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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 6, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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happening now, breaking news, growing rift, after a stunning refusal to back his party's presumptive nominee, the house speaker paul ryan schedules a meeting with donald trump, but other key republicans are piling on, will trump retaliate? we're standing by. not a reality show, president obama says the election is serious business, not show business and says donald trump's record needs to be examined. is the president jumping into the campaign? shooting rampage. three separate shootings within 24 hours at a high school. shopping mall, and a supermarket, lead to lockdowns, alerts and a manhunt in the d.c. suburbs. three people are dead. the suspect a federal police officer. and city evacuated, convoys
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of vehicles carry evacuees away from their homes as a massive fire forces the abandonment of an entire city. 88,000 people are forced to flee. how many are still stranded? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >> more bombshells in the feud between donald trump and the republican establishment. just a day after paul ryan said he's not ready to endorse the party's presumptive nominee he invited trump to meet with him and house republican leaders next week. trump spokes woman says if ryan can come around he's no longer fit to be speaker of the house. meantime, more stunners. two former republican presidential candidates, jeb bush and senator lindsey graham say they won't vote for trump but dick cheney says he will.
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president owe pa ma says voters must scrutinize trump's record warning the election is "not a reality show." we're standing by to hear from donald trump himself, due to speak at a rally shortly in omaha, nebraska. our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of all the day's top stories. we begin with a republican family feud. our senior white house correspondent jim acosta is joining us, he's in oregon right now where trump will hold a rally later tonight. looks like trump has a major republican problem. >> reporter: that's right, wolf, and even though he is all but clinched the gop nomination, donald trump is still campaigning in places like eugene, oregon, where we are now, where he will be later on this evening, but donald trump still has plenty of work to do behind the scenes to win over the so-called never trumps and the folks you might call the not right now trumps. donald trump is ready to bring on the battle ahead. >> now it's between me and crooked hillary.
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>> reporter: even as the presumptive gop nominee sets his sights on hillary clinton he still needs to watch his back. not only are top republicans like house speaker paul ryan publicly sharing their doubts -- >> well to be perfectly candid with you, jake, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> reporter: the list of other gop leaders who won't vote for trump is growing, the latest, senator lindsey graham. >> i just don't believe donald trump is a reliable conservative republican. good luck with paul ryan trying to find a conservative agenda with this guy, and i don't think he has the temperament and judgment to be commander in chief. lot of my colleagues will vote for him enthusiasticcally, some will hold their nose. i just can't go there with with donald. >> reporter: all eyes are on how trump handles the pressure. response to ryan -- >> i was really surprised by it, it's fine. he can do whatever he wants to do, it's fine. >> reporter: one of his top
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aides said his comments are an insult to americans who voted for trump. >> do you think that paul ryan is still fit to be speaker? >> no, because this is about the party. >> reporter: trump has hammered the never trump movement as nothing more than beltway belly aching. >> you know that thing, never trump. you know why it's never trump because i'm going to stop the gravy train for all the consultants -- >> trump's gop critics say they're getting heartburn for good reason pointing to his tweet about his love for hispanics and taco bowls. >> he's trying. honest his he's trying. >> reporter: reince priebus he knows trump is strig because he took a call from the real estate tycoon after ryan's comments. >> wasn't furious. it was like what do i need to do? my view is, just relax and be gracious. >> reporter: that's not how trump remembers the call with priebus, telling "the washington
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post" "i told reince i thought it was totally inappropriate what paul ryan said. but reince feels and i'm okay with that, that we should meet before we go our separate ways." democrats are crossing their fingers the gop's reality show never gets canceled. >> there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taken place inside the republican party about who they are and what they represent. their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. >> reporter: but the divide over donald trump inside the republican party is growing. earlier today, dick cheney, the former vice president, announced he will support donald trump but jeb bush at just the last hour released a statement saying he won't vote for trump. as for what's happening with house speaker paul ryan, trump did schedule a meeting with the speaker later on next thursday, wolf, and as i heard from a trump aide earlier today, and the view of this one aide, he feels that trump and paul ryan will be old friends as he put
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it, by the end of next week. that's a pretty optimistic view. we'll wait and see. >> we will. jim acosta reporting for us, thank you. donald trump is about to speak at a rally in omaha, nebraska. there you see him over there, cnn's jeff zeleny is on the scene. what type is tone likely to take in the middle of this major feud with the party establishment? >> reporter: wolf, that is something everyone is watching here. he has been slightly more diplomatic, more presidential but we got him in a tweet he sent to paul ryan. look at this. he said paul ryan said i inherited something very special, the republican party. wrong, i didn't inherit it, i won it with millions of voters. wolf you can hear donald trump blind behind me right now, this crowd is excited to hear him. >> a big crowd indeed as usual. let me listen for a few minutes. here's donald trump. >> they dropped out. and i said i don't know. we called you have "the
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washington post" last night, 35,000 people, the place was packed. this one, 10,000 or 11,000 and we have people still pouring in. so i said let me ask you, with west virginia, was it done? people like they're expecting to go? yes. i said then we have to go. i said what about nebraska? i love nebraska, what about nebraska? right? and i said is it like, are the people expecting me to be there? they said yes. i said we're going! we gotta go, right, have a little fun. be like pete said we have to go on tuesday and vote, because we're looking to break the all-time record. we passed eisenhower, we passed nixon. we passed almost everybody, we're just about ready to pass ronald reagan, who we love. we're just about ready to pass -- we just passed everybody and we have a lot of states to go. but we want to create such a record like they haven't had before.
