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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the state did that. the state needs to look at why, when mercy managers first came in, we had a surplus and the emergency managers left, we had a $515 million deficit and why no one was held accountable for that deficit. now you want to blame it on teachers who go to work every day and do their job like they're supposed to and then get upset because we want to be paid to do our job? like, really, this is america. you work, you get paid. >> i agree with you there. we have to leave it there and see where it goes. best of luck to you for resolving it. and thank you everyone for watching "legal view." to continue, watch cnn or online too to watch it. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer in washington and wherever you
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watch around the world, thank you very much for joining us. there's breaking news we're following. ted cruz unloading on donald trump calling him a pathological liar. a bully and a narcissist. the bombshell tirade comes as voters head to the polls today in the indiana primary. cruz is sfighting for survival and he took a powerful and direct aim at donald trump a little while ago. >> i'm going to do something i haven't done for the entire campaign for those of you all who have traveled with me. i'm going to tell you what i really think of donald trump. this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. and a pattern i think is straight out of a psychology textbook. his response is to accuse everybody else of lying. the man cannot tell the truth,
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but he combines it with being a narcissist. a narcissist at a level i don't think this country has ever seen. donald trump is such a narcissist that barack obama looks at him and goes, dude, what's your problem? the man is utterly amoral. morality does not exist for him. it's why he went after heidi directly and smeared my wife. attacked her. apparently, she's not pretty enough for donald trump. i may be biassed, but i think if he's making that allegation, he's also legally blind. donald trump is a serial philanderer and boasts about it. he went on national television and attacked my father. he alleges my dad was involved in assassinating jfk. now, let's be clear. this is nuts. this is not a reasonable position. this is just kooky.
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and while i'm at it, i guess i should go ahead and admit, yes, my dad killed jfk, he's secretly elvis and jimmy hoffa is buried in his backyard. >> let's bring in a political advisor for kasich for america. chad sweet is national chairman of the cruz campaign. scotty hughes, political editor for and a trump supporter. let's get your immediate reaction. you support donald trump, that was a powerful attack on donald trump by ted cruz. your reaction? >> keep it classy, conservatives. obviously, this is a sign of desperation for senator cruz. he pointed out, this is not the way he's been for the campaign but decided to do it today. i think it shows what kind of panic mode that senator cruz is and absolutely going to go against and i'll give bernie sanders some credit in this. he realizes the writing on the wall and instead of sitting there and throwing these type of absolute out of character
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comments at hillary clinton, bernie is going, you know what? let me help you and assimilate because it's better for the party. senator cruz is acting absolutely crazy and these comments. this is not who he is and it's not for the betterment of the gop or the republican party when it's obvious we are on the track for mr. trump to be the nominee for the republican party. >> go ahead, chad, respond. >> well, i think it's hysterical that scottie thinks her candidate can come out and accuse ted's father of assassinates or be part of an assassination of jfk and that's not insane. at the end of the day, enough is enough. the voters have seen this man has no core principles. he'll say and do anything to get elected. the voters remember him saying women who get abortions should be punished but not the doctors and then reverses it the next day. the voters remember him saying he would order the military to kill innocent children of terrorists because he said so. and then later reversed himself and said, no, i'll try to follow the law. the voters remember that he
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attacked ted's wife, an amazing woman even though ted only said positive things about mr. trump's family and then later, donald said he admitted he regretted attacking his wife. and then comes out today attacking ted's family again, even paul manafort, trump's own strategist tweeted out, can you imagine this man with his finger on the nuclear button? the voters of indiana agree. they want a serious president to lead the free world and that's what ted cruz and carly fiorina offer. >> let me get trent to weigh in. you're from the john kasich campaign. you see this allegation, this new "national enquirer" story alleging ted cruz's father, rafael cruz was seen allegedly, supposedly with lee harvey oswald just before he assassinated president john f. kennedy. there's no confirmation of that. this is a "national enquirer"
