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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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leading ted cruz by 15 points in indiana. that's 57 delegates that could mean a whole lot now that trump is 235 delegates shy of hitting that magic number to clinch the nomination. and today trump was quick to talk at cruz at his rally. >> he has no road to victory. he's the first person in the history of the united states who picked a running mate. he picked a running mate with no chance to win. he picked a running mate, but he has no chance to win. so that's the first in the history of our country. ted, i want to congratulate you. >> let's bring in trump upping the ante. it shows how important the state
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is to him. >> absolutely important. he came out here around 4:07. he said, hey, i'm going to talk for about an hour. he's still going strong. he talks about the estate of the economy right here in indiana talking about the job situation and pledging to bring jobs back here. he also used some very strong words against china saying china has reaped the u.s. economy. so after going into a little bit of policy, he quickly pivoted to his other paifrt subject. ted cruz was picked on. donald trump repeatedly made fun of the alliance between ted cruz and john kasich talking about how that alliance has quickly fallen apart in the hours after it was made. you can hear the crowds now as donald trump, i believe, is wrapping things up. now donald trump also talked about the rigged state of this
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political system. ted cruz is making his way through indiana today. he was in fayetteville, indiana. this is what he had to say. this was his response to all of donald trump's rhetoric. >> and this is a choice for the people of indiana. do we stand with carly fiorina and governor mike pence? or do we stand with a convicted rapist mike tyson. >> ted cruz right there referring to mike tyson's endorsement of donald trump. donald trump retorting saying the endorsement was no big deal and he hasn't talked to mike tyson in several years.
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>> jessica, thank you so much for the latest from fort wayne, indiana. and far away from indiana, but not far from the candidates' mind is california. it's the last to vote with a whopping 172 republican delegates. and it's also the first time u in decades that california could be a deciding factor in choosing the gop nominee. the republican party has been holding this convention this weekend and join iing me to discuss it is the man who overcease that is the chairman of the republican party and a former state senator. thank you so much for coming on. all three candidates have puched themselves to the convention over the last few days. who had the crowd most fired up? >> my job is to be neutral so i'm not going to take a position on that. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich all lit the crowd up. there's great excitement here in california. not only at the convention, but the fact that california may be determinant in this election.
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>> when you look at what happened at some of these events at the convention. there were these major protests in your state. 20 people were arrested outside his rally. hundreds of people protested outside the convention blocking trump's motorcade. no other candidate sees that kind of backlash. how can someone so polarizing unite the country in a general election. >> unfortunately, we lost the connection there, but we'll get back to you shortly to continue discussing the importance of california and the role it plays in this primary season. a programming note, donald trump will be live on cnn's "new day" tomorrow. be sure to look for that at 7:00 a.m. and meantime, bernie sanders appears determine d to stay in the race for the democratic nomination despite a dip in fundraising in terms of
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delegates. sanders talked to reporters a short time ago in washington and said for all the ways he and clinton disagreed, there's one issue they speak with the same voice. >> where secretary clinton and i strongly agree and where every delegate to the democratic convention strongly agrees is that it would be a disaster for this country if donald trump or some other right wing republican were to become president of the united states. >> sanders kicked off his campaign one year ago this weekend. i want to go back to the senator. we have the connection reestablished. i just want to go back to what i was asking about what we saw at the convention with the protests and nearly 20 people being arrested when trump arrived. how can someone who is so divisive unite the country during a general election in your view? >> well, first of all,
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california's used to presidential candidates running and if you're a republican running for president in california and you don't get protested, you're doing something very wrong. >> we didn't see those protests with the other candidates. >> they are occurring around the state. george w. bush was protested when he campaigned there's some people here that protest ted cruz and john kasich. and frankly there were over 6500 people signed up on facebook to protest this weekend. there weren't even a thousand. i'm from california. i have seen a lot of protests. i thought it was a pretty weak one, frankly. >> so you're saying this is to be expected. you want to play for you one of the first things trump said when e he took the stage at that convention.
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>> i was crossing the border but i got here. >> senator, he said hundreds of people were protesting the immigration policies right outside. you say the protests are to be expected. when trump says things like this, honestly, is he making your job of bringing new people to the republican party more difficult? >> i'm not going to comment on the candidates. the delegates thought he was joking. it was only after that they got a chance to see the video a that they knew he was telling the truth. let me tell you what the protesters did. the protesters really energized the delegates to our convention. the delegates took energy off those protesters.
