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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  May 2, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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excellent reporting. on this day, the fifth anniversary of the bin laden raid, we want to thank the men and women in uniform who helped to make that mission a success and remain on the front lines every single day. we also honor the nearly 3,000 victims on the attacks of 9/11. thank you for watching. cnn begins right now. chilling words for the comma commander in chief, so it is not going to be easy for the next president to the defeat isis, but who is the next president going to be? this is cnn and i'm don lemon. this is donald trump in south bend tonight blasting ted cruz. >> he is choking like a dog, because he is lose sog badly, and we have to put him away tomorrow, and folks, we have to get out and vote. get out and vote. >> it has been a rocky road for cruz clashing face-to-face with the trump supporters today. >> you, sir, america is a better
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country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiment sentiments, and let me point out that i have treated you respectfully the woel time, and a question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? are you canadian? >> and meanwhile, on the democratic side, tough talk are from bernie sanders. >> it would be a tragedy for this country if we end up with donald trump or some otherp republican in the white house. >> and hillary clinton might just have a job in store for the 42nd president. >> i have told my husband that he has to come out of retirement, and be in charge of this, because you know, he has more ideas a minute than anybody i know. >> and primary voters are getting ready to go to the polls in indiana in a few hours. jim akcosta and summer lynn serfaty is there for us. and jim, i want to start with you. you have been covering donald trump all day, and another big rally tonight, and what is he
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saying to the supporters? >> well, don, he used the expression i have never heard before and he are told the voters here in indiana that they live in importantville, and that is because he knows that a lot is on the line here in the primary tomorrow, and he was needling ted cruz all day long, and he made light of the fact that ted cruz did not notice that the running mate car carly fiorina stumbled off of a stage yesterday. and when i spoke the donald trump group, they said that if donald trump wins big, it is basically over cruz, and donald trump could roll up somehow 1,400 delegates before the nomination process is over, and so they are saying that the indiana primary could be a springboard for his campaign, and when we heard donald trump earlier here in south bend, indiana, he was essentially
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saying that he is looking past ted cruz and john kasich, and the next election ahead which is what he feels is going to be against hillary clinton. this is what he had to say earlier here in south bend. >> you foe, if we win, it's over. and then i can focus -- then i don't have to worry about lyin' ted cruz, and i don't care if he endorses me or what, because i could care a less, and we don't have to worry about ted cruz or john kasich, because he is million millions ahead of cruz, and it is a rigged system, and it is totally rigged. >> now, don, as you know the endorsement are very important in the campaign, and often donald trump is seeing the big endorsement of every state go to the competitors and here it is the same thing, and ted cruz was picking up the endorsement of the state's governor mike peps, but over the last 48 hours, as
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you have noticed he picked up the endorsement of bobby knight, and a legend basketball coach here, and one after another rapid fire, today, gene keady who was the basketball coach at purdue, and digger phelps the basketball coach at notre dame, and lou holtz who is a legendary coach here, and when you add it up, the governors and the senators rim porpt when they endorse your campaign, but this is basically an indiana sports all-star team that donald trump had backing him to dday. >> indeed. and sum lynn, to you, now, and the polls are in donald trump's favor, but ted cruz is putting it all on the line, and pleading with the indiana voters and making a deal with john kasich and naming a running mate, and any indication that the efforts are paying off? >> no, you famed the tripolicat of hail mary passes, and it has not moved the needle.
