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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 3, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i'll be back in one hour, 6:00 eastern, for special coverage of the indiana primary. i turn you over to wolf blitzer and anderson cooper in "the situation room." >> happening now, hoosier candidate, voting is under way in indiana, donald trump and hillary clinton could take another giant step towards securing the nomination. will today be the beginning of the end for the stop trump movement? >> no love lost in the heartland. ted cruz unleashes brutal rant against trump calling him a pathological liar, a narcissist, serial philanderer. do those things mat for trump supporters? mind set in the midwest, breaking news, first exit polling starting to come in. we'll show you the data and talk about what it can tell us what voters are thinking. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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the polls are open, the emotions are running high in indiana. it's a make or break day for ted cruz who is mathematically unable to get the delegates he needs before the republican convention in july. cruz's efforts focused on stopping donald trump from getting to the magic number, thereby triggering a contested convention. in indiana today, cruz unleashed his most forceful attack yet. he previous faced it by telling reporters, quoting him, i'm going to tell you what i really think of donald trump. here's some of what he said. >> this man is a pathological liar. a narcissist at a level i don't think the country's ever seen. donald is a bully. he's terrified by strong women. he lashes out at them. he's a serial philanderer and he
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boasts about it. >> it will surprise no one to hear that donald trump has responded. we'll have that in a moment. we'll also have our reporters covering all of the campaigns and at the polling stations throughout indiana right now. we'll check in with them throughout the hour. let's begin with jim acosta, who joins us now. tough talk from senator cruz. what did the trump camp say about those comments? >> reporter: donald trump is offering no apologies for his latest attack on ted cruz after suggesting efarlier today the senator's father was involved in the kennedy assassination, a claim backed up by a story in the "national enquirer." the trump campaign did not provide any evidence to us to back up what the gop front-runner said earlier today but trump sources tell me they believe ted cruz was thrown completely off message at a critical time in the race for the gop nomination, wolf. trump released a statement earlier this afternoon, hitting back at cruz, after his own
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inflammatory comments just played aimed at real estate tycoon. this is from donald trump, it says, today's ridiculous outburst proves what i have been saying for a long time, that ted cruz does not have the temperament to be president of the united states. now, as for what's happening in indiana, there's a primary going on with all of this other news. trump campaign is feeling confident about its chances, a campaign source tells me a big win will make donald trump the presumptive nominee of the republican party. whether or not the whole party is behind them, though, wolf, they're not quite at magic number to clinch the nomination. they feel like every week the math gets easier and easier. >> jim acosta, thank you. sunlen serfaty following the cruz campaign for us. joining us from indianapolis. high stakes for the cruz campaign tonight. how are they feeling? >> reporter: very high stakes, wolf. there's a high level of anxiety within the cruise campaign we have sensed a shift in tone
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coming from senator cruz himself. he's very clearly frustrate the and i think perhaps most striking the way he's really been handling this tough week here in indiana. really try different messages, strategies. trying something, anything, to turn this around for his campaign. i think al of that speaking to how he understands urgency of moment here in indiana for him tonight. now, cruz campaign officials continue to insist that he will stay in the race if he loses here in indiana. i asked one official pointblank, will he drop out tonight if he loses? this official responded with, we are in the campaign for the duration, of course, that's not explicitly saying no in response. and perhaps to silence some of the chatter going around about the viability of his campaign going forward, the cruz campaign already releasing his campaign schedule for tomorrow, he'll be in nebraska, washington state, going forward tomorrow. clearly, intended to send the message, we are still in this. >> what about tonight?
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is senator cruz expecting to go ahead and deliver some sort of statement make some speech tonight? >> he is, wolf. we expect senator cruz in a couple of hours here in indianapolis, he will address what potentially will be a group of supporters. they started filing into the room in indianapolis. i think key will be of course not only what he says but the tone he says going forward. every indication is that he's not considering dropping out. i suspect he will at least in some instance address all of that clatter. but clearly, this is a big moment and i think the weight of that moment is certainly riding on his shoulders today. >> thank you. democrats, meanwhile, locked in what the latest polling shows to be a tighter race than the republicans are having in indiana. bernie sanders is on the verge of being mathematically eliminated, after hillary clinton won five of last six contests. obviously interesting to see what tonight brings in indiana. jeff zeleny joining us now with more on the democrats.
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bernie sanders says he's staying in the race all the way through the convention in philadelphia, what is his campaign telling you but how they will measure success in indiana? >> reporter: wolf, there's only one way to measure success in indiana for bernie sanders and that is to win. even if he wins, that's not going to give him, you know, a ton more delegates because, as democrats assign delegates they do it proportionally speaking. we expect this is a close race. a win for bernie sanders in indiana, without question, would stop the winning streak for hillary clinton who has won 5 out of the last 6 contests and give him a sense of energy. about would show that some democrats are not quite ready to go with the presumptive nominee, hillary clinton here. ber is trying to make the argument that he is more electable in a general election sense that he can go against donald trump, he can bring in independent voters. we are in kentucky tonight across the ohio river, from indiana. bernie sanders addressing the
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crowd here looking forward to the kentucky primary. and this is a sense where he is going to really try and make the argument that he is the one who can sort of unite everyone and excite more people than hillary clinton can. >> jeff, what's been the clinton campaign's focus in these final hours, final push, for indiana voters? >> reporter: wolf, the clinton campaign has been trying to lower expectations throughout the day. rarely do we have so many officials say we might lose this campaign. we might lose this primary that's what they've been doing. i can tell you, behind the scenes, top democrats in indiana, i've been speaking with all day, believe that clinton campaign is in a pretty good shape to possibly win narrowly here. it's a close outcome but the clinton campaign is moving on. hillary clinton was in ohio making the case she's looking forward to general election states. she's hiring state directors. she's really pivots ever so slightly to that general
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election. of course they want a win in indiana. if they would, that would be 6 out of the last 7 contests she would win and break through some of the white working class voters she's had a hard time doing. we'll see what happens in indiana later tonight. >> jeff, thanks very much. first exit polling information whether republican voters in indiana feel this whole process has been fair. we'll have that next. check in with our pickle panel their thoughts on the name-calling between trump and cruz. (vo) some people have to travel for work. i love good buttery chardonnay. (vo) some people get to travel for work. not too oaky. i don't love the oaky. (vo) it's the little things that make a big difference. courtyard, make room for a little fun.
