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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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♪ well, you are in the "cnn newsroom." i'm pamela brown in for poppy harlow on this saturday, and we want to take you right to the growing memorial outside paisley park where fans have been gathering all day to celebrate the musical genius of prince. the legendary artist who blended soaring guitars, funk and flamboyant dance moves, and as those tributes continue to pour in we're learning more about his final days. official cause of death, though, could take weeks as authorities await the results of an autopsy. we know the singer's body has been released to his family and
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cnn ryan young joins us outside paisley park. ri ryan, set the scene for us. >> reporter: what we've been seeing constantly since the singer died. all the people who gathered here coming hour after hour here. watching them come from across country. in fact, family members have been stopping and talking to the people standing here, thanking them for showing up. delivered pizza at some point. seems something is going on. we've seen the most movement over the last couple of days. and there were people going to the back gate. we're not sure what kind of ceremony is going on today, but we have seen some family. the tributes paid. balloons, flowers. the artist actually drew this picture here several days ago. a lot of people are coming to take a picture of that, but people sharing stories, talking about prince. what he meant to this community and how much they loved him.
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an all-night dance party lasted until 7:00 this morning. people stepping out to show their love for the man who loved this community. >> he seemed perfectly fine. i would have never in a million years predicted or guessed that he's under the weather nor in bd health or whatever, and -- it's still just, like -- surreal. you know? >> reporter: pamela, that store owner had a lot of meetings with prince. he would come and shop in the store all the time. he said prince looked fi eed fi. even went to a party last saturday. looked back at the people gathering here. this goes on forever and they've had to shut down several streets to make sure people were come here and mourn in their own way. conversations how he's impacted their lives. utty generational. all different races standing
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here. at first they didn't want them close to the fence. that's gone now. family members standing on the other side just having conversations with them. a lot of people said they have never seen anything quite like this. >> prince was a notoriously private star. few knew the man intimately. offstage prince was soft spoken a bit shy and reclusive and fiercely guarded his privacy holding the world at arm's length putting up a thick wall between himself and the public. my next guest got to know the real prince. the gentle man behind the purple facade. bringing in prince's driver on the 2004 "musicology" tour. thank you for coming on. i was reading an interview you recently did and you said that prince gave you strict instructions for handling certain things. how did you manage to break the ice with him? >> well, it was interesting when i -- i treated every tour the
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same, in the sense that i always start with a clean slate, and don't listen to, know, negativities of, oh, you can't do this. you can't do that. and i guess in a sense i could just tell you the story going in to picking him up at the beverly hills hotel in california. i arrived two hours early cleaning the bus, and was waiting for him. the security guard, let him know i was ready and had the bus positioned so it was lined up perfectly with the sidewalk and wouldbe an easy on and off for prince and while i was waiting, a gentleman dressed raggedly approached the bus and asked me who was on the bus. and i just looked at him and just -- continuing the story, i always had an elvis number one -- i'm a big elvis fan. elvis number one on the back of my bus and he approached from
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the year. when he asked me that, who's on the bus, man? i go, elvis. he goes, shoot, man. elvis is dead. and then i went, shoot. no wonder i'm waiting so long. i immediately got on the burks locked the door. looked through the window just hoping he would go away and sure enough he looked around and then walked away, and 15 minutes later, i get a phone call. prince is ready to come to the bus. so i got out. i opened the door. i see him come down the sidewalk with two security guards on either side, and the security guard to his right was actually the guy who was there with the ragged jeans and the t-shirt, and when he approached the door prince immediately looked up and looked at me, and said, nice to meet you. and so that dispelled everything from there, and the security guard tapped me on the shoulder, said good job. let's go. the rest was pretty much history. >> and from there, you had in-depth, philosophical conversations with prince because you were on the road
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together for so many hours. tell us about that. >> well, originally i was told i was just going to transport him to airports and he would fly, and the bus was more or less transportation to the venues from the hotel or from the airport, but i guess he felt comfortable with me, and the level of service that i was delivering. it didn't take very long. maybe a week into the tour, he started riding all the time. even if it was a 500, 600 mile ride. one time he was sitting up reading a magazine and we were in this little conversation and i asked him, i said, you know, originally when i was told, instructed on this tour, i was told i was just going to bring you to airports and drop you off and hardly ever see you, and i said, you ride all the time. and he explained to me why. it was basically because if he flew, he would land to the next city and he would get bombarded with whatever.
