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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  April 27, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a president, in order to fix what ails us, must restore our constitutional balance of power. our entrenched political system, our system of crony capitalism, now it works if you're a big company, but it doesn't work if you're a small company. it works if you're wealthy or powerful or well-connected like donald trump or hillary clinton, just as a for example, but it doesn't work for the rest of us. ours was intended to be a citizen government. and now we must restore, and a president ted cruz will restore. power back where it belongs in the hands of citizens! and communities and the states of this great nation.
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what is at stake now is the future of our nation, the potential of our nation. will this be a nation where every american, regardless of their circumstances, has the opportunity that comes from their god-given gifts? will we be one nation, under got with liberty and justice for all or not? our country is being taken away from us by the elites, by the crony capitalist, by the special interests that have captured both parties. they want to take away and they are taking away. not only what we treasure about this nation, but what has made this nation great. what has made this nation a place of possibility for so many people. my fellow americans, people of indiana, it is time, we must take our country back.
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this -- this is the fight of our time and i believe ted cruz is the man to lead that fight, and i am prepared to stand by his side and give this everything i have, to restore the soul of our party, to defeat donald trump, to defeat hillary clinton, and to take our country back. and so, my fellow citizens, you must stand with us, you must fight with us.
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we must restore the potential of this nation. we must restore what has made this nation great for so many people, regardless of their circumstances. so the possibilities of this nation, the opportunity of this nation, the rights and liberties of this nation, can extend to every american. ladies and gentlemen, this is the fight of our times. ted cruz is the man to lead that fight! i will stand proudly by his side! i want you to stand with us as we fight. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back the next president of the united states, ted cruz. >> there you have it. the vice presidential prospect, the vice presidential candidate, at any time cruz has selected, if, in fact, he gets the republican presidential nomination, he wants carly fiorina, the former hp executive, to be his running mate. this announcement coming in
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indiana, the primary there is next tuesday. it's, by all accounts, a make or on break moment for ted cruz and his run for the white house. jake tapper, you were listen very, very closely to this. eric trump, the son of donald trump just tweeted and said this is one of the greatest acts of desperation i have ever seen. that is from eric trump. your analysis. >> two things. first will let's annize lies the move itself. whether you think it is a bold stroke as a cruz supporter might think, or an act of desperation, it is definitely an interesting move for ted cruz to make, to try to pick a running mate long before he is even close to getting the nomination. he has succeeded, at least for a period of time of changing the conversation, getting the focus back on him and his struggling campaign, especially after last night when donald trump went 5 for 5. that is the actual pick.
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i think it's interesting. let's see what happens. it is true that if cruz/fiorina win in indiana and win in california, they can stop donald trump from getting the delegates he needs to become the nominee before the convention. that's a tall order. i'm not saying it's going to happen. trump leads in polls in both states. but it is possible and it does change the conversation. now, as for the event itself, i think that -- i think that ted cruz and carly fiorina could take a lesson from ronald reagan when it comes to stage craft. i think they spoke for way too long and people probably tune in and they were teasing this event all day, it's at 4:00, all day it's at 4:00. ted cruz was supposed to speak for a very brief amount of time. he ended up speaking for 30 minutes. carly fiorina was supposed to come out and give her endorsement and she did something probably get a lot of attention which is she sang to ted cruz's daughters. she had some really good lines in there. she had the line about hillary clinton selling access and donald trump buying access. but i fear that the singing will
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overshadow some of the message. if i were to grade the stage craft i think room for improvement there. if it works, who knows. >> why does he think she would be most qualified to be president of the united states if he, in fact, was elected president and she was the vice presidential of the united states. what in her background enables her to become the vice president? >> i believe he thinks her background in business and being an outsider are attractive. obviously, they weren't exactly being subtle in terms of the message they were making to women voters. if you looked up on stage, i think only three males on that stage. it was a sea of girls and women. obviously, they are trying to make an appeal to women voters. donald trump, obviously, has offended some women voters, not all. he still overperforms with every single demographic on the republican side. but they are hoping that will be an opening. in terms of her qualifications for the office, i think that
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this was, to a degree, about shaking up the race more than it was about necessarily who do i think of all the americans in the world would be the best president should something happen to me. this was more about how do i change the conversation, how do i shake it up so i can actually become president. >> because the critics, as you know, they point out she -- yes, she was the chair of hewlett-packard, one of the major companies in the united states, but eventually the board fired her. she ran for the senate in california as a republican against the incumbent democrat barbara boxer and lost by ten points, about a million votes. when she was running for the republican nomination this time didn't score a lot of points. >> she came in seventh in iowa and seventh in new hampshire and won one delegate. >> why does he think this is going to move the needle in helping him in indiana and later in california and some of these other states? >> now you're asking me to decipher the trail of a rabbit put in fronts of me.
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i don't know. i think he needs to shake up the race. she is an impressive person who republicans might find attractive and like the idea of him with her, reconsider ted cruz because of this move, specifically what she brings in terms of electorate strength. obviously, very little. what she brings in terms of a proven record to win an election, not that much. but she can be a compelling speaker and very effective attack dog against donald trump in the traditional attack dog role of a vice presidential running mate. so we will see. >> she could be a very strong attack dog if you run against hillary clinton if, in fact, that were to happen and she is a very, very strong woman, a very intelligent woman, at the same time, hold on for a moment, mark preston, our cnn politics editor is getting more behind the scenes what led to this moment. what are you learning, mark? >> top campaign official they
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started with a list of 50 people. as they went through the vetting process, this campaign official told me that there was no question it should be carly fiorina. to your point, carly fiorina's role is to take it directly to hillary clinton and to express how important it is for republicans to win the general election. as far as campaigning, she will be with ted cruz tomorrow in ft. wayne, indiana and out in california this weekend campaigning as well. wolf? >> what does it look like in indiana right now? because i've seen some recent polls there suggesting that donald trump is actually ahead. does it look like the decision by john kasich to drop out of indiana and not go out there and campaign is going to be enough plus for cruz? >> wolf, a couple of things. one, that decision was made late on a sunday night. of course, we know how the cruz and the kasich campaigns are certainly the principles. the candidates didn't seem to embrace it oh, so strongly earlier this week and haven't seen any polling out of there to show that, in fact, john kasich
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deciding to leave the state has helped ted cruz. you have to think that it would certainly help in some way, shape, or form, but will it be enough to try to knock donald trump out of the lead there as he has right now, as we have seen from previous polling. but indiana, you know, as we have been talking about it for the past week or so, very critical right now for ted cruz who is really pushing all of his cards on the table into that state. >> certainly is. indiana is next tuesday. anna navarro is with us. our cnn contributor. you're a republican strategist. what is your reaction? >> you know, it's a mixed bag. i will tell you the reaction. part of me thinks this is a smart move by ted cruz in the sense that he is getting the media attention that he hasn't gotten. he is changing the narrative. he is trying to portray himself as a nominee. what is one of the things a nominee does is pick a vice presidential candidate. on the other hand, you know, watching the entire thing, it
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was a little surreal. i think this is going to get a lot of criticism. it's almost, you know, a lot of this campaign in 2016 has been about theater. did we just go into the theater of the absurd? the idea of a premature picking of a vice president, you know, i think is going to have costs and benefits. and, well, you know, we have now seen one candidate barking and one candidate singing. it really is surreal. we have crossed the looking glass. >> jake, if you look at the numbers, as far as delegates, pledge delegates of the republican side right now, trump, as of all of his wins yesterday, clean sweep, five states. he has almost a thousand delegates right now. the magic number is 1,237. he has 991 delegates. ted cruz is down by more than 400 delegates at 568 and kasich only 154. the question is being asked, what is ted cruz thinking?