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all of the polls in indiana will be closed less than two hours from now, which point we
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will see if we can make any projections but we're starting to get in the first exit polling date tap political director david chalian going through the numbers. getting indications of the mood of the voters out there. >> republican side, first, we've asked this question before and seeing a similar pattern. has this republican campaign divided the party? indiana republican primary voters today 57% say that this campaign is mostly dividing the party. 40% say it's energizing the party. this is an issue that the party's going to have to deal with going forward. we also asked, how about the pros process of selecting the republican nominee? we've heard so much from donald trump that the system's rigged. what about the process of choosing the nominee? 63% of indiana republican primary voters say it's a fair process, compared to 33% who say it has been unfair process thus far. and of course, big question, if no one reaches that delegate threshold of 1,237 delegates,
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the gop should nominate the primary winner, according to 65% of indiana republican primary voters. only 31% say the best candidate but nearly two-thirds say the person that's won the most primaries and caucuses is the one that should get the nomination. >> encouraging for donald trump. >> david, go back and crunch more numbers. come back here. anderson. >> let's get this indiana party started with our panel. senior political analyst, david gergen, senior political report, nia-malika henderson, john king, political analyst gloria borger and commentators, kaleigh mcenany, supports trump, amanda carpenter, jeffly record, also a trump supporter, donna brazile, not a trump supporter. gloria, start with you. the vitriol which has been tossing back and forth, ted cruz calling donald trump a narcissist, pathological liar. >> what does he really think? >> it's quite a change from his
2:15 pm
tweet months ago that donald trump is terrific and the media's trying to divide them. >> no more bromance here. look, donald trump attacked his father, and in an awful way, said that his father was in some photographs with lee harvey oswald. >> based on the "national enquirer." >> ridiculous. and stupid. and i think he just touched, you know, a cord with cruz who went off on him today. and i think, you know, a combination of responding to that and also he's throwing everything up against the wall that he possibly can because he needs to win the state of indiana. and he wants to remind those evangelical voters in the state of indiana that they should not really like donald trump and that was what he was doing in that tirade today. but donald trump sort of got under his skin again, which he does very well. >> i saw a tweet from you saying you thought trump's tweet one of the lowest blows in politics.
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>> it was, yes. i think it was reprehensible. i don't think you go after someone's father, you don't go after their wife in politics, and personally insulting way. to say ted cruz's father is somehow implicated in the assassination of john f. kennedy, it's unimaginable. it's a story out of joe mccarthy's play book, for that i think there are a lot of republicans who will say, donald trump may win but they are cringing what happen kind of person are we nominating to be president of the news he seems self-destructive at times. >> after weeks of talking being presidential and stuff like that. >> yeah, sort of talking about it but never really doing it. maybe in one press conference or two he gave foreign policy speech but that approach never really struck and it's partly because he's done well, right? he's levelled the field of 16, 15, so candidates. he's riding high.
2:17 pm
leading cruz almost by double in terms of the delegate count. so what is the sort of why should he change at this point? it was let trump be trump. corey lewandowski's phrase, one of his aides, and now that's what he's doing. i think it gives a preview of what the general election campaign is going to be like, right. >> we've seen from donald trump he is embracing conspiracy theories before. the birtherism in 2012. we'll see a lot of stories in the nation"national enquirer" g forward about hillary clinton and her family and all sorts of things and it's going to be ugly. >> if you're trump, you adopt if the ain't broke don't fix it rule. he gave a speech, but he, himself, said, my wife asked me to be presidential, i don't want to do it. let trump be trump haze the decision of donald j. trump being trump. it may go, based on the polling of the last several days and indiana this is a moment of truth both for donald trump and ted cruz.
2:18 pm
does trump decide i'm going keep it this way, if he wins big, he's the likely nominee of the republican party. does he decide, i have to change for the general or stick with it. we'll learn that from whether what he says. if donald trump wins big, ted cruz is a young man. he views himself as a rising star, tea party, evangelical, he thought it was going to be his year after the last two midterm cycles. his tone is important. does he do the same thing he says, staying in the the very end, going after this narcissist philandering donald trump or think about what i'm going to do next and dial it back. >> it's an existential moment for cruz and kasich. what is kasich going to do after tonight? i have no idea. is he going to withdraw? lots of republicans want. or just stay in for the heck of it if cruz stays. -- >> i don't think that cruz/kasich thing worked out. >> does any of this matter?
2:19 pm
whatever donald trump says or ted cruz? >> look at the polling, 57% of the republican party feels this race has divided us it's these tactics why. conservatives of good conscious cannot go along with donald trump when he leverages these attacks. i mean i'm on e-mail threads of people in anguish saying i can't spore a man who does these things. i want to win but i'm not going to go down to gutter ball politics tactics to do it. >> amanda referenced exit polls i refer you back to may 6, 2008, in indiana, same state, exit polls showed that 50% of hillary supporters would not support barack obama, a full-third said they'll support mccain. >> they'll get over it. >> i do think they'll get over it. people should start asking, how did this man mobilize 10 million voters on his behalf? likely break the record and be the republican nominee with the
2:20 pm
most votes in republican history. ask why, stop tearing him down and ask why, how he's doing this. >> he's called people liars, little hands, reality show tactics that may be a way to get 30%, 40% in a primary but it doesn't mean you unify behind him. hillary clinton did something that is drastically different. her and barack obama worked together, donald trump has been on the airwaves saying i don't need those people. >> you think ted cruz would support donald trump. >> i think they should. when bush 41 was losing to reagan he had to be pushed to get out but finally said to him, there is no path here. do this, if you want a future. he did it, and there was not only one bush future but two bush futures. but you know, the point here is, we all are talking about the "national enquirer" thing. talking about indiana, do you think, does anybody really think that somebody who lost their job
2:21 pm
at carrier is talking about this? >> exactly. >> or talking about their job? >> why is trump? >> well, but he -- he has been talking about it carrier, he has been -- >> do you admire donald trump? >> sure, of course i do. david, i mean -- >> you think this is a good standard for the presidency? >> david, i think that we are taking this far too seriously. >> but it's attacking people's families. >> when you talk about regular folks not inside the beltway, they talk about ted cruz and laugh. they think it's hilarious. >> alternative type of political season, david, when political discourse reached -- they've reached the point where it's reality tv and it's not really about presidential discourse that we're accustomed to. look we've had a fact-free primary on the republican side. it's fighting, name-calling, throwing insults at the insults and it's time the republican party take stock where they are not just as a political party
2:22 pm
but trying to take the country in the future. democrats, we're going to try to fight this campaign in the fall on issues. i know it's a losing battle when you've got somebody who knows how to throw bubble gum at -- on the sidewalk and tell someone else. but the truth is, is that on the republican side, it's been insult after insult, and they need to start kissing and making up. i have little stickers for them. just to help them along. if you don't like that, i've got a donkey, something to help them. i bought this, tonight, this might be the night when we see the end of the republican primary season. that's it. take a break. more exit polling results ahead. new lee action to the truck load of mud that ted cruz slung at donald trump today. high drama on a high stakes day. hear from both campaigns. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness.
