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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  May 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we begin with this breaking news. sources say that john kasich is dropping out of the presidential race. john kasich, the last against donald trump, calling it quits. phil mattingly covering the kasich campaign today. your source is telling you this is it?
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he's calling it quits. >> that's right, ashleigh. this is a shift over the last 12 hours. after john kasich very clear last night even in the wake of ted cruz's decision to drop out he was going to stay in the race. if for no other reason, to offer some alternative to donald trump. now deciding to drop out of the race. and to tell you how kind of recent this decision was. john kasich was actually scheduled to have a press availability at doles airport and the plane never left in columbus. john kasich decided to drop out of the race. he's not coming to virginia. i'm racing to the airport right now to head up to columbus where john kasich will make a speech at 5:00 p.m. and ashleigh, this is a campaign people questioning why it was going on. he was trailing donald trump by more than 900 delegates. lagging in fund raising and essentially fourth in a two-man race and for kasich, that was an
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experience he acknowledged throughout his campaign changed him as a person and a politician and i think even up until probably this morning, there were moments he wanted to and stated publicly he's uncomfortable with and doesn't believe represents the real views of the republican party. i think reality just started to set in, ashleigh and no shortage of reasons why to drop out but one of the primary ones was probably money. he has not had a lot of money over the last couple of weeks. his campaign has been operating on a shoe string budget. that was starting to catch up with him. he had a bunch of fundraisers scheduled but looked at the math and recognized he is going to be the republican nominee and now going to step aside, ashleigh. >> phil, stand by for a moment, if you will. source telling sarah murray that kasich was actually at the airport in columbus about to fly to washington for fundraisers when he had a change of heart this morning. brief by his senior advisors
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back and forth. they discussed this decision. sarah murray on the set. i suppose when you looked at last night's coverage and saw every analyst on all the networks saying the man is running fourth in a two-man race. it is an inevitable decision that would be made. there's no mathematical way and i'm not sure he had that second vote. what were we all waiting for? >> i don't think he was necessarily doing it at this point because of the math or the delegates. he said at one point, he thought about dropping out after these mid-atlantic states voted and kind of got creamed in those contests and talked to the wife and said, give people a choice. the whole point was to offer this alternate narrative and talking to sources saying he was at the airport. he was going to go to dc. he was going to set off on this sprint of fundraisers and try to stay in a race for longer and get his message across. and they just realized that it was not possible to do it. he realized it was not feasible to stay in the race at this
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point. he briefed his senior aides and the airplane never took off and today, he'll make the announcement to drop out. the convention is going to be in his home state of ohio where he's still the sitting governor and ashleigh, that's a little awkward. john kasich is going to have to -- >> the question he's going to get from every person who crosses his path, so does that mean you're going to throw your support and your endorsement behind donald trump? what's the expectation? >> and are you going to go to the convention and can you skip the convention if you're the sitting republican governor and in your home state? and i think it will be interesting to see how he navigates that. >> wounds to heal but the backing because such a big story developing today at rapid paces. who's going to back trump? there's still a ton of haters. the never trump folks changed it to never ever. >> i think this was a personal evolution in trump. he sort of started out. was careful not to be critical of donald trump and one of the
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tipping points was really when we saw all of that violence break out when donald trump holding the rally he cancelled in chicago and john kasich watching this play out and he was sad and he was fearful for what direction our country was going in. and i think that's something that kind of lingered in the back of his head as he watched the escalating rhetoric and the violence escalate and that was another part of the reason he stayed in the race. it takes a while to heal these wounds and we'll see if that's what happens for the republican party. >> great work on phil mattingly to confirm that so quickly. our jake tapper, chief washington correspondent and host of "the lead" joining me live from dc. when the rnc puts out a statement saying that it's time for unity, it's time for people to coalesce behind trump when you're still in the race, that's also got to be something weighing heavy on his heart when john kasich made this decision. >> sure. i think what weighed heavier is he needed 240% of the remaining
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delegates in order to become the nominee and that's just mathematically impossible. plus, with ted cruz bowing out, realizing that donald trump was going to be able to get the 1,237 delegates, the majority likely before the convention, the writing was on the wall. it wasn't going to be a contested convention. and there really was no reason, no imperative for him to stay in the race. there was nothing awaiting him at the end of this train line. donald trump will be the republican presidential nominee, and this is because the voters wanted him. >> and i think, jake, this big news aside, there was even bigger news just before this happened and that was that a billionaire with no connection to politics effectively just took over the republican party, all the while criticizing it, calling the process rigged. i mean, you can't understate the
