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tv   New Day  CNN  April 21, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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recharging in vermont. sanders vowing to keep fighting all the way to the convention. we have the 2016 race covered only the way cnn can. let's start with ones that resonate with his supporters building that wall in mexico, bringing back jobs and yes, the name calling was back too. >> we've got lying ted, we have crooked hillary. >> donald trump back at it. i love running against crooked hillary. in the case of lying ted cruz, lying ted, oh, he lies. >> reviving some of his favorite nicknames less than 24 hours after delivering a more measured victory speech in new york. >> i thought it would be very n undignified for me to get up at that particular moment. >> the front runner doing a
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victory lap in maryland and indiana and continuing to rail against the republican primary process. >> so it's a rigged system. it's rigged for the lobbyists. it's rigged for the donors and rigged for the special interests. >> fighting back again. >> it's not a rigged system. in fact, the rules are clear. i'm not going to do anything to help or hurt anybody. >> insisting he's enjoying preparing for a potential contested convention. >> i think assume you must be miserable. i'm not sitting here trying to find the johnny walker. i mean, this is fun. >> republican party leaders sitting down with both ted cruz and john kasich wednesday night as cruz's irritation with kasich boiling over. >> he has no path whatsoever to the nomination. it may be that john is auditioning to be trump's vice president, but a trump/kasich
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ticket loses to hillary clinton. >> kasich defending his decision to stay in the race in an interview. >> why is he attacking me all the time? all i know is if we pick these two guys according to virtually all the polls we are going to get creamed. >> you know, you hear from trump's critics over and over again, to be more presidential, to stop all the name calling, but when you speak to his supporters they tell you they like it when he's being himself, speaking in plain language and name calling if you will so look for more of the same at least out when he's doing his rallies. >> all right. let's bring in our political analyst david gregory himself. political anchor of time warner cable news, and let's discuss the state of play. nobody is surprised that donald trump went back to name calling. the question is, what's the
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theory for him now in terms of energizing the base versus expanding past it? >> my sense of it is that he is who he is, very much as his campaign likes to say. he's 69 years old, he's going to turn 70 in june. this is a finished product to a certain extent and he's going to continue with what has worked for him. trump 2.0, he's going to moderate, he's going to be presidential, he's going to pivot. it's never happened. we've been watching now for six months. i'm assuming he's going to do what has worked for him and the people in the never trump or the anybody but trump or the stop trump movement i think they'll have every reason to continue. the things they don't like about him. the petty childish behavior it's going to continue. >> and you're seeing both of these front runners here, donald trump and ted cruz making the case for themselves, not sur pridesing. donald trump says the cruz spin
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machine produces more lies than anyone else. you have ted cruz saying there's no way anyone is getting to this all important number of 1237. who's right? >> well, we don't know. certainly the campaign internal memo was spin and cruz is making an argument. cruz may be closer to the truth here. as we've been saying over these past few days i think it's quite possible that trump gets there or close. now, you know, it's tough for him to get to 1237. he can do it, but i think it's certainly possible that he gets close and then how close is close enough? because one of the things that -- and i agree, trump is not changing. he's tacking a little bit. he's trying to mature his campaign a little bit, act a little more mature on the campaign trail because he's now auditioning for those waivering delegat delegates. he's trying to make the case that no, i really can win in the
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fall, i really am serious, you can pledge my way. so that's his audition or him wooing these delegates now for a floor fight to suggest that he can do this. but look, i think that cruz is close to being right too in that we could, in fact, be north toward someone being shy of 1237 and we get to the open convention that we've been talking about. >> we're in the realm of complete double speak. not gregory, he's straight as an arrow, but we were talking about math. trump needs 58% of the remaining delegates to get to 1237. that's a percentage he's not winning. >> he's doing 47%. >> what they believe is according to people around him that what will happen is once these last dominos start to fall, starting with new york, the margins will get bigger because people will realize it's a foregone conclusion. what's also double speak here, is ted cruz all of a sudden changed his logic about who
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should stay in the race and who shouldn't. with john kasich he was saying mathematically you can't win. he's now saying mathematically i can't win but i'm going to stay in because i don't think anyone can win mathematically. >> funny how that works. another version of it with donald trump. he says well, look, i'm not getting anything near the share of the votes that i got. in new york he overperformed. you get 60% of the vote and 90% of the delegates. so they're obviously sort of maneuvering. i think ted cruz clearly is in is same camp as what kasich is saying openly so the goal is to get to a convention to stop anybody to get the nomination on a first ballot and then to bargain and see what can develop. >> but don't you remember when they were saying just a few weeks ago, ted cruz, hey, if we go to a convention and boy, the people you -- you upset the will of the people, remember all that?
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the terrible and then trump was saying riots? isn't cruz making the case for trump when he says that? the will of the people. trump is going to be well ahead by the time you get there. i don't understand what the rationales are now. >> for a time i think cruz and kasich looked at each other and said if we can divide it's all good. less e-- let's get to the open convention. but now he'd like him out of the way. he'd like a one on one shot with trump at this point. i think your point, trump is at least in the position to try to argue hey, look, this is inevitable and what does he have on his side? he's got some momentum, not just from new york, but he can start to rack up some of these delegates and even if it's still hard for him to get to 1237 it starts to feel more like it's inevitable that he becomes the nominee. that's what he wants those waivering delegates to be
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thinking about and put more distance between him an cruz. >> but maybe one of the certainly ins tuxs he may not have on his side is the rnc. it makes you wonder, this is what we're hearing from a top aide there at the rnc. listen to this. >> it takes 1237 delegates to pass any order of business and i think we've got to remember that. there's no other time that we would ever say, whether it's politics or sports, hey, if you get to the 2 yard line, that counts as a touchdown. that's just not how the rules work. that's the process. >> so maybe if you don't get to the -- if you don't get to the, you know, endzone you're not going to win a touchdown, but do you really give the game to the guy that only got to the 40 yard line? >> maybe you do. because what the rules call for is if you get to say the 2 yard line then you have to have a discussion. you have to go and talk to the other delegates. you have get them on to your side. you have to do what happened in
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the republican convention and you get a wide range of what you can offer them, a shot at being vice president or a night in the lincoln bedroom or whatever it might be and we're going to see a lot of that leading up to and possibly at the convention. >> can definitely see donald trump settling for a night in the lincoln bedroom. >> ford offered invitations for dinners and as much as donald trump said he would not offer to wine and dine people or offer a ride on the trump jet, i think he just might under the guise of california and the convention in cleveland saying look, i want some time with these delegates to convince them of the rightness of my cause and my ability to beat hillary clinton so i don't take any of that at face value saying he won't try to woo delegates. >> it's interesting we're hearing less and less about why any of these guys should be president above and beyond
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winning. i haven't heard a policy idea coming out of any of these guys in weeks now. but it's all about what's going to happen between now and the convention and we'll have the best three words in the language on our side. we will see. thank you very much as always. we'll see you back as always but first -- >> bernie sanders returning to the campaign trail after his bruising loss to hillary clinton in new york. how does he plan to rebound? meanwhile team clinton revealing surprising details about her vp short list including the possibility of an all female ticket. we're live in hartford, connecticut where clinton is stumping today. >> reporter: might be a little premature to talk about a running mate, but hey, that's what a lot of people are actually talking about. hillary clinton would say it is too early. she's not yet the nominee but her own chairman said yes, there would be a woman on that short list. some talking about about senator
3:11 am
elizabeth warren, the perfect person to bridge the gap to bernie sanders supporters but both candidates saying wait, there's still very much a fight for the nomination. hillary clinton wasting little time courting voters. >> here i am in pennsylvania because i really want to work as hard as we can together for the next week to get a good result on april 26th. >> reporter: protesters calling for clinton to pardon all prisoners convicted of a result of a 1994 crime bill, reaching out to african american voters. secretary clinton boldly assessing race relations during a gun violence event at the st. paul's baptist church. >> we all have impolice it biases. they are almost in the dna going
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back probably mill len yal times. >> reporter: clinton reached out to her after bland was found hanged in a texas jail. >> when you're openly grieving and the secretary of state steps to you, you better endorse her, because she already endorsed you. >> reporter: while clinton forges ahead bernie sanders seemingly at a cross roads, a 16-point defeat in new york sending the senator home to recharge for the day, but sanders is not backing down. >> we believe we have the momentum and we believe we have a path toward victory. >> reporter: the question, will sanders come out swinging or will he soften his attacks towards clinton? >> he's still going to be on the campaign trail, still going to be trashing her, doing a lot of things that will not be particularly helpful for democrats but i think he'll do it anyway because he really wants to win. >> and later today, clinton is
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going to be here at this ymca. she'll be meeting with the families of victims of gun violence including those who lost their little ones in the sandy hook elementary school. she is going to be emphasizing that, really a contrast to bernie sanders. at least their campaign feels it is a winning issue regarding that. bernie sanders is going to be in pennsylvania making three stops and i am told very much that he is not going to be holding back, that he is very much still in the fight. >> all right. that's what we would expect i guess from bernie sanders. all right. thank you. president obama speaking with leaders of gulf countries this morning after receiving a chilly welcome in saudi arabia. the white house insisting the president cleared the air with saudis in a two-hour meeting with the king. we're live for us with more. >> reporter: president obama will be meeting with the gulf
3:14 am
cooperation council today. he'll be speaking later. big subjects here are isis and regional security. how do you expand the defense capabilities of these countries together and ultimately expand against isis?utions to the fight that's not going to happen overnight, but overall the white house says they see a positive trend in dealing with these countries especially since now there are cease fires in both syria and yemen. in fact, the white house walked away from the bilateral meeting with the saudi king feeling really good about it. even though the king did not meet president obama at the airport when he arrived, some saw that as a snub. the white house said this was an unusual meeting. it was more than two hours long. it was broad, not per fungt toir they say and they call it a big clearing of the air on many of the issues that have caused such tension between these countries. not to say there were solutions arrived at, but at the very
3:15 am
least, the white house sees some progress in this important, but extremely complicated relationship. >> all right. thank you very much. in other news emergency officials in mexico are investigating the cause of a massive chemical plant explosion. plumes of thick black smoke continue to hover over the site where at least three workers were killed, dozens injured on wednesday. the plant is owned by the mexican oil company. here's part of the controversy here. this comes just weeks after a fire on an oil processing platform killed three workers in the gulf of mexico. the office of mitsubishi motors was raided following allegations that they falsified fuel testing economy results. authorities ordering executives to remit a full report on the testing and regularities by next week. that caused the stock to drop
3:16 am
35% in the past few days. and women praising the most sweeping change in currency in history. tubman will be the new face of the $20 bill. she's replace former president and slave owner andrew jackson. aib lincoln and andrew hamilton will stay on the 5 and $10 bills but soon other civil rights leaders will be added. black twitter sounding off on it. they said yeah, just in time for a cashless society, but it's all about the harriets. >> it's a nice change to see too. so hillary clinton reportedly assembling a list of possible running mates just in case she clinches the nomination soon. would there be a woman on the list for vice president? imagine if there were not. next. actions. they speak louder.
