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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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happening now in the newsroom. donald trump, a republican uniter? or divider. riling the republican party. some conservatives ige a third party candidate. and hillary clinton, facing her own dilemma. counter punch or steer clear of the presumptive nominee's attack. >> a loose cannon running our country. prince's complicated history with painkillers, his long time addiction and how it could are played a role in the singer's death. let's talk, live at the cnn newsroom. good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you for joining me. donald trump, the last republican standing, long considered one of the least likely to become the party's standard bearer in november.
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that view is held by many in the party. ben saas of nebraska, re re-energizing, if he ens up as the nominee, conservative also need to find a third option. john mccain, believes he endangers his bid. listen to what he tells supporters in this audio recording obtained by politico. >> i have no doubt that if donald trump is at the top of the ticket here in arizona with over 30% of the vote being hispanic vote, in doubt that this man may be the race of my life. people are angry. they're upset. they feel that there is this disconnect. so if you have friends here where you listen to or watch hispanic media and in this state or in the country, you will see that it is all anti-trump.
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it has aroused anger that i've never seen in 30 years. this will be a tough campaign. >> cnn's phil mattingly, live in columbus, ohio with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. john mccain in that recording, echoing what we've heard from a number of different republican campaign operatives as they've started to get their minds around the fact that donald trump is in fact the republican nominee. it is something many are grabbling with, house campaigns, the republican party in general. they thought this was a possibility. now they're facing the fact that this is real. >> i'm even surprised by it. >> donald trump's elevation to presumptive nominee of the republican party happened suddenly. even for donald trump. >> i thought that i would be going longer. >> reporter: his ascent has conservatives scrambling, deciding to back a billionaire
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vocal about his disdain for the party. >> the republican system is rigged, but in a much more sophisticated way. >> reporter: both president bushs have made it clear, they will not support trump, according to close aides. bush 41s retired from politics, and is his does son does not plan to participate in the campaign. in an interview with cnn wolf blitzer, trump is looking ahead and hitting his clearest target, the likely nominee, hillary clinton. falsely accusing her of the first to speculate on obama's citizenship. >> do you know who questioned his birth certificate, one of the first, hillary clinton. she is the one that started it. she brought it up years before it was brought up by me. and you know, so she can talk. look, here is a person, under investigation by the fbi. she is only going to get the nomination because it is a rigged deal. and frankly, maybe she won't
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even be able to run. >> reporter: new standard bearer, outlining his potential policies, taking a cue from bernie sanders, when asked if he'll raise the minimum wage. >> i'm looking at that, because i'm very different from most republicans. i mean, you have to have something that you can live on. but what i'm really to do is get people great jobs so they make much more money than that, so they make much more money than the $15. now, if you start playing around too much with the lower level, the lower level number, you're not going to become competitive. >> reporter: vowing to implement his ban from muslims entering the u.s. >> you're sticking with the ban? >> until we figure out what's going on, we have to be tough and vinl lant. >> reporter: trump focusing on running mates. >> we'll be thinking about it and vetting people. >> reporter: in a push to name check previous rivals. >> i may put ben carson on the committee, chris christie. i've had a good relationship
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with john. i've gotten along with him well. john, whether he is vice-president or not, he he will be helpful with ohio. >> reporter: john kasich saying zero chance he'll be trump's vp. his future is still left unknown. >> i have always said that the lord has a purpose for me as he has for everyone. and as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith that the lord will show me the way forward. >> reporter: carol, donald trump and his top advisors have said given time, the party will unify. people will come around. and yesterday, we did see a number of top officials say regardless of their views of donald trump, they would in fact be voting for the republican nominee. who is donald trump. but all eyes on the officials who haven't weighed in. that includes here in columbus, ohio. john kasich, just suspending his campaign last night. as you heard, donald trump willing to consider vetting him
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for vice-presidential nomination. kasich not saying whether he'll commit to backing donald trump. so carol, a lot of dissension in the republican ranks right now, as they try to get their head around the idea that donald trump, many dismissed or mocked at the start of the campaign season, knocked off one of the deepest and republican fields perhaps in the party's history in a presidential campaign, now standard bearer, and they have to unify or risk major losses come november. >> phil, reporting live from columbus, ohio this morning. let's talk about the divide, joined by commentator for usa radio networks and scottie hughes and debra demas, welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> debra, good morning. debra, you called trump a wreckless opportunist. isn't it time to give it up?
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>> i don't think so, carol. there have been approximately ten million voters in the primary who have voted for him, but more than 15 million voter whos who have voted for somebody other than donald trump. he is the most divisive candidate going into the general election, assuming he gets his nomination ratified, that we've probably ever seen. he is not going to be able to unite the republican party. and the down party, the down t ballot candidates will have trouble. i think they need to think seriously how we're going to win with the other candidates on the ballot, how we'll help them, the local and state candidates, when we have somebody as divisive as donald trump has been. he has offended just about everybody since he started this campaign. journalists, latinos, muslims, pows, disabled people. everybody, from top to bottom.