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success of donald trump. all the while, hillary clinton still hasn't sewn up her nomination. who would have thought he did it before she did? >> it's more shocking than that. ashleigh. because he is a billionaire with no connection to politics. he's a billionaire who had given hundreds and thousands of dollars to republicans and democrats including to hillary clinton just in 2008. so it's all the more stunning that this is somebody who had never held elected office but somebody who helped democrats recapture the house and senate in 2006 with his financial and campaign contributions. that's what's truly the most stunning thing about this is that he was able to convince a plurality of the republican party, the voters, that he had their best interests at heart even though he had been somebody helping to fund democrats. >> the interesting dynamic that seems to be starting. it was germinating earlier and it's getting a lot of traction. it's getting ink and it's
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getting headlines. is the republicans who say no. i don't need this unity message from the rnc. from anybody else. it just doesn't matter. they called themselves never trump before. they're calling themselves never ever trump now and just to underscore that, senator john mccain's former tweeted out, i'm with her. and back in february he wrote in real clear politics, if you can see him, meaning trump, plainly and you love our country, you must vote against him. even if that means electing hillary clinton. do we expect to hear more of those echoes? >> mark is a great man and a patriot, i know mark salter but it's more significant what his former boss, john mccain said, that he will support the republican nominee and john mccain is someone whose not only politics was attack taeked by donald trump but his war heroism. donald trump infamously saying
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he liked people were weren't captured. so if john mccain can say, i am going to support the republican nominee, then i think it's pretty clear that a lot of republicans are, in fact, going to follow his lead and not mark salter, his former chief of staff's lead. i think most republicans will coalesce around donald trump and the message of never hillary, i believe, will be more compelling to most republicans than more so than never trump. >> what you said is exactly what i thought until i heard all of these comments i'm about to play for you and our audience. have a look at this. >> would you support him as the nominee if he's the nominee? >> i don't know. >> donald trump is the most unelectab unelectable. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> people have a better choice than that. >> i have rejected a lot of what
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mr. trump has said and i think everyone should for that matter. >> reporter: this is not someone i support. for me, it's personal. >> given what we know, i can't vote for that either. >> the fact you're asking me that question, i still, at this moment, continue to intend to support the republican nominee, but getting harder every day. >> getting harder every day. a lot of days since that moment. and brian fallon with the camp sent out a message saying i do think and he said it but it means hillary's campaign could have appeal with republicans too. do you think those people who you just saw in the establishment of the republican party might actually change their minds as we go towards the general election? >> i'm well aware of the clips. some were on my show. so i don't discount the fact that there are a lot of republicans who do not want to support donald trump. and i would, if i had to guess i could go through the line and tell you which ones will stay
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true to what they said in the clips and which ones say i'll support the nominee. ben sast, the senator from nebraska. i believe he will not support donald trump. but marco rubio, i don't know. marco rubio is not a fan of donald trump. but he has made comments in the last few weeks suggesting he thinks hillary clinton is the worst of that choice. and i think a lot of republicans are going to say that. i'm not belittling the fact there is a negative feeling about donald trump among republicans on capitol hill, and among many other republicans. but i just do think that ultimately, the party on capitol hill and the party in general in terms of the voters of the republican parties will largely come around and support donald trump. i just have covered many, many bitterly contested conventions and elections and campaigns. i remember after hillary clinton lost to barack obama, 40% or
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something of her supporters say they would never support barack obama. there was a whole movement about how they would never, never come around to barack obama. they even had an acronym. p.u.m.a. party unity my something. at the end of the day, the passions subside and partisans come around. will all of them? no, absolutely not. but i do think largely, the republican party will come around donald trump and i think that you're going to see, absolutely, you'll see republicans come out in favor of hillary clinton and senators like lindsey graham kind of just beg off the question but i think generally, the majority will fall in line because that's what partisans do at the end of the day. democrats or republicans. they fall in line. >> jake tapper, thank you for that and don't miss the lead with jake tapper at 4:00 p.m. eastern time.
