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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 5, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and i was gone most of her life. the two little ones, i was around a lot more for. i am looking for the challenge and putting her mind to rest. >> it's an honor to have you on the show. it's more of an honor to have you. everybody should buy the book true platoon. if you want to hear more, we're talking live on facebook after the show. head over to cnn after the show. that's it for "the lead" and heading over to wolf blitzer right now. breaking news happening now a party divided. a stunning declaration from the house speaker paul ryan who in an exclusive interview says that she not yet on board with donald trump as the nominee. >> i'm just not ready do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope to. i want to, but i think what is required is that we unify the
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party. >> running meate or running awa? it's growing and some saying no thanks. can he manage to find the insider to join him in the run for the whitehouse? we're going to take you aboard a nuclear you power attack as the u.s. navy gears up to face growing russian threats under water. then a massive once in a generation gathering of the communist elite. is he going to carry out a nuclear test. i'm wolf woblitzer, and you're the situation room. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> our breaking news is the highest ranking older paul ryan says that he is not ready to
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support donald trump's candidacy just two days after naming him the nominee. ryan tell us our own jake tapper that i'm not there right now. the party first needs to come together and trump bares most of the burden for were that. many are not there either. bush 41 and 43 will not attend the convention. several trump running mates said no thanks and some antitrump republicans are weighing a third party effort. in an aggressive move and buzzing ships and planes, the submarines are challenging the u.s. and the allies. cnn goes aboard to attack and see how the u.s. navy is meeting the threats. our correspondents will will
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have the full coverage and all of the breaking news. we will get the first reaction to ryan's stunning comment. then our chief analyst is here with me. let's get right to speaker ryan's stunning refusal to endorse him for now. here is what the highest ranking official said to jake tapper just moments ago. >> you have said throughout the process that you will support the republican presidential nominee, and you now you have a nominee donald trump. will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly can did with you jake, i'm not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope too. i want too. i think what is required is that we unify the party. the bulk of the party of unifying the party will have to come from the nominee. i don't want to under play what he accomplished. he need to be con gragratulated
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winning and he is on as way to winning a moi jajority, but he inherited something and this is the party of lincoln and jack, and we don't always nominate them ever four years, but we hope that our or nominee as far as lincoln that the person advances the principles of our party and appeals to a wide vase majority of americans. so i think what is is necessary to make this work and for this to unify, is to take the principles and advance them. that's what we want to see. saying that we're unified does not unify us, but taking the principals that we all believe in and showing that there's a dedication and running the campaign that they can be proud of and what can appeal to the majority of americans that is what it takes to unify the
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party. >> so you're saying that cannot support or endorse him right now? >> yeah, i am basically saying that. that's -- you know i thought about this two days ago. i thought this was going to go to june 7th and to the convention. this is all new for us. at this point, i think that he needs do more to unify the party and bring us all together and then to go forward and then appeal to all americans and every walk of life and background and a majority of in dependen dependence. people want to know does he share the values and adherence to the constitution. there's a lot of questions that they want answers to and myself included. i want to be apart of that process. we have to unify i think for us to be successful and for us to have a campaign that we're proud
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of and that's unifiable and appeal to the majority of americans. >> well, many mr. speaker you're casting this in optimistic and positive terms. i would expect no less from you but the speaker of the house cannot support the party's nominee for president. is there something specific that he's done or said that has brought you to this moment? >> well like i said i hope to support our nominee. i hope to support him fully, and i want to do that. right now i have to tell you jake and being with you, at this point, i'm not there right now. right now it's part of the last campaign. i don't want to go back and roll the tape. i was clear and outspoken on a number of occasions that he did the wrong thing and said the wrong thing. what a lot of republicans want
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to see is that we have aa standard bare that bares the standards and unifies all of the wings of the party and we all come from different things and we all agree of the princemenip. we want someone that takes these and applies them and offer solutions that a majority of americans can vote for. that's what i think that it takes to unify the party. i think there's work that needs to be done in order to unify the party. i think that the nominee has to do that. i want to be apart of helping him do that. right now no. there's some work to to do here. it's time go from tapping and channelling that solution. it's time to set aside the bullying and to set aside the belittlement and then appeal to what is good in us, and to lead a country and party to having a vase majority of americans picking a path.
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that's why i feel so strongly about it and the opportunity in front ofs us and for this to work. the nominee needs to unify the party for it to be unified. >> okay. bringing in dana and truly a stunning twist in the latest political story if you will. how big of a set back is this for donald trump? >> it's a large set back. i don't think that there are words that can under score how big it is. there are several things that i think that are important to unpack. first and foremost, it's not just guy giving his opinion. he is the speaker of the house and head of the republican party and second in line to be president right now. this is a big deal because he is not just doing it for himself. he is sending a signal to the rank in file. first and foremost they can hang
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back, and also one source that i talked to reminded me and someone that's familiar with ryan's feeling and the house is that if there was a big trump caucus in the house of the republicans, he would not have been able to do this. this is not the way that the house works. he is giving them breathing room inside of the house but also speaking for what appears to be the majority of the house and we want leverage here. we're not going endorse you and support you until you prove that you're worthy of that endorsement. >> stand by. there's a lot more coming up. donald trump is getting ready for a rally in west virginia. that's the first of the republican nominee and sarah is on the scene for us. any reaction yet to the stunning words of paul ryan? >> well, we reached out and we're waiting to hear back from
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them. this is interesting development because you heard the tone and the last few days and weeks saying that there's a member of the establishment had gone out of the way and he mentioned the conversations that he had with mitch. in the past, they're going to the conservative house agenda. i am sure this will come to a blow with him and in a time that they're trying to consolidate. this is donald trump's first big rally since becoming a republican nominee. i think he was hoping to come out here and focus on clinton and saying that the republicans will come around. this is a wake up call that this is a little bit tough er to bring all of them around. >> sarah murray on the scene for us in west virginia. stand by over there as well. i want to get some more reaction from the political experts and dana is still with us and also
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the cnn political common at a or the and then the chief analyst and then the cnn political analyst. it does open the door gloria are the remarkable words today that took us by surprise and for others to follow the lead. >> i think that it does. i was just talking to one that said look, i don't see how this ends. this is a strategist that is involved in a lot of senate races and what if you're a moderate like kelly. you go out there and support the republican nominee. does it kind of leave you hanging out there? i mean there's a sense on the one hand as they were talking about that on the one hand they provide the political cover for people and saying that i support the paul ryan agenda. on the other hand, what can trump do to get paul ryan to say
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that i support you because they disagree on so many major issues everything from deportation of immigrants to trade. these are major issues. what has paul ryan set up a situation that he is speaking of the house and chairman of the convention and cannot get himself out of, and do they remain divided? >> yeah he is a man of principal and feels in his gut and unless donald trump takes the initiative and you unites the party, he cannot go ahead and endorse them. >> yeah, that's what the sources close to him told me point blank that he is following the gut. he did not expect to have to make this decision. he was prepping to be the chair of a contested convention, and he was shocked that ted cruz dropped out and that everybody is in this position. just to echo what you said gloria, i mean people are just
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digesting the news because it just happened. on the one hand many republicans are kind of not thrilled and are happy about paul ryan doing this and then on the hand i spoke to a source that's no fan of donald trump and helped to run a campaign against donald trump and said that he thinks that this is not so good also, and that this is paul ryan maybe not leading the house republicans the way that he should. now, i will say that person is in the minority and most say that it's a leadership role that this is what he is supposed to do and one source says that this is showing the republicans going into a strm and there's a lighthouse out there. that clearly is the message that he is trying to do. look, it was not an easy thing to do. the easy thing to do is to say that i endorse and try to get everybody. >> mitch did that yesterday.