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paparazzis or phone calls. this way he could have a solitude of peace for nine hours, and he would just use either my cell phone or the security guard's cell phone if he had to make a phone call, but it was his solitude on the road. >> well, i'm sure it helped, too, that you were always prepared. right? whenever he needed anything, because you knew his favorite foods and what he liked on the road. tell us about that. >> majorly. you know what? it's like anything. if want to do something well, research, and you know, really do your homework, and it's just like an artist. preparation is key. and, yes. i used to -- he liked jumba juice. not a plug for them, but he loved them and restaurants and i would plug it into my gps, every city, the closest in case he would ask. anytime he would come up i could have a quick answer. oh, it's a mile and a half away. want to go? yeah.
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okay. boom. boom. here we go. so that preparation, all of the little things, i think, added up to why i had such a good and strong relationship with prince. >> and i also think when i learned about the tip he gave you, it was pretty amazing. right? >> yeah. that was a funny little conversation we had on the bus. we were talking about, you know, things that you liked to do for peace and solitude and zen, and i brought up a story that i had a harley and i met my wife and we sold it, you know, for the wedding money and that. i was told, oh, you'll get one again. five years, i wasn't even close, and at the end of the tour, needless to say, i was able to have a nice purple harley sportster and it was awesome. i mean -- that's the big thing i want to say about prince is, he was definitely demanding. it's almost like a coach. coach a good coach can elevate their players, whether it's a
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musician or a driver or a personal assistant to the highest level that they can perform, and prince was a master at doing that, but the big key was, he was appreciative and showed it, and he was always courteous to me, and you know, he would come up and pat me on the shoulder and say, hey, i just want you to know you're doing a good job. and that's huge. that's huge. because i've been with some other artists that weren't even as high of a caliber of that, and that respect wasn't really at that level, and, you know, that's why it was really a shock. i actually thought it was a hoax at first in the morning when i was awoken and told about it, but then obviously, it wasn't. >> yeah. a shock to so many people, and it's still sort of settling in as we saw the outpouring there in minnesota and talking to people like you. you know, no matter if you knew him or not, clearly he left an indelible mark. thank you very much, neville
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shindy. thank you. coming up, ohio governor john kasich is calling tragic beyond comprehension. eight members of one family shot execution-style while they slept including a mother killed right next to her baby. we led to ohio for an exclusive interview with their pastor. plus shelling out six figures going into next tuesday's super tuesday contest. is it too late to stop the billionaire front-runner? and his studio and haven, our look inside the paisley park estate. it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.'s how well you mow fast!'s how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to
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piketon. i understand you were able to talk to the family's pastor. what did he have to say about this? >> reporter: pamela, you could see the pain in his eyes when we spoke to him at his home. he's shaken by this. about 100 friends and family of the victims turned to the pastor for support, but you can tell this has shaken him as well. perhaps the most disturbing detail throughout all of this, that mother you mentioned, just four days before had given birth to a baby she was sleeping next to when she was murdered. the pastor caught up with me and told me how this affected him and the community around him. >> i think maybe the most disturbing detail in all of this is the fact one of the victims was killed next to her 4-day-old baby. >> you know, that's heartless. i cannot believe how anyone could kill a mother with her
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4-day-old baby in her arms. it's -- that's out of my realm of -- of thinking, that anyone could do that. how heartless. how hard-hearted, and i think how could a person with any heart at all do something like this? and it's unimaginable to me. i just -- that's hard for me to grasp. >> reporter: what bothers you? what has been on your mind? what kept you up last night? >> thinking about the families. most of all, you know, you come home. you try to -- relax a little bit, but it keeps going over and over in your mind. i knew these folks. these folks that was trying to work, dana worked the night before. got off at -- i believe she got off at 11:00, come home, expected to, you know, relax
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probably a little while, and go to bed. and i think she came home thinking she'd go to bed and rest, get up the next morning. and for people to be stalking them or be there, taking, wanting to take their life, and they did, and i'm thinking, what else will happen in our community? what's going on? what -- what can we do? and in my mind i'm thinking, how can i better minister to these folks? reach out to the families that's left. the mom, the dads, and the siblings, nieces and nephews that are weeping and crying and just -- you know, wondering, why? >> reporter: it is within the last hour that the attorney general's office is now announced a
12:17 pm
information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people involved. that money put up by a local area businessman who doesn't know the family but felt compelled by the sheer ruthlessnesses to put that money up. a short time ago, 911 audio of the day this happened friday morning. we'll play some of that for you at 5:00 p.m. eastern. pamela? >> nick valencia, we'll talk about soon. appreciate it. and coming up on this saturday, president obama's long good-bye. >> when you're in the job, you're not thinking on a day-to-day basis about your legacy. you're thinking about, how do i get done what i'm trying to get done right now. >> what he has to say about his unfinished work, and his message for members of the black lives movement. we'll be back. stay with us.
