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tv   New Day  CNN  April 29, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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news. hundreds of protestors taking to the streets at a donald trump rally in southern california overnight. the protest quickly turning violent. some left bloodied. others stomping on cars, throwing rocks. police making scores of haearre. the protest as rub republicans are warming up to donald trump. and two trading blows after boehner calmed cruz "lucifer in the flesh." >> wowza. on the democratic side. hillary clinton returning to the campaign trail and bernie sanders seems to shift from rival to influencer. we'll explain that, and look ahead to next tuesday's indiana high-stakes primary. we begin with phil mattingly live in washington. >> reporter: donald trump advisers believe california will be contest that pushes the
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candidate overthe tyoercoverthe republican nomination. a trip that placed him smack in the middle of thousands of supporters inside his rally and ruckus and violent protests outside. chaos breaking out outside of a california donald trump rally last night. with hundreds of protestors taking to the streets, clashing with drivers, smashing windows, and attempting to roll over cars. facing off with trump supporters. >> [ bleep ] donald trump! >> reporter: this fight leaving this trump fan bloodied and bandaged. >> get back! >> reporter: police on horseback, struggling to contain the demonstrators. >> we're going to win, win, win! . >> reporter: inside, donald trump rowling up a massive crowd. >> look at the size of this place. >> reporter: taking aim at rivals. >> lyin' ted cruz. we know lie it's ted.
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as crooked as you can be. crooked hillary. you ever see a guy eat like him? >> reporter: and keeping his eye on next tuesday's high-stakes primary in indiana. >> the big poll on tuesday in indiana, but i was all over are the state with bobby knight and i love bobby knight and they love bobby knight, and let's see what happens. >> reporter: and blasting trump thursday, calling the gop front-runner a danger to the united states and to the world. as millions of dollars and dozens of ads continue to flood the state, ted cruz mincing no words on his view of the high stakes there . >> it is the common sense and good judgment of the hoosier state that is the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> reporter: even as top gop figure start warming to the idea of trump as the nominee. >> generally speaking, i like what he had to say. >> reporter: this, as former house speaker john boehner
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condemned trump's main rival, ted cruz at a college forum with the harshest words yet. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> i get along with almost everybody, but i've never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: cruz firing back. using boehner's disdain to try and bolster his case. >> if you're happy with john boehner, speaker of the house, and you want a president like john boehner, donald trump's your man. >> reporter: now, all of this, guys, coming as john kasich vowed to carry ones with his campaign despite admitting in oregon he contemplated dropping out, that is the quote/unquote deal between kruse and kasich continues to unraval on all fronts in indiana. cruz declaring friday there is no alliance between the two candidates. aides battling back and forth what that actually means.
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a lot of questions heading into that crucial indiana primary. >> absolutely. phil, you've given us food for thought. bringing in our panel, matt lewis, and then then politics editor juana summers anden david gregory. great to have you here on this friday. matt, start with you. so this violence we saw outside of the trump rally. now, i think that in listening to the portions of what trump was saying inside his rally, he wasn't using any sort of violent rhetoric. so this is stuff they took on themselves. these were anti-trump protestors. can you see it on your screen, trying to flip over police cars, vandalizing things. what does this mean moving towards the general? >> it means donald trump has a better chance of winning the republican primary. anytime something like this happens, terror attack or lawlessness in the streets it helps donald trump. this is a problem that only donald trump is strong enough to
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solve. at least that's what his supporters will think. if i was a leftist agitator, i would be doing this intentionally, because you want donald trump to win. you want donald trump to win the republican nomination and there to be chaos in the republican party. so i don't know if this is orchestrated, organic, but it helps donald trump. >> juana, now, matt is using the term, leftist agitator to keep it in the political sphere. as we all know, a lot of people in the street were justs did satisfied citizens taking out their dissatisfaction in the wrong way destroying property there. what does it speak to in which the climate of this general election and how it will take place? >> on both sides of the aisle, people are angry. not many in washington got tune into in some time. people are angry about the status quo, people upset about the fact they're economically disenfranchised, don't like their choices. we see it in the rise of
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supporters of donald trump and from the democratic side of the aisle, democrats who have risen up and support the bernie sanders and progressive initiatives. we prefer this not to show up in violence but it's what we're seeing in california. >> and david, is that how you see this? outpouring of angry voters or opportunistic teenagers and peel spoiling for a fight? >> look, there's a real hard edge to the trump campaign to his supporters, and to his opponents, and to those who are willing to come out and protest him. this is not painting neatly between the lines of political discourse and even protest. there's anxiety, there's anger. but you know, this sais souther california, orange county. you're closer to the border there. what he's saying about illegal immigrants and returning them is going to turn out people who are going to protest him, and
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whether they are supporters of trump's or opponents of trump, this is not a sir reeb iis -- sl cereb cerebral argument. and and what about john boehner calling d ing ted cruz lucifer fresh. >> he is the strong candidate, and lawlessness in the streets, all it does is help donald trump. i don't know if they're trying to help donald trump or if this is and unintended consequence.
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>> what about with kruse? >> with ted cruz, i don't think john boehner matters all that much. he was playing to the audience, using some hyperbole there to get laughter and applause, but it doesn't hurt ted cruz. he's an outsider. boehner's an insider. i think that, you know, ted cruz is just fine. he probably wants john boehner attacking him. >> i mean, hyperbole? juana, he went full, like, dante. i mean, listen to -- let me play for you to remind everyone what john boehner. >> she went with dante. >> right. >> who's virgil. >> oh, i'll let you know. >> oh! >> -- ted cruz. [ laughter ] lucifer in the flesh. -- i get along with almost everybody, but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ].
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>> look, pretty damning to use the metaphor. he says he's never worked with a more miserable -- blank. juana, what does this mean that john boehner's now unplugged in talking like this? >> right, john boehner, tell us how you really feel. i covered them both. boehner was house speaker. if you know washington, not a surprise they don't necessarily represent the same strains of the republican party. matt is absolutely right. this is not going to hurt ted cruz. in anything help him with a mainstream republican lashing out at him, didn't like his ideas or working with him. you'll see this fire up the republican base. the type of people ted cruz needs if he has any chance of reaching the delegates ahead of the convention. >> david gregory, two things -- let me stop you. usually making a better point that i want to. so let's start here. one, when are you and/or i going
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to hear from marco rubio here on "new day" talking about what he wants for his -- his delegates? and is this something we're going to hear about on your podcast this week? >> i'm talking to kara swisher on my fod caste. >> >> -- podcast. >> she's terrific. you can look for that. look, i think that rubio will probably wait a little bit. i think it's interesting that if cruz wanted to make this move about bringing on a running mate, whatever conversations might have gone on between him and rubio that didn't come to pass. i think rubio probably wants to sit this one out and see whether trump gets this on a first ballot. i slightly different view about boehner, and it's this -- look, cruz represents a pretty hard-edged brand of conservatism that a lot of conservatives and certainly establishment republicans don't like, and boehner would be one of those. yes, i agree with matt. it certainly helps him in -- in
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parts of indiana, but i mean, him as an alternative, i think, is scary to a lot of republicans, and an alternative to trump. why i think you see movement towards trump on the part of other establishment republicans. >> okay, panel. stick around. a lot to talk to you about with hillary and bernie as bell back in a second. and talking about democrats. hillary clinton back on the stump. main focus on a general election. meanwhile, bernie sanders shifting tone. softening attacks on her. the senator's lone supporter in the senate now suggesting an exit strategy for the vermont senator. live from washington, athena jones. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michaela, not an exit strategy sanders wants to hear. not something you want to hear from a supporter like oregon senator jeff merkley saying yesterday sanders should end his campaign if he's behind hillary clinton in the delegate count after the last states vote in june saying sanders should follow the example clinton
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herself set in 2008 when she bowed out in june and pledged her support to then senator obama in the interests of uniting the party and working together to win. sanders vowed to take the fight all the way to the convention. last night in oregon he pushed the electability argument saying he's a better choice to defeat trump. here's what he had to say. >> i hope that delegates going to the democratic convention pay heed to this -- in every national poll done in the last month, we are defeating donald trump by much greater margins than hillary clinton. >> reporter: now, that's not a new argument for sanders. it's not clear how effective this message is going to be in the coming primaries. we have seen in the recent days from sanders, he's spending a bit more time pushing for a progressive agenda at the convention in philadelphia, and less time focused on attacking clinton. sanders continues to say he's in this race to win, but if he
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doesn't win outright he wants's enough delegates to have influence on the platform and make sure it, would doesn't work for big money interests. >> thanks for that. coming up in our 8:00 hour on "new day," bernie sanders wife jane will join us, live. chris? all right. breaking overnight. north korea sentencing a south korean born american citizen to ten years hard labor for spying. the man's name is kim dong chule. back in january he said he spy and behalf of south korean conservative elements. now, cnn was not able to determine if these comments were made under duress or not. no meet comment from the state department. vice president joe biden meeting with pope francis today. biden is in rome a second day for a medical conference on regenerative medicine. he arrived yesterday after an
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unannounced visit to iraq, urging iraqi leaders not to let their political problems hurt the country's fight against isis. and two arrests in connection with the san bernardino attacks. the brother and her sister, all pleading not guilty to a marriage scam. police say sayiad add his sister were witnesses. marquess later charged with buys guns used in that september attack that killed 14 people. >> that picture of that guy. >> shocking. >> it's going to work against him. >> does not help. >> speaking of, would go against -- >> a sad day at "new day." >> i never seen anybody take joy and misery the way you are. >> it's no misery. it's all joy and love. >> michaela is leaving us. this is her last day. >> i'm not leaving you. >> oh, she's not leaving us, just going some place far, far away. >> i'm transitioning.
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>> away from us. >> on the other side of the coast. >> i'm so hope that you're so excited but i'm in denial and i don't think it will hit for a few months. >> next week might be rough on "new day." i might have to send you a case to get you through it. >> you're at least using your words -- >> i'm verbalizing it. >> he's despondent. >> i wrote a nice message that said, forever love, he wrote poofed on the bottom of it. >> when i hurt, i hurt deeply. we are going to reserve judgment on this entire situation until the 8:00 hour of the show, where we will make the case against exactly what is going on here with michaela pereira. >> stick around for that. it's going to be a great. a tough road ahead here and for bernie sanders. >> good segue. >> thank you. his wife jane said, yes, he can make a comeback. we'll ask her how, live on "new day."
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a shift in the bernie sanderscampaign. it's more apparent now, anyway. there's a focus, less on winning primaries and more on influencing delegates. still, the person closest to
3:20 am
sanders believes a comeback against hillary clinton could be in the cards. all right. let's discuss the path forward and what that's going to mean for the party. bring back the panel. matt lewis, juana summers, david gregory. david gregory, this seems to be the confusion. one argument, i want as many dell guilt as possible, make my case to the convention, make the party stronger. versus, i'm better than hillary clinton, i can beat donald trump, i'm going to make a comeback in this. which one is it for sanders? >> well, i think this notion that he could beat trump is really pretty thin. i mean, bernie sanders has not gotten roughed up in this campaign. he's certainly gone toe-to-toe with hillary clinton and taken incoming fire from her and her campaign, but the notion of trying to put him in a general election he hasn't gotten intense press xrscrutiny or republican scrutiny and think his negatives wouldn't be driven up is short sided. delegates are powerful. even if you fall short.