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>> i'm sure that it was not easy, but the senate leader did that. let me get mark preston. what does it sound like or should i say the biggest obstacle right now to the speaker ryan supporting and working aggressively for the nominee. >> well, clearly there are policy differences between trump and paul ryan as gloria said on trade. the fact that donald trump said that he wants to band the u.s. muslims from coming into the u.s., and the rhetoric is the biggest obstacle. there's a lot of talk that paul ryan is looking ahead to his future and seeing a run for himself in 2020. that maybe the case. this is from the haereart of pa ryan. he is from up in buffalo and considered a compassionate
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conservative. somebody that wanted to reach out and someone that had a heart for immigrants coming into the country, and this is how he fashioned the political career. let me say this about donald trump. he has two paths to follow. first is to come out and attack paul ryan. however, he could come out and agree with paul ryan and said that we may not agree with all of the issueses but we have to unify the party. he can help to line them up behind me. who knows the path that he is going to take. he could use this as the advantage. we will see if he does. >> what's your reaction to this? it made me emotional. i know paul ryan well and respect him. i think that he has wrestled with with this. i think that it's a difficult decision. there are a lot of us that are going through the same pains right now. what are we going to do? on the one hand you don't want
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to help clinton and then cannot bring yourself to support the donald trump that we have seen in the primary. now, he said that he cannot endorse him but said if he turns into a reagan candidate, then that's a different story. so he is not shutting the door on donald trump but giving him a chance to rehabilitate himself and to prove that he is more than a cartoon character that defends everybody. a lot of o us are waiting to see that donald trump. the both ttom line is that we dt have to make the decision now. we can see how the hillary clinton thing develops and we have time to ponder this and think this. i think that for me about paul ryan i would say that it's a man that's not willing to sell the principles or the convictions and not ready to sell the soul or follow blindly and put
2:17 pm
country and who puts convention and heart over the party. i respect him and as a republican, i am glagrateful fo he said today. >> do you think that donald trump is meet the demands. >> this is stunning in the republican party. these are the two most important figures and each of them can claim to be a spokesperson for the party. donald trump has won the primary and went to 16 or 17 candidates and paul ryan is the speaker of the house and then this is difference. >> you don't think that they can do those. >> i don't think that he moves to the paul ryan view on trade and taxes and then the timings. these are two visions going forward.
2:18 pm
trump's nature is not to say okay let's sit down and talk about it. his nature is when mitt romney and the one that picked ryan as the running mate and when he krit tiezed him, he attacked him as a lose i and someone not to follow. >> as jake tapper pointed out the speaker of the house and leader of the house is the chair of the convention that's coming up in cleveland. >> yeah, and dana pointed out earlier that ryan did not expect cruz to drop out the way that he did. donald trump is the future of the republican party right now and the nominee. ryan is also the future of the republican party. my source was talking about and the big question is i don't know how this ends. how does this fight end? i was talking to eric erickson
2:19 pm
who was the conservative editor that was talking about the third party candidacy, and he said look planning his continuing for a third party he does not see this as ryan endorsing a third party. he does not see that at all, but it gives the motivation for those that want a third party going down. >> if i can add to that. >> hold on a second. >> the push than lacking manage quit critical and that's an actual candidate. they can not find someone that's said yes. what the people in that wing are hoping that paul ryan did and is convinced that somebody that's said no, whether it's a ben senator from nebraska former governor from texas that have been asked and asked and asked and turned away, maybe it gives
2:20 pm
them a reason to stay. >> go ahead. very quickly. >> let's remember that paul ryan was the candidate with mitt who he had a big policy gap on issues like immigration. this is not just issue oriented but paul ryan is a man that built his life with an exclusive party and trying to grow the tent. we all see and are are concerned about and a man that's making the moto and making it a tent and then it's only the fuel can fit in and so many do not feel welcomed. it's to what paul ryan is work withing on in his entire life. it's not just about issues. >> everyone stand by because a trump cafe spokeswoman is joining us right now. thank you very much. i need to take a quick break. we're going get from you the first official reaction from the donald trump campaign to the stunning words that we just
2:21 pm
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we're following the breaking news and new disunity in the republican party and in an exclusive interview the house speaker paul ryan and the highest ranking office holder says that he cannot support donald trump or not yet. the speaker is urging trump to unify the party and reacquaitha the goals. >> thanks. we're going get the first official reaction from the
2:26 pm
campaign. what is it? >> okay. i heard a speaker that's positions himself well to mediate some of these different fractions in the party and actually assist with the unification. i did not hear anything that concerns me. what i heard is a speaker that said he was not expecting to have to deal with this until june 7th. everyone is a little bit shell shocked. it's going take more than a few hours to get the nerves calm and deal with the -- it's been a little bit of hand to hand combat. that's going to take a little bit of a while. >> it's just a little step along the way. >> yeah, the party to say that he is the nominee and then the contest the other night this
2:27 pm
week and then the senate majority leader endorsed him and it's a stunning development and given the fact that he is a nominee. >> look. i actually think my experience with the speaker is that he is a very thoughtful individual. i believe that his best interest is in the best interest of the party, and by holding back a little bit and acting as again the mediator and again someone that's going to understand with both sides of this. it's not easy to lose a contest like this when you're looking at the long list of individuals who he knows. he is probably friends with and now at this point lost to mr. trump, and mr. trump is the original antiestablishment outside of the belt way. it's going to take a little bit of extra effort to unite everyone. i believe that the speaker is
2:28 pm