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it should be today as well. donald trump the day after the big win. live today on "the situation room with wolf blitzer" starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. coming up, at 2 p.m. eastern, hillary clinton will be live on cnn with anderson cooper. so much fallout. so much change in the race. these interviews, absolutely critical. coming up next. now that it's game on between trump and clinton, effectively, how are they going to change their play books to try to take each other down and will it become a whole new battle between outsider versus establishment, and what about the ugly side of politics? have we seen the ugliest yet? trugreen presents the yardley's.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. our breaking news is the second republican casualty in just, well, say overnight actually. sources telling cnn that john kasich has decided to suspend his long shot campaign for president. it was just last week that ted cruz did the same thing, holding his tent after that bruising defeat in indiana at the hands
9:18 am
of donald trump. john kasich is due to face reporters 5:00 p.m. eastern time in columbus. his home state of ohio. you're going to see it right here on cnn, and in the meantime, welcome to the first day of the rest of the campaign for president. whew. i think i can safely say buckle up. republicans are poised to nominate the first non-politician since eisenhower to carry in a general election. d dems nominate the epitome of the political insider. a professor at morhouse and a cnn political commentator and peter, a contributor to the atlantic. okay, mark, we'll start with you. there is, i mean, i think it's fair to say this is officially going to be. >> we are all on the edge of our seats. the big kasich/trump.
9:19 am
this is a formality. he wanted cruz to have his moment and then today to bow out and really close ranks around this donald trump guy. >> you think he's going to close ranks? you think john kasich will support his support behind donald trump? >> i don't think it will be full support but we need to unify as a party and move forward and we need to beat hillary. you hear people say we need to beat hillary. it's an important distinction. >> the unity issue already. we're halfway through today. the only guy who's left said about how important party unity is. have a listen. >> the party will come together. i don't think it's imperative the entire party come together. i don't want everybody. i don't want certain people that were extraordinarily. let them wait eight years or let them wait 16 years or whatever
9:20 am
because i think we're going to have a great success against probably hillary because the system is totally rigged against bernie. >> that's what he said on msnbc. he's bound to come out with a tweet or something that john kasich has effectively dropped out. her head was in her hands. the guy leading the party doesn't think unity matters. >> he thinks it matters but doesn't want everybody. i mean, let's be clear. donald trump, in order to win, needs to get every single vote that mitt romney got plus he needs to go plus on his millennials and other minorities and single women. and republican women who 30% won't vote for donald trump and now behind clinton in arizona, north carolina, utah. if you don't win those states, done. it's over. he better have party unity if he wants a prayer of winning and that means he needs to reach out
9:21 am
not just people like me but across the political spectrum. he hasn't done that. we just heard that. i don't want everyone. >> not the ted cruzs, et cetera, but people who fall in line behind those individuals he may not like. i want to show you those numbers. 10 points. more than 10 points. it's 13 points that separate hillary clinton and donald trump. this is the latest cnn poll on your choice for president america. among registered voters, 54 are saying it's a hillary president. only 41% saying it's a donald trump president. we've seen numbers like that and they change mightily. we are months and months away from november and we see how donald trump attacks and how successful his attacks are no matter how filthy or vile or even true sometimes they are. >> they've been successful in the republican party but once you leave the republican party, the political environment is very different. remember, he's been operating in an essentially all white political environment. there are few african-americans
9:22 am
and latinos who vote in republican primaries and also an older electorate than the country as a whole. as margaret said, once you go on electorate where you have to win some significant percentage of latinos and younger voters and single women. remember, they were bad with the people before donald trump. now, it's epically bad. there are no words for the republican brand and donald trump brand among the key demographic groups. yes, you can never predict the future but never have we been able to predict a general election with more certainty. >> those are the numbers you're talking about. 81-14 among nonwhites. >> this electorate will be more among white than four years ago especially because donald trump will bring out epic turnout among groups of people who do not want someone who they consider a racist to be president. >> hillary clinton has to depend on that animosity to drive up
9:23 am
the numbers of minorities that barack obama got because she doesn't elicit that kind of enthusiasm from them now. >> right. but the enthusiasm for some elements of his base that he needs. >> i'm going to get you guys after the break. you can think about this one. because a choice for vice president can do much to assuage all you are talking about. who can that person be not only for donald trump but hillary clinton. that's next. advanced hybrid technology and dynamic sport-tuned suspension... it has a side for every side of you. ♪ the lexus ct. it's up for as much as you are. this is the pursuit of perfection. my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen.