3:21 am
he has a movement, a lot of passion behind him and a lot of money. he's here to stay even if the path is virtually impossible in terms of the delegates. it's the influence now. the influence on the democratic party platform, on the convention itself, and, who knows what role he plays if clinton were to become president, in the party or a grass roots movement organizer where he could still have a powerful voice. >> i don't know, juana. the people expecting him to exit stage left and just sort of be an influencers, doesn't sound like he is onboard with that. in reference to what david was talking about, he continues to say because of the polls, he's the only person who can beat donald trump. let me play for you what he said yesterday. >> maybe most importantly, and i hope that delegates going to the democratic convention pay heed to this -- in every national poll done in
3:22 am
the last month, we are defeating donald trump by much greater margins than hillary clinton. >> and juana, i can do one better. jane sanders, his wife, biggest supporter, surrogate, said this yesterday. you remember mid-march after a string of losses the media wrote his political obituary and we came back to win eight in a row and we're expecting to do the same here. this does sound like somebody just trying to be a party influencer. >> no, it doesn't. when you listen to the statements from senator sanders, from his wife and those running his campaign, you get a little bit of mixed messages. in it to win it, going all the way, think we have a path. at the same time, statements like, oh we wants to be influences. the math is really, really tough for bernie sanders to clinch nomination ahead of the july convention. hillary clinton only needs about one-fifth of the remaining delegates to seal the deal and get that nomination outright and for bernie sanders to be able to make that up he would need a
3:23 am
string of really, really big victories or perhaps flip those so-called super delegates ahead of the convention. something historically we haven't seen a lot. certainly there's a path there, but at the senator himself has said in senators, it is very, very, very narrow and we'd need to see big wins from him to do that what about the lone senate supporter jeff merkley out of oregon says, look, it's time to adopt the secretary clinton model, or the clinton model. then senator clinton said, okay. i had the discussion across america. i'm ready to pivot and work together. obama reached out. she reached out. that should be a model for us to follow. i think after california, june 7, that would be appropriate. what do you think? what does that mean to him? >> certainly not helpful to bernie sanders. >> no, but do you think bernie sanders, that's going to resonate with him? >> no. i think bernie sanders, give him credit. ran a great campaign. surprised everybody by doing so well and presumptuous to suggest
3:24 am
what his exit strategy should be and what the timeline should be, but clearly at some point he risks becoming a spoiler, and being a gadfly versus being the leader of a progressive movement that could impact the democratic party. >> hmm. now, if you're wondering, why is that i seem to dominate this conversation with such piffy insights, a new reason. >> where are we wandering on that? >> i was. on the app store, cnn politics. i have on my phone right now. can you see it? come on in. >> not really. >> the home page. >> very good. >> uh-huh! had it prepared in advance. cnn has a new app that is called politics. simple enough. what it does is, doesn't just give headlines of the day. you swipe through it, it goes deeper. here's your headline about trump closing in. getting close. the next one is -- >> then you swipe? >> shows why he's closing in. >> what? juana, how much are you -- this app, running this app. how great is it? >> pretty awesome. just came out and we're using it
3:25 am
to take you into the ticks and turns of what has been a crazy race and show you who's winning at any given point. you get a new alert when we have a new addition and take you through targets like this. data showing what percentage needed to clear the race. the image shows five states voting in may, and what the cnn politics team came up with. even if trump ran the table, he still couldn't clinch nomination. a race going to june. the graphic you see now with the 172 delegates at stake in california, the big prize on june 7th. we're looking at the numbers here, getting you into the nitty-gritty weeds of politics and a great resource for people looking to get into the race if you're a political insider or someone who's just interested in a light touch. >> it answers the question. what about this? when somebody tells you somebody in politics, you're like, yeah, but what about -- as you swipe, answers to your questions. >> and lots of pictures. we appreciate.
3:26 am
juana, thanks for selling so beautifully. thank you, panel have a great weekend. keep up with the latest political news and state of the race. download the new cnn politics app available now on the app store for free. ma clay? another story dominating the headlines. it prince have a prescription for the pills found on him and in his home. taking a new turn, latest details for you, next.
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thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv!
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[ cheering ] this win is just the beginning! it doesn't end here. because your laundry can wait! keep those sweatpants on! order another pizza! and watch on! [ cheering ] don't wait a whole year for xfinity watchathon week to return. upgrade now to add the premium channel of your choice so you can keep watching. call or go online today. morning in the investigation of the sudden death of prince. the probe took a turn as authorities look into whether painkillers found on the singer were prescribed by a doctor and could all of this lead to a criminal investigation? stephanie elam is uncovering new information for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, michaela. the latest here on this one is
3:31 am
that investigators close to what is going on here in paisley park, trying to find out what killed the iconic artist are saying at this point they are not seeing any evidence that he actually had prescriptions written out for these strong, powerful opioid painkillers. at this point is search is on to figure out how prince was getting these painkillers. we also understand that the dea is working with local investigators to help them figure out any idea how this may have happened and tying this into the fact that, of what happened when his plane had to make that emergency landing. they believe then he was treated for a reaction to these opioids. putting the two things together, trying to fig are how they may have led to the demise of prince. also, another development worth noting is that the judge ruled that while there was a search warrant that was performed here at paisley park, the contents of discovered at his home, and basically his workplace, will be sealed. we won't be finding out exactly or anytime soon, at least what
3:32 am
paisley park that could lead them to find the answer as to what may have killed prince. alisyn? >> gosh, we just still all want answers. thanks so much for that. all right. there's a cnn exclusive to tell you about. jeb bush speaking out for the first time since dropping out of the president's race. he talks 0 our jamie gangel about the state of the race and donald trump. >> look, donald trump was a, still is, a phenomena. >> and if donald trump is the nominee, should the republican party, will you, rally around him? >> find out the answer to that question -- next. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast.
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since 2001, more than 700,000 comcast nbc universal volunteers have lent a hand to their communities. this year, we're extending our partnership with our friends at red nose day and global citizen. making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. jeb bush is breaking his silence. in an exclusive cnn interview, his first one since leaving the presidential race, jeb bush says he has no regrets about his failed bid and endorsed ted cruz and says carly fiorina is a smart choice for a running mate. as for where he stands now on donald trump becoming the
3:37 am
republican nominee we bring in special correspondent jamie gangel joining us with more of her exclusive interview. jam jamie, tell us everything. >> reporter: good morning, spoiler alert. jeb bush still does not like donald trump. i really think that he's speaking out now. it's been almost two months, because it's a last-ditch effort to try to help ted cruz get to a contested convention, and to stop donald trump. donald trump appears to be getting closer to the magic number. do you think the race is over? is he the presumptive nominee? >> no, not yet. he's -- he's close. he's got to win indiana, and, therefore, five other states. if he doesn't get to 50, 50%, he might have problems garnering the delegates. >>. >> reporter: do you think there's still a viable stop trump movement? >> yeah, i think there's a
3:38 am
possibility that he won't get 50% on the first ballot, and if he doesn't do that, there are a whole lot of people that don't believe he's the proper guy. >> reporter: do you think the republican party should get around him? if he's the nominee? >> i think they should support ted cruz. >> reporter: so yesterday ted cruz announced that his vice presidential pick would be carly fiorina. was that a hail mary pass? >> he's behind, but after the first ballot, anything could happen, and i believe that the likely occurrence if donald trump doesn't win o'the fir ballot ted cruz is the only other nominee that can win the nomination. carly fiorina takes on donald trump and hillary clinton well. vetted as a candidate. i thought it was a smart move by
3:39 am
ted cruz. >> reporter: you think it was the right pick? >> yeah. yeah, i do. i'm impressed with her. >> reporter: you said in the past that you didn't think that donald trump was ready to be president. but if he is the nominee, a part from whatever else you think might happen, whether he would beat hillary or not, will you support him? >> i don't think he's a serious person. >> reporter: you haven't changed your mind? >> no. i've seen nothing, the speech, you know, recent speech about foreign policy was -- you can't -- i don't know which donald trump to believe . the one that read from a telly prompter, a speech inside the walls or the one that wants to build a wall and make mexico pay for it or a tax on china or abandoning nato or saying a smart thing to have japan and korea build it alone and build their nuclear capability to deal
3:40 am
with china. which donald trump is the one that's expressing these views? there's two of them, and i think we need a president with a steady hand. >> reporter: it sounds like you wouldn't vote for him. >> i hope i won't have to be faced with that dilemma, and until i am, i'm not even going to think about it. >> reporter: do you think there's a case to be made for republicans voting for hillary clinton, if he is the nominee? >> no. no. i mean -- a third term of barack obama's hyperaggressive use of executive power, to create massive uncertainty for our economy, really restricting ability for people to have growing income. more control and power in washington, d.c. would be a disaster. >> reporter: looking back at the campaign, how do you feel about how you did, what you did. >> yeah. >> reporter: and -- >> wow. i mean, i don't think about it too much. i've concluded that whatever
3:41 am
mistakes i made, and i certainly made them, probably wouldn't have changed the outcome >> reporter: do you think happened? >> definitely a crazy year. look, donald trump was a, still is, a phenomena. >> reporter: and if donald trump is the nominee, should the republican party, will you, rally around him? >> i am hopeful he won't be the nominee. >> reporter: do you think you'll ever run for politics again? >> who, me? >> reporter: yes. >> ah, i've learned to everybody inner say never, but, you know, this was my chance. this was the chance, and i ran into a storm. >> reporter: no regrets, though? >> no. none at all. >> jamie, so interesting to hear him in that sort of, you know, reflective tone. so since he doesn't like trump, what's his plan to try to stop trump? >> reporter: so i think what they're talking about is one word. indiana. that's the firewall.
3:42 am
if they can do anything to help cruz do well there, then there's the possibility that donald trump won't get to that magic number of 1,237. that said, if they don't do it by indiana, i think they think that it's over. so it's these last couple of days going into it. >> and, jamie, you made a valiant effort. you tried over and over to get limb to say whether or not he would support trump, if trump was the nominee, but he sort of demured. so do you think that will change? >> reporter: i did not succeed. did i? look, i asked him, on-camera, over and over. i asked him off camera. he wouldn't answer. that said, there are a group of republicans who, i think, will stay home if the nominee is donald trump. as jeb bush said, he isn't going to vote for hillary clinton, but there did not seem -- i said,
3:43 am
have you changed your mind about him? he said, no. so i'm guessing here, but i think if trump is the nominee, that jeb bush may fall into that group of republicans who simply don't vote. >> hmm. wow. really fascinating. jamie, thanks so much for sharing the interview with us. >> reporter: thank you. >> go over to michaela. drama unfolding at the nfl draft kicks off. nothing to do with who was the top pick. it could actually cost one players, millions -- yep, details ahead in the "bleacher report."
