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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  May 1, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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fashion. >> one thing you rarely see trump eat, his words. >> bites this big. he is pushing it. >> jeannie moos, cnn, new york. well, thanks for starting your morning with us. >> we have much more ahead on the next hour of your "new day," and it starts right now. with that, i just have two more words to say -- obama out. >> welcome to your sunday, president obama dropping the mike, as he dlibbelivered his f address. the last ever in washington, and we hope you're going to have some laughs this morning. good morning, thanks for being here, i'm ana caberera.
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>> i'm victor blackwell. the commander in chief became the comedian in chief, altogether for the washington gala and he did not spare anyone, including himself. >> that's right. president obama cracking jokes at himself and just about everything from the media to the republican party to, of course, donald trump, a lot of anticipation to hear his lines against trump. he took good natured shots at democrats. here are the highlights. >> eight years ago, i said it was time to change the tone of our politics. in hindsight, i clearly should have been more specific. eight years ago, i was a young man. full of idealism and vigor.
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look at me now. i'm gray, grizzled, discounting the days until my death panel. hillary once questioned whether i would be ready for a 3 a.m. phone call, now i'm awake any way, because i've got to go to the bathroom. meanwhile, michelle has not aged a day. the only way you candidate her is inn photos is by looking at me. take a look. here we are in 2008. here we are a few years later. and this one is from two weeks
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ago. so time passes. just six short months, i'll be officially a lame duck. which means congress now will flat out reject my authority. and republican leaders won't take my phone calls. and this is going to take some getting used to. it's really going to -- it is a curve ball. i don't know what to do with it. of course, in fact, four months now, congressional republicans have been saying things i cannot do in my final year. unfortunately, this dinner was not one of them. but on everything else, it's another story. and you know who you are,
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republicans. in fact, i think we've got republican senators, tim scott and corey gardener. they're in the house. which reminds me, security, bar the doors. judge merrick garland, come on out. we're going to do this right here, right now. >> all right, so the president did well last night it appeared. let's talk about it, bring in sierra neva cnn brian stelter. brian, starting with you, you were in the room. it appears from the cut a ways to the audience, he was well received. how well did the president do last night? >> much, much better received than larry wilmore, the comedian who had to follow the president. if we can all learn one thing about president obama, he has very, very strong comic timing. in fact, he could teach some comedians a thing or would.
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he has honed his performance in a room like this, where the audience is expecting him to make fun of himself, but all of washington. he definitely delivered last night. >> douglas, on that note, president obama is known for his o oratory skills. do you think this will become his legacy? >> absolutely. you can already see some of these white house correspondent dinner tapes being played in the barack obama presidential library in chicago. it puts the president at his best. he is relaxed, he is funny. he relates to people. i mean, every year, i see it as a big ratings boost for the president. it reminds americans what they liked about barack obama in the first place. >> douglas, let me stay with you. you said the president was r relaxed there, he did make jokes about he and the first lady not wanting to come to the dinner year after year. do presidents historically enjoy
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the dinner? do not want to come to the dinner? >> it's also a standard joke to kind of say you don't want to be there, who wants to stand in front of a bunch reporter whose are spending a lot of time ripping into your administration's policy. i think he owns it like no other president has done. just the way john f. kennedy was the master of the press conference, every year when you hear the white house correspondents dinner, it is coming, he is putting time and effort, joke writers, as brian said, his timing is perfect. i think he has this down into an art form, when he dropped the mike, we realized we won't be seeing him again. >> he spoke to a lot of cultural themes this year, and the presidential election, don't you think, brian? >> he really uses these events to say things he can't otherwise say. as josh ernest said ahead of time, he uses humor to get some
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really important truths, whether it's about what he believes his republican obstructionism, conflict over in-depth issues. sometimes the president isn't able to make these points in a serious way, so he uses humor in order to get them across. we saw it again and again. also the way he took donald trump very unseriously. eric trump was in the room, so were some of trump supporters. i saw scottie hughes, coming up this hour, there was sort of a trump contingent here in washington, but president obama really wanted to mock and skewer donald trump's run for the white house in a way he can't do when he is talking in a serious way. >> let's listen to the president here, joking about his recent meeting with the royals. >> even some foreign leaders, they've been looking ahead, anticipating my departure. last week, prince george showed up to our meeting in his
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bathrobe. that was a slap in the face. a clear breach of protocol. although while in england, i did have lunch with her majesty, the queen. took in a performance of shakespeare, hit the links with david cameron. just debating whether i'm black enough. that settles the debate. >> you know, the president joked a little about race there, even at the top, saying he arrived on cp time, which stands that joke people can't make. brian, i wonder if that approach worked well versus the larry wilmore approach to jokes about race, because he is the president, or because they were self-deprecating. >> that's exactly what i mean.
