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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 23, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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hello again every. thanks for joining me. i'm fredricka fredricka. the fight for the white house is heating up on both sides of the. today candidates appealing to northeastern voters, five states up for grabs tuesday. right now hillary clinton is campaigning in new haven, connecticut, meeting with working families. live shots right now, and bernie sanders just wrapping up a stop in baltimore, maryland. meanwhile, things got a little rowdy at a donald trump rally in bridgeport, connecticut. he was interrupted several times by protestors. you see right there, at least
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one being escorted out, and then we've got ted cruz, who was in pennsylvania this morning, determined to make it to the convention, despite donald trump calling for him to drop out. chris frates is covering the democrats for us. jason carroll is covering the republicans. so, chris, let's begin with you first. sanders, he's been continuing to kind of put up a fight for delegates, despite a widening gap between he and hillary clinton, but he says he is not throwing in the towel as yet. >> yes, exactly right, fred. in fact, both sanders and clinton are crisscrossing the east coast today, and sanders, well, he's hitting clinton for her positions or trade, fracking and, really no surprise her, her big money donors. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself, and it's a profound difference, is how we have chose ton rai t ton chosen to raise money for our campaigns. if we understand that super pacs
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are the vehicle by which wall street and billionaires are able to buy elections, your damn right, we don't need a super pac. we don't want a super pac. >> that was sanders in baltimore, just this afternoon, and yesterday clinton and sanders spent their day at duelling events in pennsylvania. a little bit of a homecoming for hillary clinton, who campaigned near scranton, where her father was born and where she spent time during the summer and wove in plenty of local references but mostly stayed away from going after sanders instead aiming her fire at donald trump hitting him for his proposal to temporarily ban muslims from ent, the country and a new poll in pennsylvania showing clinton is leading sanders there by almost 30 points. now, sanders is campaigning in maryland and delaware today. clinton, she's in connecticut and rhode island, all states that vote on tuesday, fred. >> huh. and chris, you were talking, live pictures right now of hillary clinton walking into this location here in new haven, connecticut. and what strakes me is the
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intimacy of this gathering. yes, connecticut a very small state. i actually used to live in new haven, connecticut. the setting says face time, individual handshakes going around the room right now and it's almost as if she has in this case kind of pairing down the event to deliver what's expected to likely be a very big message, one she would hope would resonate with the voters. is there anything more to this kind of strategy or this approach, this intimate sitting in a very small state like connecticut? >> you know, she has started her campaign kind of doing these smaller events, and you kind of see her getting back to that, because she's very good with voters on a one-on-one and that helps pr s particularly with lo press writers and showing her in a good light. hillary clinton did those, and sanders continues to engage hillary clinton, trying to draw
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distinctions. you're seeing kind of hillary clinton start to do and turn away and turn to republicans, and donald trump here. that's no surprise. this allows her to do that. this is not a big rally where she's going to talk about big ideas. she's going to meet with voters and get pictures and kind of connect one on one and try to do what she needs to do, really connect with voters and make herself likable, make herself somebody a voter wants to have a beer with, fred. >> uh-huh. all right. chris frates, thanks so much. we're going to listen in on anything happening there and what appears to be a little restaurant, diner setting. when we get more information -- do we have time to listen to that right now? okay. we're going to come back to her. monitor a little bit and get a sense what people are asking her and what is she saying to them. all right. meantime, the republican side, donald trump, held two back-to-back rallies today in connecticut. trump's new delegate guru. paul manafort telling cnn we will soon see a more toned down
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kind of more presidential trump on the campaign trail. let's bring in cnn's jason carroll at the rally in brid bridgeport. it was a little exciting there, wasn't it? not just because of the entertainment value of donald trump because he was certainly kind of shucking it up there. wasn't he? but you had a couple folk whose were demonstrating, protesting, and they were let out? >> yeah. we've seen that before. what would a trump rally be, his rally he says are the most fun out there going. we've heard much about trump and they need to be more presidential. that was not the case here in bridgeport or earlier today in connecticut as well. not the case if you consider calling your opponent ted cruz someone who lies like a thief, and is boring. those were just some of the things he said about cruz. he saved some criticisms for kasich as well making fun of the way that he says and spells his name. i mean, you've heard from paul manafort, he said earlier at