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if you can on tuesday, takes two minutes, go in, vote. we have more votes than anybody and don't forget i started out with 17 people and one by one, it was a beautiful thing to watch. [ cheers and applause ] so we had a good time. it's been an amazing experience for me. i've never done this before. i've been a politician for ten months and these guys have been politicians for 30 years in some cases, right? how am i doing? am i doing a good job? [ cheers and applause ] we have the right message. we're tired of being dopes. we're tired of being the stupid people. we're tired of having these leaders down the drain, that's what we athey're doing. we'll have great trade deals. in nebraska, and i just learned, i said how is it doing business like with japan? you send business to japan. you don't send business to
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china, because china doesn't take your business. we take their business. they don't take our business, right? you know that? do you know that? they won't take our business, so we send, we take all of their stuff, we don't tax them, they send everything in, everything's beautiful, but when nebraska wants to send their product and they have great product, great agricultural product, which is important. [ cheers and applause ] but when you want to send your product to china, they don't take it. no, we don't want it, right? now when you send it to japan, where they send the cars in, no tax, very little tax, practically nothing, they send the cars in. when you send your beautiful agriculture, the best in the world, you send your agricultural product in, what happens? 38% tax, right? 38% tax in to japan. [ booing ] think of it. they call it a tariff, you know, a tariff. it sounds a little bit better, a tariff, but the whole thing, we're not going to do this stuff anymore, folks. we're not going to play games
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anymore. we're going to level it out and you want to see a trade imbalance? you want to see a trade -- look at japan. millions of cars come pouring in. you go to los angeles the biggest ships you've ever seen loaded up with cars and look at what we have. we send beef, beef is very important but not quite as big a product, do we agree? do we agree? sometimes they send it back because they don't want it, because their farmers don't want it, they send it back and then we send it back. it goes back and forth, back and forth and they charge you much more, called it kobe beef, it's old, it's old. it's old! who the hell wants it, and they charge you much more money, but here's the thing, look. there's a 38% tariff when you send your product. there's practically no tariff or tax when they send theirs. tell me, folks, who is making these deals? i can tell you people wouldn't be making that teal on a federal level, on a federal level, it's
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ridiculous. we're being outdealt. we're being outplayed, and we can't have it anymore. now, you've been watching all of the elections that have been taking place and really, i mean i really have. i've had, i've gotten to know this country so well, and you know, it started with new hampshire, where my first victory, i'll always forget that -- i mean there's nothing like it. these beautiful, these beautiful valleys, these beautiful streams, and what's their big problem? heroin. i said what do you mean heroin? what are you talking about heroin? it pours in from the southern border and i said you know what? if i win -- >> build the wall! >> oh we'll build the wall. build the wall. build the wall. you have the same problem. we'll build the wall. >> we're going to continue to monitor donald trump and see what he says, if anything, about this growing rift within the republican party. several major republicans now saying they're not ready at this point to support donald trump. bring in a major trump
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supporter, scottie "headline news." we continue to monitor what donald trump is saying, a lot of supporters have said republicans should find at least some of the trump supporters said maybe they should find a new speaker after speaker ryan said he wasn't ready to support trump. are you among those who say maybe he should not be speaker? >> i'm one of those -- i was never really a huge fan of paul ryan being speaker of the house in the first place but i'll leave those to the comparepubli and democrats in congress and more importantly to the voters of wisconsin when speaker ryan goes up for re-election. >> scottie, hold on, he's talking about some other republicans right now. >> he leaves a disgrace. he can't represent the people of south carolina well. he foes on television knocking me all the time. it's hard to believe i win everything in a landslide. this guy goes on television and talks about "i know more about the military than trump. i've been dealing with it for years." yeah for years, that's why we
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can't beat isis, for years they deal for years. we need new thinking. so he fails with his campaign horribly. he then endorses somebody else, and then he endorses bush, and then he endorses everybody. he's like bad luck. as soon as he endorses the people they drop out. i see him on television knocking me. we're supposed to be coming together. paul ryan, i don't know what happened. [ booing ] i don't know. he called me two, three weeks ago, it was a very nice conversation, he was congratulating me, this was before we had the ultimate victory but he was congratulating me on doing so well. i figured routinely he'd be behind it and the other day in a big surprise, i've had so many endorsements. today a lot of them, bob dole came in, dick cheney came in, many congressmen came in, many senators come in, and we've had tremendous endorsements from a lot of people, both current and
2:14 pm
people that were here and highly respected people, and you know, rick perry, as an example. he came in, and i've always liked him, but he's a tough competitor, and he fought hard, and he was rough on me, right? he got up, remember he went to washington and made a speech for half an hour about donald trump. he said i'm a cancer on the republican party. [ booing ] no, that's the bad news. let me tell you the goed news. so yesterday he endorsed me. [ cheers and applause ] and i like him. i do like him. i forgot about the one hour where he went wild. but he said one of the most talented or brilliant or something candidates ever to run for the presidency in the history of the presidency, so you have that statement and then you have this statement. this is a big difference, that's a big gap, but i appreciate it, and i like rick perry, and he's a good man, and i appreciate
2:15 pm
that he did that. but the one -- i'm not surprised at the bush family in all serious because i'm critical of what happened during the term. so i'm not surprised and jeb we hit hard. do we agree? but what people don't say is that he hit me hard. he spent $14 million on negative ads so people will say, you weren't nice to the bush family. the guy spent $14 million in negative ads. i didn't spend anything on negative ads on him. it really tells you when somebody can spend $14 million on negative ads, it sort of says like do ads have any power? i would go up to new hampshire before the vote. the best was florida. they spent i think $28 million on negative ads. they spent thousands and thousands, you know the total negative ads, have you seen it on television? 66,000 negative ads. i want to see pete get 66,000
2:16 pm
negative ads. pete, you wouldn't be standing. you'd say i'm going home. i'm leaving. i'm going home. pete, 66,000 negative ads, over $100 million and i'm leading by a lot, it was a landslide. it's over so i don't know what it means. i tell the story, i'm in florida and i had a tough race against marco and i like marco. i like everybody once it's over. i like people, but marco was very popular in florida, and is very popular and i was down and i know trump national doral, they're having the big golf tournament and adam scott from australia, one of the top couple of golfers in the world, phenomenal, long, straight, everything, does everything, he ends up winning with a if he phenomenal chip shot, 18th hole is the hardest on the pga tour, considered the toughest hole, it averages like 4.8, which is impossible for a par 4, right?
2:17 pm
so adam scott hits a good drive, hits a shot and goes left, almost goes in the water. he hits this unbelievable chip shot, a flop shot, four or five feet from the pin, sinks the putt, wins the tournament, and all week long, i'm watching these horrible negative ads about myself, and we have hundreds of televisions all around the green, we have all these televisions, called the cadillac world championship, it's a big, big tournament, and thousands and thousands -- tens of thousands of people and i said to myself, oh, wait a minute, i forgot about this. i'm supposed to go out on the green, hand the trophy to adam and all the people there, tim fincham, the pga tour. i said wait a minute, what happens if they have negative ads? they said and now adam scott but before we get to adam we'll have a few commercials, thank you very much. i said oh, this is terrible! i said turn the -- i told my people, get the televisions turned off! turn them off but there were hundreds, they were all over the place. >> we're going to continue once again to monitor donald trump.
2:18 pm
he's in omaha, nebraska, at the this rally. scottie is still with us, scott scottie hughes trump supporter. several republicans saying they're not going to support donald trump. jeb bush put out a statement a while ago, donald trump has not demonstrated the temperament or strength of character, has not displayed respect for the constitution and not a consistent conservative, these are all reasons why i cannot support his candidacy. you heard the reaction to him but lindsey graham and paul ryan the speaker of the house. is this really going to unify the republican party going into a general election? >> first of all, i think people like jeb and lindsey graham need to go back and look at youth sports. they're not setting a good sportsmanship example for the youth of any of the republican party, but i actually think it's interesting we're focusing on them. as mr. trump pointed out i'm celebrating endorsements like dick cheney, i'm celebrating other endorsements and getting somebody like governor rick perry, who was very much on the
2:19 pm
campaign trail for senator ted cruz. when he's saying that he wants to put the party above it and he realized that anybody fighting against the nominee is actually going for hillary, i think that shows a type of maturity and those are the folks i think are going to be the ones that are going to unify the party and give me optimism, much louder voice than two guys who were beat by the predominant candidate right now. >> scottie stand by. we'll continue to monitor donald trump. we'll go back there once he starts talking about the current crisis in the republican party, and it is a crisis right now. we'll see what happens. much more of our coverage right after this. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪
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back to breaking news.
