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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 25, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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and that does it for us tonight. cnn with don lemon starts right now. two huge stories tonight. the investigation into the death of a legend and the battle for the white house on the eve of super tuesday. there is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. voters in five states head to the polls in a matter of hours. and the gop is in turmoil over a cruz-kasich deal straight out of "the apprentice." >> lying ted announced he can't win by himself. he cannot do it. he's a joker. he can not do it. so he said let me form a partnership which i call, what do we call it? go ahead.
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go ahead. what do we call it? let me form -- it's called ka collusion, folks zbloiven. i don't respond to donald trump. are you kidding me? >> for those supporters of john kasich either here or at home, there may be issues on which we disagree but more united states us. >> meanwhile, the gloves are off for hillary clinton. >> whether donald trump and ted cruz say some of the things they say, it's not only offensive, it can be dangerous. >> plus, the prince investigation. what happened on his private plane? >> what's the nature of the emergency? what is the nature of the medical condition? >> unresponsive passenger. >> we have the latest details on. that also, my exclusive interview with prince's muse. she saw a different side of the prince and she is speaking out tonight. we have a lot to get to in the next two hours. want to begin with sarah murray
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with the trump campaign in pennsylvania. good evening, sayer yachlt you're at the trump rally in pennsylvania tonight where republican front-runner just finished a day long attack on the cruz-kasich alliance. what is the latest? what can you tell us? >> that's right. donald trump doesn't seem to be particularly threatened necessarily by this alliance. his campaign still feels like they're in a very strong position. but you know what donald trump is like when he is attacked. he said today just unloading on john kasich and ted cruz. take a listen to what he will to say tonight. >> so we have some big news today. you had lying ted announce he can't win by himself. he can't k. not do it. you know, he's a joker. can he cannot do it. so he said let me form a partnership which i call -- what do we call it? go ahead. could ahead. what do we call him? let me form -- it's called collusion, folks. it's called collusion.
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>> and, don, this is what it has been like with donald trump all day. he has called them losers. he called them pathetic. he made fun of the way john kasich is and tonight at this night, he even said it's time for both of them to get out of the race because they have no path forward and time to unite behind trump. >> what did ted cruz and john kasich really hope to get out of this, sarah? >> ted cruz is hoping for a win. he is hoping for john kasich getting out o the race means he can notch a victory in indiana. but for john kasich, it's trickier. this is a campaign strained on resources. it gives him a little air cover, a little time to work on the delegates, on conference calls rather than to be out there and campaigning. it also keeps them in the nar narrative. i sends a signal, i'll be in the race in may, in june. that's as important to them at this point than anything. what they really want is a contested convention and above all, what both of these guys swabt to keep trump below 1237
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d delegates. >> i understand there's a reason you're not inside. why is that? >> that we are outside this arena, one, because donald trump left early tonight. the circus is coming to town. you can't see it. over my right shoulder is a tent full of cages and potentially animals that will be headed inside for the circus. so unfortunately, couldn't show you the beautiful campaign rally inside. you're just getting the beautiful parking lot instead. >> i'll keep my mouth closed on that one. thank you very much. appreciate that. now i want to bring in cnn's chief correspondent and cnn politics executive editor. why were you smiling, mark? we both were smiling. the circus has already come to town. politics this season is crazy. >> it is crazy. no more elephants in the circus though. >> yeah. dana, since you're out, there i want -- since you're on the campaign trail, i want to ask you this. this idea of teaming up to stop trump, it's -- people find it a
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little odd. they were pushing for an alliance. they even got mitt romney to make a call. but then cruz didn't have time. he couldn't be bothered. what changed? >> not just that he couldn't be bothered, don, more importantly the campaign team thought it was a crazy idea because at the time what -- let's say, a week ago, they thought that -- and they actually rightfully did still have a mathematical path to the nomination before the convention. that no longer exists. thanks in large part to the fact that right where you are in new york, ted cruz got zero delegates last tuesday. so now it is time for ted cruz to try to be more strategic and that is why his campaign manager and the top aide to john kasich and that man's name is john weaver who had been as we reported to you more than a no ago, trying desperately to get to cruz cam top do this long
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ago. he said, okay, now is the time. primarily because of the fact that it's now all about trying to stop donald trump before the convention. but also, the more immediate future, all about winning indiana in the short term. and that, of course, is a week from tomorrow. it's a delegate. it's winner take all. so that is why the cruz campaign really is focused in the short term. there the fact they got the kasich camp to not campaign actively there, they thought it was a pretty big win for them. >> what does this mean? you know strategy. will this strategy work? >> listen, i think that it's probably a little bit too late right now. i also think, don, at this point, i think both candidates have failed to exert the urgency needed in order for this plan to come together. we saw today john kasich and ted cruz come out and they didn't give a full throated endorsement to this plan. we saw paper on a sunday night,
