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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  May 2, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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brave men and women in uniform who helped make that a success and we honor the nearly 3,000 victims from the attacks on september 11th. cnn tonight starts right now. chilling words from the commander and chief. it's not going to be easy for the next president to defeat isis. but who will the next president be? here's donald trump in south bend blasting ted cruz. >> he's choking like a dog because he's losing so badly. we have to put him away tomorrow, folks. we got to get out and vote. >> it has been a rocky road for cruz, clashing face to face with trump supporters today. >> america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out that i have treated you respectfully the
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whole time and a question everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian. >> meanwhile, on the democrat side, tough talk from bernie sanders. >> it will be a tragedy for this country if we end up with a donald trump or some other republican in the white house. [ applause ] >> and hillar clinton just might have a job in store for the 42nd president. >> i told my husband, he's got to come out of retirement and be in charge of this because he's got more ideas a minute than anybody i know. >> primary voters getting ready to go to the polls in just a few hours. jim, i want to start with you. you know, you've been covering donald trump all day and another big rally tonight. what's he saying to his supporters? >> reporter: well, he used an expression i've never heard before. he told voters in indiana they
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live in a place called importantville. he knows that a lot is on the line in this indiana primary tomorrow and he was needling ted cruz all day long and made light of the fact that ted cruz didn't notice the fact that his running mate stumbled off a campaign stage yesterday when they were campaigning in indiana and when i was talking to a donald trump top official earlier today, they were saying that if ted cruz cannot pull off an upset, that it's basically over for ted cruz. and somehow donald trump could rack up 1400 delegates before this thing is over. they're saying this could be a spring board for his campaign and when we heard donald trump earlier in south bend, indiana. he was saying he's already looking past ted cruz and john kasich and on to the next
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contest, which he believes is the general election facing hillary clinton. >> if we win, it's over. and then i can focus -- [ applause ] >> then i don't have to worry about 'lyin' ted' cruz and i don't care if he indorses me or doesn't. i couldn't care less. we don't have to worry about kasich who's 1 in 44. in the popular vote, i'm millions of votes ahead of cruz. but rits arrit's a rigged syste. >> now, don, as you know, the indorsements are very important in this campaign and often he's seeing the big indorsements go to his competitors and here it was almost the same thing. you saw ted cruz pick ugup the indorsement of pence. but he's picked up the indorsement of bobby knight, a legend in this state and it was one after another, rapid fire
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announced by the trump campaign earlier today. the basketball coach at perdue, and lieu holts, the legendary football coach here at notre dame and when youed ed add all that up, this was basically an indiana political sports all-star team that donald trump had backing him today. >> indeed. and the polls are in donald trump 's favor, but ted cruz is making a deal with john kasich, naming a running mate. is is there any indication that his efforts are paying off at all? >> reporter: no, not yet. that hail mary passes that occurred, has not moved the needle yet if you look at the latest polls, it does show him well behind donald trump. so, some feeling on the cruz campaign that they have to heighten the stakes to get
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people out to the polls. but if you look at some of the recent polls over the weekend, there was an interesting stat that jumped out at me and this was an abc wall street journal poll. 34% of voters here in indiana did not support -- supported the deal with john kasich that alliance that he struck up. but a whopping 58% disproved of it. so, this just one part of this strategy on the part of the cruz campaign, almost like throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. that's the big question mark at the end of the day, what sticks on the wall tomorrow for them? >> interesting moments as well. ted cruz across the street to talk to some trump supporters outside. let's listen. >> i'm running to be everyone's president. >> we don't want you. >> you're entitled to your view and whereby will respect it. >> you asked kasich to drop out,
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now it's your turn. >> what do you like about donald trump? >> everything. >> name one thing. >> the wall. immigration. >> hold on a second, now, do you know that donald told the new york times editorial, that he's not going to deport everyone? >> 'lyin' ted'. >> why does he take them on? >> this is such a remarkable exchange, also for the fact that senator cruz was leaving a restaurant where he was having a retail stop meeting with voters. he saw these protesters and he walked across the street. he walked and engaged, walked right up to them and started engaging them and as you heard in that sound bite, a rather testy at times exchange but i think that for senator cruz it speaks to the moment of frustration he's feeling by taking on a candidate like donald trump and we heard him say repeatedly during that
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seven-minute exchange, why do you support donald trump to the trump supporters? and it's something he notably brought up just a half hour ago. he almost wore it as a badge of honor. look, you can go online and see this exchange. it was seven minutes long. so, trying to draw a contrast with donald trump. he thinks he's answering questions and i thing the fact that he engaged so strongly, speaks to this moment he's facing and this frustration he potentially is feeling. >> now i want to bring in two raid you hosts who have their ear the radio or the speakers. nationally sindcated talk show host says he would back donald trump if he wins the gop nomination. tony, you first. you doing okay? >> doing wonderful. the excitement's here, the
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energy's here. we're ready for tomorrow and then we'll have a drink when it's all over. >> tony, do polls in indiana tell the whole story? what are yoursaying? >> i think it's half the story. can you make the argument that trump is truly in the lead? arg had it nine, and then there's that mike downs poll that was over a longer period of time which was plus 16 for cruz. you have to be in tod aiken territory to see a swing the other way. that's not what's happening here. it's trump's race to lose and one of the ways you know he's serious is he was not only back in indiana today, but he stopped at shapiro's delicatessen to shake hands and talk to people. had a reuben with bryan the
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owner. i happened to be there when it happened. if donald is retail politicking, it means he wants to close the deal a deal. >> tony, get dennis in here. >> donald trump only needs 41%, you need 132%. so, will you support his candidacy if he, donald trump, gets the delegates before cleveland? >> nobody's going to get to 1237. i'm not going to get to it and neither is donald trump. and i toll you i think indiana is going to be critical and i'm encouraged that we're seeing conservatives come together, including especially governor mike pence. >> what makes you so sure he
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won't get the delegates? it's not inconceivable at all. >> well, he hasn't to date. >> but he sure did well last week. >> you're right, he did well in his home state and in the adjoining states. he won five states last week but in the three weeks that proceeded that, i won five states in a row, starting with utah, colorado, wyoming. 1.3 million people voted in those states. >> that may be true but there's no denying his lead in delegates and raw votes. if he gets crushed in indiana, should he get out? >> i have this issue with a number of my callers to the show where they say the guy who gets the most vote should get the nomination and that's not the way it even works in the presidential election. you have to win the electeral votes. i to tell you this constant
