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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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hanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. top of the hour now. welcome to the "cnn newsroom." i'm pamela brown in that know in for poppy har low. we begin on the saturday with the horrific story out of ohio where a state wide monhadnanhun underway for the killers of the deaths of eight members of the same family. officers are putting remaining family members under protection. meanwhile, newly released audio of a 911 call is shedding new light on the execution style killing. three children including a 4 day old baby were present but
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survived the killings. ohio's attorney general says he believes the family was targeted. the killings have shaken the small township. our nick valencia joins us from piketon. what is the latest on the manhunt for the killers or killer? >> reporter: the attorney general's office telling me they're following a number of leads that have taken them across the state. there have been people that have been interviewed related to shooting, this terrible tragedy that happened here in a town of 2000 people. local officials not going so far to say anyone is a person of interest just yet. earlier today we saw a generous reward being offered from a man who lives two hours away from here in cincinnati. he has no connection to the community, a man that has no connection to the family. felt he needed to offer this $25,000 reward to try to find the evil monster, the people that are behind this.
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this community clearly shaken by what happened here on friday morning. pamela. >> horrific. and now, we're getting the 911 calls that are just chilling. what are we learning about those? >> reporter: this is a gruesome audio we're about to play for you. it could be considered difficult for some to hear. we want to warn you before we play this. that some could find it graphic. it is the moment that a relative of one of these family members of the eight family member yz should say finds two of those victims slain in cold blood. >> you got to tell me what's going on. >> there's blood all over the house. >> okay. >> my brother walked in tis in . there's blood all over. >> what county is it in. >> pike county. >> yes. >> okay okay i need you to get out of the house. did you drive over there?
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>> yes, i did. >> okay. >> it looks like they're dead. >> you think they're both dead? >> i think they're both dead. they have beat the crap out of them. >> is there anybody else in the house? >> not that i know of. the door was locked when we got here. but i know wehere the key was a and i went in and they were laying on the floor. >> i need you to get out of the house. >> stay out of the house don't let anybody go in there, okay. >> yeah. >> all right. we have deputies on the way, okay. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: just chilling audio to hear the pain in that woman's voice. perhaps the most disturbing detail of all of this, is one of the victims was a mother who had just given birth four days before she was murdered. that four day old baby was next to her when she was shot in the head and killed. authorities say there's still no motive here. >> you just can't comprehend
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that. you spoke to the family's pastor, what did he have to say? >> reporter: we did. he was really shaken by all of this. you could tell in just listening to him and seeing him in his element at his home. looking at his eyes, the pain. about 100 friends and family have gathered at his church. he was the pastor to some of the victims that were killed on friday morning. he's saying he doesn't understand. the gruesome nature of this. the ruthlessness of it all. the pastor says there's a drug problem in this area. methamphetamines is back on the rise. he would not go so far to say that any victims were tied to the drug world. a lot of people speculating the worst in the community. many people unnerved by the fact that the person responsible for this is still on the run. >> nick valencia, thank you very much for bringing us the latest there in ohio. we want to take you to the growing memorial outside paisley
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park where fans have been gathering all day to celebrate the musical genius of prince. the artist who blended soaring guitars funk and flamboyant dance moves. the tributes continue to pour in and we're learning more about his final days. official cause of dead could take weeks. prince is being remembered as a global rock star and get this, a wonderful neighbor as well. in fact members of prince's community in minnesota left an emotional note at paisley park. i want to read you a portion of that note. it says we loved you as our neighbor. we appreciated your gentle humanity, you game anonymously and humbly to our town, our schools. we knew it was you behind all those large donations. you left a legacy and you made a difference. i want to bring in cnn's ryan young. right outside paisley park. you've been out there throughout the day, ryan. lots of purple lots of tributes around you. >> reporter: without a doubt.