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he has offended. that is not a uniter. >> scottie, like it or not, mr. trump does need to unite republicans, all different kinds of republicans, independents into the fold. how can do you that when so many who are running for office are blaming trump, because they fear they may lose. you heard one example, senator john mccain. even texas republican says he is worried about his colleague john boozman in arkansas. this is an ad. listen. >> she ate like a pig. >> i would like in that fat ugly face of hers. he once sent a picture with the face of a dog. >> i'll support the candidate, regardless, whether it is donald
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trump. >> okay, so scottie, this ad goes on for two minutes. so how can donald trump unite republicans, when he may cost them their election? >> well, first of all, that tracking firm just released more than $75.35 million was spent to defeat mr. trump. the last time i checked, he is the only one standing with the majority of the voters. >> is that what mr. trump tells these candidates. >> i don't think you should blame mr. trump. maybe they should look at their own record. when you look at mr. mccain, record turnout in arizona. they need to look at whether they represented themselves while in office. their own beholdings or the people. you look at senator john mccain who was for amnesty, one of the leaders of the game of eight, who took out senator rubio, and now he is in the state of arizona, right there on the border, probably one of the main
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reasons why he should be worried about his race. not necessarily the record voter turnout who did not approve of him being involved in the game of eight bill. >> a whole bunch of republicans oppose trump or push a third party, won't they lose? >> well, i think there is a good chance that the republicans can lose any way. i do not see how donald trump can beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever the candidate is. donald trump has been on almost every side of every issue throughout his lifetime. in fact, had he known that hillary clinton was going to be having legal troubles at this point in time, he probably would have run as a democratic. >> that's completely false. how can you make a statement like that? you might as well be conservatives for hillary in the way that all of you are talking now. i understand your -- >> your feelings are hurt. you cannot -- no, i actually, i can question them right now. because you know what, where were you when we were fighting mitt romney or john mccain or these establishment candidates who i had to go in and vote for
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because i believed in the republican party. where were you? did you have a strong fight for them. you were not. you were sigh length. these seem people who forced us to go into the voter booths for them are now saying they don't want to vote for will trump. >> i see where debra is coming from. he is opening the door to increasing the minimum wage, that's not exactly. >> he did open it. here is the deal, he said -- >> he said, no, he said he is not had conservative principles ever. excuse me, you're not going to compare him -- >> that is a lie. >> you are not going to compare him to mitt romney or any of the others. >> he is better. he is more of a conservative. >> let debra talk. >> you do not know me and you cannot question my credentials. i am somebody who has never been questioned in the conservative movement. i've been a conservative activist for 35 years. you're younger than i am, so maybe you don't know me, but i am somebody who was with senator jesse helms for 15 years. more conservative who has walked the halls of congress than he has. i'm somebody who has been
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unequivocally pro-life and every other conservative issue all the way down the line. donald trump has not been there, sharing our values. and somebody like mitt romney was far more aligned with republican principles and values than donald trump has ever been. >> amnesty, opening our borders. look, debra, look where your -- >> you know what, we do have -- >> he has been a registered republican since -- may i speak, please? >> here, when you sit there, all these people are saying he is not conservative. what has he said on the campaign trail that has not been conservative. he said he is open to the minimum wage. he wants to bring people to the table. >> he is open to everything. >> that's the problem with republicans today. they've been so close minded. they've been black and white. an issue like this is not black and white. we do have people hurting. we have people suffering. we have people dying because of the health care. >> i am not close minded. >> let's find a solution.
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>> i have voted for every republican candidate up until now, because they have shared my core values and principles and because they have been qualified. he does not share the core values and principles that we as republicans have, and he is not the one who is going to be able to take the party of lincoln and reagan into the future. he does not represent the majority of our party. and we will not be able to win with him at the head of the ticket. so i think we will -- >> i have to leave it there, ladies. we are not -- thanks to you both. >> thank you. let's talk about the democrats now. hillary clinton has not locked up her nomination, but listen to the new attack ad that hillary clinton has rolled out on her twitter account. >> i am a unifier. we're going to a unified party. >> he is a con artist. >> a phony. >> the know nothing candidate.
6:14 am
>> donald is a bully. >> and clinton is not just letting her ads do the talking. cnn chris frates has more on an exclusive interview. >> good morning. you're exactly right. hillary clinton has wasted no time hitting the from he shally minted presumptive gop nominee. he she has been slamming donald trump in an exclusive interview with our own anderson cooper. >> i think he is a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> hillary clinton says she is ready to take on donald trump in the general election, and repeatedly calling him a loose cannon. >> i've seen the presidency up close from two different perspectives. i think know what it takes. i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. you know, donald trump has said its owes okay for other countries to get nuclear weapons. that's down right dangerous. >> but elsewhere, she is treading more lightly, declining to say whether she agrees with
6:15 am
this tweet from elizabeth warren. he built his campaign on racism, sexism and xeno phobia. >> i think elizabeth warren is very smart. how he has talked, listened to him can certainly draw that conclusion. >> do you think he is a racist. >> i'll let people judge for themselves. >> she seems unphased by his more personal barbbs. >> he has talked about your marriage, your husband. >> he is not the first one. he can't say this often enough. if he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> you're ready for it this. >> oh, please. look, this is to me a classic case of a blustering, bullying
6:16 am
guy who has knocked out of the way the republicans, because they were just dumbfounded. >> fresh off of his win, bernie sanders is also criticizing the abrasive campaign tactics at his rally last night. >> i know there is a lot of nervousness around this country that donald trump may become president. ain't gonna happen. the american people will never elect a candidate who insults people every single day in incredibly ugly ways. >> so as you hear there, sanders focusing his fire on donald trump. he didn't mention hillary clinton at all in his speech, but it really remains to be seen if this kindler, gentler bernie sanders will remain. it is mathematically impossible
6:17 am
for him to clinch the nomination, but the vermont senator has vowed to take his fight to the convention, hoping to have super delegates switch sides and hand him the nomination. >> chris, thank you. still to come in the newsroom, could charges be filed in prince's death. now information about the music icon's history with painkillers, next. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. (ray) it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) she wants to learn things.
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charges could be filed in the death of prince. the dea, the u.s. attorney's office announcing they are officially joining the investigation. two weeks after prince was found unresponsive in that elevator. this, as the former attorney for two of prince's siblings say the late musician had an addiction to percocet decades before his death. stephanie elam with more. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we're hearing from this attorney who used to represent the two
6:22 am
half siblings of prince, years ago he was told by half brother dwayne nelson that not only did he use percocet to come down from the performances, but sometimes procure it for him. what you need to know about dwayne nelson, at one point he did work here at paisley park for prince, and then was fired and ended up suing his famous half brother, and since this brother and the other sibling, they've already passed away, they could not independently verify these claims. but that's just one piece of the puzzle here that we're hearing, adding it into what we heard from the doctor yesterday. i just also, carol, he wants to alert you, a little bit to some sound that i got yesterday. i interviewed two of prince's former band members, they were with him in the family, a group that recorded nothing compares to you. well, yesterday to match up with the lyrics, but as i was talking to them, they also told me little bit about the vault.
6:23 am
take a listen. >> the number of recordings you say that you were part of is leading credence of the idea of the vault and that there are hours upon hours of music in there. what do you guys say to that in. >> i can tell you on behalf of the family, i know there is a two for sure two songs that are unreleased that we recorded in 1985. they haven't come out yet. i know those are there, but you did so much more recording with him. >> probably 90% of what i recorded of him is in the vault and has never seen the light of day. >> reporter: so interesting to talk to these gentlemen, who spent so much time with prince. saying that he lived in the music. that's what he did all the time. so he was constantly recording the fact that that room is temperature controlled and humidity controlled, and well cataloged, he said, back when he was in there, in the '90s, but giving us an about how detailed he was about taking care of his creation
6:24 am
creations, carol. >> did these two band members ever notice him taking percocet? >> reporter: no, when i asked them about did they ever see, because we heard about the stage fright, coming from dwayne nelson via the attorney. he would get quiet, a ritual he would do, a prayer, before he became, it wouldn't surprise him in the early days if he had some stage fright, but not later on. he really did live for the music. >> he lived for the music, but they never thought he was addicted to anything, because of his stage fright? or because of any pain that he suffered after a performance? >> reporter: there was none of that that came up, no. nothing that they saw. they just saw a very dedicated and a very driven performer who also knew very much what he wanted and they would spend 12, 13, 14 hours rehearsing before a performance. >> all right, stephanie elam reporting live. any next kbes is working on opioid treatment reforms.
