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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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s hand and maybe you'll get to meet the first lady as well. thank you very much. and thank you very much as well for being with me here on this thursday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. we'll send it to washington d.c. now. jake tapper with "the lead" starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. an orange politician slamming ted cruz and it wasn't donald trump. ted cruz is quote, lucifer in the flesh. that comment coming from the former house speaker john boehner emerging from the golf course to call his former colleague the worst person on earth. today, ted cruz is fighting back. north korea making more noise, antagonizing the u.s. and allies with two more missile explosions just in the last day. now the world is responding. plus chilling new details about the final hours of prince the drugs found on him when he died and details of a possible
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overdose just days before. welcome to "the lead". i'm jake tapper. senator ted cruz tried this week to shake up the presidential race but after cruz announced his running mate carly fiorina on wednesday, he spent today, one, arguing that that move was not desperate to responding to former house speaker john boehner who called him lucifer and, three, denying that he ever had an alliance with governor john kasich even though just four days ago both campaigns called an alliance. sara murray is live for us in evansville indiana, where trump spoke this afternoon. chief strategist john weaver tweeted, "i can't stand liars" and presumably he's talking about cruz? >> reporter: jake that seems like a safe bet. i think what you're seeing from the cruz campaign is them trying anything they can to get over the hump at indiana and they are
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doing this while the trump campaign feels very confident about how they stand just days out, of course that didn't stop donald trump from trying to land a couple more blows against ted cruz as he was campaigning here in evansville here this afternoon. ♪ donald trump is hoping to finish off ted cruz in the hoosier state. >> if cruz sneezes, if he just sneezes, his people leave him. believe me. he's known as a liar so we came up with lyin. >> the odds of stopping trump from clinching the nomination is slim to none. all as cruz brushes aside his criticism of the latest ploy choosing carly fiorina as a running mate before anyone has won the nomination. >> donald trump yells, screams, curses or insults. i suppose you can start a drinking game on which one of the four he's going to respond to any given stimulus may occur.
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>> reporter: locked in a two-man race here after john kasich agreed to stop campaigning in indiana in exchange for cruz skipping oregon and new mexico. today, cruz is denying that hail mary pass amounts to an alliance. >> there is no alliance. kasich and i made a determination on where to focus our assets and resources. >> reporter: while plenty of republicans have reservations about trump, others are expressing strong concerns about cruz. john boehner blasting cruz at an interview at stanford university and added that he and trump used to trade texts. >> lucifer in the flesh. i've never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch. >> john boehner had interesting comments. he didn't abbreviate what he said. he was a expressive. he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> reporter: trump may be cleaning up in the primaries but
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in the general his numbers with women could use some work and today he doubled down on his claim that hillary clinton is only winning by playing the gender card. >> the primary thing that she has going is that she's a woman and she's playing that card like i've never seen anybody play it before. >> reporter: now jake, one sign of just how confident the trump campaign feels about their odds trump is leaving the states and will be campaigning in california later today and tomorrow. so it's clear they feel like they can continue to play the field. jake they still feel good about their odds of reaching 1237 before he gets to cleveland. >> sara murray thank you so much. donald trump is turning his fire on ted cruz now but the first rival to feel trump's proclivity was jeb bush aka mr. low energy. he sat down for an exclusive
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interview and hasn't quite forgiven and forgotten mr. trump. jamie? >> not at all, jake. this is his first interview since he dropped out of the race more than two months ago and jeb bush is breaking his silence for one reason. he's hoping to help ted cruz get to a contested convention. and as you'll hear his feelings about trump have not changed. >> you've said in the past that you didn't think that donald trump was ready to be president. but if he is the nominee, will you support him? >> i don't think he's a serious person. >> you haven't changed your mind? >> no. i've seen nothing the speech -- the recent speech about foreign policy was -- you can't -- i don't know which donald trump to believe, the one that read from a teleprompter a speech that was inside the lines or the one that
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wants to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. which donald trump is the one that is expressing these views? there's two of them. and i think we need a president with a steady hand. >> it sounds like you wouldn't vote for him. >> i hope i won't have to be faced with that dilemma. >> do you think there's a case to be made for republicans voting for hillary clinton if he is the nominee? >> no. no. i mean a third term of barack obama's hyper aggressive use of executive power to create massive uncertainty for our economy -- >> let me try it one more time. you're not voting for hillary clinton? >> no way. >> and you don't think republicans should vote for hillary clinton to stop donald trump? >> no. i don't think we should support hillary clinton. >> that said jake he would not say that he would vote for