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that rnc meeting in florida what you're going to see is a different ted -- a different trump privately versus publicly. that there's a different way that he acts when he's private. that the campaign will evolve. that the candidate will evolve as well. trump talked about that here. he also talked about calls for him to be more presidential. >> when i'm in a room talking, you're one way. when i'm out here talking to you people i got to be different. i can say basically the same thing. >> i sort of don't like toning it down. you know? we keep the -- i'm going to talk about that in a second, because it's interesting. isn't it nice that i'm not one of these telly prompter guys where you come and -- well, first of all, if i was, i'd have an audience of about three people here in the front. this is the biggest crowd in the history of the school. when i'm in a room talking, you're one way. when i'm out here talking to you people i got to be differ. all right? i can say basically the same
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thing. so paul said, no. he's different when he's in a room, and then he goes out and speaks it's different. and then if he gives policy that's different. we all have, like, we're smart people. you act differently. >> so fredricka, bottom line going forward, look for trump to be more like trump, at least when out at public events like we've seen here in connecticut. >> jason carroll, thank you so much from bridgeport. meantime overseas new developments on a stunny story involving north korea. u.s. strategic command said it tracked a submarine launched ballistic missile fired by the north. officials in south korea say the missile flew about 19 miles before dropping into the sea. one u.s. official said they are watching it very closely and "north korea sublaunch capability has gone from a joke to something very serious." we're going to continue to monitor this story, and we'll be right back. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned.
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all right. live and talking right now, hillary clinton in a very intimate setting there in new haven, connecticut. let's listen in. >> -- because we have to get incomes raised and we need to give more people the chance to, you know, get out into the economy and make the choices they think are best for them and their families. we also have work to do to create more good jobs, and i think our -- our real emphasis has to be on infrastructure jobbed. our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, airports,
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our water systems what we can see as well as what we do see. we have great work to be done. these are jobs that cannot be exported and good union jobs in most instances and good middle-class jobs. we also need to do more to bring back advantaged manufacturing, and there are lots of ways of doing that, because right now we have $ -- 1.2 million jobs waiting to be filled by people with as vanced skills in the trade. welders, dye makers and the light. we need a better feet between people's interests, job prospects and the jobs that need done in our society, and we should be doing more to combat climate change by emphasizing clean renewable energy jobs, and some nation is going to be the 2 21st clean energy super power. it should be us, everything from
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energy efficiency to wind to solar power and so much more and do more to support small businesses like the one we're in right now. we were, for the longest time, the leader in small business creation in our country and now we aren't anymore. we've got too much red tape and too much problems with getting access to credit and being able to start and continue and grow a job. particularly true for minority and women-owned businesses. since new jobs come from small businesses, we have a big stake in helping to regenerate a revival in small businesses. so these are some of the things that i am very focused on. >> all right. hillary clinton there stumping in new haven, connecticut, ahead of primaries in five states on tuesday. we'll be right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental.
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all right. fights in high school happen, but not like this one. a 16-year-old honor student died after a brawl in a bathroom at howard high school in wilmington, delaware. rachel crane is following the story. >> reporter: a community still reeling after the death of 16-year-old amy joyner francis.
11:18 am
assaulted in her high school bathroom. >> seems like every time we have to come out like this, somebody's lost a child. somebody's lost a loved one. you know? it's -- it's just too much. you know? it's entirely too much. >> reporter: the incident happened thursday morning as classes began at howard high school of technology in delaware, according to officials. investigators say a fight broke out between amy and another student, and others quickly joined in. amy was airlifted to a local children's hospital where she was pronounced dead. her family and friends are trying to make sense of their loss. >> she was a wonderful young lady, and the fact that she's gone, it really affects us tremendously. she made a huge difference in society, and we need more young people like that. >> reporter: according to police, two people were brought in for questioning. authorities do not believe weapons were involved. the case is still under
11:19 am
investigation, but that brings little comfort to amy's family. >> this is not a young lady who was involved in street activity. this is an honor roll student, manager of the wrestling team, whose mother and father were very engaged in her life as well as her siblings. >> reporter: some students say the fight was over a boy, but the exact cause of the deadly altercation is still a mystery. >> and rachel joins us now. so the community, they're really heartstricken by this. aren't they? >> oh certainly and on thursday evening a vigil held in her honor and on outpouring of love and support and grieving from her family, from her friends, from the community. but it's not just isolated to delaware. the #justiceforamy received thousands of posts on twitter, instagram and facebook. >> all right. rachel crane, thank you so much. and we'll be right back.
