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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  May 1, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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not the other way around. words to say, obama out. president obama dropping the mike, delivering his final address, his last ever white house correspondent dinner. i'm anna ca bera. >> i'm victor black well. this brings together the politicians, hollywood stars, and the commander in chief, turns into comedian in chief.
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he didn't spare anyone, including himself. >> that's right. cracking jokes at everything from the media, the republican party, to of course, donald trump. he even took some good natured shots at the democrats, fighting to succeed him. here is a few of his best lines. >> in my final year, my approval ratings keep going up. the last time i was this high, i was trying to decide on my major. and here's the thing. i haven't really done anything differently. so it's odd. even my aides can't explain the rising poll numbers. nobody can figure it out.
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some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight. you've got to admit it, though. hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative would just signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? is it appearing on your wall. i'm not sure i'm using this right. aunt hillary. eight years ago, i was a young man. full of idealism and vigor. look at me now. i am gray, grizzled, just counting down the days until my
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death panel. hillary once questioned whether i would be ready for a 3 a.m. phone call, now i'm awake any way, because i've gotta go to the bathroom. meanwhile, michelle has not aged a day. the only way you candidate her in photos is by looking at me. take a look. here we are in 2008. here we are a few years later. and this one is from two weeks ago. even some foreign leaders, they've been looking ahead, anticipating my departure. last week, prince george showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe.
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that was a slap in the face. >> all right, so we've got a lot to talk about. let's bring in jeffrey lord, a donald trump supporter, and comedian george wallace. talk about a pairing. >> i didn't know he was going to be here. i'm afraid. hello, jeffrey. >> let me start with you, george. what did you think? >> the first time i watched it, comedians watch it in a different point, we look for timing and delivery and all. it's kind of cute. second time i watched it, very funny. i'm so proud of this president to come out and his open joke, i'm late, i'm on cp time, which stands for a joke white people should never tell. >> he could pull it off. >> that's the good thing about this president. we've never had a president that could do everything to play golf to sing i'm so in love with you to basketball to golf, and
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comedian. it's public speaking is the most feared thing to do in life and he can do it all and he was a comedian last night. a real comedian. >> let me come to you, jeffrey. you look at it through a different lens. you've been a busy commentator here on cnn. what was your take in. >> the comedian was fabulous and so was larry willmore. >> i knew he was going to say that. >> i thought he was terrific. i really did think he was very good. you know, having worked for a president, presidents work long and hard on these speeches. and sometimes they misfire. his did not. i will also say that it was clear that he had some partisans in the audience and that's before you got to his aides and democratic, meeting the president. >> we get it. >> i thought he did exceptionally well. >> jeffrey is on a roll this
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morning, isn't he. >> that's. >> jeffrey, usually the comedian is there to ensure that we have laughter, but we've never had a president that can pull it off and be the headliner. president obama was the headliner. you never put the headliner up before the opening act. that's what larry was saying. -- that is what jeffrey was saying. >> you thought the president was funnier than larry? >> i really did think that. he was very, very, good at this. of course, my favorite president is ronald reagan and i remember the year that -- it might have been his eighth year where he said he was sorry he had to go and he always wanted to do this, and he goes like this. >> hey, george, let me ask you, you know, people were waiting to hear what the president would say about donald trump. he had this mock wrapup. he said you know i've got to
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talk about donald trump and he went after him a little bit. >> it was pretty cool, him being an international care aharacteri thought he was wonderful. i thought he would have hit donald trump a little more actually. >> frankly, i thought the same thing. >> i know i would have. it's so much fun. donald trump wants to build a wall and the mexicans are building tunnels. so many different things he could have done. >> why didn't he go there, jeffrey. >> i was going to say the only candidate there was bernie sanders. frankly, i have no idea what he was thinking. in truth, if you're one of these candidates and we're coming down to crunch time, you better be in indiana, and not sitting in a washington hotel room with a bunch of reporters in black tie. i mean that would have frankly looked terrible. so both donald trump and hillary clinton and ted cruz all did the -- john kasich did the right
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thing. don't go there. >> i wonder if it was a sut p sign to his supporters that you know, we have past that phase of the campaign, where i'm competing for the nomination, that he is now in this room. just a sign to say, he'll be back in indiana, he'll be back today. >> exactly. he was saying i'm supporting hillary. he knows where he is right now. >> and the president went after the former secretary too. we saw it with the aunt hillary. >> you're right. >> so jeffrey, i wonder, donald trump is going to be back in indiana, rallying today and tomorrow. we've seen donald trump hit back when he has been hit. do you expect he'll mention or talk about the president's comments on the trail? >> oh, he might. but again, there is a real disconnect. to be perfectly candid. we get a kick out of it, if you're in indiana and your problem is, what, health care, kids, getting a job or what have you, you could careless about