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why now, all of a sudden? he is so far behind in the delegate count, on the actual vote count, he is behind by, what, about 3 million votes and trump has about 10 million votes so far and cruz 6,806,000 votes. is this an act of desperation? >> to his critics it is. first of all, let's talk about the trump thing. trump is 240 or so delegates away from clenching the nomination. for him to get the nomination before the convention, 1,237 delegates, as you note, he needs to win 49% of the delegates that have yet to be awarded. that is eminently possible. it is entirely possible there will not be a contested convention. donald trump needs to perform as well in the remaining states as he has been as he did last night and all this debate about contested conventions will be over. now, that said, many people in the republican party, mitchell mcconnell said he was optimistic
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there would be a second ballot. ted cruz, john kasich, others are hoping that there will be a contested convention. the only hope that there is right now for those individuals is to stop trump. not for kasich to win or not -- and note not for cruz to win before the convention. that is mathematically impossible. it cannot be done. cruz need to win something 130% of the remaining delegates which is an impossible figure. so they need to stop him and they are hoping that this move, whether you think it's desperate or on whether you think it's bold, will make people reconsider what ted cruz and carly fiorina together can offer as a ticket in terms of defeating hillary clinton, in all likelihood, and in standing for republican values as they say donald trump doesn't prepare is it an act of desperation? it is. when you think about the fact he is desperate in terms of there really is very little chance that he will be the nominee and very few paths to a possibility.
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it is possible. he could stop trump and he could force there to be a second ballot, a third ballot, a fourth ballot and then he could emerge. but as you note, he is way behind the delegates. >> he is way behind the delegates and way behind in the popular vote as well. gloria borger is with us as well. i don't remember a time. maybe you do when a presidential candidate named someone to be a vice presidential running mate this early in the contest. >> well, i can't either. all i can think back to, wolf, and i didn't cover it, was 1976 when you had ronald reagan at the convention naming governor schweiker of pennsylvania as a way to kind of attract more people to support him, more delegates to support him at the convention. so that was a bit of a different situation. look. i think it's clear to me that ted cruz is doing it and the length of the speech is some indication to draw more attention to his campaign and what he stand for and carly fiorina is a big part of that.
2:15 pm
they are putting, you know, all of their chips in the middle of the table on the state of indiana. and this is about last-ditch effort to win the state of indiana, because he has made it very clear that without indiana, he doesn't even have much shot at doing well in a contested convention scenario and, right now, the math is impossible for him, without a contested convention scenario. so, you know, this is about naming her because she can speak to him and to his strengths, and she stood there today very much as a character witness for him on both a political level and on, i would say on a personal level, talking about what kind of father he is, for example. you know, in this kind of a situation, when you've got a crisscross the state, two could be better than one. so i think it's all in for ted cruz with this state, with carly
2:16 pm
fiorina and just putting it all out there. >> as a lot of people say for him it could be make or break next tuesday in indiana and see what happens there. everyone, stand by. we will take a quick break. there is other important political news coming in. all of a sudden, we are learning that bernie sanders, the democratic presidential candidate, laying off hundreds of campaign workers on this, the day after he suffered some serious setbacks in those primaries. much more right after this. ♪
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situation room." following major breaking news on several fronts. we are awaiting donald trump rally in a suddenly critical state of indiana and it could be a huge change from the more presidential side of trump we saw earlier today when he used a teleprompter to deliver a carefully scripted speech about american first foreign policy. also breaking is senator ted cruz revealing that carly fiorina will be his running mate, if, if he wins the presidential nomination for the republican party. that is a big if. cruz is so far behind, some are calling this a desperate political stunt. breaking news in the democratic race. a senior adviser confirms to cnn that senator bernie sander is downsizing his campaign staff. "the new york times" quoting senator sanders as saying, hundreds of workers on his campaign staff will be laid off as the senator prepares to concentrate on california and getting the democratic party to embrace his agenda in its party
2:22 pm
platform. let's go to cnn's phil mattingly. we are getting a look at many different side of donald trump today. what is the latest? >> wolf, this race has become, at least on the republican side, a tale of two very different perspectives. donald trump, clearly, moving on. we sawed today a foreign policy speech that was very different from the bombast as what we have seen on the campaign trail. cruz making a vice presidential pick and indiana is make or break for his campaign to stop donald trump. >> we have to be unpredictable starting now. >> reporter: donald trump barely toward the republican nomination. hours after five crushing wins tuesday night in a flat dismissal of his rivals, the gop front-runner taking to washington to deliver a sweeping foreign policy speech. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the
2:23 pm
american people and american security above all else. it has to be first. has to be. >> reporter: reading a prepared text from a teleprompter, trump arguing for a break from decade, central tenants of u.s. foreign policy. from trade and defense pacts to relationships with traditional allies. >> a trump administration will lead a free world that is properly armed and funded, and funded beautifully. >> reporter: elements of a foreign policy he branded as america first. >> we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism. >> reporter: even as ted cruz, trailing trump by more than 400 delegates, pledges to fight on. >> last night was donald trump's night. and, today, is indiana's day. >> reporter: the texas senator attempt to go give his campaign a jolt and announcing carly fiorina at his running mate. >> she is someone you can be confident in if the occasion
2:24 pm
should arise to be commander in chief and keep this country safe. >> reporter: but trump is now in the driver's seat for the republican nomination. >> i can consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> reporter: he has won over half of the delts to date and need only 49% of the remaining 502 delegates to clench the nomination and eliminate the threat of a contested convention. trump clearly shifting his focus to his likely general election opponent, hillary clinton. >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she has got nothing else going and, frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. >> reporter: following up that broad side from his tuesday night victory speech with a direct assault on clinton's record as secretary of state. a preview of a general election battle that may already be under way. >> i challenge anyone to explain the strategic foreign policy vision of obama/clinton. it has been a complete and total
2:25 pm
disaster. >> reporter: now, wolf, according to advisers in both the cruz and kasich campaigns, there is no doubt about it. donald trump overperformed in the five states last night. and they have a very difficult road ahead to try and block him. that said, if you look at indiana where ted cruz will be camping out the next week, john kasich heading out west. they are not giving up on this race. the real question is does donald trump even consider it a race any more? we will get a hint at that rally later tonight. >> we will stand by for that. phil mattingly, thank you. a member of the foreign relations and a lukewarm supporter of senator ted cruz, is that fair? >> lukewarm. >> that is the key word. cruz is not doing well by all accounts on the actual total votes. we updated after the five big wins from trump last night. take a look at this. trump in all of these 40 contest states have had their primaries
2:26 pm
and caucus, trump at 10 million 62,000 and cruz at over 6 million and kasich over 3 million. trump is way, 3 million more republicans voted for trump than voted for cruz. why is cruz still in this contest? >> first of all, wolf, a lot of us aren't impressed by the raw vote numbers because as you know, some are caucuses and some are votes and big states and small states. having said all that, last night, those numbers that trump put on the board was impressive. i think anybody who watches this, whether you're a trump supporter or not, has got to concede that he won 54% in one state and the other four states, he was up at 60% either close to it or above it. in a three-way race those are impressive numbers and you can't deny it. >> he crushed the other two republican candidates. forget about the popular vote. look at the delegate count. magic number 1,237.
