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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm wolf blitzer. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. a big announcement that could have an effect on the republican race. the indiana governor, mike pence, picked his candidate with just four days to go until the really important indiana primary. >> it's clear this is a time for choosing. and all of america is looking to indiana to make a choice. i have met with all three of the candidates as of about tuesday of this week and i want to say clearly, i like and respect all three of the republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with a lack of progress in washington, dc. i'm not against anybody. but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary.
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>> so the republican governor mike pence picked senator ted cruz with 57 delegates. indiana is the state that senator cruz is really counting on now as a make or break contest to stop donald trump. shortly before the pence announcement, cruz an hd his running mate, carly fiorina, spoke about the message of importance to john kasich supporters. >> i think governor mike pence is an optimistic positive unifying force, a strong leader who i respect. you know, when he was in congress, he was standing up to defend conservative principles, defending the constitution and as governor, he's been a extraordinary governor. >> a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump because john kasich has absolutely no path to the nomination. not now, not at a contested convention. you've got to vote for ted cruz. john kasich is throwing your vote away. >> joining us now from jeffersonville in indiana.
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an important announcement by mike pence although not critical of donald trump or john kasich for that matter. some are describing it as a sort of lukewarm endorsement. how is it playing over there? >> reporter: that's right. i have read it exactly the same way, wolf. it wasn't quite a full embrace of senator cruz, and i thought governor pence went out of his way to avoid bashing donald trump in any way and seemed to also avoid using the word endorsement. he was just saying i vote for him and i hope other people will make up their mind as they see fit. not quite a full fledged endorsement the cruz campaign was hoping for. of course, they have to say at this stage in the game, every bit helps the cruz campaign. it's so pivotal for them going forward so governor pence's words are welcome news. here's what he had to say. >> i respect the right and the views of every hoosier in making their determination in the
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upcoming primary election. and i urge every hoosier to make up their own mind but for me, i've always thought to lead is to choose. and here at this time of choosing when people all across america are looking to indiana to make a decision, i just wanted to make my decision known but let me be clear on this. whoever wins the republican nomination for president of the united states, i will work my heart out to get elect this fall. >> reporter: and no word yet whether governor pence will campaign throughout the state of indiana with senator cruz leading into tuesday's primary. senator cruz met with pence a week ago today he met one on one. pence met with the other two republican candidates as well and since that time, he's been really been praising governor pence at every turn on the campaign trail. of course, this campaign hoping that pence's endorsement or
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support will go a long way and extra boost going into election day here tuesday. wolf? >> thank you, sumlen. i want to bring in mj lee. donald trump scheduled to address the california state republican convention around two hours or so from now. how important is his message there, especially with what we can clearly describe as a setback of sorts for him today in indiana with the pence announcement for cruz? >> hey, wolf. even though we've been talking about indiana all morning, you're right. the june 7th california primary is such a crucial race for donald trump. there are 172 delegates at stake so it is a very big prize and keep in mind how the delegates are allocated in the state of california. it is win or take all by congressional districts which means that even if donald trump outperforms both ted cruz and john kasich, which according to polls, he probably will, there's still a good chance that both
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cruz and kasich can peel away from delegates by doing well in certain districts. another dynamic to watch out for as we move ahead to the possible primary, we saw a very chaotic scene take place outside of a donald trump rally in california with protesters taking issue with donald trump's rhetoric about race and immigration. where it's such an important and charged issue, this is a scene we could see play out again in the next coming weeks. wolf? >> thank you very much, mj. let's talk more about the elections for that. i'm joined by cnn politics direct direct direct direct director david schaalion. do indiana voters care about the pence endorsement? i'm sure it's not going to hurt donald trump, not going to hurt cruz at all.