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donald trump. he also said that he thinks cruz's choice of carly fiorina was, quote, a smart move. he said she is talented and tough and that he's impressed by her. but, look the strategy here is one word. indiana. if cruz can do well there, maybe there's a shot at a contested convention and that's what jeb bush wants. jake? >> jamie gangel thank you for bringing that to us. trump is hoping that he can largely dispatch with cruz when indiana votes in five days. as we have seen cruz is not going down without a fight. joining me to talk about trump's campaign sarah huckabee sanders. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you jake. >> so jeb bush told jamie that ted cruz picking carly fiorina was a smart move as a running mate. do you agree? >> i think it was a desperate move quite frankly. i think he sees his campaign going downhill very quickly and he's been eliminated from
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becoming the nominee and i think he's grasping at straws at this point and i think it's little too late. i think ted cruz is still not going to be the nominee for president and i think it's time that we start transitioning to support the person that is and that's donald trump so we can focus on hillary clinton in november. speaking of hillary clinton a comment that your boss made about her is raising eyebrows. let's take a listen. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman card and women don't like her. okay? >> sarah, do you think it's easier for a woman to make it in politics than a man because that seems to be what mr. trump is suggesting. >> i don't think he's suggesting that. i think he's suggesting that hillary clinton doesn't have a record to run on. therefore, the only thing she has to run on is her gender. and, unfortunately, i don't
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think that's going to be enough to carry her through. she has a botched record a failed record and i think that when women step into the ballot box, they are going to be ultimately infinitely more concerned about whether or not they have a job rather than if hillary clinton has a job and we have a strong national defense and donald trump is a clear contrast to hillary clinton when it comes to that and that's why i think he's going toned end up beating hillary clinton. >> how is she running as a woman? >> she loves to bring it up. she loves to talk about it. that's been a theme of her campaign. look this isn't a new thing to be said about her campaign. bernie sanders and his campaign have been talking about this for months. and so donald trump certainly is not the first person to bring it up. >> some sounds of alarm came from u.s. allies responding to mr. trump's speech yesterday with charges of isolationism fears that mr. trump is proposing abandoning democratic allies and values. do you hear those criticisms?
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do they mean anything to mr. trump? >>. >> you know i think we've had a ton of great feedback like senator corker head of the foreign relations committee, ambassador bolton and newt gingrich who came out and said they thought it was a great speech and vision. at the end of the day, what donald trump did was lay out a clear vision and very consistent one. that's to put americans first. he's an extremely clear world view and i think he showed that yesterday. >> do the european allies concern mr. trump at all? >> you know i don't think they do because it goes back to donald trump's focus and his guiding principle is to put americans first, not south koreans first but to put
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americans first and i think he did that and that's what people in our country are looking for, somebody concerned about our country first and not everybody else and that's why he's doing so well. >> sarah huckabee sanders, appreciate your time. >> you bet. thank you, jake. sticking with our politics lead while bernie sanders is busy laying off campaign staffers hillary clinton is working to defeat her plan against donald trump. that's a glimpse at her strategy coming up next.
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welcome back to "the lead." the political reality for bernie sanders, it's pretty stark. he would need to take home 97% of the remaining delegates to win the democratic presidential nomination that is of course exceedingly improbable. sanders is serving up some pink slips. jeff zeleny is here with me in washington. jeff in his inner circle says his race is going to the convention. his ideas are very important but
1:16 pm
still -- >> this democratic race finally feels like it's coming full circumstance circle. bernie sanders is pledging to take this all the way to the convention but it's just a movement. it's no longer a campaign with a path to win his party's nomination. ♪ >> reporter: hillary clinton exhaling after one long fight. preparing for another. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: for the second straight day, she's off the campaign trail taking a break and readying her game plan for the fall. that plan involves almost entirely around donald trump. aides tell cnn the campaign is spending little time on any other opponent. her campaign releasing this video today offering an early look at their strategy. >> everything i said and do folks, i do. okay? >> reporter: clinton is playing up trump's greatest hits
1:17 pm
closing with this message. "stand together to stop donald trump." the writing is on the wall with democratic delegates and superdelegates. clinton is just 215 shy of crossing the threshold. sanders is behind by nearly a thousand. the sanders campaign is laying off hundreds of workers, downsizing from a thousand at the peek of its success to about 300 now. sanders still rallying supporters now in campaign is battling and making democrats far less confident about states like pennsylvania and have long been in their column. >> i'll be encamped in michigan because i think we can win it. we're going to win states nobody thought were winnable as a republican. >> speaking of trump, the clinton campaign spis bracing for him as clinton as its own.
