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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  May 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we'll keep you posted. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got, but the voters chose another path. >> we're going after hillary clinton. she will not be a great president. she would not be a good president. she would be a poor president. >> i'm focussed on moving into the general election. we're going to have a tough campaign against a candidate who will literally say or do anything. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. hello everyone i'm kate ball win. i'm john berman.
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>> all of you predicted last june that donald trump would end up at the presumptive nominee. congratulations. all seven of you. after his huge win in indiana donald trump is in and ted cruz is out. the rnc is calling for unity. a number of unities are essentially calling for mute any. >> not there yet but donald trump is closer to 1237, like as close as i'm sitting to john berman right now. this close. on the democratic side -- >> is it comfortable? is it uncomfortable? >> you liked it. on the democratic side after winning last night in indiana, bernie sanders is vowing to stay the course. the reality there, though, is clinton's delegate lead remains essentially insurmountable. sanders needs to pick up 100% of the pledged delegations to get the nomination. we'll get to that in a second.
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first, let's talk about donald trump and the republican party. live in indianapolis. what does today mean? >> reporter: it means a clear pivot to the general election. we saw him in his victory speech last night really, not only take a victory lap, i should say, but hope that victory lap propels him very squarely against hillary clinton looking toward a general election. sources within the trump campaign tell cnn sara murray that today this shift to the general election begins in overdrive. we know that there are already conversations within the trump campaign coordinating now with a republican national committee. making key decisions where to put staffers and beef up in battle ground states. coordinating in a way they haven't done so far. also, a clear pivot toward looking toward a vice presidential pick. they're ramping up their vetting
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in their search for vice presidential nominee. trump has been clear he wants an insider as a nominee. he's been on the record many times saying he wants someone that understands the washington system. at the same time, donald trump still has to focus on campaigning and aids say he'll continue doing that going forward but clear that the trump campaign now very clearly shifting now into the general election. >> all right. sun sunlen. one guy is saying i'm still here! john kasich is still running for president even though he now is running fourth in a two-man race. he's fewer delegates now than marco rubio does. yet, as i said, his campaign goes on. we're awaiting a news conference from john kasich at dulles airport in virginia. that's where we find our phil mattingly right now. phil? >> reporter: john kasich making clear he's not getting out of the race, according to his advisors last night. and keeping it up this morning
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even trying to jump off a national star wars day putting out the star wars scroll showing if donald trump were the nominee. that's the crux of their argument of why they're staying in. more than anything else kasich's team is aware they don't have much of a path to 1237. it would be difficult to block donald trump from reaching that point. until he reaches that point, kasich wants to run to make the point there's an alternative to what trump is bringing to the table. one of the biggest frustrations over the last couple of weeks is the never donald trump movement hasn't been willing to invest in their campaign. they've been dumping millions into cruz's campaign. the hope is some of the money will swing kasich's way. kasich has ten fundraisers scheduled and a west coast swing finishing up in california on
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june 7th. the big question when he gets here, i should note his plane is still in columbus. the press conference supposed to start at 10:45 hasn't left ohio yet. the big question is what is his path? what is his goal? is there any opportunity he sees or his team sees to win? as of now, the questions don't seem -- the answers don't seem clear. that's something he has to answer if he's going to continue this campaign and all indications we've gotten up to this point is he is. >> we're awaiting with you to see when the plane lands with john kasich and we'll take the event live. a lot of questions will be going to the candidate himself. we'll see what john kasich has to say. thank you so much, phil. what does the republican national committee think of the freshly newly minted presumptive nominee? let's ask the republican party's chief strategies sean spicer. it's good to see you. >> good morning.
