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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> reporter: one thing you rarely see trump eat, his words. >> bites this big. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> it is disgusting. >> reporter: new york. >> oh, thank you so much for joining us. ac 360 starts now. good evening, if you wanted to compare the republican race for the white house to a reality show, the obvious show would be the apprentice. frontrunner donald trump once hosted that show after all, all of a sudden it turned into survivor with two contenders forming alliance to stop the frontrunner's momentum before tribal council, namely the convention in july. trump and john kasich have events happening now. you're looking at live pictures, the alliance is between kasich and ted cruz who joined together to try to divide and conquer upcoming primary states. the way the alliance is supposed to work, like everything else about the race, more complicated, more than murky.
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five states vote tomorrow. cruz and kasich look at contests that are later. cruz says he will concede new mexico and oregon to kasich and focus on indiana. it is unprecedented genius tactical move or desperate attempt to stop momentum that has so far proven unstoppable. take a guess which way donald trump sees it. here is what he said at a rally in pennsylvania a short time ago. >> so we had some big news today. you had lying ted announce that he can't win by himself. he cannot do it. you know, he is a choker. he cannot do it. so he said let me form a partnership which i call, what do we call it, go ahead. go ahead. what do we call it? let me form. called collusion, folks. called collusion. i wrote up something. but here's a guy couldn't fight by himself, he was saying how
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well he did. look, he's lying ted. he holds the bible high and then he lies. he puts it down. lying ted. >> sarah murray is following the trump campaign and joins us now. what more can you tell us about reaction to that. >> reporter: anderson, he doesn't seem very worried about this chance. throughout the course of the day he called kasich and cruz pathetic, losers. heard him moments ago calling ted cruz -- one thing, he is going hard saying in a way it is worse than we saw before kasich won ohio. it will be interesting to see how he fairs after that. >> how is the trump campaign feeling the day before five primaries tomorrow. >> reporter: the campaign feels
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very confident going into tomorrow. these are five states they feel like they're on solid ground. right here in pennsylvania, the trump campaign is trying to show it has its act together in terms of organization. a state with a number of unbound delegates. they're putting up a slate, held a conference call with delegates. trying to prove they can be organized, not just in the polls but the delegate fight. >> sarah murray. thanks. what's behind the timing of this? i will be speaking with governor kasich later this hour. let's check in with the cruz campaign. sunlen s sunlen joins me now. >> reporter: anderson, cruz's campaign is standing in the poll changed since then, standing in the races changed. the cruz campaign was first approached by this nearly two monltsz ago, then they wouldn't
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even entertain the idea at all. cruz preferring to call john kasich a spoiler in the race. fast forward to today, now cruz has no mathematical path to get to 1237 without a contested convention, so i think the fact that they are striking this alliance speaks to their reality at the moment, and standing of their campaign, really speaking again to how much of a hail mary pass last ditch effort this is for his campaign going forward. >> it is interesting. even after the announcement, cruz is trying to down play the alliance. >> reporter: absolutely. it was fascinating to watch on the campaign trail today. senator cruz almost validating, explaining the alliance, and as you know downplaying the significance, as nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. the way he framed it, this was just a decision about allocating resources that made sense for each of our cam pains.