6:25 am
medical examiner and pathologist, dr. william maroney. welcome back, doctor. >> good to see you. >> we know prince was seeking help for some kind of addiction, right, he called this famous doctor to come in and help him. the doctor sent his son. the doctor's son brought with him to prince's house a certain controlled substance, and you sent us a picture of what that looks like. can you tell us what it is? >> the name of the drug is bupornophine, it is made as a film or tablet and made to go under the tongue so it slowly absorbed, and we skip the stomach. the reason why that is very important is sometimes when you're in withdrawal and you need to start this drug and you've had problems with addiction, you're vomiting all the time. so you can't put things in the stomach. you can just keep it in your mouth, you still absorbing it. what it does is goes into the brain, and it protects the brain
6:26 am
by blocking all the sites that percocet or morphine or heroin would go to, and they can't get to the brain. and the second thing it does is it stops cravings. so if it protects you from using and it stops the cravings, those are the two things you need to stabilize the brain so that the real treatment, the counseling, can held you with the coping skills to make your life changes. >> so doctor, if a famous person called you and said you know, i really need help with addiction, would you send someone else with that drug? >> well, you have to ask questions. if you call my business and you ask to get screened to be a patient, we ask you questions. one of those questions is, have you ever overdosed. and as soon as you overdose, as soon as you have history of an overdose, the level of treatment that you need is high enough
6:27 am
that the risk may require you to go inpatient, especially if it is a recent overdose. overdosing is a hallmark in looking for treatment. everybody is looking for help. everybody has had problems. but as soon as you overdose, that is when whoever contacts me, i would say you need to go to a hospital, you need to get admitted, you need to be cleared, and i wouldn't make you wait. but the doctors that were involved, or the doctors involved, he is certified, and he is well-known. and he knows what to do, and he i have the same boards, both the american board of addiction medicine diplomates. but it is difficult. you need to screen them with that question. have you ever overdosed before and then the standard of care you offer has to meet the standard of risk they present. >> okay, so we know that prince's plane landed after he performed in atlanta, and we
6:28 am
know that he overdosed, right? would the doctor -- well, the doctor may be -- i mean, i don't want to put -- i don't want to accuse him of anything, but it was public knowledge that prince did indeed overdose. so you would advise such a patient to go to the hospital immediately? >> immediately. because it's the same thing as a suicide. your life is at risk. that's one of the key elements you click off on a checklist. if you call a hospital and say you need help, say you're depressed, they're not going to help you. as soon as you say but you know what, i'm suicidal and may hurt myself, they have to put you into something. and the other thing is, we talked about last week, the reversal drug becomes really important as soon as you have a history of overdose. and there is very easy form, this a form i showed you, the nasal spray, there is a form
6:29 am
available through the prescription, your doctor can write you a prescription, it is a nasal spray, you have to get that immediately. that is the second thing. besides the evaluation, being sent to the hospital, this can be a lifesaving drug if people around you, it takes 16 minutes on a national average for an ambulance to get to a call. you need this in two or three minutes to stop the brain damage. >> well, help came to late sadly. doctor, thank you for your insight. always appreciated. still to come in the newsroom, hillary clinton may not be calling herself the presumptive nominee, but she is sure acting like it with this new attack ad.
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the general election may be six
6:34 am
months away, but for donald trump and hillary clinton, it is not too early to start launching attack ads on each other. jabbing from the e-mail controversy to her tune oenure secretary of state. using the words of trump and his fellow republicans against him. >> i am a unifier. we're going to be a unified party. >> he is a con artist. >> a phony. >> donald trump is the no nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> an individual who mocked a disabled reporter. >> i don't remember. >> who a try bulted a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. >> the man who seems to only feel big when he is trying to make other people look small. >> don't worry about it little marco. >> the man is utterly amoral. >> the bullying, the greed, the showing off. >> i'm really rich. >> the misogyny, the absurd
6:35 am
third grade theatrics. >> count to ten, donald. >> a race baby, xeno phobic bigot. >> he is knotte he is not the c chief to keep our country safe. >> it would lead to recession. foreign policies would make america the world less safe. >> i bring people together. everybody loves me. >> he needs therapy. >> effective? let's talk about that. john gear, a distinguished professor at vanderbilt university, and author, attack ads in presidential campaigns. welcome, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for being here. i appreciate it. some political types say trump versus clinton could be one of the nastiest white house races
6:36 am
ever. you say democracy requires negativity. please explain. >> well, this campaign is a perfect example. we have two candidates on both sides, people have serious doubts about. we need to have that neglect it i havety. donald trump has said some amazing things that have gotten people upset. hillary clinton has a responsibility to let people know about those. if you listen to what donald says about himself, it is all wonderful. you'll make america great again. how will he do that and what kind of statements has he made. hillary clinton will raise these issues from now until election day. >> the way she is raised them so far, for example, that ad, where she or her surrogating don't have to say a thing, she is just using the words of other republicans, is that a good tactic to use? >> it historical precedence. lyndon johnson used them against barry goldwater.
6:37 am
confessions of a republican. this a good tactic, because these are statements people made. it is not anything being made up. that's the important part of negative ads, the stuff tends to have some factual basis. in this case, it is direct quotes and makes it powerful. >> on the other hand, it seems like, you know, republicans often took aim at trump, and then he took them out. he is now the presumptive nominee, right? so how do you fight that? >> well, first of all, nobody should under estimate donald trump. he is obviously a very powerful source. he has a knack for politics. he has been successful in an environment nobody thought he would be. i don't think hillary clinton or her team or anybody should under estimate him. he has high negatives. the one thing hillary clinton doesn't want to let happen is those high negatives start to ease. >> she has high negatives too, right? she has high negatives too. when he calls her things like crooked hillary, because his
6:38 am
nicknames tend to stick, little marco, lyin' ted, crooked hillary, is that effective? >> it could be. there is ways, right now i'm in the midst of a colleague at ucla, we're trying to test these ads and to see how they effect the public opinion. it looks like the attacks against donald trump when he makes statements about women, does carry a bit of a wall up. that will be an interesting pattern, because you can imagine, hillary clinton continuing to push on that. but i would expect by the end of the campaign, both candidates negatives could be up, because both sides will be using negative ads a lot because there is doubts about both candidates. it is only fair. >> something else that she said in an interview, it may or may not be effective, because donald trump will attack bill clinton's infidelitie infidelities, right. he'll attack the clinton marriage. anderson cooper asked her about it yesterday. listen. >> he has made references to
6:39 am
your marriage, to your husband. are you prepared? >> he is not the first one, anderson. i just can't, i can't say this often enough. he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> you're ready for that? >> oh, please. >> okay, so should she just laugh these things off and treat them as if they're ridiculous or take them head on? >> boeth. hillary clinton has been on the political scene nationally. there is sno candidate out ther to go up against that. she has to find ways to go head on and attack. but she has to realize to push her themes against him and not necessarily try to get in a tit for tat for him, but keep
6:40 am
reminding voters about the statements he has made over the years. >> the tit for tat, because that intrigues me, she could turn it around and talk about donald trump's three marriages and his only problems with fidelity. should she do that? and at what point should she do that. >> i don't think so she need does that. there is enough other statements out there. maybe some third party does that or something else, but i wouldn't do that if i were her. the one thing she has going for her is she is presidential in the sense that she has the experience for the office. people may not like her policies, may not like her for other reasons, but nobody can question about her ability to be -- to do the job. therefore, i think she should try to stay above that kind of stuff, but don't ever let him offer the map. because this will be a tough campaign and she has to continue to push back at every step of the way. >> all right, john gear, thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. still to come in the newsroom, pictures unbelievable.
