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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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presidential candidate. and then sheriff joe, as you know, from arizona endorsed trump and he knows what he's doing. he really knows. but we've had so many incredible endorsements. and i'm telling you, over the last two weeks -- it took place before that. we have far more votes than anybody else and far more delegates than anybody else. we're going to hit that number i think quite easily. i watch the very dishonest media and cruz says he's getting second, third, fourth, fifth round. he's not going to be there. we don't even compete for him. we're so far -- as of today, we have 1,001. we just broke the 1,000 mark. [cheers and applause ] and we did fight hard, actually, in pennsylvania because in pennsylvania i won in a landslide. we got over 60% of the vote.
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and that's pretty hard when you have three people running. when you get 60% with two people, that's a landslide. when you have three people and get practically 60% and then in the other states, you know, we had five and we did unbelievable numbers. up to 66%. and it's been amazing. we had rhode island and delaware and connecticut and maryland, pennsylvania. and we did great. but pennsylvania had a little thing that if you win, you get 17. so i got the 17. and the rest you have to fight for. i said, what kind of a deal is this? you have to take them out to dinner and it's a wonderful hotel and i'm sure your lunch is good but they don't take them here. >> you're listening to donald j. trump speaking at the california republican convention as a throng of protesters are outside of the hotel where he's giving the speech. much more on trump and the tense protests in a bit. right now, we have a cnn
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extensive and exclusive interview with hillary clinton on the verge of locking up the democratic nomination. what about donald trump's latest mean tweets against her? we talked about it all. madam secretary, thank you so much for doing this. congratulations on tuesday night. >> thanks a lot, jake. it was great. it felt good. >> that night, donald trump said he considers himself the presumptive nominee of the party. do you consider yourself the presumptive nominee? >> no. i consider myself as someone who is on the path and obviously i'm very far ahead in both the popular vote and the delegate count so i think the path leads to the nomination but, you know, i'm going to keep competing in the elections that are up ahead of us. >> senator sanders issued a statement that night that suggested he's not necessarily running to win anymore, he's running to advance progressive
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causes on the democratic platform, specifically named $15 an hour minimum wage at the national level, medicare for all, breaking up the big banks, passing a tax on carbon. are these issues where you think you could make a deal with senator sanders, find some common ground and get the issues on the platform should you be the nominee? >> well, i certainly look forward to working with senator sanders in the lead-up to the convention in the lead-up to the platform that will represent the democratic party. it will be a progressive platform. i've run on a progressive agenda. i really welcome his ideas and his supporters passion and commitment. the most important thing is to win in november. there is no more important goal. and i was pleased when senator sanders said the other day he's going to work tirelessly seven days a week to make sure that donald trump is not president and i really welcome back that because that has to be our primary objective.
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>> are there any specific issues that you think, yeah, i could do that? i know medicare you've ruled out. >> well, we're going to talk. we want the same goals. we both want to raise minimum wage. the republicans led by donald trump don't want to. we both want to get to universal health care coverage. the republicans don't seem interested in that. we both want to deal with climate change, something they deny. we have so much more in common. i said that in my remarks tuesday night in philadelphia. the connection between my supporters and myself and senator sanders and his supporters are very strong. we really are going to be unified and have a tremendous progressive agenda to run on in the fall and i really think that will help us with the election and it will also help us govern. >> do you think if he withholds his support that will hurt your chances in november? >> i don't have any reason to believe that. i know when i dropped out in early june, i immediately
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endorsed senator obama. we had differences in the campaign and on issues. we had run a really tough race all the way to the end but i endorsed him. i began working for him and, of course, we talked about the platform, about the convention. he asked me to nominate him at the denver convention. so, you know, we went through some of the same process and, in fact, i think when i dropped out, the polling was at 40% of my supporters said they would not support senator obama. thankfully the vast majority of them did. this is a natural kind of process that i think will play itself out. >> it's interesting, because of all of the people in the world, there's probably no one who knows what bernie sanders is feeling more than you. >> right. right. take us back to 2008, what you think senator sanders is going through because it's like, oh, i came so close, but -- >> it's hard, jake. you throw yourself into these campaigns, body and soul. you work 24/7.
