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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 28, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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began. you just saw the extraordinary story of the end of the cold war on "the eighties." you know what else happened in the '80s? this. >> this sounds like political presidential talk to me. i know people have talked to you about whether or not you would want to run. would you ever? >> probably not. but i do get tired of seeing the country ripped -- >> why would you not? >> i just don't think i really have the inclination to do it. i love what i'm doing. i really like it. >> also doesn't pay as well, does it? >> no. but, you know, i just probably wouldn't do it, oprah. i probably wouldn't. but i do get tired of seeing what's happening with this country and if it got so bad, i would never want to rule it out totally. >> very interesting. this is "cnn tonight."
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i'm don lemon. that was then and this is now. you're looking live at donald trump's california rally tonight. we're going to bring you that as it happens. and in a moment, i'm going to talk to one of trump's biggest supporters, a man who is also known for his big personality, bobby knight. meanwhile, another crazy night on the campaign trail to tell you about. john boehner calls ted cruz lucifer and jeb bush says he won't even think about voting for donald trump. so let's begin with cnn's jason carroll, shall we, at a donald trump rally in california th. good evening. he just arrived at the rally. a must-win state for him in california. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, don. 172 delegates up for grabs in the state. you're absolutely right. definitely is a must-win. in terms of what we're expecting, perhaps of what we heard earlier today will give us some indication. we're already hearing the crowd chant build a wall, build a
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wall. as you know, i've been to a lot of rallies. expect trump to talk about that wall, especially here in the state of california. the issue of illegal immigration, a sensitive issue, a divisive issue, a key issue. so expect that to be on tap for tonight. also expect him to keep stepping up his criticisms of ted cruz. we heard it in indiana. the lyin ted references. >> how is donald trump feeling about winning there? >> reporter: well, you know what is interesting about that, when you heard what the indiana star said, calling him, quote, a disaster in the making, a danger to not only the united states but to the world, saying that kasich and clinton are the best choices out of a disappointing field of presidential candidates. but even having said that, donald trump remaining just as defiant as ever. still lashing out at ted cruz
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saying that he is the better candidate and actually criticizing cruz for picking a running mate when he says mathematically he has no path to the nomination. >> so what does he do? he now goes out and gets carly who left the race because she had no votes, she had nothing. and that's okay. she's a nice woman. but it's not going to help. it's not going to help. >> reporter: trump also telling the crowd there in indiana, if he would win there, basically he says it's going to be over. well, it won't be over. still has to win here still in the state of california, once again, 172 delegates up for grabs here. cannot do without the state but certainly if he got a win in indiana, it would give him more momentum heading into this primary here in the state of california on june 7th. don? >> jason carroll out on the campaign trail in costa mesa, thank you very much.
