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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 28, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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began. >> hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states, and around the world. this is news room l.a. we will begin here in southern california. protesters spilled on the streets, blocking streets outside a donald trump rally. no reports of injuries, they were seen rocking a police car. inside the rally, trump lashed out at his rivals, and one of his favorite topics.
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>> we will build the war, mexico will pay for the wall. stop drugs from coming in. we will get it stopped. >> police say they are trying to keep the summers away from the trump supporters. it was all part of his swing through california, with the primaries just a few weeks away. ted cruz is being compared to sat an by the former speaker of the house. john boehner. >> choice words for cruz,
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telling college students he is hell to work with. >> louise fesh in the flesh. i have never worked with a mormiserab mormiserable. >> he said he is the worst sob i have ever worked with. he said, the most interesting thing, i never worked with jone boehner. he rethat cruz was his attorney. >> he threw cold war.
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the drama surrounding drew comment card. northbound respectings women more than me, i will be donald has a prospect with strong with me now in los angeles, john boehner has a way with words,
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doesn't he? he didn't deny that he was lucifer it does show you that cruz's attempt and the so called attempt. >> four senators that he called he was waiting for it right opportunity to take down ted.
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his scorched this is where he had to say. >> i agree with john bier maybe give him a bad name. >> all could have attempted to the establish assigning all the that was ted cruz's most thing. i will talk the talk and walk the walk.
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they were prime areas. >> i think the so he was elected on the mandate to get staph done. the jone bo we had a change arenament. and now the issue. transgender bathrooms should be able to cluz said it is whatever
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it is on his certificate. >> if donald trub rests dts the volunteers he it is something that ted pea are that suspect what they are throwing the
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kitchen sink to the conservative volars. to get them to inject momentum. >> accountability win to a deal see the thousands of people. he is ahead of in the bowls, more of a he is in trouble if he doesn't win.
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i think he will have a good shot of getting close. to 2027. he said they should get the he won new york in a wigger slide he is leading now by dodge there he is behind hillary, three we
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have a situation in indiana, donald trip me himpsz said it was special. the ledge around average coach having the gutses to drop the here is a man who would do the same thing.
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>> did tuwant him endorsing you? >> talking about a democrat who did it as well. i thought he would use a ronald reagan referee. if he ran. yes, he gave a massive chief this piiot, he has the guts do it he is all over the mat. >> they feed that isis and the democratic side. bernie sanders. seems to have to listen to the clinton campaign.
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hearing from his wife. joents. she is he hads the approach, he is not doing it to influence thing it is. jane sanders. it is thard fo as well a ju jumping. bernie raced and respondent the
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most sharply the af. if he continues paid. >> it is. >> thank i both for being here. whether we come back, a split over dnl ♪
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. >> more on the u.s. election, donald trump is getting criticism for his claim that hillary clinton is paying the woman card. quote that is the only thing she
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has going." >> when i say donald trump, what is the first word that comes to mind? >> power, scary. >> decisive. >> women weighing in on donald trump's speech and that hillary clinton is playing the women's card. >> that is unsulting, rrms of how you feel about hillary clinton, to imply that her background gives her zero kwoiflgzs, that hillary would only have the support of 5% of the population is ridiculous. >> the don't think the comments are helpful fo him or his campaign. however, i still believe that he is still playing the theatrical card. >> i am scared to death of a
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person setting that tone. >> some are willing to overlook his comments, because he is strong on the economy and jobs. some are surprised that trump is still on top. >> when he made the remarks abo about. >> i think the bob job is terrible. they look like two light bulbs coming out of a body. >> i call it cocktail talk. he doesn't know any better. >> talking about contestants,
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it is another way to get them to watch the pag ept. >> i can't believe you are excusing his behavior, as good old boys, those are the same justifications used for sexual harassment. to use the word bobs, that is not promoting the pageant. >> these comments will not prevent you from voting for trump? >> no, they will not. >> is there anying that he can do to win your vote? >> we are smart. we are really smart. we understand policy, we understand what is necessary for the country to move forward. we understand economic development. start speaking to us as equals. >> would any of you consider voting democratic? >> molly said yes. i am undecided as what i will do
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in the fall. if trump is the nominee. >> you may vote for the other party? >> i may. >> randy k., cnn, indianapolis. >> for the conservative women out, there, a man that loathe, and eye woman they despise. if they are confronted with that, many will come down to clinton. >> the tendency of women to vote for democratic, men to vote more republican than women do. that is inflated by the democrats among minority women. mitt roamy beat obama, 56-42.