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i used to like that song. just over 90 minutes until the last polls in close in indiana, as we said, it's a make or break day for ted cruz. texas senator hoping to keep donald trump from winning enough delegates to clinch the nomination before the convention. the high stakes made for high drama today when cruz unleashed a brutal rant against donald trump, calling him a pathological liar, narcissist, serial philanderer. the tirade followed an attack by trump's attack on cruz's father. blaming the network for trump's success. joining us the national spokesman for the cruz campaign. thanks for joining us. what are your expectations for tonight? do you believe that ted cruz can win indiana? >> well, we're not going to
2:28 pm
raise the curtain on that tonight. we'll find out in a few hours what voters of indiana have to say in this primary. it's the next step in the process as we move forward to june 7th and wrap this up wit the republican national convention in july. >> ted cruz viciously attacked donald trump today. you heard it, all of us heard it, calling him aim pathological liar, amoral, narcissist, serial philanderer. trump responded and let me put it up on the screen, responded by saying this -- ted cruz is a desperate candidate trying to save his failing campaign. it is no surprise he has resorted to use actual actactic over the top rhetoric. i've watched lyin' ted become more ung hinged as he is unable to react under the pressure and stress of losing. is this a last-ditch, desperate effort? >> no, not at all. as a matter of fact, what senator cruz today he laid it
2:29 pm
out on the line what donald trump is about. we've gotten to see and know donald trump well over the course of the campaign. we see the type of things that he says and does, staying up late at night, hate tweeting, women he doesn't know, bizarre statements and the like. and various tactics that he's used to garner media attention but not qualified to be president of the united states and not in any position to lecture anyone else about temperament. that's for sure. >> but is it too late, what did he unleash an attack like this earlier? >> i think, you'll have to ask senator cruz that specifically. what we saw today, for example, the latest ridiculous tactic on the part of donald trump try to distract attention by citing a "national enquirer," bizarre story, attempting to link senator cruz's father to the jfk assassination. we were joking in the office, what's next? accusing him of faking the moon landing or ufos or whatever. think about this, donald trump is someone who relies upon the
2:30 pm
"national enquirer" as a news source. that is pretty extraordinary for someone who purports to be qualified to be president of the united states. so, you know, when senator cruz lays it on the line, talking about what donald trump is about, what really represents, that's giving information to voters that voters deserve to have as we go forward in the process. as we really approach a critical decision time as to whether this man or ted cruz will be the nominee for president. >> if he loses, ted cruz loses in indiana, tonight, will he drop out? >> no, absolutely not. we're going all the way to june 7th and then going all the way to the republican national convention. what's important to note here is that, for donald trump to become the republican nominee, most independent analysts agree that he can only do so on the first ballot, that's his high water mark. on the second ballot, there's an
2:31 pm
ex -- how can he get to a majority of delegates? he'd have to win new jersey, new mexico, the entire west coast, washington state, oregon, he would also have to win california, as well, and he would have to win about 90% of the delegates in the state of west virginia. that's not likely to happen. it could happen but it's not likely and that means this contest is going all the way to the end of the process on june 7th, where we wrap up in california. >> ron, thanks very much. >> you bet. joining us now, the senior press representative from the trump campaign. haley, thanks for coming in. >> thanks to for having me. >> your expectations. >> continuing on momentum from the northeast states that we swept last week all five states energy in indiana is great. we have overwhelming support. we're having major turnout at our events. i left indiana yesterday. and we're looking to -- forward
2:32 pm
to a victory tonight. >> ted cruz, he unleashed an attack on donald trump. i'm sure you saw it -- i see you smiling -- but it was a strong attack. let me play a little clip. >> this man is a pathological liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. he lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth and a pattern, i think, straight out of a psychology textbook. his response to accuse everybody else of wry llying. he accuses everybody on that debate stage of lying and it's simply a mindless yell, whatever he does, he accuses everyone else of doing. >> what's the reaction from the trump campaign. >> i think this is a desperate attempt by ted cruz to remain relevant. i think, at this juncture, he knows that he is not going to be the winner.
2:33 pm
we are winning, we are making history with our numbers. and it's just kind of let's throw spaghetti on the wall and see if it sticks approach. who knows what he'll do next. >> i think he was, in part, deeply angered by donald trump earlier this morning suggesting there's truth in that "national enquirer" story that ted cruz's father raphael cruz may have been involved somehow with lee harvey oswald and the assassination of president john f. kennedy. you read that story. i'm sure you heard all of the criticism. no other news organization corroborated the "national enquirer" story. was it appropriate. >> i don't think it's inappropriate. he was citing a third source. >> but it's the "national enquirer." >> this is ted cruz's response -- >> should the republican presidential front-runner be repeating an aels from the "national enquirer" without any independent confirmation, corroboration. >> i don't see why they should
2:34 pm
not. it's public knowledge. this is 24/7 era, it's public knowledge. it's out there. he recited it. >> comfortable with donald trump reciting that? >> i'm comfortable with donald trump and looking forward to him, about president of the united states absolutely. >> but you're not totally comfortable with everything he says and does. >> i'm behind him 100%, absolutely. >> you are. >> yes. >> no problem with him talking about the assassination of john f. kennedy and ted cruz's father. >> again, he was reciting an article from a third party source and this is ted cruz's response. that should be what is noted. his implosion. >> any difference between third party source, let's say like "the new york times" or "the washington post," as opposed to a third party source like the "national enquirer"? >> again, mr. trump is reciting a third party source and ted cruz's response is implosion. that -- >> hearing more of that from donald trump? >> i think that, you know, we're going to continue to campaign hard and he's the greatest deal maker and american success story
2:35 pm
that we have seen and we will continue to gain the path to the presidency. >> like most other serious news organizations, cnn is trying to check out that "national enquirer," do fact checking on the story. we'll keep you informed. so far we have not confirmed it. >> okay. >> thanks for coming in. up next -- more exit polling information coming into "the situation room" from indiana. as we count down to polls closing in the state. ♪
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decision day in indiana. exitle. ing information from hoosier voters to share with you. david chalian back with us. this time, on the democratic side. the mood of some of the democrats? >> yeah, first, we're looking at who showed up on the democratic side. we asked indiana democratic primary voters, do you want to continue barack obama's policies, 50% said yes. 36% said they'd like to the policies of the next president to be more liberal than obama's. that 36% is the fifth highest we've seen this entire election season. so, perhaps more liberal elector rail there. take a look at the ideology. we asked people, do you consider yourself a liberal, moderate, conservative? 70% of the indiana democratic primary electorate today call themselves liberal, 26% mod rate, 4% conservative, and, wolf, eight years ago, remember a battle between obama and
2:41 pm
hillary clinton in indiana it was only 39% liberal the electorate, 45% moderate, 16% conservative. this seems like a liberal electorate showing up eight years later. >> you told us how among the republicans whether this election was energizing or dividing them. what about the democrats? >> yes. it's not the same story of the republicans at all. 74% of indiana democratic primary voters today tell us this season is energizing the party only 22% of democrats are saying it is dividing the party. this is a clear opposite of what we saw in the republican side as always, with these numbers, wolf. these numbers will will change throughout the night. these are early exit poll results. >> numbers, we'll get more from you as well. anderson. >> back with our panel. what do you make of the polls? >> the liberal number, a state like indiana you think of that as evan bye.
