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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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my whole belieber fan group. it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/7 central, only on abc. welcome to another hour of 360. trump has said over and over again if he's elected president, it's all about the deals, no one makes better deals. it's all about the deal. five states vote tomorrow but cruz and kasich are deciding strategically to stay out of each other's way in three states. and not surprisingly, trump is not impressed.
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>> in politics, because it's a rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics, you're allowed to collude. >> reporter: whether it's collusion or commonsense, tonight john kasich and ted cruz are teaming up to stop donald trump. >> so, they colluded and actually i was happy because it shows how weak they are, it shows how pathetic they are. >> reporter: and the real estate mogul is not impressed. >> and i heard this guy cruz, he's getting killed. he got so badly beaten last week. >> reporter: and nearly simultaneous campaign memos sunday night, kasich agreed to pull out of indiana while cruz promised to back out of oregon and new mexico, all in the latest ploy to stop trump from clinching the nomination before the convention. >> i don't doubt that donald trump is going to scream and yell and curse and insult and
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probably cry and whine some as well. >> reporter: and spinning the deal as his chance to take on trump, mono imano. >> it is big news that john kasich has decided to pull out of indiana. >> reporter: all as kasich appears not quite on board with the pact, cancieling his indian event but not telling his supporters to back down. they hope drawing more anti-trump dollars to their aid. >> i don't have daddy warbucks behind me giving me all this money. i have to be careful about my resources. >> reporter: but it's also drawing trump's iron as the gop frontrunner figures nothing is off limits, not even kasich's eating habits. >> he has news conferences all
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the time when he's eating. this guy take as pancake and he's shoveing it in his mouth, it's disgusting. do you want that for your president? i don't think so. honestly, it's disgusting. >> well, look, it's designed to do what now? >> reporter: the kasich camp tweeting we were looking for some trump steaks for the governor but no one seems to sell them anymore. >> what's the latest from the trump campaign about this latest deal? sfwlr >> reporter: well, they don't seem particularly threatened by this latest alliance. donald trump has been railing against kasich and cruz today, he called them pathetic, losers and even suggested that they should get out of the race at this point because they have no way of getting to the nomination other than through a contested convention. obviously, little sign that's going to happen but donald trump
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responded the way you might expect him to respond when he feels like he's attacked, mr. anderson. >> in the last hour i spoke with john kasich. he says as far as he's concerned, the deal is no big deal. >> we don't want to go places and spend money in places we can't win. and so the idea that i'm going to target those places where i can do the best and he's going to target the places he can do the best, that's terrific. i don't see anything wrong or earth shaking about that. so, that's sort of the end of it. >> our cnn political commentators, and jeff, let's start with you, this time. trump is calling it pathetic, desperate. is the campaign, you think, worried that this is actually going to hurt them? because they're not saying to their supporters don't vote for
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me. >> yeah. i don't think they are, to be perfectly candid. i think this is -- as we've discussed, i think this is a last minute thing. to some degree it might backfire. i don't think it's going to have any effect on cruz whatsoever. more interesting thing going on is who amongst these i guess 54 delegates running in the pennsylvania's congressional districts are going to win. your name is only on there as just your name. you've got to find out whether the candidate supports donald trump or john kasich or ted cruz. that's frankly more of a problem for the campaign than this. >> you heard the interview with john kasich earlier. i asked him point blank are you telling supporters in indiana to
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vote for you and he wouldn't really answer. in the clip he says i'm not telling people not to vote for me. >> and i've been critical of their whole rolout and i thought why am i so critical? but really what it is, is there's no sense of urgency. john kasich should have come out and expressed a strong desire to say listen, if we don't stop him now, he will be our nominee. he failed to do that and the same thing with ted cruz. ted cruz didn't come out and try to sell the deal and say unless you all get behind us, he will be our nominee and perhaps be our next president. >> it is a tricky situation. i guess they don't want to be on record as saying don't vote for me because of this deal that we're colluding, though they're not going to use the word colluding. >> you've given solemn assura e