going to be a great part of again mediating the groups, and we will get to that. at this point probably before bernie is out of the race. >> he made it clear that he has serious issues with donald trump and he elaborated with jake tapper and several of the deep concerns that he has. here is the question to you as the official spokeswoman. who is he going to do to reacquaint sure the speaker of the house and unify the party and be a presidential nominee? >> well, oh my goodness it's been 24 hours. he is actively meeting with individuals. >> is he going to move away from some of the po positions whether banning muse limlims from the u states or undocumented immigrants and some of the most sensitive. do you think that he is going to start to move away from the positions? >> well, what everyone loves
2:29 pm
about mr. trump and the reason that they're voting for him is that he says what he means, and means what he says. we will actually see a move within the republican party to learning how to work with some of these new po po positions and new ideas that mr. trump has brought forward. look wolf, we have for 25 years developed the problems that have continued to develop and then another candidate on the democratic side and then nothing of the same. if the voters were interested in no changes, they will stick with the same old thing in clinton. that's not the thing that we're hearing from voters. they want to relook at the issues and want to see why are we suffering so with these trade deals. >> since the night, tuesday night when donald trump was declared the republican nominee and the chairman of the
2:30 pm
republican party did so and as well as the leadership is concerned. >> stunning. >> have their been phone conversations or any contacts at all with the speaker and trump? >> i don't know. i am not aware that there has or has not been. i do know that there's been quit a bit of as you mentioned a new minutes ago back and forth with the rnc to get moving on some of the financial arrangements that we need to do. i mange that he is reaching out. i don't know if he has talked with the speaker. i don't view this as a negative development. he is being honest. our speaker is a very honest forthright thoughtful man, and was taken back. he probably has a lot of people that he needs to talk the to and a lot of people that he needs to assure them that we can unify under mr. trump, and that we can
2:31 pm
certainly have the best opportunity in i don't know years and years to be able to successfully defeat hillary clinton and to win in november. as you know, when they looked at what happened in 2012, the road to the victory in the future was victorious. mr. trump open os all new avenu. we have voters looking at us that have not in years. right now we're getting past the obstacles within the family within the gop. it's an opportunity. we're going to i think set ourself upper if he cannily for a really resounding victory in november. >> they have to get together soon in the coming days and have a heart to heart conversation. >> we will. >> donald trump and the speaker of the house to work out the differences the if they'if they
2:32 pm
go forward. >> yeah, we started to process right now. when you look at hillary and bernie sanders, they're nowhere near starting the unification of their party. we're actually ahead of the game is mow i look at it. >> compare today the republican side, the democratic side is more unified right now. they have their own problems as we know. there's a contest going on. for the speaker of the house two days after donald trump is declared the nominee and saying that i'm not yet ready to support him, that's a big deal. there's both of these hen have a lot of work to do right thousand. >> it's 24 hours, and when you see what's happening on the democratic side, there's a lot of work on hillary's side. i nay the bernie folks are looking hard at what mr. trump
2:33 pm
has to offer. >> yeah, from what mr. trump told me in the interview. thank you very much elizabeth. she is the spokesperson from the trump campaign. we will continue the conversation. we're getting important breaking news for the democratic candidate. government sources say that the fbi's investigation of the e-mails is nearing completion stand by. new information coming in. i love good buttery chardonnay. (vo) some people get to travel for work. not too oaky. i don't love the oaky. (vo) it's the little things that make a big difference. courtyard, make room for a little fun. a grwas seeing theing the different it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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♪ ♪ since 2001, more than 700,000 comcast nbc universal volunteers have lent a hand to their communities. this year, we're extending our partnership with our friends at red nose day and global citizen. making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. here is more breaking news on the hillary clinton e-mail.
2:38 pm
the fbi in zest gags is nearing completion and they're hearing from clinton's closest aides and add vie advise advisers. pamela brown is working and the sources are first to you. what are you learning? >> well, we're hearing that clinton's closest circle have been brought in with interviews and that's one of her closest long time aides and cooperating and this really is is an indication that the fbi is wrapping up up the investigation. we expect that this is gob to be completed in the next few weeks. they're trying to keep to a from the politics but they all know that the convention is coming up in the next couple of months and they're trying to to wrap up all parts of this before we get to that important moment. >> what about any sense that there could be charges against some of the aides and maybe
2:39 pm
going higher. >> yeah, at this point it's ongoing and unlikely because so far there's not any evidence wolf to prove that clinton or the aides for that matter vile lated the law. that's not the say that the investigators said that it was a mistake and should not have happened and hillary admitted that this is a mistake. they have a tlehreshold and the bar that they have to reach to get the charges. they know that they're talk being the doj and that's up to the department of justice and then the most anticipated step of the investigation is the interview with hillary clinton and so far that's not happening and should be happening in the next few weeks and then the campaign just sent out a statement about the same and clinton has you offered to answer any questions that would help the justice department complete the review. we hope that everyone would do
2:40 pm
the same. the investigation is not over. as evan says, they're mindful that this is a presidential nominee and we're in the heed of a convention and the election is months away. >> and then the top assistant and aide to clinton and then the other aides that were interviewed and fully cooperative. >> we do know wolf that at least people that some of the lower level people that really set up the server were granted immunity, and one of the things that happens in cases like this and you don't want someone that's close to the candidate and the person that's the center of the investigation and that's any grant and then that would look bad and then know all of the details and we do know that this is the cooperation of the
2:41 pm
