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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  May 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> john, thanks for being with us. time for newsroom with pamela brown, in for carol costello. >> thanks. newsroom starts right now. are yyou're going to be so . they said you're now the nominee. >> you have presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> you don't have to vote any more. save your vote for the general election, forget this one. the primary is gone. >> he needs to do more to unify the party, bring all of the wings together. >> they're both committed to sitting down and actually talking this out. >> we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. >> no republican should ever think about supporting hillary clinton. let me make that clear.
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good morning, happy friday. i'm pamela brown, in for carol costello. thank you for being here with me. a political bombshell, house speaker paul ryan and donald trump meeting behind closed doors next week. after ryan tells cnn he is not ready to back trump. trump punched back saying he is not ready to back ryan's agenda in congress. even trump caught off-guard by ryan's stiff arm. >> i was really surprised by it, and it's fine. he could do whatever he wants to do. it's fine. i was surprised by it. by the way, many other people are surprised by it. some were really surprised and not happy about it. i will tell you, i have many endorsements, coming in left and right. he is one of the ones that is really surprising. >> the head of the national republican committee says it the meeting was already planned. and says it is just a bump in the road to victory.
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>> we're prepared to keep the senate and the house and win the white house. if you look at hillary clinton, i would rather take a fuew elbos being thrown and potentially the democratic nominee. >> well, the bickering between trump and ryan underscores an uneasy alliance between the party and a sand dard bearer who has criticized its leeleaders. phil, a lot of developments. >> sure. a lot of endorsements, even some unexpected. rick perry coming out yesterday, mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, but paul ryan, deciding to break at least for the moment, with donald trump and his candidacy, causing major problems, not just for donald trump, but for the party on the whole. >> they're both committed to sitting down and actually talking this out. >> rnc chairman reince priebus
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in the middle of the fight to unite. confirming paul ryan and donald trump will meet face-to-face next week. >> i'm not ready to do that. >> only hours after ryan told jake tapper that he is not ready to back trump from what he is saying is i want to get there. i think i will get there. but i want to talk to donald trump, and i want to work with him. >> priebus, trying to explain why ryan and some in the republican party are so reluctant to back their new standard bearer. >> for some people, an endorsement is a full embrace, and so for some people, it takes a little bit of time to get to a full embrace. >> the chairman, not promising 100% of the party will fall in line, but optimistic that there won't be a contested convention come july. >> the platform of the party will be written in cleveland and i think you will get another conservative platform. >> but not so fast. trump, firing back at ryan in a
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statement. saying, quote, i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future, we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. >> do you know that thing never trump, you know why it's never trump, because i'm going to stop the gravy train for all these consultants and all of these people. >> ryan making clear that his focus is on one thing. protecting the party's house majority. something some analysts predict could be in jeopardy with a trump nomination. >> my focus this fall is, has been and will be the house majority. >> and warning the fight for unity rests mostly on the shoulders of the nominee. >> i think what is necessary to make this work, for this unify, is to actually take the principles and advance them. that's what we want to see, saying we're unified doesn't in and of itself unify us. >> and pam, donald trump saying this morning on fox that he expected the meeting would be on wednesday between he and speaker
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ryan. ryan aide telling me the general outlines of the meeting have been agreed to. the specific logistics still being worked on. but what we all know and seeing right now is this under scores between the party and presumptive nominee, major issues to work out before they can focus solely on whoever their democratic challenger will be, pam. >> that's right. a lot of anticipation for this meeting next week. phil mattingly, thank you for that. meantime, donald trump questioned ryan's call for unity. the billionaire said he has been uniting the party with an energy that was sadly lacking. >> he talks about unity, but what is this about unity? you know, with millions of people coming into the party, obviously i'm saying the right thing. and you know, the party was stayed. it had a lot of problems. whether it was the right or wrong thing, whatever they were saying, wasn't doing it. and now, the republican party is the talk of the world, because there is no place, and no party that is, you know, increasing
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its scope like we have. it is a big story. millions and millions of people have come into the party. when you're looking for unity, unity is winning too. >> let's bring in our guest. john avalon, political analyst and jeff dewit, trump supporter and arizona state treasure. thank you both for coming. so much to discuss here. jeff, i'll start with you on the notion that trump is saying, look, he is revitalized the party and that's unity as we heard him say. how can there be unity, if rank and file republicans, including the speaker of the house, aren't throwing their support behind him? >> well, as everyone is shocked by this news that he would not throw his support, which is why we're all talking about it, it makes no sense. here, donald trump is bringing millions more voters and you have the speaker of the house saying he is not sure he'll get behind him. then other people saying well they're not sure that he is going to help or hurt the down
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ballot races. donald trump is going to bring so many more republicans over the line, and to say he won't help the down ballot races is like saying we're going to invite millions of people to the birthday party but not sure if we'll get more gifts. this will be the greatest thing that happened to the party. paul ryan, the thing he is doing is fueling the speculation that he might still be considering a run at the nomination himself. because he was the one that was rumored they were going to parachute in at the convention. now there is not going to be a contested con investigation, he is still trying games like that. it is going to cause a rift in the party unless he gets on board. he is the speaker of the house. it is time for him to get behind donald trump so we can move forward and beat hillary. >> obviously, john, he has not needed ryan's support to win the primary. he is the presumptive nominee, but what about the general election? how much does donald trump need the support of rank and file republicans, particularly, paul
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ryan in the general? >> look, it's a totally sim bymc relationship. it has been in war lord status for some time. the problem is that donald trump's deep negatives with democrat demographics, not called white men, presents a problem holding onto the senate and house. the rigged system of redistricting is probably pretty safe. paul ryan who believes in conservative philosophy and principle, the catechism and other folks have stood for, they need to understand a little more what donald trump and what he has proposed lines up with the constitution they believe in and limited government. it largely doesn't. this is -- these are policies largely based on bluster, expensive, and invasive. so donald trump needs to assure those folks that he could be their standard bearer come the fall and not be political kryptonite, which right now he is. that's just the reality.