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assurances to donors, i'm going to fight until the last dog dies, to turn around and say maybe not so much. there's a more subtle way to do it but they have to really make the case that the time is short and people have to make tough choices. i don't think people fully realize the conventions are right around the corner. there will be a nominee. so, in the next 90 days, basically. >> don't be too sure. >> we haven't heard from you. do you see it possible that kasich could drop out before the convention? >> no. there would be absolutely no reason to do that and really everyone needs to put this in perspective. nothing is over tomorrow. this was baked into the cake already that trump would do well in these states. indiana is crucial, which is why you saw the alliance happening
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now because of trump being up in indiana a couple of points, all cruz needs se to pull about 1/3 of kasich's votes to win. >> but if you're in for a penny, in for a pound, this is crucial and this is going to sound weird but don't vote for me in this state. >> and kasich seems to be redsent to actually do that. even to this point where it's critical for his survival and ted cruz's. but may is not going to be a friendly month for donald trump. so, everyone needs to hold their horses. may is still coming. >> there's a real strength of trump is to say whatever he's going to say and be sure about it. i think they would have been better off coming out and being sure about what they're doing. it's no surprise that the
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campaign sometimes needs some chill and maybe not knee cap kasich. thank you for poo puulling out indiana. >> john kasich is bowing out to allow him a head-to-head match up. >> well, anderson, let's just go back to the very beginning. this is all happening because from the very beginning none of these people, meaning the other candidates, or their consultants and all of that, took donald trump seriously. and frankly, as politicians, this is malpractice. they didn't get donald trump and they certainly didn't get the mood of the country. and here they are and can't figure out what to do except don't nominate him. it's not working for him. >> and he didn't put all these guys away. there are two sides where people have failed to do what they needed to do.
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we have not seen a dominating performance, other than new york up until this point for donald trump. >> the alliance, the sort of semi-alliance continuing to other states? >> since there isn't really an alliance, i guess the answer is no. the only state that really matters after indiana then is california. and california is way more complicated because it's winner take all by congressional district. there are a million congressional districts in california. i'm exaggerating but only slightly. you could divy it up by media markets. and s but, the issue here, what they want to happen and you mentioned the ohio case, right, when rubio
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said vote for kasich, the poll numbers were already high in ohio. and what they want is a combination of that and what happened in wisconsin where the numbers collapsed in the end and it helped cruz surge a little bit and you could see that hang in indiana but it seems like they're sort of stumbling and tripping over each other in a way. >> i don't want to go to a rock fight with ted cruz or john kasich having my back because what we've seen in the last many hours, these guys are not supporting one another. and to errol's point, there are 15 contests left. there are only 10 left at that point. donald trump really came out of new york with a strong win behind him. he is going to come out of tomorrow night with a strong win behind him. and let's not forget, he's
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winning the evangelical vote across the country. he could go take out indiana and then the game's over. it's all speculation. >> indiana is within striking distance. >> no matter what happens tomorrow, trump is still -- i mean, demographics again and again have meant more than momentum. and the demographic suggest that he should win 38% of the vote. so, he should be able to still win indiana. >> and trump's not dpgoing to w one contest in may. where? montana? no. >> indiana, you have an issue of a number of prominent republicans who have not said hey, i'm going to back a horse here and that's another instance where little, too late.
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>> i don't know whether to call this an alliance. >> arrangement. >>. >> korjal. >> does this confirm to his supporters? >> yes. i went to my first trump rally, he had 10,000 people there and he mentioned me from the platform. but i can tell you just in talking to them, these people are really passionate, really determined to get this accomplished. absolutely when he says this is rigged and colluding, absolutely this hits home with these folks . >> a rig in his favor. >> he gets to have people trying to rig it against him and they're doing terrible job. >> and then he propagandized the whole thing.
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>> and voters in the keystone state will also be electing delegates. ri also ahead, i'll talk to two people about the deal cruz and kasich have cut and how it could reshape the race. uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪
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do you think my sister's prettier than me? ♪ [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. just hours from now, polls are going to open in five northeast states.