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story donald trump referred to on fox news earlier this morning. your reaction? >> i think it's laughable almost. it's sad, really. i mean, what we hope is that trump isn't getting his foreign and economic policy and others. it's like he's an mib agent looking for intel in the pages of tabloids. it's absurd. and i think that's what is creating all the unease amongst a lot of republican delegates and over half of the republican voters that don't want donald trump is that we have no idea who's going to show up in the general election and be the party standard bearer and it could be an embarrassment not only to the party but set us back generations but cost us the senate, the supreme court, and that's why a lot of wrestling is going on amongst the delegates about what our path forward is. >> i've got a statement here from donald trump. this is the donald trump reaction to what we just heard from ted cruz and i'll read it to our viewers and let you all respond. this is donald trump's statement. ted cruz is a desperate
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candidate trying to save his failing campaign. it is no surprise he has resorted to his usual tactics of over the top rhetoric that nobody believes. over the last week, i have watched lying ted become more and more unhinged unable to react under stress and pressure of losing. the last six primary elections, in fact, coming in last place in all but one of them. today's ridiculous outburst only proves what i have been saying for a long time that ted cruz does not have the temperament to be president of the united states. all right, chad, i'll let you respond to trump. >> you know, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. the idea that he is the one holding out the standard of over a good temperament is crazy. that's what trent was saying and i couldn't agree more. the voters do want a sober, serious, and steady temperament and what are we seeing throughout this campaign from donald trump is anything but. senator cruz and carly fiorina offered a positive, affirmative
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vision with real solutions, not empty slogans like donald trump. the voters are listening today here in indiana and around this country. if you agree that you want jobs to come back, not by punishing companies but creating lower regulation and lower taxes to bring them back, vote for ted cruz and carly fiorina. if you want freedom of our country to come back in terms of protecting the constitution or respecting the role of military, rather than having donald trump order them to assassinate the children of terrorists, vote for carly fiorina and ted cruz. over and over again, we're talking about temperament. ted cruz and carly fiorina offer that kind of serious substantive choice. >> scottie, are you comfortable with donald trump referring to the "national enquirer" story alleging he was associated with lee harvey oswald before the assassination of president k kennedy and that story? are you comfortable with that? >> i'm not comfortable with referencing any story just
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straight from the "national enquirer" but this was on online conservatives and been talking about this for weeks now. that's one that put it into print. i find it amazing that these two keep referencing these voters. remember, mr. trump is 3.2 million more than senator ted cruz. he's up in the polls nationally by 24 points. he's up in california by 39 points and today, he's at 17 points in indiana. so gentlemen, let me remind you. when you're talking about those voters, those are more than that your candidates have and insulting them and their intelligence with the words that you say. when you call their candidate not principled, and aligned. you're insulting those voters as well. and i have to tell you, like we saw senator cruz who went after voters in indiana and went aggressively, you look like bullies. right now, the cruz campaigns are looking like bullies against america and they're not taking it. >> quickly, chad, go ahead. >> so, look, scottie, with all due respect, over 60% of the american republican primary
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voters voted against your candidate and i would tell you, trump engages with protesters, he calls them to go ahead and punch people in the face and pay their legal bill. senator cruz engages. >> that was not respectful yesterday. >> that provides a great contrast to that point. >> trent, are we going to start seeing john kasich anytime soon? >> absolutely. john kasich will be meeting with the foreign policy team with two former reagan national security advisors and michael hayden. a real foreign policy team and be here in washington. you'll see him soon. maybe on this network. >> staying in this race, right? not about to drop out? >> absolutely. he is in oregon all week. he's there doing well and going to move on to california and compete in the west. >> all right, guys. thank you very much. trent duffy, chath sweet.