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the polls show it well behind donald trump, andle is of the feeling on the cruz campaign, they have to hype the stakes for what tomorrow could bring for them to get people out to the polls, but if you look at some of the recent polls over to the weekend, there was a stat that jumped out at me and it was an nbc/"wall street journal" poll, 34% of the voters're in indiana supported the deal with john kasich, and that alliance that he struck up, because whopping 58% disapprove of it. so this is one part of this strategy on the rt part of the cruz campaign, and almost like throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. we will see, because it is a big question mark at the end of the day what sticks there on the wall tomorrow for them. >> and interesting moments as well, sumlen, and ted cruz krosed the street to talk to some trump supporters outside, and we will listen to it. >> i am running to be everyone's president, and those who vote for me, and those who don't. >> i don't want you. >> and you are entitled to the
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opinion, and -- >> do the math. >> you asked kasich to drop out, and use your own words. >> what is it that you like about donald trump? >> well, everything. >> name one. >> the wall. >> that is the main thing, um graduation. >> ted is building the wall? >> hillary clinton. >> you know that donald trump told the editorial boorld that he is not going to be building the wall, and get in line lyin' ted. >> what does this accomplish? why take them on, sunlen? >> well, senator cruz was leaving a restaurant where he was having a little retail stop and meeting with the voters tlsh and he saw the protesters, and he walked across the street, and he did not get into the car that was waiting for him, and he walked up to engage with them, as you have heard in that sound bite, and a rather testy at times exchange, but for senator cruz, it speak s s to the momenf
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frustration that he is feeling take on a candidate like donald trump, and he are repeated it in the seven-minute exchange, why do you support donald trump to the trump supporter, and it is something that he notably brought up are from this event half an hour ago that he wore it as a badge of honor on the stage, and krou, and say, go online and see the exchange because it is seven minutes long and trying to draw a contrast with donald trump. he believes he is answering the questions from the voters and telling them the policy proposals and the fact that he engaged so strongly with the supporters speaks to the moment that he is facing, and the frustration that he is potentially facing. >> sunlen and jim, thank you so much. and now i want to go to the radio hosts who have their ears to the ground or to the radio, and joining me is toni katz and dennis prager who is backing ted cruz, but says he would back
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donald trump if he wins the nomination. and how are ru are you doing here? >> well, the excitement is here, and the energy is here, and we are ready for tomorrow, and we will have a drink when it is all over. >> and let's talk about the polls before we get into the exchange with the ted trump supporters, and do the polls say the whole story, and what is the listeners saying? >> it is half of the story. can you make the argument that trump is in the lead? absolutely. 15 points? and as nbc/"wall street journal" sees it? no. arg had it 2, and then mike downs' poll over a longer period of time which was plus 16 for cruz, and now you have to be in todd aiken territory to see a 31-pointp sweep the other way, and so that is not happening. one way that it is trump's race to lose, and he is serious because not only is he back, but he stopped at shapiro's dell ka
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t -- delicatessen, and ip happened to be there when it aped and if donald is retail politicking, it means he wants to close the deal, and either he wants the do more or slam it shut and own the contsa to make sure he goes the cleveland with the delegates. >> and dennis, before you response, i want you to listen to dana bash's interview today with ted cruz. >> donald trump only needs 47% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination outright. >> we are. >> and you need 132%, and so are will you support his candidacy, if he, donald trump, gets the delegates before cleveland? >> dana, nobody is going to get to 1,237, and neither is donald trump, and indiana is that critical state in that they are voting tomorrow, and i am encourage tad we are seeing the
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conservatives come together including mike pence. >> what makes you so sure that he is onot going to get the delegates, and getting 47% of the are remaining delegates is not inconceivable. >> and he has not gotten it to date -- >> but he did well last week. >> yes, you are right, he did well in his state, and ajoining state, and he did fine, but the week s prior to that, i won five states in a row starting with utah, north dakota, and wisconsin and colorado and wyoming and 1.3 million people voted in those states. >> dennis, that may be true, but there is no denying donald trump's lead in delicaegates an raw votes. and if he is crushed, should he get out? >> no, yu to get 1,237 vote, and i have an issue with the callers who says the guy with the most votes should get the nomination, and this is not the way it works in the presidential election, because you can get the most and
