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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 30, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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you are in the cfn newsroom. i'm pamela brown in the for poppy harlow on this saturday. thanks for coming along with us. on the show, first up, ted cruz is laying the groundwork f what could be the last stand against donald trump. at any moment we expect him to take the stage at the gop convention in california, the state that votes last, but it has the biggest prize, 172 delegates. they are critical, because trump is so close to winning the nomination outright. he is now just 235 delegates shy of the magic number, and cruz and the new running mate carly
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fiorina is hoping to take this to a contested convention. and now, the scene is drastically different from hours ago when the anti-trump protesters forced the car carrying trump to go out the back door. and today, trump had special words for those protesters. jason carroll joining us from the convention. walk us through wa has happened with donald trump in the last 24 hours. >> well, this morning, donald trump tweeting out about the demonstrators yesterday saying that basically the protesters in california were thugs and criminals, and many of them are professionals and they should be dealt with strongly by law enfor enforcement. and ted cruz also weighing in on the issue yesterday in indiana telling the reporters that the people who showed up here and demonstrated, many of them he called them left wing age age t, and in terms of what we are seeing out here so far, no
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demonstrators showing up for ted cruz who is expected to take the stage in an hour from now, but one man who will be showing up for ted cruz is former governor pete wilson, and pamela, we are finding out now that he is expected to introduce ted cruz, expected to speak for five minutes and now officially on the program. in terms of the endorsements, you foe that he has received the endorsement of the indiana governor, but when it comes to the endorsements donald trump spoke about it when he was at the state gop convention and he said, yes, the endorsements are nice and important, but essential, no. he believes he has the will of the people behind his back, and he said that he does not need these types of endorsementsk and these endorsements are establishment endorsements and much like the people in the room, and the reason ta we are seeing the surge behind donald trump is mainly because a lot of people are saying that this is because this is a man who is anti-establi anti-establishment. so once again pete wilson is expected to introduce ted cruz when he takes the stage in an
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hour are from now, but when it comes to the endorsements, once again, donald trump is saying it is not important to his campaign going forward. pamela? >> and you mentioned that pete wilson is going to be introducing ted cruz, and what does that mean for the cruz camp and a little bit more about pete wilson, because he sparked some controversy when he was governor over immigration. is that right? >> well, he had a strong stance here in the state of california on the issue of illegal immigration, and he took a lot of heat for it, and having said that, governor wilson is seen as being more moderate. as you know, ted cruz is more conservative, and so certainly, that is in some ways going to be bringing in more people into the fold, and certainly, ted cruz needs all of the help he can get at this point in terms of the endorsements, and he is benind the polls here in california, and behind in indiana as well, but certainly, the pete wilson endorsement would be another feather in his cap. >> all right. jason carroll, thank you so much for bringing us the latest
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reporting there, and ted cruz may be in california today, but he is keeping an eye on indiana, and that state votes tuesday, and cruz needs the delegates more than before, and hipting to shawn hannity that indiap na may be to make it or break it moment. >> it is going the give me gret comfort that this primary is going to be decided by the midwestern commonsense of the hoosier state. >> and joining me now is cnn political commentator, and the host of the ben ferguson show, ben ferguson supporting ted cruz, and with us supporting trump, and political xhcommentar and radio host scotty nell hughes. and we know that trump has topped the 1,000 delegate mark, and at this point is he unstoppable? >> well, he can be stopped, and indiana is important to that and that whew you saw the governor come out to say he is going to be voting for ted cruz, because he believes as a governor that
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we need someone who understands how to actually run the government day one. not someone who is going to be filled with the talking points, and he also understands something else in indiana, and donald trump says that he is going the be bringing the jobs back, but with the reality, any time he has a chance to bring a job to america, he does the complete opposite, and exports the jobs and imports the workers from other countries whether it be the resorts or the clothing or any project that he is involved in, and in indiana, the voters there, they care about manufacturing, and if you are looking at the track record of donald trump, it is very clear that he has a huge weakness on claiming that he is going to be bringing american jobs back, but in reality, he is going to do everything to support the foreign workers and export the jobs including his own clothing that he sells. >> and if trump sweeps indiana, and cruz loses, what is that going to mean for cruz? is that the end for him? as he said, it is make or break? >>el w ted cruz is a realist here, and the number that you have to look at is 1,237 and it