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this kind of thing. a lot of people may not even be aware of it. so the sort of plausibility of getting a response from folks out there may or may not be that big a deal. >> a lot of people are reacting to larry willmore who we showed going into this was a little bit nervous, he was excited, he felt like it was going to be a big responsibility since it was the president's final white house correspondents dinner. the reaction hasn't been particularly good for larry willmore. >> just because of what i said at first. you never put the headliner on before the opening act. that's why larry had to say stay in your lane. he said i don't cam down to the white house making decisions. he moved into a lane where no other president has ever been, being the best performer of the evening. >> do you think he tried too hard? >> no. comedy is the hardest art form and when it's not right, once the headliner is killed and when
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president obama, obama and dropped the mike, that pretty much means show is over. >> yeah. >> a lot of people stood up and left. larry willmore is a professional, a headliner, but not enough people knew him also. so he doesn't -- he didn't get that respect. he is a great guy, but some people are going who is larry willmore. >> the content might have worked for his show, people coming to watch him. >> of course. >> but the reference to the president using the n word at the end of his speech there. >> that was new kids. that's new era. young kids look at it as a term of endearment. we may not understand, why did he use the n word. let's face it, the naacp, had a funeral and it rose again in three days. it's still around. i'm going to tell you the truth, it's not going to go any where. i stopped using it last tuesday.
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>> last question to you, jeffrey, as we top this off. what did you make of the comparison of this year versus year's past in his final address. >> of course you get better every year that you have to do this. i really did think he was very good. i thought he was at the top of his game. but you know, one of the things it also signals in a serious political sense, i mean, washington is one of these towns, pretty brutal when any president is coming to the end of their term, all the attention goes to whoever would be the successor and you're dropped like a hot rock. and there was some sort of sense of this, that the obama era was just about over, get off the stage, sir, it's somebody else's time. whoever that may be. >> i'm just proud that jeffrey has converted to our side, and jeffrey, he want to thank you like a lot of americans. you're good man. thank you for being a democratic, and you're going to vote for -- >> well, thank you governor
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wallace. >> segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever. >> we wrap this up now. >> a fun way to start the show this morning. >> journalwallace. >> i'll see you at harrah's. hundreds of protesters you see here over government dissatisfaction, what's behind the anger and is there a concern for the safety of the americans. the u.s. embassy there. looking ahead to tuesday's indiana primary, the candidates rallying in the hoosier state today, courting your vote. we'll take a look at what is at stake. also, much more ahead from the white house correspondents dinner. bernie, you look like a million bucks, or to put it in terms you'll understand, you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. next year at this time, someone else will be standing in this very spot and it's anyone's guess who she will be, but -- hillary clinton did not attend last night's dinner, but that didn't save her from being ribbed. >> democrats, republicans, no one was spared.
3:17 am
cnn correspondent chris frates was there. what's your take away? >> he was having a good time. i've been lucky enough to go to a number of these. it was clear that he was loose. he gave a good performance, the last one of his presidency. he seemed more informal than he has in the past. taking shots at not just at his republican rivals to take his seat, but democrats. we compiled the best of last night. off he got admit it, though, hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative who just signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? i am hurt, though, bernie that you've been distancing yourself a little from me. i mean, that's just not something that you do to your comrade. some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify their own joke tonight.
3:18 am
they say donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world, ms. sweden, ms. argentina. ted had a tough week. he went to indiana. hoosier country. stood on a basketball court, and called the hoop a basketball ring. what else is in his lexcum. baseball sticks, football hats. but sure, i'm the foreign one.
3:19 am
so there you had president obama kind of rolling through the presidential campaign field, and you know, he hit kasich, sanders, cruz as well. but before he got to donald trump, it seemed like he was going to wrap it up and he was making the case, thanking the press, thanking the white house correspondents association, and wait a minute, you didn't i think was going to leave without it talking about donald trump. so he had some really good timing, some fun with everybody in the room there, guys. >> so bernie sanders as we saw, he was there. but back to business today, campaigning in indiana. all the candidates will be there, except john kasich. what's the feeling ahead of the primary on tuesday? >> well, look, it depends on if you're talking about the republicans or democrats. on the democratic side, sanders has a tough hill to climb. he needs almost all the remaining delegates in the contest to claim the nomination.