2:42 pm
70% of the democrats say they're liberal, make your eyes pop out. do they feel more comfortable saying that democrats do after eight years of barack obama or a pro sanders electorate today in indiana. if bernie sanders wins indiana tonight, it's still 90% likelihood or higher that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee. however, however, sanders supporters who have a hard time embracing clinton will feel energized. the candidate will say i have a win, let's keep going, i have delegates. we focus on the fracturing of the republican party which is more profound. there is a debate in the democratic party. work to be done on arranging a peaceful thanksgiving dinner and the more sanders wins, the longer it takes, the harder it gets. >> between the thanksgiving dinner, younger people and older democratic voters. look at early exit polls if you see 45% younger voters you see what bernie sanders is doing for the democratic party and how he is bringing out those younger voters who, by the way, probably the more liberal voters in the
2:43 pm
democratic party. if they can keep those people on board, if hillary's the nominee, that is so important for the party. >> i think the question for the democratic part in the fall is, how liberal do they feel comfortable being? trump will likely be the nominee but sanders is going to make a push for hillary clinton to move to the left on issues like paying for college, on issues like social security. does she adopt some stances or feel like the sort of centrist position that she's adopted, mostly in the primary, is the formula to get her to the white house in the general election. >> historically, we remember indiana as being a state represented by moderates, evan baye you mention mentioned and dick lugar on the republican side. to see this democratic party beening this liberal while the republican party already becoming conservative, the polarization occurring around the country if a place like indiana is serious because it's
2:44 pm
harder for anybody to govern. whoever wins this will find it harder to govern. >> if it is moving to left on the democratic side, does it give donald trump a chance to reach out to maybe more centrists? >> it's a great question. donald trump has been talking, focusing on the grassy knolls day in the republican primary. back to donald trump's success, immigration made his mark in the republican race. he's talked about economics on the trade message and the carrier plant picking up from indiana, moving to mexico helped donald trump. ted cruz was ahead in the polls three weeks ago in indiana. if donald trump has a decent win, it tells you something happening in the republican party. even sanders supporters in the general election, nia made a great point during the break, hillary clinton, i think the closest primary in 2008, just barely beat barack obama in indiana. and then obama carried the state. obama, it was one of the red states where we said, whoa, in 2008, obama carried it in the general election in 2008 because the democratic party did come together.
2:45 pm
you're having a bad republican war, iraq war. everybody now is looking at map assuming trump is the nominee, trying to figure out which are the five or six states out of character, if you will, in november, if that's the race we get. >> in a way, the trump message, put immigration plessage aside and put women issues aside, it's the most clear republican populist message that we have seen in a long time, anti-trade, anti-wall street, anti-big money in politics. and those are three things that really do appeal to voters. >> i mean, republican have been the party of the free market. he's going to say we're going to forcefully stop companies through punitive taxes and tariffs from relocating, economic i viable for your company. he's mishmashing everything. >> but it's a clear populist -- >> sure. >> also, they're not republican,
2:46 pm
that's the kicker. >> the reagan era, the modern era, but the old, original republican party was very much what donald trump, i mean, in a state -- >> but i think modern republicans, ted cruz, jim demint, people i've worked for, solid conservatives are very free mark. >> i agree. i don't think donald trump is anti-free market. he's saying we're not negotiating well. >> punish a company for making a decision that is going to benefit your company but through taxes and tariffs, that sounds liberal to me. >> it's not punishing a company. he looks and sees carrier, 1400 jobs lost. did you see the workers? >> there will be consequences. >> punishment is different than taxing imports from mexico in order to -- >> tariffs are punishment. >> you can call it that but it's about luring businesses. there's a group of people in the country -- >> taxes are not an incentive. >> there is a group of people in country, blue collar workers who feel marginalizes. the democratic party hasn't spoken to them. the republican party hasn't spoken to them they are
2:47 pm
desperate in need of jobs. >> do you make america a viable place where companies compete through lower taxes and playing field or like donald trump pick winners and losers and use it to get your way? >> you do both. >> all right. we're not going to resolve the republican primary. it's democrats sit here, i'm not having my label on, so nobody forgets that, we have a problem and we have to address it, globalization technology has changes our workforce. we have to prepare for a 21st century workforce. you can continue to litigate this during commercial break. let me go back to democrats. there's no question that we have a more liberal electorate and democratic party especially when we open the door, we have independents participating, a lot of them are young, a lot do not like the so ul kaed labels, liberals, conservatives. bernie sanders is speaking to their dreams, aspirations but also what they can attain as new voters. they want a country that works
2:48 pm
for them. they want a country that allows them to grow and prosper. i'm not surprised that somebody's -- of some exit polls. i like best 74% are energized by the contest, compare the republicans. come on over, i have stickers. >> another break. next, a look to what to look for tonight when the results come in from indiana. john king will map it out on the magic wall. the hoosier state votes on this crucial primary day.
2:49 pm
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2:53 pm
in just a few minutes some polls will be closing in indiana and the rest at 7:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump looking for a knockout blow and to move closer to the 1,237 needed. polls are closer on thecric sid. we're back at the map. on the republican side what does a wh a win look like. >> so we're going to be looking for votes. heays this is it my firewall. you have a republican senate primary statewide so there's no reason for republicans not to turn out today. if donald trump wins this state not only does it send a message, but it gets him to the delegate
2:54 pm
math. you see donald trump at 957 here, but henbouas delegates that have pledged their support to him. if you add indiana in this scenario, i'm only giving trump 33 that moves him out here. if he sweeps that gives him 20 close 1,180 donald trump is looking to send a message to ted cruz just like hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> what about clinton. >> this isfascinating. let's pull out indiana a back t decr this is was the closest contest. obama at 49% won almost nothing in the state when you look at it, but he did win the urbanind.
2:55 pm
the key thing foe is does the m. does hillary clinton get the african-american support and hillary clinton got all the white urban counties. bernie sanders wants tonight is indiana. i'm probably not going to be c clinton. oing to have another win to extend the race to may. a sanders win tonight means a race while mathematically over will continue for a long time. >> i'll be interviewing donald trump tomorrow right here in e "the situation room." there will be a lot to talk about. some polls closing in indiana f. our coverage of this crucial primary continues. stay with us. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized, anything that makes my life easier, i'm using.