1:18 pm
>> i'm going to be taking a lot of things that bernie said and using them. >> reporter: sanders is pressing forward. if not to win, to influence the party's agenda. james sanders speaking to wolf blitzer sided with wolf blitzer in the ongoing attack over gender. >> she's hardworking. we just different on ideas and solutions for the future but to demean her that way, it's just not acceptable. >> the clinton campaign was heartened to hear those words from jane sanders. hillary clinton spent the last two days not campaigning but actually resting and today was the first day since last august when the clinton campaign was not on tv with a single campaign ad anywhere. >> saving their money. jeff zeleny thank you so much. be sure to tune in to "the lead" tomorrow because i'll have an exclusive sit-down interview with hillary clinton. her first and only interview since her dominating performance
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on tuesday night. see it right here at 4:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. after trump's sweep and the crumbling cruz/kasich alliance one question is how soon could donald trump secure the nomination? we'll break that down, next. north korea firing missiles less than 24 hours apart. why the growing frequency is cause for alarm. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. how to brand this election year? it's been a year of a lot of voter anger and at least on the democratic side a lot of progressive shade thrown at how the democratic party picks its
1:24 pm
nominee. i'm talking about superdelegates. let's talk about this. joining me now, communications director for the democratic national committee and former adviser to president obama. so you've heard these complaints about superdelegates. they've been there since the '80s? >> '84. >> one of the complaints about the supporters is that the establishment candidate starts the race with 20% of the delegates in his or her pocket. how do you respond? >> the reality is 85% of the delegates at the convention are selected by the results of the primaries and caucuses so the voters themselves are the biggest factor in who becomes the nominee. any night you have a primary or caucus the media lumps in superdelegates that they have pooled because they called them up and say, who are you supporting? they shouldn't be include in any count because the only thing you're picking are the pledged delegates based on the vote.
1:25 pm
>> do you think the total is okay to include? >> not likely. because they may change their mind. what happened in 2008 many of them did change their mind before the convention and it shifted. the results in the end. but the super delegates have never determined who the nominee is since 1984 and after 2008 they were reduced from 20% to 15%. and so i think we're in a situation where the voters continue to be the single most important factor and the purpose of the superdelegates is to make sure that our elected officials and party leaders get to participate at the convention but it's good to have them in a separate category because regular folks can run to be delegates at the convention. you'll see in 2008 we had a 17-year-old as a pledged delegate who would have never had that chance. it's a way that we do it to make sure that we have diversity at
1:26 pm
our convention because we want the convention floor to look like the rest of the country. >> very interesting. the dnc saying don't include superdelegates to cable networks like our own. do you see a scenario in which hillary clinton is not your nominee? at this point, bernie sanders has to win something like 97% of the remaining delegates. hillary clinton something like 20%. >> we're going to let our candidates determine the future of their own campaigns. we're proud of both campaigns and we have seen things intensify but we've seen the candidates also talk about the fact that come november they are going to be united in making sure we don't elect a republican because there's so much at stake. we saw it in the foreign policy speech that donald trump laid out which was really dangerous. if you look at the specifics of it the way that it could destabilize the united states' role in the world, we're going to ensure that the focus is on that going into the election and our candidates will be united.