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the widest since regan over mondale. that is the scary thing for republicans, there is a lot of room for hillary clinton to grow. the number was low in 2012. the most put-off by donald trump. he was able to win with that low number. they don't have a lot to give. she has running room on that side. >> trump has a big problem, at least right now, with women voters. he is attacking the likely female opponent, because she is a woman. >> the trump defenders will stay, this is what george bush, this will be the gender equivalent saying she shaent done anything for women. the symbolism is the only card that she has. it is a tough argument because
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she spent a lot of our her, focusing on a return to it. then you have donald trump, not the given his own message with women. >> the one thing that donald trump has going for him. effective at labelling his opponent. 15 people challenges for him. he was here this rally. again, he was at it, listen to this. >> we have this guy, lying ted cruz, we know lying ted, nobody likes him. in fact --
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>> vubranded this guy or what? he probably, i see him walking into these beautiful corridors, and people saying "hey, lying ted," how are you doing? it is juvenile, but it works. about issue, distinctions, it works to a point. yes, it worked within the primary context, he has won 40 prrs of the vote. the cost of all of that, these strong nefatives. it is one thing to have an 85%
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rate, 12, twen h. 20, 17%, unfavorable, it is hard to win. >> that is a big hole. he gave it to cnn, voicing the hope that many having clinged to, they are moving away. this is jeb bush. >> he is beind had, after the first gal on the, anything can happen. the likely currence, if he doesn't win on the first ballot. ted cruz. >> it former house speaker said, trump is a fact more than a
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problem. the guy who -- >> donald trump has to worry about the remaining delegates. insurgents a lot more achieve those what you saw for the first time, voters beginning to consod date it it remarkable, dinake men, and conservative voters. some of the best performances well. even if he falls short. the party has chosen, i am the guy. >> bring it to an end. >> still a lot of fear it is for
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. >> the headlines this hour, protests and violence outside a donald trump rally in california. shuffles broke out, police in riot gear try to restore order. one group shashed out the back window of a police car. many were detained. the attack killed 50 people, including one of the country's last pediatricians. >> the launches on thursday failed, and sparked international outrage, even from china. andp we are learning north korea sentenced a american to ten years hard labor for espionnage.
10:32 pm
cnn has been unable fo determine if the confession was made under durress. live in. >> he said he was guilty of espionnage. we don't know if it was cooersed or those were his own words. we now know, according to the chin neez statement, he has been sentenced ten years hard labor. he is said to be born in south korea, and a naturalized
10:33 pm
american citizens. a student, sentenced to 15 years. a long run of american citizens that korea said they did something again their laws. the high profile individual, from america, that goes there and trying to secure their release. >> thank you. live this hour in seoul. >> the fbi arrested three, they were response for the shooting that killed 14 people. the couple of killed in a gun battle with police. details of major fraud. >> john, the three supported
10:34 pm
suspects shuffled in court with leg irons, and he is the brother of the san bernd terrorist. he and the other suspects must have been relieved say thanksgiving a case of marriage fraud. we know we are not addressing for these people. what people thought was the problem. victory is not what -- there are people here hurting, the central and the brother, don't have anything to do with that. >> they worked out a complex two of three subjects, the third
10:35 pm
subject put on immigration hold, then go back into custody, in riverside country. the highlight today, the judge saying, this is not a case of acts of terror. >> we will take a break. new details have ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ♪ cash money ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪ the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. ♪ savin' you five hundred ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred
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. >> latest on the music icon, prince. opioid medication was found. >> the public memorial to the man they adore, and the music.
10:39 pm
new information as to the investigation of how prince died. his fiercely guarded struggles coming to light slowly after his death. >> four, for medical issues, including the day prince died. there is no indication that three other when prince was found dead, opioids were found. >> the investigations telling us they have been unable to provide
10:40 pm
a prescription for that medication. he may have been using the prescription pain killers six da days before his death. >> sglp prince was unconscious, rushed to the hospital in illinois, investigators say he was treateded it for a potential overdose. his pub liist said hes suffering from the flu. >> a former dea agent said that dea's involvement is a clue they may be looking into criminality. >> if i knew you were drug dependent, if i gave you the
10:41 pm
pills anyway. >> his family, fans and investigators are waiting to see what comes back from the toxicology reports, we don't expect to get all of those results back for some time now. john. >> for more now on this medication, how it treats severe pain, and how it could be fatal. the official cause of death is not released. we don't know it is involved. do you see a picture starting to emerge? >> at least opiods were involved in this peculiar.
10:42 pm
the over prescribing, on death, was prescribed in this country. nearly 100% of the vicadin in this country. we are utterly too liberal, and too prone to seeking opiod pain medication, without recognizing their potential for harm. he has been robbed by of his li life. >> this is not made from the pop i plant that is made her win. >> they are called opiods, they are excellent for acute pain. it is not clear to be used for
10:43 pm
chronic pain. we have people who are disabled and dying, if you develop addition, there is a probably you will die from a combination of opiod medication and sleeping medication. you recklessly prescribed, and a deadly, common combination. >> we are talking about the combination here now, opiods by themselves, are they deadly? >> you can, it is hard to. it is difficult. it is difficult to die of an overdose or opiod overdose. you can shoot it like her win. when you abdullah akadi in a
10:44 pm
little bit of benzodiapene, it is easy. >> we heard he was suffering a severe flu. could they cause a problem if someone has the flunchlth he didn't have the flu. >> the number one description of opiod withcrawl is, i feel like i have the flu. he dwebed the no sleep, he said the doctor ads in a sleeping medication. that is how we get into serious trouble here. >> how long do they take?