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that was delayed. is it a good morning? were you surprised last night? what did you think when ted cruz dropped out? >> well, i wasn't expecting that at all. that wasn't my tuesday night plan. so that kind of shook up the evening viewing i amended. it's a great thing we can come together and unify as a party. passions were high for the different candidates out there in the field. we need a little bit of time to unify has a party. the quicker we can do that and focus on the general election on hillary clinton the better. it's odd you would realize we're the party having the extra time to unify. hillary clinton lost last night. that is sort of the untold story of last night. another big win for bernie sanders. he continues to drag her through the primary which is going through june. it's going to be the republican party. we've been out there with the ground game second to none for years. it's going to continue to hamper their ability to prepare, which again will give us another
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advantage heading into the general. >> you said you were surprised that was your tuesday night. i was surprised that the chairman came out with a statement calling donald trump the presumptive nominee. i'm a little surprised this morning to hear the calls for party unify when you've been saying you don't get to 1237 unless you get to 1237. donald trump is not there. john kasich is still in the race. >> right. but the tweet was clear will be the presumptive nominee. he's not the presumptive. he doesn't have 1237. he's not the presumptive nominee. >> to use the word -- >> hold on. i'm explaining. the answer is that with the number of bound delegates remaining in the contest that has to occur, there's no question that anybody who has a third grade math will realize he'll get to 1237 and the sooner we can unite as a party and focus on the general election, the better. time is of the essence. what i think we want to do is make sure we go into cleveland united as a party and come out focussed so we can grow our
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party, add more to the ranks, and win in november. >> yeah. but you know who is listening very closely? not on us, do we listen closely to your words and read your tweets closely, sean. but john kasich's team. they're listening very closely to everything you guys say. what should they take from your words? will be the presumptive nominee. are you saying that john kasich should drop out? >> i think you've heard me say it thougroughout the campaign. every campaign has to make their position. it's never been our position to tell a candidate to stay in or get out. it's up to them. >> why? you. >> right. but it goes back to a trajectory a mathematical trajectory that exists there's no question he's going to get to the 1237. i think that's different and it's a position we found ourselves in the past. if someone was there we did it
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similar in 2012 with mitt romney. no question he was going to get the nomination. he was the only one viable to get it. not just the total with unbound but bound delegates, which is where mr. trump is now. there's no question that it makes sense as a party to start focussing on the general election as soon as possible. and that's what we're going to do. >> you know unity, it seems to be a concern right now for the party. especially based on some of the statements we're hearing from fairly prominent members of the republican party. john mccain's alter ego. saying he's going vote for hillary clinton, also, we saw a tweet from steve ted cruz supporter. there goes my time as a republican. changing our party afghanistans tomorrow. these are guys from different ends of the party. donald trump lost postof them.
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is that a problem for the party? >> well, like i said, we need more republicans. we need all the republicans we can get plus to win the election. of course it's a shame. i hope those folks will recognize the bigger picture. it's not just about election or the next four years. the number of people that hillary clinton will appoint, not just to the supreme court, but potentially all federal judgeships. never mind the additional things. the regulatory things, the effect on the budget, the crippling effect on small businesses, religious freedom, all the things that conservatives should really care about they should take a look at the big picture and say it may not have been my choice of a candidate. maybe not even my second choice. we as conservatives need to understand the wig picture that hillary clinton will take this country in a vastly different direction than any of us would want to go. i think we need to unite. we've had 17 amazing candidates at the top levels of this
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primary fight on the republican side. everybody was very passionate about the individual candidate they supported. i understand that's great. that's what's driven the increase turn out. at some point you have to recognize the bigger picture and say my individual candidate lost. i'm going to come together for the greater good because the opposite sides alternative is vastly wrong. you have a candidate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders i don't know which one will win. the frontrunner is clearly hillary clinton. she has the potential indictment of the fbi looming over her. bernie sanders wants to take the country in a socialist direction. i understand tensions are high now. they're upset their individual dropped out. their candidate may have dropped out last night, we need to focus on making sure we unite as a party and recognize the two options we have. one is vastly unacceptable and one is where we need to come together as republicans and say this is going to take our country in a much better direction. >> and hard job everyone said during the primary. it looks like we've got work ahead of you, sean.