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and this is california. not only is it california, this is the bay area of california. they are trying to grow itself everywhere. the bay area isn't traditionally republican. we know that. we're here. we're happy. protesters can protest any u time they want. we had a great convention. all three of our candidates did a great job. frankly, i think the protesters did us a favor. >> i understand that you're staying neutral in all of this as well. has the rhetoric most recently from california from donald trump and other candidates impacted your ability to bring people to the republican party unite the republican party? >> actually, not at all. we have the largest attendance we have had at any convention in recent history. we're picking up anecdotal evidence from our county chairs that people are registering republican who have never
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registered before. people who are democrats and independents are reregistering republican. the democrat secretary of state from california has put out a memo to all of his county registrars saying anticipate a higher turn out. so this is energizing not only the delegates, but we have been at the end of the line for so long that we're not used to having our votes count. but right now, california may end up being determinant and that excites not only me as the chair and our delegate base, but i have rank and file neighbors who know who i u am. we never talk politics, but they are talking about the presidential election. so this is a very exciting time for california. we're glad all three presidential candidates were at our convention and we're look ing forward to seeing all three presidential candidates compete up and down the state right up until june 7th. >> california could be make or
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break. thank you so much for coming on. appreciate it. glad to have you back on after losing your connection earlier. coming up on this sunday, president obama literally drops the mike at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> with that, i just have two more words to say. obama out. >> plus republicans, democrats, no one was sparred from the president's jokes. >> you got to admit it though. hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative who just signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? ♪ try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doesn't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors.
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president obama lampooned candidates from both parties at the last white house correspondents' dinner. it was the president's final big
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show as comedian in chief. a chance to show off his sense of humor and take a few jabs at rivals and friends. take a listen to that. >> trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative who signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? i am hurt, though, bernie, that you have been distancing yourself from me. i mean that's just not something you do to your comrade. some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight. you see donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders around the world. ms. sweden, and here's the
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thing. i haven't really done anything differe differently. so it's odd. even my age can't explain the rising poll numbers. nobody can figure it out. >> so how are people rating president obama's final appearance as comedian in chief? let's talk it over with commentators mark lamont hill and ben ferguson. also with me is maria cardona. and trump supporter, thank you all for coming on. can't wait to talk about this with you. i'm going to start with you. i was at the dinner and the crowd was really e receptive to the president's jokes. there were a lot of laughs and people commenting about how his timing is impeccable. you say obama gets a c plus for his jokes. only a c plus?
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>> i was rating his performance as he's done eight of them. this was the worst of the eight. i think it was funny. i think he came out of the gate guns blazing. >> i just thought that i was expecting a great performance tonight. >> and to talk about donald trump. there was a moment where he said all right. i want to talk about the press corps. he said u you think i'm going to wrap up and not talk about trump. but he really didn't talk about trump perhaps as hard as people thought. lou, were you surprised by that? >> yes, i was.
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but i guess that he recognized trump is doing quite well and probably this wasn't the time and wanted to see where the chips fall with the rest of the races. >> he also went after him pretty hard a few years ago. >> i was going to say if you're the president last night, it's hard to top when donald trump was in the audience a couple years ago and he was literally the center of your attention with one-liners. i can't believe i'm giving barack obama a better grade than mark lamont hill. but i actually thought it was pretty funny with his mike drop at the end. it's a way to kind of say, hey, here it is. i wrapped it up. it's been fun the last eight years. i thought he did a pretty good job. and he hit on all different cylinders. especially his own party.
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if you wanted more donald trump jokes, he's probably like a lot of us, exhausted from talking about donald trump. he thought i'll give everybody that's a reporter in the room a break for a few minutes from having it covered. maybe that was his way of saying you're welcome. >> also a jab to the media saying you guys have given him enough coverage. no one really was off limits, as you point out. he even took a jab at hillary clinton mocking her lack of appeal to young voters saying it's similar to relatives poking you on facebook. nice job, last night. aunt hillary approves. i loved that. so what was your reaction to what he had to say about his former secretary of state? >> i thought it was hilarious. and i think this is one of the reasons why i personally thought he crushed it. i can see what mark is saying because he is so good every single year.