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amid the growing feud between donald trump and the republican establishment, at least major portions of the republican establishment, the house speaker paul ryan schedules a meeting with the presumptive republican nominee but jeb bush joins several others in saying he won't vote for donald trump. we're back with the key trump supporter scottie "headline news." speaker ryan says trump has to run what he calls a principled campaign that republicans can be proud of. they're scheduled to meet next week here in washington. do you think trump will change the tone of his campaign? >> i think he's going to continue to have the tone that's attracted more than 10 million voters and made him the nominee of the gop. i'm very optimistic and happy speaker ryan invited and that chairman priebus is the one that's kind of brokering this meeting next week. i'm optimistic what will come out of it. remember, mr. trump did not base his campaign to keep politicians in power and carves it based on what they want. he's made his campaign based on what the people want and what they're saying.
2:25 pm
he's honest in the words he's saying, whether you like him or not. people trust what he's saying is what he's going to say and not going to change based on politicians. i think the problem we're having now speaker ryan you have this power pull and almost like those in congress are very afraid of what's going to come in with somebody who doesn't owe any allegiance. he's not necessarily going to pick up their phone call when they call. he might put them through voice mail especially sitting there talking to a voter offer the politician. those are the people that pout him into power. as soon as they get on the common ground and i'm optimistic that speaker ryan who might have had a couple issues yesterday but it's obvious he realizes that the people want mr. trump, that the majority of people are coming around and realizing that it's better to unify than help hillary clinton. >> scottie, president obama weighed in on the republican race saying this is not entertainment, this is not a reality show. i want to get your reaction to the president's, it was not even thinly ve lly veiled. pretty blistering criticism of
2:26 pm
donald trump. >> coming from the celebri celebrity-in-chief we saw in 2008 that brought out every single celebrity he can and toted them when he was running for president. i think it's interesting that he's calling mr. trump kind of a reality show. all this does is once again help mr. trump the same thing people like jeb bush and lindsey graham and hillary clinton, all of those guys uniting actually once again shows that politicians just want to keep each other in power and really don't care what the people want. president obama, you know what? i welcome you to sit there and criticize mr. trump's race. i can assure you the only person who ever challenged your numbers and voter turnout is mr. trump and what we're seeing. >> scottie "headline news," thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. still ahead, three shooting incidents in less than 24 hours lead to school lockdowns here in the washington, d.c., suburbs. we'll update you on that. also incredible pictures from a monster wildfire that's forced the evacuation of an entire city.
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keeping an eye on donald trump's rally right now in omaha, nebraska. looking at live pictures. speaking about the growing split in the republican party, made already some strong statements today trump's former contenders, senator lindsey graham, former florida governor jeb bush join the list of party leaders including house speaker paul ryan who say they cannot support trump at least not now. ryan says, at least not now. the others say they'll not support donald trump at all. joining us now are cnn political commentators ana navarro and kevin madden and plitt director
2:32 pm
david chalian. ana is the burden on donald trump to unite, try to unify the republican party as paul ryan says or should the party apparatus rally around the new leader, in effect, of the republican party? >> look, the party apparatus is rallying around the nominee, the presumptive nominee. the party apparatus is the rnc, and they've got a structure in place, and they are going to be supporting donald trump. now the question is, individual leaders, individually elected officials, individual activists and donors, and i do think the burden is on donald trump, number one because he's the winner. because he won the nomination. he's the presumptive nominee. it is up to him to be the gracious winner, and reach out to those people that do not feel included in his movement right now. and number two, because he wants to win in november, and the only way you win in november is if you can get to 50% plus one in
2:33 pm
the different states, and only way you do is if you aggregate people, not exclude people. right now what he's doing and saying to people, i don't need you. drop dead. drop off that cliff. you know what? fine. you don't need us? we won't go out and vote for you. we'll go out and vote down ballots and good luck trying to win, donald trump. you're going to have to make up those numbers somewhere. >> david, trump released a statement after lindsey graham said he couldn't vote him. he said while i will unify the party lindsey graham has shown himself to be beyond rehabilitation and like the voters who rejected him, so will i. that doesn't sound like a donald trump who is shifting his tone, reacting to criticism at all. >> right, i think it will depend on who is coming at him as to whether or not his tone shifts. yesterday in west virginia he decided not to take on paul ryan while he was up on stage at all because that's somebody he sees the need to work something out with. lindsey graham is a different
2:34 pm
story. i don't think he ever thought lindsey graham was ever going to be in this camp. notice he gave jeb bush a pass. jeb bush came out in the same position as lindsey graham, a little low energy jab but basically said i can understand the bushes. i was really tough on them. >> including brother, president george w. bush. >> that's right so i think he has a different standard depending who it is. this is a long bat well lindsey graham starting last summer and clearly the two were never going to be close. >> take a look at this tweet that donald trump put out earlier today, obviously feeling a little slighted by paul ryan, the speaker of the house. paul ryan said i inherited something very special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it. i won it with millions of voters. he's responding to paul ryan's stunning statement yesterday. >> that statement is not accurate. you won't don't win a party. you become the head of the party but in this role you have a unique responsibility in trying to bring the party together, and one of the things that i think
2:35 pm
has happened right now is that donald trump and his supporters, they seem like they're very, they're content with a lonely victory. they are going at all their critics with, inside the party with the same vigor that they did when they were in the, caught up in the primary process and this is a time where you would think that the strategy would be to try to unite everybody against the common opposition and this would be hillary clinton. but that is not happening right now, and a lot of what you see with speaker ryan, lindsey graham, jeb bush and others, it is emblem mattic of what's taking place inside the party overall which is that there are raw, open nerves, a lot of people who are principled conservatives who don't believe that donald trump is right on the issues. they don't believe he's right on character, don't believe he's right on temperament so they become conscientious objectors. that number is pretty large. if donald trump were to try to run with leaving 28% of the republican vote right now he'd have a very hard time winning. he has to narrow that down and
2:36 pm
has to try and convince some of those voters that he is the right person to lead the party against hillary clinton. it's going to be very difficult. >> he makes it clear though and he said it to me this week and makes it clear all the time, you punch him, he's a good counter-puncher. he prefers counter-puncher. is paul ryan the statement he made yesterday opening up the door to other republicans to follow suit? >> it gives cover to certain republicans who are running on the ballot concerned about trump's impact to not immediately pick up the mantle and rally around the pruesumptie nominee. anybody that watched the nomination process the last year thought the day after somebody emerged with the nomination this party would be completely healed and rallied by the nominee wasn't watching the contest. this is a party in division right now and it is going to take some time. i would say even if somebody else emerged with the nomination, a lot of the trump supporters would have a hard time coming around and rallies around that person. so yes, i agree that the burden
2:37 pm
is on trump to reach out, but i don't think anyone should have expected that this was going to go very smoothly the day after he became the presumptive nominee. >> the president of the united states came out and weighed in on the trmp phenomenon today and the world words from donald trump's perspective not pretty at all. we'll have that and much more right after this.
