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tv   The White House Correspondents Dinner  CNN  April 30, 2016 4:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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switch to x1. only with xfinity. tonight fabulous meets famous meets washington. who will survive who will thrive who will laugh? here's a preview of coming attractions. ♪ >> this is no ordinary dinner. this is a big [ bleep ] meal. >> i want to welcome all of you
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to the white house correspondents' association dinner. >> tonight when washington celebrates itself. somebody's got to do it. supreme court ruled the donor that gave ted cruz $6 million was just exercising free speech. >> yeah, the kind of speech like this, i just wasted $6 million. >> he is released the black in. >> that's a legacy. and donald trump is here. still. >> your gray hair is at 85%. your hair is so white now it can talk back to the police. >> the white house correspondents' dinner. >> what is this thing? >> welcome to america. >> starts right now. the show is not yet rated.
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welcome to a night unlike any other where people go to see and be seen and then tweet about it. there's aretha franklin for god's sake. hollywood stars political players and journalists wearing borrowed clothes are walking the red carpet. president obama and the first lady will be there. members of congress, pop culture, plus real life journalists and the people who play them on tv. it's a night to eat, tell jokes and held raise money for a noble cause, scholarships and awards to support good journalism. good evening, everyone. welcome to cnn's special coverage of the annual white house's correspondents' dinner. i'm john berman. it's all about the glamour. let's get right to the glamour.
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we're going to the red carpet right now. the regent of the red carpet. sarah marie is there with some special guests. >> we do have special guests. donald trump will be skipping the dinner he sent his most capable surrogates for here with don jr. and his lovely wife. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> this is your first time at the dinner. did you have any reservations knowing in the past your dad has been the butt of a couple of the jokes. >> if there's anyone that can make fun of ourselves, my father, me it's our family. you see his sense of humor. he's a lot more reserved on the campaign trail than at home. we're ready. we can dish it out and take it. >> what's is going to be like for you if president obama is up there poking fun at donald trump, are you going to be laughing at those jokes or is it going to be stern? >> i don't think i'm going to be laughing at them. >> i'll be laughing. it's okay. i'll have a good time. maybe he'll give me material i
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can recycle on my father when we're alone. >> i'm sure you'll be a popular dinner guest. there are many people want to know more about your father's candidacy. what celebrity are you going to see? >> i'm new to this politics thing. i've been in this business for 14 days now. so we're having a good time. we're learning a lot. it's been amazing to be a fly on the wall and experience. it's incredible. >> no top celebrity sighting no one -- brian cranston is going to be there. >> honestly it's one of those things we're used to it. you know, when i think about my father it's probably about as famous as it gets anywhere in the world right now and i see him on a daily basis. we're not necessarily one for celebrity. when it's the guys i've learned a lot on the campaign trail. the people that have been good to us. i want to see them and catch up with them. we're not celebrity chasers. >> and being away from five kids, being out, dressed up. get some alone time. >> very good point. mama over here taking care of
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the five kids while i've been on the trail has been neglected. >> if your dad is successful if he does win in november if he's the president what's this dinner going to look like next year? >> i imagine the conservative tables will be more up front and the liberal publications will be a little bit more in the back. it's the opposite of the way it would be right now. listen it will be a good time and a good party. everyone has seen the way he is. you know, seeing some of the roasts he's done whether it's been as a recipient or as a giver. i think it will be a lot of fun. >> will he write his own joke? >> listen that's not the easiest thing to do. when people try to do it sometimes themselves i don't know of anyone that has done it by themselves. i think he'd have a lot of input. a lot of it is about the delivery. nobody will do it better than had im. >> you heard them there. they're not worried about the
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tone of the beener tonight. they are confident this is going to look very different a year from now. back to you. >> they don't want to mean brian cranston. >> i don't understand that at all. i don't understand that. i think they're trying to play it cool. >> great to see you, bill out there finding other fabulous people. thank you so much for working on this night that should be all about fun. thanks so much, sarah. all right i'm with an amazing line up of guests experts and politics, fashion history comedy power gossip. and money. i'm joined by kate anderson broward. she published first women about america's first ladies. brad jenkinjenkins. this is a historic white house dinn dinner. pr president obama his final din r dinner. he's had memorable moments at
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the dinners. people are expecting big things. your thoughts on the night. >> i keep thinking back to tw20 when he talked about donald trump and donald trump was the big joke. it might be a part of his administration that he was wrong. apparently america cares about donald trump. >> 2011 was the weekend that president obama launched the raid that killed osama bin laden. by the time president obama was speaking to the crowd roasting donald trump. donald trump was in the audience, not laughing. in some ways it may be a most famous white house correspondents dinner. pressure to top that? >> i don't think he can top that. i think donald's hew of orange got oranger prom folks that were there and saw it in person. no, i don't think that he'll ever top that. i think that he'll have a lot of fun tonight. i think mostly for me, it's about the obama legacy. i think it's a lot about, you
4:08 pm
know, rapping up what is a historic presidency. trump will get a few jokes. i think he's going to focus more on what he was able to accomplish in eight years. >> we're looking at carmellow anthony who has the night free because the knicks aren't in the playoffs. he can go to the white house correspondents dinner. kate, i want to ask you, presidents and first ladies, have mixed emotions about this dinner is my experience. they have to sit up there on the podium for three hours. surrounded by people who largely grill them night in and night out. and have to pretend like they like it. >> yeah, they usually dread it i think. you know, that's why it was so interesting in 2005 when laura bush came out and made a joke about being a desperate house wife and she and lynn cheney would watch desperate house wives when the president was asleep. i don't know if michelle obama will choose to do that. she has a great sense of humor friends say.
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i think president obama will leave it on the field today. he has nothing to lose. he's going to just -- he's so witty naturally. so it will be really interesting to see how far he takeatis it. >> i interviewed larry will more and we'll show that interview. he said the hardest part of the night will be sitting up there next to michelle obama the whole time before he's about to deliver his comedy routine. >> from what i hear, it's the hardest gig to book in the correspondents association because the comedian has to go on after the president. it's, you know, the president has you just said, he is -- if the president thing didn't work out for him he could have been a comedian. he's got a great sense of set up. punch line. and it's fun to watch the president doing jokes. i think the public loves to see that. i love larry. i love his team. i love lewis k. and i hope that -- i think he's going to do a great job. he's a great end note to the
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president's final correspondents dinner. >> you know everyone in the business. you've been talking to people writing the jokes. >> i know some people writing the jokes. we were talking about it's just emotional for a performer like myself to see the head liner go first. >> the president, the president goes first. >> president goes first. >> then you realize a comic who is on their chop gicis is sitti there with their cards not doing that. literally during the dinner. that's going out. that killed that joke i have something exactly like that. so many times they don't go to the white house with new material. they want to keep it fresh. it's like, i think it would be harder for the president to be like well you stepped on that one. no, the president has to have like, the freshest material. >> you were in the white house. while this was going on. any sense of the preparation inside the white house to get the president ready? >> as fun as this is this is probably the least important
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thing the president is doing. >> i have a hard time believing that. >> perhaps this month let alone this year. we have an incredible team of speech writers, my colleague who is the head writer of funny or die has honed the speech. he tells me it starts three weeks before the speech. they start with 100 jokes. and as liz says a lot of the jokes come from some of the best comedians in the business. stealthy communications that happen. those 100 get whittled down to say, 50 or so. those get presented to the president. and then he selects the ones he likes and that gets down to 35 or 40. just like anything the president wants to make sure that it's the best that it can possibly be. he takes it seriously. it's a fun process. >> comics, too, when they watch the correspondents dinner the president has a great joke. al comedians are so spiteful. that guy had the greatest joke about that he'll never do it
4:12 pm
again. it's a no act. i didn't write it i can't have it. it's like watching somebody do great things and have that stuff just go away. >> last word before we go to break. do the presidents care? how much do they care about being funny do you think? >> i think it would be embarrassing if they bombed, you know. i think they want to do well. i am going to name drop here i'm good friends with carol lee who is the president of the white house correspondents association. she said she picked larry willmore because he's up and coming and he's not afraid to talk about controversial issues. it's harder to get tina fey or somebody that is super established. >> we can all name drop as much as we want. we're not there. the deal we can make with each other we should feel free to say whatever we want. tonight will be the president's final correspondents dinner. in a moment we'll look back at some of his best moments including some jokes really that may have changed history. windows 10 is great because
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plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. the white house correspondents dinner is known as the prom of washington, d.c. a term coined by political reporters who never had a chance to go to an actual prom. >> that was president obama just delivering one of the many jokes he has over his seventh correspondents dinners. this is his final white house correspondents dinner. is he saving the best for last. you won't believe what we see so
4:17 pm
far. will and jada pinkett smith. michael kelly the dude from house of cards. none of whom have worked in journalism or the white house. but we have had a chance to speak to someone who is currently working in the white house. the current white house press secretary josh earnest. >> this is the president's last white house correspondents dinner. i'm sure he's relieved. but will he be different tonight? will he be funnier, more serious? >> he's going to be funny. and he's not going to pull any punches. and this is an opportunity he always enjoys. put on a tux, poke fun at himself. poke fun at washington. and poke a little fun at his adversaries too. >> how many jokes were left on the cutting room floor? >> lots. lots. this is a process of thinning the herd. we start out with large pile. and we sift through to find the very best ones. >> any donald trump comments tonight? we all remember the night when mr. trump was in the room and he
4:18 pm
talked about him and in 2011 i believe it was. >> that's right. after that all we've been through, it would not be the white house correspondents dinner if mr. trump ended up on the floor. >> preview tonight you can tell us donald trump will be a theme? >> it would not be the same if we left him out. >> okay. anything from mrs. obama will we hear from her tonight? >> i don't think so. she usually participants in the presentation of the awards, the scholarships. but no speeches for her tonight. >> what -- what do you think this dinner would look like this white house correspondents dinner you're a veteran if donald trump were actually up on the dias as president? >> that's a provocative question. he certainly looks good in a tux. he'd be comfortablep there. people would be on the edge of their seat to see what he had to
4:19 pm
say. i don't know i have a sneaking suspicion that's not likely to happen. >> does the president feel responsible at all for donald trump's rise by poking his finger in his face in 2011. some people said that's why he decided to run. >> there's no denying the president got the better end of that exchange. >> are you sure about that? >> yeah. i don't think anybody knows exactly why mr. trump is running for president. or what's motivating him. >> millions of people voting so we'll let them make the decision. >> that's the beauty of the process the american people get to decide. >> thank you very much. we'll see you out there. >> nice to see you. >> our thanks to jeff for that. a promise from josh earnest that president obama will bring up donald trump during his speech. so stay tuned for that. so the president will be there. politicians hollywood celebrities. one person in that room shines above all others, and sarah murray is with him right now.
4:20 pm
>> i think i have some faces you recognize with me on the red carpet. we have wolf blitzer and kate baldwin. what's going on at the party? >> we did see senator bernie sanders. he's here with jane. jane was lovely. she was very nice. i think she's happy to be here what do you think? >> she seemed okay to be here. bernie sanders seemed uncomfortable >> it was little weird. he may have come through when jeff was out here. it's interesting he's the candidate to come to the dinner, the outsider anti-lobbying guy. >> absolutely. it is also, as we've walked these parties beforehand and we go into the parties it is the strange mash of humanity. and you turn around and you see tony blinken, you see nancy pelosi, bernie sanders, you see -- >> senator dianne feinstein.
4:21 pm
a lot of senators, a lot of members of the house. >> everyone is just kind of crushed together in one room. as many times as i've come i'm not sure what to make of it. >> it's too up close and personal with senators. >> very upclose sometimes. you're all in each other's personal space. >> this is president obama's last white house correspondents dinner. it may be poignant for him. what are you expecting from him tonight? >> i think he's going to be a little funny. i have a little clue about what he's going to say. i can't share. i have a confidentiality agreement. i think you'll enjoy it. there will be a special moment all of us will enjoy. just get ready. >> if anyone knows wolf blitzer everyone knows what that means. it means it involved wolf. >> just watch it very closely. >> okay. so what should we watch from the trump children tonight? donald trump is not here. but eric trump is here, don jr. is that going to be awkward? >> cit can't be more awkward thn
4:22 pm
when donald trump was here. >> he was at the table next to me. >> were you watching his face? >> i couldn't see his face. we saw his face later on tv. >> he said though that he loved it. >> he said he loved it. do we believe that? >> if i were the kids tonight i think i read it in the washington post. you need to laugh harder and think it's funnier when they're making fun of you because that's the only way to survive it. >> it will be fun. >> all right. thanks for taking a moment to break from the party hopping and break from the dinner. >> you look amazing today. >> thank you. >> i told john i was not going to divulge a secret. john berman made that for me. >> is he wearing a tuxedo? >> he's wearing a gown. john berman, we have a big
4:23 pm
surprise. wolf knows about it. we'll see that inside. back to you. >> it's awesome. clearly upgrading right there. i can't tell you how happy i am for all of you you're having so much fun out on the town tonight. sarah, kate, wolf thank you all so much. all right. throughout the evening we'll be asking you the audience to weigh in. we have questions for you. the first one is, who was the fungistie funniest of the last three presidents, going to, vote. in just a moment we'll go back to the red carpet as hollywood meets washington and wolf blitzer. everyone likes to show off. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪
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welcome to the white house correspondents dinner. the night when washington celebrates itself. somebody's got to do it. and welcome to the fourth quarter of my presidency. it's true. that was michelle cheering. >> president obama in last year's white house correspondents dinner. how funny is he? what do you think, liz? >> i mean, i think he's really
4:28 pm
funny. and the thing that he does that is the hardest thing to perfect in stand up he understands the pause and the silence. it's like -- it's timing it's timing. it's waiting and he also pushes the envelope really really far. like he wasn't afraid to like, get bleeped on the f bomb. he wasn't to like, you know, do things that are genuinely funny and part of the zeitgeist. he follows comedy trends i think that's cool. >> are you sure you're not grading him on a curve, funny for presidents? do you think he's genuinely funny. >> it's a good point. i genuinely think he's funny. >> you worked for him. your employment depended on it. >> i work for a comedy company now. on par and liz creator of the daily show she can speak to this. he's very funny. he's very good at this. it's almost scary to me that this is something he's never really working on. he's not working on jokes and
4:29 pm
presenting. does it once a year and knocks the ball out of the park every year. it's a skill. i mean, i think it took him 20 some years to get to where he is today. i'm not saying president obama is going to be the next louie ck. >> how amazing? his post presidency i just want a late night show. >> we just saw neve campbell. we don't know who she is. she's staring over her shoulder. >> star of the vampire diaries >> thank god you're here. thank god you're here. funny presidents. it's my opinion we always sigh whoever the president is, this president loves to take jokes. i wasn't alive during the calvin coolidge administration. i think our presidents can command a roof. >> they think w. was funny as
4:30 pm
well. making fun of himself. obama it's the timing he had down pat. he showed a video from the lion king and said the place of my birth and said fox news this is just a joke. he was addressing the crowd and bringing them in in a way i think that is very natural for him. so i think he's one of the funniest we've had recently. >> you looking right now at the bottom of our screen people are voting and saying president obama is the funniest of the last three presidents. everyone will warn you there's a lot of people who want to see the president speak? a lot of people want to see the president speak so they probably think he's funny to begin with. i played jeopardy with her. another name drop. now i'm winning name drops. she was on the jeopardy game i was on there. she's very very nice. i'm a big giant fan. >> her? >> i mean i won. but she's very very smart. >> that was a good drop on top of a drop.