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statement by donald trump that it's rigged. this is the reason i so oppose him, as you correctly noted. i will vote for him because my only other choice is hillary clint clinton. but i so oppose him because of the dishonesty, these rules were set up before donald trump announced that he would run for president and yet he keeps saying rigged. you have to have 1237 votes to win the nomination. that's the rule. >> but haven't you heard that some party leaders have been saying on media outlets that the republican party, especially the leaders are coming around to maybe believe what donald trump is saying or go along with at least, that whoever gets the closest should be the one? >> well, it gives you an idea of how much closer the establishment really is to donald trump than ted cruz as john boehner made clear, calling the guy lucife in the flesh and
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an sop bb and not using the initials. sn somehow, the way it's been portrayed is not accurate. hillary clinton was at his wedding. the guy is good with all of these -- >> well, hillary clinton is not part of the republican party but let's move on. i want to talk about this confrontati confrontation, it lasted about seven minutes. this is about the second amendment. >> what are you going to do? >> i have defended second amendment in front of the supreme court of the united states. donald trump is a new york liberal who will take away your second amendment rights. he's lying to you and taking advantage of you. look, i appreciate your being out here speaking. if i were donald trump, i wouldn't have come over and talked to you. i would have told the folks over
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there, go punch those guys in the face. that's what donald does to protesters. >> he's war calling donald trump a liar. will they believe him? >> will they believe that donald is deceiving them? even if they were somehow believe on this subject or that, but they bought into the idea. walk over and take the hits and you see a lot of those trump supporters thrilled to insult, thrilled to humiliate and there's ted cruz taking it absolutely positively directly. a lot of the dye is cast. i'm not saying it's definitely a trump win. it's trump's race to lose and you still may have people coming to the polls tomorrow, they're still going to decide. they're going to be right there,
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and realize they can't. >> whereby wii will give you a quickly, if i can. do you think it's too little, too late? >> i don't understand why they didn't have -- i don't understand why people were just not shown over and over a man running for president of the united states mocking john mccain who was tortured for years, mocking him as a loser, why they didn't have him over and over speaking about the size of his genitals to a national audience. i mean, he is the anti-president. >> why who didn't? >> wlhy cruz or any republican didn't have ads over and over saying is this presidential?
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>> maybe the research shows that it just doesants work. >> then it's a dark time in america if that doesn't work. >> appreciate it. indiana voters vote in just hours and is the gop's never-trump movement going to run out of gas? plus, larry wilmer uses the "n" word and people are still arguing about it toochbt. tonight. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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we are counting down to the indiana primary, just hours away. here to discuss. our consultant. sally combs columnist for the daily beast and president of keep the promise one pack supporting ted cruz and political commentator supporting donald trump. where are you? >> all the way in washington. i want to be there with you, don. >> next time. >> thanks for joining us. let's start with the latest polling. this is from the wall street journal, mayoress poll, it shows donald trump has 49%, cruz, 34%,
10:20 pm
kasich, 13%. who is taking indiana tomorrow do you think? >> i put all my money on ted cruz losing indiana tomorrow and donald trump winning. there's interesting underlying themes. does kasich end up taking some away from ted cruz but look, this is donald trump is going to run away with this and how does ted cruz end up handling this and does he begin to think about potentially pausing it until the convention. >> that is a great question for kelly ann. this is the cnn orc poll, it shows they're more enthusiastic about trump than cruz. it also finds that 52% of the republicans say cruz should drop out since he can't reach the 1237. he loses tomorrow, does he call it fits or go on to california? >> he would have to go to
10:21 pm
nebraska or south dakota, washington, oregon, new mexico too. but it's a great question. one just for ted cruz. i hope that he continues to be the pro-cruz movement and not the stop-trump movement. he's begun talking to rr much about the math and the delega delegates. if he wants to take the case to donald trump, he should make an idological battle, be commander and chief, etc. >> he's taking on trump supporters. he's talking issues with them. >> yes, indeed. they actually want to debate. this is what i'll say about indiana. i do a lot of work there. governor pence is a client that's indorsed senator cruz and it's difficult to poll indiana. i think what ted has going for him in indiana is that he's much more intune with the electorate in terms of what motivates them
10:22 pm
but what trump has is momentum and you can't put a figure on momentum. i have say the cnn orc numbers shocked me in that if people see that he can't get to 1237 out right, why do only 52% of him want him to drop out? >> here's the question though. he refuses to get behind trump, even though every indicator shows donald trump is going to be the nominee. i don't know if there's go foino be the contested convention. >> i'm not part of the stop-trump movement, i'm part of the stop-hillary movement. if you're a candidate you're not in that head space yet. you're fighting, fighting, fighting led the voters decide. but you're not able to say this
10:23 pm
is the path because you're so in it to win. >> and to be asked that continuously and if you're ted cruz -- i tell people on cnn, the night before the iowa caucuses saying if ted cruz doesn't win tomorrow. if you punch my black eye again, i won't feel it. >> there's also this side i want to show you, 39% say the republican party is divided and will not unite. will the folks in the never-trump movement eventually get behind trump? >> i think you'll have the punditry, but it's never really been a grass roots effort. the tensions are high and people who support other candidates but there was a lot of animosity and people came together. that being said, i do think there's a very narrow class who will remain never trump but
10:24 pm
they're going to fail at that endeavor because one thf things most americans appreciate is they like when people take stands on behalf of. and that's why the movement has failed to succeed. those voices are going to go away, because the american people have rejected them and it's always been a myth that this was grass roots. >> this was ted cruz trying to help himself with trump supporters today. listen. >> sir. america is a better country -- >> without you. >> thank you for those kind sentiments. let me point out i have treated you respectfully the entire time and a question everyone here should ask -- >> are you canadian? >> do you want your kids repeating the words of donald
10:25 pm
trump? >> so, are you watching on the other side as an outsider going oh? are you liking this? what are you thinking? >> look, i've had the same line from the beginning which i still have, which as a democrat, it's hard to not watch these things with glee that you have two candidates for the most negative, strongest disapproval ratings and the strong majority of americans don't like that violate everything we've stood for and has made this country good and can make it better. come on, to see americans jeering presidential candidates about where they're from, the kind of 10er, the race to the bottom discourse that we have in this election. it saddens me at a profound level. >> is there a never hillary campaign? >> no. there's no way to compare.
10:26 pm
there's just not. there are democrats and certainly republicans for whatever sets of reasons don't like hillary. >> so, bernie supporters will get behind hillary? >> oh, there's no question. and it's a fractured primary but we're a pragmatic people. we have always been on the democratic side. >> and always held our nose and voted. and the issues with hillary -- >> that was a carbon copy of 2008. if you like barack obama, you're going to like hillary clinton. >> you just called hillary clinton a carbon copy of barack obama? i like that. let's not forget the history. pumas is party line and that was 2008 and i really truly believe that if hillary clinton herself
10:27 pm
hadn't joined her cabinet, they would be a force. here is one point. she said this is a myth. there is a serious faction of the republican party, that is really principallies and standing against donden.