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is it going to help him get over the top? the latest polls are close. >> it helps in this way. ted cruz is throwing everything at indiana he possibly can. he has cleared the field of kasich so he can have the one on one battle in the field they made with trump there. he put carly fiorina on the ticket in a big splashy way hoping to garner attention and steal the thunder away from the big crushing victories on tuesday night and did that in indiana. they've been on indiana television doing that and he's happy to have this endorsement. and it's an endorsement. the guy can tout that for the next four days in indiana. is that going to add up to a victory for ted cruz? i don't know. but you would rather have those kpoen opponents and put those into place with the cruz campaign than not and sit back and let trump run away with it. they're clearly throwing everything they've got after us. >> he got a big endorsement from bobby knight. let's put it up on the screen
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and i'll read it there. thank you, indiana. you see the picture of him and bobby knight. that's a pretty big endorsement in indiana, as well. >> it's pretty big. everybody knows who bobby knight is. he's a figure who spans generational lines in many ways and really in a way that mike pence probably doesn't and yeah, they have similar temperaments and the country has been arguing the rules of coaching and wanting to win and being tough are the same things he admires in donald trump and would make him a good president. so in some ways, it's an equalizer and i might put a little bit more on bobby knight since he's a colorful personality. >> there are endorsements and then endorsements. usually the governor will go out at a rally and be there to give a speech and enthusiastically endorse the candidate. he did it in a radio interview. a key question in the coming days between now and tuesday, will the governor go out there
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at rallies and actively work for ted cruz? >> yeah. i don't know. it certainly didn't seem like it. he didn't say every hoosier should go out. >> he was very complimentary to donald trump. >> which shows that a lot of republican politicians are hedging their belts to see that trump is the future of the party and want a piece of that, but cruz has been able to win must-win states in this race. he won iowa. he won wisconsin. he won utah. and in all of those states, he did it the same way. he tapped in to the right conservative networks. right-wing. he got key endorsements. in states with a strong conservative movement, he tapped in there and with iowa with the endorsement from the governor of wisconsin. he did it in utah with romney's big endorsement and manage states with existing networks that he can tap into and turn the race into an ideological battle with trump.
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he's done well. trump's got the opposite thing with big rallies. it's sort of ideology versus the trump name. >> you heard a lot of people suggest that if cruz loses indiana on tuesday, it's over. is that going too far? >> i don't think it's over in the sense i can't envision ted cruz getting out of this race before donald trump hits 1237. he can't do that without california on june 7th. i can't imagine it truly over in the way that everybody closes shop and goes home. i do think because of everything i was saying with how much the cruz campaign is throwing at indiana, if he loses indiana, i just think there is no more oxygen. the wind comes out of the sails. no more money flowing in. nobody that thinks that cruz mission will be the right bet to place and that becomes hard. his ability to make a really successful argument if he loses indiana after all of this this week becomes really complicated, i think. and as for the pence endorsement, you're right. it is muted, obviously.
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pence is not going to be a cruz surrogate. he's not joining the campaign effort the way walker did or carly fiorina and now running mate. the ultimate surrogate. >> chris christie became a big supporter of donald trump. >> but if you're ted cruz, you'd rather have that than not have that. >> and certainly conservatives in the never-trump movement and the publications very much wanting mike pence to do this. there was a call for him to do this leading up to this. he waited until the very last minute to do it. he, of course, is on the ballot as well uncontested but he'll be on the ballot again for his job in november as well but i think you're right. he's sort of weighing that there's this trump movement right now that he's going to need at some point if trump is eventually the nominee. i think certainly, the sort of muted endorsement is a good reading for how the party feels about trump at this point. >> absolutely, annette. there's a lot of never sort of
