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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  April 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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america. >> this guy said he was coming alo alone. why did i believe him? >> i'm going to let you know i'm wizard of the international keystone knights of the ku klux klan. >> reporter: don't you think it's hard to separate? >> catch the first episode in the series in a few hours "united shades of america" with w. kamau bell on cnn. >> thank you for sharing your time with us. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. donald trump says not to worry. >> at some point i'm going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored. >> reporter: but his new campaign manager tries to explain away suggesting trump is
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just acting. >> nowhere was he talking about there being a different donald trump. >> reporter: the gop reality's show next big stage could be a chaotic convention. >> you need a majority. close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. >> reporter: and the knockout punch for hillary clinton. >> tuesday is a great opportunity to start us on the path to the white house. >> reporter: five-state supertuesday is a defining test for bernie sanders. "inside politics," the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters, now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. last week of april includes a five-state super tuesday and three questions dominate. is donald trump already at odds with his new top campaign hand or all just a calculated good cop/bad cop routine >> being presidential is easy, much easier than what i have to do. here i have to rant and rave and
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keep you people going otherwise you'll fall asleep on me, right? >> right. question two, can the fwop establishment make peace with complainers saying the system is rigged. >> majority rule is as american as apple pie and opening day. if no candidate reaches the delegates during a primary process we go to an open or contested convention. >> and question three, if tuesday brings a knockout blow in the democratic race will bernie sanders acknowledge the math or sharpen the attacks in search of a may miracle? >> on tuesday, the people of maryland will be able to say loudly and clearly that it is too late for establishment politics or establishment economics. and on tuesday, the people of maryland can say it is time for
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a political revolution. >> big week ahead with to us share the reporting and insights, julie pace of the associated press, cnn's man manu raju and ashley parker of the "new york times." we knew from day one donald trump say performer, a billionaire businessman turned tabloid celebrity turned reality tv star turned politician. huge part of why many republicans predict a 2016 cast disaster if trump tops the gop ticket. his campaign chief traveled to a big republican meeting this past week trying to calm those concerns in and a private briefing suggested a lot of trump's bluster is just show business and things are about to change. the meeting of course was secretly recorded. >> out on the stage he's talking about the kinds of things he's talking about and stuff, he's projecting an image that's for that purpose. the part he's playing is evolving is a part that now you've been expecting.
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negative also come down, the image is going to change. >> the evolution campaign trat gist paul manafort would bring a more presidential trump but if we learned anything the past nine months trump enjoys being trump. >> so lyin' ted took a really nice meeting with the rnc, republican national committee, had took a really, really -- rafael. rafael, straight out of the hills of canada, four years in canada, was a canadian citizen until 14, 15 months ago. if i was presidential, first of all i'd have a teleprompter. you ever see crooked hillary clinton? she walks it. good afternoon, bridgeport. how are you? this is crooked hillary clinton. then people start yawning, leaving, the whole thing is a disaster.
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>> five states vote tuesday and trump appears poised to win them all including connecticut, where he made clear saturday he didn't appreciate the secret recording. >> so to show you how honorable the people in the room were, they taped these conversations. they didn't tell anybody, probably illegal. i wonder if it's legal. maybe they have to go to jail but you know they tape things. >> maybe november go to jail. ashley parker you spent a lot of time on the trump campaign. paul manafort goes to the meeting, republican leaders are nervous a trump-led ticket causes them to lose races for house, senate, dog catcher. paul manafort says the evolution is coming, don't worry. >> right, exactly. i think we all remember even a couple weeks ago when donald trump said there are two donald trumps and moments later the second donald trump said actually, there's only one donald trump, and so i think there's one version of trump that deeply worries the party and also what worries them is that uncertainty.