2:27 pm
trump is almost at a thousand right now. 991. cruz, 568. kasich only 154. that is, what, 400 more delegates. it's impossible for cruz or kasich to get the nomination. mathematically on that first round. trump has a good chance of doing it. >> from a technical standpoint, it's still possible that they could deny him the 1,237. from a practical standpoint, every day that goes by, it becomes less likely, and next tuesday is going to be a real watershed day. >> trump, in the remaining contests, whether indiana, california, new mexico, oregon, trump only need 49% of the vote, whereas, cruz would need 133%. you can't get that. kasich, 216%. can't get that. >> in a three-way race -- >> 49% is very doable. >> it is doable but it's also a possible to come off the tracks. but every day that goes by, every one of these contests, trump is showing more strength
2:28 pm
and like i said, i think tuesday is very critical. >> you know your fellow republicans. are they beginning to sense that it is donald trump who will be the republican nominee? they are going to jump on the band wagon fairly soon to unite the party and focus in on the general election? >> ordinarily, anecdotal testimony in that regard but i don't have it. what you can look in this regard is objectively. donald trump is showing more strength than early in the contest. chances are people are warming up to donald trump. >> are you warming up for him? >> i'm not there yet. let's get through this and we will make decisions at that particular time. but from an objective standpoint, it appears that is the case. then when you move to the general, donald trump has got to be praying that general electorate does the same thing and warms up to it. the numbers don't show it at this point. >> what did you think of the decision by ted cruz to name carly fiorina as his vice
2:29 pm
presidential running mate? >> gloria's memory on this was right on. in 1976, you recall ronald reagan chose richard schweiker. >> he thought that would help. >> he did that at the convention. the delegates were there and they had a contested convention. he didn't do it in april. >> that's true. but, at that point, reagan was looking at this and ford was very strong. it was apparent they were getting to the end of the line. it's possible that that is what is going through cruz's mind right now. i think indiana, as i said next tuesday, is going -- it could be the end of the line. so maybe that is what they are thinking is that they need to change the trajectory. there is no question about it. and it's -- >> if trump wins indiana, is it over for cruz? >> it may be over now, but it gets closer every day. if, indeed, that happens in indiana, i would think that people are going to start closing the book. >> i know you listen carefully
2:30 pm
to donald trump's 40-minute carefully scripted speech on national foreign policy. you're an expert in thoe those . lindsey graham has endorsed cruz. lindsey graham tweeted this. final thought on trump's foreign policy speech, ronald reagan must be rolling over in his grave. are you at critical of trump as lindsey graham is? >> no. first of all, let's all concede that foreign policy is not donald trump's strong suit. having said that, what you take away from this on a positive side is that it was scripted and he stayed on script and didn't go off script, and that, for donald trump, is very, very helpful. a person who would be looking at this from the outside would take a look at the speech of a republican and say it's not so
2:31 pm
bad. you deal with it every day, certainly the soup was a little thin for people who deal in this every day. but, again, he's got somebody who wrote a speech that was at least livable and he didn't go off script. >> i think it was a team, i think. it wasn't just somebody. he has a bunch of national security advisers that have been helping him, including your colleague senator sessions from alabama who has endorsed him. he and some of his staff have been helping him as well. we will be speaking to senator sessions in the next hour. thanks very much, senator, for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> always good to have you here. stay with us. we are standing by with the donald trump campaign rally in indiana. what will he have to say about senator cruz's decision to pick carly fiorina as his running mate? ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into
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take a look at this live picture that is coming in from indianapolis. donald trump getting ready to address a big crowd there. big rally. this is going to be a donald trump rally kind of speech as opposed to earlier today when he delivered a very carefully crafted foreign policy speech here in washington. stand by. we will have live coverage. we are following the breaking news. the political news ted cruz has just named carly fiorina as his running mate. meanwhile, trump is billing himself as the presumptive nominee after a five-state clean sweep on super tuesday yesterday. let's bring in our political experts for more analysis and joined by mark preston, our cnn political commentator ana navarro and senior political analyst ron brownstein, senior editor of the atlantic here in
2:37 pm
washington and peter binrat is a contributing editor from the atlantic as well. he swept all five states and calling himself the presumptive nominee. is he? >> that may be a tad premature but we certainly heading in that direction. last eight days or something have been something different. donald trump is beginning to do what he had not done before which is consolidate the rty. up until new york he had not won 50% in any state and now won 50% in six consecutive states now and not only the depth of the victory but the breadth of it. he put up his best numbers among the groups he has been strong, men, noncollege voters. he also put up in new york, connecticut, maryland and pennsylvania his best numbers among groups he is weak, the collected educated republicans and women. all in all i think you're seeing the beginning of a consolidation. could this be a regional blip but maybe but it feels something is changeing in the republican race. >> certainly does. mark preston, you've been looking carefully at the numbers. he is beginning to speak before a big crowd in indianapolis.