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silent never-trump people out there starting to think, am i really going to put all of my eggs or place my bets on cruz? what if pence sees his own hugh hoosiers going overwhelmingly for donald trump? trump wasn't going to be the nominee. >> david, let's look at some polls. because i've seen various poll numbers in indiana. you have as well. we'll put some up on the screen. take a look at these numbers over there. this is the indiana republican voters likely nominee. this is the fox news poll that goes back a few days. trump 41%. cruz 33%. kasich 16%. are you seeing similar poll numbers in others as well? >> some suggest the 8 point lead for trump is where the race may be. and that is a week old. so lots has happened since then. the one on one contest and tuesday night's victories for donald trump happened also since that poll and that probably has the biggest psychological effect
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on voters seeing somebody rack up that kind of victory night. that has a psychological effect on voters. people teetering or right about there, they want to join the winner. >> how is the cruz/kasich alliance working out? >> what cruz/kasich alliance? cruz saying, this never really happened. and when he was asked about it yesterday, they never seemed to embrace it and anytime you're trying to sort of engineer what voters are going to do, pick this guy and carry the wan and then hopefully something happens down the line, it's a difficult thing to pull off. >> there's more coming up including donald trump seemed optimistic this week. he would get the endorsement of the indiana governor. the trump campaign with us to respond live to governor pence's endorsement of his rival. we'll also talk to the trump campaign about an exclusive interview that cnn just had with hillary clinton. our own jake tapper asked about trump's calling her corrupt
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as the nominations of hillary clinton and donald trump seem increasingly more inevitable, between the two, it's ramping up. with the first interview with
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the series of commanding wins on tuesday, hillary clinton just sat down with cnn's jake tapper to talk about her general election strategy and what she refers to as donald trump's temper tantrums. >> he's taken politics to a new place with his negative branding people whether saying jeb bush has low energy or talking about lying ted cruz. and for his supporters, it's really worked. he's lately taken to calling you, i believe, corrupt hillary and he's had some rather personal and pointed tweets. have you learned anything from watching the way that republicans dealt with him in the primaries that will inform how you will be able to have such an unconventional candidate? >> remember, i had a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or bullying or
10:18 am
efforts the try to provoke me. he can say whatever he wants to say. i could care less. i'm going to stand up for what i think the american people need and want in the next president. that's why i've laid out very specific plans. there's nothing secret about what i want to do with the economy or education or health care or foreign policy. i've laid it all out there. and he can't or he won't. i can't tell which. so we're going to talk about what we want to do for the country and he can continue on his insult fest but that's the choice he's making. >> we have a lot more of that hillary clinton interview on "the lead." two hopefuls rallying in california today for the california state republican convention. trump is scheduled to speak in just about two hours. he'll be followed by the ohio governor john kasich but the big news is the endorsement by the
10:19 am
indiana governor with ted cruz and here to talk with me. katrina pierson, the national spokeswoman for the trump campaign. this is a clip of donald trump speaking about mike pence not that long ago. >> the governor's a great guy. i've met with him. he may not endorse. i don't think he'll endorse anybody, actually, and he may endorse us. i don't know. he's a great guy. he's become -- he's done a very good job as governor. and he's a great guy. i don't know if we'll get his endorsement. i don't think -- >> you don't think so? >> no, i don't think so. >> well, he did sort of endorse. he said he was going to vote for ted cruz. you're the spokeswoman for the campaign. your reaction. >> i think this quasi-endorsement was about the reelection more than it was about helping senator ted cruz.