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. we tell the young people all the time, whatever you put on the internet stay there's forever and now one of the nfl top draft prospectses unexpectedly slid down the draft, because of an alarming video tweeted from his account
3:48 am
just minutes before the draft. andy scholes has more on this morning's "bleacher report." why, why, why? >> chris, i could see teams now in their war rooms ready to pick offensive lineman, laremy tunsil, like, wait. what video was just posted on his account? tunsil was projected to be one of the topics in the draft, but after this video of him wearing a gas mask and smoking a substance from a bong was posted on his twitter account he went tumbling down the draft board. he apologized. said from a couple of years ago, hack and twitter and hacked on instagram after picked 13th by the dolphins. definitely a bizarre and rough night for tunsil. all right. in the nba, atlanta hawks moving on to the second-round of the playoffs beating the critics in game six of their series. hawks play lebron and the cavs now. game one of that series is monday. two years ago johnny manziel
3:49 am
was hugging roger goodell after being picked in the first round by the cleveland browns. well, he's now out of a job and last night manziel was at a bar in columbus, ohio, watching the draft. this picture of manziel posted on twitter last night. manziel apparently in columbus to see his friend justin bieber perform. actually the second time this week that manziel has gone to a bieber concert. what a difference two years makes, mikaela. i have to say, a pleasure working with you the past three years on "new day." one of the best in the business. i look forward to seeing you once again on a satellite soon. >> not far, my friend. the "bleacher report" is coming with me to hln. coming with me, except for different colors. >> who says you get the "bleacher report"? moving on. lots to get to. looking at the prin ce inves
3:50 am
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dames-details emerging into the investigation of prince's death. no valid prescription found on him or in his home at the time of his death. joining us former editor of
3:54 am
"people" magazine larry hackett and addiction expert dr. omar, who is author of "craving: why we can't seem to get enough." larry, it's interesting. it's been confirmed these prescription painkillers were on his body, found hem there at the hole. we don't know so far. it's not saying that he did not absolutely have a prescription, but that aside, it's interesting how you and i have been here talking about this before. it's sort of a rampant issue seemingly within the celebrity world. >> it does. and, again, as you say, we need to kind of, like, put an asterisk, we don't know. but taking on a similarity of several years ago, which is michael jackson. a reclusive star for some reason or another seems to be under the grip of opioids. >> and somebody willing to give them to him. always. and doctor, that's a challenge,
3:55 am
right? because for all of the doctors that are doing good, conscientious work you'll always be able to find someone willing to cut corners and do a favor, especially somebody in a position of power and fame and celebrity like this. >> not only is that true, but most of the people who are abusing these medications are actually not getting them from a doctor. they're getting them from a relative and friend, and also the people getting them from a doctor, and, yes, there are unscrupulous prescribers. the medicine are easy to get and we've learned can be very lethal. >> interesting, too, when you talk about the convergence of celebrity and addiction and access to these things, you know, oftentimes folks are surrounded, larry, by people that are willing to make anything happen. bad men, yes men, people who sweep things under the carpet and that's problematic. >> it is. known about this case, known as a loan -- loner and jehovah's
3:56 am
witness, not somebody out and about. if indeed his death was caused by this, it makes it all the more tragic. >> doctor, talk about the issue of opioid addiction. it is an epidemic is it not, in this nation? >> yes. it's an epidemic for sure. we're 5% of the world's population, americans are, yet we consume 80% of the global supply of opiates. the number of prescriptions quadrupled since 1999. overdose deaths quadrupled since 1999. one celebrity death from these opiates, on average, 44 people die a day. three our grieving families not in the headlines facing this epidemic now. children have comforted the family. absolutely an epidemic. >> and interesting, too, because we've been talking about a lot on this show that is seen sort of by the recovering community as the medicine cabinet is the
3:57 am
new drug dealer. and interesting, because the stigma has sort of changed. right? the fact is, when you look at this, these aren't necessarily people that are listening in the shadows. these are people that may have started out with some sort of injury and quickly found themselves spiraling out of control. correct, doctor? >> yes, that's right. in many cases, that's absolutely true and now even when you look at people using heroin, the vast majority now started with pain pills, and really it's just an economic question of going to heroin. absolutely casualized. you saw the thing on "snl." so you know, it's a concern that access is so simple. now, for example, you know, adolescents are now using pain pills most commonly as their first high. not cannabis. >> so easy to get to. >> exactly. >> more can be done obviously in your opinion to control this? are we heading in the right direction? >> very slowly we are, but we're only scratching the surface. you know, if a person shows up
3:58 am
in an emergency room, for example, with this kind of problem and there are 7,000 e.r. visits a day related to this problem, fewer than 10% will get adequate treatment for it. we're not really deploying enough resources against prevention and treatment, and when i say not doing enough. not doing enough by order of magnitude. a huge push in the right direction, but nowhere near enough. >> as the doctor points out, the path is interesting. often it's begun for legitimate reasons. we've heard reports that prince wore heels, had terrible hips. >> may have had a surgery a few years back, et cetera. >> an initial prescription for legitimate reasons and this happens over and over again. the dr. points out something terrifying, to heroin, because it's cheaper. that's mind-boggling. >> it's cheaper. this is a conversation we hope to continue covering it as a network. doctor, and larry, always a pleasure. thank you so much.
3:59 am
we are following a whole lot of news today on this friday inbe cluding violent protests at a donald trump rally. let's get to it. what do you think of waterboarding? i think it's great. just fine. frankly, if we can i'd go many steps further than waterboarding. okay? >> lucifer in the flesh. >> i mean, nobody likes him. i've never seen a guy like this. >> standing with the american people. >> playing the woman card. the only thing she's got doing. >> deal me in! >> i'm sort of glad she won. i really want to beat her more than sanders. >> we are still living with a double standard. one of us is leaving. here's a hint -- it's not chris or alisyn. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira.
4:00 am
make up for it in charm. >> get to all of that soon, but we have news to talk about. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "new day." breaking news for you. a donald trump rally turning violent in southern california overnight. hundreds of anti-trump protestors taking to the streets, blocking traffic, stomping on cars, throwing rocks. one trump supporter left bloodied. many more arrested, and one high-profile establishment republican lobbying a verbal grenade at ted cruz. former house speaker john boehner calling cruz, "lucifer in the flesh." on the democratic side, hillary clinton back on the campaign trail. were bernie sanders shifting from rival to party influencer? or not. all of this unfolding ahead of next tuesday's high-stakes indiana primary. a lot to cover, and we have it the way only cnn can. let's begin with phil mattingly, live in washington. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, look, chris when it comes to california, the state where donald trump was last night, where those riots or
4:01 am
at least protests started to break out, it's very clear. trump advisers believe it will be the state that actually pushing the candidate over the top for the republican nomination. the state's 172 delegates, chris, important enough for trump to leave indiana. the crucial state right now, but a state that's large and politically very complicated especially when it comes to trump's central campaign issue. immigration. that meant thousands of supporters last night accompanied by hundreds protesting, and it turned violent. chaos breaking out outside of a california donald trump rail last night. with hundreds of protestors taking to the streets, clashing with drivers, smashing windows, and attempting to roll over cars. facing off with trump supporters. >> [ bleep ] donald trump! >> reporter: this fight leaving this trump fan bloodied and bandaged. >> get back! >> reporter: police on horseback, struggling to contain the demonstrators. >> we're going to win, win, win!
4:02 am
>> reporter: inside, donald trump riling up a massive crowd. >> look at the size of this place. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: taking aim at rivals. >> lyin' ted cruz. we know lyin' ted. as crooked as you can be. crooked hillary. you ever see a guy eat like him? >> reporter: and keeping his eye on next tuesday's high-stakes primary in indiana. >> the big poll is going to be on tuesday in indiana, but i was all over the state today with bobby knight, and i love bobby knight, and they love bobby knight, and that's he what happens. >> reporter: indiana's paper blasting donald trump thursday calling the gop front-runner -- a danger to the united states and to the world. as millions of dollars and dozens of ads continue to flood the state, ted cruz mincing no words on his view of the high stakes there. >> it is the common sense and good judgment of the hoosier
4:03 am
state that is the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> reporter: even as top gop figures start warming to the idea of trump as the nominee. >> generally speaking, i like what he had to say. >> reporter: this, as former house speaker john boehner condemned trump's main rival, ted cruz, at a college forum with the harshest words yet. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> i get along with almost everybody, but i've never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: cruz firing back. using boehner's disdain to try and bolster his case. >> if you're happy with john boehner, speaker of the house, and you want a president like john boehner, donald trump's your man. >> reporter: now, all of this, comes as john kasich, the third candidate in the race vowed to carry on with his campaign. despite admitting yesterday in oregon he's contemplating
4:04 am
dropping out, that as the deal between kruse and kasich appears to be unraveling. the deal, that kasich would pull out of indiana and cruz would pull out of oregon and new mexico. cruz declared thursday there is no alliance between the two candidates. so that alliance, not really working out that well so far. chris? >> going to have to find a new word for it, then, phil. let's bring in ohio republican senator rob portman who's endorsed governor john kasich for president. here to talk some politics but something much bigger at hand also. you're trying to do something about this opioid, this pill-popping phenomenon going on in the country right now. we're going to discuss that. first, let's discuss another phenomenon. what's going on in your party right now. we saw angry protests turned into riots, really, outside this trump rally. how concerned are you about donald trump as gop nominee dividing the party in a way that really injures it going forward?