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late on a sunday night. this morning you would have expected these two candidates to come out and say for the good of the party, for the good of the country, we need to get behind it. we didn't see that today. there's only 15 contests left. five of them are gone tomorrow night. ten from there. as dana was noting, donald trump did very well in new york. he's going to do very well tomorrow night. i wonder if it's too late. >> he seemed desperate. john kasich disagrees. here he is. >> they're very desperate. they're very fearful that we're going to end up in an open convention. i've been saying it for two months, as you know. i've been on "ac 360" and saying all along, no one is going have enough delegates. we'll get to the convention and the delegates look at who they would like to see as president. remember, of the ten republican contested conventions, seven time the person going in there didn't have the majority of the delegates. it's the way it works. >> does john kasich have a real
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chance at the convention, mark? >> i think that was a train wreck interview. i didn't understand what john case sick trying to say. there he should have said, look, let us take this fight to the convention and let the republican party decide who the nominee is going to be. if there isn't 1237. >> a train wreck of an interview? >> i didn't understand what john kasich was trying to convey in that interview. if you're going to come out and do an interview like that, you want to try to build support for the plan that you're selling and he did not do. th that. >> if you don't know what he's saying, dan yashgs do you agree with that? >> i mean, i'm -- who am i to argue with my friend mark preston? >> he said his message wasn't clear. >> but, no. in all seriousness, i do in that this deal was clearly and we know from our reporting was absolutely something pushed by
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not necessarily the candidate himself but his strategist. you know, the candidate is off doing his retail thing and he's not, you know, kind of the tactical strategist that maybe a ted cruz is or other candidates. and that's, you know, john kasich's charm. >> but dana, let me ask you this. >> quickly. let me finish my thought n that i think to mark's point, you know, even before this interview happened, john kasich today on the campaign trail said, well, you know, it's not like i'm going to not ask people for votes in indiana. so it definitely was a bit of a mixed message based on the big splash that the campaigns hope to -- >> i didn't mean to cut you off. there i want to capitalize on what you were saying at the moment. donald trump is saying that this is collusion, right? and that these -- it is okay for the camps to be working this closely together? >> yes. sure, why not?
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look, they're actually not sharing resources. they're not sharing polling. they're not, you know, doing that. what they are doing is saying i'm going go this way. you're going to go that way. this is the best terrain for me and that's best terrain for you. and you have on that map up there which is important to note it's really at this point the deal is for three contests, may 3rd, may 17th and june 7th in new mexico. and open question is what happens in california also on june 7th which is a very complicated, very diverse ves, expensive state n talking to sources involved in this, it's a lot depends on how successful this is for ted cruz in indiana a week from tuesday. >> mark, i want to ask you with that said, according to this deal, senator cruz is going to go one-on-one with trump in the indiana primary on may 3rd.
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mr. trump leads by eight points. so what does it say if ted cruz does win indiana? is this a game changer? >> it is amazing. at this poin right now, i think it is trump's to lose f cruz is able to go into indiana and able to win statewide which would allow him half of the delegates on the table 27 of those and then he is able to then pick up because of those big wins, he would pick up perhaps another 20, 18 or 20 delegates. the discussion will be donald trump can be stopped. but right now it appears that donald trump has someone behind his back. we should note, the campaign strategists for both campaigns are both very smart gentlemen. they knew what they were doing. it just didn't seem like they had the candidates fully onboard for what they were trying to do. and make no mistake about it. had these two campaigns not decided to move forward and do something like this, the game was over for them. so they had to do something. just the question is was it too
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late? >> thank you very much, mark. dan yashgs thank you very much. appreciate it. >> can you interrupt me any time. you know that. >> i just wanted to -- you were going there. i want to ask you about the collusion. he's been using that word all day. if you do it in business and you go jail, but in politics, it's fine. >> absolutely. >> yeah. thank you. appreciate it. see you soon. stay with cnn all day for coverage of the crucial primaries in five states tomorrow. voters going to the polls tomorrow. we'll be covering all the angles for you on cnn. whether we come back, can anything bring the gop together after this campaign? plus, why donald trump is very, very upset about john kasich and pancakes. >> did you ever see a man eat like this? i'm always working with my son. little tiny pieces. little tiny pieces. this guy is shoving pancakes -- i never saw anything like it. it's pouring out of his mouth. and the cameras are on him. i don't know.