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the road to the democratic nomination goes through delegate
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rich pennsylvania and four other delegate rich states. bernie sanders returns to the campaign trail today. his campaign now at a cross roads after losing big in new york. how will his message change today and will he retool his strategy? let's just look at the map. this is what i want to look at. bernie sanders is insisting that he still has a path to the nomination when it comes to pledge delegates so let's look at what he would need to do here in the coming days. first off, when you include the superdelegates he is losing by over 700 delegates. you just look at the pledge delegates he is losing by almost 300 and check this out. how would he have to perform? he would have to win 82% of the remaining delegates. hillary clinton would only need to win 32%. so to you, what is he saying? you're looking at the map. this completely disproves what
3:22 am
he's saying. >> the first thing, if you talk to his supporters they back out the superdelegates so the pledge count is different and the way they run the map is that hillary clinton would need 66% of all of the remaining pledged delegates. >> she's favored in pennsylvania and in maryland. these are the delegate rich states here on tuesday. >> but she hasn't been making those super majority. 66%, that's pretty serious stuff. >> is that the right metric? >> you know the superdelegates count, you know what i'm saying? >> but the superdelegates do not want to be the deciding factor. i mean, some of these folks are, you know, retired governors and retired senators, they don't want to cast the deciding vote when it wasn't clear that she got past the post and i don't think the clinton campaign wants to win it that way either. they'll do it if they have to, but all of this is intended to create a sense of inefableability.
3:23 am
but there's no sign that bernie sanders is going to do that any time soon. maybe it happens at the convention, maybe it happens in california, but he's not ready to give up. >> you were around the campaign all the time and they do have a cool confidence about this, the team clinton. they say they're going to get there but they don't wave it in your face. what do you think they're saying? >> i think that they're dealing with the fact that they have a candidate who didn't get out until june. so she doesn't have a leg to stand on in telling bernie sanders to get out and look at the money. he's got so much more money than she does. >> you think they have a concern they're going to convention? >> i think they're probably prepared for it but i think ultimately they think they'll prevail. >> see, i have that asset here. she actually knows stuff. it's a very compliment to me. so bernie sanders on the other side of this, jeff weaver saying we don't know that she's going to get to that number. the superdelegates are going to have to take a look, but you get to this point what does bernie
3:24 am
sanders look? what is victory for him if not to get the nomination? is there anything else? >> well, first of all as you said a minute ago we're in double speak time. we are just in pure spin and argument mode here about the mechanics of accruing delegates on both sides, republicans and democrats and i think that's what sanders is involved in doing. he obviously wants to do everything he can to win but i think he wants to stay in and i think he has the ability to stay in all the way even to the convention. you go back to 1980 like senator kennedy, does he want to hear -- does sanders want to deny clinton that unity picture at the convention? my hunch is he does not want to deny her that but he has an independent movement going, but certainly as an independent base of support and his impact has been huge. the energy in the party has been huge. he wants to keep that going, so
3:25 am
it's for hillary clinton to try to reach out to his voters and try to find a way to keep him involved in a constructive way. i don't know that she's fully arrived at doing that and there's no question, they've got to be annoyed at the idea of both his tone and the idea that he wants to stay in through california because that both can weaken her with some voters that she needs and prevents her from fully turning to republicans. >> when you look at new york, i think the clinton campaign feels they did very well here in part because of bernie sanders' more moderate stance on guns. you see the clinton campaign with connecticut where sandy hook happened. >> 55 delegates there too. >> this is one of the ads that hillary clinton campaign is now playing in connecticut and rhode island. >> my mom was the principal of sandy hook school. she was murdered trying to protect the children in her care from a gunman. no one is fighting harder to reform our gun laws than hillary clinton. she is the only candidate that has what it takes to take on the gun lobby. she reminds me of my mother.
3:26 am
she isn't scared of anything. >> you said looking at pledge delegates it's a very emotional ad. that is something that is going to hit right here for many people in connecticut. she needs to -- when it comes to the pledge delegate get a super majority. is it something like this that could deliver that? >> that's a real gut punch. if you look at what bernie sanders comes back with and he says well, somebody who owns a gun store shouldn't be held responsible and it has nowhere near the kind of appeal, the raw emotional appeal of something like that. so it's going to be a problem. it's not going to be a challenge as it has getting people of color and getting some of the older voters to come with him, but in this case this is sort of a central narrative of what's going on in connecticut. >> can i say what's interesting is remember, this on gun laws and gun politics, this was a complete flip between sanders and clinton. remember he said well, look, you have to be realistic about what you can get past.
3:27 am
gun rights and gun laws seem to be the only area where he wants to be a pragmatic politician. this is a stroke of idealism on the part of hillary clinton to get meaningful gun safety measures passed but this is not only reaching out to her base, but also to younger voters who are more idealistic about keeping this fight up. i think it's a bigger push to try to reach those voters -- younger voters who have been for sanders. >> i mean, look, we don't usually show ads unless there's something controversial but newtown happening in connecticut and this issue being used the way it was, there's no question, it was used by a stick by the clinton people in new york state. it's going to be big in connecticut as well. all right. thank you very much. >> all right. three government employees have been criminally charged for their alleged role in the flint water crisis. one of them facing jail time accused of falsifying lab test results. you'll hear more about this coming up next on "new day."
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criminal charges have been
3:32 am
filed against three government workers in connection with the flint water contamination crisis. two members of michigan's department of environmental quality, one city lab supervisor all facing possible jail time. the state attorney general says this is only the beginning. we're live in flint with more on all that is happening there. >> reporter: that's right. the attorney general sent a warning saying this is not the end of the investigation. that more charges will come and he will follow the facts all the way to the top if necessary saying that he's not going to stop looking at the governor as a possible person involved in this. he said he's following the e-mails. that said, this is a significant day. these charges being filed for the people here in flint who for 18 months who were called complainers, liars, whiners when they were asking questions about their water. many people here though, are wondering why they seemed to have gone after these local
3:33 am
officials especially one who worked at the water plant, who they believe was trying to do the right thing. and in fact, i sat down with him a few weeks ago and he told me that he really believed that he was doing all that he could and that he was only following orders from state officials. take a listen. >> i only did it because i was instructed to. i just asked the question why and they gave -- they cited some i guess solidified reasoning to remove a couple items so i didn't question it much further. >> reporter: now, the other two state workers who were charged yesterday with deliberately not treating the water here properly, they -- one of them actually even told the epa that it had optimized corrosion control, which is something that leads to the lead leaching into the water when in fact it did
3:34 am
not. >> of course, it seems so painfully obvious when you look at the water, may not be as easy to prove especially in a criminal context. that's why we've got to keep digging. thank you very much. so paul ryan, i know, he keeps saying i don't want to have anything to do with it. but what if they asked him to? is it about personal ambition or is it about doing what's right for your party? there's a new wave of thought here. we'll tell you about it when we come back. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom!
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. herding cats on capitol hill is just one facet of paul ryan's job these days. he's also chairing the republican national convention in cleveland which could be contested, could be boycotted by many prominent republicans. our reporter spoke with the speaker and he's joining us now from washington. what did you learn? >> reporter: he also has a deal with his day job of being house speaker, probably one of the toughest and most thankless jobs in washington and after being essentially begged by his party to take the job last fall, ryan
3:39 am
has made a series of changes to show case a more inclusive style of leadership, something that has actually earned him some praise from his republican colleagues, but that doesn't mean he's fully tamed the rather unruly house of representatives. >> he has his hands full. >> i'm a little busy with my day job. >> he's leading a deeply divided republican conference. he'll chair the contentious republican convention, a battle that donald trump said could lead to riots and he's trying to hold on to the gop's majority in the house. similar struggles brought down john boehner. >> how are you doing it differently? >> i think i do it better. not to knock john, but i spend more time with all of our members on a continual basis and so because i wasn't a person looking for this job, what i'm trying to do is be responsible with the power that comes with this job and make members more empowered. >> the gop led house is now
3:40 am
struggling with major issues like rekovling puerto rico's debt crisis and passing a budget. >> can you guarantee that in the fall there will be no government shutdown? >> we won't have a government shutdown. we're getting some pretty big things done. a big education bill, we're about to doopoid. >> ryan is trying to send an agenda that the house gop can campaign only, all of which has only stoked speculation that ryan himself is gunning to be the nominee in an open convention in cleveland. >> you sere considering the nomination. >> no i'm not. >> let me say it in clear english, no. okay. how about clear german? >> nein. >> clear russian?
3:41 am
>> reporter: but ryan made clear to cnn he's only talking about not running in this election. >> are you foreclosing a run for ever running for president? >> no, but i don't think that far down the road. i made a decision in 2016 not to run for president. i really believe that if you are going to be the nominee, you should run for the job. >> will you run for speaker in the next congress? >> i am planning on running for re-election and staying where i am because i want to take these ideas we're developing and i want to execute in 2017. >> but will he even have a chance to be speaker next year? the biggest gop majority could be in danger in no small part because of the presidential campaign. to save his majority he has been on a relentless fund raising drive tapping into a vast donor network raising over $20 million since becoming speaker last october. still some of his colleagues won't commit to voting for him for speaker.
3:42 am
>> it is a long time for politics between today and tomorrow. >> reporter: on top of that, another challenge at home in wisconsin. a long shot primary challenger is trying to gin up antipathy on the right over ryan's trade in immigration positions. but ryan is more worried about trying to heal his fractured party. >> i think we have a pretty good morale around here. not everybody agrees on everything, but we're not focused on tearing each other apart. we don't have the kind of schisms we had before. >> and okay. so he says no. he says nein, i don't want to be the nominee, but didn't he say that about being speaker and you see how that worked out. >> but this is he says much different. the circumstances have changed rather dramatically. he said that you need to run for being -- to be president if you want to be president. one of the things that he said that when he ran for speaker is that he wanted the party to unite behind him and they did.
