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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 30, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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hello, and thank you for join joining me. i'm martin savidge, and i ooh 'm in for fredricka whitfield. and now, in ohio, john kasich is set to hold a town hall, and we will take you there when it begins. you can do the math and see that kasich with one win in his home state of ohio has no chance of getting the republican party's nomination before the convention this summer, but he is vowing to stay in the race hoping to prevent trump from collecting enough delegates, and force a contested convention this is summer. last night, kasich spoke about his controversial alliance with ted cruz, and the strat swri for winning the nomination on cnn's "erin burnett out front ". >> it is all about allocating the resources, and you put them
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where you think that you can be put best. and i have been virtually outspent by everybody in the campaign 50 to 1 and we are still standing. we have done the right things by ourself, and today, i'm in california and yesterday in oregon, and we are most likely to be headed to the open convention, and when we get there, the day that donald trump gets there is the best day, and then from there, he is going to be declininging, because he can't win in the fall. >> and now, he of course today has note ed thd that he crossed threshold, because he has more than 1,000 delegates and 1,002 at this moment, and he says that the race is over if he wins indiana, and getting to the magic number or so darn close to it, it is hard for anybody else to make a strong case and he has a point, if he wins indiana, it is over? >> no, i don't believe it is over if he wins indiana, and the fact is that he better come at exact ly the right number, because if he doesn't, i believe that in the second ballot, he will decline. >> we want to go now to cnn's
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jason carroll where he is in california where ted cruz and donald trump are stumping for vote, and this odd alliance, and is this going to be effective in defeating donald trump? >> well, i think that certainly, a number of people are thinking that no one at this point can beat donald trump, and trump has made it clear, and he made it clear here yesterday, martin to the crowd that h showed up at the state gop convention, and he does not believe that there is a second ballot, and he intends to win on the first ballot come this summer. and you know, also in terms of the reaching out to the crowd here, you know, he is trying to talk about unity. he talked about friendship, and solidaire tishg and he knows that -- solidarity, and he knows that he has to win over some in the room later on today, and for ted cruz, this is friendly territory, and number of gop insiders at the end this state convention, and so this is friendly territory for him, and expect a warm reception for ted cruz when he shows up later on, and in terms of what he has to do, and there is a lot, and he
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has to have a strong showing in indiana, and by strong showing, i mean that he has to win. if he is not going to be winning indiana, and trump does not take indiana, that is more of the momentum heading into the june 7 primary. he is leading not only in the polls here in california, but lead manage the polls in indiana as well. so even though you have folks like john kasich who got up here today and spoke earlier on cnn and talked about the fact that he believes that donald trump is not someone who can unite the party, and somebody who is dedividing the party, and evidence of that outside of what we saw with the protesters demonstrating outside, and even with all of that, trump once again, leading in the polls in indiana, and leading in the polls're in california, and trump telling his sup potters in indiana, if we can win there, and this race is basically over, martin. >> and i would say that he is accurate in the portrayal, because clearly, california does not seem like a ted cruz state. >> no. you know, it does not.
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remember, also in some ways when you are talking about a statewide election that ted cruz is very conservative. but i are will tell you what, when it come ts to the issue of illegal immigration, a divisive issue, and sensitive issue here, and there are a number of people, and we saw evidence with that with some of the demonstrator outside and a n number of people here who have strong anti-trump feelings on the issue of the illegal immigration, and having said that, there are just as many people who support him for the strong stance on illegal immigration, and believe that donald trump more than ted cruz, more than john kasich is the person who can beat hillary clinton in a general election. >> hmm. jason carroll, we appreciate the insights greatly. we will talk more about the kasich/cruz alliance and the hopes for a contested convention, and joining us is a c nsh cnn contributor and historian, and julian, let me ask you, this
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alliance between cruz and k kasich, and as strange as it is, is that a winning idea or just a desperate gamble? >> i think it is a gamble. we will see how desperate it is. one of the things that we have seen is that it undercuts the support for each candidate in certain ways meaning by allying with ted cruz, kasich looks like he is not as moderate as he is arguing, and similarly for ted cruz, he seems to be tied in with the ultimate establishment figure, so i am not sure that this is going to be having the effect that they would hope for. i think it is true that donald trump keeps getting closer to the number he needs to lock it up. >> and if you don't stop him, and i mean, the stop trump group, if the they don't stop him in indiana, that is essentially it as far as any other state to try to prove really blocking him? >> yes, and the only reason that you don't want to predict finality with the donald trump candidacy is that you don't know what is going to be happening next so everybody is uneasy, but