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great to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> third grade understanding of math? >> with his eyes he said ap kalk clus. donald trump the presumptive nominee or will be the presumptive nominee -- >> exactly. >> words matter, john. >> donald trump is going to join wolf blitzer today in the situation room at 5:00 eastern time. don't miss it. plus another big one. first interview since losing indiana. hillary clinton will speak live to anderson cooper at 2:00 eastern time. that is only on cnn. a lot ahead for us. another big question that needs to be answered. will ted cruz throw his support behind donald trump? maybe too soon? that's a big question everyone is asking. especially after cruz's went after him. laid into donald trump yesterday calling him a pathological liar. we'll discuss. who would have thought that
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so if you are ted cruz and his campaign staff this morning, what is the question? one big question a lot of folks are asking is will you support donald trump as the nominee after this? >> let's talk to ron nearing the national spokesman for the cruz campaign. his tweet last night said "always cruz." thank you for being with us. you know, it must have been a tough night for you. ted cruz surprised a lot of people last night. we heard from sean specie e spig he wasn't expecting that. how was the decision made for ted cruz to bow out? >> this is a decision that has to be made by the candidate himself. this is part of a dlinted process that took place quickly over the course of the day yesterday ultimately reaching the conclusion and ultimately
8:18 am
being announced following the election results coming out in indianapolis for the state of indiana. ultimately that was a process and decision made yesterday. >> we were talking about math quite a bit with sean spicer. when you look at your math, it didn't over archly change. donald trump after last night still not at 1237. you were never going to get to 1237 before the convention. so then why drop out last night? >> well, ultimately the senator has to make that decision himself and he did after consulting with the members of the campaign team and with his family. and donald trump is in a position where he has a significant, you know, delegate lead. was there a pathway in order to get to victory? ultimately that was the conclusion that senator cruz reached that there was no longer after the results had come in in indiana. so now, you know, the fight continues. senator cruz is a member of the
8:19 am
united states senate. there are many battles yet to be fought there in the closing daydays of the obama administration. there are millions and millions of americans who didn't know who senator cruz was at the beginning of the process. the first candidate to enter the race. he's become a champion for the ideas that bring many, many people to the republican party and the conservative movement. and he'll continue to advocate, but he has a couple million more friends to join him. >> 7 million, what i saw. we couldn't help but noticing when ted cruz dropped out of the race, he didn't mention donald trump at all. by name in his speech which is unusual when someone bows out of a race like that. is ted cruz going to support donald trump as the republican nominee? >> well, one thing i think is clear about senator cruz he's someone who speaks the truth. there's a reason why that's the title of his book "time for truth." and so everything that senator
8:20 am
cruz said throughout of the course of the campaign is true then and true today. only senator cruz can speak what he'll do going forward. there are many important contests that will appear on the ballot for control of the united states senate, congress, governors, et. cetera. so ultimately senator cruz will speak to what he does with respect to the presidential contest in his own time. >> ron, just yesterday ted cruz said a whole lot. when you said he tells the truth -- >> he does. >> if he's speaking the truth like he did yesterday when he laid into donald trump. >> pathological liar. >> yeah. is there any possibility that ted cruz will support donald trump? >> well, i wouldn't engage in that type of speculation. you'll have to ask senator cruz directly. going forward we're dealing with
8:21 am
a different political landscape than at the time senator cruz entered this contest. you know, going forward any campaign is an opportunity to build an organization and millions and millions of -- 1.3 million donors, 317,000 volunteers, and a great campaign organization that proved to be aggressive and disciplined and focussed, which we saw over the course of the last couple of months. whether it was a rapid response operation lead by ryan philips or political operation and the like. ultimately, at the end of the day, what happens going forward, you know, senator cruz will speak to that. we have a ground organization. we have a great team. and the cause continues. >> ron, you know, you were chair of the california republican party. what about you? will you vote for donald trump? >> you know, i'm going to see what senator cruz does in this regard and, you know, i'm very honored to have been part of the team. it's been the greatest honor of my life. and i want to continue to remain part of that team. let's see what senator cruz
8:22 am
does. >> taking it from senator cruz on this. we'll see. ron, thank you very much. we appreciate it. thank you for coming on. we'll talk to you hopefully more. let's continue the discussion now with donald trump's team. let's talk to barry bennett, a senior advisor to the trump campaign. barry, thank you so much for coming on. we had a very interesting day yesterday and then it continued to be a very interesting night. you heard ron nehring there. you heard us talk to ron nehring. he wouldn't say one way or the other if ted cruz will put his support behind donald trump. he wouldn't say himself if he's going to support donald trump. do you guys need ted cruz? do you want his support? >> absolutely. i mean, but it's way too early to ask. you know, we're 12 hours after the primary. >> right. >> you know jeff and his team and the senator and his family, they ran an amazing campaign.