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even if it's just for a night. ♪ the only thing that can bring together ted cruz and john kasich is donald trump. our commentator and trump supporter, president will keep the promise a super pac supporting ted cruz and cnn political commentator margaret hoover here as well. okay.
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i got three smart ladies here. so let's see if i can live up to this, your expectations of me in my questioning. so i want to ask you about this alliance between you first, between john kasich and ted cruz this alliance, shall we say, that donald trump is calling collusion s this fair game? >> of course it's fair game. this is dan ald in the light of day and basically it affects three states, oregon and new mexico. mr. kasich will now go and campaign in and indiana where ted cruz is far ahead of john kasich in his race and it is a very important state. it is winner take all by congressional districts. >> he is saying both of them should quit. that would be the unifying strategy. that's what donald trump said. >> i'm sure he would like them to quit. he should have had this nomination wrapped up a month ago. instead of worrying about them and insulting them as lying ted and john case whoik eats like a
7:18 pm
slob today which is very unpresideu unpresidential, then he should ignore them. why not just ignore the two people he doesn't think are competitors? i think they got under his skin today. >> is this collusion? >> of course this is not collusion. if you did this in business, you would go to jail. >> there say lot of activity hang here. everything is transparent. people are adults. they can make their own decisions. look, donald trump is the art of the deal guy, right? his job as a frontrunner is consolidate support. go make your deals, donald. instead, you have cruz and kasich that are making the deals, not trump. does it really smell of desperation? >> desperation? this is for the presidency. they're running are for the presidency. this is all fair game. this isn't like negative or illegal activity. it's like donald trump should be
7:19 pm
doing this, too. >> may i just add, look what happened again this weekend with the fourth consecutive again. what did cruz and his team do? they went into states where they were awarded delegates. so if this were a last ditch attempt, they wouldn't say the weekend is the time to grab delegates. i think it's been totally misrepresented. it's the continuation trying to become the republican nominee. >> okay. so then in that, though, it's interesting. only one of them can become the republican nominee. so what is really behind it? is this going to work? >> no, it's not. it definitely is a desperation move. cruz said he wouldn't coordinate with kasich, this week he is. what changed? trump won new york by over 50%. he won new york. he's going to win tomorrow by
7:20 pm
over 20%. ted cruz pulled out of the state because of the new york values comment. this is desperation. voters are not going to buy it. they realize they're being used as pawns in the establishment chess game. cruz is with the establishment, putting his foot down. he is part of the establishment. voters don't like it. they don't like to be ma nap lated. >> i saw you laughing. but this is -- this election is so much about the not establishment. >> that's his rail. >> don't you this think is going to energize trump voters? >> it co. but there aren't 50% plus one of them in indiana, in new mexico in, oregon, even in california. that's the whole point here, don. as i said many times on your show before, there is trump and then there is nan trump. currently in most states, including the ones that we've mentioned, the nan trump portion is over 50%. if you consolidate that into one person, then at least you have a -- >> it's a flawed argument.
