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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  April 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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venture that was being offered to these young people. >> thank you so much. sounds fascinating. be sure to watch why they hate us at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. >> thank you so much for joining us at this hour. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> hi, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." five days before, the republican front-runner has two more words for his nearest rival. donald trump is tweeting that ted cruz whom he long ago branded lying ted is also weak and desperate. all because he's teaming up with john kasich to try to stop donald trump from winning 1,237 delegates. before that all important july convention.
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openly can't stand cruz and 1-38 in nominating contests to date. regardless, the texas senator and ohio governor separately announcing almost simultaneously though last night that ted cruz will stand down in new mexico and in oregon. trump candidate. and then also, that kasich is going to return the favor for ted cruz in indiana. at a diner this morning in philadelphia. john kasich wasn't having trump's claims of, quote, collusion. >> donald trump said it's sad. he said it's collusion. he said it's desperation. it's more of the same for washington. how do you respond to that attack? >> i don't respond to donald trump. what are you, kidding me? >> is this collusion? what does that even mean? does he know what that means? >> you're teaming up to compete against donald trump.
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>> we compete to win the nomination and to make sure that we can steward our resources stop hillary clinton. and i think what donald can't stand is that he cannot beat hillary clinton. >> it is big news to me that john kasich has decided to pull out of indiana. a head to head contest with donald trump. that is good for the men and women of indiana and the country to have a clear and direct choice. after the discussions with the kasich campaign, we made a decision about allocating resources. our time and energy and resources on the state of indiana. governor kasich decided to allocate his resources elsewhere. that makes sense from both campaigns. >> the cruz/kasich divide and conquer plan does not include the states that vote tomorrow. and they are connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island. offering up a total of 172 gop
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delegates. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going to be divvying up 384 delegates. my cnn colleague jason carroll is following every single one of those delegates. just kidding. just hillary clinton. trump versus everybody, which now is the loudest. i want to start with you, phil. the response from donald trump other than the twitter to this new, shall we say, newfound friendship with kasich and cruz. >> reporter: it's sharp, a lot of tweets but a calculated response. one he and his team believe they can use to his advantage. it lines up with what they've been saying related to the delegate system as a whole. the insiders try to steal this election from him and now point to this relationship between john kasich and ted cruz and call it out. it's important to note for ted cruz and john kasich, it was a
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recognition not only in the wake of the new york primary where donald trump took 95 delegates but also what's about to happen in these five states tomorrow night. donald trump is in a very good position here. ted cruz and john kasich needed to do something. this is what their advisors decided to do and believe this is going a long way to help them peel off delegates in keeping donald trump from that magic 1237 number. >> all right. watching those numbers, listening to the sounds behind you. i know you continue reporting what's going on in that camp. jason, to you for a minute. keeps wondering as hillary racks up wins or at least a lot more delegates than bernie sanders, it doesn't sound like bernie sanders is quieting down, being more conciliatory or winding up any kind of campaign. >> reporter: look, we can say this. his supporters are not. i mean, just look at what's happening on twitter. #bernieorbust. they're in it for the long haul but bernie sanders admitting he
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sees a narrow path going forward. at the end of the day, what we're seeing here is you've got a man who has the populist message, the enthusiasm. you see the thousands upon thousands of people who come out to see him. he's got that. he's got the money. but again, does he have the path to the nomination? not likely. keeping up the attacks against hillary clinton saying she's using wall street money to fund her campaign. >> i do not have a super pac. i do not represent wall street or the billionaire class. i don't want their money. secretary clinton has chose to raise her money a different way. she has a number of super pacs. $12 million in special interests. $15 million from wall street.
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>> reporter: senator asked one day if he could endorse hillary clinton and said it would take a couple things. she would have to stand up to billionaire donors and have to fight for health care for all americans and for education. free education or at least affordable education for young people. >> before i let you go, people who like to watch the internet over the weekend saw this new ad from hillary rodham clinton not so much focused on bernie sanders but really focused on the latest news from donald trump. can you explain what happened? >> reporter: right, and that shows you where her head is at and the campaign is at. they're already looking ahead to the front-runner, donald trump, and this new ad really takes a look at pointing out and keying in on some of the controversial statements he's made in the past. >> at the right time, i will be so presidential, you will be so bored. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime.