4:05 am
>> well, you mentioned i was supporting john kasich. i'm strongly supporting john, and he's a guy who brings the party together. look at polling data. unifies the party and wins in november. so it's a good combination for the republican party. so john's my governor, my friend. done a great job here in ohio turning things around, and he's also got experience in washington to be able to solve some of the big problems we face in terms of our global challenges, but also this weak economy, chris. we just got numbers for the first quarter and .5% growth. very disappointing. i'm a kasich guy and hope john will do well not just in indiana but in the other states out west. >> you can be hopeful, but he has not done well. getting the 1,237 number he needs, the last hope at the convention, it is exactly your perspective, that, hey, i don't care who the front-runner is going into it, i don't care if he gets the magic number,
4:06 am
trump's not going to be the guy. what will that do to your party at the convention? >> well, the party tends to come together. you know, we've had this before, with gerald ford and ronald reagan. democrats in it before with ted kennedy and jimmy carter. people tend to unify and come together, but depends on the campaign the candidates run. my sense at least in ohio, hillary clinton is not very popular. there's an opportunity for us if we can come together as republicans to be successful, and they say so goes ohio, so goes the nation. so we're hopeful we'll be able to pull together regardless who the candidate is, but i do hope it's kasich and i think john has an opportunity you say in the second, third, fourth ballot, however long it takes, i do believe a lot of delegates are people like me, focused on how do we actually win this election and get the country moving in
4:07 am
the radio it direction. >> talk about what arguably mattered more in terms of threats facing the american people. what we are seeing as a headline with the suggestion of what happened with obviously the loss of this genius and artist prince. we don't know a lot of the information yet, but there is a headline, a detail, that really strikes home for you, and for many people who are concerned about american's health. opioids, pills. not the stuff they sell in a back alley. the stuff found in a medicine cabinet. many rehabs around the country calling the medicine cabinet the new drug dealer. pills you get from friends as pain pills leading to heroin addictions, opioids. they are a scourge across the country. the numbers are skyrocketing, rehabs are filled with pill poppers. what can we do about it? >> chris, you're absolutely right, and this is an epidemic now in my state of ohio and around the country. the united states congress doesn't usually move quickly, but on this legislation we meeved to produce what's called
4:08 am
the comprehensive addiction and recovery act in the senate and had a 94-1 vote back on march 10th. so just over 40 days ago. that never happens in the united states senate, as you know. and it's bipartisan, even non-partisan because it's affecting every state and every congressional district. we're urging the house to move quickly. they are having some hearings and markups this week. i hope they'll vote on it week after next and actually do something to help in the communities. the federal government needs to be a better partner. you're right. 120 americans dying every day, a heroin epidemic. it four of five of them they started on prescription drugs. part of it raising awareness. you're doing it. i commend you for that and saying there's 7,000 emergency visits a day because of these types of pills. now, the delay in the house is that just about constipated process or is this about big phrma getting its head in the game? >> no. i think it's honestly about people with good intentions who
4:09 am
are trying to work through the process themselves. you know, they wanted to have hearings when paul ryan became speaker, he said had would go by regular order. allowing committee chairs and committees and subcommittees to do their work, but this is a crisis that needs immediate action. i called on the house to move and move quickly. i will say, too, the legislation, the comprehensive legislation passed in the senate was worked on in the house the last three years. hearings in washington, brought in house and senate members. it's something that has 120 co-sponsors in the house and it is what the groups around the country are supporting including folks who, the concern i heard on your program earlier, nine out of ten people are not able to get into treatment right now. sometimes it's because of the stigma associated with addiction, which we need to break down. sometimes because there simply is not adequate access, particularly in rural areas. this is something we can address in washington to help, to provide resources for what we know works, for evidence-based
4:10 am
programs, treatment and recovery and put more funds on awareness and education. divert people from getting into the addiction in the first place, incredibly important. >> an added element, though. >> what happened with prince, the reports are still coming in, but -- >> we don't know about prince yet. let's reserve judgment, but it's brought something into the conversation that is worthwhile. especially because there's a nefarious aspect you don't deal with, with any other drug. it isn't bought in a back alley or brought over the border. doctors are involved. pain clinics popped up with various degrees of regulation. the c.a.r.a., the bill you passed in the senate will it address that? >> yes. it addresses it in a couple different ways. one setting up a national drug monitoring program. you're right. prescription you drugs legally prescribed is a huge part of the problem. heartbreaking stories i hear. someone testified last week
4:11 am
whose son went in to have his wisdom teeth ended up and ended up getting addicted to the pain kills and turned to heroin as a less expensive alternative and one of the 120 americans a day who lose their lives due to overdose. second, improve this takeback. get the drugs off the bathroom shelves and everyone engaged in the process. for those listening today, watching this program, go into your medicine cabinet, get rid of the stuff. every police station in america is happy to take it. also communities have national drug take-back days. most have it two or three times a year. this is incredibly important, because you're right. most of this addiction starts with prescription drugs. we have to get it, stop the over-prescribing, and this is a, this is a longer-term challenge that we have with the medical profession to ensure that people are getting the pain medication they need, but aren't being over-prescribed, one of the huge problems. >> senator, it matters to you and the country and matters to
4:12 am
us. please, keep us in the loop so we can keep people aware of the situation. thank you for being on "new day" this morning. turning to the democratic race, hillary clinton back on the stump, maybe focus on the general election. meantime, bernie sanders back sliding. the candidate might not want to hear some of this. athena is live in washington. >> reporter: you're right. probably not what sanders wants to hear from oregon senator merkley. he said he should end his campaign if still losing to hillary clinton isn't june saying sanders should follow the example clinton set herself back in 2008 when you'll remember she bowed out in june and pledged her support to then senator obama in the interests of uniting the party. sanders has vowed to take this fight all the way to the convention, and last night in oregon, he pushed the electability argument saying he's a better choice to defeat trump. here's what he had to say.
4:13 am
>> i hope that delegates going to the democratic convention pay heed to this -- in every national poll done in the last month, we are defeating donald trump by much greater margins than hillary clinton. >> reporter: now, that's not a new argument for sanders. we'll so how effective it is going forward. it is new from sanders, he's spending more time talking about pushing a progressive agenda and spending less time attacking clinton. sanders continues to say he's in the race to win, but if he doesn't win outright he wants to win enough delegates to make the party platform to make the strongest political agenda the party has ever seen. as you mentioned, meanwhile, clinton is back on the trail today delivering a speech to at-risk youth in new york.
4:14 am
>> somebody who knows the sanders campaign very, very well, his wife. jane sanders join us on "new day" next hour. and a deadly hit on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan last fall. no one will face crim na charges but 16 service members expected to be disciplined for the attack that killed 42 people. the top commander likely to be fired. a number of fatal mistakes made, but no intent to strike that safe haven. >> hmm. the ncaa ruling that cities with anti-lgbt laws will not be allowed to host any college sports events, including the final four. the ncaa board of governors said it is a response to the recent state laws that allow discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. a new twist on road rage unfolding in miami. witnesses say an argument between two drivers led one plan
4:15 am
to exit his vehicle, stand in front of the other. only he wasn't banking on literally bake taken for a ride. look at this. the driver hit the gas forcing the man to cling to the hood. a police report was never filed. leaving police unable to say exactly how that confrontation ended, nor how it even started. >> oh! >> this video tells quite a compelling story, i would say. >> assuming it's not a gag -- who do you think -- the crazy person here is the person driving the car. right? you do understand you could kill this person by continuing to drive? >> i agree. >> but argue, somebody with road rage standing in front of their car is probably not well thought out. >> what would you do if somebody jump and the hood of your car. >> i wouldn't drive away. well, depends on the situation. >> would you try to toss me like a bag of limit, like that guy? or actually consider staying? >> i knew there was a segue there. >> this is not one of my favorite suits, by the way.
4:16 am
i would take one for the team. >> because chris is close to attempting that, to get michaela to stay. this is her last day. >> run through the litany of things he's done. >> the five stages of grief. >> denial, anger, bargaining, in last week giving you presents. >> bottles of tequila. >> she tranq them fast enough. >> i sure did not. >> and this week, i don't know what this is. i don't know what it is. >> i have never seen anybody more happy to do something that is bad for me, and for you, by the way. i don't know why we're laughing so much. >> i'm sad, too. don't lump me into this. >> with a smile on her face. >> remorse, fake something. >> i'm going to miss you t. i get that. i understand that. stay tuned in our 8:00 hour. a very big sendoff planned. even she doesn't know about. >> see? pushing me off the set already. donald trump the foreign policy speech, exploring what the allies are saying, next. ad ? we're good. okay... what if a million people
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. a mix of praise and a lot of criticism for the foreign policy agenda donald trump laid out this week.
4:21 am
his message simple. america first. how's that playing overseas with america's allies? what does it mean? does it just sound good? is it presidential? and talk about the presidential campaign in general. someone who can inform you on all of these issues prm forrer california congresswoman jane harmon, president and ceo of the woodrow wilson center. great to you have with us. >> thank you, chris. >> so what do you think of the idea of donald trump saying all clinton has is the woman card? if she wasn't a woman, she wouldn't even get 5%, and she's playing that card? >> it's a massive strategic and political miscalculation. it drives all the women away from trump. not that he had many. there's a huge gender gap in voting, and what i actually think it will do is help the sanders' voters should he drop out move to clinton, because many will be absolutely outraged by this. >> if i am an anti-p.c.,
4:22 am
anti-establishment person, who's from the center to the right, and i say, well, you know, this pc stuff has gone crazy. just because hillary clinton is a woman she gets to the president? >> the response, just because she was a woman, an accomplished first lady, just because she was a very good senator of new york, just because she was a secretary of state who made women and girls issues at the top of her agenda, and was an accomplished diplomat, then she gets to run for president, and if enough people support her, she gets to be president. what does that have to do with the woman card? >> did you think that being the first woman would have resonated more with women than had has to this point? >> that's interesting. there is a huge split between millennials and everybody else. not just women. young women and young men want something else, and the sanders pitch, which is pop pu pitch, which is pop plist is resonating with this, and their
4:23 am
lives are not as good as ours were. they don't perceive to have the same opportunities as we did and our kids do. she has to pitch to millennials, not just to younger women. >> you understand the foreign policy game very well. bow proposition po proposition. america first, problems at home, nothing gets better with all of these crazy plans the democrats put in place over the last eight years years. let's back off, donald trump saying this. >> disagree totally. a horrible image, a daughter of a refugee from nazi germany meaning america staying out of the war, hitler getting his hooks in and it couldn't be a worst phrase. focusing at home. yeah. get that. we need to be economically more secure and cure this income inequality, but stronger abroad,
4:24 am
indispensable partner in the world is what we need to do or we create vacuums russia and china are happy to fill and adventurism in the middle east, continuing the nuclear deal et cetera. >> isis. you lefties have made us soft. they fight under different rules than we do now. it is not a nice-guy business. the worst of the worst. you have to treat them that way. i'll do that as president, says donald trump. >> i love being called a lefty. no one's ever called me that before, but they are not nice guys. >> because you're not. but i'm saying, that's the point of view combating this one. >> they are not nice guys. they cannot be treated with kid gloves you but we cannot do to them things contrary to our values. if we torture them, waterboard them, or worst, to quote donald trump, and if we become them, then we don't have an argument that they're wrong and we're right. >> china, russia, the reason that they are on the come is because we are weak.
4:25 am
i am strong, donald trump says. i will sit down with putin. i will negotiate with him as i have all over the world to my benefit, and if he doesn't like the deal i'll get up and walk away, and he knows that trump will do that where the rest of you were too weak to do it. >> well, don't do stupid stuff is not a foreign policy. we actually need a narrative of how america is strong and what we are trying to accomplish around the world, and i do think that putin has taken advantage where we haven't been clear. advantage in ukraine, in syria. geopolitics is back with a vengeance and china's playing it too. think about the south china sea and we do need to be strong. ronald reagan was strong. mr. gorbachev, they're down that wall was a good statement to make and i think a lot of people want our next president to do things in that mode. not to have reagan's positions exactly, but to be a very strong leader against very tough adversaries in russia and china.