7:21 pm
that is such a flawed argument. >> the first time he got 50% was last week. >> okay. by your logic, then ted cruz winning 30% means there's a 70% never cruz movement. that is completely absurd. in a 17 person race he hasn't gotten 50% in some states. the other 60% is somehow against him. by your own logic, 70% is against your candidate. >> we're talking about moving forward. >> there is the kasich movement. i hear this argument over and over again but it's a logical fallacy. >> well then why don't you have the nomination wrapped up yet? what happened? really, been the front -- not you, him. >> he's going have the nomination wrapped up. he won a greater percentage of the delegates and popular vote than hillary clinton has. >> but he has a greater -- >> he has the smallest delegate to popular vote percentage. he has 42% of the delegates. >> look, i mean, to kaly's
7:22 pm
point, if the point is you unifying and moving forward, donald trump could just get kasich supporters. he'd have 140 plus. he'd be almost over 1,000. he'd be approaching the rubio delegates. i mean the point is he needs to start unifying the party instead of accusing other people of collusion. and that's -- i mean he may have sort of this bully pulpit and this celebrity factor. but he has to prove that he can actually be unified. >> there is no use in unifying whoa you're insaulting the head of the rnc and making fun of the way john kasich eats. >> to donald trump's credit, he called out california for not having a vote. and what did we find last week which it wasn't reported anywhere? last week colorado come out and says, okay, we're going to allow the people to vote next time. so donald trump has a point.
7:23 pm
colorado are now allowed to vote next time. >> why didn't anybody shop at the convention on the weekend? >> when we come back, why ted cruz may be considering one of the rivals as a running mate. we'll tell who you it might be next. [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man.
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five states vote in tomorrow's super tuesday primaries. hours away. back with me now my panelists. you first and then we'll move on from this alliance, so to speak. donald trump isn't happy about the cruz-kasich -- about cruz and kasich joining forces. wept after the way kasich eats today. >> if you look at kasich, he has a news conference all the time when he's eating. i have never seen a human being in eat in such a disgusting fashion. i'm always telling my young son, i'm saying, i always with my kids, all of them. i'd say, children, small, little bites. this guy takes a pancake and shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting.
7:28 pm
do you want that for your president? i don't think so. bites that big, he is pushing it in -- i never saw a guy eat like this. i told my son, he was watching. he said daddy, look. i said don't watch. little bites. little bites. >> all right. so we're all laughing. obviously, you wouldn't be happy. is this the best way to attack kasich? >> look, i think -- i don't think he's thinking this is going to be, you know, the end of kasich. i think it's just a fun antic. he does that with his audience. you know, cruz is the other week talked about running over donald trump if his car was in reverse on a late night comedy show and everyone laughed. i don't think he's really using this as a way to take down kasich. >> it's like he's running to be entertainer in chief. the thing, is even all of us here watching it, we're laughing. it's like okay. great, we're laughing. but then you sort of stop in your tracks. you think, wait, but we're not
7:29 pm
talking about anything serious. that's the problem. it's completely laughable. >> all right. so kelly ann, let's look forward to tomorrow, the race. maryland, pennsylvania, rhode island, connecticut. you're not looking forward? and delaware. looks like a pretty good night for donald trump. is that why you're not looking forward to tomorrow? >> we always have that baked in the cake. you have to be realistic about where your best chances are. i think the whole northeast is more hospitable and he did well in new york. he'll do well tomorrow. john kasich will pick up delegates. and then we start going to these, like you said, winner take all in the congressional district, indiana and then nebraska. you have some very different states in. there you have nebraska, south dakota, montana, oregon, washington, and then california. so after tomorrow about, of 600 delegates to be awarded.
7:30 pm
and that's why everyone is still in it. >> i'm looking at your face. >> you're my friend kelly ann. what we know is, you know, this is increasingly impossible for ted cruz. he can maybe do well in indiana. that's really like last state for him to make a stand and beat donald trump and then your fingers are crossed. >> if he can, then you are still on track to have a convention fight. but that's what this is looking like. >> okay. let's talk about ted cruz vetting potential vp candidates. carly fiorina is at the top of the list. >> yeah. you know, it's really interesting. it's hard to understand what carly fiorina brings to the table in this rational or this logic. i'm sure he's thinking well, she's a woman. mitt romney lost the female vote by 12%. so maybe he can make up some of the difference there. but we know that voters, women
7:31 pm
voters, we say this all the time, as republican women voters, just because there's a woman on the ticket doesn't mean women vote for them. right? ask a millennial women if they're voting for hillary clinton. heck no, by like 29% they're not. gender doesn't sort of coalesce the specific gender block. >> is this strictly a move, looking forward toilook forward to indiana that he's trying to put money into the indiana contest? >> i think he's considering several people, actually. i can't talk about it because i'm on the super pac. look, who wouldn't want carly fiorina on her team? she is so active now. and let's give carly fiorina her due if, hillary clinton is the nominee, talk about a rigged system, bernie sanders and his efforts will be for not over. there if she is the nominee, having a strong woman like carly fiorina who is willing to go
7:32 pm
after hillary clinton full square, that's is a benefit. think what happened today is cruz and kasich and really cruz who got the better under the cruz-kasich deal and vetting vp, it was a position of strength. you can't really get a lot of news cycles back from donald trump. today swuven those days. >> listen, no one -- she's as qualified, she is very qualified to run for president and did okay. but isn't this putting the cart before the horse? what do you think? ted cruz is not doing well yet he is vetting possible vp candidates. what the heck is going on here? >> he's trying to get back in the news, don. you saw last week where donald trump won new york. tomorrow he's going to do well. the narrative is becoming donald trump is the presumptive nominee. ted cruz is making his best effort to get into the news via this kasich alliance or name a vp candidate. he is way ahead of himself.