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their rapists. >> reporter: that ad also points out some of the controversial statements that trump made about abortion, saying women should be punished and tried to backtrack on that and you can see already that the clinton camp already sort of putting out what they're expected to do and how they expect to attack donald trump in a general election. ashleigh? >> jason carroll, thank you for that. making a great guest appearance, our usual law guy, jeffrey toobin as well because there's law that comes into this. >> yes, there is. >> i'm getting to that in a minute but first to you. we've got tomorrow, mark preston, what's called the apella track. that train that hits the states in between and looks like a big old trump sweep. why is this business of the
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collusion or the friendship or the alliance or whatever you call it matter at this point? >> it matters because they are trying to do this last ditch effort right now. cruz and kasich to be relevant and possibly have a shot at winning the nomination in cleveland. the bottom line is we've seen donald trump do very well here in new york and expected to do well in the five states tomorrow. i just heard that a very big lobbyist out of washington, dc is now volunteering on behalf of donald trump. david urban and did work for rick santorum and bringing establishment types along and you see this at this point because after tomorrow night, there are only ten more primary contests left. in order to stop donald trump to get to 1237, you've got to stop him now. >> voters don't like being told what to do. they didn't like it when mitt romney told him what to do and said it loud in florida and ohio. don't tell us where to vote so you can strategize. we want to vote how we feel. how will this be different?
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given the fact when good reporters like you and everybody else in the media call on these campaigns to get clarity on what this means. they won't say a word. all of the sudden, they put out a statement and expect everybody to fall in line. >> i think i was surprised by what we heard from john kasich as well as ted cruz. the bottom line, if they want to convince voters in indiana and in they want to convince voters in these other states, oregon, elsewhere, in the remaining states, quite frankly, to support them, they need to make the case that donald trump is bad for the republican party and bad for the country and other than that state, we saw it last night and hedging by john kasich an hour ago and ted cruz hedging just about a half hour ago on what this actually means. if you're going to do that, you're not all in and a little bit confused by that strategy. >> in the afternoon before that newfound alliance came out, ted cruz is saying there's only one path and it doesn't include kasich. with your legal mind and political acumen, i'd like you
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to come out with the three terms that donald trump has continuously thrown out about ted cruz and others. he's called ted cruz a fraud. he's accused ted cruz of bribery and now accusing ted cruz and john kasich of, quote, collusion. they are very strident words when it comes to law, but does that apply to primary politics? >> collusion is a term that comes out of anti-trust law. one thing we know about american politics is it has nothing to do with anti-trust law. these are epithets used by donald trump. they are frankly, pretty common in american politics to call one another a fraud and you're colluding. this has nothing to do with law. none of this will ever go nor should it go to a courtroom. these are people arguing over who should get support. that's a perfectly legitimately thing for them to do. name calling is as old as george washington in american politics but it is something that does
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not belong in court. and it will never go there. >> all the strategies, just toss it out the window? >> it really does. i mean, in certain areas, there is a possibility. we haven't talked about it much lately, that someone might be able to file a lawsuit and there have been lawsuits over ted cruz is eligible for the presidency because he was born in canada. i think that issue has gone away largely because cruz's chances seem to be fading but other than that. >> you can buy a ticket for a delegate to go to the convention or bring him to your golf course and it is fair game. that's just the way the ball bounces in primaries. >> absolutely, and it's been done. >> it's been done. that's primary politics. both run by the campaigns, not the fec. thank you for the clarity, if we can get any of that. thank you so much. donald trump is expected to speak live at the top of the hour at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. flags are set and mike is going. we'll listen in to see if he steps up his attacks against
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both cruz and kasich and double punch now since they're teaming up on him. tomorrow, cnn is, of course, going to have coverage all day long of those critical five primaries. connecticut, maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, and rhode island. coming up next, breaking news about of all things, the thing you thought went away. deflategate. guess what? it's back. and it's blowing up. tom brady not happy about what a court said think this is already? coming up next.
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we're following some breaking news from a federal appeals court because it's decided that football star tom brady is in fact going to have to serve that four-game suspension over that whole deflategate scandal. and this decision has come after a lower court had sided with brady instead and knocked that whole suspension down. it is a little confusing. it's been going on for a while and that's why we have sarah gannon because she's smart at these things and cnn legal analyst paul callan can tell us if there's another step in this whole brew ha-ha. i think people are wondering
9:17 am
where we are in the process and how we ended up here. >> let's go back to the beginning. the afc championship game in 2015 where you could see the ball some underinflated footballs used and bill belichick said it had to do with weather and wasn't mischievous and roger goodell decided there would be a four-game suspension for tom brady, the quarterback of the patriots. the players union appealed the decision and essentially lost. >> he got to keep playing. >> all through last season. now that decision has been overturned by the united states court of appeals of the second circuit. >> so they're saying he down? >> when we got come back in the fall, there's a four-game suspension for tom brady. the interesting thing is the nfl has not commented yet on this.