2:38 pm
ted cruz is trying to find some sort of way to stop trump's momentum. even if trump were to lose in indiana, there is still a clear path for him to reach 1,237. he's got more than 400 delegates ahead of cruz right now. >> wolf, i've been looking at the remaining ten states and different scenarios. donald trump needs to one 246 of the remaining 502 delegates. even if ted cruz were to do well in indiana you expect that donald trump is going to pick up some delegates but just goes to show you what the cruz campaign is thinking. they will be there this weekend. ted cruz and carly fiorina will be in the state of california. that is the big state with the most delegates left on the table. and they know that not only do they have to stop donald trump in indiana, but they really have to hurt him when it comes to california. also worth noting is new jersey, a state, of course, that is right next to neighboring new york, is also going to hold a
2:39 pm
contest. 51 delegates. donald trump is clearly going to be the favorite candidate in that contest. >> yeah. the mid-atlantic northeast. new jersey, very similar to pennsylvania and new york and these other states that trump won yesterday. maryland, delaware, rhode island. all of them. ana, cruz announcing that carly fiorina is going to be his running mate this early in the contest. he has no mathematical chance of being the nominee on the first round and can't get to 1,237, that number. is this just a stunt? >> it's part of the theaters of 2016. i think that there has been a lot of theater in 2016. look. on the one hand, he manages to change the narrative. he manages to get media attention. he manages to project himself and portray himself as a potential nominee. on the other hand, one of the things he does is take away his ability to horse trade with a john kasich or a marco rubio who
2:40 pm
do have delegation delegates, over a hundred delegates each to their name at a problem brokered convention. he does also, on the positive side, double what he can cover. he's got himself a very good surrogate and advocate in carly fiorina and she has proved to be very good in media. she has proved to be very good in debates. she has proved to be good on retail. she has proved to be good with donors. he just doubled the ground he can cover by appointing her. he probably could have gotten a senator or a governor. he is not the best liked in the washington circle to play along with him on this role. i think this is a positive for carly, definitely, who likes the limelight and who is good at it. i think for cruz, it is a hail mary, what does he have to lose? >> peter, let's talk about trump's foreign policy speech
2:41 pm
today. i know you listened to it very carefully. it was inintriguing the u.s. former ambassador of the united states to iraq, to afghanistan, the highest ranking muslim official in the u.s. government, fareed pointed that out early in the day he was selected to introduce donald trump at that speech. first of all, what did you think of that and what did you think of the speech? >> i think it was a wise move. the speech had kind of a certain kind of rand paul intervention in it and kind of pat bu kan bu. he said his guiding principle is america first. two sentences later, started by talking about how terrific it was that america defeated japan and germany in world war ii. the man does not know that america first committee was established in 1940 precisely to keep america out of world war ii
2:42 pm
against germany and japan. there was absurdity after absurdity. if this is the idea of a serious donald trump speech, really, i hate to see what unserious is. >> ron brownstein, what did you think of the speech? >> look. that really jumped out at me too, citing world war ii after picking up the america first label which was designed to keep us out of world war ii. i give more credit. i think there was a north star here. it is this kind of defensive nationalism where you talk about building of the american military and deploying it more sparingly. the whole idea of not getting -- rejecting nation building as a goal of american foreign policy. to me, what really struck me was on so many different fronts, it was a rejection of where the consensus has been in the republican party certainly since at least ronald reagan. it's just a reminder on how many issues donald trump is executing a revolution from within the republican coalition. >> mark preston, a lot of analysts say you know what? it may not have been appealing to the foreign policy elite, the
2:43 pm
think tankers here in washington, among others but to the rank and file and the republican conservative base when they hear america first, they like that kind of stuff. >> they absolutely do. look. that speech wasn't directed to the likes of us or certainly towards the likes of the foreign policy gurus in and around the beltway or new york city. it was directed directly at the folks who are out in the heartland and supporting donald trump who like to hear things that i'm going to make america great again. i'm going to make sure that we are going to have our allies pay their fair share. i'm going to make sure that we have a robust military, which i do at some point acknowledge as everyone has, he would say one thing and then trip up and say another thing in the speech. having said that, he did these broad strokes and what has helped donald trump so well in this campaign up to this point and that is what he did today. >> everyone stand by. there is much more to assess and we are getting more information
2:44 pm
coming in eye"the situation roo" we will be right back.
2:45 pm
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we are follow breaking news. senator bernie sanders is downsizing his campaign staff after losing 4 out of the 5 states on super tuesday. brianna keilar, what is the latest? >> reporter: hi there, wolf. i just spoke to bernie sanders campaign manager jeff weaver and ed they are downsizing the staff by about 200 to 225 people. just to give you some context on
2:49 pm
this. at one point, the sanders campaign had a staff of over a thousand earlier this year. he said they went down to 550. now they are going down to about 325 or 350. this does come as bernie sander had a major setback last night but jeff weaver told me that that is not why they are doing this. ed this is the natural evolution of any campaign, that there aren't as many states going forward so they are downsizing their field operation. as bernie sander is saying he is going to keep campaigning all the way to the end. >> with your help, we are going to come back to philadelphia for the democratic national convention. >> reporter: hillary clinton riding high after winning four of tuesday my's five primaries. now only 215 delegates from clenching the nomination. >> i applaud senator sander's and his millions of supporters for challenging us to get accountable money out of our
2:50 pm
politics and giving greater >> reporter: clinton extended an olive branch to sanders supporters. >> because whether you support senator sanders or you support me, there's much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: but sanders isn't barking down. >> we are in this campaign to win and become the democratic nominee. >> reporter: though he is acknowledging the math leaves him an almost insurmountable challenge. >> i am very good at arithmetic. unusual things happen in politics. >> reporter: the vermont senator laying ground work for a campaign focused on influencing the party's platform. >> our job whether we win or
2:51 pm
whether we do not win is to transform not only our country but the democratic party. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton is shifting her focus to a potential general election battle with the republican frontrunner. >> the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the, quote, woman card. >> reporter: trump repeated the charge tuesday night after sweeping five primaries. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has going is the woman's card. >> reporter: caught your speech about the woman's card, sharing a video of her tuesday remarks. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal play is playing the woman card, then deal me in! >> reporter: and hillary clinton is now fundraising off those
2:52 pm
comments, wolf. she sent an e-mail to supporters today highlighting some of the things that donald trump said and looking for donations. >> brianna keilar, thanks very much. we will stay on top of today's breaking political news as it develops. we are also following important news out of north korea where the regime appears to be making an extremely specific and dangerous threat against its neighbors to the south. brian todd is tracking the latest developments. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials tell us they're closely monitoring the threat. one u.s. official calling it part of kim jong-un's belligerent gestures toward enemies. the north koreans constructed this mock up of the south korean president's home and are planning an assault drill. it has the layout of the south korean version of the white house, but this is near pyongyang. a south korean defense official tells cnn this mock up is
2:53 pm
designed for north korean forces to launch an assault exercise. the simulated attack on the so-called blue house where the president lives could come at any moment. >> commandos could do training exercises where they enter the facility, try to capture it. also this facility was built at a well used artillery range, it is possible they want to blow it up for maximum media impact. >> reporter: he says the assault drill is intended to instill fear. they say he likely knows an attack on the south korean rival would bring massive retaliation from seoul and washington. but president park is familiar with these attacks on the most painful, personal levels. >> because of park and his position, it is very important for security services in south korea to take necessary precautions to guard her safety. >> reporter: kim jong-un's family that led korea since 1948 has a long history of brazen
2:54 pm
assaults on south korean presidents, trying and failing three times to assassinate them. one of those attempts in 1974 targeted president park's father. >> the one you see here. in that case, his wife, mother of the current president got in the way and was killed. >> reporter: he was 22 at the time, had to become the first lady after her mother died. her father was targeted six years earlier. more than 30 commandos infiltrated across the dmz and stormed the blue house. the attack failed. most of the north koreans were killed. the man that ordered the attacks, kim jong-un's grandfather who the dictator is obsessed with imitating. >> he appears to be calling up images of his grandfather's brazen attacks on the south to intimidate the south and i think to demonstrate to the north as he prepares for a big party
2:55 pm
congress that he's a greater leader than his father. >> reporter: one analyst said if north korean forces stage an assault on this mock up, we may see it. this was built in an artillery testing area where kim jong-un frequently goes to watch military exercises. those drills are sometimes shown on north korean television and the u.s. and its allies often surveil from satellites so we can see it when it happens. >> lots of news going on. we will stay on top of it. a lot of surveillance video i am sure. coming up, standing by to hear from donald trump, the republican presidential frontrunner trying to sound more presidential after sweeping super tuesday, delivering a major foreign policy speech earlier today. will trump maintain his change in tone.
