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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this is also preliminary so it hasn't been confirmed. but we are soliciting information on the scene and anyone in the public. >> anyone in the mall in danger? >> we don't have any reason to believe anyone else is in danger in the mall or even outside of the mall at this particular point. >> you said you have a person of interest. are you actually looking for someone right this minute? >> we are working with investigators simply developing different leads and we will obviously look at anything, particularly information that comes out. >> would this be a person that's already wounded? >> we don't know that at this particular point. >> do you have previous connections to him? do you know him? >> the matter is still under investigation. it's still very preliminary. >> thank you all very much. we'll have another briefing in about 30 minutes or so. >> is this person of interest a male or female? >> so yeah. >>
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. all this in suburban washington, dc. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. our own evan perez has been following this disturbing development. evan, we know this is in bethesda, maryland, in montgomery mall. a major shopping mall in the washington, dc area. tell us about this shooting incident and then what also happened not that far away at another mall. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. this began just after 11:00 a.m. according to police, and they say there were three victims shot outside of this mall and appear nobody in the mall was injured but apparently, one person approached a victim, shot the victim. two other people came to the aid of the first victim and they were also shot. now about 30 to 40 minutes later, there was a second incident. a second shooting in the parking lot of a giant supermarket. there was also a female victim
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in that incident. i should mention in the first case, in the mall incident, there were two males and one female who were injured. at this point, the police say that they don't have a suspect in custody but they have an idea of who this might be. we're told that they have no reason to believe at this point that the victims knew the systematic but aga suspect but this is preliminary in the investigation and they called in for help from the federal authorities, the atf now has agents on the scene to try to assist in this investigation. i should note, wolf, there was also another incident nearby in prince georges county just a few miles away in which what police said was a domestic shooting. that suspect is still at large. you heard in the press conference there just a few minutes ago that they're checking to see, the police are definitely investigating to see whether or not all of these incidents are connected. >> and the suspicion is that they could be or they think these are unrelated?
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what's the initial suspicion? >> reporter: at this point, they just don't know but obviously the fact that there are these two shootings in an area that's not used to having them, montgomery county and then nearby, there was another shooting that has not been solved. they have to definitely make sure that there's not a connection between the two. again, we don't know whether or not there is but it is something that is right at the top of the list for law enforcement. >> and the suspects remain at large? >> that's right. that's correct. they don't have a suspect in custody and believe the language of the police used in the press conference about 30 minutes ago was that they have an idea of a person of interest who they are looking for which tells us that they believe they know who did this and now try to track the person down, wolf. >> we just got word, evan, six montgomery county, an affluent county outside of washington, dc. where this montgomery mall shopping center. montgomery county schools in a lockdown situation due to this
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shooting incident at the mall as well as suburban hospital in bethesda, maryland. that's a major hospital in this region as well. i want to bring in our senior law enforcement analyst, tom fuentes and law enforcement analyst roderick both joining us on the phone. tom, when you hear about a shooting incident like this, there's another one not that far away in a supermarket and a third incident, obviously, there's suspicion because there really aren't a lot of these incidents in montgomery mall, i should say. >> well, that's true, wolf. in this instance, the fact they named the person of interest in connection with the shooting at the montgomery mall is interesting. they were looking for a suspect yesterday believed to have been involved in a domestic murder of a teacher eat north point high school not too far away and now today they're naming that person as a person of interest in connection with the mall shooting. so i don't know. they haven't revealed why they connected the two.