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a massive wildfire raging in c canada, and taking us to the evacuation. a whole neighborhood goes up in flames. sparks flying across the windshield. so far, 1,600 homes have been destroyed. more than 90,000 people forced to flee, officials now declaring a state of emergency across alberta, as fire crews battle harsh weather conditions. chad myers is with us to tell us more. >> good morning, carol. this is up in the fort mcmurray right there into alberta, british columbia, ontar this iso
6:46 am
the east of the canadian rockies here, almost the size of two manhattans on fire now. smoke damaged or burn damage. it got to 91 degrees. think about this. this is almost the arctic circle, not quite. but it was 91 degrees over the weekend. it will still be warm for the next couple of days. we aren't going to get any relief when it comes to rainfall, a ridge up to the north, it is warmer in fort mcmurray than it is in atlanta right now. that heat slightly dim minutein 20 degrees celsius, but the wind is the problem. wind today, going down tomorrow. firefighters have had little time to get on the ground because the winds have been so shifty, they've been using air asset, but that's about it, carol. >> chad, thanks so much. free agent quarterback and heisman trophy winner, johnny
6:47 am
manziel, expected to appear in court, after domestic violence charges, after a january altercation with his ex-girlfriend. manziel was released wednesday after posting $1,500 bond. the justice department has threatened to pull federal aid from north carolina, over the state's dro controversial trans law, public bathrooms that they have until monday to respond. still to come in the newsroom, the isis fight that killed an american soldier, captured on cell phone. why the peshmerga are praising american soldiers. i have a blog called
6:48 am
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new video shows the intense firefight that killed an american navy s.e.a.l. officer charles keating iv was filled in that attack. that video caught on cell phone and obtained by "the guardian." it shows a peshmerga team under a nonstop barrage of bullets. barbara starr is following the story. she tells us more now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is a rare look for americans at what it takes, the courage and valor of being in a firefight. there were a number of navy s.e.a.l.s on the ground there when they came under attack, and they radioed troops in contact, that they were under enemy fire. a reaction force came in of
6:53 am
other navy s.e.a.l.s. charles keating part of that reaction force. you see the intense battle there. they virtually have nowhere to hide. they're crouched behind some vehicles. the navy s.e.a.l.s there to try to rescue the americans who were pinned down. all of this a fight between isis fighters and peshmerga kurdish fighters. the original s.e.a.l.s there as american advisers. keating killed in this battle. it's an extraordinary look at the rising risk that u.s. troops are facing. technically according to the pentagon not in combat, but on this day in this place combat certainly came to them. carol? >> barbara, just a question about the video that we saw. i know we only have a small portion, but can you tell me what -- were they out in the open essentially when this firefight took place? >> reporter: by all accounts they were in the relative open. what happened was that isis broke through the peshmerga front lines at that time and drove very quickly with
6:54 am
tractors, bulldozers, suicide car bombs about two miles down this road breaking through the lines, coming to the place where the s.e.a.l.s were advising the peshmerga fighters. they were supposed to be in safe ground at a base further back, but isis broke through and got there. we don't know at the exact moment whether the s.e.a.l.s were out in the open, but the firefight broke out by surprise and very quickly, carol. >> because it looks like the only protection they really have are those vehicles and they just look like standard vehicles, right? >> reporter: exactly. there are not the typical armored vehicles, heavy armored equipment that we had seen typically as americans in all the years of original conflict in iraq. this is very much a special operations force that goes very quietly, very quickly where they need to go. it is a very high-risk business. >> barbara starr reporting live for us this morning.
6:55 am
thank you. >> reporter: sure. >> i'll be right back. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray.