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3:00 pm
[ cheering ] don't wait a whole year for xfinity watchathon week to return. upgrade now to add the premium channel of your choice so you can keep watching. call or go online today. we're about to get the first vote tallies out of indiana. >> this is likely to be another defining moment in the 2016 campaign. >> in the midwest right now one state with unexpected power to shape the presidential race. >> indiana's turning out to be a very very important place. >> this may be the last chance for anti-trump forces to get a contested convention. >> the hoosier state is going to have a powerful voice. >> will the front-runners emerge stronger or stumble? it's indiana's choice. tonight in the republican race. >> do i look like a president. how handsome am i?
3:01 pm
>> donald trump declaring himself the presumptive nominee, dismissing his rivals as desperate. >> how weak does this make them look. >> ted cruz putting his all into indiana with a surprise running mate at his side and his bid to stop trump on the line. >> that is the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> john kasich standing down in this round, but refusing to give up the fight. >> i've decided to keep going. it's not always an easy road. >> in the democratic race tonight. >> we are going to come together and we are going to solve the problems. >> hillary clinton closing in on the nomination reaching out to bernie sanders supporters as he faces even longer odds. >> our job is to transform the democratic party. >> now, it's time for voters to have their say.
3:02 pm
>> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> the front-runners are aiming at each other. >> this hateful talk about immigrants and women, enough. >> indiana is choosing. the candidates are competing to the last vote and the road to the white house could take another big twist right now. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to a special edition of the situation room. i'm wolf blitzer. the presidential candidates of both parties are standing by for results of tonight's important indiana primary. polling places in the eastern time zone in indiana are closing right now. we expect the first votes very soon. less than an hour from now voting in the central time zone will end and once the last polls
3:03 pm
close, we will have a chance to project winners. donald trump is aiming for another big victory tonight. he's hoping to deliver a serious blow to ted cruz and john kasich. trump has just over 1,000 delegates. a victory tonight would put him closer to 1,237. that's the number he needs. 57 republican delegates are up for grabs in indiana. the statewide winner gets 30 and the other delegates are doled based on who wins each congressional district. on the democratic side there may be a tight contest between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. hillary clinton expects to pick up delegates. sanders often does well in open primaries and this one where independents are also allowed to vote not just registered democrats. 83 democratic delegates are at stake in indiana.
3:04 pm
they're split so neither candidate will walk away empty handed. >> even as indiana voters were at the polls today the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz escalated to a new level. let's check in at trump headquarters. jim, donald trump pushing thisry dick lous report that ted cruz's dad was involved with lee harvey oswa oswald. >> reporter: there's a primary that we get results from tonight and as for the primary they believe the gop front-runner the presumptive nominee for the party. they do not believe they will hit that imagine ig number of 1,237 before california coming up in june so they can't relax at this point basically is the message despite all the chatter about trump and who his running
3:05 pm
mate might be. a trump source tells me there's no signs a vetting effort is under way to pick a vice presidential running mate and they are trying to get trump comfortable as the nominee. that effort may have been hampered today. the trump campaign is not providing any proof that cruz's father was involved in the kennedy as sass nation. they're not offering any apologize eetither. trump sources say cruz was knocked after his game today, a huge win today and just at a time when cruz was trying to paint trump as unfit to be president the tycoon was able to put out that statement that described the senator as desperate. >> no proof of course because it isn't true. let's check in with the cruz campaign. a lot of eyes on ted cruz tonight to see if he can pull
3:06 pm
off a victory in that key state this evening. >> reporter: that's right, high stakes for the cruz campaign and really a sense of anxiety within the campaign going into tonight. a top cruz campaign official tells me that senator cruz has written and prepared two versions of his speech. one version if he pulls off a win and a second version if he has a defeat, but cruz campaign officials continue to insist that he will continue on in this race even if he suffers a devastating loss here tonight. when talking to cruz campaign officials, i asked the question will he potentially consider dropping out and a cruz campaign official admits to me this is constantly a calculation that he under goes pointing that he has prepared to drop out at times in the past in this campaign as we reported back in march when senator cruz was able to win texas we reported after the fact he would have gotten out if he had not won his home state, but
3:07 pm
the cruz campaign certainly face ag grim reality, the math, the momentum the narrative around their campaign is quickly changing. all signs point to some frustration on the part of senator cruz. >> all right. let's now go to cnn's political director david who has some fresh information from the exit polls. obviously still too early to say who is doing well and who is doing poorly, but we have information about who turned out to vote today and why they turned out. >> that's right. some of these numbers will shift throughout the night as we get more data in, but we are seeing something that we've seen in previous contests on the republican side which is the electorate is not out there today voting to express opposition. we asked voerters are you votin mainly for your candidate, 74% said yes and 25% said they're voting against their candidate's
3:08 pm
opponents. that's consistent with what we've seen in several primaries now. we asked who run the most unfair campaign in indiana. cruz and trump are about even there. 45% say cruz and 38% said trump. john kasich way down at 8%, but pretty much equally split there roughly so among indiana republicans about who was running the most unfair campaign. >> who were the 8% who thought john kasich ran the most unfair campaign. he didn't run a campaign in indiana. >> i don't know. >> track them down for me. dana this is a huge moment for the republican party if donald trump wins indiana this evening, which is certainly a possibility, it's almost going to be impossible to stop him from getting the magic number of delegates he needs before the convention. >> it absolutely will. i just got off a plane from indiana, i was there yesterday
3:09 pm
and last night at a cruz rally and you can feel, it the votersl how important indiana is. they understand this is truly a pivotal moment. if ted cruz doesn't win because he's put all his eggs in this basket, if he doesn't win indiana, they insist inside the cruz campaign he's staying in and he will have a path forward to stop donald trump, but there's no question it changes the dynamic, it changes the momentum, it changes the narrative in every way. it just makes it so much harder for him to say and everybody to say donald trump is not going to be the nominee. >> wolf blitzer has a key race alert. >> the polls in the eastern time zone in indiana they are closed very early initial numbers right
3:10 pm
now less than 1% of the vote is actually in, donald trump with 61.4%, 23% for ted cruz and 11% for john kasich, but once again maybe a couple of thousand votes have been counted so far on the republican side. very early. trump building up a significant lead, but it's still very early. on the democratic side very early, hillary clinton with 63.8% and 36.2% for bernie sanders. only 900 or so votes have been tallied so far. once again, very very early right now. we're standing by for more early votes coming in from indiana. donald trump says the gop race is over if he wins tonight. we're taking a closer look at the delegate stakes and end game as we get closer to possibly projecting a winner. stay with us.