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given the poll numbers in california and giveten state it is, it is very hard for cruz to do well, even with the alliance. so if he can't turn this around in indiana, and somehow set the conditi conditions for the brokered convention, i think that it is going to be very hard for cruz and the remaining primaries to make a viable challenge. >> so i like what you said unpredictab unpredictable, and that is why americans are finding it so remarkable and fascinating and what else do you believe could happen with donald trump, and you implied even something more spectacular than what we have seen? >> well, i just mean, you never know what he is goigoing to be , and we have rallies that take on images that make people unk uncomfortable with the violence and incidents like that that might undermine the support, but at the point, it is hard to image. this is why kasich stays in this
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and cruz as well, that level of unpredictability in their minds creates possibility for a brokered convention or for things to turn very dramatically over the course of the month. >> all right. are let me interrupt you, julian, because we want to go to john kasich who has begun to speak, and let's listen for a moment. >> hello, and thank you for coming. rich, would-year-old settle for that is? thank you for coming, and a little bit about me, and then i'd like to go to the questions, and then i am going to be flying home to ohio today, and so, anyway, i grew up in a little town outside of pittsburgh. i stayed in san jose a bunch of time times. i used to come out here for nine or ten years and i used to fly into the airport when it is great, and you think it is great and i think it is not what it used to be which is so easy. right? it was so much fun to come here, because you walked off of the plane and you have to get, and i have not flown in here for a while, and do they have the jet
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bridges now? because you remember, that you used to walk off of the plane, and it is so great. why did you screw this thing up and spend all of that money, but anyway, it is san jose from what i can tell is sort of like a town where i grew up. you know, good neighborhoods, right? people kind of hanging together and all that, and is so my father was a mailman, and carried mail on his back, and my grand grandfather a coal miner, and very tough life, and in fact, very tough. he'd go down in the mine and come up, and they would not pay him for what he thought that he thought he was supposed to get. and he had eight kids and my father, of course, was one of them. he died of black lung. as he was dying he was losing the eyesight, and probably didn't get a lot of justice there. we are listening live to john
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john kasich as he is beginning to speak to the crowd, and as he does, he starts to tell his personal life, and julian, you still with me or have we lost you? i am wondering if this kind of the talk connects with the california crowd? >> well, it does. to some extent it is a story ta you are going to be is sympathetic with, and so the problem is that he is not winni winning. he is the most electable candidate, and so he is not winni winning. only ohio. so that is the reality that his campaign needs to face that it is not facing the reality. >> trump would like him to do that, too. and now, dozens of 911 logs are released and now, there is some insight as to whether prescription drugs played a role in prince's death. we will have a conversation with dr. drew. t.
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>> police have released dozens of 911 calls from paisley park where prince lived from suspicious activity to harassing phone calls, but four were for medical issues, including the one where prince was found dead. and also, powerful prescription painkillers were found near his body. and yet, they have not been able
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to find a valid prescriptioner for the drugs which sets up the next conversation. let's bring in dr. drew penske who is an addiction personalist. thank you for joining us, drew. and now, at this time, officials are not saying, and i need to stress it, he was not an addict or the cause of death, but just that the drugs were found. so can you give us an idea of first of all what kind of effect pain kkillers have on the body. >> well, none actually. with one of the great advances in medical science was the advent of the opioid and the opiates and for the first time in medical history pain could be controlled without any adverse effect on the body, but unfortunately, it can trigger a disease known as addiction and little talked about phenomena called hypergisia, but the opioid opioids and the opiates don't hurt the body, but ancillary
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complications. you mention tad i are powerful, and yes, they are, but 90% of the opiates prescribed on earth are in this country. the medicine talked about percocet, between 1991, and 2013, 81% of the percocet prescribed on the planet p prescribed in this country. and we are woefully, woefully sort of cavalier with how we prescribe these medications, and the real problem, martin, it is not the opioid or the opiate itself, though it the does cause problem problems, and you said that the prince is not an addict, and i completely agree with that, because i don't see the long-term behavioral struggles with addiction, but a recent crisis and what i am getting to is the real problem with the opioid or the opiate, and when you add a benzodiazapine, that combination can be lethal. >> do you know if something like ta happened in the case? well, think about it. we hear ongoing use of the opioids and more pain, and the
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hy hyperal geez ya probably, and maybe he was taking more overtime, and we also heard that he had not slept for 154 hours and worked in the whole time. when you hear that with somebody on opiates, and you are saying, wow they are trying to come off of the medication why they don't sleep, and then the doctors will add in a sleeping medication, and the patient takes more opiate, and this is what is fearful might have happened here. i have more of the sense that there is a, my clinical hunch after 30 years of working with this is that there is some sort of underlying medical issue that caused him to interact freque frequently with the medical system. the pain issue came late, and my fear is that the meds and the prescription are what took him out, and it is what, listen if a young el healthy adult dies in the united states, that is what they are most likely the die of. >> and let me ask you this, because the cdcb and i was floored by this figure says that 2014 was the highest year on record for drug overdoses in this country. i'm wondering -- >> yes.