8:23 am
you know, nobody gave them the chance when they started and they ran an amazing organization. very well run, very high-tech, we can learn things from what they accomplished. so, you know, they need some rest and they should get it and we'll talk later. >> that's a markedly different tone than what we had a conversation about yesterday. i remember you saying about what ted cruz said yesterday was reprehensible. you don't know who would advise him to say the things he said about donald trump. it's different hearing you say this this morning >>well, i mean, you know, a lot has changed since yesterday. and, you know, we need to be welcoming and magnanimous and there are a lot of things happening in the primary. when i was with carson -- as a party we have to come together and we have a big task in front
8:24 am
of us to defeat hillary or bernie or whoever it is. there's only one way to do it coming together. >> one of the ways you come together, and obviously, ted cruz and others support you, they can come toward you, but the trump team could move toward them. he made magnanimous statements there. do you think donald trump owes ted cruz an apology for what he said about his father, the unsubstantiated report that his father was somewhat near lee harvey oswald with absolutely no proof whatsoever? >> i think as we move past the primary, someday the two of them will have a conversation and it will be a private conversation. it's not going to be public and certainly not today. but, you know, we just got to move past the primary. in the heat of battle people say things on all sides. and, you know, i mean, there are a lot of people who ruffled feathers from 17 candidates in the primary but it's over. whether or not john kasich realizes that or not, it's over.
8:25 am
and we need to move on. we have a big task. we have a lot of work to do. >> to clarify, barry, looking ahead, looking a the general, do you think -- does donald trump need ted cruz? >> well, we need every republican vote. we want every republican vote. ted cruz is a valuable guy. he is very smart and has a lot to offer. of course we would want him. you know, and, you know, i'm not going to speculate what he's going to do. the only thing you should do now is spend time with his family and get caught up on his rest and figure out what his future holds. no one should put him in a position today where he has to say something about you know what he thinks about donald trump or hillary clinton or anybody else. they fought very hard. they've had probably no more than a handful hours of sleep for a year. they need to rest up. >> this is magnanimity. this is outreach from barry. >> thank you, barry. >> no problem.
8:26 am
a very different day. a lot has changed. >> indiana has. >> that's a true statement. never trump? it doesn't matter no more. some republicans say they're willing to jump ship and vote for hillary clinton. we'll speak for one ahead. talking about the democratic side. math is not on his side, bernie sanders won last night and vows to keep up the right even though he knows and acknowledges he's looking at an uphill battle. what does it mean? what does it mean? what is his goal. what does it mean for hillary clinton going ahead? we'll discuss. t-mobile is going big for small business. you'll never get charged data overages...
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so it's may fourth. happy may fourth. known to some as "star wars" day. as in may the fourth be with you. today there is one candidate honoring the day. john kasich is sending this out with the title "in the not so distant future." check it out. ♪ >> so that was, you know, the kasich empire striking back this morning, but just moments ago we learned that john kasich cancelled a schedule news conference in virginia. that was supposed to be like right now. he's going to make a statement in columbus, ohio at 5:00 p.m. what does that mean?
8:32 am
let's discuss what it means going forward. a big development in the race. joining us is joseph berelli. alex burns, despite the flash wriy "star wars" joke they cancelled an event this morning and have one scheduled for 5:00 p.m. in columbus. >> do you think he's going to evacuate in his moment of triumph here? >> i don't get it. i need a cliff notes quick! >> even nerdier than yesterday. look, the path for john kasich has been virtually impossible to draw for months now. that even when he won his lone state, his home state of ohio, his only victory in the campaign. you know, his strategists expected a bounce. they expected some kind of path to verge in other mid western states like wisconsin and the northeast and places like new york. that didn't happen.