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voters can cast as many as four votes in pennsylvania's primary, one for a presidential candidate and three for the del gegates tt are going to represent them in the republican convention. they're basically free agents and figuring out how they're going to vote in july is virtually impossible. >> i'm running for delegate in the second congressional district. >> reporter: if she gets elected as delegate, she says she will support ted cruz, despite what the majority of gop primary voters want. >> i'm open. i'm uncommitted and will be until i have to cast my first vote. >> right now i am uncommitted. >> reporter: that's what makes pennsylvania unique. of the state's 71 delegate said, 54 of them will remain unpledged, more than any other
10:19 pm
state, meaning they can vote for which ever candidate they want at the republican convention. >> i'm not totally sure. it might not ieven be until the convecti convention. >> reporter: the campaigns are anxious to shore up support. calvin says he's received at least 25 calls and emails from the campaigns. just last week he met with ted cruz surrogate, carly fiorina and was invoighted to attend a det delegate dinner by ted cruz himself. >> i haven't been courted since i first met my wife. sglr >> reporter: chris is being wooed as well. and here's where things get really tricky. voters in pennsylvania may have
10:20 pm
to guess which presidential candidate a potential delegate will support. this is a sample primary ballot and here on the republican side are some of the delegates we interviewed and all that's there is their name. you don't know anything about their allegiances or which presidential candidate they're suspopportin supporting. and on the democrat side, they do. on the republican side, a voter could conceivably end up voting in a delegate that supports a different candidate than that voter. that means the candidate who wins the popular vote in this state may or may not win the most delegates it depends how these delegates decide to vote. >> i'd like to see cruz carry a lot of the delegates. >> reporter: despite the many
10:21 pm
questions from voters, there are no immediate plans to change the rules or the ballot. >> people are calling us now and when are you going to switch? march? april? may? >> reporter: the philadelphia republican party says it's doing all it can to make sure voters are informed and educated about the delegate candidates come primary day. randy cay, cnn, philadelphia. >> the five states that vote tomorrow will move the delegate math on both sides. john. >> reporter: john, tomorrow night, how important is it for donald trump's hope of getting to the magic number? >> absolutely critical that he win all five and win big. cruz way behind. five states all in the northeast and midatlantic. 172 republican delegates at stake and trump is poised to win
10:22 pm
most and why is that so important to him? if he can sweep all five, he can add maybe 100 to his delegate take. does that guarantee if he gets past 950? does it guarantee he gets to 1237 and the rest? no, but it keeps him in play, lowers his percentage math he needs going forward and would send a big message to the republican party. can it work, perhaps. governor kasich says senator cruz, you've got indiana. in return, cruz says governor kasich, you take new mexico and oregon. that's 109 delegates. if the trump opponents can take them, sure, it complicates the math for trump. we know mr. trump is going to win new jersey. we run out the west here. let's say cruz wins indiana and,
10:23 pm
even if trump won california big, under this scenario, that would have trump at about 1215, so, short of 1237, doesn't mean he couldn't negotiate to get there but if he won those states, if he actually came in and won indiana and said sorry governor kasich, i'm going to take new mexico and if you can run the board and get oregon and so much for that alliance, this gets him at 1236 and there are more he could get tomorrow night. so, them succeeding is absoolutely critical. if trump breaks the deal, if you will, he can get there. >> and what about the democratic side? can she do it? >> not mathematically but certainly from a political standpoint. the asterisk nearby rhode island because they have an open
10:24 pm
primary. the rest are closed primaries. here's what she is thinking. she thinks she wins at least four of the five. and we move this down here, maybe loses rhode island. even with just 55-45, she starts to stretch the math here. she ends the night around 1660. 1,016 delegates left. if tomorrow goes the way we think, senator sanders would need 99% to catch her and clinch. now, hillary clinton would still need 71% to pledge before the convention. that's unlikely but that's where the super delegates come into play. she'll only need 22% as long as she keeps those super delegates. senator sanders doesn't have as many. if you play this all the way out
10:25 pm