3:43 am
running for president now, they would not unite behind him. i don't think that ryan's people think there's any chance that that could be effective. he is focusing pretty intensely on running this convention this summer and the interesting thing i asked him specifically, what about all these folks are talking about boycotting the convention? he said that republicans should attend and get behind, quote, our nominee, a sign that he really wants the party to unite knowing how difficult it's going to be against a democrat in november. >> good luck to paul ryan on that. i think he's going to need it. thank you so much. >> reporter: thanks. well, last year he was suspended for comparing muslims to nazis. now espn has fired curt shilling. we'll tell you what the former pitching star said that got him in so much hot water next on "new day." why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us,
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it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/7 central, only on abc. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ the death toll from a large ship which sank in the mediterranean last week continues to climb. a u.n. agent says as many as five hundred migrants likely drowned when the vessel took on
3:48 am
water between libya and italy. this is a commonly used route in this new phase of immigration. 41 people aboard the ship were rescued over the weekend. they got taken to greece. as discussions continue for more european countries to accept more asylum seekers it's one of the worst refugee tragedies to hit the region and there is no solution in sight. five former new orleans police officers pleading guilty to a deadly shooting that happened six days after hurricane katrina. their convictions were tossed due to prosecutorial misconduct. the judge reduced each sentence by up to 33 years under the new plea deal. the wrestling world is mourning the loss of wwe star china. she was found dead in her apartment wednesday afternoon. she was dubbed the ninth wonder
3:49 am
of the world during her wrestling career. police say there were no obvious signs of foul play, but investigators are still working to determine how she died. so espn has now fired broadcaster curt schilling for an anti post gender post on facebook. the comment, quote, a man is a man, no matter what they call themselves. schilling was suspended last year for comparing muslims to nazis. espn issuing a statement calling his conduct unacceptable. >> now y'all looking at me. >> because you made an odd noise and stretched. >> i mean, why can't we love one another, man? >> he also said something last month about hillary clinton that he was reprimanded for. this was a continual problem for him. >> so people are saying the whole free speech thing but we as broadcaster sign morality clauses where we are expected to behave in a certain fashion and
3:50 am
represent the companies we work for. >> and he's also talking about things outside the purview. he says well, i'm just speaking my mind, i'm not just a broadcaster, but to espn that's why they're paying you. so president obama getting a chilly reception ahead of a summit with arab leaders. was he able to clear with saudi arabia's king or were they sending him and the u.s. a message from uh oh. oh. henry! ?
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
. president obama is in saudi arabia and it ain't going that well. this morning he's meeting with the arab leaders at the gulf cooperation council summit. the president got a rather cool reception yesterday from the saudi leader highlighting this current status of strained relations between the two. let's discuss why and what may happen. mike rogers cnn national security commentator, good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> let's put up the list of potentials of the state of play between the saudis and the u.s. here. these are the issues on the table. oil prices and reduced need and what's the pricing structure going to be and output, approach to fighting in syria and yemen, what the investment of the saudis should be or has not been, instability in lebanon, iranian nuclear deal and influence in iraq. how would you prioritize? >> currently right now there's
3:55 am
-- they're in a fight in yemen. so what they've wanted is better intelligence, better weapons systems to make sure when they're dropping bombs they're going where they're supposed to go. that was a big one for them. >> you've said to us in the past, saudis, a lot of money, not the best manpower in the world in terms of the ability to get on the ground and fight. that's been their pushback is you're asking us to do things we're not good at. >> exactly. they are trying to improve that and they have been helpful to us in many other ways. so that intelligence sharing between saudi arabia and the united states is pretty good shape. that's an important relation especially in the middle east. >> because there's been a constant, what's the -- the undercurrent is always, are these guys helping finance terror? do they give money either through them or the religious components of their upper etch lon of their society? some people call them the head of the snake, people who analyze terror. where do you come down on it? >> listen, sometimes they're
3:56 am
great friends and sometimes you scratch your head, but on the whole, the relationship with saudi arabia is very important to us in the middle east and we have to remember, the royal family is huge, not all of the royal family participates in the governance of the country and so people, i think, get mixed up by saying well, the royal family may be involved in x or y. that's probably -- they are not likely in the government side of saudi arabia itself. and so we have to be careful about saying well, saudi arabia is engaged in -- they're slow on the financing on terrorism part. they haven't been great. they are getting better. they understand they have a problem. this is a tiger that they're riding they're afraid to get off of and so they're going to try to help them get off of that tiger that preserves their ability. >> and the tiger is the huge conservative religion they have there. so they're not all the same. you may be part of their family doesn't mean you're part of what the ruling structure should be held accountable for and that takes us to what really is the
3:57 am
big issue. the 9/11 bill. this is the justice against terrorism act. that allows 9/11 families to sue foreign states. this puts a big x on saudi arabia and the government there is saying you can't sue us for what our citizens did. as we all remember, almost everybody involved with 9/11 as experienced here came from saudi arabia one way or the other. what do you think of the bill? >> matters of state need to be left out of the courtroom. i think you get bogged down into a huge problem if you have a president of the united states trying to negotiate with another country saying i'd like to be able to do that but we have to wait until the court case gets through the american court case -- that's just a nonstarter. and it's not just about saudi arabia. it's about other countries as well and other countries would likely be able to sue the united states for activities of our citizens overseas and you can
3:58 am
see how this would bog down any constructive -- and these are difficult -- foreign relations are always difficult when you start out. i can't imagine trying to add another layer of difficulty that the president and the executive branch couldn't control in trying to deliver goods in any relationship for any deal. >> what can president obama say to king salman when he's like what's up with this bill? i'm sure he doesn't speak that way, but why are you doing this? >> he has told congress he would veto it. i don't think that's productive. i will say the administration has not treated saudi arabia well and the biggest sign of that is when he shows up at the airport, he doesn't get a royal family member, the king should be, to shake his hand when he arrives. they sent a local governor and in that culture, that is about as big a slap in the face as you can get to the united states. that tells you the relationship isn't good. so he can tell him i'm going to veto the bill, bah what he needs
3:59 am
to do is give some deliverables to saudi arabia. they think -- this is the president who said they're going to have to share the middle east with iran which is pouring gas on a fire for arabs and our arab league partners. that has caused huge problems and i think one of the reasons why he's there is to fix it and not helping so far. they don't have the same values as we do on equal rights for women and other things, but we have to maintain that relationship because they help us fight the terror fight not only in the middle east, but they help us make sure those folks aren't coming to the united states. >> strategic alliances. thank you for helping us understand this. >> thanks. there's a lot of news this morning, so what do you say? let's get right to it. >> it's a rigged, crooked system. this system is not working too well. >> it's not a rigged system. the rules are clear. >> donald has been whining a
4:00 am
lot. >> lying ted cruz. i call her crooked hillary. >> john kasich has no path whatsoever. >> we've got to unify our country. we've got to quit the deviciveness. >> we are not going to allow the american dream to die. >> lhelp me start this country n the right path. >> these charges are only the beginning. >> you never want to see a situation like flint happening. >> they failed michigan families. >> they failed us all, i don't care where you live. >> this is "new day." good morning. how are you doing? a little coffee, we're getting ready. allison is off. brianna is here with us this morning. good to have you. >> at first donald trump back to his name calling antics. the gop front runner
4:01 am
resurrecting crooked hillary and lying ted just hours after saying it's time to be presidential. ted cruz says the fight for a republican nomination going to a contested convention. >> and as for the democrats, hillary clinton hoping to clinch the party's nomination in next tuesday's northeast primary. still bernie sanders is not going down without a fight. he is back on the campaign trail today after a day of recharging in vermont and we've got the 2016 race covered like only cnn can beginning with jason carroll. >> donald trump says that when it comes to his campaign it will evolve, but he says when it comes to his personal style he's not going to change the way he addresses the people who come out to support him at his rallies so it should be no surprise that the name calling is back. >> we've got lying ted, we have crooked hillary.
4:02 am
>> reporter: donald trump back at it. >> i love running against crooked hillary. many the case of lying ted cruz, lying ted, lies, he, he lies. >> reporter: reviving some of his favorite nicknames less than 24 hours after delivering a more measured victory speech in new york. >> i thought it would be very n undignified for me to get up at that particular moment. >> reporter: doing a victory lap in indiana and maryland wednesday and continuing to rail against the republican primary process. >> so it's a rigged system. it's rigged for the lobbyists. it's rigged for the donors and it's rigged for the special interests. >> reporte . >> it's not a rigged system. i'm not going to do anything to help or hurt anybody. >> reporter: insisting he's enjoying preparing for a potential contested convention. >> i think people assume oh, you must be miserable. i'm not sitting here trying to
4:03 am
find the johnny walker. i mean, this is a -- this is fun. >> reporter: republican party leader sitting down with both ted cruz and john kasich wednesday night as cruz's irritation with kasich boiled over on the campaign trail. >> john kasich has no path whatsoever to the nomination. it may be that john is auditioning to be trump's vice president. but a trump/kasich ticket loses to hillary clinton. >> if he's so sure of that why is he attacking me all the time? if we pick these two guys according to all the polls we are going to get creamed. >> and trump making it very clear he does not believe kasich or cruz has a path to the nomination. he tweeted this morning senator cruz has been mathematically eliminated from the race. he said kasich should get out for the same reason. i think both should get out. chris.
4:04 am
>> all right. thank you very much. let's bring in someone from the inner circle of team trump. executive vice president for the trump organization and special counsel to the man himself. good to see you counsel as always. why should they get out of the race? why should they not take it to the convention? >> first runner up, second runner up. it's time to leave. it's interesting that ted cruz would attack kasich for well over a month telling him he should get out because he's mathematically out of the race. it's not a bad thing that we're 16, 17 to start. he made it as first runner up. now it's time to get out, stop the nonsense, let the people's will be the people's will, not the delegates' will, the people's and let trump be the nominee. when he's the president they're all going to have to work together and stop all the nonsense. >> he's coming at you with two r's. he's coming at you with the realities which is that you
4:05 am
can't get there either. that's what ted cruz is saying. i'm not getting out because even though i may not get to 1237, you ain't getting to 1237 so we all have to go to the convention. do you accept that? >> no. mathematically mr. trump is at -- there's a number. 58% they claim he needs to get in terms of the total delegates. >> that's what math claims. >> however, it doesn't take into consideration that there's also these unbound delegates. if he gets 75% of those unbound delegates i believe he's down to 51%. >> why would he get 75% of them? >> the same reason he's drawing tens of thousands of people. the same reason he's three plus million people more in terms of votes, the same reason he's drawing independence in democrats to the republicans' side because that's donald trump. that's what he does. he's actually a tremendous unifier. >> the rules is the second r he's coming at you with. shawn spicer said if you make it
4:06 am
to the 2 yard line you don't get a touchdown. >> but the team that lost many the quarter finals doesn't get to come back and play either. >> if you don't get to 1237 why isn't that a fair thing for them to say all right, nobody got it done here, let's go to the convention. that's what the rules say. >> because it should be the will of the people. it's the vote of the people, not the vote of the delegate and her's the interesting thing too. it shouldn't be about this delegate nonsense. what they're doing is distracting from mr. trump's message. jobs, economy, international security. this is what he resonates best with the people. why they believe donald trump would be the best president. he's the only one who's actually ever created a job. he's the only one that knows how to run a budget. he's the only one that has ever actually done something other than be as for example, ted cruz, he's been a government lawyer his entire life. >> but he's in politics now.