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why they're declaring this person of interest still in the second shooting that happened today. the third additional shooting that happened at a nearby giant store after the mall shooting, they haven't indicated there's any connection to that shooting with any of the other shootings. so it's under investigation. we'll find out i'm sure before too long if they think the same person involved in the murder yesterday is also involved in the shooting and now murder today because one of the injured parties died at the mall shooting and then the second shooting near a giant store a little bit later. >> that's the name of the supermarket. giant food. that's why we're calling it giant. the name of the supermarket. art roderick, there's a shooter on the loose. what do they do to find this individual? >> well, i mean, they've already got the person of interest as tom had mentioned and that's the key part of this current
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investigation is that if they already had a person in mind, they possibly could have committed this crime. that's a good sign and i know they didn't confirm in the press conference whether any of these individuals knew each other. but usually if you get a person of interest this quickly, then there is some connectivity between the victims and the perpetrator. the interesting thing is these other shootings that occurred, one yesterday and another one today. you had two today, one yesterday. and if there is any connection between them, obviously, the law enforcement perspective, you've got to look at making that connection or not making that connection. that's going to be the key to all three shootings in the last 24 hours. >> when you say they have a person of interest in mind, art, explain exactly what that means. do they have a name of an individual? do they have the description? an identity? because if they do, that would be good to share with the public
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at large. >> yeah, exactly. i'm kind of surprised. i'm sure they're double checking into this. as you know, the term "person of interest" has just come up over the last ten years or so. usually, they were called suspects or individuals actually wanted for a particular crime. so to me, when they come up with a person of interest, it sounds like they have a pretty good idea of who it is. and right now, they're double checking to see where this individual is and where has he been in the past 24 hours. did he have any connection to the giant shooting or the shooting that occurred yesterday and all these things will mesh together and i'm fairly sure they know exactly who they are looking for at this point in time. they're just not going to come out with it for the public yet. >> and the montgomery county police department assistant chief darrell mcswan said there's no reason to believe the suspect on the loose, the so-called person of interest knew the victims and there's no
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indication of any motives. once again, six montgomery county public schools, they're on lockdown right now according to school officials. the county's recreation centers are also on lockdown right now according to the county's recreation twitter feed. additionally, suburban hospital in bethesda, maryland, is under lockdown as well. art, all right. we'll continue to watch this story. one dead and three in critical condition in bethesda, maryland, and montgomery mall. a very prestigious mall in the washington, dc area. we're going to stay on top of this story. much more dramatic news coming up including the president of the united states today only moments ago speaking publicly about the presumptive republican presidential nominee, donald trump. much more on that coming up as well. don't go to paris.
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>> we're following breaking news here in the greater washington, dc area. montgomery mall right outside of washington, dc at a prestigious mall. four people shot at two different scenes actually. one in bethesda, maryland, and one in prince georges county. all schools in montgomery county are on lockdown as a precaution. police are going to hold a news conference, once again, at the bottom of the hour to update us on what happened. we do know around 11:15 a.m., three adults, two males, one female were shot outside the west field montgomery mall in bethesda, maryland, right outside of washington, dc. the three victims were transported to suburban hospital which is not very far away in critical condition. also, police are looking at a nearby incident where an individual was also shot a short time later. the victim in that case has been
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determined to be a female. it's unclear whether these two incidents though are related. so far, police are not saying. they are saying there's a so-called person of interest that they're looking for in the mall shootings. the suspect right now, the shooter remains at large. it's not clear, it's unclear whether the victims knew the suspect and there's no known motive at least at this time. we're going to get an update at the bottom of this hour from montgomery county and montgomery county police and get back there shortly. in the meantime, there's other dramatic news we're watching here including president obama. he touts job growth in the united states, talks politics, just a little while ago. he was also asked about the state of the race for the white house and donald trump's becoming the presumptive republican presidential nominee. >> we're going to get that clip
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from the president momentarily but i want to bring in our chief political correspondent dana bash and david chelian. he was blunt in making it clear this is not a celebrity show or reality show. this is the president of the united states we're talking about. this is the man who will have his finger on that nuclear button who goes into the white house situation room and makes as commander in chief life and death decisions. in fact, we have the clip. here's the president of the united states at the white house just a little while ago. >> we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. and what that means is that every candidate, every nominee, needs to be subject to exacting
10:16 am
standards and genuine scrutiny. you've got to make sure that their budgets add up. it means if they say they've got an answer to a problem, that it is actually plausible. and that they have details for how it would work. and if it's completely implausible and would not work, that needs to be reported on. the american people need to know that. the standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. and i think, not just republican officials, but more importantly, republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. i think republican women, voters, are going to have to decide, is that the guy i feel
10:17 am
