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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm wolf blitzer. it is noon. 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 8:00 p.m. in baghdad. wherever you are watching from around the world thanks for joining us. any moment we expect republican presidential front runner donald trump to take the stage in indiana. you are looking at live pictures. trump delivered major foreign policy speech on wednesday, promised to go into greater detail on other topics including immigration as we get closer and closer to republican convention in july in cleveland. sarah murray is on the campaign trail covering trump in evansville. about an hour ago we heard this from senator ted cruz talking about donald trump and the criticism of cruz's vice presidential pick, carly fiorina. >> it surprises nobody that donald trump's response was to
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engage in insults. donald yells, screams, curses or insults. i suppose you could start a drinking game on which of the four donald will respond to any given stimulus that might occur. the one he does most frequently is insults everybody and anybody he encounters so of course he would scream desperate. that is donald trump. it's the only way he knows how to operate. >> sarah, should we anticipate that trump will fire back in upcoming remarks? >> reporter: well, trump certainly went off last night in indiana about the fact that cruz is picking a running mate. i think it is fair to say we will hear him talk more about ted cruz today. this is an important state for donald trump and ted cruz. both are competing hard here. we are not seeing the same reserve donald trump that we saw in washington yesterday out on the campaign trail. he sort of gives the audiences what he wants when he is out here in places like indiana. that is a lot of red meat.
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>> indiana clearly shaping up as a huge battle ground next tuesday. trump is trying to break the so-called cruz-kasich alliance. what is the latest that you are hearing? >> i can tell you that on the ground here in indiana it does not feel the same that it did in wisconsin, a state that ted cruz was able to win and defeat donald trump. feels like donald trump has much more momentum here. i am in a packed auditorium. there is a line around the block when we came in of people waiting to get in. i think other campaigns are realizing and never trump movement is realizing if cruz is not able to defeat trump here in indiana it becomes next to impossible to prevent him from getting to 1,237 delegates. i think it is kind of impossible to overstate the stakes in this state for ted cruz. >> we'll stand by to hear from donald trump. trump's foreign policy speech was seen as this opportunity for the republican presidential front runner to act presidential
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as they say. we are talking about a career businessman, very successful billionaire with no real experience in government or foreign policy. i want to bring in kyra phillips who went behind the scenes. you had a chance to speak with one of the top national security advisers. >> you just heard what ted cruz said typical trump insults, cursing. that didn't happen yesterday. we knew things were going to be different and his tone was different. in the front row were a number of key advisers one of whom i know from a long time from iraq. this guy has seen the world, 90 countries in his career dealing with defense ministers covering numerous battles. he knows what it means to be unpredictable. trump describes himself as unpredictable. whether it is torture, defending our allies or going to war he says an unpredictable trump is not a bad thing.
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>> he made it clear that he is not afraid to go to war, but he is only going to do it if indeed -- >> i think he was stronger than that. i think what he said was war will always be the last resort, that he will try economic power, diplomatic power, all of these things before he goes to war, but he was basically reassuring our military that if he decides to fight we fight to win. >> we talked about a number of fights, north korea, isis, iran and trump is getting educated on all of that. he said he makes me think of ronald reagan because you remember reagan took a lot of heat from america. what is this movie star doing saying he wants to run the country. reagan listened. he digested things quickly. he liked to learn about complex issues and make educated decisions. he says trump does the exact same thing in these private
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meetings. >> interesting that he brought him into his national security team. let's talk about donald trump's foreign policy agenda. other headlines including vice president's unannounced stop in baghdad, iraq. joining us from capitol hill peter king, member of the house homeland subcommittee on counter terrorism. thanks very much for joining us. i know you listened carefully to donald trump's speech yesterday, national security speech. was there anything you particularly liked about that speech? >> several things. one is the fact that he said we should not be telegraphing to the enemy what we are going to do. that has been a mistake i think president obama has made since the start going back to 2009 when he ordered the surge in afghanistan and told how many troops were going and the date they would be pulling out. that is the worst type of signal to give to the enemy. when he decides to go against