1:27 pm
i feel pretty good where we are. >> luis, thank you. could we see donald trump wrap this race up in mayor even through the national republican convention in july? let's bring in politics director in this new cnn politics app that debuts today. >> thank you so much jake. go to the apple app store. last week trump needed to win 58% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination but after a clean sweep of tuesday's primaries, things are much easier. now he just needs 49% of the remaining delegates. just ten states left to vote starting with indiana on tuesday where 57 delegates are at stake. that's not enough to get trump there even if he were to win every single delegate in the state. let me show you the numbers. even if trump dominated and won every single delegate on the
1:28 pm
table in may, he could not clinch the fomnomination. there's only 199 available and keep in mind some of these states are not winner take all. now, if trump does stay the course he should clinch the nomination. 303 delegates are at stake. >> what about the democrats? could clinton or sanders wrap up the nomination soon? >> absolutely. things on the democratic side of the aisle are much much closer. hillary clinton has a much bigger lead. she needs 21% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. of course that number takes into account the more than 502 superdelegates you all were talking about and while he lags behind her in the delegate race bernie sanders plans to campaign until every state has cast their vote. >> fascinating. thank you so much. good luck with the app.
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double defiance north korea firing not one but two missiles less than 24 hours apart and this is the fourth attempt in two weeks. a look at what kim jong-un may be planning coming up next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning to our world lead now, north korea firing two missiles in the last 24 hours rattling the world. according to the pentagon both attempts failed but this marks the fourth test by the regime in the last two weeks. let's get to cnn's world will ripley live for us. >> kim jong-un is ordering more and more and on thursday alone, one in the morning and both in
1:34 pm
the afternoon on the eastern side of the peninsula. they were failures and only travel about 200 meters. if you're a runner that's about halfway around the track. they are designed to go around 2100 miles if the technology worked correctly and they could strike for example, the u.s. base in guam. over the weekend, one partial success, north korea did launch 18 miles and a tenth of the distance it needed to go to be a full success and now on april 13th two weeks ago while in pea young pyongyang, four attempts and three failures and one partial success. >> will this is north korea's third launch failure in the last two weeks. is it embarrassing? >> keep in mind they control
1:35 pm
the message to their own people so for example when i was in the country during the first failed missile launch on the 15th it was never even acknowledged. it was never announced. north koreans have no idea that this is happening. over the weekend, state media released all of the dramatic pictures. there was a triumphant announcement. embarrassment isn't a factor. keep in mind, every test is a success for north korean scientists in the sense that they learn new information about the missile's motors electrical systems and payload because they claim that they have miniature miniaturized the war heads so they gain useful intelligence even when there's a failure. >> will, satellite pictures have been coming in of the north korean blue house like our white house. what could the purpose of that being, building that building? >> well they were firing
1:36 pm
long-range artillery at the blue house which is a very clear political message to south korea and the united states which has more than 28,000 troops in that country. but all of this -- and if you look at what is happening this year the nuclear test in january, the satellite launch in february these repeated missile launch attempts this mock-up and mock attack on the south korean blue house is leading up to something and we're now just one week away from perhaps the most political gathering in pyongyang in 35 years. the workers party congress haven't had one since 1980 and kim jong-un will project his power and because we've seen these repeated missile launch failures in south korea, there is growing concern that this could increase the likelihood of a fifth nuclear test possibly within the next week ahead of this major political gathering. these nuclear tests, of course have the potential to affect global markets and also are a sort of advertisement for those who might purchase this
1:37 pm
technology from north korea, which is heavily sanctioned and looking for cash to sell to anybody, including perhaps another rogue state. >> will ripley live in tokyo, thank you so much. from north korea, we turn to afghanistan now. several members of the u.s. military will be disciplined tomorrow for their role in the october air strike that hit a doctors without borders hospital in which 40 people including three children were killed. the pentagon says this was an accident but afghans suspect otherwise? >> well this is why the group that runs the hospital doctors without borders, continue since it happened in october, to ask for an independent investigation. the pentagon has never agreed to that. what we will hear tomorrow morning here at the pentagon is 16 members of the u.s. military facing discipline. they are not going to face we are told criminal charges but things like letters of reprimand, career-ending action
1:38 pm
if you will. we are also led to believe that a top special operations commander involved in the attack will also face discipline. actually actually several have already been removed from the job. the attack in october was absolutely horrifying. 42 civilians killed and the initial investigation showed the military was clearly at fault. a hospital is on a no-strike list at all times. apparently the crews involved the people involved thought they were striking an insurgent site but there was human error, technical error, procedural errors all of that leading the military to strike the hospital in an assault, an air assault that lasted nearly half an hour perhaps one of the most horrifying details about this the military had been told very early where the hospita was and even during the air assault, there were phone calls made by personnel saying we are here we are civilians, this is a hospital. back off.