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a newspaper takes aim at donald trump and former house speaker john boehner slams ted cruz with pretty colorful language. i want to talk about this with barry bennett and ron nehring for the cruz campaign. interesting stuff happening today. barry, to you first. trump needs a win in indiana. let's talk some more about what the indianapolis star just put out. they are blasting donald trump and say, "is that going to be the road block to trump taking the hoosier state?" . "a president trump would be a danger to the united states and to the world". what do you think? a road block? >> they haven't persuaded too many indiana voters against voting for republican voters who they have always opposed. >> so you're not concerned about that at all? >> no. no. >> ron, here's what the former speaker john boehner -- he's making news today and not
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holding back. take a look at this. [ laughter ] >> lucifer in the flesh. i have as many democrat friends as i have republican friends and i have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life. >> lucifer in the flesh and he's never worked with a more miserable s.o.b.? >> i want to say that over and over again. the more that senator cruz is recognized as the candidate who challenged the cartel and leadership on both sides of washington, it's only helping. it's only helping. >> barry, why are you laughing? >> i mean, they seem to find rays of sunshine in everything. but, you know, it's pretty dismal right now. they lost every county in all five states. you know, they are losing in
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indiana, they are losing in california. you know, john boehner, it's no secret that he doesn't like ted cruz. you can find the second or third washington for what john boehner said about ted cruz. >> here's how ted cruz responded today. listen. >> when john boehner calls me lucifer, he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. what boehner is angry with me for is not anything i've said to him. i haven't said much of anything. what boehner is angry with me for is standing with the american people. >> barry, is that what ted cruz is doing, standing with the american people? >> well, so far he's stood with 25% of republican primary voters. i don't think he's standing with the american people. i mean, ted talks a good game about his washington experience but in his six years here, he really hasn't changed anything. but, you know, he made a lot of enemies, picked a lot of fights,
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some of them unnecessarily. and just very unpopular guy in the senate and in the house. >> ron, i can hear the big sighs there but let me get this question in before you respond. why is it that it seems, ron, that we hear over and over these sorts of insults about ted cruz? it's like ted cruz is applying for a job and all of his references are saying, don't hire this guy. >> well, it's just amazing that the 202 area code is not thrilled with ted cruz becoming president of the united states. one thing that's clear about this season is that the american people are fed up with the leadership both in congress and washington and are demanding real change and senator cruz from the moment he arrived has been challenging the establishment in washington and challenging the way things are et getting done and if endorsements counted for anything in this race, we'd have someone else who would be the republican nominee right now and those people aren't running anymore.
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so clearly this is a changed election and the difference between ted cruz and donald trump is that ted cruz has been challenging that leadership in washington while donald trump has been very busy funding, you know, liberal democrats. donald trump is in california right now. i wonder how his supporters are going to take to the fact that donald trump funhas been fundin. why does donald trump purport to be a conservative republican and yet generously opens up his checkbook to defeat candidates and elect candidates who the republican party is trying to defeat all the time. >> barry, do you want to respond to that? >> give me a break. >> they don't like anybody in 202 area code unless they've endorsed them. >> what about that he's
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supporting liberal democrats. >> there's no secret that he's supported a lot of people. he's given a lot of donations. he's not a liberal democrat. it's not true. >> this is not over his life time. this is recently. >> like when. >> jerry brown, liberal democratic governor of -- >> when? >> $14,000 has gone to jerry brown, gavin newsome. >> what for? >> gavin newsome for governor and -- >> how long ago was that. >> a couple years. >> what, like it doesn't matter? >> the way you said it, it seems like he's out there campaigning and subpoepporting them now. he has responded to supporting. he even said he has supported hillary clinton. >> he's supported her seven
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times. donald trump has made a career out of funding liberal democrats. >> never given to any republicans at all, right? >> the top three democrat-elected officials, donald trump sees fit to -- >> gave big checks to john boehner, too. i bet you don't like that either. >> well, it's really interesting because he was writing checks to john boehner's super pac at the same time he's writing checks to nancy pelosi. you fund democrats and republicans at the exact same time. zero principles whatsoever. donald trump is a liberal democrat who says the things that he thinks that conservatives want to hear and it's proven over his track record of giving money to both sides. >> i'm about to speak to coach bobby knight who endorsed donald trump. an endorsement from coach knight is a different story and he said this one really matters, especially in indiana.