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i used to like that song. donald trump knocks ted cruz out of the presidential race but it was how cruz elbowed his way out that has the internet lighting up. here is more from jeanne moos. >> reporter: when fans of ted cruz say cruising for a bruising, they do not mean bruising cruz's wife. when ted announced he was suspending his campaign, his wife heidi was the one he poked and then elbowed in the head. in spiring headlines like love means no accidentally elbowing your wife in the face. the video went viral as a guilty pleasure, slo-mooed and made into countless gifts with sound effects added, even a wrestling
7:00 am
announcer's voice. tweeted one critic, why would ted cruz notice he accidentally bashed his wife's head in? he didn't know when another woman fell off the damn stage. that would be his short-lived running mate carly fiorina. >> ted cruz! >> reporter: it was ted's wife who did notice and offered a hand. back to the elbow. >> how not to hug. >> reporter: cruz was aiming to hug his father, and after elbowing his wife, it turned into a group hug. this is exactly what a real threesome is like noted a commenter on gawker. ted cruz may have elbowed his way out of the race, but you've got to hand it to the guy, that hurt. what cruz and fiorina did with their hands was almost painful to watch. from a distance it just looked a little awkward. but close up -- ♪
7:01 am
>> reporter: -- is buzz feed editor tweeted it will haunt you to the grave. actually, it was more haunting when raul castro tried to raise president obama's hand and the president resisted. better a limp wrist than a sharp elbow. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump on the verge of the republican nomination despite early dismissals that he's grossly unqualified to be the party's standard bearer in november. some republicans still hold that view. senator ben sass of nebraska re-energizing his anti-trump efforts. and standing by his facebook statement he made back in february, quote, if donald trump ends up as the gop nominee, conservatives will need to find a third option. and then there's arizona senator john mccain, the party's 2008
7:02 am
nominee. he believes trump endangers his re-election bid. listen to what he tells supporters at a private fund-raiser in this audio recording obtained by politico. >> i have no doubt that if it is donald trump at the top of the ticket here in arizona, with over 30% of the vote being hispanic vote, no doubt that this may be the race of my life. people are angry. they're upset, they feel that there is this disconnect. >> phil mattingly live in columbus, ohio, with more on this, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. john mccain facing a conundrum faced by a number of senate republicans who are facing re-election this year. how do you handle donald trump at the top of your ticket? but at least john mccain says he will support the republican nominee. not so for george h.w. bush and
7:03 am
george w. bush. both saying they will stay out of the race. no convention, no public campaigning, and no endorsement as well. it's one of the issues the trump campaign has been having to deal with. how do you get the party to unify behind a candidate. it's something his advisers and donald trump says will happen over time. something else that will happen over time according to the trump campaign, voters. they will come over to the middle where they believe trump will eventually move. it's something he underscored in his interview yesterday with wolf blitzer on the minimum wage. not an issue republicans generally win pollingwise, but here is donald trump straddling the republican and democratic positions. >> bernie sanders says he wants $15 an hour minimum wage, and he has really gone after you lately for saying you're happy with $7.25, the current federal minimum wage. you can't live on $7.25 an hour. >> no. and i'm actually looking at that because very different from most
7:04 am
republicans. you have to have something that you can live on, but what i'm really looking to do is get people great jobs so they make much more money than that, so they make much more money than the $15. >> reporter: carol, a prime example right there of how donald trump has infuriated conservatives for his willingness to buck the party orthodoxy, but appealed on some level to people perhaps not so tied to it in the past. one issue that donald trump made very clear in that long sit down with wolf blitzer was his focus has shifted and rightfully so. he is the presumptive nominee, but he has a new target. that's hillary clinton and that's the general election. take a listen. >> do you think the general election campaign has already started, you versus hillary clinton, that for all practical purposes bernie sanders is out? >> well, i think what has happened, there's been a little flip and i'm even surprised by it. i thought i'd be going longer and she'd be going shorter. she can't put it away. that's like a football team. they can't get the ball over the line. i put it away. she can't put it away.
7:05 am
i thought i'd be out there and she'd be campaigning against me. i didn't realize, so, yeah, i will be campaigning against her -- >> so the general election campaign from your perspective starts today. >> essentially it started. yeah, it started today. it started actually three months ago when i hit her pretty hard. >> reporter: and, carol, reuniting fractured party, preparing for a convention, trying to really bring everybody back into the fold. no shortage of challenges for donald trump, not to mention a potential running mate pick that has to come in the near future but as he said his focus has shifted entirely. hillary clinton and the democrats, he is on to the general election campaign. >> phil mattingly, thanks. mr. trump needs to unify his party and convince americans he is a uniter because he can't win a general election without support from women, hispanics, and african-americans. perhaps his voice of running mates could bridge that divide, but at least for now trump says he needs a running mate to
7:06 am
balance his skill set. listen to what he told wolf blitzer. >> i would want somebody that would help me from a legislative standpoint, getting things passed through senate, through congress, and to me that's why i think probably in terms of a vice president i'm going to go the political route. i don't need the business route. i have got that covered. >> somebody who has been a governor or a senator? >> somebody that -- well, somebody maybe that's even been a senator. i like that because they're dealing -- look, we want to get legislation passed. we're in total gridlock in washington. >> let's talk about mr. trump's possible vp pick. with me is s.e. cupp and donald trump supporter jeffrey lord. welcome to both of you. >> good morning, carol. >> thank you. >> good morning. so, s.e., a number of people have already turned down the prospect of being vetted by the trump camp. senator rob portman is not interested. governor nikki haley said she's got a full plate. susana martinez is not interested and governor rick scott is going to pass.
7:07 am
oklahoma governor mary fallon though said she would be honored. do you think mr. trump hiwill he a hard time? >> i think there's a lot of people that won't take that job. but that said, this is politics. there are always going to be partisans and there are always going to be big egos who see stars when a veep pick is offered to them and who will, of course, take it. and there are some people for whom it would actually be a good opportunity. trump is interesting in that, you know, because of his lack of popularity in a general and hillary has the same problem, the veep pick is actually incredibly important, i believe. he really has to shore up some of the deficiencies. you know, the fact he has no political experience. the fact he's hurting with women and minorities. he needs to address all of that with a veep pick, but because he's donald trump, he also, i think, really cares about his brand, and so the pick has to be on brand.
7:08 am
i think maybe someone like chris christie, who i think for many of us showed he's a little less politically convicted than we might have thought in the past. his tough talk i think would be a good match for donald trump and he has that political experience that donald trump would be looking for. >> but jeffrey, some people might say, well, if he chose a hispanic woman, that might help him with two communities, women and hispanics. would that be a smart pick for donald trump? >> it might. i notice that one of the things he said in the interview with wolf, you talked about personal chemistry, and that is important. clearly, and he mentioned president obama selecting joe biden, and he said, well, it might not have made sense but it made sense to senator obama, and as we've now seen after eight years, indeed, it did. the two of them work very well together as a team. as did, frankly, ronald reagan and george bush and bill clinton and al gore. so there is some importance to that, but --
7:09 am
>> let's talk about this personal chemistry thing because that intrigues me. s.e. brought up chris christie. if you look at chris christie just standing behind donald trump, he never looks very comfortable, right? ben carson, right? possibly another pick, but he doesn't really say many -- he says some unflattering things about donald trump. so chemistry. won't that be difficult to find for mr. trump? >> look, i mean, these are all people who have been on the receiving end of donald trump blows, and so i'm sure it's a little uncomfortable to now be out there cheerleading for him, but you have the choice not to. so if you're going to, i have to believe that you are, like chris christie or ben carson, willing in some way to support his policies and his rhetoric and if you're willing to be a surrogate, i assume you'd be willing to be vice president. you know, interestingly, a couple months ago i talked to a member of the trump campaign about the veep pick, and i said, you know, where are you thinking? and at the time they were looking at -- he said a
7:10 am
diversity pick and i floated the same of susana martinez and he said that's interesting. i think that would be a great match and a good opportunity for her, but as you pointed out in the beginning, she said she's not interested. that can change. we have heard people say not interested for months and months and months, and then suddenly it comes down to it, they're presented with the opportunity, and everything that comes with it, and suddenly they've been convinced to do it. >> one -- >> you sort of become a national name, right, jeffrey? >> yes. one of the things you want to -- for instance, governor christie, aside from personality and meshing with his personal chemistry, governor christie is the governor of new jersey. new jersey would be an important state for donald trump to carry, so that might help. but you also want to make sure here that you've got somebody that's not going to be -- turn
7:11 am
out to be a liability. president bush or then vice president bush selected -- passed over jack kemp and -- or i'm sorry bob dole and some other rivals and selected the then-unknown senator dan quayle and he was immediately pounced on. it turned out he was not an asset on the campaign trail. it didn't matter in the long run. bush got elected anyway. but you do want to have somebody that's not going to be exposed to the national colleagklieg lir the first time and have a problem. >> absolutely. i have to leave it there. s.e., jeffrey, thank you to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," the race that was supposed to be finished early marches on. can hillary clinton afford to shift her focus and campaign away from bernie sanders? where world-class chefs meet top-notch nutritionists.