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paul manafort saying trust us, he's this calm presidential guy, and then trump going out there and saying presidential, well you know, let's not get too presidential. you don't sort of want uncertainty in a commander in chief and that's a concern regardless of which trump we get. >> did it work? manafort goes into the private meeting. dan you know these people, covered them for years. lot of them know paul from past campaigns. when he goes in and says trust me, a lot of them are saying this guy is a serious player and looking at trump and going back to the states, is my senator going to get washed out here, is my governor going to get washed out here. does it work in the moment and trump defines it or is it good cop/bad cop. >> i think they want this to happen he'd become a more presidential-like candidate and if you talked to people down there, i was there with a couple of my colleagues, you know, they're beginning to wrap themselves around the idea that he's probably going to be their nominee but they're not happy about that, and they're not
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convinced that he's going to be good for the party, and so it's an odd thing. it's like we may have to make peace with this, but eight going to be a very uneasy peace. >> john, the problem for trump is he's trying to make the case to the party establishment to make them feel okay that he won't upset them and hurt their ticket race in the general election but still facing off with ted cruz, trying to attack him for not being consistent on core conservative positions and paul manafort says something like this, reen forces those attacks on which the cruz campaign started to capitalize. >> trump wants peace with the party and trump at every rally since secretly recorded system says it's a rigged system. ted cruz the tape gets leaked and ted cruz said i told you so. donald trump is a fraud and anything he says is an act. you don't know what to believe. there are five states tuesday but cruz is more focused on indiana in may because of the map. we'll get to the math and the map. cruz says whenever donald trump speaks don't believe it.
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>> in the past 48 hours donald trump's lobbyists have taken over his campaign and gone down and told republican party bosses that everything donald said on the campaign is just a show. he doesn't believe any of it. he's not going to build a wall, not going to deport anyone. this is just a lie. and i will say to the millions of americans who are frustrated with politicians who are lying to them, donald is telling us he's lying to us. >> that's the response would you expect. here it is the campaign strategist says it's an evolution, he suggested a lot of it is just an act, ted cruz tries to seize on it but does it matter to trump voters? >> i think that when trump gets back on stage and pushes back at this idea he's going to have a shift, he is trying to push back on what cruz is saying there, so much of trump's appeal with voters is the idea that he is authentic, that he maybe doesn't look presidential on the stage, but he's telling them the truth. he's telling them exactly what he believes and he knows that if
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he does suddenly moderate his policy positions if he suddenly isn't quite the showman that he is, he will lose some of his crowd and equates that to losing voters. he's trying to walk a fine line he wants his staff appealing to republican eleapts, big wigs in the party. for regular voters him being out there and being the showman he's been is effective. >> the two audiences that these two candidates if you want to add john kasich too but particularly cruz and trump are playing for, playing for the base voters and folks who are upset with the party establishment, and the delegates at the convention who a lot of them are the party establishment. they need to win those delegates over if this goes to a second ballot. it's the challenge cruz and trump have. >> trump tried to explain this away in his rallies. sure my campaign guy goes into a private meeting says of course i'm different at a rally,
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provocati provocative, trying to get you to stand up and pep. that would are a serious conversation about states and money. trump says it's no big deal and cruz making ado about nothing. >> when i'm in a room talking i'm one way. when i'm out here talking to you people i can say basically the same thing, so cruz picks it up, lyin' ted, goes "donald trump is kidding everybody! he's different on the trail. and he said he's going to do things differently and not going to build a wall." what the hell does this have to do with the wall? believe me i'm building the wall. >> i think he wants to build the wall. >> the one thing you have to keep remembering about donald trump is, more than any other candidate in this race, he has kind of mastered the modern art of political communication or in some ways redefined it. he understands the social media age in the way most other candidates don't. he knows what he's doing when talking before the big audiences. the question is whether paul manafo manafort, an inside player can play an inside game at the same
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time donald trump is playing the outside game. >> if manafort's goal is to convince party leadership and delegates don't turn your back on donald trump, keep an open mind, trump coming out over the weekend does he hurt that cause? >> the thing to remember about trump, he gets more latitude than all of the other candidates so you have krted cruz trying t brand donald trump as a liar and disingenuous. donald trump dubbed ted cruz lying ted. there's something tragic about lying ted trying to convince america donald trump is the liar. it's a steep climb. >> one of the important things to remember about the place we are in the campaign donald trump's best chance of becoming the republican nominee is to do with t through the regular voting process. he needs to win super tuesday and indiana and california. if this goes to convention he's in a much more difficult
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position. that's his best prospect of becoming the nominee. >> great point. up next we map out the states just ahead and their place in the delegate chase. first politicians say the darnedest things, sometimes in german. >> would you accept the nomination? >> no, steven, i have said i do not want nor would i accept the republican nomination. >> got it. so you're considering the nomination. >> no, i'm not. >> okay, i'll give you some time to mull this one over. >> let me say it in clear english. no. >> okay, how about clear german? >> nein. >> clear russian? >> niet.