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isis he made a point of saying we wouldn't use ground troops. you don't tell the enemy that. i also agree with donald trump when he said that if you draw a red line you have an obligation to maintain that and live up to it otherwise the enemy is not going to fear you and your allies are not going to trust you. so president made a serious mistake in syria when he did that. things i disagreed with says how we should use our leverage against china and have china use leverage against north korea which makes sense. at the same time donald trump seems to be saying we shouldn't be keeping troops in south korea and in japan and if we do that then we lose much leverage that we have in the pacific and also doesn't seem to realize that a large amount of those costs are born by the japanese and korean governments. >> it makes the point that i think you will agree that china has a lot more leverage over
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north korea than the u.s. does. >> they do but i'm saying we have leverage of china. why should china do it on their own. the only way china will do it is if we use our leverage against china. if we take our troops out of korea and out of japan then we lose much of the leverage. it weakens the leverage we have against china and it makes china more a pacific power than we are right now. >> i think what he is saying is not necessarily pull those 28,000 troops out of korea or 50,000 or 60,000 troops the u.s. has in japan. he wants south korea and japan to pick up more of the cost, more of the expense and ease the burden on u.s. taxpayers. that's the point he keeps making. i assume you will agree. >> right now they are picking up a large percentage of it and it is cheaper to keep troops in japan and korea than back here in the united states. it is saving u.s. money by
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having troops. if we want to negotiate a slightly higher amount it is one thing. that amount has gone up in the past. right now it saves the u.s. money by having our troops stationed in the two countries. >> as you know the vice president joe biden made a surprise visit to baghdad, only going to be there for a few hours. they never announce when a u.s. official goes into iraq even though it is 13 years after the liberation of iraq from saddam hussein's rule. ash carter was there, goes in for a few hours. secretary of state john kerry goes in. it is too dangerous to acknowledge or let a top u.s. official spend the night there. what does that say to you about the situation in iraq right now all these years later? the thousands of u.s. lives lost, hundreds of billions of dollars spent? >> i think president obama made a serious mistake in withdrawing troops in 2011. i was in iraq a number of times
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2003, 2004, 2007, 2010. the last time i was there iraq was as stable as can be. once our troops come out in 2011 it felt iraq lost the adult supervision that it needed. that is when the situation started deteriorating again and when icebus gan to emerge as a power. so policy in iraq, whatever went wrong between 2003 and 2007 i think the surge corrected much of that by the time 2009 and 2010 were there iraq was a basically stable country but needed a u.s. presence. military purpose and intelligence purposes and to have diplomatic leverage. i believe isis really emerged. >> i want to talk politics with you. i will make the point that the u.s. troop withdrawal was negotiated during the bush administration. they had that timeline. the iraqi government refused to provide the guarantees that u.s.
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troops wouldn't be prosecuted, one of the reasons why. we don't have to get into that debate. i want to get to politics. >> they should have kept it. >> the government was so close to the iranians by then they were not anxious to keep u.s. troops. that is a debate we could have on another occasion. >> we can talk about that. let's talk about former house speaker john boehner raising serious eyebrows with comments about senator ted cruz calling him lucifer in the flesh, adding that he never worked with a more miserable s.o.b. in his life. he didn't say s.o.b. he said actual words. here is how senator cruz respond td. >> i never worked with john boehner. i don't know the man. i met john boehner two or three times in my life. when john boehner calls me lucifer he is not directing that at me.
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he is directing that at you. what boehner is angry with me for is not anything i have said to him y. haven't said much of anything. what boehner is angry with me for is standing with the american people. >> your take on this latest dispute. you know both of these men. >> i fully agree with john boehner. maybe gives lucifer a bad name by comparing him to ted cruz. john boehner was most concerned about was ted cruz perpetrated a fraud when he brought about the shutdown on government on a vague promise to be able to take obama care out of the budget. ted cruz knew it would never work. he did it anyway, shut down the government, cost the government money. served no purpose other than boost his name identification. i agree with john boehner on that. >> how bad do you think the republican party will be fractured if donald trump gets
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close to that magic number of 1,237 but just shy and goes to contested convention? >> i have not endorsed donald trump. if he gets that close to the top number to 1,237 i think it would be a mistake to block him and it would have a very bad effect. there is no credible alternative at that stage. let me say one thing about ted cruz. one good decision i have great regard for carly fiorina. his selection of carly fiorina actually was a very good move. i have great regard for her. i think she would be an outstanding vice president under anyone and would have been a great president. >> are you coming closer and close toor realization that donald trump will be your party's nominee and will you be able to work for him to try to get him elected? >> almost certain he will be the nominee. i will support the nominee of the party. the extent is depends on how he fills in the gaps. right now there is still a lot of unanswered questions.