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lose the e e relek shun, because you to get the electoral votes. and the states are allow and the constant statement by donald trump that it is rigged, this is the reason that i so oppose him as you correctly noted that i will vote for him because my only other choice hillary clinton, but i am so opposing him because of the dishonesty that is persuading the campaign. it is not rigged, these rules were set up before donald trump announced that he would run for president, and yet he keeps saying rigged. you have to have 1,237 votes to win the nomination in the republican par the ti. that that is the rule. >> and dennis, even some of the pundits on the media outlets have been saying that the republican party, and even the le leaders are coming around to believe what donald trump is saying, like, or to go along with it at least that whoever gets the closest should be the one. >> right. it gives you the idea of how much closer the establishment really is to donald trump than
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it is to ted cruz as john boehner made clear calling the guy "lucifer in the flesh" and the sob and not using the initials, but donald trump is the insider, and ted cruz is outsider, but somehow the way it is portrayed has not been accurate. >> wow. donald trump is now the inside er. >> yes, he is. he had hillary clinton at the wed, and the guy is good with all of these -- >> well, hillary clinton is not part tof the republican party, but let's move on, because i want to talk about the confrontation that ted cruz had with the trump supporters and lasted about 7:00 to dday. this is another clip about the second amendment. this is it. >> and what are you going to do about the 2nd amendment. >> i have defended the 2nd amendment before the supreme court of the united states, and donald trump is going to take the rights away, haepd is lying can -- and he is lying to you,
7:13 pm
and i appreciate your out here speaking, and if i were donald trump i would not have come over here to spoken to you, and i would not ha would not have shown you that respect i would have said, go over there and pump those guys in the face. that is what donald does. >> so he is calling donald trump a liar and deceiving the indiana voters and do they believe them him? >> well, and the indiana voters believing that he would deceive them, and maybe on this subject or that subject, donald is not perfect, and they have bought into the larger picture and concept and idea, and ted cruz is attacked for this, and mab, talk about tough walk over and take the hits and you can see to a lot of the supporters thrilled to humiliate, and ted cruz is takingt it absolutely positively directly, and this is maybe too little too late, and a dye has cast and it is not going to be a tr trump win, but it is his momentum, and trump's race to the lose, and you may still have
7:14 pm
people coming to the polls tomorrow, and they are still not sure. they are still going to be deciding right there, and oh, i could do it for trump and realize they can't. and that is very possible here. >> and dennis, i will give you a chance to respond. and do you believe it is too little too late for him to go across to try to convince the voters like that? >> it might be, and i don't understand why, and i don't know, because i live in california and the last and least in terms of the primaries and maybe this year not the least, but i don't understand why people were not shown over and over a man running for president of the united states mocking john mccain who was tortured for years in the vietnam war as a loser and why they didn't have over and over his speaking about the size of the genitals to a national audience. i mean, he is the anti-president. >> who did that over and over? >> why cruz or any republican
7:15 pm
group that doesn't want trump didn't have ads over and over and over again, and saying nothing, and just saying, is this president? that is all. >> and maybe the research is showing that it does not work with the voters. >> if it doesn't, then you know what, it is a dark time in america if that doesn't work. >> and tony and dennis, thank you, and appreciate it. >> good to see you. >> and when we come back, indiana votes in hours, and is the gop's never trump movement about to run out of gas? wo is going to be getting their votes? and plus, larry wilmore uses the n-word in his set at the correspondence dinner and people are still arguing about it tonight, and we will hear from both sides.
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we are counting down the indiana primary here, and to discuss the process is sally cohen, and columnists for the daily beast and support of bernie cruise, and also, kaleigh mcaneny, and where are you? >> i'm in washington, don. >> and thanks for joining us, and let's start with margaret, the latest polling from the "wall street journal," and mars poll that shows that trump has
7:20 pm