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, welcome back. you win a presidential nomination with delegates and donald trump just shy of 850 in our cnn delegate count. leaves him 389, 390 roughly shy of the 1237 you need to clinch the republican nomination. donald trump all believe is poised for a big five-state sweep, win connecticut, rhode island, pennsylvania, delaware, million-dollar md, go to the polls tuesday. that could take 80, another 100, stretch it out for donald trump, leaves ted cruz back here. senator cruz keeps saying he's the guy who will stop trump. as you can see this part of the map hardly appears to be cruz country. cruz is organizing convention del dpats aegates and as he's pr victory, donald trump isn't happy than that. >> i have even more delegates than cruz even though it's a crooked system they take him out to dinner, send him to hotels.
5:18 am
it's a crooked system. it's disgusting. >> cruz gets shut out in new york. it looks like donald trump is going to win all five on tuesday. how important, dan, are the margins in the sense if trump can get another 80, maybe as many as 100 tuesday. i don't know if he can get to 1237 june 7th. close to 1200 you have time between the end of the primaries and convention to go 54 delegates from pennsylvania unbound. if donald trump wins with 50 plus he'll say you owe me votes. guam, american samoa, north dakota. how big is tuesday to convincing the party establishment the math is inexorablely going his way? >> it's very important, john. new york was very important because he broke the 60% barrier and ted cruz had a terrible night and that changed in an important way the kind of the psychology of this. it was maybe he is going to make it or come awfully close. i don't know what that magic number is in terms of the threshold he's got to reach in order to, if he's short of 1237
5:19 am
which people kind of say he is going to get it, but a big day on tuesday will be an important step forward for him in order to convince people that he's probably going to make it. >> the anti-trump people say if he shows up at the convention with 1236 they'll stop him. i don't know if they can. that's their line at the moment. if he doesn't have 1237 we'll stop him. we all agree if he doesn't win on the first ballot there's trouble for trump. cruz locked up a lot of delegates pledged to trump on the first ballot and will bolt if there's a second ballot. listen to the chairman. the meeting in hollywood, florida, reince priebus has a tough job. at the beginning of the cycle no question, republicans have a nominee by march. now the question is will they have a nominee june 7th the last day of voting? reince priebus says we might have an open convention but listen to what sneaks in here. >> we're prepare for all possible scenarios. we might have a nominee by july or we might have a nominee through a balloting process at the convention.