lawyers. >> yeah, we will stay on top of it and obviously be be interested to know when hillary clinton say that is she wants to be interviewed, and they're wrapping things up shortly there after. coming up a nuclear power attack as there's growing russian threats under water. (avo) how much protein does your dog food have? 18%? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real turkey and venison has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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the presidential race and officials telling cnn that the investigation of hillary clin n clinton's use of a private e-mail server is almost complete. clinton is campaigning in california today and also looking beyond the state's june primary and focussing on don al trump and then the decision that she is making soon and picking a vice presidential running mate. what are you hearing about this selection process? >> well, we're compiling the lists of about 15 to 230 possibilities. they're looking on someone to help take on trump as they're ramping up the attacks with the front runner. >> clinton visiting with the state leader today in california where the voters go to the polls on june 7th. he is trying to hold trump to
2:47 pm
the primary positions and tweeting out this video. >> you're going to have a deportation force. i will get rid of gun free zones in schools. my first day it gets signed. >> and signing the discourt in the gop. >> a con artist. >> he is the no nothing con date. >> clinton is fighting a candidate on the two fronts ch sanders vows to stay in the race six more weeks. >> we're going stay until the last vote is is coucounted. that's in the primary. >> june 14th is th? >> yeah, that's right. >> he is saving the attacks for donald trump. >> trump does not become president because the american people will never elect a candidate who insults people every single day in incredibly ugly ways. >> and assist to the democratic
2:48 pm
front runner as it swirls on who is the running mate. >> the most important quality is that this person could be the president at a moment's notice. there's no more important quality than that. i intend to take that very seriously and find a person that i would have a confidence to have a partner with me and most importantly to be a good president for america. >> many point to sen is or the cane. he speaks spanish and the former governor of the swing state of virginia. there are other contenders from a new generation of democratic leader. >> the next president of the united states hillary clinton. >> the young castro and the former mayor of san antonio and then tom perez. a favorite pick of the left wing and then the secretary of the labor and then new jersey
2:49 pm
senator booker. >> i need you to stand up for hillary because so much is on the line. >> he was famous of the mayor of newark and then the requests for voters to fill pot hills. >> all for clinton since he did the candidacy. >> with all of the buzz around, there's one person that's not buying it or seems to say that. tim cane saying i am not on any list that i know of. he does have a number of allies that are actively lobbying for his name on the list. it's not unusual for someone to be considered or rumored to be on the >> not raise the -- >> someone else said that. >> tom perez, he will do whatever they tell him to do. >> if they want to be vice president. >> thanks for that, brianna keilar reporting. we've seen on a different story
2:50 pm
aggressive moves by russian aircraft buzzing u.s. ships and planes. what goes unseen, what's happening underwater is significant. russia's new use of their own submarines. our chief national correspondent jim sciutto went aboard a nuclear powered sub to see how the navy is meeting this new challenge. what did you learn? >> reporter: they're constantly training for anything that may come their way, and also by presence. we were aboard the uss missouri who was there when russia started military action in syria and when russia came close to u.s. shores off the coast of florida, they called this the secret service. they tend to do this without anyone knowing. we got a rare look inside. the uss missouri nuclear attack submarine, sailing to exercises and a deep dive off florida.
2:51 pm
the atlantic is on the frontlines of a new cold war, we join for an exclusive embark. the uss missouri is an attack submarine, can launch tore paid owes, missiles at ground targets, it can deploy navy s.e.a.l. units. it is the most advanced submarine in the world. and facing the most advanced threats to us submarine forces in decade. russia is deploying attack submarines in numbers and with aggressiveness and technology not seen since the cold war. china, north korea, india, others join a new arms race under the see. this commander commands ten subs. >> we were operating platsz we didn't have to rely on an adversary there to challenge us.
2:52 pm
that's changed. we have to consider there's an adversary ready to challenge us in the undersea domain and undersea is not guaranteed. >> reporter: readiness we watched at every turn. the missouri 135 crew repeatedly train for anti-submarine warfare. they simulate firing torpedos and missiles, towards targets on sea and land. and they're constantly testing the sub's enormous speed and maneuverability. >> we are in the midst of another steep ascent. >> you hear the alarm, we approach 20 degrees. we will get to 25 degree angle. keep in mind, i am standing straight now, but as i am leaning forward, it is keeping me vertical in relation to the ground as the angle ascent gets
2:53 pm
sharper. these are just exercises, the missouri, the mighty mo has come nose to nose with real threats, in crip ee a and in syria, and when a russian sub turned up off the coast of florida in 2012, it was the uss missouri called into action to track it. >> showing hey, showing where they can go. >> i think it is operational experience, if anything were to ever happen, they have experience, they know those waters. i don't think it is a political statement on their part at all. >> reporter: the missouri's greatest asset may be its silence, invisible to satellites, inaudible to other ships and subs, giving the u.s. the element of surprise. >> whether there's a submarine there or not, they don't know. an adversary has to take that into their calculus when they make decisions to do bad things.
2:54 pm
>> reporter: so they spend 90% of their time deployed. the uss missouri is coming into port, in jacksonville, florida. that's not something if you're a submariner that you do often. the most recent deployment, they were out 181 days, 163 days at sea. that is the life of a submariner. that's a call to action the u.s. navy 70 submarines are getting more and more often. do u.s. submarines maintain an advantage? they're confident they do now, but know that russia, china and others are doing their best to catch up. wolf, it is an asymetric weapon many countries see as a way to counter act u.s. military advantage and something the u.s. commanders are taking seriously now, that challenge. >> jim sciutto thank you very much for that. a stunning declaration from paul ryan in an exclusive
2:55 pm
interview with jake tapper says he is not ready to support donald trump as the presumptive nominee. and we are getting the first official reaction directly from donald trump himself. stand by. party time, going live to north korea as kim jong-un launched a massive gathering of the communist elite. will he celebrate by launching a missile? wanna drink more water?