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the president feels he can't say in a serious way. he does feel, and for many years, been frus trarttrated th has been perceived by the media. he made a joke about ted cruz not referring to a basketball hoop the right way and they say i'm too ex otic. he was able to address it head on. larry wilmore, very polarizing sort of speech. a lot of jokes that did not land in the room. he made people awkward and uncomfortable and i know some people, especially watching home at tv, thought it was funny. it was an interesting divide with larry wilmore. certainly the president up staged him, though. maybe he sh you had have been allowed to go first, and the president could go last. it's hard to follow the were he is with humor. >> as far as history and these white house correspondents dinners, where does this one rank do you think?
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>> well, it's not as big as the one when donald trump was in the audience and he veviscerated hi with humor. that was i think a very important moment in the biography of barack obama, but last night was good. it ranks after that one, as good as any of them. he pulled it off. >> all right. douglas, brian, the last time the president will deliver the jokes in that forformat. >> we've got a lot ahead on "new day." hundreds of protesters stormed iraq's parliament over government dissatisfaction. we'll tell you what is behind their anger, and is there a concern for the safety of americans working there, especially those at the u.s. embassy. >> plus, looking ahead in din
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and here's the thing. i haven't really done anything differently. so it's odd. even my aides can't explain the rising poll numbers. what has changed. nobody can figure it out. >> yeah, president obama there, getting a few laughs at the expense of republicans last night. taking in his final night at comedian in chief. >> and no one was safe from the president's jabs. not even his fellow democrats. cnn correspondent chris frates, he was there, and chris joining us now. the president did get shots off at everybody. but i don't know. did it seem like he went lighter on the democrats perhaps? >> well, he went a little lighter perhaps, but you know, he actually looked like he was having a good time this year, ana. that's been different. i've been lucky enough to go to a number of these dinners. this was kind of the funniest, relaxed we've seen the president
4:16 am
if a while. it was his last dinner, he seemed to be enjoying himself more than usual. to his credit, they weren't just aimed at the republicans, they were aimed at the democrats too. let's take a listen here. >> we have the bright new face of the democratic party tonight, mr. bernie sanders. bernie, you look like a million bucks, or to put it in terms you'll understand, you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each. >> now, he also poked a little fun at hillary clinton, saying you know that her appeal to young voters is kind of awkward. it's like when your relatives sign up for facebook, and you know, he didn't spare john kasich or ted cruz, either. take a listen to what he had to say about mr. cruz. >> and then there is ted cruz.
4:17 am
ted had a tough week. he went to indiana, hoosier country. stood on a basketball court, and called the hoop a basketball ring. what else is in his lexicon. baseball sticks, football hats. but sure, i'm the foreign one. >> now, the president also took a few jabs at donald trump. but before he started in on donald trump, it sounded like he was wrapping up his remarks. he thanked the correspondents association, his usual riff about the importance of the press, before saying, nah, i'm
4:18 am
just kidding. you know i have to talk about trump. his comedic timing, i don't know, it seemed to have improved over the years. >> he seemed like he was loose, like you said, as his final year came around. let's talk about the candidates on a serious side, because indiana, the primary, this tuesday, everybody is campaigning in that state today, except for john kasich, because of his deal with cruz. what are the expectations there? >> well, depending on if you're republican or democratic. sanders has a really tough hill to climb. he needs almost all the remaining delegates left in the contest to grab the nomination. hillary clinton, needs 20% to clinch it. tougher hill for bernie sanders there. now, on the republican side, the math is even tougher for anyone not named trump. cruz and kasich, they can't even get to that magic number of 1,237 before they get to the convention in cleveland. so the name of the game for those guys is to stop trump from
4:19 am
clinching. to do that, cruz has to derail trump in indiana and win as many of the 57 delegates up for grabs as he can and running two ads comparing trump to hillary clinton. calling them both government liberals and two sides of the same coin. of course, cruz and trump are on the trail in indiana. we'll see what kind of jabs are thrown and how nasty cruz gets with two days to go for a very important election day. needs to stop donald trump there on tuesday in order to have a shot in cleveland. >> the cruz campaign really setting their own expectations very high. i mean, this is make-or-break they're saying for their campaign. so it will be interesting to see what comes in indian nachlt chris frates, thanks for staying on top of it for us. >> you're welcome. later this morning, we're going to hear from the candidates, watch state of the union with jake tapper, he has an exclusive interview with hillary clinton, and ted cruz is on his show. his running mate big endorsement
4:20 am
enough to stop trump. they join jake tapper at 9:00 a.m. right here on cnn. and ahead on "new day," hundreds angry and storming parliament in iraq. danger to the u.s. embassy in iraq. for the first time in more than 50 years, a u.s. cruise ship, will head from the u.s. to cuba. live pictures here this morning. we'll take a look at this voyage and the implications, next. woo! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. that's what i'm talking about! and try new glucerna hunger smart with 15 grams of protein to help you feel full.