10:45 pm
what will they be looking for? it takes what it takes. it is not like csi, in the police lab. it takes a while. once you have it, you will know there was any other medication on better. whether there was any other 30 years this is a medical misadvantage. people worrying about his relationship, you hear the opposite i believe there is an irnd lying with the immediately
10:46 pm
system, this is where we end up. >> thank you, john. >> we will take a short break. the hateful and on-line comment, women have to deal with every day.
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awe nigh video has gone viral, exposing the nasty comments that women sportswriters. a few men, were asked to read them to the women. >> sounds like a nagging wife on tv today. >> not married yet.
10:51 pm
>> not atrocious, just sort of there. >> i am not a beat writer at all. okay. >> sara spain is a scrub muffin. >> i don't know what that snchlths i love muffins. >> one of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick like the whore you are. >> the shorts reporter for the "los angeles times." what is your personal experience? >> not drastic as some. i never received a death threat, even last night, covering a basketball game in los angeles, i receive a handful of messages that make you stop and think twice about what people are willing to say to you on the internet. >> anonymity gives people
10:52 pm
copyright infringement. >> the men reading the comments get emotionals. >> i don't. i don't think i can say that. >> mmm. >> i hope your boyfriend beats you. i'm sorry. >> it is really uncomfortable to watch. what do you think is going on there? >> i think there is something to read those aloud. in the last couple of years i have been doing this t the nasty stuff people say. it is hard to say some of these things out loud. we weren't raised to call people names and make these comments. >> something with these guy,
10:53 pm
what the women have gone through? >> i spoke with colleagues after the last week, as it built up to this video. my colleagues were surprised. i think everyone is surprised the degree the comments go to. >> male reporters, we get harassed on line. nobody threatens to gang rain me. there is -- why do they go to that point? >> i think it is the lowest common denominator. you get testosterone, they are cheering for the sports teams, many comments come from men who the reporter is saying about their team. they go to the lowest common denominator it is one thing to say, i disagree with you. to go that deep, that is how much they love their sports team, and somehow, in their mind it connects, it doesn't connect.
10:54 pm
>> again, raise the fact that social media, twitter, it is anonymo anonymous. these people were talking to you, there is no way in the world they would use this language? >> i retweeted a tweet, and sarcastically thanked him for it derogatory comment. and a bunch of people piled on. the man deletes the tweet. a couple of people brought up his linked in account. he got shamed the video is great. individually, when you shame them. it actually brings more awareness to the individual. >> back in january, there was a situation, a sports reporter, melanie mclaughlin was hit on by a cricket player while doing a
10:55 pm
live report. >> i wanted to do an interview with you, it is nice. hopefully, we can have a drink after. don't blush, baby. >> i am not blushing. >> do you think there is lack of respect for women in what is actually a male-dominated field? >> there is a lack of respect for women, in that situation, on an uncommon situation to be hit on at work. i don't think the full context. maybe it was like craig sayinger, it means he did well in the game. the baby comment, you throw it out the window and say, where are your manners? >> on twitter, a problem for a long time. not just for bankers and writers
10:56 pm
and are a couple of -- >> they could monitor the threats, in the more than name tweets, someone threatening your safety, twitter needs to police those people. >> we are grown up. >> that's it for us, the news continues after a short break.
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huge, late night protests after a donald trump rally in california. some people took out their frustrations on a police car. others landed in handcuffs of the. meantime, ted cruz is campaigning in indiana, but he is facing some stinging criticism from big names in the gop. some are even calling cruz the devil himself, and weigh a. and we are getting reports that north korea has sentenced an american to ten years hard labor. we'll have a live report about his alleged activities. hello, we're live in
11:01 pm
atlanta. welcome to our viewers around the world and in the united states, i'm natalie alleallen, a you're watching "cnn newsroom." it is 11:00 p.m. where protesters filled the streets, rocking police cars, smashing one's back window and blocking traffic. we did see police putting several people in handcuffs, and there are reports of several fights breaking out. trump is closing in on the republican party's presidential nomination. we get more from cnn's sarah murray on the campaign trail. ♪ start me up >> reporter: donald trump is hoping to finish off ted cruz in the hoosier state. >> if ted cruz sneezes, if he just sneezes, his people leave him.