comfortable with in representing me and what i care about. i think folks who historically had been concerned about making sure that budgets add up and that we are responsible stewards of government finances have to ask, does mr. trump's budgets work? those are going to be questions that republican voters more than republican officials have to answer. >> pretty strong words from the president of the united states. he's convinced it raised some questions. this was a clearly direct attack on the credentials of donald trump. >> 100% and not something we haven't heard for what, eight, nine, ten months from fellow republicans running against donald trump and ovthers who oppose it but this is a very
10:18 am
different phase of the campaign. we know who donald trump's supporters are within the republican party. they made him the effective nominee but now it is a question about whether the general election and the general electorate, which goes out in much bigger droves and a very different set of dynamics and demographics, whether they are going to be persuaded with this kind of argument. again, it didn't work in the republican primary but it's a new ball game now. >> remember, he's speaking obviously as a hillary clinton surrogate in many ways even though he hasn't endorsed her yet, he believes her victory is really important to his legacy but from the benefit of being the sitting president and this is where i think you'll see this time and again throughout the campaign trail is though we speak about the experience of what it is to do the job, to use that as a contrast against donald trump and, you know, our new poll shows him at a 51% approval rating to president obama. and his best strong of approval ratings in his second term. so he is in a stronger position
10:19 am
today to probably draw these contrasts than he was a couple of years ago. >> when you say 51%, give us some perspective on other presidents at this time in their second term. >> so the only president in recent time that has been higher at this point in the second term is bill clinton. he's around the same place as ronald reagan. i think ronald reagan was 51% approval and george w. bush at this point, his numbers started sliding. if you just look to recent history, he's second in terms of where he sits at this point of his presidency. but this is what we've been hearing about how barack obama's going to be surrogate number one for hillary clinton. he is hugely important, it's important to her and i think we're getting insight today into how he plans on using that role. >> you were covering the white house at the time and you remember the fact that the last time we had such a popular president going out at the second term, bill clinton -- >> he was 59% at this point. >> the person running for his
10:20 am
third term effectively, al gore and his campaign, they kept him locked in the white house. they wouldn't let him out because he had other issues. >> clearly, hindsight, it's a mistake. >> could help in arkansas and other states. >> clearly a big mistake but before that, ronald reagan, he was, i don't know, he wasn't as active as you could be in today's day and age but there's no question his popularity helped george h.w. bush and that was the last time you had a third term of a certain party. so that approval rating is critically important. >> and very quickly, david, the president's comments about donald trump today, they followed the stunning statement made yesterday by the speaker of the house of representatives, paul ryan, an interview with cnn's jake tapper in which he said he's not yet ready to endorse donald trump. >> yeah, and in fact, the president commented on that today when he was asked about it as well. those were stunning comments. we are seeing a party go through
10:21 am
now what it had always sort of been wrestling with this entire election season which is, now a, how are we going to do something we are not aligned on something that are parthodoxy and the party is trying to figure a way out how to come together. it's going to take some time. paul ryan's comments to jake tapper show it's going to take some more time than donald trump would like, i'm sure. >> stand by. we have a lot more to talk about. but i want to let our viewers know, dana has got a big interview coming up at the top of the next hour. the former republican presidential candidate, u.s. senator lindsey graham will be joining dana for an interview. i think you're going to want to hear what he has to say about donald trump and his race for the white house. stand by for that. we heard president obama talking about how serious these times are. the presidential race is not what he called a reality show. remarks, once again, clearly
10:22 am
aimed at donald trump. the presumptive presidential nominee. a senior trump advisor joining us now from seattle. haley, listen to what else the president said about donald trump. >> their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. and i think not just republican officials but more importantly, republican voters are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. i think republican women, voters, are going to have to decide, is that the guy i feel comfortable with? >> haley, what's your response to the president's pretty blunt remarks? >> you know, i find it apaling, quite frankly. if you look at the movement behind mr. trump and his endeavor to make america great
10:23 am
again and the path to the presidency that he is seeking, it is so strong because of our country and the state it's in. it's in complete shambles because of the lack of leadership from president barack hussein obama. it's the problems he's created. >> i know you don't like president obama. that's clear. but paul ryan said in the interview with cnn's jake tapper was pretty stunning when he said, you know what? the republican presumptive nominee is going to have skom clos closer to me and accept my agenda. i know they have a meeting coming up next week. i assume here in washington, but you must have been shocked by paul ryan's comments. >> i think that at this juncture, the focus of the republican movement needs to be to unite. we need to unite in order to keep our eyes on the prize,
10:24 am
which is ensuring that hillary clinton does not gain access to the white house. >> what are you going to do? are you going to accept the agenda that paul ryan says, including when he questions donald trump's adherence to the constitution? >> i think that at this point, the goal is, again, to unite the party. donald trump is the only candidate, the presumptive nominee who can beat hillary clinton in november and that's where the focus needs to be. >> haley baumgardener. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. we follow breaking news here in the greater washington, dc area. we stand by for a live news conference on the deadly shootings in montgomery county and bethesda, specifically, right outside of washington, dc. we're getting word that investigators suspect that there was a thursday shooting that was kick connected to today's shooting and we bring you all of that after this.