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is not over until someone gets to that number, and so he is g going to be fighting as hard as he can, and other governors gathering around him are doing the same thing. they understand it is not over until the magic number is reached, and so until that number is e reached by donald trump, this this contest is going to be very intense and very, you know, heated, and that is the way it is going to be until he actually or somebody gets to that number, and if nobody does, we are going into the brokered convention. >> which is exactly what cruz and fiorina want. this is what trump said after the day yesterday. >> it was not the easiest entrance i have made. and my wife called and said helicopters are following you and i went under a fence and over the fence and i felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> and so scottie, some people
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say that it was an opportunity for trump to be more of the unifier, and is he stoking the flame flames with comments like that? >> well, first oft all, it is like he was playing frogger to get to his own speech yesterday and him and the entire group were able to make it across thankfully, but look at what was going on outside the protests right there. there were protests destroying public taxpayer property, and challenging law enforcement, and destroying the law enforcement vehicles by jumping up and down on them, and assaulting folks who wanted to go in to hear a candidate who they could possibly vote for, and that is while you have a right to peaceab peaceably assemble, they were angry and violent against anything that trump was going to say. there was probably some of them who didn't know why they were spewing hate, and talk about the talking points, that is why they were there, and that is the scenes that you will see that resonated with folks why mr. trump's message that we have a
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problem in the country, and while there are some real issues with what is going on in the hispanic community, and some of the issues with mr. trump a and that right there, the demonstration is not the best way to get your point across the not only mr. trump, but to the rest of america about any problems or grievances that you might have. >> and so, scottie, that is fair enough that perhaps this ist not the right way to respond, but people seem concerned that this is the kind of reaction that trump prompts, and in fact, ted cruz said that trump is divisive and you see the acts like this playing ow at places where he is supposed to at the end, and how concerning that this is the way it is moving forward? >> well, that is what those people, and unfortunately what those organizations want. they want to create that. if you want to have a message of unity, it has to come from the actions, and the words that speak of unity. and ben pointed out about governor pence yesterday going in to try the give the endor endorsement of senator cruz that was as lackluster as a rusted
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penny. >> and did you just said that we needed to unite and then you immediately start ripping on the governor of indiana, and ted cruz and how can you sit there and say that -- >> ben, ben -- >> that is what you are saying. >> ben, this is my chance. >> okay. >> and when you listen to what governor pence said, he went in there and he said, you nknow what, i am going to vote for senator ted cruz, however, i am going to support whoever our no, ma'am fee is, and he also gave encouraging words about mr. trump's immigration policy, and what he has done for jobs in indiana and across the country which is exactly opposite of what ben just pointed out, and it is that type of the language right now that is going to be causing the unify, and bring inment ins and other recruits from democrats who are registering to vote as republic republicans, and those numbers are turning out for mr. trump as a reason. >> it is true, though, ben, according to the exit polls in the last round of primaries that
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trump is expanding the base. how concerning is that for the cruz camp? >> well, i'm not concerned. i do think that many democrats are realizing that donald trump is not conservative, and the democrats saying, look at the democrats we are getting, but it is not hard for him to do that, because he has been a democrat most of his life. and the other thing about the rhetoric here, donald trump loves this fight, and he loves the intensity, and he loves to talk trash, and he loves to get the crowd fired up, and to go after anybody who is going to stand in his way, but at some point, you have to act with at least, i am not saying the word presidential, because he even agrees that is not the word to use when looking at the actions as a candidate, but act as a little bit civilized and realize that if you want to bring people togethe together, and remember, that donald trump is the weakest republican candidate in modern histo