2:56 pm
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3:00 pm
happening now. breaking news. presumptive nominee donald trump declares himself the republican pick for president after sweeping five primaries. the gop frontrunner following up his victories with a major foreign policy speech and campaign rally this hour. we are standing by to hear from donald trump. i'll talk to one of his key supporters, senator jeff sessions. cruz's vice. ted cruz tries to steal donald trump's spotlight, announcing carly fiorina as his vice presidential running mate. he is now hundreds of delegates behind trump, with no way to clinch the nomination outright. will this unusual move help him in his quest to block trump? berned out. bernie sanders poised to layoff hundreds of campaign staffers after losing four out of five
3:01 pm
contests to clinton in the latest primaries. sanders now softening his attacks, admitting that time is running out. is his campaign right now at a cross roads? an isis camouflage. terrorist forces depleted of new recruits and under constant assaults are hiding tarps to hide from planes overhead. a major offensive could be weeks away. can the u.s. and its allies take back iraq second largest city from isis. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room"." breaking political news. donald trump is about to speak after commanding victories in all the states in the super tuesday primaries.
3:02 pm
he is taking the stage soon in indianapolis. indiana is the next big battleground with 56 delegates at stake next tuesday. also breaking, ted cruz trying to regain momentum, stealing some of trump's thunder, making an unusual early running mate announcement. he named his former rival carly fiorina as his pick for vice president, even though cruz has been mathematically eliminated from winning the gop presidential nomination outright, and there's breaking news on the democratic side as well. cnn confirmed that bernie sanders will layoff hundreds of campaign workers across the country. a sanders adviser says they'll include field and advanced staff. this comes after he lost four out of five primary contests to hillary clinton. we're covering all of that and more with our guests, including senator jeff sessions from alabama. our correspondents and expert analysts are also standing by. let's begin with the republican
3:03 pm
race for the white house. our political reporter sarah murray is in indianapolis where tonight at that trump campaign rally about to begin, he is about to speak. set the stage for us, sarah. >> reporter: well, wolf, we're expecting another raucous rally in indiana for donald trump tonight. earlier today he delivered a more formal foreign policy address, offered a take down of president obama and hillary clinton's approach to foreign policy, but didn't exactly layout a clear vision for what he would do as president, instead saying it is important to not be too predictable about these things. today donald trump unleashing a blistering criticism of the obama, clinton foreign policy and previewing fault lines that could shape the general election. >> i challenge anyone to explain the strategic foreign policy vision of obama, clinton. it has been a complete and total
3:04 pm
disaster. in his speech trump called for america first approach to foreign policy. >> my policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. has to be first. >> reporter: pledging that intervention won't be his first instinct and say he will seek to improve relationships with countries including russia. rather than delve into specifics, trump says it is time to stop broadcasting america's every move. >> we must as a nation be more unpredictable. we are totally predictable. >> reporter: after a five state sweep tuesday, trump is feeling more secure than ever in his frontrunner status. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee, absolutely. >> reporter: to clinch the nomination, he needs 49% of remaining delegates to hit that magic 1237. to date, he has won about 50.2%
3:05 pm
of the delegates. if he keeps up the current pace, the nomination should be within his grasp. for trump, it is a sign a strategy that got him this far is working. >> you have a football team, you're winning, you get to the super bowl, you don't change the quarterback, right? i'm not changing. >> reporter: and that general election fight could be brutal as trump tries out an even sharper tone against clinton, questioning whether she has any credentials beyond her gender. >> frankly, if hillary clinton were a man i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has going is the woman's card. >> reporter: trump is not the only one with his eye on the general. today, ted cruz making the unconventional decision to tap carly fiorina as his vp, if he can win the nomination at contested convention. >> carly is a vice presidential nominee i believe is superbly skilled, superbly gifted at helping unite this party, bring
3:06 pm
us together so we stand united as one. >> reporter: now donald trump just put out a statement reacting to this carly fiorina announcement. i would say he is unimpressed. he pointed out ted cruz is being clobbered in the delegate count, says it is a pure waste of time, says cruz has no path to victory, he is only trying to stay relevant. we expect to hear from donald trump live in a few minutes, we will see if he expands on those remarks tonight. >> i suspect he will. thank you. let's get more on breaking news now, coming from the cruz campaign, the announcement of carly fiorina as ted cruz's running mate. sunlen serfaty joins us. you had a chance to speak to carly fiorina. how did that go? >> reporter: that's right, wolf, you know, indicating how quickly all of this was put together, carly fiorina confirms to me she was asked only yesterday by
3:07 pm
senator cruz to be his vice presidential pick and although she does describe this as an on-going conversation that they have been having for quite some time, and i did ask her about push back and criticism coming from the gop frontrunner, donald trump today, when he brought up past statements carly fiorina had said when she was running against senator cruz. once saying senator cruz will do anything and say anything to get elected. today she tried to brush it off. >> of course donald trump would do that, a guy who practices saying anything to get elected is donald j. trump, all of the stuff he is talking about, i'm going to fight the system. he's not going to fight the system. he is the system. he benefitted from the system all his life. so you know, see you out on the campaign trail, donald. >> he also says senator cruz is wasting his time. what's your response to that? >> well, donald trump says a lot of things, he's not wasting his
3:08 pm
time. none of us are wasting our time who want to fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation and that's what this is about, and it is why i have said since the very week that donald trump announced his candidacy, he does not represent me and he does not represent my party. >> reporter: that see you on the campaign trail, donald trump, seems that carly fiorina in the role as ted cruz's vice presidential pick intends to keep up aggressive criticism, get in the scrum of not only donald trump but hillary clinton, too, something we did see from her as a presidential candidate herself. i also talked to her about the criticism over the unusual move, the timing of the announcement, the fact that it is unprecedented, early on the time line, asked her does that speak to desperation on the part of the campaign, trying to refocus attention. wolf, she said i don't think so.
3:09 pm
everything about this campaign, everything about this election is unprecedented. wolf? >> all right, thanks very much. let's get to more on this. joining us, jeff sessions from alabama, member of judiciary and armed services committee and strong supporter of donald trump for president. senator, thanks for joining us. look at the numbers in the vote totals, 40 states have had their primaries and caucuses. trump is 10 million, 62,000. when will this party start to rally around the guy who has by millions the most votes. >> i think it is going to happen soon. you can feel it already. people on the street and also in washington and halls of congress. >> are you feeling it from republican colleagues? >> yes, i think they feel like they can work with donald trump. the american people, raising th- issues the people care about and
3:10 pm
they're flocking to him with enthusiasm. he has more enthusiasm than anybody else also. he has votes, enthusiasm, delegates. i think he is moving very well. >> you have no doubt he will win the nomination on the first ballot at the convention in cleveland. >> no, i think he will. i certainly think so. i presume he will win because he's got the most delegates and i think he'll have over the number required for victory. >> i noticed in the past 48 hours or so he has been complimentary to reincepriebus, charn of the national committee. earlier was saying negative things, the system is rigged. now he is being complimentary. at what point does the party rall around him as well? >> i think so. reince priebus is a good leader. he knows we need to unite. i think the trump campaign was worried about things that were happening, firing shots across
3:11 pm
the bow. i am hopeful those are being settled now, we will move forward to the party being united and bringing forth members of congress and other leaders, bringing them on board in a unity effort. donald trump can win this election. he can defeat hillary clinton. he has good policies for america. >> the carly fiorina announcement today, ted cruz says she will be his running mate. what's your reaction? >> i think that's an unusual step. definitely has a media day for it, but trump finished carrying five states, every county of five states, states that normally republicans don't do well in. i think it would be a great asset to nominate somebody that can compete aggressively in the northeast. >> do you think cruz and kasich should drop out? >> i think they probably should. i don't see where they're going from here. they have a right to continue. i respect both of them.