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standing against donald trump in the republican race for the nomination has decided it's over. he's decided to suspend that long shot campaign for president. somewhat unexpected this morning. that's for sure. he was actually on his way to fundraisers at the airport when this happened. we're going to hear from him live about this at 5:00 p.m. eastern time and there's this from gloria borger who says that close friends of john kasich told them this morning, quote, my heart is not in this. perhaps about the questions of these two people now. perhaps it was such a long shot for john kasich. i want to explain what you're seeing on tv is a big deal. cnn polled voters and said, who would better handle these issues? and among the registered voters, the left column is clinton and the right column is trump. that top issue is the economy and it's a top issue for a reason. nine out of ten voters say it's number one for them. the economy is number one and
9:29 am
they go for trump. he beats hillary clinton 50% to 45%. but every one of those issues below economy. terrorism, immigration, income gap, health care, foreign policy, education, climate change, that is all a hillary win. her column wins out. if it comes to the issues, folks, things are looking good for the two presumptive front runners of the party. i want to bring in margaret hoover and peter. let's start with you. that's a big old deal having a list in your favor. >> a list can shrink. the gaps can shrink over time. some things aren't going anywhere. i find it hard believe people will radically change their beliefs on foreign policy, particularly middle east policy and i think they assume the former secretary of state is stronger on that but doing well with the economy and i think that could continue and grow. and certain issues matter differently at different times. in 2008, foreign policy was all
9:30 am
people cared about. and then we have an economic collapse and you have john mccain who said, the economy is not my thing. but it mattered more. >> it matters a guy like donana trump not known to talk deeply on issues is going to have to at some point tackle these issues. do you think he's going to do it? >> i don't think he's going to have to talk about issues. he got through an entire republican primary without really talking about any issues. the most robust policy proposal is an immigration plan about how to make mexico play for the wall. and nobody serious is going to be a plausible policy. this is what people have their seat belts on for june. how is hillary clinton a savvy thoughtful policy? measure up against trump. and what happens in the general election? does this below the common denominator and what do the american people say about that?
9:31 am
>> maybe trump recognized this in himself and says this on msnbc this morning about his possible choice for vice president. have a listen. >> i think that i will say that i probably will go the political route. i have the talents and i think i'll probably go the political route. somebody who can help me with legislation and somebody who can help me get things past and somebody who's been friends with the senators of the congressmen so we don't have to go the executive order route as much as obama did. where he can't get anything approved, so just signs executive orders. >> well, go figure. the ultimate outsider has decided he's going to need an ultimate insider and maybe the policy that's required on the campaign trail will come from that guy or girl. >> i would watch newt gingrich. he's been cheerleading for donald trump a great deal recently. he is a washington insider.