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donald trump looking to land a decisive blow but tirniurningk with a withering attack. senator bernie sanders is hoping to regain some momentum with a win over hillary clinton today in indiana. democrats are competing for 83 delegates. clinton leads, by the way, with 2179 and sanders has 1400. has about 41 super delegates for the republicans. 57 delegates are up for grabs today. trump leads the delegate race with 1,002. by our estimate, includes, by the way, 45 so-called unbound delegates. cruz has a total of 572. kasich trails with 176. let's go to the correspondent, chris frates from a polling station in indianapolis. chris what, kind of turnout these elections today drawing? >> reporter: we're seeing a high turnout. in fact, talking to officials here this morning, they tell me they saw more people come
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through these tours than they have in years. if you take a look right here, you can see people coming out to turn out to cast their ballots during the lunch hour and fill out the ballots here and walk a few feet and head over to the counting machines here. they cast their ballot here at these machines and i can tell you, so far today, over 900 people have cast their ballot. they expect to get much more as this goes on. in fact, the marion county clerk joined me earlier today saying early voting is up by 95%. real big turnout today and if you listen to bernie sanders, he likes to say, big turnout means it will be a good night for him and the hillary clinton people already down playing expectations. i talked to the hillary clinton folks saying they won't be surprised if bernie sanders can upset her today in indiana. they point to a couple of different things there, wolf. they say bernie sanders spent $2 million in advertising in indiana. their campaign has spent virtually nothing. when you look at the fact that this is an open primary, in fact, independents can vote in a
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democratic primary here. that's good for bernie sanders, as is the demographics of indiana and it's a predominantly white state and it's helped as well. the clinton people pointed out even if he were to squeak out a win here, he wouldn't be able to win by wide enough margins to cut into the delegate count. but as you see people out, we'll keep our eye on it all afternoon, wolf. >> on the democratic side, states distribute the delegates proportionally. at least 85%. 15%. those super delegates that i mentioned earlier on and chris, thank you. tomorrow, i'll sit down with donald trump to discuss senator cruz. the indiana primaries. a whole lot more as the march towards the republican presidential nomination. my interview with donald trump tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. and on thursday, the republican presidential candidate, john kasich, he'll join me live here in washington at 1:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. up next, the scenarios that could play out tonight in the democratic contest in indiana
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voters head to indiana. live pictures from terre haute. what happens in the state could reset the map in this primary season. the vermont senator, bernie sanders, is looking for a win today. win number 18. that would be in the indiana primary. there are 83 delegates, once again, at stake for the democrats with hillary clinton leading the race right now. she has, including the super delegates, 1,666 and here's tad devine. senior media advisor for the sanders campaign. what's your expectations for tonight? >> i think we have a real shot to win. we make great progress and bernie had a tremendous day. i think we made a strong case and a great campaign on the
10:19 am
ground. >> even if he wins by a relatively modest margin, it's almost negligible in terms of shifting the advantage she has. >> it is hard but it's important that we do and i think if we can put together a series of victories and have big ones in between particularly in a place like california with a lot of delegates on the line, i think we can significantly erode her advantage. >> when you say a big victory on june 7th, how do you think? >> i think we have to get probably 60% of the vote there, but that's a lot of districts and delegates. >> get six out of ten delegates and she would get four out of ten. would it make a difference given the fact she has all the super delegates right now? >> i think it would. because those super delegates will weigh in at the end. right now, we know for sure no candidate, hillary clinton or bernie sanders, is going to win a majority of convention delegates with the pledge delegates. i think that's clear. >> the super delegates are equal in status to the pledge delegates. >> i think if we have a strong
10:20 am
close to the process if bernie does well and if he continues to be the candidate who does better against trump in the match-ups -- >> she has more than 500 and he has 41. has he flipped any of the super delegates yet? >> we haven't flipped the clinton delegates to the sanders delegates but win support from some of them. >> maybe 150. uncommitted super delegates, if you will. when you say he's in it until the convention, even if he doesn't do well, he's going to stay in until the convention because -- >> i think if we lose any state between now and then, it will be hard to make the case. a prerequisite is to do well between now and the end but we will. >> do you think it's possible she could get enough to convince him it's over? >> sure. i think if she adds enormously to her pledge delegate