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23 minutes after the hour now. new this morning, a police officer dead after a bomb blast in southeastern turkey. 13 people injured, including 9 police officers. officials say a car bomb went off in front of the police headquarters, and at this point no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. we've got new video of protesters outside of parliament building in iraq. the iraqi government declared a state of emergency, after demonstrators rushed into baghdad's green zone. this is an area that is usually off-limits, chanting for change. >> this green zone is also home to various foreign embassies, including the u.s. embassy. let's bring in senior correspondent, ben weideman. ben, let's talk about why these protesters are so angry. >> reporter: well, they're angry
4:25 am
over the fact that corruption, which has been a perennial problem in iraq for quite sometime, the government cannot put an end to it. there was supposed to be a vote comprising not members of parties based upon their religion or sectarian or tech technocra technocrats, a crumbling infrastructure, but not enough lawmakers from the iraqi parliament attended partially because they're opposed to such a cabinet. this really was a spark for anger that's been simmering for quite sometime. iraq has been a country that for instance according to transparency international, a group that monitors corruption around the world, iraq in 2015
4:26 am
ranked 161 out of 168 countries in terms of corruption, and despite mounting public pressure, corruption is rampant and nobody seems to be able to bring it under control. this is really why people are so angry at the iraqi government. >> and from what i understand, these protests, however, have remained fairly peaceful, right? >> reporter: yes, until now, there have been some pushing and shoving, the security forces did have to use teargas, but by and large, certainly by iraqi standards, yes, relatively peaceful, and the protesters organizers have called upon people not to go near, for instance, the foreign embassies, the american embassies, also in the green zone. until now, the anger very much focused on the government and not on the embassies within the green zone itself. >> all right, good to hear, ben.
4:27 am
our thanks to you. ahead on "new day," supporters for donald trump an hillary clinton, who attended last night's correspondents dinner, react to the roasts of their candidates. >> you've got to admit it, though, hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little like your relative who just signed up for facebook. dear america -- why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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i want to thank the washington press corps, i want to thank carol for all that you
4:31 am
do. the free press is central to our democracy, and nah, i'm just kidding. you know i've got to talk about trump. come on. we weren't just going to stop there. come on. although i am a little hurt he is not here tonight, we had so much fun the last time. and it is surprising. you've got a room full of celebrities, cameras, and he says no. is this dinner too tacky for the donald? what could he possibly be doing instead? he is at home, eating a trump
4:32 am
steak? tweeting out insulting to merkel. what's he doing? republican establishment is incredulous that he is their most likely nominee. incredulous. shocking. they say donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world, ms. sweden, ms. argentina, m. there is one area where donald that's experience could be invaluable and that's closing
4:33 am
g guetenamo, because he knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground. all right, that's probably enough. i mean, i've got more material. no, no. i don't want to spend too much time on the donald. following your lead, i want to show some restrain. i think we can agree from the start, he has gotten the %-p! befitting the seriousness of his candidacy. i hope you all are proud of yourselves. the guy wanted to give his hotel business a boost, and now we're praying that cleveland makes it through july. >> just a portion of the president last night at the white house correspondents dinner. donald trump the elephant not in the room at the dinner, but no
4:34 am
one in this presidential race was spared from those one-liners, including fellow democrats. let's bring in democratic strategist and hillary clinton supporters, robert zimmerman and scottie hughes, and a donald trump campaign surrogate. both of you were there last night. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> hope you got a little sleep before you had to get in the cars to come to the studio. scottie, let's start with you. what do you think about the president's lines on donald trump? >> you know, actually i'll give it to him, that was probably one of the classiest speeches. he had some great comedy. he could have dug the knife in a little deeper. mr. trump probably got a good laugh out of some of the lines that were given. if anyone woke up with a bad taste, it's actually hillary clinton, as the points that he made, though, the slams against her were not only much deeper, but rooted in truth.