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>> with that point in mind, jeff, we have the meeting next week, will trump be willing to bend at all on any of these issues that john discusses, in order to garner support from ryan, one in particular, we know ryan has come out condemning trump's proposal to ban muslims who come into the united states? is trump willing to bend at all? >> well, again, everybody is behind trump policies, and so you know, what everyone is not behind are the -- >> that's not true, jeff. that's not true. paul ryan has come out condemning that particular proposal. >> oh, no, i'm saying -- let me clarify. i mean the millions of voters voting for donald trump, are fine with the policy. that's what i mean by that. >> that's not everybody. >> that's not everybody. >> early in the morning for coolaid. >> paul ryan passed the budget. they have differences of opinion and it's where you place the importance for that. i know for myself, i'm concerned
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about the national debt and i would prefer to see us lower it. paul ryan needs to give on some things here. i don't think it's incumbent on donald trump. donald trump beat ted cruz in every demographic, including hispanics, even though ted cruz is obviously of hispanic heritage. donald trump wins with all those groups. so to say that he is not going to do well with groups, that ignores all the math and data and exit polls. >> no it doesn't, jeff. jeff, this is actually really important for toeks to understand. donald trump did well with the low turnout base with the republican primary voters. that does not translate to the general election, which is now on. if we're going to talk about the fact that he is under water with 70, 80% with african-americans, women, hispanics, you've got to deal with that. you've got to deal with the larger electorate now. look, paul ryan's commitment to fiscal discipline has been well detailed in his vp run and other things. trump can say that he wants to
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reduce the deficit as a treasurer, i'm sure you'll appreciate is how, how does it lineup with the plans in place. the reality is the republican party is divide nude td into tw right now. he has to be more interested in governing instead of grandstanding. >> to correct the low turnout claim, because donald trump has brought the biggest turnout we've ever seen in history to the republican party, and has more votes than any -- >> a low percentage of the electorate. it doesn't represent republicans. >> but the bottom line is, john, the voters did make their voices heard. now trump is a presumptive nominee. and some may question whether ryan made a tactical mistake here by airing his concerns in light of the fact that these voters, you know, supported donald trump to get him to where he is now. do you think that the two of them should have met quietly with little fanfare before he
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came out to say he is not ready to endorse trump. >> i think paul ryan is a man of principle and he was saying what he thought was right. mitch mcconnell realizes what he is, as they tried to hold onto the senate. paul ryan was laying out a marker. he is simply on the opposite end of the spectrum from donald trump, when it comes to conservative philosophy, you know, policy and ideas. now, they may be able to try angulate that problem away behind closed doors, but it's reasonable to air concerns, based on the entire nation i nature of the campaign. paul ryan was motivated when he made the statement yesterday. >> thank you very much for that. >> thanks, pamela. we're following breaking news on the economy. a little rough patch in the recovery. 160,000 jobs added last month. that is the lowest number reported in the last seven months. and well below estimates as well.
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christine roman christine ro a christine is here to break it down. >> for the past five years on average, this is a pause here in that trend. 160 net new jobs created in april. the jobless rate held steady near that seven or eight year low, however, and wage growth ticked up a little bit to 2.5 mers. you want to see it heighter. a lot of anger, they're not seeing a pay raise, but that has been picking up. let me put it in perspective. it is the weakest since last september, but you can see, the trend has been pretty friendly for job creation overall and even at 160,000 jobs, it is still enough to absorb the new entrance into the labor market. here where there is job gains and business professional services, that was 65,000 new jobs there. health care, pamela, every year for months, we've been seeing health care jobs, home health aides to pediatric nurses, surgeons, mining, however, lost
6:14 am
7,000 jobs. manufacturing was pretty flat. here is where the politics come in. hearing a lot about how so few people participating in the labor market. you will hear conservatives say that the job market is really much weaker than expected. they're talking about the labor force participation rate. it dipped lower, mean tlg are millions of people who are not even in the labor market. those are people who are discouraged. stay at home mom, retirees, something you would like to see improve as well. >> christine, thank you so much for breaking it down for us. we appreciate it. still ahead, in the newsroom, hillary clinton email controversy back in the spotlight. why the fbi is honing in on her inner circle. we'll be back. school, grocery shopping. my face can unlock this computer. that's crazy. macbooks are not able to do that.
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what is freedom? yes, it's riding a horse across fields and stuff but it's mostly getting to watch your directv with unlimited data from at&t. we're setting families free. so they can stream away - and not squabble over who's using how much. so go, family. watch. freedom. seize the data! get unlimited data when you have at&t wireless and directv. switch now and get $650 credits, per line. well, the fbi is expected to sit down with hillary clinton within weeks from now. part of the investigation into her use of a private e-mail server, while she was secretary of state. cnn broke the news that members
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of clinton's inner circle, including long time aide huma abedin have been pulled in for questioning. brian fallon is standing by. of course, we'll talk to him in just a moment. first, the latest from justice reporter, evan perez. it may be the nearing the end, but the most anticipated step hasn't happened yet, right? >> that's right, pamela. the most anticipated step is the interview of the former secretary of state, hillary clinton. we know that the fbi and the justice department, which is overseeing the investigation, have been in touch with the clinton campaign, and they're trying to set up an interview. now, we expect the interview will take place in the next couple of weeks, and as you mentioned, it does appear the investigation is close to wrapping up. they have now reached into clinton's inner circle by interview huma abedin and other aides, they've been coming in quietly, without much public attention to an fbi building
6:20 am
from a few blocks from where i'm sitting. so far, what we're told of the investigation, the investigators have not found sufficient evidence to prove that clinton violated willfully violated the law. now, what this means is that this is likely to remain a political controversy, but perhaps, the legal cloud will be lifted from the campaign. we have a statement that was issued by brian fallon, the clinton press secretary, and i'll read it for you. it says from the start, hillary clinton has offered to answer any questions that would help the justice department complete its review. and we hope that and expect that anyone else who is asked will do the same. we are confident the review will conclude that nothing inappropriate took place. obviously everybody is keeping an eye on the cal darks because the democratic convention is just a couple of months away. >> all right, evan perez, i know investigators are very mindful of that. thank you for bringing us the latest there. the question is what will the
6:21 am
fallout be as she tries to capture the democratic nomination. brian fallon joins me now. brian, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. nice to be with you. >> first obvious question, when can we ex ekts the meeting between hillary clinton and the fbi to take place? >> i'm not sure yet, pamela. i think you heard hillary clinton get asked about this earlier this week, and she indicated she hasn't been con tajted for t contacted for setting up an interview. it was last august, almost a year ago now, that she indicated at the outset of this review undertaken by the justice department that she would be happy to sit down with them and answer any questions they have at any point. obviously they've been going through their process and so we haven't heard from them yet. but we are happy to cooperate in any way possible. and so i think it's actually a very positive development that we may be nearing the point where they will invite her in, because as you know and as evan knows, that will represent the
6:22 am
last stage of the review they've been undertaking and getting close to wrapping things up. >> all right, i want to play that sound that you just alluded to that hillary clinton told msnbc earlier this week. let's listen to that. >> i'm going to ask you whether, since you last mentioned this to my colleague, chuck todd in april, have you been contacted or your representatives contacted by the fbi to set up an interview if. >> no. >> no contact? >> no any information that your private server was hacked? >> no, not at all. >> so brian, you heard her say that republicans are using this to say this is another example of giving misleading answers, because clearly, brian, the fbi has been in touch with the attorneys involved here, with hillary clinton's attorneys and her aides' attorneys, right? >> well, so david kendall is her top counsel and he has been in touch with the justice department throughout the review. we've been up front about that. the question andrea was asking
6:23 am
about scheduling the date for the interview, and she said follow, because the honest answer is it hasn't happened yet. but whenever they do, we'll be happy to accommodate that and make it happen. in fact, as i indicated, we've been offering that since last august. so i think republicans are trying to create a problem here where no inconsistencies exists. we've been open from the beginning that not only with secretary clinton be willing to sit down and answer questions, but we've encouraged all the aides and we've been transparent. >> we know bryan pagliano has been granted immunity. have any others? >> i'm not aware. and even with respect to bryan paglia pagliano, we're disappointed when he sought immunity in the first place, but we were glad when he decided to be cooperative with the justice department officials conducting the review. i don't think that bryan or
6:24 am
anybody else shouldn't be willing to answer any questions that the justice department has, because nobody involved in any of this setup of the e-mail account did anything wrong. >> let me ask you this. brian, you know full well as a former spokesperson that interviews and investigations can present a problem for people. how is clinton preparing for the impending fbi interview? >> well, look, the fact of the justice department conducting this review has been known to the public throughout this prim recon test, and the outcome has been that we see her having a 3 million vote lead over bernie sanders and the pledged delegates, she has a tremendous lead there as well. she has collected more votes during the process than donald trump as well. so i think that the public is factored this in. they've heard this. the details of this issue almost relentlessly over the last few month and they've concluded that what we've maintained is true. that there was no -- nothing
6:25 am
inappropriate that took place here. we're confident indeed that the justice department will conclude the same when this process finally wraps up. >> but even, but brian, even if the legal cloud is lifted, doesn't this still present a political issue for the campaign? you know, investigators evan and i have spoke with have had constant frustration that it even needs to be investigated in the first place, that the private server was set up. doesn't this continue to present political issues? >> well, i do expect that secretary clinton will continue to get asked about it in interviews, and her answer will be the same. which is she acknowledges that it was not the right choice. in retrospect, she would not have set up the personal e-mail system. she would have used a state dot gov e-mail address. republicans in particular are trying to latch on to it to create a controversy where none exists. reality is she would have done it differently if she could do
6:26 am
it over again. as you and evan reported yesterday, the justice department looking into finds no evidence that no one was trying to avert classification. i do think the outcome from the justice department will help even further convince the public that there was no underlying wrongdoing here, and as a result, we can all move on and focus on the issues that are most important in the election. >> all right, brian fallon, thank you so much. we'll leave it there. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you for having me. the democratic delegate math adds up to hillary clinton, but bernie sanders is not giving up. he is making that clear. will he take the fight all the way to the convention? wolf blitzer talks to bernie sanders in the situation room at 5:00 p.m. on cnn. right here in the newsroom, a canadian wildfire, forcing thousands to abandon their home. >> it's very stressful. you don't know what's burned and what is not burned, when you can go back.