3:12 pm
we'll see how they move forward with their personal decision. >> senator, we have more to discuss, including foreign policy, national security speech donald trump delivered. you have been helping in those areas, working closely with him. jeff sessions is staying with us. we're also standing by to hear from donald trump. he's getting ready to address a huge rally in indianapolis, indiana. a critically important state coming up next tuesday, the primary there. we'll take a break and be right back. you know when i first started out,
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we are back with donald trump supporter senator jeff sessions from alabama. we're going to talk to him about donald trump's foreign policy speech he delivered earlier today. first, let's get some details from chief national security
3:17 pm
correspondent jim sciutto. jim, this was much more tightly scripted than trump's usual stump speech. >> reporter: no question, more tightly scripted and muted in delivery. the positions were familiar, brash, unapologetic. took jabs at u.s. allies for not paying their way. claimed if he could do business with vladimir putin, and took aim at barack obama and hillary clinton, blaming them together for foreign policy that is weak, confused, a mess. >> our foreign policy is a complete and total disaster. >> reporter: delivering what his campaign called a major foreign policy speech in washington, donald trump immediately took aim at president obama. >> if president obama's goal had been to weaken america, he could not have done a better job. >> reporter: in fact, perhaps telegraphing his general election message, he equated the president and his likely
3:18 pm
democratic opponent, hillary clinton, uttering obama, clinton, no fewer than three times. >> the obama clinton interventions, with president obama and secretary clinton, of obama clinton. >> reporter: declaring their foreign policy a shared failure. >> the legacy of the obama, clinton interventions will be weakness, confusion, and disarray. >> reporter: trump was more scripted, less bombastic, but with few specifics. saying only he would defeat isis. >> their days are numbered. i won't tell them where and i won't tell them how. >> reporter: for russia, a country seen increasingly as a threat by the current administration and the u.s. military, trump offered an olive branch. >> some say the russians won't be reasonable.
3:19 pm
i intend to find out. if we can't make a deal under my administration, a deal that's great, then we will quickly walk from the table. >> reporter: for u.s. allies, he accused president obama of abandoning them, but at the same time repeated his campaign promise to make allies pay their way. >> the countries we are defending must pay for the cost of this defense and if not, the u.s. must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves. >> reporter: critics were quick to accuse trump of broad contradictions. >> he was rambling to the point of being incoherent. he contradicted himself several times. says we're getting out of nation building but create stability. how do do you that? you got out of nation building in iraq, you got more instability. >> reporter: lindsey graham tweeting not sure who is advising trump on foreign policy, but i can understand why
3:20 pm
he is not revealing their names. in a flub that gave his critics ammunition, trump mispronounces the name of the east african nation tanzania. the white house quickly pouncing on the mistake. >> apparently the phonetics aren't on the teleprompter. >> reporter: to be fair, some of his positions come from the mainstream, criticizing the iran nuclear deal and failure to stop north korea from developing a nuclear bomb. there was something in there for everyone, some even contradicted each other. do his supporters see the contradictions? hard to see at this point, but a catch all speech from the presumptive republican nominee. >> jim sciutto reporting. jeff sessions, senator from alabama is still with us. strong purisupporter. you advised on that speech? >> i didn't advise on the speech, but you can tell it is trump's ideas. one of the things that attracted me to trump is we have been too
3:21 pm
involved in nation building on occasion, have not stood up, had our allies contribute sufficiently to our mutual defense, and that we have an incoherent foreign policy. >> you want more of what they call isolationist policy or as rand paul would call it noninterventionist policy as opposed to robust policy of the bush administration and the obama administration? >> i think we learned we can't be as successful as we would like to be in building democratic nations in very troubled areas of the globe. we have just learned that. it is difficult thing. i think donald trump has it about right. we have to be careful, not overreach, but at the same time if we have to use military force, we will use it decisively. >> you use the phrase america first. critics recalling in the 30s and early '40s when the u.s. thought of going to war against nazi germany, the american first coalition committee came around
3:22 pm
trying to prevent the united states in getting involved in world war ii. an awkward phrase as critics point out. >> let me just say this. united states foreign policy must be based on the national interest of the united states of america first and foremost and that's what he said today. then you ask is it good for us, yes. he said we will meet with nato allies, strengthen and update the nato alliance. at the same time, we're going to insist our allies pay more. going to meet with asian allies, develop a new modern up to date policy for the pacific and they're going to have to pay more, too. i thought it was a coherent, rationale approach. >> he says people are anxious to jump aboard his band wagon. do you know who the people are? >> people are coming to me,
3:23 pm
hearing from friends and phone calls that come to my office. i think members of congress are also looking at this in a way to say this man is resonating, what's wrong with a policy. >> who are some of these people? >> i am not going to talk about private conversations, but i'll tell you there's no doubt in my mind we can unify the republicans behind donald trump. >> do you think they'll come forward and announce support for mr. trump? >> mr. trump isn't going around asking for endorsements, he's going out, getting votes, winning election and election with bigger and bigger majority. that's where the power comes from. but yes, i think our members will work together because the trump ideas are solid and can be defended. >> when he says he will destroy isis, he says trust me, i am not going to spell out my strategy. don't the american people have a right to know the strategy? >> he should not tell exactly how he would go about isis, no. you don't do that in advance.
3:24 pm
this is a commitment that the american people can take to the bank. donald trump will step up pressure on isis and if we do it effectively, they'll be gone. >> what would be the difference between what the obama administration strategy to destroy isis is and trump administration strategy in trying to destroy isis? >> we haven't been very effective so far with isis. in fact, we have been very weak, we created areas they built their base. destabilization of libya, a direct result of obama and hillary clinton. >> what would he do different? >> press the case against them. i'm not going to say exactly how he would do it. >> deploy ground troops, tens of thousands of troops to go into mosul, for example, second largest city in iraq, city of 2 million people, and liberate that city from isis? >> one of the greatest disasters we had was president obama and hillary clinton pulling our troops out of iraq. it was a fragile area.