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we follow breaking news out of suburban washington, dc. montgomery county, maryland, specifically. three people have been shot and
10:29 am
at least two died in three separate shootings and police say two of those shootings are in fact connected. they have a suspect. 62-year-old lilio tortle. you see a photograph of this suspect right there. joining us now, cnn's evan perez who's been monitoring what's going on. tell us what we know about this individual. >> wolf, we spoke a little while ago about another shooting that happened on thursday outside of a high school in beltsville, maryland and in that case, alalio tordel is believed to have shoot his wife and criticaled someone to try to come to the aid of his wife and now prince georges county believe he could be connected to the two shootings that occurred across the border in maryland. we have a statement from the federal protective service which
10:30 am
tordale was an employee of and they could confirm he is a law enforcement officer with the federal protective service and say in march, fps placed him after a protective order was issued against hip am and placen administrative leave. they say they're now working with the prince georges county police to assist in this investigation. we know, wolf, that the people, the authorities investigating the shootings today now believe that he could be responsible for these shootings in montgomery county. they're looking for him. they believe they know who they're looking for and now they're trying to track him down to arrest him. >> prince georges county also outside of washington, dc. they identified this individual, 62-year-old ulalio tordel in the murder of gladys outside of a high school in beltsville, maryland, right outside of washington, dc on thursday.
10:31 am
and then they suspect, evan, just to be precise, this individual was also responsible for the shootings at montgomery mall in bethesda, maryland, a mall outside of montgomery. giant food it's called. >> yes, that's what they suspect he believed he could be connected to these. >> those are not 100% sure. >> this is not something, obviously, that. they must have some evidence in order for them to say at the press conference they believe that they know the person of interest and that they were trying to track that down. one reason for that, i believe, from talking to people in law enforcement is that there is something they recovered at the scene. witness statements that leads them to believe there was the same suspect from yesterday. >> i want to get some thoughts from law enforcement analyst. tom fuentes, this is very disturbing.
10:32 am
a federal law enforcement officer now implicated in these shootings. >> that's true, wolf. but unfortunately, even officers can run into stresses from marital problems and other financial problems and in this case, apparently, he had a domestic issue with his ex-wife and as a result of the violence with her, they took away his gun and put him on administrative leave which is required by law to do that. i think that's created the problem here where they know he's armed, knows how to use a weapon, may even be wearing body armor and knew he had rented a car with pennsylvania license plates and that's possibly how they connected him and the shootings today that maybe somebody saw a similar vehicle with pennsylvania license plates in the parking lot at this mall and at the other strip mall where the two different shooting incidents took place this morning. >> very quickly, art. the federal protective service.
10:33 am
i suspect a lot of our viewers here in the united states and around the world are not familiar with the federal protective service. tell us about that. >> the federal protective service is a uniformed service. at one point, it used to work for government service administration and then during the shift, they actually moved sps, commonly known as under the department of homeland security and they protect federal buildings all around the country. they're fairly large force. a lot of them are contract guards that work for the federal protective service. some of them are trained and it's a very, very sad situation that brings together some personal issues and domestic issues and one of the biggest things that tends to put law enforcement officers over the edge is loss among peers and
10:34 am
specifically talking about the fact that he was put on suspension, his weapons were taken away. i would not be surprised if at some point, he could locate this individual and possibly could have done himself in through suicide or self-inflicted gunshot wound. but obviously, we haven't reached that point yet but that could very well be the outcome of this situation. >> clearly, a shooter. someone who has killed is on the loose right now. and we're talking about montgomery county right outside of washington, dc, not just bethesda but now we're being told all students and staff at all montgomery county public schools whether it's bethesda, silver spring, rockville, chevy chase, all the areas pretty well known to our viewers, all of the students and staff are, quote, sheltering in place at the request of the police as they investigate multiple shooting scenes across the area. that's obviously out of an abundance of caution right now.