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how is ted cruz going to compete with that in indiana, ron? can he? >> well, we're in indiana. we're in indiana right now. we had wonderful events today. we're taking the campaign directly to the voters and carly fiorina to join the ticket has been absolutely electric. spent the entire day on the bus going from one campaign event to another. the response has been terrific. ultimately it's the people of the state of indian ma who say they have to have their say in the process and the response has been electric. >> barry, i'm sure you're very happy about the coach's endorsement. >> love it. >> thank you very much, gentlemen. appreciate it. see you soon. when we come right back, my exclusive one on one with one of donald trump's biggest supporters, basketball legend bobby knight lays out his support for donald trump. >> you have to be tough, smart and you've got to win. this man, certainly donald trump, he certainly epitomizes
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. one of donald trump's biggest supporters, a basketball legend, indiana hoosiers coach bobby knight. listen to what he says about his candidate. >> and you'll say to yourselves, each and every one of you, dammit, how soon can i go out and vote for that guy and i hope that's what you all have to say. [cheers and applause ] >> joining me now exclusively,
7:16 pm
coach bobby knight. hi, coach. how are you? >> i'm doing good. how about you? >> i'm doing great. i'm glad that you're here. i have to tell you that donald trump called you the greatest endorsement in the history of indiana. you're a legend. i know a lot of people showed up just to see you. is indiana going to go for trump? >> well, i would certainly hope so and i think that without any question they will. they gave him a tremendous reception. they listened very well to what he had to say and i think they understand, as i hope everybody understands, that there is no one as well prepared to go into the white house as donald trump is. and i think this goes way, way back. there has never been anybody as well prepared with what he has done with businesses, what he has resurrected, the thoughts he's had to make something better. donald trump would be the best prepared person ever to enter
7:17 pm
the white house. and i think that the folks of indiana feel that way. >> you know, you sort of conveyed that sentiment today when you were with donald trump because he was up on stage. you were with him today and he was talking about being presidential and you said something that a lot of people might find a bit controversial. let's listen and then we'll talk about it. >> i'll tell you who they said wasn't presidential. i don't even know what the hell presidential means. but they told him that he wasn't presidential. and that guy they told all these people that wanted to say you're not presidential, that guy was harry truman and harry truman with what he did in dropping and having the guts to drop the bomb in 1944 saved billions of americans lives and that's what
7:18 pm
harrytruman did and here's a man that would do the same thing because he's going to become one of the four great presidents of the united states. >> that was quite a moment, coach. you say trump would do the same thing but some of his opponents, quite frankly, have criticized trump for being thin skinned. do you think that you've helped him today with that? >> i can't tell that. how do i know anything about that? i just think that this is a man that will do everything he can to see that the united states of america is just where it should be. >> you know, howard dean was msnbc earlier today and said generally endorsements don't really matter that much but he said yours was different. why do you think that is, coach? >> well, i don't know. you know, i think i have over the 40 years that i coach had a reputation for being fair, for being honest and for trying to win and i think the ingredients
7:19 pm
that are necessary winning any endeavor and certainly in politics and certainly for the president of the united states are pretty simple. you've got to be tough, you've got to be smart, and you've got to win. and this man certainly, donald trump, this man certainly epitomizes those ingredients and that's what we have been lacking for some time. you will never under a trump administration see what happened in benghazi. that administration, donald trump's administration will take care of our service people, take care of all of our people. whatever they may be doing overseas if they run into problems. that's how i look at it. that's why i evaluate donald trump as the kind of person that will simply take care of america. >> some people were surprised that you came out for donald trump. did you approach him or did he approach you, coach? >> i think we just kind of got
7:20 pm
together. i think he has the willpower, the strength, the characteristics of a president and more than anything i think he has the ability to see what's right and what's wrong and to work to improve things. the man has had all kinds of success with businesses all over the world. he's not just a national figure. he's an international figure. and sometimes things have gone wrong for him, also. he's had to adjust, he's had to come up with some different ideas. he's had to do a little searching and working on how we can best do this thing, whatever it might be. and i think all of those things are characteristics that are essential for a man who is in charge or a lady who is in charge in whatever the endeavor might be and i think that, as i've watched him and as i've read about him and as i've been around him, i think he is a man that we can really entrust and
7:21 pm
really trust on for doing the very best job that can be done in politics here in the united states. >> coach, i think it's fair to say that you're a guy, you have a famous temper, there's no secret about that, a lot of people see similarities between you and donald trump, high energy, supercharged speeches, big personalities. what do you say to that? >> i don't have to say anything to it. it may just be something that exists there. i've always tried to do what was right. i think he's tried to do what was right. >> a lot of folks in the establishment, establishment republicans, trump's rivals, they'd like to say that often he is not a true conservative. what do you say to them? >> you know, i'm not sure what a conservative is. i don't know whether a conservative is a guy that goes to bed too early or maybe doesn't sleep long enough or just what the hell he might be.