4:26 am
>> jane harman, thank you for making rebuttal points on what we heard from donald trump's foreign policy assessment and congratulations on the new grandchild. >> go, charlie. >> nothing more beautiful than a grandparent's love. lovely. with donald trump and hillary clinton closing in on respective party nomination, starting to get a clearer sense what the general election might look like. how are the party brass preparing? we'll ask them, next. you premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it?
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4:30 am
♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hillary clinton and donald trump now launching attacks against each other. the latest over the so-called woman card. is this a preview of the slug fest we'll see in the general election? let's talk about it with sean spicer, chief strat jit and communications director for the rnc and louis miranda. communications director for the dnc. gentlemen, take your corners. this is a little preview of what we're going to be seeing. so, louis, can you peel back the curtain for us at the dnc and let us know how you're preparing for what promises to be a very
4:31 am
wild ride in the general? >> absolutely. we're excited about this race and thanks for having me on. i think that when we look at the contrast between the two parties and not just with donald trump but really with the republican party, it's turned into over the last few years you see the divisiveness and ugly rhetoric has been coming from republicans for a very long time, from their party leadership, and policies that focus on those at the very top, at the expense of hard-working americans. we think heading into the general election we're very well positioned to show the american people that the democratic party's values and priorities are in line and we're building on the progress made over the last seven years and hard work they've done to bring our country back from the great recession. >> okay. >> and we think it's going to be a good contrast. unlike the republican primary candidates who didn't stand up to donald trump, we're going to stand up to him. >> okay. let's talk about that, because, sean, we have already seen a preview -- >> alisyn, one quick -- can i comment on that quick? >> yes. >> i think it's important. look, elections, i mean, louis
4:32 am
did a great job reciting the dnc talking points. that's his job and i appreciate that, but the reality is campaigns are about two things. candidates, the message they espouse and ability to connect with voters and mechanics. ability to get out there and actually go door to door, contact voters and get them out to the polls. look where we stand, vis-a-vis two parties and candidates. raising records amounts of money, historic ground game, best research, and "new york times" reporting the team from hillary clinton coming down to look at the dnc because frankly it's in shambling. bankrupt and dysfunctional. when you can't be that aid to the party, we saw it. frankly in that position in 2012. couldn't be the party we needed to be to help mitt romney win. the problem, coming out of this divisive primary with hillary and bernie sanders and the dnc is not inposition to provide resources to win. no ground game, no digital
4:33 am
operation, fund-raising animic, and as much as louis is talk about the rhetoric and talking points e-mailing out, e-mailing is the only resource the dnc will be able to provide their nominee. >> louis, respond to that? >> you talked about general elections about messaging contrast. the reality, not only are we positioning the party well headed into the general election, data and analytical edge over republicans because we have a national voter file. rnc said they needed to catch up on the data and whatted? they haven't been able to sign agreements with all state parties and candidates. >> actually that's not -- >> so the fact is that -- >> frankly that's just not -- >> quickly, louis. >> the position heading into the general election, a big reason is because we've also had a primary in which as we saw this past week seven out of ten of our voters in exit polls just as you saw in new york, as in
4:34 am
wisconsin, are excited or optimistic about both of our candidates, where a majority of republicans see their primary as divisive. the fact is american people see it that way and that will make a big difference. >> response? >> the reality, in 35 of 39 states the democrat turnout is down over 2008. overall turnout is down 20%. republican turnout, same states, up 60%. among battleground states as high as 70%. when it comes to enthusiasm and intensity to get out there, registration and mechanical things needed to win a general election, favoring the republican party. comes to the operation and the -- >> sanders has more votes than kasich and cruz. >> please, let me finish. >> quickly. >> a team from the hillary clinton came down to washington to visit with the dnc, because robby in particular was discouraged with the state of the dnc and its ability to do its job. that's not me. that's the "new york times." not exactly a republican friend when it comes to reporting. >> talked to both of our --
4:35 am
>> in an election -- i bet you do. considering the state of the dnc, i bet you better talk a lot more and do a little less talking, a lot more raising money and providing resources. >> guys -- guys. >> the issues, why we're going to win. >> fun to watch you duke this out and quite a preview what we can expect from the candidates as well, but not fun, watching violence outside of the donald trump rally last night. i want to just scroll pictures up of what happened. anti-trump protestors, turning over police cars. they were just -- all sorts of -- >> disgusting. >> vandalism. yeah. how much of a concern do you have moving forward, sean, about these scenes we're seeing? >> well, i'll tell you, what's interesting. when the issues happened in chicago a few months ago, the republican national committee and members, forkes on our side called out said we agreed violence is not acceptable. last night, absolute silence.
4:36 am
folks on the left caused this absolute disrespectful nature, caused violence, ruining public property. silence from the dnc and hillary clinton. such hypocrites. when it comes to voting rights -- >> i did denounce it right now. >> when it comes to violence, say nothing. you know, it's -- >> hold on. >> willing to call out everybody else, but when it's their side that disrupts, creates violence. >> i denounce it right now. >> hold on. give us a chance. >> protests should be peaceful. absolutely. i hope you join me in denouncing your local county chairman in broward county, florida, the most offensive misogynistic thing anyone said on the campaign largely driven by the rnc stood by and not stood up to donald trump's misogynistic comments throughout the whole election, about time you do. denounce them with me. >> leaving it there. sean, louis, thank you. >> what a way to start a friday. >> i guess. have a great weekend. >> have a great weekend, alisyn.
4:37 am
>> thanks. happy friday indeed. my word. what do republican women in indiana think of donald trump? cnn talked to a group of women, and heard some surprising opinions. you'll hear them, next. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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4:41 am
what do republican women in indiana think of donald trump? we spoke to a panel of female voters for insight. what some told cnn's randi kaye might surprise you. watch. >> reporter: when i say donald trump what's the first word that comes to mind? >> powerful. >> scary. >> surprising. >> dangerous. >> no way. >> divisive. >> reporter: six republican women from indiana weighing in on donald trump's comments about women and his suggestion that hillary clinton is playing the women's card. >> frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the women's card. >> that's insulting, regardless of how you feel about hillary clinton, to imply that her
4:42 am
background as a u.s. senator and secretary of state give her zero qualifications, and trump's assertion that only, hillary would only have the support of 5% of the population is ridiculous. who does he think the rest of her supporters would go for? him? >> i don't think these comments are helpful to him or to his campaign, however, i still believe he is still playing the theatrical card. >> i'm scared to death of a person who's setting that sort of a tone. >> reporter: some of these women are willing to overlook trump's comments, because they think he's strong on the economy and jobs. though after calling megyn kelly crazy and making fun of carly fiorina's face, some here are surprised trump is still on top. >> i thought when he made those derogatory remarks about carly fiorina's personal stature and her beauty, that would sink him. >> reporter: in fact, some in our group said they'd still support trump, even after comments he made to howard stern
4:43 am
years ago. the men were talking about women in the beauty pageant trump once owned. >> first of all, she's unbelievably short, and i'm a little bit surprised. i think that the boob job is terrible. you know? they look like two light posts coming out of a body. >> i call this cocktail talk, and he just doesn't know any better. >> though he's talking about contestants in a pageant, it's another way to get people to watch the pageant. >> ladies, i can't believe you're excusing his behavior as the world of business or as good old boys net work. those are the exact same justifications used for sexual harassment for years. to use the word boobs several times, that's not promoting the pageant. >> reporter: these comments would not prevent you from voting for trdonald trump? >> no, they will not. >> reporter: this woman is disgusted with his comments but
4:44 am
still considering voting for him for president. >> we're smart. really smart. we understand policy, understand what's necessary for the country to move forward, we understand economic development. start speaking to us as partners. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: in the end, though, trump may drive some of these republican women to vote democratic. >> if donald trump is the nominee, would any of you consider voting for hillary clinton? voting democratic? >> no. >> reporter: molly says, yes. >> yes. i am undecided what i will do in the fall, if trump is the nominee. >> reporter: you may actually vote for the other party? >> i may. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, indianapolis. there is a lot to unpack in that. we want to discuss this with cnn politics eder juana summers, jackie kucinich is here, "the "daily beast." ladies, wow, wow, wow. so many things to unpack. interesting, juana, to hear the language. right? not that randi was leading them. words the women used themselves.
4:45 am
republican women, to describe donald trump. scary, dangerous, divisive. one woman said disgusted, yet most of them, i think all but one, conceding they would vote for him in the fall. kind of holding their nose, yet still voting. what do you make of that? >> it's really interesting. donald trump is getting closer now. on the path to perhaps clinch the republican nomination june 7th when five states heads to the polls. if you're a republican woman now you hear these comments and don't like them, as one woman said, they're disgusting. doesn't want to have a president speak that way, but what do you do then, if that's the republican standard bearer, i guess you have to hope that in the general elections, donald trump we've seen donald trump change and moderate positions a number of times. hoping perhaps he'll be able to do that. you'll hear let rhetoric in a general election. and a prrepublican, a hillary clinton and bernie sanders contrary to everything you believe. i don't envy their position.
4:46 am
a really tough choice. >> jackie, that's the traserrib choice they could say they face, you hold your nose to sort of say, i feel very -- not just i don't really like him. they had visceral reactions to the commentary. hold your floez nose to vote fo the flip side, ideologically you don't line up with. have we seen this to this extent before? >> i mean, remember that this is already a party with a gender problem. with a gender gap. miss romney lost the 2012 election by 12 points with women. so they're starting in the hole, and with someone like donald trump immediately going after hillary clinton on the basis of gender, it's a -- it's a tactic that i just am not sure it's going to be successful, because we're not talking about republican women in a general election. we're talking about independents, and talking about democrats. >> right. >> what he's saying right now, i -- it makes binderses full of women seen quaint in comparison.