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history, and more people have voted against him than for him, and he has not been able to wrap up the nomination, and he said that mitt romney was a loser and so did he say that about john mccain, and they wrapped it up long before this, and that is going to show you how weak of a character he is. >> and now, scottie, the unfavorable ratings are high -- >> through the roof! >> what is going to do to try to turn it around when he makes the comments directed at hillary clinton about using a wo woman's card. >> well, senator ted cruz's are not far behind, but it is not necessarily something that you k can pip on the front runner of the republican party, and it is something that you have to pin on the republican party, because it it is an issue they have had all along. looking at 2012, mitt romney lost miserably with the hispanic party, and the women, and this is something that the republican party has and not just the frontrunner. and if anything, mr. trump's policies will be able to expand the base of the people coming into it. and let me correct ben on one point the reason that mr. trump has not been able to sew up this nomination is because you have
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two conservatives that have split the conservative base, that silent majority that is split right now. if it would have been any other establishment candidate versus mr. trump, it would have been absolutely sewn up, but the only reason that senator cruz is in second place is because he worked so long alongside mr. trump rising in the polls and once they started to go against each other, senator cruz as been taken down. >> that is the weakest explanation i have ever heard. >> and scottie, and ben, we have to go, and good job getting the last word in, ben. appreciate it to both of you. >> and by the way, a programming note, ted cruz is jake tapper's guest on state of the union and he is also going to have an exclusive interview with hillary clinton right here tomorrow on c nshcn cnn. and coming up, new details on the death of prince. the 911 calls made in the years before he died and plus the famous faces expected at the
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memorial service tonight. and john kasich is getting into a heated exchange with a voter. >> do you feel -- >> well, i am not going to be going for -- >> are some people born gay. >> i won't get into the analysis of this or that -- >> well, it is not analysis. are people born gay? and again, ted cruz is expected to address the gop convention when it happens, and we will have more of that live. i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet? ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure,
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the legal wrangling over prince's estate and the investigation of his passing remain under the microscope while the siblings met to discuss their brother's fortune. meanwhile, the first musical tribute will happen in los angeles tonight. but new calls have surfaced about emergency calls to prince's home as far back as
12:17 pm
2013. sara sidner is joining me outside of prince's paisley park compound. and so did these involve prince or someone else are from the staff? do we know? >> we know that four calls over the past three years, and one of them for sure involved prince, because it is the call that let the world know that he had died in his elevator, but the other three were still unclear why medical services were called to paisley park. >> reporter: prince's fiercely guarded private life and struggles slowly coming to light. the sheriff's office has released incident call reports involving all calls from prince's paisley park estate to local law enforcement. 47 calls in all, some for suspicious activity and others for harassing phone calls, and four for medical issues including the day that prince died. but there is to indication yet whether the three other medical incidents involved prince, himself. what a law enforcement source is telling cnn, is when prince was
12:18 pm
found dead at the elevator in paisley park, prescription opioid medication was found in his possession, and a medication commonly needed to treat pain was also found inside of prince's home. >> and investigators say they have no evidence that prince had a valid prescription for the medication. >> we now know that prince may have been struggling with the severe pain, and using the the painkillers for six days before he was found dead. when his pilot called air traffic control to make an unscheduled landing. >> what is the nature of the emergency? >> unresponsive passengers? >> male or female? >> male passenger. >> prince was unconscious, and rushed to the hospital in mow li mowline, illinois, where he was treated for undisclosed nature.
12:19 pm
and now, the drug ips forment agency has been called in to investigate prince's death. and the dea involvement may give some idea where the investigation is going, because they come in when it is believed there is some illegal activity involving drugs, and this could be about the drugs found on prince's body or at his home. pamela. >> so a lot more to be learned in this investigation, and sara sidner, thank you very much for th that. >> and coming up, the trance gender bathroom battle is front and sun ter as caitlyn jenner takes donald trump up on his offer. >> last week, donald trump said that i could take a pee anywhere in the trump facilities, so i am going to take to a pee in the ladies' room.
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ohio governor and presidential hopeful john kasich getting into a testy exchange about his stance on discrimination and marriage equality. in a town hall in california he was asked repeatedly by a san francisco resident whether or not he thought that people were born gay. this is what he said. >> well, sir, i believe in tradition aal marriage, and i went to a gay wedding and a buddy of mine just went and got marry and my wife and i went to the wedding, and it is great and fine, but i won't go for some confrontation on that. >> are you believing that people are born gay?
