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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the first visit to the uk arriving in london on boxing day in 1918 after the armistice that ended world war i. thanks for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. >> hello, thanks for joining me, hillary clinton is rolling out a new message on the campaign trail today, just two days away from super tuesday. she's issuing a warning call against the dangerous extreme makeover of donald trump and this week the trump campaign told republican party leaders trump would be softening his tone and portray ag more presidential image. at a fiery campaign rally last night and powerful new campaign web video, clinton says quote, if we buy it, shame on us. >> hello, rhode island. >> at the right time i'll be so presidential you'll be so bored. they are bringing drugs and they
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are bringing crime and they are rapists i'll use the word -- total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> what do you think? i said it's fine, if he want to go stronger, i could go stronger too. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose any voters. >> one of my personal heroines, mya ang lou said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. >> chris, she's pivoting the focus not just against bernie sanders but now clearly she's got her eyeballs set on the general election. >> that's exactly right. she is pivoting to the general election and it's largely because she's on very, very friendly turf. look where we're going to go, maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island, connecticut, delaware,
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those are all places where she's xpek expected to do well and bernie sanders is trying to cut into her lead and taken a couple of different approaches over the last couple of days. today in rhode island he barrelly mentioned her, taking a veiled shot at her ties to wall street. >> this campaign is doing well and will win because we are listening to -- >> bernie, bernie! bernie! bernie! bernie! >> because we are listening to ordinary people and not spending half of my life with the billionaires trying to hustle campaign contributions.
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>> now sanders also picked up the endorsement of the united electrical workers union today but has a lot of ground to make up against clinton. trailing her by double digits in maryland and pennsylvania and clinton spent the morning campaigning among one of her key constituencies, visiting african-american churches in philly. and her strength among the african-american community is a big reason she's leading sanders. in fact, sanders now needs to win more than 80%, 80% of the remaining delegates at stake to win the nomination. clinton, she needs just about 30%. that's part of the reason why we're starting to see her pivot to the general election by taking on donald trump. in addition to that anti-trump video we just saw, clinton has been hammering the billionaire on the stump. >> trump keeps saying things like, you know, i didn't really mean it. it was all part of my reality tv
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show. running for president will be on your screen. well, you know what, if we buy that, shame on us because he's already showed us what he believes and he's already said what he wants to do. he wants to go after every one of the rights we have. >> so clinton keeping an eye on november while trying to sew up five big wins on tuesday. >> big day indeed. thanks so much, we'll check back with you. this morning clinton almost received an influential endorsement she probably never expected and flips the notion of party loyalty on its head. billionaire businessman charles koch, one of the two koch brothers told abc news that clinton may be a better choice for president than any republican running. >> so is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possibility.
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it's possible. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. let me put it that way. >> has repeatedly condemned the koch broeshlgs and influence own stalling progress for -- and political columnist, good to see both of you. that's a big wow. what -- let's rewind that. did i hear that correctly? >> brian, is this sending like shock waves particularly throughout the republican party? >> yeah, but welcome to 2016, right, to quote the great scientist and ghost buster, peter venk men, dogs and cats living together, it's mass
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hysteria up there. they have a tlot of flak for being conservatives but they are really more libertarian, not exactly stalwart party people. so therefore whichever candidate they believe will be friendly to the business community in terms of having fewer taxes and fewer regulations and they are really more policy than politics. and so you know, they like many voters out there are grasping for something, some candidate that they can sort of believe in. this -- election is shaping up to have the most popular campaign be none of the above. so that wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement but it's like they are grasping for something and apparently trump is not in. >> the koch brothers are usually intentional in and what did you interpret by those comments? >> i hear a couple of things. you have to understand, they have been fleeced by the republicans, spent hundreds and
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millions of dollars and have almost nothing to show for it, except fat and happy consultants and disappointed candidates. my heart goes out to hillary a little bit. what is she supposed to do? is this an endorsement you want, hey terrific, no thank you, mr. koch, i don't think i'll be taking that. it does throw things on its head. >> meantime let's talk about the sanders camp and he has his own controversial comments coming from a public figure, another supporter in a very public way saying something. let's say sound from rosario dauson and sanders reaction to it. >> we're really fending for ourselves right now, we're literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. now i'm with monica lewinsky with this, bullying is bad. she's actually dedicated her