3:11 pm
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bloating? pain? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. more votes are being tal tallied. 1% of the vote in in indiana on the republican side. trump maintaining his lead, 55.2% and cruz 29.3% and kasich 12.3%. on the democratic side very early. only a few thousand votes have been counted. hillary clinton maintains a significant lead. 63.1%. 36.9% for bernie sanders. once again very, very early. let's go over to john king over at the magic wall. on the republican side trump is doing very well on those delegates especially if he
3:16 pm
scores well in indiana tonight. >> here is indiana. that's colored in for the moment as trump red because he's leading right now. this is john kasich's ohio. donald trump has done very well in this part of the country. 30 delegates go to the statewide winner. so some of that is flux waiting, but just add 30 to that if he wins statewide and then the other 27 delegates are awarded on a congressional district basis so you can put the rough map up here like this. there are no excuses for ted cruz tonight as he said this is his firewall. this is a conservative state and there's every reason for a republican to vote. there's a competitive house primary in this district and there's a statewide senate primary. there's no reasons for republicans not to come out. 30 delegates to the statewide winner and then we'll look at the results of these nine
3:17 pm
congressional districts. donald trump hopes to sweep them all. we'll see if ted cruz can win in here and change the number because the winner statewide gets more than half. you get 30 right off. the big prize to win the state of indiana tonight and we look at the early results of 1% there's not much we can make of this so far. obviously we'll look in the indianapolis area. but there are a lot of other republican voters down here along the ohio river and there's a congressional primary so very interesting to watch on the if you're trump, you want the math and the message of that. >> on the democratic side? >> this was a fascinating race. i'm going go back to 2008 as i pull out the state of indiana. this was a fascinating night. remember we were talking to the mayor at 2:00 in the morning. this came in close. this was about as close as it got, but look at the map then senator obama won up here in
3:18 pm
lake county and in indianapolis and bloomington. this was then senator clinton. inside the clinton campaign and the sanders campaign they think we have a flip where she wins in the areas where you have african-american voters and south bend will be interesting for sanders. secretary clinton needs to win here and here. the results filling in so far again 1% she's winning some of these smaller rural counties, that would be good news, but let's watch this one play out inside the sanders campaign, they think his message and the democrats want to extend this race that they don't want to have buyer's remorse for hillary clinton. just starting to count the votes. we're only at 2%. we have a ways to go. you had the tough primary in 2008. obama carried indiana in the
3:19 pm
general election. >> we're looking at 2% of the vote is now in. about 16,000 votes have been counted so far and she's slightly ahead. john, stand by. we're going to have another update. that's coming. up hillary clinton has a very early lead, but will it hold and what it will mean if bernie sanders pulls off a win tonight. that's coming up after the break. man: dear mr. danoff,
3:20 pm
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3:24 pm
let's get another key race alert. 2% of the vote is in on the republican side. donald trump maintains a lead over ted cruz. 53.9% to ted cruz's 31.1%. on the democratic side hillary clinton maintains her lead 53.7% and bernie sanders 46.3%. once again very early. anderson over to you. >> if you are ted cruz and you don't win tonight, what do you do? do you stay in this? >> i think the cruz campaign is saying they're going to stay in this. >> saying it though before tonight is one thing, what they say afterwards. >> it depends -- i think they are going to stay in. it depends how much they lose by
3:25 pm
which will effect their fundraising going forward. we saw cruz spend some time in california this week. he believes he has a shot at california and at the states sk coming up but i think it is a moment for the cruz campaign where they have to take stock and say is this going to get to a contested convention because that's their only shot. the math is gone and they can't win. do they take this to a contested convention? does it make any sense? do they start from a position of weakness or do they start to try to unite the republican party. >> when cruz and kasich had that deal that wasn't a deal any longer, cruz was painting indiana as a head to head battle between him and donald trump. >> that hail mary didn't work nor has any other one worked. he was 20 points ahead a few
3:26 pm
weeks ago and if he loses tonight by eight or ten points the air goes out of the balloon. what i do think is that we're seeing history in the making tonight because donald trump wins this he will have the ground and it will be the first time in 75 years that we've had a businessman nominated by a party, but more than that it's the most unconventional choice i think we've ever seen since the beginning of the 20th century. >> really? >> the nominee for the party. wilkey was a businessman rngs b, but he was a very different kind of businessman. this is a very kind of candidate than we've ever seen. and i think it's so interesting. at a time in america since the beginning of the 20th century the most powerful nation in the world today and for us oh
3:27 pm
nominate this person historians are going to be examining this for years to come. >> he is so of his times and so tapped into the popular culture. >> you could say romney was a businessman too. he was a politician, but he was a celebrity. >> what trump has done is blown up the republican party. >> completely. >> he's blown up the entire political party. >> i want to stress this again, trump is a phenomenon without a doubt. he's a reality television era candidate, but republican voters are doing this to their party. the tea party came along in 2010 and they said here we are and we helped you win these jobs and the tea party came back and they said here we are gone, the response from the republican leadership was not to invite these people to dinner to meet them, it was to say we will crush you. those voters have decided to take what we all thought was the
3:28 pm
broadest most experienced most talented republican field in my lifetime of covering republican politics, you look at these guys and say this is an interesting group and donald trump has cleaned the floor with them. these voters want something different and -- is this a hostile takeover of the republican party that the sha shareholders have said here you go mr. trump. you have no idea what's going to happen and where the next turn is, but it is happening. if he wins indiana big tonight, cruz is not going to win new jersey, that's winner take all, cruz is not going to win west virginia, that's winner take all. lose indiana and win california, there's no logic. >> cruz's argument yesterday in an interview saying trump's not going to get the 47% of delegates he needs moving forward from here. it is going to be a contested convention. >> says ted cruz. this is not about -- i don't want to make this about ted cruz
3:29 pm
because to his credit he's still in this race because he raised a lot of money and he put together a good staff and he's in touch with the tea party, even with those assets he's losing to donald trump. the other guys got blown away, governors like christie and bush and marco rubio. guys who had run before like huckabee and santorum. at some point pick your sport. to beat the other guy you have to actually beat the other guy. >> this is what happens when you have a party that hasn't listened to its voters that it's surprised and stunned by the fact oh wait a minute the voters are angry out there, wait a minute the voters feel betrayed by us this is a testament to donald trump and his political skill i would argue, but also tells you an awful lot about an out of touch republican
3:30 pm
establishment with its own base. >> go ahead. >> certainly, but i think it also speaks to the fact that if donald trump and ted cruz two outsiders still standing in this, but where cruz goes from here, i don't know what he's going to do tonight or what he's going to do tomorrow, but given the behavior that donald trump has shown towards cruz and his family, i think cruz is going to be in it at least for one or two more weeks just to make a point. >> he's already sooeded two states. >> ted cruz is a man of principal and there are things that are wrong with donald trump on both personality and policy. i would advise ted cruz you go ahead and say donald trump you're going to have to get 1,237 to get out of the race. i'm not going to surrender anything to you. so we're going to go in this until the end and there's been a lot of people that have voted for donald trump and a lot of