9:18 am
we could see them -- they may decide he doesn't have to serve and may decide he does. the four-game suspension could start at the beginning of the 2016 season. >> okay, paul callan, this is the second u.s. court of appe s appeals. that sounds like the end of it and effectively, wouldn't be maybe for other cases but this one? >> i think it's the end. there's only one court higher than the second circuit and that's the u.s. supreme court, and i kind of think the u.s. superior court is n supreme court is not going to get involved. and also, the courts like to defer to these private arbitration proceedings because it gets cases out of the court system. it gets them resolved privately. and they very rarely set them aside unless something really egregious happened. interestingly in the decision, the court seemed to say, you know, there's a lot of evidence he did know about the deflation that was going on of the
9:19 am
footballs. so there was adequate ground for the commissioner to hand down this suspension. >> i tend to agree with you only in that it's exciting, people talk about it because it's football and we're passionate when it comes to the supreme court of the united states, it's a whole different set of ideals they're after when they take a case. but this is also a case that could potentially involve hundreds of millions of dollars in all sorts of domino effects. so is there any nugget that you could see in the tom brady case that say they think, maybe you know what? let's settle this once and for all. and it's arbitration. >> you can never say never with the court system. the supreme court could look at it and say there was a sort of constitutional due process violation here that robbed people of the right to use the court system to resolve disputes. i don't think they'll do it because it would affect so many probably hundreds of thousands of private arbitration agreements that go on in every industry in the united states so i kind of think the supreme court will just leave it alone
9:20 am
regardless of the sports fans sitting on the court. >> new wrinkle. crazy wrinkle but i'm just going to throw it at sarah because you can't stump this one. even though this is the nfl's punishment and they effectively come out winning today, there's some talk that they don't have to enforce even their own punishment here. so we may still not see this four-game suspension. it's a weird question, but it's possible? >> totally the nfl's call. it was their suspension, their punishment to begin with. we reached out to them to see if they're going to enforce it come the beginning of the season, 2016. >> it's politics. >> there is politics involved. sports politics involved here. right? because there's been some questions over whether or not roger goodell should have given this punishment in the first place and whether or not this should be his role. there's also a lot of talk as paul mentioned over this and i'm sure will reignite and whether tom brady knew. there's always of these unknowns. we'll see what they do. >> you're still on the assignment. thank you. paul callan as always.
9:21 am
sarah gannon. coming up next, i'm going to switch gears to this intense manhunt going on in ohio. you've probably heard this story. there are relatives of a family right now being warned that they could be the next target, that they should arm themselves after eight of their family members were found slaughtered execution style at four separate crime scenes. it is a bizarre mystery. but there are some clues. we'll tell you about them next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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some live pictures for you now on the campaign trail.
9:26 am
wilmington, delaware. you can see that says working the hill in the background and in rhode island, that is a donald trump event. we're keeping a close eye on both of these events because the donald expected to speak shortly and hillary expected to speak shortly. all ahead of tomorrow's pivotal contest in five states, they're called the apella states because the train zips right through. we'll watch that throughout the hour and the day and watching this big story in ohio. an intense manhunt going on in pike county. police are searching for the killer or the killers of eight members of one family. each of them shot in the head execution style as they slept. their bodies were found at four separate crime scenes and what investigators are calling a series of, quote, well planned execution-style killings. the victims ranged in age from 40 all the way down to just 16 years old. we're now hearing the frantic
9:27 am
9-1-1 call placed by one of the victim's sisters moments after she made a horrendous discovery. >> it's pike county? >> yes. in the bathroom. >> i need you to get out of the house. can you drive over there? >> yes, i can. >> you think they're both dead? >> i think they're both dead. >> we're joined now by cnn's nick valencia. it's just awful to hear that voice of that young woman and now we're also hearing the
9:28 am
sheriff telling surviving family members like her that they should arm themselves if they feel like they might be targets as well. >> yeah. it's a little unsettling when you hear a sheriff to tell the surviving victims to arm themselves. they believe strongly in the second amendment and they are arming themselves. over the weekend, about 100 friends and family spent the days at a local church here to find answers, comfort, anything, really, to just put them at ease here. a lot of people very unsettled but this tragic story took a bizarre and interesting twist yesterday when the attorney general and a local sheriff announced that three major pot-growing operations were found at the residences of those victims. a source close to the investigation tells me these marijuana plants that were found in the vicinity weren't for personal use. they were for something much bigger than that. something much larger. though authorities would not
9:29 am
make the direct connection to these execution style murders being related to drugs. just by the nature though, how they happened, the ruthlessness of them and sleeping next to the four-day old baby shot in the head and fueled a lot of speculation in this community that these murders were tied to drugs. locals have come up to us and told us there is a major drug problem in piketon and methamphetamine and heroin. i spoke directly to the best friend of dana roaden and asked her directly, where the rodens involved in drugs? she said, everyone has skeletons but overall, good people. still though, many people here believe that drugs were involved in the discovery of those grow operations over the weekend announced. it has a lot of people feeling that speculation. ashleigh? >> it's such a mystery. nick valencia live in pike county. thank you. i want to bring in analyst tom