on the democratic side, if tomorrow goes the way we think and we go forward to california, sure, the democratic race could end with secretary clinton a little short of the finish line, but if she keeps winning them, she has more than 500 super delegates, senator sanders has 42. game over. >> john, thanks. >> thank you. >> and just ahead this hour, i'll talk to two top staffers about the alliance between cruz and kasich and how trump is responding. how fast is it? plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.'s how well you mow fast!'s how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m with our reengineered deck to mow faster better. to find out more about the accel deep mower deck, go to
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well, heading to another super tuesday, donald trump is crying foul of the deal that ted cruz and john kasich made after ramping up on a delegate system he calls rigged. >> it's sad that two grown politicians have to collude against one person who has only been a politician, i hate to say that about myself, for only 10 months. it shows how pathetic they are. it takes two guys, long time politicians, to try to get together to try and beat trump. they had boats and yachts waiting. whine them and dine them, sit down to have steak dinners with
10:30 pm
them. in theory, you could buy the nomination, go around wining and dining people, spending lot of money. it's really buying an election in this country. >> and earlier we spoke to pennsylvania trump supporters. and joining me is seniored a or for the trump campaign. this deal, senator cruz says it's quote entirely about the will of the people but isn't the will of the people shown at the ballot box and not in closed doors? >> anderson, it has been. this weekend while donald trump was whining, cruz was sweeping up delegates across maine. picking up delegates in north carolina, georgia, oklahoma. meanwhile, donald trump is losing and at the same time as ted's picking up delegates and
10:31 pm
campaigning hard, donald trump super lobbyist establishment campaign manager is in florida telling the rnc that the donald trump on the campaign trail is not the real donald trump. >> i think there's a lot of candidates that would like to be losing like donald trump has. >> he's had a three-week streak of losing. i like to point out that john kasich got more votes in ohio and in fact, you know what, in wisconsin, more people voted than in new york and ted cruz got more votes in wisconsin than donald trump got in new york. so, i'm not impressed by donald trump. he's got to learn to play the game. >> trump obviously not a fan of this deal, calling it collusion. but whether he likes it or not, they're not breaking any rules. he has to admit it's above bord, right? >> they may be breaking a few
10:32 pm
rules of strategy as well. kasich just filed his reports, he was down to his last few 00 thousands of dollars. ted cruz has tomorrow after the elections will be mathematically eliminated. not a good win in new york. ted cruz finished last in every county in new york. i'd say that was a pretty good win. >> but steve, i guess what i don't understand is kasich isn't telling his supporters in indiana to vote for ted cruz and he's not telling supporters in oregon and new mexico to vote for kasich. >> he's been a superior negotiator when it comes to running a real campaign. we all know the trump campaign has been in real chaos. ted cruz is in a position to go on to the convention and compete
10:33 pm
with donald trump. >> ted cruz is done. it's over. it is over. >> you're going to finish last in every race tomorrow night. last. >> we all know that donald trump will do well in the northeast. but may is a whole different month and ted cruz has a far superior managed campaign, a far superior message from donald trump, that's why he -- >> the superior campaign. >> superior campaign, over time. >> they need to go out and get reality. you're missing it. >> well, you'll see reality come to cleveland and you'll see a superior negotiator and deal maker. >> if this strategy works for indiana and we'll find out if it does next tuesday, do you expect to see the two campaigns teaming
10:34 pm
up? >> ted pulled off a real coo. that's the kind of guy we need in the white house negotiating with the rest of the world. >> all the people are still going to vote for john kasich. he canceled two rallies. >>ium a iu'm not here to make predictions. >> berry, i want to ask you thinks about what hillary clinton said about donald trump. >> donald trump says wages are too high in america and doesn't support raising the minimum wage and i have said come out of those towers named for yourself and actually talk and listen to people. don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of and get back on the big jet and go back to your penthouse in new york. >> do you think this is a
10:35 pm
preview of what we can expect if clinton and trump become the nominees? >> i thought this was kind of bazar today. $750,000 to speak at goldman sacks and that's connecting with the people. it's kind of bazar. >> you expect people who think it's okay for grown men to go in little girl's room -- >> stop that bashing. that's shameful. shame on you. >> that's exactly what he said. >> shame on you. >> -- he made himself very clear. to deny it is wrong. >> coming up, remembering prince. a private ceremony for his most beloved friends and family. no one's the same without the game of football... like @pigskinsusan15, who writes, "now my boyfriend wants to talk on sundays. just so many words." your boyfriend's got it bad. maybe think about being single until the start of the season.