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what's most striking, how senator cruz played up what this meant for the kasich campaign. he almost announced at the rally numerous times today, announcing that there was big news, that john kasich announced they're pulling out of indiana. the fact that he framed it that way played up his end of the bargain, what kasich gave, and he didn't mention his end of the bargain, that he had to concede new mexico and oregon. interesting the way he was word tg. >> thanks so much. an unusual move between cruz and kasich. the question is whether the strategy is a turning point or create more of a fragmentation in the republican party. joining me now, sean spicer, communication director for the rnc. sean, this deal, donald trump calls it collusion, saying it is illegal in any other business besides politics s he right? >> no, candidates are free to pursue whatever strategy is in their best interest. they can go to places they want,
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spend time and resource, hire who they want, each has to be satisfied with the strategy they choose when it is all said and done. >> this is totally acceptable by rnc standards, this deal? >> it is not a question of acceptable or unacceptable, that's not our job. our job is to make sure we have a fair, transparent process to compete for the nomination. not to decide what's a smart tactic or wise use of resources. is it permitted? absolutely. >> have you seen anything like it? >> not that i can recall, this has been the most interesting cycle in anyone's history, in modern politics. >> does it bolster to serve the argument, trump's argument, that the system is somehow rigged, that people, the establishment working together to deny him the nomination? >> look, the system has always been out for everyone to see. the process has been out in the open for all to see. end of the day, it is our party's nomination, delegates are elected by grass roots that will not only decide the nominee
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for president and vice president but pass a set of rules by which the party will live by for four years. those delegates are chosen by grass roots voters from coast to coast. that's the process we used since 1856. >> this alliance is unprecedented, they're not working together to secure the nomination for themselves, at least not before the convention, that's not mathematically possible at this point, they're now attempting to deny trump any path to get there. >> okay. look, i understand that, there's ways. if donald trump does get to 1237 bound delegates, i said it before, i'm say it again, he becomes the presumptive nominee. full stop, end of story. i think at some point other campaigns realize if they can't mathematically get there, there's a employ to deny somebody else and make the case to delegates, especially unbound delegates going into cleveland. >> by definition, isn't this some form of collusion? >> again, i'm not sure i fully
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understand all of the details. i know sunlen was going through the cruz campaign's discussion or comments today. it is not really for me to define what it is. if they have a strategy that wants them to work with another campaign to achieve an outcome, that's up to them. there's nothing illegal about it. >> i know the rnc launched a website, to understand the nomination process better. how important is complete transparency, how important is that going to be if this goes to contested convention? already seems to be a lot of people, candidates included, that don't necessarily have faith in the process. >> that's true and i appreciate it. we haven't seen this since 1976 when we have gone to circumstance there hasn't been a presumptive nominee. for most folks involved in party politics, they haven't lived through this. it is incumbent on us in the rnc to explain the process by which delegates are allocated and
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selected. then if we go to contested convention, make sure it is transparent and fair. the world will see the democratic process at work. people can watch the process unfold, watch delegates make selection, watch us unite around a nominee. just ahead, what trump supporters say about the cruz, kasich alliance. gary tuckman went in to talk to fans. and we will talk to governor kasich about why he decided to cut this deal with rival, ted cruz, whether he is worried they've given trump new ammunition in the battle for votes. ♪ what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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the presidential candidates are heading to another round of crucial primaries tomorrow in five northeastern states. in the republican states, a new alliance escalated the drama. ted cruz and john kasich are teaming up to stop donald trump from securing the nomination. mr. trump calling it outright collusion, saying it is proof the system is rigged. gary tuckman talked to some supporters in pennsylvania. >> reporter: they keep arriving earlier and earlier to trump rallies. the people in front arriving ten hours before the candidate showed up.
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and they keep getting more angry at his competitors. >> i am totally against the colluding. it is sad that two grown men, two candidates have to do this when they have no shot. >> reporter: the decision by ted cruz and john kasich to cut a deal in indiana, oregon, new mexico to try to stop trump is not being well received. >> i think they're going to do anything dirty they can. they're threatened by mr. trump. they know no one controls him. he doesn't owe anyone favors. >> reporter: the loyalty that donald trump has cultivated since his first rallies this past summer is readily apparent. with the behind the scenes delegate battles, cruz and kasich banding together, what is also becoming apparent, to many donald trump is becoming a political martyr. i think trump is being victimized by the system. >> do you think trump is being victimized? you do? why do you think. >> he wants to make things right again in america and the other
5:15 pm
ones don't. >> i think it is funny. i think at the end of the day it is giving trump more supporters and attention, making them look worse. it is back firing on them, that's what i think. >> you feel it is wrong? >> yeah. >> why do you feel it is wrong? >> they're ganging up on him, they have no other way of winning. only way to win, the majority of americans want trump. they want to take it away. >> reporter: everyone we talked to says they believe the move by governor kasich and senator cruz will help trump, it helps reinforce the us against them narrative. many say trump should stay on the offensive and not worry about those that say he doesn't act presidential. >> your son, a medical student, said i want to call the opponent crooked or a liar, what would you say? >> it is not nice. >> why is it okay if donald trump does that running for president of the united states? >> oh, gosh, i don't know. maybe it is not really that nice that he says it but -- >> but you are okay with it when he does?