4:31 pm
>> wow. >> she seemed like she had some intellect. >> we're going to go to break. the other guy that will be tatellit telling jokes larry willmore. will he upstage the president? we'll get more as our coverage continues. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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in the media you guys have been very favorable towards the
4:35 pm
president. you know, it's funny to me that they've never caught you smoking but they somehow always catch you with your shirt off. >> some observations from wanda sykes. welcome back. president obama will not be the only one telling jokes tonight. the correspondents dinner featuring comedian larry willmore. a familiar face to all fans of comedy central. how do you make jokes about a president when he's sitting right next to you? >> this is true. they're replacing andrew jackson who was a notoriously pro slavery president as well as the most blood thirsty racist in the jackson 5. true. >> larry willmore knows it's way easier to win the nightly show crowd than woo what could be the fiercest audience in show biz, slash washington. >> it's the most narcissistic room ever. ever invented.
4:36 pm
journalists politician and hollywood and the president. there you go. that room could explode just from the narcissism alone. >> when it comes to the white house correspondents dinner, the explosion is worth the risk. >> something that i really wanted to do. and if i did it i really did want to do it for this president. and i thought the time might have expired for that. so to sneak in there at the end is very cool. >> what's happening, everybody? >> the last such dinner for the first black president starring an african-american comic. >> let's be clear about what black face actually is. >> willmore knows it is historic. >> you say you like the president. you didn't support him because of his policies you supported him because of his black. >> the policy that he's black. >> how's he delivered on it? >> he's been excellent. he's increased the policy of blackness over the last year and a half. he's released the blacken.
4:37 pm
>> a classic answer from the comic both funny and deadly serious. >> i agree, my writing staff has to fill in the names. true. they barely even show up to work anymore. >> 15 months after he took over the time slot on comedy central vacated by steven colbert. "the new york times" says willmore is less reoccupied with humor than anyone else who has occupied a mock news chair. >> sometimes i'm not afraid to have to provide some glibness in a moment and tell a story and to find humanity in the story and get the comedy out of that. sometimes it works the other way around. it appears that officer slager immediately began the cover up of the death. >> when you're covering a story about a man getting shot in a back. there's nothing funny. how do you cover?
4:38 pm
how many of these murders aren't cot caught on camera. >> he applies that same sometimes frank sometimes funny take to his views about the election. which are admittedly liberal. will you say your show trends left, trends democratic policies? >> i would say probably because of the issues we take on. a lot of them are culture issues. >> i'm going to throw out a candidate's name. there are five left. a first impression or a word. when i say bernie sanders you say. >> scrappy. >> ted cruz you say. >> creepy. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton? i say trying to find it. >> john kasich? >> john kasich, i'd say -- man. this is the problem with john kasich right now. a lot of people are struggling. that is the problem.
4:39 pm
>> donald trump? >> donald trump unbelievable. in every way. >> black people supporting trump? >> when it skcomes to the correspondents dinner he is promising all jokes delivered with the skill and experience of more than 20 years acting writing and producing on shows ranging from in living color to the bernie mac show. >> i have a job. >> to starring as the senior black correspondent on the daily show. >> what do you say to those people? >> oh, i don't know, john i would say they should probably go [ bleep ] themselves. >> and this weekend, all targets are fair game. >> take a look at the whole obama saudi arabia thing. >> including or especially the president. >> no free pass because it's his last dinner? >> i have to keep it 100, come on, man. i mean, this is the last dinner. what are they going to do? not enough time to sic the irs after me. maybe i shouldn't say that on
4:40 pm
tv. but that's part of the fun. it's all a good natured fun. >> the hardest part he says having to follow the president on stage. president now experienced at telling jokes. >> and donald trump is here. still. >> do you think you'll laugh at him or try not to laugh? >> i'll completely laugh. >> you don't want to lower expectations? >> i'll be a big audience for him and it will help me to be too nervous. that's funny mr. president. >> we're back with our panel. joined by mark lamont hill. you've been a panelist on the nightly show with larry willmore. he is a different type of late night comic. it's not necessarily on a show joke joke joke joke. >> right. it's not like having a traditional standup comedian hosting the show or colbert who
4:41 pm
is in character. he's flat out hilariouhilarious. >> he has said he told jake tapper he plans to talk about race. a lot of his jokes he admits on his show are about race. i imagine that will be a theme here with the first, the last dinner for the first black president. >> yeah, i think so. i think that he -- it's always cool when you can get somebody who is a writer and a performer. because when you are writing the material and helping craft it yourself, there's an intrinsic performance quality that comes. that's really great. >> that's marissa meyer who took a pay cut. she still -- >> how big of her. >> -- to get to the dinner people in the industry love larry willmore because he worked his way up. he appreciates the business of comedy tonight. it is hard, right? it is hard for him to get up
4:42 pm
there after the president, brad. you know, he said he's frankly nervous about it. >> i think all comedians are nervous to follow the president. what larry has i think mark hit on it t. he's doing the show every night. he's very invested each night on what's happening. so much of these bits are what's happening, what's topical, what's relevant. i think larry is going to have a big night. >> can you go too far? >> i think -- yeah. absolutely. i think there is like, a line there. you can't be too kind of out there. i think that's why. probably like to have someone like chris rock host one night. but he might be a little too controversial for them. you know, the room is inherently so strange. i remember going to the dinner and richard myers the chairman of the joints chiefs of staff was my date and pamela anderson was at my table. >> i call that tuesday, by the way. tuesday at my house go ahead. >> it's the most bizarre thing. you see george lucas and then a
4:43 pm
congressman from minnesota and a staffer. it's a very strange jurx juxtaposition there. >> there is eric trump. >> is she with the other one's wife or is that his wife? >> that's his wife. >> that's his wife, come on. >> i don't know. you know. >> mark, i tried to press larry. he told me he would make fun of the president. he actually admires the president, he flat out says that he admires the president a lot. he thinks he's a historic figure. he's not the most frequent target or the target he hits the hardest. don't you think that it is owed to america tonight on the president's last correspondents dinner to have some of the best satire involving the president? >> it's his patriotic duty. this is a tougher president to make fun of though. because many presidents you can make fun of bodily features. many presidents you can do that.
4:44 pm
he's so deaf dep ruicating. some of that is so hard to jab at him. i think what you'll hear are jokes about his unmitigated blackness. he's going out there saying things he didn't say. using slang he's never used before. and doing federal engaging in executive orders he's never done before. >> is it hard to make fun of this president? >> no. no. i mean i feel like good satire comes from talking about the policies and the hypocrisies. i think that any president of the united states has come up in a system full of money in a system full of favors and many things. i mean, i'm a political satirests. one of the things obama did was go back on his prescription drug promise. i made jokes about that. there are tons of things. >> we're running out of stuff. two years ago yeah.
4:45 pm
this has not been a bad year. >> you're comparing him to people that are measuring the manliness. >> that's what i'm saying the gold is on the other side. >> the healthcare website works now. >> exactly. >> all right. guys stick around. there's a lot more to talk about. no doubt many of tonight's jokes and liz was focusing on it right there will feature the 2016 presidential race. coming up, why some people might argue the race itself is nothing but a joke. we'll go back to sarah murray who is working the red carpet as all the stars arrive.
4:46 pm
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4:49 pm
hillary's campaign slogan is "it's your time" which i assume is what she says in front of a mirror when she's deadlifting 200 pounds. >> cecily strong from last year. welcome back to the cnn white
4:50 pm
house correspondents' dinner. we have some republicans in the house right now even though it is a democratic president at his final correspondents' dinner. caylee, i think you'll like this because we spoke to some other donald trump fans. >> what do you think the party will look like if donald trump wins? >> well, we're going -- it's called diversity, something the republican party has never had. >> you actually worked in a white house, though, before. >> i v yhave, yes. >> so tell me what donald trump's office staff would look like. >> we've just gone through seven years of democratic policies, and it's been very interesting, but donald has a clear vision about making this nation safe, making sure we secure our borders, making sure we have economic prosperity for all
4:51 pm
americans, creating new job opportunities as well. >> but on a night like this, some people still think donald trump is not the most serious candidate in the world. do you think he has already proven them wrong, or does he still have to do that? >> we're on the cusp of him becoming the republican nominee. we're literally a sneeze away from getting to cleveland, him claiming that nomination, and then we're going full steam ahead. trump train to '1600 pennsylvania. >> hillary clinton, how tough of an opponent will she be? >> you know i work with the clintons, and i think the secretary will be very tough. i think she will be a worthy opponent. the great thing about this race is you have a very experienced politician, and you have somebody who is starting a movement, and he's not afraid to be tough. so you're going to see a showdown of the ages. >> what do you think of the woman card that's been playing the last couple of days? >> i have to talk about that with katrina. >> we already talked about that with katrina. what do you think?
4:52 pm
>> the great thing about this country is we as women have been striving for equality. since hillary clinton wants equality, she's going to get a level playing field in this case. he's going to go after her just as tough as he would. kasich is going to go tough on ted cruz. that's what equality is, right? you don't want her going against him with kid gloves on. that would undermine her power to be the first woman president. >> do you think ted cruz will be tough on donald trump, or do you think he learned his lesson? >> i was in the room when he had his moment with donald trump and it was very uncomfortable. donald will not be there to defend himself, but believe me, he has thick skin. it's about fun, it's about humor, and next year donald will be delivering the laughs and the punch lines. >> jeff asking all the tough questions to amirosa. she did that last year saying next year donald trump will be
4:53 pm
delivering the laugh lines. >> that woulding the best correspondents' dinner up there. i can't even imagine because he's so humorous on the campaign trail. to have him there i think would be just the best. >> somebody needs to write his jokes, though. he'll say, i'm the best comedian ever. it will be a great speech, i promise you. that's what i'm worried about. >> but lyin' ted, he's hysterical. >> i imagine you're not a trump voter, but you're agreeing with caylee that he has some communicable abilities. >> but it would be different than writing 30 minutes of material for a crowd, particularly a liberal crowd. hollywood ain't laughing at him. >> i'm so glad you brought that up, because this is a hollywood crowd. this is a democratic president which means, look, if you bring your guests, the administration is going to be a more democratic administration. do the republicans like watching the white house correspondents'
4:54 pm
dinner? >> i've been to one, so i think generally everyone has a truce in mind. this year it would be a truce not just between democrats and republicans, everyone should be able to relax and laugh. i do think president obama, president bush before him, have done a good job making jokes that everyone can laugh at. it's not the sort of stuff where you're laughing at people instead of laughing with them. perhaps one exception with the trump moment that was mentioned earlier. that was a little more, but again, donald trump can certainly take it. and within the republican party right now, i think there will be a sense that everyone should let bygones be bygones right now because it's a rough and tumble primary. everyone wants to see donald trump's speech, and if he's going to go on a limb with comedy lines, this would be the year to see it so i want him to go for it. >> you want him to go for it.
4:55 pm
>> of course i want him to go for it. president obama bombs, can't even have a night of joy with everybody. i hope he's right on the edge. >> caylee, do you think donald trump should get a response tonight? >> that would be awesome. i would love to see a donald trump rebuttal because i think he could be as funny as the president sort of off script. i think it would be hysterical. by the way, it takes the narrative off ted cruz right before indiana. talking about donald trump is better than talking about carly fiorina as vp. >> i don't know about that. >> i think you have to realize there is a lot of hilarity. >> we're going to take a break and come up with all our ted cruz jokes and we'll come back and deliver them. download the new cnn politics app.
4:56 pm
this thing saw sois awesome. it's available in the itunes store. we'll come back with the arrival of the royal couple. that's not them, that's princess leia. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪
4:57 pm
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it is 8:00 in the east coast right now. no better place to be on earth than sitting in a studio in new
5:00 pm
york looking at pictures of washington, d.c. welcome back to cnn's special coverage of the annual white house correspondents' dinner. i'm john burman. we are expecting president obama to enter the room at any minute. elvis in the building, almost. we are told. we've seen some of the biggest names in hollywood, entertainment and beyond, mixing it up with political figures as well. look at the red carpet, the fabulous red carpet. the dinner is said to get under way in a few short moments. we don't have the menu. i'm curious what they're serving. a little later we'll take you inside. the president gives the first comedic speech, then larry willmore gets to take a stab at bringing down the house, as it were. he is the roastmaster of the night. a full night of festivities ahead. we will cover every moment. let's bring in our guest, brad jenkins, executive producer for
5:01 pm
"kaitlyn or die." also with us, cnn political commentator katie mcinaney. this is an historic night. it is president obama's final white house correspondents' dinner. he is the nation's first black president, the last correspondents' dinner for the first black president. larry willmore a black comedian. >> i think the content will be historic. this will be the blackest bit you'll ever see, the blackest routine in stand-up history in terms of correspondents' dinners. i think it's going to be incredibly rich and incredibly fun. they brought in more technology, more props, more people. it's hard to do this thing eight times in a row and do it well.
5:02 pm
i think it's going to be really exciting. i think president obama is going to do an extraordinary job. >> you're calling for special effects. you're saying it's not just enough to have comedy, you need special effects as well. >> you need special effects. >> careful, holograms here on cnn. we're not so sure. brad, putting together this dinner, you've worked in the white house. i am curious about how much work really goes into it? i've heard hundreds of jokes are written for the comedians but also from current and former staff. david axelrod has been writing jokes, john favreau. >> john lovitt. >> john lovitt. how do they do it all? >> you have to mix it up. last year we had the one who dropped the mic with the president. you have to set up a punchline,
5:03 pm
you have to use video, you have to use props. it's going to be fun. where i'm expecting some surprises -- i don't want to let the cat out of the bag -- >> you know sgchomething. >> we talked to josh ernest. one of the things we heard is the first lady, michelle obama, will not speak. does she like comedy? does she like roasting? does she like this type of event? >> i think she and the president have a great sense of humor, but i think some things she does take personally. for instance, the citizenship stuff from donald trump is something she finds hard to forgive. she's not really in the d.c. political scene. she can't wait to leave the white house. i don't think this is a night she particularly looks forward to, no. >> but the president does usually bring it when he speaks at this dinner. we have clips of his finer moments. let's watch.
5:04 pm
>> i am barack obama. most of you covered me. all of you voted for me. [ cheers and applause ] apologies to the fox table. where are they? i must confess i really did not want to be here tonight, but i knew i had to come. just one more problem that i've inherited from george w. bush. jonas brothers are here. they're out there somewhere. sasha and malia are huge fans, but boys, don't get any ideas. i have two words for you: predator drones. you will never see it coming.
5:05 pm
you think i'm joking. i've even let down my key core constituency, movie stars. just the other day matt damon -- i love matt damon. love the guy. matt damon said he was disappointed in my performance. well, matt, i just saw the adjustment bureau, so right back at ya, buddy! four years ago i was a washington outsider. four years later, i'm at this dinner. four years ago, i looked like this. today i look like this. and four years from now, i will look like this.