7:22 pm
i don't know. maybe he's a guy that -- you know, he just wants to be real quiet. i don't know what a conservative is. you know, i do know what good people are. and that's where i sit with donald trump. >> coach, thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> that was very interesting. thank you, coach, again. up next, trump versus cruz in indiana. it's a crucial race that could be do or die for cruz. i know what i can expect from usaa the usaa car buying app was really helpful. all the information was laid out right there. it makes your life so much easier when you have to purchase a car, so i've been telling everybody. save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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we're counting down to the indiana primary on tuesday. 57 gop delegates at stake. so it's a crucial race for both donald trump and for ted cruz. with me now is kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh, do you ever get any sleep? >> no. >> and lonnie chin, former senior adviser to marco rubio and buck sexton, who is supporting cruz. here we all are. good to have you on. donald trump got a golden endorsement from bobby knight.
7:27 pm
he said something very controversial. let's listen to it one more time. >> and harry truman with what he did with dropping and having the guts to drop the bomb in 1944 saved -- saved billions of american lives. and that's what harry truman did and he became one of the three great presidents of the united states and here's a man who would do the same thing because he's going to become one of the four great presidents of the united states. >> so what's your response, lonnie? >> well, if that were a surrogate for any other normal candidate, they would be spending all day and all night trying to walk back those comments but it's pretty clear that donald trump does not play by the same rules, nor do his surrogates. i think it's pretty outrageous what mr. knight said. do i think donald trump is going to pay a price for it?
7:28 pm
absolutely not. i think it's par for the course for his campaign and i think in indiana, frankly, i think knight is probably a net positive for donald trump, which is all pretty unfortunate because the implication of what knight said is that donald trump is going to have a quick trigger finger on the nuclear button and that should scare all americans. >> i want to get everyone's reaction and go around the table here. buck, lahnee talked about his readiness to become commander in chief. did the comments heighten those concerns? >> he said he didn't know what a conservative is. look, i think that his endorsement may be helpful in the limited scope of indiana. i don't think people will think about it much longer than that. >> any other candidate would have to go, oh, my gosh, i have to explain myself. >> there is truth that part of
7:29 pm
his brand, his message, who he is and what his campaign is, he never apologizes. he's certainly not going to apologize for what a former i believe or no longer coach former ncaa coach has to say about an issue of history of politics or anything else. so he'll just skate along with this and i think it's also true that coach knight in indiana is a net positive for the trump campaign. >> did it make you wince? what did you think? >> i like bobby knight but he's not on his foreign policy -- >> probably thank goodness. >> not on the foreign policy team and noticeably absent from trump's speech was anything about levying a nuclear weapon. so this is not -- this is a nothing. it really is a nothing and i think it's good for trump not to come out and apologize for this. it's one of the things, like buck says, he doesn't apologize. he doesn't apologize for things.