3:25 pm
it hadn't been secured permanently, but pulling out prematurely led to mosul where we were able to establish a decent government there to fall to isis. yes, it is going to be a very difficult effort to retake mosul, but it must be done and can be done. >> you would support sending thousands of u.s. troops back into iraq, into syria to destroy isis? >> no, no. we've got allies in iraq, they can be strengthens, special forces we have, we have drones and other capabilities. but a sustained effort can move, can defeat isis, but it is not going to be easy but it can be done. >> he spoke 40 minutes, went through a lot of important issues, elaborated on a lot of important issues. i didn't hear him say the u.s. will build a wall on the border with mexico and mexico will pay for it. he says it in every other speech. he didn't say it today at the
3:26 pm
mayflower hotel. i didn't hear him say we will build the wall and mexico will pay. >> this speech was focusing mainly on international relations, the middle east, our allies in nato, and in the pacific, how to strengthen alliances, make sure they pay a fair share of the cost of our mutual efforts. >> he also didn't elaborate on what he said before, water boarding. he thinks that would be fine, if you got a terrorist suspect, go ahead and water board. even go further in what some call torture of the suspects. he didn't get into any of that. was there a reason he didn't want to elaborate on that? >> i asked him across the board, my advice was not to get into troop levels, how many boats or ships we need, how much money we should spend or those things in this speech. he needed to state his approach to representing the united states and national interest and people of the united states and how he is going to protect this
3:27 pm
nation, advance our interests working with our allies and expecting to get more from them. he also said that he thinks he can advance a relationship with russia better than today, and that would be good if achievable, but he made clear he knows how to negotiate. if they're not serious, he'll pull away from them. >> you believe he will, a, be the republican nominee, and if he is, he'll beat hillary clinton and become the next president of the united states? >> i do. i think he is going to win the nomination, i think he's on track to do that. i think when this issue is joined, people will see the leader and person that's committed to advancing our interests and welfare of the american working people. they're flocking to him and will continue to do so. >> you have been a strong supporter of his for months. see where this goes. thank you, senator sessions, for coming in. just ahead, donald trump is about to speak to supporters at a huge rally in indianapolis. a victory lap of sorts after the
3:28 pm
gop frontrunner swept five states in the super tuesday primaries, but also a key test of trump's shift to what some are describing a more presidential tone. i served 20 years as a marine aviator, top gun graduate, aide to two u.s. presidents, commanding officer and harvard national security fellow. i'd say buying a car, uh, can make you as nervous as landing on an aircraft carrier. but usaa car buying service mitigates those fears. uh, they make it a very easy experience for you. find the right car, save money. it's that easy. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. exclusively for usaa members.
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welcome back. live pictures from a huge rally in indianapolis, indiana. the primary there is next tuesday. donald trump is getting ready to
3:33 pm
address the crowd fresh from his clean sweep of super tuesday primaries just six days before the indiana primary. 57 delegates at stake next tuesday. earlier trump gave a major foreign policy speech, the theme america first. let's get more. cnn global affairs correspondent elise laugh et is with us, gloria borger, and hilary rosen, and cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. gloria, what do you make of ted cruz's decision to pick carly fiorina as his vice presidential pick? >> couple things. first of all, wolf, he needed to change the conversation from the sweep that trump had last night and he also just put all his chips in the center of the table. he said look, i'm all in, it is a big play for the state of indiana. i am not sure what it does to help him there, but what has he got to lose. he has to travel the state. carly fiorina is somebody who
3:34 pm
thinks the way he does, who has endorsed him, who is good on the campaign trail. a woman who can help him and so they can try to divide and conquer the state. from his point of view, i don't think he had much to lose by doing this. i think it is a campaign tactic to get more attention and try to win that state for him, which is really make or break. a contested convention, wolf, as you know is his only play and he wants to go into a contested convention, number one, and number two, he wants to go in from a position of some strength. and right now he does not have that position. he's in a weak position. >> jeffrey, let me play a moment when carly fiorina was speaking and then she did this. >> i know two grooms that i just
3:35 pm
adoor, i am so happy i can see them more. cause we travel on the bus all day, we get to play ♪ >> i won't bore you with any of the song. >> singing that for his daughters. she had a little fun with that. >> can we say, she has a nice voice. stayed on key. remember when president obama sang some al green, also a very nice voice. a duet is unlikely. >> what's cruz's strategy here though. >> just throw the cards in the air, as gloria said, it is not working what he's doing now. i think it is unlikely carly fiorina will make any difference, but at least there will be a different scenario, another voice for him to campaign on. he's got to win indiana or it is all over. even if he does win indiana, trump is probably still the nominee, but this is a way of having us talk about something other than the sweep.
3:36 pm
>> it is early to name a running mate. do you think trump would decide it is good to do? >> trump doesn't need a hail mary pass, he has the nomination. >> you think it is a done deal? >> oh, yeah. if i were donald trump's advisers, i would make him be thoughtful about this pick, try to use that pick to say something serious about what kind of president he would be. and it is also an opportunity for him to show that actually he can win over a broad swathe of republicans, which i don't think ted cruz did. >> let me ask gloria, is he the presumptive nominee? is it a done deal for all practical purposes? >> i don't think it is a completely done deal. i think he has to do well in indiana and california. you know, we've heard from enough people at the rnc say if you're 50 short, you're 50 short. but i happen to believe the way the exit polls are showing that republican voters feel, if he
3:37 pm
goes into that convention 50 short, he's going to get those 50 votes and that cruz would go in from a position of complete weakness and, you know, that's what this whole play is about today for ted cruz. >> and it is not just 50 delegates that he'll have a lead, he will have for certain millions more votes than his next. >> already has 3 million more. >> how could you take the nomination away from someone with millions more? >> needs a stunt, that's what you're asking. >> probably doesn't now. you were monitoring global reaction to trump's foreign policy speech, carefully crafted 40 minute address, read from a teleprompter. what's been the reaction? >> he came off more polished, less bomb bass particular, but some of the concerns of allies remain. some confusions, many inconsistencies. let's face it, america first is
3:38 pm
a great slogan for trump supporters, but when you say you're going to use economic leverage to have allies pay more, we perhaps may participate less in global agreements, that's not something allies want to hear. i think they wanted to hear more specifics about how he would go after isis. i think there's some concern about some of the things he was saying about russia, engaging russia and china. i think for allies that were looking for more specifics and strategic foreign policy vision found themselves lacking and disappointed. >> stand by. more is coming up. we're standing by to hear from donald trump. he will be addressing a big rally in indianapolis, indiana. we will see what he has to say. there's breaking news on the democratic side. bernie sanders all of a sudden laying off hundreds of campaign workers. we'll update you on that when we come back.
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bobby knight speaking at the rally in indianapolis. let's listen in briefly. >> now, as you do that, i want all you navy people to please raise your hands. all navy people, raise your hands and i want you to know that i spent 8 years teaching
3:44 pm
soldiers at the united states military academy and we played navy 8 straight years, and beat your ass every time we played you. and i love you just as much for your contributions to america as all of the other venues of our military, and this man will see that that group of people that we so depend on is really taken care of and treated in the best way possible. i always thought a nice thing i thought i might be able to do, i want to say to you indiana people that i owe you a big, big debt of gratitude because nowhere in the world is a
3:45 pm
sporting group followed better than this state follows basketball. and i just want to thank you for the opportunity that i had to coach in this state. it will always be something that i will cherish. i think that i want you to think about one thing, and i appreciate what donald said relative to what our players did, the 900 wins and the long streak of not losing a game, but remember this. those players on their shirt wore one word and it was indiana.
3:46 pm
now you folks have a great opportunity here, you folks voting for donald trump and throwing him over the top. if you people will do this, if you will do this, you will be having our government take its first step toward what all of us want america to be like. i had these -- you know, they talk in a negative way when they want to about donald, they talk about he isn't presidential. i don't know what the hell that
3:47 pm
means. you know, to me, to me i think of harry truman. they said harry truman wasn't presidential. and damn, he went on to be one of the three best presidents in united states history. and he will at some point be one of those also. and i think that -- how many of you have a sister, a brother, a daughter, a son, a friend in the military of any kind? raise your hands. all of you that have that.