5:06 pm
♪ >> thank you! thank you, everybody. how do you like my new entrance music? [ applause ] >> rush limbaugh warned you about this. second term, baby. we're changing things around here a little bit. of course, we rolled out that could have gone better. in 2008, my slogan was "yes, we can." in 2013, my slogan was "control-alt-delete." and i'm feeling sorry, believe it or not, for the speaker of the house as well. these days the house republicans
5:07 pm
actually give john boehner a harder time than they give me. which means orange really is the new black. i am determined to make the most of every moment i have left. after the midterm elections, my advisers asked me, mr. president, do you have a bucket list? and i said, well, i have something that rhymes with bucket list. [ applause ] >> take executive action on immigration? bucket. [ applause ] new climate regulations? bucket. it's the right thing to do. >> all right. president obama there from the time when he was 11 years old
5:08 pm
and first in the white house, his first white house correspondents' dinner to last year, and this year will be his final address before that collection in the room, hollywood celebrities, politicians, you see it right there. the presidential race is a subject that i think will come up. i think the president, i think larry willmore will talk a lot about it. what are you expecting from him along those lines? >> he's got a lot of territory, and this is speaking as a conservative, as a republican. a lot of territory to work with when it comes to the gop, that's for sure. both the race that's already occurred and also what's still going on now. he's got a lot of jokes to make, but we could probably go backstage and come up with a top 10 list about things that are happening in the gop race that are crazy. i'd be curious to see what he does on the democratic side of things with bernie sanders. bernie sanders obviously has
5:09 pm
less fortune recently. hillary clinton is where i'm curious if he's unwilling to make any jokes that would require a little bit of acceptance from the room. i wonder about that. >> show of hands. who thinks he's going after hillary with a couple -- >> is there going to be an e-mail joke, is what i want to know. >> i think they're afraid of that. they don't like any suggestion that there is a riff between them or they don't get along. i don't think he can really mute it. >> it's like very gentle hillary jokes, but everyone else, bernie's jokes are going to be humorous, i assume. >> we're waiting on the president right now. we know he's coming for your guy. >> he's provided a lot of material, i will say. i think he's going to go after his twitter feed, there's no doubt about it. i think the republican side of the gop has a lot of material from ted cruz doing the silly little basketball thing last week to donald trump --
5:10 pm
>> to announce his running mate, that's rich. >> true, when you're losing. >> you have four delegates and you announce a running mate? there are going to be jokes. >> tonight is a night when everyone laughs at himself. i suspect donald trump will be watching this and he will laugh alongside the president. that's what's nice about it, you make jokes about yourself and others. >> all right, guys. stand by. no better tease than a john kasich tease right there. we're waiting on the president's arrival. he's about to enter that room. meanwhile, we'll look at stars from "party of 5." that's neve campbell right there. the guy who was on "lost," too, we're looking for him. is the white house correspondents' dinner a tack in 2011 to blame donald trump for his presidential run now? we'll talk about that next.
5:11 pm
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5:14 pm
good evening, mr. president. or as paul ryan refers to you, yet another inner city minority relying on the federal government to feed and house your family. >> joe mchale right there with president obama at just one of the many big moments the white house correspondents' dinner passed. welcome back to special live coverage of this year's white house correspondents' dinner. there are some who say president obama is responsible for the rise of donald trump, and it might have happened at a white house correspondents' dinner with his jokes, not his policies. sara marie reports. >> reporter: well, john, he's received his fair share of criticism. this dinner gets its fair share
5:15 pm
of criticism every year because washington insiders are actually fawning to rub elbows with hollywood celebrities, famous hollywood people, not white house people. donald trump set out to be taken seriously after being laughed out of this room just a couple years earlier. welcome to nerdprom, the one week a year when celebrities flock to d.c. to hang out with the politicians. but this year one celebrity guest won't be making the trip, gop frontrunner donald trump. as trump recently explained to the hill, i was asked by every single group or media known to mankind. but i decided want to go. do you know why? i would have a good time, and the press would say i looked like i wasn't having a good time. trump is probably referring to that time he came as a guest to the "washington post" in 2011
5:16 pm
and appeared unamused to find himself the butt of many jokes. >> donald trump has been saying he'll run for president as a republican, which is surprising, since i just assumed he would be running as a joke. >> reporter: president obama, having just released his long form birth certificate at the insistence of critics, including trump, dug in even deeper. >> no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like did we fake the moon landing? >> reporter: just days earlier, trump boasted about the role he played in urging obama to release the form. >> i have done a great service to the american people. i got him to release a birth certificate that he should have done three thr years ago. >> reporter: the issue clearly got under obama's skin.
5:17 pm
>> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. >> reporter: but by the time nerd prom rolled around, obama got the last laugh. >> obviously we all know about your credentials and breadth of experience. for example -- seriously, just recently in an episode of "celebrity apprentice," at the steak house, the men's cooking team did not impress the judges from omaha steaks. and there was a lot of blame to go around, but you, mr. trump, recognized that the real problem was a lack of leadership, and so ultimately you didn't blame little john or meatloaf. you fired gary busey. and these are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. [ cheers and applause ] >> well handled, sir!
5:18 pm
well handled. say what you will about mr. trump, he certainly would bring some change to the white house. let's see what we've got up there. >> reporter: even though trump insists he enjoyed the dinner, it certainly didn't appear that way, says former senior white house adviser david axelrod. >> there were a series of devastating jokes, and everybody was looking at trump, who seemed mildly irritated by them. and by the end kind of walked out of the thing and didn't hang around. >> reporter: in just five short years, how things have changed. trump began doling out checks to gops and started attending every function. now he's the gop frontrunner and it appears the joke is on washington. >> people have laughed at me over the years.
5:19 pm
now they're not laughing so much, i tell you. >> reporter: even though trump will not be here this year, you can bet he'll be on the receiving end of some laughs. this year's comedian larry willmore just said the whole trump fiasco writes himself. >> larry guaranteed me he'll joke about trump, and the white house press secretary said these jokes are coming, prepare yourself. back with our panel right now to talk sort of about the trump factor and what to expect here and what happened since 2011. cayl caylee, do you buy the argument, because there's been reporting that says it was that moment in 2011 that put it into donald trump's head that he should run for president. >> maybe that was the moment he thought, i can do this, but i think he barrelled onto the scene, wasn't politically correct throughout the script and that's why he's been successful. i think it had been his design for quite some time, and i actually disagree that those jokes were devastating and he wasn't enjoying them, but it's a
5:20 pm
humiliating situation when they zoom in on your profile and use you are as the butt of a joke. >> he did look like he was laughing a little bit there, donald trump, and it was the jokes that seth meyers told -- we showed one of them right there -- they started to really dig in. >> seth meyers' job is not to -- seth meyers doesn't have to wake up the next day and be in d.c. or anywhere. the comedian's job, as opposed to the president's job, is to find what he or she believes is the target and the hardest hit ever. it's a really big difference between -- i think when comics do that, they're not playing to that room of however many people are in there, 400, they're playing to the audience and the bigger people watching. >> there's an expected decorum of the commander and chief. caylee and i as republicans are sitting here laughing. we thought they were totally funny. i think the seth meyers jokes are more a comedian letting it rip, but that's the expectation,
5:21 pm
right? as president of the united states, he can take the humor. i don't think that's the moment donald trump decided to run for president. i always think there is a strong case to be made that donald trump wanted to sort of try and had no idea because i don't think anybody thought he would rocket to the front of the gop race. it's not like he's run a long and brutal campaign, he's been number one stretching how many months now? >> the beginning. >> i don't think he even knew that was going to happen, so i think it would be tough to trace it all back. >> i think he knew. >> you think he knew he would be number one in the gop race from the beginning? >> yes. >> what about the other times he didn't run? >> do you think there is any way donald trump thought he would be number 2? >> let me ask brad this.
5:22 pm
do you think this white house, do you think that president obama ever thought that five years after he did that to donald trump in 2011 that donald trump would still be a figure in american politics? and not just a figure, but a major figure. >> i don't think that the president, and i don't think many people in the white house -- i mean, even as recently as eight months ago, i think the president said donald trump will never be president. but i think that that's, for large measure, the entire d.c. establishment didn't see this coming. >> which, by the way, that's everyone in that room right now. >> that's everyone in the room. i disagree with the notion that that's when he decided -- trump, if anything, i disagree with his politics 100%, but he's a guy who can laugh at himself. he can go on jimmy fallon and do a character of himself. >> or snl. >> or snl. he's an entertainer. >> i think he's playing a part. >> he's playing a part. >> early on he was playing to a
5:23 pm
very particular base who don't like president obama, and i think pafrt of his performance n that room was not to joke or show cameraderie to the president. i think he absolutely likes to laugh at himself. >> speaking of likes to laugh at himself, vice president joe biden right behind us right now. the president, by waithe way, ls to sprinkle his comedy routines with jokes about joe biden. >> joe biden's jokes are never intentional, that's the thing. he's a humorous guy. he says things that happen to be funny, but i don't think he ever intends to be funny. it just comes off that way. >> it would be nice on the president's final correspondents' dinner if he gave joe biden a little microphone time. >> a couple minutes. >> i think joe biden has been really funny. >> the president is being introduced right now. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of the united states and first lady michelle obama.
5:24 pm
♪ ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the presentation of colors. >> president obama just walking in the room right there shaking hands with larry willmore. larry willmore told me last week that he had never met the president, that this dinner would be the first time he met with president obama. he was very excited about that.
5:25 pm
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5:28 pm
you're looking at live pictures right now inside the room. this is where, just a few minutes from now, president obama will speak to the white house correspondents' association, making fun of each and every one of them and people beyond that room. then we'll hear from larry willmore, the host of the come
5:29 pm
show "comedy central." welcome back to the white house correspondents' dinner. this is a tradition that began almost 100 years ago. this is a trivia question for you. who was the first president to attend the white house correspondents' dinner? tweet us and we'll tell you if you're right in a minute. meanwhile, let's look back at some of the best moments of presidents past. >> we're both pleased to be here. this is also the night of the kremlin correspondents' dinner in moscow. that's when the members of the soviet media gather to laugh at gorbachev's jokes. or else. although i've been around for a while. i can remember when a hot story broke and the reporters would run in yelling, "stop the chisels." but you all have given me some problems at home. nancy has taken to watching the press conferences, and now every time i answer a question, she
5:30 pm
says, i ha"i have a follow-up. what's all that talk about a breakdown in white house communications? how come nobody told me?" well, i know this. i've laid down the law, though, to everyone there from now on about anything that happens that no matter what time it is, wake me, even if it's in the middle of a cabinet meeting. >> speaking of real life drama, i'm so glad that senator mccain is back tonight. i welcome him especially. [ applause ] >> as you all know, he just made a difficult journey back tie place whe -- to a place where he endured unspeakable abuse at the hands of his oppressors, the senate national caucus.
5:31 pm
this is a special night for me for a lot of reasons. jay leno is here. [ applause ] >> now, no matter how mean he is to me, i just love this guy. because together, together we give hope to gray-haired chunky baby boomers everywhere. >> so i want to talk about some serious issues such as -- >> okay. here it comes. nuclear proliferation. nuclear proliferation. nuclear proliferation. >> nucearpoliferation. >> for eight years, dick has
5:32 pm
ridden shotgun. that's probably not the best analogy, but he is a dear friend and he's been the greatest straight man in the history of the world. dick, i don't know what i would have done for material without you. and so the city slicker asked the old guy how to get to the nearest town -- >> not that old joke. not again. ladies and gentlemen, i've been attending these dinners for years. and just quietly sitting there. well, i've got a few things i want to say for a change. one night after george went to bed, lynn cheney, condi rice, carol cheney and i went to chippendale's. i wouldn't even mention it except ruth ginsberg and sandra day o'connor saw us there.
5:33 pm
i won't tell you what happened. but lynn's secret service code name is now dollar bill. >> i love the band, so i'm going to say my farewell to you by doing something i've always wanted to do. ♪ >> this is good, good stuff, listening to presidents going back as far as ronald reagan. the first president to attend the white house correspondents' dinner is calvin coolidge. we did not find the footage. we looked for hours and hours. we saw reagan, we saw george w.
5:34 pm
bush, we saw bill clinton there. liz, it's really interesting to see these guys let their proverbial hair down. >> i think rich little hosted that one as well. a lot of people don't know that. fun fact. >> you know it really is -- as much as i disagreed with george bush, that moment when george bush and george bush's id were on stage, it was one of the most funny things ever. i laughed really hard at that moment. >> i got to say, it wasn't a joke to see the president conducting the band, but there is something sort of fun about that as well. >> it humanizes them. we see them all the time with a presidential seal behind them, and we also forget so much of the speech tonight will be the president making fun of himself. and i agree, that w. bit was so beautiful. that's why a lot of people loved w. they may have disagreed with a lot of his policies, but he could always make fun of himself. >> he used it, too. i covered him for a lot of years, and he knew expectations
5:35 pm
were so low sometimes, all he had to do was come out and speak in complete sentences. this is what he would say to me and people would think he was rising above the bar or a genius right there. i want to take this down a notch right here. the relationship between the press and the president has changed over the years. if you look back in history, there are presidents -- fdr used to joke with the press. he would have cocktails with the press. they would rub shoulders. lyndon johnson was friends with a lot of reporters as well. that's just not the case right now. president obama keeps the press at arm's length, and by arm's length, that only counts if your arm is like 150 miles long. >> it's true. for my book i interviewed bill plant who has been covering the white house for a long time for cbs and he said requests, especially for michelle obama, is politely declined. they're very guarded, especially in the east wing. my book was about the first ladies, and that made it tough to write about.
5:36 pm
these women are so complex and so interesting, and we see this just kind of surface the mirror of this very prim and proper woman, but she was funny, and michelle obama is funny, and these are complete picture women, very intelligent mothers, wives, but also they had careers. michelle obama went to princeton and harvard, and i don't think we get to see enough of them, and as americans, we don't necessarily want to see them in their full complexity. what hillary clinton did for the west wing office, for first ladies in particular, it's very touchy. that's why i think michelle obama probably won't say anything tonight. it would be unusual for her to get up. when i was a white house reporter, it was very tricky to get answers, and i think they can kind of go around the traditional media in a way. they can use twitter, facebook, they don't have to work with the media in the way they used to. >> i think michelle obama is consistently funny on jimmy fallon, her whole get healthy campaign. i think she's done incredible things, so maybe she doesn't speak at this, but i think she's
5:37 pm
been consistently hilarious. >> that's not us, that's not the press. that's a different audience or different people are asking the questions. you've worked in the white house right now. does this white house view the press as a necessary evil? >> absolutely. i think that's the blocking and tackling of communicating the president's message. this white house is just smarter about reaching the people where they are, and to be honest, nothing against journalists, nothing against the people in that room, but c-span's ratings are going to go sky high today and that's awesome. but, you know, michelle obama is reaching millions of people on facebook, on twitter, on instagram in a variety of different platforms and you don't need that room. >> kids are looking at their hands, they're looking at youtube, they're looking at a lot of different ways to get information. so as you watch things happen, sadly, everybody, there is a whole different way of getting information, and i think when we think of traditional media, i
5:38 pm
think young folks go, that's not my gig. that's my mom's gig. >> the white house correspondents' dinner, their whole job is about access and making sure more reporters and journalists get in the room with the president, and credentials are given out, and that's something they're very concerned about, especially with president trump, unfortunately. i think traditional media is given more respect. >> one of the stars of the best cheerleading movies ever made, "bring it on." i think we can all agree there. joe biden was working the room moments ago and has never been in a cheerleading movie, but just a sense of the different people in the room right now. brice previs right there. chairman of the republican party, wolf blitzer, chairman of the world. all right, guys. stick around. we have a lot more show to go tonight. it's not just tv, as we've been saying. now there's youtube, there's
5:39 pm
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5:43 pm
joy behar who is now host of "the view." they are all there in force. just one side of what an epic event it is. right now inside washington, d.c., we're waiting to hear from president obama. he'll deliver his speech in just a few minutes. then larry willmore, the host of the show, will give his view. i think the bar is set very, very high. a lot of expectations for what will go on tonight. of course, president obama, a lot of people think he has done a very funny job delivering his white house correspondents' dinners speeches. let's look at some of the more offbeat and different ways he tries to get a message out. welcome to another edition of "between two ferns." i'm your host and my guest today is barack obama -- president, barack obama. >> good to be with you, zach.