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actually i've been here since thursday. we have seen the crowds grow and grow and grow. this is another day where people are coming from all over the world to come out here. we talked to a guy who came from japan. the only reason why he flew here he wanted to make sure he got a chance to stand outside the gates because prince meant so much to him. you can see all the people and all the balloons that have lined up here for several hours. one of the reasons why we're back here is because this back gate here is where all the activity has been. we're going to walk a little closer here. what's been going on for the last few hours is a small memorial service for people who were close to prince. we've seen several friends and family members showing up over the last two hours who have come through the back gate and they've been parked in this section. this is something we also noticed. they are not thinking about prince, they're thinking about the community, two hours ago they walked outside with boxes and started handing boxes out to people giving prince memorabilia
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away. people love that. maybe about 30 or 40 boxes that were given. you can understand why people were excited to get the boxes. we believe the memorial service is going on outside. people have been walking out and talking to members of the community. telling them how much they love the fact they've been here to talk about prince. >> on that note a friend of prince came out and spoke outside paisley park. what did he say? >> absolutely. and you know one of the things they wanted to tell everybody. first of all they wanted to say thank you to the world for all the love they've been showing him. they wanted to talk about what prince meant to this community. >> i feel that prince made us all a better musician. spiritually is the most important thing. because he was a very spiritual man. but as a musician, he pushed us. he made us better. and so we miss him deeply.
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>> reporter: personal reflections you can see people who don't know each other who are holding hands and having that conversation about what's going on. people want to know more about the investigation. at the end of the day this is a celebration about an artist who touched so many especially the community like this one. so many people from minnesota, showing their love. you can tell by the generations of people out here, music that will touch everybody for quite some time. >> all right. brian young, thank you so much for bringing us the latest there from paisley park. meantime, overseas now tensions on the korean peninsula are reaching a new level after the north reportedly filed a submarine launched ballistic missile. officials in south korea say the missile flew 19 miles before dropping to the sea. for it to be considered a threat it needed to reach 185 miles. one u.s. official tells cnn that the u.s. is watching this very closely. and quote, north korea's sublaunch capability has gone from a joke to something very serious.
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and straight ahead right here in the newsroom we turn to politics and the count down to tuesday's five crucial primaries, a live report is next. plus, the mudslinging between the front runners, is this a preview of the general election fight? you're watching cnn, we'll be back. this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones just three days we have yet together super tuesday on our hands. the candidates are feeling the pressure to win voters who are still undecided.
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five northeastern states are voting putting 172 republican delegates up for grabs. today donald trump zeroed in on connecticut holding two separate rallies there. cnn's jason carroll is on the trail with trump and joins me now. yesterday, we heard trump's senior advisors caught on tape saying the front runner had two different personas, what persona did voters see today? >> reporter: it's safe to say it was the persona they wanted to see. and hear and that's what we heard today in bridgeport connecticut. some of the familiar name calling, crooked clinton, lying ted cruz. he went even a step further saying that ted cruz is someone who lies like a thief. you talked about that senior campaign advisor, man man ifort who has you know earlier this week at the meeting with the rnc in florida spelled out that privately behind the scenes donald trump is one way and in person and at rallies like we see here today he's a different way. well, trump addresses that.