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this year maybe he was just so good. but i still think he crushed. i noticed a little bit of melon kaly because it was his last year and his level wasn't to the point that mark points out was normally the years past. but i thought he didn't give anybody a pass. that's what made it so hilarious. including hillary. she handled it well. she has a great sense of humor. i'm sure if she was watching it, she was laughing. i think that's what gives this sort of a bit of a change in a time when we have such divisive, destructive rhetoric. this was a year when everybody came together. cnn had one of the tables where you had reince priebus and debbie wasserman schul debbie wasserman schultz sitting almost next to each other. >> he didn't go after donald trump as much as people thought, but he did go after him when it
2:20 pm
comes to what he claimed was his lack of foreign policy experience and touting his host of ms. universe pageant. can donald trump take a joke and laugh at himself? a few years ago he was pretty stove faced. >> i think he can take a joke. the real joke is president obama had no foreign policy experience either when he came u into office. and i think that the point to mr. trump he would construe his lack of foreign policy is hysterical in that perspective. >> i'm going to jump in. we're looking at live pictures here of trump at his rally in indiana. he seems unphased by the poke at his foreign policy experience by the president last night. and larry u wilmore was put in a tough spot because the
2:21 pm
president's performance was rated so high. seemed to be so well received. how would you rate larry wilmore's performance? it's debatable some of his jokes were funny or mean? >> i think he was funny. i would give him a b or b plus. >> higher than the president? >> yes, higher than the president. i think this is honestly the first time i think president obama didn't upstage the comedian. i wouldn't want to go after obama normally. in the room, clearly president obama did better than larry wilmore did. but when i look at the response from other people, i laughed at larry wilmore more than president obama. i thought he had fewer stinkers. i thought he had some jokes that missed as well, but not nearly as many. i thought he made people
2:22 pm
uncomfortable. sometim >> we all want to jump in on this. >> i thought he had a terrible night. he looked like he was mean spirited and want ed to settle the score with a bunch of ex-girlfriends in the crowd. it was awkward at times the way that he was trying to make things funny in a mean spirited way. i think if i had to buy a ticket for each pick one of the people there last night, obama or wilmore, i would pick obama because i thought he was much funnier. the room definitely responded, but i thought he went up there and was really mean spurted and most of the people in the audience were kind of like this is really awkward and that's the same way it came across on tv. >> especially going after wolf blitzer. >> i completely agree on that
2:23 pm
one, pam. that one just completely fell flat. but i'll be sort of down the middle. i don't think that larry was as funny as president obama, but i'm also not going to pan him because this is probably one of the hardest jobs that a comedian has no matter who you are or how good you are to go after president obama who are is so good in and of himself in his own comedic u right is a tough thing to do. i think that some of his jokes did fall flat in the room and perhaps they played better outside of washington because people outside of washington hate washington so they probably liked that larry was so pointed and sometimes very aggressive and it seemed in the room over the top because those people were the butt of his u jokes. >> you do have to be self-deprecating in that room. you never know if you're going to be the target. thank you all for that fun discussion. appreciate it. >> thank you, pam. much more on the white house correspondents' dinner skoming up including president obama
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♪ ♪ since 2001, more than 700,000 comcast nbc universal volunteers have lent a hand to their communities. this year, we're extending our partnership with our friends at red nose day and global citizen. making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. you know how everyone says they age before our eyes? president obama mentioned that and had some fun at his own
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expense at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> eight years ago i was a young man. full of idealism and vigor. and look at me now. i am gray, grizzled, just counting down the days until my death panel. hillary once questioned whether i would be ready for a 3:00 a.m. phone call. now i'm awake any way because i have to go to the bathroom. meanwhile michelle has not aged a day. the only way you can date her in photos is by looking at me. take a look. here we are in 2008.
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here we are a few years later. and this one is from two weeks ago. >> david gergen joins me to talk about this. you have advised five u.s. presidents going back to the nixon administration. president obama gets props for his comic timing. obviously, he's very self-deprecating, but over the years, which president has been really good at that event and who has not been so good. >> i think that president reagan was good at telling jokes. bill clinton and george w. bush could deliver a joke. but what that distinguishes president obama is he's much more into pop culture and he's edgier and has a sense of comedic timing that's built in. he turns out to be a pretty funny guy. george w. bush since leaving the white house is a much funnier guy than thought. but obama has used that humor to
2:30 pm
his advantage. i thought last night was one of his finest nights. he will be well remembered from his nostalgia. there will be a lot of people in the speech circuit who probably will want to hear him. >> he made reference last night. and he's earned the nickname comedian in chief as a result of how well he's done at these dinners. i'm curious how many times did you watch from the sidelines and just cringe while your president was trying to get laughs and it just fell short? >> i think sometimes they had a bit of trouble with this. but president nixon was the one who really did not enjoy these dinners. he didn't like self-deprecating.