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your family, your supporters, everybody is so invested in trying to win and i'm very proud of my campaign, grateful that i have such strong supporters but senator sanders has been passionate and brought millions of people into the process which i think is also good for the democratic party. but there comes a time when up to look at the reality. in '08, i was much closer in both popular vote and pledged delegates to senator oemt and i decided that i had to withdraw and support senator oem to make sure we had him in the white house. >> donald trump in his view and probably in reality as well, say
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he's going to go after senator sanders' supporters, that they have similar views on trade, on big money and politics. how are you going to counter that? how are you going to prevent him from getting the senator supporters? >> we're going to be outreaching to them as well and i don't see how the calculation adds up. if you don't believe in raising minimum wage, you don't think the wages are enough in america. if you demean women, you don't believe equal pay is important. if you have a kind of reckless, loose, dangerous view of foreign policy, i don't think that's very appealing. so i'm going to be very aggressive in reaching out to
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senator sanders subpoepporters we have so much in common and far more in common than donald trump and with any republican. we're going to work together. i really respect the important point of getting money out of politics. i take it very seriously and even before senator sanders got into the campaign in april of last year, i said we are going to reverse citizens united and if we can't get the supreme court to do what i think would be the right decision, i will lead a constitutional amendment. we have a lot in common and we're going to work together. >> you talked about donald trump's foreign policy. he gave an address recently. i'm wondering if you had a chance to see it or read about it and what you thought. >> his talk about pulling out of nato and about letting other countries have nuclear weapons which runs counter to 70 years of bipartisan national security
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policy, that he has a secret plan and he's not going to tell anybody, i find it disturbing because as a senator from new york for eight years as secretary of state for four years, i know that the stakes are high. we face some real challenges and dangers in the world and i don't think loose talks about loose nucle nukes, i don't think it's a smart way to go forward in leading the world, which is what we must do. >> it seems like he's going to lean to your left, and one of them might be the use of force in military intervention and whether it's libya or iraq, what will your response be when he says hillary clinton is part of the group that gets us into these wars. >> i use military force as a last resort. as secretary of state, i've talked about smart diplomacy and
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brought them to the negotiating table which led to putting a lid on their nuclear weapons program and that's exactly what we need to do because there was a very real potential that military action may have been taken to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. so when you have somebody who says he's going to be tough and he's going to get results but doesn't tell you how he's going to do it, i think we'll have a lot to contrast with. >> he also said that if you were a man, you would be at 5% in the polls. what did you think when you heard that? >> you know, i don't respond to his attacks on me. i think it's kind of silly. i was elected to the senate twice from new york. i was someone who got more than 18 million votes the first time i ran. i now have 2 million more votes than donald trump has. more than 12 million votes to his ten. so it doesn't really square with reality. what i worry about is the way he
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attacks all kinds of groups of people and i want to be spokesperson. demeaning me, talking about playing the women's card, there are women out there really struggling. women trying to balance family and work and finding it really, really hard. women who are worried about security in their neighborhoods, women who have a lot of legitimate concerns and as i said tuesday night, if that means standing up for the concerns that they have, deal me in because that's exactly what i've always done for decades, what i will do in this campaign. >> he has taken politics to a new place with his branding of people, whether it's saying that jeb bush is low energy or whether it's lying ted cruz and for his supporters it's really worked. he has lately taken to calling