3:48 pm
how many of you have relatives or you, yourselves that go overseas, sometimes in sticky situations, sometimes problems can result. how many of you have that in your lives? well, let me tell you, let me tell you something that you can thank this man for. let me tell you something that will make your trips abroad much easier, much more comfortable than ever before. under his administration there will never be another thing like what happened in benghazi. god willing. that will never happen in a trump administration. the military of the united states and in every branch of that military will get the
3:49 pm
absolute best care that they can possibly get from the next president of the united states. the military will have that. you know, one of the best things to do in this job that mr. trump is going to undertake is get good people. and he does a great job of finding good people and teaching good people and even as important, he's damn good at getting rid of bad people, too. [ cheers and applause ] now i don't think -- i think you're going to leave here tonight and after you've heard mr. trump talk, and there has
3:50 pm
never been a more honest politician than donald trump, after you have seen him, i think you'll be in a hurry to vote for him. i want you to know, you have this great opportunity, as i said, to push him over the top by voting for him as soon as you can, and putting us in the best position, for you having done that than this country has ever been in, getting going where we all want to be. you people, if you will do that -- if you will get us started on the road -- i'm going to tell you what's going to happen to you. they're going to take all of you people, what you did to give us donald trump, they're going to take all of you people and they're going to put you right next to our founding fathers and george washington. that's what the hell they're
3:51 pm
going to do with you people. and you will be responsible for the shift that america will make into what we want america to be, if you will vote for donald trump. and is with that, with that, i simply -- i simply say to you -- i'll talk to you one other thing about donald trump and how he operates and how he gets things done. johnnie walked into his dad's office one morning and said, "dad, did mom tell you i passed the driver's test." "well, son, she did tell me that and i'm really proud of you. she told me that the trooper that gave you the test said you had the best written test and the best driving test of anybody that he's ever had.
3:52 pm
and i'm so proud of you, son." "well, now, dad, will that give me an opportunity maybe to drive your car or mom's car once in a while?" "well, son, this is the man in charge i'm talking about now. or it could be the lady in charge. but this is all about the person that's in charge. and he said to his son, "well, sure, son. there will be a time for you to use one of our cars. however, there are some prerequisites. your mother is not real happy with the way you treat your brother and sister. your grades are two below what they should be. and i've talked to you, son, about reading, and i've never seen you reed. and i've talked to you about the bible, because, son, there are a lot of good things in the bible that don't have anything to do with religion. and then there's one last thing, son. and it's that damn long hair of yours. i've told you to get a haircut, and you haven't done it.
3:53 pm
now, when you think you've done all of these things, son, we'll talk about striving the car." about three weeks later, johnnie comes in to talk to his dad and says, "dad, i wanted to talk to you. i think i've done a lot of things that you've asked me to do." "son, i'm proud of you. your grades, the way mom feels, the way you're treating your brother and sister and all of those things we talked about. those prerequisites. really good in all of them. but there's one thing left, son. it's that damn long hair of yours. and you haven't done a thing with it." now, this is the man in charge. and that's this man right here. and that boy looked at him, and he said, "well, dad, you know you got me to read the bible. and i did. and when i read the bible, i learned a lot of things. but i also learned, dad, that matthew, mark, luke, john, jesus himself all had long hair, dad."
3:54 pm
and the man in charge looked at that kid, and he said, "son, you are absolutely right." and they walked their ass off everywhere they went. i again -- i again thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach basketball in this state, and now -- now i want to give you the very best choice that's ever been made on the man taking over at his first job, as a president, and i give you donald trump.
3:55 pm
what a winner. what a winner that is. that's a great man. you know, our country doesn't win any more. that's what we need, right there. let me tell you. but i do have to tell you this. you know bobby. so -- about a year ago, i got a call. i never knew bobby. i knew of bobby, he was great. i loved watching him. i love that attitude. you know that attitude. and one of his friends is here today, a very good basketball player from the past that he said, this guy, he would take a team that wasn't as good, and they would just beat everybody and nobody understood it. but there was something special. but about a year ago, i got a call from bobby knight. i didn't know bobby knight. i said, wait a minute, the basketball man? the man that's's the man?
3:56 pm
in indiana? and they said, yeah. so i get on the phone, we checked it out, and it was bobby knight. and he said, donald, i just want to tell you, i want the you to run -- this was before i decided. before that big day on june 16th, coming down the escalator. he said, i want you to run. my friends all want you to run. and you'll be great. and i'd like to endorse you. i said, coach, what an honor that is. and do me a favor. give me a number and maybe i'm going to be calling you back. right? and then we had all these great victories. i think i've won now 28 states. big night. big night last night. we had a big, big, big night last night. we had five. five. we had five landslides, actually, last night. that was -- that was a biggy, right? so i said, thanks a lot, coach.
3:57 pm
i appreciate it. i took the number, i wrote it down. i put it in a special place. and i said, let's see what i do. a few months later, i said, i'm gonna run. too much. i just couldn't take it any more. i'm looking at these horrible, horrible deals made by politicians that are taken care of by their campaign, taken care of by special interests, and lobbyists. and in some cases, they're incompetent, okay? and in some cases, they're outright stupid to be doing the deals they're doing. it's one of the three. but i said, i'm gonna run. and i said, you know, let's see how we do. and i went and we started winning, winning, winning. we won new hampshire in a big upset. won by a landslide. they're upsets, yet we're winning all these landslides. and yet we had no chance in south carolina. we had no chance whatsoever in south carolina. and we won in a landslide. and the evangelicals voted for trump. and we went to nevada and won. we won alabama and arkansas. and we won florida by 20 points.
3:58 pm
and every place we were winning. and now about two weeks ago, it's getting ready, and you don't know how important you are. because we're just about ready to put it away, folks. okay? and indiana, which is a special place. i have so many friends, the hilberts, tommy, sue and steve are here someplace. they're unbelievable people. employed thousands and thousands of people over the years. great people. but i have so many friends from indiana. so i said, you know, it's amazing. it looks like indiana is going to be really, really important. by this time, usually, by the time you get to indiana, a race is died decided. but we had 17 people. it's never been in the history of politics in this country, there's never been 17 before. and i always say, what todo you mean i didn't get 50%? with all these people, if i get 32% with 14 people left, that's like 90%.
3:59 pm
but anyway -- so it came and we're winning and we had some great victories and then we won new york two weeks ago with tremendous numbers in a landslide. and then we had last night. but about three weeks ago, i said, boy, this indiana is turning out to be a very, very important place, as it should be, right? and i said to myself -- and i speak to fends in indiana. but i said to myself, and who would be the greatest endorsement in the history of indiana? and i said, i have to find that phone number, right? and i went out, and i found the phone number right away. i knew exactly where it was. and i called up coach knight, bobby. and i said, coach, do you remember me? donald trump? he said, i remember you. i've been waiting for you to call. cool cat, you know. this is a cool cat. and he said, i've been waiting
4:00 pm
for you to call. and i'm ready. let me know whenever you want me. this guy is terrific. this is a winner, he's a champ. he's been so great for indiana. he loves indiana. he loves indiana. and to have his endorsement the is just an honor. and i just want to give him a little special hand. special guy, folks. there aren't too many of them. i want to tell you, i know a lot about the world. there aren't too many of them. there are very few. and you certainly don't find them very often in politics, that i can tell you. you know, you've been seeing these crazy deals they're making. they're desperate. they make the deal where cruz calls. he's losing badly. he's losing all of them. in fact -- lyin' ted, right? lyin' ted. he's an outright liar. boy, you know, i watched him the other night.


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