10:20 am
we'll notice in his endorseme s endorsements, he didn't say anything particularly bad about mr. trump and just that he was going to vote for senator cruz but it was wise of him, if he's going to support anyone, to try not to alienate anyone. he had a tough race last night and will have a tough race this time. >> mr. trump must be disappointed he didn't get that endorsement. he didn't think he would endorse anybody. >> mr. trump obviously would have wanted the endorsement of the governor and didn't get an unendorsement. i think that's the point. >> did the governor pence and donald trump talk a lot? did he try to lobby him? >> i'm sure they discussed all the relevant issues. it is a risk for the governor to do this considering he just mentioned the recent polls coming out of indiana showing the voters there are supporting mr. trump. so this is definitely a risk he's taking. >> did the trump campaign do
10:21 am
polling? >> we don't. we believe in just putting forth our vision. we're not interested in being politically correct or telling people what they want to hear the way they want to hear it and give them an opportunity to vote someone that's real with them. >> if cruz votes on tuesday, how much of a setback is that with donald trump? >> not much of a setback because he won't win all of the delegates. again, we would love to win indiana. i feel confident we are going to win indiana but this is a do or die case for the cruz campaign even though senator cruz has already been mathematically eliminated. this is where he's taking the last stand. >> let's talk about last night. there was a huge donald trump rally in southern california. a lot of people, thousands of people were there but outside, there were protesters and 20 people were injured and various people were arrested. one person was injured. is this a scene of things to come down the road? >> you know, i'm not sure. you would have to ask the ant
10:22 am
anti-trump and anti-american protesters. you'll notice when you see trump people, they have american flags. you saw mexican flags and these are the people inciting violence, getting physical, defacing property, breaking car windows. that's not for something that donald trump needs to answer. i think we should ask who they support for president and ask those people. >> they'll argue the protesters are pro-american and love the united states and strongly disagree. >> i don't know, wolf. if you are protesting an american candidate running for the president of the united states, you're not flying any other flag than the united states flag. we don't allow physically assaulting people. we don't allow defacing property. we don't allow jumping on police cars. which is something that the left obviously encourages. look at what happened in baltimore. that is not what donald trump stands for and that is not american. and what we saw last night is the true fight that we're facing in this country. it's pro america versus anti-america. >> we can disagree on whether this is anti-america just to be
10:23 am
critical of a presidential candidate because that's the right of all americans to go out there -- >> that was overstepping the boundaries of protesting. >> jeb bush gave an exclusive interview. the first time he's spoken up since he dropped out of the presidential contest. here's a little of the conversation. >> my personal belief is that donald trump is the nominee, look, my views have been pretty consistent about this. we'll lose the senate. and we'll lose the presidency in the landslide and our country can't afford that. >> do you think the republican party should get around him? if he is? >> i think they should support ted cruz. >> your reaction. >> this makes perfect sense. there are bush operatives now working on cruz's campaign. he comes from the bush administration so it makes perfect sense to get behind the establishment candidate. he wants a candidate that's going to take these cookie cutter policies and then spew them to the public and mr. trump
10:24 am
doesn't speak in platitudes. he said you shouldn't be unpredictable and you shouldn't be unless he wants to go out there and say, no, no taxes and then go and raise everyone's taxes. we've seen politicians time and time again make a ton of campaign promises and keep none of them and we don't want to be that campaign. >> we heard hillary clinton who donald trump may face in the general election and will give it later today on the program at 4:00 p.m. eastern. she basically dismissed donald trump's temper tantrums, what he saul she called bullying. react. >> i think it does bother her and that's why she's running against donald trump because she knows that she's not going to be able to hide behind the gender card she is playing. she'll have to face some of the decisions she's made whether it's libya or iraq or goldman sachs or boko haram for that
10:25 am
matter. she does have a record that she's not wanting to run on and that's why mr. trump says the gender card is all she has. she's talking about equal pay. she's talking about abortion. she's talking about women's issues which don't even fall within the scope of the federal government. >> not just for women but men as well. >> very important issues but those don't fall within the scope of the federal government and not at the executive level. >> the government plays a role with legislatively or the judiciary branch. the federal government plays roles in women's health. that's an important issue to millions. >> it's an extremely important issue but these are not issues that should be held at the federal level. we should empower states to take on these projects. that's a way of abuse. >> that's a constitutional issue that can be debated but the federal government is involved in issues affecting women including women like you. >> i can tell you now what's more affecting women is national security. immigration. the economy and jobs. those are the important things