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7:16 am
hillary clinton has not locked up her party's nomination but her focus still drifts to the republicans. clinton is seizing on the gop squeamishness with nominee trump. listen to part of a new attack ad she's rolled out on her twitter account. >> i am a unifier. we are going to be a unified party. >> he's a con artist. >> a phony. >> donald trump is the know-nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> and the ad goes on from there. clinton is not just letting the ads do all the talking. she's talking too. cnn's chris frates has mar on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. she is talking indeed. only hours after donald trump became the presumptive gop nominee, hillary clinton s, she was already labeling trump a risky choice. jive seen the presidency up close from what perspectives and i think i know what it takes and i don't think we can take a risk
7:17 am
on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. you can go down a long list, some of which he's tried to bob and weave a little bit, but i think it's a risk. i think he is a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> reporter: when anderson cooper asked if she was worried about trump attacking her husband, clinton laughed. he has called former president clinton one of the great women abuser of all time. that's a line he used last year after hillary clinton called trump sexist. >> if he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> you're ready for that? >> oh, please. >> reporter: and while clinton called trump a bully, she wouldn't call him racist, sexist, or xenophobic refusing to endorse democratic senator elizabeth warren's tweet which called trump's campaign all
7:18 am
three things, and bernie sanders, he also took some shots at trump last night arguing that the presumptive gop nominee insults people in very ugly ways, but he did refrain from insulting clinton on the stump. he didn't even mention the democratic front-runner last night, but i'll tell you it remains to be seen if that kinder, gentler bernie sanders will continue. you know, because, remember, it's mathematically impossible for sanders to win enough delegates in the remaining contests to clinch that nomination, so the vermont senator has vowed to take his fight all the way to find philadelphia to the convention to convince enough superdelegates to vote for him. >> thank you. donald trump stands alone in the gop race and clinton is itching to take him on one-on-one, but she's not pushing sanders to exit the race, at least not yet. why? listen. >> senator sanders is possible taking issue with people calling you the presumptive nominee on
7:19 am
the democratic side. what do you say to his supporters? should you be considered the presumptive nominee at this point? >> i'm not calling myself that. i know there are still some contests ahead, and i respect senator sanders and whatever choices he makes, and i really -- i have a lot of empathy about this, anderson. you know, i ran to the very end in 2008. >> with me now to talk about this is journalist and hillary clinton supporter anoosh hussein and nicki const. >> so what do you make of what clinton said about bernie sanders? >> she's right. she wanted to stay in the race until june 7th. her husband stayed in the race until the end. they let all of the primaries play out. california is coming up. they're tied in california. the next several races are very strong for bernie sanders and neither candidate based on the margins and the rules of the dnc
7:20 am
set in the '80s say that either candidate will have that 2383 pledge delegate. >> i just want -- it's mathematically impossible for bernie sanders to win. >> what is the convention for? superdelegates were set as an insurance policy after the hunt commission to create -- to basically block a donald trump from entering the party. none of those superdelegates are bound. so all this fuss we've had -- >> but look at the numbers. hillary clinton has 513 and bernie sanders has 41. that's a lot of convincing. >> we're getting distracted. they are not bound. none of them are bound. a lot of them are obligated to their voters. 200 of them haven't announce who had they're supporting. she's had 500 since august. why have a primary if she's going to have 500 pledged superdelegates in august of last year? that's just not democratic and it's disrespectful to the voters.
7:21 am
disrespectful to the voters, disrespectful to the party's rules -- >> is it disrespectful to the voters? >> i don't think it's diskrpt respectful to the voters and at this point it's mathematically impossible for sanders but the real question for the clinton camp is the millennial voters sanders has, will she switch over to the clinton camp? she's being very smart. we have to remember at the end of the day, clinton and sanders overlap a lot when it comes to their policy goals, when it comes to their goals in general. so i think it's important for her to, you know, remind his voters that she's on the same team as them and they have a shared goal of keeping a democrat in the white house, and we're talking about the millennials. when we talk about them, they are a very important voting bloc, yes, but let's not lose sight of the fact they are one of the most educated voting generations in u.s. history.
7:22 am
they're smart, they're informed, and ultimately they're going to be voting on policy, not gender, and hillary clinton is smart to remind them when it comes to policy. >> that is true, but nomiki, i will ask you this question, emotion also plays a big part in how voters feel about bernie sanders, especially bernie sanders, because it's more than just supporting a candidate, right? so it will be difficult for them to disassociate themselves emotionally from bernie sanders, right? >> i don't know. again, we're going to go to a convention. there's no doubt. the rules are no one is going to hit the 2383 pledge delegate mark and those superdelegates are going to have to declare on the floor and hillary clinton doesn't want to win by superdelegates. this is a movement driven. and you're right, millennials are the most educated generation and that's why they understand the policies of the '90s, the clinton era policies are what got us here today. what hit this generation the hardest. what hillary clinton has to be concerned about is not
7:23 am
disrespecting this voter by saying she's the presumed nominee when the math isn't true based on the rules. when the rules say the insurance policy for the democratic party is superdelegates. when you have to win your nomination based on superdelegates, many of which have obligations and patronage to the clinton campaign, that's not good for the next generation of the dnc, so the dnc -- >> so you're listening to what nomiki says. she's a passionate, ardant supporter of bernie sanders. how can hillary clinton possible convince somebody like nomiki that they have similar goals, they have similar policies, jump on board? >> well, i think that's what we're going to have to see because at the end of the day i mean it's very -- it's election season. we are getting so close. the million dollar question is, is clinton going to be able to get sanders' voters and are republican women going to -- you
7:24 am
know, who are they going to vote for if it comes down to clinton and trump, and hillary is not assuming she's going to be the nominee. she just said that she's not assuming that at all, but i think it's really important for people to remember the sanders voters and the clinton voters, how much we have in common and that we must be united in making sure it's a democrat in the white house. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," some republicans are leaving the party now that donald trump is the presumptive nominee, but he doesn't care. but can he win without them? sir, this alien life form at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know,
7:25 am
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7:29 am
checking some top stories for you at 28 minutes past. the dea and u.s. attorney's office officially joined prince's death investigation two weeks after he was found unresponsive in an elevator as a former attorney for two of prince's siblings said the late musician had an addiction to percocet decades before his death. cnn could not confirm the percocet claim since the two siblings are dead. the officers accused in the shooting of laquan mcdonald arrived in court today. mcdonald's death spawned outrage when dashcam video showed him talking away from the officers when he was shot. an attack in syria which included a suicide car bomb and a bike rigged with explosives took place about 20 miles east of homs. in the meantime, the state department says violence has been reduced in aleppo as the
7:30 am
u.s. and russia extend the cease-fire. new dashcam video taking us right into the frantic ev evacuations in alberta, canada. an entire neighborhood up in flames as a massive wildfire burns. 1600 structures have been destroyed. nearly 90,000 people forced to flee. officials declaring a state of emergency as crews battle harsh weather conditions. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump says hillary clinton will be easy to beat because she's got so much baggage, but so does he. and he may pay for that baggage in republican votes. both george bush and george h.w. bush will sit this election out. erick erickson, a powerful conservative voice, is trying to drum up a third-party candidate and more than one republican says she will actually vote for hillary clinton.