5:44 pm
>> first question. in 2013, you pardoned turkey. what do you plan for 2014? >> we'll probably pardon on another turkey. was that depressing for you, seeing one turkey taken out of circulation, a turkey you couldn't eat? >> so how does this work? do you send the ambassador to syria on your behalf? or is that more of a job for tanya harding. >> he's not my ambassador. >> what should we do about ikea? >> why don't we move on. >> i have to know, what's it like to be the last black president? >> seriously? what's it like for this to be the last time you talk to a president? >> it must stink that you can't run three times. >> actually, i think it's a good idea. if i ran a third time, it would be sort of like having a third
5:45 pm
"hangover" movie. it didn't really work out very well. >> that's how it began. it ended essentially with a sales pitch for obamacare. brad, you were instrumental in making all that happen. >> i did. i would say not working for two months was probably the most instrumental moment in getting that video made. that was a little when in an emergency, break glass moment. but yeah, that was the president and zach alfonek at their finest. the beautiful thing about that video is not just the record-breaking number of people that watched it but the millions of young people that signed up for health care because of obamacare. >> we will keep following him, see who he shakes hands with next, because he seems determined to go to every table in that room. i don't know if this will be joe biden's last correspondents'
5:46 pm
dinner. he'll get invited back many times, i would imagine. both sides of the aisle like joe biden. we were talking about how the president now has different ways to reach an audience. one of those ways is often now comedy. >> yeah, everybody now can look to see where the target they need to reach is existing, and then message to that place. so sometimes i think that, as an old fart myself, i wish there was people watching traditional. but if it's in your hand, if it's youtube, if it's twitter, if it's there, why not take that? if you look at the precious amount of time you have to actually get the message out, i think they're gog taing to take where they can get it. i think everybody is such a pan plea of information, you can talk to everybody and not be challenged. i think that's great for democracy, but i do think the fact of life and how we're going to get our politicians to be
5:47 pm
challenged is really the $64,000 question as we move on and technology becomes greater and greater. >> is it presidential? >> right. when michelle obama is on jimmy fallon and doing the mom dance and all that stuff, and president obama is doing "between two firms," presidents have always poked fun at themselves. i think this is taking it to a new level, but there is always an underlying reason for doing it. in this case it was health care, so they could get that message out. i do think there is a problem with kind of circumventing around the traditional media. they can always pick and choose who they want to give interviews to. they usually choose the "new york times" and the ap. i don't know the statistics, but i have to think more people read the "new york times," maybe i'm wrong, than twitter. >> it depends on the demographics. >> if you're always trying for the young demographic --
5:48 pm
>> joaquin and julio castro are right there on screen. i don't know which one is which, but one is the secretary of how's and go urban development, another one a congressman from the state of texas. you're looking at live pictures of people eating. even journalists and hollywood stars eat. this is the white house correspondents' dinner. more coverage in just a moment. it has been a roller coaster between this white house sometimes and hollywood. sometimes it's the man of the year, sometimes it's dr. strangelove. how will the next president fare?
5:49 pm
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5:52 pm
that is the npr table. the news is next. we're here all night watching this coverage. this is the president's final white house correspondents' dinner, and sara newton is there and joined by most of her cnn colleagues. >> we have marvin hoover, public commentator, and john avalon, editor and chief of "the daily beast." let's talk about nerd prom, about washington and hollywood.
5:53 pm
neve, i want to start with you. how does hollywood even react to donald trump? he's a celebrity in himself. >> that was such an interesting question, was would donald trump have cache in hollywood with all these connections with "the apprentice" and if anyone is supporting donald trump in hollywood, it's way undercover. the state convention has been out in california, and you saw the protests, pretty violent in orange county, and also, you know, people rushing him into the hall. so it's fascinating that mr. entertainer himself is going to be heading straight into california, this incredibly critical primary that will seal the deal for his campaign and no one in hollywood can stand t. >> but still not have to support donald trump. that's potentially a future white house correspondents' dinner. let's talk about the one we're living right now, john. this is president obama's last. what's going to be different this time around? >> one of the significant things about this president is he has
5:54 pm
taken the fourth quarter of his presidency, and he has taken it as a yolo moment. he has gone all out. there is no lame duck moment to this presidency. i think this president, largely part of the gen-x president, has an edgy part to his humor. he has nothing to lose and lots of political cohorts out there. >> i think there is a perception that only democrats know how to roll with the jokes. what do you think? can republicans make the white house correspondents' dinner great again? >> i know, right, #makeeverythinggreatagain? president obama is a baby boomer, technically, but he is the youngest gen-x. conservatives and republicans know democrats are cooler. >> are you acknowledging this on
5:55 pm
national television? >> celebrity hollywood, pop culture, all like democrats better. we all know this to be true. conservatives just accept this. >> but for so many young people who are watching and are engaged and want to see what's happening. >> most of the millennials are watching bernie sanders. >> let's say donald trump does win in november and this is donald trump's white house correspondents' dinner next year. do all the headliners come? >> this is going to be the d-list of the correspondents' dinner. >> look, it was never as glamorous as this in the bush administration, either. i worked in the bush administration. while there are still celebrities that come and it's the white house correspondents' dinner, the kardashians come, justin bieber has come, very big -- >> do you think the bieber is going to come out for the donald? >> i think they absolutely would come out for the donald.
5:56 pm
it's the occasion, the event, the synergy of washington and hollywood. the thing is, donald trump more than anything else has been seen as entertainment by a lot of people. and there is no way that all of these hollywood folks are going to miss their moment to mix and mingle with everyone else at the dinner, regardless of who is at the head table. >> you do very much see a principled stand against donald trump, especially among a-list celebrities -- >> power does tend to turn people away -- >> power trumps all. >> we're going to have to leave it there. john, there you have it. the predictions are predominantly for a donald trump dinner next year. who can say. >> our continuing coverage of the white house correspondents' dinner continues all night long. we're waiting to hear from the president. he will deliver his speech soon. larry willmore of "the nightly
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
this is no ordinary dinner. this is a big [ bleep ] meal. >> i want to welcome all of you to the white house correspondents' association dinner. >> tonight when washington celebrates itself.
6:01 pm
somebody's got to do it. the supreme court ruled that the donor who gave ted cruz $6 million was just exercising free speech. >> yeah. the kind of speech like this: i just wasted $6 million! >> he has released the black in him. >> now, that's a legacy. >> and donald trump is here. still. >> your gray hair is at 85%. your hair is so white now, it can talk back to the police. >> announcer: the white house correspondents' dinner starts right now. the show is not yet rated. i'm john berman, the annual
6:02 pm
white house correspondents' dinner is under way. they are eating, folks, eating right now inside that room behind us. once they finish eating, the president gets his chance to do his last stand-up comedy routine before that glit ttering audien of fundraisers and stars. it is a fundraiser, but it's also about people in that room, people watching each other watch each other. let's take a look at the red carpet. >> what do you think the party will look like if donald trump wins? >> well -- >> do you think president obama tonight will be tough on donald trump again, or do you think he's learned his lesson? >> next year donald will be delivering the laughs and the
6:03 pm
punch lines. >> while i don't back his philosophy, his thoughts, his governing style, his comportment, his hairstyle, there's nothing i really agree with him on. but i'm grateful that he was in the race, i really am. because he got people engaged. >> the man has the greatest sense of humor in the world. believe me, he would be doing the exact same thing. it will certainly be fun and we will be here next year. >> i'll have a good time. maybe he'll give me more material i can recycle with my father when we're together alone. >> how are you holding up under the stress of donald trump? >> do i look like i'm not holding up? i'm holding up beautifully.
6:04 pm
>> all right. as we wait for the president to deliver his speech, we've assembled an amazing line of experts to talk politics, history, fashion and more. we haven't talked about much fashion. maybe we'll pick out the best dresses, best tuxes, best everything right now. >> michelle obama looks amazing. every year she looks amazing. correspondents' dinner she looks amazing, but tonight her outfit was especially ravishing. >> there's jake tapper, cnn chief correspondent, host of "state of the union." he went for the bow tie. willmore went for the necktie, tapper went for the bow tie, and amazingly, no food on his clean white shirt. this is the final correspondents' dinner for president obama. i think the bar is high, mostly
6:05 pm
because we've been on tv for two hours saying how he will be funny. he's got to meet that, and if he doesn't, people will say he wasn't funny. but it's for history, right? it's last dinner, he wants to do itposterity, brad. >> absolutely. i work for him, but he brings the a-game. i think he's going to be great. i think it's going to be -- you know, this is a little bit of a victory lap. this is a pretty incredible consequential presidency, you may disagree, on the direction the country is going. but by and large, this president has done so much in eight years for this country, and it's going to be a lot of fun. >> cindy hoyer right there. he was eating, he was invited. even minority in the congress gets an invitation to this event, it's that equal opportunity. mark lamont hill, larry
6:06 pm
willmore. he is the host. he is delivering the comedy routine after the president. larry willmore told me he is going -- the president has released "the blackened." >> he's going to talk about how black the president has become. there will be lots of racist jabs. it will be very interesting to watch larry willmore do this. he filled in for colbert. now he's filling in for colbert's shoes. this is his comfort zone. he's doing a great job at late night, but he's even better in settings like this. it will be interesting to see what larry does. he does stand-up comedy. we're very, very excited to see his routine. one of the things the president has to do that other comedians don't. he's working the crowd, he's talking to people. he is not running for president this time around, despite spending the time polling.
6:07 pm
one thing they have to do is gauge if jokes are going to tell, if they're appropriate or not. sometimes what's going on in the world dictates whether they're appropriate or not. david axelrod explained how president obama once had to remove one of his jokes. let's listen. >> i was actually in the white house the day of the dinner in 2011. i had left the staff but i came back to work on jokes. we were going through jokes with the president, including one by tim pawlenty who was running for president. he had such promise except for the president's middle name bin laden. the president got to that joke and said, bin laden, bin laden. that's so yesterday. let's take that out. >> tim pawlenty. he seems all american, but have you heard his real middle name? tim hose me pawlenty?
6:08 pm
what a shame. >> then we found out the day after that he had already ordered the raid that would end bin laden's life. that will always loom in my mind as one of the most memorable moments that i've spent with him. >> very, very interesting. good reason to take out the bin laden joke if you're in the middle of a raid and could kill us all. it's a different time right now. is there any subject, do you think, that's off limits. i think there are some areas where you won't see jokes, given the most obvious areas we can see. to call it a colorful primary would be to not doing it enough. i don't think you're giving me a fair description, but you'll probably not get like the school cafeteria. >> i also think you have a
6:09 pm
unique circumstance with a president that's gifted in presentation. this is someone that doesn't support policies. a woman who is speaking both on the hollywood side and the media side are very much, generally speaking, in favor of him. you have a very favorite credit crowd. he's also a few times at the plate with this. the next time i'm going to see hillary clinton who may have a lot of support from the same washington press corps, but i don't think anybody would ever say she has quite the same gifts in presentation as barack obama. >> vice president joe biden talking to -- i believe that's jason rezian, the "washington post" reporter who was imprisoned in iran for so long who is now free. at this dinner, he will be delivering and handling out rewards tonight. i'm reminded of what this jr.
6:10 pm
litz is supposed to tak about, what's important about our business, and jason zion represents that. >> and they're giving out, i think, $150,000 to an aspiring student. make sure there are journalists in the room -- people would think it's boring -- details of the job, which is granting credentials to people and making sure his eyes are on the president. they also want any president like, and this is something they're always pushing for, is more access. >> you're a donald trump supporter, donald trump leading the republican field for president right now, people
6:11 pm
wondering what a trump white house might look like if such a thing comes to pass, how he might treat the press. it's really interesting because he has a love/hate relationship with the press, right? he'll sometimes turn around in an interview. at the same time that he may revoke credentials or he may try to control access. which way do you think he will go? >> i'm not trying to krael access. he was going on every summer talk show. he gave an hour for a conservative cause. this is someone who has gone in enemy territory and done so frequent skand done so often. what donald trump has done is what this white house correspondents' dinner is all
6:12 pm
about. it started in 2014 when there were rumors that there would be a congressional committee that would rule out others. i think president obama has given us somewhere to put it. >> he has actually said if he's elected president, he may have to lay off the twitter which would be interesting to see. it will be interesting to see if it's possible for him to do so. throughout the evening, we are asking you in the audience to weigh in on several subjects. go to and tell us which topics the president should joke about tonight. 2016? congress? the republican party? his birthplace? or cable news. do not vote for cable news. you'll see the votes live in realtime across the bottom of the screen.
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6:16 pm
one year i recall being introduced to hollywood star kim kardashian by a colleague of mine, and when she heard my last name talon sher, she heard it a armenian name. she immediately started questioning me about armenian genocide. it became very clear she knew more about it than i did. i wasn't able to keep up with the conversation, but it was the most unexpected conversation i had. a, it was with kim kardashian. b, it was about a passionate matter. it was one of those great white house correspondents' dinner moments. >> that's great, because kim
6:17 pm
kardashian has a very different story she tells about meeting him. part of the white house correspondents' dinner is dressing up for walking down the red carpet. it's something hollywood stars are used to doing, but reporters? politicians? not so much. jeff zelany and michelle kozinski are there. >> i thought you were going to tell a story about us tripping on the red carpet or something like that. darrell is here. you're kind of a maven. you're wearing no socks tonight. is that a political statement? >> it's not a political statement. i just like to show a lot of ankle cleavage. >> would you say that the correspondents' dinner is one of those places where style is noticed and repeated, or is this kind of not even close to the oscars? >> i think the washington, d.c.
6:18 pm
correspondents' dinner is the red carpet event of the year. this is when you get a lot of hollywood celebrities, a lot of new york celebrities, models, actors. i've got carly klaas and christy tur turlington at my table. >> skpand everyone wants to kno what the court justices are wearing, sflright? >> a lot of people are wearing black. i saw kendal all in black. i told her, don't turn your back on me. she's in a bare back vintage black dress. i told the same thing to barack obama, don't turn your back on me. christy turlington is also in black. >> take a look at that right here. explain that to us. >> christy turlington is mate table.
6:19 pm
she sort of explained that at the last minute she didn't have a dress for the white house correspondents' dinner, so she called marc and pulled this amazing sort of off-the-shoulder black, long chic dress with a built-in, nude-colored verteb brasierre. i think we'll see a lot of people trying to maintain that middle class, washington, d.c. -- you're seeing the president. you're seeing a lot of black, a lot of cleavage. but my favorite dress of the night is actually a tuxedo. jay leto wore a gucci suit with a hot pink bow tie. >> what do you think about that? is that appropriate at a black tie dinner event like this?
6:20 pm
it doesn't match the pocket square, but what do you think? >> he's done a lot with gucci lately, and i think a lot of his red carpet looks have been slightly daring. not too avant garde, and a pink bow tie is a little unexpected, but he's jay leto. he looks great. >> and what about aretha franklin? >> aretha franklin can wear what she wants to. that's what i love about this, you see everyone walk in. you never know who will turn the corner. one minute it's khris jenner. >> i find that here people do try to do elegant because it's washington. you don't see a lot of cutouts or showing a lot of skin, although there have been exceptions over the years. >> there's actually more skin tonight. you see it tonight at this dinner than any other time in washington.