7:33 pm
donald trump is going to wrap up this. i don't think he'll be in position to name a vp. i'll say that carly fear ina is an excellent picture. she is not a fan of my candidate. i have to give her due. she brought it back to hillary clinton. nad about the general election. she would be great surrogate. a great vp pick. >> i want to ask you. this we've been talking about governor kasich. he's out on the campaign trail on the home state. you know this horrific execution style murder of eight members of the same family on friday night. a maryland grow operations were supposedly found there on some of the sites. it's unclear if it's related. but the residents in that county are on edge. the county sheriff is cautioning surviving family members they may still be in the cross hairs. so do you think that he should have made more out of it, should have responded more out of this? >> on kasich? kasich should have gone home to deal with the crisis at home? i mean, he is a governor. he's the governor of his state.
7:34 pm
he won one of many contests. but, look, i would imagine he will go home and do it. he has a major opportunity tomorrow to demonstrate that he can be more than just really the third wheel of a presidential campaign. so it's hard to -- does he have very high favorabilities in the state. i don't think the state feels he left his state to go campaign for governor. >> he did say justice will be delivered. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. see you later. coming up, last days of prince. what investigators are learning about his final week as fans and friends of the superstar mourn his death.
7:35 pm
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fans and family mourning prince's death. we have a reporter at paisley park. >> the sheriff's department promised this investigation would be extensive. it would be far reaching, reaching beyond minneapolis. looking at an emergency landing that prince's private jet made in illinois. it happened on april 15th. prince was flying back here to minneapolis. he was ill aboard the plane.
7:39 pm
that plane made a rapid dissent, emergency landing dropping 45,000 feet in 17 minutes. cnn obtained the 911 call shortly after the plane landed. the patient aboard described as unresponsive. >> what's the nature of the emergency? what is the nature of the medical emergency? >> unresponsive passenger. >> male, female, age? >> i don't know that. he told me unresponsive passenger. >> it was around this time that he was seen at an atlanta concert walking with a cane. there are multiple reports that prince needed hip surgery. prince was a jahoves witness, they forbid that they receive blood transfusions. members of the congregation sad that his faith had nothing to do with prince's death. >> nobody said he couldn't get surgery. absolutely not. i heard that rumor out there, too. we're not anti-medicine. in fact, we go out of our way to try to find the best medical
7:40 pm
care that we can. >> the autopsy is complete but the results are not expected for weeks. don? >> thank you very much. appreciate. that i want to bring in van jones. van is good friend of prince and van, it's good to you have here. are you doing okay today? >> i've been up and down. more up to day than down which is good. >> i was worried you about last week. a lot of people were. got a lot of praise for speaking out, saying what you said last week. so thank you for that. for being so honest. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> so there you are. i love seeing you laugh. there you are with prince. i believe this was on "the view" a couple years ago and then you attended a private memorial service at paisley park. what can you tell us about it sfwh. >> i can tell you that there were thousands of fans that were on the outside and they were incredibly respectful. nobody was trying to rush in. the police were there to give direction than to maintain order. and that was really, really powerful for the family to see
7:41 pm
the love and the respect of the favenz for their need to get together and to grieve. so about 20 people, 20 of us who played different, very close roles, i also want to say that is not the last time we're going to celebrate his life. the jehovas witnesses will have an opportunity to do something more public. then there will be at some point a much, much more public celebration. fwhut is just a very simple thing for family members and very, very close friends. it was heartbreaking. >> the family honored manufacture the fans who were, you know, at this tribute to prince outside paisley park by giving out purple boxes. tell us about it. >> well, you know, they wanted to do something. and they had cds. they had gifts and stuff. and they came out and physically passed out to the thousand of people who were out there. and on the inside, it was the opposite. it was somber.