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well, thousands are trying to flee a massive fire in canada that just keeps growing. this morning, officials leading several convoys, each with hundreds of cars, right through the fire as we see here, fort mcmurray. a helicopter flying above them tracking the flame, and trying to get men women and children who have been trapped north of the fire to emergency services just south of the blaze. live with the latest, paul. >> reporter: pam, many of those ee v evacuees, what did they flee, an en raging intern know. >> from the epicenter the fire,
6:32 am
one image after another, nearly an entire town engulfed in flame, fleeing for their lives. this dashcam video shows a wall of flames feet from the road. consumed by ash and em betters rain on to drivers trying to flee the intern know. michelle was in the middle of it all. >> it's like driving through hell. they were bright, they were big, the smoke, the ambers, trying not to bump into anybody. >> from a distance, the wildfire looks like an imposing thunderstorm. from above, it's even worst. billowing smoke make it tough to battle, forcing firefighters to move the command center overnight. residents left everything behind, now kept in shelters, hours from home. >> it's not fair. they didn't even let us take our things, and when we asked them, so we lost everything. >> the satellite image captures the wild scope of the fire and so do the grim statics.
6:33 am
1,600 structures destroyed. hundreds of square miles burned so far. perhaps the only good news, no one has been killed. >> the people here are devastated. everyone is devastated. the community is going to be devastated. >> reporter: the welcoming town of fort mcmurray urging everyone to stay away. with so much already lost, more than 1,000 firefighters are now trying to save what little remains. >> and back here live, a look at more like 50 fires in all, seven of them still out of control as they battle these blazes across alberta. back to you now, pam. >> thank you so much for the latest there in alberta. another deadly by the way in syria. an air strike targeting a refugee camp. this tent city right here, once home to women and children who fled the violence, now charred beyond recognition. at least 28 people were killed.
6:34 am
cnn's jomani is live in amman. do we know who is responsible for this? >> reporter: well, pam, so far no one is taking responsibility for this devastating attack. reports are that it was unidentified jets that dropped the bombs near the turkish border. we've heard in the last few hours, the international hour condemning the attack, france calling it a crime against humanity, calling for an impartial investigation. the united nations said it could amount to a war crime. we've heard from the white house also. >> there is no justifiable excuse for carrying out an air strike against innocent civilians who have already once fled their homes to escape violence. these individuals are in the most desperate situation imaginable. there is no justification for carrying out military action that's targeting them.
6:35 am
>> reporter: and pam, that tack taking place during what is meant to be a cessation of hostilities in syria, and going through the aftermath video of the attack, it is truly hearbreaking and you also hear those who survived the attack, they say they blame the syrian regime and its allies, coming out in the last few hours, denying anything to do with that tack, pam. >> just horrible what they're having to go through. syrian regime forces having taken a hit in aleppo. who are they fighting? >> reporter: well, in the past 48 hours, pam, the syrian regime forces have been battling the front that is the al qaeda affiliate, about 70 forces killed from both sides in this fighting, south of aleppo, and the front and its coalition of other islamist fighting groups
6:36 am
said they capture aid number of villages, forces now what critical, this is coming during the 48 hour brokered truce, brokered by the united states and russia for aleppo, because the situation was escalating, getting out of control as it was described more than 300 civilians were killed in the past two weeks of fighting. so that truce came into effect on thursday. but on the front, the al qaeda affiliate is not part of the truce. the concern here is what are the implications of these gains, what response will we see from the syrian regime and if this could jeopardize this much needed and desperately needed truce in the city of aleppo. pam. >> thank you very much for that. we appreciate it. by the way, a town controlled by isis just weeks ago, is now filled with music. take a look right here.
6:37 am
russian orchestra performing insides the runs of this row theater in paln wrchlt ria. they've dismantled and removed, the orchestra performs there tonight. and still to come on this friday, donald trump hoping for a first place finish in november, but could a third party candidate stop him? some conservatives home so. we'll be back. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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paul ryan's reluctance to back donald trump is giving a boost to the conservative movement looking for another option. activists met last night, scrambling to come up with third party options. with me now to discuss is cnn political commentator and op ed columnist for "the new york
6:42 am
times." ross, you wrote this article saying that trump's win in the primary is a sign that true conservatism is defeated. how so? >> well, what i mean was that i use true conservatism is sort of a technical term, with a capital c and capital t, basically what republican voters want is the most conservative candidate, the purest candidate, the most sort of ideologically rigid candidate, the candidate who will oppose, oppose, oppose, no matter what. that was ted cruz's theory of the primary campaign. it got limb to about 30% of the vote. but in the end, it turned out that there were lots of conservatism and republican voter whovote voters who were happy to vote for donald trump, which is much more ideologically flexible let's say. you've seen it already, since he sort of clinched a delegate path to the nomination, where he is flip flopping, talking about
6:43 am
potentially raising the minimum wage, he wants to refigure you are the tax plan and so on. the cit was a lot smaller than conservatives wanted to think. >> you called this new movement with donald trump trumpism. beyond being ideologically plexab flexible, exactly is trumpism? it is kind of a populous, language that goes back to people in the 1920s and 1930s who wanted to keep america out of european wars after the experience of world war, i. getting our allies to essentially do more for us, while we do less for them. cutting deals with powers like russia and so on, that a lot of conservatives would normally oppose.