3:20 am
clinton needs just 20% to clinch it. on the republican side, the math is even tougher for anyone not named trump. cruz and kasich can't get to the number before the convention. so the name of the game for those guys is to stop trump from clinching. do that, cruz has to derail trump in indian nachlt he has to win as many of the 57 delegates that are up for grabs on tuesday. he is running two ads. comparing trump to hillary clinton, calling them both government liberals. two sides of the coin as you point out. trump and cruz are on the trail in indiana. what joabs and how nasty it get with two days until the election. >> chris frates in washington, i hope you enjoyed the dinner. we'll talk to you later. reminder, the indiana primary is on tuesday. stay with cnn for special coverage throughout the day. this morning, ted cruz and
3:21 am
hillary clinton are boast guests on state of the union with jake tapper, 9:00 a.m. eastern, right here. a massive immigrant rights rally planned in milwaukee. thousands are expected to show up. a leader is going to join us for her message. also ahead, overseas, hundreds of demonstrators angry at the iraqi government are storming parliament. what is behind this tension, and is there any danger to the u.s. embassy base there? oh. henry! oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love.
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this morning, a police officer is dead after bomb blasts in southeastern turkey. 13 people hurt, including 9 police officers. a car bomb went off in front of police headquarters. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. look at this new video, massive protests in iraq. demonstrators still camped out in the parliament in the green zone, which is usually an area off-limits. it's also home to various embassies, including the u.s. embassy. i want to bring in senior correspondent ben weidman, why are these protesters so up set and why now? >> reporter: it has to do with a vote that was supposed to take place yesterday with the -- under the leadership of the prime minister to try to work out a new cabinet to form a new
3:26 am
cabinet that is not based on sectarian affiliation, but rather, he wants to point tech kn technocrats. what we heard is the very influential shiite cleric calling on people after this vote failed to take place to go and conduct a revolution essentially. corruption is really something that almost every iraqi agrees is a serious problem. the group transparency international, which monitors corruption around the world ranks iraq as 161 out of 168 countries in terms of corruption, and therefore, what we're seeing is just anger boiling over against the iraqi government, which is rife with corruption and does not seem to
3:27 am
be able to deal with the problem. >> very quickly, ben, any danger or threat to the u.s. embassy right now? >> well, we understand that the organizers of this protest have urged people not to go near the embassies that are in the green zone, to stay away. it does appear that at this point, anger is very much focused on the entire political establishment in iraq, not on the united states, even though many people realize that the political establishment as it exists today in iraq is very much the result of the united states and what it did since 2003 in iraq. >> thank you for your insight on all of this. thank you, ben for joining ugs this morning. victor. ahead on "new day," president obama may a few jokes at donald trump's expense, even though donald trump was not there at the white house correspondent dinner. next, reaction to trump humor,
3:28 am
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you know i've got to talk about trump. come on. and it is surprising.
3:32 am
you've got a room full of supporters, clelebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? he is at home eating a trump steak? tweeting out insulting to andrea merkel. what's he doing? >> so last night, donald trump was the elephant not in the room at the white house correspondents dinner. president obama as you heard there, ridiculed him, went after him, but not as hard as in some years. he skipped the dinner this year from a lot of people in the crowd were waiting for the lines and comments about trump, maybe anticipating a see eququal. while the president did come out swinging eventually. they say donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be
3:33 am
president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world. ms. sweden, ms. argentina. let's bring in brian stelter. there was so much build-up and so much wondering what is he going to say about trump, and then trump didn't show up. did he still manage to steal the show do you think even though he wasn't there? >> the audience enjoyed the trump jokes more than anything else. when i was in the room when he was starting to speak, there was some nervousness, a lot of curiosity how he would wrap up. we saw the mike drop at the end, which was symbolic, but really the trump jokes that seemed to hit home the most, and seemed to get the crowd laughing the most. that's because they were so hotly anticipated.