7:31 am
trump says he doesn't care if the bushes or anyone else will sit it out because he has plenty of support elsewhere. my next guest has a different opinion on that. with me is phillip klein. he deregistered as a republican on the night of the indiana primary, and david bernstein is a professor of law at george mason. he's part of the never trump movement. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> nice to have you here. phillip, mr. trump swears he will become more presidential and people will come to know him as a unifier. why don't you believe him? >> well, i think that for years and for decades he's had -- he's been a provocateur and throughout the primary he hasn't demonstrated either a basic grasp of policy or even an interest or attention span for understanding policy, and so he's made so many comments that are just bizarre and reality tv-ish it's almost like he's more of a shock jock than a
7:32 am
presidential candidate, and so i'm just very skeptical that suddenly he's going to snap his fingers and then look really presidential. >> but, look, david, mr. trump says people don't like republicans or democrats. voters are disenfranchised, and he's right about that. so why continue to fight his candidacy? >> well, i think that mr. trump is uniquely unsuited temperamentally in terms of how much he knows about policy, which as phillip said is very little, in terms of the way he's made disparaging remarks about minority groups, sexist remarks. he has the temperament basically of a professional wrestler and that's not really appropriate for a president of the united states. doesn't matter what party you are. >> you both are saying that, but he's the nominee, and a lot of people have voted for him. so apparently that's what people want in a president. >> well -- >> but i think it's important to look at the difference between the republican primary electorate and the general electorate, and certainly in the
7:33 am
republican primary voters decided that they wanted trump, but i think that -- i think that that's happening now is that because many people, including myse myself, admittedly underestimated his ability to win the republican primary, now everyone is worried about talking about how difficult it will be for him to win the presidency. because they're worried about getting caught wrong again. however, clearly the data and the polling is different in the general election. he was leading virtually wire to wire for the republican nomination. that's not true -- >> but here is the thing, and i hear what you're saying, but here is the thing. everybody thought that donald trump couldn't win the primary, and he did, right? he's the presumptive nominee, so might you be underestimating him in a general election as well? i'll throw that to david. >> i think it's entirely possible that he could win the presidential election. he starts off with about 40% of
7:34 am
the population that will vote for a republican regardless, and then who knows what scandals may arise or the economy could tank as in 2008 which helped barack obama. he's a very talented guy. we all did underestimate him, but we have to put party before country and put country first, and he's just not suited. i don't want this man's fingers anywhere near the nuclear button. >> well, phillip, some republicans are coming around, like mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, they seem to be accepting donald trump. is it possible that, you know, a month from now you'll get used to the idea as well? >> no. for me never means never, and i think that what we'll see is a distinction between professional republicans and conservatives. for professional republicans, for lawmakers, they have certain obligations. people that work in republican advertising, consultants and so forth, they're vested in the
7:35 am
republican primary, the party. but for me, i have certain values and ideas, and the only use that the republican party is to me is to the extent that traditionally they have been more likely to champion those ideas. but if they want to nominate trump, then i don't want any part of a party that would embrace this, somebody who i not only disagree with ideologically, but i think is sort of unserious to be president. it's just not serious. i don't want to be affiliated with a party that would stand up and say, this person should be trusted to be the leader of the free world. >> i'd like both of you to respond to this sentiment because you hear what democrats say. you reap what you sow. you guys are responsible for donald trump's candidate and now he's there and you have only yourselves to blame. how do you respond to that? >> i think there's plenty of blame to go around. on the democratic said, trump has said outrageous thing, but
7:36 am
you may remember when harry reid accused mitt romney for not paying income taxes. it was false and it hurt the romney campaign. i don't think either party really could take credit for being the grown-ups in the situation in the last few years. >> so phillip, who is to blame for donald trump's candidacy? >> i mean, i think a lot of people are to blame. >> including yourselves? >> i don't think that i'm to blame because i've been for years arguing for a thoughtful conservatism that focuses on policy solutions, and i think that anyone who is familiar with my writing would see that, and so i would not personally accept blame, and, in fact, i have often criticized this sort of trend among some elements of the republican party that confuse sort of -- that basically confuse the charge against elitism. conservatives are skeptical of
7:37 am
vesting power in elites and having them run everybody else's lives, but that's distinct from saying that expertise or policy knowledge or understanding of data in these issues and policy solutions, that those aren't important. >> and i just want to get this in because i'm curious, i think that where that statement comes from is this idea of party purity, that you can't ever deviate from, you know, the party's platform, and donald trump has done that, and doesn't that show, david, that that's what a lot of republicans really want? they don't want party purity. they want somebody who gets things done no matter what they believe. like throw something out there and see if it works. >> i think that's true. there have been a lot of attacks on the republican leadership, the republican party, and a lot of republicans, but let's keep in mind a minority, about 40%, voted for trump, have deidentcie just want a complete outsider. i don't think there's anything
7:38 am
wrong with an outsider of such but it should be an outsider who meets a basic criteria of decency, of knowledge of what he's talking about, of nom promulgating wild conspiracies. someone who is a serious person who could be a serious president and that's not what we've got, unfortunately. >> all right. i have to leave it there. phillip klein, david bernstein, thanks to both of you. be sure to watch "the lead" this afternoon. jake tapper has an exclusive interview with house speaker paul ryan. still to come in the "newsroom," cnn gets rare access to the most advanced submarine in the world. [phone rings] [man] hello,totten designs. sales department? yes...i can put you right through.
