done for the party, what he's done for the country and frankly what he's done for hillary clinton. he's made her a much better candidate but now we're in a situation, when i say you can't uncurdle milk. if the rhetoric keeps escalating and you sour a whole generation on hillary clinton and possibly
12:32 pm
on the entire process then you wind up doing more harm than good so, you know, i think sanders, the candidate, it looks like he'll not make it, but sanders the cause can still be victorious if he stays in the race and returns to that old bernie sanders that says i don't want to talk about the e-mails, i want to talk about the issues. if he goes back to that, the bernie revolution can move forward. >> do you agree, angela? what do you think? >> i do agree with that and i also think at this point the convention is just right around the corner. bernie sanders raised $44 million just last month, more than any other candidate in the race. how do you tell a guy who has raised $44 million that there's no place for him? there's clearly a place for him and he's clearly speaking for some folks who think enough of him to invest in their campaign, even if, as he says at every rally, $27 per person, so i think that there's definitely space for him. there's space for his message. hillary clinton has been wise to listen to some of the things that he said that would -- that
12:33 pm
would make her sound more progressive. i know she's argued throughout that she's a progressive who gets things done but the narrative, the rhetoric, the messaging has sounded a whole lot more left and i think that's mostly due to bernie sanders. >> van has a great point about sour milk and some of the back and forth, the jabs, and, you know, hillary clinton spoke last night about specific delay to senator sanders supporters in talking about the need to unify, especially if you want to have a democrat in office, so how does she do that, especially given the fact there are throngs of young people. you look at the exit polling, 18 to 24 love bernie sanders. >> yeah. >> and if he doesn't get the nomination, angela, they may not vote in november. how does she handle that? >> well, i think that we should look no further than 2008. i mean, we're talking about a birther primary battle where things like president obama appearing in african gash going to "the drudge report" courtesy of the clinton report or clinton
12:34 pm
prints, won't blame it on the campaign but it came back to somebody in the clinton world. hillary clinton constantly calling to herself of tested and ready and the message of hope was naive. it was a bitter primary battle and everybody came together in the end and if we can do it in 2008 we can do it in 2016. >> what about the notion from the sanders camp about flipping super delegates? how could that work? >> obviously they have to have a rationale to keep going forward. a lot of people in california where i live who really want to vote for him. he should stay in, but the rationale looks a little bit less possible. i do think that secretary clinton's surrogates should be a little bit less sometimes condescending to the young people and just want free stuff. that's not fair. nobody says the pentagon just wants free drones or nasa just wants free space shuttles. everybody pays taxes. everybody has a right to say where they think the money should go, and those kinds of
12:35 pm
things, i think if they can just tone that down i think the young people need to feel respected coming back, not belittled. if they do that, they will be fine. >> i have to go to donald trump. i know the plight in flint has been near and dear to your house. >> next time. >> we'll talk about it next time. angela and van, thank you very much. off his big win in new york at a rally in indianapolis. let's go. >> in the case of lyin' ted, lyin' ted, lies, oh, he lies, you know, ted, brings the bible, holds it high, puts it down, lies and, you know, the evangelicals, they have been supporting donald trump. it's been great. it's been great. we've won a lot. we've won a lot, and i will say this. look, you're looking at a situation in our country where our jobs are being ripped out of our states, i'm not just talking here. they are being ripped out of our states. they are being ripped out of our
12:36 pm
country. like i say it, like candy from a baby. they are going to mexico. they are going all over. china has been doing numbers on us -- and, you know, i don't mind china. they have been doing numbers on us for years. we're going to lose $500 billion in terms of trade, in terms of balance. look at the balance. we are -- it's a one-way street. we have rebuilt china with the trade deficit that is unsustainable and it's amazing that it's been going on so long. i told a story the other day. to show you how incredible our country is, i have a friend. he's very sick. he was supposed to pass away a year ago. he's a great guy, tough guy, strong guy, tougher, like a lot of the people from indiana. i mean, he's you have to. not as tough as a true hoosier, but he's tough.