1:39 pm
that never happened. all of these errors not criminal charges the pentagon says because there was no criminal intent but horrifying horrifying series of mistakes. jake? >> barbara starr live at the pentagon, thank you so much. turning now to syria, at least 50 people were killed in another air strike on a hospital including three children and six hospital staff according to doctors without borders. one of the staff members was one of the last pediatricians left in the city of aleppo. the hospital is in a rebel-held territory and it's not clear which side the jet was bombing. today, the u.n. special envoy to syria warned that the cease-fire, quote, hangs by a thread. human rights groups say in the past six days many have been killed in the last few days. have vladimir putin's actions have many people asking has the cold war 2 started.
1:40 pm
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. when you think of the cold war, you may thing of khrushchev but nearly a generation after the collapse of the ussr recent russian aggression suggests that moscow could be in the midst of a slow standoff. how concerned are u.s. officials that we are in the midst of another cold war? >> they resist saying we're back
1:45 pm
to a real cold war. and no one is really talking about being back in danger of nuclear conflict but there is alarm at the increasing belligerence. from ukraine to syria to the north pole the u.s. and russia are back on opposite sides. for the u.s. and russia the '80s were defined by the awe-inspiring fall of the berlin wall. signaling the beginning of the end of the soviet union and cold war with the west. and now the u.s. and russia are on a potential collision course once again. punctuated by the fly-bys of russian warplanes. even russia's prime minister publicly warning of a new cold war.
1:46 pm
>> to say that we have slipped back to a new cold war. >> the u.s. and russia are facing off in conflicts from europe to the middle east. russia's annexation of covert war in ukraine continue unabated. in syria, the military intervention in support of bashar al assad puts the former cold war powers on opposite sides of a bloody five-year civil war. militarily the two powers may no longer be on the brink of nuclear war. but russia is expanding its military including sending highly advanced new submarines in greater numbers and in greater proximity to the u.s. and allies then at any time since, yes, the cold war. >> they are very clear that nato is viewed as a threat to russia and our military capability they view in a very visceral way as a threat to russia.
1:47 pm
>> reporter: president obama has tried to tamp down talk of a new cold war citing russian cooperation on issues like the iran nuclear deal. >> it's not a new cold war. >> reporter: still, senior u.s. officials increasingly warn of very real dangers from moscow. >> the possibility of russian aggression in europe which i'm sorry to say, has become again, something that we need to be concerned about that we weren't for a while and i regret it but i -- it is what it is. >> reporter: historians at a minimum see a volatile mix. in vladimir putin, you have a classic kgb old-style soviet authoritarian leader and so putin is dangerous in the sense that instead of being a figure of progress for the 21st century, he wants to go backwards in time. >> reporter: the berlin wall may be a thing of history but today new walls going up between two former cold war adversaries. the question of u.s. and russia
1:48 pm
making it to the presidential campaign donald trump yesterday said that he would reach out to president putin and that he might, jake be able to deal with them in a different way than others. of course it's also happening from the other side. president putin expressed something of an affinity for donald trump as well. it would be an interesting combination on the world stage for sure. >> indeed. jim sciutto, thank you so much. in tonight's episode of "the '80s, focuses on wall of the cold war era and collapse of communism. don't miss cnn's original series "the eighties" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. authorities found prescription pain medications on him and his house and the source says prince was treated for an overdose just days before he died. is this linked to why he died.