10:21 am
advantage, between now and indiana, for us to make the case of the super delegates is not going to be effective. we recognize that. >> he really wants to make a statement not just to get the nomination, but looking increasingly difficult if not impossible right now. but he wants to make a statement on the party platform and have a say. what are the goals? >> his goal is to win. >> what's his next goal? >> he wants the democratic party to win and he believes the way for the democratic party to win is to first of all have a progressive agenda that talks about things like a $15 an hour minimum living wage in america to talk about how to deal with climate change and health and jobs and education. and that's his first goal. the second goal is we need a process that needs to be reformed. we need to bring people into the process. it's not good to keep young people and democrats out. >> you want open primaries four years from now. >> a process we bring people in, not keep them out. >> he wants proportional
10:22 am
delegates? >> proportional representation is a reform we had on the democratic party. i think that's something bernie could be comfortable with. >> i think the process has been distorted grossly over time. they were supposed to be the last voice to come in at the end behind the candidate and they were the first voice now because they selected so early. >> what if he gets some of the goals at the democratic convention in philadelphia in july but not all of them. will he still be out there working for hillary clinton? >> wolf, he's said he will work seven days a week to make sure donald trump is not president of the united states. of course, he's going to support the nominee of the party. we hope it's bernie but if not, he'll support the nominee. >> if you look on the republican side from the bernie sanders perspective war, do you see? >> i see a party in turmoil and deeply divided within its own ranks. i see a party that is in deep trouble because of the agenda they represent and the leadership that they have. >> but you know politics. you've been involved for a long time. donald trump said i'll put new
10:23 am
york, michigan, states that republicans usually don't have a shot in a presidential election, i can do that. you believe him? >> no, i don't. i think his agenda is out of step in places like new york or pennsylvania. >> he did well in that republican contest, in all those states. >> it's a small sliver of the electorate he's representing. i don't think he's a candidate to agreppeal to the great and a dangerous candidate for president. coming up, we learn more details about a u.s. navy seal killed by isis in iraq. we're going live to the pentagon right after this. look on the bright side. aveeno® skin brightening scrub
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we have breaking news coming out of iraq. we heard the u.s. navy seal killed during an isis assault in iraq. president obama has been briefed on the attack. the navy seal was advising peshmer peshmerga, kurdish fighters just north of mosul about a couple miles from the front lines when isis fighters broke through and attacked their position. we have full coverage of the story. cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us from the pentagon with the military analyst, the former u.s. army commanding general mark heartleague. what do we know about the circumstances involving the death of this navy seal? >> wolf, first of all, what were u.s. troops even doing there? there are a number of military advisors north of mosul trying to work with kurdish fighters to get them to advance their front line towards mosul and get the second largest city out of isis hands. there's a tall order. the advisors were there earlier a couple of miles behind the
10:29 am
front lines according to the standard procedures, when isis fighters apparently broke through those front lines of fire fight ensued and the navy seal killed in the fire fight. no word of any other u.s. casualties or wounded. the u.s. responded by rapidly calling in f-15s and drones, dropping more than 20 bombs on isis fighting positions there, wolf. >> and they have not released the name of this navy seal, right? >> no, a pentagon procedure is the name of the fallen. it's released 24 hours after the last next of kin is notified. >> it sounds like the u.s. has combat boots on the ground in this area around mosul. mosul, the second largest city in iraq. a city that used to have 2 million people controlled now for two years by isis. are u.s. combat forces now actively engaged in this war against isis? >> well, again, wolf, these are advise and assist soldiers
10:30 am