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>> yeah. it is donald trump. >> gary joins us now. both ted cruz and john kasich say not only trump will lose general election, but he will cause damage to the gop. what do trump supporters, clearly they're not buying that line. >> reporter: many people are concerned about the future of the republican party. for a very different reason. they believe if donald trump doesn't get the nomination, it will mean he was cheated out of it, and therefore they don't plan to vote in november. the election is six and a half months away. a lot of things could happen. that doesn't bode well for the republican party. the women's group i talked to, about 20, 25 women there, asked if ted cruz gets the nomination, how many of you would support ted cruz, none of them raised their hands. two said they would consider john kasich. >> gary tuckman, thanks. a lot to discuss with the panel. joining me the executive editor of cnn politics ander obviously lewis, and jeff ee lord, trump
5:17 pm
supporter. is this a hail mary pass by cruz and kasich to stop trump? >> mitt romney had a better idea about doing it. mitt romney said where you're running strong, all republican voters, that was a better plan. the candidates themselves haven't endorsed their nonalliance. yeah. i suppose if it worked and they rolled it out eight weeks ago, it could be useful. the notion that it is collusion is crazy. donald trump is the art of the deal guy, the weakest frontrunner we've had. his job is solidifying support to do what cruz and kasich are supposedly doing. >> they are colluding. >> collusion implies fraudulent pejorative purpose. this isn't fraudulent. this is legal. >> does it make sense to not go all the way and say if you're kasich, say to my voters don't vote for me in this state, vote for cruz? they're not doing that. >> i think that would be the way to go, if this is a real pass
5:18 pm
and you want the receiver to catch it, yes, you do that, because strategic voting is a hard sell. i think margaret is right, had you done it a couple weeks ago, would have made a difference like many things and attacks on donald trump during the primary, they've all felt like too little too late, much like when mitt romney endorsed or did not endorse at the time, i thought maybe if he did it prenevada, may have made a difference. you get things that come a little late. >> it is very weird. it seems like a deal between two campaign managers where they did this kind of -- literally, we're not going to open offices in these states, going to close offices in these states. it is the most inside baseball kind of campaign minutia, which then they put out a press release about without clearly having candidates, especially kasich as far as i can tell, we will hear from him shortly, without having him lined up to say yeah, people in indiana should probably vote for ted
5:19 pm
cruz, he doesn't want to say that. >> the timing and bobbling of it are indicative of why donald trump is the leader thus far, even with a small plurality. >> do you think this will force the trump campaign to shift strategy for the states at all? >> no. i think frankly this was a mistake. it is certainly a mistake on senator cruz's part. this is the guy that made his bones as the anti-establishment person. between he and donald trump, they're getting 70 to 80% in the primaries. all of a sudden he darts to the other side. that can't help but damage him. aside from that, i think this is admission that they're in trouble, big trouble, as governor kasich said, he doesn't have the resources to keep going on in sort of a stylish fashion that you would want your candidate to do. it is pretty much admission that they have a big problem on their hands. >> do you think it will back fire? >> i don't know if it will back
5:20 pm
fire. i would suggest that they do it more carefully in the sense that for example, super pacs are not on board. the president of one of them supporting ted cruz said they're running ads in indiana attacking john kasich. they weren't signatories to the deal. only the campaigns can do that. and they have reason to have trump one on one, still something that might be in their grasp. one thing to keep in mind, as bad and if you mefumbling it wo can't see them getting more than 50%. the not trump vote is still majority. they have every reason to try to make that will of the people sort of -- >> they were both mathematically eliminated from the race, it was their only shot to capture the point. the bottom line is that this came too late.