4:13 pm
he also addressed the calls for him to be more presidential. >> had a meeting and said yes, donald trump knows he's really smart and he will, you know, be different when he's in private. everybody is. when i'm speaking, who is not different than when you're in a private room? if i was presidential first of all i'd have a teleprompter. you ever see crooked hillary cinton. she walks it. good afternoon bridgeport. how are you? this is crooked hillary clinton. then people start yawning, leaving. the whole thing is a disaster. she'll be a disastrous president. she'll be a disaster. >> reporter: using a bit of humor there. i have to tell you that type of
4:14 pm
performance if you will really goes over well with his supporters. in some ways it feeds into the narrative once again he's plain spoken, he speaks like the people, he says what's on his mind. he's not politically correct. so in terms of being non-presidential, you know, some people here are basically saying we like the way he is. we want him to keep being exactly the way that he is pamela. >> part of his appeal. jason carroll thank you for bringing us the latest there on the republican side. let's turn to the dramatic side. hillary clinton also coming out swinging. the punches she's throwing are not to bernie sanders. she's making direct hits on donald trump and ted cruz take a listen. >> here's what i want you to understand about trump and cruz. it's a really significant difference. what they say about the world is not only offensive, it's dangerous. when donald trump says bar all muslims from coming to our
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country, that sends a message around the world. loose cannons tend to misfire. what we have with him is the loosest of all cannons. and then ted cruz, ted cruz talks about special police paro patrols, patrolling where american muslims would live. how we would do that i don't think adds up. >> hillary clinton and donald trump taking jabs at each other. they are the front runners let's talk about the underdogs at this stage. joining me now to discuss that buck sexton and nomi cohens. does clinton have a point when she says that cruz and trump's comments about muslims are dangerous? >> well, i think that first of all r where you're going to see
4:16 pm
the candidates go against hillary on foreign policy because she does have a very established foreign policy record is a combination of a lack of any success as secretary of state, as well as being the architect of what is now a failed state in the case of libya where she did a disastrous job. so she can talk about commentary on the campaign and she may get some degree, bump out of that for her supporters. when she's speaking in broad spectrum. cruz and trump have made different comments about how they would deal with counterterrorism in the muslim community in this country. hillary clinton on foreign policy is in a very large, very glass house. i think she's going to find that's a difficulty for her going forward. given that that's her biggest resume bullet it's a thing she points to the most. she'll have a serious vulnerability there. never mind the fact that syria is a disaster. we're doing poorly when you look at iraq and afghanistan right now with the mission sets under barack obama's time in office.
4:17 pm
hillary clinton's portion of that also unsuccessful in both those places. on foreign policy hillary clinton is vulnerable. i think when we get into libya, not even having to rehash the issues of benghazi and all the rest of it, people will see that hillary can't point to a single maj major accomplishment. they speak about these things differently. i'm a cruz supporter. i think cruz does speak and it resonates with people. the radicalization that's occurring in this country and europe and represents a real threat. there's a lot of room to run with the foreign policy discussion. hillary will have a tougher time. >> other people would say hillary has experience, ted cruz first term senator doesn't have experience in foreign policy. and that could be a knock against him. when you look at the ads, the way that clinton is talking about her opponents. it seems like she's looking
4:18 pm
toward the general election as a presumptivenominee. you support bernie sanders who has vowed to fight through the convention. at what point would you rally around clinton? >> well, i think that's strategic on her part. she's trying to send the message to all democrats right now strategically, psychologically she's the presumed nomnominee. the math isn't there. she won't reach the pledged delegate count she needs before the convention, you know, whether she's the nominee or bernie sanders, personally i'm a democrat and i support democrats. that doesn't mean if she's the nominee she'll have the support of the bernie sanders coalition. you have disaffected democrats and voters that have come into the process because they are against -- they want campaign finance reform and against wall street's stro strangle hold. you have reagan style democrats,
4:19 pm
they're first choice is bernie sanders. i'm concerned with them putting their eggs and supporting hillary clinton when the numbers just aren't there. bernie sanders is the one who beats donald trump by 20% and the other republicans. hillary clinton does not have those margins and doesn't have the really important voters. she has the base voters which will vote for democrats no matter what and that's women over the age of 350 a50. she doesn't have the faction of voters that will get us the election in the wrong term. she can change her rhetoric. bernie sanders has been kind to her on foreign policy aside from the iraq vote. but, you know, libya is a problem. even president obama said it was his number one mistake that he didn't plan and prepare for what happens after kadafi fell. that was under clinton's watch. the russian reset was a problem.
4:20 pm
she didn't have an answer for that. obviously what happened in iraq and afghanistan. we're struggling here with hillary clinton's foreign policy. match that to john kerry and the few years he's been in office he's had quite a few successes. my concern as a democrat perhaps she was trying too hard to get too many accomplishments and had too many things on her -- >> she was giving too many expensive speeches for sure. >> okay. let me ask you this, looking at the numbers, buck, you know, there's the bernie sanders hillary clinton math then there's the republican math. and ted cruz seems to be really banking on preventing donald trump from getting to that magic 1237 and having it be a contested convention and then winning that way. but would he alienate all the trump supporters who have come out in droves to support him? that's a large contingency of people if that scenario were to play out and cruz were to end up being the nominee that way.