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you corrupt hillary. have you learned anything from watching the way that republicans dealt with him in the primaries that will inform how you will deal with such an unconventional candidate? >> well, you know, remember, i a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation and the way they behave and how they speak. i'm not going to deal with their temp tempertantrums or efforts to try to provoke me. he can really say whatever he wants to say about me. i could careless. i'm going to stand up for what i think the american people need and want in the next president. that's why i've laid out very specific plans. there's nothing secret about what i want to do with the economy, with education, health care, foreign policy. i've laid it all out there. and he can't or he won't. i can't tell which so we're going to talk about what we're going to do for the country and
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he can continue on his insult fests but that's the choice he's making. >> he will also try to attack you for the trade deals that he's attacked so many of his republican rivals for and says he's going to try to redraw the map and complete in places like pennsylvania and michigan, appealing to white working-class voters who feel nafta or china hurt them. what argument will you make to those white working-class voters? >> i won in ohio. i won pennsylvania. more votes than he got in pennsylvania. i feel very good about where we are. because i have a positive agenda to create jobs and i've said very clearly, i will not support any trade agreement that i don't think creates more good jobs with rising incomes. that's why i'm against the transpacific partnership. it's why i voted against the only multilateral trade agreement that came before me when i was in the senate. i think that he can say whatever he wants to say and he will, of course. but i have a track record of
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really helping people and standing up against china. i have gone toe to toe with the chinese on numerous occasions so i feel very comfortable doing that. so i have a record and i have a record that is very clearly on the side of working people and making sure that, you know, we get more good jobs with rising incomes. that's at the center of any economic policy. >> do you think the trade deals push forward in the '80s and '90s hurt working class -- >> no doubt about that. they were mixed. they helped a lot of people and hurt people. one of the problems in our country, we don't do enough for people who are hurt by trade deals. but just picture this. i was at an auto plant, a unionized auto plant, oldest local in the country, uaw, outside of south bend the other day. they are making mercedes-benz cars to export to china. they are making the only mobile
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vehicle for people with disabilities to export around the world. they make humvees. they have a broad array of products. they produce there about 1400 people, 3,000 more in the supply chain. so they are in the global market but they are in it in a way that advantages america. that's what i'm looking for. we're only 5% of the population. we've got to trade with the other 95%. we just have to be smart and tough in the way we do it. so if you take an absolutist position, every trade agreement is great, or you take the stance that every trade agreement is wrong, you're not dealing in the real world. we need smart trade agreements that help our people, that further our economy and we need to do more to help people who do lose jobs because of global competition. >> when hillary clinton attended donald trump and melania's wedding, did she ever imagine that she'd be running against
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welcome back to "the lead." hillary clinton says she has handled rival male candidates that have gone off theress ser ra reservation to attack her. does hillary clinton think mr. trump has the qualifications for the job of president? >> do you think donald trump is qualiti qualified to be president? >> the voters will have to decide. i'll lay out my qualifications. >> 11 years ago did you ever picture you'd be in this situation with him as the presumptive nominee, you as the likely democratic nominee running against each other in what is likely to be a brutal and tough campaign? >> look, back then, i didn't think i'd run for president so i can't speak to whatever was in his mind. but that's a good question. but i'm in all the way. i'm going to do everything i can
1:21 pm
to finally get the nomination wrapped up which i think will happen and turn and get ready for the general election. >> but it's safe to say that sitting there, watching the two get married, it never crossed your mind, some day he and i are going to -- >> no, never crossed my mind. >> madam secretary, thanks again. >> thanks, jake. let's turn now to the republicans. this is the scene outside the hyatt in burlingame, california, in the san francisco bay area. a crowd of protesters is growing by the second. they are chanting, pushing against police barriers. some are throwing eggs. why? donald trump is inside the hotel that you see on your screen. jeremy diamond is there. police are standing by in riot gear. they clearly think this could turn violent.