7:30 pm
>> and if it was any other candidate, i'm sure they -- you guys saw this, right, from "the indianapolis star"? i want to get your reaction. "a president trump would be a danger to the united states and to the world." lahnee, you first. >> well, i think that's right. i think that the problem with donald trump, again demonstrated in that speech yesterday, is that on the one hand you've got him saying, look, we don't want nuclear proliferation but on the other hand you've got him saying we're going to pull back from our alliances with japan so it's difficult to say. beyond the policy, there's a question of temperament and i think that is a big problem. if you're sitting in the big chair and executing foreign policy, the american people have to have a trust and belief that that person is going to take into account all of the information and decide things soberly and, unfortunately, mr. trump hasn't given us an
7:31 pm
indication that's what he would do. that's the bigger problem beyond the policy incoherent. >> those are fighting words, kayleigh. >> they are. editorial boards across the country are completely out of touch. they have no idea what the american people want. meanwhile, donald trump, the new york post just reported, is about to get more votes than any republican candidate ever in primary history. editorial votes, i don't think people are taking their marching orders from them. >> they go on to say this, buck. "we're with holding a formal endorsement in either race. indiana voters can still have a big impact with their ballots tuesday in halting trump's march. and say no to a candidate who is not merely flawed but is clearly unfit for the office he seeks". >> i don't think they like any
7:32 pm
of the candidates because they talk about the candidates and said, unfortunately, 320 million voters must choose the next american president from disappointing field of candidates now competing in the democratic and republican primary. so they don't really like anyone. >> i suppose that's an easy position for an editorial board to take. we should have a road scholar navy s.e.a.l. with perfect credentials running for president. but the fact of the matter is, to say that trump is a danger, i don't think he's going to drop nukes on people for no reason. >> i get your point. ted cruz is putting it all on the line in indiana and he's picked carly fiorina. what do you think of this? >> i think it would be helpful later on. indiana is essential. it will be helpful in california. carly fiorina's ties there and knowing the different congressional districts and
7:33 pm
knowing the players, it's helpful for the cruz campaign and even if indiana goes well, we all know it's the almost certain to be, the democrat nominee at this point and helpful because it makes the cruz campaign in the short term right now look serious, sober on policy, substance and on the issues but in indiana specifically, i can't point to a constituency that necessarily carly fiorina is going to be that helpful with and if cruz doesn't win indiana, all the math shows it looks pretty much impossible that he'll even be able to stop trump from getting to 1237. i think it's a good play a couple of moves down the road. >> stand by everyone here and at home. you see that little box on the right-hand side of your screen, that's a trump rally in costa mesa, california. donald trump is about to take the stage. we will bring it to you as it happens. at least part of it. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere.
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we're back now with breaking news. front-runner donald trump is about to take the stage there. donald trump and hillary clinton shifting their attention to the
7:38 pm
general and drawing battle lines for the rest of the campaign. back with me now, kayleigh mcenany and buck sexton and lanhee chen. 41 to 33%, you said if ted cruz loses, it's over. i'll throw this and it's impossible for him to get to 1237. >> it's absolutely impossible. even if he were to win on the second ballot, getting delegates in colorado without the vote, he's lost the moral victory. there's no chance that ted cruz wins on the second ballot and gets the momentum and unity of the party behind him. it's just not going to happen. >> you don't think it will happen, lanhee? >> i think it's going to be very, very difficult. what happened last tuesday gave donald trump a big leg up in
7:39 pm
this race which is not to say he has an easy path to 1237. i think he's going to have to work to get there. if he doesn't quite get to 1237, the big question will be can he convince enough unbound delegates. clearly his task is going to be to get as many unbound delegates as much as possible assuming he can't get to 1237 after june 7th. >> again, i want to make it clear, it's mathematically unclear if he can get to 1237 but that's what he's counting on, buck. is this a hail mary? >> it's a question of what the goal of the cruz campaign is right now. they know that they can't get to 1237. the cruz campaign is fully aware of the fact that it's not going to happen but because of the way the system is set up and, yes, it is the system, if he's able to stop donald trump and i agree with what's been said, if he's able to stop donald trump from winning on the first ballot, it looks like there's a high probability that he'll have perhaps on the second or third
7:40 pm