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watching new developments in the democratic presidential race, without taking sides
2:42 pm
between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, president obama did both of them a favor today by lobbing some very, very pointed criticism at donald trump. let's bring in our senior washington correspondent joe johns who is watching all of this. he didn't mince, the president, any words at all. >> that's for sure, wolf, and the first time the president has weighed in on the republican race since the last of donald trump's opponents threw in the towel. the president called for exacting standards and genuine scrutiny of all the candidates, but directed some of his toughest words yet at the trump campaign. president obama lending hillary clinton a hand today, challenging donald trump's seriousness to be commander in chief. >> we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> reporter: that as clinton runs on a pledge to protect his legacy. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's
2:43 pm
hands. i'm running to build on the progress that president obama has made. i am proud of that progress. >> reporter: it's an embrace that could benefit clinton come november, if the president's poll numbers hold. new cnn/orc poll showing 51% of registered voters approve of the job the president is doing while 46% disapprove. clinton is shifting her focus to the general election, repeatedly targeting the gop front-runner in the days since he became the party's presumptive nominee, taking aim at his views on immigration. >> now every election is a choice, and just yesterday donald trump doubled down on his plan to create a deportation force to round up millions of people, that's actually what he said. >> reporter: but clinton has not sealed the nomination just yet. bernie sanders remains in the race despite the long odds
2:44 pm
against him. >> i think everybody knows what that math is, and i know that at some point, there's going to be a conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the convention. >> reporter: a long time clinton ally, paul begala, pinning a column for cnn saying sanders should actually stay in the race to help clinton attack trump, writing "you are in a uniquely powerful position. you can either force hillary to fight a two-front war or force trump to. i am urging you to choose trump as your target." clinton also has yet to get past her e-mail controversy, from her use of a private server while secretary of state. cnn has learned that top clinton aides, including huma abedin have been interviewed by the fbi. clinton herself is expected to be interviewed in the coming weeks. the investigation is still ongoing, but so far, investigators have not found any evidence to prove clinton
2:45 pm
intentionally broke the law. even as hillary clinton continued to zero in on donald trump, her democratic opponent today was saying not so fast, and threatening a floor fight over the rules at the democratic national convention. bernie sanders warned the party chair in a letter today not to stack the deck against him and his supporters in philadelphia this summer, though it is clear this growing urgency on the democratic side to unite and put the focus on the republicans >> very strongly worded letter to debbie wasserman schultz, chairman of the dnc by bernie sanders. joe johns, thanks very much. will bernie sanders take the fight all the way to the democratic convention in philadelphia? my interview with senator sanders coming up in the next hour, right here in "the situation room." please join us for that. meanwhile coming up, a series of deadly shootings in the washington, d.c., suburbs. police say they may be related and the suspect is a federal law enforcement officer. also, incredible pictures
2:46 pm
from a devastating wildfire, it's forced the entire population of one city to flee. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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2:50 pm
. schools even recreation centers are in lock down in a d.c. suburb at shootings in a shopping mall leaving two people dead and two others in critical position. police are linking this to another shooting a day earlier in a make county. the suspected gunman is in county. what are you looking for, brian? >> with a lot of fast moving
2:51 pm
events, we found three separate shootings, three locations, leaving three people dead. all of those shootings allegedly commit bted by a federal law enforcement officer. apprehended by tactical teams this afternoon, only 15 miles from downtown washington. a sworn officer in the federal protective service who was believed armed and dangerous. >> he has been taken into custody just minutes ago. thankfully without incident. >> reporter: three shootings in less than 24 hours are likely related. >> we have reason to believe it is related to aspen hill, prince george county was in fact related. >> police put out a bolo for
2:52 pm
eulalio tordil. this morning three shot, one fatally at the west field mall. and five miles away another shot dead at a super market. with a gunman on the loot children were kept not side at shelters nearby. police fanned out on a manhunt to find one of their own, a trained law enforcement officer. >> you're dealing with the worsed kind, someone trained. >> the supermarket shooting site where reporters were there to cover the story. but police say they waited until he came out. >> they had this individual under surveillance and when the individual walked back to his car, the plain-clothed officers were able to take him into custody without incident. >> i'm surprised he didn't get into a shootout with police.
2:53 pm
>> guarding federal buildings put tordil on administrate irduties in march after a protective order was issued against him and removed his duty weapon and badge. he was then placed on administrative leave. >> now a key question tonight, who were today's victims and why were they shot? police say as of now they don't know if the shooter had any connection to the victim's shot today in this parking lot and in the grocery store parking lot not far away but it is important to remember two victims, two shot, two of them survived and police say they want to debrief them as soon as they can. wolf? >> brian one are also picking up new details on the us is sfrekt that restraining order. his wife filed against him. what have you learned? >> that's right, wolf. tonight cnn obtained disturbing documents. according to these papers, this suspect was ordered to have no contact with his family.
2:54 pm
that order came through in march of this year. just a couple of months ago. his wife, gladys, alleged he subjected his children to military like. doing push-ups and such. and he slapped her glasses off. we know his estranged wife was shot and killed yesterday afternoon at a high school parking lot, wolf. >> what a horrendous story indeed. in bethesda, maryland, outside of washington. thank you. a devastating wildfire burned a quarter million acres stins starting in the western canadian province of alberta. 88,000 people including the entire population of the cite of fort mcmurray have fled.
2:55 pm
dashboard cameras capturedes this pictures of the towering planes. police escorting convoys out of the fire zone. the main fire is turning away from the city but not before destroying at least 1600 homes and businesses. officials say it may keep burning for weeks. coming up, after a stunning refusal to back his party's presumptive nominee, at least for now, paul ryan is set to meet with donald trump. but other republicans are piling on and trump is striking back. kim jong-un has a new look. take a look at this, how he is dressed up for the occasion. will he celebrate with a nuclear test? om leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america.
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happening now. breaking news. grand old implosion. divisions in the republican party deepening tonight as more of its biggest names come out for and against donald trump. the presumptive nominee now set it meet house speaker paul ryan who says he can't endorse trump right now. did trump unify the fractured party he now represents? burned up, bernie sanders fires off an angry letter to the head of the democratic party accusing two convention committee officials of actively supporting hillary clinton. is the convention being tilted toward his rival? i'll ask. senator bernie sanders joins me this hour. brutal attack. dramatic drone video of an assault by terrorist forces in syria. but it's not isis.