1:22 pm
>> that's right. donald trump had to sneak in to address the california republican party. he said it felt like crossing the border, his views on immigration and the fact that he wants to build a wall on the southern border of the united states. that's what a lot of the protesters that are here are demonstrating about. a lot of them railing against donald trump and his rhetoric and he launched his bid for the nomination talking about undocumented immigrants from mexico, talking about many of them being criminals and rapists. you had two or three protesting. the number has dropped off significantly. and you saw them rushing the barricade and they were able to get over the barricades and start rushing the doors of the hotel. you had police officers who had to run back to try and stop the protesters from actually getting
1:23 pm
inside. then a wave of more protesters joined them, police officers using force and batons to push them backwards to keep them from getting inside this building where donald trump just spoke moments ago. and then they went around and they rushed another barricade. so protesters are now on the private property of this hotel. they are in the parking lot of this hotel where donald trump is speaking inside and they are continuing to rally. they are continuing to make their voices heard, railing against what they feel is donald trump's hateful and bigoted rhetoric. that's what many of the people here, how they are defining donald trump's rhetoric. gentleman i can jake? >> jeremy diamond, thank you. let's watch a little clip of trump making his case. >> it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. okay? it's a horrible, horrible,
1:24 pm
disgusting system. we have picked up so many votes over the last period of time and, in fact, i was just watching the networks today and they have a chart that i think has already happened but in the history of primaries, republican primaries, i've gotten the most votes in the history of the republican party. right? and we haven't even hit some of the big states yet, which is sort of an amazing thing. so we're really on a path that is incredible. >> i want to bring in my panel, former ohio state senator who is a bernie supporter and i also have cnn political commentator and republican strategist kevin madden. there's a lot to discuss. we're going to take a quick break and come back and talk about all of it. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead," with the politics lead. we're looking at remarkable video on the right side of your screen. donald trump and his posse coming in a back route into and out of the hotel to avoid the protesters on the left side of your screen that you see there that were trying to block his passage way. they had to do an end run-around in the san francisco area in california. police had donned riot gear. i'm back with my panel. let's talk about it all. anti-trump protests in california, we've seen violence
1:30 pm
around his rallies. sometimes the violence is from people who support trump. last few days it's from people who oppose trump. is this the new normal, do you think, when it comes to trump rallies? >> it is. i think what's interesting is it's a lot of it is not really new to us. i think the interesting thing to see, if there's a change in the political dynamic is how the public starts to react to it and i think the candidate himself, donald trump, has fed off the clashes of political civilizations, where it's protesters and then protesters battling back and forth and he's offered up himself as a vehicle for a lot of the voter anger that you've seen at some of the events. i think it will now be interesting as we move closer and closer to an election whether or not it starts to turn people off and some of his supporters start to worry that this doesn't look like the campaign that can win in a general election because it's not unifying sectors of the
1:31 pm
electorate. that would be interesting. the coverage of it is live action of a lot of the anger out there. that i think we'll be seeing all the way to the general. >> we've seen baked into the trump support and his high negatives about whether he encourages violence among his supporters against protesters but in the last day or so and previously as so, we've seen the anti-trump forces displaying violence. last night we saw some of that against police. it got bloody and then the trump supporters came out and it got uglier. >> it's a great american tradition but we should never resort to violence and to the heckler's veto. donald trump's views are in the eyes of most progressives, a in my eyes, should not be blocked from going into his speech or shut it down but i do think trump incites and encourages
1:32 pm
this. he wants this sort of backlash effect. i think progressives should give it to him. again, i hate the hecklers. don't ever want to shut anybody's speech down. but he has said in his previous speeches that there would be riots at the convention and wanted to pump punch a protester in the face personally. and in fayetteville where there was violence, they were very, very rough on how they treated them. >> nina, you're a supporter of bernie sanders and what did you take away from it? what struck you? >> well, thank you for that, jake. i still get the impression that many clinton supporters believe that senator sanders is a minor annoyance. he's still very much in his face
1:33 pm
to win this race. he's still in it and he's going all the way to the primary and the issues he's fighting for, this is not just about setting a platform. this is really about changing the dynamics of america to be what congresswoman man barbara jordan once said, what the people want is simple. they want america as good as its promise. it's not just about adopting a platform as much as it is putting forth the energy and political will to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. to fight for, as hard as it will be but as much as it takes as a moral right in this country and to make sure that we protect social security and expand it to make sure that they don't graduate with debt in one hand and a degree in the other one and, jake, the other thing about the whole notion of one woman, one man, one vote that as democrats we've been standing up proudly and fighting against voter suppression, i think both parties will do well to look at their agendas and make sure that
1:34 pm
we are not suppressing votes and i'm looking specifically at the closed primaries that take place in the united states of america. one more point, jake. i know the secretary said that she's been able to deal with men off the reservation. as an historian, i would caution any of us in this country to talk about anybody being off the reservation. let us not forget that the colonists stole the land from our native american brothers and sisters and put them on reservations. we have to be careful with that type of language. >> a lot of people not familiar with the term "off the reservation" is not welcomed by native americans. >> look at the ad she's running right now. she ran -- the last ad she ran in pennsylvania was called love and kindness. very much evocative as to what john kennedy said before he was
1:35 pm
murdered. >> what do you think, kevin, having watched the trump attacks? >> one thing that i thought was odd is that the super pacs that were well funded, they didn't do the job which should have been done, which is defining donald trump negatively. >> yeah, they went after rubio. >> and it could have been consolidated much earlier. i think what hillary clinton will do is focus on contrasts that are favorable with her with the key demographics, independent, suburban voters. as long as she does that -- >> like paul? a labor of love, paul. >> i can't wait. mr. trump should not worry. i can guarantee him. >> all right. paul, nina, kevin, thanks. the only sitting senator that is endorsing trump. why he seems to be the only candidate who attracts this kind of violence at his campaign
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welcome back to "the lead," we're giving you a live look now at the protesters outside the hyatt in burlingame, california, that's in the san francisco area where donald trump just spoke to the california republican party. this is the second day in a row that we've seen tense protests outside a trump event. joining me now to talk about it all is jeff sessions of alabama, a donald trump supporter and chairman of donald trump's national security advisory committee. senator sessions, thank you so much for being here. >> good to be with you. >> why is it that you think we see violence so much around and at trump events?