9:32 am
he does know a lot about policy. he can speak for hours and hours. >> but he's not flat. >> he's perfect! check, check, check. >> i think it's important to remember, i don't think anyone on this thinks donald trump can win. i think donald trump thinks he can win. that's why he's talking about someone to help him govern. barack obama chose joe biden because joe biden to help in the government. george chose dick cheney because of the washington experience. for a guy like donald trump where i think he's delusional enough to believe he can win despite all of the evidence, i think he thinks gingrich could play that cheney and biden-like role. >> this poll i think is extraordinarily telling. we're talking about the general. when asked if they would switch their vote, liberal voters said 85% of them, gosh, i think these
9:33 am
numbers are backwards. i'm going to tell you exactly what one we're talking about. 8% of liberals said they would vote for trump. 8% said they were not interested in their front-runner. they said they'd vote for trump in a general election match-up and 28% of conservatives said they would switch over and not vote for trump. instead, they would vote for hillary. >> i think that's an emotional response. because even when you poll hillary clinton supporters right after she loses the primary to obama, a lot said we're not going to vote for obama. a month later, those numbers are very different. the stakes are high. >> this is a reaction? >> i think it's a reaction. it's frustration. >> john kasich hasn't even bowed out. what's going to happen in the next five or six hours. there's a saying democrats fall in love and republicans fall in line. and they're starting to lay the intellectual foundation while not supporting trump, falling in
9:34 am
line behind donald trump. >> john wrote a book called "independent nation" clearly outlines how this country and its elections turns on the independent voters and if you look at the independent numbers in the poll, it said independents favor hillary clinton 51% and donald trump 40%. is it still early? is it still easy to get out the independents? >> people have very strong opinions of hillary clinton and donald trump at this point. i don't think it's going to be easy to change a lot of minds. it may be true that donald trump is unencumbered and may move in significant new directions in order to try to win more moderate voters but you're talk about a guy whose negative ratings are 75% and margaret said you lost the last two elections and so you have to win all the conservatives and then you have to make inroads in democratic constituencies. single women, african-american,
9:35 am
latino, young people. donald trump is, we could not draw up in a test. we could not create in a tattoo a candidate who is in a worse position to do that right now. >> we had just as much certainty about him winning the primary. once you add the plurality. >> this is exactly to the point. if he is the nominee of the republican party, he can be elected. he can win. outside events we can't predict. >> yes. although hillary clinton beats him on terrorism, by the way, but i would say the polling in the republican race has been very constant. donald trump always polling well. he simply met his polling numbers. he's polling poorly in the general election. >> one last question. i want to make it quick though. we all looked at donald trump just opponent after opponent that we never thought could happen. he's now got hillary clinton in his sights. but hillary clinton has the benefit of watching this battle that has played before. she knows the play book of donald trump. she knows what's worked for him and she knows about all of those
9:36 am
$57 million in advertising, anti-trump advertising that had almost no effect. so very quickly sort of a one-line answer. how does she take that kind of information and run with it? >> i think she just has to present her game and not overplay her hand. i think people overthought it on the republican side and lost. >> it was a corrupt businessman. a misogynist. erratic. and starting to lay. >> appealing to republican. she is appealing to much more hostile to those perspectives than many republican voters. >> it's maybe why john podesta saying donald trump is too much of a risk. it was very pointed and had nothing to do with indiana and everything to do with donald trump. thank you so much. do appreciate it. great insight in such breaking news. we get some brand new details too about the decision of john kasich to drop out of this race
9:37 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ it is our breaking news right now. today may be the end of john kasich's presidential campaign. sources telling cnn in the past few minutes that the ohio governor called several of his closest friends this morning and told them, quote, my heart is not in this. john kasich said he'll make a formal statement in a few hours from his home base of columbus,
9:42 am
ohio. our sarah murray is here again. we were expecting him to be heading off still on the campaign. it was business as usual even all the way to the steps of the jet. >> it's kind of amazing. he had this not necessarily a public schedule event but media fund raising events and felt like they could raise enough money to sort of continue running the shoe string campaign up until cleveland and publicly last night and this morning, aides were still projecting this idea he was going to go all the way to the convention. but privately, you heard some seeds of doubt. some of the sentiment that maybe john kasich would wake up the next morning and see the light that there was no path and ultimately, it sounds like his decision is from the idea he was hoping to be a voice of hope. a voice of unity where he felt like donald trump was division and he felt like he wasn't getting the message across and people tuning him out now. >> maybe not as a candidate but could do exactly that as a vice