12:37 pm
i will tell you, so he keeps lingering and lingering, and he's lingering, and i say, wow. and i call him every day, every other day. i say how are you doing, and he goings, i'm okay. i'm okay. i'm doing good, and just an amazing guy, strong. and that's our country, because when you're losing the kind of money we do on trade, when we're defending the world on military and paying for it and don't get the respect, don't get the proper treatment, don't get anything, you look at what happens with these countries that we take care of, it is absolutely horrible. when our country continues to go forward, even though it's got massive problems, massive deficits, it sort of reminds me of him had. our country is being taken advantage of and -- >> and we wanted to listen for donald trump's tone off his huge win in new york. talked about senator cruz last night. back to the lyin' ted, lyin'
12:38 pm
deadline as he's speaking to a crowd in indianapolis, indianapolis primary may 3rd. he obviously hoping to clinch the nomination before cleveland. meantime his foe, senator ted cruz, set to speak there, hollywood florida. he's there. also governor kasich will be there as the rnc rules committee meetings begin this week. quick break right after this. with the ultimate high potency probiotic,
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12:42 pm
life feels a little lighter, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. we just wanted to come in on these pictures. just showed you donald trump speaking at at rally in indianapolis. that is scene outside. folks exercising their constitutional rights, freedom of speech there outside of this event. listen. this is what happens in politics, folks, but what's significant and gabriel sherman
12:43 pm
is good enough to be with me here. wrote this fascinating piece for "new york magazine" entitled "how paul manafort" took over the -- the rest of the headline. "took over the trump campaign." thank you very much. before we chat about your piece, to listen to donald trump, this goes to what you were talking about, a pre-paul manafort era and a post-paul manafort era. we saw trump referring to senator cruz a little bit more subdued and watching and waiting to see and totally back out the lyin' deadlines. >> it's a dance he has to play because his supporters, the people that turn out by the thousands. >> they want to hear that. >> they want to hear the red meat, and if he's only giving them vegetables they won't show up to eat so he needs to keep feeding that. >> you made the same point to the tone change. >> to your point, much ado about the shake-ups within the trump campaigns. you have five sources who all told you what? >> well, really, it happened over the last week. there were tensions between paul manafort who is the new convention manager brought in to run the stage of the campaign and corey lewandowski who is
12:44 pm
trump's body man. he ran the campaign prior to this point. over the weekend paul manafort held a meeting where he basically took charge of the campaign. he got trump's blessing and got control of the budget and in campaigns, whoever controls the money really runs the shows, so that's paul manafort's new role now. >> he's been around a long time, veteran. >> ran gerald ford's convention fight in '76. >> knows how that goes. >> and it's funny though, over the last 24 hours there's been talk about trump bringing in these establishment guys. no one really considers paul manafort a member of the establishment. he's really been working around the world for different foreign leaders, ousted president of ukraine, so he's not a member of the d.c. establishment. >> right, right, right. so rumblings of a civil war was quoted in your piece. >> and trump mentioned it last night. he wanted to project unity. >> called it an evolution within his campaign. >> but really what i'm hearing and this is where it could get interesting is manafort's team is poring over the budgets as you would expect.
12:45 pm
>> pennies, nickels and dollars. >> but if they find things that reflect baddie on the way lewandowski spent trump's money he could bring it to trump and say, listen this, guy mismanaged your budget and one thing trump hates more than anything is wasting money so that's really where this thing could unravel if they can build a case against loon dousky. >> significant, you mentioned the meeting over the weekend and you point out, according to your sources, donald trump popped into this meeting for a minute and you read that as what or everybody read that as what? >> read it as his blessing. you mind the store, paul, i trust you and manafort sat at the head of the table and lewandowski was off to the side of the door and when trump went to go upstate to buffalo lewandowski left to travel with him while manafort stayed behind to run the show so that's really a sign that lewandowski is moving towards his role as an advance man traveling with the candidate. >> would you consider that a shrinking role? >> oh, of course, without a question. i mean, but that's really the role he's been playing -- that's what he's good at.
12:46 pm
no one doubts his ability to run the rallies, get trump and make the trains run. >> he told you last night he's still running the show. >> i think that's -- you know, no one likes to see their responsibilities diminished so he's trying to make the case i'm still in charge, but no one in trump world really believes that. >> i should actually say donald trump is running the show. >> exactly. >> gabriel sherman, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> next, my exclusive look inside this u.s. navy missile cruiser, a guided missile cruiser, a to you-day imbed in the persian gulf and this one, folks, near and dear to my heart, my friend since the seventh grade who is deployed. a phenomenal look at how these sailors live and what they sacrifice, next.