1:41 pm
>> he makes bold statements, he's challenging a lot of orthodoxy and particularly on the left, the crowd, the people waving the mexican crowds, they are not happy about it. they have a right to protest. they have a right to free speech and a right to assemble so a presidential candidate has a right, too. >> the only republican candidate who can win the nomination before the convention, all the others just can't do it. the math just isn't there. although, who knows if nobody gets the magic number. why do you think, when it just seems like he is the only one who can get the nomination, why are you the only sitting u.s. senator who has endorsed him still? >> that's a good question. i don't know. people will make of their own minds. a few people have endorsed sitting senators that are still
1:42 pm
in the senate for the presidency. but i believe that he is challenging establishment orthodoxy. he is saying working americans are not being well-served, that we don't need an unlimited immigration. we need to be sure that trade agreements are serving the average guy. and we need to make sure that we are not too focused on building. >> and the philosophies upset your colleagues? >> well, i think it upsets the establishment and it's a frontal discussion of moving this party, this republican party, not the voters. i think they are proving that they are receptive to this message but i think our establishment needs to understand the depth of the unease out there and why the trump movement is so strong. >> there are a list of comments that donald trump has made about women that the anti-trump super
1:43 pm
pack pac is running an election. 73% females have an unfavorable view of mr. trump and 26% have a positive view. i know those are not the numbers within the republican party but he needs to appeal to the entire electorate. >> he'll have to address that. absolutely. he is a delightful person to be with personally. he's so courteous and if he wants a coca-cola, he goes and gets it himself. he's a fun person to be with. >> that's not a big deal for most people. most people are going to hear the things he says and your eyebrows raise every now and then. >> every american needs to be treated fairly. women can never be discriminated against and wages and job opportunities and i'm sure donald trump shares that view and he'll make it clear as time goes by if he hasn't already. >> earlier today, a russian jet barrel rolled a u.s. jet. this is the third provocative
1:44 pm
act by the russians. if our foreign policy is more isolationist is not the term he will use, but let's say america first under mr. trump, won't rivals perceive the u.s. possibly as weak and unwilling to respond to provocations? >> it is a dangerous situation. i don't know how we've gotten in such a cycle of hostility with russia. that makes no sense in a geo strategic view and can it be we have a breakthrough? trump thinks he can and will try. they will decide if he's serious and if not he will walk away. but we really do need to see what we can do to put this world on a safer course than these events are showing. >> former speaker john boehner had harsh words for cruz, calling him lucifer in the flesh and a miserable s.o.b. he's a friend of yours, senator
1:45 pm
cruz is a friends of yours. what do you think of those comments by john boehner? >> well, i don't think that's a fair comment at all. ted is a strong and aggressive person and sometimes he's been in conflict with the speaker. i don't know the details of all of that but i wouldn't agree with that comment. >> senator sessions, thank you for being here. really appreciate it. zika fears realize the first death in the u.s. first time on american soil. so what's the federal government doing to stop this outbreak? that's next. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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welcome back, everyone.