3:34 am
and of course, the audience, pretending to wrap up the speech, saying he had to make trump jokes. this a president who has repeatedly said donald trump will not be my successor. he will not be president. president obama has sought to take trump less seriously, and the media establishment. that's what we saw last night. the jokes about beauty pageants and trump steaks, he was trying to make a serious point of how he views his candidacy. trump did not live tweet this. he ignored it. i suppose his opportunity to respond will be at the podium later today. >> were you surprised that he didn't show up? i mean, he is the kind of guy that likes to be among a group of people and be in the spotlight, right? >> i think he of course he knew he was going to get skewered, front didn't want to be caught on camera with the reactions, but has real reasons not to be
3:35 am
here in d.c. of course, on the campaign trail. this a man who prefers to stay in trump tower whenever he can and then travel to the states for campaigning. at the same time, the president was talking about the media's coverage of trump and how trump disproportionate coverage. i'm not sure donald would have wanted to sit in the audience and their those comments. >> you talked about the fact that he didn't tweet. that speaks volumes. >> it sometimes does. remember, donald trump has live tweeted various other political events in the past, including a debate in order to capitalize on the media attention. maybe he knows that he might win the next round so to speak of the news cycle by responding to obama, so we'll see about that. but clearly, the president's intentions were to down-play donald trump to ridicule him, and to mock him as a way of really ridiculing his entire candidacy, to a message to the press corps and not to take
3:36 am
donald trump so seriously. keep in mind, there are members of the military as well, lobbi s lobbiesists and others, so it's interesting to see them react. >> real quick before we let you go. there was another funny moment, and it happened on tape. john boehner making an appearance in obama's speech. the president talking about, what is going to do when he leaves office. let's take a look. >> so do you have any advice for me? >> so now you want my advice. first, stop sending me all these link linkedin requests. you've got all the time to figure it out. you can be you for a while. if you know how to do that again. >> i can just be me? i can wear my mom jeans. i hate these tight jeans. >> that's good. >> yesterday, i had a beer at 11:30 in the morning, and you know, mcdonald's serves
3:37 am
breakfast all day long. >> michelle will be in spin class. she won't know. >> you'll be able to walk right out sing zippy do da. >> there is humor twinged with truth here. in some ways, the president can say things he otherwise can't really say. you read between the lines of his messages, and you heard it with boehner there, after eight. the song you're going to miss me when i'm gone, spoke volumes. opening with that line, i know you can't admit it, but it's true. i think seeing his approval starting to tick up a little, it might be because of the lame duck year for president obama, maybe some people are
3:38 am
recalibrate and reassess his presidency. >> maybe a launching points for the next phase of president obama's career after being president, perhaps comedy will be. >> maybe even s nl would like to talk to him. >> i'm sure. thank you so much for joining us, waking up early this morning. don't forget, you can check brian selter's show. wrapping up a stellar run at the white house correspondents different, the president taking aim at trump and not for the first time. so we're going to take a look at his greatest hits after the break. wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell.
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last night's white house correspondents dinner, donald trump was probably the top target, but of course, he was not the only target. over the years, no one has been safe from his one-liners. republicans, democratic, the president himself. here is some of his best material. >> thank you, everybody. good evening. in the next 100 days, my partners will be so successful that even john boehner will consider becoming a democratic. after all, we have a lot in common. he is a person of color. although not a color that appears in the natural world.
3:43 am
some republicans have suggested that the bill contains a few secret provisions. that's ridiculous. there aren't a few secret provisions in the health care plan. there are like hundreds. no one is happier. no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing. what really happened in roswell. and where are biggy and tupac. of course, the white house correspondents dinner is known as the prom of washington, d.c., a term coined by political reporters who clearly never had the chance to go to an actual
3:44 am
prom. these days, i look in the mirror, and i have to admit, i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. you would think they would appreciate a more conservative approach, none other than vladimir putin. last year, pat buchanan said putin is headed straight for the nobel peace prize. he said this. i know it sounds crazy, but to be fair, they give those to just about anybody these days. ted cruz said that denying the existence of climate change made him like gallileoo. that's not republican an apt comparison. he believes it revolves around the sun. ted cruz believes it revolves around ted cruz.
3:45 am
and just as an aside. when i guy who has his face on a hope poster calls you self-centered, you know you have got a problem. >> he has, you know, gotten better over the years. he was good from the start. >> he seemed to nervous the first year. >> but his timing is so good. >> i know. i wonder if he writes his own jokes. >> i'm sure he participates in the process, but some of the hits, you would expect some professional writers. >> right. so next, the best lines from this year's dinner, and next, presidential historian weighs in on the humor last night, his enduring legacy and his funny clothes, last night. obama out. rson. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. now that i work there and see all of the care and the ingredients that go into it.