12:47 pm
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12:50 pm
>>. >>. >>. >>. today this story is personal. i've said this before, i've never had a more rewarding experience than the one that took me thousands of miles away. the u.s. navy invited me to the front lines in the gulf and four flights later, aircraft carrier and hop on helicopter, i went
12:51 pm
aboard a navy missile cruiser and the sailors eat and fight and live. i want to tell you about one of my nearest and dearest friends. >> reporter: after thousands of miles, a screeching hoalt on an aircraft carrier, i landed on the u.s. navy's guided missile, lead defender of the "uss truman" and home of bobby rashad. >> you've been to my office. >> yes. >> reporter: after a report recently aired, our special
12:52 pm
friendship, this was the first terrorist attack on the united states from isis. >> my reporting on a world at war and his fighting in one. the u.s. navy granted me rare and exclusive access to the lives of these young sailors to deploy in the arabian gulf and i was honored to climb aboard. >> all right. so this -- >> reporter: is this your room? >> i live, work, counsel -- >> reporter: what do you have over there? >> i have pictures of important people. >> rashad! >> yeah, you're there. >> reporter: you're stuck staring at me next to your sweet family? being separated from my family ensures the safety of millions back home, so it's worth it. >> reporter: the average age on
12:53 pm
board is 27. but many of these millennials exude a maturity and sacrifice far beyond their age. they are in harm's way every day. >> i have visual of the small boat. >> right there, it's to the left of it. >> reporter: responding to unknown and potentially nefarious vessels at sea. >> 245. >> reporter: and weekly testing the ship's weapons systems. if called upon, the "uss enzio" can hit targets in iraq and syria some 1,000 miles away. >> it's nighttime here but without inside and in, they keep these labyrinth-like hallways dark for a reason. the reason s. if the case of combat sailors have to get up and rush outside at night, it's easier for their eyes to adjust. along these corridors and
12:54 pm
stairwells exists a brotherhood. they rise together and relax together, too. i'm brooke. nice to meet you guys. so what do you have to do in your rare down time? >> this. >> reporter: this is it? >> video games, read a lot. >> reporter: what do you have that you wish you had? keep it clean. >> wi-fi. >> reporter: are you guys all on facebook? >> not right now. >> reporter: and trust me -- >> a little red pepper. >> reporter: take a meal with them in the mess deck, these boys can eat. what's your favorite? >> bacon. from georgia. >> reporter: got to have your bacon. can take you out of the south but can't take the south out of the man. >> reporter: not all of the sailors are men. you guys have it so much better
12:55 pm
than the guys. >> we do. we do. >> reporter: a naval academy grad and one of only two women out of 370-plus men stationed here, lieutenant precious mcquaid made a gut-wrenching decision last november, leave her baby girl back home when duty called. >> it's definitely tough. but the example that at least i'm setting for her and breaking some of the gender norms, you know, that women have fallen into and giving the men that i work with the experience of seeing females, you know, doing the same profession and the role models that i can make for both the men and women that i work for and that i've worked with in the past, that's why i'm here. >> reporter: which is incredibly admirable. but i imagine you have days where you shut the door and you weep. >> i think the baby is hard. it's the first separation from her for probably longer than six days. >> reporter: nighttime allows a moment to think of loved ones
12:56 pm
back home and to sneak in some sleep. this is where you sleep? >> yes. this is where we sleep. >> reporter: you were saying sometimes you get better sleep here. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: in this teeny bed? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> well, when the ship rocks, it's kind of like your mother's rocking. i don't know. one of those things. >> reporter: this is how narrow it is. my forearm. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and you crawl into this? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: every night? >> it's a trick to it. you get used to it after a while. >> reporter: can you please show me? >> sure. i have it right here. and i'll close my curtain. >> reporter: does that mean don't bother me? you hear him coming? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the xo, the ship's executive officer. >> let them know that i'm paying attention. >> reporter: and the sailor's
12:57 pm
disciplinary/dad. >> it keeps you up at night. the stuff that you don't know is just as scary sometimes. >> reporter: what is the biggest fear, the one thing that truly keeps you up at night? >> two things, really. not completing the mission and losing a sailor. but the goal is to accomplish the mission and bring everybody back. >> the relationship that you have with the xo i think is awesome and it's a great american story and i think your recognition of him and the influence he had on your life by what he stands for and the more people that know about him is better for our nation. >> reporter: when you finally ged to go home, what's the first thing you're going to do? >> i don't know. hug my wife and my kids and tell them that daddy's home. it makes you realize what you're fighting for. >> reporter: what these men and women are fighting for is nothing short of exceptional. as for my friends, since the
12:58 pm
seventh grade -- >> so you have a safe trip back. okay? thank you for coming out. thank you for all of the sailors that got to see you and meet you. tell everybody how we're doing back home. we'll be home soon. okay? >> thank you. >> no problem. no problem. >> reporter: saying good-bye wasn't easy. but now, more than ever, i understand why he does what he says he needs to do. give me a minute. i am so grateful. i am changed from being there and i just want to thank the navy and i want to thank my friend who is watching from the persian gulf called the sailors. thank you. and before i let you go, i ask them if they have messages for
12:59 pm
their families and here they are. >> to my wife erica, i love you. my dog asher, i love him, too. and chicago and jersey, you guys are the best people ever. i love you guys. >> my son, i miss you, mom and dad, brother and sisters, i love you guys. can't wait to get home to see you guys. >> to everybody back home, i love you, i miss you, i will be back and i can't wait to see you guys. >> to my husband keith and my daughter, i love you guys. i miss you so much and to my parents and the rest of my family, we're well over halfway done, ready to get back. thanks for holding everything down back there. love you guys. >> i'm sure your friends and family miss you very much. they have been on deployment now for five months. they are supposed to be home in june and rashad, you want to go to the braves and mets game here in new york. i'm going to work on making that
1:00 pm
happen for you. i can make that happen. thanks to the men and women in uniform, i appreciate it. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me here today. let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill. old hickory smoked. "the lead starts right now. not pushing out their opponents, 18 months, people in flint, michigan, unknowingly drinking poison from their faucets. today, criminal charges and a possible bombshell from one of the city officials. plus, one day you'll look at that $20 bill in your wallet and say, remember these? much overdue, major changes coming to american