3:01 pm
it's an al qaeda group with growing concern. is the world focused on isis? and ambiguous. north korea's kim jong-un poised to have more power and his country holds the biggest political event in decades. more grandiose title for the supreme leader and party shake-up, all expected. should more nuclear tests be expected as well? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. ? we're following breaking political news as the republican party struggled to come to terms with donald trump as its presumptive president dshl nominee. some top republicans just can't do it. jeb bush the latest just announcing on social media that he won't vote for donald trump or for likely democratic nominee
3:02 pm
hillary clinton. and other former presidential candidate lindsay gram also voicing d voicing disdane for trump. graham says he just won't vote. tonight donald trump is firing back. trump will meet with his highest ranking critic next week, house speaker paul ryan, who said in an interview he can't support donald trump, at least not now. ryan's office has announced that trump and top republicans will meet this coming thursday. we're also following ominous developments in north korea right now where the biggest political event in decades is under way. the first fwajerring of the communist party elites in some 36 years. kim jong-un is expected to take on even more grandiose titles. tonight, there's concern that will also mark the occasion with a new missile or even a new nuclear test. we're covering all of that and
3:03 pm
much more this hour with our guests including congressman labrador and expert analysts are also standing by. let's begin with cnn washington correspondent jeff zel any. jeff, the republican party division over donald trump are clearly deepening. >> they are, indeed, wolf. this big tent of the republican party is being tested like never before. now on one hand you have republicans that are holding their nose. on the other hand you have rup republicans holding their support. when donald trump addressed the crowd here in omaha, it is very clear by the boos coming out by the crowd when he mentions paul ryan, lindsey graham and jeb bush, it's clear whose side they're on. ♪ west virginia ♪ >> donald trump's victory lap is looking more like an obstacle course pap that's just among republicans. >> i actually wish the primaries were not over. it's in fun this way. i want the primaries to keep
3:04 pm
going. but everybody's out. i'm the only one left. that's okay, right? [ cheers and applause ] he defeated his gop rivals and won the hearts of millions of republican voters. but the discord inside the party rages on. senator lindsey graham tells cnn's dana bash he can't vote trump. >> i don't think he has the temperament or judgment to be commander-in-chief. i just can't go there with donald. >> this after ryan telling jake tapper he can't endorse the republican nominee. >> i'm just not ready at this point. i can't do that right now. >> so far trump is holding his famously sharp it tongue. perhaps taking a stab at diloamcy. you're supposed to be coming together. paul ryan, i don't know what happened. i don't know. >> jeb bush also weighing in. writing today on facebook in november i will not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. but other republicans are getting on board. some grudgingly, some not. >> i'm voting for donald trump
3:05 pm
because i don't think we can have four more years of liberal incompetence tense. >> former vice president cheney said he always supported the republican nominee and will do so this year too. democrats are watching it all with delight. >> i think not just republican officials but more importantly republican voters. are going to have to make a decision as it whether this is the guy and speaks to them with their values. >> trump knows how to fire up any tepid republicans. >> now between me and crooked hillary. >> today alone, taking his message to a red state, nebraska, and a blue state, oregon. but the welcome mat was not entirely warm. graffiti in letters eight feet tall saying dump trump were painted on this grain elevator in omaha. it's been five extraordinary months since trump landed in omaha. campaigning for the caucuses and others thought he would fade away. >> i love omaha. i love nebraska.
3:06 pm
>> now it's his republican party. and trump is reveling in the moment. even putting on a coal miner's hat thursday night in west virginia. >> that is great. my hair look okay? >> so all of these deepening divisions will come together next week when donald trump comes to washington to capital hill to meet with paul ryan, the speaker of the house, as well as other top congressional leaders and hold a private meeting with speaker ryan and reince priebus, chairman of the rnc. but wolf it is increasingly clear that donald trump just doesn't care about this criticism. we know he feeds on crowds. and this crowd tonight in omaha, you can see behind me here, he is shaking the time hand here. they are clearly with donald trump. by next thursday when this meeting comes in washington, wolf, he may be even more animated. he probably will be. trump as you just saw wrapped up that rally in nebraska. now heading to for yet another
3:07 pm
rally later tonight. jim acosta is on the scene forness oregon. jim, oregon will hold its republican primary a week from tuesday. even though trump is already the presumptive nominee but he still wants to visit all these states. >> righting with wolf. he wants all that air time that rallies tend to bring about for him. we should point out as jeff was just saying, the divide inside the republican party over donald trump is growing but inside the trump campaign, they are not expressing any worries, any concerns and while donald trump picked up the support of former vice president cheney and something he mentioned in nebraska, jeb bush and lindsey graham, they are saying they won't vote for donald trump and as we have heard from donald trump in the past, he has said once he beats rival, he doesn't pick on them any more in public but that event in nebraska showed that things have changed somewhat when you form, when you become part of the never trump movement, donald trump comes after you and he did that,
3:08 pm
enjoying the spectacle. this is what he had to say. >> i will not talk about jeb bush. i will not say -- i will not say he is low energy. i will not say it. i will not say it. and i won't talk about lindsey graham who had like one point -- you ever see this guy on television? he is nasty. he gets outdealt at all levels of the campaign. he leads a diskbrgrace. i've never seen a guy on television knocking me all the time. >> now as for this rift with paul ryan, priebus said at a political breakfast earlier today that when he talked to donald trump right after the speaker's comments, donald trump did not sound furious at all but trump told the washington post earlier this afternoon that he and house speaker paul ryan may go their separate ways after
3:09 pm
this meeting coming up next thursday. i did talk to a trump aid who said hang on just a second. much more optimistic about this saying he feels donald trump and paul ryan will end up being just like old friends by the end of next week. but wolf that is a very optimistic view. without the support of paul ryan, it is going to be very difficult for donald trump to hold this party together. wolf? >> good point, jim acosta in oregon for us. thank you. let's get more on all of this joining us republican congressman of idaho congressman thanks very much for joining us. >> great to be on your show, wolf. >> you used to support senator ted cruz. but you vowed to back the eventual republican nominee. how can you reconcile support for donald trump with a rather harsh criticism you've levelled against him in the past? >> you know, pretty simple. i think donald trump earned my support. i will vote for him because he is a much better option than hillary clinton.