4:21 pm
>> the only way it works, the only way you can have a cruz campaign that wins at the convention and goes on to defeat the democrat nominee. i think it will be hillary clinton she thinks bernie sanders has a shot. whichever candidate, ted cruz will have to unite the party. you raise a valid point. how do you get the party to unite behind ted cruz with donald trump going into that convention clearly ahead. i think that everyone understands he's going to be ahead. he may not get to the magic 1237 number as everyone keeps pointing out. there are victories he's had recently. 19 out of 20 in maine. pennsylvania is a funky place when it comes to delegates. they're not really pledged even after the primary in a sense they could change their minds. there's a lot up in the air. if the margin is tiny and trump -- margin between trump and the 1237 going into the
4:22 pm
convention and anybody other than trump comes out of the convention as the winner it will be very hard to unite the party. ted cruz is capable of doing it, but it's a big ask and i do think there will be some trump disaffected trump voters who walk away which means you have a hobbled gop if not a completely imploded one going up against the dramatic nominee. it's a real concern. i think everyone on the gop side needs to be aware of it. i think they mostly are. >> final word to you, from a dramatic standpoint who would you want your nominee democrat nominee to face off against? >> i think everybody dreams of facing off against donald trump. he does scare me. i think that he does better against -- bernie sanders does better against donald trump just because he takes over that very important independent swing vote and women, i think he'll do very well with women over donald trump. and obviously, disaffected voters and blue collar workers. that's what will win us the
4:23 pm
nominee. we're most scared of kasich but it looks like he won't be a factor. >> kasich actually according to the polls is the only one that shows he could beat clinton in a general election. you never know with polls. but that's what they say. thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. we want to turn to breaking news. friends and family of music legend prince said their final good byes in a memorial statement. we just released this statement. prince was celebrated by a small group of his beloved family friends and his musicians in a private beautiful ceremony to say a loving good bye. prince's remains have been cremated and their final storage will remain private. we ask for your blessings and prayers of comfort for his family and close friends at this time. the cause of death remains unknown and it will be at least four weeks before we receive the results of the autopsy. and an announcement will be made at a future date for a musical celebration.
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breaking news on the death of prince, cnn's ryan young joins me right outside paisley park. what are we learning, ryan? >> weave be've been talking abo people that have been gathering here at paisley park. someone is trying to get in right now. one of the things we've learned as we walk this direction we've seen the activity back here. we know that band mates, close family members have arrived for a memorial service. maybe a group of 20 people were here for the private memorial service. we have been able to confirm prince's remains have been cremated. we've seen a lot of friends and those folks that have been standing on the backside talking
4:28 pm
to each other, sharing stories about prince. and about half hour to 45 minutes ago maybe two hours before that. they walked out and actually started handing boxes of memorabilia to people who were out in this direction. we'll walk you down this way. this has been a thing we've seen so many people come from across the country and the world to be here to talk about prince. but i don't think even all these people understand that his memorial service is going on as we speak. and that has been something that's surprised some of the people who have heard us talking about. >> ryan, young, thank you for bringing us the latest from paisley park in minnesota. still to come on the saturday, can talk of an all female ticket help hillary clinton gain more support among women? and has donald trump ruined his chances with women voters? we'll discuss that next. can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening
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this week hillary clinton's campaign chairman said the dramatic front runner would be open to an all female ticket. that could open the door to the
4:32 pm
first female president and vice president at the same time. with me to talk about this is jay newton small, the washington correspondent for time magazines. she's the author of the book broad challenge how women are changing the way america works. thanks for coming on. let's talk about the notion of an all female ticket. what is the calculus in the clinton campaign as to why a female running mate would be an asset? >> you saw bill clinton in 1992 double down with his ticket. usually vice presidential tickets tend to be somebody who is very different from you. you're reaching out to some other part of the country, different demographics. bill clinton in '92 picked al gore who was another white man from the south because he wanted to sort of double down and say this is who we are as democrats this is where i believe the party is going.