9:43 am
presidential candidate. so the question would be, he could bring ohio, the swing state, to trump's map. he could bring the independents and the moderate republicans to trump's map. he couldn't maybe bring the minority vote or the woman vote as well as another vp choice. but donald trump himself said today, i'm looking for an insider. a politico. a guy who knows the ropes and he knows the ropes. interested? >> john kasich does know the ropes. he spent a lot of time in congress. he knows how congress works. and john kasich does not want to be donald trump's vp. he does not want to be anyone's vp and he was public about that during his campaign saying i would be an awful vice presidential candidate. there's one, the temperament. he's used to running his own thing and not being number two but the second part of this is his own discomfort with trump's rhetoric. he's been watching this campaign and feeling like donald trump has been sewing seeds of division not just within the republican party but within the
9:44 am
country and that's sort of the opposite narrative that john kasich was trying to run on and i think he's sort of navigating how he can continue to push that message and i think we'll see a bit of that. >> over 12 hours ago, my biggest question has completely changed but it was, will ted cruz fall in behind donald trump and endorse him, back him, even vote for him, honestly, i even had to ask myself, would ted cruz vote for donald trump and i had the same questions still today and adding john kasich to the list. will he endorse for him or vote for him? do we have any feeling? >> this is an even more difficult question for john kasich because it's in his home state of ohio and doesn't sound like they've reached the point of being able to mull over those issues. this is a very fresh decision. it is a very raw open wound. and being told they haven't really discussed how they're going to deal with the convention with donald trump expecting the republican nomination in john kasich's home state. but he's going to have to figure
9:45 am
out if watching donald trump, maybe he'll tone down the rhetoric and maybe like john kasich who are moderate will feel more comfortable or maybe you can have a really awkward scenario where the sitting republican governor of ohio is not supporting the republican nominee. it remains to be seen. i think john kasich is still figuring that out. >> there's a whole long list of establishment republicans. some say john kasich is one of those still on the never trump bandwagon but changed bandwagon to never, ever donald trump. they're digging in and looking at the possibility of the down ballot disasters. they see it as that if donald trump has the ticket. do you see john kasich as part of that equation? >> john kasich was never really so much on board with the never trump thing. he was always really careful in his rhetoric even though he had problems with trump and with trump's rhetoric, he always said, i'm running on my own message and my own voters. i'm not running just to defeat donald trump. he was in a little bit of a different camp in that sense. but you have to remember, rob
9:46 am
portman, a senator in his own state will face his own tough race and that's more complicated. in the pivotal swing state of ohio, john kasich's position is not an enviable one. >> we thought it would be quieter with vacation time and the headlines would be boring. >> you can sleep in late november. >> i would say so. sarah murray, thank you so much. coming up at 2:00 p.m. eastern time today, we'll get hillary clinton's reaction to all of this news. she will be live on cnn with our anderson cooper. and then on "the situation room," donald trump will be live with wolf blitzer and that starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. so the two front runners both on cnn today. you've got to hear what they have to say with the new political landscape that has just unfolded before them. and coming up next, we still have the president who is in the white house. but today, he's not. today, he's in flint, michigan. he's in the community being briefed on that toxic water crisis. and actor mark ruffalo has been
9:47 am
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breaking, folks. live to minneapolis. the man on your screen is an attorney for a california doctor who was asked to come out to do an emergency life saving mission for prince. and just the very day that his son was able to fly out and do an assessment, prince was found dead. in fact, it was the son of that doctor who discovered, who called 9-1-1 about the discovery of prince in the elevator at his compound. i want to go live to this doctor talking about this, this lawyer talking about dr. howard cornfield that renowned authority on opioid addiction. >> this is something that andrew has done for years. he's been a spokesman for the program and how it would be in the best medical interest to go there. so he has asked to meet with prince that morning.