6:44 am
domestically, it is a mix of different things, but he wants to reduce immigration. he wants to protect entitlement programs. it's focused heavily on, i think the sort of interests of older white voters, voters about to get medicare and social security and don't want the programs touched. so it's a right wing politics more sympathetic to the welfare state and less interested am maintaining a americana overseas. >> there is a currently a divide, we heard paul ryan come out yesterday, the speaker of the house, saying he is not ready to back trump. when you look at the past several months and how everything played out, in your view, do you think that ted cruz was just too conservative? how dramatic is this gop shift happening? >> i mean, i think it is clear that cruz was not ideally positioned to be the guy who beat trump in the end. you saw this he is essentially in the northeast, where it
6:45 am
wasn't just that he got beaten by trump. everybody expected that. but he just got hammered. he couldn't win, not just sort of moderate republicans, but what you might call moderate conservative republicans. he won them in wisconsin, which people thought might be a turning point but he couldn't win thereafter. so that's, i mean, look, if you are somebody who thinks that basically ronald reagan's vision for the republican party is still exactly the right vision today, then you have to look at trump as a significant threat to your world view, and a candidate who if, and i think this is very unlikely, but if he were elected president, radically transform what the republican stands for and what right wing politics in america stands for. >> yeah, i think will is a lot of soul-searching going on. thank you very much for that. i do appreciate it. still to come on this friday, a scathing allegation against penn state former football coach, joe paterno. how long did he know his assistant coach was abusing
6:46 am
kids. we'll answer that, coming up. you know when i first started out, it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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welcome back. a bombshell alleges against former penn state football coach joe paterno. an insurance company involved in a lawsuit with the university claims he knew his assistant was molesting children as early as 1976. that's more than a decade before what was believed to be the first known incident of abuse by sandusky. let's bring in our sara ganim who has been following the case from the beginning. what's the latest, sara? >> this is a huge revelation, pamela. this line in this court order in
6:51 am
a lawsuit between penn state and its former insurance company over whether or not they should have to pay victims of sandusky, this is huge because up until now what the squabbling over joe paterno's legacy has been about is whether or not he knew certain vague details that may have been relayed to him in 1998 during a failed police investigation or details that were relayed to him in 2001, much, much, much earlier than this date. this date is 1976, shortly after jerry sandusky would have become an assistant football coach at penn state. this is a very vague line. it basically just says that a boy reported to joe paterno that he was abused by jerry sandusky, but i want to tell you, pamela, not completely out of left field in the reporting that i have done over the last four or five, six years. there is another man out there who has told me on the record that he was abused back as far
6:52 am
as 1971, and he also said that he reported it to joe paterno and was blown off by joe paterno. this is something that we'll be continuing to report at cnn throughout the day, but not completely out of line. now, i do want -- with what we know. i do want to say that the paterno family has released a statement saying that they are continuing to defend the former legendary coach's legacy. they said that this is -- they want a full public review of the facts, and they say this is a single sentence in a court record of an insurance case, and that joe paterno's reputation has once again been smeared with an you be substantiated 40-year-old allegation. then, they' again, they're asking for this full review. this is a sealed document. the full details are part of a sealed record, but it wouldn't be out of the ordinary here for us to see penn state go back and try to clarify of what exactly
6:53 am
this means because this is such a big deal for people in pennsylvania, for the fans of penn state, for fans of joe paterno to know what it is exactly that he knew. it's been such a back and forth having these gray areas. people want to know and hopefully this will start to give them some answers. pam? >> and people want to know how this insurance company was tibl dig up this evidence when there is a separate investigation, independent one, that didn't find this. sara ganim, thank you very much for that. we do appreciate it. and coming up at the top of the hour, a party divided. house speaker paul ryan telling cnn he's not ready to endorse trump, at least not yet. so how did trump react and what will it mean for their meeting next week? my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural. now that i work there, i value the food even more. i feed it to yoshi because there are no artificial colors, preservatives and it's made with real chicken. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa.
6:54 am
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well, now that he's a presumptive republican nominee,
6:58 am
donald trump's weighing his options for vp, and his potential picks for a running mate are already sparking a reality tv-style guessing game. jeanne moos reports on veepstakesmania. >> reporter: it's time to name that veep. >> gingrich is a really interesting wildcard. >> i think christie is the favorite. >> governor martinez of new mexico. >> ben carson. >> what? >> reporter: or could a guy who has been -- >> little marco. >> reporter: -- grow up to be vice president rubio. >> it could happen. >> reporter: trump vehicle stakesmania has hit. >> they should run as the first father/daughter ticket. >> reporter: prepare for vp survivor. >> on vice president island. 20 amazing trump supporters in a battle for the ultimate prize. >> reporter: even the current vp joked about it. >> i'm anticipating he'll ask me to be vice president. >> reporter: the donald seems to drop hints. >> somebody may be that's even
6:59 am
been a senator. >> reporter: former senator scott brown spent an hour and a half with the donald last month. some would-be running mates seem to be running away. i'm going to pass. i like my job. >> reporter: when "the new york times" asked a jeb bush adviser about jeb being vp, this was the written response, and john kasich passed the buck to his interviewer. >> there is zero chance. >> aaron, there's more chance of snoop being donald trump's vice president than me. >> but oklahoma governor mary fallin gushed i would be very honored saying i need a call saying i need your help to help make america great again. chris christie didn't say no. but what does the donald want? >> someone who complements me. >> someone who has a different skill set than you? >> no, i mean someone who literally compliments me, like, donald, you're great. >> reporter: get out the popcorn. >> who will advance and who will be kicked off the island.
7:00 am
>> gary, you're impeached. >> vice president island, this summer on every cable news channel. >> reporter: and every late night comedy show. jeanne moos, cnn. >> he said he wants a qualified running mate. when asked why, trump said opposites attract. >> reporter: new york. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. you're going to be so happy. you're going to be so happy. they said you're now the nominee. >> you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> you don't have to vote anymore. save your vote for the general election, okay? forget this one. the primary is gone. >> i think that he needs to do more to unify this party, to bring all wings of the republican party together. >> they're both committed to sitting down and actually talking this out. >> we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office.