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life now to talking about that. and now as a campaign strategy, we are being bullied. >> rosario is a great actress and done a great job for us. she's been a passionate fighter to see that we increase the voter turnout that we fight for racial economic environmental justice. what our job right now is the contrast our views compared to secretary clinton. that's what a campaign is about. what i will doing in this campaign is in an issue oriented way, not by personal attacks. but by contrasting our view to secretary clinton. >> so brian, what happens here when a candidate says i love the support i'm getting especially if you have big headliners and people who turn heads, et cetera and say something that the candidate themselves have to then say, there's distance between what was said and the support that i love from them and who i am and what i represent. do voters see a difference or see it all as one big
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representation of that candidate? >> i think voters generally will give a candidate a little slack for something their surrogate says because he didn't say it. but in my view, this is a line of attack that bernie could take up, like the e-mail scandal he could take up the line of attack that the clintons have gone after, bill's former mistresses and accusers and this is indicative of their character. i mean, it's a line of attack -- >> it's already a feeling that donald trump if it comes down to trump versus hillary clinton that he is going there. >> he absolutely will. and you know what, it may be effective. it's weird to me that bernie is leaving cards on the table, that is declining to pursue every line of attack that he could but you know, i guess that's endearing in a sense but he's leaving political capital for
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the taking. >> bernie sanders said he didn't want to lead a negative campaign but at the same time there are two issues here, doesn't want to lead a negative campaign even though some things -- some people categorized as being rather negative recently and at the same time this is an area donald trump is almost kind of promised, a direction in which he'll go if she is the nominee. >> go for it. it's not going to work. these are moldy old cards, brian. 20-year-old -- i mean, my god, if republicans want to run against hillary on bill's ancient mistress, it's not going to work. i will say this, politicians who put out celebrities as if they are some kind of political experts or foreign policy adv e advisers deserve the stupid thing the celebrities say. do you think rosario has insightful things to say about
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the political system? no, she's there because she's famous and that's it. >> oh, boy, you're going to get a call or tweet or e-mail from her soon. >> you don't know that. >> i don't know about that. we'll talk again soon. thanks so much. tuesday, it's the big day, five states hold primaries and cnn will have complete coverage all day starting at new date at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. still ahead, president obama selling a controversial trade deal overseas, what this could do for jobs in america. and prince remembered. you see people continue to stream outside of paisley park celebrating his life and legacy and music and there's our reporter, ryan young who we'll be checking in with momentarily.
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europeans are getting the hard sell from president barack obama today telling allies to get on board with a controversial new trade deal. he's in germany meeting with ang la merkel i am ploring germans to support a free trade accord which could bring $3 billion to each counted. >> with respect to trade, what you're seeing around the world, people are unsettled by globalization. and although trade has brought enormous benefits to many of our countries that have been engaged in trade, although typically jobs that are produced from exports have higher wages and better benefits than those that
11:16 am
are not involved with the export market, people visibly see a plant moving and jobs lost and the narrative develops that this is weakening rather than strengthening the position of ordinary people and ordinary workers. and it's forcing them to compete with low wage labor. and that i think is what drives a lot of suspicion understandably of these trade deals. >> if you look at the benefits to the united states or to germany of free trade around the world, it is indisputable it has made our economy stronger and made sure that our businesses are the most competitive in the world. and as you see other markets like china beginning to develop, and asia beginning to develop and africa growing fast, we've got to make sure our businesses
11:17 am
can compete there. at least in the united states, 95% of the world's markets are outside of our borders. and if we're not there, present, we're going to have problems. >> cnn's athena jones joins us from germany. one of the most powerful allies in europe. why is there such a hard sell on this trade deal? >> reporter: hi, fred, you heard the president layout some of the reasons that trade is a hard sell, not just in germany but other european union countries and back home in the u.s., there's a lot of skepticism about trade deals looking at past deals helped big corporations at the expense of ordinary folks. the president argues, free trade is indisputably good for the economy, good for the economies of the countries that take part and it will create this deal would create millions of jobs, generate billions of dollars in trade and economic activity
11:18 am
between the u.s. and europe peeb union but there's still a lot of people who feel like, look, i'm not so sure it's going to be good for me. that's why we've seen 30,000 people taking to the streets of hanover to protest this deal. and i should tell you the president acknowledged that there's still some work to be done in negotiating this deal between the u.s. and the eu. he hopes to have it done by the end of the year. but he said time is not on their side and the fact of the matter is the political winds aren't so good next year in 2017 because you have political change elections in france and germany and new president in the united states. we don't know who that will be. his goal is to push this trade deal, which he believes will help the u.s. economy and to get it done this year. >> thanks so much. >> appreciate it. >> coming up, we'll turn to paisley park where the life and legacy of prince is being remembered. ryan young is there. rmt and people are still feeling
11:19 am
the pain and you can see them lining up despite the wet conditions, coming by the hundreds if not by the thousands to pay respects to someone they consider a community member and someone they love and cherishing all weekend long since his loss. that story coming up in a live report.