4:47 am
>> pull up the numbers. unfavorable numbers we have in our cnn/orc poll from march 17th to 20th among republican voters, his unfavorables, 73%, juana. of women, pardon me. i have to think that the campaign is going to try and pay attention to women like these women in indiana. will they not? will they sit down and say going forward as we've said we're going to pivot. my tone will shift. is this going to be part of the shift we'll see? >> i think to jackie's point they have to, if they want to be competitive against a likely democratic nominee hillary clinton. the way things look on the other side of the aisle. of that same cnn/orc polling showed do a general matchup with hillary clinton and donald trump, hillary clinton wins by 30 points. that is huge. so donald trump needs to get every vote he can, if he's the nominee, if he wants to become competitive in the general election to win over not just republican women like the ones interviewed in the segment we
4:48 am
watched but independent and democratic women. a lot of work to do. to do that. he needs a message beyond women love me. i can protect them. >> exactly. >> and jackie, so funny. maybe reflective here on my last day. sort of thinking about stepping back looking at this. we have potential for the first woman to be, to lead a major party and opponent who, some consider, a raging massagenist. wow. just wow. what a time. >> what a time. i mean, i imagine you're going to see ivanka on the campaign trail more. you saw that -- saw it early on in the donald trump campaign. and she's someone he can point to and say, look, look at my daughter. look how well she's done on her own. and so i think, you know, rolling her eyes -- i wouldn't be surprised if he pick as woman as his running mate to bolster his, his status with women. but it's a lot of work, and it's an uphill climb. for any republican, let alone
4:49 am
donald trump. >> a great chat with you both. look forward to more in the future. jackie, juana, our appreciation. mine especially. thanks, ladies. first responders in connecticut managed to free a woman trapped in her car in three feet of water. look at this. we'll show you how they went beyond the call. >> amazing. first, this sunday's "parts unknown," 9:00 p.m. eastern. anthony bourdain showing us a surprising culinary side to chicago. take a look. take a look. when you think about chicago, not a. ss burning, but maybe it should be. >> i think a lot of people think that chicago is like on the m should we go down to navy pier, no. >> right. >> so it's nice to go out to the neighborhoods, so many ethnicities everywhere, going places like that is awesome. >> one of my favorite, chef
4:50 am
restaurant, from the girl and the goat, her colleague, peter wong enlighten me. look, i knew chicago was a city of very diverse neighborhoods, everybody says so, but this, i didn't know about. now i do. so where are we? and why are we here? i have to say, i'm really glad we're here, but why? >> we're at the this is my favorite place and so coming back, let's go to chinatown to find these things we ate for breakfast everyday. >> pork dumplings and chilli oil start the fire. >> it is not thick and fat. you can just do this. >> i thought you're not supposed to do that. >> peter, you're supposed to
4:51 am
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it is time for cnn money now, and nobody loves money like chief business correspondent, christine romans in the money center. >> hello, good morning, chris. two big tech movers today. amazon and amazon delivered. its 4th quarter profit after years of losing money.
4:55 am
revenue jumped in its cloud computing business is hot. netflix, amazon stock has been having a rough year, but up more than 12% in premarket trading this morning. apple's bad week getting worst. carl icahn dumping his stock, worried about the business in china. last year, he owned 46 million shares. it lost almost 10% this week, after its worst earnings in almost a decade. ahead before the opening. >> pretty widely held, i would say. thanks so much. a daring water rescue. the call to action unlik anything first responders in connecticut have ever seen. 85-year-old trapped inside her car, after it plunged into a river feeding into the long island sound. jessica snyder tells us how the rescuers went beyond the call of duty. >> oh, my god. >> 911, car into the water.
4:56 am
>> it was mid-afternoon, when an emergency shattered the calm of a picturesque 85-year-old marie fitzgerald attempting to park, when it burst through the barriers over the rock and into the waves. >> there was skid marks on the concrete, and she drove through one of these concrete posts out on to the rocks. and out into the water. >> oh, jesus. >> a bystander jumped into help. smashing the windshield. >> oh, dear god. >> you llieutenant eric jenkins jumped into the water. >> when i go into the water, they handled me the halgan to break the window with, but by that time, it was at the top of the window. when i looked in, she was leaning back against the seat, breathing from the air that was still captured at the top of the
4:57 am
roof. i broke the window and luckily enough, i was able to get the door handle right away from the inside, and the door came right open. >> you weren't dressed for cold water rescue. you were in this -- >> i was in this uniform, right. >> the water was, what. >> 44 degrees they said. >> freezing, pretty cold. >> yep. >> it didn't bother you, because you had such adrenaline. >> it was kicking in, and the car was bobbing, i was worried about the lady, getting her out. i reached under both arms and pulled her out. >> way to go guys. >> it's nice after 27 years, you know there is one event you did that helped. >> a team effort, saving fitzgerald's life, the 85-year-old expressing her gratitude, sending the fire and police departments handwritten thank you letters. >> they work so efficiently that i'm sure they saved me from the panic that comes with an event like that. i will be forever grateful to all of you.
4:58 am
>> jessica snyder, cnn, connecticut. >> angels on earth, my goodness. we're following a lot of news. let's get to it. here we are in a world that is going to held. we're not going to take it any more. if i don't win, i will consider it a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. >> lucifer in the flesh. >> when john boehner calls me lucif lucifer. >> bernie sanders may be down but he is not out. >> i think the evidence is overwhelming that you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. >> it's the end of an era here at new day. >> she came, took our hearts, and now she leaves. >> stick around, for michaela's big send-off. >>announcer: this is new day
4:59 am
with chris cuomo, alice camerota, and michaela pereira. good morning. we have a lot to talk about. breaking news of the ordinary variety. we had hundreds of anti-trump protesters taking to the streets, but it didn't stay a protest for long. it turned violent, blocking traffic, vanlizing cars, throwing rocks. at least one left bloodied, many more arrested. protests come as a republican establishment appears to be warming up to trump as their nominee. but we know one establishment republican who is not warming up to ted cruz. former house speaker, john boehner, actually called ted cruz lucifer. and a miserable sob. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is back on the stump as bernie sanders campaign shifts between winning the nomination or trying to, and being a party influencer. we'll talk to his wife jane,
5:00 am
live in just a few moments. we have the race covered the only way cnn can. phil mattingly in washington. >> good morning. donald trump advisors believe california will be the contest that pushes the candidate over the top in the fight for the republican nomination. the state's 172 delegates so important, that trump was willing to leave the crucial state of indiana to try to lock in the support out west. but california is large. it is politically complicated, particularly when it comes to trump's central campaign issue. immigration, that means while there were thousands of supporters outside and inside trump's event last night, there were hundreds of protests. those protesters turned violent. chaos, breaking out outside of a california donald trump rally last night. with hundreds of protesters taking to the streets, clashing with drivers, smashing windows, and attempting to roll over
5:01 am
cars, facing off with trump supporters. this fight leaving this trump fan bloodied and bandaged. police on horseback, struggling to contain the demonstrators. >> we're going to win, win, win! >> inside, donald trump riling up a massive crowd. >> look at the size of this place. >> taking aim at his rivals. >> lyin' ted cruz, we know lyin' ted, right. she is as crooked as you can be. crooked hillary. you ever see a guy eat like him? >> and keeping his eye on next tuesday's high stakes primary in india indiana. >> the big poll is on tuesday in indiana, but i was all over the state with bobby knight and i love bobby knight and they love bobby knight, and let's see what happens. >> blasting trump, calling hem a danger to the united states, and to the world. >> whatever is necessary.
5:02 am
>> as millions of dollars and dozens of ads continue to flood the state, ted cruz minutesicin words. >> common sense and good judgment of the hoosier state, the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> even as top gop figures start warming to trump as the nominee. >> generally speak, i like what he had to say. >> this, as former house speaker, john boehner condemned main rival, ted cruz at a college forum with the harshest words yet. >> lucifer in the flesh. i get along with almost everybody. but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleeping ]. >> cruz, firing back. using boehner's disdain to try to bolster his case. >> if you're happy with john boehner, speak of the house that you want a president like john
5:03 am
boehner, donald trump is your man. >> a wild day on the campaign trail. all coming as serious questions being raised about that agreement between john kasich and ted cruz that was supposed to boost cruz in indiana. main question, what agreement? cruz yesterday saying there was no alliance. that coming a few days after kasich more or less said the same. donald trump already this morning seizing on those comments in a tweet. wow, the ridiculous deal made between lyin' ted cruz and 1 for 42 john kasich has blown up. aide aides for both campaigns say they're hoping it boosts cruz, but not playing out how they had envisioned it. >> yeah, always interesting to see when there is dissension within their own ranks. phil, thanks so much. let's look on the democratic side. hillary clinton on the cusp of the nomination, looking past primary season, ahead to the general election fight.
5:04 am
bernie sanders may be down, but his wife is predicting a come back. jane sanders joins us live in minutes, but first, athena jones is live. >> hi, michaela. bernie sanders got unsolicited advice from his own supporter, oregon senator jeff merkley, saying sanders should end his campaign if he is still losing in june. merkley said he should follow the example that clinton set when she bowed out in june, and pledged her support in the interest of uniting the party. sanders have vowed to take it to the convention and last night in oregon, he pushed the electability argument, saying he is a better choice. here is what he had to say. >> i hope that delegates going to the democratic convention pay heed to this. in every national poll done in the last month, we are defeating donald trump by much greater
5:05 am
margins than hillary clinton. >> now we've heard this argument before from sanders so we'll see how effective it. what we've seen in recent days that's new is that he is spending more time talking about pushing a progressive agenda at the convention in philadelphia, and less time attacking clinton. sanders keeps saying he'll stay in the race to win, but he said if he doesn't win outright, he wants to win enough delegates to have an influence on the democratic's platform to make it the strongest, most progressive agenda of any political party has ever seen. those are his words. meanwhile, clinton, of course, is back on the campaign trail today, speaking to at risk youth in new york. alisyn. >> we'll be asking bernie sanders' wife jane about all of that momently. thank you so much. in other news, crews searching through a garbage dump, at least four people killed in a massive trash slide on thursday. authorities say recent rain in
5:06 am
the region may have triggered the slide and at least 1,000 people working in the area have been urged to evacuate. the senate approving a veteran's affairs bill that makes no cuts to the gi bill. the veterans first act expands programs without paying them at the expense of others, including the housing alliance for children going to college on a parent's gi bill. but a source tells that the senate bill would reduce the annual increase to that housing allowance in the post 9/11 gi bill even for veterans. >> ronald reagan's daughter delivering a message to will ferrell. saying he is set to play her father in an upcoming kmcomedy.
5:07 am
alzheimer's doesn't care if a doctor or a dockworker. it steals what is most pretious to a human being. okay, let's lighten it up a little bit. the punch lines keep rolling in. here are your late night laughs. >> donald trump mispronounced tanzinia. melania said that's nothing, my name is catherine. >> showing donald trump won 50% of republican voters with college degrees. well, technically they have college degrees. >> the house of representatives voted to name the bison the american mammal. for pete's sake, four out of five of the presidential candidates are mamals. one of them may be a space l
5:08 am
lizard in a costume. i'm not going to say which one. ted cruz. >> that was a shocker. >> those guys are so funny. they crack me up. >> what are we going do do when the election is over? what material will they go back to? >> the way it is shaping up now, they'll be laughing at the next administration. >> the administration and the battles between congress. >> it's hard to imagine it will ever be hovover, honestly. we want to talk about the election with jane sanders, political advisor to the senator's campaign. good morning, jane. >> good morning, alisyn. >> thanks for being on "new day." let's talk about the mind set of bernie sanders' campaign right now. we're hearing mixed messages from his surrogates. is the effort right now to win the nomination, or is it to be a party influencer? >> i think it's both.