4:33 pm
you could argue hillary clinton might want to do the same thing. double down this is where we are in democrats this is where i believe the party is going and i believe the future of the party is women. we want to have an all female ticket which would certainly be historic. right? >> of course. one of the most fun parlor games in washington is to think of who that would be, you know, they would pick as a running mate. for hillary clinton who a female running mate would be. the question is could it include elizabeth warren, someone who is more ideologically linked to someone like bernie sanders who could be someone who could pull in the supporters, the bernie sanders' supporters, she also has not endorsed hillary clinton. >> it would be unusual for hillary clinton to pick someone who didn't endorse her in the primaries, is unlikely to endorse her in the primaries as elizabeth said she probably would not. at the same time it would harness a lot of the energy you see amongst democrats for bernie
4:34 pm
sanders especially young voters, and blue collar voters who are hugely passionate for bernie sanders. hillary has a lot orf enthusias problems. that could solve her enthusiasm problems. donald trump, that particular candidacy might go a long way to solving the enthusiasm problems without picking a vice presidential candidate in elizabeth warren. >> listening to hillary clinton today she's targeting donald trump focusing on him. she has been over the last few weeks, and donald trump says he can beat hillary clinton in a presidential matchup. but you say the reality is that trump can't do well against clinton. why is that? >> if you just take women and this sets aside his other problems with latinos, african-american voters, young voters, if you take the one demographic of women. a republican has not won the female vote since 1988. george h.w. bush.
4:35 pm
women have swung every election since ronald reagan. they vote on average in presidential elections 10% more than men. you need to win that one demographic. the only way republicans has won the white house has been george w. bush. he mitigated the loss to less than 5 percentage points. he's underwater by 73 percentage points. that's an insurmountable distance to make up. >> thank you so much for coming on and sharing your perspective. >> thank you. pennsylvania rarely gets a chance to select a presidential nominee. what happens there tuesday could make a huge impact on both parties. up next i talk to an uncommitted republican delegate in that state. he'll share what he needs to see and hear from a candidate before he casts his vote. pet moments are beautiful,
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matters for both parties right around the corner. five states in the northeast will vote in the dramatic and republican primaries. and the biggest prize of them all, pennsylvania. cnn's john king explains why winning the keystone states means more than scooping up more delegates. >> that was hollywood, baby. sync those it's a big state. it's a battle ground state. you want to prove as a candidate you can will in philadelphia and in pittsburgh. two very different places. you can win in the middle part of the state, much more conservative. a lot of people think is more like the south. this is more like the midwest. this is more like the east coast. it's a big complicated state. places that clinton won in 2008, white rural areas. bernie sanders is winning. places that obama won in 2008, african-american hillary clinton is winning.
4:40 pm
watch tuesday night in pennsylvania on the dramatic side if this map flipped a little bit. bernie sanders needs to prove himself. he needs to come away with something like this. that would be a 55, 45 to start to pick up delegates and prove i can win a major state. if this goes as hillary clinton expects it to go and she can add philadelphia and the rest of pennsylvania to her total. not only does she stretch out her leader, the win is big. that would send a message to bernie sanders that, sorry, you can't catch me. we have not had a competitive republican presidential primary in pennsylvania in some time. what you're looking for here is an central part of the state if cruz can prove he can contend it has to be in the middle, maybe the northwest.