5:21 pm
they could have had marco rubio in it. we discussed this for months. they could have had marco rubio. if they could have kept him in the race, divide up the pie more, donald trump wouldn't have gotten to 1237. the fight would go to the floor. we would have seen what happened. marco rubio decided to get out. here is where we are. the fact of the matter is, at no other time do i think in the past few weeks have we seen trump as strong as he is now after new york, heading into five states. >> one more thing about trump. no one owes him a nomination. he has to get to 1237. it helps him to act like someone owes him a nomination, but these guys can work together to foil that on behalf of the sometimes 60% who do not want trump to be the nominee. they're going to do that. funny the argument for him to say don't use the rules in your favor when the entire rationale for the business is i use the rules from the government to get what i need. >> ted cruz is selling this publicly as well, john kasich decided to pull out of indiana to allow a head to head matchup,
5:22 pm
which is sort of one way of looking at it. >> it is insane cruz spin. cruz is kryptonite in the northeast. nobody likes him in the northeast. north has been eviscerate frd the republican party, cruz will be annihilated tomorrow. the only chance would be a strong kasich. >> in fairness, yes, cruz, his numbers in the northeast are terrible. kasich's numbers in the northeast have not been that great. kasich i can, the theory of kasich is that he would perform, at least get 30 or 40% in states like connecticut. >> why this alliance is unraveling. >> jeffrey, go ahead. >> anderson, we talked before about our colleague, michael smerconish, in which he said months ago that the human ego is involved here. these people are going to point fingers and say no, you get out, no, you get out. that's exactly what's happening.
5:23 pm
now we are down to two left. ted cruz and john kasich and they're pointing fingers in their own fashion at the other guy waiting for him to get out, and it is not going to happen. >> in fairness to cruz, john kasich won one -- isn't this one of trump's new nicknames for him, 1 for 38 john. yes, they're both pointing fingers, but kasich is in a more ridiculous position. >> trump has no ego, that won't be in play. >> can't be the only one taking on donald trump if you are third in the entire northeast. fundamental weakness of -- >> the northeast is not territory that, you know, republican nominee is likely to contest in the fall. >> do you think if this had been done earlier -- >> no doubt. if this would done earlier, donald trump wouldn't get to 1237, had they put in more people to divide the pie. >> i disagree.
5:24 pm
>> if you look at wisconsin, right, if you rerun wisconsin with marco rubio in the race, you can imagine a scenario, state after state after state, he won states like missouri that he would have lost if rubio was out of the race. there was a series of border south, midwestern states where a three man race would be worse for trump than the four or five man race he would have had. you could have had trump win wisconsin with 36% of the vote or something, then we would really be guaranteed a trump nomination. >> look, this is what i find interesting about trump. specifically hearing from republicans, they say he is not a majority candidate, he is the weakest frontrunner. both true. he also won in the south, also won in the west, and he is going to win in the northeast tomorrow. it is an interesting parallel that we are talking about. somebody who is not majority frontrunner but winning around the country in the primaries. >> it is interesting, cruz today in indiana said, i want to get
5:25 pm
that quote right, said the alliance with kasich is, quote, entirely about the will of the people. does that make sense to you? will of the people, who they vote for? >> it is the will of the people, but an argument they haven't been good of making consistently, as we heard from interviews, man on the street, the reality is you want people to care not just about the candidate, kasich or cruz, but you want people to care about the party. that's kind of the argument they're making, the not trump argument is he will be disastrous for the party. that has all kinds of implications further down the ticket for the meaning of the party as a whole, as party activist, you should care about it. they make a sophisticated argument. people you interviewed that wait ten hours to see donald trump, they don't seem to care much about that, haven't thought through should the candidate or nominee of the republican party be acting better or worse than a six-year-old. until the candidates that are part of the alliance make that
5:26 pm
case, i think they're going to have one frustration after another. >> jeffrey lord, earlier today senator cruz's campaign threw out carly fiorina's name as upon vp. why float that now? >> yeah. i mean i really do think they're desperate, doing everything, not to minimize carly fiorina. had she done better in the process, she might have been a reasonable choice for anybody that emerged as nominee. the fact of the matter is she didn't do well here. one of the things a nominee is looking for is somebody who has been able to carry states, who has been able to demonstrate an ability to win. at this point, frankly, that means ted cruz, as unlikely as i think it will be at this point or governor kasich who won ohio even. but somebody who hasn't been able to win is not going to be very high up the scale on a
5:27 pm
potential vice presidential list. >> what donald trump said he would look for, somebody with washington experience that can help him work with congress. >> his opposite. just ahead, governor john kasich joins me live. i will ask him why he decided to team up with his rival, ted cruz, how that alliance will work in the weeks ahead, sends mixed messages in the campaign. i'll ask him about that next. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i gonna need you to leave.