4:07 am
he's running the most competitive kind of race that there is. there's a meeting going on down in florida of the rnc. >> we're $20 trillion in debt. this hasn't been created by donald trump. it's been created by our so called politically elite in washington. >> that's true, but to get a chance to fix the deficit he's going to have to win. this meeting going on down in florida, we hear that cruz, kasich are down there, their teams are down there trying to influence it. do you guys have a presence down there? >> that's for the campaign to discuss, not for me. >> because that's part of the criticism is that you've got to have the organization in place. >> like i said the other day to you, mr. trump will adapt and he will overcome whatever obstacle that's in front of him. rest assured, they are out there speaking to the delegates as well. this whole notion of this courting of delegates, it's so wrong, if you look at -- what does the word courting mean? they're taking them out, they're
4:08 am
wining, they're dining them. in essence, what are you doing? you're really bribing delegates with free rides and food and trips. that's not the american way. that's not how our democratic process should really be working. >> what if they're making the case to them that look, you may like him -- >> you have to do it at a beach resort. you have to do it over wine and dinner and someone said to me well, what if it's not an expensive meal? what does that mean? the whole notion here that it's okay to wine and dine a delegate, to steal him away from somebody that -- my constituents if i'm representing an area, that my con stitch wants want, it's wrong. this whole notion is wrong. they should allow mr. trump right now to talk about again, jobs, economy, national security. >> he can talk about whatever he wants. it's his choice to say crooked hillary and lying ted. >> when cruz talks about donald trump should debate me who's
4:09 am
really whining? you're mathematically out. what's the point for mr. trump to sit on a stage with somebody who's mathematically out? out of that group of 16 or 17 that started, the only one that's still standing is who? donald trump. >> you've still got three guys in the race. three guys who could possibly get the nomination. >> they're not in the race for any reason other than they have a donor base that's still feeding them money. if they had to use their own money like mr. trump is doing, they would be out of the race, one, two, three. >> but he's got that artificial boost of being a tv magnet which helps him get a lot of stuff that they have to pay for. >> he's donald trump. you can't change who you are and he's the reason why independents, democrats, republicans at massive amounts are coming out to these 10, 20, 30,000, you know, events. >> he's very popular. >> it's not popularity.
4:10 am
it's the message that he's giving. the message is clear. he's the only one that knows how to create a job. he's the only one that will fix the economy and he's the one who's saying the things that are on people's mind. he's as worried about -- and this is why this national diversity coalition that i helped to form is so important. he's resonating not just amongst the southern white christian coalition. he's resonating amongst minorities. we have an enormous amount of african americans, hispanics. he won in new york amongst hispanics, male and female in new york. this notion that let's keep knocking donald trump. he's a racist. he's sexist. none of them are true. >> does it bother you though when you look at new york that he didn't win where he lives? he didn't win manhattan? >> i think the area has become incredibly liberal and that's okay. >> only gop that were voting. only gop was voting. he lost to kasich where he
4:11 am
lives. >> there are serious incredibly liberal republicans as well. they don't have to be democrats. there are liberals also and that's okay. he took 91 delegates out of the 95. >> so now you're falling back on the system and not the will of the people? >> that's a small group. >> new york didn't vote for him. >> 91 delegates out of 95. >> so now you're a system guy now. >> it's not system. >> you want the will of the people. >> new york is not predicated on one block, the silk stocking district. it's predicated upon the entire state. >> the silk stocking district. i haven't heard that since i was like 17. thank you very much for making a case as always. >> you're welcome. >> always great seeing two attorneys spar . >> as team clinton tries to button up the nomination,
4:12 am
revealing some intriguing new details about a possible vice president. we're live in connecticut where clinton is stumping today. a little early for this conversation, but putting it out there as a potential. >> i know. it's a little early but hey, we love to speculate a little bit. of course clinton would say it is much, much too early, but it was actually her campaign chairman that threw it out there that yes, there would be a female among the short list of vps, possible running mates. some people speculating elizabeth warren, but today we are hearing from both the candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both of them insisting saying that there is still a vicious fight ahead for the nomination. >> reporter: hillary clinton wasting little time courting voters before the next round of super tuesday contests. >> here i am in pennsylvania because i really want to work as hard as we can together for the next week to got a good result
4:13 am
on april 26th. >> reporter: protesters calling for clinton to pardon all prisoners convicted as a result of a controversial 1994 crime bill. reaching out to african american voters. secretary clinton boldly assessing race relations during a gun violence event at the historic st. paul's baptist church. >> we all have impolice it biases. they are in almost the dna going back and what we need to do is be more honest about that and surface them. >> reporter: clinton garnering high praise from the mother of sandra bland who says she's supporting clinton. clinton reached out to her after bland was held hanging in a jail. >> when she reaches out to you you better endorse her because she already endorsed you. >> reporter: a 16 point defeat
4:14 am
in new york senting the vermont senator home to recharge for the day but sanders is not backing down. >> we believe we have the momentum and we believe we have a path toward victory. >> the question, will sanders come out swinging or will he soften his attacks against clinton during his first day back on the trail? >> bernie sanders is going to be on the campaign trail, still going to be trashing her, doing a lot of things that will not be particularly helpful for democrats but i think he's going to do it anyway because he really wants to win. >> reporter: and hillary clinton is going to be here at this ymca later today. she is going to be meeting with the families who have lost their lives including some of the parents who lost their children in the sandy hook elementary massacre. this is something the clinton campaign believes highlights the contrast when it comes to tough gun policy and laws regarding hillary clinton and bernie sanders. as for the sanders' campaign they believe that is nonsense.
4:15 am
bernie sanders going to be spending the day in pennsylvania making three stops and we have learned from his campaign folks that no, he is not going to be going lightly -- treading lightly when it comes to hillary clinton. he is still all in for the fight. >> all right. thank you. two members of michigan's department of environmental quality and one city lab supervisor are all facing criminal charges and possible jail time for their alleged role in the flint water contamination crisis and the state attorney general insists this is only the beginning. we're live for in flint with more. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. the state attorney general's warning that there will be more charges coming and that their investigation continues. they are not afraid to go all the way to the top if that's where the facts lead them even if it leads them to the 'em battled governor of michigan rick snyder. that being said, yesterday was a significant day here for the people in flint who for 18 months were called liars and
4:16 am
complainers when they voiced concerns about their water. however, many of those people that i talked to said they wonder why they went after seemingly low level officials especially one who worked at the water plant, who i sat down with a few weeks ago in his first sit-down interview. he told me that he was simply following orders when he altered a water test result -- report that would have raised red flags. take a listen. >> i only did it because i was instructed to. i just asked the question why and they gave -- they cited some, i guess, solidified reasoning to remove a couple items so i didn't question it much further. >> reporter: now, the two other men charged yesterday are accused of deliberately not treating the water, leading it to become toxic, leading to the lead leaching into the water.
4:17 am
they both were in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty. >> all right. thank you so much. a special birthday today, queen elizabeth the ii. celebrating her 90th birthday. we're showing you live pictures where she is greeting locals on a royal walk about. apparently school children have been singin to her. later this everything she'll light the first of more than a thousand torches or bonfires that will shine throughout the uk. the royal family releasing this really lovely picture. surrounded by her seven grandchildren and great grandchildren. they also released this pick dhur showing the line of successi succession. the images will be used for postage stamps. she's hosting a lunch with president obama and the fist lady and one little fun fact for those of you like me obsessed with the british baking show.
4:18 am
>> can you imagine having the same job for 64 years? >> that is no job. that is -- that is a life in and of itself. >> it is a lifestyle. >> it is and i can imagine because we've heard people say about living in the white house it's like the nicest prison you could live in. i could imagine that life would feel restrictive too. >> it's an amazing accomplishment, but that grandson of hers stole that photo. what a smile on that kid's face. >> isn't that great? the sanders' campaign insists there is no bern out after losing new york. so what is sanders' strategy moving forward? a campaign manager making the case on "new day" next. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $120 rebate by mail on four select tires.
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senator bernie sanders back on the campaign trail today in pennsylvania after taking a day to quote, recharge. the delegate math appearing insurmountable. how will sanders change his game today? joining us now, his campaign manager, jeff weaver. down in d.c.
4:23 am
what are you down there measuring drapes? not so fast. >> just visiting my family, chris. >> what does recharge mean? what happened? >> when the senator lost here in new york, what is the conversation now? >> well, the conversation is what it always is. it's how we advance the senator's agenda in this country, how we move toward the nomination. the senator certainly has a path to victory in this contest and we're going to do everything we can to make that happen. >> when we put up the numbers of what you need to do it does look daunting from a mathematical perspective. you've got to get 80% plus. how is that a path to victory sf. >> that's only if you count in the superdelegate. if you look at pledge delegates the secretary has 250 or 240 delegate lead. that's less than half of the number of delegates assigned in california alone. so in fact, there is a path to victory with pledge delegates and by june 7th with success next week and in the following
4:24 am
contests, the senator can pass the secretary in pledge delegates. >> do you think it is a fair concern/criticism that people in the party are saying that senator sanders needs to start to think more about how he is attacking hillary clinton? do you believe that that's fair? >> well, i don't -- look, chris, if you look at the exit polls in new york, when they asked people who had the most unfair campaign, by double digits even though the secretary won the popular vote, by double digits they found by almost 70% that the primary process was good for the party. so you know, this is just criticism from the clinton campaign. they would prefer not to be criticized for things like ties to wall street, raising money for big banks, oil companies and others, for not supporting a $15 minimum wage, for not having a plan for universal health care. they prefer not to talk about these things, i understand that but that's what sanders is going
4:25 am
to be talking about. >> do you think he's going after his character more than is warranted for her record? >> i think he's questioned her judgment for voting on the war in iraq and continuing to support an interventionist regime change foreign policy that has caused problems in libya as well -- >> didn't the senator acknowledge himself that the issue of whether or not to disclose the transcripts of the speeches that she's made to different financial institutions is inherently character based? >> no, i don't think that's true at all. we want to know what she told these people, what she told goldman sachs, what she told these foreign banks. what did she tell? what are in the speeches? voters deserve to know what's in the speeches. if you get paid $225,000 an hour to give a speak, some cases for a 20-minute speech, don't you think people should know what they're telling people behind closed doors and why are you so
4:26 am
reluctant to disclose them? >> i get why it's an appetizing thing to talk about. the senator has chances not just here on "new day" but also during the debate to say what causes this concern? and i've got to tell you, the responses have not been great from him. you can't point to anything other than the bankruptcy bill and that was a long time ago and there were a lot of reasons why that went through. >> the secretary supported almost every bad trade deal that's come down the pike. senator sanders has opposed almost every one and the impact of money on politics is not like i give you ten dollars and then you give me a vote. that would be illegal and no one's alleging that anybody did anything illegal, but what happens is it colors your view of things, give access to people to present their case that regular people don't have in the process, things move your way in terms of regulations, this is the way the process works. when these trade deals with being negotiated overseas these
4:27 am
players are often in the room helping to write these deals so this is the kind of impact you get from big money in politics, you know, people say oh, the republicans are being influenced, that doesn't really pass the test. >> the pernicious impact of money on politics. that is a good phrase. >> thanks, chris. >> what do you make of the idea of what do you want? if you don't win, what do you want? is that thing you give any consideration? >> well, i don't. at this point the senator is running to win. there is a path to victory. you know, he's only behind about 240 in pledge delegates. there's a lot of other states in play. next tuesday there are five states in play and after that there's one a week through may. june 7th a huge day. new jersey, california and a bunch of other states so there's a long way to go in this process, chris, yet. >> as you know, both you and the senator always welcome to come
4:28 am
on "new day" to discuss what matters all the way through until we break the tape. thank you for being on the show today. >> thanks, chris. always a pleasure. republican national committee chair is caught in the middle of a fire storm. is he conspiring against him? his revealing answers in an exclusive cnn interview ahead. my advice for looking younger longer? get your beauty sleep and use new aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream
4:29 am
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this morning times list of the 100 most influential people is out and making the cut is reince priebus. he already has one of the tougher jobs in politics and now he's in a contentious campaign season with donald trump accusing him of rigging the delegate system and the republican establishment blaming him for letting trump get this far. we have a special correspondent who spent an exclusive day with the rnc chairman and she shows us a different side of the man many the middle. >> this poor man.