8:33 am
the appetite for his candidacy has never been there. if he bows to that reality, a lot of republicans would say it's about time. >> but it wasn't there yesterday either. so you know what has changed for john kasich? he lost his alliance partner? >> he wasn't there for ted cruz yesterday until it was. i think reality is setting in. the candidates can make a quick, sophisticated decision. frankly, when you're toward the end, you have to think about your future and how you handle your exit says so much about who you are as a person and whether you have a political future. >> the candidates are not the only ones making a decision. there's an entire stop trump movement. you invented the #nevertrump, as far as we know. what happens to these people who want to stop donald trump in the primaries. do you stick it through to the general election? >> john, let me correct you. i'm not digitally savvy enough
8:34 am
to create a hashtag. let's be clear about that. i talked to folks in california who are keyed up to get involved in stopping donald trump in individual congressional districts, targeting congressional districts for john kasich. we don't know if that's going happen. i can tell you we talked about a lot of folks who are voting for hillary clinton who are republicans. john weaver, excuse me, not john weaver but john salter said so. i'll never vote for hillary clinton or donald trump. i have a tough decision to make in the fall. doug laying down his marker what do you say to the marks and the dougs? donald trump has taken positions a lot of republicans would like to have more conservative. myself included on a couple of issues. but let's take a step back. you know, these movements, you know, stop certain people have occurred in the middle of divisive primary races. if you look back to 2008, with hillary clinton getting the, you
8:35 am
know, running in indiana. you see the same things happening. i think over half of democrats said they were not going to vote for barack obama in the general election. a full third of them said they would support john mccain we know it's going to evaporate over time. >> can i say something? this is not about positions donald trump has taken. this is about a fact that donald trump is not a republican. forget the fact he's not a conservative. he doesn't represent any of the things a republican had been running on for the last 30 years. how do republicans who identify with the republican party, who identify with, you know, not isolationism going to vote for somebody who categorically opposite of the principles they stand for? >> nobody is fighting ted cruz that he's a conservative of the year. but his major mistake in the campaign, not only indiana but a lot of places, he spent so much time talking about the sobcial issues like transgender issues. >> that i agree with.
8:36 am
>> it's on the mind of most republican voters. >> yeah, you know, i think we saw a powerful moment on cnn yesterday when jake tapper demolished donald trump's line now about lee harvey oswald and ted cruz's favorite. what was donald trump talking about this morning on tv? not about creating jobs, not about anything proactive for america but lee harvey oswald and ted cruz's father. that scares so many republicans. we see so many off base terrible things to be talking about that aren't true that benefit no american voter. >> i asked -- we asked bennett and they want ted cruz to win the general. do you think you need ted cruz to win? >> i think conservatives and moderate republicans alike have to come together and support the presumptive or the republican nominee. >> what is he doing pushing the lee harvey oswald thing? >> it was an article in the paper. i have no idea.
8:37 am
look, it's something he was actually asked about. he wrote about it in the original interview. regardless of that. the party has to come together otherwise they're going to face eight or four more years of hillary clinton. she has, in my opinion, the tougher position. her unfavorables are five points behind donald trump. donald trump has to prove he's substantiative. she has to prove she's not hillary clinton. >> let me say -- >> we're talking about the democratic race in a second. we have to head there now. thank you so much. donald trump, everyone here will agree the presumptive nominee, he will join the presumptive awesomeness of wolf blitzer in "the situation room" at 5:00 eastern. and hillary clinton doing her first interview since lose ugh indiana to bernie sanders. anderson cooper will speak to hillary clinton at 2:00 p.m. eastern live. top conservatives are vowing not to vote for donald trump. they'll now vote for hillary clinton in the wake of trump's
8:38 am
new presumptive status. coming up, one of those people who is essentially burning their republican card. he's joining us live to discuss. plus, bernie sanders with the win in indiana. does he have a path forward? what does his candidacy now mean for clinton? what does it mean for the general election? how are you supposed to choose one? simple. you don't. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios, you get to pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for just $15.99. and with this many new flavors trust me, you'll be glad you can try three. like creamy baked lobster alfredo and grilled chimichurri shrimp and panko-crusted crab cakes bursting with crabmeat. because some choices are hard, but this one, this one's easy. so hurry in before it ends!