49%, and cruz 39%, and kasich 13% and you are not representing any campaign here, and who is going to be taking indiana tomorrow? >> i put all of my money on ted cruz losing and donald trump winning. there are interesting underlying the themes, and does kasich end up taking some away from the ted cruz or did the truce end up working? look, it is donald trump is going to be running away with it, and is this ted cruz's waterloo and does he end up pausing it until the convention? >> and kaleigh, this is the are rnc poll that says that the sup potters are more enthusiastic for trump than cruz, and it also finds that 52% of the republicans says cruz should drop out since he cannot reach the magic numbers and given the magic number, does he call it
7:21 pm
quits or move on the california? >> well, it is a great question, but he has to go through south dakota and montana and washington and oregon and new mexico, too. but it is a great question. it is one just for ted cruz. i hope that he continues to be the pro-cruz movement, and not the stop trump movement, and in the last few weeks he is talking too much about the process and the math and the delegatesk and he has a campaign manager and delegate team for, that and if he wants to take the case to donald trump, he needs to fight about the issue, and the preparedness to be commander in chief. >> well, he is taking on the trump supporters. >> yes, i saw that. >> and he is talking issues with hum h? >> yes, they wanted to be having a debate and the others don't, but the fact about indiana and i do a lot of work there and governor pence is a client, and it is can difficult to poll indiana, because there are late in the game deciders, and what ted has going for him in indiana
7:22 pm
is that he is much more attuned with the indiana electorate. >> and you think more than trum snp. >> no, trump has momentum, and you can't put a figure on the momentum, and are there a lot of people leaning in? and the cnn/orc numbers shocked me, because if people see that he can't get to the correct number why is it only 52% want him to drop out, and why 47 want him in and want the contested convention? >> but he refuses to get behind trump, and even though every indication showing that he is going to be the nominee, whether it is contested or not, an so if that happens, will he get behin behind? >> well, he is being asked that question in the fog of war or heatf of the ballot. >> and will he? >> i am part of the not stop trump, but stop hillary movement. >> and i'm not talking to ted cruz either and i can't tell him legally about this, but if you are not, you are not in that head space yet, and you are
7:23 pm
fighting, fighting, fighting, and until the voters decide, but you are not able to say, all right, this is the path where i suspend my campaign, because you are so in it to win it. >> that is making the question so frustrating to be asked that continuously and if you are ted cruz, you will be asked that -- >> and bernie sanders is asked the same way. >> and the same thing on the other side of the iowa caucus, if he does not win, and if you punch my black eye again, i don't feel it. go sally. >> and i'm good. y'all fight amongst yourselves, i'm fine. >> and this, kelly anne, they say that the republican party is divided and never unite. and will the folks ever get behind trump eventually? >> well, some in the punditry never would, but i have never believed it is a grass roots effort, because there are potential that is high, but as we saw with clinton and obama,
7:24 pm
and a lot of an mos the ti of the two camps and came together, and i do believe there is a class that is never trump, and one thing that americans appreciate is when they take a stance on behalf of a candidate and not in spite of it. and the negativity and the cutting down the supporters of donald trump, and that is why the movement has failed to succeed despite spending $80 million in advertising, and those voices are going the go away, because the american people have rejected them and they don't like them, and it is a myth that it is grass roots. >> and now, sally, this is ted cruz trying to help himself with some trump supporters today, and listen. >> sir, america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments, and let me point out that i have treated you respectfully the whole time and the question that everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian?
7:25 pm
>> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald trump? >> and so are you watch on the other side of the outsider going, ooh, are you liking it or painful to watch? >> look, i have had the same line from the beginning of this that i still have which is as a democrat, it is hard not the watch them with glee that you have two candidate s ths that a competing for the most negative, you know, strongest disapproval ratings and that the strong majority of the americans don't like, and that violate the american values and everything that we are have stood for and everything that has made this country good and can make it better. as an merp, come on, to see, you know, americans jeering presidential candidates about where they are from, and the kind of tenor and the race to the bottom discourse in this election, it is just saddens me at a profound level. >> but isn't there a sort of a never hillary sort of a campaign? >> there sure was in 008.