conducting that mission. these are white seals. these are individuals much like the army green berets. they have the same thing in the force and they were in a town called taleska. it's a beautiful little christian town that isis took over in august of 2014 and i would anticipate what you're seeing is the attempts to take those cities that are circled in mosul and continuing to conduct a movement where they're sieging mosul and cut off from all isis resupply or efforts to reinforce their soldiers. this is one of the many towns that are right on the border between the kurdish area and the peshmerga try to conduct further operations into mosul and trying to attack in the major city. >> the number of u.s. troops on the ground in iraq has clearly risen. it's been 4,000, 5,000. it sounds, and if you take a look at where it was a couple of years ago, it looks like mission
10:31 am
creep is beginning to develop in iraq. what do you think? >> i don't believe that, wolf. and i wouldn't call it that. there are certainly some increases in forces. it's all been under the advisement of the secretary of defense and the combat and commander saying we need more special operators to conduct the advise and assist. we need more special operation forces to conduct the counterterrorism mission and certainly, we have a number, a set number, about 3,000. but there are additional forces going in there to conduct the advise missions at the lower level but still doing the same mission. there are no additional missions handed to the individuals but as we go lower in the fore structure, we see the requirement for more forces to advise and assist these units. >> barbara, what are you hearing at the pentagon? the chart back up on the screen gone from a thousand to 2,000, 3,000, 4,000. and now approaching 5,000. how many more troops would military planners like to insert
10:32 am
in iraq and for that matter, in syria? >> well, on the iraq side of the border, you're looking at about another 200 military trainers going in on the syrian side, about 250 or so that will gauge in this advise and assist role. they're also trying to get the nato allies to offer more as well. that is happening, but going very slowly. the real question is on the iraq side, can you get iraqi forces and kurdish forces really able to retake mosul, iraq's second largest city, on the syrian side? the only people you can really work with are militias and kurd fighters? that's the goal on the battlefield right now. it remains a very distant goal right now, wolf. >> general, you saw what happened over the weekend. hundreds, if not a few thousand
10:33 am
shiite protesters storm the so-called green zone in baghdad. they stormed the iraqi parliament, took over. they left on their own, but they could go back anytime. this is where the u.s. embassy has its diplomats. it's supposed to be a secure area. it's pretty alarming when you see what's going on inside the iraqi capital right now. >> it is, wolf. it's extremely disturbing. and assad interfered with the march forward on several occasions in the past. what's interesting though is i wouldn't lump them all into shia militia. this is saader's group and they have more intense ties with iran. they are pushing alabadi to move faster. he has some plans. it's not moving fast enough. what is most interesting about what happened this weekend is on sunday, he told him to leave. and they did. this is not normal for the mi
10:34 am
millitia. get the parliamentaries back or i'll be back when it's over. that ends tomorrow. we'll see what happens, i think. we got to watch baghdad tomorrow, wolf. >> baghdad is in trouble right now as we heard the other day from the state department spokesman. thanks very much. we'll stay on top of this story for sure. coming up, ted cruz berating donald trump. calling him amoral, pathological liar, a narcissist with pleading to indiana voters to come out and support him. will it help or hurt his campaign and why is the state of indiana so pivotal right now for the republican candidates? we'll discuss when we come back. these are live pictures, by the way, people are voting in indianapolis right now.
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back to politics on this primary day in indiana. executive editor mark preston and cnn political director david. stakes are enormous especially on the republican side. democratic side less so because hillary clinton has this enormous lead right now. but she sort of seems to be playing expectations games. today, she may not win tonight her campaign says but even if she loses, not much of a change in the delegate count. >> there's no doubt she's playing the expectations game. in the last hour, asked about her feelings. it's a good campaign there, she said but i'm focused on the general election now. she said that. so the expectations game is
10:40 am
trying to set it up so all of us don't perceive a loss for her there as actually some offending of where we are on the democratic race and probably rightfully so. >> let's get to the republican side. i want to play for you and our viewers. some are calling it a tirade, if you will. >> donald trump is a serial philanderer and he boasts about it. this is not a secret. he's proud of being a serial philanderer. i want everyone to think about your teenage kids. the president of the united states talks about how great it is to commit adultery. how proud he is. describes his battles with venereal disease as his own personal vietnam. donald is a bully. we just visited with fifth graders. every one of us knew bullies in elementary school. bullies don't come from strength.