4:33 am
i think it's the worst job in washington. his life before donald trump, he was the savior of the gop. then donald trump comes along. he's in the middle of this fire storm getting attacked from both sides, so we asked him whether there are any shenanigans going on, but we started by asking him a question you'll see he really did not want to answer. what does he really think of the final three gop candidates? >> i want to do a quick lightning round with you. okay? >> okay. >> word association. >> oh, great. these are trouble. >> here we go. i say john kais you hasich you ? >> great governor. >> donald trump. >> big. >> meaning? >> everything he does is big. lots of attention. >> you have no -- you're
4:34 am
laughing. why are you laughing? these are like the unchartered waters of being chairman of the rnc. spontaneity is not usually your friend. >> and that's the least of his problems. >> hey, it's reince. >> the mild mannered 44-year-old lawyer from wisconsin has the toughest job in politics this year. working 20-hour days. >> you should come. >> preparing for the possibility of a contested convention. >> i think the system is working -- >> reporter: and navigating the gop through the year of trump. >> the system is rigged. these are dirty tricksters. >> it's a crooked system. >> the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> reporter: nonstop damage control. >> i find it to be rhetoric and
4:35 am
hyperbole. this is a norrmal system that's been working for years. >> i don't want you to feel sorry for me. >> you are the man in the middle. you have donald trump doing his thing, and then you have the gop establishment, whatever that is. >> yeah, that's a word that apparently no one can quite define, but yeah, i understand it. >> all those people over there who are not on the same side as donald trump. saying well, it's all your fault. how -- how did you let trump -- why didn't you get rid of him? >> yeah. well, look, being in the middle, you have to accept the fact that there is a thousand opinions. i mean, so -- i'm so used to it that i don't -- i don't even care. it doesn't bother me.
4:36 am
>> you're not pulling out your hair? >> not -- no. i'm not. people assume, oh, you must be miserable. you've got a horrible job, but i don't see it that way. i'm not pouring bailebailey's i cereal, i'm not trying to find johnny walker. this is fun. >> reporter: the day we spent with him he raised $1.2 million with just a few phone calls. >> let's talk about money. >> reporter: took a brief break for hoops. >> i'm going to take you guys down. we have a shot off this ball. there we go. come on. >> reporter: and showed off his prized possessions. >> the gavel? >> which is when i actually won in 2011. >> reporter: ever attempted to use it? >> i don't have to try that hard. this is a chair that clint
4:37 am
eastwood spoke to at the convention. so when this all happened, you know, i obviously was perplexed when i was watching it. >> reporter: you and everyone else. >> i was down behind the stage most of the time. i leaned over the balcony to look and see the teleprompter and it was blank. and i thought, oh, my gosh, there's nothing on that screen. he's just winging it. and then i remember going back, i left, went back behind the stage and i told the chief of staff i said, get me the chair. >> he also keeps three items nearby that he says are critical for getting through the day. the greek orthodox liturgy, the platform and this. >> and of course i've got the brewers' schedule on top because i will put on mlbtv and have that in the background if i need to not watch the news. >> other escapes, time with his family. >> i try to eat with cameras in
4:38 am
your face. >> reporter: and he plays the piano really well. >> so i just goof off. that's what i do. that's how i play. >> reporter: but priebus admits he's always been a proud political nerd. as early as third grade he was lobbying gra lobbying classmates to vote ronald reagan. >> on your first date, he took you to a political dinner. he took you to the lincoln day dinner. >> right. >> swept you off your feet. >> right. >> what kind of first date is that? >> it's crazy. i think he tricked me. i think he tricked me and i ended up at the -- at the political event which i didn't know about at first because he told me we were going to the
4:39 am
movies, but you know, we made it. it was pretty boring. it was pretty bad, but we did go to the movie after ward and we had a great time. >> and he says you can't say you didn't know what you were getting into. >> right. right. i did. >> that said, neither one ever thought their lives would be consumed by the roller coaster of donald trump. >> reince is very strong. he lets it roll off his shoulders. you know, he's tough. he doesn't tolerate a lot of drama. >> reporter: including rumors that he might try to convince one of his best friends, speaker paul ryan to be a so-called white knight candidate in a contested convention. >> he would kill me and i wouldn't do it and i agree with him, i -- i don't -- you have to want to actually be president of the united states. he doesn't want to be right now, and he's not going to have a floor operation to get it done. it won't happen. >> he said if i do that, he'll kill me. >> yeah.
4:40 am
>> you would kill him? >> yes, i would. >> an old political pro told me to be rnc party chairman you're either the bravest person in town or the craziest person in town. which is it for him? >> it probably requires a little bit of both would be my guess especially these days. reince, i'd put him in the bravest category. >> reporter: priebus says his only concern is being neutral. >> for the record, are you conspiring against donald trump? >> of course not. of course not. >> is there a plan to steal the nomination? >> no, there's nothing to steal. i mean, either you have the votes or you don't. >> and you will be at peace if he is the nominee sf. >> i'm going to be at piece with whoever the nominee is because i know that whoever the nominee is is going to beat hillary clinton. >> and so he says he's not putting bailey's in his cereal which is hilarious for him to say that, but who knows, maybe he will. it's not as if he just has an
4:41 am
issue with donald trump. he has kind of issues with a lot of folks in his party. >> right. in fact, what -- what we learned is he told us he actually gets along with donald trump in private. they have a good relationship. in public it's another matter. priebus says he thinks trump is doing that as part of his political campaign. >> is it an act? >> it's sort of an act. it is in order to energize his base and get the vote out. that said, you're absolutely right, he has the gop establishment furious with him because they think he's been bending over backwards, he's been too fair to trump. so i just want to tell you, if he does start drinking, i took a peek in the fridge in his office -- >> you're such a good reporter for this. >> it is well stocked. that's all i will say. all right. to a story you'll likely
4:42 am
remember us covering, a former oklahoma volunteer deputy is on trial for manslaughter. the victim was killed when that deputy mistook his gun for a taser. testimony is underway. we're live with all the latest details for you ahead. take off. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. that's what i'm talking about! and try new glucerna hunger smart with 15 grams of protein to help you feel full. glucerna. steady ahead.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. testimony resuming today in the manslaughter trial of a former oklahoma volunteer deputy. he was charged with fatally shooting a black man during an undercover sting operation. that deputy insists that he mistook his gun for a taser, but prosecutors say the 73-year-old should never have been on the scene. we're live in tulsa, oklahoma.
4:46 am
hi, sarah. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the jury saw some of the most dramatic evidence in this case that they're going to see throughout the whole trial and that was on the very first day. but ultimately, the question that this jury has to answer is did this volunteer deputy show reckless disregard for human life. >> stop right here. stop right here. stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: dramatic video of tulsa county sheriff deputies chasing eric harris as he attempted to escape last april. it ended with harris dead, shot in the back by 73-year-old volunteer reserve sheriff's deputy robert bates who is now on trial for second degree manslaughter. >> roll on your stomach now. >> oh, i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the voice saying i'm sorry is bates which proves it was a mistake.
4:47 am
on the jury's very first day they were shown the gun bates used and several videos, all during opening statements. >> i got you. >> reporter: they also saw what deputies say is harris illegally selling a gun to an undercover officer. >> that's it. >> sweet, that's a nice gun. >> reporter: the undercover officer you hear is the first witness to testify in front f the all white jury. harris's brother andre says he hopes race won't play a role in the jury's decision. >> looking at the makeup of the jury, do you feel like you're going to get a fair trial? >> i do. it's just prayer that people will see that this man killed my brother in cold blood when he was already subdued and on the ground and he's 73 and he shouldn't have been there. he wasn't qualified. >> reporter: bates has maintained he thought he was using his taser.
4:48 am
not his gun. >> this is not an intentional thing i had no desire to take anyone's life. >> reporter: but the attorney says bates should never have been on the scene but was granted special treatment on the force because of his long time friendship with now ex- sheriff stanley glands. >> it's absolutely mind boggling that you have a wealthy businessman who's been essentially deputized to go play like he's some outlaw. >> reporter: now, bates' friend, former sheriff was the sheriff for nearly 40 years but he was forced to resign because he was indicted by a grand jury and one of the reasons is for with holding information on robert bates. as for bates the jury is going to decide his fate. he could face up to four years in prison if he's convicted. >> that's going to be a case to follow and we will. let's take a quick break. when we come back, a flint
4:49 am
mother of four brought national attention to the water crisis in flint. one of her kids was poisoned by lead. so were many others. we are now seeing the first criminal charges in the case. we're going to get her reaction, next. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs.
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4:53 am
three government workers now facing criminal charges in connection with the flint water contamination crisis. michigan's attorney general says their investigation is just the beginning, and quote, nobody is off the table. leann walters help bring national attention to this crisis. her four children were exposed to lead. one has been poisoned by it. leann joins us from flint. first of all, is this the news of these criminal charges being filed? is it satisfying to you? >> it is in a way, yes, but it's not going to be completely satisfying until people are serve jail time. >> so you're waiting for that to happen. do you feel this a step in the right direction? >> absolutely. this is definitely a step in the right direction. >> you know, we understand that the governor, rick snyder, responded to the charges, and he
4:54 am
said that they want to pursue the truth. the citizens of michigan deserve it, the citizens of flint deserve it. they're fully cooperating with the investigation and will continue to do so. he has also, the state attorney general said there are more names to come. do you feel the governor should be among those names? >> that's not for me to decide. if that's what the evidence shows, then yes, his name should be there. ultimately he is in charge of our state. he is responsible for the people beneath him. >> so you feel he bears some responsibility? >> well, i do, i do. he is in charge of the state of michigan. how can he not? >> he also said that for the next 30 days, that he is going to drink filtered flint water to alleviate any kind of mistrust or skepticism. what is your reaction to that. >> if that was true, he would be drinking it from a home with a known problem that still has serious lead levels from that
4:55 am
filter, or better yet, he would be living here for 30 days, showering in it, washing his clothes, drinking from a tap here instead of up there. >> talk to us about what's going on right now in flint. as you know, your friends, neighbors, people that you work with, the parents, the kids that your children go to school with. how is the situation with water today in flint? >> people are still terrified to bathe and shower in it and wash their clothes in it. people won't drink it from the filters. everybody is still on bottled water. people are still without filters, and there are still some houses that have pretty high lead in them. >> people are still frustrated. >> people are very frustrated. >> how are your kids doing? i know you've told us before that four of them, all four of the kids were exposed to this hi levels of lead in the water. we know one of them did test
4:56 am
positive for that lead poisoning. how is your child doing? >> it is one day at a time type of thing. we're having some serious issues we're dealing with. >> is there help available? are you getting medical attention? >> yeah, i'm getting it on my own, yes. >> and that's probably costing you a pretty penny? >> well, i mean, it is what it is. but you know, what's the cost of your child's life. you know, what would you pay for your child? >> absolutely. any mother would do the same. how are you doing with all this? i know this has been in feweratifewe fewerating to you. you put this in the national spotlight. how are you managing? that comes at a price as well. >> i'm doing okay. i'm just really busy and taking a lot on and trying to do everything i can to make sure that we're getting flint what we
4:57 am
need, and trying to make sure that people aren't going without as much as i can and fighting against the things that aren't being done here yet. >> good for you. and i know you have also filed a lawsuit of your own against multiple corporate entities, some former and current government employees. are you going to still -- are you still pursuing that lawsuit? >> yes, i am still pursuing the lawsuit. >> all right, leann -- >> one of the things. >> go ahead. >> i did. one of the things we're fighting on in flint right now is the infrastructure, but also medical discover ran coverage for all the people affected by the lead. we're getting stone walled. we're not getting the assistance we need there. >> you are getting stone walled? >> yes, we are. we're going to keep fighting it. >> maybe you can talk to us more on new day, okay? >> sounds great. thank you for having me.