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>> and this is clearly a problem that many americans don't recognize or understand. >> i have been chanting about this for almost, well, certainly five years on the hln the program there and we are at a new time 7:00, and please check us out, because we are talking about the prince story all of the time, and i have been chanting about it, and it is tragedies like this to get people's attention, that right, and everyone is thinking drug overdose, and people are thinking it is a illicit drug, and no, it is a prescription drug a vast majority of the time and it is with the valid prescription often taken as prescribed -- so it is a very profound health problem in the country. >> yes, and do you think it is an issue received as much attention as it should? >> no. >> are we clear ly in the dark about this? >> well, look at any celebrity that has died in the last seven years, it is prescription medication always. they are just reflecting what is going on in america. the young person dies, that is what they died of. if an addict died, a full-blown addict who has been struggling
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with the condition, guess what? they will die when they get their hands on a prescription med, because they are dangerous combinations, and utterly too cavalier of how we prescribe. >> and probably in everybody's medicine cabinet. >> and the kids see that, and that you treat it casually, and the doctor and as prescribed and again, i can't stress it enough that why the case that 90% of the pain kkillers prescribed on the globe are prescribed in this country. do we have more pain? are we more enlightened of how we handle pain? no, we have to change the cultu culture. >> dr. pin ski, thank you so much for join g ing us. we are back in a moment. on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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russia is responding to accusations that one of the fig fighter jets barrel rolled over a u.s. warplane. the russian defense ministry said that the jet only responded over the baltic sea after the u.s. plane turned off the transpo transponder, but the u.s. officials say that the plane was posing no threat and flying over international waters. barbara starr has more. >> another dangerous military maneuver by the russians. it happened friday over the baltic when an fair force rc-135
11:23 am
aircraft, a reconnaissance aircraft was flying in international space over to the balt baltic, and suddenly a russian fights came up alongside and within 25 feet of the american aircraft and did a barrel roll maneuver, and that means it came up over the side, and inverted and flew over the top of the american aircraft, and came back down the other side, at close range at high speed. this is one of the most dangerous unsafe maneuvers that can happen according to the pentagon, and actually, it was the second barrel roll this month by the russians. there was also another incident when the russian flew very close to u.s. warship in that region, and the question now is what are the russians really up to? is all of this happening under direct orders of moscow or happening because the russian pilots are out there hot dogging? for the u.s. it does not matter,
11:24 am
because the pentagon is making clear that it wants the russian military to stop these unsafe dangerous maneuvers. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> in other news, isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide attack in a busy marketplace in baghdad. they say it went off in a car parked earlier today, and targeting a group of shias shopping for meat and produce. at least 24 people were killed in the bombing, and 38 others were injured. monday marks five years since osama bin laden was killed. in an exclusive interview with peter bergen, the president speaks from the operation room that led to the death of osama bin laden. >> after the discussions with the principles, it was clear to me that this is going to be the best chance to get bin laden, and if in fact, we did not take the action that he might slip away, and might be years before
11:25 am
he resurfaced. >> and watch anderson cooper 360 special "we got him, president obama and bin laden and the future of the war on terror." that is going to the air monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern.
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it is one of washington's most celebrated events of the year, and it is just a few hours away from beginning right here on cnn. we are talk about the annual white house correspondents' dinner and kind of a celebrity roast only dc -style, and this year, larry wilmore is at the helm. >> and there is a couple of ways to prepare and you have to prepare something that is funny and entertaining, but you to realize that you are following a very funny president who has jokes, too. >> yes. >> and so you have to be aware that i want to make sure that i won't do something that he is going to be doing, and that is a thing that is challenging. >> this is president obama's last white house correspondents' dinne
11:30 am
dinner, and are you planning to take him on at all or nervous at all about making fun of him? >> no. there is no time to sick the irs on me, man, we are past tax day, mr. president, and you don't think that he is watching this, right, guys? >> and cnn's coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner is next and that is red carpet music. john berman going to be on the carpet. thank you for joining me. thanks for having me. "vital signs" with dr. sanjay gupta begins right now. ♪ >> if you could do something for just 15 minutes to help redeuce stress and ill prove the mood, wouldn't you be up for it? i know i would, and especially since it is easy, andpl


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