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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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welcome to the cnn newsroom. i am pamela brown. first up donald trump takes a victory lap all the way to the pacific northwest. his first campaign in washington state and this is where he is due next. a fairground not far from the canadian border, the town of linden, about an hour from now.
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he has been very busy. a short time ago in spokane, washington. he stayed close to the topics that got him the de facto republican nomination, the wall, bad trade deals, nafta is the worst thing ever and his new full time target, hillary clinton. cnn is live in linden, washington. jeremy, based on what we have seen today we are not seeing the reserved statesman trump promises if elected president but a vintage trump, bringing up bill clinton's impeachment. what the people want, right. >> that is right. donald trump said he would start to act more presidential after locking up the presidential nomination. days after becoming the party's presumptive nominee donald trump is going after hillary clinton no holds barred type of tactics. he went after her last night in oregon. and again today.
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>> she is married to a man who is the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. she is married to a man who hurt many women and hillary, if you look, hillary hurt many women. the women that he abused. she is married to a man who got impeached for lying. he was impeached and had to go through a whole big process. it wasn't easy. heas impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. >> last night in eugene, oregon, donald trump called hillary clinton a nasty, mean enabler. these are the attacks he is leveling against hillary clinton and it seems like that will be a preview of the general election. this is the beginning of the general election for donald trump. he has no other rivals. now as he said before he can focus his
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we are seeing he is going to play defense, preventing the attacks he expects to receive from her on the issue of women and he is going after hillary clinton on that same topic. pamela. >> all right jeremy, thanks so much for that. now joining me, ryan, a washington correspondent for the new yorker. wonderful to have all four of you on with us. a lot to discuss here. marie, on the heels of what jeremy said, it is clear that donald trump is setting his sights on hillary clinton as we pivot towards the general election. who you does the clinton campaign plan to respond to his attacks? we saw the other gop candidates, they did not do so well. noyou now he is the presumptive
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nominee. >> i think she does it front and center and very aggressively. donald trump left in his wake 16 other candidates who are not adept at all in terms of responding to him. they waited way too long and they were way too shy and scared to do it. when they finally started to do it, it was way too late. remember the first person that called donald trump out for his comments about mexican immigrants, the first day he announced his presidency was hillary clinton. she will have no problem going after him on the kinds of comments that he makes whole demographics of voters that essentially he will need more of come tomorrow. you talk about latinos and women. he has an 80% negative rating
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among women. mitt romney lost the election with an 11% gender gap. the kind of gap donald trump will see before him will be bigger than the grand canyon come november. >> but there is a pressure from some of the rank in file republicans, including paul ryan, to change his tone and act more presidential and be more of a statesman. his tone, the way that he is and appeals to peoples' emotions got him this far without their support. why should he do anything differently now? >> the audience that he is playing to will be changing. a primary is different than a general. maria is correct in all of those demographics that donald trump is politically challenged, the republican party was already behind in those demographics. mitt romney lost women by 12% in
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2012. we have a candidate that has disapproval ratings in the mid-70s with women. the changing of tone matters. it is not only the tone. it is tone. it is temperament. it is judgment. it is character. all of the issues making donald trump problematic as the republicans standard bearer and why you see people like paul ryan concerned about donald trump moving forward and why they are not enthusiastically rallying behind him because those things still matter. he has yet to make a magical pivot towards being presidential. that is not going to be helpful in unifying the republican party. this is unacceptable. if he keeps behaving like this, it is just proving our point. >> there is a mad scramble going on for months to find a third party candidate. somebody that can be an alternate to trump.
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how likely is that to happen this late in the game? >> not likely at all. i don't know where the people go when they realize it. if you want to be a republican and run a center/right race against donald trump, how do you do that in texas? i don't think it materializes. i think people are venting. maybe they are unhappy with the results. a lot of people have to accept donald trump is the nominee and have to rally behind him. >> there is an interesting back and forth between donald trump and elizabeth warren. it started with trump saying this. >> i just learned that crooked hillary, along with her friend. you know she has this goofy friend named elizabeth warren. she is on a twitter rant. she is a goofus.