7:42 pm
it was sober. the lights were dim. you know, paisley park is a massive facility. and, you know, it's like two or three hair hangars big. and everything dim, quiet, total lit opposite of what it usually is. and playing a lot of music. but the one song that was not played was "purple rain." i think that song been played, i don't think -- people would still be there on the floor. i don't think anybody would have made it out. they literally played almost every prince song but they did not play "purple rain." >> let's talk about this investigation, van. you heard from our reporter reporting on the speculation about his hemth before he died. his fans, of course, want to know what happened. everyone wants to know what happened. is there anything can you share with us? >> everything will come out in due course. one great things about this is the level of professionalism from the police department, the sheriffs, the coroners, they want to get everything right. they want to put it together. i've been very satisfied and the family's been very satisfied, no
7:43 pm
leaks, no preliminary this. it's all going to come out all at one time. and then everybody will have their questions answered. in the meantime, we want to respect that process. let for once in the history of hollywood entertainment a professional, fair, no leaks process go forward. and everything will be revealed in time. >> so you have said that you said it on this program last week. like if you went around saying that you knew prince, right, you weren't going to know him for very long. denlt li he didn't like. that we're seeing a lot of people -- some people who hadn't been, you know, he didn't work with for a long time or been in his life for a long time, now they're coming forward. what can you tell us about that? we're hearing from them. >> you know, the thing what people want to remember, think about prince as sort of like a seven layer cake. you know? the different times there were different people, there were different sounds. there were different relationships. and everybody can speak authentically to their layer of their cake. i was with him for ten years. i can't speak about the 20 years ago and 30 years ago. so it's very important to hear
7:44 pm
from those voices from the past. what has been noticeable is that more recent set has been very, very quiet. you're the first person to score an interview with one of the leaders of the new prince entourage instead of proteges. i think lou sis going to be on. >> right after you. >> she is the first one to speak for and represents incredible set, you know, third eye girl, josh, all the incredible people. so i think it's good that we may finally now hear from the people who were with him over the past three, four, five years and the people before. >> i want to ask you about the minnesota twins tonight. they're doing a purple for prince, #purpleforprince with each player walking out to bat to their favorite prince song. prince and minneapolis shared their own love story, didn't they? >> yeah. absolutely. most people, including myself, you know, you grow up in a small town. i grew up in jackson, tennessee. you get the heck out of there as soon as can you.
7:45 pm
not prince. he built that incredible facility. i do hope that paisley park becomes like a graceland, like we have in memphis for elvis presley. if you have ever been in, there it changes your life. you should have a passport. you are leaving america. you're leaving known space and time when you go in there. and you can see why this place created so much music. why people loved to go there and record and produce. it's just -- it has a magic to it. and he built it right outside of minneapolis. he didn't go to hollywood or new york. and so i'm -- there's a special relationship that little town has with him. he they see him as a neighbor. he can go to the store. he can ride his bike, do whatever he wants to do. people understand this just our neighbor. this is our friend. the church is literally right across the street from paisley park. so it's -- this is a one syllable name that is good on seven continents. that's how big he is, yet he
7:46 pm
lives in some little small town. >> it is very good, van. as in van jones. thank you. i really appreciate it. see you soon. >> thank you, don. >> bl we come back, prince's mousse speaks out in an exclusive interview. don't go anywhere. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox.
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♪ purple rain purple rain ♪ ♪ purple rain purple rain ♪ >> you have to know that voice anywhere. that was the boss paying tribute to prince. bruce springsteen opened his concert with a version of "purple rain." joining me is the woman who was prince's last muse as well as his close friend. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> beautiful young lady and very smart. we were talking in the break. i heard so much about you from van. van who is your -- >> godfather. >> he adopted you. prince is not here to take care of you any longer. when you hear that tribute was amazing, do you think prince knew what he meant to the world? >> he did.