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for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. but you can count on our 1,000 americas and canadas best value inns for room discounts, upgrades, instant rewards, and a home town touch. welcome back, everybody. an update to our viewers. we were waiting for a john kasich event to take place at dulles airport in virginia, but since, moments ago, his campaign sent out information they cancelled that event and john kasich will be making a statement in columbus, ohio at 5:00 p.m. eastern. we don't know what he'll be saying in ohio in his home state
8:43 am
at 5:00 p.m. eastern, but it has a lot of people wondering. >> indeed it does. shifting to the democrats now. bernie sanders. everyone knows at this point he won indiana beating hillary by five points. you also know everyone saying it doesn't really change the math. let's bring in alex burns, angela rye, and van jones. thank you all for being with us. alex, let's play our favorite game. hillary clinton woke up this morning saying -- >> that was annoying. >> not expecting that one. >> she lost indiana and didn't lose it by a narrow margin. it wasn't a matter of 800 votes in one county. i think it was a clear signal from the democratic base they're not necessarily bitterly opposed to her. most of people in indiana poems expect her to be the nominee. but they're not ready to just clear the path for her.
8:44 am
they kind of want to keep watching her sweat and work for it. >> van, what do you say to the folks? what do you say, van jones, every time bernie sanders wins a state. he won another state last night. everyone in the next breath is pooh-poohing it saying it doesn't change anything. >> i think democrats should say that less. i think this movement around bernie sanders is a very important development in american politics. a lot of young people who are for the first time getting involved. this is their first campaign. most of us have been doing this for a long time. in is their first campaign. they believe in this guy. they're working very hard. then they do their very, very best and then we turn around and go who cares. i think that's bad. it's not 2008. 2008 the rebels in the party won around obama then the establishment was wise enough to come around. this time the rebels are going to probably lose, and if we don't show them the proper
8:45 am
respect, they don't have to come around. they can stay home, vote for the green party, some might vote for donald trump. not that many but some. i think we need to be more celebratory of this flowering of democracy on people. >> you know respect and celebration aside, angela, you're not affiliated with either campaign now, you know, is there a point -- there's no more republican race, really. donald trump, we're saying, is a presumptive nominee. there's still a democratic race. at what point the fact there's still a race hurt the ultimate democratic nominee. it looks like it will be hillary clinton. at what point is it now harming her electability? >> i don't think it will harm her electability. i think hillary clinton has been vetted, frankly, for decades. in whatever role she's been on. i don't think she can be harmed by bernie sanders remaining in the race. i think it will only sharpen her for what we know will be a brutal general election. what i do get concerned about is
8:46 am
us not realizing what is really happening. bernie sanders last week laid off more than 200 people. he's downsizing because he knows what is legitimately happening. i think the good thing for him is once again polls were wrong and he did win a state. he won indiana. what he says is i have the opportunity and the right to continue to be able to shape the democratic agenda. there are clearly at least 45% of us that think -- i guess for him it would be 45% of y'all because he's an independent who think like us. >> she talked about hillary clinton has been vetted for years. you know someone who is clearly going to be vetted and quickly coming up whoever as her running mate. how do you think it matters to what folks say or vote. i get a sense it matters a lot to what you think, van. >> yeah, i mean, first of all, this is one of those things
8:47 am
where because both front runners have such strong unfavorables who they pick as a havp is goin to be a big signal about what they think their weaknesses are geographically or dem graphly. it's a big signal how they want you to know how they're going to govern. people say hillary clinton needs to get a moderate. if she does that, she's going have problems, you know, if she goes with a tim cain that's going to be hard for african-americans. on the other hand, she might want to grab a latino. but at the same time, you know, frankly, unless she nominates sheriff joe, the latinos are coming out for her to stop donald trump. she has tricky math to figure out. i'm curious to see what she's going to do. >> i think it's going to be especially for hillary clinton a hugely revealing choice. donald trump has done some of his thinking out loud about what he would like to see in a