somebody other than trump if it's cruz and the party is completely fractured. this has happened in the past. the notion and a lot of supporters are saying this, it's historically inaccurate and hasn't been the case. we've talked about it many times -- >> but donald trump hasn't been on the ballot before. >> and that's the difference. we look at exit polls, nearly every state, even which ted cruz won, a majority of people say whoever has the most popular vote should in fact be the nominee. national polls reflect this, exit polls reflect this. you have to ask yourself how in the world do we have to have a unified party without donald trump being the party. >> it's going to be quite a task given the way that the trump campaign has acted for -- against all of the other gop contenders that have been in there and their supporters, there's going to be a trump backlash that i think they don't think is going to happen. do they really think that all of the cruz supporters and everyone is going to say, we've been mistreated and maligned by the
7:41 pm
truch supporters for months and months, let's get behind the trump thing. the never trump thing is an entirely a joke. i don't think it is a joke. >> the same thing on the democratic side when it comes to bernie sanders because a lot of bernie sanders supporters say they won't vote for hillary clinton. >> i don't think it's a joke. i think there's probably anywhere between a quarter to a ird this of the party that won't go with trump. i think that's just the reality of it. and, you know, a number of folks in this race that donald trump has run against have said that they wouldn't support trump. i think some of them will change their opinions. i think they will change their minds. for example, today jeb bush gave himself a little room. he would be the last person that i expect to come to trump but -- >> you think that was wiggle room? >> i think so. i said, look, i hope that donald trump's not the nominee but he would not outright say, look, i'm not going to vote for him
7:42 pm
even if he is. >> we're going to play that full interview in the next hour. i don't know if we have a sound bite of him just talking about donald trump. we're going to play that full interview. i've got to ask you, what did ted cruz ever do to john boehner? my goodness. he told "the stanford daily" this, speaking of ted cruz, he said, lucifer in the flesh. i have democratic friends. i have democratic friends and republican friends. i get along with almost everyone but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life." ted cruz has never worked with boehner and then he tweeted this. "tell me again who will stand up in washington. trump, who's boehner's texting and golfing buddy or carly and me?" >> there's bad blood? >> there's definitely bad blood. it's craze glee for ted cruz to
7:43 pm
act like he's not part of the establishment and has jeb bush endorsing him and mitt romney endorsing him and he's trying to latch on to this boehner movement to say, hey, voters, forget that i voted for disenfrance ch disenfranchisement in colorado. when the narrative for the last few weeks has been, this is a establishment that is going to -- >> if the establishment uniformly hate ted cruz which is something that people have been saying for weeks, all of his colleagues hate him, they think he's an outsider, disrespectful to mitch mcconnell in the senate, now it can't be, he's the establishment guy. he can't be both simultaneously and i think that's a more fair riding of cruz's situation. >> yeah. >> the thing is, though, ted cruz is one of the main reasons, as i was saying, that speaker boehner is no longer the speaker anymore. how much of this is real.
7:44 pm
let's go to costa mesa and donald trump. >> this is a lot of people. a lot of people. remember, june 7th, you better get out. we're returning it around. see what it says, latinos for trump. i love that. thank you. thank you. i love that sign. it's true, too. so thank you to everybody. you know, this is a place, i love california, i love this state. great feelings. you know, we want to bring on some friends. we have some friends, the remembrance project.
7:45 pm
come on stage with me for a couple of minutes and these were incredible people. they lost loved ones to illegal immigration. and they are unbelievable. i've gotten to know them over a e period of time and come own over here, folks. come on. [ applause ] these are great people. they've become my friends over the last couple of years and they have really suffered and a great friend of mine, jamil shaw, he had a son who was an -- an incredible, incredible son going to college on a scholarship, great football player and i just want jamil representing the group to say a few words and explain what happened and it's tough.
7:46 pm
it's tough. but your son died with unbelievable purpose because what's happening and when they hear the story, we'll all understand and then we're going to get back to other things including jobs, jamil, right? >> right. >> jamil shaw. great friend. [cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. i just want to bring you back to the day that -- >> donald trump speaking there in costa mesa, a big campaign rally and now some of his supporters are on stage. again, we were talking about the no love lost between ted cruz and the former speaker of the house. and we'll continue that conversation as well as the rest of the conversation that we're going to have about this. and also play an interview later on with ted cruz and donald trump. we'll be right back after this quick break. don't go anywhere. i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests.