11:02 pm
in the senate, he's known as a liar. so we came up with liein' tid. >> reporter: knowing if he can't win here, the odds of block being the trump nomination are slim to none. and he brushes aside the latest political ploy, using carly fiorina as his running mate. >> he curses or insults. i suppose you could start a drinking game on which one of the four donald is going to respond o any given stimulus that might occur. >> reporter: cruz and trump locked in a two-man race here after john kasich agreed to stop campaigning in indiana in exange for cruz skipping new mexico. >> there is no alliance, we made a doo determinat determination
11:03 pm
our assets. >> reporter: others are expressing strong concerns about cruz. former speaker john boehner blasting cruz at an interview in stanford university. >> lucifer in the flesh. i have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch. >> reporter: but cruz appears unfazed. >> he didn't aabbreviate. he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> reporter: trump may be cleaning up in the primaries, but in the general, his numbers with women could use some work. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: and today he repeated his claim that hillary clinton is only winning by playing the gender card. >> the primary thing that she has going for her is that she's a woman, and she's playing that card like i have never seen anybody play it before. >> reporter: now even though the trump campaign feels pretty
11:04 pm
comfortable about their odds in indiana, they're not taking anything for granted. they are actually up with a new ad that hits cruz on free trade. >> joining me is philip bump joining us from new york. thanking for joining us. >> of course, my pleasure. >> first, i want you to listen to a clip from peter king, reacting to john boehner's lus ever comments. >> maybe he gives lou siever a bad name. >> he brought about the shut down of the government, some kind of a vague promise that he was going to take obamacare out of the budget. ted cruz knew it was never going to work. he did it anyway, shut down the government, served no purpose whatsoever.
11:05 pm
i agree with john boehner on that. >> so lusiver enters the campaign. >> senator cruz is in a tough position in general. it doesn't seem as though he's likely to get the delegates he needs at this point given that donald trump has suddenly started doing so well. this has always been the critique of ted cruz is that he's simply not like. representative king makes a point that he made himself, he went out and stood up to john boehner and rallied his core conservative members against john boehner, is why john boehner doesn't like him. for a time period, the republican establishment was so worried about donald trump that they were doing everything but embracing ted cruz which none of them wanted to do. one of the things that's changed is that since donald trump has
11:06 pm
gotten so close to the nomination they're dropping the notion that they have a like for ted cruz. >> trump continues to rail against clinton using the woman card, does this help or hurt, especially with carly fiorina b back in the mix? >> i'm not sure carly fiorina adds much. i think he was being deliberate knowing that people in california know her better. but donald trump's comments absolutely do not do hem any good. he tries to talk -- it is very similar to what we saw him do with his comments about mexicans earlier in the race. things that are not welcomed by mexican people or in this case women, that he claims that he's going to do well with those populations anyway. his unfavorable ratings with women are much, much worse than unfavorable ratings with men. it is one of the reasons he is where he is, because women do
11:07 pm
not want to vote for him. some do, obviously, but much less so than men. if he keeps doing this, it's not going to improve with the general population. if you look, no one, if you compare where he is in abc polling among white women, which should be a core republican constituency. he's doing worse than any exit polling since 1972. and that is a bad position for him to be in. >> finally, i want to share this with you. tuesday is the indiana primary. the state's biggest newspaper is not endorsing any candidate. >> right. >> but the editorial board says although flawed, kasich and clinton offer best choices and goes on to rail against sanders cruz and trump saying a president trump would be a danger to the united states and the world. will this affect indiana at all where kasich has in effect given up? >> it's kind of a cop-out to say you should vote for clinton and kasich but we're not doing an endorsement. my sense is that maybe they're
11:08 pm
trying to throw a bone towards this totally failed kasich/cruz alliance where kasich's supposed to step out of indiana so cruz can do better and stop trump from getting the delegates. i'm not sure why. but i think the alliance has hurt kasich. i don't think his support is going to cruz. i think it is helping trump as well. it's a mess and coming at a time when trump is doing better the which is a bad sign for the non-trump forces. >> thank you so much, phillip. >> thank you. former republican presidential candidate jeb bush says he has no regrets about ending his campaign. he spoke with cnn's special correspondent in his first interview since dropping out. she asked about his reaction to ted cruz's choice of carly fiorina as his running mate. >> picking a candidate that is
11:09 pm
talented, tough, you know, she takes on trump really well, and she takes on hillary clinton well, someone who has a proven record and who's been vetted as a candidate, i thought was a smart move by ted cruz. >> you didn't think that donald trump was ready to be president. but if he is the nominee, apart from whatever else you think might happen, whether he would beat hillary or not, will you support him? >> i don't think he's a serious person. >> you haven't changed your mind. >> no. i've seen nothing. the speech, you know, recent speech about foreign policy was, you can't, i don't know which donald trump to believe. the one that read from a teleprompter a speech that was inside the lines or the one that wants to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. the idea that a president should be unpredictable is not really the way history has been
11:10 pm
written. >> jeb bush has endorsed ted cruz for president, but he has not actively campaigned for him. well, meantime democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is focusing on donald trump. on thursday, her campaign released a new attack ad about the republican front runner. >> total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. >> you say you would even go further than water boarding, is that -- >> absolutely. ♪ >> interesting music there. clinton aides say she is spending little time on other opponents because her challenger, bernie sanders, would need to take 57% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination, which is exceedingly improbable. despite the odds, sanders is
11:11 pm
still rallying supporters to take his movement to the democratic convention in july. >> now our job is not just to revitalize the democratic party, not only to open the doors to young people and working people. our job is to revitalize american democracy. >> for more on the race to the white house, you can always visit our website at the u.n. security council is working on a response to what appears to be mortgage korea's latest missile test. the launches on thursday failed but still sparked international outrage and a blunt warning from china. north korea's main backer. >> translator: as a close neighbor of the peninsula, we will absolutely not permit war or chaos on the peninsula. once it happens, it would not benefit anyone.