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>> a goofus. warren shot off 11 tweets in 20 minutes including this one, saying donald trump is a bully who has a single play in his playbook, offensive lies thrown at anyone that calls him out. do you see this as a clinton/warren ticket? >> i don't know. i don't see the case for elizabeth warren as a running mate for hillary necessarily. if donald trump is running the campaign he has right now, what hillary clinton wants to do is to pick as safe and as generic of a democrat as she can and wants to run a campaign with continuity with what the current administration is doing. run against trump as someone who is too risky. you can't take a chance on. i hate to say it but she
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probably wants a boring, some boring democrat. elizabeth warren and hillary clinton disagree on some serious issues. i think it would be tough for hillary clinton to choose her. the challenge from clinton has come from the left. warren has not endorsed clinton. she has held out. she would get the enthusiastic backing of a lot of bernie sanders fans. that would be a sign the clinton teams this is a base selection and the most important thing is turning out exciting democrats. given they are running against trump, they do the lowest risk vp as possible. >> please stick around. we have more to discuss after the break. thanks so much. and a quick programming note for you. john mccain and his former running mate, sarah palin will be on state of the union tomorrow morning at 9:00 right
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here on cnn and four wildcards that could sway the election in november as trump and clinton ramp up their attacks. >> the only card she has is the women card. >> he doesn't think much of equal pay for women because he does not think much of women. >> an entire town forced out by a massive wildfire that could double in size by the end of the day. >> what have the last few days been like? >> hell on earth. >> we will get a live report on the fire so intense that it can be seen from space. and excitement building at churchill downs ahead of the greatest two minutes in sports.
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they are not officially their parties nominees but let's assume donald trump and hillary clinton continue down a collision course that leads to a brutal general election battle. the results have been unpredictable to say the least b. here are four wild cards that could sway the outcome of trump versus clinton. >> here are the cards the nation dealt itself. hillary clinton and donald trump. a new cnn poll shows the two would be the least popular in modern history. in a matchup between the nations first female nominee and the most unpredictable candidate
2:15 pm
ever, the deck would be stacked with wild cards. donald trump has given fair warning that his attacks on clinton will only intensify. >> crooked hillary and wonderful donald. >> after all she is now his biggest competition. trump lags behind 41% to 54% in a hypothetical matchup. >> she is the worst secretary of state in the history of this country. >> but will the kinds of attacks that worked so effectively for trump in the republican primaries. >> the only thing she has going is the womens card. she called me sexist and i hit her with the husband. >> when hillary clinton called him sexist a few months ago, donald trump doubled down calling out bill clinton's infidelity and hillary did not put up much of a fight. what will the strategy be now? >> i am not going to deal with
2:16 pm
their temper tantrums or bullying. he can say whatever he wants to say about me. i could really care less. >> trump says he will redraw the map by appealing to working-class voters and outflank clinton on the left, on trade. can states like ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin turn the election? romney lost the states in 2012 and so went the race. wild card number three. trump made many comments folks found offense. but the remarks that offended women and latinos might mean the most. the question is will it bring up minority turn out in swing states? >> we are go to build a wall. >> wild card number four, the justice department. >> i never sent or received any material marked classified. >> what will the fbi
2:17 pm
investigation turn up? a former staffer has been given immunity and is cooperating. clinton will be soon interviewed by the fbi. a question terrifying many democrats. >> my incredible panel is back with me now. before we debate it, i want to list off the wild cards again. trump turning up the heat on clinton. his perceived insults towards women and latinos and the clinton email investigation. i want to ask you, of those four what is the key wild card here? let's start with you and go to the rest. >> i think the email investigation is the biggest wild card in the investigation. the spectrum of possibilities are so wide. it could just be absolutely nothing and blows over and the
2:18 pm
justice department gives hillary clinton a clean bill of health all the way to the unthinkable that she gets indicted and it dogs her through the election. i know you know the story better than anyone. because we don't have that much visibility into exactly what the fbi is doing, i think that is a huge wild card. >> at this point in the investigation there is not sufficient evidence to prove there was criminal wrongdoing. but the clinton interview hasn't happened. even if the legal cloud is lifted do you think it could present a problem to hillary politically? >> no. not at all. one of the reasons is because her campaign is confident, as she is, that nothing will come
2:19 pm
out of this. we have seen countless committees investigate this. she testified for 11 hours on the hill. the committee that was formed to investigate her on the hill was deemed political. that was put together only to bring her down. she has been vetted on this. obviously the fbi is going to have their say in this process and we will see what that is. at this point it is not something that -- >> i think the biggest wild card is trump and latino voters and how he will go after hillary. i think that both of those are intertwined in addition to the working-class voters. remember that working-class voters are not monolithic. a lot of latino and women voters are in there. two demographics trump will have a huge problem with. you can't get to the white house if you are a republican nominee without at least 42% of the
2:20 pm
hispanic vote. he is not even at 20% right now. he has a lot of work to do in that arena, not to mention women. >> i agree with maria, the working-class voters, the reagan democrats that everyone is talking about. who they go for. i think that trump's message on trade does not work very well. once that people start to hear what the details are of his plan they may think twice about supporting him. but that is a key demographic. i think going after hillary and turning up the heat. that could potentially backfire if he goes too far. i think the american people are numb to the clintons and their scandals. if he goes after the bill clinton sex scandal. been there and done that.