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prince died. and behind those walls at paisley park, legend has it that -- it's really more than legend. fellow artists saying he has a vault of unreleased music in that house. cnn money media reporter frank pallotta joining me now. frank, let's talk about this music. it's been known for a very long time, prince talked about how he has written so much material. too much material to release at once. what do you suppose is going to happen to that unreleased material, how it will be dispensed, or will we ever hear it? >> reporter: well, that vault is kind of what i like to call a musical big foot, it exists but no one's really seen it. no one knows where it will go because he has no children, no wife. multiple business managers and labels over the years. his estate is as mysterious and
11:25 am
prince was in life, but there's a good chance there is up to 70% reportedly of unreleased music prince made over his prolific 40-year career that could possibly be in that vault. >> oh, my goodness. that is amazing's he just was a prolific writer and would write, write. now one la to think of all of this material, you know, some of the material released in recent years that he wrote very early in his life, but he just made decisions about the timing in which to release certain material, whether it was based on kind of the sign of the times, so to speak, to borrow a phrase from him in his music's. >> reporter: yes. >> what more do you know about how he made those decisions? >> reporter: perfect example, look at his legendary defenda d warner brothers. changed his name to a symbol. a huge part, warner brothers was trying to slow him down, not saturate the market with more prince music, and prince ever in control of his artistry kept
11:26 am
pushing it out and that's why he changed. >> thank you. and i love the purple. for more of frank's reporting visit so many hits and memories, in fact i brought in a tiny, a tiny representation of my own prince music collection. i never met prince in person, but from growing up and listening to his music, i feel like i had such a connection. i know many of you do, too. in fact, i met my husband at one of prince's clubs, and guess what? we married in 1999. so earlier today i had a chance to sit down and reflect with someone who actually knew prince personally. gospel great bebe winans. we talked about that wonderful music of prince and the muse behind the music was his faith. >> that, to me, is the beauty of someone like prince, and natalie cole and others that we've lost. they leave us with this joy of music, and music as a way of --
11:27 am
we see our lives through their music. >> so true. >> you know? >> it's a journey. isn't it? >> it's a journey, and i -- you know, i am a big prince fan. never met him, and one day i'm going into this building and i saw this person walk away from the entrance. he had a powder blue suit on, and i looked like prince, but i kept on going. exactly. he was fashion. up know? and then i heard my name called, and out comes the car, out of the car, comes prince. you know? that right there said something to me about his character. that he would think enough to come out of his car instead of calling me to his and just was so honest and in what our music meant to him and how much he enjoyed us, and in return it's like -- you never know who's listening. right then and there it was a pleasure and a couple of times we had a chance to sit and talk. just an incredible guy.
11:28 am
prince was unselfish. it wasn't just about him. it was about all of us. you know? so we appreciate that, and we celebrate him, you know, this day and for the rest of our lives. >> we really do and celebrating in so many different ways. i'm a huge prince fan. i have a giant collection. >> i see you have the purple on. >> purple on, i brought in my cds. we have lps at home, cassette players, because my first car had a cassette and i have a number of favorites from "do me baby" and "diamonds and pearls." you have a favorite and music that your family would allow you to play? >> you know, my brother, ronald, who we celebrate in the music -- we celebrate whitney as well in the musical, we're just lunching, but one of the things, my father would never allow anything other than gospel in our household. my brother roronald would chang lyrics. one of the ones he changed
11:29 am
lyrics to, we would sing "ladder rain, ladder rain ♪ ladder rain ladder rain ♪ lord, we want you, need you asking you to send your rain ♪ >> instead of. ♪ purple rain we sang "ladder rain snowed. >> oh beautiful. thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you. >> gorgeous. a >> and we want to continue to send his blessings to the family and to all the world. >> oh, my gosh. the purple tears were flowing. that was incredible. bibi winans, thank you so much. catch the entire interview on i'm fredricka fredricka. "vital signs with dr. sanjay gupta" begins right now. ♪
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