2:56 pm
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happening now. breaking news. not ready for trump. a shocking rebuick of the
3:00 pm
presumptive nominee by the highest ranking official. paul ryan telling cnn that he can't, repeat are can't back donald trump, at least not yet. donald trump has just responded to paul ryan. what is he saying? stand by. staying home with the party in disarray, top republicans say they're skipping the convention, including the last two republican presidents and last two republican presidential nominees. will the trump train arrive in chicago half empty? stunning video of a firefight with isis that killed an american navy s.e.a.l. the pentagon making an extraordinary admission. did s.e.a.l.s have access to all the intelligence they needed? and straw buyers, investigators are looking into weather prince's inner circle may have obtained drugs. why are federal agents involved
3:01 pm
in the probe? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." we are following breaking news, the country's highest ranking republican publicly rejecting the party's presumptive nominee, donald trump. paul ryan telling jake tapper in an exclusive interview he is not ready to endorse trump, at least not yet. it is the most striking sign of the deep division trump's campaign created within the gop. trump responded with a carefully drafted statement saying he's not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. trump is about to have a rally in west virginia, we are standing by to see what he will say about these extraordinary developments. we are covering that and more
3:02 pm
this hour with our guests, including republican national committee chief strategist and communication director sean spicer, let's begin with sunlen serfaty, she has more on the breaking news. >> reporter: this is a remarkable admission. speaker of the house paul ryan coming out now and saying he's just not ready to support donald trump yet, it really underscores how much of a war is still raging on between donald trump and factions of his own party. donald trump is facing a new wave of resistance within his own party. house speaker paul ryan speaking out today for the first time since trump became the presumptive nominee in an exclusive interview with cnn's jake tapper. >> now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump, will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid,
3:03 pm
i am not there at this point. i hope to though and i want to. i think what is required that we unify this party. i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from the presumptive nominee. >> reporter: admitting there's a lot of work to be done. >> we have a ways to go from here to there. >> reporter: this as four of the last five presidential nominees are now skipping the gop convention. >> i went through a rough primary where i was harsh on some people like jeb bush and you wonder why the bush family wants to sit it out. when i hear they want to sit it out, i don't care. that's fine if they sit it out. >> reporter: they're now working in overdrive to find a third party candidate to run against him. >> in my opinion it is not over. we can stop him and i would like to. >> reporter: nebraska republican senator ben zest with this open
3:04 pm
letter saying trump or clinton, why is that the only choice. writing i think there's room, an appetite for such a candidate. the problem no such candidate has stepped up yet. >> i do not want, nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> reporter: meantime, some panic is setting in about trump's potential effect on down ballot candidates, expressing concerns at a closed door fund-raiser according to a recording obtained by cnn. >> donald trump at the top of the ticket in arizona with 30% of the vote being hispanic vote, no doubt this may be the race of my life. >> reporter: trump in an interview was signaling he is moving forward. >> the general election campaign from your perspective starts today. >> essentially started today, started three months ago when i hit her pretty hard and she went down. >> reporter: among items on his
3:05 pm
to do list, organize a list of vice presidential options. >> i think in terms of vice president i am going to go the political route, i don't need the business route. i have that covered. >> nikki haley, no, wasn't under consideration. >> reporter: indicating openness to former rivals. >> marco is a good guy, a nice guy, and i like him, but not with respect to any certain position. >> reporter: and the finance chairman with a funding operation for the road ahead, not losing his provocative touch on twitter. saying the best taco bowls are made in trump grill. i love hispanics. >> reporter: as he tries to consolidate within the party, sources say his campaign met with roughly a dozen top aides, are working onseting up a meeting for them soon.
3:06 pm
no date has been set. >> that takes place with trump and paul ryan. sunlen serfaty. thank you so much. listen to more of what paul ryan told cnn's jake tapper in that exclusive interview as he explained why he's not yet ready to support donald trump. >> i don't want to underplay what he accomplished. he needs to be congratulated for winning a plurality of delegates and on the way to winning majority of delegates. this is the party of link on, reagan, we don't nominate one every four years. we hope our nominee as far as being lincoln and reaganesque, that that person advances the principles of our party and appeals to a vast majority of americans. i think what's necessary to make this work for this to unify is
3:07 pm
to take our principles and advance them and that's what we want to see. saying we're unified doesn't in and of itself unify us, but taking principles we all believe in, showing dedication to those, running a principled campaign republicans can be proud about and that can appeal to a majority of americans, that to me is what it takes to unify this party. >> you say you can't support or endorse him right now? >> yeah, i am basically saying that. you know, i thought about this two days ago. i thought this was going to go to june 7 at the very least, probably to a convention. so this is all pretty new for us, but at this point i think that he needs to do more to unify the party, to bring all wings of the republican party together, then to go forward and appeal to all americans in every walk of life, every background, a majority of independents and
3:08 pm
did i certaining democrats, does he believe in adherence to the constitution, there are questions that conservatives want answers to, myself included and i want to be part of this unifying process. i want to help unify this party, we have to unite to be successful, to have a campaign that you're proud of and that can appeal to a vast majority of americans. >> mr. speaker, you cast it in optimistic and positive terms, i would expect no less from you. but what you're saying is a fairly dramatic announcement that speaker of the house cannot as of now support his party's nominee for president. is there something that he has done or said that has brought you to this moment? >> like i said, i hope to support our neiman his candidacy fully and i want to do that,
3:09 pm
right now, i have to tell you, just being candid with you, at this point i am not there now and it is because of part of the last campaign. i don't want to go back and roll the tape. i was outspoken on a number of occasions i think he did the wrong thing and said the wrong thing. i will do it in the future if need be, i hope it is not necessary. i think republicans want to know we have a standard bearer, that represents all parts of the party. but we agree on a common platform of conservative principles. we want someone that takes these principles, offers solutions that a vast majority of americans can vote for and be enthusiastic about. that's what it takes to unify the party. there's work to do to unify the party. our presumptive nominee needs to do that. i want to be part of helping him do that, but right now no.
3:10 pm
i think there's some work to do here. >> note, that full interview with paul ryan, that will air later at 9:00 p.m. eastern on 360. you'll want to see the whole interview. let's bring in sarah murray, she's at the donald trump rally about to get under way in west virginia. standing by, we want to hear what donald trump has to say, i understand he just released a formal statement. >> reporter: that's right, the trump campaign did something rare, preempt donald trump on the stump, he put out a statement saying i am not ready to support trump, he put out i am not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement for the american people. they have been treated so badly for so long that it is about
3:11 pm
time for politicians to put them first. what he has said in terms of trade and the muslim ban, in recent days when he is the presumptive nominee, he is doubling down, not backing away. it will drive a rift between them even as they try to get to the establishment. >> the presumptive republican nominee. all right. we are standing by. we are anxious to see what else he says. sarah murray is in west virginia. we await more reaction from donald trump. let's get more on the breaking news. joining us, republican national committee chief strategist communications director sean spicer, sean, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> you speak for the republican national committee. were you stunned, a, when speaker of the house at 4:00 p.m. eastern told jake tapper he
3:12 pm
is not ready to endorse donald trump, and then when donald trump retaliated by saying i'm not yet ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. >> it has been a remarkable week. we started focused on indiana. a lot of people tried to figure out what the outcome of indiana would be. you've heard me say before, everyone anticipated this race would go to june 7th because donald trump won't be the presumptive nominee officially until then. there was a lot of -- no one was anticipating the week we had, ted cruz would drop out, and governor kasich would drop out. i think speaker ryan echoed that. we are anticipating having to deal were -- mr. trump talked about election night. i didn't expect that this is where i would be tonight. >> there was a reality facing
3:13 pm
us, when senator cruz wasn't continuing, the math became obvious. we wanted to be sure we partnered quick as possible, began the process of unifying the party, focus on the election. unlike the democrats that go at it, bernie sanders and hillary clinton have to go to june because she hasn't been able to breakaway from senator sanders. >> let me ask you a question. i covered politics a long time. >> i know. >> you have a presumptive nominee from either party, that person quickly becomes the leader of that party. is he for all practical purposes the leader of that party? >> we have had a very historic cycle in the republican party. we started the process back in august last year with 17 amazingly qualified candidates. the idea you can look at a previous cycle, say this is how it is supposed to go is not the case this cycle. we end up with a lot of elbows being tossed, lot of bruises.