4:41 pm
john kasich was born in the western part of the state if he wants to take delegates he has to do it here. donald trump has proven he can win in the suburbs, his trade message sells in places where you have former factories. scranton, allen town. can kasich and cruz pick off enough of the congressional districts and enough of the delegates to slow his march to 1237? what happens on super tuesday in pennsylvania, is you win state wide, you're only winning 17 delegates. the other 54 are unpledged. they go to cleveland as unpledged delegates. these 54 could be absolutely critical in who wins the republican nomination which is why donald trump knows i might only get to 1210 or 1220. he wants to win pennsylvania with 350% or more so he can say
4:42 pm
you owe my your votes in cleveland. >> don't miss inside politics every sunday morning here on cnn. and now you know why pennsylvania matters. i'm going to bring someone in who donald trump ted cruz and john kasich are trying to woo. uncommitted republican pennsylvaniaen delegate calvin tucker. you're weighing your options. if the primary was today who would you vote for? >> well, i'm not sure. i'm uncommitted and i'm going to remain uncommitted until i have to cast my ballot at the convention. >> all right. >> assuming the voters see the wisdom in electing me. >> so you are unbound which, you know we learned from john king's piece there. if the republicans do go to a brokered convention, do you feel committed to vote for the person who the voters in your state who won your state who voters in your state supported? >> well, i mean, that's going to be one iminate into my decision making process. i have three things i look at. i'm going to look at what the
4:43 pm
voters say. secondly i'm going to talk to the business political and civic leadership in the community. and i am talking to all of the candidates and their surrogates about policies, i have specific interests in urban policy. i want to see where each one of them are on those issues. and then ultimately i'll make my decision. i must say this, that our three candidates all three of our candidates are better than the other two on the other side. i'm going to be with one of the three at the end of the day. >> hypothetically if it's a clean sweep, you know, donald trump or ted cruz, the voters made their voices heard, this is who we want to be president. how much wood that factor in to your decision on who you support if there is a brokered contested convention? because i think some of the concerns are that unbound delegates won't go for who the voters in their state are supporting. >> well, no, it's going to factor. and it may be a big factor depending on the volume of the
4:44 pm
victory. if it's a marginal victory, then you may have to lower that in your evaluation process. but it's definitely going to be a part of the process as i make my decision. >> so we know candidates have been making calls to delegates, have you heard from any of them? if so, what are you hearing from them and their supporters? >> yeah, i have talk today some of the supporters for all three of the candidates. in fact, i have had a meeting with at least two of the candidates. one in new york and one recently here in philadelphia. i've talked with them about urban policy and, yes, they have asked me to consider voting for them. at the convention. if i make it to the convention, and certainly, i said, look, all three of you guys are great guys, you have good policies. significant policies that's going to address urban america which is one of my major concerns. and i will be voting for one of you three. because, you know, you guys have
4:45 pm
expended your energy and time to campaign across america. so, you know, you deserve consideration. >> these guys have been running for almost a year. there's been debate after debate, what more do you need to hear from them in order to make your decision? >> there are three candidates, i think all three ought to be given an opportunity to run the process to the end. when they come to the convention, if they don't come with 1237 votes, they got to make the case again. that the two guiding principles that's going to guide me in making a decision is one, the last man standing and two electability. we're talking about 270 electoral votes. that's the bottom line. who is going to get us to 270 and how will that get us to those votes. >> okay. >> to win the presidency, yeah. >> calvin tucker, thank you for
4:46 pm
coming on. interesting to hear your side of things appreciate it. on tuesday voters in five more states had to the polls including that big delegate prize, pennsylvania. be sure to join us for all day coverage on super tuesday here on cnn. we'll be back. no one's the same without the game of football... like @pigskinsusan15, who writes, "now my boyfriend wants to talk on sundays. just so many words." your boyfriend's got it bad. maybe think about being single until the start of the season. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here.
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after her big win in new york, hillary clinton is campaigning hard for pennsylvania primary votes. clinton is playing up her family's strong ties to the blue collar town to scranton, pennsylvania. her parents and grandparents were raised in scranton as descendan descendants of weallsh immigran. after winning big in new york, hillary clinton is now focused on pennsylvania.