4:58 am
>> our pleasure. take care of those kids. all right, following a whole lot of news, so let's get to it. i made a decision not to run for president. >> lyin' ted. lies, oh, he lies. >> donald trump is not getting the 1,237, nobody is getting to 1,237. >> donald is terrified. >> we are going to get creamed. >> hillary, you're fired. >> they want to turn the clock back on every right we have. >> don't tell me that we cannot transform this country. >> it is not enough to diagnose the problem, you have to know how to solve the problem. >> the troubled state of u.s. saudi relations. >> we have critical things that we need to work out. >> the saudi government has nothing to hide. >> this is "new day," with chris
4:59 am
cuomo, alice, and michaela perei pereira. good morning. 8. brianna keilar here with me and mic. crooked hillary, lyin' ted, just hours after sounding more presidential after his big new york win. trump, this morning, calling on his rivals to drop out. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton looking to seal the deal in next tuesday's northeast primaries. meantime, bernie sanders back on the campaign trail today, after a bit of a break and he is vowi to keep fighting all the way to the convention. also this hour, we'll hear live from president obama in saudi arab arabia. let's begin the coverage of the 2016 race with jason carroll. >> reporter: good morning, you know trump says his campaign is going to evolve, but he says don't look for him to change the way he addresses his crowds at some of his rallies, so for now,
5:00 am
the name-calling might be here to stay. >> we got lyin' ted, crooked hillary. i love running against crooked hillary. in the case of lyin' ted cruz, lies, oh, he lies. >> reviving some of his favorite nickname, less than 24 hours after delivering a more measured victory speech in new york. >> i thought it would be very undignified for me to get up at that particular moment. >> the republican front -runner doing a victory lap in indiana and maryland. >> so it's a rigged system. it is rigged for the lobbyists. it is rigged for the donors, and rigged for the special interests. >> reince priebus fighting back again. >> it is not a rigged system. in fact, the rules are clear. i'm not going to do anything to help anyone or hurt anybody. >> priebus, insisting he is preparing for a contested
5:01 am
convention. >> i think people assume, oh, you must be miserable. i'm not pouring bailey's in my cereal. i'm not looking for the johnny walker. this is fun. >> republican leaders sitting down with ted cruz and john kasich wednesday night, as cruz's irritation with kasich boiled over on the campaign trail. >> john kasich has no path whatsoever to the nomination. now it may be john is auditioning to be trump's vice-president. but a trump/kasich ticket loses to hillary clinton. >> kasich defending his decision to stay in the race in an interview with cnn. >> if he is so sure of that, why he is attacking me all the time all i know is if we pick these two guys according to virtually all the polls, we are going to get creamed. >> well, melania trump said she can't stand when trump tweets. here is what he had to say.
5:02 am
cruz has been mathematically eliminated from race. he says kasich should get out for same reason. i think both should get out. chris. >> jason, thank you very much. let's bring in barry bennett, senior advisor for the trump campaign. good to have you with us, sir. >> hey, chris. >> memo coming out from team trump saying cruz spin machine produces more lies than anything else. accumulate over 1,400 delegates. how, when we put up the math of what it would take to get to just 1,237, we show trump needing to win 58% of the remaining delegates, as you know, he doesn't trend much past 45 or 47%? how do you get to 1,400? >> most of the states are left, all except three, are winner take all states. so you know, we won 95% of the delegates in new york. we're strongly, we're over 50% in connecticut. we're delaware, maryland,
5:03 am
pennsylvania. we're going to win a vast majority of the delegates in those states. west virginia. you know, the game changes, the republican primary, democratic primary different, by cd or by state or hybrid between the two. >> that's true. it's almost all proportional, advantage in terms of accumulating. ted cruz says you can't get to 1,237. he can't get to 1,237. kasich can't get to 1,237, so we should all go to the convention. why don't you accept that? >> well, because he is wrong. he is wrong about a lot of things. but mathematics is not his strong suit. if you look at the delegates out there. it's easy. new york times story out today that lace it out as well. i mean, california, pennsylvania, indiana, all these northeast states, you got some mountain west states. only three proportional states left. oregon, washington, the two
5:04 am
biggest. even those states, we're going to get 40% of the delegates, so you know, i don't think mr. cruz, he can -- he can believe whatever he kwawants. >> so is this why lyin' ted came back out of donald trump's lips. we thought that phase ended. he was moving toward the presidential. there is a piece in the "wall street journal," start working off the prompter, and then we hear him with the crooked hillary and lyin' ted. what's going on there? >> well, you know, i mean, mr. cruz is undoubtedly frustrated. he finished last in every county in new york. he is finishing last in connecticut, pennsylvania, rhode island. john kasich is beating him, not but much, but beating him. i am sure they are frustrated. there is no path. ted cruz has admitted, there is no path. >> i hear you on that. i thought trump was making a change, the pivot, the shake
5:05 am
shift, and just a day later, he is back to the crooked hillary and lyin' ted. what's the strategy there? >> well, you're talking about his rally speech, i guess last night. >> yeah. >> well, i mean, his rally, people come, they want to see donald trump, that's what they saw. but i think if you look at his victory acceptance speech in new york, he was quite magnamous. >> complaining about the system, you know the numbers well. he is doing better in the delegate count than he is in the popular vote by percentage. so why complain? these are the rules. they've always been the rules. you accepted to run by the rules. they're not perfect, right, and that's putting it lightly. but everybody is playing by the same rules and you're benefitting more than anybody else. >> well, i mean, we're not suggesting that someone has recently changed the rules. but what we are saying is that you know, the rules should be based on the vote of the public.
5:06 am
i mean, there should have been a vote of the people in colorado before they awarded delegates. you know, they shouldn't be able to do it with a handful of people in a back room. that's not very democratic. and you know, i think as we go forward, past this cycle, you know, as republicans, we should try to at least allow at least honor the vote of the people, and make sure that there is a vote of the people in every state. and delegates, you know, should be bound by the wishes of the voters. not some, you know, power play. >> it's not rigged against trump. again, he is benefitting -- >> no, it's just that's the way the system is. it's wrong. it's a bad system. >> that could be your perspective on it, but trump says something different than that, right? he says they're trying to rig it against me, they're trying to take it from me, they're having these meetings to try to box me out. is that just paranoia coming from him. >> no. what he is saying is exactly what i just said. that the system is a bad system.
5:07 am
and the bad part of the system is actually hurting him, but they're not changing the rules to try to hurt him. that's just the way the rules are. they're really bad rules and we need to fix it. >> what's going on down in florida right now speaks to the issue of concern of the gop. they're meeting in the pre-meeting meeting about what the rules of the convention will be. what is your presence down there, and what are you trying to achieve >> our team is down there meeting with delegates one-on-one and in small groups. you know, the convention delegates themselves will populate the standing committee and do the rule changes, the rnc can offer a proposed document to them, but that's about the extent of it. >> so you guys doing some of the wining and dining that you suggest you don't like with these potential delegates? >> i don't think there is a lot of food service at these meetings. >> receptions and stuff like that down there, so you guys, are you guys making the transition to playing the game as it's played?