3:14 pm
what speaker ryan and mr. trump is talking about is getting folks together to start that. >> it happened tuesday night. >> open fight between paul ryan and donald trump. >> tuesday night senator cruz decided for the good of the party to step down and start allowing the party to unify. governor kasich did the next day. this is early in the process. we have plenty of time. the democrats have a primary going back and forth. >> but republican voters across the country have spoken. they want donald trump to be the party's nominee. >> yes. he won and deserves to be -- >> he is the party's nominee. you would think, sean, correct me if i'm wrong, after he is declared the presumptive nominee, the speaker of the house would reach out to him, donald trump would reach out, they would have a little dialogue, a little conversation before you have in effect a conflict. >> from what i understand, they're working onseti setting
3:15 pm
up for next week. it is going to have, as he mentioned, the speaker cares dearly about the party. everything you heard paul ryan talk about since he got in congress through his vice president, being part of the ticket last time, ascension to house budget chairman, ways and means chairman, he cares deeply about the party. >> here's the question. they disagree. trump says you have to support my agenda, speaker wants him to support his agenda. he made that abundantly clear. who's the leader of the republican party, would it be paul ryan or donald trump. >> it is not either or. donald trump will be the presumptive nominee of the party. by de facto the largest voice out there. paul ryan is speaker of the house, highest elected official. mitch mcconnell, reince priebus,
3:16 pm
a lot of governors coast to coast, it is not one person, but yes, is the presumptive nominee the biggest voice of the party, absolutely. >> did you have any idea the speaker would do that? >> you know that chairman ryan and reince priebus -- >> was he known to say i'm not yet ready to endorse trump? >> the chairman and speaker ryan talked about the speaker's concerns to endorse. he was not aware he would be on cnn and make the comments. >> if he had known, would he have tried to, for the good of the party. you guys need to unify. >> what the chairman wants to do is bring them together, my understanding that's going to happen. >> when? >> my understanding is they're working on a date next week. the point is -- >> is reince priebus the mediator? >> he is leader of the republican national committee. you saw the tweet tuesday night. it is time as a party we unite
3:17 pm
and defeat hillary clinton. we cannot have hillary clinton in the white house. this isn't just four years, for republicans and conservatives, we have to understand spending decisions and nominations she will make to the court could last a generation and be irreversible. >> this is what the speaker told jake tapper. i want to know if trump shares conservative values on limited government, proper role of the executive and adherence to the constitution, to which donald trump replied perhaps i am not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. i am not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. then he takes this dig. they have been treated, the american people, so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians, i think he's referring to paul ryan, to put them first. >> i'm glad they're going to sit down and talk next week.
3:18 pm
>> shouldn't they have talked before this? >> this was a fast paced primary, very intense. we had a lot of candidates in there. no one was anticipating that tuesday night. senator cruz expedited it, governor kasich followed up with it. we have time, that's the beauty of what we have as opposed to the democrats. >> paul ryan says he wants to know if the leader, effective leader, the nominee, presumptive nominee donald trump accepts the adherence to the constitution, if he's ready to accept adherence to the constitution. >> like i said, it is good they'll sit down, have that conversation about where they stand on issues. speaker can talk about his agenda and policy items he is putting forth to move the country in a positive direction, put people back to work. >> what has to happen. >> they need to sit down and talk. >> who is going to change?
3:19 pm
>> it is not a question of changing, it is understanding. >> will donald trump have to walk away from the ban on all muslims, walk away on the deportation of 11 million? >> that's not what the speaker said. i don't think it is a question of you give up this. it is not compromising, it is understanding. what the speaker laid out was saying i need greater understanding of these issues from the neiman what clearly the nominee is saying i would like to know more about your thing. i get it. it is fast paced, it got whittled down quickly at the end. i think both of them know they're committed to unifying the party. one thing both of them further get, without that, we give hillary clinton a hand to get to the white house. that's a problem. every conservative should understand not being unified results in greater chance of hillary clinton presidency. >> we have a lot more to talk about. there are a lot of other divisions in the republican party emerging in the aftermath
3:20 pm
of donald trump becoming the presumptive nominee. but i know donald trump, i've known him several years. my own gut tells me when he heard these words from paul ryan to jake tapper on cnn, he saw those words as a lack of respect for donald trump as the presumptive republican nominee. but let's continue this conversation. much more with sean spicer after this. windows 10 is great because i need to keep organized, anything that makes my life easier, i'm using. "hey cortana, remind me we have a play date tomorrow at noon" i need that in my world.