2:21 pm
i think hillary clinton, her role was objectionable. i don't think that will sway the american people one way or another. i think it will only make him seem more tabloid, carnival act if he pushes that too far. >> what is the biggest wild card in your view? >> i don't think any candidate wants to hear puntits on tv saying the fbi's investigation into their email scandal will help them. assume nothing criminal comes out of it. the interviews are conducted at a time where she wants to be the story about clinching the nomination. she wants the time to be about her in a positive way. i still think the biggest wild card is that it will be the battle of the great lakes. pennsylvania, whoohio, michigand
2:22 pm
wisconsin. i think that plays into what has been donald trump's strongest graphic. >> now the fifth wild card in the race, who trump and clinton might pick as their vp. for trump names include rick perry, jeff sessions, mary fallon and newt gingrich. give me your predictions on who clinton will pick? >> i think that she is going to pick a democrat from the south. i don't know who that might be. >> there are not many left. >> a lot of experience on the hill. he has been a governor.
2:23 pm
so, the focus here is going to be the clash of the titans between hillary clinton and donald trump. right now he has a huge hole to climb out of in terms of the key demographics that he will need in order to win in november. >> i knew that ten seconds would never last. come on. what about donald trump? who do you think he could pick as his vp? >> i want to urge hillary clinton to pick senator warren as her vp nomination. donald trump, i think suzanna martinez or marco rubio. i think those are the two best choices out there now. >> i can tell you quickly that marco rubio is never happening.
2:24 pm
donald trump telling people marco rubio reached out to him and they were talking about it. that is an absolute lie. rubio advisor said that was completely false. but i think that he would have to bring in someone, perhaps a general or someone that would have foreign policy experience to balance him out. things can change. we know how that is in politics. >> she spoke at the last convention. >> ryan, the final word. >> trump wants to pick someone that knows congress. i expect to take him at his word and expect that he will pick a senator or former member of the house. gingrich or sessions sound like possibilities. hillary, i think her number one priority is to pick someone that everyone will agree can take over in the event she can't.
2:25 pm
that will be the only criteria. i don't think race or gender will be important. she wants a competent person to take over if she is not there. >> all right. fun segment there listening to your views on the wild cards. thanks so much for that. >> thanks. >> on this saturday a wildfire the size of new york city rages through canada. >> it was like a scene out of a movie. it reminded me of the walking dead. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin.
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breaking news here on cnn in the case of the dangerous drug kingpin they call el chapo. the leader of a mexican cartel blamed for drug trafficking. we are told that el chapo was moved from his maximum security prison in mexico to another closer to the border. officials have been preparing for months to receive guzman. he is is wanted in the u.s. on a long list of charges. drug trafficking, kidnapping, conspiracy to murder. turning now to a situation being called hell on earth.
2:30 pm
massive wildfires left more than 88,000 people homeless and it could get much worse. the fires are burning across an area as big as hong kong are expected to double in size. is there any end in sight for these people? >> this fire is go to continue to rage on for some time. woo we have seen flare ups like this all day. nearly 90,000 people are under the evacuation order. it is not clear when any of the folks are able to go home. a i stream of cars, highway 63 south trying to escape from the camps where they had been the past several days, camps that normally house oil workers. because they were running low on
2:31 pm
supplies and food and water they had to get them out. take a look. flames and smoke filling the sky as a convoy of residents flee the danger zone. >> what have the last few days been like? >> hell on earth. just like hell. >> the scenes are hellish. the fire that started five days ago is still out of control and for the displaced it has gone from bad to worse. canadian authorities moving 25,000 people from camps, double evacuation. >> what was it like being in the camp? >> hard. they rationed food. low water. people were upset. >> the fire burned nearly 250,000 acres. more than ten times the size of manhattan. a homeowner could watch his own house go down in flames only 20 minutes after evacuating.