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despite the rain people are still pouring out and attending the paisley park tribute there a few days now after the death of an incredible musical genius. flowers and balloons and notes in memory of prince being left there. the music icon died at the age of 56 -- 57 in fact. the cause of death still unknown. here's what we do know. yesterday his family and friends honored his life in a private ceremony. his remains were also cremated and ryan young has been there since thursday. how are people there remembering prince? >> reporter: well, it's been pretty amazing, fred. sometimes you get caught up trying to report the facts and talk about what's going on. you have to look at it from a human perspective and see the outpour of love from this community. a guy from japan wanted to be
11:24 am
there because prince meant so much to his life. you can understand someone jumped on the plane toet here from japan. look behind me now, this is a rainy, soggy day here but people are still coming out in a steady flow doing things they've been doing over the last few days, been standing at that fence. some have been bringing balloons and flowers. we even had one woman walking around with a boombox playing purple rain. that is a song we heard over and over again because that's what people have been discussing and how much he meant to their life. you can understand the impact. he led a private life. they would see him in the grocery store and wouldn't even stop him because they understood how much he loved his privacy and to think last saturday he had a mini sort of party here and some people showed up. some people telling us they were so upset they didn't decide to come here. then there was a memorial service why all of the people were streaming down the street, had no clue that this memorial
11:25 am
service was going on with 20 or so of closest friends and band mads going on and the singer of course being cremated. people still have questions about why but that doesn't mean it's going to get answered right now. others are talking about the impact on the community and silent hand where he was helping people and they didn't know it. one person owned a local business here and sometimes would tweet out things in support of that business to make sure that people in the community kept going to that record store called the electric -- doing behind the scenes and helping community members they will remember for some time. this is the place they know and love the fact that even the family members walked out with boxes yesterday and started to hand them out to community members and saying, here's a box and that's what a lot of people are leaving here with, something a little closer to their hearts, nice to see. >> so nice the gestures of
11:26 am
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from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray. make sure it's anoght. maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ welcome back, donald trump jr. accusing ted cruz of trying to buy delegates. this morning on xt state of the union xt said his dad is not putting on an act which he says controversial things on the campaign trail and says it's his dad's way of talking about issues that no one else is talking about. trump jr. had tough words for ted cruz and the gop. >> if you look at any of the issues he's spoken about, he'll
11:30 am
talk about them in a way to a certain level and guess what, issue that was taboo, all of a sudden people are actually talking about it. it's not that it's an act but sometimes he does have to talk about things in a certain way to draw the attention that that topic actually needs. no one else will touch it if he hasn't done that. for him this is a natural evolution and getting focused on the general election where he's going to have to talk to the broader audience. it's a natural progression. ted cruz has no chance of winning this without bribing the delegates. that's his game at some point. from day one he's not an appealing candidate to the general election voter. he'll try to get there and lose more states than mitt romney because i can't name a single state that mitt lost that ted can possibly win. so i think at this point the republican establishment would much rather hand the things over to hillary and hand the reigns over to her and let her run it because there's no accountability in the party.