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and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. tensions on the korean peninsula reaching a new level after the north reportedly fired a submarine launched ballistic missile. officials in south korea say the mitchell flew about 19 miles before dropping into the sea. for it to considered a true threat the missile needed to reach 185 miles. still, one u.s. official said they are watching it very closely, and "north korea's sub launch capability has gone from a joke to something very serious." and meantime, president obama's final trip in london looks and feels a lot like a
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good-bye tour. so it was appropriate that the president took time to reflect on his legacy earlier today. speaking to about 500 young people in a town hall, the president touted what he views as his best work. obama care, and preventing and economic depression. >> i'll look at a score card at the end. i think that i have been true to myself during this process. you know, i don't -- sometimes i look back at what i said, when i was running for office, and what i'm saying today, and they match up. >> let's bring in cnn correspondent athena jones who joins me now. athena, the president did point out some areas he feels like still needs some work before he leaves office. right? what did he say? >> reporter: hi, pamela. that's right. he did -- most interesting about the town hall, the president really likes doing them. gives him a chance to speak frankly with a big audience, a
12:23 pm
young audience, many times he stops in on this, usually one per trip saying these young people inspire him and he's able to talk frankly sometimes about issues that wouldn't come up ap formal press conference like the one he had yesterday with prime minister david crameron. today he talked about issues like prejudice and discrimination where the fight is not over. take a listen to some of what he had to say. >> there's still discrimination a in aspects of american life. even with a black president. and, in fact, one of the dangers has been by electing a black president, people have then said, well, there must be no problems at all, an obviously, you see ferguson and some of the issues we've seen in the criminal justice system indicating the degree to which that was always false. so does that mean that all the work that was done along the way was worthless? no, of course not.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: and so his argument is that change takes time and hard not. not just when it comes to discrimination or discrimination but poverty and climate. interesting. >> i can't let you go without talk be about the most adorable photos ever. some have seen this online. the 2-year-old prince george meeting president obama wearing a white robe. must have been past his bedtime. right? >> reporter: it was past his bedtime. according to the spokesperson for will and kate, the duke and duchess of cambridge. prince george as allowed to stay up 15 minutes past his bedtime in order to meet the president of the united states. so a really cute moment that was captured with those pictures, and he may have inspired others, maybe some future, i don't know, halloween costumes. >> i would think so. special occasion there. athena jones, thank you so much for that. and coming up, anti-trump
12:25 pm
forces make a new and expensive play to stop the republican front-runner. that's as donald trump responds to criticism of his changing tone. >> so cruz picks it up, lyin' ted. he goes, donald trump is kidding everybody. he's different on the trail. he said -- and he said that he's going to do things differently, and he's not going to build the wall. what the hell does this have to do with the wall? believe me, i'm bidding the wall. building the wall.
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and now we're down to two. i call it one and a half. i now actually call it one, because i call it a half and a half, because they're both out. it's one. >> donald trump rationing up attacks against john kasich and ted cruz in connecticut today. one of the states voting in the next routhds of the super tuesday contest just a few days away and his appearance following an audiotape you hear
12:29 pm
manafort telling the rnc this is all a performance, not who he is in private. >> trump is an outsider, maybe you don't know. he's sitting in a room talking business, talking politics, in a private room, it's a different persona. when he's out on the stage, talking about the kinds of things he's talking about himself, he's projecting an image that's for that purpose. -- einvolving into the part you now then expect but he wasn't ready for. >> so let's bring in our cnn political commentators jeffrey lord and former reagan without political director ryan lizza, washington reporter and a proud democrat. thanks for coming on, to the three of you gentlemen. jeffrey, to you first. so donald trump, he scored a lot of points representing himself as sincere, not beholden to
12:30 pm
political speak, are you concerned that this tape might raise doubts in the minds of supporters who may now question his authenticity thinking, is this all a performance? >> not only -- not only am i not concerned i am really amazed at the -- i think this is a non-story. i worked for ronald reagan. i assure you i never heard him in private conversations yelling, mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall and willing to bet john kennedy didn't wake up in the morning and say to jacqueli jacqueline, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. i don't see anything news about this whatsoever. >> okay. but donald trump, i mean, so much of his appeal is his sort of bombastic, flamboyant personality. >> that's his public style.