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i will support him as nominee of the party. >> thank you for joining us. we are still awaiting donald trump. he is in indiana right now. you looking at the crowd set to come out any moment at this rally there. up next bernie sanders wife sitting right now sitting by. she says her husband is in this contest to win it. we will talk about that and more right after this.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. super tuesday anything but nice to senator bernie sanders and losing four out of five states seems the senator acknowledging that nomination chances are slim. campaign announced it is laying off hundreds of staffers. while sanders is not waving the white flag does admit math is
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against him and talking what ifs. >> i am very good in arithmetic and i can count delegates and we are behind today. you know what, unusual things happen in politics. we are in this campaign to win, but if we do not win we intend to win every delegate that we can. >> with me now senator bernie sanders wife jane sanders. thank you for joining us. explain what is going on. is senator sanders in it to believe he might win the democratic presidential nomination or is his main goal right now to influence the party, the platform, move it to a more progressive stance? >> well, he has always had a two prong approach which was in it to win it and build a political revolution. he is still doing that. he is not doing it just to
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influence things. so we back in mid march he had lost five states and everybody was writing his political obituary. and then we came back to win eight in a row. so we knew going in with this particular set of elections that five of the six of them were closed primaries where independents couldn't vote. we won the one that was open. we knew we were going to have a tough time in the others although we came close in connecticut and pennsylvania. the next states look much better and we hope to do really well there. at the same time we are not foolish. we think ahead and we're trying to think how do we make sure -- one of the reasons to stay in if the math looks worse going down the line is to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice and to express their opinion about the agenda that they want the country to move
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forward with. and we are doing that. >> so even if the math isn't there she has the pledged delegates, so-called superdelegates and locked up for her your husband still going to stay through california and go all the way to philadelphia, the democratic convention in july? >> yes. absolutely. and i mean there has never been a time in this election where the media said he could do it. we felt that way and we still feel that way. anything can happen in politics especially this year. it has been a really strange year politically. i think that if we keep hearing national polls which i hope your station and other stations will do keeping bernie in although there were many maunonths askin who is better against the republicans you will find out that bernie is much better because he gets the independents
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and gets a lot of republicans, too, that especially those that are not wild about trump. >> i think you make a fair point if those democratic primaries were so-called open priemaries only registered he probably would be doing better right now. those are the rules of the democratic party. you can change them maybe four years from now. i want to get your reaction. >> that is what we want to do. we want to change the rules going forward. >> that is one of your goals going into the convention in philadelphia. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about president obama addressing your husband's calls for economic reform breaking up big wall street banks. it is true we have not dismantled the financial system and in that sense bernie sanders critique is correct. one thing i have tried to consistently remind myself during the course of my presidency is that economy is not an abstraction, not something you can redesign and
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break up and put back together again without consequences. what do you say to critics who think your husband's plans are either not concrete, not big enough or too big, if you will, and not realistic? >> well, i think first i want to say that we both respect president obama and he has done an incredible job dealing with what he inherited. and that took a lot of his time. we are not faulting him for what he has or has not done. going forward we believe that the banks that are five of them are still bigger than they were when they were rescued by taxpayer bailout because they were too big to fail. we need to address that. and different studies, federal reserve said we really need to deal with it. his ideas are very specific. we don't go into them. they are specific and they are complicated but they are very clear. he has legislation. in terms of his opponent says
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often that they are unrealistic, when you run for president it is not the time to say let's go for incremental change. we know that right now this country is hurting. there is a number of people, there are a number of things that people are having to deal with and bernie has big bold plans to address the issues of national health care, affordable and accessible higher education, a livable wage instead of letting people work for 40 hours a week and live in poverty. so he is not -- he is being very realistic. he is dealing with the reality of people's lives and has answers and solutions and we are going to fight for them. we are going to fight for them on the way to the presidency and if for some reason he is not the nominee then we are going to fight for them outside. >> and he'll stay in the united states senate and fight for those ideas as a united states
10:24 am
senator? >> absolutely. i'll fight for them outside and so will the millions of people that are with us. >> will he fight for them as united states senator as independent senator from vermont or democratic senator from vermont? >> i think right now he was elected to the senate as an independent. i think it stays that until he runs again. i don't know. i don't know whether that matters, whether they change it now or not. we haven't discussed that. we are focussed on the white house. and him being the democratic president. >> let me get your reaction to trump for a second. he accused hillary clinton of playing what he called the woman card. i want to play for you something that he said this morning. listen to this. >> that is the only thing she has got going is the fact she is a woman. you look at libya and some of the things that she has done are just absolutely disastrous.