4:35 am
you could tell he was kind of kind to bernie sanders being there in the room. and hillary was the one that did not benefit from last night's speech. >> before we let you respond, let's play a portion of what he said about secretary clinton. >> next year at this time, someone else will be standing here in this very spot, and it's anyone's guess who she will be. but you've got to admit it, though, hillary trying to appeal to juyoung voters is like your relative who just signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke. is it appearing on your wall. i'm not sure i'm using this right. love aunt hillary. what did you think, robert. >> i thought it was terrific. i appreciate scottie's analysis of the speech, sarcastically.
4:36 am
but the point is, this isn't the tradition of these types of speeches at the white house correspondents dinner. the president takes a fair shot at everyone. it was senator sanders, secretary clinton, of course, donald trump, who is sort of an eternal fixtures. he has become a gold standard of criticism. the more important, the more fun aspect of the evening, watching them trip over themselves to take pictures with the cast of "scandal". >> there was a kardashian in the room, too. >> let's go to rnc chairman reince priebus. here is what the president said about him. >> gop chairman, reince priebus is here as well. glad to see that you feel that you've earned the night off.
4:37 am
congratulations on all your success. the republican party, the nomination process. it's all going great. keep it up. >> scottie, at least he seemed to enjoy the ribbing a bit. >> oh, and the best comedy has a little ounce of truth that it's based on, just like hillary clinton that she has a problem with millennial voters. we do have a little chaos going on, for late night fodder. i love to see republicans and republicans and politics actually laugh right now, as long as they get serious when it's important, dealing with the ballots and going into the convention, we do are a serious issue that we're dealing with these candidates and some of the issues that have come up. >> that's a really important point. what really makes the evening in fact a positive event is watching republicans and democrats come together and the media come together, laughing at themselves, acknowledging some
4:38 am
harsh truths and it gives you a little hope for better dialogue. we'll see if it lasts until monday, but always encouraging to see that kind of camaraderie and spirit. >> it was a fun evening, i think more people enjoyed the president than when did larry wilmore. he is not getting the greatest reviews this morning. scottie and robert, thank you so much. we want to have you stay with us for a moment, as we kind of run through the years with with president obama, looking back at his best hits of the last eight years. >> thank you, everybody. good evening. in the next 100 days, my partisan outreach will be souk he isful, even john boehner will consider becoming a democratic. after all, we have a lot in common. he is a person of color. although not a color that
4:39 am
appears in the natural world. some republicans have suggested that the bill contains a few secret provisions. and that's ridiculous. there aren't a few secret provisions in the health care plan. there are like hundreds. no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing. what really happened in roswell. and where are biggy and tupac. of course the white house correspondents different is known as the prom of washington, d.c., a term coined by political reporter who clearly never had the chance to go to an actual
4:40 am
prom. these days, i look in the mirror and i have to admit, i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. you would think that they would appreciate a more assertive approach, considering the new conservative darling is none other than vladimir putin. last year, pat buchanan said putin is headed straight for the nobel peace prize. he said this. i know it sounds crazy, but to be fair, they give those to just about anybody these days. ted cruz said that denying the existence of climate change made him like galileo. that's not really an apt comparison. galileo believed the earth revolves around the sun. ted cruz believes the earth revolves around ted cruz.
4:41 am
and just as an aside. i want to point out, when a guy has his face on a hope poster calls you self-centered, you know you have problem. >> scottie and robert are still with us. best year from your perspective. >> this is what the democratic party is missing this election cycle. those lines are funny, they're humor ru humor ous. i sit there and scream at but yesterday when sproem jupreside did mike drop, those will be the epic lines. this is why the democrats right now, nobody, whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders, could deliver lines like that, depending on -- >> scottie, don't be discouraged, because -- >> i don't have to worry about it. >> the republicans are giving us great material. donald trump to this day refuses to acknowledge that the president is an american u.s.
4:42 am
citizen, and actually has a legitimate birth certificate. so we've got plenty of material to work with. over the years, you watched president obama's address and you realized what makes it so compelling, what makes it so warm and humorous. >> we've got to wrap it up, because we have boris standing by. thank you so much. i hope you enjoyed the night. >> great even. >> thank you. for the first time in more than 50 years, a cruise ship will set sail. boris sanchez in live in miami. boris. >> reporter: good morning, ana, expectations very high for this week long trip to paradise. a trip that almost didn't happen. we'll explain why, coming up.