7:26 pm
>> with the bernie supporters and a sort of never hillary are. >> no, no way to compare. there is just not. there are democrats and certainly republicans who are for whatever reasons don't like hillary, and you know, certainly she has -- unfavorability issues no doubt. and that is in part because, look, the fractured primary, fine, but we are a pragmatic people, and we have been on the democratic side. >> and before you go -- >> and we have always held our nose and voted -- >> and you will vote on hillary? >> and that is like a carbon copy of -- >> oh, no. >> and that is a carbon copy of barack obama, and if you like barack obama, you will like hillary clinton. >> and you just called hillary clinton a carbon copy of barack obama. i like that. >> that is not -- let's not f forget the history here and the pumas, and that is par the ti unity, and you can figure out what it means and that is 2008,
7:27 pm
and i truly believe that if hillary clinton had not gotten in line behind barack obama and the cabinet, those folks would be a robust group. >> and it is not that you would -- >> and he is showing that he -- >> well, kaleigh did say that the never trump movement is a grass root, but there is a faction that is principally and very principled way standing up against donald trump that not grasstop movement. >> we will continue the conversation, so don't go anywhere. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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indiana voters are heading to the polls in a few hours and back with me margaret hoover, and kelly anne and kaleigh and sally. and now, i want you to look at the moment from yesterday when carly fiorina introduced ted cruz. >> the next president of the
7:32 pm
united states, ted cruz. ♪ ♪ well if you ask me where i come from ♪ >> and you can play it over again, because i missed it. the cruz camp says that she did not fall off of the stage, but it appear tas she did stumble and walked off and disappears and then it is like, where did she go, and look at it. >> all right. >> oh, no. >> clearly a trap door designed to get more attention. >> and something like katy perry. >> and this is what donald trump said. and by the way, she felling off of the stage, and did you see? and cruz didn't do anything. even i would have helped her, okay. [ laughter ]
7:33 pm
>> kaleigh, seizing on the moment to criticize ted cruz. >> and it is brilliant, and whatever you think of donald trump, and the fact that he can take some little moments like that, and stump speech to make the whole panel laugh, well, okay. thankfully carly ist not hurt, and good there. >> and at least he did not make fun of the way she eats pancakes. >> and now, how about some serious issues like the russian oppression or the nuclear curtain there if in north korea, but as long as wep coop it light, it is just the free world. >> and i am sure that -- >> well, i thought it was a brilliant pivot and i thought it was very smart when it comes to the media. >> it is hilarious, and impr improvisational, and it is the difference of the rest of it. >> and she did not get hurt, so
7:34 pm
don't go crazy, everybody. she is fine. and donald trump continues to say that hillary clinton is playing the woman card and fund-raising off of it and it is that card going to give hillary clinton a winning hand? >> well, clearly, that is what happened is that carly dropped her woman card and just bending to puck it up. and just to be clear on that. >> in a skirt. >> and you wrote about it. >> and yes, 44, and go ahead -- >> and you know -- >> on the daily beast. >> and the man card pays off. and you know, is she fund-raising off of it? >> yes, $2.4 million. >> is that smart? >> yes. it is wone of the reasons that people are supporting her because she is a woman, yes. and one of the reasons is because she has more experience than any other experience running from being the secretary of state to the work of nonprofits and no question, governor, and it is an equal factor and if not greater factor is not only the 44 presidents in history who have run on the male cards, and not the mention every other male candidate who has run and won, but donald trump is
7:35 pm
arguably the most masculine, hypermasculine and that is almost -- >> honestly? >> and he is running on the white male card? >> just imagine, and try to imagine a second, and woman of color, and first of all, believe the kinds of things that donald trump believes in, and imagine her getting away with the weak tea substantive answers on the foreign policies and making it anywhere as near as close in this race. >> and it is not fair. hillary clinton wants people to vote for her because she is the first woman, and america says, i want a first woman president, too, and we have daughters and we can wait for them, but it is rejebting hillary. >> but he is playing the man card. >> no question, but he put her on notice that she is not going to have, and not going to be see gender to her completely. >> and oh, please. >> she runs around telling the
7:36 pm
journalists don't call me agres issive or tired or angry. >> and we are have imples it isly voted for the political candidates, because they are men. >> and talking about since 2008, and when we were allowed the talk about experience, and now we are talking about experience when senator obama was running. >> kaleigh, 20 second, and the last word? >> well, this is not going to appeal to at all is young millennial women, and that pink card, because women don't want a gender card in their purse. and in fact, young women are feeling empowered and we make more than our male counterparts and higher graduation cards and not the woman card, but victim card. it hurts people like me. >> and baby boomers are 82% of the electorate, and more women baby boomer are going to be turning out than millennial
7:37 pm
women. >> and you might be surprised. >> and thank you all. >> and now he praises president obama but he used the n-word to do it, and so some people are outraged. which side are you on? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪ when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies.