12:31 pm
sure. just as campaign a public style or ronald reagan or barack obama has a public style. >> to his point, though, aren't politicians always trying to project a certain image? paul manafort said that exact quote. he's projecting an image. >> i'm not a proud democrat, a proud leftist. not a member of the democratic party. >> okay. thanks for clarifying. >> point taken. >> but, no. i do think very much so that everyone has a public and private persona. the examples jeffrey gives are a little unfair. it's not about his speaking style, whether or not he gives an, a sermonly speech in private. it's whether or not the ideas, the tone, the tenor, the ideology he expresses in public is actually who she in private. many wondered privately whether the person in public and appealing to is actually what he thinks in private. maybe he's not at extreme, maybe a liberal or moderate
12:32 pm
positioning himself pretending to be someone on the extreme right. that's what people are concerned with, and i hope donald trump isn't who he is in public because i find that troublesome and also troublesome is a candidate pretends to do one ainge and does something entirely differ and there's no way to hold him accountable. >> trump said at that rail about why he's doing so well in this race. let's listen to that. >> if i acted presidential, i guarantee you, that this morning i wouldn't be here. and -- somebody else would be here. not in a big room like this. somebody else would be here and you'd be in a conference room, and they'd be talking to you. >> so trump admitting there he is not acting presidential and that it works for him. so how does a potentially new trump with telly proteleprompte
12:33 pm
speechwriters come in now. >> i was at that meeting in hollywood, florida, where manafort spoke and outside with a lot of other reporters. as soon as it was over they let the press in, and we interviewed, i and another journalist, interviewed the delegates and the rnc members, to get a readout on what they thought of manafort's presentation, and i'll tell you, the reason this leaked, the reason the recording went out, i had a delegate give me a copy, someone else to the "washington post," someone else to cnn. these delegates thought, this is why the trump campaign, speaking out of both sides of its mouth. so to jeffrey's point, i do think that this is the issue is manafort went down to florida to woo the delegates, to explain, this is who donald trump is. a lot of the -- not all of them. obviously there's divided opinion. a lot of the rnc members saying, wait a second. he's out there attacking the rnc, saying the system is rigged. well, we're the system. the rnc members say.
12:34 pm
how can he do both? i think that's where he gets into a little trouble here. i agree with jeffrey. every politician has a public and private persona but he's doing a very complicated dance, and inside game, manafort is trying to woo delegates say it's an act and outside game where he is saying the delegates and rnc members of rigging the system against him. i spent two days in hollywood, florida talking to the rnc members and delegates, they are skeptical of that and it will take a lot more than the manafort presentation to win them over. >> go ahead, and then jeffrey the response after you're done, ryan. >> final point, trump -- i would be interested to hear what jeffrey thinks about this. trump talked about changing, pivoting to the general election, being more presidential, using teleprompters. talking tab for months. we haven't seen it yet. it will be interesting to see when he starts that process. >> we saw him during the aipac speech, actually. a teleprompter and a much more organized and scripted narrative
12:35 pm
than when he goes off the cover at speeches or rallies. >> he has a speech coming wednesday on foreign policy i believe at the washington press club. along the lines of the aipac speech in terms of presentation. >> i want you to respond to what ryan said, basically the trump campaign is being sort of two-sided, trying to have it both ways. what's your response to that notion? >> yeah, that's -- >> what i was reporting from the delegates down there in hollywood, florida. at the rnc meeting. >> i get you totally. once upon a time in my career i spent a lot of time with rnc members. a great people but very much the republican establishment. no question about it. i'm sure that they don't like hearing some of the things they've been hearing from donald trump noor mfor that matter, or thrilled with ted cruz either. so i'm not really surprised at that. on the other hand, donald trump was right here in harrisburg on i guess it was thursday night. i was there.