6:21 pm
>> you have to say for washington. for washington, showing a lot of skin is like above the elbow. >> let's go to helen mirren, though. we have a lot of pictures of her. >> i think this is a tribute to "purple rain." prince, as we all know, has been dressed up recently. i think she's glamorous. >> and that is kind of a statement, obviously, that she's making. but do you find the people here try to make political statements on the red carpet? >> during the writers' strike, helen mirren also put a pen-shaped brooch on, so i believe she's used to making political statements. especially in washington, d.c., i think you're indulged to make
6:22 pm
political statements. >> a name we've heard recently, anna paquin is here, who has been sort of -- >> i don't know what she was wearing before. polly klaas is one of the biggest molgds here in new york. it's actually a nude color. >> there are always supermodels here, i find, every year, and they always go extremely elegant. obviously they can do it, but i think that's a good example. >> i think it's a big deal for these girls in new york fashion to come here in d.c. and sit in front of the president. and also not for nothing, we have one of the most glamorous first ladies in recent history, so you want to turn on your "a" game. >> it's nice to see the evolution over the years, too. >> did you see anything that did not work tonight? >> what about the dome? >> everyone i've seen have been quite classic, and not necessarily conservative, but
6:23 pm
pretty on point. >> i hope you don't get in trouble for the lack of socks, but we can battle that out later. >> we can battle it on camera. >> that's the latest here just inside the red carpet. you should see the pictures he's taken tonight. i don't think we can show those. >> can we look at michelle obama? michelle obama's dress right there. derek, i don't know if you can hear me or jeff can ask you. talk to me about what she's wearing, because not one of the things i know about, dresses. >> i'll take it from here. as we all know, this is michelle obama's last white house correspondents' dinner as first lady, and i think she knocked it out of the park. she went for gold, didn't she? she's wearing a very beautiful, champagne sequinned -- >> when you look at the first correspondents' dinner, she was very simple, very timely --
6:24 pm
>> i remember that first dinner in 2009 that she did not want to be seen as too lavish. >> but now she's going for the gold. she looks beautiful. >> kind of mid-range four years in. she started changing up the hair, kind of a little more sparkle. she looks amazing tonight and always tries doing something different each time, different than her usual look. >> i have derek, i don't get to ask these questions a lot. derek, where are you on a tie and tuxedo. you and jeff are wearing the traditional tie, and yet barack obama is wearing the traditional bow tie. who is right? >> jeff and i wanted to give barack a moment to shine this year, so we took it a notch down. technically black tie is not limited only to bow ties. >> it's a cnn thing tonight. i had a tie on, a long tie, but then i decided to take it off.
6:25 pm
>> excellent. well, the definitive answer, if wolf blitzer does it, then it's okay. we should tell you you can see derek's show on cnni. i learned so much right now, i can't wait to check it out and learn more. difficult relationship between the president and the news me a media. this is how lyndon johnson once described it. >> despite all the friction, however, i do admire and i do envy the press. i've always hankerred to be a reporter since i was a college editor. i've always wanted to come up with one of those hard news leads like "the mood at the white house this evening is one of cautious optimism." or one like this. the president fired the opening gun of his reelection campaign
6:26 pm
last night.
6:27 pm
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and powerful v twin engines with up to 26 horsepower. because the beer you drink after you mow your lawn tastes better than the beer you drink after someone else mows your lawn. craftsman. when it matters. all right, this is the president's final white house correspondents' dinner. you're looking at live pictures from inside the hall right now. that is whoopie goldberg there taking pictures with people. this is one of the pastimes of the white house correspondents' dinner. everyone takes their picture with everyone else and shares them later on twitter and beyond. a lot of fun in that room this evening. we did just see them serving coffee. that's the latest in the meal update. wolf blitzer right there as
6:30 pm
well. if they're serving coffee, it means the speeches are about to begin soon. that's what we're hoping, at least. the president due to speak hopefully in a few minutes. he's had a lot of targets in his time as president. yes, he's taken on donald trump famously, but he's also taken on news, cable news. a lot. on behalf of the president, we'd like to say you're welcome. watch. >> thomas jefferson once said if he had the choice between a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, he would not hesitate to choose the latter. and clearly thomas jefferson never had cable news to contend with. the history channel is not here. i guess they're embarrassed about the whole "obama is a devil" thing. of course, that never kept fox news from showing up.
6:31 pm
they actually thought the comparison was not fair to satan. some of my former advisers have switched over to the dark side. for example, david axelrod now works for msnbc, which is a nice change of pace since msnbc used to work for david axelrod. i know cnn has taken some knocks lately, but the fak ct is a adme their commitment to covering all sides of the story, just in case one of them happens to be accurate. msnbc is here. they're a little overwhelmed. they've never seen an audience this big before. i am happy to be here, even though i am a little jet-lagged from my trip to malaysia. the lengths we have to go to to get cnn coverage these days.
6:32 pm
the fact is, i really do respect the press. i recognize that the press and i have different jobs to do. my job is to be president. your job is to keep me humble. frankly, i think i'm doing my job better. let's face it, fox, you'll miss me when i'm gone. it will be harder to convince the american people that hillary was born in kenya. >> all right, some of the president's best lines about cable news. jokes at our expense, but you know what, that's okay once a year. all right, for more, let's go back to the red carpet. brian stel terter, host of "rele sources" is there. >> we were just talking about we expect even more barbs from president obama tonight. michelle, you think he probably saved his best for last?
6:33 pm
>> oh, why wouldn't he. he white house didn't want to give away any surprises, as they put it, but the word is among people who are close to him that he's going to take this opportunity. he's going to kind of let loose. >> why would he not? look at this campaign year that he has to play with. obviously he had these tense moments in the past when donald trump was in the audience, right? but i think he has so much material to work with tonight. he's obviously got great guys writing jokes for him, and it will be really fun to see what he does in sort of his final punch-out. >> humor tinged with truth. he does have an antagonistic relationship with cable in particular. i think that will come out in a few minutes. this is about reporters and administration officials hanging out together in the room, but the reality of this administration is access is very limited. in many ways this is the least transparent administration ever in terms of access by media to what's going on in this administration. michelle, give us an explanation of what that means day to day
6:34 pm
for white house correspondents? >> it's completely controlled, and i think that's been the criticism. i've only covered this administration so it's hard for me to compare, but with colleagues who have covered multiple administrations, there is an article that just came out in politico. the vast majority of them said this is the least open. they give you what they want to give you. they'll be open and transparent with what they want to talk about, but it is tough to get something beyond that. extremely controlled, although people who cover candidates running for office say really, everything is like that. >> it's such an interesting comparison. it's why this dinner is such an interesting event each year, because the obama white house is so insular. there hasn't been that joking kind of fun relationship that george w. had with the press, all the nicknames. obviously none of the presidential candidates this year are doing the same kind of thing that john mccain did on
6:35 pm
his bus. we were all riding around with him until the very end. but that age has passed. so it's so fascinating to watch those dynamics here. >> the message is always very controlled. i think that is sort of how things are now. nobody wants to have that gaffe that gets out, god forbid, on open mic. that still happens. nobody learns from that. nobody wants to get too close or let anything fly before it's time, but sometimes i think if it were more open and let's talk behind the scenes about things more, then it would just be a better relationship in general. >> they also, you know, have youtube and twitter and everything now. the obama white house -- exactly. just a couple years ago, the white house has created their own channel. what do you need reporters for when you want to get that sort of message out that's not
6:36 pm
antagonistic? >> we'll see the president be friendly tonight, but the reality is he's not always that friendly. >> i've covered president obama for two years. i don't know if he knows who i am. i've never had a conversation with him. i've never had the opportunity to have more than a few words with him and that's not the kind of relationship that people have said they've had with others. >> that's very different than past presidents. >> by the way, he's snapchatting for the very first time tonight. i heard that from snapchat. his first snap or his first snapchat. >> i know the kids are using the snapchat. i have the app. i get this screen. i don't really know what to do with it, but if the president can figure it out, it gives us all hope. if you're looking at your tv screens, at the bottom we asked you all what should the president joke about tonight? these are the results. you can see that 65% of you out there want him to joke about the
6:37 pm
2016 race. i don't think there will be enough material. in second place was the republican party, third place cable news, congress and his bir birthplace. brad, what do you think, the 2016 rice? ample material? >> a lot of material. i think on both sides. our republican friends on the other side here looking for jokes at hillary and better hrn expense. why not? he's fired up millions of people to get interested in politics. there will be some equal and bipartisan ribbing, i guess you should say. >> i think there will be biden and warren jokes as well. it's interesting, we did just see the biden cam. we've been following joe biden all evening trying to shake everyone's hand in the entire room. we think he's getting close. you can see larry willmore up on
6:38 pm
the stage right now, the most nervous man in america. >> he's focused. >> because the president is about to give his speech, then larry willmore has to follow him, and all that poor man wants to do is look at his notes. much more to cover. we're getting much closer to the president's speech, but up next, the other guy who will be telling jokes, larry willmore. what does he have to do? how hard is his job tonight? we'll get his thoughts when our coverage continues. ...clear for take off.
6:39 pm
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6:42 pm
so it's not a strong field. and who knows if they can beat you in 2012. but i'll tell you who can definitely beat you, mr. president. 2008 barack obama. you would have loved him. so charismatic, so charming. was he a little too idealistic? maybe. but you would have loved him. >> seth meyers, one of the more famous correspondents' dinners for a variety of reasons. welcome back to the 2016 coverage of this year's correspondents' dinner. scholarships are being announced right now. president obama speaks soon, but he will not be the only one telling jokes tonight. the correspondents' dinner features larry willmore, the
6:43 pm
host of "the nightly show" on comedy central. he has a big, big job tonight. how do you make jokes about the president when he's sitting right next to you? >> they're replacing samuel jackson who was one of the most influential presidents as well as the -- >> it was way easier to win "the nightly show" crowd. >> it is the most narcissistic room ever, journalists and politicians in hollywood. and the president. that room could explode just from the knar si -- narcissism alone. >> it was something i wanted to do, and if i did it, i wanted to do it for this president. my time might have expired for that. so to sneak in there at the end
6:44 pm
is pretty cool. >> the last such dinner for the first black president starring an african-american comic. >> let's be clear about what blackface actually is. >> willmore knows it is historic. >> you said you like the president. you didn't support him because of his policies, you supported him because he was black. >> because of the policy that he is black. >> how has he delivered on that? >> i think he's been excellent. i think he's increased the policy of blackness over the past year and a half, i'd say. he has released the black in him. >> a classic answer from the 54-year-old comic, both funny and deadly serious. >> if it feels like "the nightly show" is getting repetitive, i totally agree. now my staff just has to fill in the names. they barely show up for work anymore. >> 15 months after they took over the time slot on "comedy central" taken over by stephen
6:45 pm
colbert, "the nightly show" is less filled with humor than anyone who has ever taken over a chair. >> i have to provide some glibness in a moment and to provide a story and get humanity out of the story and get comedy in that. sometimes it happens the other way around. when you're covering a story about a man getting shot in the back by a cop as he's trying to run away, there is nothing funny in that. how do you cover something like that? how many of these murders aren't caught on camera? >> he applies that same sometimes frank, sometimes funny take to his views about the election, which are admittedly liberal. >> will you say your show trends more pro democratic policies? >> i would say probably, especially with the issues that we tend to take on because a lot of them are culture issues and that kind of thing. >> i want to throw out a
6:46 pm
candidate's name. there are five left and i want to know if there is a word you associate with them. when i say bernie sanders you say -- >> i say scrappy. >> i say ted cruz, you say -- >> i say creepy. >> i say hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton? i say, uh, trying to find it. >> john kasich? >> john kasich, i would say -- oh, man. this is the problem with john kasich right now. a lot of people are struggling. >> that is the problem. that is the problem. donald trump. >> donald trump? unbelievable. in every way. black people supporting trump? >> but when it comes to the correspondents' dinner, willmore is promising all jokes delivered with the skill and experience of more than 20 years acting, writing and producing on shows ranging from "in living color" to "the bernie mac show."
6:47 pm
responding to the senior black correspondent on "the daily show." >> what do you say about those people? >> i don't know, john, i would say they should probably [ bleep ]. >> and this weekend, all targets are fair game. >> take a look at the whole obama saudi arabia thing, too. >> including, especially, the president. >> no free pass because this is his last dinner. >> i have to keep it at 100, man. this is the last dinner. there is not enough time to sic the irs after me. very little time. maybe i shouldn't say that on tv. that's part of the fun, but it's all good-natured fun. >> the hardest part, he says, having to follow the president on stage, a president now experienced at telling jokes. >> and donald trump is here. still. >> do you think you'll laugh at him or are you trying not to laugh? >> oh, i'll completely laugh. >> you don't want to lower
6:48 pm
expectations? >> no, i'll be a great audience for him, plus it helps to not be too nervous. you get that air. ha, ha, ha, mr. president, that was funny. >> larry willmore speaks in a minute, but right now you're about to hear from a really, really important man at the center, jason zion, a reporter who was in prison in iran for over a year. he's presenting some awards, and you can see how excited everyone is to see him here. >> this is a big, intimidating room, but i can say it beats solitary confinement. [ applause ] >> i want to go off script for just a moment and thank all my colleagues in the journalistic community. you guys have been incredible throughout my ordeal supporting me and my family, and it really means a lot to me. so thank you very much. and i just want to say that my brother and my wife are here tonight, and i love them both
6:49 pm
very much. and my mom is watching on tv, i think, and i love you, mom. [ applause ] >> the white house correspondents' association founded in 1914 and dedicated to fulsome coverage of the president of the united states is proud to announce the winners of its annual awards for distinguished print and broadcast journalism. the winner of the merriman smith award for outstanding coverage under deadly pressure is matt >> you're watching the white house correspondence dinner live coverage. jason of "the washington post" who was in prison in iran presenting awards for
6:50 pm
journalism. terrific reporter who just got an award. we are waiting to hear from president obama, waiting to hear from larry wilmore. do not go away. our live coverage continues right after this. if youthen you'll know howouth, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath?
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6:53 pm
looking at live pictures from inside the white house correspondence dinner. there's vice president joe biden right there having a good laugh. he actually just got a standing oh skrags.
6:54 pm
introduced to the crowd. everyone in the room rose up to applaud the vice president. his final correspondence dinner as vice president. as we've been saying it is the final correspondence dinner for president obama as well. one way or another, history will be made. tonight, the awards portion of the dinner is under way right now. the entertainment part of the program including president obama will start shortly. while we wait we want to go to jeff on the red carpet. he's with some very, very accomplished speech writers. jeff, take it away. >> john, the words behind the president are written by two of these men beside me. at least they were. john fabro and david litt. they've been involved in tonight's speech. a preview. are we going to hear him talk about donald trump tonight, john? >> yeah, i think there will be some trump in tonight's speech. just a touch. >> is there a discussion of too far with trump or no boundary? >> is this guy getting too much attention? that i think is a nationwide
6:55 pm
discussion. but i think, you know, you saw in 2011 there were not a lot of holds bar. >> walk me through previous speeches. what is it like to work through these speeches with president obama? is he contributing as much as you all are? he can be a funny guy but also a serious guy. >> he is funny. he likes to poke fun at the absurdity of pog ticks. that's the style of jokes that he likes. when we assemble all the jokes at the beginning we have a whole big team and tyler is a speech writer who ran the process this year and recollected a lot of jokes and he picks his faith s favorites after that. >> on working with the president last speech. >> a couple years ago he told this joke, republicans all agree they have to do a better job of reaching out to minorities. call me self centered but i could think of one minority they could start with. he read that and he liked that.