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welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. let's turn to the pop culture lead now. a court ruling today will make it harder for the public to learn information about prince. a judge ordered that the search warrant will not be made public. neither will the details of any evidence taken from that search. this ruling comes after a law enforcement source told cnn that prince had pain medication on him and in his home at the time of his death. cnn's stephanie elam is live from paisley park minnesota. that pain medication is also suspected to have played a role in that health scare that required an emergency landing just days before he died. >> reporter: yep, that's exactly right, jake. you're talking about a powerful opioid painkiller and that's the reason why federal agents from the dea are now involved in this
1:54 pm
investigation. investigators are telling cnn that prince had opioids on his person and in his home at the time of his death. the medication most often prescribed to treat pain is now the focus of his investigation. officials are trying to determine how prince obtained the drugs and are asking the dea for assistance. michael levine says the request by local police to involve the dea is telling and that indictments may soon follow. >> if i knew that you were drug dependent and i knew that you were in bad physical condition, that's not even necessary, but if i gave you the pills anyway and you subsequently died well that's reckless indifference and reckless indifference to your safety and your life is homicide. >> reporter: days before his death after his last concert in atlanta, prince's private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in moline illinois. >> what's the nature of the emergency?
1:55 pm
>> unresponsive passenger. >> was it a male or female passenger? >> male passenger. >> reporter: prince was transported to the nearby hospital and released hours after arriving and his publicist said he was treated for flu-like symptoms. the medical emergency, however, was likely the result of a potential overdose of pain medication. six days later, prince was found unresponsive laying in an elevator at his paisley park home. officials from the carver county sheriff were quick to qualify that narcan was never administered during the medical response at paisley park. >> we have been carrying narcan for approximately two years and that was not used at all yesterday. cpr was initially started but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced deceased at 10:07. the 57-year-old icon was declared dead at the scene and it will take weeks before toxicology results and the complete autopsy results are released.
1:56 pm
meanwhile, a carver county judge has appointed a special administrator to oversee his estate. a corporate trust will have temporary control over the music legend's fortunate estimated to be $300,000300 million up next a probate hearing to begin the long drawn-out process in absence of a will or trust, jake to figure out what will happen with all of the assets that prince had before he died. >> all right. stephanie elam thank you so much. let's bring in sanjay gupta to talk more about this. for those not well versed on this. what is an opioid and how long is a prescription? >> a substance that comes from opium, illegal substances
1:57 pm
things like heroin but also prescription drugs, painkillers, typically, morphine, oxycontin and oxycodone. the second question how long should a person typically take this? it shouldn't be weeks and months that these medications are described for. it should be days typically, so after a procedure, for example, that you may have had sooner. to get people through that is an acute period. the problem is jake, people take them for too long. we take 80% of the world's pain pills in the united states. so we take way too much of it. >> so these are prescription drugs. could prince have gotten a prescription without a doctor? >> not in any kind of a standard way. there are people who run these pill mills so there is still a doctor involved but really no contact with the patient. it's illegal, really to do that. you could get it in all sorts of
1:58 pm
ill list it ways and to go doctor shopping. and that's what the dea is going to be investigating, who gave these medications, were they actually prescribed for prince himself and, if not, how did he get t. exactly. >> while i have you, sanjay you and i have both been covering the zika crisis for quite some time. i want to play some sound from senator marco rubio as lawmakers were debating finally fulfilling the request for $2 billion to fight the zika virus. listen to what the senator said. >> they are freaked out about the zika thing. i don't know what other terms to use. i'm very concerned about it as well and that's why i do support fully and immediately funding this situation i understand this
1:59 pm
is not a political issue. there is no such thing as a democratic position on zika because these mosquitos bite everyone and they are not going to ask what your party registration is or who you plan to vote for in november. this is a real threat. >> i think as we learn more about the potential birth defects, they are greater in number. the vast majority of concern are for women that are pregnant and not going to have much in the way of symptoms the vast majority won't know that they had this infection. but if ebola taught us anything once we start to see local
2:00 pm
transmission of zika in the united states and it will happen people will become really concerned. they may not be concerned until then and then all of a sudden the concern goes way up. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. turn in to "the lead" tomorrow. we'll have an exclusive interview with hillary clinton since her dominating performance on tuesday night. you can see it right here at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. happening now, s.o.b. the former house speaker john boehner weighing in on the gop race for the first time and unleashing a blistering assessment of ted cruz. boehner calls him now, and i'm quoting, lucifer in the flesh and a miserable s.o.b. what is boehner's relationship with donald trump? the white house hopefuls are battling it out in indiana where the