4:43 am
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we've got breaking news coming in from washington, d.c. a csx train has re-delaware raile -- derailed in northeast washington, d.c. several cars have overturned, one car is said to be leaking liquid. we don't have the details, if it is a hazardous material, injuries of any sort, but we'll keep you updated on the story as soon as we get more information. csx train derailed in northeastern d.c. as we get it. an historic day for the u.s., a carnival cruise ship
4:47 am
will do something no other cruise ship has done in a half century. sail directly to havana, cuba. >> 700 passengers, not really a large distance, but the symbolism here is huge. boris sanchez is he at the port of miami, with a news conference in an hour. boris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you as well. the ship is supposed to depart at 4:00 today. a lot of pomp and circumstance. a lot of cuban themed festivities taking place. this is a trip that almost didn't happen. the reason is because cuba had a law banning all cuban born people from entering the island via ship. because of that, they had to ban cuban people from buying tickets. you can imagine the reaction here in miami was visceral. there were protests outside of
4:48 am
carnival headquarters, also a class action lawsuit filed. they said they would delay any trip to cuba until the cuban government changed the policy. less than a week after, the cuban government changed the policy and we're here today. all 600 cabins on board are sold out. to give you an idea, an ocean view room, $2,500. this is expected to last a week. stopping in three weeks, havana, santiago, especially if there is smooth sailing ahead. >> we'll look ahead to the news conference coming up, a little more than an hour. boris sanchez in miami. thanks so much. president obama, ending his run of white house correspondent dinners on a high note. >> one of the funniest moments is when he talked about his key staffers, even the first lady trying to pack up and leave
4:49 am
already. we'll show you that right after the break.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
you saw just a few moments ago president obama skewers the 2016 candidates but he saved really some of his best jabs for the people hosting last night's dinner. the white house correspondencor. >> not even the president's own
4:53 am
wife was safe. >> key staff are starting to leave the white house. even reporters have left me. sarvannah xwut ree left the whie guthrie press corps to host the "today" show. norah o'do believe left the briefing room to host "cbs this morning." jake tapper left journalism to join cnn. [ cheers and applause ] but the prospect of leaving the white house is a mixed bag. you might have heard that someone jumped the white house fence last week, but i have to give secret service credit, they found michelle, brought her back, she's safe back at home now.
4:54 am
it's only nine more months, baby, settle down. >> his delivery was pretty good there. all the highlights from the white house correspondents kinner on our web identity, if you missed it, check it out there. still ahead, cnn taking you behind the scenes of one of america's oldest and most notorious prisons. >> how long you been in here? >> i'm on my 40th year right now. >> wow. >> same thing i said every morning i get up, wow, wow. >> what life is like on the other side of the bars at san quentin, that's next. ♪
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america's prison population numbers in the millions and to most people on the yooutside they're just that, numbers. >> this week on "united shades of america" we're inside one of america's most notorious prisons, san quentin. >> duck, what would surprise you on the outside of being in san quentin. >> the name itself is not the character it produces. it produces positive people. some come here, couldn't read, write, spell, you walk around they're geniuses now. >> since you don't have cell phones you need somebody walking around whose nickname is
4:59 am
wikipedia. >> other than that we'd be numbers on the yard. >> how many years do you have? >> 70. i'm on my 40th year. >> wow. >> wow, same thing i say every time i get up in the morning. >> i was hoping you were going to say 6 1/2. >> no. >> sounds unfair, sounds like if you're able to live here and sit here and we're talking. >> because they call this rehabilitation so if you have been rehabilitated you get to a spot like this, there should be some rewards at the end of the game. but it don't seem to be that way. >> watch "united shades of america" at 10:00 eastern here on cnn. >> that will do it for us. >> "inside politics" with john
5:00 am
king starts now. is this the ticket? >> you deserve to know exactly where a candidate stands. >> ted cruz bets it all on indiana. donald trump calls it desperate and looks for a knockout. >> if we win in indiana, it's over. >> reporter: and about that new tone. >> my wife said be more presidential. i said i don't want to be presidential. i wanna win. i gotta win. >> bernie sanders cuts his staff and shifts focus. >> our job, whether we win or whether we do not win is to transform not only our country but the democratic pa


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