5:08 am
>> well, we have to honor the game as it is. it doesn't mean we like it, but that's the way the game is played right now. >> kasich/trump ticket. cruz says it can't win. is it under consideration by the trump campaign? >> i don't want to get into who mr. trump will choose as a vice-president. i think that all of the candidates who ran this time, certainly deserve to be considered. >> so kasich is a possibility? >> i don't want to say. i don't want to rule anyone in or out. but you know, john has been a good governor, and he has, you know, been a hard campaigner. >> what do you think will happen, when you're looking at projections, when do you see you guys getting to 1,237? >> you know, probably right around the first week of june. >> you believe it? you believe 1,237? >> yeah. >> if you go into the convention, will you be willing to accept the rules of that convention, and that it really is somewhat of a restart of the
5:09 am
process, because nobody reached the majority number of 50 plus 1 or that 1,237? >> we will reach 1,237. >> you're 100% confident. >> 100%. >> you believe you're going to hold them through the first round of vote sng. >> yeah, they are bound. >> the second round of voting, which is really the first one where they could shift. >> there won't be a second round. >> i like the confidence. barry bennett, thank you for coming on "new day." let's see if your version of the math plays out. that's what makes it exciting to watch. thanks for being on "new day." meanwhile, bernie sanders is back on the trail after taking a breather. his campaign as a crossroads after the tough loss in new york. can he regain his momentum, and what is the clinton campaign going to do to secure the nomination. suzanne is live. hi, again. >> reporter: it was just three and a half years ago that a single gunman went into sandy hook elementary school killing
5:10 am
20 children and six adults. while that still resonates, that happened in newtown, connecti t connecticut, and hillary clinton believes she can show contrast with bernie sanders. later today, she'll be at this ymca meeting with the families, some of those victims from sandy hook to talk about that very important issue. >> hillary clinton wasting little time, courting voters before the next round of super tuesday contests. >> here i am in pennsylvania, because i really want to work as hard as we can together for the next week to get a good result on april 26th. >> reporter: protesters calling for clinton to pardon all prisoners convicted as a result of the controversial crime bill. reaching out to african-american voters, secretary clinton boldly assessing race relations, during a gun violence event at the
5:11 am
historic st. paul's baptist church. >> we all have implicit biases. they are almost in the dna going back probably millennia times. what we need to do is be more honest about that and surface them. >> reporter: clinton garnering high praise from the mother of sandra bland. clinton reached out to her after gland was found hanged in a texas jail. >> the secretary of state steps to you, you better endorse her, because she already endorsed you. >> while clinton forges ahead, sanders seemingly at a crossroads, sending the vermont senator home to recharge for the day. but sanders is not backing down. >> we believe we have the momentum, and we believe we have a path toward victory. >> reporter: the question, will sanders come out swinging or soften his attacks against clinton during his first day on
5:12 am
the trail. >> bernie sanders will be on the campaign trail, still going to be be trashing her, doing a lot of things that will not be particularly helpful for democrats, but he'll do it any way, because he really wants to win. >> reporter: and clinton's appearance here follows an ad that was released yesterday, the daughter of the principal of sandy hook, who was killed in that massacre is endorsing hillary clinton, saying that she is the only candidate who can go up against the gun lobby and in fact reminds of her of her mother, she is not afraid of anything. as far as bernie sanders is concerned, they think this is nonsense. they point to his record. the support for the ban on the assault weapons ban as well as his d-minus rating from the n are. a. bernie sanders will be in pennsylvania to make his case as well. >> all right, suzanne, thanks so much. queen elizabeth, ii is celebrating marking her 90th birthday by greeting locals on a
5:13 am
tradnitionnal walk about around winds windsor. this one of the queen with the youngest members of the royal family. aren't they gorgeous? they're adorable? and we have cnn max foster, live at windsor castle. zrchlts >> reporter: a privilege to be allowed in here. the queen has been out and about on the walk about. a big way of marking this day. it seems informal, but in many ways, it defines her success. she was the one that popularlized this. it shows how she is in touch with the public, and also, seen to be in touch with the public. always wearing bright colors, she wants to be seen to be believed. we also had a gun salute in the park. beacons lit across the u.k. and commonwealth, 1,000 beacons, the
5:14 am
ultimate birthday cake you could dinner tonight, hosted by prince charles here at windsor castle. president obama comes here tomorrow as well. back to you guys. >> all right, max, thank you so much. those fophotos are just beautif. an occasion of being 90 years young. >> i salute the queen with my english breakfast tea. >> this one got me. gorgeous george. look how happy he is. they had him up on some books or something. 64 years, she has been there. you know, every time you go over there, people go back and forth about the monarchy, but they have such a high esteem and how she carries herself. >> incredible. 90 years young. she looks fantastic. >> doesn't it strike you in that
5:15 am
photo, though, they are a little stayed, all of them, except for prince george. he is full of pizzazz and charisma. >> he is still smiling, he doesn't exactly understand who he is yet. once he gets it, he'll be like, whoa. >> i hope he doesn't temper that. a story of a very different kind back here in the u.s. officials discovering another tunnel crossing the u.s. and mexican borders. take a look. this isn't some rathole. a professional drug enterprise. it's a half mile long from a house in tijuana, to a pallet business in san diego. authorities seized more than a ton of coke. seven tones of marijuana. it is the 13th tunnel found along california's border with mexico in the last decade. and people in the know would tell you they are digging them
5:16 am
right now, and for everyone that is found, there are many that are not. >> pretty sophisticated. this however, is not. adults miss behaving in florida. two little league coaches, yep, throwing punches right on the field in front of all the kids. authorities say the brawl broke out. one of the coaches apparently switched a player for a faster runner, so they get into a heated verbal exchange, before getting physical as you're seeing here. now, i am pleased to say, if there is any silver lining, the two men apparently apologized after, and even shook one another's hands, which is about the only way youould salvage a moment of bad behavior. you know, this is the thing. kids, so impressionable at that age. >> you see the kids in the foreground just shocked. >> of course. >> everyone should be afraid. what -- how embarrassed should those two guys be. how embarrassed, as parents, as men. >> i know. >> what a joke. any way, hillary clinton,
5:17 am
will she finally slam the door shut on bernie sanders in next week's super tuesday primaries in the northeast. sanders says no. strategy, we heard it from the sanders side, now from the clinton side, next. and spur of the moment things. so you don't have to stop.,
5:18 am
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5:20 am
hillary clinton is leading in the polls in pennsylvania. it's the richest delegate prize in next tuesday's primaries in the northeast. despite losing big in new york,
5:21 am
bernie sanders says he is not going any where, and he plans to challenge clinton all the way to the democratic convention in philadelphia this summer. joining us now, we have care recent finny. she is a senior spokesperson for the clinton campaign. i want to ask you something i'm hearing from a lot of people in the clinton camp. people who back the secretary clinton. basically they're saying bernie sanders needs to dial down some of his rhetoric. but if we go back eight years ago, hillary clinton was in the race, she was obviously trying to win it. it was very devivisive. why should bernie sanders do something different than she did. >> actually, about this time in the process back in 2008, she actually was starting to dial down the rhetoric, because you know, part of what happens is, as you obviously they were still contests and she was still competing very aggressively, but
5:22 am
actually she did sort of change her tone a little bit, because again, you know, at the end of the day, you have to -- we have to come together as a party, and fight, you know, be prepared to go up against whoever the gop nominee is, and that's the real fight that we need to have. and so i think -- i don't think secretary clinton is doing anything different than what people are suggesting bernie sanders would do. >> politico did an interview with a senior clinton aide, and this a quote i'll read you. i'll abbreviate, because there is some not nice words in it. >> we kicked his a-s-s tonight. if you're in the bernie sanders campaign, that's not exactly something that's making you feeling conciliatory. >> well, but, first of all, nobody that i know who is actually part of the campaign officially said that. so, and it is not hard, you know, you could trip over
5:23 am
somebody who would consider themselves in the clinton orbit here in washington. so let's take that for what it is. >> you're saying you don't think it was someone with the campaign, even though it says senior clinton aide. >> i don't believe -- that's not my understanding. more importantly, we now have a situation where, you know, on the record, very publicly, senior people within the sanders campaign have made it very clear that their new strategy is that at the end of the day, if hillary clinton has both more pledged delegates and right now she leads by over 200, and that if she -- even if she has more actual votes by at this point, she has about 2.5 million more votes, they're going to do something incredibly undemocratic and unprecedented, and that's try to flip super delegates. i thought it was really interesting that you had even move on one of the most liberal groups on the side -- >> which has endorsed bernie sanders. >> but has also said that if hillary clinton ends up with the
5:24 am
most delegates, she should be the nominee. i think they believe, and are uncomfortable with, as many of us are, the idea that you would go overturn the will of the people, and if the majority of the people, both have exercised their voice through the pledged delegates and through their actual votes, you know, it's -- it would be unprecedented. also, one of the things that the sanders' camp has to think about, is that really the legacy he wants to leave this race, when that time comes. i mean, hillary clinton already has an unprecedented lead. and their calculations seem to negate -- neglect to mention the fact that she too will accrue votes and delegates. the idea becomes for senator dan certificate -- sanders, do you want to do that. >> jeff weaver, the campaign manager, has been bullish about flipping the delegates, but
5:25 am
listen to what he said a short time ago. >> what happened when the senator lost here in new york? what is the conversation now? >> well, the converation is what it is always, chris. it's how we advance the senator's agenda from this country. how we move toward the nomination. the senator certainly has a path to victory in this contest, and we're going to do everything we can to make it happen. >> one of the chief priorities that he noted there, karen, was advancing the senator's agenda. it sounds like something the clinton campaign is okay with, stick to the issues. when you hear him say that, are you reading into that in. >> well, i would hope that part of what he is saying when he says that, i mean, look, they have, you know, senator sanders has done an incredible job run an incredible race, and i can, you know, i know that his supporters, i mean, it's very hard when the person that you have worked your heart out for doesn't end up winning. and so i hope that part of what
5:26 am
he is talking about is talking about and talking with those folks in mind. and that is, the hard work that people have put in and recognizing a responsibility to them, not just, i mean, you know, yes, keep working hard, you know, hillary has said he should stay in as long as he wants to. but i think at a point, you've got to this i about your supporters. you've got to think about, you know, making sure what you have built becomes apart of, you know, again bringing the party together, moving the country forward, and doesn't become something destructive. i think part of the way you do that and part of the way you show respect for the people who have supported you is to be very honest with them when it comes time about what the real opportunity is. at this point, since they're talking about getting, you know, trying to win by overturning the will of the people, the very thing, i mean that is
5:27 am
antithetcal to everything he said he is about. i hope we don't get there. >> karen, thank you. all right, breanna, thank you very much. it is all about the harriots. who will grace the new $20 and the backstory on how alexand alexandalexander hamilton was saved. next. erved and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know wh it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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5:31 am
donald trump back on the attack, hours after sounding more presidential in his new york victory speech. bernie sanders back on the campaign trail today, after his bruising loss in new york. sanders and clinton now making a big push for votes ahead of next super tuesday, when five northeast contests will take place. any moment now, president obama is expected to speak at a
5:32 am
gulf summit in saudi arabia, urging leaders to bring stability to the region. growing tensions between the u.s. and saudi arabia. the white house insists he has already cleared the air. criminal charges filed on three people in flint, michigan, for allegedly altering water tests. here it goes, the olympic torch, beginning the long road to rio. in athens, greece, this morning. 12,000 athletes will carry it around before it arrives in rio for the opening ceremony. for more on the five things to know, visit watch that amazing twist, i do. it was awesome. i rehearsed it. >> you're so talented. andrew jackson's face on the $20 is coming to an end.
5:33 am
jack lew announced he will be replaced by harriet tubman. we want to discuss this historic makeover with christine romans. she is all about the harriets now. >> i know, right. seriously. the biggest money and controversy. >> controversy? >> they talked about redesigning the $10, and eventually, decided to change the $20, which had andrew jackson, a slave owner, history has not been kind to the seventh president of the united states. harriet tubman, a slave owner's picture was on the bill, and now a former slave, a woman who changed history. >> something that has been, black minds have been talking about this online, saying she wouldn't get down with this. like this seems kind of in the face of what she stood for. >> it's really interesting, because, look, we had a woman a long time ago, 100 years, you had martha washington on a piece of currency. you never had a black woman on a
5:34 am
piece of currency. it is certainly historic. the $10, controversy there too. alexander hamilton, some would say, musical that is really incredibly popular, have you guys seen it in. >> saved him. >> popular with -- alexander hamilton will stay on the front. the guy who helped found the american economy. >> but do you really think that this saved him? >> unbelievable. >> saved him. i can make a case for just about anything. i could not keep a compelling case to keep him on the $10. >> the cast of "hamilton" went to washington. >> now, on the back, you're going to have a image of the women's voter's movement, sort of a mural, i suppose you'll see
5:35 am
susan b anthony, maybe others, come on, it's still -- the back, you know? >> how come susan b. anthony when she got the dollar. >> we're talking about currency bills. >> when does harriet tubman go into circulation. >> they want to get it in by 2020. >>y -- why does it take so long? >> because of counterfeiting. >> i found this in cuomo's wallet. >> do you know what the problem is? nobody wants to spend that. >> i'm going to give it to you. >> you want to keep it. >> guess what? b br breanna has her own. >> that's exactly what it looks like. >> i love this, the back. >> that did not take three years to make. i wonder, though, does it come down to, you know, someone growing up, a child who will have money in their hand that has harriet tubman on it. >> that's powerful.