10:25 am
i would say the primary thing that she has going is that she is a woman and she is playing that card like i have never seen anybody play it before. >> let me get your reaction to that. go ahead. >> i think donald trump talking about hillary clinton playing the woman card, it certainly doesn't square with his comment that nobody cherishes women more than i do. my husband cherishes women more than he does. he respects women, as well. it seems that that is a real problem with donald trump. i mean, she is a formidable woman, brilliant, hard working. we just differ on ideas and solutions for the future. but to demean her that way is just not acceptable. i think it is going to hurt him hopefully it will hurt him. >> jane sanders thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. good to be here.
10:26 am
>> the wife of senator bernie sanders. we are going to take a quick break. bobby knight, the indiana basketball legend is introducing donald trump at an event in evansville, indiana right now. we will take a quick break and hear what donald trump has to say. we will be right back.
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welcome back. we are awaiting, watching for the republican presidential front runner donald trump to start speaking to his supporters in indiana right now. a live picture of legend coach bobby knight speaking right now. we will monitor what is going on
10:31 am
over there once trump starts speaking we will listen in to hear what he has to say. in the meantime let's get to other republican presidential news. she has been ted cruz's running mate for less than 24 hours but carly fiorina is going on the attack against his rivals. during an interview with radio show she said and i'm quoting her now. there is somebody in the race who ought to get out. his name is john kasich. ted cruz can and will win this nomination. joining us now is a kasich supporter, ohio republican senator. thanks very much for joining us. you want to react to what carly fiorina said. is it time for john kasich to drop out? >> first of all, i like carly, she is a friend. john just came in second in five of the six states on tuesday. i think he feels like he has momentum and he is working hard in oregon and new mexico and big prize in california on june 7. he is fired up. he would be the best president.
10:32 am
that is why i'm supporting him. he has a terrific record particularly in ohio when he turned things around. he comes in and fixes the fiscal problems, gets the state back on track in terms of its economy and jobs. we go from 48th to top ten in the country. john has a real record to talk about. he has the experience to do the job. >> he does have a lot of experience. he was a distinguished member of the house of representatives, chairman of the budget committee for many years, on the armed services committee. very popular governor in the state of ohio. he has done pretty badly so far. cruz won 11 states. trump won a lot more. kasich also has 3 million fewer votes than cruz. 6.5 million fewer than trump. at what point does john kasich decide it's over? >> well, he also has had a lot of luck in talking to delegates about the second, third, fourth,
10:33 am
fifth round whatever it is going to be. so although john has not won as many states on tuesday he came in second in five out of six. he has momentum right now and the states that are left are states where he fits well. so we'll see what he does in oregon. i suspect it will be very well. same with new mexico and california. so i think john will stay in and should stay in. june 7 to me is the big date. it is the california primary when you will see a lot of delegates being assigned. but i hope he stays in. he offers not only the best hope for us to win in november and that is clear from all polling we have seen, but also he would just be the best president. we are living in dangerous times. we just saw the economic growth numbers 0.5%. we have a weak economy. we have a middle class squeeze that is very real. john knows how to deal with those issues. i think we need him more than ever. i think he will stay in and prevail. >> he did come in second in four
10:34 am
of the five contests on tuesday. he came in third in neighboring pennsylvania right next to ohio. now he dropped out of the contest in indiana right next to ohio. what does that signal if he can't do better? and he came in a very distant second to donald trump. if he can't do well in these states what gives you hope that he can do well place else? >> i think he is doing well in these other states i talked about oregon, new mexico, california. i think he may surprise people in indiana. i was there on monday. >> i thought he made a deal with cruz not to campaign in indiana basically give up indiana and let cruz try to win? >> i think that was supposed to be the deal at one point but i'm talking to voters and there are voters that don't like their choices when john is out. they are planning to vote for him. people want to win this election. they realize the country is heading in the wrong direction. we have to have somebody to win
10:35 am
