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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 27, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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even expected. all five. >> lest go forward. let's win the nomination, and in july, let's return as a unified party. >> huge victories for donald trump and hillary clinton. the presidential front runners getting closer to clinching their party's nomination, pivoting toward a general election. good morning. welcome to this special edition of "early start." i'm chris tan tine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. the super spring tuesday in april, a big night for the front runners donald trump and hillary clinton. donald trump went five for five. he swept all states. look at some of the margins that he wrapped up there. he got 63% in rhode island. in delaware he hit more than 60%. in connecticut, he got 57%. getting over 50% there gave him a lot more delegates.
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in pennsylvania, 56%. and in maryland, he hit 54%. >> also, an incredibly important night for clinton, who picked up pennsylvania with 55% of the vote. maryland, 63% there. in delaware, 59, almost 60% there. in connecticut, 52%. bernie sanders won in just one state, rhode island. 55% there. trump and clinton held late-night rallies, both calling for party unity and pivoting toward the general election. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely. [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] senator cruz and governor kasich should really get out of the race now. they have no path to victory. [ applause ] honestly, they should get out of the race and we should heal the republican party, bring the republican party together.
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>> i applaud senator sanders and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of our politics and giving greater emphasis to closing the gap of inequality, and i know together we will get that done. [ cheers and applause ] because whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us. >> let's break down last night's results with our panel. brian stelter, he's the host of cnn's "reliable sources." dylan byers and eric bradner. good morning, everyone. i want to play a few different sound bites that really pivoted her toward the general election. one where she said, deal me in, talking about playing the woman
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card. if it's supporting families and children, then deal me in. i think you'll hear more of that as we pivot toward a general election. the other one was this swipe at trump where she said love trump's hate. listen. >> we're going to imagine a tomorrow where hard work is honored, families are supported, streets are safe, and communities are strong and where love trumps hate. [ cheers and applause ] that is the future i want. i want that future for my granddaughter and for all of our children and grandchildren. >> brian stelter, that moment jumped out to you last night. >> one of the kind of final times she's going to have one of these big events on a primary night. if it continues to move the way it's looking now, she'll clinch the nomination and this will wrap up sooner on the democratic
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side than the republican side. she knew she had a big moment in primetime to talk about this and of course to use the word trump, saying love trumps hate. that's something we're going to see again and again and again in the months to come. >> dylan byers, the reason she was able to try to do this pivot to the general election, the reason donald trump likewise was able to do this pivot to the general election were these huge results we saw last night. donald trump went five for five. i think we all thought he was going to win all five states, but the margins with which he did so were surprising to a lot of people. likewise with hillary clinton. this in your mind, dylan, really changes a lot. >> yeah, it changes a lot. i think we can pretty confidently say who the nominees in each party are going to be. the reasons again being for hillary clinton, she's practically there. for donald trump, no matter what, i mean, barring some sort
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of huge major change, she's going to get to the convention with at least the majority of votes on the republican side f not the full 1237 delegates. as we've seen from our exit polls, the majority, a large majority of republican voters believe the candidate who has the most delegates should be the nominee. it's going to be very hard for the republican establishment to come back and tell all those voters that their voice doesn't matter. the individual i'm most thinking about right now is bernie sanders. having acknowledged that he's effectively going to be pushing his agenda as opposed to his shot at the nomination now. the question i think the sanders campaign is asking themselves is this. how much leverage do we have? this movement we've created, how much of a force can that be at the convention, and what are we going to try and lobby for? hillary clinton is business extending these olive branches. the sanders campaign has to be asking itself, what issues do we want to press? what do we want to get hillary clinton to commit to behind the
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scenes in order to give her our support publicly? >> the results last night from the delegate race for sanders and clinton sort of speak to his campaign overall. 24 delegates for clinton versus 160 for bernie sanders. an impressive performance by bernie sanders. a lot higher than people would have guessed a year ago. but just not there. just not enough to catch up to hillary clinton. that's been the story all season long, summed up against last night. >> i want to ask you about another moment on the campaign trail last night, especially the victory speech from donald trump, where he had this new line of attack against hillary clinton, accusing her of playing the woman card. listen to what he said. >> well, i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card, and the beautiful thing is women don't like her, okay. >> what do you make of that
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moment? and is that setting us up for a genderal election? >> yes. so the most interesting part of that comment was mary pat christie in the background sort of casting some side eye in trump's direction. listen, for trump, this is the kind of comment that gets him in trouble. the biggest myth of the primary so far is that trump has this teflon quality. well, that's true with republican primary voters, but it hasn't been tested yet with the general electorate. this is another big piece of the bank of footage that democrats are going to unload on trump in the general election. he does really well with white men, with people he sort of f famously called poorly educated, people without college degrees.
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but there aren't enough of them to win swing states in the general election. he's going to have to start broadening his appeal. he's going to have to keep there from being a massive gender gap, as brian stelter pointed out earlier. so this is the kind of comment that trump throws out that his crowd loves. it's an attack on hillary clinton, who he's been saying he's going to start hitting harder for weeks now. it plays well in the moment. the crowd eats it up. but it's going to be a different story in the general election when these comments are used against him in front of an audience that might not be as receptive to them. >> and doesn't just offend some women, it also offends some men. in some ways, donald trump was playing the -- i don't know what we would call it. i guess the men's card. i'm not sure what that is because normally this stuff is applied to women in a way that's unfair. >> let's fact check what he said
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when he said women don't light hillary clinton. his negatives are much higher. there's no question hillary clinton -- look, a trump v. clinton election is an election in which both nominees are running with with the highest negatives for a candidate from both parties in modern history. that said, his negatives among women eclipses hers. let's call that either pants on fire or mostly false. >> all right, guys. stand by. a lot more to talk about on this front. >> donald trump has a lot to celebrate. he'll be doing that this morning on cnn, where i suspect he'll be asked about his comments on the woman's card. . >> also on "new day," speaker of the house paul ryan. he says he's not running for president and warning the candidates who are not to wait until the convention to get their act together. >> all right. donald trump and hillary clinton winning big. is there any path to victory at all for their primary competitors? we have that next. the pursuit of healthier.