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it's time for our national lead. new urgency surrounding the zika virus after the first death from the mosquito-borne virus on american soil. a 70-year-old patient died in puerto rico due to a condition with a low-lying number of platelets. he had a health problem before he battled zika. the white house has requested to fight zika. should it be borrowed from other programs or tacked on to the emergency fund tab? that debate is this week's segment, "america's debt and the economy. there are nearly 900 confirmed cases of the mosquito-borne disease here in the u.s. republicans say they need more information on the budget before they approve new spending. democrats say there's no time to wait but even republican senator marco rubio joined democrats in demanding some answers
1:51 pm
yesterdayesterda yesterday. >> you're going to have to explain why we sat around for weeks on something of this magnitude. >> lawmakers other than rubio agree zika is urgent but don't agree that it requires emergency funding. that means that the money doesn't have to be offset and can go beyond money tax. >> the administration has a bit of a track record of overrequesting what they need. we take this very seriously. $600 million has already been reprogrammed so they have money right now and now our appropriators are getting answers to their questions to figure out how to go forward. >> congress is on recess next week. it looks as though the emergency funding can is being kicked down the road into next month. he makes people laugh late at night but now larry wilmore is preparing for the president of the united states and a bunch of elitists.
1:52 pm
mr. wilmore will join me next. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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welcome back to "the lead." there's a buzz in the air and that's because tomorrow night is the white house correspondents' dinner. it's the intersection of journalists, political elites and the occasional celebrity but among comedians, it's one of the toughest hosting gigs around. playing the role of comedian in chief is larry wilmore. it's a pleasure. thanks so much for being here. appreciate it. >> hey, man. my pleasure. thanks for having me, jake. >> so people say -- comedians say that the white house correspondents' association dinner is the toughest room in the world. how are you preparing? >> well, they've never worked strip clubs in alaska. that's all i have to say. that was an actual gig that i
1:57 pm
did. i'm not making that up. that was back in the day. you just have to -- you're following a very funny president who has jokes, too. you have to be aware that, well, i want to make sure that i'm not doing something that he might do. that's something he might do. it's very challenging. >> this is president obama's last white house correspondents' association dinner. are you planning on taking him on at all? are you nervous about making fun of him? >> no. there's no time to sic the irs on me. yes, it's the last year, you know, and, yeah, you may as well go for it as far as i'm concerned. if i were doing this early on, i'd be concerned. you're right about that. >> so you and i have talked about this off camera in terms of what material you think is on
1:58 pm
limits, what material you think is off limits. >> that's right. >> some comedians in the past have crossed and line. how are you calibrating that? >> well, yes. and thank you, jake. i know jimmy kimmel ran a couple of jokes and you were very kind to let me try out a few of your yo mama jokes. i appreciate that. i'm going to open with that. >> it's classic. >> i think you just have to kind of -- it's a whole series of things. you know, there are certain types of things that you just can't do. you don't want to use foul language and that type of thing. but if you can be sly and push the envelope enough, that's kind of fun. the president probably won't be edgy in certain ways but he may push it in other ways. >> race has been front and center on the campaign trail and in the news the last few years a lot of people got to know you first as on the daily show as
1:59 pm
jon stewart's senior black correspondent. >> yes. >> you talked about racial issues on your show. are you going to bring attention to those issues tomorrow night? >> i hadn't even considered race as a topic. i'm so glad -- of course. it's the first black president and i'm a brother doing the show. absolutely. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. there will be plenty of that subject matter. i think i'll have a lot of fun with that. and i have a feeling -- see, that's the area i'm not sure how far obama is going to go on that. i think he'll do a couple of jokes but i'm hoping -- you never know. he may do a whole live at the apollo act. white people do this. white people will be president like this. he may just open like that. >> we're really looking forward to it and i look forward to seeing you, larry wilmore.
2:00 pm
>> thank you. i'll see you. you can watch this tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget, sunday morning, tune in to "state of the union." my guests will include ted cruz and the top advisers to all five presidential campaigns. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer. he's in "the situation room." have a great weekend. happening now, breaking news, protesting trump. a tense demonstration outside of a hotel where donald trump is addressing california's republican party. protesters knocking down barricades trying to storm the building just hours after bloody clashes at a trump rally. so why is the violent reaction to his campaign now escalating? tepid endorsement. four days before the indiana primary, the state's governor announces he's voting for ted cruz but his backing seems to lack enthusiasm and goes on to praise donald trump. will it have any impact on the primary