8:48 am
running mate. help him with the legislative process in washington. that's out there. i think that -- and to contradict van a little bit. she enters as an overwhelming favorite. i think she has enormous latitude to choose sort of the running mate of her, you know, the best suits the governing style she wants to have. we're going to see. i think if she chooses somebody to reassure the left, i think that will say a lot how she's going to behave in office. if she chooses somebody to move to the center, i think we can interpret this as more than routine political employ the way choosing a running mate is. >> van jones' support is on the line. he's about to go green party. >> it was running on twitter last night. >> what did you say? >> elizabeth warren was running on twitter last night. she had a series of tweets like don't forget about me! i'm still here. >> hey, i tell you, there are people -- if you live in california like i do, you can
8:49 am
vote wherever you want. you have the bluest state and the reddest state. if she comes with the wrong person, i could vote green party. >> we care about you. >> thank you so much, van. thank you so much. some conservatives not saying they want to feel better at all. vowing to vote for hillary clinton instead of donald trump. coming up, we're going to speak to one of these people. someone who is never trump and means it. for an experience you won't soon forget. ♪ that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you. at the lincoln spring collection event. right now lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for 399 a month. only at the lincoln spring collection event.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. so with ted cruz out, the stop trump movement may be going down in flames. sort of like these voter registration cards some republicans on social media last night saying they're now done with the republican party now that trump is the presumptive nominee. >> joining us is ben howe who was a republican until at least a few hours ago, i think. not sure anymore. he's a contributing editor at you've been very active on the
8:54 am
twitter over the last 24 hours. among other things you have tweeted, i'm with her. meaning, i am going to vote for hillary clinton. you, ben howe. is this in fact your position, you are really going to vote for hillary clinton? >> well, first of all, i'm definitely going to be supporting everything that she does. i'm going to be trying to make sure that donald trump is defeated. i'm going to be writing articles about what donald trump is doing. and trying to expose him as best i can. i think that if it came down to it in my state, which is south carolina, and it was a competitive state, i would definitely pull the letter for her. which is not the greatest feeling in the world for me, but i think it's more important that we stop trump from getting in office. >> you can almost feel the pain and strain in your voice and you're saying it. a trump supporter with the trump campaign here in new york and he
8:55 am
said -- >> with a very different tone. >> all of them with a very different tone today. >> he said he thinks it's just going to take time and the party will unite and everyone in time will heal these wounds. do you think you'll come around? >> i think they're talking about 2012. they can't possibly be talking about 2016. because in 2016, what happened is we brought a liberal in. we gave him a huge platform where he insulted everything we've ever stood for. insulted most of our voters. insulted all of the other candidates. showed he's willing to lie at any moment blatantly and made clear that if he is elected, he'll be worse for the party than anything that has happened in its history. >> so you're okay with this helping a democrat? a lot of people say, oh, you're just electing hillary. >> there's no doubt. a lot of people say never trump
8:56 am
and never hillary. you can't be both. if you help one, you're hurting the other. that's how it works. >> you've made that decision. ben howe, thank you so much. >> would like to talk to you again soon. thank you so much for being with us. a lot coming up on cnn. wolf blitzer speaks to donald trump in the situation room and a lot more around the corner. cancer... we don't want to think about it. but i had to. because, you see i was traveling, i was enjoying life, i was working... it was too long since my last pap. when i was finally tested,
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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we begin with this breaking news. sources say that john kasich is dropping out of the presidential race. john kasich, the last against donald trump, calling it quits. phil mattingly covering the kasich campaign today. your source is telling you


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