12:24 pm
>> i won't get into the analysis of this or that. >> and it is not an analysis are people born gay. >> you know, sir, probably. i mean i don't know how it all works, okay. i peen, look, if are they? in all probably they are. okay. >> do they deserve regular rights like -- and kasich went on to say that e does not believe in discrimination, but there is a balance between discrimination, and people's religious liberties. and now, a statement over the bathroom may impact the race in indiana. here is miguel marquez. >> oh, my god, a trans woman in new york and i need to go to the batroom. >> reporter: call it the politics of cait interjecting herself into the national debate of controversial proposal iing
12:25 pm
banning people of trance gender identification to go to b bathroom. >> if donald trump dresses up as hillary clinton, he still can't use the little girl's room. >> reporter: deeply in indiana the issue is front and sunner. >> if you value religious liberty and the right of all of us to live according to the faith and the conscious and to seek out worshipping god almighty without government getting in the way. >> and the religious voters here are crucial to cruz, and 72% of the adult indian nans identify as christian, and 311% of them as evangelical, and it is a full-on battle for his support in the effort to stop trump. >> it doesn't make sense to allow grown adult men, stran strangers, to be alone in a bathroom with little girls. and anyone who says differently
12:26 pm
is political correctness on steroids. >> reporter: trump on the today show said that caitlyn jenner could use any bathroom she wanted in the trump tower, and jenner who had expressed support, but not an endorsement of cruz took the billionaire up on his offer. >> donald trump said that i could take a pee anywhere in the trump facilities so, i am going to the take a pee in the ladies' ro room. >> and trump said that the remarkings only meant that transgendered people using public facility is a state ish sue and not federal issue, and cruz is running this campaign ad. and evangelicals are on the defensive after the failure of a controversial religion bill made national highlights. but is it too little too late for cruz. >> my mother gave me this bible. >> and trump's support among the
12:27 pm
evangelicals is surprisingly high, and even besting cruz among the deeply religious voters in a majority of the states. >> i want to thank the evangelicals. >> the politics of cait. >> that way? >> thank you. >> now playing in the hoosier state. >> oh, god, okay. thank you, donald. i appreciate it. and by the way, ted, nobody got molested. >> gender politics meets religion meets the republicanle politic politics hopeful. >> and the gender bathroom controversy is part of the cruz stump speech as he is barnstorming across indiana, and it is 70 delegates at stake, and not winner take all as the senator needed, and not as many as he could get of the 70 delegates in the hoosier state if he hopes to stop donald trump. >> thank you, miguel marquez,
12:28 pm
and coming up on the saturday in what could be a general election preview, hillary clinton takes aim at donald trump. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off of the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. legalzoom has your back. for your business, our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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hillary clinton firing back at donald trump in an exclusive interview with cnn. tr trump who calls clinton crooked hillary says she is corrupt and plaus the quote woman card. this is what she told our jake tapper in response. >> i have at lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off of the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak. i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or the bullying or their efforts to try to provoke me.
12:32 pm
he can say whatever he wants to about me. i could really care a less. >> so let's talk it over with the democratic strategist maria car done na who has dope work for pro clinton superpac, and also a delegate of the democratic party, and also, a republican radio show host scottie nell hughes, and republican party advocate. and she say s ts that she is no caring what he says and the jabs of low energy jeb and little marco, and they brushed off the attacks similar to krinton, and should she take a different tact now? >> well, the difference is that donald trump has nef had an opponent like hillary clinton. and no, she is not going to be taking it for granted if that is what you are asking. the way that she is answering this is by giving, and i think a pretty compelling non-answer which is that she could careless
12:33 pm
what he talks about her personally, but what she is going to be focusing on what he says about other women, and what he says about other demographic s in the country, and what he says about other people in the country who are trying to make it, and when she is the candidate who is tauklking abou breaking down barriers, and he se the candidate who is talking about putting up walls, i think that is a difference and contrast that hillary clinton is going to win time and time again and especially when he is focusing the attacks on 53% of the voters in the country which are women, and when he is focusing the attacks on demeaning them for the success which is what he is doing when he is saying that hillary is pulling the woman card. >> and you heard hillary's response there, scottie, and what is your reaction to it basically saying that he went off of the reservation, and he is being a bully here. >> it is interesting, because he is getting, and she is getting a lot of the pushback from off the reservation, because it offended
12:34 pm
many indian americans who said that it is a slang dig at them, and is so it is interesting that what you say is going to come back to bite you, and i am not that ens sensitive and she should not be used for that, but using the jepder card is to get rid of the emotion when we involve things likis exism, and look at the the candidates and accomplished or not in the past both in public and private, and the same things that bernie sanders has been going against. >> clark: with -- against hillary clinton with her private ties and the accept iing of the money from wall street and big banks, and that is the same thing theb and he wants to make clear that the riffraff of the candidates in his own party that he is having to deal with, and when he has maria pointed out, he has not had a candidate like ms. clinton, we have to make sure it is a race not about emotions and policies, and not
12:35 pm