11:12 pm
>> we're also learning that north korea has just sentenced a south korean-born american to ten years of hard labor for subversion and espionage. according to china's state run media. paula hancocks joins us more with both stories from seoul, south korea. let's talk about the sentencing of the south korean-born american. has he been identified? >> reporter: yes, he's kim dong chill. there was a press conference where he gave a public apology and admitted to espionage. it's not known whether he was under duress for the interview with cnn or for the public press conference. it's not known whether they were his words or words given to him by north korea, but we do now know from xinhua, chinese state might yeah that he has been
11:13 pm
sentenced to ten years hard labor. it is the longest in the long list of american citizens who have been detained and charged in authority korea. it comes on the back of a u.s. student as well, otto warmbier. so certainly a pattern has emerged. and the pattern is being followed, once again, by pyongyang. >> also, paula, we talked about the latest missile test. north korea continues to do this, despite sanctions and international pressure. what has been the response? and what did they try and do? >> reporter: well, they attempted two mid-range missiles. one thursday morning, one thursday early evening. according to south korean defense ministry officials, both failed, but the fact that they tried two close together is significant, we have seen missile tests and nuclear tests
11:14 pm
and nuclear facility tests from north korea since the beginning of the year, really. the expectation is that it was ahead of the workers party congress which is one wokeeek a now. it's expected to be a chance for kim jong un to show exactly what he's achieved. to try to strengthen his position among the elite, among the military, although one south korean government official did tell me recently that the leadership is believed to be unshakeable at this point, natalie? >> all right. paula hancocks. we know you'll be covering that event when it happens as well. thanks. line from south korea. an airstrike on a hospital kills 50 in syria, including children. what this could mean to the country's fragile cease-fire. that's when we come back. also a story that could only be described as bizarre. why u.s. police say they shot this man dressed in an animal costume.
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11:19 pm
hangs on by a thread, after a deadly airstrike in aleppo. the bombing at a pediatric hospital killed at least 50 people. witnesses say a fighter jet dropped the missile late wednesday night. it's not clear who carried out the strike. nic robertson has more about it, and a warning for you. his report contains disturbing images. [ groaning ] >> reporter: serious cease-fire is in tatters. an airstrike on an opposition hospital in aleppo. this one supported by doctors without borders and the red cross. dozens killed, including children and at least three doctors. one of them, the last pediatrician. [ yelling ] >> reporter: so severe the attack, the red cross issued a same saying the destruction of the hospital are putting millions at grave risk. the bodies, the grief, piling
11:20 pm
pressure on faltering peace talks in geneva. >> in the last 48 hours, we have had an average of one syrian killed every 25 minutes. one syrian wounded every 13 minutes. >> reporter: three weeks of talks, 1,000 miles from the front lines, little progress. the two sides using the cease-fire to talk about political transition. but accusations, not compromises traded. >> translator: the threats that emanated from the opposition who were here in geneva before they sulked and got upset and left, these declarations were translated on the ground into attacks. >> reporter: the opposition for their part pausing their participation, blaming the government for renewed offensive, making talks meaningless. >> reporter: days of pulling
11:21 pm
back from the front, opposition fighters last week on cease-fire showed here on their own propaganda video, back to the battle front. the u.n. envoy, urging russia and the united states to step in again. save the cease-fire. save the talks. >> we need that to be urgently revitalized. and only the russian federation and the u.s., as they did when they launched suddenly everything related to this decision of hostilities needed to come back again and relaunch it. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: in the meantime, the killing is escalating. no date set for the next round of peace talks. the u.n. envoy planning a visit to moscow next week. urgency and peace both in short
11:22 pm
supply. [ yelling ] >> reporter: nic robertson, cnn, london. >> really feel for those family members. up to 16 members of the u.s. military expected to be disciplined over their role in an airstrike in kunduz, afghanistan last year. at least 42 people were killed. according to two officials, the military personnel are not expected to face criminal charge, but a top commander will likely be fired. the u.s. has apologized for the airstrikes, saying it was a terrible mistakes. now to a bizarre incident in the city of the baltimore, and a warning, some of what you're about to see is graphic. police shot and wounded a man dressed in an animal suit avenue walked into a local tv station with what appeared to be explosive devices. we're told he demanded the
11:23 pm
station report on a government conspiracy before being confronted by law enforcement. >> those devices were actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each of them. the wire was also running down the sleeve of his jacket into his hand. basically emulating some type of detonation type of device. so it does not appear that this was a device capable of actual explosives, but the appearance of it was to be an actual explosive-type device. >> believe' learned that a man claiming to be the suspect's father spoke with a local tv station. he said his son had a nervous break down. the man is recovering from his injuries, and so far he's not been charged with anything. a big deal may soon dramatically reshape the entertainment industry. comcast, nbc universal is seeking to acquire dreamworks
11:24 pm
animation, the maker of popular films such as shrek and kung fu panda. the deal worth $3.8 billion. here's cnn's richard quest. >> reporter: coming to the big screen near you, nbc universal, dreamworks animation joining forces. >> going to be fun. we can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, i'm making waffles. >> reporter: it's a merger of epic proportions. $3.8 billion. >> whoa. >> reporter: a bold move, taking on the king of family entertainment. for dreamworks, the end of a story of vurnts and intrigue. >> works for me, and all your dreams come true. >> respect, power, banana. >> banana.