5:36 am
>> what does that say. >> it is symbolic. uniform acclaim for picking harriet tubman. there really is here. >> all right, so we want to know what you think at home. don't take my dollar bills here. >> you can't save them all. >> get on social media, we would love to hear your thoughts on this. >> casino money. >> you actually look like you belong there. >> she loves money. loves it. >> casino money. serious story ahead. criminal charges in the flint water crisis. is this just the tip of the iceberg. we'll ask a congressman who represents the city. first, we have what might be the smartest bike in the world. here is the concept. the bicycle runs off of solar power, communicates with your smartphone and comes with a trunk, another peek in the future of adventure. watch. >> my belief, no perfect design. with modern technology now, it is a great time to really take
5:37 am
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5:41 am
prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market. authorities in michigan say the investigation in the contamination of the flint water supply is, quote, only just beginning. and, quote, nobody is off the table. criminal charges filed against three low-level government workers. allegations include tampering with evidence, misleading county and federal officials about the safety of flint's water. joining us now, representative dan kildey, who represents the people of flint, michigan in
5:42 am
congress. congressman, good to have you with us. let's start with the basic proposition. do you believe with your understanding of the situation that people should go to jail? >> certainly people should be lead to prosecution, that is one step toward justice. so i'm very pleased to see the state attorney general and the united states justice department looking into this. of course, the concern that i have is that while this is entirely appropriate, i want to ensure that this does not the need the restorative justice required in order to make flint whole again. >> don't they go hand in hand, though? if you don't punish officials that is found to be willfully, maybe even recklessly damaging to the community and health of its people, it's going to keep happening? >> that is true. this has to happen same minute i
5:43 am
mi simultaneously punishing these individuals, fast and loose with environmental protections, which the state of michigan clearly did in the case ever flint. but we want to make sure that the price is not just paid by a few people who are basically at the bottom of the chain, and but it also applies to the people who created the culture that made it okay for these folks to manipulate test samples, and basically treat these protections as if they are annoyanc annoyances, and not a basic protection of human health. >> money over health is what the basic allegation is in a kind of, in a rhetorical sense. some of the concerns in the legal community are that this doesn't feel right. when you go after people who you know are largely function naris, going to do what they were told do, they're getting prosecuted, they didn't feed their way up.
5:44 am
the lowers get passed over because they can offer up what the upper echelons, and they might be scapegoated? >> i'm very sympathetic to that argument. i am concerned about it. everything that we have seen showed that at the very highest levels of state government, there was knowledge and there was complicity, and there may have been orders to try to get past the data that they showed that was showing that there were problems with lead in the water in flint. i don't know where those facts go. the integrity of the investigative process has to be maintained. i just hope that they are as aggressive in looking at those folks who made decisions far up into state government as they are lookin at the people who may be, perhaps were just simply following orders. that doesn't excuse them. but it certainly begs the question as to whether others should be brought into this as well. >> mic was on the show earlier
5:45 am
talking with leann walters, she is suing as well. she is a parent, she has a kid that got sick. a lot of parents in the same situation. the proposition of the lawsuit is as powerful as it is plain. the situation still sucks, congressman. they're having to live with bottled water. it has not been found to be safe beyond the point of concern of the scientific community. the infrastructure money isn't pouring into that place the way we expected it to be. why can't you and the other elected officials get this done? >> well, we should. >> i know you should. why hasn't it happened? >> to be blunt, because we have republicans in michigan that are blocking it. i have a bill that would provide federal and state support, equally matched from each of those levels of government, that would fix the pipes, provide the public health support, that would provide developmental support. so far, i have to be -- i'm frustrated with the fact that in
5:46 am
congress, for example, i have many republicans who are very sympathetic, who are very critical of what happened, who actually blame the epa, ironically, but when it comes to actually putting money on the table to fix the problem, they stop short. they say no, this is a state issue. look, there is no excuse in congress or in the michigan legislature for not funding the entire recovery plan for the city of pliflint. what i fear, if they're thinking if we mark time, this story will go away. look, i represent flint, michigan. i'm not going to let it go away. that doesn't mean we'll get it done. but i'm sure not going to stop. >> understood. congressman dan kildee, thank you very much. we'll stay on the story. anthony bourdain taking us around the world in parts unknown. where does the journey begin. he'll tell us, next. courtyard, the official hotel of the nfl,
5:47 am
and i want to remind you that no one's the same without the game... like @squirrelgirl52 who writes, "no football on sundays has left me with a lot of free time. "so i've constructed a small sanctuary for local squirrels. it's a safe haven where they can meet and fall in love and..." ok, i'm going to stop reading right now. you might have some issues that go beyond football's help, but try watching the nfl draft. see if that helps. maybe watch with a friend... or doctor.
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5:50 am
as one does, i assume correctly as it turned out, one of these young punks would know how to make a good adobe. it is amazing. it is really good. >> i learned this from my mom. >> so the answer, as always, who makes the best adobe, mom makes it. tony bourdain makes the word ragoon delicious. "parts unknown," returns this sunday, all new season episodes for you. now the premiere, he is going to go to the capital of the philippines, manila, and
5:51 am
discusses their love for cooking and more. culture as much as about anything. let's talk to the man himself. so, great to see you here. my loving friend. you go to the philippines. manila, what did you find there? >> you know, it's 7,000 islands, so we can only really look at one place, and this time concentrating, i guess on the filipino character. the phenomenon of the overseas worker, the necessity for so many filipinos to travel abroad, separate themselves from their family for decades oftentimes, taking care of other people as doctors, caregivers, nannies, nurses. and sending money back to the philippines is an essential past economy. the filipino cover band. everywhere i go in my travels, particularly in southeast asia, a hotel lobby or bar, filipino
5:52 am
cover band, executing guns and roses, pink floyd, happy birthday. >> why there? >> why are so many cover bands and so good, and so ubiquitous koch coming from the philippines. >> you are really capturing this change that's going on in the world with globalization, and mixing of cultures and people in a new way. how are you going to see that as we go through the season? >> well, as it turned out, we tend to arrive as things are happening a lot. we were shooting in colon, germany, hadn't anticipated this, but there is way a huge incident on new year's eve, involving a north africa refugees, or an incident that was a attributed to refugees from libya and the middle east. so in greece, again, the refugee
5:53 am
crisis coming up. the world is changing. people are moving, and it's becoming increasingly contentious and divisive issue. it's something that we can't help but look at. >> we're putting up on the screen for the people at home, the places you're going will be relevant as this whole kind of change around the world, manila, the greek island, chicago, byou really punched the passport book. now, let's start with this first one, being in manila, what is adobe, and what makes it good? i always thought it was the spice pact from boya. >> it is sort of the fun damentl spice and onion/garlic mix, of course, many other dishes. everyone makes it differently. it is the sort of thing that is bound to cause an enthusiastic
5:54 am
argument whose adobe is best and how might one go about making one. everybody's mom makes the best adobe. >> it's always the best answer, that's for sure. the philippines, of course, so unique. they are the southeast asian culture, mixed with spanish influence. >> and big u.s. culture as well. a real mix. they love to eat. they love to cook. they love to entertain. we were there over christmas holidays and christmas holidays in manila, basically starts september 1st and goes right through into january. they're going hard the whole time. >> the train in the philippines. >> yes, martial arts are very strong. >> very big. >> vicious. they're the national martial arts colleague is unbelievable violent. basically a knife defense, knife attacks. we show a little, but not a major focus. >> i'll think about that the
5:55 am
next time i'll know how to attack you. thank you for being with us. tony bourdain. you can watch it sundays 9:00 p.m., appointment television. coming up next, the good stuff. president obama and the saudi foreign minister addressing reporters right now in riyadh. let's listen in. >> i want to make a brief comment what we've accomplished. last year at our summit, we agreed to build a stronger partnership between our nation. we already had strong bilateral relations, and collectively, had a shared vision of peace and prosperity in the region, but we felt we could do more given the challenges that had arisen. today we've reviewed the
5:56 am
important progress we made together. i reaffirmed to use all elements to secure our core interests in the gulf region and to deter and confront external aggression against our allies and our partners. we reached a common vision on how to move forward together in key areas. we remain united in our fight to destroy isil or daish, which is a threat to all of us, help our gcc partners, special ops forces, and gcc nations will the fight against isil and the coalition that we formed. we'll continue to support iraq as it liberates and stabilizes towns and cities from isil control. and we'll remain leading donors of humanitarian aid to the people of syria and iraq, who have suffered so much. we agreed to continue working closely to deescalate and
5:57 am
resolve regional conflicts. in syria, the cessation of hostilities is under tremendous strain, continued violations by the assad regime. another re-minminder to end the civil war. a transitional governing body, a new constitution, with newy elections. with regard to yemen, we urged all parties to abide by the cessation of hostilities, so that humanitarian aid can be reached to the yemen people and the peace process can proceed. with regard to libya, we agreed to keep building support for the new national unity government. given the ongoing threats in the region, the united states will continue to increase our security cooperation with our gcc partners, including helping them improve their own capacity to defend themselves. and i thanked our gcc partners
5:58 am
for their support of the comprehensive deal that is now cut off every single one of iran's pathways to a nuclear weapon. that makes the region safer. we'll remain vigilant to ensure iran fulfills its commitments, just as we fulfill ours. even with the nuclear deal, we recognized collectively that we continue to have serious concerns about iranian behavior. our nations committed to interdict illegal arms shipments and the imposed costs on iran for the ballistic missile program and destabilizing activities in the region. at the same time, as i said at camp david last year, none of our nations have an interest in conflict with iran. we welcome an iran that plays a responsible role in the region. one that takes concrete practical steps to build trust and resolve the differences with its neighbors by peaceful means and abides by international rules and norms.
5:59 am
and finally, even as the summit focused on security issues, it remains the case that true and lasting security depending on governance and a economy that serves all its citizens and respects human rights. with this in mind, the united states and the gcc will launch a new high level dialogue with the focus on adjusting on lower oil prices, increasing our economic ties, and gcc forms as they work to provide jobs and opportunities to their young people, and all of their citizens. so again, i want to thank his majesty, and all of the partners for this successful summit. when we look back on the past year, a lot has gotten done. i'm confident that a year from now, we will be able to say that because of these actions, all of our nations are more peaceful, and more secure and more pros. r
6:00 am
it underscores the united states and the countries represented around this table. thank you for your hospitality. all right, good morning, everyone. i'm carol costello, thank you for being here. you just heard president obama speaking in saudi arabia about the tensions in the middle east and the fight against isis. nic robertson, bring us through what happened here. if you listen to the president, it doesn't sound like very much, but tension has been rising between saudi arabia and the united states, especially in light of the 9/11 victims. the families of the victims. who want to be able to sue the government of saudi arabia if they can prove that saudi arabia had anything to do with supporting the 9/11 terrorists. nic robertson is up and


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