4:50 pm
touting her ties to the keystone state. >> i was in scranton, i was baptized in scranton. we spent christmases, we spent summers. >> reminding voters of her roots here. >> this is our girl. this is our girl doing well. >> no one remembers better than hazel price. the 91-year-old has been on the scene since hillary's birth. even long. >> reporter: her mother and i shopped for maternity clothes together. i was at her christening. i held her next door to the prices. and though hazel hasn't seen clinton in the past few years, she still remembers summers when hillary's father would bring his family home to scranton. >> this is a picture of hillary and my children at a birthday party in my backyard. >> she was vivacious and gracious and a little bit stubborn, but really loveable.
4:51 pm
she really was. >> hazel says this coal-mining town is where clinton's values come from. >> it's given her the background that most of us have and her father had before her, and that's to be a strong person, to not take a backseat, to answer truthfully and be right up front, not to be afraid. >> a thought echoed by the current mayor of scranton. >> when you talk to her, it's as if i was talking to a neighbor. just like another scrantonian to me. >> despite polls that shows clinton way double-digit lead over bernie sanders, hazel says support here for clinton is not as strong as it was in 2008. though she'll be voting for scranton's girl on tuesday and has some words for her critics. >> put up or shut up. put up that she did this, or shut up and walk away. so far they've said a lot of things and haven't proven any. >> reporter: rachel crane, cnn, scranton, pennsylvania. legendary artist prince loved women.
4:52 pm
he loved to write songs about women, all kinds of women. we're coming up with a closer look at the two women prince married and others who inspired his music. after this break. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. cnn's randi kay has more on the woman that not only stole prince's heart but inspired much of his work. ♪ >> reporter: she was his drummer, then eventually his fiancee. as sheila e. told the daily news, sometime during the european tour, prince mouthed daring song "marry me." and the answer was yes. the two had reportedly met during one of his concerts in
4:56 pm
2008. >> i went backstage to introduce myself, and he was in the mirror and he shook my hand and said, i know who you are. i said, huh? he said, i've been following your career. >> she later signed a contract with prince's record company. he then came up with "glamorous life." his other protege was denise matthews who began dating prince after meeting him at the american music awards in the 1980s. jett magazine said she claimed prince was the only man she ever really loved. he built vanity 6 around her and encouraged her to be sexy and recorded such memorable songs such as "nasty girl." ♪ >> reporter: after several years together, she and prince split. when she died earlier this year, he dedicated a song to her on tour. madonna also had a relationship of sorts with prince.
4:57 pm
the two dated briefly back in 1985. prince later helped her introduce her 1980 album "like a prayer" which he was also featured on. the two sang a duet for the track "love song." ♪ >> reporter: years later, the friendship soured. though just last fall, madonna attended one of prince's famous late night jam sessions at paisley park in minnesota. after her own concert, she grabbed a vip seat as prince took the stage for his own 2:00 a.m. show. prince met the stunning carmen electra when she was just 18, arpd around 1990. they dated a while and prince produced a rap album for her. it was then he decided she should change her name to carmen. >> my name is tara, so i was confused. i loved the song, i loved it, but he said, huh-uh.
4:58 pm
you're not a tara. you're not tara. you're carmen. >> prince's first wife mitae called him her first crush. >> i got married in 19 # 92. i can't pinpoint a time when it happened. i think it just evolved through the heavens. i don't know. >> reporter: to hear her tell it, they first met when she was invited backstage at one of his concerts. tw the two started a band and became serious. they married in 1996. prince was smitten, so it's no surprise she inspired most of his songs including "the most beautiful girl in the world." ♪ >> reporter: but the marriage wasn't meant to be. the couple lost two children. one son lived for only a week. the other was a miscarriage. mitae told reporters it was hard to move forward as a couple
4:59 pm
after that. they split in 1998 and divorced in 2000. prince tried marriage again in 2001 when he married manuella. the two met while working for his charitable foundation. the new wife took his last name, nelson, which the singer never used. she filed after five years with an applicable divorce. i'm pamela brownn atlanta. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. get drready for parts unknown marathon. anthony bourdain starts right now. have a great night and a great rest of your weekend.
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