3:31 pm
people that have voted against him and that somehow has to be reflected if the party is going to come together in any capacity. >> i think that's a myth that people have voted against him. 74% voted on behalf of the candidate. the problem with the never trump movement is -- >> i let you finish. >> so the problem with the never trump movement is it doesn't resonate with people because when people vote they vote on behalf of the candidate not in spite of the candidate. the never trump movement which is about tearing someone down who the voters are trying to proper up, that's the problem with the republican party. >> one of the things that i think republicans have a problem with to gloria's point is the success of the regan/bush years bread this whole insiders web of donors, consultants, lobbyists, people who came in as revolutionaries and they went out and got settled in this town
3:32 pm
and they lost the ability to stay in touch with the folks out there and therefore they're totally surprised by this and they represent something to the folks that they're not happy about. >> i think it's more that the leaders of the party led this party to the right and then began making promises on how they would transform the country that people listened to and believed in and found they didn't deliver. the republican leadership bears a lot of responsibility, the leaders over the years. this race has been an indictment of the people running. >> part of that frustration is illogical is you have a democratic president who is not going to give them what they wanted, but the voters want it. when the government shut down happened everybody said how can they do this, because they ran a campaign if you send know government i will vote and i
3:33 pm
will shut down the government. there are two different things and there's tension between the two. cruz is a testament of that tension. he's a product of the tension between the conservative movement and the republican party. what do you do if donald trump is your nominee. that's the question that's going to be asked across a country especially if you're on the ballot this november, do you embrace it and say he's our guy and we'll see what happens, do you ran from it, do you say i'm going to vote for it but i won't support it and i won't have my people work with his people. running for president is really complicated. >> i think that as long as cruz is there i think the never trump movement remains. whether they're going to be able to raise the money to continue throwing it away remains to be seen. >> i think there is a question of whether or not a lot of the people we sit on the stage with and people we talk to privately are they going to continue in
3:34 pm
november to talk about trump in a negative way. the people i talk to are dead set against donald trump. it's not like the bernie movement, it's more verse ral and firm. >> we're getting close to the top of the hour where we may be able to project one or both of tonight's winners in indiana. will this be a good night for both front-runners. more results of our election coverage ahead. ing you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard. get claim rateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. so protect your home and your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you. "daddy doing work",d it's funny that i've been in the news for being a dad. windows 10 is great because
3:35 pm
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3:39 pm
let's get you another key race alert right now. 5% of the vote is on. trump maintains an impressive lead, 53.2% to cruz's 33.3% and 10.5% for john kasich. trump is ahead by more than 11,000 votes. 5% of the vote is in. on the democratic side 4% of the vote is in and hillary clinton maintains her lead, 54.8% to bernie sanders 45.2%. she's up by 3,000 votes right now. let's go to john king who is looking at indiana. >> 5% very early, can't jump to conclusions, but mr. trump with 50% plus right now. donald trump at the moment 5% in and a long way to go, but it looks like he's he'd. then it gets more complicated.
3:40 pm
you see those two cruz counties in the northeast corner of the state. we may have to put a map of the congressional districts overlay. right now trump is waning yne wg in the fort wayne indiana. three delegates for each of the nine congressional districts. three for each of the nine congressional districts so we're going have to watch this. we're at 5% right now there's not much we can say except trump is building an early lead and if you want to get the statewide delegates that's what you want to do. this is a conservative house district right here in the middle and south and this is a conservative house district right here. there are republican primaries in those two conservative house districts. that's the place i would look for tonight. if conservatives are coming out in that primary are they voting for trump or cruz. if trump wins here and here, then trump is going to win across the state. you want to watch and see how that plays out.
3:41 pm
on the democratic side, we're at 5%. so let's take a breath. we have a lot of votes to counts as we go through. if you're looking at the map you're going to look up here. lake county up here. very late county traditionally. we were up at 3:00 last time. african-american base up here close to chicago, very important to secretary clinton. then here our delegate expert can tell you up here and in here they're a bonus if you will democratic delegates because of the minority community so we'll see if hillary clinton can go here and here. for sanders you want to cut into clinton agency margins in the african-american communities and then run it up in the rural communities. this is obama the late lighter blue. he won up here and she won down here. you see all this, this is hillary clinton last time. a very narrow victory. the population is small, but she
3:42 pm
ran it up to offset the obama support. we'll use the 2008 map to see if clinton can eek out another one or if senator sanders can say the math may be against me but i still have some juice. >> the polls in the eastern time zone are closed, and in the central time zone close at the top of the hour. >> we're interested in learning more about the voters that turned out to vote today in the indiana primary. let me bring back david. you have information about republican voters and their feelings about the government, their feelings about party leaders. >> this is the stuff that has been making up the driving force behind republican voters with this entire election season. so we asked folks how are you feeling about the federal government. look at this, 3% say enthusiastic, but 50% say dissatisfied, and 34% angry.
3:43 pm
it averaged out at about 41% angry and this electorate a little less angry. we asked how they felt about their party leaders. 53% of republican primary voters in indiana say they feel betrayed by their own party's leaders. 43% say they do not feel betrayed. this has been one of the astonishing developments of the entire cycle so far to see majority after majority of republican primary voters to say they're betrayed by their own party. >> dana, one of the problems with reading anything into the angry feelings of betrayal or how angry or dissatisfied you are with the federal government is that donald trump and ted cruz convey a message that might attract those voters. >> they do, but it's actually still stunning to me having covered ted cruz and the senate and seeing up close and personal what an outsider he was even
3:44 pm
though he was technically an insider, he's a senator and we've seen that play out the fact that he doesn't have any -- >> he's loathed. >> close friends there and it's been hard for him to get to port, but still even with that sensibility that people have about him here, i was again in indiana yesterday and at a ted cruz rally and there were voters there who said i like him, i like what he stands for, but i am just done. we want somebody who is completely out of the mold, different from anybody we have nominated for a lvery long time and donald trump is that person. he's that new person who can really do things differently and that obviously has been the theme for the past six months and it continues to be so even now with ted cruz. as you said, the only other guy who is potentially the outsider
3:45 pm
in the race. >> donald trump definitely out there trying to convey to voters he is an outsider. he definitely acts like an outsider. when carly fiorina, cruz's running mate quote unquote came out one of the things she suggested is that hillary clinton, this is her words not mine, hillary clinton is a politician up for sale and donald trump is the kind of special interest who has been buying politicians like hillary clinton. they're trying to draw that sort of connection with clinton and also suggest that donald trump has been part of the system, just not the system in washington. we'll see if that had any resonance in indiana during this contest. >> you're so right. they're trying so hard to do that. carly fiorina last night at a rally where i was in indianapol indianapolis, that was the thrust of her message over and over again how donald trump is part of the machine, don't let him fool you. it's why as ted cruz has really