6:56 pm
i think he said they can think of me as trial run. when he likes something like that he will make it, you know, make it his own in that way. and have fun with it. >> guy, thank you very much. we'll see and hear from the president and see if it's funny again this year. john, back to you. >> thank you so much. very interesting to hear from those guys who have been on the inside while the president has been writing he's speeches. we have heard from many people the president has trump stuff planned. so stay tuned for that. to keep up with all things political, the good, the bad, the otherwise, just download the cnn policy app. it is new and available in the itunes store. the president, larry wilmore, the white house correspondence dinner, the big stuff, it's coming up. we'll be right back.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
john berman here all night long. we're covering the white house counties' dinner. dinner is over. dessert has been served. the dishes cleared, the coffee gone. at this point we are just waiting for the president to speak. also larry wilmore, we've been showing you video, we will give you a glimpse of that in just a minute. meanwhile, we're joined by our panel here to discuss what we can expect. liz, you know, comedy is your business. >> well, yes, it is. >> comedy is your business. running the country is the president's business. >> it's also my business. a lot of people don't know. >> let's take a look. the white house correspondents' association put together clips of funnier moments over the last few years with president obama. let's watch. ♪ it's going to be a bright
7:01 pm
sunshiny day ♪ >> mr. president, you weren't so clear though on who was who. ♪ >> we cannot sustain -- oops. was that my -- to pull our economy -- oh, goodness. sorry about that, guys. >> and it hasn't all been smooth talk. ♪ he's a smooth operator >> let me be absolutely clear, israel is a strong friend of israel's. you're absolutely right that john mccain has not talked about my muslim faith and you're absolutely right -- >> christian faith. >> my christian faith. on this memorial day as our
7:02 pm
nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes and i see many of them in the audience here today. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. when they first told us what rspect meant to hear? ♪ don't know much about geography ♪ >> i've now been in 57 states. i think one left to go. unless there is a hardship exemption as they've done in massachusetts. eau claire is a big important state. thank you, sicily. sioux falls. i've been in iowa too long. i'm sorry. >> every president has a verbal crutch. this one was obvious. >> so let me be clear, that -- let me be very clear. i just want to be clear. i want to be absolutely clear. let me be clear. let me just be clear. so let me be as clear as i can be. ♪ it's going to be a bright bright sunshiny day ♪
7:03 pm
♪ say my name >> mr. president, you weren't so clear though on who was who. >> well, tim, i think that -- tim, first of all -- >> you're saying tim. it's matt lauer. but believe me, i completely understand. i completely understand. >> no, i'm sorry. good morning, matt. >> it's david today. >> and then there was me. >> garrett, i haven't looked at the latest polling around the world. i don't know, garrett. but i think it's fair to say that, no, garrett. >> when even fashion choices are scrutinized including this one -- >> critics summed it up in two words, mom jeans, a sweet pair of mom jeans. nice mom jeans, obama. >> you can never quite get a break where you will always have the awed dasi ied a das city of >> he looked like he was on his way to the party at the hamptons. >> and scrutiny knows no borders. ♪ i feel so close to you right now ♪
7:04 pm
>> from the broadcasters among us, mr. president, assume the microphone is always on. ♪ this is why i'm hot ♪ this is why ♪ this is why ♪ this is why i'm hot >> seemed like a perfectly nice person. she's getting her award. >> what is he doing up there? >> he's a jack ass. >> presidents play games and you, mr. president, have game. even when you don't. ♪ you have a way of shaking it off. ♪ shake it off ♪ shake it off >> a video of president obama doing many. different things including dancing over the years to the
7:05 pm
president himself. let's go back to live pictures from the hall. i believe we're about to hear from president obama. let's see it. here he is. >> it is an honor to be here at my last and perhaps the last white house correspondents' dinner. you all look great. the end of the republic has never looked better. i do apologize. i know i was a little late tonight. i was running on cpt, which stands for jokes that white people should not make.
7:06 pm
it's a tip for you, jeff. anyway, here we are. my eighth and final appearance at this unique event. and i am excited. if this material works well, i'm going to use it at goldman sachs next year. earn me some serious tubmans. that's right. that's right. my brilliant and beautiful wife
7:07 pm
michelle is here tonight. she looks so happy to be here. that's called practice. it's like learning to do three-minute planks, and she makes it look easy now but next year this time someone else will be standing here in this very spot and it's anyone's guess who she will be. but standing here i can't help but be reflective. a little sentimental. eight years ago i said it was time to change the tone of our politics.
7:08 pm
in hindsight i clearly should have been more specific. eight years ago i was a young man, full of idealism and vigor, and look at me now. i am gray, grizzled, just counting down the days until my death panel. hillary once questioned whether i would be ready for a 3:00 a.m. phone call. now i'm awake anyway because i've got to go to the bathroom. i'm up. in fact, somebody recently said to me, mr. president, you are so
7:09 pm
yesterday. justin trudeau has completely replaced you. he's so handsome. he's so charming. he's the future. and i said, justin, just give it a rest. i resented that. meanwhile, michelle has not aged a day. the only away you can date her in photos is by looking at me. take a look. here we are in 2008. here we are a few years later. and this one is from two weeks ago.
7:10 pm
so time passes. in just six short months i will be officially a lame duck, which means congress now will flat out reject my authority and republican leaders won't take my phone calls. and this is going to take some getting used to. it's really going to -- it's a curveball. i don't know what to do with it. of course, in fact, four months now congressional republicans have been saying their things i cannot do in my final year. unfortunately this dinner was not one of them. but on everything else, it's another story. and you know who you are, republicans. in fact, i think we've got republican senators tim scott
7:11 pm
and cory gardner. they're in the house, which reminds me, security, bar the doors. judge garland, come on out. we're going to do this right here, right now. it's like the red wedding. but it's not just congress. even some foreign leader, they've been looking ahead anticipating my departure. last week prince george showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe. that was a slap in the face.
7:12 pm
a clear breach of protocol. although while in england i did have lunch with her majesty the queen. took in a performance of "shakespeare," hit the links with david cameron. just in case anybody is still debating whether i'm black enough, i think that settles the debate. i won't lie. look, this is a tough transition. it's hard. key staff are now starting to leave the white house. even reporters have left me. savannah guthrie, she's left the white house press corps to host the "today" show, nora o'donnell, jake tapper left
7:13 pm
journalism to join cnn. but the prospect of leaving the white house is a mixed bag. you might have heard that someone jumped the white house fence last week, but i have to give secret service credit, they found michelle, brought her back. she's safe back at home now. it's only nine more months, baby. settle down. and yet somehow despite all this, despite the churn, in my final year my approval ratings
7:14 pm
keep going up. last time i was this high i was trying to decide on my major. and here's the thing, i haven't really done anything differently. so it's odd. even my age can't explain the risie ining poll numbers. what has changed? nobody can figure it out. puzzling. anyway, in this last year i do have more appreciation for those who have been with me on this amazing ride. like one of our finest public
7:15 pm
servants, joe biden. god bless him. i love that guy. i love joe biden. i really do. and i want to thank him for his friendship, for his counsel, for always giving it to me straight, for not shooting anybody in the face. thank you, joe. also i would be remiss, let's give it up for our host, larry wilmore. also known as one of the two black guys who is not jon stewart. you're the south african guy, right? i love him.
7:16 pm
i love larry. and his parents are here who are from evanston, which is a great town. i also would like to acknowledge some of the award winning reporters that we have with us here tonight. rachel mcadams, mark ruffalo, leah shriver. thank you all for everything that you've done. i'm just joking. as you know spotlight is a film, a movie about investigative journalists with the resources and the o, autonomy to chase do the truth and hold people accountable. that's based on fantasy "star wars." look, that was maybe a cheap shot. i understand the news business is tough these days. it keeps changing all the time.
7:17 pm
every year at this dinner somebody makes a joke about buzzfeed, for example, changing the media landscape. and every year "the washington post" laughs a little bit less hard. it's kind of a silence there. especially at "the washington post" table. gop chairman reince priebus is here as well. glad to see that you feel that you've earned the night off. congratulations on all of your success. the republican party, the nomination process, it's all going great. keep it up. kendall jenner is also here. and we had a chance to meet her
7:18 pm
backstage. she seems like a very nice young woman. i'm not exactly sure what she does but i am told that my twitter mentions are about to go through the roof. helen mirran is here tonight. i don't even have a joke here. i just think helen mirran is awesome. she's awesome. sitting at the same table i see mike bloomberg. mike, a combative, controversial
7:19 pm
new york billionaire is leading the gop primary and it is not you. that has to sting a little bit. although it's not an entirely fair comparison between you and the donald. after all, mike was a big city mayor. he knows policy in-depth. and he's actually worth the amount of money that he says he is. what an election season. for example, we've got the bright new face of the democratic party here tonight, mr. bernie sanders. there he is. bernie.
7:20 pm
bernie, you look like a million bucks, or to put in terms you will understand, you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each. a lot of folks have been surprised by the bernie phenomenon, especially his appeal to young people, but not me. i get it. just recently a young person came up to me and said she was sick of politicians standing in the way of her dreams. as if we were actually going to let malia go to bernie man this year. was not going to happen. bernie might have let her go. not us. i am hurt though, bernie, that you've been distancing yourself
7:21 pm
a little from me. i mean, that's just not something that you do to your comrade. bernie's slogan has helped his campaign catch fire among young people. feel the bern, feel the bern. it's a good slogan. hillary's slogan has not had the same effect. let's see this. i've said how much i admire hillary's toughness, her smarts, her policy chops, her
7:22 pm
experience. you've got to admit it though. hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative who just signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? is it appearing on your wall? i'm not sure i'm using this right. love, aunt hillary. it's not entirely persuasive. meanwhile, on the republican side, things are a little more, how shall we say this, a little more loose. just look at the confusion over the invitations to tonight's dinner. guests were asked to check whether they wanted steak or fish. but instead a whole bunch of you wrote i paul ryan.
7:23 pm
that's not an option, people. steak or fish. you may not like steak or fish, but that's your choice. meanwhile, some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight. the rules were well established ahead of time. and then there's ted cruz. ted had a tough week. he went to end aindiana, hoosie
7:24 pm
country, stood on a basketball court and called the hoop a basketball ring. what else is in his lexicon? baseball sticks, football hats, but sure, i'm the foreign one. well, let me conclude tonight on a more serious note. i want to thank the washington press corps, i want to thank carol for all that you do. you know, the free press is central to our democracy and -- nah. i'm just kidding. you know i've got to talk about trump.
7:25 pm
come on. we weren't just going to stop there. come on. although i am a little hurt that he's not here tonight. we had so much fun the last time. and it is surprising. you got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? is he at home eating a trump steak, tweeting out insults to angela merkel? what's he doing?
7:26 pm
the republican establishment is incredulous that he is their most likely nominee. incredulous, shocking. donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world, ms. sweden, ms. argentina. and there's one area where donald's experience could be invaluable and that is closing guantanamo because trump knows a thing or two about running water front properties into the ground. all right. that's probably enough. i mean, i've got more material.
7:27 pm
no, no, no. i don't want to spend too much time on the donald. following your lead, i want to show some restraint because i think we can all agree that from the start he's gotten the appropriate amount of coverage befitting the seriousness of his candidacy. i hope you all are proud of yourselves. the guy wanted to give his hotel business a boost and now we're praying that cleveland makes it through july. uh, um, um. um. as for me, and michelle, we
7:28 pm
decided to stay in d.c. for a couple more years. thank you. this way our youngest daughter can finish up high school. michelle can stay closer to her plot of carrots. he's already making plans to see them every day. take a look. but our decision has actually presented a bit of a dilemma because traditionally presidents don't stick around after they're done. and it's something that i've been brooding about a little bit. take a look. >> the obamas are staying in d.c. for two years after the president leaves office. >> he's about to go from commander in chief to couch commander. >> [ bleep ]. chuck todd. what am i going to do in d.c. for two years? >> you got a real dilemma, mr.
7:29 pm
candidate. which do you like better, these or these? >> joe, they're the same. >> they capture different moods. >> joe, i need some focus here. i'm sorry, what's that? >> i said, mr. president, you have to be practical. look, you can drive again. you're going to need a license. you love sports. why don't you volunteer to work for one of the teams around here? >> is this the washington wizards? i understand you're looking for some coaching help. let's just say i coach my daughter's team a few times. hello. hello. ♪ >> 34. >> finally. so i'm going to be in d.c. for a while and i thought i would take up driving again. >> what's the name? >> barack hussein obama. >> well, since you don't have a driver's license you're going to need a birth certificate. >> really? >> really. >> it's real. >> is it?
7:30 pm
>> it's real. >> but is it? >> oh, michelle left her phone. she's got snapchat. obamacare is great and it's really working. sign up now. >> breaking news, michelle obama in hot water after posting this video earlier today. >> obamacare is great. and it's really working. sign up now. >> no? >> no. >> get a lot of views at least? >> honey, enough, enough. why don't you just talk to somebody who has been through this. i got to go to soul cycle. >> she's right. i know who i need to talk to. hey, it's barack. listen, can we get together? now, that is a great move.
7:31 pm
>> yeah. >> so got any advice for me? >> now you want my advice? first, stop sending me all of these lengthy requests. second, here's the beauty to this whole thing. you've got all the time in the world to figure this out. you can just be you for a while. if you know how to do that again. >> i can just be me. and i can wear my mom jeans in peace. i hate these tight jeans. >> yesterday i had a beer at 11:30 in the morning. and you know, mcdonald's now serves breakfast all day long. >> you know michelle is going to be in spin class, so she'll never know, right? >> let it go. it won't be long and you will be able to walk right out of the oval office singing zip p
7:32 pm
zippity-doo-da. you will have time to work on your plan. i finally got the grand bargain on a sweet chevy tahoe. look here. look here. yeah. uh? uh? >> barack obama on his 347th round of golf for the year and it's totally great. and, gloria, not a problem for anybody. >> i can't think of a reason to care, wolf. believe me, i've tried. >> there you go. i am still waiting for all of you to respond to my invitation to connect to linkedin. but i know you have jobs to do, which is what really brings us here tonight. i know that there are times that
7:33 pm
we've had differences and that's inherent in our institutional roles. it's true of every president and his press corps. but we've always shared the same goal, to root our public discourse in the truth, to open the doors of this democracy, to do whatever we can to make our country and our world more free and more just. and i've always appreciated the role that you have all played as equal partners in reaching these goals. our free press is why we once again recognize the real journalists who uncover the horrifying scandal and brought some measure of justice for thousands of victims throughout the world. they are here with us tonight. sasha pfeiffer, mike rezaian, walter robinson, matt carol, ben bradley jr. please give them a round of applause.
7:34 pm
[ applause ] our free press is why once again we honor jason rezaian as carol noted. the last time this year we spoke of jason's courage as he endured the isolation of an iranian prison. this year we see that courage in the flesh. and it's a living testament to the very idea of a free press. and a reminder of the rising level of danger and political intimidation and physical threats faced by reporters overseas. and i can make this commitment that as long as i hold this office my administration will continue to fight for the release of american journalists held against their will and we will not stop until we -- they see the same freedom as jason had.