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7:43 am
and to keep tabs on some of america's biggest adversaries like russia, cnn's jim sciutto was the man who glot to go underwater. >> it was incredible. this confrontation with russia is becoming more public, and you see it in the fly-bys. you see it in disagreements over ukraine and syria, but what's happening undersea, it's not visible. it's really happening in secret. it's getting busier down there and it's not just russia but china, vietnam, india, much more crowded space, and we got a rare and really incredible look. >> reporter: the "uss missouri" nuclear attack submarine sailing to exercises and a deep dive off florida. the atlantic is on the front lines of a new cold war. we join for an exclusive embark. the "uss missouri" is an attack submarine. it can launch torpedos, it can launch missiles at ground
7:44 am
targets. it can deploy navy s.e.a.l. units for special prices. it is the most advanced submarine in the world and it is facing the most advanced threat to u.s. submarine forces in decades. russia is deploying attack submarines in numbers and with aggressiveness and advances in technology not seen since the cold war. and now china, north korea, vietnam, india, and others are joining a new arms race under the sea. commodore alli lewis commands a squadron of ten. >> we were operating on places where we didn't have to rely on an adversary being there to cha challenge us. we're back to the point where we have to consider there's an adversary ready to challenge us and underseas superiority is not guaranteed. >> reporter: new threats require a new state of readiness which we witnessed at every turn. missouri's 135 crew repeatedly
7:45 am
train for anti-submarine warfare. >> fire, tube two. >> reporter: they simulate firing cruise missiles from depth at targets on land. >> torpedo course 337. unit running, wire good. >> reporter: and they're constantly testing the sub's enormous speed and maneuverability. we're in the midst of another steep ascent. when you get to 25 degree angle, keep in mind, i'm standing up straight now, but as i'm leaning forward, that's keeping me vertical in relation to the ground. as the angle gets sharper. these are just exercises but the missouri, the mighty mo to the crew, has come nose to nose with real world threats and when a russian sub turned up off the coast of florida in 2012, it was the "uss missouri" called into
7:46 am
action to track it. >> that's just showing, hey, showing where they can go. i think it's operational experience. if anything were to happen, they have experience, they know those waters. i don't think it's a political statement on their part at all. >> reporter: the missouri's greatest asset may be its silence, invisible to satellites, virtually inaudible to other ships and subs, giving the u.s. the element of surprise. >> whether there is a submarine there or not, they don't know. a potential adversary has to take that into their calculus when they make decisions to do bad things. >> reporter: underwater is where they spend 90% of their time deployed. the "uss missouri" is coming into port and that's not something they do very often. the most recent deployment they were out for 181 days, 163 days were at sea. that is the life of a
7:47 am
submariner. and that is a call to action the u.s. navy's 70 submarines are getting more and more often. >> okay. was it claustrophobic down there? i can't imagine how that would be. >> i expected it to be more. i was 63 .. i thought there was a height limit, there's not. i banged my head in the first 15 seconds but i learned to duck going forward. the other thing you see is it's a real sacrifice for these crews because they don't have creature comfort. they might not even have their own banks. they have to share bunks. every bit of space is at a premium. >> just -- i don't know, just the fact that you're underneath the water would get to me. >> i'll tell you, one we were under the water about 200 feet, you don't feel the roll of the sea so you could kind of be anywhere. you don't have windows, of course, and the lights are always on. you have to fold yourself into the bank, bunk.
7:48 am
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former quarterback johnny manziel in court just about 25 minutes ago. he's facing domestic violence charges. let's check in with andy scholes. what happened? >> carol, this was not an arraignment today. manziel did not enter a plea. this was just a bond hearing. the judge laying out the conditions of manziel's bond which he posted yesterday. the judge had just two conditions for manziel. one was that he could in no way contact or be in the presence of his ex-girlfriend, colleen crawly. the other was that he could not be in the possession of a firearm. now, this was manziel's mug shot from yesterday. now, he actually tweeted about the mug shot last night saying just thankful that i had a shirt on this time referring to when he was arrested in college for fighting and possessing a fake i.d. in that mug shot in 2012 manziel did not have a shirt on and manziel has since deleted that tweet and, carol, the judge did not set a date for manziel's next court appearance so when this continues we don't know quite yet.
7:53 am
gee doesn't seem to be taking this very seriously, andy. >> well, you know, johnny manziel is a mystery right now. a week ago we saw him in a bar in columbus, ohio, watching the first round of the draft on television by himself because he was on his way to his second justin bieber concert of the week. so it appears right now that he hasn't been taking this seriously, but today in court he did, you know, answer all the questions that the judge had for him and he might now for the first time, carol, actually be taking this seriously. >> because he could face jail time, right? >> yeah. the maximum punishment for the misdemeanor assault charge is one year in jail. so we'll have to wait and see. there have been talks of a deal being cut before they ever come back to court. >> and the incident that led to his court appearance, right, he allegedly broke the eardrum of his former girlfriend. >> yeah, that's what she told police. she said he hit her so hard that her eardrum was ruptured and that same night he threatened to kill both him and her. that's what colleen crawly
7:54 am
alleges. johnny manziel's lawyer says he expects him to be acquitted of the misdemeanor assault charge. >> we'll see what happens. andy scholes, thanks so much. i'll be right back. ♪ [female narrator] you listen when your body says: "i'm tired." or, "i'm hungry."
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okay. imagine, imagine your life without a cell phone. i know, it's like atrocious. in the '80s cell phones were a ground-breaking technology that radically changed the way we stay in touch. >> when these things were first starting to pop up in the mid-1980s, the customers were people who had a business reason for needing these or some super
7:59 am
rich dude who just wanted to show off. the big break through idea was this idea of cellular systems. >> it's called cellular because your car phone is tied into different radio transmitters. each one called a cell. and as you travel, the signal from your phone travels from cell to cell. >> this was something that had never been done before. >> if you don't have one now, you probably will have one in a decade say the phonemakers as the price comes down into the range of other high-tech toys. >> there were people that understood even in the early days that being trapped in a car was not freedom. people are fundamentally naturally mobile. >> the cnn original series "the '80s" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. i'm laughing because those phones were so big and i feel so old right now. checking some other top stories at 59 minutes past. $450 million, that's how much is up for grabs in the next powerball drawing after no winning tickets were sold last night. to put it into perspective, it's
8:00 am
the ninth largest potential pay out in history. you still have time to buy a ticket. the next drawing is saturday. check this out, the president and first lady feeling the force on may 4th and getting a couple stormtroopers and r 2-d 2s dancing to uptown funk. just another day at the office. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. i don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. >> this is a person under investigation by the fbi. she's only going to get the nomination because it's a rigged deal. >> if he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> maybe she won't even be able to run. >> oh, please. hello, everyone. i'm john


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