12:36 pm
at the farm show complex here in harrisburg. there were 10,000 people there, because of my cnn appearances i was fairly recognizable and a lot of people came up and talked to me. those are the people who are going to vote in the pennsylvania primary. those are exactly the kind of people you want. not rnc members with all due respect. >> all right. jeffrey lord, ryan lizza, mark lemond hill, thank you so much. jeffrey, happy to hear cnn's raise your profile there. all right. moving right along, cnn will have all-day coverage of primaries in five states, tuesday, right here on cnn. coming up on this saturday inside paisley park, prince's mysterious compound. the architect of that building talks to us about a secret vault inside. so what's in there? we'll tell you. >> living in minneapolis of all places. >> minneapolis. yeah. i will always live in minneapolis.
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before they get the autopsy results back. but what we do know, the singer was alone when he died, hidden away as he so often was. the same place he hosted a famous dance party days before. a look at his safe haven and home, paisley park. >> reporter: from the outside, paisley park looks like any large commercial building, but inside, the creative genius and mysterious side of music icon prince is on full display. >> prince wanted to have a place where he could do all of his music, and make films, and do his tour rehearsals, and do dance, core horeography and everything under one roof, which back 25 years ago was quite progressive. >> reporter: designed by los angeles architect bret thoeny,
12:42 pm
h says it took the better part of three year from inception to completion in 1987. walking through the front door transcends into prince's reality. >> when you come to paisley park you come through the lobby with the pyramid, the two story over your head and as i recall it is cold in minnesota. so you have another set of doors that you go through and then you get warm. >> reporter: the first floor houses production studios, a sound stage and massive rehearsal hall. prince wanted no windows in the down spares parnens areas creating a timeless environment where he could work without knowing when night became day. the second floor designed with windows includes executive offices as well as prince's personal haven. >> a portion of it could be like a stay-over. if he was in the studio late, which he always was, he could just crash a few hours and get back into the studio. >> reporter: as for a secret
12:43 pm
vault, yes, there is. prince requested one. >> we did a vault for prince. he wanted a place to keep his master recordings but at the same it was very important to keep this a secret. >> reporter: he wasn't just secretive about the vault but about the entire property. a longtime friend of prince tells cnn he didn't like people taking pictures inside. prince named his complex paisley park, thoeny says after his love of print design and a song recorded by the same name released in 1985. ♪ paisley park >> reporter: thoeny says he will never forget despite his fear of heights pring bringing him up on the roofer to see the massive view. >> you can see the landscape and a moment important for him to go up there. >> reporter: jean casarez, cnn, new york. and joining me now, frank pallotta a media reporter for "cnn money."
12:44 pm
thanks for coming on. prince sold 100 million albums during this career but closest friends and producers say some of his best music is just sitting dormant inside that secret vault at paisley park. what do we know about that music and what happens to it? >> well, look at it this way. there's reports out there that 70% of prince's music has been unreleased. to show you how prolific of an artist he was. in terms of this vault with unreleased music, no one really is sure what's going to happen. he is kind of, the state is kind of up in the air. almost as mysterious as prince was when alive. he had no, has no wife, no children. had multiple business managers over the year. we're not exactly sure what happened to the vault and most importantly what happens to his estate. >> right. still the big sort of looming questions here, but you said 70% of his music hasn't been released. i mean, why is that? and do we know if he ever wanted these songs to be released? >> well, in 2012, he actually said he was going to burn down
12:45 pm
the entire vault, never warranted to hear the music. in 2013, went the other way saying he was going to release it and never did. a lot of his music, just incredibly prolific. loved making music to the point of, one of the big problems in the early 't90s, turned himself into a symbol, his label was saturating him down. he kept making music and putting it in that secret vault, i guess. >> amazing. so many want to get into that vault and listen to that music. we'll wait and hear what happens on that. on another note we're hearsary purple rain" is returning to theaters. what can you tell us than? >> returning to about 80 amc studios including los angeles, new york, all over the place, and it's to really honor him and this, this great movie he made. this great cult classic that made nearly $70 million and won him an academy award. people forget that.