11:25 pm
>> reporter: now, as this merger comes together, one final hurdle before it reaches the screen. the regulators. >> pet it. >> really? >> no. >> again! >> reporter: will the regulators scuffle this deal? or will it be a fairy tale ending with a marriage at the end of the earth? >> we'll let you know. richard quest reporting for us there. an exciting ride on a rollercoaster in texas took a terrifying turn for a 6-year-old boy and his father when the boy's seat belt came undone. >> here we go. [ screaming ] >> i got you. you're fine. i promise, okay?
11:26 pm
i got you. you're fine. >> with the words of reassurance, delbert latham put an iron grip on his son for the rest of the ride. he posted the video on facebook and the ride's operator admitted it's happened before. the amusement park later removed the malfunctioning car from the rollercoaster and checked all the seat belts. and that little boy just loves his daddy even more now. new details have emerged about the death of music icon prince. coming up, more information on what investigators say think found in his home, and and why federal authorities are getting involved in the case. ♪
11:27 pm
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11:30 pm
around the world. we're live in atlanta, we're "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. here are our top stories. about 20 people have been arrested outside a donald trump rally in costa mesa, california. scuffles broke out between pro-trump demonstrators and protesters. one group smashed out the back window of a police car. north korea has sentenced a south korean-born american to 10 years hard labor for subversion and espionage. kim dong chul admitted to gathering information about pyongyang's nuclear program and military facility, but cnn was not able to determine if he made that confession under duress. global concerns about the cease-fire in syria, after an airstrike on a pediatric hospital. it killed at least 50 people, including that boy's brother.
11:31 pm
it also killed one of the country's last pediatricians. syria and russia deny bombing the building. u.s. forces say they were not in the area. ♪ officials tell cnn, investigators have found no proof prince had a valid prescription for yoep yoids found in his home. cnn has also learned the u.s. drug enforcement administration will aid the investigation into the music legend's death. our brian todd has more. ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain >> reporter: just days before his death, he pushed himself to perform, with two concerts in atlanta. he'd suffered from a bad hip, often seen carrying a cane. now new information that prince was also carrying some powerful pain drugs at the time of his death.
11:32 pm
a law enforcement official tilling cnn, authorities found prescription opioid medication on his person and in his home. nearly a week before his death, a reaction from the medication likely caused an emergency landing of prince's private plane in illinois, when the pop star passed out. >> what's the nature of the emergency? >> an unresponsive passenger. >> reporter: the law enforcement official says in that incident, prince was treated for a possible overdose of the medication. he was later released from a hospital and returned to minnesota. opioids are effective for pain, but there's a prescription overdose epidemic in america that has experts worried. >> the biggest risk is overdose causing respiratory suppression. these people become drowsy, because they slow down the activity in different parts of the brain. if it slows down the breathing centers too much, people stop breathing, and that's what kills them with an overdose. >> reporter: it's not clear where prince got the medication and whether it was prescribed to
11:33 pm
him. there's a antidote called narcan. >> you have got to get the narcan in them in time. >> reporter: there may not have been time to give prince narcan at the time of his death. >> all of our officers carry narcan. we've been carrying that for approximately two years. and that was not used at all. >> reporter: and there may not have been anyone else there to revive the pop star. the sheriff says prince was alone inside his 55,000 foot home paisley park, when he died. but at some point, someone got there and called 911. regarding cnn's reporting on the opioids, we've reached out several times to prince's staff for a response. so far, they've given no response. we've asked the medical examiner's office if prince had opioids in his system. they have given no response. prince's friends don't recall him being on any medication.