9:30 am
fuentes. you heard the report of one of the friends of the victims. the supposition. the evidence collected. i think that the numbers of pieces of evidence and just other a dozen, little for this number of crime scenes and this kind of a grizzly act. but there was something that stuck out and it was the sheriff when he gave a live news conference asked by one of the reporters. did you know this family? specifically, he was asked, did you know them in a criminal sense? and this was his answer. have a listen. >> was law enforcement familiar with the family prior to this event? >> yes. we have a small family and we're familiar with most people. >> in terms of the criminal sense? >> i won't comment on that. i have never been involved in that family in a criminal nature and i've been in law enforcement locally for 20 years. >> tom fuentes, 20 years in law enforcement. never been involved with that family in a criminal offense and then we hear large scale marijuana growing operations at all four crime scenes. what am i missing?
9:31 am
>> well, i don't know. i think we're all missing something, ashleigh. if those marijuana growing operations had not come to the attention of the authorities, then obviously, the name of the rodens wouldn't come in a criminal sense. that's the possibility here it's a rural enough area they would know people from just being out and about in the community but not know what they're doing on their land that's not in the main view of the public. >> pike county may be rural. but they didn't just fall off the turnip truck there and usually you see law enforcement going to the video tape and surveillance tape to try and find a trail of evidence. but they really seem to be stumped with very few pieces of evidence at this point and an appeal to the public to help. again, my question is, what am i missing with four grizzly crime scenes and eight bodies? >> the crime scenes are at private residences. so we don't know if any of the
9:32 am
residents had alarm systems or camera systems there. the authorities would know and aren't saying. we don't know if there's some other clue that way. and some of the other facts we don't know, for example, and that will be determined after the autopsies when they remove the bullets from the victims and analyze them at the crime lab, do the ballistics analysis, whether how many guns are involved. each residence had a separate gun which indicated a separate shooter. are there multiple guns? that would indicate a team of shooters at every location. that's to be determine and i think the authorities will know the answers soon even if they don't release it publicly. that's another fact as well. if the shots were fired from semiautomatic weapons, pistols, or rifles, were the bullet casings found at the scene or collected by the shooters before they left the scene? so there's more facts to be -- >> that's a great point you just
9:33 am
made because mike dewine said these sophisticated killers did everything to cover up their crime. but i got to ask you. the sheriff said there, i think i heard him say 30,000 or so residents in the community he's served to protect. and he said, i do everything in my decades of serving to protect everyone. but i'm going to tell you right now, i can't be there for all of you at this time. i don't think i've heard a law enforcement expert say something like that publicly. meaning, this is brutal. this may not be over. >> this is what people talk about in many rural areas that if you call the police, if something happens on your property, it may be a half hour before a deputy gets there. we see militia groups formed like neighborhood watch on steroids. not necessarily to overthrow the government but to help people who live in areas that are going to have a long response time and even if it's just his family
9:34 am
being targeted, are more members going to be targeted and if so, what if the shooters go to the wrong address and show up on something that has nothing to do with any of this and kill that family? so he's basically telling the residents of that county that this is a fact of life. we'll get there as quickly as we can. it may not be quick enough. so you'll need to defend yourself in those early moments if someone attacks your home. >> frightening for the people of pike county. tom fuentes, thank you for that. >> you're welcome. coming up, disturbing details about the condition of prince. the musical genius that suddenly dropped dead last week and that emergency plane landing that he made just a few days before he died. also, what's going to happen to the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in his estate and all of the future earnings that he could generate? who gets it? we're going to dig through all of that coming up next. and also, we monitor two live events. you can see hillary clinton speaking to voters in delaware
9:35 am
and also, donald trump set to speak to voters soon in rhode island. we're covering them both live and you'll see them both live after the break. you do all this research on
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got some live pictures of you of hillary clinton. speaking live at an event in wilmington, delaware. delaware is on the list for tomorrow. as well as five eastern states. let's listen? >> it would affect me and my job, my community. i have a plan for more good jobs. infrastructure jobs. our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our ports, our airports, our water systems. [ applause ] and these are good jobs that can't be exported. they've got to be done right here in delaware and across
9:40 am
america. and then i want to do more to bring back advanced manufacturing. there are 1.2 million jobs right now in america for people with skills. welders, tool and dye makers, machinists an othd others that not doing well because we didn't prepare those folks for the job. i want more apprenticeship programs and we provide the businesses with the incentives to have those. i want to support what unions are doing with their apprenticeship programs. i want more high schools working with community colleges to provide more technical education. because there's also a lot of jobs for computer coders.