5:20 am
the rules say you have to have 1237 delegates to be the nominee. we aren't going to hand the nomination to anyone with a plurality, no matter how close they get to 1237. >> now it's interesting there, he says we may have a nominee pi july meaning he's acknowledging the primaries on june 7th, the convention before the ballots we may have a whole new election between the end of the primaries until we get to the convention. donald trump is out there saying it's a crooked system. if i have the most delegates give me the nomination. reince priebus was clear, no, you need 1237 period. >> he was, although i again return to donald trump being an expert brander and what we've seen is he's sort of created the sense that even if i don't get to the magic number, which he probably won't, he may come close but will not get there, that he's created the sense if he doesn't get there and doesn't get the nomination that would be
5:21 am
subverting the will of the people undemocratic and that creates a huge problem for the republican party to try to take it away from him that way. >> the real challenge for cruz particularly is that if he doesn't -- we're not expecting him to do well on tuesday. i talked to krutz official last night who said it's going to be a big night for donald trump, they're already essentially conceding tuesday. what happens the following week in indiana which of course he's making as his firewall. polls show trump ahead in indiana, and if trump does well there and does well in some of the states after that, including in california, but still falls short of the 1237 what is cruz's claim to the delegates particularly if he has this rough stretch headed into the convention. >> cruz was ahead in indiana a few weeks ago. the fox news poll shows trump ahead and cruz is trying to stop that state, trying to stop the movement in that state by bringing up comments donald trump made first on the "today" show the other day, asked about north carolina's law that says you can only go to a public
5:22 am
bathroom in the jgender of your birth. transgender person, born a man and become a woman in the north carolina law you have to go to the men's bathroom. donald trump on the "today" show trying to explain he does not think this is a big deal. he said if caitlyn jenner came to the trump tower she could use any bathroom she wanted. >> north carolina did something was very strong and they're paying a big price and a lot of problems. leave it the way it is. there have been very few complaints the way it is. people go, they use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. there has been so little trouble. >> trump says he thinks this is much ado about nothing, this is a rare circumstance and let people figure it out. he then in i call the latest example of sean hannity trying to lead donald trump to the water, he had a conversation on fox news, hannity got him to agree this should be left to states and local communities, not the federal government. kr ted cruz says it's a big deal. >> let me ask you, have we gone
5:23 am
stark raving nuts? i'm the father two of little girls. here is basic common sense. grown adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. >> ted cruz playing to social conservative principles there, which in a republican presidential primary is usually safe ground. if krted cruz has a horrible tuesday and cannot win in indiana. what does it say? >> if ted cruz can't win indiana his path is difficult. you see him with the issue, other things he's been saying trying to get back to the core of his campaign, appealing to conservatives, trying to appeal to social and religious conservatives in particular. trump's comments on this are fascinating. you have to keep in mind this is a businessman and there's a wing of the republican party a more business-minded wing that looks at things that happened in north carolina and mississippi and sees this as bad for business, bad for the party. so in some ways you've seen candidates now aligning on the
5:24 am
traditional republican split that we had thought this election might be about. i don't know if that is purposeful by donald trump but it is interesting to watch that happen. >> and to watch them walk it back afterwards. that's what you've seen him "time" and again with donald trump, he'll say something on social conservative issue like abortion, saying women should be prosecuted if abortion became illegal and realized it was something you probably shouldn't say and clean it up everawards. realizing social conservative voters could be important. one point on indiana, how cruz is approaching indiana, superpac and allies are going after john kasich because they're concerned he could eat away at his support, knowing how critical it is, that's their focus over the next week. >> northern part of indiana is ohio, it's a midwest industrial state, southern end sinned more southern and so you've got this kind of split electorate, which
5:25 am
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hillary clinton is banking on a big night tuesday in connecticut, rhode island, pennsylvania and delaware vote and if she can win four out of the five her pledge delegate lead about 253 could be in the ball park of 290, maybe more when the votes are counted. she has a bigger lead, first let's project out tuesday night. that's the wrong race. democrats here, hillary clinton thinks she'll win four out of the five, stretch out to here. much bigger lead if you bring in
5:30 am
the superdel dpats. gets hillary clinton close to the finish line. senator sanders back here unless he has a big night on tuesday. forget the super delegates for a moment, set them aside. if her pledged delegate lead is in the 290, 300 ball park. senator sanders has to win about 53% of the remaining pledge count. in new york four of the five states voting tuesday are closed primaries. only if rhode island can independents vote. senator sanders doesn't like that. >> i don't mind losing but 3 million people in new york state, 3 million people who registered as independents did not have the right to participate in the democratic or republican primary. that really is not democracy. >> not in senator sanders' view democracy but it is the democratic party and the party as we've seen on the republican side with donald trump