10:35 am
>> one of the things that's really remarkable about these three incidents and certainly at least two of them in the case of the shooting yesterday, the shooter decides if he's going to shoot a person who comes to the aid of someone else, you often hear that in instances like this, people don't come to the aid of another person who's clearly in distress and both today and yesterday at the mall, two people came to the aid of someone who was being attacked. those people were shot. same with the one that happened yesterday that were killed this man's spouse. it really shows you that he has no respect, just shooting people who he knows or trying to target, but also people that he has no idea who they are. >> clearly a trained federal law enforcement officer now on the loose. that's the person of interest. that's the person they're looking for in connection with these shootings right now. we're going to stay on top of the break. more information. but there's other political breaking news we're following
10:36 am
here at cnn. you can now add, get this, south carolina senator lindsey graham to the list of republicans who will not, repeat, not back donald trump by the party's presumptive presidential nominee. here's a statement just released by senator graham. let me read it to you. it says he cannot in good conscience support donald trump because i do not believe he is a reliable republican conservative nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as commander in chief. very strong words from lindsey graham. i want to bring in the national political reporter for the "washington post" and cnn political director david khal yon with us as well. senator graham, one of the 17 republican candidates. didn't work out for him. and then backed jeb bush and reluctantly, ted cruz saying the party needed to defeat donald trump. is this a surprise? >> it's not a huge surprise, obviously. senator graham was very outspoken about how he felt
10:37 am
about donald trump even before he came this close to clinching the nomination but i think it underscore what is we see happening in the party which is just remarkable. there's a real khalicleaving ha right now. we see republicans having incredibly difficult hard arguments with one another and soul-searching conversations about what they're going to do in the run-up to the november elections. >> it follows the very dramatic announcement yesterday, david, from the house speaker paul ryan saying, it's pretty amazing when you think about it, he's the speaker of the house of representatives, the highest ranking elected republican in the country, second in line to the presidency, he's not yet ready to support donald trump either. >> that's right. and we're seeing different grades here, gradations across the republican party. paul ryan said he's not ready to
10:38 am
do that right now. but he left open the possibility that donald trump could sort of bring him along if he were to bring the party together. we heard from, you know, the president bush 43 not going to comment or participate in the election or go to the convention. it's not a surprise lindsey graham would say, i cannot vote for donald trump but step back and think about that for a moment, wolf. this is a sitting long time republican united states senator who's just announced he is refusing to vote for, announcing publicly he's not going to vote for his party's presidential nominee even though we say anybody paying attention the last year from last july when donald trump went to south carolina and gave out lindsey graham's cell phone number and demeaned him as a loser who couldn't get above 1% in the polls, anybody following the race could see this coming and yet, it's still quite a big deal to hear a sitting senator
10:39 am
publicly say three days after their nominee wrapped it up that they can't cast their vote for him. it points to, again, the work that donald trump has ahead of him. donald trump would rightly point to, hey, i don't have that much work. i have all these voters that came with me during this nomination season and that is true. i don't think the voters this year are all that receptive to who's endorsing or who's not endorsing. but you can't win a national election in this country as one of the major party nominees without making sure that you bring your own side together and donald trump has proven he can win over independents. he is going to bring some democrats to his side. there's no doubt about that. we will see that in november. but he also must tend to his home turf and this is just an example, i think, of just what a big task that's going to be for him from now to the convention and maybe beyond. >> all right, guys. stand by. because we're going to continue to follow this story. important note to our viewer,
10:40 am
dana barb has an interview with the republican senator, former presidential candidate lindsey graham, that's coming up in the next hour right here on cnn. you're going to want to hear specifically his concerns about donald trump. also, right now, the manhunt under way for a law enforcement officer. you're looking at live pictures coming in believed to be involved in three deadly shootings in the dc area over the last 24 hours. this is the individual, the suspect, now at large here in the washington, dc area. a federal law enforcement officer, well trained, well armed, presumably on the loose right now. he's suspected in these shootings. we're going to update you on what's going on after this. the heirloom tomato. intensely-flavored. beautifully-misshapen.