mud muddying the waters and hidinging behind the shield of being a woman or any sort of stereotype. >> and scottie, i want to show you a cnn poll that is is going woman card, and find here, 73% e of the women have an unfavorable view of donald trump, so how does trump plan to close the gender gap, and get the females on board that he makes comments that many women find offensive such as the woman card comment. >> well, absolutely an issue there, and that is also something that senator clinton has a major issue with women as we well, and her record is not so stellar for the women. and when she was a senator, she paid her women 72 cents to every dollar to what she paid the men, and looking at the promotion of the men within her own organizations where mr. trump has a track record of promoting women within his own private g organization, and business and putting the first female project of trump tower back when nobody
12:36 pm
was doing that in large project managers and his own family and daughter, and actions are going to be speak higher than words and when you look at the track record, you can see that one promotes gender equality better than the other, and it is not ms. clinton. >> and maria, do you think that trump helps clinton bring in more women voteers? does she need the help? >> yes, absolutely, he will do that. and the problem with trump is that his words have spoken louder than any actions he has taken, and that has been the problem for the republican party which is why they are desperate to not have him become the nominee, because they know that he is going to be such a degrading symbol of what this republican party has become. and remember that mitt romney lost women by 11% in 2012 to barack obama, and he lost the election, and right now, the numbers that donald trump is seeing in terms of the gender gap are almost 30 point s s to
12:37 pm
poll that you just showed, pam. and when he continues to talk about the women card, and when he continues to demean the most qualified candidate in the race who just happen s s to be a wom then what i think that he is doing, first of all, it is a politically stupid strategy, but what he is doing is that he is going to mobilize and going to make women come out for hillary clinton and what he is going to find is that, you know, come november, he is going to be having such an incredible, and see such an incredible dose of e lek toirl estrogen coming at him, he is going to be feeling the need to buy lipstick after the election. >> and what is the strategy, scottie, was it a stupid strategy? >> no, not at all. you have to look at the republican voters and what motivates them. ted cruz put carly fiorina on the ticket and what does she bring other than the female? she is not bringing the delegate counts with one, and if ted cruz wanted to bring on the delegates
12:38 pm
he would have brought on marco rubio, and it is not resonating with the republicans that just because you are a female, i am going to be voting for you and most importantly not with the republican women, and the message of the economy, and stre strengthening the borders and the national security messages not only resonate with the men, but very well with the women, republican women, and right now the reason why the republicans lost in 2012 was that they did not motivate the conservatives and their base to get out to vote, and they won't do it based on the gender, but do it with the same message that resonates whether you are a male or female, and that is what mr. trump's popularity is based on. >> scottie nell hughes and maria cardona, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. and now, cnn goes behind the bars of one of america's most notorious and oldest prisons. >> how long you been in here? >> 40th year. >> sentenced to life and you are on the 40th year. wow. >> that is the same thing i say every morning when i wake up,
12:39 pm
wow. >> kamau bell is going the show us what it is like inside of san quentin prison up next. and up next, one-third of the children in the united states grew up without a steady father figure, and in the african-american community was fearly half, and sheldon smith was one of them, but today, he is helping young dads in his hometown of chicago. that is what makes him this week's cnn hero. >> i was broken and hurt, and i was able to overcome all of these things. what i want for these young men is for them to be involve and engaged in their children's life, and give their children what i missed as a boy which is a great father, and someone who would be there for me, and give me the advice i needed to be a successful young man today. >> and you can watch sheldon's full story right now at cnn, and when you are there, nominate who you think should be cnn's 2016 hero.
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well sh, it is an annual ri of passage where hollywood's a-list economics. tonight, the actor and comedic
12:44 pm
l larry wilmore will be tapped to host the last correspondents' dinner, and it is the last h hoorah for those who have covered him for more than eight years. we will sit down with john berman about what is happening tonight, and the historic meaning behind it. >> it is going to be interesting to see, an african-american comedian hopefully making fun of the first black president in a correspondents' dinner, and that is going to be interesting. >> yes, maybe i will throw in a few racial jokes in there. >> you never talk about race. >> i never talk about it, and i rarely joke about it, only when i am forced to. but unfortunately, i am forced to do it all of the time. >> it is a conundrum, because how often do you have a chance to sit next to the first lady and have a conversation, but in my mind there is panic about what to do, so i will seem like
12:45 pm
a jerk to her, and saying, why this is he talking that much, and i am thinking of what to do,ed a i love the to sit next to you, and that is the toughest part of the evening. >> and you can watch the white house correspondents' dinner right here live on cnn and we will have complete coverage beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern. coming up this saturday, we will go live with kamau bell to san quentin. today's fit nation, today, the tallest skyscrapers are stunning marvels of architecture, but for others, it is an ability to race. >> reporter: tower running is a sport where people race up the staircases of the world's tallest buildings. >> we have to train to pain, because you will be feeling a lot of pain in the race. >> reporter: and lisa ran her first race 15 years ago, days after september 11th. >> we felt that it was important to show that we weren't afraid. ki only think of the people going down the stairs, and the horror of it, but when we got to the top, it was like no other
12:46 pm
feeling that i have ever experienced. >> reporter: she was hooked and now at age 57, she is ranked seventh in the united states, and 21st in the world. >> the empire state building is the ultimate race. you get up into the stairs and you are trying not to look at the floors, because it is a feeling of accomplishment, and just self-affirmation. i would like to keep doing this into my 80s, 90s. i just want to go all over the world and keep doing this. >> fit nation around the world in eight races brought to you by aleve, all day strong, all day long. e all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. dad, yoh no, i'll take you up to me off rthe front of the school.