5:31 am
complaining about a rigged and crooked system the parties make their own rules and in this case the closed primaries not good news for senator sanders, had a tough time in the campaign. >> this is a tough moment. he made a similar argument in different words to what trump is saying, the system is disenfranchising a lot of american voters. i think there are merits to that. we go through this every four years parties realize, remember what their rules are but the math is just incredibly difficult for sanders. he's learning what hillary clinton learned in 2008, which is based on the way that democrats run their primaries, once a candidate pulls out to a fairly good sized lead it's really difficult to catch up. and he is continuing to make the case there is a pathway to him. his campaign manager is talking about flipping super delegates. no sign that super delegates are looking to move away from hillary clinton toward bernie sanders and that's really his only option >> when she went through this in 2007 and 2008 ultimately most people in the party knew she was
5:32 am
a lifelong democrat that as hard as it was she would find a way to embrace senator obama and try to bring the party together and she did that and obama was grateful enough to make her secretary of state when he won the election. lot of the clinton people are suspicious or skeptical bernie sanders is ready to be a big "d" democrat. we've seen online both campaigns are in a nasty world in the social media. what is the calculation wednesday morning for bernie sanders if he has a 290, 300 pledge delegate lead for hillary clinton. >> there's two calculations the first is what kind of a campaign does he run between now and the end of the primaries? everybody knows he's going to run through california and the district of columbia on the last day of the primaries. but what does he say about her? how does he prosecute the case? eight years ago when she was in a similar position she told her aides i'm going to run to the
5:33 am
end but i don't want to do anything or say anything that would make it more difficult for barack obama to become president in november. that's a question for him. the second thing is what does he want at the convention, in terms of the platform? what does he want in terms of how the system will work going forward? will there be rules changes? and then the third is, what does he do and say to his supporters to make it clear that he wants to win in november and have a democrat in the white house. >> if senator sanders, and you could tell he's starting to think about this, been a bit of a divide publicly in the campaign. jeff weaver the campaign manager saying we're going full bore to the end, it's up to the candidate in the end. if senator sanders moderates his tone and starts thinking about what i want in the platform starts being a big "d" democrat what is the burden on hillary clinton to reach out to his people? the younger ones say never vote for clinton. >> there is poll and evidence that shows if hillary clinton is the nominee that those sanders
5:34 am
supporters in that progressive wing of the democratic party will come over and support hillary especially if she's running against someone like donald trump. there certainly is an impetus on hillary to reward him in some way especially if he stops persecuting sort of the personal case against her the nightmare scenario for democrats. he'll say something the republicans can use against her in the fall. we already saw that happen with donald trump. donald trump the other day stood up at an event and said bernie sanders says that hillary clinton's not qualified to be president. not me, bernie. so now i'm going to say it. i think if that stops she'll be grateful and going to need to find a way to repay him. >> a lot of the hillary supporters who are party establishment types and democrats have not really pushed bernie to get out of the race because they don't want to alienate his legions of supporters but at the same time he's not really said a lot of things sharply barbed attacks until the unqualified line. if he continues that aggressive line of attack after a bad day
5:35 am
on tuesday and if he loses pennsylvania in particular, that's going to be a problem for him from his colleagues, who are going to come after him hard and how does he deal with that pressure. i think he'll have to consider that going forward. given that he says something strongly, sharply worded against her it's going to probably come back and bite him. >> we talked about this every time there's a competitive primary, what will it take to bring the party back together. it seems this year you have different electorate and i think we've reached the point in the democratic race where it might be difficult, it might take time, by november maybe they'll all be back on the same page but i think it's incumbent on both sides to work to make that happen. >> she has for the most part dialed back her criticism of him. she was tough in connecticut this week, which if you look at the demographics of the states tuesday, rhode island and connecticut toughest for hillary clinton and brought up the gun voting record in connecticut because of sandy hook. we heard ted cruz earlier in the
5:36 am
show saying when donald trump's campaign manager says it's an act or performance, ted cruz says don't believe anything he says. hillary clinton take is different. don't let him get away from what he says about the wall and muslims because he means it. >> trump keeps saying things like well you know, i didn't really mean it. it was all part of my reality tv show, running for president will be on your screen. well you know what? if we buy that, shame on us. he's already showed us what he believes and he's already said what he wants to do, and he wants to go after every one of the rights we have. >> to ashley's point, julie, a lot of democrats think if trump is the nominee he's the motor rater for party unity even if you don't like clinton and you're for sanders and disappointed that trump is the motivator. in the clinton campaign do they believe that's enough or she has to do more than just saying i want to you join me, to say something about campaign finance