7:01 am
>> no republican should ever think about supporting hillary clinton. let me make that clear. good morning. great to have you along with us on what's shaping up to be a very busy friday morning. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. and we begin this hour with at party at odds and efforts to make peace. we're learning house speaker paul ryan and donald trump will meet next week behind closed doors after ryan told cnn he's not ready to back trump. he dropped that bombshell on cnn. >> so mr. speaker, you have said throughout this process that you will support the republican presidential nominee. now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid with you, jake, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. and i hope to though and i want to, but i think what is required is that we unify this party, and i think the bulk of the burden
7:02 am
on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee. >> and as you may have guessed, trump punched back saying he's not ready to back ryan's agenda in congress. even the unflappable trump was caught off guard by ryan's stiff arm. the party chairman reince priebus describing the aftermath. >> how quickly did donald trump call you? >> well, i had talked to him already once that day, but i had talked to donald trump and paul ryan multiple times yesterday afternoon. >> but donald trump called you within minutes. >> you're pretty good. i can't lie. no, i wouldn't lie anyway. >> what was his mood? >> you know, it wasn't like furious or anything. it was just like what do -- what do i need to do? i mean -- and so i said, listen,
7:03 am
let me just -- you know, my view is just relax and be gracious, and i'll talk to paul, and we'll try to work on this. >> and you are -- >> and i kind of like don't get overly hot either quickly, so, i mean, i know paul really well, and i know he's being honest, and i know how he feels. and so i'm comfortable with the idea that it's going to take some time in some cases for people to work through differences, and so we talked about it and talked about it multiple times, and they're very comfortable with sitting down with donald trump, and it may be at my office, it may be somewhere else, but we're going to have that meeting. start the process of unifying. >> all right. let's bring in cnn's phil mattingly in new york. phil, just based on what reince
7:04 am
priebus said there, it seems like donald trump is kind of caught off-guard, shaken by what paul ryan told cnn yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, no question about it. advisers telling me they -- the ryan team gave no heads up to the trump campaign whatsoever. the first he saw and learned about it was in the cnn interview, and obviously as reince priebus rrling theecalli he called reince priebus right after that. it's an interesting place priebus stands in, trying to broker the peace, if you will, between the top elected republican and the party's standard bearer. it's also interesting to look at what the issues paul ryan has, pam, and that is there are multiple and they are not just on policy grounds. policy, there's major diversions between donald trump and paul ryan. paul ryan's agenda one that many republicans have staked their elections and campaigns on orve the last couple cycles is one donald trump largely disagrees on but that's also on tone. that's something paul ryan made clear in his interview with jake yesterday. take a listen. >> it's time to set aside
7:05 am
bullying, to set aside belittlement, and appeal to higher aspirations. appeal to what is good in us, but for this to work, our presumptive nominee, i believe, needs to unify the party for the party to be unified. >> reporter: and how donald trump defines unification of the party i think is an open question, and it's also when you talk about the tone issue one donald trump has pushed back on saying multiple times publicly and aye told in private by advisers that what he's been doing is working and working well at least in a republican primary. listen to what he had to say. gee talks about unity, but what is this about unity, and, you know, with millions of people coming into the party, obviously i'm saying the right thing, and, you know, the party was staid, it had a lot of problems, whether it was the right thing or the wrong thing, whatever they were saying wasn't doing it, and now the republican party is the talk of the world because there's no place and no party
7:06 am
that's, you know, increasing in scope like we have. >> reporter: pam, the reality is the trump campaign has started to work very hard behind the scenes to mend fences on capitol hill, to get lawmakers more comfortable with the trump candidacy, with the reality that donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee, but paul ryan making very clear now, morework neemorwork needs to be done. the question is how willing is donald trump to do the work and mange changes in the campaign that he's been running that so far, as he said, has worked. >> we'll discuss that coming up. phil mattingly, thank you so much. and trump has to do more, as we know, than just win over the party's leaders. there are lots of lawmakers who worry that trump and his fiery rhetoric could jeopardize their re-elections. >> why aren't you willing to support him as of now? >> well, some of the positions he's taken make it very difficult to support him. i hope he changes. >> what about on the wall with mexico? >> well, that's, frankly, just in the class of kind of nutty
7:07 am
things. you know, i don't know of anybody who really believes that. >> there will be a lot of people just vote straight ticket. we know that from past history, but also, and that is going to make this an even more difficult election campaign for me. >> and with me now to discuss all of this, larry saab doubato he's joined by ben ferguson and radio talk show host john phillips, a trump supporter. where to begin, gentlemen. thank you so much for coming on. >> good morning. >> i guess i'll begin just with the general reaction, john, to you first on that. we heard through reince priebus what trump's reaction was to speaker ryan withholding his support for now. what was yours? this is clearly a rare move. >> well, i think it says more about paul ryan and his ascent to power than anything else. if you look at how he's attained his leadership positions, it's because everyone around him has
7:08 am
collapsed. it wasn't supposed to be him that was supposed to be mitt romney's nominee back in 2012. it was supposed to be marco rubio and then they found something doing the vetting process they didn't like. paul ryan was the last man standing. he became the vp nominee. if you look at how he became speaker of the house, he was one of the young guns with kevin mccarthy and eric cantor. those guys were in better positions to be speaker of the house. they both collapsed, and he became speaker of the house. so i think this is a political calculation from paul ryan where he's saying to himself, look, donald trump is the presumptive nominee unofficially. officially he hasn't secured the delegates yet, the 1,237. if he does something to implode, i think paul ryan wants to leave the door open to launch a campaign for president himself at the convention in cleveland. >> all right, ben. you're laughing. >> i think that's absolutely the most ridiculous thing i have heard since donald trump quoting "national enquirer" saying that ted cruz's dad was connected to
7:09 am
the assassination of jfk. i didn't know it could be topped, but congratulations, you just did it. the reason why paul ryan is withholding his support is very simple -- many people are concerned that donald trump is going to do something that will be toxic and it will hurt their re-election campaign. there are many congressmen, many senators, and many people on the state level that are afraid that donald trump is going to cross a line, and it will hurt everyone who is on a ticket, on a ballot at the same time. what people need to understand about what paul ryan was saying this is, if you want everyone to get behind you, you are going to have to start acting like more of a statesman. you cannot quote the "national enquirer," throw it out there two days ago and then expect everyone to get around you just because you're willing to go to the lowest form of politics to try to destroy other republicans. that's why he said this. and so there does need to be a higher level of professionalism, of decorum from donald trump and not only donald trump but his
7:10 am
campaign staff and others that support him to make sure that everyone is on the same team. donald trump supporters have been vial ovle over the last 48s trashing anyone who was not on the trump train early on. that is not how you win a general election, and i think paul ryan was standing up for many people taking the heat saying if you have to set the tone for your supporters, for your campaign, and you can't go to the "national enquirer," the lowest form of politics, and expect everybody to jump on board. >> okay. so, larry, you know, on that note, donald trump has been able to get to this point becoming the presumptive republican nominee without paul ryan's support. how much does he need his support though in the general election? this is someone who is the speaker of the house, very powerful and well respected within the republican party. >> well, the short answer is, of course, he can win without them again just as he won the nomination, but let's broaden this out, pam, because what's happening is extraordinary.