11:34 pm
his lawyer saying he was not on any drugs that would be cause for concern. br brian todd, cnn. >> i'm joined by a doctor, and i want to begin by saying, what does it say to you that prince had percocet on him and more of the drug at home. >> i can't really comment about prince. what i can tell you is the united states is the midst of a severe opioid addiction. and when i use the term opioid, i'm talking about prescription pain medications that come from opium, like percocet and vicodin. i'm also talking about heroin, which is very similar to the prescription opioids. we have an epidemic in the u.s. of people who have become addicted to these drugs. and we have an epidemic of overdose deaths. so thousands of americans are
11:35 pm
dying every year from overdoses on prescription opioids. >> well, prince had that emergency landing in his private plane on his way home. he was reportedly unresponsive. this drug can cause suppression of breathing, is that correct? >> opioid drugs, like hydrocodo hydrocodone, oxycodone and heroin, if you take too much of an opioid, it slows down your breathing. if you take enough of it, you stop breathing. that's one of the major killers in the united states today, one of the leading causes of death in the u.s. is an overdose on an opioid, because the opioids stop people from breathing. >> and what are other effects of these drugs? i'm told people can feel really bad, feel scared, anxious, depressed, kind of freak out. what's the issue with
11:36 pm
overprescribing and the side effects? >> the medical community has been overprescribe being opioid medications and as the prescribing began to soar it led to soaring addictions, deaths and doctors are prescribing opioids to relieve pain. if patients take an opioid repeatedly, whether they're taking it over and over again to relieve pain or whether they're taking the drug repeatedly for recreational purposes, if you take a highly addictive drug frequently, there's a very good chance you can become addicted to that drug. now when somebody takes an opioid, it can give pain relief, or it can even cause good feelings, like a euphoria, but once somebody gets addicted to the drug, they have to continue taking the drug, simply to avoid feeling awful. somebody who's used to taking an opioid and runs out or is unable to maintain their supply, they
11:37 pm
can experience a flu-like illness, but they also experience very severe anxiety, feels like a panic attack. people feel like they're losing their mind, like they're going out of control, a sense of impending doom. it's one of the reasons why we see people do very desperate things to maintain their supply once addicted. >> well, you sure highlight the problems with these drugs. we very much appreciate you joining u dr. andrew collodny. thank you, doctor. >> thank you for having me. a man in the u.s. is suing snapchat for a car crash that caused him a car injury. he's blaming the crash on a photo filter. we'll explain next. plus, our robyn kriel has a close encounter with a baby
11:38 pm
rhino. babysitting one of africa's most endangered animals. that's next. ♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ go to and post your job? to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click, then simply select the best candidates from one easy-to-review list. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free.
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♪ ♪ since 2001, more than 700,000 comcast nbc universal volunteers have lent a hand to their communities.
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this year, we're extending our partnership with our friends at red nose day and global citizen. making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. the tiny kingdom of swauz eland is reportedly getting ready to propose legalizing the trade in rhino horns. it is expected to bring up the plan later this year. south africa recently dropped a similar proposal. in 2015, more than 1300 rhinos were killed in africa for their horns. and the number has been rising ever since. since 2008, the total has
11:42 pm
reached nearly 6,000. today, three of the world's five rhino species are considered critically endangered, all because some people, mostly in asia, want the rhino horn which really has no particular benefit to humans. it's just a false belief. kenya is hosting a summit, a focusing on tackling the s - poaching of the giant animals. poaching has led to more orpanned animals than ever before. it has left many orphaned animals, and here's robyn kriel to talk about it. >> you're such a sweet thing. >> reporter: babysitting a rhino is remarkably similar to babysitting a baby. a day-long cycle of eat, play, sleep, repeat. with the occasional, rather
11:43 pm
squeaky temper tantrum thrown in when he gets hungry. abandoned by his mother at two weeks old, ringo was nearly dead when he was rescued by rangers in central kenya, a major reserve for the endangered animal. three times a day on this formula of baby formula and white oat. let's go see your prepped. >> reporter: now ring fwo has several adoptive parents who work round the clock to keep him safe and sleeping like a baby. >> yeah, he want to sleep, and then you can scratch him more. >> oh, he likes to be scratched. >> yeah. >> reporter: tell me how it makes you feel when you hear of a rhino like ringo being poached. >> seeing ringo how i play with
11:44 pm
him, i just, thinking about what about ringo being poached one day. it would be really sad for me. >> reporter: ringo's favorite time of day, say his keepers, is bath time. so they're trying to emulate exactly what ringo would be experiencing in the wild, with his mum. he would wallow to cool down and also to avoid sunburn. but with his mum gone, this rare baby rhino has found a fatherly love in something even more rare. sudan is the only male northern white rhino left on the planet. the hope is that he will teach ringo to be more like a rhino and less like a human. and the baby rye mhino has taug the old one a thing or two. >> now that we have a small rhino interacting with him is good for sudan, and we've seen his demeanor and appetite for life if i can put it that way,
11:45 pm