9:41 am
and other more high-tech kinds of jobs that require skills. so think about what we could do if we take this seriously. and then i want us to make sure that we fight climate change by investing in more clean renewable energy jobs. now, you know, it's a little bit discouraging when you hear the republicans. if they're asked about climate change, you know what they all say. they say, i don't know, i'm not a scientist. they all say it. and so my answer to that is, well, go talk to a scientist. there are a lot of them at the university here. you could go find a scientist at the high schools here who can explain climate change to you. but what's really sad about their denial is there are good
9:42 am
jobs. some country is going to be the 21st century clean energy super power. it's going to be germany, china, or us. i want it to be us. we have the know h-how. we have the technology. i have set some big goals. i want us to deploy half a billion more solar panels by the end of my first term and enough clean power electricity for every home in america. again, these are good jobs. jobs that can't be exported. we also have to do more to support small businesses because that's where most of the good jobs are going to come from in the future. [ applause ] and i am particularly focused on helping small businesses that are started by and run by young people, minorities, and women. >> hillary clinton making her case to the voters in wilmington, delaware, ahead of the five contests tomorrow and
9:43 am
i'll remind you. connecticut, delaware, and pennsylvania. donald trump is doing the same. both fresh off lots of stumping in connecticut yesterday. the donald now set to speak to voters in rhode island. you can see the mikes are ready to go. the people seem quiet and ready for his appearance in rhode island. just as soon as the donald takes to the mike, we'll bring that to you, especially since what happened last night caught everybody by surprise. his two opponents have decided to, how do we say, join forces and a bizarre alliance for three states upcoming? donald trump had a lot to say about that on the twitter but i'm sure he'll have a lot to say about it on the open mike. that's live for you as soon as he takes to the microphone. in the meantime, we've got some strange and troubling new information that's coming in today about those days that led up to the death of the artist, prince. and the incident that forced his plane to make that emergency landing just days before that death.
9:44 am
while not naming names, quad cities airport in illinois confirmed there was an unconscious person on board a private jet in the early morning hours after april 16th. just five days before prince died. ryan young joins me live outside of prince's paisley park studios in chanhassen, minnesota, and cnn legal analyst paul callan is here to talk about the estate and where it all stands now. i'll startyou, ryan. they don't know why that 57-year-old died. >> reporter: no. that's the big question everyone has. even at the memorial side, they want to know why he died. they know five days before, there was an emergency landing and know he cancelled the concerts in atlanta to flu-like symptoms but we did not know about the emergency in terms of how fast and how that plane had to get down to the ground. we hear the new information and the audio released today.
9:45 am
>> what's the nature of the emergency? >> unresponsive passenger. >> was it a male or female? >> male passenger. >> reporter: and i want to make a point here. after the emergency landing, we do believe there was some medical aid rendered but we talk to people in the community who saw prince on the same day and he went to a record store and talked to people he always talked about tweeting about being there and then held a party here at paisley park that night. it's unbelievable that after that situation, he was able to have then a party here at his place where people said he showed up for about five or ten minutes, played audio from that atlanta recording, and then said, don't worry. you don't have to pray for me. and then just some astonishing new details in terms of putting the timeline together. >> it is just so perplexing how that sort of timeline could have been as it were. ryan young continuing to watch for details as they emerge in
9:46 am
minnesota. thank you for that. speaking of minnesota, what is the law saying in minnesota about the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that prince is currently worth and the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that he could be worth in the future? where does that money go? >> ashleigh, we could be talking about billions of dollars worth of assets considering how popular prince was. how his estate is handled will be governed by minnesota law because he was a resident in minnesota but the real thing is did he have a will or not? if he had a will, that will can specify who is going to get the money and who's going to manage the estate but frankly, a lot of celebrities who kind of have this feeling that they're going to live forever don't do wills and they're not good about planning their future life. so that remains to be seen. >> he is one of the most meticulous businessmen in the industry, or he was. he was fiercely protective of his copy right.