5:37 am
reform to be more direct about political reforms and wall street reforms? >> they definitely see trump as a motivator, something they could go to young voters could you stay at home and let donald trump be president but they also know they can't spend the entire summer and the entire fall campaign talking about trump, responding to him. there has to be some proactive message from her, some vision of what she would do but how to do that especially in this environment where donald trump is so skilled at controlling the narrative and being at the center of attention, it's one of the biggest questions they face going into the fall campaign how she krvez out space for her own message but doesn't let attacks go unanswered. >> and how to define donald trump. republicans are realizing they tried to define him early this election season, didn't quite work and for democrats, when do you begin that effort to truly try to define him in the eyes of general election voters. >> run in a general reaction,
5:38 am
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the inevitable, clinton/warren as in the liberal darling and anti-wall street crusader elizabeth warren? that possibility had democrats talking and debating. donald trump says don't ask me that question until i clinch the nomination. why then are the two candidates way behind him, ted cruz and john kasich already their campaigns say building vp lists. at the fun part of the campaign. let's start with clinton. her campaign team does think after tuesday night the path is pretty inevitable and start kicking around the names. i'm going to start, dan, i think it's unlikely. john podesta is doing the right thing of course she'll consider women and a broad slate of
5:43 am
candidates. hillary clinton and elizabeth warren don't see eye to eye on a number of issues. we're old enough to remember bill clinton picking out fore, makes no sense, two southerners, men, moderate democrats. would you take two women in the northeast left of center? >> i've been so wrong about vice presidential nominees over the years i will hedge i think it's unlikely. she needs to bring the sanders people in. there may be other options to look at. we are so far away from a final decision on it or a genuine short list that the idea that we can narrow it down to two or three people. >> the labor of secretary tom perez comes up, the hud secretary, senators from virginia, cain and warner.
5:44 am
do you pick somebody to the left or traditionally in a general election you try to be more to the middle? >> hillary clinton needs to do that work herself, frankly, i think that she can send a message with her vice presidential pick in a couple of different directions. it will be hard to find someone short of elizabeth warren who will be enough in and of themselves to bring sanders voters over. from what i understand she is looking for someone as vp who has one simple qualification and that is someone who she thinks could be president, that is important to her at this point. >> don't you look for a state or look at a demographic, look to a state, i need a state in the old days, ohio or florida. are you looking to say it's time for latinos to have a place on the ticket, maybe dramatic
5:45 am
statement to women? >> on the latino front maybe not as important with donald trump as the republican nominee because he already is firing up latino voters but of course we want historic pick, pick someone like tom perez, castro, of course, elizabeth warren is unlikely. interesting her name after podesta made the comments, pushback from warren whether she can handle the spotlight the way as vice presidential candidate, given she has sort of avoided the spotlight and her time as a senator. gooden a lot of attention on issues but we get into a presidential race, issues span the gamut. you hear concerns just by virtue of her name being floated. >> to republicans trump said he would pick somebody with washington experience or political experience because he has none of those things which
5:46 am
is smart, makes sense. you want to pick somebody who knows the game. the fact that cruz and kasich campaigns say they're building lists, is that a serious enterprise to pick a running mate, part of if you're them and get to a chaotic convention that's your play, or do it before the convention, in that month between june 7th and the convention, where you're trying to court the uncommitted delegates do you try to block donald trump saying here's the dramatic ticket i want to you vote for in cleveland. >> not only is it a potential convention play to boost yourself or bring up delegates but also what you do to make yourself seem more presidential when you're not winning. donald trump is getting closer to the nomination by winning votes in each primary or caucus. one thing they can do to add the awe raph the presidency is choose a vp for a nomination there, increasingly unlikely to secure. >> and do you allow yourself to get -- i don't demean sound
5:47 am
cynical. joni ernst, senator from iowa, ted cruz says i want to you be my running mate. do you get stuck in that? >> it's interesting trump saying he may want a washington insider candidate to be his vp. perhaps that's a play for convention delegates who want a more stable campaign. >> there's a big risk in that as we know from what ronald reagan did in 1976 when he announced a running mate ahead of the convention, picked dick schweiker, and a lot of conse e conservatives were alarmed by that and he lost votes. the political aspect is tricky. at its core i think this is ultimately two things, one is who actually is presidential or who can actually do the job, and we saw in 012 mitt romney and
5:48 am
paul ryan instant chemistry. >> i'd love to see the trump calculations how to figure that out. fascinating conversation just starting. we'll carry it through to july. our reporters empty their notebooks next, insights into why john kasich is staying in the race despite the long odds against him. we asked should any of the current candidates choose a rival as running mate? the majority 59% of you say no. words no one even knows.