7:51 pm
i think that one of the things about him that really made me love him is that his reward for anything he did was in his giving. he understood that he was giving. but he didn't want anything back from it or for it. and i think that with him, he knew so much and everyone one of us, he spent his life making sure we knew what he knew. so that we could pass it on. >> what do you think of the reaction? >> wow. i was at paisley park this weekend and seeing the fans, you know, normally when someone passes in your life, it's you and your close knit circle who have to deal with it. and this time it was me and the world. and it's definitely been something to see. i'm so grateful for the love that people are showing and they're going to continue to show, i hope. and, yeah. >> so we know what a muse is, a
7:52 pm
creative inspiration. what do you think, was that a friendship, romantic? did you just in speier him kr creative sfli. >> he is one of my best friends. i met him in 2011, 2010. i met him, he didn't know i was a dancer. and about a year later i was at a after party with him and just going off and he asked me to go on tour with him and n. australia. i thought he was joking. so i left it alone. and three weeks before the tour happened, he asked me again. and three days later, i was in rehearsal and i've been going strong with the camp ever since. but it really is inspiring to know that someone who didn't know much about you had so much trust in you. >> how so? >> prince let me be me. i'm a model. i work in an industry where i constantly have to change and be
7:53 pm
someone else for my work. i was myself all the time. prince is hilarious. i'm very sarcastic, funny person. we spent most of our time cracking up and laughing and just really enjoying life. but i think it's a true testament to the fact that he really takes from the people around him and he did that every single day from his band to just everybody in his life. >> so when did you last speak to him? >> last week. yeah. i spoke to him -- i spoke to him last week sunday and the last conversation we had i was telling him he needs to take a vacation. yeah. and, you know, it's been tough. >> why did you think that? was he working too hard? >> i just think i heard the news of the plane landing. that's the first thing i thought. i think it's important that a lot of these big superstars have people who actually care about them around them. and he was my friend. he was actually my friend. regardless of the touring and
7:54 pm
dancing and whatever i did work wise, he was my friend. and i was concerned. and, you know, you need those people around you to remind that you sometimes you got to take a break. >> everyone is talking about his health. did you know anything about his health? did he have a hip sflob. >> i honestly didn't know anything. he is a very private person. i think that in a time like this especially, anybody who does know anything or anybody who did know anything, i think it's going to be up to us to really keep his privacy private. you know? so at this point, i really didn't know. i know he was battling the flu a couple weeks ago. i did know. that did he tell me that. >> battling what? >> he was battling the flu. >> yeah. >> so i did know that. and that's about it. >> how did he sound? >> normal. i was with him -- we did two after shows at avenue here in new york about a month ago for his book signing party. he was fine. >> i want you to take a look. there is a selfie. we're going to put this up. what do you think of when you look at yourself?
7:55 pm
>> you know, it's funny. prince didn't allow anybody to have cell phones around him. and that day we were in paris and he asked me where my phone was. i said okay. i had my phone. he said let's take a picture. i said, are you sure? you are positive? are you positive you want to take this photo? and we take the picture. he says post it. what do you mean post it? i said you are sure? so i posted it. and it's funny because i went around telling everybody, hey guys, prince let me take a photo. that's the kind of person he is. in the past couple years, prince began doing what he wanted to do. this man fought his entire career to get to a place where he could do what he wanted to do. when i first met him, he said i want to band with 12 horns players. get to a band with 12 horns players. i really want to have a rock band. he got a rock band. he got third eye girl. it was really inspiring to watch him go from wanting to do these
7:56 pm
things to finally doing everything he wanted to do. >> so this is a question that having dealt with, you know, the loss of a loved one. you always wonder the last conversation did you, you know, what could i have said or done? did you get to say everything you wanted to say to him? you know what i mean? >> you know, i think -- i think prince knew how much i loved him. you know, if i could tell him something right now, it would probably be in the form of a joke because that's how we spoke. but my message would be a message from him to everybody else to really understand that you have to give. you have to. if you have a gift, you have to give. and especially from my generation right now. we're in really, really, really testy time. but he made sure every person in his life that influenced him was
7:57 pm
influenced by him. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> pleasure meeting you. good luck. you take care. >> thank you. >> whether we come bag, the rumors and reality. the making of beyonce's lemonade and what means. stop... clicking around book direct at for the lowest price online and... start playing start relaxing start loving book direct at and start saving. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack.
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