5:09 am
it's also to build a political revolution. as bernie has said right from the day he announced, it is not enough to elect a president. we need to have a movement. we need to have people outside talking about the issues and pushing congress and supporting the president in making those changes. we're moving forward, and in march, in march, you remember, after a string of losses, everybody was writing his political obituary, and then he won about eight in a row. and then you know, so we lost some just recently because they were closed primaries. going forward, they're open primaries. the states look better. i think we'll be seeing momentum again. >> i know that you are his biggest champion, and that hope springs eternal, but you know, the math is complicated. let me show you. bernie sanders would need 97% of all the upcoming delegates in order to best -- >> that's not accurate. >> tell me what is.
5:10 am
>> that's not accurate. i mean, if you look at the super delegates, that's part of it. that's not accurate. so i'm not going to get into a mathematical discussion. i will tell you that he has made a commitment to the people of the united states. he is won 9 million votes, and he hasn't had a lot of people haven't been able to vote for him, because it's been a closed primary system. at this point, we have ten more states to go. we need to allow every voter the chance to select their candidate, and also, to speak out about the agenda they want. those two things are together. it's not influencing. it's -- with bernie, it's always been and always will be about the issues. let's talk about higher minimum wage. let's stop fracking. let's deal with climate change. let's have criminal justice reform. let's deal with immigration reform. so he is talking about those issues and he is reaching out to
5:11 am
people, and everybody in the united states, ten votes, ten states to go, needs to have an option to weigh in. >> and in terms of the strategy, since we won't get bogged down with the math, is part of it to reach out and win over the super delegates? >> at the end, at the end, you know, we're not calling super delegates and saying will you switch your vote. our thinking is that super delegates, a lot of them are elected officials. they came on with secretary clinton before bernie was even in the race. it was a given that she was going to be the candidate. and we think they're smart people and they're going to see at the end if he has the momentum, if he has got the delegates neck and neck, even above secretary clinton and that's possible, then they will be looking at the general election and saying who is the stronger candidate against the republican nominee. so that has been for the last
5:12 am
three months every poll has shown that bernie does better against all the republicans. secretary clinton wins against two of them and loses against one of them. so and in the middle of all of this, i mean, this is a crazy year, alisyn, as you know, you report on it everyday. >> you said it. >> anything can happen in politics. convention is after the republican convention, i don't know what's going to happen there. >> yeah, anything can happen. i mean, this is it a topsy-turvy election, if nothing else. but if bernie does not win the nomination, what role does he want in the democratic party? or the future administration? >> well, he already is a leader in the senate. i mean, he has been elected by his peers to head up the veterans committee first and now to lead the opposition as the head of the budget committee. now, our hope is that after november, and if bernie is the candidate, i think it definitely will happen, the senate will be
5:13 am
taken back by the democrats. so he would like to be -- he would, of course, continue on not as ranking member, but as chairman for one of the committees, and work in a leadership position there. but more importantly, he will be working with the people outside, the millions and millions of people that have been supporting the direction that he wants to take this country. and working with them to make sure that we address the issues that he speaks so passionately about. >> i want to ask you about this new line aftof attack where he s she is playing the woman card. what do you think of that? >> i think it's ridiculous. he is playing the man card? he certainly seems to be in the attitude of men are gruff, you know. i mean, he is being so sexist. he wouldn't accept it if somebody did that to him, which i did as an example.
5:14 am
no, it's -- he does attack powerful women, intelligent women, and it's not going to get him any where. he already has that base. >> jane, you know what is so interesting, the trump supporters and surrogates that we've had on hearsre say he is using the line of attack based on a moment between your husband and hillary clinton, they exchanged words during a debate, and they say that's where this came from. let me play you this exchange. >> as a senator from a rural state, what i can tell secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. >> i have been told to stop and i quote, shouting about gun violence. well, first of all, i'm not shouting.
5:15 am
it's just when women talk, some people think we're shouting. >> jane, is she playing the woman card? >> i couldn't see the clip, but i have seen them, and the debate, he wasn't talking about her shouting. she knew that. and every reporter since has said that is not what he was saying. he said it over and over again on the stump. we have to deal with gun violence. >> right. >> we have to stop shouting at each other. >> that's right. he used that over and over again. so when she says that calling shouting is like, you know, a dog whistle for a sexist term, was she playing the woman card? >> you know, i'm not going to get into that. the fact is that everybody uses different strategies. i don't agree with some of secretary clinton's stand os or strategies. i'm not going to comment on those, though. i'm here to talk about the issues. if you want to talk about the fact that we need an open
5:16 am
electoral process like vermont just did yesterday, where you can sign up for any state i.d., your driver's license or anything else, and unless you opt out, you're registered to vote. you know, things like that, let's talk about that. i'm not going to comment on his opponent's strategies or stance. >> got it. you have made that your cause and you are singing it loud and clear. jane sanders, we always appreciate you being on. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me alisyn. and michaela, good look with your future. >> jane, thank you so much. that's so wonderful of you to say. thank you. >> jane, that's so wonderful. >> look at you. >> i know. the gracious, our gracious guest sends off michaela. >> i love jane sanders, you know why, loyal. that's why. loyal, loyal, loyal. >> thanks, chris. >> she is not going to run away from a campaign. she is not running away. sure, she is her husband.
5:17 am
that's not what it is about. loyal, jane sanders. people may not agree with the views. >> take a break, chris cuomo. >> jane sanders, not a quitter. unlike other people sitting to my left. all right, we are giving you some serious news this morning that needs evaluation. what happened outside this trump rally in southern california. it really seems to be a matter of perspective. it seems to be clearly what was supposed to be a protest turned into a riot. but why? some people see what the problem is very differently. we're going to speak with the chairman of the california gop next. fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums. and monthly taxes and fees95 a moare always extra. network, with cricket, you get an unlimited plan on a bigger network for $65 a month after $5 auto pay credit,
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5:21 am
you know what we're doing to cruz and kasich? it is a rigged system, crooked as hell. the only way you win, the big fat numbers when even the rigged system can't change the out come okay. can't change it. >> you hear that, crowd. donald trump was playing to a massive show of supporters at a rally in southern california. outside, though, the scene was ugly. it was an anti-trump protest that turned into a riot. meantime today, all three gop candidates will be in southern california. they're going to be addressing the convention, which kicks off with a trump speech. we have jim bruelty. you've been chairman for a couple of years, but working in politics and state government
5:22 am
for much longer. understand the state of play. what do you make of what happened outside that trump rally? do you see that as some type of popular reaction, negative reaction to trump, or do you see it as just some kind of outlier violent element? >> well, you know, the fact of the matter is, if you are a republican running for president in california and you don't get protested, you're doing something really, really wrong. every president i've campaigned with here in california has been protested. i haven't had a chance to see the video or even read the news stories about what happened 480 miles away from here. but there is always an element in our society that doesn't want anyone else's voice to be heard, and that's unfortunate, but it's reality. >> what is your take on whether or not trump can unite your party or is going to be a divider? >> i'm required to be neutral.
5:23 am
no matter who our nominee is, whether it's donald trump, ted cruz, or john kasich, we're going to be united. we've had hard fought primaries before and we've been able to come together. never under estimate hillary clinton to unite republicans from all elements of our party. let me say, look, california is a lot more interesting today. i'm the chairman of a party where we have delegates and rank and file voters in the state who are used to being at the end of the line for so long, their vote has never counted in a presidential election. the decision has always been made before we got to california. >> not this time. >> not only are tensions high, not only are tensions higher, i suspect around the state, the excitement level is high among rank and file voters. >> look, that's always good. you want as much participation as possible on both sides. let me ask you this. the idea of what will matter to
5:24 am
the voters in a particular state, this election has we've seen has been uncharacteristically personal. california has real hard issues that the people there are dealing with. what will matter most to people in your state? >> you know, what will matter most is how do we turn around what a lot of republicans and independents and even moderate democrats see as eight years of almost -- the economy is not growing any where near the way it should be here in california. we're still growing jobs, but we're growing jobs that pay 15, 20, $30,000 a year less than the jobs that are leaving the state. people are concerned about how do you pay off a $21 trillion deficit. how do we restore prestige and respect for america abroad around the world.