2:32 pm
1,600 structures including homes and businesses destroyed. the heaviest damage in fort mcmurray. a resident films his burned out neighborhood after seeing it for the first time. >> this is my house. this was my house. ashes are cool now. >> oh, my god. >> another video, we hear a woman's desperation as she drives by the flames destroying her community. as weary residents leave the area they are greeted by fuel trucks with gas stations down or out. fuel is a precious commodity. >> makes a guy feel good because they have been through so much loss and devastation lately. >> conditions remain difficult for battling the wildfire. hot, windy, dry conditions.
2:33 pm
but there is a slight chance for rain tomorrow, pamela. that would be welcome to the folks here in canada. >> absolutely. the video in your piece was incredible. thank you so much for that. coming up on this saturday, this was donald trump earlier today in spokane, washington. >> she is married to a man who was the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. she is married to a man who hurt many women. and hillary, if you look and study, hillary hurt many women. the women she abused. she is married to a man who got impeached for lying. he was impeached. he had to go through a whole big process. it wasn't easy. he was impeached for lying about what happened with a woman. >> so, what will trump say next? we will go live to his next rally in washington state where supporters are waiting and so are the protesters. honey, did you call the insurance company?
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donald trump said to rally supporters in a small town a few miles from the canadian border. the presumptive republican presidential nominee is due to speak in linden, washington. a state that holds its primary in more than two weeks. chris, set the scene for us there. are the people fired up? there is a big crowd behind you there. >> that is exactly right, you know trump supporters are always fired up to see the donald. a long line to get in. we are not seeing many protesters. not a lot at all. we got word that donald trump would do a rally outside of seattle, we thought there would be a lot of protesters there. we are two hours north of the city. closer to canada than seattle.
2:38 pm
not nearly as many as we saw in eugene, oregon, the home of the university of oregon. a lot of college kids coming out to demonstrate against donald trump. we are not seeing the same thing here. protesters always in the crowds and usually hang out to wait until donald trump appears before making their message. we will see if they make their voices heard inside. outside, not so many protesters. >> trump said that i love protesters, bring them on. other things he had to say too, particularly at hillary clinton. jeb bush. lindsay graham, a lot of people he picked out today. what else did he say in spokane, washington? >> you know he really went after his former republican rivals, jeb bush and graham. in fact he hit the house speaker, paul ryan. >> so jeb bush is not an honorable person.
2:39 pm
lindsay graham is not an honorable person. if you sign a pledge that is supposed to mean something. right? it did not mean anything. but most everybody has endorsed me other than paul ryan. i don't know what went wrong there. paul ryan. >> we will see what he has to say as the trump campaign gets started in a few years. >> it struck me what he said about jeb bush and lindsay graham. he has a different tone with paul ryan, he seems more measured, right? >> that is right. he is going to meet with paul ryan later this week. the rnc chairman there trying to broker a peace. we will look to that to get a sense of where it can go and if
2:40 pm
donald trump can really unify the party. >> coming up right here in the newsroom, trump versus clinton on foreign policy. are they as different as they would have you believe? >> i know more about isis than the generals do. i would bomb [ bleep ] out of them. question, are my teeth yellow? ...have you tried the tissue test? ugh, yellow... what do you use? crest whitestrips crest 3d whitestrips whiten... 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten
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it is a mess. look what is happening in germany and all over europe. it is a mess. we don't need it. our country has enough problems right now. >> america first. that is how donald trump describes the core of his foreign policy strategy and now a research poll shows americans share a similar view. 57% say the united states should focus on their own problems and only 37% say the u.s. should be helping other countries. now gearing up to become the official republican nominee, hillary clinton sounds the alarm about him. >> i have seen the presidency up close from two perspectives. i don't think that we can take a risk on a loose cannon like donald trump running our country. >> joining me now is david miller, a distinguished scholar
2:45 pm
at the wilson center. you heard clinton using her favorite new term for trump, loose cannon. you are of the opinion that foreign policy clinton and trump would be surprisingly similar. >> first of all, good to see you pamela. full disclosure, i voted for republicans and democrats and worked for republicans and democrats. i am not running for anything or associated with anyone's campaign. let me make it clear, we are talking mars and venus. hillary clinton is likely to forget more about foreign policy than donald trump ever is go to know. but on some of the core issues, whether it is an r or a d or a he or a she in the white house, i suspect given the problems and constraints on american foreign policy on important issues i
2:46 pm
suspect the actual policies adopted might be similar. >> what about the way they tackle some of the policy issues. you made the case that hillary clinton relies more on diplomacy and politics. do you think that would be the same for donald trump? >> i think that even no a compelling argument has been made she has hawkish instincts i think that both of them are risk averse. neither are pushing for nation building in syria or iraq or pushing for thousands of american ground forces. i think that the issue is how is the republican or the democratic president going to respond to the bad options and cruel choices the u.s. faces. let me give you an example. what to do about the rangers agreement. trump, unlike his republican rivals never called for shredding the accord.