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do we want to support a campaign that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insults? or do we want to unite behind a positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign? >> what we are seeing on national polls, which have us 15, 20 points ahead of donald trump, far more than secretary clinton. >> all right. a big night for donald trump and hillary clinton. the race for president far from over. new exit polls are showing the front runners, how they won, and whether there's any path to victory for their primary competitors. i want to bring our panel back in to discuss.
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brian, dylan, eric. when you dig within these numbers, what i think you see, dylan, is you see how both of these front runner candidates took their core support and expanded it. they did very well, both of them, really across the board. >> yeah, that's absolutely right. donald trump continuing to prove that his ceiling is higher than his doubters often said it would be. i think on the democratic side, hillary clinton most crucially sort of expanding her support among white voters. she's always had the support of minority groups and latinos, african-americans, but her ability to sort of stop bernie sanders in his tracks when it comes to the white vote, i think, is clutch. again again, it goes back to this idea she's trying to expand her base as she pivots toward the general election. she's trying to convince those white voters, those young voters
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that it's time to come around to her and that doing so is by no means giving up their dreams of a brighter, more progressive future. >> winning white voters in maryland and pennsylvania. keeping it close in connecticut. eric, romans was saying, do donald trump's opponents have a path to victory right now? one interesting thing we saw in the exit polls is that the voters seem to say, we're not sure we want them to have a path to victory right now because that only path would be through a contested convention. we asked voters, if no one gets to 1237 delegates to nominate, what do you want to happen? in pennsylvania, 70% said they want to see the primary winner, the person who gets the votes. connecticut, 66% said the same. we saw that in maryland as well. more than two-thirds of the voters essentially say they want the person with the most votes to get the nomination, even if they don't get the required number of delegates. >> right. this means people are going to the ballot box, voting for ted
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cruz or john kasich, and also saying they don't want a contested convention where cruz or kasich battles it out and wins on the second or third or fourth ballot, which is a fascinating result. it really underscores why trump is talking consistently on the campaign trail about what we now have to say is a reality. the only way he can be denied the nomination is if this sort of democratic process does not lead to the person with the most votes, the most delegates being awarded the nomination. that's a point trump is absolutely going to drive home in indiana, which is sort of the next big contest. it's up next tuesday. cruz and kasich are, you know, have this divide and conquer strategy, but trump's argument that it's kind of conniving seems to really be sinking in. so this number shows that the
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republican electorate seems to be growing more and more comfortable with the idea of donald trump as its nominee. >> that was the big message i heard from trump last night. he went to this time 100 gala, which is this big party "time" magazine holds here in new york. it was kind of date night with milania. the big message was, you've always underestimated us, you always thought there was a ceiling on our supporters. now 60% and above is the ceiling. that's with only three people. in fact, that was his message as well to the rnc chairman as he was leaving last night. >> one last interesting point about those exit polls. when you look at what it means for the party, whether the parties are energized or disrupted by the primary process, you see very different pictures between the democrats and the republicans. majority of democrats in these states last night saying they're energized by the primary campaign. but the republicans, look at this in pennsylvania. has the republican campaign
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mostly enerror ror -- energized divided the party. very interesting tale. >> interesting to see how that plays going forward. all right. donald trump did win big overnight, but trump university being taken to court, accused of scamming students. how will this affect the election? details next. we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv! [ cheering ] this win is just the beginning!
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speaker dennis hastert learns his fate for paying hush money to cover up sex abuse. the judge expected to hear testimony from at least one of hastert's accusers at today's sentencing before deciding whether the 74-year-old should serve jail time. tennessee's governor must decide by tonight whether to sign or veto a so-called therapist bill. the legislation would allow psychotherapists to refuse service to lgbt patients for religious reasons. last week the tennessee governor convinced lawmakers to withdraw a similar bill, which would require transgender students to use restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificates, not with which the gender they affiliate. >> the dow futures slipping this morning after some bad corporate results last night. oil prices are up. two well-known tech companies could suffer big losses in the
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stock market today. apple posted its worst quarterly results in 13 years. here's what that looks like. profits sinking 22% during the first three months of the year. revenue down 13%. iphone sales dropping for the first time ever, down 16% compared with a year ago. that's 10 million fewer iphones sold. apple shares tanking 8% in free market trading. the stock is down some 20% over the past year. we're also tracking shares of twitter. twitter shares down 13% ahead of the opening. a bad miss on sales. twitter is also giving lower guidance for the rest of the year. for the past 12 months, that stock has lost more than half of its value. that minutes past the hour. the big story this morning, big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton. "new day" picks up our special post-primary coverage next.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to a special post-super tuesday edition of "new day." it is wednesday, april 27th, 5:30 in the east. donald trump and hillary clinton scoring major victories in the northeast. the front runners closing in on their parties' nominations. trump declaring the race now over and calling himself the presumptive nominee. donald trump will join us live within the hour to talk about all of this. hillary clinton also winning big in all but one of the northeast states. clinton is now 90% of the way to having the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. bernie sanders, though, is refusing to drop out. the senator appears to have a plan of his own for the convention. we're going to tell you about that because we have the 2016 race covered the way only cnn can. let's begin with john berman breaking down the results and where the delegate race stands. >> chris, what a night for the front runners. five for five. it's great in baseball, maybe better in politics. dona t


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