in november. as we get closer to the actual convention and process of general election people focus on that. i'm sure you see that that people start to think about how do you win this election. when you look at the polling that i saw today that came out there was a new big national poll, huge survey john was one of the three that could beat hillary clinton. he beat her handily sgrm. >> does governor kasich want indiana republicans to vote for him on tuesday? >> you ought to ask him that question directly. i talked to indiana voters who are going to vote for him regardless of what is being said about arrangement. and i hope they do. i don't know what the arrangements are going to be back and forth. i heard what you said about carly earlier. the point is as we get closer to the reality here which is a november contest with hillary clinton and one republican you want to have someone who can win and help make the changes we
10:36 am
need to make to get the economy moving, to restore america's role in the world. that is john kasich. he has the experience and record to do it. >> one final question. i want your quick reaction to what john boehner said he is quoted as saying that ted cruz is lucifer in the flesh and a miserable s.o.b. you have worked with senator cruz. what is your reaction to what the former speaker said? >> john is my former colleague and neighbor back in ohio. you can tell he is no longer in elected office. i don't know. ted and i get along fine. i work with everybody in the senate. i work would ted. we focus on results. i don't think he would be as effective as john kasich in terms of bringing people together to solve problems. we don't have the ability to find solutions to big issues whether debt and deficit or tax reform, fixing regulations or education system. these are things that john has
10:37 am
done over his career. he has done it here in washington and back in ohio. finally, we do face this unprecedented threat around the world. you need someone who can bring people together to find the common ground and address those issues. >> and if there is an open contested convention. so far he hasn't resonated with a lot of republicans on the campaign trail, certainly not as effectively as cruz or trump. he has a lot of work ahead of him if he stays in this contest. thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> senator rob portman of ohio. no republican has ever been elected president of the united states without carrying ohio. take a look at this. we have live pictures from neighboring indiana right now. that is bobby knight. he is still speaking there. the indiana basketball legend. he endorsed donald trump yesterday. he is introducing trump today. moments from now. we will hear what trump has to say. we'll be right back with that.
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also jeb bush sits down with cnn in his first interview since dropping out of the 2016 contest. his thoughts on donald trump, cruz ticket. that is coming up, as well.
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the former florida governor jeb bush has pretty much remained quietly on the sidelines since dropping out of the presidential race. bush is now weighing in. he sat down with cnn to share thoughts on donald trump and ted cruz's choice of carly fiorina as a running mate. >> picking a candidate that is talented, tough, you know, she takes on trump really well, i think. she takes on hillary clinton
10:43 am
very well, as well. someone who has a proven record and who has been vetted as a candidate i thought was a smart move by ted cruz. >> you didn't think that donald trump was ready to be president. but if he is the nominee, apart from whatever else you think might happen whether he would beat hillary or not will you support him? >> i don't think he is a serious person. >> you haven't changed your mind. >> no. i have seen nothing, the speech, recent speech about foreign policy was -- i don't know which donald trump to believe, the one that read from a teleprompter a speech inside the lines or the one that wants to build a wall and make mexico pay for it or 45% tariff on china or abandoning nato or saying it would be a smart thing to have japan and korea go it alone and build nuclear capability to deal
10:44 am
with china? which donald trump is expressing the views? there are two of them. we need a president with a steady hand. the idea that a president should be unpredictable is not really the way history has been written. the successful presidents have been clear about their vision, have laid out the agenda and our friends know we have their back and enemies fear us and constancy. he is proposing the exact opposite. i don't think that is a serious approach. >> we will have much more later this afternoon 4:00 p.m. eastern for our domestic viewers on the lead with jake tapper. right now i want to listen in a little bit to donald trump in indiana. >> and then i'm watching this morning and lying ted, donald trump loves obama care. i love obama care. my whole thing is we are going
10:45 am
to end it. i said to a few people that were watching. i said do people believe this when he says that? it is terrible. and that's why in the senator he is known as a liar. marco rubio who is a good guy called him a liar during the debate. he said you are a liar. i said that is great when another senator can call a senator a liar i said i can do it also. so we came up with lyin-ted. it's terrible. and now he is getting creamed in the polls. he lost the last five elections. he was saying i'm the only one that can beat donald trump. i have proven it time and time again. i'm saying, please. i'm killing him. and he said i won seven times. remember the debate. i said i won 21 times.