10:41 am
bullies come from weakness. bullies come from a deep, yawning cavern of insecurity. there is a reason donald builds giant buildings and puts his names on them wherever he goes. he is lying to his supporters. donald will betray his supporters on every issue. if you care about immigration, donald is laughing at you. and he's telling the money elites, he doesn't believe what he's saying. he's not going to build a wall. that's what he told the new york times. he will betray you on every issue across the board. the man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. a narcissist at a level i don't think this country has ever seen. donald trump is such a narcissist that barack obama looks at him and goes, dude, what's your problem? >> i think it's fair, mark. this was the harshest criticism of donald trump by ted cruz we've heard so far. >> it is.
10:42 am
and, you know, i went through my list of criticisms. and i think ted cruz got all of them in one sound bite there. this is an interesting time right now for ted cruz. he has to make a decision right now about how he's going to move beyond indiana if we are to expect him to lose tonight. i don't think he's going to get out. he very well could surprise us but he's planting a seed to discredit donald trump in the remaining contests. >> this is the entire theory of the case is that to the republican party, anybody open to the message that donald trump is a disaster of the republican party is who ted cruz is talking to right there to try to prevent 1237. get some more light irrespective of the indiana results to the stop trump movement. i just don't see how it's working and i think it's inevitable. although ted cruz's entire mindset is going through the calendar all the way through
10:43 am
june 7th because he can't hit 1237 until then but what is inevitable tonight if he does lose indiana is that ted cruz and his team assess how they move forward because they can't keep doing it and throw anything in. >> we got a statement from donald trump reacting to ted cruz's scathing attack. ted cruz is a desperate candidate trying to save his failing campaign. today's ridiculous outburst only proves whafb saying for a long time. that ted cruz does not have the temperament to be president of the united states. donald trump has been calling ted cruz lying ted for a long time too. >> that's right. and saying nasty things about others. here's the difference between what we saw from ted cruz just there and what we see donald trump doing basically every day. his tone, he projects confidence, his cadence, he simplifies his message and unscripted. he appears unscripted. and at this time that we are right now, where people are looking at the economy, and they're frustrated by it, looking at washington and think all politicians are crooked,
10:44 am
they're looking at foreign policy right now which they think is in tatters at this point, donald trump is appealing to people and people don't care what donald trump says. they just like how he says it. >> he did well tonight. >> if we are to believe the preelection polling, it's a big victory and some have it closer. but i think it will be a surprise if donald trump doesn't emerge with the win tonight. >> we'll have extensive live coverage. coming up, the stakes of indiana extremely high right now as voters head to the polls. we'll bring you all of our coverage. once again, these are live pictures coming in from terre hau haute, indiana. to help spread the word, we made t-shirts! reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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turn on the indiana primary. it could be a deciding factor today. it's an open primary state meaning independent voters get a chance to cast a ballot today as well as democratic irepublicans. what are you seeing there,
10:49 am
jason? >> reporter: in vigo county, a popular county. this is what we've been experiencing all day long. long lines at polling stations. we've hopped over at another polling station. saw the same thing. 500 people or so, so far today. they're happy to join for the interview. both on opposite sides of a coin here. we've got a cruz supporter, a trump supporter as well. i'm going to start with you. you decided to vote for cruz even though he's bhooind tehind polls. >> it's our turn in indiana. cruz is the last stand. if he loses, i believe he's probably done. we got to win today. >> and you were saying trump. the reasons for you supporting trump. believe he's strong on issues like national security and the economy as well. >> yes, i believe we not only need a president but a commander in chief. it's time to make america great again. >> reporter: i want to weigh in quickly on the comments from
10:50 am
earlier. that trump made about ted cruz. >> we need someone who's honest in the opinions and doesn't speak from a text file that's been written for him. >> reporter: your thoughts on that? >> i think if donald could take it back he would probably take it back. like he said, slip of the tongue. it is election day. donald knows it's a big day here in indiana. he has a chance to get to 1,237 and trying anything he can to win and probably a smart tactic and maybe unethical. >> reporter: they can so much. appreciate it. wolf, why people pay attention to the particular county, it is a we a belweather county. it's predicted the winning presidential candidate. this is only happened i think twice -- only twice since they have been unable to predict the winner here and every single