2:31 pm
these dinners have changed. trst really important. bob hope used to be one of these main comics. a lot more edgier. we have gone even more raucous and raunchier dinners. harry truman has been well observed would have walked out of one of these because it's below the dignity of the presidency. we don't treat the presidency with as much rev rans as we once did. we like our presidents to be like president obama in a sense of being as funny as he can be. >> you do make a good point when you look at how this event has e voovled 37 it started with a group of correspondents and now it's turned into this whole big
2:32 pm
problem with celebrities and politicians. i wonder if the presidents want to come and be a part of this and give their speeches. you mentioned one of the presidents dreaded it. what else have you experienced in that regard? do they like this? is it a hassle? a burden? >> it's a high bar for a number of people. you're judged by how well you can joke. at this dinner it's something called a grids iron dinner. it used ly for journalists who were writers. it's expanded some. but one of the marks of how good a leader you're going to be is whether you can deliver jokes and have fun with yourself. so a lot of presidents look forward to this with some dread. they spend a lot of time with speech writers. there's a whole team of comedy writers who work with presidents behind the scenes and they begin this well before days and days.
2:33 pm
sometimes weeks before the white house correspondents' dinner trying to find the best punch lines. and often things are happening behind the scenes. like bin laden, president obama back in 2011 he had already ordered the bin laden raid and he was up there telling jokes in the middle of all this. i remember back in the nixon days, bob got a big exclusive coming out of the white house correspondents' dinner with some investigative types. important things have happened at these dinners or have over the years. >> the raid was scheduled for the saturday night of the dinner. really remarkable. you think as if it's not enough to run a country, you have to be funny and have impeccable timing. >> you have to be able to mask what's really going on. >> that's true. >> you have to act like nothing else is going on behind the scenes. >> all those officials a the that dinner five years ago knew this raid was about to happen,
2:34 pm
but they had to play it cool. david gergen, thank you so much for coming on. coming up, donald trump may be inspiring a new wave of la ttin activism with comments like this. >> it felt like i was crossing the border actually. i was crossing the border. but i got here. muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptom* ,all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more®
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it's been nearly a year since donald trump announced his presidential campaign. at the same time, he had controversy against mexicans living illegally in the u.s. as well as his pledge to build a wall on the border and make mexico pay for it. that spark ed a wave of protest that continue to this day. but it also gave rise to a different group of latino activists. those who support trump. >> through a fence, under a
2:38 pm
fence, felt like i was crossing the border. >> you heard it before. the controversial comment on immigration by presidential candidate donald trump. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. and some i assume are good people. >> its remarks like this about mexico that's inspired a new wave of latino activism both for and against the candidate. >> a trump event in march we meet miguel, a trump supporter. >> what do you say to those who cannot believe he's supporting donald trump? >> those people they are illegal. >> he immigrated from mexico to the u.s., quote, the right way, legally. now a u.s. citizen, he says trump has empowered him, emboldened him to speak up and speak out against illegal
2:39 pm
immigration. you have to come in the right way. >> those people support because they forgot what they come from. >> with donald trump surging in the polls, they say it is a battle of survival while their four children were brn in the u.s., parents jose and maria entered the country illegally. they fear their family will be broken up. because of trump, the family and many others like them have stepped up their activism for undocumented immigrants. in an act of symbolism and pride they wave both the mexican and american flags. >> everyone wants to be proud of where they came from and wants to be proud of the united states. >> we are united.
2:40 pm
>> should trump become the next president, he will likely do so with the help of latinos. something mexican supporters say won't be a problem. >> he can take all the bad stuff for the white house. >> the family couldn't disagree more. >> i want to tell my message to donald trump. my children make america great. not donald trump. >> very poignant message saying his children make america great and not donald trump. without question in 2016, donald trump has ip certificated immigration as a issue. of the 11 million up documented immigrant, latinos make up more than half. at 17% of the u.s. population, latinos are now present in every state. thert largest minority group. they have the capacity to reshape the american political system and they are certainly using their voices to be more
2:41 pm
vocal before and against donald trump. pamela? >> interesting report there, nick valencia, thank you for that. coming up here, united shades of america. we are live with a preview of the brand new episode about life inside the notorious prison. and also premiering tonight, a brnd new episode of anthony bourdain. here's a preview. >> i knew chicago was a city of very diverse neighborhoods. everybody says so. but this, i didn't know about. now i do. >> so where are we and why are we here? i have to say i'm really glad we're here, but why? >> after going there, it was my favorite place. and so coming back, it was like let's go to china town and find places to find those things we ate for breakfast every day.
2:42 pm
>> start the fire. >> you got it? >> it's been awhile. just do this. >> i thought you're not supposed to do that. >> so happy. >> you can catch that episode tonight at 9:00 eastern here on cnn.