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indiana voters heading to the polls in just a few hours. back with me now. and by the way, they were still going at it in the break. since you're not there, we'll let them discuss amongst themselves and we'll talk. this is when carly fiorina was introducing ted cruz. watch this. >> the next president of the united states, ted cruz. ♪
10:32 pm
>> okay. so, if you can guys can play it over again. the cruz camp says carly didn't fall off the stage, though it does appear she did stumble. she walked off and then she disappeared and you're like, where did she go? >> it was a trapped door designed to get more attention. >> first, before we respond, here's what donald trump said about that moment. watch this. >> by the way, she fell off the stage the other day. did anybody see that? and cruz didn't do anything. even i would have helped her. okay. >> ha-ha. >> again, seizing on that moment, using it to criticize ted cruz. >> whatever you think of donald trump, the fact that he's a able to take little moments like that
10:33 pm
and make the whole panel laugh, that's one of his biggest assets i think he'll use that in a general election and thankfully carly was okay and didn't get hurt there. >> last week it was the way john kasich eats pancakes. >> the nuclear north korea or anything that really matters as lau long as we keep it light. >> i thought -- i think it was a brilliant. even i would have helped her. he used it against his opponent, which, very smart when it comes to media. >> it was hilarious and improvizational. >> and she did not get hurt. so, don't everybody go crazy. she didn't get hurt. but he continues to say that hillary clinton is playing the woman card. does that give hillary a winning
10:34 pm
hand? >> clearly, first of all, that's what hand in that video. she was bending down pick up the media card. donald trump's man card pays off. is she fund raising off of it? is that smart? >> one of the reasons people are supporting hillary clinton, yes. just like she has more experience than any other candidate running from being secretary of state to her working nonprofits. there's no question it is a factor and let's be clear a factor is not only the presidents that have won on their male cards but donald trump is arguably the most mucheese mow, masculine, hyper-masculine. >> he's running on the white
10:35 pm
male card? >> just imagine for a second, first of all try to madge an woman of color believing and saying the things he says. but imagine her getting away with the weak tee substantive answers. >> hillary clinton is playing the woman card. she wants people to vote for her because she's the first female. and they're saying i have daughters. we can wait for them. they're rejecting hillary. he put her on notice that she is not going to see gender. >> the point is that -- >> she tells journalists, don't call me aggressive, angry, tired. >> for years we have implicitly voted for candidates because
10:36 pm
they're men. >> now experience matters. you weren't talking about experience when senator obama was running. >> last word. >> this is not going to appeal to at all is young millennial women. they don't walk around wanting a gender card in their purse. in fact, they feel empowered. we graduate at higher rate. and to play the victim card, not the it woman card, actually hurts women like me doing their best to stay strong. >> baby boomers are go doing be 32% of this electorate. more woman baby boomers are going to show out than millennial women are going to turn out. >> and being proud of a woman isn't being a victim. >> praises president obama but uses the "n" word to do it. whose side are you on?
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people are still talking tonight at the white house
10:41 pm
correspondence sen ancence cent. including the one at the end of the set. >> we should enjoy every moment. i don't know when we're getting a black president again. but behind that joke is a humble appreciation for what your presidency means. when i was a kid, i lived in a country where people couldn't accept a black quarterback and now to live in your time, mr. president, when a black man can lead the entire free world. words alone do me no justice. so, mr. president, i'm going to keep it 100. yo, barry you did it -- [ bleep] you did it. thank you very much, good night. >> all right. so, here to discuss. april rain, editor at large and you're laughing now, joe but i'm
10:42 pm
not sure you were laughing then. as a matter of fact i saw you writing after, you didn't like this. >> and neither did a whole lot of people in that audience of 3,000, especially the african americans who were there. look, i think it president of the united states spokesperson made it clear with april ryan this afternoon. he appreciated the spirit of what larry had to say but think about this. you know, and i've been warned not to say this but i'm going to say it anyway. can you imagine if the "k" word would have been used to describe bernie sanders? there were a lot of people of different ethnicities in that audience and i understand zingers. i've been to many white house correspondence dinners. i've seen good humor and satire.
10:43 pm
but it is time for us to put that word to rest. and i am telling you it has never been intended to be indearing. it is not endearing in 2016 and it's sad that after eight years, that's the last word that this distinguished group of people will hear in relationship to this president. >> april rain, he's talking about april ryan who works at the white house. now, april rain, you say this is much to do about nothing. was he just showing love to president obama? >> he absolutely was and i am not sure why we are so concerned about the white gaz, the gaz of those who were in the room. we're talking about the respect that is owed to poeresident oba. so many in that room have spent
10:44 pm
the last eight years disrespecting him, perhaps not by using that particular word in public but being disrespectful nonetheless. what so many african americans - around this country have wanted to say. he turned that staujy hotel room into the barber shop that president obama has not been able to visit in the last eight years. >> let me read this then because this is from jonathan, why larry wilmore is not my n-word.