9:51 am
prince at some point in the morning was scheduled to meet with the minnesota doctor. when he arrived, prince was not available. they went looking for prince. couldn't initially find him. they saw the staff representatives apparently found him in an elevator unconscious. one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator where he saw that prince was unconscious. andrew was the person to make the 9-1-1 call. describing a medical emergency at paisley park. andrew in california, not locally. he didn't have the address for paisley park. the 9-1-1 call. doesn't have an address. it was prince's place, paisley
9:52 am
park. andrew and everyone at the scene was interviewed by the cairo county sheriff's office that afternoon and andrew went back to san francisco that night. although andrew had in his possession small pills, those pills were to be delivered to the minnesota doctor. there were no pills, any type of medication given to prince by andrew or by howard. those pills were taken into possession by the cairo county sheriff. it is my belief that the good samaritan 9-1-1 call provided immunity for people who make a 9-1-1 emergency call to receive
9:53 am
immunity for any medications, any controlled substances found that will provide statutory immunity to andrew relating to the medications that were found in his backpack on the scene. and again, no drugs were ever administered. there was never any attention of drugs being administered to prince by andrew or by dr. cornfeld. [ reporter asking question ] dr. cornfeld felt that his mission was a life-saving mission. he certainly felt it to be urgent. dr. cornfeld was intending to fly to minnesota but first step of the plan was to have him meet with the minnesota doctor on thursday. before dr. cornfeld couldn't clear his business schedule to minnesota. >> why tell this story now?
9:54 am
>> the star tribune contacted me. they knew i represented andrew and dr. cornfeld seemed to have significant sources. i don't know if those sources are within that cairo county sheriff's office but i have not publicized the fact i was representing him. my belief is the only logical source is within the pyro county sheriff's office. star tribune was going to run a story. whether i should comment on the story. i think we were able to influence the story that was written that appeared in today's paper by giving truthful explanations for what happened. >> interested in charging him? >> i am concerned about that. i believe that the good samaritan 9-1-1 call by andrew
9:55 am
will provide statutory immunity to him. >> who brought morphine? it's used in pain management and addiction. >> yes. yes. so it was doctor -- >> any addiction or any other illnesses other than pain pill addiction? >> i can't comment on that. there's still issues of patient confidentiality and post-mortem. dr. cornfeld was never able to meet prince. never talked to prince. and was sadly not able to arrive on time to help prince. so i don't know the answer to that question. i don't know that.
9:56 am
>> does prince know about this? >> yes. >> the first day he had contact? >> the first time he was contacted by a prince representative was the evening of wednesday, april 20th. >> so they never met? >> never met. never talked. never talked. correct. he did. yes. what? there's some inaccuracies. they did describe the medication on the scene but that medication is used in pain management as well as addiction and dr.
9:57 am
cornfeld was known in pain management and addiction. >> beyond the initial statement made at the scene, talking to investigators, has he reached back out for the last two weeks? been interrogated, interviewed in any sort of formal setting? >> he has not been interviewed since i assumed representation which was the afternoon of april 21st. >> representative of prince. i don't think it's useful to give the names. >> unconscious. unconscious. at the present time, yes. he was taken into custody and
9:58 am
interviewed and told it was a criminal investigation. >> one more question. would prince still be alive today if -- >> you know, all hindsight, of course. he wishes he had the opportunity to meet with him and treat him along with the local minnesota doctor. >> should the doctor have called local since he thought it was important to send him overnight? >> he did call the minnesota doctor and he talked to that minnesota doctor. and the minnesota doctor opened his morning schedule. cancelled all his patients. and was there all morning waiting for prince to arrive. so that was part of the plan. yes. he got the phone call on wednesday evening. and he immediately contacted minnesota doctor because he couldn't get there himself. yeah. that doctor would do an assessment to get a feel for the nature of a problem and make
9:59 am
some recommendations and treat him if need be at that time. dr. cornfeld would arrive on friday the next day. he is not a doctor. he was pre-med student. he intends to go to medical school. he's on the staff of recovery without walls. and his role on that staff has been to meet with prospective patients. so this was the type of mission that he's been on other times. >> what was the extent of his addiction? >> i don't know the answer to that question. >> how is that? >> it was difficult. it was difficult.
10:00 am
arrive after a red eye and go to talk to prince in a positive way and he arrives to see him dead in an elevator unconscious. so it was certainly a difficult time for him. >> any other medical issues? >> no information on that. >> did he try to do resuscitati resuscitation? >> no, he called 9-1-1. >> did he attempt? >> i don't believe so. the paramedics were on their way. and arrived in a couple minutes. no. i can't see around your cell phone.


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