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california's most infa mouse lock you, and there was charles manson, country singer haggard and scott peterson on prison's death row. you met with other inmates there at sam quinten, what surprised you? >> reporter: he was great, his namefuls duck, we talked to him. i'd like him to live in the neighborhood. he was a fountain of wisdom, very, i know he went to prison for a crime, but he's been in there for 40 years, and, you know, he's not infamous like scott peterson. whatever he's done, he feels sorry for, restitution, and when can we let him out? i fell in love with those guys. >> interesting. you discovered there this prison world order in your visit.
12:53 pm
tell us about that? what's that mean exactly? >>. >> reporter: what you learn from tv and movies is basically true, prison is broken up on racial lines, areas where you should and shouldn't go into, but then because this is a prison, the guys here aged out of prison, you graduate to get here, start at level five and move to level two, they not trying to cause trouble. they are trying to serve the time, rehabilitate themselves, and learn new skills. >> speaking of rehabilitation, i reported on transition for prisoners in the real world, and some have complained that the prison system just doesn't do enough to support them and provide them tools to make it in the real world to find jobs, et cetera. what did you find there in terms of rehabilitation? >> reporter: well, that's the thing. of all the men i talked to, they talked about how this was the prison in the state of
12:54 pm
california everyone wants to get to because of the rehab prisons. most are aa and jesus which are about the same thing, but here's there's a coding program. we're near silicon valley, they teach how to code, but it's still, you know, will they get out to use the skills, and when out, they have to check the box which says i'm a felon, stopping people from getting hired. >> right. you're going to screen this at the prison. how do you think it'll be received? >> reporter: you know, i hope they receive it in the spirit it was meant. it's weird to say a love letter to the guys i met, but i was shocked. i mean, it's sad to say we have to humanize people, but this is an effort to show them as the fully functional, fully spectacular things i felt they were. they all did bad things, they admitted to it, a long time ago, and they worked hard to turn into different people. i just want to show them as humans.
12:55 pm
we see them as animals, but i wanted a reverse version of that. >> you said you fell in love with them. before i let you go, you are a comedian, you don't sthie from politics. i have to ask. this is obama's last white house correspondents' dinner tonight. any advice for the president? >> reporter: i love larry, i think he should fire larry and do the whole thing, host his own dinner, roast everybody. i think he should go out and drop the microphone like chris rock. i love larry, but he doesn't need him. >> i don't think larry likes that answer, but interesting. >> i know. i love you, larry. i'm not mad at ya, i'm not mad, i just want obama to do the whole thing himself. >> all right, thank you very much for that. don't forget that we take you inside san quentin on united shades of america tomorrow night at 10:00 here on cnn. in the next hour, meet the man who went from carrying trump's golf clubs to running the most
12:56 pm
high profile twitter account in all of presidential politics. >> he never attacked anybody. >> what? >> well, come on, dad. he never attacked anyone in the sense of where he started. . ly anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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welcome to the cnn news room, i'm pamela brown in for poppy harlow. indiana or bust, that might as well be cruz's man tra this weekend, and trump breached 1,000 delegates, cruz needs a win more than ever before. he is stopping in california, speaking at day two at the republican state convention and surprise guest is making an introduction for him, former california governor wilson who is now endorsing him. let's bring in jason carol from the convention. jason? >> reporter: well, wilson, former governor is on the stage speaking out why he's endorsing cruz and how he's most qualified to be the president, saying this is man who is not anti-immigration, but antiillegal immigration, and, ge again, pointing out, at this point, cruz has the endorsement of wilson and jeb bush, governor of di


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