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boy, with what a firestorm, and people are still talking tonight about larry wilmore and especially one word at the end of the post show set, and you know what that word is. >> you have seven months left, and we should enjoy every moment of it. that is right, soak it in, people. i don't know when we are going to get a black president again, but behind that joke is the humble appreciation for the historical implications for what your presidency means. when i was a kid, i lived in a country where people couldn't accept a black quarterback, and now to live in your time, mr. president, when a black man can lead the entire free world, words alone do me no justice. so, mr. president, i'm going to to keep it 100, yo, barry, you did it [ bleep ], you did it. thank you very much, and good
7:42 pm
night. >> all right. here to discuss, april rain of the new tribe magazine and joe from xm radio, and you laughing now, but i am not sure, because i saw you after. and you did not like that. >> and neither did a whole lot of people in that audience of 3,000, and especially the african-americans who were there. look, i think that the president of the united states spokesperson made it clear with april ryan this afternoon that he appreciated the spirit of what larry had to say, but think about this, you know, and i have been warned not to say this, but i am going to say it anyway. can you imagine if the k-word would have been used to describe bernie sanders? there were a lot of people different ethnicities the in
7:43 pm
that audience and i understand the zingers, because i have been to many white house correspondent's dinners. and i have seen much humor and poignant humor and is a tire, but it is time to put that word to rest. and i am telling you that it is has never been intended to be endearing, and it is not endear ing in 2016, and it is sad ta after eight years of this dinner that's the last word that this distinguished group of people will hear in relationship to this president. >> april rain, and he is talking about april ryan who works at the whits house, and now april rain, you say much ado about nothin nothing, and was he showing love for president obama? >> he was, and i'm not so sure
7:44 pm
why we were concerned about the white gaze of those in the room. we are talking about the respect that is owed to president obama, and i do agree that it is owed to him, but so many of them in the room have been using the eight years to disrespect him, and not using that word in public, but being disrespectful nonetheless. and what larry wilmore did is to say what so in african-americans said, and he turned that stodgy hotel room into the barbershop that president obama has not been able to visit in the eight years ashs and this can be used -- >> let me read this in, because it is from jonathan capehart in the washington post piece, and he said why larry wilmore is not my n-word, and he said, sure, there were blacks who loved and there are and still are blacks who love what he said by keeping it 100, and a latter day keeping it real, he expressed the
7:45 pm
deniable pride, but the white house correspondent dinner is not his mama's house or the barbershop, and it should have been relayed to something that is considered family, and he say says that it is not a barbershop, and nor is it his momma's house. >> are and i read jonathan's article and i wonder if he was reading my twitter feeds, because i specifically mentioned the barbershop yesterday when we were discuss iing this, but nev the less what we do know is that the president appreciated what larry wilmore said, and immediate ly after larry wilmor gave him the double chest pound, and the president instead of looking shocked an al pauled of what was said and a polite clap to indicate that his hosting
7:46 pm
duties were over, the president returned that pound to larry wilmore in effect saying, thank you for making this statement. >> oh, come on. >> was he being diplomatic. >> oh, please. the united states would not want one of his daughters to have the n-bomb dropped on the two of them in a heartbeat. now, look, i understand that the president always trying to rise above some of the type of controversy and i did say earlier that he did say in a news conference or news briefing that he appreciated the spirit, and now he didn't say that he appreciated the word, but he said that he appreciated the spirit, and let me also say -- >> but the president has used the word in an interview in 2015 and the president has used the word, and in fact, the word has been used on cnn. rig right? >> and i'm sick of it. don't you understand -- >> well, you need to talk to don lemon. >> and it depends -- >> well, hang on. >> and now -- >> hang on, april and joe.
7:47 pm
this is out of context, because the president was not calling somebody the word, but he was talking about racism, and racism is not able to say that word flippantly, and that is the discussion, and that is out of context, so go ahead. >> and now shgs s, it is very interesting that we talk, millennials if i say the k-word do you know that there is an entire generation of people out here don't know what i am referring to because jewish people have understood, put that word down. we no longer say it. you can't can't get comedians to say, that and take for example drake who is african-american and jewish, and he will drop the n-bomb in his records 100 times, but he will not drop that k-word for reasons, because there are consequences. >> and the reason is because it is apples, and oranges. >> oh, it is not. >> and now, we will continue this after the break. >> and oh, come on. we ought to thank them that they have are recognized that their children will not ever say that
7:48 pm
word, because it is an insult, and it has always been an ins t insult. >> why are african-americans the only one who use the derogatory word as a term of endearment, and hispanics don't use it, and jewish people don't, and african-americans are the only one. >> and why are we comparing ourselves to anybody else? >> because we are human. a model's hair is the ultimate test for care. schwarzkopf presents essence ultime omega repair, with rich omega oil. it repairs hair deep inside. 10 times stronger hair. 90 percent less breakage. omega repair, developed with claudia schiffer, from schwarzkopf.