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by cutting an unexpected deal, ted cruz and john kasich gave the primary race another roller coaster turn. the deal is cruz conceding oregon and new mexico and kasich conceding indiana. today governor kasich seemed to paint a different picture. >> i don't see this as any big deal, other than the fact i'm not going to spend resources in indiana, he won't spend in other places. so what. what's the big deal. i haven't told them not to vote for me. we have limited resources. >> governor kasich joins me from pennsylvania where he is
5:32 pm
campaigning this super tuesday. governor, thanks for being with us. today ted cruz said you decided to pull out of indiana in order to give him a head to head contest with donald trump. is that how you characterize this deal? >> well, since i'm not there campaigning, anderson, it is clearly what's happened. i don't tell voters what to do, it's up to them. you always husband your resources in a campaign, and they want a husband, resources in certain places, we want to husband ours. you don't have all of the money in the world, you have to spend it where it makes the most sense. that's part of the reason i left wisconsin and didn't spend a bunch of money there. we're pleased with this agreement, we'll just go forward. it is all designed to stop hillary clinton. >> before that, you have to stop donald trump, and to the people of indiana now, just so i'm clear, should they not vote for you when they go to polls if they support you? your campaign co-chair said you're asking supporters to vote
5:33 pm
for cruz. >> anderson, i am not -- i don't tell voters anything, i'm not there campaigning and it speaks for itself. >> how much impact will this have? if you wanted to make sure trump is denied the most delegates, shouldn't you instruct your supporters to vote for cruz? >> anderson, we can run our campaign the way we want to. when you run for president, you can run yours the way you want to. in all seriousness, what i said stands. i am not in indiana, i am not campaigning. i also don't run around telling voters what to do. clearly at this point, you know, there are people there that are not going to see resources spent there for a reason, we want to husband our resources for other places, same as the cruz people want to do that as well. i don't see this as that big of a deal. i know it is like a bombshell to everybody, i heard what you said in this race, everything is always unchanging, but look, i would like to see open
5:34 pm
convention, ted cruz would like to see an open convention, and i think trump would not. he's afraid if he goes to open convention, he has no chance of winning. think about new hampshire. he beat me in new hampshire, i finished second. in reset poll of those that voted in that primary selected me over donald trump. that's called buyer's remorse. we all want to get to a convention where we can elect a person with the best chance to beat hillary clinton and best person to be president. no more complicated than that. >> as you know, trump is describing this deal as weak, pathetic, calling it collusion, saying if you collude in business, they put you in jail. what do you say to that? >> i really don't care what donald trump has to say. the man is full of insults, he has been insulting me all day. i kind of chuckle. it is humor us, i don't have comment for mr. trump. the trump people are desperate, fearful we will end up in open convention. i have been saying it two months, i have been on ac 360,
5:35 pm
saying all along nobody will have enough delegates, we will get to the convention, delegates will look at who they would like to see as president. remember, of ten republican contested conventions, seven times the person going in there didn't have the majority of the delegates. it's the way it works. >> as far as you're concerned, what your message is, this deal with cruz is an economic one, about saving resources for where you think you can do best? >> that's what all of us do. i mean, we don't want to go places and spend money in places we can't win. so the idea that, you know, that i am going to target those places i can do best, he will target those places he can do best, that's terrific. i don't see anything wrong and i don't see anything earth shaking about that. that's sort of the end of it. >> to folks in indiana, you say if they support you, they should vote for you? >> anderson we already covered this ground. i said what i have to say about indiana. >> do you see you doing this
5:36 pm
more in the future? why just these three states. >> well, i know we want to get to an open convention, we want to beat hillary clinton. look, the focus is who can win. if we don't win, we lose the supreme court, we lose the united states senate, we will lose races from the courthouse to the statehouse. we believe an open convention is the best way for the republican party to win and advance its cause. and for me, i participate in a way where i can apply my resources where i can have the best results. senator cruz does the same thing. you know what teddy roosevelt used to say, bully. >> tomorrow night, what are you looking for? five states are having primaries. >> i think we're going to do well. we are looking forward to tomorrow. i don't make predictions, we're going to pick up delegates virtually everywhere. delaware is probably winner take all, i don't know how that will fair, but we are optimistic what will happen tomorrow night.