10:45 pm
he's saying that this was not a barber shop, nor should it be. >> i read jonathan's -- >> i'm sorry. >> i read jonathan's article and i wonder if he was reading my twitter feeds because i specifically mentioned the barber shop yesterday. but nevertheless, what we do know is that the president appreciated what larry wilmore said. immediately after he gave him the double chest pound, the president, instead of looking shockd and appalled, instead of giving a polite clap to indicate that his hosting duties were over, he returned that pound to larry wilmore. in effect saying thank you for making this statement. >> oh, come on. >> was he just being diplomatic,
10:46 pm
joe? >> i bet the president of the united states would not want one of his daughters have the n-bomb dropped on the two of them in a heart beat. i understand that the president always tries to rise above some of this type of controversy and i did say earlier that he did say in the news conference or briefing that he appreciated the spirit. he didn't say appreciated the word. he said he appreciated the spirit. >> but the president had used the word in 2015. and in fact the word has been used on cnn, right? the word has been used on -- >> i'm sick of -- >> then you head to to talk to don lemon. what content -- >> it depends on context. the president was talking about racism and saying it was not being able to say that word flippantly and that's the
10:47 pm
discussion. >> let me tell you something. it's very intertsing. millennials, if i say the "k" word, do you know there's an entire generation of people don't even know what i'm referring to because jewish people have understood, put that word down. we no longer say it. let's take drake. he's african american and jewish. he'll drop that n-bomb in his records a hundred times but never the "k" word and there's a reason. >> because it's apples and oranges. >> we're going to continue this. >> we ought to thank them that they have recognized that their children will not ever say that word because it's an insult, it has always been an insult. >> why are african americans the only ones who use a derogatory
10:48 pm
term as a term of endearment? we'll talk about that. >> why are we comparing ourselves to anyone else? sg uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪
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10:52 pm
we'rer back talking about larry wilmore using the n-word at the white house correspo correspondents dinner. i didn't mean to cut you off but i had to get to a commercial break. you said why should we, meaning african americans be concerned about the white gaz gaze. but isn't there that and respect for the office of the presidency. >> absolutely. and i think that the office of the president was respected by larry wilmore during this time. he keeps bringing up the "k" word. it has not been reclaimed at all by jewish people. it's not used as a word of
10:53 pm
endearment. it is not a comparison that can be used. it you go to any barber shop, if you're hanging out with african americans, mainly men you will see this word used as a term of acceptance and acknowledgment. it is not a slur in that sense and everyone gets to choose when and how and if they use it. i think part of the problem is that nonafrican americans are upset that they can't use this word and to see it used so freely in a public space -- >> even bill o'reilly tonight said he wasn't offended -- >> most? most? >> most of the people i saw offended were african americans. >> excuse me. white folks don't have any problem using that word. are you kidding me? >> that's not what i said. >> you said they can't use it freely. they use it when they lynch you,
10:54 pm
when they want to be derogatory and let me explain to you something historically, the reason i bring up the "k" word is because jewish people understood what it did culturally to them and how the culture led to certain actions. i'm not finished. this word -- >> well, you're not -- >> this word -- >> you're not going to be condescending. i know my history. i appreciate that though. >> i've been all over the word and this word is used to be demeaning. you can go anywhere on the planet and this word has become a culturally derogatory. just because we've decided to change it to try to make it a term of endearment, the reality is it's not a term of endearment and 90% of the time it's not used that way.
10:55 pm
>> that's according to you. i appreciate the history lesson but i don't need it. i understand the history of the n-word and the k-word and that's why i'm saying that if african americans choose to reclaim that word, that is their right. everyone has their opinion on this issue and that is absolutely fine but you cannot speak on behalf of all african americans. you did. you said you wanted to get rid of the word. >> what part of "i" says we. i said i want to get rid of it, you're absolutely right. i want to get rid of anything that is used derogatorially towards us 90% of the time. >> and that's why white people are not allowed to use the word and that's why white people should not use the word. >> but it's okay if we're derogatory towards ourselves.
10:56 pm
i'm saying that it can be se seen -- >> i'll go to my grave saying it's derogatory and you know, i hope my children and grandchildren learn that it's derogatory and that it dies with us. now in 2016. >> great conversation. thank you, april, thank you joe. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ♪ cash money ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪ the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full,
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our coverage continues now with rosemary church at the cnn center in atlanta. primary day in indiana. a do-or-die vote for ted cruz, but it looks like donald trump will trounce his opponents again. from underdogs to champions, leicester city nabbed the league title after an astonishing season in english football. and an eye-opening study that explains why many people regain the pounds after major weight loss. hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church, and this is "cnn newsroom."
11:01 pm
voting begins in just a few hours in the indiana presidential primaries, and the results could be pivotal. republicans donald trump and ted cruz tried to lock out votes across the state in competing rallies. cruz is hoping to keep trump from gaining enough delegates to clinch that nominaton. now, he described a confrontation with a trump supporter at a campaign stop. >> you know, i asked him to name something he liked about donald trump. he said, well, he's going to build a wall. that's the main thing. i said, sir, are you aware that he told "the new york times" editorial board that he wasn't going to build a wall, that he didn't mean anything he said on immigration, that he was just saying that to fool the voters? sir, are you aware it's on tape, that "the new york times" taped it and they said they're happy to release it if donald trump gives his permission. if he didn't say that, if the tape proves his innocence, donald trump should want it
11:02 pm
released. truth matters. >> we are building the wall, but i got this cry cruz, lyin' ted, donald trump has said he is not going to build the wall. i think he's crazy. honestly, i think he's crazy. lyin' ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. he is choking like a dog because he's losing so badly. we have to put him away tomorrow, folks. we've got to get out and vote. we've got to get out and vote. >> cnn's sara murray reports that although trump views the republican contest to be nearly over, cruz is not giving up. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> reporter: donald trump is aiming to deal a death blow to ted cruz's presidential hopes right here in indiana. >> if we win indiana, it's over. it's over. [ cheers and applause ] >> they're finished. >> reporter: trump holds a 24-point advantage over cruz in the latest cnn/orc poll of republicans nationwide. trump appears well positioned to
11:03 pm
pull off a victory in tuesday's primary. he draws 49% support from republican voters in indiana, a 15-point lead over cruz according to a new "wall street journal"/nbc news/marist poll. but cruz insists the race is much tighter. >> we are neck and neck right now in the state of indiana. so for anyone here, hoosiers, this is an opportunity where the entire country is looking to the state of indiana. >> reporter: he and his surrogates are blanketing the hoosier state today, holding ten events. and at one stop, engaging in a debate with one of trump's supporters. >> i believe in trump. he's the only one who's going to put us where we need to be. >> this man is lying to you, and he's taking advantage of you. if i were donald trump, i wouldn't have come over and talked to you. i would have told the folks over there, go over and punch those guys in the face. that's what donald does to protesters. >> reporter: all as the texas senator vows to stay in the race until cleveland. >> i am in for the distance. as long as we have a viable path
11:04 pm
to victory, i am competing to the end. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump is still condemning the gop primary process. >> i've been saying it's a rigged system. the bosses want to pick whoever they want to pick. what's the purpose of going through the primaries? >> reporter: and continued campaigning in colorful language this weekend as he criticized trade deals with china. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country, and that's what they're doing. >> reporter: but it's clear the gop front-runner is ready to make the shift to the general, taking aim at hillary clinton on the campaign trail today. >> she's a disaster. e-mails, bad judgment. iraq, voted yes. bad judgment. libya, bad judgment. all bad judgment. >> joining me now to talk more about the race for the white house is republican consultant bruce hanes. welcome. thanks for being with us again. >> thanks, rosemary. >> now, ted cruz says he's in the race as long as there's, in
11:05 pm
quotes, a viable path to victory. now, we know donald trump's numbers show him about 15 points ahead of cruz in the indiana primary on tuesday. so when you look at the math, is there any path left to victory for cruz? >> it's a very, very narrow path, and it's a path that only ends in victory on the floor of an open or contested convention in cleveland. you know, ted cruz is a little bit like the goalkeeper now. he's just trying to keep balls out of the goal. he's trying to stop trump from getting enough delegates to win. he can't get enough delegates himself to win. so indiana, therefore, tomorrow night is going to be just crucial for ted cruz. if he doesn't stop trump from getting a lot of delegates in indiana, it's going to be very, very difficult to keep him under that threshold of 1,237 delegates that it takes to be nominated. >> so what about beyond indiana? how do you expect this republican race to play out, and how likely is it that donald
11:06 pm
trump will win the required 1,237 delegates and avoid a contested convention for his party? >> well, i've got bad news for everyone who's tired of all this and wants it to be over. it's going to go all the way to the finish line, and that finish line is california. donald trump holds commanding leads in winner-take-all states like west virginia and new jersey. there's 85 delegates there that he's going to get there. he's going to pick up a few delegates in some other states. so that's going to get him up over the 1,100 number with those. then what does he get in indiana? and then california becomes the prize. 172 delegates. if he does well in indiana, if he gets over 50 delegates in indiana, he would need only to win half the delegates in california, and that's a very achievable proposition as big as his lead is in the polls. >> when you do look at the math, it is looking more and more likely that this will be a fight between trump and hillary clinton. how is trump going to counter all the experience and policy knowledge that clinton brings to the table? >> well, all of that experience
11:07 pm
and policy knowledge didn't seem to do anyone a lot of good in the republican primary, and it does seem to be the year of the outsider. bernie sanders has run a very close, very tight race against hillary clinton. a lot of democratic voters are looking for an alternative to hillary clinton. trump may run really well with some of them. and, you know, republicans are just kind of tired of beating up on each other. it's been a long, nasty primary. i think they'll -- it's going to be time. they're going to come together, and they're going to unite against what they see as the real threat to american prosperity, and that's hillary clinton. >> we'll all be watching it very closely. very interesting. bruce hanes, thanks for joining us again. appreciate it. >> thanks, rosemary. now, while on the campaign trail in indiana, ted cruz's running mate, carly fiorina, apparently slipped right off the stage. it happened as she was introducing cruz. >> the next president of the united states, ted cruz.