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america's prison population numbers in the millions. to most people they are just that, numbers. but this week on cnn, we visit california's san quentin prison to hear the story of one man behind those numbers. >> how did you end up here? >> i was arrest ed in 1996 for series of bank robberies. >> you don't seem like u a bank robber. >> i robbed a bank before. the lady said, are you series? >> what was your process? >> the fbi gave me the moniker the "brown bag bandit."
2:47 pm
>> i have something like this. i just write in like red marker. i have a put. put the money in the bag. she would open it up and put in the money and then i wake out of the bank. >> wow. who was the person that you were back then that decided to rob a bank? how did you get to that decision? >> it's a part of that process that i look into myself to try to figure that out. i don't see myself as a bank b robber. why was a doing that? one of the tellers that i robbed came in and testified against me and i was crying on the stand and told me that terrified her whole life. right there, i was like it kind of hit me know iing that i just want ruined this woman's life. that's because of what i did. but i couldn't process that the way i'm processing it right now.
2:48 pm
>> he joins me now from right outside of that prison. we spoke yesterday and you had the screening of the episode last night at the prison. first of all, how was it received among tprisoners that are in this? >> i have never been more nervous for a screening in my life. i was worried if it didn't go well, it wouldn't go well for me. they really appreciated it. i think we worked hard to make sure their stories were told. we showed a lot in that clip. we showed us laughing and sort of having a connection about the thing. then his remorse about terrifying the teller he robbed. that's a lot of what the show is. presenting them as humans as they are. >> it was interesting because he seemed to be reflective on that. i don't know who that guy is. i'm trying to figure out why i was that guy. but people watching this tonight wharks do you think they will be surprised by or learn from the
2:49 pm
show? >> i think they will be surprised by the things i was surprised by. the men i met are more self-reck reflective and self-critical than those on the outside. it's because san quentin has the most rehab programs. they are working on their job skills and life skills to prepare themselves to be paroled from prison. they are not that optimistic about it. >> your show and a lot of your comedy pokes fun at race and politics and issues that can be uncomfortable to talk about. i want to ask your opinion as a comedian about president obama's final white house correspondents' dinner and jokes like this one. let's watch. >> although while in england i did have lunch with mer majesty the queen. took in a performance of shakespeare. hit the links with david cameron. just in case anybody is still debating whether i'm black enough, i think that settles the debate. >> even poked fun at prince
2:50 pm
george. so what was your reaction when you u >> i mean i'm a little bit worried that he's going to get into comedy full time, frankly. he's one of america's greatest comedians. >> he could be a pettecompetito. >> that says it all. w. kamau bell, thank you so much for that. don't forget w. kamau bell takes you inside san quentin on "united shades of america" tonight at 10:00 on cnn. quick break. we'll be right back. stay with us. i need to keep organized. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world. anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. and windows is doing that.
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what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. in today's fit nation, for many of us, the tallest skyscrapers in the world are stunning marvels of architecture. but for others, every big building is just another opportunity to race. >> tower run. it's a growing sport where people race up staircases of the world's tallest buildings. >> you have to train to the point of pain because you're going to feel a lot of pain in a race. >> lisa ran her first race 15 years ago. days after september 11th. >> we felt that it was important to show that we weren't afraid. i could only think of the people going down the stairs and the
2:55 pm
horror of it. but when we got to the top, it was just like no other feeling i've ever experienced. >> she was hooked. now at age 57, she's ranked seventh in the united states and 21st in the world. >> the empire state building is the ultimate race. you get up into the stairs and you try not to look at the floors. it's just the feeling of accomplishment, just self-affirmation. >> i would like to keep doing this into my 80s, 90s. i just want to go all over the world and keep doing this. >> that is impressive. well, coming up, don't miss cnn's peter bergen right here next hour with a behind the scenes look at his exclusive interview with president obama airing tomorrow. the president speaks from the situation room about the osama bin laden operation. president obama, bin laden, and the future of the war on terror.
2:56 pm
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3:00 pm
harlow on this sunday. we begin in indiana. that's a state that's feeling the full weight of the republican race. voters there head to the polls on tuesday, and their votes are critical in securing donald trump the nomination outright. just 235 delegates stand between trump and the title of nominee. and both he and senator ted cruz know how much is riding on this week's primary. the two made their final cases to voters today, each lobbing attacks against the other. but it's what trump said about china that may have been the strongest statement. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country, and that's what they're doing. it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. what china has done -- >> cnn's jessica schneider's at trump's rally. how did voters react to this, jessica? >> yeah, quite frankly, pamela, it was with applause. donald trump pounced onto the stage, spouting out details


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