10:26 am
right now for women. >> katrina pierson. thank you. >> good to be here. donald trump say she's playing the woman card and now using his own words to her advantage. trying, at least. we'll have details of that and more. that's next. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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donald trump and hillary clinton go on the offensive. it's a likely november battle between the two of them and as the attacks ramp up, they're giving voters a preview of what a general election fight could look like. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5%
10:31 am
of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> if if fighting for women's equality and health care is a woman card, deal me? >> she doesn't have strength or stamina. >> at some point if you want to be president of the united states, you've got to get familiar with the united states. just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. >> joined now by cnn political commentator, a trump supporter and patty doyle, for hillary clinton. guys, thanks very much. kalie, let's start with you and this whole issue of so-called
10:32 am
woman card comments because women are taking donald trump to task on twitter at leat one tweet reads and i'll put it up on the screen, caught word that i've been carrying around a woman card all this time. is it too late to turn it in for equal pay? and another says, love to buy some paid maternity leave with my woman card. will this hurt donald trump with the female vote in a general election? >> no, because here's the thing. hillary clinton is completely out of touch with an entire generation of women. that is young women. that's why she lost mill len yals in 22 states. they're graduating higher rates than men and making more out of college and for her to go out and play the victim card is doing a disservice to young women everywhere who are strong right now, who are making more than men by playing the victim in the interview with jake said she's used to men bullying her. young women don't feel that way. they care about jobs and student loan debt and she's completely
10:33 am
out of touch with my generation of women and i would argue doing a disservice to the first generation of feminists who fought the hard battles for women like me to be equal in my generation. >> patty, respond. >> i want to say for donald trump to imply by saying that if hillary were a man, she would get 5% of the vote, she's standing here today as the likely nominee because of her gender and not because of her experience and qualifications is insulting to all women including millennial women, kayleigh. i want to look at this. 40 years ago, she started her career and sexism much more blatant and acceptable and yet, she graduated with honors from law school and the legal services corporation and first woman lawyer at her law firm and reformed the education system in arkansas and then went on to become a u.s. senator and secretary of state and the co-chair of a global foundation. so for donald trump to say that
10:34 am
she's there because she's a woman and not because of her hard work and her qualifications, i would argue that if she were a man, she would have been a president a long time ago. >> kayleigh, go ahead. >> here's the thing. she plays the victim card when it's convenient for her. we saw when he walked over to the podium, the next day, her surrogates out on the air waves saying he was menacing with bernie sanders when he said excuse me, a pretty conventional thing to say and in fact, it's been said 27 times in the republican debate. she took that moment to play the victim card once again and so instead of engaging him on policy, she is engaging in ad hoc attacks and trying to do it with donald trump as the big angry evil men and doing a disservice to women who are not victims, who are strong by using gender to her advantage when it's opportunistic for her to pursue her political aspirations. it's an insult to women everywhere who are strong. >> well, okay, first of all,
10:35 am
calling women pigs as donald trump has done, picking fights with qualified women journalists, which donald trump has done and rating women on a scale from 1 to 10 which donald trump has done, alienates women of all ages, of all races, of all colors, and of all political affiliation. and the fact that he is with all women, his unfavorability at near 80% is evidence of that and i, you know, i just beg to differ with kayleigh who i greatly respect, i think hillary clinton will beat him in wide margins in a general election with women. >> let me put this up on the screen, kayleigh and we'll get you and patty to weigh in. donald trump tweeted the following today. crooked hillary clinton perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency is also one of the all time great enablers. i mean, he's obviously foreshadowing what he intends to do if in fact he becomes the
10:36 am