11:08 pm
>> there she went. cruz didn't seem to notice fiorina fall as he shook hands with the crowd. but rival donald trump did. >> by the way, she fell off the stage the other day. did anybody see that? and cruz didn't do anything. i was -- even i would have helped her, okay? >> the latest cnn/orc poll shows a vast majority of americans believe the stage is already set for the 2016 presidential election. 85% say democratic front-runner hillary clinton will likely be the party's nominee for president. the poll also shows a growing enthusiasm for her candidacy, up seven points since march. and on the republican side, 84% of voters say trump will most likely win his party's nomination. way ahead of both ted cruz and john kasich. we will, of course, have much more on the race for the white
11:09 pm
house coming up later this hour. we'll take you to indiana, where democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a tight race for delegates. well, leicester city has miraculously climbed all the way to the top of the english premier league. they secured the title when second-place tottenham drew against chelsea monday. watch how the team reacted to the news. >> yeah! >> the team's fans are excited as well and for good reason. they have waited 132 years to finally get a major championship. people are out in the streets celebrating an amazing fairy tale season. >> reporter: that is an algerian flag that's just been waved in front of me. the players themselves are not far away from here.
11:10 pm
they're about a ten-minute drive down the road. you can see just what it means to these fans. there are no firm plans yet. we're not entirely sure what the official celebrations will be. we do expect there to be a victory parade at the end of the season. as for the party here, it's going to carry on. it's become a carnival atmosphere. this is christina macfarlane from the championships of the english premier league in leicester. >> how about that? well, the foxes have shocked the football world. when the season started, their odds to win the league were at 5,000-1. our don riddell takes us through leicester's journey to the top. >> reporter: it is a football
11:11 pm
fairy tale that is already folklore. leicester city astonishing title. analysts spent many months studying how the foxes were able to upstage the big guns and take the bookies to the cleaners. there are good reasons for their success, a brilliant scouting system. old-school four-four-two tactics that gave them the edge and brilliant man management. we can also look to some key moments when they kept the dream alive. nobody cares who is top of the table after just one game, but maybe the signs were there all along. the foxes thrashed sunderland 4-2 and on that evidence it looked like they might be good enough to avoid relegation. not many were thinking much bigger than that at the time. fast forward to the last week of october. up until this point, leicester had been playing well, but they hadn't managed to keep a clean sheet. that concerned the manager, so he incentivized his team with a
11:12 pm
pizza party. and it worked. moving them to fifth in the league, just three points off the top. they've had 14 more in the league this season, no doubt keeping the local delivery boys on their toes. so with the defense all shored up, the foxes set about really making the feathers fly. but they slowed down around new year. by january, their critics were all expecting the wheels to finally fall off. so they went to tottenham and beat them with a late header from robert houth. with spurs turning out to be their biggest rivals, that was crucial as they opened up a seven-point gap on the londoners. but nothing said we mean business quite like leicester's stunning 3-1 win at manchester. leicester were five points clear at the top of the table with 13 games to play. they just kept going and going and going. and arguably the result that signaled they were now destined for the title came in the middle of april against west ham. there was late drama at both
11:13 pm
ends, but a last gasp penalty made it 2-2, giving them a valuable point and a commanding eight-point lead. now it is all over with two games to spare. leicester city are premier league champions. whoever would have thought it? >> our don riddell reporting there. truly a season to remember. we'll take a short break here. but coming up, the schools in detroit michigan are broken. why the classrooms were literally empty monday. plus -- >> if they are of a mind to continue breaking this truce, armed opposition and factions have a right to respond to that aggression. >> warring sides in syria speak out about their battle for the city of aleppo. we're back with that and more in just a moment.