11:31 am
you lose, it doesn't matter, you win, okay, great. everyone is in on the same thing. all of the job to do is to protect the little cliques they formed. >> that's donald trump jr., meantime donald trump senior is hoed holding a rally in maryland. we find jason carroll, we heard trump's son say his dad will make a natural evolution to the general election and that he's going to continue to be himself. what are people expecting there in hagerstown? >> reporter: well, i think we can expect more of the same. also in that interview that donald trump jr. gave to jake tapper, also remember in answer to her question, expect a little bit more of that retore cal flourish we've seen here on the campaign trail, translation, again, trump will continue to be
11:32 am
trump. also, trump even said not too long ago he would act more presidential once cruz and kasich got out of the race. neither one of them are getting out of the race so expect trump to keep acting way he's acting all along. yesterday when we attended in bridgeport, connecticut, you'll remember he sort of some ways made fun of being presidential. >> if i was presidential, first of all, i would have a teleprompter, ever see crooked hillary clinton, she walks in, good afternoon, bridgeport. how are you? this is crooked hillary clinton then people start yawning and leaving the whole thing is a disaster. she'll be a disaster as president. >> so what you just saw there
11:33 am
right there, that is what appeals to the people who come out to his rallies and what they want to see and what they want to hear at least for now. >> okay. we'll check back with you, jason carroll there in hagerstown, maryland. we're about an hour and a half or so donald trump is expected to arrive. in this race for the white house, it all comes down to math but bern dmie sanders is not gig up. how his relentlessness could affect the race overall. >> we have a path to victory. we have come a very, very long way in the last year and we're d going to fight for every last vote to california and the d.c. primary. >> happening right now, hillary clinton is holding a get out the vote rally in bridgeport, connecticut. we'll have more on the countdown to tuesday's critical five-state primary. even knows. but everyone knows cheese.
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. campaigning a few days before the five-state primary, big day on tuesday. this is bernie sanders wrapping up an event in providence, rhode island. he lost big in new york state and been behind in the polls in most states. so sanders says he's still not ready to give hup, however. >> the idea that we should not
11:38 am
vigorously contest this election when the largest state, california has not voted, nine other states will not have voted after tuesday, of course we're going to give the people in every state in this country the right to determine who they want to see president of the united states. also, there are a lot of delegates out there looking at the general match-up and what they are seeing in polls is that bernie sandsers is running a lot stronger against donald trump than is hillary clinton because we can appeal to a lot of independents and people not just democrats. i think we do have a path to victory and have come a very, long way in the last year. we're going to fight for every last vote until california and the d.c. primary. >> i want to bring in senator ben cardin, a democrat from maryland and hillary clinton supporter. good to see you. there are a lot of delegates up for grabs for democrats in
11:39 am
maryland, 118 and for republicans, 38. you are throwing your support behind hillary clinton. do you feel like she has a certain advantage going into tuesday's primary? >> well, i know marylanders are anxious to vote on tuesday. this is a consequential election. when we started the process, i don't know if we thought when it got to maryland it would still be an important primary but it is. i expect to have a large turnout and i think hillary clinton will do very well in maryland. >> maryland is a very unique state, given its proximity, the whole delmarva area, you've got industrial areas there, have particular concerns and agricultural and maryland bordering washington, d.c. and concerns about how government is working. what do you suppose is driving the support for any or all of the candidates in that area? >> well, first it's been an exciting campaign on the democratic side. we're proud of our candidate,
11:40 am
there's not a lot of difference between where they stand on major issues and energize people. unlike the republicans which have been very devicive, the democrat will be energizing. the difference between hillary clinton and any of the republicans is just dramatic. that energizes us and really gets us excited about this november election. >> while there may be a lot of people who support the notion of the democrats being energizing as a recent, it too is being described as being a divisive, are you afraid that's going to turn off some people from voting for either hillary clinton or bernie sanders given that now it's become a lot more tenuous intense? >> when you look at the democratic primaries and compare
11:41 am
it to what's happening on the republican side, i think we feel very fortunate that we're going to be united in november. we believe that we're going to have a strong base going into november elections. what the republican candidates have been saying is just not what this country represents. hillary clinton is the most qualified to be president. her commitment to equality, her commitment to gender issues and commitment to global knowledge, all of those issues will be critically important in november election. we're very optimistic about november. >> can i ask you more on the whole unity thing? there have been -- a lot of concerns expressed by democratic leaders that perhaps it's not looking so unified particularly between bernie sanders and hillary clinton and bernie sanders saying hillary clinton is unqualified to be president and donald trump has used that language, that of bernie sanders to also underscore his belief that hillary clinton is unqualified for the white house.