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3:24 pm
breaking news this hour. a stunning rebuke of donald
3:25 pm
trump. in an exclusive interview with jake tapper, house speaker paul ryan says he is not ready yet to support donald trump as the republican presidential nominee. we are back with the republican national committee chief strategist and communications director, sean spicer. reince priebus is setting up a meeting -- >> he is not setting it up, the two individuals are setting it up themselves. >> they will meet in washington? >> that's between speaker ryan and mr. trump to figure out the details. >> who has to blink? >> i don't believe that it is a question of who is blinking, it is a question of two individuals sitting down, getting a greater understanding of the questions they have about each other. frankly, mr. trump as an individual hasn't run for public office, brought it up in the interview last night. a lot of it is understanding the speaker's policy agenda, and the speaker needs to ask him questions where he stands on key issues that are important to him and house republican conference. >> would seem like reince
3:26 pm
priebus would be a good intermediary. close to paul ryan -- >> he has been in contact with both. they connected and -- >> do you see it as a crisis now? >> no, i don't. >> how would you describe it? >> look, we entered a week no one thought we were going to. nobody woke up tuesday and said there will be a republican nominee by tonight, that's not how anyon planned the week. we started a process, myself included, that we thought would go to june 7 and thought these discussions would be happening in the next 40 days, they didn't. we are starting now, we will start the process. i believe we are unified coming into cleveland. >> you have other problems in the republican party now, there's no shortage of them. we learned mitt romney is not going to the republican national convention in july in cleveland, john mccain is not going to go,
3:27 pm
two recent republican presidential nominees. neither president bush, they won't comment or talk about donald trump. that's a serious slap in the face to the republican nominee. >> last cycle former president bush didn't attend either. i would like to have high ranking republicans there, it would be great to have them there, they're an important part. we need all the help we can to win the election, republicans and independents, soft democrats. we need to grow the party, not subtract it. but at the end of the day, there are people in cycles, senator mccain being one, that focus on their races as they should. it happens every psych em. i was involved in a member's race in 1996 that chose not to go to san diego. i was there in 2012 in charlotte where several prominent governors didn't show up for barack obama. this is part of what happens. so i know it is a good news story, but it is the reality of
3:28 pm
people that are up for re-election. >> here's another news story, republican senator from nebraska put out a statement saying this. the people deserve better than these two terrible choices, referring to donald trump and hillary clinton. they want more choices, they're right. he wants a third party candidate to emerge to run against donald trump as the republican nomin nominee and hillary clinton if she becomes the democratic nominee. >> i understand it on the democratic side, you have between hillary clinton who is under investigation by the fbi. i agree with half his statement, understating that she's a very flawed kwnd. >> trump is a flawed candidate. >> more voters than ever before participated in a process. that's who they chose. i understand we had a great number of qualified candidates, a historic number that ran this time and people passionate about the individual candidate they supported, they may have had a second choice. but now as republicans we need
3:29 pm
to come together, look what happened in 2008, barack obama went at it epically. they made up afterwards and he appointed her as secretary of state afterwards. look at what's at stake in the election. we are two days out of this. we have time. going into cleveland this is not the conversation we will be having. we will be unified. there will be excite. once people start to realize that hillary clinton is the alternative, we will not only be unified but we will continue to grow. >> you have other prominent republicans as you know that don't want a third party candidate. they say they'll vote for hillary clinton. >> a third party candidate is a step toward helping hillary clinton, bottom line. if you support a third party candidate, may as well say i support hillary clinton. that's it. there's no other option. >> there is another option. if it is a good third party candidate, if the third party candidate wins -- >> last time a third party
3:30 pm
candidate got an electoral vote was 1968. it is not going to happen. there's no organization and funding mechanism. it is not going to happen. a great cocktail conversation point. >> i raise it because the former mayor of new york city michael bloomberg said he wouldn't run and he knew if he did he would get electoral college, no one would get 270 votes and the -- >> every scenario we have the republican. end of the day, mike bloomberg was elected mayor of new york city, no easy task, understands that he couldn't do it. the idea that a bunch of people at cocktail parties around d.c. think they're going to pull together some magic solution and make it happen. >> and message to those like mike salter who say they'll support hillary clinton? >> take some time, breathe,
3:31 pm
relax. i understand it was a competitive primary. a lot of elbows thrown. i understand it. relax, take time. watch what happens. give donald trump some time to show what he wants, how he wants to lead the party. we have plenty of time, unlike the democrats. understand that hillary clinton is an unacceptable choice to anyone that considers themself a conservative as all. >> sean spicer, chief strategist, communications director. you have a tough job. thanks for joining us. much more coming up on dramatic words from house speaker paul ryan saying he is not ready to support donald trump. are his remarks unprecedented? and dramatic new video of the battle with isis that left a navy s.e.a.l. dead. did american forces have access to intelligence that could have saved his life? at cancer treatment centers of america,
3:32 pm
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and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. breaking news this hour. house speaker paul ryan says he can't endorse donald trump right now. ryan told cnn's jake tapper in an exclusive interview, i am quoting, i am not there now, trump must first work to unify the party and express support for conservative principles. trump just responded with a statement of his own saying he's not ready to support speaker
3:37 pm
ryan's agenda. let's get more with national political reporter from real clear politics, rebecca byrd, brianna keilar, secupp, and ron brownstein. speaker, it is a startling development. i don't remember a time we have seen anything like this develop shortly after republican national committee or a democratic national committee announces the presumptive nominee. >> first, let me say i am pleasantly surprised that donald trump is familiar with the speaker's agenda. that's good news, reassuring. but it is nothing short of stunning that today the republican speaker of the house came out and said he is not yet willing to endorse the presumptive republican nominee, and that is because paul ryan is a man of immense integrity, character and conservatism.
3:38 pm
some of the things donald trump sound unconservative and unconstitutional. that's an offense to paul ryan who believes deeply in causes of conservatism and acknowledges half of the republican party is not with donald trump, and donald trump needs to reach those voters to have a chance to beat hillary clinton. >> but ron brownstein, if that weren't enough, donald trump responds with this powerful statement going after speaker ryan. he says i am not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together, come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. they have been treated so badly for so long, it is about time for politicians to put them first. vintage donald trump, but it is amazing. >> it is extraordinary, unprecedented, almost unimaginable, pick your description. in some ways it is not shocking to me in two respects. first, it continues a series of unprecedented, unimaginable
3:39 pm
ruptures we have been seeing as donald trump marched toward the nomination with bush 41 and 43 saying they're not endorsing. mitt romney saying i am not coming to the convention. i wrote a column in january that the two were on a collision course, part of it are specific issues, whether immigration, trade, entitlement reform, paul ryan is an advocate, donald trump resists. the tipoff was paul ryan's mention of jack kemp, party of lincoln, reagan, kemp. ryan wants to apply those principle toss all communities, including minority communities. he reflects the fear that what he is leading the gop toward is a european style oriented toward grievances of alienated whites. i think ryan is one of the republicans that worries what that definition will mean for
3:40 pm
the party whatever happens in november in a rapidly diversified country. >> brianna keilar, in the interview he gave to jake tapper on cnn, speaker ryan says he has questions about donald trump's, quote, limited where donald trump stands on limited government, the proper role of the executive, and get this, adherence to the u.s. constitution. he has questions about trump's adherence to the constitution. >> you know, i agree with ron on this. i think it is not particularly surprising. i think it is gigantic that he said it, big news, stunning in that regard, but maybe not surprising. i think to borrow a term from budget par lance, paul ryan is worried about the out years when you talk republican brand. you could argue he could be worried about his own ambitions. i would say when he is worried about the republican brand, he
3:41 pm
sees these two things as joined. last week he was at georgetown university, had a talk, moderated by sc, it was revealing, he was talking to millennials. the america you want is open, diverse, dynamic. he is trying for a change in the republican brand, what he is talking about is different than we've heard donald trump talk about, so it would have been odd for him to just get in line, taking back what he said or turning on exactly what he had said. >> not that long ago, few days ago heard what former speaker of the house had to say about donald trump, which was pretty tough stuff. now the current speaker of the house, what does that say about divisions within the republican party? >> it is hard to imagine they'll get bridged. there are a lot that will partisan and eventually support the nominee.