7:11 am
the last time that a former republican president did not support the republican nominee was in 1912 when former president teddy roosevelt ran against his successor, president william howard taft both for the nomination and then as the bull moose independent in the general election and destroyed his chances of winning. even in 1964 when barry goldwater, a very divisive candidate on the republican side, was nominated, former president eisenhower not only supported goldwater, but appeared in his advertising. so it's not just paul ryan. it's president bush 41 and president bush 43 and the last republican nominee for president, mitt romney. this is a problem for donald trump and the republicans, and between now and the convention, they're going to have to find ways to fashion some sort of party unity that lasts until
7:12 am
november or it is going to have an impact. >> well, john, in order to get these people on his side, not just paul ryan but the others that larry points out who are not throwing their support behind him, do u think trump should bend on certain issues and his tone? tone is something that we keep hearing as a concern from republicans, including paul ryan. >> look, trump is winning. trump should keep doing what trump is doing. i think for these people to come around, they just need to talk to their constituents. you played clips of jeff flake and john mccain earlier in the segment. donald trump won the state of arizona and he won it going away. larry brought up mitt romney. donald trump won the state of massachusetts going away. so i think for these people to fall in line, they just need -- they need a little bit of time from the primary. it was a very tough primary, a lot of hurt feelings were out there. as soon as you have some separation, as soon as there's some daylight in between the primary and the general and donald trump shifts his attacks from fellow republicans to
7:13 am
hillary clinton, they will find the common enemy and fall in line because he's the only game in town. >> all right. larry sabato, ben ferguson, john phillips, thank you. >> thanks. still to come on this friday, the fbi nears the end of the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. why the agency is honing in on clinton's inner circle. cancer...
7:14 am
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7:17 am
right now the fbi is focused on hillary clinton's inner circle as the agency prepares to sit down with the democratic candidate. it's all part of the investigation into clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. cnn broke the news that some of clinton's top aides, including huma abedin, seen right here, have already been bupulled in f questioning. here is how clinton responded when asked whether she had been contacted by the fbi for an interview. >> i have to ask you whether since you last mentioned this to my colleague, chuck todd, in april, have you been contacted or your representatives been contacted by the fbi to set up
7:18 am
an interview? >> no. >> no contacts there? >> no. >> any indication there your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, not at all. >> let's get right to cnn justice reporter evan perez. so evan, republicans are using that as ammo, but we just folk spoke to bryan fallon the last hour. what did he say? >> reporter: he dismissed these comments and says that the republicans are simply trying to grasp at straws to create a new controversy. take a listen to how he put it. >> david kendall is her top counsel, and he has been in touch with the justice department throughout this review. we've always been very upfront about that. i think the question andrea was asking was whether david kendall or hillary clinton herself had been contacted by actually scheduling the date for the interview, and she said no because the honest answer is it hasn't happened yet. but whenever they do, we'll be happy to accommodate that and make it happen. in fact, as i indicated we've been offering that since last august.
7:19 am
so i think republicans are trying to create a problem here where no inconsistency exists. >> reporter: and pamela, we expect that that interview with the fbi will be coming very, very soon, probably in the next couple weeks, and this investigation clearly is near wrapping up. as you mentioned earlier, they're bringing in these aides, some of her closest aides quietly to the fbi field office just a few blocks from where we're sitting. it's an indication this is nearing an end. and so far at least according to the people you and i have spoken to, there is no indication that the fbi has proof that she willfully violated the law. so now what this means is that the fbi is going to turn over its findings to the justice department. the attorney general, loretta lynch, is going to make a final call here on whether or not there are any charges to be brought, and it's clear that everybody is keeping an eye on the political calendar with two months to go before the democratic convention takes place. >> yeah. exactly.
7:20 am
investigators have to be mindful of that. evan perez, thank you so much for bringing us the latest. first on cnn, additional troops have been sent to baghdad. we have just learned that 25 heavily armed u.s. marines are now on site at the u.s. embassy in the iraqi capital. barbara starr joins us live from the pentagon with more on this breaking news. brar bra? >> reporter: good morning. the marines arriving in the last several hours to beef up security at the embassy. the concern has been since last week when hundreds of demonstrators broke into baghdad's green zone. the pictures were very compelling. these are anti-government protesters in iraq demonstrating against the government there somewhat at the behest of the shiite cleric muqtada al sadr. the concern was more demonstrations would break out. so far the day appears to have been relatively peaceful in the green zone where the u.s. embassy is located. that's why the marines were sent there. but there is -- these pictures of course from last week.
7:21 am
but always concern, you know, in the wake of the disastrous attack on the u.s. compound in enghazi, libya, some years ago. the state department taking no chances, requesting this additional security. the marines are there. right now the word is everything is relatively calm. in fact, the u.s. doesn't believe these protesters are really aiming for any demonstration against the u.s., against the u.s. embassy, but the green zone is supposed to be the most secure area. the u.s. embassy is there. the marines are there to make sure they keep it secure. pamela? >> barbara starr. thank you for bringing us the latest. still ahead, she hasn't told bernie sanders to end his campaign, but hillary clinton is giving her democratic opponent a nudge. most people think that after an accident,
7:22 am
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7:26 am
checking out top stories on this friday. wall street edging lower this morning after a bumpy jobs report showed a slowdown in hiring. 160,000 jobs were added last month. that's well below estimates. the unemployment rate held steady at 5%. and bombshell allegations against former penn state football coach joe paterno. an insurance company involved in a lawsuit with the university is now claiming paterno knew his assistant, jerry sandusky, was molesting children as early as 1976. that's more than a decade before what was believed to be the first known incident of abuse by sandusky. and this morning canadian officials are leading a convoy with hundreds of cars through a fire ravaged town in fort mcmurray, alberta.
7:27 am
a helicopter is flying above them to track the flames and they're trying to get men, women, and children who had been trapped north of the fire to emergency services just south of it. we will find out if london elects the first muslim mayor. that's after a bitter race. goldsmith has been accused of using, quote, vile race politics during his campaign. good morning. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thanks for being here with me on this friday. the front-runners facing off. >> the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful. >> here is a person under investigation by the fbi. she's only going to get the nomination because it's a rigged deal, and, frankly, maybe she won't even be able to run.
7:28 am
>> well, we are just about six months out from the big vote, and it looks like we're getting a taste of what's to come. the path now clear for trump, but on the democratic side bernie sanders is still hanging in there. so clinton seems to be giving him a gentle nudge, and she's using her own '08 loss to do it. >> i am nearly 300 pledged delegates ahead of senator sanders. when i was running against then-senator obama, he and i were neck and neck in the popular vote, but i knew that he had won. >> all right. joining me now is cnn political commentator and former executive director of the congress yam black caucus, angela rye, and cnn political commentator mark lamont hill. thank you both for coming on. angela, do you first, we just heard clinton talking there sort of seeming to nudge sanders to leave the race because essentially it's mathematically impossible for him to clinch the nomination. is it time for that to happen in your view?