11:42 am
>> that's not exactly what senator sanders said. he can put it in context and qualified it dra mmatically the day after, saying of course she's qualified to be president of the united states. i don't think anyone has run with the type of qualifications she has, her commitment in private practice to help families, her entire career has been devoted towards public service and delivered incredibly well on these issues. i think it is clear when you listen to both candidates during their debates their respect for each other on the issues and competency and it's just no comparison between our views in these democratic primaries to which you've seen on the republican side. on the republican side statements made by their potential nominees very much against the values much america, not what this country believes in. things said are outrageous. i hear about that all over the
11:43 am
world. so we feel very comfortable that we'll be united, obviously campaigns can be devicive and things said during campaigns can be divisive but we think our nominating process will give us a stronger nominee. we believe that will be hillary clinton and we believe she will win in november. >> thank ben cardin thanks for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> a manhunt is under way for a killer. >> i cannot believe how anyone could kill a mother with her four day old baby in her arms. >> we'll hear from someone who knew the family killed execution style and tell you about the latest efforts to find whoever committed these horrific crimes.
11:44 am
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chilling 911 calls have been released of a woman in shock after finding members of her own family killed execution style. a total of eight family members were shot dead in and around the rural town of piketon ohio, an intense manhunt is under way.
11:48 am
ni >> it is difficult to hear. dead. hink my brother-in-law is >> reporter: the sound of agony as a relative discovers members of her family have been murdered in cold blood. >> ma'am. tell me what's going on. >> there's blood all over the house. my brother-in-law is in the bedroom and it looks like they beat the hell out of them. >> reporter: the calculated attacks in four separate homes, police tell cnn they believe the suspect or suspects were familiar with the victims. the seven adults and one 16-year-old apparent targets. but why? police have not released a motive or named a suspect. for this tiny town of about 2,000 people in southern ohio, the senseless name of the slayings is simply too much to understand. >> it just is unbelievable, really just this has taken place. >> reporter: phil was pastor to some of the victims. >> i think maybe the mt disturbing detail in all of this
11:49 am
was the fact that one of the victims was killed next to her 4 day old baby. >> i cannot believe how anyone can kill a mother with her 4 day old baby in her arms. it's -- that's out of my realm of thinking that anyone could do that. how heartless. >> with no official leads, late saturday an ohio businessman offered $25,000 of his own money to help catch the killer or killers. jeff ruby has no connection to the family but says he wanted to get the word out to find the person or people responsible for this. >> okay, just stay out of the house, don't let anybody go in there, okay? >> yeah. >> we got deputies on the way, okay? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> that's just chilling audio, really difficult to hear. even after this killing happened on friday, just days ago.
11:50 am
i spoke to a neighbor who was home at the time of the shootings and said he didn't hear the gunshots. i said if he was scared he said he's not but remaining relatives should be. everyone here in the tiny town of about 2,000 people has a theory about what happened. we spoke yesterday, fred about the drug issue, heroin and methamphetamine in this area. i asked a friend, did they have involvement with drugs? she tells me efrp has skeletons in their closet, but overall they were good people. >> nick, thanks so much. >> meantime, a brand-new series of reports kicking off on new day tomorrow on cnn, right on the heels of her heartbreaking reporting on the girls kidnapped by the terror group boko haram, how the nigerian government is slowly gaining ground in the fight. >> reporter: two years ago when
11:51 am
we visited after the mass abduction of the school girls, parents described how they followed the trail of their daughters to the front gates, to the entry point of the forest and were unable to move any further. this is the sambisa, they have been able to stop clawing back territory here from boko haram, the territory right in center, that is still what they are moving towards. >> extraordinary reporting and there's so much more. starting tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., eastern time on new day only here on cnn. we'll be right back.