2:47 pm
hillary clinton is a supporter. i support both may come out in the same place on the question of the nuclear agreement. there are no better alternatives. or the israeli/palestinian issue. trump said that he would like the honor of trying to resolve it. hillary clinton has been associated with the issue for a long time. you know, the israeli/palestinian issue is a real estate deal with respect to territory, it will require more of the diplomatic skills, i suspect than hillary clinton has than the absence of temperament, patience, inclination to throw temper tantrums that donald trump has exhibited. experience, temperament, mars and venus. bad options might force the two of them to come down in the same place pretty much on important issues. >> let's talk about isis. that is an important issue for
2:48 pm
the people of america. when you look at the latest poll showing 73% of americans believe that isis is a serious threat to the u.s., more so than rangers or north korea and 54% believe the u.s. military action against isis is going badly. trump would want the voters to think he would be different in fighting isis than clinton or obama, but you mentioned that there are constraints in place. >> again, they are bad options. they really are. while both candidates might up the frequency and sustainability of air strikes they might have to increase the number of special forces we have in syria and iraq. i suspect that will be the case. but you want to fix the isis problem, you have to fix syria and iraq and eliminate the ultimate sources on which isis feeds. you have syria and iraq that neither candidate, i suspect, will be able to or want to risk
2:49 pm
much in wanting to put back together again. take putin. donald trump fashions himself the world's greatest negotiator. he thinks he can deal with putin. hillary clinton, while souring on the reset will also use diplomacy on putin as well. reality will be the best teacher here, regardless of who sits in that job. frankly since the world is divided into root canals on one hand and migraine headaches on the other. when it comes to america's capacity to pursue change, i think on important issue there might be more similarities than differences. >> thanks for coming in on this saturday to talk about it. we will be back after this quick break. it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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back live in the "cnn newsroom." cherry wine, exaggerators breaking news, one of my favorites. some of the horses competing in the 142nd kentucky derby. the race is set to start shortly. pamela, nyquist is the heavy favorite and he can fly. undefeated, perfect 7 for 7 coming into the kentucky derby. i spoke with the trainer, doug o'neal, earlier today and he said that nyquist was eating,
2:54 pm
rest, relaxing and took away grains and hay eight hours before race time so he wouldn't be weighed down before the race. the trainer hasn't been resting or relaxing, been away since 3:00 a.m. eastern, no nap, so pumped up with $1.6 million on the line and that beautiful garland made of 40 pounds of roses going to the winner of today's derby. i'm sure all trainers and jockeys and owners are a little bit nervous. this is my first kentucky derby, i'm loving it, roses, mint juleps, everybody's flashing the finest fashion, those designer hats, huge part of the derby. we sought out one of the best hat makers in the world to show us how it's done. the shop, the owner has made hats for michelle obama, oprah, using techniques used for over 100 year. some hats run folks thousands of
2:55 pm
dollars. the kentucky yeshy is less than an hour away. i wish you a happy derby day. >> thank you, coy wire, home turf of kentucky. tonight, powerball fever is building ahead of a drawing worth $415 million. one of the top ten biggest jackpots ever offered in u.s. history. odds of winning not so great, 1 in more than 292 million. good luck. back live in the "cnn newsroom" after a quick break. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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welcome back, live in the "cnn newsroom." major milestone for a former cnn hero of the year. planting trees as part of a mission to clean up the nation's waterways. recently, he planted his 1 millionth tree. >> i started the million trees program here on the islands of the mississippi river we started planting trees to create more food for wildlife. hold back the banks of the river, helps the air quality, trees are a great thing. and i really like trees. what i love about it is, it has a lasting impact. one tree's really good.
3:00 pm
but i think 1 million is even better. >> here's a look at tonight's lineup here on cnn. next, "smerconish" followed by cnn quiz show '80s edition and then the series "the 80s." thanks for being with us. have a great night. i'm michael smerconish and stop trump to deal with trump. that was the journey this week by the gop, the media, america and me. with cruz and kasich dropping out, the donald is the last can the gop civil war continues and several leader swear that they will not vote for him. now the news that mitt romney is trying to get a third party candidate to run against trump. is that possible at this poi?


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