improve since ringo appeared on the scene. >> reporter: one isolated. the other abandoned. the two rhinos have found companionship in one another. >> sad but very sweet. and we wish ringo all the best. a man in the u.s. is suing snapchat for a car crash. we'll ask our legal analyst how liable the popular app may be. . people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. go to and post your job? to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click,
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a man here in the u.s. state of georgia is suing the popular app snapchat for a car crash that left him with dramatic brain injuries. he's also suing the driver, a teenage girl who he says was using a speed filter while driving, that shows how fast you're driving and the lawsuit says she was going nearly twice as fast as the speed limit. after the crash, he posted this picture with the caption lucky to be alive. cnn was unable to reach the teen, and a snapchat spokesman says the app has always included a warning not to use it while
11:50 pm
driving. we want to talk about this case now. joining me from new york is cnn legal analyst danny cevallos. how culpable is snapchat in this suit, and how culpable is crystal mcgee, the driver? >> the driver is clearly more culpable. but in cases like this, often when you have such serious injuries, the insurance policy of the driver just isn't enough to cover all these damages, so you see these creative lawsuits, and that's exactly what this is, the theory of liability that the mere existence of an app on your cell phone is somehow makes the company liable for a driving accident is a stretch to be sure, because an app has so many lawful uses, this is a time when
11:51 pm
it might have been unlawfully, but not a fault of snapchat. >> do you believe that's a defense they will use? >> yes, they will use causation first of all, because they're going to say, our app as designed didn't cause the accident. yes, the plaintiff alleges there's a feature that allows you to put the speed at which you are traveling on the app, but there are many lawful uses for that. you could be on a bus, on a train, in a plane. there are many uses that are lawful for that, even though teens or other adults may be incentivized to use it while driving, that's always been a problem with cell phones, whether it's text messaging, making a phone call, and that mere fact alone hasn't made cell phone companies or service providers themselves liable when people are wrongfully on the phone and cause an accident. >> yes, and snapchat argues its warning not to snap and drive covers it against prosecution of this sort, but is it doing in of
11:52 pm
to protect its users and other road users? >> well, on one side of that argument, a warning alone will not automatically exonerate a company who creates an unsafe, dangerous product, but on the other hand, in a case like this, that warning is a fact that helps snapchat in addition to the much more important fact, which its app has so many lawful uses that the fact that it could potentially be misused doings not, by itself, make snapchat liable. after all, kitchen knives have very many valuable uses to humanity and just a few highly unlawful uses like stabbing people. that doesn't make kitchen knives unsafely designed or negligently designed. this is going to be a very difficult case to hold snapchat liable. but it appears at this point, it's going to be a very easy case, comparably, to hold the dro
11:53 pm
driver liable. >> thank you so much. danny cevallos, thank you. we turn to sports news now. l l lie chester city, their rise may lie into a higher power. >> reporter: leicester city's improbable rise to the top of the premier league has stunned the footballing world. while pundits in europe kbraple to find the secrets of their success, football fans believe it's more to do with spirituality than skills and tactics. for the past three years, monks have been traveling all the way
11:54 pm
to the football grounds to bless the pitch. and one monk is credited with turning the club into an unstoppable force. he is the assistant at the golden buddha temple and has traveled about a dozen times to the club at the request of the thai owners. recently, he gave this unbeatable fabric to the team which is said to bring good karma. he recalls how some were first taken aback with their first meeting with the monks. >> translator: well, they're from different regions. they're not buddhist. therefore during our first meeting, they were a bit indifferent. but think wanted blessings for the club and each individual player. >> reporter: the sight of monks at the stadium in a season when leicester city have ruled from the bottom to the top of the premier league has drawn much attention to the club and is
11:55 pm
there -- their unconventional leader. >> translator: all he wanted was for his team to be confident. but he is a good buddhist, and wherever he goes, he never forgets about thailand. >> reporter: and that's something here that thai people have taken to heart. meaning retailers have completely sold out of tthe shi. >> we have monks to bless them. >> reporter: if karma takes leicester city all the way to the premier league title, one wonders what it will do next season when the foxes step up to take their place among the elite.
11:56 pm
the answer to that lies in the heart of the temple. >> translator: it's up to them. if they continue to uphold the law of karma, it will be their power. if they still have consciousness and good intention and determination to do good deeds, power will remain with them forever. >> reporter: christina mcfarland, cnn, bangkok. i'll be right back with another hour of "cnn newsroom" right after this, including a donald trump rally that got violently out of hand. much more in just a moment. ♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪
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protests turn ugly outside a donald trump rally in california. people flood the street and swarm a police cruiser. plus. >> i fully agree with john boehner, and maybe gives lucifer a bad name by comparing him to ted cruz. >> ted cruz compared to satan. but this criticism isn't from the democrats. it's from his own party. also, major concerns about the cease-fire in syria, as airstrikes bombard aleppo, killing


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