11:14 pm
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11:17 pm
welcome back, everyone. the u.s. and russia have agreed to add more personnel in geneva to help enforce the fragile cease-fire in syria. the biggest challenge appears to be extending the truce to include the syrian city of aleppo, which has seen a sharp
11:18 pm
escalation of violence recently. global affairs correspondent elise labott reports. >> reporter: fresh air strikes punlle rebel held areas of aleppo, still reeling from last week's hospital attack. chilling video footage captures the final moments for aleppo's last pediatrician. among 50 killed when the u.s. says the syrian regime deliberately targeted the medical facility. >> the attack on this hospital is unconscionable under any standard anywhere. it has to stop. >> reporter: acknowledging the syria conflict is out of control, secretary of state john kerry is in geneva on a desperate push to salvage a crumbling cease-fire and restart peace talks. >> an ongoing process that relieves the people of syria from this devastation, from this day-to-day killing machine that is being unleashed by the assad
11:19 pm
regime. >> reporter: local truces announced last week by the u.s. and russia did not include aleppo, where hundreds of civilians died in the last week alone. russia continuing to support the regime's campaign to retake aleppo and strengthen its hold on northern syria. >> once you encircle aleppo, they would think that they could squeeze it and therefore eventually taking it over as they have other areas they've besieged elsewhere. >> reporter: but today the syrian opposition vowed to fight back. >> if they are of a mind to continue breaking this truce, armed opposition and factions have a right to respond to that aggression. >> reporter: and its biggest backer, saudi arabia, said the world will not stand idly. >> what is happening in aleppo is an outrage. it's a violation of humanitarian laws. the world is not going to allow them to get away with this. >> reporter: an israel newspaper is reporting president assad has used chemical weapons against
11:20 pm
isis. this follows reports the regime has used chemical agents against civilians since the cease-fire started. isis has also used chemical weapons on the battlefield in aleppo. all very terrifying for civilians as the battle for aleppo intensifies. elise lab bot, cnn, washington. a jury has ordered johnson & johnson to pay $55 million to a woman who says the company's products caused her cancer. she and hundreds of other people say johnson and johnson did not adequately warn them about cancer risks from talcum powder. earlier this year, a jury awarded $72 million to the family of a woman in a related case. in total, the trial involves nearly 50 plaintiffs. well, most of the school teachers in detroit, michigan, stayed away from their classrooms monday. they staged a mass protest because they have not been paid. scott mcclain has more on a
11:21 pm
school district at breaking point. >> reporter: it's teachers calling in sick, but it's the school system that's really ailing. >> the future of detroit is as much at stake here as the future of the school system. >> reporter: detroit public school teachers protesting monday, calling in sick en masse, forcing all but three schools in the district to close. the issue, money. not enough to pay some teachers in july and august. >> we have already worked, so we continue to work, it will be like we are working for free. what profession works for free? >> reporter: the school district is deeply in debt. $515 million so far and will run out of funds on july 1st unless the state legislature steps up with more cash, and quickly. >> the michigan legislature understands the urgency and importance of the reform legislation that is before it. >> reporter: it's not the first sick-out in detroit. in january, teachers walked out over poor school conditions.
11:22 pm
in some cases, there were rats, cockroaches, black mold, and even crumbling kriing ceilings. this time, teachers have had enough. >> we have reached a breaking point. enough is enough. >> reporter: the district says this latest walk-out doesn't help. in fact, it will cost them $2 million in state funding. instead, it wants the community to put pressure on lawmakers. >> the dft called for a sick-out. i'm calling for people to call lansing. >> reporter: teachers are expected to be back in class tuesday. in washington, i'm scott mcclain. puerto rico's economic footing is getting unsteadier by the day. the island failed to come up with a $422 million bond payment it was supposed to make on monday, resulting in a default of about 370 billion. big as that is, it's dwarfed by the amount it will owe on july 1st. puerto rico's governor is urging the u.s. congress to allow a
11:23 pm
restructuring of puerto rico's debt. in all, it owes its creditors more than $70 billion. venezuela's economy is on the brink of catastrophic failure. low oil prices have been particularly crippling. two years a venezuela exported $75 billion worth. barclays projects just 27 billion in 2016. making matters worse, the imf projects inflation will hit 481% this year, and the currency has plummeted in value. it takes 1,125 bolivars to make up one u.s. dollar at the unofficial rate. just a year ago, 258 bolivars were equal to a dollar. well, there's now an electricity crisis in venezuela, and the government is taking drastic measures to cope. rolling blackouts and shortened work weeks are now in effect in certain areas. and as paula newton reports,
11:24 pm
people are also facing food shortages. >> reporter: even in the driving rain, venezuelans started their day in search of food, expecting to see the usual grim queues that form at government stores. not today. the only stores with affordable food are shut, closed for the national workers holiday, the sign explains. it says "sorry and thank you." people walked away empty-handed but full of dread, wondering where their next meal might come from. i asked julian perez what he needs. >> translator: all the basics. i have nothing at home. sometimes i go hungry. who can say that we, the people, aren't hungry right now? >> reporter: and here's the thing. these people aren't allowed to come back tomorrow. food is rationed here, doled out according to the last number on your government id. carlos explains his turn is
11:25 pm
today. his number is five. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: so he's saying that just today and wednesday can he buy things. and because it's closed today, he's out of luck. so, too, is this woman. with two children and one on the way, she is raising her kids with no food in her cupboards and barely any in the fridge. venezuela is sitting on the world's largest proven oil reserves, but it can't stock the nations refrigerators. this is all i have, she tells me as i ask about milk. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: when i find it, she says they have milk. and even at six months pregnant, sometimes with a child on each hand, she lines up for as many as 18 hours to find anything to eat. janet shows us all she has too. she says it took her three weeks of queueing to stock this much,
11:26 pm
a shop that would have normally taken about an hour. this is not the worst of it for this family. janet introduces us to her daughter, who explains the country is out of medicine too, and there's no line you can wait in for that. >> translator: cancer waits for no one. i'm worried about my own health and the health of so many others who are going through this right now. >> reporter: she is holding unfilled prescriptions for chemo, and she says no doctor, no hospital can tell her when she'll get treatment. >> translator: it pains me to see venezuela in the state it's in right now. but what really makes my heartache is the thought of not being here for my daughter tomorrow. >> reporter: three generations of bolivars are counting on things to change in venezuela, but like so many on this day, they cling to patience, hope, and very little else. paula newton, cnn.
11:27 pm
polls are just hours away from opening in indiana for what's being considered a do or die contest for republican ted cruz. the latest on the primaries is coming up. plus turkish lawmakers threw punches and water bottles at each other during a very heated discussion. it was all captured on live television. we will tell you what sparked the brawl. and a new study is explaining why the biggest losers unfortunately have more to gain when it comes to weight. back with that. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario?
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the u.s. presidential candidates are hours away from crucial primaries in indiana. ted cruz and bernie sanders are both hoping to hang on. but a new cnn/orc poll shows cruz way behind trump nationally. nearly half of those polled support trump with cruz trailing
11:31 pm
at 25% and john kasich at 19%. on the democratic side, sanders and hillary clinton are just eight points apart. our dana bash talked with cruz about the delegate count. >> reporter: donald trump only needs 47% of remaining delegates to win the nomination outright. you need 132%. so will you support his candidacy if he, donald trump, gets the delegates before cleveland? >> dana, nobody is going to get to 1,237. i'm not going to get to it, but neither is donald trump. i think indiana is going to be a critical state in that indiana is voting tomorrow, and i'm encouraged that we're seeing conservatives come together, including especially governor mike pence. >> reporter: what makes you so sure he won't get the delegates? i mean getting 47% of the remaining delegates isn't inconceivable at all. >> well, he hasn't gotten 47% to date. that's better than he's done.