5:25 am
it's hard to imagine a time where our enemies didn't respect us any more, as much as we are - today. >> what do you expect when you have the three campaigns there? do you believe one is playing to add vantage? we know that in polling at this point donald trump seems to have an an advantage. do you believe it is predictive? >> well, i'm, you know, polling is a snapshot in time. it's not predecorati it's not predictive. it tends to look backwards. everyone of the candidates will be competing heavily here in this state. my job is to be neutral. i tend not to talk about who i think is up or down. but each one of these candidates have a message that resonates with certain elements of the republican base in california, and we're just happy they are here at our convention this week. we're happy they're showing up in our state to talk directly to our voters. and you know, we'll look forward
5:26 am
to seeing them here a lot until june 7th, and then of course, none of the presidential candidates from either party will ever come back to the state, other than to raise money. >> jim, thank you very much for joining us on "new day" today. good look with the convention. we hope there is a lot of positive energy there and participation. >> thanks, chris. >> take care. so hillary clinton is getting back to the business of campaign today. looking ahead to the general election and a likely heavyweight matchup with donald trump. what can we expect? we'll look at that ahead. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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♪ i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it
5:30 am
and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. all right here we go with one more lap around the five things to know. in fighting in the gop ted cruz former house speaker john boehner for being a self-proclaimed texting buddy with donald trump, after boehner called cruz lucifer in the flesh. hillary clinton returns to the trail with her focus on the general election. bernie sanders wife jane says don't count him out. she predicts an epic come back. 16 service members disciplined for the deadly air strike on a
5:31 am
doctors without borders in afghanistan. one top general his job. 42 people killed. we are learning no evidence that prince had a valid prescription for the painkillers found on him, and in his home after his death. waiting for the toxicology reports to shed more light on how he died. the white house correspondent's dinner is tomorrow night. president obama last laugh. guess who is hosting, comedy central larry willmore is the host. you know where it is, can i do something? >> i don't know. you are so happy. >> i have parting gifts for the two of you. open it, chris. show the people what it is. alisyn, this is yours gift. open that. >> she gave me a cuomo survival kit. look, everything that i need in here to be with chris orn my
5:32 am
own. >> why would i get you that? why did i get you a panda. >> it's a cuomo -- it's gentle when she hits me. >> a face shield. >> you're going to need these after i leave, you know why, when he drinks that kombutcha. >> you're going to need them. >> free hugs. >> straight tequila. >> that is the cuomo pacifier. >> earplugs. >> enough said. >> look at the book. >> cuomoisms of the dictionary. >> strong. >> science. >> what is the plus minus. >> all right, listen, this is not going to be a one way journey, i'll tell you that right now. michaela is leaving, and for a really good, good reason. that's what everybody thinks, but me. when we come back, we're going to tell you exactly why, and on
5:33 am
the topic of heros, we've got a cnn hero to introduce you to before break. soon after he was released from prison, sheldon smith wants to turn his troubled past into a lifele life lesson in chicago. here is his story. >> i grew up broke and i was hurt. i was able to overcome all those things. i want these young men to be involved and engaged in their children's life, to give their children what i've messed as a boy, which was a great father, someone who would be there for me, and give me the advice that i need to be a successful young man today. >>announcer: cnn heros brought to you by subura, love is what makes a subaru, and buy geico. visit for a free rate quote. ♪
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5:37 am
the two party front-runners, hillary clinton and donald trump closing in on their party nominations, and clinton taking on the gop front-runner, trump, in a new ad. >> everything i said i do folks, i do, okay. i will build a great, great wall. we're going to have a
5:38 am
deportation. total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. when you get the terrorists, up to take out their families. >> you said you would go further than water boarding, is that right. >> absolutely. >> all right, joining us now to discuss this and so much more, former senator, bob graham, member of the hillary for florida leadership council. senator graham, thanks so much for being here. >> good morning, thank you, alisyn. a more humouros, what do you think of that in. >> what she is doing is focusing on november, no the on the next primary in may. i think it's a very effective ad, and i believe it is the forerunner what is likely to be a series of ads on the
5:39 am
statements that mr. trump has made, which seem to be so far away from american values. >> donald trump has also telegraphed his plans to go after hillary clinton on a number of things. let me tell you some of the attacks that he has already made on her. he will go after her for b bengha benghazi, getting rid of gadhafi, the woman card, as well as he has mentioned, he'll brin up or not afraid to bring up bill clinton's sexual history. how is hillary clinton going to tackle all of that? >> well, she has tackled most of those things. you remember, the 11 hours that she spent before a congressional committee explaining benghazi and when it was over, everybody seemed to feel as if all the facts that could be brought out,
5:40 am
had been. what discourages me is that in a time when america has got some very serious decisions to make about its fight you are and its position in the world, that the political campaign could be spent in a mud bath of personal criticisms. that's not going to serve the american people, our democracy, and the ability of a good decision to be made as to who will lead the free world. >> senator graham, he want to ask you about this op-ed you've written for the tallahassee democrats. but these mysterious missing 28 pages from the congressional 9/11 report. what do you want to see happen with these pages? >> what i want to see happen is the release the 28 pages, but also, the release of thousands of other documents that relate to 9/11, and particularly the role of saudi arabia in 9/11. as an example, not far from
5:41 am
where i'm sitting, there are 80,000 documents that the fbi has made available to a federal judge on the activities in the sarasota, florida area. initially, the fbi said they could not respond to a freedom of information of act request, because they had no documents. it was only when the judge pressed them hard that they brought forward 80,000, and those documents have still been unavailable to the general public. >> so senator, what do you think is so for the past 15 years they can't be seen by the public? >> well, that's going to be in the eyes of the be holder, but the relationship between saudi arabia and at least some of the hijackers, and the fact that but for that relationship, 9/11
5:42 am
would not have happened. >> and you know, the people who don't want the pages released say they could have unintended consequences, making our allies angry, you know, just setting off a firestorm basically. what do you say to them? >> well, one of the groups that has asked for the papers to be released is saudi arabia itself. it says it has been put under an unfair microscope, and they want to have all the materials out so they can be an open public discussion, which is exactly what all the people who believe that the american government should be fair and honest with its own people by telling them what has our government done in your name. >> senator bob graham, thanks so much for all of the information. nice to talk to you. >> great. thanks, alisyn. all right, can't put it off any more. enough politics. let's talk about what matters
5:43 am
now. mic is leaving and special by any definition. i promise you, you're going to want to see what's coming up next. >> what have you guys been up to? go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready.
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drivers save when they switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. you know, it makes me wonder why everyone 50 and over hasn't switched. [ female announcer ] how much could you save? if you're age 50 or over, call now to request your free quote. customers also appreciate lifetime renewability. it's the hartford's promise not to drop you, even if you're in an accident. [ female announcer ] save $420 on average and get lifetime renewability. you've got to consider it. you've got to consider it. [ female announcer ] for your free quote, call the hartford at... or go to today. there it is, the face you all know and love. welcome back cnn viewers, and sister network, hln. they're carrying this show this morning for a very special
5:47 am
reason. >> they are not. >> by the way, hlnors, you're always welcome. we are living a truly bittersweet moment. michaela is heading to hln, and back home to her family in l.a. to do her own morning show. that is such good news. >> say it again. that is such good news. >> for you. >> look, the complicated part, when family has a great opportunity, you want them to have it. >> thank you. >> but when that opportunity comes at your expense, and the woman who lit the fire of compassion, hugs like no one else, ever, and balanced intensity onset with unique temprance, everyday you did that, and that's gone, so it's not easy. here is a look back why michaela pereira matters so much to all of us.
5:48 am
>> i am down here in the heart of it. 88th annual academy awards. >> a face full of wind right now. that's what the big story is. >> if you were to write an open letter to girls around the globe, what would you say to them? >> michaela as everyone knows has an incredible human touch. she brings incredible warmth. >> i can't tell you what a delight it is to speak to you today. >> i could talk to you all day. >> she is a pro. not everybody is. she really distinguishes herself on that level. >> emotional vigils being held. >> terrorism officials narrowing in. back room conversations happening. >> we both try to take it on in the middle of the set. >> road trip. >> not with you. >> you ready? >> i think she is attractive. i've asked her on several occasions. >> he asks her everyday. >> she has denied it. about 700 straight days. >> i knew it would get to you.
5:49 am
>> oh, man. >> he does permeate. no seam, no zipper, i'll move you over there. he is sad. he is sad and so am i. it is a real loss. yes, of course, we're happy for her. it's very exciting. she gets her own show. it's wonderful on headline news, but we're going to feel the loss here. >> my journadoption journey beg when i was very young. >> cnn helped her to do the trip to jamaica, and that was exciting. >> we're on the way to cam bridge. we believe that some of my ancestors come from this area of cambridge. >> we encouraged all our kids to dig into their roots and to see where they came from. >> i remember saying that i would love to find some context for that other side of me. that i don't know anything about. this feels, if this is it, this
5:50 am
is great. >> she has such a unique collection of gifts because of this rich background she has, from the assemblage of her family, herself. it is unique and it makes her what she is. only one mic. >> when people ask me about michaela, i tell them two things. you're good person who does good things. >> i'm going to show off my limited edition t-shirt here. this is a one of a kind at this hour t-shirt, with berman and michaela, which exists only now in the vaults of the museum. but whenever i wear this shirt, michaela, you'll be close to my heart or at least my torso. >> michaela, i cannot believe you will not have the office next to me any more, but i will watch you faithfully on hln. we'll remain tried and true friends. i would love to visit often. >> michaela, i'm going to miss
5:51 am
you terribly. you have become my soul sister on this show. i look forward to seeing you every morning, and so i just send you off with the warmest wishes for a very bright future. >> goodbye is only difficult when there is good reason for it to be difficult. and this is a really difficult goodbye. me and you, mic and moe, that's going to be solid. i'll find you out there and i'll find you on hln, and i'll always find you right here. i love you, mic. >> this is a good career move for her. it's going to be a lot of fun. we'll enjoy watching her on her new challenge, and just know that she is going to give it her best shot no question about that. so we love her lots, love her to bits and just away she goes. >> this damn set, this is not about distance. this is about emotional
5:52 am
separation. hln is part of the family. mic is going to be with us. >> thank goodness you're staying part of the family. >> i am. >> but emotionally, you should take comfort in the fact that you matter. >> can i tell you that this was one of the hardest biggest challenges ever in my personal life, in my professional life. i've told people, and i'll say it again. it was my everest. i felt at times i might be running out of oxygen, i might be getting altitude sickness, and it was this -- this family that got me through those times. because you know, you move across the country. you embark on a new adventure. this stuff is hard. to leave your support circle, all of those people i know are probably up very early on the west coast. they put me on a slingshot, hoping that somebody would be here to catch me when i landed. >> you did it. you accomplished it. >> you summited everest. you did it. now you move on to a really
5:53 am
exciting opportunity. >> it's going to be great. >> it is comforting to know we're still on the same, you know, phone extensions. >> can i say, i want to say this on air. will you guys on my first day on the show, will you come and say hi, via satellite. >> no. >> please. >> yes. >> i know he won't. he'll wear a bag on his head and protest. >> do you promise. >> of course. >> the show launches at the end of the june. we don't have the official launch date, but we're going to make a big blast about it. >> i can't wait. >> is my name any where in the new title. >> yeah, sayonara, cuomo. >> that was so beautiful. you got mommy and daddy on the facebook, on the skype. >> they're so proud of you. not because of the success on tv. what i loved in meeting her parents the first time, i thought they were going to be like hey, this kid knows what she is doing on tv. it was the least of their
5:54 am
confidence, and their pride. it wasn't about the brilliant broadcaster, and you're brilliant broadcaster. >> oh, my word. >> it is who she is as a person. that's why she is a brilliant broadcaster to begin with. >> this team, it's interesting. we are a a bit of a mess. i'm going to quote my man. my boyfriend says when monkey don't spoil no show. somebody else will come in here. you didn't love me at first. you grew on me. >> i begged you to comen the show. >> that was you. >> we want to thankle leslie an matt. >> we do have a surprise. >> what's the surprise? >> i think that we should bring it in. >> i'm afraid. >> more people want to talk to you, michaela. >> the contract has been canceled. >> oh, i knew it. >> i look at it this way. >> i'm robin meade at hln.
5:55 am
you've been having thanksgiving dinner, all you're doing is changing house to come to your cousins to have thanksgiving with us every year here. yeah, yeah. >> i can get there real fast. am i bringing the mac and cheese. >> we have another surprise for you. that's the future. that goes to the future. we have ghost of christmas past, thanksgiving past, watch this. >> chris and alisyn, we know what it's like to say goodbye to michaela, but she is coming home. >> we are so exciting you are coming back to l.a. >> and welcome back. it's about time what took you so long. michaela will be just down the street, so we will see you not only on television, but see you in person. we'll barge over there. >> we'll take you out to breakfast as soon as you get back, and sam for the first time ever says he will pay. >> we'll do it for the first time ever. >> love you. >> i love you. that's my ktla family. >> he won't pay by the way. >> you have the videotape.
5:56 am
>> i do. >> that's great. our staff is here to say goodbye. so is hln staff to say goodbye and hello. >> i love you all. this is the best thing ever. i cannot wait. thank you for making the last three years a dream, producers, jim murphy, jave, bye hln, i'll see you guys on the other side. >> that's beautiful. >> that's beautiful, you guys. thank you. >> we'll miss you. >> thank you. newsroom with carol costello right after the break. thanks for watching. neutrogena® cosmetics. powders, concealers and foundations in new shades for more skin tones. with vitamins and antioxidants. your skin will look beautiful when you wear it and even after you take it off.
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25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten
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6:00 am
happening now in the newsroom, chaos in california. protesters smash outside a trump rally, but inside. >> look at the size of this. this has to be a record. >> every vote crucial as hoosiers get ready


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