7:35 pm
at home and i broad, journalists like all of you engage in the dogged pursuit of informing citizens and holding leaders accountable and making our government of the people possible. and it's an enormous responsibility. and i realize it's an enormous challenge at a time when the economics of the business sometimes incentivize speed over depth and when controversy and conflict are most immediately attract readers and viewers, the good news is there are so many of you that are pushing against those trends. and as a citizen of this great democracy, i am grateful for that. for this is also a time around the world where some of the fundamental ideals of liberal democracies are under attack and when notions of objectivity and of a free press and of facts and of evidence are trying to be
7:36 pm
undermined or in some cases ignored entirely. and in such a climate it's not enough just to give people a megaphone. that's why your power and your responsibility to dig and to question and to counter distortions and untruths is more important than ever. taking a stand on behalf of what is true does not require you shedding your objectivity. in fact, it is the essence of good journalism. it affirms the idea that the only way we can build consensus, the only way that we can move forward as a country, the only way we can help the world mend itself is by agreeing on a baseline of facts when it comes to the challenges that confront us all. so this night is a testament to all of you who have devoted your lives to that idea, who push to shine a light on the truth every
7:37 pm
single day. so i want to close my final white house correspondents' dinner by just saying thank you. i'm very proud of what you've done. it has been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with you to strengthen our democracy. and with that i just have two more words to say. obama out. [ applause ] >> all right. president obama delivering his final address at his final white house countyrrespondents' dinne somehow like the godfather movie, settling the score, knocking off the heads of all the five families. he hit everyone in this speech. starting with hillary clinton right out of the gate. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, donald trump, ted cruz, the
7:38 pm
media, cnn, went after each and every source he could. and came out strong, you know, liz, your immediate take? we're about to hear from larry. >> i thought he was at 110 coming out of the box and then i just didn't -- i wasn't particularly -- i wouldn't put it up in his top. >> all right. we're now going to hear from larry wilmore, the host of "the nightly show," his job and never an easy one, following the president of the united states. >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thanks for keeping that applause going all the way, too. i appreciate that. well, welcome to negro night here at washington -- as fox news will report, two thugs disrupt elegant dinner in d.c. that's how they do it. nice to be here, though, at the
7:39 pm
white house correspondents' dinner or next year, donald trump dinner paid for my mexico. i'm very scared of that. but thank you so much. it's an absolute honor to be here tonight. i want to thank the president, the first lady, carol lee and the white house, correspondents' association, for hiring me. and mitch mcconnell for not blocking my nomination. seriously, you got to give mitch mcconnell credit me could block lebron james. he's unbelievable. but to tell you a little bit about me. so i am a black man who replaced a white man who pretended to be a tv newscaster. so, yeah, that way lester holt and i have a lot in common. i have to admit it's not easy to follow the president, man. you got some joke, mr. president.
7:40 pm
president's funny. stay in your lane, man. you don't see me going around presidenting all the time, right? i don't go around passingle health care and signing executivepardoning turkey, not closing guantanamo. wait, maybe i did do that. but i have to say it's great. it looks like you're really enjoying your last year of the presidency. i saw you hanging out with nba players like steph curry, golden state warriors. that was cool. that was cool, yeah. you know kind of makes sense, too, because both of you like reining down bombs on people from long distances, right? huh? what? am i wrong? speaking of drones, how is wolf blitzer still on television? that's the follow-up question. hey, wolf, i'm ready to project
7:41 pm
tonight's winner. anyone who isn't watching "the situation room." no, all right. fine. i like wolf. vice president joe biden is here. nice to see you, vice president. that's great. i heard joe's retiring, moving back to delaware, which is good. he won't have to answer any more difficult questions like, hey, don't i know you from somewhere? but i have to say about the first lady, it's so nice to have dinner with you. she's the epitome of grace, class, and poise. isn't she? she really is, yes. not to be confused with future first gentleman bill clinton from three strippers named grace, class, and poise. it's the late show, mr. president. i can do these jokes. let me just say, mr. president,
7:42 pm
the office has taken its toll on you. you look terrible, mr. president. you do. look at you. your hair is so white, it tried to punch me at a trump rally. president's hair is so white he keep saying all lives matter. all right. fine. fine. i get it. i get it. no, man, you came in here looking like denzel. now you're going out looking like grady from "sanford and son." i know it's a dated reference but you're dated, mr. president. all i'm saying is that in less than eight years, mr. president, you've busted two-time honored stereotypes, black does crack, and apparently once you go black, it looks like we are going back. yeah. thanks, ben carson.
7:43 pm
i got to be careful picking on you, though, mr. president. you know, a couple years ago during this dinner you were like killing osama bin laden. remember that? who are you killing tonight? can't be primp journalism. that industry has been dead for a while now, right? sorry. i'm just kidding. shoutout to the print media. no, really, you have to shout. they're like all over 70 now. follow-up was nice, wasn't it? oh, by the way, guys, black lives matter is here tonight i'm just kidding. relax, white people. they're not here. it's just a joke. just relax. just relax. but i am i pressed with the people in this room. there are so many rich powerful people in this room. you know nice to finally match the names to the faces in the panama papers. it's nice to see them go together. will smith is here from the
7:44 pm
upcoming movie "suicide squad." yeah. big will. by the way, not to be confuse with the new jeb bush documentary "suicide watch." yeah. grown groans are good. "blackish" was my nickname in high school, unfortunately. that's what they called you in kenya, too, didn't they, mr. president? c pan of course is carrying tonight's dinner live. yeah. which is ironic because most of the viewers aren't. it's true, guys. c-span is the number one network among people who died watching tv and no one's found them yet. no, but it is good to be on c-span. glad i'm not on your rival
7:45 pm
network no input hdmi-1. that was for me. that was for me. cnn is here tonight. mentioned cnn. yep. i've been watching cnn a long time. yep. used to watch it back when it was a news network. i did. is all cnn here tonight? i don't know about you guys but i can't get enough of that cnn countdown clock. now we can see exactly when they hit zero in the ratings. yeah. and not to throw any shade, but fox news is the highest rated cable news channel among viewers who have no idea what shade means. fox news actually tried to convince america that beyonce was anti-cop after her black
7:46 pm
panther-inspired performance at the super bowl. anti-cop, come on. at the most, she's anti-pants. right? i think fox news secretly likes beyonce though. they just renamed "the kelly file" becky with the good hair." lemonade, mr. vice president? lemonade? oh. msnbc, msnbc here tonight? actually now stands for missing a significant number of black correspondents. am i wrong? have you guys seen, they like fired melissa harris-perry, they canceled joy reid, booted tera. they put chris hayes on probation because they thought he was related to isaac hayes. that's wrong. msnbc got rid of so many black people i thought boca haram was run that network. what was going on?
7:47 pm
you know i should say some of america's finest black journalists are here tonight. don lemon is here, too. hey, don. how is it going? alleged journalist don lemon, everybody. al sharpton, i think was here tonight. you know i'm surprised al is a hillary supporter. you don't put a relaxer in your hair for 40 years and not feel the burn. that just doesn't happen. it's impossible, is what i'm saying. right? if you're sitting next to al sharpton feel free to feel the perm. it's okay. we've cleared it. it's okay. lots of big news this year. the treasury promised to hut harriet tubman's face on the $10 bill but now we have to wait for the 2030 for the $20 bill. yeah. man, women haven't been this deceived by a bill since cosby.
7:48 pm
oh, like i did it. ben carson was also against harriet tubman replacing andrew jackson on the $20 bill. he praised jackson saying he was a tremendous president. from the grave andrew jackson said, what did that jiggaboo say? that's what he said. that's what he said. i'm just the reporter here, guys. i'm just the reporter. i'm the reporter, mr. president. did larry wilmore say jiggaboo on obama's last -- i did. i honestly did. but 2016 has been a beast, though, man. we lost david bowie, merle haggard, prince, or is hillary clinton calls it, my favorite singer, my favorite singer, my favorite singer. okay.
7:49 pm
biggest thing this year though has been the presidential election. lincoln chafee ran an applicable campaign now running the pottery booth at the craft fair. chris christie was supposed to be here tonight. i don't know if he made it. he rsvp'ed for three, him, his wife, and donald trump's dry-cleaning. i shouldn't make -- chris lost a lot of weight recently, didn't he? he said he just eliminated everything from his routine that wasn't necessary, like his self, pride, and dignity. you guys are tough, man. senator bernie sanders is here tonight. senator. which i'm surprised, you never come to these things. he usually goes to the white house correspondents' early bird dinner. this time, senator. to this one- i appreciate it. senator recently had a hernia
7:50 pm
operation. his doctors say it's his own fault for trying to lift the hopes of the disenfranchised. you got to stretch before you do that, senator. i am confused with bernie's stance on guns. he seems anti-gun everywhere except vermont. bernie doesn't care who gets a gun in vermont. there are no black people in vermont. i have to give you credit, though, bernie, you are trying hard to get the black vote. i think it's great. bernie's been hanging around with raptor killer mike or as hillary clinton calls him super predator mike. true. bernie sanders gets knocked for his age, which is kind of unfair. it is, isn't it? although i will say that bernie is so old his first campaign slogan was fired. remember that?
7:51 pm
remember that? that was cool. free stuff, right? bernie is so old when god said let there be light, bernie said, con serve energy, let's sit in the dark. it's okay. my man, you have to admit it is a really tough race between senator bernie sanders and democrat nominee hillary clinton. hillary clinton was flustered when a black lives matter protester challenged her. man, i haven't seen a white lady that upset over being blind sided by a black person since kelly ripa. right? exactly. hillary's had some awkward interactions with black lives matter. she has, man. you know it's bad when her immediate response is, can't we talk about benghazi? please? and bernie got in trouble, remember, bernie, you got in trouble for saying hillary was
7:52 pm
unqualified. she is extremely qualified. in fact, when you factor in all of her policy flip-flops she is at least several of the most qualified candidates ever to run for president. you know i'm not wrong. donald trump said that if hillary clinton were a man, he didn't think she would get 5% of the vote. okay. all right. all right. first of all, if hillary clinton were suddenly a man, her biggest problem would be finding a bathroom she would be allowed to use in north carolina. that would be her biggest problem. donald trump, now, donald trump says he's going to try and be more presidential. it's true. serious about it, too. so he says now when he boasts about his genitalia during a debate he's only going to refer to it as his president johnson. that's it. lbj? oh, very good. thank you. and i can't understand why everybody treats donald trump can kid gloves. and then i realize they're the only gloves that will fit his
7:53 pm
stupid little baby hands. oh, man. but actually frankly donald trump, his campaign is inspiring. massive violence. and whenever i turn on the tv i see trump's family campaigning for him. gushing all over him. or it's also known as "morning joe." have you seen "morning -- come on, guys, seriously. you know. "morning joe" has hair head so far up trump's ass they bump into chris christie. you know it's true. you know i'm not lying. you know that's true. but donald trump, you know what it is about donald trump, donald trump looks like the rich dad in every episode of "law and order" where the frat kid accidentally stringles a hooker. doesn't he?
7:54 pm
or as they say here at the washington hilton tuesdays. tuesdays. but, guys, i am not surprised donald trump is happening to america because i watch movies. i do. and every time there's a black president something always comes to destroy the earth. always. it's true. ted cruz is about to stay in the race. man. everybody hates ted cruz. even o.j. simpson said that guy is just hard to like. this is true. this is true. you know there's a joke going around the internet that ted cruz is actually the zodiac killer? right? i'm not making that up. come on, that's absurd. you know, some people actually liked the zodiac killer.
7:55 pm
recently ted cruz got a string of wins and endorsements and then even remembered who ted cruz is, the zodiac kill er. ted cruz got zero delegates in new york, which is actually five more than i thought he would get for the zodiac killer. john boehner, john boehner came out of retirement and described ted cruz as lucifer in the flesh. lucifer. i mean, that is not fair, man. lucifer is horrible but he's not the zodiac killer. recently heidi cruz revealed after they got married ted bought like 100 cans of soup. not making himself look less like the zodiac killer, ted cruz. not doing it.
7:56 pm
i don't even think ted cruz wants to be president. i think hess just criss-crossing the country zodiac killing. that's my theory. all right. that's enough on him. ted cruz actually announced carly fiorina as his vp pick. he's not even the nominee yet. you've seen this, right? who does that, except the zodiac killer. no, but, see, here, think how strange it is, you guys. ted cruz picked a vice president. that doesn't make sense because serial killers always work alone. starting to make sense now. and i don't know if you thought about this. but if carly fiorina were vice president she would only be a heartbeat away from being zodiac killed. very important information. people should know. but right now it's all about you, mr. president. you've got seven months left.
7:57 pm
and we should enjoy every moment of it. that's right. soak it in, people. i don't know when we're getting a black president again. i mean, they're not even going to let morgan freeman be president in movies anymore for a while. the president and first lady will return to private life. it's going to be different for you guys. nobody to wash your dishes or, you know, change the bed linens, sweep the floors. you are going to miss joe biden. oh, man. oh, i just got a note for the president saying if you want another drink you should order it now because the bar will be closing down. of course he said the same thing about guantanamo so you have at least another eight years. he made that joke. but just think, mr. president, in less than a year you will be playing golf every day. you know, so things won't be that different. it will be great.
7:58 pm
and this is your last year in office, right? so now you're legacy begins. i want to talk about what you're leaving behind. and i don't mean the black jesus in the lincoln bedroom. no, no, i'm just saying, make sure you take all of your culturally specific items with you so you can get your security deposit back, mr. president. quick impression of the next president moving in. what's cocoa butter? i've never heard of such a thing. cocoa butter. but i have to say when it's all said and done, mr. president, after eight years in the white house, we are really going to miss michelle. we really are. thank you for being a good sport, mr. president, but all jokes aside. let me just say how much it means for me to be here tonight.
7:59 pm
i've always joked that i voted for the president because he's black. and people say would you agree with his policies, i say i agree with the policy that he's black. as long as he keeps being black, i'm good. what about iraq? is he still black? but behind that joke is the humble appreciation for the historical implications for what your presidency means. when i was a kid i lived in a country where people couldn't accept a black quarterback. now think about that. a black man was thought by his mere color not good enough to lead a football team. and now to live in your time, mr. president, when a black man can lead the entire free world.