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only with xfinity. well, comedian larry wilmore had a difficult time landing some of the punch lines at the white house correspondents dinner. maybe it was the audience. maybe he just needed better material. >> or he needed to go before the president. >> yes. >> president obama seemed to be on a roll. he didn't have any trouble getting people to laugh. it might have even earned him the title one-liner in chief. here are some of his best moments. good evening, everybody. it is an honor to be here at my last and perhaps the last white house correspondents dinner.
3:50 am
the end of the republicans never looked better. we've got the bright new face of the democratic party here tonight, mr. bernie sanders. bernie, you look like a million bucks. or to put it in terms you'll under, you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each. bernie's slogan has helped his campaign catch fire among young people. feel the bern. hillary's slogan has not had the same effect. meanwhile, some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight. with that, i just have two more words to say. obama out. >> you know, the president has done daytime talk shows, he has done late night, i would not be
3:51 am
surprised, i don't know what side of 50% it's on, if the president post does snl. >> he seems to be a natural when it comes to being funny. >> we'll see. maybe he'll try that after he leaves office next year. >> check out the highlights, go to and we've got them all there for you. >> well, you've seen others imitate donald trump, but have you seen donald trump imitate his rivals. that's next on "new day." (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of the killing of the 9/11 master mind osama bin laden. president obama sits down inside the situation room. >> the president tells cnn why may 2nd, 2011 might have been his last chance, the u.s.'s last chance really to get osama bin laid din. >> after discussions, it was clear this was going to be our best chance to get bin laden. that if in fact we did not take
3:56 am
the action that he might slip away, and might be years before he resurfaced. i had confidence we could get our guys back. we knew that it was going to cause some significant blow back within pakistan, and that if it wasn't bin laden, probably the cost would outweigh the benefits. we would lose face internationally, because there was probably going to be a lot of difficulty keeping it secret once the operation started. >> all right, watch the rest of that interview on monday night, when cnn ears "we got him" and the future of the war on terror, 8:00 p.m. right here on cnn tomorrow. let's take you for chicago, known for the deep dish pizza, the hot dog, and pork dumplings,
3:57 am
i didn't know that. >> "parts unknown kwths, air he going to be taken by surprise by anthony bourdain." >> i knew it was a city of diverse neighborhoods. everybody says so, but this, i didn't know about. now i do. >> so where are we? why are we here? i have to say, i'm really glad we're here, but why? >> we're at szechuan cuisine, after going to chinatown, this is my favorite place, but peter has never been here. coming back, it was like let's go back to china totown and fin out the things we ate for breakfast everyday. >> pork dumplings and chilli oil start it. >> it is not thick and fat.
3:58 am
just do this. >> i thought you weren't supposed do that. peter, you're supposed to help me. >> yeah, so happy. >> look pretty good, doesn't it? >> tune in tonight, anthony bourdain, "parts unknown kwths." late night come me, the donald himself also likes to copy other candidates. >> jeanne moie moos reports on best and worst. >> comedians impersonating donald trump. >> with the bigger hands. >> but you know who else imitates the donald, the donald. acting presidential, trump loves doing imitations. >> rubio. >> whether it be marco rubio, guzling water. or mitt romney, choking.
3:59 am
>> romney choked like a dog. he went -- >> sometimes his routines backfire, like when he imitate aid disabled reporter. >> oh, i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> or when he does accents. >> they say we want deal. >> for instance, a call center operator in indian. >> where are you from? >> we're from india. >> didn't go over so wonderful with indian commentators. >> trump has imitated hillary, portraying her as robotic. >> how are you? this is crooked hillary clinton. >> if donald trump can do a lame hillary clinton, hillary clinton can do a lame donald trump. >> you know, this is a huge election. isn't he the one that is like huh, you're all losers. >> sometimes he imitates with his hands, rather than his voice. john kasich eating for instance. >> he has a news conference when he is eating. i have never seen a human being
4:00 am
eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> one thing you rarely see trump eat, his words. >> bites this big. he is pushing it. >> jeannie moos, cnn, new york. well, thanks for starting your morning with us. >> we have much more ahead on the next hour of your "new day," and it starts right now. with that, i just have two more words to say -- obama out. >> welcome to your sunday, president obama dropping the mike, as he dlibbelivered his f address. the last ever in washington, and we hope you're going to have some laughs this morning. good morning, thanks for being here, i'm ana


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