11:32 pm
>> reporter: but he sure did well last week. >> you're right. he did well in his home state, and he did well in the adjoining states. he won five states last week. but i'll tell you in the three weeks that preceded that, i won five states in a row starting with utah, then north dakota, then wisconsin, then colorado, then wyoming. 1.3 million people voted in those states. by the way, i earned more votes in wisconsin than donald trump did in new york. now, i get that the media found new york the most important election in the history of the universe. >> reporter: also pennsylvania. but do you see -- you're a data-driven campaign. do you see hard data that really is driving this message that you have that he's not going to get the delegates needed? >> absolutely. and i also -- i know the republican party. we are not -- the choice that indiana faces tomorrow is who we are and which direction do we go? >> now, as you just heard, ted cruz insists no one will get to 1,237 delegates before the republican convention in july.
11:33 pm
cnn's tom foreman takes a closer look at the delegate count and what could happen at a contested convention. >> reporter: take a look at the latest delegate count here, and you can see how donald trump is closing in on the winning number. he only needs 235 more delegates to clinch the deal, but ted cruz is very offensively winning the shadow primary, this effort to make sure that more of the actual people filling the delegate roles are his loyalists. he did it in arizona and missouri. why does this matter? let's bring out virginia and talk about it. donald trump won handily here over cruz more than two to one in the vote. this past weekend, the party selected 13 at-large delegates, people to fill the jobs. they have to reflect the state vote on the first vote at a contested convention if it comes to that. so the breakdown would be sort of like this. but cruz so offensively stacked this group with his loyalists
11:34 pm
that if you get past that first vote, they could be expected to change their votes like this. and suddenly cruz would be dominant, and trump would essentially lose or could lose a state that he already won. this is the real cruz strategy right now, but he is running out of time and space to make it happen. 80% of the republican vote has already happened out there. donald trump has won handily. only ten states remain, the ones in yellow here. coming up immediately is indiana, of course tomorrow. that's one of about 150 delegates that will be decided over this next month. and next month after that, there will be about 300 decided, the biggest one being california out there. if donald trump gets more than half of all the delegates in those remaining ten states, that's it. it won't matter what cruz did to work on a contested convention. there may not be one, and it could be all over. >> tom foreman there. well, it is a very tight race between the democrats in indiana
11:35 pm
just hours before that state's primary. although he's narrowly trailing hillary clinton, bernie sanders vows he will not back down. jeff zeleny has more now from indianapolis. >> let us tomorrow have the biggest turnout in indiana history. >> reporter: bernie sanders is firing up voters today across indiana. he's asking democrats to put the brakes on hillary clinton's march to the nomination. >> whoa! >> reporter: but she's already moving on. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> reporter: on the eve of the indiana primary, clinton is looking ahead to a fall match-up with trump and to primary contests down the line. visiting appalachia today, clinton talked trade with kentucky steel workers. >> but i don't believe that we should be subsidizing, in effect, the rest of the world. we got some cards to play, and we need to play those cards.
11:36 pm
>> reporter: she's won five out of the last six contests and is crushing sanders in the hunt for delegates. sanders is increasingly showing frustration not only at clinton -- >> when we talk about a rigged system, it's also important to understand how the democratic convention works. >> reporter: -- but at democratic rules, particularly super delegates or party officials who also have a say. >> it makes it hard for insurgent candidacies like ours to win. but you know what? we're going to fight for every last vote. >> reporter: that fight is getting harder. in his battle to win the nomination more uphill. clinton is about 200 delegates shy of the magic number of 2,383. sanders needs nearly five times that many pledged and super delegates. the sanders campaign is digging in. today accusing clinton of running a money laundering scheme, citing a politico report that only 1% of the $61 million raised through the hillary victory fund to help other
11:37 pm
democrats is actually going to state parties. the clinton campaign dismissing the attack as desperation. trump is following sanders' words carefully and plans to use them against clinton. >> bernie sanders said she shouldn't be allowed to run, that she's not capable. and you know what he said is incredible. it's a sound bite. >> reporter: we asked sanders whether that bothered him. >> no. the republican party and trump have the resources to do all the opposition research they want on secretary clinton. they don't need bernie sanders' critiques of the secretary. >> reporter: bernie sanders campaigning strong in indiana until the very last minute here, firing up the crowd, trying to hope to turn this momentum around. hillary clinton has won five of the last six contests. bernie sanders believes a win here in indiana could at least slow her march to the nomination. jeff zeleny, cnn, indianapolis. coming up next hour, we will speak to democratic strategist joe la stingy about the chances
11:38 pm
of bernie sanders taking the indiana primary. well, now to a political argument that es calated quickly and violently. take a look. >> believe it or not, those are turkish lawmakers fighting after a heated debate over changes to their constitution. members of the ruling and opposition parties jumping on tables and throwing punches, and this aired on live tv on monday. they're arguing over whether lawmakers should continue to be immune from prosecution. another session also ended in violence last week. stay tuned for that. well, the court battle begins over prince's estate. brothers and sisters quarrel over the money and the music the pop star left behind. plus a new study is shedding light on the struggles of obese people and how their bodies
11:39 pm
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11:42 pm
well, the dispute over prince's fortune is growing ugly. a judge has appointed a special administrator over the estate, but the sibling rivalry behind the scenes of monday's court hearing was not so civil. brian todd explains. >> don't block the entrance. >> reporter: prince's only full sibling, tyka nelson, arrives in court for hearings over the pop star's $300 million estate. proceedings which have already gotten very messy. a source with first-hand
11:43 pm
knowledge of the discussions telling cnn the initial meeting between prince's siblings was contentious and ended in shouting. on monday, tyka nelson was on one side of the courtroom. lawyers for prince's half-siblings were on the other, making this potentially more contentious, his sister claims prince did not have a will. tyka nelson is maneuvering with five half-siblings of prince over how to divide the estate. one of them claims the singer had a vault at paisley park. >> we seen the vault door, but we never entered. >> reporter: there are conflicting reports as to whether the vault has been opened yet. a lawyer for prince's half brother denies it. it's rumored to have enough of prince's unreleased music to put out one album every year for the rest of the century. prince's half-brother says he wants to release it. >> let people know how great he really is. >> reporter: but it's now up to a special administrator. four years ago, prince made what now seems like an eerie remark about his unreleased songs in an
11:44 pm