7:29 am
>> it's not. and i actually didn't hear her say it in that way. i think that she is telling him what is mathematically plausible at this point and i think that it's something that we all know and can see as well. the reality of this is just as she talked about. in 2008 when it was between barack obama and hillary clinton, she stayed in the race through june, and i think that you have the same situation here. there were some tougher races up front, and even on the back end in 2008 she was winning elections that, of course, were challenging and even embarrassing for barack obama's campaign when it's clear he's going to be the nominee but he's still losing races to hillary clinton. you're going to have the same situation coming up most likely on this upcoming tuesday and the tuesday following with bernie sanders likely to win, but it is going to be very challenging for him to clinch the nomination at this point, but why hear her nudging him out at all and she shouldn't get out. >> what do you hear, mark? do you think she's nudging him out right there with her comments? >> yeah, i hear a slight nudge. she said, look, when i was
7:30 am
running against barack obama, it was close, and i eventually had to accept that he won. essentially she's saying bernie should accept she won. when you see nudging on the republican side, it's a different thing. trump is like, you guys are losers, you need to go. i don't think hillary clinton will beat up on bernie sanders for staying in but i think she would prefer to direct her attention entirely to the republican field. bernie sanders has a point here. the pledge delegates are closer than people want to suggest and the reason hillary clinton is above the number, above the bar is because of superdelegates and that is an unfair system and facultily that's what he wants to address. he wants to address the unfair system and he's hoping and holding onto the hope that at convention time superdelegates will say, you know what? we're going to make a different decision. >> let's look at the general election, angela, just hypothetically. let's say it comes down to trump and clinton. how much is bernie sanders' staying in the rate right now hurting clinton. will it matter three or four months from now or not? >> i don't think it will, and i
7:31 am
actually really believe to my core that bernie sanders staying in the race simply strengthens hillary clinton and her ability to run against donald trump. we know that the attacks he will launch will be brutal, they will be unfair, they will be deceptive, and i think bernie sanders staying in with his more than fair critiques help to strengthen her ability to fight against someone who is very challenging and in some way gins up all types of hateful people. i think bernie sanders staying in is helpful to hillary clinton. i think it will only advance her ability to fight against donald trump in the fall. >> let's take a look at some approval ratings that have come in about president obama. according to a cnn poll, he is now at 51%. mark, how important is this heading into the general election? how much does this help considering hillary clinton forself months now has been saying that she's going to carry on president obama's legacy if she's in office? >> it's incredibly important.
7:32 am
president obama has all but endorsed hillary clinton whether we agree or disagree with that decision. even at the white house correspondents' dinner, we saw the subtext there. if he's popular and he's riding a wave, he'll be able to stand next to hillary clinton in a way that george bush could not stand next to any republican candidate or nominee back in 2008. and so it gives her an extraordinary advantage. hillary clinton is going to have to get a populist push. that's where i disagrees with angela a slight bit. i agree hillary clinton has been strengthened by the fight against bernie sanders, but if he stays in longer and he has pa populist push from the left and trump has the populist push from the right, it makes hillary look like a washington inside. president obama can deliver her from a little bit of that because he has such extraordinary popularity that people who otherwise may not stand near hillary or vote for hillary might do it anyway. >> she has to walk a fine line here in terms of that because she doesn't want to alienate all those supporters that bernie sanders has pulled to his side, right? >> yeah. i think that's 100% right. >> absolutely.
7:33 am
>> go ahead, angela. >> i think that's 100% right. the reality of bernie sanders again also staying in the race is you're more than likely to get his supporters engaged in this process. you're more than likely to see them come together at the end and see those folks say, you know what, maybe hillary clinton isn't so bad when you compare her to donald trump, whether it's his rhetoric, his accomplishments or lack thereof. if bernie sanders can come on board and support her and get his supporters to move over whether you're talking about the millennials or some of the other independents that would not go to a donald trump based on the populism mark is talking about. >> mark, very quickly because you cut you off there, go ahead. >> no, no, no. i think angela is absolutely right. i think there is a chance here that if they don't have that connection, that bernie sanders supporters stay home or they go in another direction because if you have a neo-liberal hillary clinton who is a free market fundamentalist and a donald trump who is also very market driven, it may alienate some of the bernie sanders' supporters.
7:34 am
zblnchts thank y >> thank you both. interesting discussion with you. thanks so much. by the way, senator bernie sanders will be a guest on ""the situation room"" today. be sure to watch at 5:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. and still ahead on this friday morning, north korea holds its most important political gathering in decades, and the world is watching. ♪ whenever i'm around you ♪ i go home a little bit ♪ there's just something about you ♪ ♪ where the pieces all fit ♪ there's a lightness that surrounds you ♪ ♪ and it guides me like a star ♪ ♪ oh i am, who i am ♪ because you are, who you are ♪ of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. this just into cnn, our first look at a secret government meeting in north korea. the workers party congress under way right now, and this is a meeting that hasn't been held in more than three decades. will ripley joins us live from right inside pyongyang. what more do we know about this
7:39 am
secretive meeting, will? >> reporter: well, it's really fascinating how things work here in north korea, pam. because the workers party congress, the first one since 1980, 36 years ago, it began at 9:00 this morning local time but it wasn't until 10:00 this evening, 13 hours later, that we had any idea what had actually happened inside that meeting because here there is no internet, there is no access to foreign media. people aren't tweeting about things. there's no live stream, and so we watched as the supreme leader kim jong-un took to the stage and was joined by the two other most powerful then in north korea and it represents the old school and new school in north korea. on the left was the 88-year-old who had been in office since 1979. he had served all three leaders, the grand father, the father, and now the son, all the kim family dynasty. and they think on the right is the second highest military official in this country.
7:40 am
he was promoted in 2013, so he has only served the current leader, kim jong-un. and while the leader only gave an introductory speech, we learned what will be happening in the coming days. the supreme leader will be elected to the most powerful position possible in this country. he will be elected unanimously, we already know that's the outcome because there is no political dissent here. all 3,400 workers party members that have arrived in pyongyang, they know how they're going to vote and then they will bring the message back to their districts to let their communities know why they need to rally behind and support the policies of kim jong-un. he will be the sprupreme leaderf the highest level. there will be a report from the disciplinary and investigative part of the party. we have been talking about a high number of purges, including the uncle of kim jong-un as a result of this shake-up of party leadership. basically what this means is that he is going to have a free
7:41 am
rein to move forward with his plans to aggressively grow this country's nuclear arsenal and also try to grow the economy at the same time and there will be nobody in the party leadership that will stop him from doing what he wants to do, pam. >> wow. just a fascinating look inside. will ripley from pyongyang, north korea. thanks so much. still ahead, comics and politicians ahead mock donald trump for his cinco de mayo celebrations. knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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7:45 am
i can see why trump likes taco bulls. they're just like him. a pile of cheese ji slop stuffed inside a thin orange shell. >> in honor of cinco de mayo, donald trump tweeted a picture of himself eating a taco bowl. he did that. yeah. then trump tried to get mexico to pay for it. >> so as you can see right there, comedians and politicians alike are having a field day on thursday after donald trump posted right here this tweet in celebration of cinco de mayo picturing him eating a taco bowl and proclaiming i love
7:46 am
hispanics. hillary clinton fired back at the gop front-runner online arguing his love of hispanics didn't match his plan to deport undocumented immigrants. one man joked saying, come on, man, even your mexican food as a wall. whether you celebrate with a a taco bowl or not, cinco de mayo is here to stay. >> it's now an official american holiday. as a puerto rican, i don't celebrate. as an american, i have to. it's on the calendar i bought at walmart. >> we're joined by that comedian, bill santiago. thanks for coming on. can't wait to hear your thoughts on this and your reaction when you saw that tweet with trump and the taco bowl, what did you think? >> it's a pleasure to be here speaking to you about that co-bowl-gate. my immediate thought was he's a presumptive nominee and he's stepping it up. presidential all the way. every one of trump's tweets is a
7:47 am
preview of the trump presidency. you know, we're talking archie bunker with access to the nuclear codes, and he just comes out and says it. he's very sincere, he's impul impulsi impulsive. i love hispanics. he could have been a little more arrogant about it. the hispanics love me. no, i love the hispanics. it was an olive branch and i, as one of the hispanics he's reaching out to, certainly appreciate that. >> i have to say a lot of trump supporters like that he is not politically correct. do you think posts like that -- >> it's addictive. it's fantastic. yes, yes, yes. he's so offensive that it's charming. it's a guilty pleasure. we cannot wait to be horrified what he says next, and if -- you know, if for some reason he doesn't take the white house, i think people are really going to be jonesing, they're going to be experiencing withdrawal if they don't get their dose of trump tweets. >> but just look at the way things have played out with
7:48 am
donald trump and then he sends out this tweet saying, you know, i love hispanics with a teaco bo taco bowl. what is your reaction to that, the visceral reaction? >> you know, it's such -- it's such a joke that i almost meet him halfway and go, okay, you know. i mean, look at hillary clinton, she -- her take was to be a lot more focused -- focus group oriented and she puts out a whole campaign about how she is one of us, how she is just like our -- >> yeah. >> and that completely blew up. he's like i love you. i love them. there's separation. i'm not trying to pretend. you guys are over there, we're over here and whatever, we're cool, right? it's so bold-faced offensive that you can hardly really -- you certainly can't be shocked by it. it's like being shocked that a dog who hasn't been house trained makes a mess on the carpet. what were you expecting? this is the trump brand.