10:46 am
i won seven times. it is like unbelievable. he is getting clobbered. he goes to new york last week and they ran him out of the place. you can't run if you can't get like 12% in new york. you can't run. you just can't. too big. it's too important. i think i'm going to win new york. in the general election. and nobody else honestly because it is very important that we win. we have to beat hillary clinton. crooked hillary clinton. she is crooked. you know, no republican other than me will campaign in new york. they won't campaign. they are not going to do it because they have no chance. kasich has no chance, zero. and i understand it. and for years and years they don't go to new york and campaign. they assume that is lost. if somebody ever won new york it totally with the electoral college totally changes the map.
10:47 am
i think we will win new york. i really do. i think we are going to win michigan. we are going to win pennsylvania. we are going to win florida. we are going to win places. look how well we did in florida. we are going to win places that a lot of people say you are not going to win, that you can't win, as a republican you can't win. michigan is a great example. nobody else will go to michigan. i'll be encamped in michigan because i think we can win it. we will win states nobody thought were winnable as a republican and we will do really great. the whole political world it is so evil. it's so evil. you hear about people that you never heard of before. it's just like worse than business. somebody said what is the difference between these certain politicians because certain politicians are terrific. i spoke to one today, senator corker who is fantastic. we have a lot of great people. jeff sessions, senator sessions, he is fantastic. and there are others.
10:48 am
and you know once we get to the top it's going to be so magnificent. so magnificent. but you saw what happened. so cruz had this horrible thing. he came in third meaning he came in last in all of these states. he did horrible, came in last in new york. then we went to pennsylvania. we went to all of these people. he went and they said don't come here. and he got ridden out of town and he left. i hate to tell you, he came to indiana. he might as well come to indiana because you lose those elections. he came to indiana and starts lying. that is why i wanted to get here fast. i didn't take a big vacation after winning all five by a landslide. didn't take a lot of time. i didn't want to take too much time because i know you got him back here lying like hell. i said i better get back to indiana fast. get me bobby knight really fast. it is true. i won and people said good you are going to take a day off.
10:49 am
new york is a big state. i went to syracuse. i went to all over, the businesses are being sucked out of our country. if you look at new york, indiana, pennsylvania, all of maryland. i won maryland. i won them all. they all have one thing in common. no matter where you go it's like 40%. it's like 50%, 60%. jobs are gone. and i'm the one that brings up all the time. i hear cruz. he said and carrier air conditioning. i have been talking about this company for four months. carrier is my baby. i want to do the number on carrier. i want to do it. i don't like what they did. cruz was actually defending them which is interesting. he said we should really defend.
10:50 am
when they leave they let go of 1,400 people to move to mexico and you know what, they have to pay a consequence when they do that. they have to pay a consequence. they have to pay. they want to move. that's fine. like apprentice, right? 1,400 people. you're fired! oh, it's pretty rough. they had some mid level, upper mid level management guy and somebody had the cell phone up. those are dangerous. they had the cell phone. and i saw it on television. i thought it was terrible. i thought the way he did it was terribly. basically said we're debt letting everybody go. you're fired. moving to mexico. some people are following me. is anybody here from carrier today because they're all over the place? every place i go. what happens, so they let them go and carrier has to know that if they do that -- i'm not only
10:51 am
speaking to them. i'm speaking to nabisco and ford and hundreds and hundreds of other companies. they have to know there's consequences when you want to leave and fire all the people and you're not just going to go to another country. make their product. sell it across a really weak borders because the borders will be so strong, folks. >> all right. we'll continue to monitor donald trump in indiana. primary there next tuesday. but let's discuss what we just heard, also what we heard from jeb bush in that exclusive interview with jamie. joining us is donna, doug. former republican national committee communications director. guys, thanks very much. is it realistic, when we says -- he's a new yorker. if he gets the republican nomination and looks like a strong position to get that republican nomination, that he could putt new york state in play in a general election against, let's say, hillary
10:52 am
clinton? >> well, the polls suggest that he wouldn't put that state in play and he would lose to hillary clinton. and i do believe that it will be competitive regardless of where the democrats stand in the electoral college. but, you know, right now, wolf, donald trump has to continue to try to appeal to the blue collar whites he hopes that he can siphon off from the democrats in the fall. i don't know the rhetoric he's using and jeb bush alluded to in that interview allows him to unite the country. women will not support donald trump. >> jeb bush, the former florida governor, dropped out. remember donald trump used to say low energy jeb and all of that. he was pretty blunt in the interview. your reaction? >> it's good to be liberated from the situations like john boehner. trump has a really tough path getting the nomination. they're talking about new york, a difficult state for him. campaign's saying they could win in massachusetts and illinois and pure fantasy camp to think a