interview with abc's "the view." >> one day, someone will release them. i don't know that i'll get to release them. >> reporter: meantime, prince's personal chef says during the last weeks of his life, the star had lost his appetite. that he ate less and drank less water. ray roberts told the associated press, quote, it felt like he wasn't himself probably the last month or two. i think he was just struggling with being sick a lot. roberts says that was unlike the healthy vegan he knew, who loved roasted beets and minestrone soup. the mystery surrounding prince's death plays out against the backdrop of a seemingly dispute. >> a windfall can make people do things thez wouldn't otherwise do. grieving has a big effect. people are surprised when somebody famous dies young. they might not have had a chance to say whatever they wanted to say. they might now be forced to sit in a room with people they don't like. >> reporter: prince's half-brother, alfred jackson,
11:45 pm
says he and prince had lost touch with one another. he told cnn he found out about prince's day the same way the public found out. jackson said he was hurt when he wasn't invited to the private memorial to say good-bye to his younger brother. brian todd, cnn, washington. scientists have done ground-breaking research, giving new insight into america's struggle with obesity. >> look at me. >> i'm ashamed. >> there's nothing to be ashamed of. >> reporter: that is season 8 of nbc's "biggest loser," a popular u.s. reality tv show about extreme weight loss. now, 14 of the show's contestants are the focus of a new study that can pinpoint why many of them regained much if not all of the weight they shed. now, it's not that they gave up or that they're also. -- lazy. it turns out their bodies fought back against the weight loss and made it nearly impossible to keep off those pounds. the same may be true for tens of
11:46 pm
millions of dieters. dr. lee kaplan is joining us. he is the director 69 obesity, met abliz imand nutrition snutd at mass general hospital in boston. thank you, sir, for being with us. now, should any of us be particularly surprised to hear that rapid weight loss doesn't last? what was your reaction to this study, and how has it advanced our knowledge about obesity and how to fight it? >> well, i think the key thing with this study is that it confirms what many of us working in the field already know, which is that if you merely cut the number of calories, your body just wants to get back to where it started because our bodies defend a certain amount of fat. that's our fuel supply, and we want to make sure that we keep an adequate fuel supply. and obesity happens when the body wants to keep too much of the fuel supply. >> so your area of expertise is
11:47 pm
the body's metabolism. so explain to us why the metabolisms of the contestants of "the biggest loser" slowed radically after they lost all the weight. they never recovered, and tell us the best way for people to get their metabolic rate to work more efficiently and burn the necessary calories. we're all looking for that solution, of course. we want you to answer that and give it to us. >> i'm not sure i'm going to be able to answer all of that quite immediately. but what i'll tell you is that the key to losing weight and keeping it off is to convince our bodies that they want to lose the weight, that they don't want to have so much fat. getting to the point where you have obesity in the first place comes from the fact that whatever is going on in our environment, and there are lots of things doing that, is telling the body they need to store more fat than necessary. what happens once you decide if you want to lose weight, if you
11:48 pm
merely try to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, your body doesn't know that it's supposed to lose weight. it knows that you're trying to make it lose weight. it thinks that that's's starvation. so it tries to push back up to the original weight. it makes you hungrier. >> well, then how do you convince your body that that's what you're trying to do? what's the key there? >> that's the $64,000 -- $64 billion question. i think that we know that certain things do it. so for some people, not when they eat less, but when they change the quality of the food that they eat, maybe less fat, less sugar, or that they get more sleep or that they decrease their stress or they exercise a little more, that changes the body's whole metabolism in a way that it wants to lose the weight. drugs that cause weight loss do the same thing as does bariatric surgery. these are not solutions for everybody, but they give us a clue as to how it occurs. >> you've given us some food for
11:49 pm
thought definitely, dr. lee kaplan. thank you so much. we're all still looking for the solutions here, though. thank you. >> indeed. thank you. >> it looks like quality of food, good sleep, is a good start. cnn reached out to nbc about the study. producers of "the biggest loser" say the show's lead medical doctor is evaluating the study's findings, they added, quoting here, we have comprehensive procedures and support systems in place which we routinely re-evaluate to ensure that all contestants receive the best care possible, end of quote there. let's take a break here. still to come, you can play it, and now you can carry it. it's the woman card. next in the cnn newsroom. one coat, yes! ♪ there is a day, for every number. ♪ ♪ there is a time, for all my slumbers. ♪
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ welcome back, everyone. well, the stars came out for the met gala in new york, and as usual, the red carpet was full of edgy and eye-popping looks. kim kardashian and kanye west wore matching metallics, and that's madonna in black lace and head jewelry. believe it or not, that's pop star katy perry. we'll bring her up in a minute. almost unrecognizable, we are
11:54 pm
told she bleached her eyebrows to help transform her look. and fashion designer diane von furstenberg put butterflies in her hair. you be the judge on that one. actress lupita nyong'o showed off a towering hair do. look at that. and emma watson was in black and white, but she was thinking green. her gown was made from recycled plastic bottles. and from from the overburdened world of u.s. politics. instead of just playing the woman card, now you can own one. cnn's jeanne moos reports on how hillary clinton's presidential campaign is cashing in on attacks by rival donald trump. >> reporter: if you think that donald accusing hillary of playing the woman card is all talk -- >> the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> the woman card. >> woman card comments. >> reporter: check out the actual woman card. hillary's campaign is sending out to anyone who donates. when trump first said it last
11:55 pm
week -- >> the only card she has is the woman's card. >> reporter: -- hillary fired back. >> if fighting for women's health care is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> reporter: that line ended up on the card the campaign says brought in $2.4 million in donations in three days. and then there were a bunch of internet jokes. this one was captioned, when you're trying to use yo your #womancard to get into the subway. one cartoonist portrayed trump as the joker. this woman card entitles you to longer bathroom lines. and this mock atm card pretends to give women only $78 when they try to withdraw $100, unequal pay. stephen colbert opted to pull out -- >> the man card, okay? allows you to explain things to women about women. >> reporter: but there's something i wish someone would explain to me. can't we all at least agree on whether or not to use an
11:56 pm
apostrophe? >> the only card she has is the woman woman's card. >> it is the woman's card and she plays it. >> the, quote, woman card. >> reporter: well, you can quote a writing expert as saying drop the apostrophe. >> there's no correct answer, but the common usage would suggest that similar to the race card, that it be the woman card. >> reporter: the woman card. don't leave home without it, whether you're hillary or the donald. >> she's playing the woman's card, and it's like give me a break. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> deal me in! >> reporter: new york. >> we'll go with the woman card. i've got mine somewhere around here. we are back in just a moment. you're watching cnn. don't go anywhere. uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪
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the indiana primaries will get under way in just a matter of hours, and donald trump and hillary clinton are each hoping to knock out their opponents. >> plus leicester city wins its first premier league title, its first title of any kind in 132 years. and later, nasa has discovered three more planets with remarkable similarities to the one we


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