republican presidential nominee and if hillary clinton is the democratic presidential nominee. bringing back bill clinton's sexual history while he was president. is that a smart strategy for trump? >> i think it is because here's the thing. donald trump does have some words in the 1990s that i think he would be wise to come out and apologize for and i'm a different person today. i agree with patty there but when donald trump was saying these in the 1990s, hillary clinton was sitting in her office and linda trip has attested to this and others on sexual assault on the part of bill clinton said she was sitting in her office defaming these women. she tweets out now victims of sexual assault, which my generation cares a lot about, go on any college campus, this is a big discussion, instead of allowing them to be heard and allowing them to be believed which is what she's tweeting now, she was actively defaming them calling monica luan ski who made a mistake but on the verge of suicide in the way she was defamed calling her a
10:37 am
narcissistic loony tune and defaming. this is not what you do to fellow women. donald trump will bring this to her and nullify criticism of her comments. >> how will she deal with that, patty. >> first, i want to correct kayleigh saying donald trump said these as recently as last week but not in the 1990s and throughout the course of the campaign. but you know, here's how i feel about this. bill clinton is not running for the presidency. and to somehow blame hillary clinton for the deeds of her husband is really its own form of sexism. if bill clinton were on the ballot, yes, i think that would be fair game but it's not. she's on the ballot. >> go ahead, kayleigh. respond to that. >> here's the thing. i'm not talking about bill clinton's actions right now. i'm talking about things that hillary clinton said. she called monica lewinsky a narcissistic loony tune and
10:38 am
others who had viable claims against her husband. things hillary clinton did. yes, it was her husband's actions but the way hillary clinton responded, the way she actively defamed women who are claiming that they were victimized and they were victims of an aggressor. >> you've got the final word, patty. >> hillary clinton wrote those words in a letter to her best friend and it was never meant to be made public. that letter was made public years after that friend's death in arkansas. so no, she never went out publicly and defamed any of these women. and again, she didn't do anything. her husband is the one who did what he did and again, if you want to blame him for it, i do, blame him for it but she's on the ballot, not him. >> patty and kayleigh. taste of what probably is going to develop if these two candidates become the nominees of the respective parties. thank you for joining us. an important reminder of the viewers, donald trump is addressing the california state republican party convention
10:39 am
later this afternoon. looking at live pictures, donald trump's plane just landed there at the airport. you'll be able to see his presentation during the 3:00 p.m. eastern hour right here on cnn. and coming up, an american being held in north korea now sentenced to spend years doing hard hay boalabor. what the u.s. is trying to do to free him. mes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. howto choose one?sed simple. you don't. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios, you get to pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for just $15.99.
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an american has been sentenced to four years of hard labor coming from the north korea media. arrested back in october over spying charges. cnn's will ripley has details.
10:44 am
>> reporter: the trial lasted just one day. and that's all it took for prosecutors to make their case and for the judge to hand down the sentence of ten years hard labor. we met kim back in january and told us that he had been arrested in october of 2015. he had been in custody for several months yet the world was not aware of his case until he was brought into that room and placed in front of our cameras and at that time, he admitted to spying, he said, on behalf of interests within south korea. wouldn't say whether it was government or private interests but did make a compelling case. we don't know if he meh it under duress he was crossing from a chinese border city into a special economic zone known as razon where chinese-owned businesses allowed to operate and while he owned and operated the business in north korea, he was actively trying to collect sensitive information about the north korea military and pass that along with information about alleged human rights
10:45 am
abuses down to south korea. he explained how he says it all worked. >> how did it work? how far did you pass on the information that you collected? >> i bribed a local resident and had him have national secrets in the country like nuclear related materials. i got these materials, hid them in my car and secretly brought them to china where i handed them over or go to south korea directly. >> he now begins his sentence of 10 years hard labor. western prisoners are not kept with the general population of north korea and often report being the only inmate at their facility and usually work 8 hours a day, 6 days week and get three meals a day and regular medical check-ups as well. that's very different from the conditions described by north korean defectors about alleged
10:46 am
human rights abuse and westerners imprisoned. the university of virginia student is serving 15 years of hard labor after he confessed to trying to steal a political banner from the hotel in pyongyang. solutions for an early release from the men but for now, all their memories and loved ones and friends can do is hopefully have someone to allow them to go free. wolf? >> will ripley reporting for us. coming up, bombs raining down on syria despite the cease-fire. can the truce hold after the attack on a children's hospital? if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new.