3:46 pm
been the anxiety of this night has been more and more visible on his face and in his demeanor as it's come closer. he has done a lot more of that and of course as we talked last week blamed the media, but not just the media, it's suggested that donald trump is part of that whole crowd that hillary clinton is part of. >> and donald trump hasn't denied it. he says yes, that's true, i used politicians and made contributions to get what i want and that system stinks i'm going to change it. he doesn't deny the charges. he said yes that's true and that's why hillary clinton came to my wedding because i had given her money and i wanted her there so she came. it's an interesting acknowledgment and then pivot, but that's what i want to change. wolf to you. >> we're closing in on the top of the hour when we may be able to project winners on this critical primary night. later we're going to hear from donald trump live. ted cruz as well, bernie sanders will be listening very closely for the tone cruz and trump take
3:47 pm
after their fireworks earlier today. our election coverage continues right after this. ♪ melodic music throughout
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3:52 pm
33% for cruz. on the democratic side 7% of the vote is tallied. hillary clinton maintaining her lead, as well. 55.8% to 44.2. bernie sander' has a lead of 6,000 votes. remember, this is 7% of the vote in indiana, 8% on red pub can side. we're closing in on the top of the hour. that's when the last polling places will close in indiana and we may be able to project one or both winners. donald trump looking for a critical victory for ted cruz after cruz invested a lot of time, a lot of resources in the state in hopes of stopping trump. we heard a frustrated cruz today hitting back at donald trump
3:53 pm
with some of the harshest words he used to attack. kasich let trump and cruz duke it out while he looks to future contests. for the democrats, hillary clinton is hoping for a win tonight to take a step toward the nomination. bernie sanders wants a victory to show he's still in the fight and will keep fighting through the convention. the finish line is in sight. after tonight, there are only nine state contests left for both parties. let's go to jake. >> all right. wolf. let's go to jim acosta at trump headquarters in new york, jim? >> how is this for confidence? remember when the trump campaign said it would reach 1400 delegates and the internal campaign memo? the reaction from washington was fat chance but now with indiana expected to be a big one, i talked to a source inside the trump campaign that said they believe they will blow past the
3:54 pm
1237 magic number needed to clinch the nomination once the returns come in from california and all those states up for grabs on june 7th. will they get the number tonight? no. they don't think they will get to it by the time june 7th rolls around but when they see the returns coming in, jake, they do believe they will blow past the 1237 number and inch toward the goal of 1237 a lot of people thought was crazy. meanwhile, wolf talked about the frustration brewing inside the cruz campaign. the trump campaign believes it won today despite the gop front runner and performance this morning when he suggested ted cruz' father was involved in the kennedy assassination lifted out of the "national enquirer." a source says they think they saw cruz' heated reaction coming how he responded to the protrump protesters yesterday.
3:55 pm
they feel like the anger was building up to what we saw unleashed today, jake. >> jim acosta in new york, new york a question can you win the battle but lose the war? is it possible by siting these unsubstantiated nonsensical, frankly, "national enquirer" reports you may be able to get ted cruz to react but do damage to yourself long-term. let's check in with sunlin. are they looking for a good night? >> reporter: it's fair to say the cruz campaign is sweating it out tonight. the campaign is telling me they are in essence setting a high bar for what they believe donald trump must achieve in indiana. cruz campaign official telling me they believe donald trump must win two-thirds.
3:56 pm
that is under scoring how low of a bar they have in indiana. no one is holding their breath for a win within the cruz campaign here. their goal is to remain viable and push this into a contested convention. jake? >> thanks so much. let's go to jeff zeleny at sanders' headquarters in louisville, kentucky and jeff, usually when a candidate has already moved on to a future state that might suggest that he or she is not feeling confident about today but that's not necessarily the case when it comes to indiana and senator sanders. >> reporter: jake, that's not the case at all. here is a couple reasons why. look behind me here. a, there is a big crowd of sanders supporters gathering and the ohio river and indiana across the way. bernie sanders was campaigning harder across the state of indiana was campaigning today, as well. the kentucky primary comes in two weeks time. he was spending his entire day there but looking forward to the next sign. bernie sanders wants to remind
3:57 pm
his supporters, tell democrats he is indeed in this race until the end. they are serious about that. the question here, though, jake, is if he does not win tonight, already the map is not working out in his favor. if he does not win tonight, the energy will not be, either. the clinton campaign is trying to down play expectations all day long but have a big absentee ballot program, jake, they were running here and trying to get people out that way. we'll watch these results coming in very closely tonight. she's hoping for another win here. that would be six out of seven contests. bernie sanders trying to break the streak tonight in indiana. jake? >> jeff zeleny with the sanders campaign in louisville. thank you so much. >> in terms of ad buys, the clinton campaign did not spend money on tv time and sanders campaign spent about $1.8 million. >> it does make you wonder why. [ laughter ] >> why they didn't do that. you know, obviously there are --
3:58 pm
>> to save money. >> you think? >> that's the stated reason. >> no, but seriously, i mean, this is a state where she could potentially become p competitiv. indiana was fertile ground for her. >> eight years ago. >> but in this year, in this dynamic in this election year this is an open primary and as we heard, this is the kind of place bernie sanders has done better than hillary clinton across the board because you can bring people who are not democrats into the polls. >> he does very well with independents, indeed. wolf. >> let's go to john king at the magic wall getting closer and closer to the top of the hour. you're looking closely at the republican contest, 9% of the vote is in. >> 9% of the vote is a long way to go and polls out in the western part of the state to close, so no reason to jump to any conclusions but from the early results if you're a donald
3:59 pm
trump headquarters tonight, you're confident at the moment and hoping to make a statement tonight and win the 30 statewide delegates and if the map continues to fill in and again, we're at 9% but if it continues, you can be on track for a sweep and win the 27 or 24, 21 of the congressional delegates. the first is the statewide winner gets 30 and congressional district. donald trump, wolf, is looking to make a huge statement by the end of the night. that's what donald trump is hoping for tonight. on the democratic side, here is a big test. hillary clinton wants an exclamation point and another victory. senator sanders trying to get a win in may to say the race continues to the democratic convention. we'll watch on the democratic side. proportional last hour. i touched the wrong county. key place to watch and gary, indiana near chicago, wolf. vote counting just ahead.
4:00 pm
>> never too dull. this is a moment we're all looking forward to. the polls in all of indiana will close in the next few seconds. the eastern time zone, the central time zone at which point we will be able to make a projection. >> cnn projects that donald trump will win the republican presidential primary in the state of indiana. another very, very big win for donald trump. this is a huge win. he was effectively going one on one with ted cruz and manages to pull out a win in indiana. this is something ted cruz really needed almost make or break for ted cruz. donald trump is the winner. let's look at the actual votes coming in right now. we have a key race alert first. too early to call on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders based on the informat n information, the actual votes tallied and exit poll information, we are not able to make a projection on the democratic side. too early to call. let's take


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