10:51 am
time going forward they have been able to predict the presidential candidate and why so many people pay attention to the county, why we're paying attention today. wolf? >> good record they have over there. all right. thanks very much, jay con carroll for us. coming up, five years after the death of bin laden, we are learning new details about the intelligence and the decisions that led to the raid of the al qaeda leader's pakistan compound. the cnn exclusive story, next. om megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. it's been five years since u.s. s.e.a.l. team 6 killed bin laden in a raid on the compound in pakistan. last night cnn aired a special on the capture of bin laden, take down of bin laden, the operation behind it. >> the terrorists should know. >> if you come after the united states. >> if you do us harm. >> we will go anywhere. >> we will spend the rest of
10:56 am
eternity hunting you down. >> america's doesn't forget. >> our reach is long and our memory is long. >> the united states will not rest. >> we'll find you. >> we will be patient. we will be dogged. >> usa! usa! >> but eventually, justice will be done. >> want to bring in retired lieutenant colonel rick francona. colonel, thank you for joining us. one of the things we learned in the cnn special was president obama actually wanted to go after bin laden earlier but was talked out of it by his key advisers. does it surprise you that he listened to them and was more patient? >> not in something of this magnitude. you know, bin laden was always the symbol of what we had to do. it was essential that the united states get him. and i think the president was well advised to listen to his advisers because they're the ones that had the expertise on what had to be done. there was no way that you could botch this up because you only probably get one shot and i think he was wise to listen to
10:57 am
his council. >> our national security analyst peter bergen sat down with an exclusive interview with president obama about his decision to go after bin laden. i want to play part of that conversation. listen to this. >> we had to be resilient and not react in ways that makes the problem worse rather than better. we have to understand that the kinds of special forces and intelligence gathering that we saw in the bin laden raid is going to be more often than not the tool of choice for president in dealing with that kind of threat. that sending 100,000 troops to invade every country where an organization like this appears is going to be counterproductive and in some ways feeds the kinds of ideology that we're fighting. >> so, colonel, what do you make of that assessment a surge of troops isn't necessarily the
10:58 am
best way to fight these kinds of wars? >> well, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. and we're seeing the president's measured approach in iraq right now. you know, many of the military advisers are saying we need to put more people in to iraq and syria and he's resisting that. he says let's do this with special forces, smartly rather than sending in a lot of american troops. right now, i think that's the right thing to do. but i saw your segment earlier talking about mission creep and one thing we have to guard against so i think the president's being wise in his choice of tactics right now. >> got some people in the u.s. military like to see that mission. close to 5,000 troops on the ground in iraq up to 10,000. the president so far has resisted that but he's gone from 1,000 to 5,000. let's talk a little bit about what happened. i want to get your sense, u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed fighting with kurdish fighter, outside of
10:59 am
mosul. the town controlled now for two years by isis. will we unfortunately be seeing more 0 of that? >> i think so. as we get ready for a push on mosul, the iraqis have to cut off mosul. they have to isolate it from raqqah. right now there's a supply line from syria to iraq. the kurds have been very effective of cutting most of that but they have to encycle before they make a move on it. they're battling a tough road with that. they have had over a year and a half to defend that city. they have got all of the kill zones laid out and everything so it's very, very difficult and what we are seeing are kurds and isis battling for the control of the suburbs of mosul. it is very, very important. i think we're seeing the initial movement toward the battle of mosul but i don't think it's going to happen this year, wolf. >> yeah. a lot of people agree with you, colonel. thank you very much. rick francona, cnn military analyst joining us.
11:00 am
that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for the international viewers, amanpour is next. for our north america viewers, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. mr. blitzer, thank you very much. great to be with you on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching the special coverage of indiana primary. listen, for ted cruz, the presidential candidate himself just made them skyrocket on the day the hoosiers go to the polls. he unleashed on donald trump when's been on track to win indiana. a state that just a couple of weeks ago supposed to be ted cruz country. cruz let loose in response to donald trump's spreading tabloid headlines about cruz's father and then rounded up the tirade