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all right. we are back talking about larry wilmore using the n-word at the white house correspondent's dinner, and joining me is april reign and joe. and april, i nknow ta you said, why should we, meaning african-americans, be considered about the the white gaze, and what white people think about us, and isn't there a difference about that and just respecting the office of the presidency whether it is a man, woman, black, white or hispanic? >> absolutely. and the office of the president was respected by larry wilmore during this time. i the think that mr. madison keeps bringing up the k-word, but it has not been reclaimed at all by jewish people.
7:53 pm
it is not a word to be used as a term of endearment, and the argument falls flat on its face, and is it is not a comparison to be used. if you are at any barbershop or hanging out with the african-american men and women as well, wrote u will see this word used as a term of acceptance and acknowledgment, and it is not a slur in that sense, and everybody gets to choose when and how and if they use it. i think that part of the problem is that non-african-americans are upset that they can't use the word, and to be seeing it use sod freely by larry wilmore in a public space -- >> and most of the people that were upset were african-american s, and even bill o'reilly said that he was not offended. >> most? >> yes, that i saw offended were african-americans. >> most? >> well, wait a minute. excuse me. white folks don't have any problem using that word. i mean, are you kidding me? are you saying that -- you are
7:54 pm
sawing that they can't use it freely, but they use it when they lynch you or when they want to be derogatory, and let me explain to you historically, and the reason i bring up the k-word is because jewish people said never again. they understood what it did culturally to them, and how the culture led to certain actions. you do not -- >> agreed and i know my history mr. madison, and so -- >> well, this word -- >> well, you are being condescending, and you won't be condescending to me, and i know my history. >> and well, i have been all over thele world, and let me tell you that this word is used globally to be demeaning and everybody in their right mind kn knows it, and you can go anywhere on the planet and this word is culturally the derogatory, and just because we have decided to change it and make it a term of endearment, t the reality is that it is not a term of endearment, and -- >> according to you.
7:55 pm
>> and 90% of the time it is not used that way. >> according to you. and that is according to you. i appreciate the lesson, but i don't need it. i fully realize what the history of both the k-word and the n-word and that is why i am saying that if african-americans choose to reclaim that word, that is their right. everyone has their opinion on this issue, and that is absolutely fine, but you cannot speak on behalf of all african-americans, and in -- >> i am not speak iing on all african-americans. >> and you did, because you said that you want to get rid of the word. >> what part of i means we. you are absolutely right, i want to get rid of it, and i want to get rid of anything that is used derogatorily towards us 90% of the time. that is exactly -- >> and that is why white people are not allowed to use the word, and that is why white people should not use the word. but at the same time if black people -- >> so it is okay if we are
7:56 pm
derogatory against ourselves. >> you are saying it is derogatory, but i am not saying that, and i am saying that it is a word of affection and respect, and because you see it is derogator derogatory. >> well, you know, i will will go to my grave saying it is derog toishgs and i hope that my children and my grandchildren learn that it is derogatory, and that it dies with us now in 2 6 2016. >> great conversations. >> that it is dead. >> thank you sh, april and joe. >> thank you. in place. next to these strangers. or you want to know your heart rate. when you're doing this steady... this. and a little bit of this. which means you should probably wear this. beat yesterday with vivosmart hr from garmin. my school reunion's comi♪ fast.
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stay with cnn for all day coverage tomorrow with the race that may shape the race from indiana. and we will be back here at midnight with all of the results from the hoosier state. and coming up is the special "we got him" featuring president obama on the war of terror and t the capture of osama bin laden. sfwr we begin with the fifth anniversary of the killing of the man who mas the terminded the 9/11 attacks. peter bergen got unprecedented access to the white house the talk about it. stay tuned for the cnn special "we got him" in half


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