10:47 am
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secretary of state john kerry expressing outrage after an air strike on a children's hospital in aleppo, syria, killed at least 50 people. doctors without borders runs that facility. it says two bombs initially hit buildings near the hospital. when the wounded and families arrived for treatment, a third struck the hospital's gate. syrian government said it has
10:51 am
nothing to do with the attack. on the heels of intense fighting around aleppo with nearly 150 civilians killed in the past 6 days alone despite a cease fire technically still in effect. for more on this and the big international headlines, we are joined by the state department's spokesman john kirby. john, thank you for joining us. who was responsible for this bombing at the children's hospital in aleppo? >> well, we are still sorting through the details as best we can and as we said yesterday, we have no indication it was anybody other than that regime and working through this. bottom line is that so many innocent people as you rightly just said are killed and others injured as a result of an attack that should never have occurred and yet another example of what we continue to see the regime doing. violating the cessation of hostilities and putting innocent people in hrm's way. >> do you think the syria regime wanted to deliberately kill all those children? >> the secretary indicated it has the hallmarks of a
10:52 am
deliberate attack on a civilian medical facility. and this is a regime, by the way, that has continued to gas and barrel bomb its people so they have proven time and time again all too regrettably they're willing to kill their own citizens. >> syrian cease fire, survive the latest attack? it's on life support for all practical purposes. >> we hope so, wolf. the secretary speaking with foreign minister lavrov today about that issue and talked about the fact trying to get some discrete areas around da mass kus over the weekend to return to cessation of violence. it's a hot topic for discussion here at the state department. the secretary is fully engaged in this. we don't want to see the attack on the hospital tear asunder the cessation of hostiles. it's fragile and putting the
10:53 am
extra effort into it over the weekend. >> the vice president of the united states biden in iraq urging leaders the keep up the fight against isis going there unannounced, staying for a few hours, didn't spend the night in baghdad or the secretary of state when he was recently there or the secretary of defense. what does it tell you about the security situation in iraq right now that top u.s. officials can't even spend a night there? look at, you know, whether top u.s. officials are spending the night there to be honest about the fact that the security situation in iraq and in baghdad is also dangerous. that it's not where we would like it to be. and that's why it's so important to continue the advise and assist mission in iraq and important for the prime minister to continue the effort at political reforms and inclusiveness in the security forces and in the government. that's why these steps are so important. but i will tell you that while baghdad is still under threat, the iraqi security forces are making gains in anbar province
10:54 am
and elsewhere throughout the country against daesh. >> when will mosul, a city of nearly 2 million people, controlled for isis for some 2 years, when will it be liberated? >> it is an important stronghold for the islamic state. we understand that. but it's going to be done on an iraqi timeline. it always had to have been done on an iraqi timeline. our job to support their campaign plan. they have a plan. that they're working on it. that we are already and have been now for months conducting what we call shaping operations around mosul to try to prep the ground for ultimately an offensive against it and it will come and on an iraqi timelean when they're ready to do it to be successful, one. two, we want it to be sustainable. >> let's talk about north korea for a moment and an american citizen arrested for espionage sentenced to ten years hard labor. when's the state department
10:55 am
doing to try to get the person back? >> we have seen the reports, troubling regrettably. this is the behavior we have seen the north do in the past. i'm for privacy considerations not at liberty to speak much about the particular case and we have seen the reports and taking it seriously and continue to do whatever we can to try to help americans that are detained overseas, particularly in places that we know they're not going to get a proper treatment and due process. >> john kirby, the state department spokesman, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. thank you, wolf. the pentagon says it will discipline 12 u.s. military personnel for a deadly u.s. air strike against the doctors without borders in afghanistan last october. the pentagon, however, maintains the bombing is not a war crime. the defense officials blame unintentional human error and equipment failure saying the hospital was near an area controlled by the taliban. the pentagon's announcement comes one day after a manager
10:56 am
with doctors without borders told cnn his group would push for an independent external investigation. the air strike in countkunduz k as many as 42 people. thank you for watching. news continues right after a quick break. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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hi there. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we are live today in washington but we're watching two big stories out of two states that are key in the race for president. first up here, ted cruz. he has just gotten what could turn out to be a campaign-saving endorsement four days before the critical indiana primary. that state's governor says he is backing the senator from texas. meantime, all eyes this afternooon california because