3:10 pm
however, so far he has not earned my endorsement. and he has not earned my active participation in his campaign. he might not want it and that's okay. but i think he needs to come out and talk it a few of us in washington, d.c. and understand that 60% of the people in the party did vote against him. that doesn't mean that we shouldn't vote for him. i don't understand all these people that are out there on the never trump band wagon. i think he did earn the support of the republican party by winning the nomination. but i think he needs to grow up a little bit. some of the comments that he makes are pretty immature. and i think he needs to learn how to bring people together. his job is to bring the republican party together. that is hard after a very difficult fight but i think it is his responsibility to come out and work with us. >> do you think the speaker of the house was wrong to withhold at least for now his endorsement, his support of donald trump? >> absolutely. i think the speaker of the house
3:11 pm
needs to reconsider what he's doing. i think he needs to dr. maybe firing some of thinks advisors. i think that he's the leader of the party. and he needs to figure out how we can work with the nominee from the party. that doesn't mean we all go out and do everything that trump is asking us to do. in fact i think this is a golden opportunity for the republican party. i'm going to look at this optimistically. we, as republicans, can actually start working as legislators and start realizing that maybe we can have that little bit of friction between the house, senate, and the presidency when we have somebody from our own party. what you see both sides do is when a republican is president, the republicans put on the republican jersey and allow that president to do too many things that go against a constitution. and when the democrats have a democratic president like they do right now with obama, they ignore the things that democratic president is doing that's outside of the constitution. maybe now we will start looking
3:12 pm
at the prerogatives of the legislature and start being legislators and start acting like legislators. >> congressman, should the speaker lose the speakership if he does not wined up packibacki trump? some have made that suggestion. >> i think both sides need to calm down. this has been a pretty divisive primary and it is time for all of us to come together. time for donald trump to grow up and to start acting presidential. it is time for paul ryan it start being the leader of the republican party and showing us that he can unify the party and i think they have an opportunity to do that next week. it is no time to start whether someone should lose their speakership or not. >> do you believe running with donald trump at the top of the ticket makes 2016 more difficult for you, for some of your republican colleagues? >> i don't. i think trump will bring new
3:13 pm
people to the party. i think he needs to learn how to campaign a little bit better. the stuff he is doing is energizing 40% of the republican party. but he is not yet energizing the majority of the republican party and not yet energizing the majority of americans. he needs to figure out how he can go from the 40% base to the majority of the american public. i think he can do it. i think some of the things he talks about are good. others, as you know, wolf, i have been against. but at least what he is doing is talking about americans. he is talking about america first. he is talking about making america great. those are great slogans. now let's figure out how he can do that without just attacking people and having childish tweets and childish statements about people out there. >> previously said that you don't believe donald trump is a
3:14 pm
conservative. do you believe a hypothetical conservative trump will sign some of the things that were vetoed. >> i'm willing to talk to him. i think there are two things that will happen to him soon that will tell us a lot about donald trump. first, who is going to be his vice presidential nominee. fe picks somebody like rick perry, somebody who is a true conservative, who has governed as a conservative, i will be excited about a donald trump presidency. the other thing he said he would come out with a list of people that would be potential supreme court nomineees. if he picks people like mike lee, like ted cruz, like others to be on that list, that is something that will tell us about what kind of president he is going to be. i think he has yet to prove he is a conservative. but i think we can give him the time and opportunity to come to us and to talk to us. because he has done a good job of talking about some of the issues that we're facing in america. and he has done a good job talking to people that feel like
3:15 pm
they're left out of the system. left out of the political system. and i think that is something that we as republicans need to remember. and that's why i was so disappointed with what paul ryan did because a lot of the people that are voting for donald trump, there's totally disaffected with what we're doing in washington, d.c. and he almost kind of slapped him in the face when he said what he did. >> congressman labrador, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead, more on the growing divisions in the republican party over donald trump. what impact will they have on other gop candidates. plus, does bernie sanders believe the democratic party stacked the cards against him? you're here to buy a car.
3:16 pm
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we are following breaking news. former presidential candidate jeb bush saying tonight he will not vote for donald trump. that comes just hours after the former republican hopeful lindsey graham said he won't vote for donald trump, won't vote at all in november for either donald trump for hillary clinton. let's get some more right now assuming hillary clinton is the democratic nominee. our senior political correspondent brianna keeler. washington correspondent for the new yorker ryan lizza. host of cnn smerconish, michael smerconish. and cnn senioredor, ron. two former presidential candidates say they won't be supporting donald trump or hillary clinton for that matter and in a general election. what does this signal about the
3:21 pm
state right now, of the republican party? >> yeah. reare r rewe are running out of adjectives. the head of the alcfio wouldn't support either. george bush 41, george bush 43 said they wouldn't. at least three blue state governors in maryland, illinois and massachusetts says they wouldn't endorse. it is an extraordinary rupture in the party but continues what we have seen throughout. donald trump's was a revolution from within. he mobilized particularly among the blue collar side of the party that did not pick the nominee. . one telling example. only two states where majority of republican voters the idea and all 12 million immigrants.
3:22 pm
and until the very end, they provided a majority of the votes in many every state and that is basically a passional plurality and you are seeing how much of the rest of the party is the hesitant of the course he would steer the party on. >> speaker of the house paul ryan said he isn't ready to endorse donald trump. many past leaders are planning on skipping the republican convention in cleveland in july. should the gop be worried? >> i think that speaker ryan has given donald trump an opportunity. jeb bush said i'm not voting for donald trump. lindsey graham says like wise. bush 41, bush 43 aren't even going to the convention. what can donald trump do with that? nothing. here is paul ryan, saying i'm just not there yet. i might get there. gives donald trump the opportunity to meet with him and to win him over which i know he is not inclined to do because he looks at this as an affront. but my point is this, wolf.
3:23 pm
there are many in the same position as paul ryan. right now the wound is just too raw and they're not interested in making amends with trump. but if ryan can, perhaps they will look that model and say well okay. if the speaker was able to make it work with donald trump maybe i should take a second look. >> brianna, some trump supporters have said the speaker should not be the speaker if in the end he can't endorse the republican presidential nominee. what needs to be done right now? because you have spoken to a lot of folks out there to unite this party. >> and there's really in easy answer it that question. i think in the near term, i don't know if paul ryan can unify the republican party. i don't know if donald trump can unify the republican party. if there is one person who can, perhaps it is hillary clinton, right? when you think of all of these folks, what do they have in common? these supporters of say the paul ryan section of republicans or the supporters of donald trump. they don't like hillary clinton and maybe that's sort of the unifying thing.
3:24 pm
at the same time that just glosses over some of the divisions. and a husbaouse divided cannot stand, right? we have seen this turbulence for years. from tea party summer to republicans being primaried to the right. there is an existential crisis. >> president obama weighed in. he didn't mince any words at all. making it clear that this is not the time for the commander-in-chief to have a reality show or to be a celebrity. >> every time that barack obama talks about the republican primaries, he seems gleeful. half gleeful and half just shaking his head. i think his view is he's been dealing with the republcan party that has been very difficult for him to deal with and i think there's a sense that he has seen this coming and in a sense from the white house that this is the logical conclusion of this sort of disruption in the rupture of the republican party. with paul ryan and other republicans coming out against
3:25 pm
donald trump, there are two camps. the bushes are just finished. sort of out of politics now. they don't want to play in this election and will never endorse trump. but the people still in politics and still have a future, i think it is slightly different calculation. they are thinking how much can we change donald trump? how much by withdrawing our endorsement now can we affect him in the next six months and maybe we can get to a place where if he changes his policy on a few core issues then paul ryan and others saying no now will endorse him and you will have a more unified party in the fall. >> and they will say he is a better alternative to hillary clinton. >> exactly. >> michael, let me get michael smerconish a way in. he said, he will focus his efforts on getting republicans elected in the house and senate, not voting for either trump or hillary clinton for that matter. how concerned are republicans about the down ticket voting if trump is the presidential nominees, presumptive nominee as we all know.