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we're following the breaking news out of suburban washington, dc. montgomery county, specifically, where police say a string of shootings have left two people dead and they say the string of those shootings are connected. we're awaiting a news conference from the police, montgomery county police supposed to start momentarily. the suspect has been identified as ulalio tordel and works for the federal protection service but has been on administrative leave since march. tordle is on the run and could be traveling in the car you're seeing there on the screen. police believe he shot and killed his wife outside of a high school yesterday. they also believe he's behind today's shooting outside of montgomery mall in suburban
10:46 am
washington, dc as well as giant food. a big supermarket. nearby schools. all students and staff have been told right now in all of montgomery county schools in chevy chase, rockville, silver spring, all of montgomery county outside of washington, dc and all students and staff told to shelter in place out of an abundance of caution. there is a shooter on the loose in montgomery gun. we're going to let you know as soon as we learn more information and then once again, police are expected on the news conference momentarily and i want to bring in susan, the general manager at a restaurant in bethesda, maryland. suzanne, i understand you're at the mall. tell us what you have seen and what you're seeing now. >> what i'm seeing right now is that there are one, two, three, four, five police cars. got the whole parking lot paved off. you have several tents set up for the evidence, i guess, with
10:47 am
a mobile investigation van. there's all kinds of talk about not letting anyone into the parking lot at all. and that's where we are now. >> were you there around 11:15 a.m. local time when the shooting incident occurred? >> yes. i was on the way to the bank and outside of the window. we saw all seven cops kind of streaming in to the parking lot and saw both flying in the parking lot. >> you saw the individuals lying there? >> yes. >> i'm sure that was very frightening and since then basically, as everybody at the mall, this was the montgomery mall, has everybody been told to shelter in place, stay put, or letting people leave? >> no, they have not said to shelter in place at all. we've got a recording from the mall that said we're open. the mall is open.
10:48 am
and we're cooperating with the police that there's been a shooting right outside my window. macy's is waiting and a lot of stores have closed. downstairs have closed for the safety of their guests and pretty much doing the exact same thing. >> the shooting incident occurred near the macy's side of the mall? >> yes. >> and i guess people must have been frightened and i'm sure, how are you doing, by the way? >> you know what, i'm hanging in. i have people sitting just watching everything going on right now. overlooked the entire scene. it's real frightening. everyone is shaking. my staff that's not here.
10:49 am
>> evan perez and justice reporter is with us. tell us about this suspect who's at large right now on a massive manhunt is under way. >> wolf, his name is eilili eililio tordil part of the homeland security department and according to them, they put him on administrative leave after he was subject to some kind of protective order where he suspected some kind of domestic situation which incidentally is what the prince georges county police department described the incident that occurred yesterday outside of a high school in beltsville, maryland. they said it was a domestic shooting in which tordil's estranged wife was killed and appears according to police that someone tried to come to her aid and shot the person first, the man, and then killed her. it also bears remembering here that some of this information on the other shootings is still
10:50 am
preliminary and three people shot in the montgomery mall and a second scene a short distance away outside of a giant foods supermarket on connecticut avenue also in montgomery county in bethesda, maryland, another person shot at the scene of the mall, a similar situation where the shooter attacked someone and two people came to that person's aid. they were all shot authorities say all three, six people shot in all, all believed to be connected and one suspect tordil who is now at large, trying to urgently track him down and arrest him. >> the manhunt must be intense. they must really be fearful. this is a trained law enforcement officer. >> right. >> presumably has weapons, has ammunition. and is on the run right now presumably pretty desperate. >> that's right. homeland security department says that they removed his service weapon but he may have other weapons sh obviously.
10:51 am
if they believe he carried out these different shootings. and exactly why they have now put all schools in montgomery county on lockdown, wolf, they believe that the person armed and dangerous and clearly not just targeting people who he knows but passers by, people who might be trying to come to the aid of someone under attack. >> 62-year-old eulalio tordil expected in the killing of his estranged wife. he was working with the canine unit. >> right. and working to protect buildings, department of homeland security is responsible for protection of federal buildings across the region, across the country, actually. and the fact that he is an employee and someone who is a law enforcement officer, someone who's trained and who is sworn to protect and serve an obviously a very unusual
10:52 am
situation and why they're desperately trying to figure out where he is to try to arrest him and he has the training and obviously now has weapons at his disposal. >> the police released the picture of the vehicle. they suspect he's in the veekt rye now seen at the various locations? >> it is not clear why they focused on him but something from the scenes today either at the mall or the giant, perhaps witness statements, that lead them to believe it is the same suspect. it might be this vehicle. might be witness descriptions of the suspect. it also might be electronic evidence. as you know, they're able to check cell phones to see where someone's cell phone is. it's remarkable that he carried out the shooting allegedly in maryland, prince georges county, and 24 hours later, he's still at large. usually people don't get away for that long in these type of situations, wolf. but clearly, they have some reason to believe that he is
10:53 am
connected to all three of these incidents, six people now that have been shot. >> tom fuentes, our law enforcement analyst, former fbi assistant director. remind viewers if they're watching right now, if they believe they have seen the suspect or the vehicle, what should they do? >> well, immediately call 911. he's already got or suspected of shooting and killing several people. and, you know, so he's obviously armed. the police have said that he might be wearing body armor he would have had when he worked for the federal protective service so he could be armed and obviously he's already armed and dangerous when he committed these crimes a short time ago. >> how difficult will it be, tom, to find this individual? i assume there's a massive manhunt underway in the greater washington, d.c. area, here in the district of columbia, the suburbs. probably in northern virginia, as well.