11:52 am
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>> knock knock, who's at the door? it's the giant squid. >> without further ado, will it be as chummy and cozy, tension began last week when abc announced that stra han would leave "live" and join gma full-time. ripa skipped work on wednesday and thursday before leaving on a scheduled vacation friday. ripa e-mailed her team saying in
11:56 am
part, i wanted to thank you all forgiving me the time to process this new information. we are a family and i look forward to seeing you all on tuesday. we're joined now by cnn senior media correspondent and host of reliable sources, brian, i can't imagine what the tension or how uncomfortable it could be this week when the two reunite. what are you hearing about whether she really is pretty hot about it, upset, whether this time off kind of means they will be -- >> she was beyond angry when she was first notified about this move of strahan to gma. she only got 30 minutes heads up and feels like her show is belittled while "good morning america" gets all of the attention. this is so relatable. we all have bosses and we all want to feel like we're in the loop. don't want to feel we're kept in the dark about anything. in some ways this is relatable.
11:57 am
on other hand we're talking about multimillionaires so it's fun to look at this and say what's the big deal. there's an interesting gender dynamic at play here. another female tv star mismanaged and treated by mostly male tv executives. some of that going on here and i think all people are wondering and all of the fans are wondering, what will she say on tuesday back at work what will she say? what i've been told by people close to her, she doesn't have any big beef with strahan, she can make that work. even if you go through a rocky time, you make it work. the issues with abc may continue for a while. >> interesting she's very quick witted, i imagine she'll have a couple zingers in there, subliminal messages. in the story you wrote nor cnn money, you say situation has been festering for a couple years it was a couple of years he started to do part-time with "gma" and expressing then.
11:58 am
what could potentially happen, you're not going to steal him, right? >> that's exactly right. this is about talent and all of tv is about talent management. we really like to watch people, good morning america lost a couple of people in 2012 so they bought on michael strahan part-time to improve the show. now abc is moving him over full-time and that's what made ripa so frustrated. it was her being kept out of the loop -- and ultimately this is about trying to make sure one of the superstars knows what's going on and is comfortable with what's going on. again, sort of tv 101. >> and it's a tricky one, you've got to be happy for him and you know, his rising star. and i guess because of their relationship, maybe she felt like she should have been clued in sooner since it was a ten-month period to grab him many there was such an audition
11:59 am
and big production out in the open. and then your guy slips between your fingers. >> these shows have a lot of fun with their on air tryouts in 2011, 2012, they tried out a lot of people, michael strahan was picked and ratings went up during that period. we'll see if that happens again when kelly ripa and producers are trying out another co-host. they are special because they are so relatable, even though these hosts are richly paid people think they know them very well. we've seen a lot of women rally to kelly ripa's defense because they don't like how she was treated in this case. >> thank you very much. you can watch brian on "reliable sources" sundays on cnn. our coverage of the very sad departure of the great purple one, prince, that continues throughout the day on cnn. coming up at 5:00 p.m. eastern, gene simmons joining us with his
12:00 pm
memories of music legend. i'll also be joined the next hour also by the daughter of james brown in the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts right now. >> happening now -- >> people are unsettled by globalization. >> president obama in germany trying to counter deep skept skepticism on a trade deal with europe. >> trade has brought enormous benefits to many of our countries and people visibly see a plant moving and jobs lost and the narrative develops that this is weakening rather than strengthening the position of order people. >> plus, donald trump's son on whether his dad is putting on an act. >> when i'm in a room talking, when i'm out here talking to you people i have to be different. >> what part of what we see is the part he's been playing? >> i think there's aspects of things he'll take things to


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