3:26 pm
>> i'll answer by giving you an illustration. on election day in pennsylvania two weeks ago, poot toomey voting for himself presumably because he is up for reelection had to have known from the polls that donald trump was about to win the common wealth. and yet what did he do, wolf? he made sure the media knew he was going in to cast a ballot for ted cruz. i think that shows you he wanted to be on record with general election voters in pennsylvania as not having been for this guy when it mattered during the nomination process. i think they are terribly concerned. many of them are contortionists now. some saying i will vote for them but i'm not supporting him. i don't know how that works. >> we just heard from that raul labrador. for now, how does it work? >> it doesn't work in modern politics. one of the most important trends in contemporary politics is decline of split ticket voting. more people are voting the same way for president and senator. senate races are depersonalized. more parliamentary about what
3:27 pm
you want in control. there is an enormous correlation between states for president obama. if you look at the states that voted both times against him, republicans have 90% of senate seats in those states. the challenge republicans face is that you have this very polarizing ballot in a year when they will defend seven seats. so that was going to be tough under any circumstances, places like pennsylvania and illinois and wisconsin and new hampshire and ohio, florida, it is going to be especially tough with a nominee who could face particular difficulty in blue places, even if he can turn out a blue collar, improve among blue collars -- >> what about john mccain, facing tough situations in arizona? >> mccain has said he will support the republican nominee. not in the same place as paul ryan. which surprises a lot of people. i think on foreign policy, let's be honest. john mccain is closer to hillary clinton than he is to donald
3:28 pm
trump. both internationalists, both have a more activist role in syria. donald trump is much more of an american firster. not quite isolationist. >> hillary clinton didn't insult his service. >> exactly. >> as pow. >> partisanship is serious and john mccain is in a tough election. he is worried about hispanics in arizona coming out in high numbers for his democratic opponent. >> mobilizing hispanics right now largely as the result of anger towards donald trump. >> he could be a -- >> stand by. just want to remind our viewers to tune in tomorrow morning. michael smerconish has a special show 9:00 a.m. eastern. only tomorrow on cnn. a very, very smart show. you'll want to catch it. just ahead, president obama speaking out against donald trump with some very pointed remarks. plus, my interview with
3:29 pm
bernie sanders. will he continue to battle hillary clinton, even if it weakens her for the general election? i'll ask him. hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
3:30 pm
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3:33 pm
president obama weighing in on the democratic race for the white house telling reporters and i'm quoting him now, let's let the process play out. but he also acknowledged that hillary clinton seems to have an unsurmountable delegate lead while praising bernie sanders
3:34 pm
for raising important issues. brianna keeler has more on the latest developments. the president also had a chance to speak about donald trump. >> yes, and he definitely took that chance, wolf. he is doing well with the american people if you look at the polls and he is using the pulpit to assist hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is getting a little help from the commander-in-chief. as he took aim at donald trump from the white house today. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. >> clinton is positioning herself as the best candidate to protect president obama's accomplishments. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. and since she is tied to the
3:35 pm
president, his standing in the polls to help her. since february, 51% of americans approving of the job he is doing with 46% disapprove be. >> we are a great country in part because we are a nation of immigrants. >> trying to protect her gains with hispanic voters, clinton tweeted out a compilation of trump's remarks about undocumented imgrant. >> we are going to have a depor pags force. >> seizing on his cinco de mayo tweet about how he loves hispanics accompanied by a picture after trump with a taco bowl. meanwhile clinton's e-mail controversy is still dogging her. cnn has learned that fb i interviewed her top aides including huma abedin. their investigation is still ongoing but so far sources say investigators haven't found evidence to prove clinton willfully violated the law. and bernie sanders is still in the race. though it is now nearly
3:36 pm
impossible for him to win the democratic nomination. he is taking it easier on clinton from the stump and presidentback side stepped the chance to call for sanders to step down. but he also added this -- >> at some point there's going to be the conversation between secretary clinton and bernie sanders about how we move toward the convention. >> now the president had quite a bit to say on donald trump. he said there will be plenty of time to talk about his positions and that donald trump's records should be examined. he said it's important to take seriously the statements that he's made in the past. you see him, wolf, i think really trying to zero in on democrats. trying to motivate them against donald trump which is something hillary clinton is doing as well. >> and joining me now, senator bernie sanders, democratic presidential candidate. senator sanders thanks very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> donald trump locked up the
3:37 pm
presidential nomination. he is focussing in on a general election. here is the question, are you willing to continue to fight hillary clinton even if it creates the real possibility that you're going to weaken her potentially in a general election? >> well wolf, i know what you really mean by that question, and that is, am i going to continue in the next nine primaries and caucuses to make sure that i can get every vote that i can? and by the way, we think we can win a good majority of those cauc caucuses. do we think everybody, including in the largest state of california, have the right to cast their vote for who they want to be the next president of the united states and what they want the ageneral dast democratic party to be, of course i do. well be in this until the last ballot is cast. >> so far, she has 3 million more votes than you've had in all the contests today. 300 more pledged delegates. and 513 so-called super
3:38 pm
delegates it your 41 super delegates. what are you going to say to the super delegates to try to get them it change their mind? >> first of all, wolf, we have now won 18 states. by think by the end of the process, who can predict tomorrow, but we have the shot to win at left half or maybe a majority of the overall states. maybe 25 or more states. second, in terms of super delegates, this is what i will say. many super delegates, some 450 of them declared for hillary clinton before i even got into the race. before the first ballot was cast. and if you look at national polls today, if you look at state polls, in almost every instance, bernie sanders is the stronger candidate against donald trump because not only do we get almost all the democratic votes, we got a lot of the independent votes which is what you're going to need it win in november. so i would say to those super delegates, look, what is most important is we defeat donald
3:39 pm
trump. i believe i'm the strongest candidate against him. >> if she were to get the nomination, would you consider being her vice presidential running mate? >> well right now, we are focused in the next five weeks of winning the democratic nomination. if that does not happen, we will fight as hard as we can on the floor of the democratic c convention to make sure we have a progressive platform that american people will support and then after that certainly secretary clinton and i can sit down and talk and see where we good from there. >> i guess an alternative question would be, if she came to you now or relatively soon approached you and offered you the vice presidential running mate slot, would you drop out? >> i think that that is a hypothetical that will not happen and once again, there are nine state left. we think we have a good shot to winning west virginia on tuesday. kentucky and oregon the next week. and we think we can win in california. so we're going it fight for
3:40 pm
every remaining vote in the next nine states. that's where we're at right now. >> paul begala, advises a super pam that supports hillary clinton, he wrote an op-ed piece where he said you should stay in the race. he said that. but also said you should focus all of your fire on donald trump and not hillary clinton. are you ready to focus entirely right now in coming weeks on donald trump? >> i like paul very, very much. very smart i go. but i think what the american people want, what is good for american democracy, good for the democratic party, is a vigorous debate on the real issues facing the american people. at the end of the day if you engage people in that debate, no matter who they end up voting for, likelihood is they will have a higher voter turnout in november and higher voter turnout in november works for democrats. because when a lot of people come out, progressives and democrats win, when people are
3:41 pm