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well, it could be weeks before we find out the autopsy results and why prince died. on april 15th, prince left atlanta on his private plane and today the faa released communication. >> what's the natureof the emergency? >> nonresponsive passenger. >> male or female? >> male. >> for now, fans and family and
10:40 pm
friends alike are celebrating. bruce springsteen did a cover of "purple rain." ♪ purple rain purple rain purple rain purple rain ♪ ♪ purple rain purple rain i only hope to see you underneath the purple rain ♪ ♪ i know i know times are changing ♪ >> also over the weekend, prince's pub lissest said he was
10:41 pm
cremated and the was a private beautiful ceremony comprised of prince's quote beloved. and van, again, i'm sorry we're talking about the loss of your friend. what can you tell us about the ceremony. >> well, you know, first of all the crowds outside, i just want to say, were incredibly respectful. this was not announced, it was a inside, and once people showed up, the crowds just parted, it was incredibly respectful. the family really apprec yates the level of love and support shown, even when it was obvious this memorial service was going to happen. paisley park itself, to me, was like the most free space in the world. you almost need a pass port to go in there because you're leaving normal reality and
10:42 pm
anything is possible, it's energy, excitement, the recording studio and you walk in there and it just felt empty. i'm like why do you feel empty, you have the same 20 or 30 of us always here. his spirit was so big, it filled up -- it's like two or three airport hanger size house and you open the door, and you suddenly feel small. i'd never felt small in that building. i felt like a giant, so did everyone else. and who's supposed to lead this thing? you know. we're supposed to have a ceremony, he's not there. luckily his siblings were there, his sister stood up, she took care of it and became almost like the queen mother. sheila e was there and her presence just brought everybody, okay, it's going to be all right. but it was tough.
10:43 pm
>> and family friend made it clear that because of his faith he wanted to die with dignity. was the family able to grant that wish? >> yes, and please understand there will be other memorial opportunities that he's a part of, he's a jahovas witness meeting. there will be multiple, multiple opportunities for people to come together and celebrate this man but there was just a need, i think for that smaller group to get together and have a moment in that building with each other. >> what was he like? one on one in small groups when he wasn't in front of the cameras or on that stage? >> he was a comedian. first of all, he'd haze you, do the whole kind of i'm too cool for school thing just to see how
10:44 pm
people would react. and if you could survive the hazing for the first four or five hours, then he'd start getting the jokes going, get the ping pong out, he'd kill everybody in ping pong and he wouldn't even move half the time, he'd just stand there and hit and you'd be jumping all over the table, falling on the ground and he'd be talking trash the whole time. but you had to get past that hazing he'd do to people. he's a regular guy, funny, smarter than everybody and a great guy. >> thank you very much. by now you know about paisley park, the complex where prince lived and recorded music. there's another place he spent a lot of time, place outside minneapolis where prince would worship. here on what religion meant to him. >> reporter: sunday morning service of a little understood
10:45 pm
religion, jovas witness, faithful mourning the loss of a brother. >> fell asleep in death this past thursday. >> reporter: you loved him very much, it seems. >> of course. very much. we share a lot together. >> reporter: prince, the man who shot to fame with flam buoyant provocative songs. ♪ i just want your extra time and your kiss ♪ >> reporter: called this humble church home. these were his religious family, a private evolution of one of pop music's one of biggest super stars. he was born seventh dayed ed ad ventest. he believed an angel cured his epilepsy and telling larry king
10:46 pm
how his music is born. >> i've always known that god was my creator and that without him, nothing works. >> reporter: larry graham would move his religious curiosity to a defined faith. prince records show he was baptized in 2003 and then he said his religion brought him peace. >> it's going to help with every aspect of your life. once you can clean out the cob webs so to speak and you're going to see everything a bit more clearly. >> reporter: in 2006, his mentor started attending the lewis hall congregation and prince followed. this is the first service since prince's death. >> we want to remain loyal to him. >> reporter: they shared a deep
10:47 pm