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♪ we are back live now. there you see a donald trump rally in costa mesa, california. his supporters are on stage speaking. there's a group called latinos for trump that he made reference to and there donald trump is going back to the podium hugging one of his supporters and live
7:51 pm
aerials of the event there in california. donald trump. i will tell you jamil represented this group. they all have a very similar story to tell and people that shouldn't have been here, people that never should have been allowed to come over the border and they come here like it's nothing, they walk through like it's nothing. and we're going to stop it and we're going to build a wall. we're going to also -- we're going to also -- i'm loong at the statistics. what jamil didn't say, getting ready to go to college, every college wanted him. they wanted him for his
7:52 pm
academics and for football. and when jamil saw him there, he started pounding his hand on the cement. everybody there has essentially the same end result. they have the same story. they are great people. these are unbelievable people. i don't even know how they take it. these are great, unbelievable people. we have to stop it. and their lives are so important. your boys, your girls, all of your people, they did not die in vain, believe me, because it's such an important thing and i just want to thank all of you. you're special, special people. really brave and just go out and do the best you can. let's have a good evening, okay? all right? we love you. thank you. thank you.
7:53 pm
[cheers and applause ] unbelievable people, folks. unbelievable people. so we're going to do a lot of things in this country. we're going to get our country back to a balance. we're going to -- hey, we want people to come in but they have to come in legally. they have to come in through a process. we can't be put in this position any more and it's going to change. it's going to change fast. look at these crowds of people we're getting no matter where i go. and i just left indiana. i'm going back very soon and, frankly, they talk about the same thing even where indiana is located, you wouldn't think it would be a problem. it's a huge problem. people are coming in, nobody
7:54 pm
knows where they are coming from. you know, the obama administration is taking people in from the migration. we have people coming in from the middle east that are brought in and we have no idea who they are. there's no documentation. there's no paperwork. we're putting them all over the country by the thousands and we have no idea what the hell is going to happen. we have no idea. so look, we're going to straighten it out. i was very honored because this past week -- the border patrol -- these are amazing people. they want to do their job. they are not allowed to do their job. they are told, stand back, and they endorse me 15,500 border patrol agents -- [cheers and applause ] and when we let them go to it,
7:55 pm
they are going to be great even before the wall gets built. but we will build the wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. we're going to stop drugs from coming in. the drugs are poisoning our youth and a lot of other people and we're going to get it stopped. okay? we're going to get it stopped. and i'll tell you this. let me just tell you because i see it -- i see all of the hispanic signs and the latino signs and i love the people. i love the people. african-american signs, i love that sign, by the way. and we're going to do great with the african-americans, with the hispanics, because we're going to bring jobs back to our country. we're going to -- we are going to bring jobs back to this country. our jobs have been sucked away like you take candy from a baby, we're not going to let it happen anymore, folks. we're not going to let it
7:56 pm
happen. so we have to be tough. we have to be vigilant. we have to be strong. and i tell this story -- good. thank you, darling. i love you, too. great. but i tell this story and in a way it's a rough, rough story. but this country is so politically correct, we don't get anything, we don't understand anything, we don't understand what's going on. we don't understand and it's the story of general pershing. does anybody know it? it's a rough story and they were having a tremendous -- this is before the first world war. they were having a tremendous problem with really radical islamic terrorism. >> we have to take a short break and we'll be back with more donald trump and what former contender jeb bush has to say about donald trump. we will be right back. zuccolis. through ancestry, d through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian.
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this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. and donald trump is speaking right now in california. let's listen in. >> by the way, kasich, who voted in favor of nafta while he was in college which has destroyed everything and we're not going to let them vote for the transpacific partnership. we will get wiped out


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