12:46 pm
he sold multi, multiplatinum albums but also afternoon oscar winner and made this really fun movie tied to one of the great ef greatest ever albums. >> what's going to happen to the estate? royalties from this music? india indication? >> multiple brothers and sisters and don't know how close they were and what's going to happen to the estate. this is a big story in the coming weeks to see what happens. this happened with other musicians. they die suddenly everything gets murk pip hopefully we'll figure it out to listen to unreleased prince tracks for the next century even. >> pretty cool. frank pallotta. thank you for that. coming up, prince's arts and
12:47 pm
outfits just as much as his penchant for music. a look back, how he became a fashion icon. and retired 20 years, harry swimmer introduced hundreds of children with disabilities to the healing power of horses. >> horses are very special animals. people just don't realize it. >> what do you say now? >> walk on. >> that's my girl. >> we had a child on a horse who had a seizure, and that horse stopped dead in his tracks. when nobody else noticed it, the horse caught it first. >> harry swimmer is this week's cnn hero and you can watch his full story at and of course while there nominate someone who you think deserves to be a 2016 cnn hero. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ welcome back. we are taking a live look here at paisley park in minnesota. this is the place prince called home. people have been gathered outside paying tribute with their purple balloons and purple outfits.
12:52 pm
and speaking of outfits, from the hair on his head to the heels on his feet, prince certainly knew how to put on a look. as easily as he could write a hit song. as the decades changed, so did his fashion choices. randi kaye shows us the many looks of prince. ♪ you and i engaged in a kiss. >> reporter: prince appeared bare chested with big loose hair in 1979. that look didn't last long. in 1980 with the release of "dirty mind" he donned skimpy briefs and little else. soon he jumped on this early '80s trend, a victor yar inspired look. and countless ruffled blouses. the tighter the pants and the deeper the neckline, the better. >> he was one of those people you can't nail down his style because he kept changing and kept moving. it was lace one day and tunics another.
12:53 pm
>> reporter: he often paired purple with low cut ruffled blouses, lots of lace and crazy patterns. the purple one as he was often called lived up to that nickname ♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: he was likely in lace if not purple. high collared lace shirts and sometimes even lace gloves. by the time 1991 came along, prince's new favorite color, seemed to be yellow. yellow guitars, yellow valero jackets, yellow jump suits who could forget this one from his 1991 hit? this revealing yellow jump suit was perhaps one of his most outrageous outfits ♪ i'm a talented boy >> he took a lot of fashion risks. his butt cheeks were out. we saw that. even at the super bowl, he had a
12:54 pm
do rag. >> reporter: he liked to stick to one color. here at the 1999 mtv music awards it was electric blue, head to toe. years later at the people's choice awards it was all white, even white heels. the singer reportedly favored cuban heels because women liked them. >> all his shoes were almost all of them were covered in the same fabric as his trousers. it was a seamless line to make him seem taller. but he could do some things in those shoes. >> reporter: prince also used fashion to make a statement. in 1993, prince dropped his own name and started going by a symbol which combined the male and female signs. the statement about gender carried over to his stage costumes and even his guitar which was also shaped like the symbol. he had more conservative looks, too, gangster style pinstripe suits and fedoras, power suits, too, like this red hot one he wore to the 2008 grammy awards. he later discovered gold and lots of it.
12:55 pm
he wore gold sequins head to toe at this madison square garden concert in 2011. and more gold at the 2015 american music awards. "vogue" once wrote about the singer when it comes to merging music and fashion, creating a mystique through style, nobody does it better than the ever-elusive prince. that held true to the day he died. randi kaye, cnn, new york. and in the wake of prince's death, we're learning more about how he lived. the many charities and causes he supported secretly and we'll talk to a man who worked with prince, the philanthropist. ♪ don't have to be rich to be my girl ♪ ♪ you don't have to be cool to rule my world ♪ ain't no particular sound ♪ ♪ i just want your extra time
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and you're in the "cnn newsroom," i'm pamela brown in for poppy harlow on this saturday afternoon. we're just three days away from supert tuesday. that's when five more states
1:00 pm
have their say in this presidential primary. 348 delegates are up for grabs on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are holding rallys today. hillary clinton will make her case to voters in rhode island about an hour from now. earlier she held an event in connecticut. chris speights joins me now. >> bernie sanders kind of really dialing up the attacks on hillary clinton today. he was hitting her on trade, fracing and really no surprise here, her big money donors. >> one of the differences between secretary clinton and myself, it is a profound difference, is how we have chosen to raise money for our campaigns.


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