bond with elder james lindstrom. >> he would go door to door, knocking on doors just like you're familiar with what our ministry is. and a woman in early 40s, in the middle she says excuse me, but has anybody ever told you you look a lot like prince and he said it's been said but going back to my ministry here. >> he went by brother nelson, dutfully knocking on doors monthly. working as hard as his religion as he did on hits music career. he was here at the kingdom hall, looked fine, talked fine. >> reporter: last seen at his atlantic concert walking with a cane. jehovah's witness members refuse to receive blood transfusions
10:48 pm
say that had nothing to do with his death. >> we're not antimedicine. in fact, we go out of our way to find the best medical help we can. >> reporter: sympathy has been pour nothiing into this church. >> we expect brother nelson to be resurrected here on earth, just like the bible said. >> there's lot of discussion about prince's estate. any talk about whether there will be a donation to his church? >> reporter: we asked about his past donations to the church, if that suggested anything about what he might leave to the church if anything at all and they weren't very specific with us. the word we got was "generous." that he was always generous with his church, that he loved his church. there's no specific guidelines,
10:49 pm
there's no 10% tithe that they leave behind, they don't have collection plates in the service we sat in but they do giver privately and we're told the church isn't expecting anything, but again, he was generous with his church. fear in a small ohio town where eight members of a family had been shot in four different homes. the killers or killer still on the loose. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? what if 30,000 people
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tonight a possible motive in the execution-style murders. putting a small town of ohio on edge. here with more. >> reporter: on the road that leads to the crime scenes, we meet stan, their neighbor. he says although he was home at the time of the shootings, he didn't hear anything. most people here prefer to keep to themselves. what does this say about the community? >> we're all good people. this just happened to be a hicc hiccup. i don't worry about things like that. >> reporter: and many of the people are worried.
10:54 pm
>> i've been telling my kids be careful, don't go far, let me know where you're at. i worry, i worry a lot. >> can you imagine if you lived in a small community and someone came in and killed eight members of a family, four different homes. >> reporter: he's tried to comfort the locales, while at the same time keeping the details close to his chest, he says for good reason. >> you don't want to tell the bad guys everything you know. you want to keep them guessing. that's pretty much it. so, as much as i would like to inform everyone about everything, if we're going to stay to process, we're going to talk about what we've done but not the results. >> reporter: over the weekend about a hundred friends and family of the victims gathered at a nearby church for comfort. >> i cannot believe how anyone
10:55 pm
could kill a mother with her four-day old baby in her arms. that's out of my realm of thinking that anyone could do that. how heartless. >> reporter: from outside appearances, it looks like your typical small town, nice place to live and even to raise a fami family. all you have to do is pick up a local newspaper and read the headlines. it was just a couple years ago that authorities discovered a major marijuana grow operation with tied to the mexican drug cartels. the discovery of a marijuana grow operation at the residences is only fuelling the rumors that they were connected to bad people, capable of this. >> how sophisticated was this
10:56 pm
grow operation? >> reporter: this wasn't a small-time operation, anderson. a source close to the investigation tells me this was commercial grade. a major set up. they weren't for personal use or friends but something much bigger than that and we're learning more information about the crime scene. of the first location, that the first and fourth location, there was no forced entry. the local police saying whoever did this was familiar with the roadant family. how, why, those questions have yet to be answered.
10:57 pm
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that does it for us. thanks for watching. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. two huge stories tonight. the investigation into the death of a legend and the battle for the white house on the eve of super tuesday. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. voters in five states head to the polls in a matter of hours and the gop is in turmoil over a cruz/kasich deal straight out of "the apprentice." >> lyin' ted announced that he can't win by himself. he cannot do it. you know he's a joker. he cannot do it. so he said let me form a partnership, which i call -- what do we call it? go ahead. go ahead. what do


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