8:00 pm
words alone do me no justice. so, mr. president, i'm going to keep it 100, yo, barry, you did it, my nigga. you did it. thank you very much. good night. [ applause ] >> well, larry wilmore finishing up his routine at the white house correspondents' dinner, following the president. the president who literally dropped the mike and said obama out during his address followed by larry wilmore who did a routine there. i got to say it was a routine that was received with a lot of groans in that room. a lot of people targeted in that room, a lot of journalists targeted and politicians by
8:01 pm
name. it's hard to tell how it will be received beyond that room. brad, your thoughts. >> it's interesting. i was watching the reaction on twitter, which is a very different reaction than the reaction in the room. >> yeah. >> i think this reminds me of stephen colbert, we were talking about colbert a little bit backstage. i don't think larry was giving this speech to the room. this was a speech to the rest of the country. and i personally thought it was great. i think he crept up to that line. i think he crossed it a couple of times. i think, you know, he knew, this was a big moment for the president. this is the last time we're going to be able to reflect with humor on race, on a lot of things that, you know, have come to the surface in this election. very serious things. ic he did it with grace. i personally thought it was keeping it hundred. i don't know if we all agree. but i thought larry was great. >> do we have an online poll of what people said they saw when
8:02 pm
they saw it? yeah, on how -- no, on larry wilmore. on who gave a funnier speech. do we have larry wilmore's speech? i thought we did. but, buck, what did you think? >> i thought president obama's speech was better and funnier across the board. >> really? >> yes. >> i'll be honest. i did. i thought obama's opening was phenomenal. i thought the president set a tone for the rest of it that was really good. i'm just -- i think the president was a better -- both -- of course a better states man but he gave a statesman like speech but a better comedian tonight. >> don't say that. >> president obama was funnier, straight up than larry wilmore. >> go ahead. >> every year i think president obama upstages the comedian. i think he's funny. timing is great. he came out of the gates blazing. we expect this magnificent thing. godfather three. you know, i expected a lot, didn't get much. i thought larry wilmore was amazing. he had a few misses in there, bill cosby jokes. rape jokes don't go well
8:03 pm
typically in a crowd. solid b plus. obama, c plus. >> what the. >> obama gave extraordinary, you know, bits here. >> obama, c plus? >> i didn't laugh much. >> the president's speech was so funny. the line about the poke on facebook with hillary clinton. >> it was good. >> but not only that -- >> the trump stuff missed so bad. >> classy. especially the boehner moment where in the midst of a really divisive political race for the president to include boehner and to come together i thought there was so much unity and such a class act. it was funny, classy. stark contrast to larry wilmore. >> what about about him? >> deeply personal attacks. calling out journalists by name. a lot of jokes were not funny. you could evidently see on the journalist's faces it was deeply personal. and to end with that word, no. >> also the repetition. >> buck? >> the repetition of the zodiac killer thing with ted cruz, even if one liked the joke, the joke was really belabored. it really got to a point.
8:04 pm
i didn't like the joke but even beyond that at some point he should have moved on from it. >> let's let liz. >> first of all, you're exactly right. larry wilmore wasn't playing, anybody sitting on the stage that wasn't playing to that room. larry wilmore hosts a show that is part of a legacy that has held the media accountable and that is why the show was created. he called people out by name because, you want to know what? people that watch "the daily show," people that watch larry wilmore and colbert see flaws in journalism and those people. whether or not you feel that way, that is right. obama said the same thing about msnbc. >> we did a poll, 60%, we don't have a graphic but 60% of the people who responded to our poll online said they did not think larry wilmore was funny. just so you know. >> funny at all or funnier than obama? >> how many thought obama was? 80% of the people who watched thought president obama was funny. >> yep. >> 60% of the people who watched
8:05 pm
did not think larry wilmore, did not think larry wilmore was funny. i think we have clips of the president's speech. let's watch that. >> last week prince george showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe. that was a slap in the face. a clear breach of protocol. although while in england i did have lunch with her majesty, the queen, took in a performance of k "shakespeare," hit the links with david cameron. just in case anybody is still debating whether i'm black enough, i think that settles the debate. my approval ratings keep going up. the last time i was this high, i
8:06 pm
was trying to decide on my major. and here's the thing, i haven't really done anything differently. so, todd, even my age can't what has changed?g poll numbers. nobody can figure it out. puzzling. >> that was just some of the president's speech. you know i took a poll of all of you before the president spoke. i said is he going to talk about hillary clinton, make jokes about hillary clinton. i don't think half of you raised your hands. he made a bunch of jokes about hillary clinton. >> yeah, and that's why, i mean, i agree with a lot of folks around the room. i thought the president crushed it again. every year he comes in. you're not quite sure what he's
8:07 pm
going to talk about. the focus is on trump. everyone assumed he was going to go hard in on trump and he really didn't. >> that was actually one of the weaker points of the president's speech, i thought. >> i agree. it was almost too obvious. >> exactly. >> and i think he was able, which is so great about comedy, you're not expecting the president to talk about goldman sachs speeches. you're not expecting him to talk about a lot of really great liners about both bernie and hillary. and those were, in my opinion, those are the winning lines. the lines against, you know, unexpected lines from the president. >> i think this is a challenge. for comics -- a lot of comics will do a year in review show. broader. he had to do eight months in review. this wasn't my favorite of obama speeches because i think that when you can stick to the year at hand and you can really hit those current things that are all, you're always a little bit stronger xheedically. when you have to cover biggering
8:08 pm
broader topictopics, as he did, reflective, to me it wasn't quite as urgent as other ones have been in the past. >> that's how it felt to me. i'm getting so much twitter hate. when i say a c plus i'm saying compared to obama's other speeches. it's better than bush and a whole bunch of speeches. i also think there were opportunities he built us up for something really good and it didn't happen. the john boehner moment was classy, heartwarming. didn't make me laugh. such a build up for that. he went into the faux closing remarks and then he says, wait, no, no, no, i can't to this. i have to make the trump jokes. the trump jokes didn't hit. >> it's also hard, too, when you have john boehner -- this is comedy inside baseball stuff. when you have john boehner making news this week with the lucifer comments, right, and then you have a sketch with john boehner that was probably edited before that and it's missing the thing that happened this week, that's just for me as like a tactician -- >> i want to say i felt like the biggest difference between the two and obviously comedy is in
8:09 pm
the eye of the beholder, the listener, the jokes president obama was making people who don't agree with his politics and people across the spectrum can think they were funny. the jokes larry wilmore made were a little more a la carte. you have to decide if they were for you. >> dissension in the room. we will discussion much more when we hear two routines tonight. some debate about which was funny, which was not. we'll be right back. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. it was all pencil and paper. started out, the surface pro is very intuitive.
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8:13 pm
up now at the hilton hotel in washington, d.c. we saw the president deliver his final address to the white house correspondents' dinner. it was filled with jokes. it was filled with targets, raising from journalists to members of his own party and, of course, members of the other party. let's listen. >> on the republican side, thing are a little more, how shall we say this? a little more loose. just look at the confusion over the invitations to tonight's dinner. guests were asked to check whether they wanted steak or fish. but instead, a whole bunch of you wrote in paul ryan. that's not an option, people. steak or fish. you may not like steak or fish
8:14 pm
but that's your choice. meanwhile, some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonig tonight. the rules were well established ahead of time. and then there's ted cruz. ted had a tough week. he went to indiana, hoosier country. stood on a basketball court and called the hoop a basketball ri ring.
8:15 pm
what else is in his lexicon? baseball sticks, football hats, but, sure, i'm the foreign one. >> all right. president obama there delivering his speech. those are some pretty good lines. the paul ryan joke, steak, fish, people filling in paul ryan there. that was good stuff. there was another comedic routine at the end, too. larry wilmore followed the president. we asked our viewers who do you think was funnier, the president or larry wilmore. let's take a look at what the viewers said. president obama, 90% who gave a funnier speech. 90% say president obama. 10% say larry wilmore. let's get a sense of how it played in the room. let's go there. sarah murray, it's getting cold. you're heading out on your way out. let's talk about president
8:16 pm
first. how was his speech received? >> i think a lot of people thought the president's speech was funny. i sat around a number of crew staffers laughing out loud about the basketball ring comment. the people in the cruz campaign know that was a miss there. general feeling among folks around me was that president obama was funnier than larry wilmore. a couple of people who had seen wilmore before who started leaving by the time we started talking because they felt like he was not that funny. the president is funny tonight. take what you will from that. >> heard a lot of groans because a lot of people in the room were targeted. >> that's true. a number of people in the room were targeted. donald trump gives us a guide for how you should handle that or not when he was targeted a couple of years ago. a lot of people talked about how he had kind of a sour reaction to that. he left very quickly. i think that people tried to sort of change that this time around. i don't know. jeff, what do you think?
8:17 pm
how do you think they reacted about being the butt of the jokes? >> i think the only inside the room, the only democrat in the room was bernie sanders. i think frankly he was happy to be mentioned but there were zingers by hillary clinton as well. goldman sachs reference. >> great line. >> when i leave office make i can start making harriet tubman's, reference to money, at goldman sachs. he also said a year from now, i'm not sure we will have a new president, whoever she may be. the closest we got to an endorsement there. overall the john boehner thing i think is the thing that sticks out to me the most that was funny that he actually came back to do that movie theater routine. >> and the great line with bernie sanders, too, where he talked about comrades. it was -- sort of gave the back of the hand to everyone in equal fashion. i think that's why that speech went over so much better than the one that followed. >> right. i think it's hard if you are the one, if you are just taking partisan jabs you kind of new
8:18 pm
obama was coming out and hit everyone. there's been some reaction that, you know, that john boehner thing, maybe it was too inside baseball. i don't know. it seemed funny to me. a place to make that joke. >> of course it's inside baseball but this is inside baseball. >> definition of inside baseball. >> so funny because john boehner has been in the news with his lucifer comment this week. so they couldn't even plan that timing. i was struck by -- again, we were reminded of the president, his timing is so good. >> stellar. >> 90% to 10% poll there. he's good. >> he was clearly -- this was the final moment where he could let loose. obviously he's had a chilly relationship with the press and tonight he just let it all rip. >> in a lot of ways i felt like president obama was actually nicer to donald trump than i expected him to be. >> right. right. >> some of the things he said about ted cruz felt harsher than the things about trump. >> like the ted cruz joke, bring out the gun, the whole canadian
8:19 pm
debate once again, amazing. >> again, a sound track really of all eight years of the presidency being at all of these dinners is obama's birth certificate and the fact that he still gets so much miles out of that. i'm the foreigner? you're calling me the foreigner? i think that has really been a gift, a comedic gift that he's had. you're right, it could have been much harsher on donald trump. democrats are t no laughing about him like they were in 2011. he was the butt of a joke then. now he's a serious figure. >> especially in this room. just living in l.a., the animosity that you feel in hollywood toward donald trump and the protests that we've seen in california over the last couple of days, you know, this was a room where barack obama did not need to go hard on donald trump. it was already, you know -- >> right. it's not a joke anymore. he has worked hard to prove he is not a joke. he has proved he's not a joke and now we're seeing a various reactions to that. all right, thanks so much.
8:20 pm
john, back to you. >> sarah, thanks so much. thanks to all of you for working so hard tonight. appreciate it. now go enjoy yourselves. we're going take a quick break. we'll be right back.
8:21 pm
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8:24 pm
>> all right. president obama there talking about donald trump. a few of the jokes he directed at donald trump although there is a feeling among people who watched i colluding the people in this room with me here that the president could have been tougher on donald trump. he went a little easy on donald trump. i want to go around the room and ask what we are going to be talking about on monday morning. the dinners have a way of simmering for a little while on the public consciousness and then people decide what the home is or what the vibe is. let's go around, brad? what are we going to talk about on monday? >> the graphic is fun, who is funnier, obama or larry. i think it's a win-win. they were both incredible. with comedy there's different approaches. right? i think larry, his style of comedy is he's going to take some -- some bold choices. right? he's going to offend. and as i said, he's going to cross that line. the president is the president of the united states. right? he has to be a little more sensitive, a little more conscious about that. i think closing with boehner was
8:25 pm
just a beautiful tribute, i think, to john and to the president and working. you know, they've tried to work hand in hand over the course of many years. it didn't work out so well. >> it worked out better in that room than it did in real life. >> it did. i thought it was a beautiful closing though. i thought, look, this is a great night for comedy. i thought it was great. i think people will talk a lot about larry's closing. i thought it was, you know i'm looking at my twitter, black twitter loved it. >> they loved -- >> it's interesting. you said black twitter loved larry wilmore tonight. you actually said comedians on twitter who you follow loved it as well? >> yes. >> yes. >> you say but conservative twitter actually did not like it. they liked the president? >> many people that i'm say on twitter who i know to be conservative thought the president was funny. if we can all agree the president's goal is to let everyone have some fun tonight, poke some fun all around and not make anybody in that room feel excluded, even people who
8:26 pm
vehemently disagree with his politics, they can argue ad nauseum, the president is taking this moment to do it this way. i think he hit all the right notes in that regard. i thought he was incredibly funny and talent -- credit where it's due. that guy is a talented speech giver and presents incredibly well. >> that's right. i completely agree. i think at comedian's job to make the comfortable feel uncomfortable. and i do believe that is the comedian's job. >> he succeeded. >> people don't like cruelty though. >> i'm not talking about people. use your own opinion. i don't talk about everybody. >> he came out and assassinated people's character and profession and i just thought that was completely uncalled for. people like banter, like what obama did. it was friendly banter. it was light. it was funny. it was wholesome. >> that's your opinion. >> it is my opinion. >> there's a lot of people who disagree with you. >> liz, is there one moment? >> people will talk about the last thing larry said and obama's jokes about hillary. that's what i believe. >> i will definitely on monday be talking about larry wilmore
8:27 pm
using the "n" word. that is sort of my job. >> and? >> and i think it's -- i don't mine the provocative and i don't mind people using the "n" word i have been on this network very much strongly supporting that. i didn't think it was that funny i thought it was anticlimatic. especially after the president did a mike drop ending, it wasn't a good ending. some people in the black community -- my brothers are texting, i can't believe he disrespected the president like that. >> it is the president. >> the president responded as presidents do, pounded his chest and played through the moment. i didn't like the ending. i thought the endings was the last part of larry's bit. he was funny. edgy. i thought he made great jokes. i would have to disagree a little bit. the president went after people, too. he said wolf blitzer -- excuse me, jake tapper gave up journalism to come here to cnn. >> different demeanor. light, funny. >> he does that because jake tapper is -- we're here on cnn but he's one of the most respected reporters. >> exactly. >> the hill, oh, the president --
8:28 pm
>> not mad at larry wilmore. they're friends. that's the fun of this. you go, you banter around. you have fun. you walk away. of course the president is going to be a little more unifying than larry wilmore because he's the president. larry wilmore's job is to make people uncomfortable. >> your like journalists. >> i have 500 white people texting me right now saying why would he use that word? that means he did his job. good job, larry. >> crossing lines. to use that word, it's disrespectful to the black community, disrespectful to america to use that word on national television. it crossed the line. >> is a positive that we thought monday morning. >> we should be talking about the president and how he had a very unifying moment. i thought it was great. i thought it was very needed. >> goldman sachs line --ient mean to interrupt. the goldman sachs line was one of the funniest things president obama said and that's going to have more of a life than some people necessarily realize. >> than they might want. >> i think so. >> if you're in brooklyn on the
8:29 pm
clinton campaign right now on balance, are you happy with the president's performance, a joke or a little bit -- >> i think you're happy because if you don't mention hillary or you're too soft people speculate about that. there's going to be a speculation about calculation. >> she can take it. >> she can take it. >> you probably don't want the goldman sachs. that's the one joke you don't want linger. >> or the de blasio. >> that was the irs first line. i forgot. >> it was great. let's remember that he did say the person standing up here next year will be a woman. >> right. >> covered himself. >> let's be clear. >> he covered himself. >> one quick point. all of these people were in a presidential race, everyone is caustic. but for the president to to what he did tonight he sent the message at the end of the day we are all americans. we can all laugh together. i thought it was grade. >> brad, ten seconds left for us. you're the one ho has worked in the white house. what are they doing in the white house? >> they're going to go to the "vanity fair" party andrey their faces off. they deserve it. the president did a great job. it was a hell of a night.
8:30 pm
>> i can't thank you enough for being here with me covering this president's final white ing. house correspondents' dinner. you saw it all here. stay with cnn for more coverage of the dinner all night long. thanks. this is no ordinary dinner. this is a big [ bleep ] meal. >> i want to welcome all of you to the white house coun


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