demoralized and we have a low voter turnout as we did in 2014 that's when republicans win. i will continue to run and issue the campaign. will i be taken on donald trump. absolutely. will i be discussing the very important differences of opinion, that secretary clinton and i have, yes, i will. >> donald trump recently started using some of your own public critiques of hillary clinton regarding her judgment. he tweeted this. saying crooked hillary has zero leadership ability as bernie sanders says she has bad judgment, constantly playing the well's card. that is sad. does it worry that trump is using your words against hillary clinton? >> you read that tweet. that is nothing i have ever said about hillary clinton. hillary clinton and i disagree on many issues. i think her judgment on the war on iraq was bad. i think her judgment in trade policies where she supported almost every one of these trade policies was bad. i think the fact she supports $12 minimum wage when clearly we
3:42 pm
need $15 minimum wage, i think that's bad. i think her creating super pacs and raising money from wall street and other special interests, an great idea. but i've never used the phraseology that trump is. trump is in his own world. obviously he wants to do whatever he can to cause divisions within the democratic process. but what he just put in his tweet is something i have never said. never will say. >> you did say she had bad judgment. are you denying that? >> of course. she voted for the war in iraq. >> but you never spoke about -- >> that's bad judgment. no, that is nothing i ever talked about. we are reaching out to women as strongly as we can. donald trump also says he will go after your supporters. he thinks your supporters will come to him because he says the democrats are unfair to you. that democratic system is rigged against you. do you agree with him? >> i know that donald trump is staying up nights worrying about bernie sanders. i know this is just coming from
3:43 pm
his heart and i know that he doesn't have any ulterior motive in saying those kinds of things. but let me just give donald trump some bad news. that is, number one, if i am the democratic nominee, i'm going to defeat him and defeat him by a large margin. if i'm not the democratic nominee, i will do everything i can to see that he does not get into the white house. >> you just wrote a letter to debbie wasserman schultz expressing some of your concerns about the make-up of some of the democratic convention committee. let me read a couple lines. as it stands now, chairman of the rules committee and platform committee are active supporters of secretary clinton's campaign. even more than that they are beth aggressive attack surrogates on the campaign trail. i don and millions supporting the campaign will not have any confidence that any of them have they can conduct committee preceding in an even-handed
3:44 pm
manner. are you suggesting the cards are stacked geps yagainst you? >> of course. more importantly of the 40 people that wasserman schultz appointed to the major committees, we have three. 3 out of 40 dislike the fact that as of today we have 45% of the pledged delegates. all that that letter says is look, the american people are very suspicious of the establishment. political establishment. do not create a convention situation where our people do not get fair representation. now right now we're at 45%. i think by the time this process is over, frankly, i hope to be at 50% but if we're at 47, 48%, that's the kind of representation we wanton the committees. that is not an unfair request. that is kind of a, you know, realistic reasonable request. but if she is giving us three delegates out of 40, and have major chairman, who have been actively and aggressively
3:45 pm
campaigning against me, that is not acceptable. >> senator bernie sanders, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> and we've got breaking news coming into the situation room possible signs north korea is preparing for a nuclear test. we just received a new look at disturbing new satellite images. plus, dramatic drone video raising deep concerns about al qaeda. trif forces. are they gaining strength? [phone rings]
3:46 pm
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a coordinated attack by terrorist forces on government troops in syria, but it's not isis this time. it's a group affiliated with al qaeda, and it may be getting stronger and more dangerous while the world is focused on isis. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, is working this story for us. barbara, there are multiple fronts in this war on terror. >> reporter: the al qaeda threat still very much out there, wolf. tonight, a small number of u.s. troops are actually back in the very troubled middle eaern nation of meyemen, helping prove intelligence support to forces fighting al qaeda there. it is just the latest indicator that isis is far from the only threat. >> they're headed out. >> reporter: american voices heard on a video, showing the raging battle that killed charles keating, a navy s.e.a.l. in northern iraq. >> this was a gun fight. and so there were bullets
3:51 pm
everywhere. >> reporter: isis showing it still can mount lethal operations. >> we think there are at least 125 enemy fighters involved in this fairly complicated, complex attack. it was a big fight. one of the largest we have seen recently. >> reporter: but isis hardly the only bad actors. in syria, near the turkish border, a devastating aerial assault on a displaced persons camp, a place that is supposed to be safe. >> they are killers, bashar al assad, russia, all are killers. see here? there are no young men here. all are women and children. >> reporter: there is no claim of responsibility. russia says the the al-qaeda affiliate, al-nusra, may have done it. the u.s. says it doesn't know who was behind the attack. al-nusra shows coordinated attacks against syrian regime positions in aleppo. not party to the cease-fire.
3:52 pm
growing concerns about the power of al-nusra, as a terror presence. building strength while so much attention is placed on isis, competing for power against the regime. >> mounting person that isis' roll back in some parts of syria. this is a group with a very strong position in italy provin province. >> all of this making it less likely the august deadline for political transition from bashir al aside to a new government will be met. >> opposition leaders are reluctant to come to the table with people who are at the same time authorizing military assaults against their constituents. >> reporter: and tonight, wolf, the u.s. has also beefed up security at the u.s. embassy in baghdad, which is located in what is supposed to be the very secure green zone in baghdad. there have been anti-government protests there, protesters last
3:53 pm
week broke through the green zone lines, and tonight 25 additional marines at the embassy. >> so-called safe zone in the green zone. thanks very much, barbara, for that report. just ahead, there's breaking news in north korea's kim jong-un, preparing for another nuclear test, just as the biggest political event in decades is under way in pyongyang. customer service!d. ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell.
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breaking news. as north korea holds its first workers party congress in decades, there is growing concern that kim jong-un could celebrate with a nuclear test. a u.s. think tank says new satellite images show possible preparations for a nuclear test in the near future. cnn's will ripley is in the capital of pyongyang, joining us live. does this activity mean a test could be imminent? >> reporter: we just don't know right now. because they have been saying for weeks that there's been consistent activity in the north korean nuclear site. you can hear behind me the marching bands and music blaring over loud speakers, a celebratory mood in pyongyang. if there were a successful nuclear test it be would be heralded a major achievement the for kim jong-un. improving the living standards of his people, suffering from food and electric shortages,
3:59 pm
many times here in the capital. at the workers' party congress, reshuffling the leadership to give himself a grandiose new title surrounded by a team that want to support everything he wants to do. listen to his message. >> translator: we made a great and heroic choice by miraculo miraculously achieving the successful test of a hydrogen bomb through the advancement of our industries. >> reporter: kim jong-un saying that more nuclear tests are likely to come, so whether it happens now or sometime later on, it seems to be the path that north korea is headed on. also, you notice, wolf, he's wearing a western style suit and tie, similar to the way his grandfather used to dress. 22 years after his death. >> yes, he is. we noticed his suit and tie. will ripley in pyongyang north korea for us. you can always follow us on
4:00 pm
twitter, go ahead, tweet me at wolf blitzer. tweet the show at cnn sit room. join us this coming -- next week in "the situation room." until then, happy mother's day to all of the wonderful mothers out there. i'm wolf blitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. breaking news. donald trump comes out swinging, at key republican leaders. his message to speaker paul ryan, the day after ryan snubbed him. plus, trump getting a big boost from former vice president dick cheney. why cheney is going against his two former bosses. and president obama taking on trump tonight. he says this election is not a reality show. let's go "outfront." good evening, ev


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