10:53 am
republican carries those states. we have struggled there so long and the negatives with hispanics, women. 51% of white males disapprove of donald trump and that's his base. >> doug, donna, thank you very much. still to come, we're just getting some new details surrounding the death of music legend prince. the dea called into the investigation. details of that and more news right after this. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. one week ago today the world was shocked by the death of prince and now cnn learning new details about what may have caused it. law enforcement official says prince was found with prescription painkillers. county sheriff called in the u.s. drug enforcement agency to assist in the investigation and they believe the health scare prompting an unscheduled landing of the prince plane may have been the result of a reaction to pain medication. for more on this, bring in chief medical correspondent sanjay
10:56 am
gupta in rome right now on assignment for us. thanks, very much. we know a week before, a few days before prince died, he suffered a health scare forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in illinois. what more can you tell us about all of this? >> well, you know, what investigators are sort of pointed us to is an idea that he was unresponsive on the plane prompting the sort of emergency landing. and that there's some talk that maybe at the time that he was found unresponsive that it was due to some sort of overdose on pain pills. this is not confirmed yet but that's what investigators are sort of looking into specifically. what we heard at the time you'll remember, wolf, was that he had a severe flu-like symptoms for which he was treated. keep in mind making the emergency landing, when we looked at the time line there, he was in the hospital for about three hours only. so, not a very long time.
10:57 am
and the question arisen, was he given a medication as a anecdn e anecdote or something like that? this is one of the theories the investigators are working on. they don't know if this is connected to what happened a week later. following thursday. when he passed away in the elevator and starting to gather more and more clues and piece it together, wolf. >> so specifically, sanjay, what will the dea look into? what will they try to check out? >> they're going to trifind out what are the medications? what was he carrying on him? what else was found in his residence? but also, where were these medications coming from? who were the doctors prescribing the medications? were those medications prescribed to him? we know, for example, he was walking with a cane. supposedly hip pain, maybe getting the medications from his doctor. or was it -- were they not prescribed to him? they look at this and try to figure out how to core late that
10:58 am
with the toxicology reports coming out. you're looking at bodily fluids and figure out what drugs are in the system. how much of those drugs are in the system and how long have they been taken? sometimes you get an idea of that, as well. not just the dosing but the length of time. weeks, days, months that someone may have been taking a particular drug. >> we know there's an autopsy and haven't released the results of that autopsy yet. we don't know if he was addicted to painkillers but in general, sanjay, how big of a problem is prescription painkiller addiction? >> well, you know, addiction in and of itself refers to the fact someone needs to take the substances in a way interfering with their lives. not going to school or not going to work anymore. it's really impacted their lives. that's different than physical dependence. they can -- a person can have both and not necessarily. physical dependence means you
10:59 am
start to have physical symptoms when you start taking -- when you stop taking a substance. but one thing to point out, wolf, even in the ab seasons of addiction or physical dependence, these types of medications, can be used legitimate legitimately. but if they're abused, someone taken too much, combined with another substance, for example, they can be quite deadly. i mean, we have done a lot of reporting on this, wolf, as you know. in the u.s. we take 80% of the world's pain pills. we're 5% of the world's population. we see how many deaths they cause. a person dies on average every 19 minutes because of an accident accidental ownership yoit overdose. they can be dangerous if not used as preskriked. >> sanjay gupta on assignment for us in rome, thank you very much. that's it for me. to our viewers, thanks very much
11:00 am
for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" with brooke bald wwi starts right now. thank you, wolf blitzer. hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we begin with signs that the cold shoulder toward donald trump is beginning to thaw. former republican house speaker john boehner reportedly told a crowd at sanford university he would vote for donald trump if he were to become the republican nominee but as the former speaker apparently warming up to trump, by the way, he said they're texting friends for years, he is hurling fire at another man being ted cruz. boehner said he would not support cruz as the nominee. and he went further than .