10:54 am
whether in arlington, alexandria, areas like that. not that difficult to get around this area that you and i know very well. >> well, it could be difficult if he's obtained somebody else's car, stole it or through a carjacking. they had a description of the car he used yesterday they believe to be rented with pennsylvania tags and they would know the license plate numbers and put this out if they believe he's still in that vehicle but also by this time he could have switched vehicles, obtained another vehicle and be driving around and no one, you know, would really be aware of it unless they knew him personally. >> they have to assume he's well armed. he is a trained law enforcement officer. he knows how to use weapons. >> well, that's true. when he was suspended or put on administrative leave by the protective service, they took his badge, his issued firearm away from him. we don't know if he has personally owned firearms and has them and probably does.
10:55 am
obviously, he's accused to have used firearms in the cases and has at least one other gun not issued firearm so how many he has and how lethal, you know, we have seen him use it now allegedly in three separate incidents. >> this is obviously montgomery county police involved and other law enforcement agencies presumably getting involved, as well, right? >> certainly, they would be putting out his description, name, identifiers, as well as the vehicle descriptions would be going out, communicated with all the departments all over the country, much less the immediate washington metro area. so, yes. all that information would be going out about him. possible known residences, where he might be staying or could be staying with in the d.c. area because if he's involved in both or all three shootings then he obviously pent the night. >> tom fuentes, stand by. everyone, stand by. prince george's county police
10:56 am
right outside of washington, d.c. will be speaking about the string of shootings here in the greater washington, d.c. area and the manhunt under way right now for a law enforcement officer suspected of being involved in all these shootings. we'll bring you that, much more, breaking news coverage will continue right after this.
10:57 am
wanted to give you some updates. little that we can confirm right
10:58 am
now. unfortunately, a second victim has passed at the hospital. an adult male victim who was at this location. was pronounced dead after attempts to keep him alive at the hospital. this continues to be a very active investigation. we're still looking at the possibility that these shootings here and the shooting in aspen hill are related. the other issue is that we are looking at whether last night's shooting in prince george's county and these shootings were committed by the same suspect. we've put some information out to our officers. and some information has gone out to the community.
10:59 am
we're in contact with prince georges county officials. some of whom are on our command bus with our investigators now. >> how confident are you that there's a connection between the shootings and what can you tell us about the whereabouts of this suspect? >> i'm not able to rate the confidence right now but i just wanted to confirm that we're looking at that. there's many things that are going on right now that we can't confirm because we're just not sure and for investigative and safety reasons, as well. >> this man is a police officer. does that change how you perhaps look for this suspect given that he is maybe familiar with some of the tactics you may use? does that change the game for you at all? the fact that he's a police officer. >> it sure could, yes. >> how do you know -- are you concerned at this hour that there may be more shootings? >> absolutely. we're working hard to track this
11:00 am
person. but also, keeping the possibility open that they may not be related, as well. >> why are the schools on lockdown? >> out of an abundance of caution, i believe. i don't speak for the schools. they make that decision but i believe just out of an abundance of caution they have decided to go with that decision. again, as i stated earlier, it is raining. children wouldn't be outside anyway. so we're continuing to communicate with them and they are with us. >> paul, can you -- >> on lockdown. >> -- between the person of interest and the person still here. do you have any information that indicates anything of that description such as body armor -- can you clear that up for us because -- >> i can't -- i can't right now. i'm not able to confirm that right now. >> can you tell us exactly as far as you know what transpired