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let's head around the "inside politics" table and ask our reporters to share a headline that gets you out ahed of the political news around the corner. >> i sat in on focus groups with swing voters and republican voters and some of the questions they were asked about the supreme court nomination of merritt garland. this was a reality check for anyone in washington who think the issue is generating voters
5:53 am
across the country. i was struck how the voters seemed completely uninterested in the nomination fight. not one of them said this was something that would impact their vote in the fall. even among the republican voters who felt like this nomination should wait until the next president, almost none felt like this was an issue that was going to affect their vote either in the presidential race or in their senate race. >> nice try mr. president i guess. >> this is a week we'll get ate better look whether there's a new trump or old trump or multiple trumps. we'll see in a foreign policy speech, an election night, and they will be enhancing or adding to the new operation. i think we'll get a better sense by the end of the week of what we are seeing in the future. >> and whether nato is still obsolete. >> democrats are plotting their path back to the majority. they raised 40 million, reserved $40 million in air time in five
5:54 am
battleground states this election cycle, three of which are republican house seats, two are democrats defending, including nevada and in colorado, but the big test will come on tuesday in pennsylvania. democratic senate trail campaign committee put close to $2 million behind katie mcginty, but she could lose despite having support of party establishment, president obama, joe biden and lose to joe sestak, former congressman and a fear among the party establishment if sestak wins it could undermine their ability to take back the senate this fall. >> we've heard donald trump rail against the rigged and crooked system and says even though he has the biggest toys and the best toys he's not going to play this game and bribe delegates. when i interviewed him last week at trump tower he are he fused to rule that out and talking to his aides privately they say he'll do just that, use the trappings of his celebrity, so the plane, trips to lago,
5:55 am
cocktail parties, trump tower, maybe having his kids start calling delegates and if and when we see that happen that will be a sign he's getting serious about running a real campaign. >> take the trump plane to guam and american samoa, get the uncommitted delegates. john kasich is running fourth in a three-man race. he continues to trail marco rubio and delegates six weeks since the florida senator quit the race. they ask why kasich is running and so do many republicans sympathetic to the ohio governor but see zero chance he'll be the party's nominee. he has no money for tv ads, and yet to prove he is break through outsite his home state of ohio. he believed there will be an opening if the convention goes beyond two ballots and party leaders look for an alternative to trump and cruz. his goal to win 250 to 300 votes on the first ballot and then to try to build from there.
5:56 am
wishful thinking, probably. kasich is enjoying the campaign despite the results so far and figures in this whacky year the long odds don't mean impossible odds. okay, governor. that's it for incompetent again. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. we'll see you soon including touring our special election coverage tuesday night. "state of the union" is next. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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tale of two trumps. his advisers are promising a kinder, gentler candidate but he seems to be having second thoughts >> if i acted presidential, i guarantee you that this morning i wouldn't be here. >> can either version carry him to the nomination or will it all come down to a convention fight? >> i'll have a ton of delegates. donald trump will have a ton of delegates and then it will be a battle. >> plus donald's defender. >> they are deathly afraid of my father on both sides because of what he'll do to that system that they've grown very, very comfortable with. >> many see trump's family as his secret weapon. his oldest son gives us the inside view on the world according


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