9:47 am
it's hard to believe a man like that wouldn't have thought ahead for the unforeseen. >> i would agree with you on that. >> but if he didn't, he's got no children. he has one full sister. several siblings. some have died. half siblings. what does minnesota law say about that? >> and he's got some ex-wives as well. minnesota law says that the heir to the estate, the living heirs to the estate would inherit. so we would have to know, and by the way, the closest sister is thai ka nelson, the most likely person to inherit if there's no will but of course, we have to find out how many other siblings. some are half brothers and sisters as you've mentioned. also, how will this conflict with any existing written agreements that are in place and then there's another thing. >> charity. >> it's not only charity but it's what i call the unknown relative. let's say there's somebody out there who claims to be a son or daughter of prince by a
9:48 am
relationship. if that were to occur, we have no evidence that it will, but it has in other cases, that person could inherit. it's a complicated situation. >> and then there's the irs to play a large role there as well. >> they're going to get 45% to 50%. you can be sure of that. >> paul callan, we'll continue to watch. there's a lot of mysteries and i think he wanted it that way but state law comes in when the mystery of a will isn't there. thank you for that. coming up, we'll turn our attention to a police shooting of a 12-year-old boy. you may well remember he was waving a pellet gun but shot dead by police who mistook it for a real gun and now the city of cleveland has decided to settle with his family. how much? and does that put an end to everything when it comes to the controversy over tunier rice? not in your life. you don't. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios, you get to pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for just $15.99.
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. we're following the breaking news about a heartbreaking ch t chapter in the case of tunir rice. they're settling the wrongful
9:53 am
death lawsuit by tamir's family. they're not going to admit wrongdoing. you may remember he was shot and killed by an officer who mistook the 12-year-old's pellet gun for an actual gun. the grand jury declined to indict the officers. jeffrey toobin is back with me. i'm not sure if it's surprising to see this settlement but effectively ends everything for the family in terms of pursuing the city. >> yes. in terms of a civil settlement, it does. in a very controversial decision, the district attorney in cleveland decided not to prosecute the officer for any sort of criminal offense in connection with tamir's death. the federal government is following up but those sorts of civil rights violations rarely lead to criminal charges. likely, this is the end of everything. >> you think that's the end. even with the federal government looking with the microscope at
9:54 am
this incident prior to tamir dying, they were looking at the cleveland police department and had found infractions there. does that mean the doj has done its duty working with the department and being more myopic on this case is unnecessary? >> i think they're separate things. you have the constitutional problems institutional problems of the cleveland police department and this shooting. they're not related and it's possible the federal government could file charges against the officer who fired the shots. it's just that it's unlikely when the local district attorney fails to file charges, the doj finds any difference. there's the issue of the money. a lot of people wonder, will they see that $6 million? how soon would they see the $6 million? will it get chop down for any
9:55 am
particular reason? the check is almost written as signed. >> usually, the plaintiff's lawyers take a third. so that's a big chunk right there. but in a settlement, there are no appeals. this money goes to the family. now, it is worth keeping in mind that these horrible police shootings in addition to being tragic are incredibly expensive for these cities. that money is coming from the taxpayers of cleveland. in chicago where there have been any number of settlements like this, it has become a huge drain on the budget. so when you have these bad police shootings, it's not just a family tragedy, it is also a community tragedy. >> it's a community before the money even comes in. it's a community tragedy. >> yes. and a lot of money when it adds up. >> that speaks volumes how communities react to these things as well. just traumatized by them. thank you, jeffrey toobin. appreciate it. we're still waiting to hear from the gop front-runner, donald
9:56 am
trump torks s trump, to see if he talks about the brand new surprising team-up that was just announced last night between governor john kasich and senator ted cruz. they're basically going to work together when it comes to three states but not the other states. donald trump's been loud on the twitter but he's about to get an open mike. you're going to hear his remarks and they're expected at the top of the hour. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together.
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 8:00 p.m. in damascus, syria. 1:30 a.m. tuesday morning in pyongya pyongyang, north korea. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we'll be hearing from the republican presidential front-runner, donald trump. the republican candidate


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