7:49 am
>> but, you know, hispanic voters are extremely important for both of these candidates. what do they need to do to gain their favor? >> i'll tell you what trump has to do, okay? this was a step in the right direction. what he has to do if he really wants to seal the deal with the hispanic voters is make that taco bowl his vice presidential nominee. trump taco bowl 2016. you know, make the commitment, go all the way. if you're serious, trump taco bowl. >> and you will throw your support behind him if he does t it. >> vive trump taco bowl 2016. anybody who thinks trump can't do it will be crying into their taco bowl at the end. >> bill santiago, thank you very much for that. >> see you next time. >> and still ahead on this friday, american pharoah is a tough act to follow. is this year's kentucky derby
7:50 am
favorite up to the task? cancer... we don't want to think about it. but i had to. because, you see i was traveling, i was enjoying life, i was working... it was too long since my last pap. when i was finally tested, we thought i might have cervical cancer. after worrying - no cancer. i was lucky. women... please get a pap test to check for cervical cancer. and get the inside knowledge about gynecologic cancers. for you and the people who care about you. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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7:54 am
stunning new details are now surfacing about a chilling murder mystery that has a texas community on edge. the hunt is on for the killer of fitness instructor and mother of three missy beavers. she was killed inside a texas church last month, and authorities say that this person right here captured on grainy surveillance video wearing head to toe tactical gear is the prime suspect. let's get to polo sandoval. you have some new details on this strange and sad story. >> reporter: it's been about 2 1/2 weeks since that mother of three walked into that church and was murdered. still no arrests have been made. now that we take a closer look at court documents, some interesting evidence that has surfaced after investigators looked through missy beavers' personal electronic devices as well and her husband's as well and they have been able to
7:55 am
identify 11 so-called target fms. these are the phone numbers of at least 11 persons of interest in this case and also taking a closer look at these devices investigators have also been able to confirm several reports that missy beavers was experiencing some sort of financial trouble as well as other marital issues as well, even confirmed some reports she was possibly having an extramarital relationship with the owner of one of those numbers. so now the question is who are these people? we did notice that at least four of those 11 individuals are last named beaver, but, of course, we don't know for sure if they would be related, but we do understand there is another working theory here by investigators, that the man that you saw on that very strange video here, at least this individual in that very strange video wearing that s.w.a.t. team gear, you take a closer look, you can see the word police on that possible vest there, was in possession of some kind of electronic device, possibly a
7:56 am
phone to actually communicate with one of these persons of interest. but, of course, that remaining question here is who is this individual here. investigators do want people to take a very close look at the person's mannerisms. even the certain walk that he has. notice kind of a bit of a limp here. a very distinguishing walk that investigators want people to potentially identify since there's nothing else that you may be able to make out, but, of course, that lingering question remains who is this person and what is the possible motive. it'ses is we'll be on the lookout. lastly, no arrests have been made and no charges have actually been filed against anybody in this case quite yet. >> all right. polo sandoval, thank you very much for that. and this just into cnn. president obama is set to deliver a statement on the economy at 12:05 eastern from the press briefing room. cnn will keep an eye on that to say stuned for the latest there. and checking other top stories on this friday, north carolina's governor says the state will meet monday's deadline and respond to the justice department about the state's controversial
7:57 am
transgender bathroom law. officials say that law, which bans individuals from using public bathrooms that don't correspond to their biological sex violates civil rights. the government is threatening to pull federal aid if changes aren't made. and add south carolina to the list of states with a diagnosed case of zika, the mosqui mosquito-born o vi ruvirus has detected in 45 states. none of the cases originated with mosquitos from the u.s. it results in babies born with abnormally small heads. a dramatic slow-speed car chase shuts down a california freeway during rush hour. watch this as the driver, who was suspected of attempted murder, weaves in and out of traffic, sideswiping cars trying to get away from police. authorities finally stopped him and took him into custody after a standoff. well, find your fanciest hat and break out the mint juleps.
7:58 am
the 142nd running of the kentucky derby gets going tomorrow. coy wire is live from louisville. as a kentucky girl who goes to the derby every year, tries to at least, you have the premiere assignment. thlt year will be tough to top from last year. who are the favorites? >> reporter: it really is. let me tell you i am not taking this moment for granted. it's my first derby and i'm so excited. your home state, pamela, is treating us right. it's a beautiful day at churchill downs and the kentucky derby has a bit of a buzz to it this year. last year american pharoah became the first triple crown winner in 37 years giving the sport is huge boost. now, this year you asked about the favorites. well, a lot of people think that the favorite nyquist is going to pull off the same feat, that triple crown. a 3-year-old colt coming into the derby unbeaten. he's gone a perfect 7 for 7 in the races building up to the run for the roses. he'll be at post 13. his biggest challenger is expected to be exaggerator, 8 to
7:59 am
1 odds, and his trainer says he's cool as a cucumber, but how cool is this? the horse's team is made up of two brothers, keith and kent, and exaggerator's trainer around jockey. kent is a hall of fame jockey. he's won the kentucky derby three times. he won almost 600 races in a single year. these two brothers have come a long way from growing up in a small town in louisiana. >> it was a typical big brother and little brother dynamic. get out of my face. do you have to follow me around all the time. >> it's definitely special. it's a whole lot more inner emotion than just winning when you're doing it familywise. >> reporter: now, there are expected to be 120,000 for the traditional oaks race, 160,000 expected tomorrow to take in the
8:00 am
fa fastest two minute sport. pamela, we wish you from kentucky a very happy oaks day. >> i'm putting my money on the horse named sudden breaking news for obvious reasons there. coy wire, glad my home state is treating you well. i'm pamela brown. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> in some cases people are not going to be instantly on board. >> you know request why it's never trump? because i'm going to stop the gravy train. >> we have to recognize that the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. welcome to the i thought we were good, no, not so fast phase of the rub


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