3:42 pm
maybe donald trump does understand he cannot win a general election just with this group of supporters and leaving moderates and establishment people out. if he does realize, maybe he will make some of those overtures. >> john mccain is up for re-election, has a tough race in arizona. audio surfaced of him saying trump could hurt him with hispanics. this will be he says the race of his life. could trump negatively impact or down ticket republicans? >> of course. senator mccain is worried, senator ayotte, toomey, kirk, are worried. republicans that care about keeping the senate and supreme court appointment have cause to be worried about trump's effect on ballot. >> rebecca, you have been doing work on vice presidential picks for donald trump. what are you picking up? >> he has a few factors he is
3:43 pm
looking for. wants to round out the ticket, someone that will makeup for places you fall short. for him that's political experience. he is looking for an experienced politician to round out his brand. we are hearing some names, but what is interesting are all of the people already taking themselves out of consideration. very unusual, it speaks to the division in the republican party that people like john kasich, marco rubio, nikki haley are saying we want no part of this, please. do not consider us as running mate. >> ron, you wrote a fascinating piece in the atlantic saying white women could be the swing vote. >> talk about the gender gap, fact is republicans won white women in every presidential election since 1972 except one. the problem with trump is you can't win narrowly, given
3:44 pm
trouble he has with minority voters, grant him, assume he has as much as ronald reagan did, best performance in modern times with white men, he still would have to win 58% of white women to get to national majority. today he is losing among them. that 58% is more than mitt romney in 2012. it is a marker of the challenge he faces. >> thanks very much. don't go too far away. important programming note to all our viewers, the full cnn interview with paul ryan will air later tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern on ac 360. this other programming note, democratic candidate bernie sanders will be my guest here in "the situation room" tomorrow. that begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern. just ahead, we have stunning new video of a firefight with isis that killed an american navy s.e.a.l., and stunning
3:45 pm
admission by the pentagon.
3:46 pm
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. disturbing new details are emerging tonight about the death of an american navy s.e.a.l. killed in a surprise isis attack in iraq. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, is working the story for us. barbara, dramatic new video of the deadly gun battle also emerging. what's the latest? >> reporter: new details, wolf. u.s. forces are not supposed to
3:50 pm
be in combat in iraq or syria. but on this day, combat came to the navy s.e.a.l.s. gunshots ring out. an american yells. an isis stages a surprise attack. a raging gun battle unfolds in this video, exclusively obtained by the "the guardian." the blurred faces u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s, alongside kurdish peshmerga forces in iraq. with no protect but their white sioux suvs, this is the battle would kill charles keating. question of whether the s.e.a.l.s had access to all of the intelligence they desperately needed. and an extraordinary admission from the pentagon press secretary. >> and the forces there been able to see this attack coming, they would have responded differently to it. perhaps this could have been avoided. that is certainly something that we're looking at carefully. >> reporter: the s.e.a.l.s are not supposed to be in combat.
3:51 pm
they were there to visit behind the front lines. keating now mourned deeply by his family, was part of a quick reaction force called in to try to get the americans out of the line of fire. the battle had erupted suddenly. isis forces broke through the front line and reached the american positions. at 7:50, the american advisers come under fire and call for help. at 9:32, keating, who was port of the force called in, is hit by direct fire. he was medevaced within the hour, but his wound was not survivable. >> they did not anticipate this particular strike, the kind of force that was brought to bear in this particular instance. and as a result, we saw the firefight. >> reporter: as peshmerga forces tried to retake the area, coalition aircraft rolled in, carrying out more than 30 air strikes against isis positions.
3:52 pm
this gun battle got so serious, so violent, that even the medevac helicopters that came in to take keating off the line of fire came under fire themselves. wolf? >> barbara, thank you. just ahead, there's a new twist in the investigation into the death of prince. why members of his inner circle are now coming under some scrutiny. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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a new twist tonight in the investigation into the death of prince as we learn more about the role prescription pain killers may have played. brian todd is working this story for us. officials are trying to find those individuals who may have been supplying these kinds of pain killers? >> they are, wolf. new information from investigators tonight. sources telling cnn prince's inner circle is now under scrutiny. officials are zeroing in on the people closest to prince to see if any of them were runners or straw buyers for prescription drugs. ♪ tonight, investigators are intensely tracking the drugs prince had in his possession. and who gave them to him. law enforcement officials familiar with the case tell cnn, investigators believe percocet is one of the drugs prince was taking. but they don't know if that contributed to his death. experts say opiate pain killer are highly addictive and potentially harmful. >> you don't want to be using these types of medications long-term. first of all, they just don't
3:58 pm
work long-term. and second of all, people will start to use more and more because it's not controlling their pain. >> reporter: one area investigators are honing in on tonight, prince's inner circle, trying to determine if those closest to the superstar were intermediate areas and helped him obtain prescription drugs. >> obviously, they're going to look at the inner circle. they're going to look at his friends, family. they're going to look at the physicians he may be using. >> reporter: officials say the dea is joining the investigation. lending expertise about a problem called "prescription drug diversion." >> what is prescription drug diversion? >> for example, if i were to obtain a prescription for pain medication, and i didn't use all of those pills, and i gave those to my friends, that is diversion. >> reporter: and it isn't always just one person diverting the drugs to the addict. law enforcement experts say prescription drug dependence may have a network, runners who get
3:59 pm
the meds either by prescription or in the massive black market. law enforcement officials tell cnn, prince had opioids on his person and in his house when he died. and they say so far there is no indication he had a valid prescription. experts are worried about the epidemic of opioid abuse in america. >> i challenge anyone to open your medicine cabinet and determine whether you have a large supply of these opiates sitting in the medicine cabinet. most americans do. we have excessive prescribing of this medication. >> reporter: experts say some doctors prescribe opioids purely for profit and it has deadly consequences. every 19 minutes in the united states, someone dies of an opioid overdose. investigators have not yet definitively said if that is what killed prince. prince's family is not commenting on cnn's reporting of his apparent percocet use and the investigation of his inner circle. wolf? >> this is an epidemic almost unique to america, right?
4:00 pm
>> it is bizarre, wolf. the experts in the agencies which track this say america has 5% of the world's population, but americans use 80% of the world's prescription drugs. the stuff kills more people in the country than car crashes, wolf. >> brian todd, thanks very much. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, breaking news. speaker of the house tells cnn he is not ready to back donald trump. will he ever be? major breaking news tonight. and we're awaiting live reaction from donald trump this hour. plus, donald trump's son, live in studio with me on paul ryan, the vp search and his father's cinco de mayo tweet. and more breaking news. a major development in the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. the breaking news. we are awaiting donald trump. he will speak live any moment


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