5:37 pm
>> do you have a state you think you'll do best? >> anderson, anything i predict will be held against me. we'll wait for tomorrow. then at the end of the night, i'm have something to say about how we do. i appreciate your interview. i know sometimes not getting, you know, it may be frustrating to you, but in campaigns you have to be smart about the way you spend your resources. and we do want to stop hillary, i'll tell you that. thank you. >> governor kasich, always a pleasure. thank you. up next, democrats, hillary clinton, bernie sanders campaigning in philadelphia ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday vote. one of them is looking way beyond tomorrow. % try to eat he yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. the e-class has driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic.
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5:42 pm
on the campaign trail, trying to look ahead. on the eve of primaries in five states, clinton is taking aim at donald trump. >> donald trump says wages are too high in america, doesn't support raising minimum wage. i said come out of those towers, named for yourself, actually talk and listen to people. >> reporter: clinton ratcheting up attacks on the frontrunner at a campaign stop in delaware. >> don't just fly that big jet in, land it. make a speech, insult everybody, and get back on the big jet and go to your country clubhouse in florida or penthouse in new york. >> reporter: trying to position herself as the unifying alternative to trump. releasing an ad called love and kindness. >> america is stronger when we are all supporting one another. >> as clinton looks to the
5:43 pm
general election, practically ignoring bernie sanders in her stump speech, sanders is fully engaged in his primary battle. hitting clinton in connecticut today. >> let me take a moment to talk about some of the differences between secretary clinton and myself. i am proud to come before you and tell me i do not have a super pac. >> reporter: trailing in the pledge delegate count, sanders pushed back on critics that say he can't catch up to clinton on cnn's state of the union. >> i think we have a path to victory, i think we have come a very long way in the last year, and we're going to fight for every last vote until california and d.c. primary. >> reporter: as clinton faces criticism from sanders, she's getting consideration from an unlikely place. conservative mega donor, billionaire charles koch said sunday it is possible clinton could be better than the gop
5:44 pm
nominee. >> we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. some of the republican candidates, before we could support them, we have to believe their actions would be different than the read rick we've heard so far. >> people denied climate science, make it harder for people to vote. >> back to our panel, joining the conversation, christine quinn, supporter of women in need. and sanders supporter, democratic strategist. does it telegraph how important the platform is getting changes? >> i have no doubt that senator
5:45 pm
sanders will point -- he doesn't want somebody like donald trump or ted cruz in the white house to pick the next supreme court nominee, doesn't want someone that moves us backwards on a woman's right to choose. doesn't want someone that will come out against gay marriage and lgbt rights. in a similar way, i have been in a place senator sanders is in, you're in a race, a race you worked hard for, in your head you know you're not going to win. in your heart, you've got to keep fighting, keep going. what he said today is one of those end of a hard fought campaign that isn't going to prevail i think at the end he fully supports the secretary, i have no doubt his supporters will. >> in some speeches, sanders is drawing parallels to secretary clinton, others he is barely mentioning. >> he won eight of the last ten primary and caucuses. as much as we want to look at
5:46 pm
new york as a major win, only picked up 33 pledge delegates. both need to get to that 2384 pledge delegate mark. superdelegate is don't count, that's the rules of the dnc. the secretary is trying to create psychological messages that she's inevitable. that's a great campaign tactic. listed potential vp nominations. she hasn't been able to budge that 250 difference in two and a half months and her momentum shifted. she could win the next five states and still won't get to the pledge delegate mark. we have california coming. 475 pledge delegates and they're tied in california. bernie sanders and his supporters are planning to push it out as far as possible, to the convention floor, where he might come down to superdelegate is. >> it is a narrow path, if anything. he would need hillary clinton's
5:47 pm
campaign to implode or for something to happen to her. bernie sanders right now, i think it is all about gracefully getting there. he does have a place to go. he can go back to the u.s. senate. it is extremely powerful. he needs to go back and make sure he continues to have this powerful liberal backing behind him, and doesn't see that control to elizabeth warren who is waiting in the wings, who was the leader for the past couple years of this movement that bernie sanders came in and took over. >> last thing he wants is to go back to the united states senate with a republican in the white house and last thing he wants is to go back there in any way have people able to point a finger, say he helped to facilitate that. >> yesterday, bernie sanders saying the democratic party hasn't been fair. >> look, this is by the way a complaint he made for months that the establishment is lined up against him. there's something to that. there are a number of people didn't like that he is
5:48 pm
independent. lot of people don't like that he hasn't raised money for other democratic candidates when there's other stuff at stake besides the white house, namely control of the senate and other races. yeah, they haven't been terribly helpful. the rules, if you think back to when there were a handful of debates on a sunday afternoon or something like that, that was pretty much the same strategy we see secretary clinton resort to now, treat him as a nonentity. say if you want press, you have to get it yourself. >> as a sanders supporter, how important is that platform. if he is not the candidate, is that something that is important? >> i think that what bernie represents is not bernie, not the u.s. senator bernie sanders, it is the movement of movements. he has several movements from black lives matter to veterans to union members. they're all coming together on a platform that i think is to reform the democratic party. if we look at it, i wrote a list of since 2008, the democratic party lost 69 house seats, 13 senate seats.
5:49 pm
910 state legislator seats, 30 state legislature chambers. something is not working in the democratic party. what bernie sanders is going to do, he is going to say you need to reform the democratic party, make it less about finding the best salespeople. right now, the viability of candidacy for the democratic party is how much money you can raise, not what you represent. and that's how we get things done in washington. >> there's much talked about the sanders campaign. i want to be clear, senator sanders deserves tremendous credit for amplifying important issues, putting them outfront. to call it a movement of movements, look at who is supporting him, look at the greater diversity secretary clinton has in her support, by his own admission senator sanders said he couldn't win in the southern part of the country. hard to call it a movement of movements when there's a lacking in diversity, and even among younger voters where he is doing better, no question. in new york, she won 25 --
5:50 pm
>> it is a close primary. you have to keep in mind, under 50 -- we are losing 10% of the democratic party to independents. those under 50 are primarily independents. he wins every demographic under the age of 45. >> thank the panel. we will hear some musical tributes, including bruce springsteen and "purple rain" and more politics as well.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
prince song. three days after his death, 2.3 million songs were sold. could be weeks before results of friday's autopsy are made public. new details emerge about his final days. every day people continue to remember him in song. >> reporter: the boss honoring prince this weekend. bruce springsteen one of many artists and performers paid tribute to prince since his death while fans flock to his home in droves. inside paisley park, a gathering of those closest to him. >> very somber, it was sad. that's what was challenging yesterday, listening to his music at a very low volume and the room very low in light. everyone taking a moment, sitting there, going wow, disbelief. i don't know that he really knew
5:55 pm
how he touched almost everyone in this world. >> reporter: amid memorials. ♪ purple rain, purple rain. >> reporter: we are getting new information about days leading up to his death. newly released recordings from the air traffic control communication as they make an emergency landing to rush prince to the hospital. it happened just this past friday after his last show in atlanta. >> what's the nature of the emergency. >> an unresponsive passenger. >> was it a male or female? >> it is a male passenger. >> reporter: just a day later, prince felt well enough to visit his favorite music store. >> he showed up on record store day, this past saturday, which he gave us a lot of love in the morning with a great tweet. he seemed fine and i'm no, you know, doctor or judge of character or whatever, but you know, he seemed perfectly fine.
5:56 pm
i would have never in a million years guessed he was under the weather, in bad health or whatever. still just like surreal. >> reporter: prince would have a party that night, reassuring fans he was feeling fine. but just five days later he was found dead in his elevator at paisley park. >> what about plans to memorialize prince, what have you learned? >> reporter: that's the big conversation now. we have been hearing about a musical tribute should happen in the next few months. no one has the details yet. anderson, a lot of people are waiting to see whaechs next, especially with paisley park behind me. some people hope it turns into graceland like memorial to the singer. >> thanks. up next, another hour of 360, including the latest on ted cruz and john kasich joining forces. will it work? what does trump have to say
5:57 pm
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welcome to another hour of 360. donald trump said over and over on the campaign trail if he is elected president, he will make the best deals, no one will make better deals. tonight there's a deal between john kasich and ted cruz, and all about trying to stop trump's momentum. five states vote tomorrow. cruz and kasich are looking further ahead, deciding to stay t